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Summer Love


11 JULY 2019



Edited by Brigit Grant



Jewish News 11 July 2019

NiftySHADES Summer Love / Eye Eye

A-list Aviator Classic www.ray-ban.com £127

The suggestion of summer through the clouds is all we need to gather Jewish celebs in sunglasses

Daniel Radcliffe

SUNGLASSES HAVE ALWAYS BEEN more about attitude than light blocking. Watch how a D-list celeb acquires A-list mystique by putting on a pair of Aviators and you can understand why they shell out for a pair of the new Chanel butterflies. US comic Larry David has a certain enthusiasm for shades, but is better known for his Oliver Peoples spectacles. He is also responsible for the much appreciated quote: “You know who wears sunglasses inside? Blind people and a*******.” But that doesn’t stop the famous from resting behind Ray-Bans in hotel lobbies. Before Ray-Ban ruled summer, the name synonymous with sunshine was Foster Grant. It was Sam Foster who first started selling sunglasses on Atlantic City boardwalk in 1929. As the brand behind the first celeb campaign for sunglasses even Woody Allen was asked to appear in a “Who’s Behind those Foster Grants?” poster. It’s doubtful his clip-ons were as sought after as Paul Newman’s Cartier collectibles in The Color of Money, but being famous and of the faith in sunnies is enough.

Laconic Lou Reed in 1966

Paul ‘Gorgeous’ Newman

Rachel Riley

The Goop girl in Dior So Light 1 £215 www.dior.com

Gwyneth Paltrow

11 July 2019 Jewish News



Eye Eye / Summer Love 1967 Woody Allen in Foster Grant Sunglasses campaign

Shia LaBeouf

Rachel Weiss, face of Balenciaga

Matthew Broderick made Ferris’ Ray Ban Club Masters must haves

Benjamin Netanyahu Larry David

Lenny Kravitz Larry D’s Havana Panto www.thomassabo.com £159.99

Keep an eye on GAVZEY GAVZEY OPTICIANS has moved around the corner to bigger and better premises on Hampstead Garden’s Market Place and offer the latest in eyewear fashion and technology. Notably those who wear lenses will be interested in trialling ACUVUE OASYS with Transitions, the first-ofits-kind contact lens that seamlessly adapts to changing light to provide all-day soothing vision. The lenses use photochromic technology, so that sunglasses are no longer a necessity, as the lenses transition to dark as soon as the wearer steps into the sunlight. Ultra- fashionable as always, Gavzey Opticians also stock Maui Jim, the Rolls-Royce of sunglasses. Given that without eye protection, eyes are exposed to as much UV light as that created by a nuclear blast by the time by the time you hit 60, it’s worth investing in the ‘real McCoy’ and not fakes sold on the beach. They are stylish, super lightweight, comfortable and their technology is second to none.

Maui Jim earned the Seal of Recommendation from The Skin Cancer Foundation back in 2014 and in order to do so the glasses must filter out at least 99 percent of ultraviolet A (UVA) and ultraviolet B (UVB) radiation. All Maui Jim technology uses up to nine layers of protection on both sides of each lens to eliminate 100 percent of UVA and UVB rays and 99.9 percent of glare from above, below and behind each lens. Look cool and protect your eyes this summer – try the exclusive range at Gavzey Opticians.


020 8731 9999



4th-18th SEPTEMBER Apply online CAMPUS@AISH.ORG.UK

a member of the




Jewish News 11 July 2019

Summer Love / Eyal Booker


As the Buddah of Bushey, Eyal Booker was our favourite villa contestant. How could we survive without him? LAST SUMMER, there was only one Jewish man we wanted to know about. Despite the fact that David Baddiel was back with Football’s Coming Home for Russia’s World Cup and Sacha Baron Cohen had a new series, the fella we were all fixated with was Eyal Booker. As the first Jewish contestant on the fourth series of Love Island, the former JFS pupil, now 23, managed to make those who had never heard of the saucy reality coupling show, tune in for the first time – and they stayed. They stayed to watch him couple up with streaky blonde Hayley who couldn’t pronounce his name or understand Brexit (turns out most of us don’t) and when he did more than “bits’ with magnificent Megan who ditched him for Wes. Throughout Eyal, dubbed the Buddah of Bushey by us for his spiritual wisdom, was polite and personable with great beach hair. With no nice Jewish boy or girl) to obsess about this season, we brought Eyal back for a summer Q&A.

Are you a summer or winter person?

How old were you when you had your first summer romance?

Definitely summer. I’d like to chase summer around the world! I love the sunshine and find it always brings out the best in people.

I was 12 or 13. I was in Israel and it was proper young summer love!

If you could live in the sun – where would you choose and why?

I did indeed! I went on an FZY summer tour at 16 and loved every minute of it. At that time it was one of the biggest adventures of my life and it was exciting to be away from my parents for the first time. Loads of my friends went too which was pretty cool, plus we had the chance to meet loads of new people from all over the world. I did the army tour (Gadna) and got to spend a week immersing myself in what felt like liberal army life, which was an incredible experience. I made some life-long friends on that trip so it really stands out.

Cape Town or Tel Aviv. They’re both really beautiful cities with great culture and people.

What is your best memory of a summer holiday with your family – it might be more than one? When I was younger we’d often go to Israel for the entire month of August and spend countless hours playing on the beach, eating ice lollies and digging holes in the sand. Those memories combined are probably my favourite.

Did you go on Israel tour?

in the sand) & me Ariel ,Oriane, Tal (buried

Have you ever done a summer job? I’ve never had a summer job in a beach resort, but growing up my brothers and I would work a Sunday job at the Craig Morris barber shop in Edgware. I worked there for about three years from when I was 13 and loved it!

What is the most daring item of clothing in your summer wardrobe? That would have to be a pair of swimming shorts that are questionably short but I love them, haha.

Favourite summer food,drink and song? A BBQ with family and friends, a margarita and the song… Summertime by Will Smith which always sets the tone!

11 July 2019 Jewish News



Eyal Booker / Summer Love When did you last watch the sun come up?

What work projects are happening? I have a really exciting show in the works for the end of this year which I’m not allowed to talk about, but keep your eyes peeled. I’m also working on a documentary as well as continuing to work with charities and raise awareness for causes that mean a lot to me including World Vision and Dog’s Trust.

I’ve recently got back from Ibiza and it’s sort of a tradition out there to watch the sunrise after a night of partying! It’s really beautiful.

What are your summer picnic essentials ?

A lot of fruit, some vegetables and hummus and a few homemade pitta sandwiches with chicken and pickles!

You have beach hair – what products do you use? I’ll either use a soft curl cream or a sea salt spray, or sometimes both. I’m actually really lucky that my hair curly is pretty easy to manage!

What convertible would you pick to drive on which road? Ideally, either a Ford Shelby Mustang or a Ferrari 458. Then it would have to be a windy coastal road somewhere scenic in Italy.

What is your upcoming travel schedule? I’ve got some really exciting trips that will take me to LA, Canada and Israel, perhaps with one or two spontaneous trips in-between! I actually love flying! For me, it’s also time where I can take a minute to really think and reflect on life.

How have you handled all the attention since you left Love Island?

And have you found love with your new girlfriend Delilah (model daughter of Harry Hamlin and Real Housewife Lisa Rina? It’s early days but we’re really enjoying spending time together so we’re just taking our relationship day by day.

And so to this year’s Love Island. Which couple are your favs so far and which girl would you have chosen? Michael and Amber were my faves. I thought they were really genuine and I’m enjoying watching their relationship grow. I’m very happy with my girlfriend, but if I was single and in the villa, I think it would have been between Maura or Lucie.

It was a big shock to the system when I came out, but it’s something I take in my stride. I have a wonderful bunch of family and friends around me who continue to support me and look out for me which massively helps.

SUMMER FILMS Tickets: £4.50 Pokemon Detective Pikachu (PG)

Men in Black International (12A)

Toy Story 4 (U)

The Lion King (cert TBC)

Aladdin (PG)

Paw Patrol Mighty Pups (U) Secret Life of Pets 2 (U)

The Queen’s Corgi (PG)

The Angry Birds 2 (cert TBC)


Horrible Histories: The Movie (cert TBC) Spider-Man: Far from Home (12A) UglyDolls (PG)

Arty Crafty Stay All Day Workshops Age 6 years upwards Baking Stay All Day Workshops Age 5 years upwards

WYLLYOTTS BOX OFFICE 01707 645005 Wyllyotts Theatre, Wyllyotts Place, Darkes Lane, Potters Bar, HERTS EN6 2HN www.wyllyottstheatre.co.uk

• Fabulous kebabs, cold and hot mezze • Wide selection of seafood & full veggie menu • Run by the AYOS family • Outside dining on a terrace • Take away available • The restaurant is two minutes walk away from St Albans City Station • Open 7 days a week between 12 noon 11pm

www.ayosrestaurant.com Tel: 01727800002 @ayosrestaurant




Jewish News 11 July 2019

Summer Love/ Dressing

FASHION for right now

Emma Samuels’ love of fashion began as it might, at the London College of Fashion. Later, with a BA Hons Retailing degree and married with three children, her passion for fashion and styling continued, enhanced by a natural flair for sourcing clothing and putting outfits together. Emma’s friends asked for help constantly and she set up a business doing what she loves for clients with different needs and budgets. “My clients come to me L to R – Next £42, Harpers £59.90 020 8958 6465, Skirt Lili Grace £69 for either a wardrobe detox cover up is a must – not only to be style is influenced by daring Love when I try to re-use old clothes used for its named purpose, but for Islanders, boho enthusiasts or where possible and re-style them care-free country girls, inspiration is its vacation versatility as a dress, and identifying gaps ahead of purjumpsuit or trousers.” chasing new items,” says Emma who everywhere despite retailers struggling on the High Street. is now providing some inspiration  For more fashion advice “Summer 2019 encourages us to for you ahead of the beach, pool and follow Emma @bethebestbe noticed in neons, laid-back in tiepromenade. dressed on Instagram dye or pretty in florals. The beach As Emma says: “Whether your

L to R - Trousers Harpers £89.90, House of Fraser £45, Blu £149




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DiscoG’s 4 C’ s of Coding

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It’s that time of year when wearing skimpy clothes is no sweat for slighty-built children, but a real bother for those who are bigger. Experiencing that problem first hand with her own kids was the driving force behind More For Kids Caroline Taylor’s specialist internet retailing business that is focused on clothes that fit generously proportioned children aged four -15. “Today, 30 percent of children do not conform to high street norms, so we work hard to offer the best fit in the market place for larger kids and provide comfortable,flattering, quality, fashionable clothing to children who don’t want to squeeze into separates, ” says Caroline. “We want to be able to kit out our customers for all the important occasions in life with clothing

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11 July 2019 Jewish News


Beach Care / Summer Love

HOT STUFF Some people have enough confidence and chutzpah to walk out in any sort of attire. Donning a faith emblazoned tee, tank or baseball cap requires both. Of course, telling everyone on the beach in Tel Aviv that you are a Jewish girl might result in a shidduch, but don’t expect the same in Devon. Resorting to a ‘shvitz tank’ in hot weather is a clue to those who understand that you need a cold drink or some AC. As for the inflatable pretzel, what could be better than schlufing on floating food after making a splash in a pair of Stan Lee’s Marvel shorts.

Inflatable pretzel www.amazon.co.uk, £15.99 Stan Lee shorts www.gopowear.com, £30

KIDS’ CREAMS…… Remember being slathered in sun cream by your parents? Too slippery for a lilo and a magnet for sand, you had to ogle olive-skinned sabra kids on Tel Aviv beach. But your parents were right to protect you, and still should as an ever-diminishing ozone layer means high factor sun cream is now required, whether in Israel or your back garden. So slather the small ones and tell environmentally conscious teens who want a tan about Green People’s Scent Free Sun Lotion SPF30 for sensitive skin. Free from synthetics, it uses titanium dioxide instead as part of its three-pronged UV defence system. Organic Aloe Vera is at the core of GP sun lotions, along with enzymes, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and essential amino acids, so skin is soothed and hydrated while they bake. But Green People also cares about the ocean, so it rejects any toxic chemicals that destroy marine life. Teens (and tan seekers of all ages) will also like Edelweiss (SPF15), a new lotion that speeds up your body’s ability to tan with Inositol from the carob tree, which stimulates melanin. Older kids (aged nine +) like to apply their own sun protection, and Theye’s Micro Spray, a pocket-sized bottle (£2.99) has a powerful SPF 30 sunscreen with 300 sprays.

Green People suncare www.greenpeople.co.uk/sun, from £10.50 Sunscreen Micro spray www.theye.co.uk, £2.99 Everybody loves a Jewish girl T-shirt www.zazzle.co.uk, £18.50

AND IF THE WEATHER LETS YOU DOWN… Light candles that conjure up summer with the scent of sunshine and Prosecco and the flame will provide the heat.

Prosecco candle Amazon, £16.50 Sunshine candle Amazon, £16.50

Yenta Tee www.etsy.com, £15 Holy schvitz tank top www.etsy.com, £17



Jewish News 11 July 2019

Summer Love / Foodie



The Restaurant Club founder Louisa Walters suggests where to eat summery food in summery settings

It’s happening at Hush in Mayfair

LE CORDON BLEU, the world’s oldest and most renowned culinary school, has a wonderful little café with a pretty courtyard on Bloomsbury Square, where you can escape the bustle of London and retreat to a little (almost!) corner of Paris for a moment or two. There’s a range of artisan bread baked on site, delicious viennoiseries, entremets (a type of dessert), salads and gourmet sandwiches plus soups and chefs’ daily specials. It’s all very French… in London!

If, like me, your rosé wine has to be from Provence, then the gorgeous terrace at ST ERMIN’S HOTEL IN ST JAMES’ is the place to be this summer. The pretty pale pink nectar can be sipped or quaffed by the glass, by the bottle, by the flight, or in a section of frozen cocktails. An inspired menu of Provençal dishes using ingredients from the hotel’s rooftop garden complements the delicious rosés. There are chickpea fries with roquefort dip, black olive & anchovy pizza and sharing plates with French cheeses and grilled vegetables. PERFECT FOR… wine o’clock

PERFECT FOR… lunch in the city DALLOWAY TERRACE IN BLOOMSBURY has been transformed into a luscious Sri Lankan jungle oasis with silk flora and fauna. An Instagrammer’s dream, this leafy haven in London’s literary centre has been inspired by Leonard Woolf’s novel, The Village in the Jungle. There’s a botanical cocktail menu, a Sri Lankan inspired afternoon tea with mango and coriander tart, pink peppercorn meringue, and lychee and coconut cake plus sandwiches and traditional scones. PERFECT FOR… girly tea

such as risotto primavera and Eton Mess – the ultimate summer dessert. The whole baked seabass to share is a must. PERFECT FOR… dinner with friends AYOS IN ST ALBANS keeps it in the family – it is run by three brothers and named after their greatgrandfather. They serve up delicious Kurdish and Turkish food – freshly made kebabs, meze, cold and hot starters. The 25-seater terrace is really popular in warmer weather and almost (kind of ) makes you feel as though you could be eating in Turkey!

Turkish food is just so… summery! If you’ve been to Golders Geen recently, you’ll have seen the large, beautifully-decorated restaurant HOSH, a name derived from the Turkish words for ‘welcome’ and ‘pleasant’. As you would expect, there are hot and cold mezes, pides, and lots of grills done over hot charcoal, plus several veggie options. PERFECT FOR… Sunday lunch

PERFECT FOR… family outing

THE SUMMERHOUSE IN MAIDA VALE has long been my favourite summer venue, and the nautical theme always makes me feel as though I’m on holiday. On hot days, the sides open up to expose the canal it overlooks; on cooler ones they are down, but the view is the same. The menu bursts with summery fish dishes and other tempting treats

ULI IN NOTTING HILL serves a curated range of Chinese, Thai, Malay and Singaporean dishes on a huge, timber fenced terrace that’s a cleverly designed extension of the interior space. There’s even a retractable roof so you can enjoy your summertime fare come rain or shine. Pescatarians and vegetarians will love the summer noodle salad with ginger and garlic dressing, and sea bass, noodle, cucumber, mint and coriander salad. I’m heading there for a Japanese Bellini, a sparkling combo of jasmine tea and prosecco. PERFECT FOR… Saturday night

There’s a great new kosher concept in Borehamwood. BRICKY’S is changing up what you would normally expect from a kosher meaty restaurant, serving up summery street food alongside ‘bowls’, burgers and New York Deli sandwiches. The advent of parev cheeses means that you can have your meaty taco and beefy burrito with melted cheese and eat it! Bricky’s will be constantly ringing the changes – expect Asian-inspired dishes later this year. PERFECT FOR… keeping it kosher Deep in the heart of Mayfair, HUSH sits in a divine little courtyard with tables and chairs outside under a canopy. There are heaters and

11 July 2019 Jewish News



Foodie / Summer Love blankets for chillier days, and the courtyard is decorated for the summer with flowers in a riot of colours. With cocktails in hand (I can recommend Flower Power Frosé and Summer Shrub) get feasting on tagliatelle cacio e pepe with truffles, miso blackened cod, parmesan courgette fries and crispy rice patties with spicy tuna tartare. I defy you to resist the deconstructed lemon meringue pie, but be warned – it’s bigenough for six! As it gets dark, little twinkly fairy lights come on, making this the pefect spot for magical summer nights. PERFECT FOR… date night

Ooh La La!

If you’re hopping across the Channel this summer, check out MOLITOR, the iconic Parisian hotel just outside the city. It has a magnificent open-air roof terrace and restaurant with stunning views across the city, with the Eiffel Tower on the horizon. It also overlooks Molitor’s famous Art Deco outdoor pool. Lush greenery and tropical plants give the space the feeling of a garden in the sky. Music and cocktail evenings take place every weekend, with DJs taking to the decks as the sun goes down. PERFECT FOR… summer in another city

Dalloway Terrace in Bloomsbury

40-42 Golders Green Rd Finchley London NW11 8LL


HOSH - Inspired from the Turkish word for “Welcome” – “Hośgeldiniz” and the word “Hoś”, which translates to the word “Pleasant”. Hosh restaurant brings the best of Turkish cuisine and hospitality within a beautifully designed setting located on Golders Green High Street. With 110 covers we can accommodate small or large groups offering the ideal setting to enjoy exquisite Turkish food and drinks with friends and family.

Salt Beef Sandwiches BBQ Beef Ribs

Pulled BBQ Beef bowls Salads

Burritos Call 02082071900 to make a reservation TEL: 020 8248 0600

EMAIL: info@ hoshrestaurant.co.uk

INSTAGRAM: /hoshrestaurant



5 Shenley Road, Borehamwood WD61AA Under the supervision of the Sephardi Kashrut Authority



Jewish News 11 July 2019

Summer Love / Outside

park life


The San Remo park café in Ruislip lido overlooks a 60-acre lake and a manmade beach. Surrounded by more than 700 acres of woodland it’s an idyllic location and on a sunny day it has a true holiday feel. Sit on the terrace in the sunshine, or duck indoors to the air-conditioned interior if it gets too hot. Expect coffee, handmade cakes, homemade pasta, ‘Mama’s Recipe’ specials and great ice cream!

The sun’s out and it’s time to hit the park. Louisa Walters goes to see what’s to eat

Canons Park

Good Friends Café in Canons Park is open throughout summer, serving home-made dairy and vegan ice-cream, gluten-free cakes and sweet waffles. There’s a variety of sandwiches, bagels and vegan, vegetarian and GF diets are catered for. New for the heat? Vegan. smoothie lollies in such flavours as cucumber; raspberry, blackberry and carrot.


Deep within the 100 acres of the Rickmansworth Aquadrome with its woodland walks and lakes sits the Café in the Park. The yellow walls and big windows render it bright, light and full of sunshine. Slogans on the walls such as ‘unashamedly splendid’ reflects how the team feels about the work they do. Among them are some volunteers with Downs Syndrome and autism. The café is all about ethical practices and everything served is made there, from bread and cakes to the mayonnaise and even the baked beans. Ten pence from every hot drink and the unlimited hydration station offering sparkling and still water goes to Water Aid.


Pear Tree Café in Battersea Park is a lakeside restaurant run by chefs Annabel and Will who met working for Skye Gyngell at Petersham Nurseries. Bright and cheerful, Pear Tree moves seamlessly from serving coffee, pastries and light lunches by day to simple, fresh evening menus. Smashed avocado on sourdough with watermelon radish, feta chilli & basil oil is the most instagrammed dish!

St Albans

Verdi’s Trattoria at the edge of Clarence Park in St Albans is a traditional family run Italian restaurant in a gorgeous rural setting with a lovely outside dining space. This is a great place to take the whole family for pasta, pizza, risotto and loads of fabulous fish dishes.

A Hamper by

Hadar You might be a whizz at assembling tasty picnics or the sort of person who dodges invites because your sarnies don’t cut it. Whatever your skill, save the stress and fill your hamper with food from Hadar, Edgware’s most enjoyable supermarket. “Most enjoyable” because of the time one spends perusing the colourful aisles spotting never before seen products like Walden Farms Original Cream, a creamer free of sugars, fats or gluten. It’s likely the creamer was not on your shopping list, but faced with 10,000 kosher- friendly products that look delicious, it’s impossible not to be tempted. Hadar is a one stop shop for the picnic slacker as it sells, fresh fruit and vegetables, every kind of cake and biscuit, soft drinks and an amazing selection of kosher wines and spirits from around the world at great prices. Best of all and perfect for a picnic is the sushi they offer at their Sushi Haven counter. Made on

the spot or available instantly in prepared sealed trays, Hadar’s sushi is so good it’s hard to share, so be mindful of that if there is a crowd at the picnic. You could always eat it in the car and just offer those sandwiches. www.hadar edgware.com 020 8958 4666

11 July 2019 Jewish News



Outside / Summer Love

Pick up a picnic

ered to make it, Carluccio’s If you fancy a picnic but can’t be both to the brim with delifilled are ics picn Classic and Plant Power From focaccia and antipasti cious, freshly prepared Italian dishes. oli (vegan bean balls with through to salads and Polpette di Fagi ic serves two and is picn each chickpea and aubergine purée) , reusable Carluccio’s chic a in es com It ). priced at £45 (£10 for kids cool bag.  Carluccios.com/picnics café in Stanmore offers lots Much-loved local mainstay Cartons ds and delicious cakes or of things for a picnic – sandwiches, sala you prefer hot food on a if toes even hearty pasta and jacket pota the menu and adjustments hot day! There are loads of options on e the food fit all. can be made to most dishes to mak  0208 954 3955 es hotel will set up the perfect For glam picnicking, the team at Duk James’s Park with comfy picnic spot in nearby Green Park or St ses. If last summer’s glas and cushions, cosy blankets, cutlery arranged to keep you be can sols para glorious weather returns, stuffed with yummy goodies cool. There’s a range of hampers all pers! Prices start at £35 – classic, veggie, vegan, and kiddie ham You can even add special ics. picn per person and £17 for children’s your own personal butler treats such as Champagne, flowers and service.  Dukeshotel.com



Jewish News 11 July 2019

Summer Love / Recipes BLACKBERRY & SPINACH FREEKEH SALAD Freekeh is a super grain, wheat that is harvested while young and green. It is roasted over an open fire; the inside grain is firm, slightly chewy and has its own distinct nutty and smoky flavour. It has been a staple grain in Middle Eastern diets for centuries, but is now having an international revival. Loaded with nutrients, high in fibre and protein and low in fat, it is in fact superior to quinoa but, of course, not suitable if you don’t eat gluten. Use bulgur wheat as a tasty alternative to freekeh if you can’t buy it. PREPARATION: 15 MINUTES COOKING: 15 MINUTES PLUS COOLING TIME SERVES: 4-6 PEOPLE

INGREDIENTS 250g freekeh 1 tablespoon vegetable stock powder 75g baby spinach leaves 100g red cabbage – tough core removed, very finely sliced 1 small eating apple – cored and cut into match sticks (leave skin on) ¼ small red onion – sliced wafer thin

SWEET SALAD Denise Phillips gets interesting with leaves, nuts and berries

15g walnut pieces 75g blackberries Dressing: 1½ tablespoons maple syrup 1 teaspoon Dijon mustard 1½ tablespoons cider vinegar 90ml extra virgin olive oil Salt and freshly-ground black pepper


METHOD 1 Put the freekeh and 1 litre of water in a pan, together with 1 teaspoon salt and 1 tablespoon vegetable stock powder. 2 Bring to the boil, then turn down and simmer covered for 15 minutes or until just tender. Leave to cool. 3 Comnine all the dressing ingredients together. 4 Bunch the spinach leaves together on a chopping board and slice them finely. 5 When the freekeh is cool, stir in the spinach, cabbage, apple, onion, walnuts and blackberries. 6 Transfer to a serving bowl. 7 Add the dressing just before serving.

TIME COOKING 30 minutes

With coconut milk and coconut cream now kosher for Passover, soups like these can be included during this time. Add the chilli to taste as not everyone likes their food too spicy.

ASPARAGUS WITH SPIRALISED COURGETTE SALAD This is a tasty simple salad that uses the freshest and finest ingredients and is perfect as a starter or light lunch. To embellish it, add cheese or cooked and fresh flaked salmon or smoked salmon slices. Asparagus is low in calories and a good source of vitamin B6, calcium, magnesium and zinc. Stem thickness indicates the age of the plant with the thicker stems coming from older plants. In the UK, the asparagus season begins on 23 April and ends on Midsummer Day; its short season is one reason asparagus can demand a premium price. White asparagus shoots are grown covered with soil so they are not exposed to sunlight, ie no photosynthesis starts and hence the shoots stay white. They grow more abundantly in Europe and are often referred to as ‘white gold’ or ‘edible ivory’ asparagus. White asparagus tends to be less bitter and more tender. PREPARATION: 10 MINUTES COOKING: 3 MINUTES SERVES: 6 PEOPLE

We cater for all your special occasions and celebrations, from weddings to birthdays and dinner parties. Our function room is capable of accommodating up to 150 people. Vadi Restaurant at Palmers Green VadiRestaurantPalmersGreen2007

VADI Restaurant Monday-Thursday Book a table of 4 people and receive 1 bottle of wine. Please produce this voucher.

VADI Restaurant Friday-Sunday 10% off. Please produce this voucher.

INGREDIENTS 200g fine asparagus 2 large courgettes – about 250g 100g black olives 100g baby plum tomatoes – cut in half

METHOD 1 Place the asparagus in a perforated metal tray. 2 If using a steam oven, press steam at 100ºC and cook for three minutes or cook on hob in a saucepan with 2cm of boiling water for three minutes. Drain. 3 Remove and leave to cool. 4 Using a spiraliser or grater, grate the courgette into ribbons. 5 Add the olives and tomatoes. 6 Combine the dressing ingredients and pour over the salad just before serving.

Dressing: 2 tablespoons of lemon juice Salt and ground black pepper 1 tablespoon lemon olive oil 1 tsp maple syrup or honey

11 July 2019 Jewish News



Recipes / Summer Love INGREDIENTS Base: 200g tea biscuits 75g toasted flaked almonds 1 teaspoon almond extract 150g melted butter Filling: 900g medium fat soft cream cheese

200g soft brown sugar 75g plain flour 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 3 eggs 200ml sour cream 250g blackberry jam 25g toasted flaked almonds 100g fresh blackberries Icing sugar and cream to serve

TOASTED ALMOND & BLACKBERRY CHEESECAKE I love this black and white combination of blackberries and cheese. Make it a day in advance so it has time to chill and the flavours to merge. The secret to its light texture is to cook the cake on a low slow light, which also helps to prevent cracking. Decorate just before serving for best results. PREPARATION: 35 MINUTES COOKING: 45 MINUTES PLUS 2 HOURS TO COOL SERVES: 10 PEOPLE

METHOD 1 Preheat the oven to 200ºC / 180ºC fan / Gas mark 6. 2 Line and grease a loose-based 23cm cake tin with baking parchment. 3 Place the base ingredients in a food processor and whizz together to form a fine crumbled mixture. 4 Transfer to the lined baking tin, firmly pack and bake for 10 minutes. 5 Whisk the cream cheese and sugar together until thick. Add the flour, vanilla extract, eggs and finally the sour cream and whisk again to combine. 6 Spoon the mixture into the tin with dollops of jam as you go. Smooth the top as gently as possible. 7 Bake for 10 minutes and then scatter over the toasted flaked almonds. 8 Decrease the heat to 110ºC/ 90ºC fan/ ¼ gas for a further 35 minutes. 9 Turn off the oven and leave to cool for about two hours. Transfer to the fridge to chill overnight. 10 Remove from the tin and carefully peel away the baking parchment.

To serve the stylish way: Dust with icing sugar and decorate with fresh blackberries.

The Steak Restaurant has the same delicious food you know and love from The Rotisserie. We only source the very finest single farm reared beef from around the UK. All our steak cuts are from beef that has been aged on the bone for at least 28 days. The 1800°F Grill: The extreme intense heat sears, caramelises, crusts & locks in all the juices ensuring a beautifully textured steak bursting with flavour. SPECIAL OFFERS LUNCH MENU One Course for £8.95, Two courses for £11.95 (available Monday to Saturday from 12 until 5:30pm)

To Make a booking please call 02084212878 or visit our website thesteakrestaurant.com 316 Uxbridge Road, Hatch End, HA5 4HR

2 COURSE SPECIAL DINNER MENU Two delicious courses with side dish for £19.95 (not available after 7.15 on Friday or Saturday Evening )

SUNDAY ROAST Dry aged ribeye roast beef served with crispy roasted potatoes, seasonal vegetables, Yorkshire pudding and gravy. One Course £15.95 Two courses with starter or dessert of your choice £19.95 or Three courses with starter and dessert of your choice £24.95



Jewish News 11 July 2019

Summer Love / Fun Days


SORTED! Everything to make the sixweek break sparkle like the sun (even if it rains)

Ahead of schools breaking up for summer, the sense of panic among parents is tangible on social media. “What will we do with them?” is the annual lament and its one that defies belief considering we are in the most event-driven city in the world with children seldom left to their own devices – unless, of course, they are playing Fortnite.


So what to do? Well the good news is that there is enough happening locally that you don’t have to drive into town or tackle the Tube – but what is happening is as good as anything you will find in the West End. Just look at Wyllyotts in Potters Bar. This gorgeous venue – which hosts some of the innovative stage productions and live theatre as well as cinema events – plans well for the holidays and will be running Arty Crafty Workshops for the duration. The children can stay all day, create and make a mess, have lunch and then watch a film. Ideal for age six upwards, films that will be shown include Aladdin, Toy Story 4, The Queen’s Corgi, The

Lion King, Horrible Histories: The Movie and Pokemon Detective Pikachu. Then there’s Wyllyotts Baking Workshop where the children make food they can take home and eat after baking all day, followed by lunch and then a film. Children from five years upwards are welcome to this and, to give you an idea of the schedule, the baking workshop on Friday, 26 July is followed by lunch and a screening of Toy Story at a cost of £26.50. www.wyllyottstheatre.co.uk or call 01707 645005

Flip Out

Flip Out Brent Cross is the UK’s most advanced trampoline arena, trick park and ninja skills centre. Its awesome summer camp runs from Monday, 29 July to Friday, 23 August for children aged six to 11, and a half day costs £20 per child (8am to 12.30pm or 1pm to 5.30pm) and a full day from 8am is £30 per child. Siblings get a 20 percent discount, and they will all be doing arts and crafts, trampoline skills, dodgeball and volleyball competitions, basketball, total wipeout tournaments, clip ‘n’ climb sessions and bucking bronco time trials. It’s hard to imagine a child not liking most of this during a week that costs £125 in total. The summer camps are managed by experienced childcare staff and are

Crack the Code

With summer camps constantly evolving to appeal to young minds, DiscoG Coding Academy definitely has its finger on the technological pulse with what it offers to inquisitive students. Learning to code can seem quite intimidating at first, but DiscoG is switched on enough to know that all you need to bring with you is

completely tailored around the needs of the children. www.flipout.co.uk or call 020 8050 2391 enthusiasm and a willingness to discover and create something new. Start them young with ‘Mini Coders’ (aged six) and, once confident, they can move onto the ‘Young Coders Programme’ (for nine to 14-year-olds). With courses available for students taking GCSE computer science and A-level, this addi-

11 Julyl 2019 Jewish News



Fun Days / Summer Love tional level support often proves invaluable to those looking to get a head start or simply in the revision build-up to exams. If committing to the weekly courses is too much, DiscoG also runs hugely popular summer holiday courses and workshops over July and August, comprising unique projects to inspire the coders of the future. Much like the company’s term-time courses, the holiday workshops are split into age categories to ensure the topics are challenging as opposed to overwhelming. On the ‘Young Coders’ boot camp, participants work on projects where they build and control basic electronic circuits with LEDs, buzzers and traffic lights. Aside from the technology, the courses

allow for much creativity and an environment in which young coders can build confidence and perhaps even create a future bestselling game. www.discogcodingacademy.com


One thing you won’t be able to stop your children doing over the holidays is climbing. Rare is the kid who can resist reaching up – and over – when faced with a wall, a tree or, worst case scenario, a window ledge. Nurturing while controlling that urge is your job – and there’s no better place to do it than HarroWall, the UK’s largest bouldering centre, which has been designed to set new benchmarks for indoor climbing. HarroWall is BIG! Its c.40,000 sq ft centre has climbing activities for people of all ages and abilities – whether they have never climbed before or are a seasoned pro. The centre is predominantly devoted to low level climbing (bouldering) and has a huge range of training and gym facilities aimed at the climber who wants to get fitter,

stronger and better. There is also a routing roof, which provides climbing at a 60 degree overhanging angle up to 10 metres in length. It sounds daunting, but children love it, particularly the largest indoor cave in Europe at 170 metres with multiple challenges of an underground and squeezing nature! And there’s more: A Krazy Climb facility that offers 12 highly accessible fun and whacky climbing challenges and a hard play area containing a castle, with battlements, a fearsome, smoke-breathing dragon and a rope bridge and slide for three to eightyear- olds. There is even a soft play area for under threes. The virtual tour on HarroWall’s website will give you an idea of what your kids have in store – brace yourself! www.harrowall.co.uk

For ages 5-11

Summer camps at jw3 Each day experts from theatre company Infinite Jest will run specialist drama based workshops where children will learn and develop exciting new skills. Enjoy a summer packed full of games, activities, crafting, and of course a nutritious and delicious kosher lunch and snacks from Zest. Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Movie Magic: Lights! Camera! Action!

The Deep Blue Sea!

The Tempest ‘a-play-in-a-week’

29 July - 2 AUGUST

5 - 9 AUGUST

   JW3London | Box Office 020 7433 8988 |

9.30am - 3.30pm Early Bird: 8.30 - 9.30am After Camp: 3.30 - 4.30pm

BOOK NOW: jw3.org.uk/camp

12 - 16 AUGUST

Finchley Road | 341-351 Finchley Road, London NW3 6ET



Jewish News 11 July 2019

Summer Love / Fun Days Useful Extras

City Pavilion

As one of the leading bowling centres for the last 20 years we are currently aiming to build on our title as the number one bowling complex in the country. With 34 lanes The City Pavilion’s bowling alley aka Rollerbowl is one of the biggest in the country. It is also fully air-conditioned and has a huge plasma screen and projector. City Pavilion is also home to Laserquest which is a thrill-aminute activity with laser taggers that ‘shoot’

A Game To Go

There may be days over the hols when it’s too wet to play out (NO!!) or times when you are out and the kids are bored (No!!). That’s when you’ll need Nine 2 Nothing Nothing, a card game invented by a little girl with the perfect name for the season. Summer Phillips, then seven, was on holiday herself when she grew bored with traditional card games and came up with her own. Summer, now eight and living in Radlett with her parents Natalie

totally safe infrared beams. Available to those who are seven and much older, the experience is like stepping into a real-life video game, but one that helps build communication, leadership and cooperative skills. After beaming their mates, kids can enjoy an amusement arcade that has dance off screens, combat shoot outs and driving games. It’s worth trekking out to Romford to experience all this as you can guarantee them sleeping all the way home. www.thecitypavilion.co.uk and Mark is a bit of a maths whizz at school and it was that skill that she brought to the family game which proved a hit on Amazon (1,500 packs in four months and is now selling on www. kidshappyhouse.co.uk Summer also wanted to help others with her game and made a one4one pledge so that when a pack sold, another was donated to a children’s charity. This continues and so buying it will stop the boredom and spread the love.

Long may the good weather continue, but if you are holding a function over the summer and need to take cover, a marquee from Savoir Faire will save the day. They have different sizes for all events and their 3-6m marquees are great for children’s parties, barbecues and most popular of all - as a shelter from the rain. Other things you may need for your party to make the summer go with a swing……a Wacky Booths photo booth with sunny props (wackybooths.co.uk); entertainment such as a live dance show or circus act from Upstage Creative (www.upstagecreative.co.uk) and a compilation of everyone’s selfies and videos turned into a professional film by Reel Mash (www.eventcapsule.it) or call 020 7157 9705.

Upstage Events

Wacky Booths

Reel Mash

Savoire Faire

Lighting the FIRE

Engaging students in informal Jewish education around the world is how one charity spends the summer

WHILE THE REST OF US are navigating our way around Europe and Israel over the next few months Aish on Campus will be taking students on a breath-taking journey to South Africa. The students will be learning about the Jewish community of Johannesburg, witnessing the scope of the charitable activities and welfare institutions being pioneered there, before heading down to Kruger to experience the majesty of the Big 5, while spending their evenings engaged in a cutting edge educational programme. Following safari the students will take in the splendour of Capetown for the weekend, before returning to the UK and bringing the excitement back to their campuses around the country. Attending regular educational and social events being hosted at campuses across the country, students can earn scholarships towards their trips with Aish. This year alone Aish on Campus has taken students to New

Ristorante Italiano Our Cockfosters branch is now open, fully refurbished, ready to welcome and serve great Italian cooking Sunday to Thursday: 12pm to 10pm Friday and Saturday: 12pm to 11pm

York, Spain, Poland, Ukraine, Israel and soon South Africa. Together with incredible weekends, regular seminars and great social events AishUK provides a framework that fosters Jewish engagement and informal education within the student community, successfully engaging thousands of students across the country. Whilst students are enjoying a variety of summer activities with Aish, plans are underway to once again deliver the most popular events, courses, and activities for Jewish students studying towards their degrees in the upcoming year. AishUK has a mission to continually provide programming to make the depth and beauty of Judaism accessible to everyone from when they leave home, until they build their own home. SOUTH AFRICA 2019 is the next exciting step in this energising voyage to Jewish continuity.

We provide extensive choices of food including pizza, pasta, meat and fresh fish specialities making Al Fresco the destination for all the family and for every occasion.

We are now able to offer dishes suitable for gluten-free and vegan diners.

ENJOY ALFRESCO DINING ON OUR WHETSTONE GARDEN TERRACE 21-22 Station Parade Cockfosters Road EN4 0DW cockfosters@alfresco.restaurant 020 8449 8888

1327 High Road Whetstone N20 9HR whetstone@alfresco.restaurant 020 8445 8880

www.alfresco.restaurant Al-Fresco-165mm_x_128mm EDIT.indd 1

05/07/2019 14:19:21

11 July 2019 Jewish News






*if you stick to the plan

ONLY £150

Contact us for more details:

info@ace-lifestyle.com | 07968 484501

12 Week Weight Loss Programme





Jewish News 11 July 2019

Summer Love / Fit

Oy Body!

Is it too late? Are you now at the mercy of a kaftan and a big beach bag to hide those bumps at the seaside? Anna and Charlotte at ACE LIFESTYLE think not. In fact, they say, they can set you up with a figure that doesn’t frighten the lifeguards in under six weeks. BUT HOW? “Here’s the bad news; unfortunately, there are no golden bullets or pills we can prescribe to make the process

work without sacrifice. Ignore anyone who says otherwise. What does work is a wellthought through exercise and healthy eating programme which, if you stick to, will help you achieve the results you are after.” WHAT’S THE REGIME? “If it’s pure weight loss you’re after, then altering your diet is key. Ensure that you are in enough of a calorie deficit relative to your normal intake to lose weight quickly. It’s

a myth that slow and steady wins the race and, as we’ve only got six weeks to work with, we would advise being more aggressive in your dieting approach and combine this with weighted high intensity circuits to ensure maximum fat burn and muscle gain to give you leaner and more sculpted limbs.”

THE LABORATORY IN MILL HILL is offering four week transformations for summer. Sounds a bit sci-fi, but those bagel tops need help shifting for holiday. So over those four weeks you will be getting:

HOW MUCH DOES IT COST TO SPEND TIME WITH ACE LIFESTYLE? “Our philosophy is all about empowering clients to live a fit, strong and healthy life – and enjoy it. We offer something for everyone on that journey; exercise classes, personal training, small group sessions, online programmes and nutritional plans; whatever help looks like, we’ve got you covered!”

AROMATIC CONTOURING TREATMENT 1H 10M WEEKLY, for a slimmer silhouette. Awarded best body treatment by French magazine L’Officiel, this is a contouring body treatment using an anti-cellulite sculpting massage with detoxifying essential oils and a clay mask to drain toxins and firm the skin.

DO YOU DO HOME VISITS? “Yes we do, but we also have well equipped studios in our homes in north-west London where we see clients. For our classes (from £8) we use halls and other venues local to the north-west London area.” www.ace-lifestyle.com

PERSONAL TRAINING 1H WEEKLY, with sessions designed to target stubborn areas involving a variety of scientifically-proven methods to aid fat loss and toning. Your Lab Pro will also ensure your muscles are lengthened and relaxed before you finish.

Also included – complimentary Individualised Nutritional & Energy-boosting Strategy Plan and Guinot Gommage Facile scrub.

Lab members pay £397 for this and non-members £457. Call 020 8457 3300 or millhill.labspa.co.uk Should you choose to join The LAB, be sure to visit the café, which has the calm feel of a kalooki club in Bournemouth at key times in the day. But, more importantly, meet Chi Paine. Chi’s BodyCombat class resembles an action sequence from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and she is the only one who can do it. Chi soars while the participants marvel and attempt to jump. Be prepared to crumble like a Plava cake – but you’ll see the results.

LARQ, WATER BOTTLE Purify your picnic by packing your reusable water bottle. This new one by LARQ not only purifies the water and keeps it cool, but has a clever ‘self-cleaning’ action, using UV light to clean the water and the inner surface every two hours to keep the liquid and the bottle free of germs. This means that your water is always fresh and your bottle is never stinky. UV light is used in hospitals to clean surfaces as it is so effective at eradicating germs. LARQ bottles are priced at £95 and are available at Selfridges and online at www.livelarq.com

10 Golders Green Road

10 GoldersLondon Green Road NW11 8LL London NW11 8LL Opposite Cafe Nero Opposite Cafe Nero

Suits from £79.50 Suits from £79.50 Overcoats from £79.50

Overcoats from £79.50

Trouser Bargains £25

Trouser Bargains £25

Raincoats from £49.50

Raincoats from £49.50 Large Sizes a speciality Large

Sizes a speciality Open everyday &

We accept

Sundays til 5:00pm

Openeveryday everyday & Open till 6pm Sundays till til 5pm 5:00pm Weekends

We accept

aRistorante maretto aRistorante maretto e Pizzeria

1HZEUDQFKRSHQ News S19 11 July 2019 Jewish




cafe ¡ restaurant ¡ bar

e Pizzeria



Edgware Branch 7BMJEBMMPG0DUPCFS .PO4VO 7BMJEBMMPG0DUPCFS .PO4VO Hendon Branch 10 Victoria Rd,

12 The Promenade, 17 CentralBranch Circus Ruislip, HA4 0AA, Edgware Branch Min Branch ÂŁ10 bring voucher Min Golders ÂŁ10 spend, spend,Green bring this this voucher HendonHendon, Hale Lane, Edgware, United Kingdom, Tel: 12 The Promenade, 76Ruislip Golders Green Road 17 Central Circus Branch Ruislip Branch 01895627860, Middlesex HA8 7JZ London, NW4 3AS Edgware Branch Hendon Branch Edgware Branch Hale Lane, Edgeware, NW11 8LN Hendon, 10 Victoria 10 Victoria Rd, Rd, 01895672900 Tel: 020 8958 9099 Tel: 020 8202 7797 12 17 Central Middlesex HA8 7JZ 020 8455 8186 London, NW4 3AS 12 The The Promenade, Promenade, Circus Ruislip, HA4 0AA, Ruislip, HA4 0AA, Monday closed 020 8958 9044 020 8202 7303 Tel: 020 8958 9099 020 6458 2418 Tel: 020 8202 7797 Hale Lane, Edgware, Hale Lane, Edgware, Hendon, United Kingdom, Tel: United Kingdom, Take away Take away from 12pm&toTel: 11.30pm Open 73AS days Monday closed 020 8958 9044 Open 7 days 020 8202 7303 01895627860, Middlesex HA8 London, NW4 01895627860, Middlesex HA8 7JZ 7JZ & delivery delivery available from 6pm from 6pm 01895672900 Monday Closed Open 7 days 01895672900 Tel: Tel: Tel: 020 020 8958 8958 9099 9099 8202 7797 [N] Tel: 020 Monday Monday closed closed 020 020 8202 7303 020 8958 8958 9044 9044 Take & Take away &to Take from 12pm 11.30pm Take away away from 12pm to11.30 11.30pm Monday Open 7 days days from 12away pm to pm Monday closed closedTakeaway 20% DISCOUNT delivery available from delivery available from 6pm & delivery from 6pm & delivery from6pm 6pm6pm & delivery from

Wide menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, daily specials Open 7 days • Kosher meat

85 Golders Green Road NW11 8EN 0208 731 6255

Minimum ÂŁ10 spend, bring this voucher, maximum 5 people

Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Bring this advert to receive your discount.


Minimum MinimumÂŁ10 ÂŁ10spend, spend,bring bringthis this voucher, voucher, maximum maximum 555 people people people Cannot Cannotbe beused usedin inconjunction conjunction with with any any other other offer. offer. Bring Bring Bring this this advert advert to to receive receive your your discount. discount. Offer valid through July & August (Mon-Sun) 9DOLGDOORI2FWREHU0RQ6XQ




Arrangements and bouquets made to order or “off the shelf� Unique gifts for baby-showers and/or newborns Gifts or arrangements for weddings, bar/batmitvahs, birthdays, or any other “MAZALTOVS� Flower walls designed and supplied Come visit us at: 45a The Broadway, Mill Hill, NW7 3DA, Tel: 020 8959 0222 or call Annette: 07802 856956 Email: enquiries@saranetshop.com Instagram: saranetshop

[N] [N]



Jewish News 11 July 2019

Summer Love / Sun ‘n’ Sand

Beachy Keen Where to seek out sandcastles in north-west London

Brent Cross Beach

Hampstead Beach

The capital has a lot to offer, but it lacks good beaches. “Oh no it doesn’t,” say the team at JW3, who organise the Punch &Judy shows and lay out the golden sand on Hampstead Beach. Thanks to JW3, the Finchley Road now rivals Marbella as a destination for holiday vibes and sunsets enhanced by cocktails – and even a Friday night dinner served alongside sandcastles. It’s free entry, so just turn up Sunday to Friday with your buckets and spades from now until the end of August – and don’t forget the children as there is a paddling pool. There is also food – lots of it – and it’s kosher at Zest, where chef Robin Beparry prepares the dishes. www.jw3.org.uk/hampstead-beach

Love Island’s Eyal at Brent Cross Beach

Further up the road – think Marbella to Estepona – there’s another beach, this time at Brent Cross. If JW3 is north-west London’s Nikki Beach, the awardwinning stretch off the A406 is the Costa Dorada’s PortAventura. There are 25 rides for toddlers through to adults (rollercoasters and aerial spinning thrills) and a 20m x 15m paddling pool, which is not deep enough for swimming, but we all know how to splash. You can certainly make your own waves and have a refreshing splash. £3 for entry and a book of 25 ride tokens is £20. www.thebeachbrent cross.com


11 July 2019 Jewish News



Splash / Summer Love

In the


Poolside Manor may not be by the beach, but your kids will have more than just a paddle when they visit For starters, there are swimming lessons, the first-class lessons for some children and even adults of any age and ability. The classes are all day every day in the pine log purpose-built teaching pool, which is heated to 32º C. It’s a nice touch when summer temperatures are down and down. The heat also creates the ideal atmosphere conducive to teaching swimming.

Poolside Manor also runs multi-activity day camps, providing top quality pursuits, including football with an FA qualified coach, arts and crafts, dance, drama, games and visiting entertainers for children aged three and up during every school holiday. It has also just added early starts from 7.30am and late finishing until 6pm to help working parents. But what’s a pool without a party, and Poolside Manor staff are specialists at creating the best sort for memorable birthdays from five upwards. Parties lasting two hours each take place on Saturday and Sunday afternoons and are very popular, so book early to avoid disappointment. Last but certainly not least are the parent and toddler lessons, pilates, aquafit, adult

more for kids specialises in clothing for larger than average Children. The offer includes a cohesive range of fashionable, quality comfortable clothes designed to fit and flatter a more Sturdy body shape. Visit www.moreforkidsuk.com for a complete capsule summer wardrobe for your larger than average girls & boys. 4 Imperial Place, Maxwell Road, Borehamwood, WD6 1JN 0208 213 3119

swim lessons, membership swimming, lifeguard and first aid training courses. Are you ready to take the plunge? www.poolsidemanor.com



Jewish News 11 July 2019

Summer Love / Away We Go

You may be in the process of packing for your summer holiday or have your bags at the front door. Regardless, the reason to scour these pages is for travel later this year or next. And if your holiday destination is still unconfirmed and you've realised summer won't be the same without luggage on a carousel, then these properties in Israel and Greece will hopefully be of interest

There’s always a balagan on the beach in Tel Aviv, just as there is always Bamba, parties, great weather and Gideon Oberson swimwear. To be near all the action, check late availability at Prima’s HOTEL 75 on Allenby Street. Its colourful laid-back vibe is affordable and ensures you only have to stumble a short way from the clubs and bars. Then there’s the Bauhaus style Herods’ hotel on the famous

promenade that overlooks Gordon Beach. The kosher hotel has 324 rooms with balconies and stunning views of the coast, and it also has a spa. Massage and soup mandel – the perfect combination. There’s also West All Suite Boutique Hotel – part of the Tamares group – in the north of Tel Aviv. Resting on the shores of the exclusive Tzuk Beach, it is a hustle and bustle property located close to the commercial

If you’re still thinking about where to go, here are some suggestions...

and business centres of Ramat Aviv and Ramat Hachayal. Meanwhile, a marble-tiled lobby and opulent flower arrangements, sea views through massive windows and an espresso machine in every room… this is the Sheraton Tel Aviv, where breakfast is worth getting up for and at night the Shila restaurant is a 15-minute walk away and you can ogle the city’s beautiful people.

Hotel 75

Herods Hotel

The Jerusalem Film Festival (25 July – 4 August) It’s the 36th year, and 180 films from 60 countries around the world will be shown, and there will be parties! Bon Jovi (who were all delivered by a Jewish obstetrician) are @ Park Hayarkon, Tel Aviv on 25 July. Jennifer Lopez is playing her first concert in Israel on 1 August, despite the calls for her to pull out of the gig at Hayarkon Park, which is part of her It’s My Party world tour.

Jerusalem Film Festival

The Amilia Mare Hotel

And so to Greece where, interestingly, you will find lots of Israelis on the island of Rhodes, where some street names are in Ivrit, The Kahal Shalom Synagogue (circa 1557) opens as often as possible, and there’s a Holocaust memorial in the old town. The Amilia Mare Hotel in Kallithea isn’t new but, part of Aldemar Resorts, it was majorly refurbished a few years ago and now has enough pools, restaurants and daily entertainment to keep its all-inclusive guests very happy. With eight eateries offering Greek, French, Italian, as well as buffet catering, it’s impressive that the service is so consistently good. This ‘A’ for effort extends to the Pink Wave team, who do the A-Z of exercise by day (aqua aerobics to Zumba) and cabaret at night.

The Patmos Aktis Suites & Spa, on the still unspoiled island of Patmos, is a five-star beach front resort surrounded by the serene bay of Grikos. Picturesque alleys decorated with all kinds of flowers and well-preserved gardens host the 56 rooms, suites and maisonettes. Everyone wants to go to Santorini some time, and there is still room at the Kalisti Hotel & Suites, which has the largest pool in Fira, the main town, and is just minutes away from the stunning caldera rim, museums, galleries, fine restaurants and shops on this unique island.

The Kalisti Hotel & Suites

The Patmos Aktis Suites & Spa

11 July 2019 Jewish News



Summer Love / Away We Go

The Peloponnese in southern Greece, which is connected by the Isthmus of Corinth, is not the obvious place to head and that’s the joy of it. The Kinsterna Hotel, nestled in Monemvasia, is a truly unique experience for both parents and children. In this fairytale-like estate, children get to learn about harvesting olives for oil, the drying and pressing of grapes and bread baking at the mansion’s old stone oven. Cypress trees fill the gardens of the Byzantine-era estate, which also has a pool designed for children, kids’ yoga sessions at the spa, and an outdoor playground with a tree-house. At Kinsterna, you can hike through vineyards, horse and donkey ride, cycle to cooking classes, learn to make soap, take private boat tours around the Rock of the medieval castle-town and nearby secluded beaches, or try your hand at fishing. Although it’s a four-hour drive from Athens International Airport, and under three hours’ drive from


Mykonos is going kosher in August under the supervision of the Paris Beth Din. The Myconian Imperial Resort, a prominent member of Leading Hotels of the World, and a long-time favourite

Kalamata Airport, it’s a journey worth making if you want this summer to be memorable. Cost: from €171 for a double room, for two people, including breakfast and taxes (the price is for a midweek stay). 


The Kinsterna Hotel


.!lMenu1res 1/�

From 10/07 to 28/08 FROM £58/NIGHT FULL BOARD

Family Lellouche UK


+4420-3807-8148 +331. +336.



with large families is where you’ll be enjoying the thalasso spa centre, gourmet kosher food and the magnificent beach of Elia. There are private babysitters provided for children

aged from 6 months to three years (from 10am to 5pm), supervised by professionals in nursery nursing and a kids’ club for children aged four to 12. www.club-turquoise.com



Jewish News 11 July 2019

Summer Love / Mini-break

Grand old York Rachel Soffer went all 18th century on a weekend break at Middlethorpe Hall

The magnificent Middlethorpe Hall, above, and, below, an 18th century salon to recline within







PASSPORTIA WISHES YOU COULD YOU CLAIM GERMAN CITIZENSHIP? PASSPORTIA WISHES YOU YEAR A HAPPY NEW A HAPPY NEW YEAR If your parent, grandparent, or great-grandparent was born or resident in German territory, then you may have a claim to German citizenship, even if your ancestor lost it.

Why claim German citizenship?

We would beEUglad to and hear from if youtravel require assistance or  An passport identity cardyou to facilitate across Europe  A secure right to live, work, or retire throughout the EU and EEA advice regarding citizenship or immigration in the coming year. We would be glad to hear you ifstrongest you require The right to one from of the world's passports assistance or  Access to a first class, well-funded consular service advice regarding citizenship or immigration OUR SERVICES INCLUDE: in the coming year. What we do:

andand Immigration We assess claims, obtain UK evidence, prepare submit: applications with a letter of ONationality UR SERVICES INCLUDE Citizenship by Ancestry Naturalisation Registration Passport Applications representation. We have an extensive library of laws, judgements and legal commentary. UK Nationality and Immigration

German We are ambitious for our clients.Naturalisation We are willingCitizenship to challenge the German authorities and to take Citizenship by Ancestry Registration Passport Applications of Citizenship Research Passport Applications on unusualRestoration claims or cases with patchy evidence. Been refused or told you are not eligible? German We would still likeCitizenship to hear from you. Our advisors fluent inin German. Restoration We of Citizenship Research Passport serve clientsare anywhere the world!Applications

Past customers have rated ourservice service 4.9 outout of 5of on5Google Reviews. Past customers have 4.9stars stars on Google Reviews. serveour clients anywhere in the world! Werated

Contact us on +44 (0) 20 7993 8975 or email sarah@passportia.org Contact us on +44 (0) 20 7993 8975 www.passportia.org/jc

Past customers have rated our service 4.9 stars out of 5 on Google Reviews.

or email Contact us oninfo@passportia.org +44 (0) 20 7993 8975 www.passportia.org/jn or email info@passportia.org Albert Buildings, 49 Queen Victoria Street, City of London EC4N 4SA www.passportia.org/jn Albert Buildings, 49 Queen Victoria Street, City of London EC4N 4SA

Multiple citizenships still possible in many cases post Brexit Albert Buildings, 49 Queen Victoria Street, City of London EC4N 4SA

MIDDLETHORPE HALL & SPA is a step back in time, albeit the centre of York is a 20-minute drive away. The Hall was built in the 18th century, when there were no cars on the road and buildings were all about grand architecture. The National Trust Heritage site, with its vast 20 acre grounds, is tucked away behind some beautiful country roads in an accessible, yet relaxing part of Yorkshire. There is something remarkably classy and elegant, yet extremely relaxing and quaint about Middlethorpe I’ve seldom seen elsewhere. We stayed in the Duke of York Suite, where many of the Royals have stayed. It’s their flagship room, which comprises a large bedroom, ensuite bathroom and spacious lounge. We particularly enjoyed the morning knock on the door, when we were greeted with a tray of fresh English Breakfast tea and a cafetière of coffee to enjoy before breakfast. Just another charming detail the hotel prides itself on. Breakfast itself was a Continental affair: fresh juices, cereals, porridge, yoghurts, fruit, freshly baked pastries, toast and delicious jams. A full English, or a Yorkshire including smoked salmon and eggs, were the choices to follow. All of this was served in the elegant panelled dining room overlooking the gardens. The grounds at Middlethorpe are nothing short of wonderful. Those 20 acres of greenery are filled with orchards and immaculately maintained gardens, which contain swathes of apple and pear trees and various other delicious fruits and fresh herbs available for picking in season. The Spring Garden boasts a very impressive Red Oak Tree, which adds to the grandeur of the grounds. We spent our time taking fresh summer’s day walks around the grounds, picking fruit to have later that day. York itself has a plethora of historical sights and locations to visit and enjoy. Being able to walk around the medieval walls, which provide views of this historical city, is something everyone should undertake. The city also has renowned museums, including the National Railway and York Castle Museums, which are very visitor friendly. York is also renowned for its churches and its rich, religious history, so for fans of historical architecture, there is no shortage of places to see and experience. Clifford’s Tower, which stands on the site of the old wooden castle, is particularly interesting, and visitors there learn about what happened to the many Jews who were persecuted more than 800 years ago. The locals in town these days are a friendlier bunch, and the vibe is tailored to the needs of

tourists. When we went, there was a community fun day and races happening, and I was almost tempted to enter the egg and spoon contest. Returning to Middlethorpe Hall Hotel felt like home and what is a home without a superb spa in which to unwind and relax after a long day of walking and exploring? I went for the aromatherapy treatment in the spa, one of many treatments available – all of them tempting. Middlethorpe is a perfect historic hideaway designed for unwinding. With morning tea. Prices per night range from £128 to £300. www.middlethorpe.com, Tel: 01904 641241

York’s Shambles; the suite; Rachel ‘at home’

11 July 2019 Jewish News



Mini-break / Summer Love

The Highs of


Zuzana Kasparova discovers a delightful family home in Devon


ith a name as grand as Highbullen, the estate in North Devon has a lot to live up to. It doesn’t disappoint. The task whenever one stays in a palatial property is believing it was once a family home as Highbullen was in 1879 when William Moore built the impressive Gothic style house. One house has many lives and this one is no exception as it was used by Pickford’s removals during WW2 and as

a private school when the pupils were evacuated. Even in those difficult times maintenance still mattered and work on the extensive grounds was done by German prisoners of war. Bought by the Chapman family in 2012, the property is now a hotel and a stone’s throw from the rolling hills of Exmoor makes it the perfect escape from the city at any time of year, but summer is really good. A welcome from the manager is always a good start and it was he who took us to our suite – the Louis

Seize (French Rococo with a view across the Mole Valley that takes your breath away. We could have just stayed looking out the window, but tranquillity beckoned beyond the walls. I loved the remoteness and complete silence of the place which was only broken by amazing bird concertos from the crowns of the trees. The Estate is positioned quite high on the hill, so the view of Dartmoor is impressive alongside the winding blue ribbon of Taw River. If you are a golfer there’s an 18-hole USGA specification course, set in richly wooded parkland. Prefer tennis? Then take your pick of the seven all-weather tennis courts and there’s also croquet, snooker and a gym with a variety of cardiovascular and resistance machines with personal trainer and gym inductions. The 20m heated indoor pool is positioned for enjoying the panoramic views while swimming and relaxing in the Jacuzzi before a schvitz and steam in the sauna. For warmer summer days, an outdoor swimming pool is also available. As we like walking, the hotel reception offered us several walks of various lengths -all worth getting your boots muddy or not, if it’s dry. A walk deserves a reward and at the Highbullen spa I enjoyed 30 minutes relaxing during a Superfood Pro-Radiance facial with their heavenly scented Elemisproducts that made me feel

Zuzna enjoying ‘High’ tea and below: the estate and swimming pool

truly rejuvenated. They also offer a wide range of other massages. The Manor House with its 11 individually designed rooms is not the only place to stay on the 127 acre Estate as there are lavish self-catering cottages, each offering unique countryside views and accompanied by the most extensive range of on-site facilities and activities. It’s far from London but the manor surrounded by mature parkland is a perfect venue for a wedding (or bar mitzvah) and if you are looking for a conference venue in an unusual place, The Palazzo at Highbullen has five separate meeting spaces for up to 400. North Devon may be far, but what an impression it makes with the charms of the nearby coastal villages or cycling on the Tarka Trail. The hotel has a 2 AA Rosettes restaurant and last year opened the elegant Laura Ashley tea rooms which was the final stop on our last day. We are veggies, but this didn’t trouble staff who were charming and served a delicious cream tea with mouth-watering sandwiches. The receptionist handed us a treat bag for the journey in keeping with the theme of our stay: rejuvenation. Don’t let distance deter you. B&B is priced from £110 per room per night www.highbullen.co.uk/ 01769 540561



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Summer Love / Pick Up a Posy


Broadway blossom GERBERAS, ROSES, PEONIES AND MARIGOLDS? Or maybe an arrangement with orchids in the centre? Florist Annette Milton is passionate about all blossoms, but loves to include orchids in the beautiful arrangements she is now creating at her shop, Saranet on Mill Hill Broadway. New to the High Street, Saranet truly is a sight for sore eyes amid the earnest charity stores and lively cafés. With fewer and fewer independent shops braving high

rents and rates, a useful retailer who brings a little colour to the mix is most welcome. Israeli-born Annette who is from Nahariya, near the Lebanon border, decided that after five years of making bouquets and garlands at home, she wanted to meet her posy buyers face-to-face and new customers are tempted by the shop’s floral-clad frontage and the blissful scent of blooms. As well as arrangements, Annette does baby gifts and, with her experience of Israeli weddings, knows how to dress a

picture-perfect chuppah. If you pop in to Saranet, you may want to ask Annette about her role in the new Wonder Woman film due out in December. “They wanted an Israeli saying some Hebrew lines, so I spent the day at Leavesden filming,” she says. Finding the experience arduous and slow, Annette realised she belongs among the flowers, which is good news for us. enquiries@saranetshop.com/ 020 8959 0222

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11 July 2019 Jewish News



Paws / Summer Love

The Chosen Ones How to avoid a canine horror during the hot summer holidays

Parlour Talk JEWISH DOGS get very anxious in mid-July. They can tell it’s July because of the chicken soup shortage and a sudden switch to Gazpacho on Friday nights. Then there are the impossibly early morning walks to avoid the sun and insufferable meet-ups for coffee al fresco at Café Toulouse in the Suburb, where they have to share bowls of tepid water. Scraffy BEFORE Scraffy AFTER The only joy for these kvetching canines is sharing their woes while visiting Pet Mania on Mill Hill Broadway. It is there in the perfumed and pristine comfort of this grooming parlour that they get to cool off, essentially while being washed and clipped and pampered. Owner Gina Woolf prides herself on knowing the way each of her furry clients likes to be treated and whether they look better with a full fringe or a side-parting. Taking over the popular salon in May 2018 was a dream Gina harboured for over 10 years and from the moment she welcomed the first four-legged customer through the door, she knew “it was the place for me”. Since then, Gina and her team have reinvigorated Pet Mania Introducing a pop-up photo booth, new ultra-Sonic teeth cleaning, a loyalty card scheme and a Cat Sunday service on the last Sunday of every month. She also plans to offer a Sunday Splash for those in need of a wash/brush and tidy after a wild weekend. As temperatures rise, Pet Mania – assuming you can get an appointment – is all about removing excess fur as it’s essential dogs don’t overheat or pick up pesky ticks and grass seeds which are dangerous. Happy with their haircuts, the dogs also sense that a summer snip signals their owners departure to Majorca. For the lucky ones, this means a stay at bubbah’s where the chicken soup just keeps coming.

Shvitzing Jewish dogs need a bandana and cool mat All For Paws Chill Out Ice Bandana amazon.co.uk £7.35

BRUCE & AKIVE Look out for Shtisel’s Michael Aloni and his dog Bruce if you are in Tel Aviv. Most likely spot? Surfing together or hanging in the writer’s room for Season 3…

Pet Mania 0208 906 4884 #makingfurryfabulous

Devon Days 4 Dogs BEAGLE CHARLIE SPENDER stayed at Devon Country Barns outside the leafy village of Lifton. Charlie was at The Orchard, one of five beautiful barn conversions with under floor heating,wood-burners, kitchens with ultra-modern appliances and a wall-mounted flatscreen home cinema that he only watched a bit. The residence ticked every box for Charlie particularly the large enclosed patio and he couldn’t believe his luck with the acres of fields he could run through on the doorstep and a river for cooling down. Many of the beaches are dog friendly and the local pubs among them The Springer Spaniel near Launceston and The Rock Inn near Daymer Bay. Charlie got to taste his first Cornish Pasty and race across Dartmoor. He is still dreams about the pasty. www.premiercottages.co.uk, 07500 702248 DUMBLEDORE, A TIBETAN, also got to lollop in Devon, but in Babbacombe Bay at the Cary Arms and Spa or ‘Inn on the Beach’ as it is also known. Dumble was pretty chuffed to find treats and a luxury dog cushion by the cutesy door of Pebble Suite cottage which inside was a snazzy split-level, two-bed apartment with a lounge and dining room, a stocked kitchen and a slipper bath looking out to sea. Set on a cliff perch overlooking the bay, the higgledy hotel was visited by Queen Victoria where she painted the scenery from a rowing boat in 1852. Dumbledore wasn’t fussed by this or the fact that Agatha Christie was born nearby, but he did like the free doggie bar snacks in the main dining-room and being petted by the staff. There’s lots to do around the area, what with the steam train, horse-riding and Torquay, but moving about seems unnecessary when there is a Thalgo spa, a Jacuzzi swimming pool and extra fluffy scones at the cream tea. A must for mutts. www.caryarms.co.uk, 01803 327110

The Green Pet Shop Green Pet Shop Self Cooling Pet Pad amazon.co.uk £68.92

Dog Doings

HOUNDS ON THE HEATH on July 14 (11am-4pm) is a free event that has activities and entertainment for both two-and four-legged visitors. Stalls selling veggie and vegan street food and treats for dogs in Temptation Alley. Contests for agility, waggiest tail and best looking. It’s all at Hampstead Heath Cricket Pitch www.themayhew.org


Solutions Groomindales Janet Rabbie has all the right pedigree experience as she started as a dog walker and licenced home boarder before moving into grooming. Training alongside Colin Taylor, the friends have since started Colin Taylor Grooming. “We started the range as there are few companies who manufacture products specifically for Groomers,” says Janet “So with Colin’s knowledge and me for critique, our adventure began with a launch at Crufts in 2018 with seven products and a year later due to a great response we increased the range to 13.” All the products are manufactured in the UK and include natural hypoallergenic shampoos and the colognes – Ultra and Sassy and finishing sprays. Nominated for Product of the Year their “Fast Dry” spray speeds the drying time of the dogs and they have recently introduced Pure Filth shampoo designed to “eliminate the awful smells of fox and worse”. All of the products are used at Groomindales salon in Hendon where the two experienced groomers are specialists: Barbara with elderly and poorly dogs and Charlie in Asian Fusion and breed standard. Both groomers also work with hand stripping. Always available for individual consultations, the well being of the dogs is a priority. Asked if she thinks Jewish dogs are different, Janet simply replied: “Yes, of course.” But note Groomindales is very discreet. www.groomindales.co.uk or call 07471 209480

Has your pooch got what it takes to be top dog and impress a panel of celeb judges such as Ricky Gervais? PUP IDOL returns to the GARDEN GATE PUB in Hampstead for their annual dog show on July 14 in aid of All Dogs Matter. Categories include Cutest pup to Mr Hampstead. £5 entry www.alldogsmatter.co.uk/pup-idol

Fancy a picnic with the furry ones? Duke’s in London have always done gourmet summer picnics in Green Park and St James’s, but now they are doing them for dogs. The Classic picnic is set up by the Dukes team with comfy cushions, cosy blankets, cutlery and glasses. Priced from £39.50 per person, Vegan Picnics are £35,Children’s £17, and the Dog’s dinner is £15 per pooch. Call 0207 491 4840 or visit www.dukeshotel.com


Jewish News 11 July 2019

Picture by Blake Ezra


CATERING Experience a vibrant Middle Eastern feast like you’ve never tasted before. Visit: zestatjw3.co.uk For Enquiries: 020 7433 8955 ZESTatJW3 341-351 Finchley Road, London, NW3 6ET


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