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The Temple Preschool 5015 Harding Pike Nashville, TN 37205 (615) 356-8009 Fax: (615) 352-9365 Corye Nelson, director

Mission We are a pre-school for children 6 weeks through preK. With a Jewish-focused, curiosity-driven curriculum, our mission is to enable, empower, and encourage each child to develop physically, socially, cognitively, creatively and spiritually to his or her fullest potential. Environment Along with parents and teachers, the classroom environment is a resource for teaching young children. Each of our classrooms is carefully designed to support curiosity and the potential for deeper explorations

The Temple Preschool’s curiosity-driven curriculum encourages children to explore their world in a nature-rich environment.

and learning. We select natural, open-ended and authentic objects that encourage dynamic, hands-on learning. We offer very few plastic, passive materials when there is a real alternative; instead, in our classrooms you will find baskets, tiles, clay, real keyboards, phones, pots and pans, etc. By offering these authentic materials, we not only communicate to children that we see them as active participants in their own learning, but that we also respect them as humans worthy of engaging with real-world items and beautiful, natural materials. We have two studios in which teachers can work with small groups on focused proj-

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ects and/or investigations. Our wood working studio provides opportunities to build, create or fix items with real tools. Our art and light studio offers a wide variety of options for visual art and light and shadow investigations. Approach with Children We view children as competent, curious and complex members of our community. We view the role of teacher as a co-researcher who helps the child pursue genuine interests, realize his/ her own potential and grow in all developmental domains. Our teachers are facilitators in children’s interactions and problemsolving, encouraging children to think through their actions,

consider multiple options and communicate their feelings respectfully and responsibly. Communication and asking questions are at the heart of our approach. We rarely want to directly answer a question for a child as that would deprive them of opportunities to develop their own theories and possible solutions – valuable skills that require practice and encouragement. Instead we pose additional questions with the intent of gaining clarity in what the child really wants to know, and we provide relevant and extended experiences to give children the tools they need to become great thinkers and problem-solvers. Curriculum The Temple Preschool features an emergent, child-centered curriculum. Each classroom is unique, providing rich and meaningful learning experiences based on individual and group interests and curiosities. Throughout these explorations, teachers thoughtfully integrate developmental goals such as

Guide to Jewish Nashville 2017  

Guide to Jewish Nashville 2017

Guide to Jewish Nashville 2017  

Guide to Jewish Nashville 2017