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SYNAGOGUES please see its separate entry. In addition, we recently established a monthly member-organized Women’s Tefillah on Shabbat. Members lead Shacharit, read the Torah service and give a d’var Torah. In another first, the Women’s Tefillah group also convened on Simhat Torah, offering every woman who wished an aliyah. Sherith Israel also operates a community mikveh open to all wishing to use it. Youth Programs Under Rabbi Aaron and Cantor Lieberman’s leadership, we offer individualized programs for children of all ages on Sundays and after school. In addition to Hebrew language and Jewish studies, students participate in arts and craft, cooking projects, and chesed projects. In 2016, we initiated Maccabeanies, a monthly program for infants, toddlers and their parents. We offer individualized bar and bat mitzvah preparation, NCSY, Youth Shabbatons and fun out-

ings for teens as well as programs appropriate to younger children. Adult Education Every year, Rabbi Saul, Cantor Lieberman and Rabbi Aaron offer classes including Torah study, Talmud study, instruction in reading Torah and Haftarah portions, and special programs, such as Melton or instruction in Hebrew. Events Our calendar is packed with events such as scholars in residence and other special speakers, concerts featuring our talented Rabbi Saul with congregants and special guests, and outings to concerts or plays. We also commit time to community service, such as Room at the Inn, Habitat for Humanity and other programs. We invite you to join us for Shabbat services, meet our community at Kiddush luncheon, and become part of the Sherith Israel family. •

Sherith Israel Sisterhood lasting friendships. The sisterhood continues to support the following projects for Congregation Sherith Janet Taeedkashani, Israel: president • Family programming • Camp/College scholarships • Mikvah upkeep he dictionary defines • Kitchen maintenance sisterhood as “the close • The Library Fund relationship among • Meals for shivas and other women based on shared excommunity needs periences and concerns.â€? • High Holiday flowers for The CSI Sisterhood fits this the sanctuary description. We are a group • Reaching out to shut-ins of women of different ages with home visits and backgrounds who come In addition, the entire Sistogether with the common terhood membership meets for cause to support individuals learning about Jewish holiand families in our communi- days, traditions and other topty, in times of joy and sorrow ics. Our meetings are always and everything in between.  filled with lively discussion, We welcome all women to friendship and great food! join us in our mission to build Sisterhood is funded through community, to serve commu- annual membership dues and nity and to make deep and planned fundraisers. • 3600 West End Avenue Nashville, TN 37205 (615) 292-6614




Guide to Jewish Nashville 2017  

Guide to Jewish Nashville 2017

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