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20 FEBRUARY 2020

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Jewish News 20 February 2020

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“It feels so good to be able to have a nice chat. At 102, I have a lot to talk about!” My care home is very nice, warm and welcoming. But until recently, I couldn’t enjoy it because I spent nearly all of my time alone in my room unable to interact with other residents or staff. I do have hearing aids, but as I’ve grown older I don’t like wearing them - all the sounds in the room become too loud and jumbled, filling my head with white noise. It makes me confused and exhausted. It would have been lovely to get to know the people around me and join in activities.

But each time I tried to have a conversation, I saw the frustration on their faces when I couldn’t understand them. I retreated to my bedroom and there I stayed. Although I’ve been blessed with a long life filled with happy memories, these alone are no replacement for good company and conversation. Each day stretched endlessly before me. I would long for bedtime and dread the dawn. I became so very lonely. I’ve never been one for feeling sorry for myself, but I had to dig very deep to stop falling into depression. My family noticed that I had less and less to say.

JDA’s pioneering hearing support service was set up to end the isolation and loneliness of older people with hearing loss. Thanks to the support of friends like you, we have trained over 700 care home staff (so far!) and introduced specialist JDA hearing support and equipment to residents in 27 care homes…bringing people together. We’re bringing about radical change and helping older people to feel happy and alive again!

Many more older people are desperately waiting for us in their care homes. Your donation will enable them to enjoy the things in life that hearing people take for granted in their later years.

But then what I can only describe as a miracle appeared in the shape of Andrew from the Jewish Deaf Association! He introduced me to something that immediately enabled me to hear much more clearly. It sounds crazy that a small piece of equipment can turn a life around but that’s what happened. That very day, I went and played a game of bingo and my mood started to lift. I felt like I’d found my old self! Now I chat with people and join in with quizzes, discussions and even music appreciation. I wake up every morning, check what’s on and really look forward to a busy and fruitful day. It feels wonderful to have a nice chat. At 102 I have a lot to talk about!”

20 February 2020 Jewish News



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Registered Charity No. 1113409

The whole visit was outstanding in fully demonstrating MDA’s work and objectives. I was particularly impressed with the volunteer programme targeting the Arab community in Sakhnin. John Youens

COME TO ISRAEL. SAVE LIVES. MAGEN DAVID ADOM UK LEGACY MISSION | 17th–22nd May 2020 Each year, legacies to Magen David Adom are responsible for saving the lives of thousands of people in Israel. This year, Magen David Adom UK is delighted to offer an incredible and insightful FREE* 5-day legacy mission to Israel, which will take place from 17th – 22nd May 2020, giving participants the opportunity to see first-hand the difference a legacy to Magen David Adom can make. During this life-changing mission, participants will enjoy some of Israel’s most beautiful sights, from the Old City

to Tiberias, where one of the Magen David Adom air ambulances is situated. There will be guided tours of Magen David Adom ambulance stations, a visit to Sakhnin where the first Magen David Adom ambulance station in an Israeli Arab town is situated, and a trip to Ramla to see the amazing progress of the new £90m National Blood & Logistics Centre. Other highlights include private tours of the Knesset and the Israel Museum. This is the perfect opportunity to learn about the life-saving work of Magen David Adom, Israel’s only National Medical Emergency Service, that President Rivlin recently cited

as one of the most important organisations in Israel, second only to the IDF. Legacies to Magen David Adom UK make up approximately 30% of its annual income. These legacies are vital and enable Magen David Adom to continue saving lives in Israel and all over the world. Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to see up-close the difference a legacy to Magen David Adom can make to the people of Israel. For more information or to book a place, email Racheli at rachelcohen@mdauk.org or call 020 8201 5900.

I have supported MDA for the past fifty years and this trip confirmed my belief in the service. Dr Neville Silverston MBE

*Itinerary subject to change. To qualify you must be over 60, agree to participate in the full programme, and be willing to commit to a legacy to Magen David Adom UK of a minimum of £18,000 per person. Terms and conditions apply.



Jewish News 20 February 2020

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We are all there to help each other Richard is a volunteer facilitator for the creative writing group at Jami’ Edgware Hub. Richard’s story is not unique. From first contacting Jami when struggling with his mental health to helping others with their journey. As a hairdresser Richard spent most of his life talking to people and listening to their problems, leaving him with little time to consider his own life challenges. When he retired, Richard had only his own thoughts to keep him busy and his mental health took a downward spiral. He started taking medication - which he found difficult to control - and eventually ended up in hospital after attempting to take his own life. Whilst in hospital he received a visit from one of Jami’s volunteer hospital visitors. Richard speaks fondly about these visits. “She was fantastic! I looked forward to my visits and it was through her that I was encouraged to eventually start attending the Jami hub in Edgware”. He adds, “I felt very welcome at the hub, people were kind and I felt no pressure to do anything I didn’t want to do.” Richard began attending the creative writing group, “Once I sat down with this group of people, I knew I was going to get better. The group gives me something to look forward to every week, it has helped me and it’s helped other people to see everyone is different, but we are all there to help each other. It’s like a second family.”

Recovery Three years after attending the group for the first time, Richard now volunteers as the group facilitator. The group uses creative writing as a means to express themselves, capturing their thoughts in a safe environment and relieving the social isolation that is often a feature for people living with mental illness. Grateful for the support that Richard has received, he wants to help others at the same time as managing his own wellbeing. Richard thoughtfully says, “If it wasn’t for Jami, I wouldn’t be here today”. The writing group is one of the many support groups run by Jami in the 4 community and 2 social enterprise hubs which includes Head Room Café. Each group is designed to help people who use Jami’s services to manage their symptoms, gain independence and build resilience.

We all have mental health. We all have Jami. Jami is the specialist provider of mental health services in the Jewish community. We provide practical and emotional support for everyone affected by a mental health problem: the person with the diagnosis, friend, relative or employer.

For more information about our services and to refer yourself or someone you are concerned about, call 020 8458 2223 or go to jamiuk.org Change the life of someone living with mental illness. Donate today at jamiuk.org/donate

Jami enables people to lead a meaningful life despite severe mental ill health.



Jami UK

Registered charity no. 1003345.

Youth Aliyah Child Rescue finds a perfect match for tennis ace Ezra In Israel today, there are over 400,000 children who do not have a family that can care for them adequately and who are deemed ‘at risk’. Rather than seeing them condemned to a lifetime of welfare dependency, perpetuating cycles of poverty, abuse and neglect, Youth Aliyah Child Rescue provides a warm and supportive home in our five youth villages. At Aloney Yitzchak Youth Village, highly trained educators dedicate themselves to building trusting relationships with the 300 secondary school-age children who live there. In this nurturing environment, staff finds the key to unlock each child’s individual potential, allowing them to heal from their traumatic pasts. On moving to Israel with his mother, grandmother and brother, Ezra and his family were housed in an immigrant absorption centre in a low-income area. Sadly, his mother soon became overwhelmed by the responsibilities of holding down a job and caring for her sons whilst learning a new language and adjusting to a new culture. After three months she returned to Ukraine, leaving his grandmother to care for the boys on her own. Fortunately, social services referred Ezra to Aloney Yitzchak Youth Village, where he could live safely with other vulnerable children and heal from the trauma and losses that he had endured. Tragically, less than a year later, Ezra’s grandmother passed away. Like all of the village’s students, Ezra already had a robust support system in place. The team intensified their efforts to help Ezra adjust to his new reality, but they

knew that they needed to find something special within him to pull him out of the pattern of depression and selfharm that threatened to take over. Walking past the tennis courts that had just been resurfaced with funds from Youth Aliyah Child Rescue, it all became clear to Ezra’s counsellor. She knew that he enjoyed tennis so she arranged for him to have extra coaching, also funded by our charity. Ezra’s newfound talent allowed him to rebuild his confidence and find his place in the village community. His strengthened relationship with his counsellor allowed him to grieve appropriately, in a safe and supportive environment. He has since gone on to compete in national and European tennis tournaments, and today he coaches younger students. Next year Ezra will join the Israel Defense Forces alongside his peers and he feels very positive about the years ahead. Your donations to Youth Aliyah Child Rescue have allowed us to help Ezra find his feet and learn the value of giving back to his community. We believe that every child, no matter where they come from, is entitled to these same opportunities. The support we receive from our donors in the UK enables thousands of young people every year to make the climb from survival to leadership.

You can make a donation or find out more by calling 020 8371 1580 or visiting youthaliyah.org.uk

youthaliyah.org.uk Charity No: 1077913

20 February 2020 Jewish News



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OUR ISRAEL. OUR FUTURE. For nearly 100 years UJIA has been building meaningful connections between the UK Jewish community and the people of Israel. Generation after generation of UK Jewry have beneďŹ ted from UJIA programmes that nurture lifelong connections to Israel, whilst in Israel itself, our educational and welfare initiatives impact tens of thousands of lives each year. To learn more about what UJIA can offer you, and how you can help, please visit ujia.org

ujia.org United Jewish Israel Appeal is a registered charity No. 1060078 (England & Wales) and Sc 039181 (Scotland).

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Jewish News 20 February 2020

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DISABILITY’S Unseen Impact

The way in which physical disability or impaired vision

impacts someone’s life may seem obvious. But far less obvious is the unseen impact that follows from their daily struggle to cope in a world not suitable for their needs.


ccording to the US National Centre for Biotechnology, people living with physical disabilities are at least three times more likely to experience depression compared to the general population, with women even more likely to be affected with estimates ranging from 30% to 59% of women with disabilities experiencing some form of depression. So often these mental health issues are related to the ways in which disability makes someone feel that they no longer have control over even the smallest aspects of their lives. And these feelings of loss of control then become exacerbated by the sense of loneliness and isolation that often follow as it becomes increasingly difficult to get out and about, and even the best intentioned if friends and family eventually have to get on with their own lives. It is easy to see how a diagnosis of disability or a worsening of someone’s condition can lead to this downward spiral of despair and despondency, as was the case with Kane. When at the age of 26 Kane was diagnosed with fallen arches, he momentarily felt relieved that his pain was due to a manageable relatively minor condition. But it quickly transpired he had been misdiagnosed, and ‘fallen arches ’was actually the start of something worse, severe muscle and tendon issues. Shortly after everything flared up and he became bed bound, unable to walk or even stand. Turns out not only did he have tendon issues, he was also afflicted with gout, arthritis and compacted cartilage in his knees; the list of what was wrong seemed endless. Overnight he went from being an outgoing person to being housebound. His quality of life plummeted; In his own words “I became withdrawn, depressed, even suicidal. I was totally dependent on my mother for everything. I was a broken shell of a person. I would sit in my room curtains closed because I did not want to look at the world

Diane & Steve enjoying Purim outside which I felt had been closed off to me.” Isolation and despair are something Diane & Steve can relate to. When they married at a young age they had no idea of the struggles that were ahead of them. They felt that their world was complete when their daughter Joanna came along followed by Michael five years later. But life proved to be far from easy as both children were constantly poorly and life became “all about hospital”. Finally, the reason for all the childhood illnesses became apparent when not only both children but Steve too were diagnosed with Cowden’s Syndrome, which meant they faced an increased risk of developing several types of cancer. Then, as if this were not worrying enough, a year later Diane was diagnosed with degenerating spondalothesis, an excruciatingly painful condition that not only would eventually lead to paralysis of the legs but which also affects her internal organs including her stomach and digestive system. Suddenly their whole world changed. Although always striving for a positive outlook, they became increasingly exhausted as illness and medication took their toll. Almost inevitably they stepped back from friends and family, becoming ever more isolated as they struggled to understand and cope with everything that was going on in their life. Diane & Steve and Kane were on a downward spiral with little hope until they contacted Jewish Blind & Disabled. Jewish Blind & Disabled is the only organi-

Jewish Blind & Disabled apartment sation, in the Jewish community and beyond, dedicated to enabling adults who have physical disabilities or impaired vision, to live independently with the dignity and choice that are so easy to take for granted until they are suddenly taken away. “I was told that there was no organisation that could help someone of my age and I felt completely hopeless. But then a ray of hope presented itself when my aunt suggested Jewish Blind & Disabled” commented Kane, he continued; “My life has completely turned around since moving into my Jewish Blind & Disabled apartment. Among other things. I can bathe myself thanks to my wet floor shower room - which for someone who had to endure sponge baths at the hands of his mother at the age of 30 is something I personally am truly grateful for! For the first time in years I feel safe and comfortable and that is priceless” Their specialist developments of one and two-bedroom mobility apartments are designed to level the playing field and are full of special features and thoughtful touches that put people back in control, enabling them to manage everyday tasks that are so essential to rebuilding their sense of self-worth. Plus, they benefit from the sense of security that comes from knowing that support is on site and on call 24/7 in case of an emergency; giving family members total peace of mind and allowing the partner of someone with a disability to be able

to go out no longer worried about leaving their loved one on their own, improving the quality of both their lives In Diane’s own words: “I thank G.. every night for finding our way to JBD. I have friendship and I know that someone is always there if I fall or need help. JBD look after us, giving us our freedom to live our lives. I can be in my own home if I want. I can mix with others if I want. And there are the beautiful gardens that are looked after impeccably and which I like to call my own! We are not just a ‘block of flats’ we are a friendly and welcoming community For many of Jewish Blind & Disabled’s tenants, being once more part of a friendly Jewish community makes the biggest difference of all. Each of their buildings is also a warm and welcoming community where there is always someone around for a chat or a bit of company. And where each tenant can enjoy celebrations of Shabbat and all the Festivals if they choose, Of course, independent living means that it is totally up to each individual whether or not they wish to join in with these or the many other communal events from Rummikub tournaments to film nights. The whole point of Jewish Blind & Disabled is to offer the best of both worlds – the privacy of living behind your own front door combined with the opportunity to socialise if you feel like it. And it is this ability to exercise control and choice that is the best antidote to the spectre of depression that can so often accompany a diagnosis of disability. AS AN INDEPENDENT ORGANISATION that does not receive any government funding they are so very grateful to the community who support their unique and life changing facilities. To make a donation or to enquire about an apartment please go to www.jbd.org or call 020 8371 6611.

Kane in his Wet floor Shower room

Tu b’ShvatTea

Chanukah Party

Jewish News C7 20 February 2020 www.jewishnews.co.uk

20 February 2020 Jewish News 4www.jewishnews.co.uk

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An eye-opening journey to Lviv Supporter Dan Newton travelled to Lviv, Ukraine to meet some of the people helped by World Jewish Relief.


n 2018 Dan Newton raised funds for World Jewish Relief by taking part in the Berlin to London bike ride commemorating 80 years since the Kindertransport, which had brought his grandfather to Britain. Now he was keen to see what difference that money would make.


Jewish News

20 February 2020

Charity / Xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx

I knew a little bit about Lviv as I volunteer at the National Holocaust Centre. There had been a rich history of Jews there for centuries but what I hadn’t known was that of the approximately 175,000 Jews who lived there before the war, fewer than 1000 survived. After the Holocaust people were relocated from Russia by the Soviets to help rebuild the population, including many displaced Jews. World Jewish Relief took me to meet some of these amazingly special people. If they lived in the UK they’d most likely be surrounded by a loving and supportive family and community but in Lviv they live alone in abject poverty. On the first day I met Semyon who welcomed me warmly into his unheated house. He’s 91 and as we sat together at his kitchen table he showed me photos of his family. His son was sent to Chernobyl after the explosion where he told me they cleaned the graphite off the reactor roof with bare hands. He later died from radiation poisoning. Then Semyon’s wife died and he was left with no money. He sleeps

in her old coat to stay warm during the bitter winters. Rosa is a beautiful and graceful 84 year old, who found herself a prisoner in her own apartment after having a stroke. She was unable to walk or care for herself and had to crawl on all fours to get around. She is forced to make daily decisions whether to buy food or medicines. My final visit was to Clara, an astonishing 85 year old who was born in Leningrad. She had never told anyone her story and opened up about the difficult conditions she had endured over the years. Her top floor flat has no running water. She took me downstairs and we walked 30m to the outdoor toilet she has to use, even when it falls to -25 degrees in winter. It was deeply moving to meet them and hear their stories, and inspiring to see how World Jewish Relief cares for them. Paying for Semyon’s medical treatment and weekly visits from a psychologist to help him come to terms with his grief. A homecare worker for Rosa, who

washes, cooks and cleans for her and ensures she is safe and well. But there are many more people like them who have struggled for so long on their own and are only now reaching out to ask for or accept help. They have nothing and don’t expect anything. They were amazed to hear there were people who they’d never met, who cared about them and wanted to help. Having endured and survived so much, there is so much more that we could be doing for them. Without World Jewish Relief they would have no one to care for them, no one who cared about what happened to them. World Jewish Relief raises funds to provide a lifeline to older vulnerable Jewish people living in poverty, assist the next generation in finding sustainable employment and help strengthen fragile Jewish communities. www.jewishnews.co.uk World Jewish Relief filmed my visit and I’m so proud to help tell their story. www.worldjewishrelief.org

Join Jewish Care’s Strategic Vision At Jewish Care, we aim to support the Jewish community in preparing for the future


ur strategic plan for 2020-2025 ensures that Jewish Care remains at the heart of the community and a leader in social care for Jewish communities for years to come. Over the last 30 years, we have grown to become the foremost Jewish communal charity in the UK, as well as one of the leading 100 voluntary organisations across the country. We are confident that with our new strategy, we will succeed and continue to serve our

Our community centre members

community today, tomorrow and long into the future. Our overarching vision is one where we are committed to caring for and supporting a changing community. In a world of increasing change, complexity, challenges and choice, Jewish Care aims to be the care and community services provider of choice for older people in the Jewish community and support family members every step of the way. Jewish Care will focus on achieving the following seven key outcomes by 2025: • We will be distinctively Jewish • We will be recognised for our quality and innovation • We will be integrated in our communities • We will be the customer’s choice • We will be an employer of choice • We will be a champion of volunteering • We will ensure we continue to be run with excellent leadership, expertise and the highest governance structures in place. Jewish Care has achieved so much over its rich history thanks to the incredible kindness,

A resident and carer at one of our homes

OUR OVERARCHING VISION IS ONE WHERE WE ARE COMMITTED TO CARING FOR AND SUPPORTING A CHANGING COMMUNITY. dedication and commitment of our supporters, volunteers, staff, committees, expert groups and members of both the community and wider community. The plans we are looking to achieve by 2025 are ambitious. We invite you to come with us on this journey to help make our vision and these ambitions a reality. There are many ways you can be a part of Jewish Care. Come and support us by calling 020 8922 2600 or email donations@jcare.org.

Come and volunteer with us by calling 020 8922 2288 or email VolunteersDepartment@jcare.org. Come and lead with us by lending your skills and expertise by joining one of our many committees by calling 020 8922 2288 or email VolunteersDepartment@jcare.org. Come and join our amazing staff team by visiting Doyouwish.org. Come and follow us by liking and sharing our posts on social media. We look forward to welcoming you to the Jewish Care family.



Jewish News 20 February 2020

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- we make dreams come true

YOUR FAMILY, OUR PRIORITY Norwood has been here to support our community since 1795

Lifelong support for people with learning challenges

A lifeline for children and their families in times of need

Visit norwood.org.uk for further information or call 020 8809 8809

Patron Her Majesty The Queen Registered Charity No. 1059050

LIBA SCHNEERSON is 24 years old and has Down’s Syndrome. She came to Ohel Sarah 4 years ago with 3 dreams – to work, to be on the stage and to get married. Ohel Sarah supports more than 600 people with special needs in Israel, from age 6 until end of life. We have 4 schools, 4 employment centres and 28 group homes. We have helped Liba make her dreams come true. Liba now works at the Maccabi Health Centre 5 days a week ‘Before I came to Ohel Sarah, I wasn’t very happy, but I love coming to work. Ohel Sarah helped me get the job and it’s really fun and the people are very friendly.’ Everyone knows her at the centre and she is a valued member of staff. A few months ago, Liba’s second dream came true – she landed her first starring role in a play called ‘Outside the Box’ which has been touring around Israel. ‘Ohel Sarah gives me strength, gives me a feeling of power.’ And now for Liba’s third dream – of marriage. Liba has just starting dating and she is very hopeful that she will get married soon. And she is fortunate that Ohel Sarah’s ‘One Heart Marriage Programme’ helps people with special needs to marry and establish a

home together. We now support 7 married couples. We are so proud of everything that Liba has achieved and we will continue to support her throughout her life and make her dreams come true. For more information, please contact Debbie Cowen 020 3328 1636, debbie@ohel-sarah.org.uk Follow us on social media #ohelsarahuk and visit our website www.ohelsarah.org.uk

KEREN MALKI – THE MALKI FOUNDATION Enabling quality care at home for Israel’s children with disabilities. Waiting list of 80 children who need therapy!


he Malki Foundation’s mission is to empower the families of children with severe special needs in Israel to choose home care.

We provide subsidies for paramedical therapies (physical, occupational, speech, water, and horseback riding) and long-term lending of assistive equipment. These therapies and equipment are not subsidized by Israeli health insurance, and are essential for the children’s development and their integration into everyday life activities. Our assistance often means the difference between caring for a child at home, or sending them away to an institution far from home. Over the past 18 years, we have been fortunate to provide over 45,000 therapy sessions to more than 4,000 children, and over 3,000 equipment loans to countless others. The Malki Foundation was founded to honour the memory of Malki Chana Roth z”l who, at the age of 15 years old, was tragically killed in a terrorist attack in central Jerusalem in 2001. A beautiful person inside and out, Malki was very close to her family, especially her sister Haya, who suffers from complex disabilities. The Malki Foundation has three main programmes:

Therapies at home – subsidizes the expense of paramedical therapeutic care selected by the child’s family

Therapists on Wheels – sends paramedical therapists to children who are either house bound, or live in Israel’s remote peripheral communities

Equipment Lending Unit – in collaboration with Alyn Hospital, in Jerusalem, providing severely disabled children with necessary equipment on a short> medium term loan so they can be discharged from the hospital quicker and live a more independent life at home. We would now like to introduce you to a little boy called Dror who is supported through one of the Malki Foundation programmes. Dror is a 4-year-old sweet boy living on a kibbutz in the south of Israel. He was born with a rare syndrome called Pitt-Hopkins which is characterized by intellectual disability and developmental delay. 70% of people who have this syndrome are unable to speak, but from the outset Dror’s parents decided he would not be one of them. To achieve speech, Dror needs intensive speech therapy, above and beyond what he receives at his kindergarten. However, the family’s insurance refused to fund the extra

sessions. This is where the Malki Foundation stepped in.

now have 80 children on our waiting list who need therapy.

The Malki Foundation Therapist on Wheels speech therapist, Lisa, has been working with Dror for almost 2 years. Now, he is able to say 8 words! As Dror’s mother said “I truly believe in the education provided to Dror at the special-ed school, but I believe even more that the people with whom he is most motivated to communicate are with my husband and me.” This is just one example of why home therapies are so important and we are honoured to be part of Dror’s continued growth!

If you are able to support in some capacity or would like some further information please visit https://kerenmalki.org/ or get in touch with rob@malkifoundation.org.uk or 020 3637 4245.

The Malki Foundation is receiving daily requests from families asking for help and we

20 February 2020 Jewish News



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ONE PERSON’S CLUTTER IS ANOTHER’S TREASURE With the Passover / Spring Clean season fast approaching, it might be time to have a clear out. In a world where global consumption has never been more indulgent, or had as much scrutiny, ALL ABOARD believes there is an opportunity to allow your pre-loved items to have second lives and do good in the world, after you’ve had enough of them. In fact, we’ve been flying this flag since 1987.

We are keen to support even more UK based charities but need YOUR individual donations of good quality clothing, shoes, handbags, jewellery and bric-a-brac. In case you are unable to access any of our stores or warehouse – 'by appointment' – our fleet of vans are primed and eager to collect multiple bags and boxes, Sunday to Friday.

gifts of time (and ‘goods’!) by our relentlessly dedicated volunteers like Cibele – to whom we are eternally grateful.


‘Did you know…If a you sign up to be u yo d an r no do Gift Aid ur yo , er ay xp ta UK a are an donation can raise y er ev for extra 25p ’ ise ra we £1

Whilst we do not provide direct delivery of community services, it really is ‘all about the charities we support’. With a network of 19 shops selling pre-loved pieces across London and Manchester, we hope to support many more charities in 2020.

year. It is only with the support of ALL ABOARD that our growth and development will continue to strengthen the future of our Jewish Community”. Candice Mendes da Costa, Head of Events and Business Development, Maccabi GB



MACCABI GB: “The fantastic work of All Aboard ensures that our community can continue to support each other. We are delighted to see our partnership grow with All Aboard – from being the sponsor of our Toddles & Tea event, to sponsoring our school sports medals, which reach 4,000 young people each

“Thanks to your efforts we have been able to empower and equip young people with the knowledge, skills and confidence to challenge all forms of prejudice and discrimination. Last year ALL ABOARD enabled us to work with 119,000 people across England and Scotland, including 40,000 children and young people. With reports of hate crime on the rise, your support is ever more vital in enabling more young people to speak out against the prejudice and discrimination that divides our communities.” Chief Executive, Tim Robertson, The Anne Frank Trust

When Cibele applied to volunteer via a volunteering website Do-it.org, little did she dream that one day she would manage her own shop! After reading Business Administration at university, Cibele and her new husband left their home in Campinas, Brazil in 2012, settling a year later in the UK. She quickly discovered ALL ABOARD through the site and soon became a volunteer in our West Hampstead store. There she benefited from the guidance of Abraham, the manager, improving her English and other skills. She quickly progressed to become a paid assistant in the Streatham shop and in 2019 was appointed the Manager of our store at 125 Golders Green Road.


As well as our high street stores, ALL ABOARD also runs a premium eBay store, with a seasonal edit of branded designer label apparel and collectables. With a 100% positive feedback rating from an international customer base from Germany to Japan, you’ll have to get in quick to bag the best buys at super affordable prices – with the added value of supporting local charities and the environment in the process!

MANY HANDS MAKE LIGHT WORK On top of raising crucial funds for the charities we support, each of our stores – together with our warehouse and head office – create opportunities for paid and voluntary work, and also keep the high street community alive. ALL ABOARD simply couldn’t survive without the generous

ALL ABOARD has helped Cibele to build a strong career in retail. She says, “I love using my initiative and creativity, and enjoy working with the friendly staff and volunteers and meeting the customers, who come from many different cultures and have such interesting stories to tell.”

Arrange a collection today call 020 8381 1717 or email us collections@allaboardshops.com

We need your good quality donations Registered charity No. 1125462 *Full list of charities can be provided on request

Find out more at allaboardshops.com



Jewish News 20 February 2020

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WHEN THE MINUTES COUNT... Crowdsourced lifesaving in Israel United Hatzalah of Israel volunteers are trained and certified to provide free emergency medical first response throughout Israel. Our average response time is less than 3 minutes across the country and we have over 6,000 volunteers who commit themselves to supporting their closest neighbours at any time. Our volunteers offer crucial, and often lifesaving medical aid until an ambulance arrives.

Here is an excerpt from Menachem’s diary one recent Thursday afternoon as he responded to emergency calls. 1.45PM Attended a nearby car accident. First to arrive on the scene. Motorcyclist skidded on wet road. Thrown off the bike and rear wheel ran over his leg. Severe injury.

Menachem Shechter is one of those volunteers and has been with the organisation for eight years.

Treated leg wound and reassured victim. Patient stabilised and leg bandaged when ambulance arrived 20 minutes later.

He lives in Bnei Brak, is a devoted husband, father of three and runs a shoe shop near his home. He is also a volunteer medic practicing both emergency medicine as well as providing psychological first aid at the scene of traumatic incidents as part of our Psychotrauma and Crisis Response Unit.

3.00PM Sixteen-year-old, distracted by music from his headphones, wandered onto the road and hit his head on the mirror of a passing Jeep. Lost consciousness. Arrived at scene in 90 seconds with two other volunteers. Treated teen and when regained consciousness explained what had happened. Covered with thermal blanket to prevent hypothermia and fixed neck brace in case of spinal cord injury.

Ambulance arrived and safely transported to hospital for further treatment. 5.15PM 60-year-old Spanish woman in respiratory distress. Diagnosed with pneumonia earlier in the week. Language barrier so misunderstood doctor and had not taken antibiotics. Administered oxygen and monitored vital signs until ambulance arrived. 5.45PM Strong winds uprooted a tree on the pavement. Branches trapped and injured 60-year old pedestrian.

I enjoy being a volunteer for two reasons: First, it allows me to help others when they need it the most. Second, there is a strong rush of adrenaline every time my communication device goes off and lets me know that there is another emergency. Rushing out to help others is in my blood and I am proud to be a part of an organisation that is filled with volunteers who drop everything and rush out to help others. It’s a brotherhood of life-saving and I am proud to be a part of it.

Worked with additional medics and firefighters to free the man, get him onto a backboard and into an ambulance to hospital.

Menachem Shechter

https://israelrescue.org/uk | uk@israelrescue.org | 020 8359 1123 | Charity number: 1101329

20 February 2020 Jewish News



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30.4.20 - 5.5.20

YEHUDA PERSI University Student, active in public awareness campaigns & tzedakah projects for disabled vets


Pam – female Yellow Labrador

“I’ve been through rehabilitation and a number of serious operations due to injuries I sustained in November 2012. I became blind to due trauma/accident during an IDF military operation as a young soldier. I recently made a big change in my life and moved into my own apartment and began a course of university study. I quickly realized that living alone and becoming a student made partnering with a guide dog an absolute necessity for safe mobility and independence. I’ve experienced various personal and logistical challenges over the past years and I now feel prepared for this significant change in my life. I received my new guide dog during an on campus course in May 2018. Pam and I are doing really well together. We’re involved in many activities and socializing!”

UK registered charity 1027996

I received my new guide dog during an on campus course in May 2018. Pam and I are doing really well together. We’re involved in many activities and socializing! Just one of the amazing stories of courage from our many clients at the Israel Guide Dog Centre, who have gained independence and freedom of movement through the use of a Guide Dog.

Join our annual Israel cycle in May and help our blind Israelis experience real independence. 020 8090 3455 israelguidedog.org.uk


Registered charity no: 1027996


Find out why age is no barrier to work! You are invited to the Resource ‘Ageless’ Event Is finding a new job getting harder as you get older? Do you worry you’ll be perceived as a bit of a dinosaur by an interviewer who’s younger than your children? Or does work seem to have given up on you – even though you’re not ready to give up on work?

Which is why Resource is inviting you to attend their unique event, ‘Ageless’, at which all aspects of perceived age-related barriers in the workplace will be examined – and many practical suggestions and solutions offered. Organised in conjunction with JW3, it will be held on 18 March at JW3 in Finchley Road. Among a knowledgeable and experienced panel of speakers will be Baroness Ros Altmann CBE. For many years Baroness Altmann has been a leading campaigner for the rights of older workers. As the government’s former Business Champion for the Older Worker she speaks powerfully about their value to business and the economy as more people work on into later life. Sessions will also include how to create an ‘ageless’ CV, taking age out of interviews and making effective use of social media in the job search. A panel of experts will also take your questions.

The event is open to all and tickets are £5 if you book in February, £8 thereafter. For full details and registration please visit jw3.org. uk/event/age-less-job-search. Since 1992, Finchley-based Resource has helped over 12,000 members of the Jewish community - of all ages from 18 to over 80 - into employment. Resource provides a unique programme of one-to-one advice and support from experienced professionals as well as training in a number of vital skills, all backed with dedicated workshops that offer practical guidance on every aspect of finding, applying for and obtaining work. And it all comes completely free of charge! For example, Resource has recently added an Advanced LinkedIn training workshop to its client programme. LinkedIn is now one of the most commonly used platforms for employers to find staff and vice versa. Yet for many, the prospect of using such a vehicle, or even social media in general, can be daunting.

Among a wide range of workshops, there is help with career planning, improving your interview presentation, strengthening job applications and CVs, making full use of networking, how to make a successful impact in your new job, becoming a consultant or freelancer and starting your own business. Clients can also receive IT training, psychometric profiling, mock interviews ahead of the real thing and make use of dedicated office facilities. And it’s worth repeating, all at no cost to themselves. For details of how Resource might help you into employment, visit the Resource website: www.resource-centre.org or call Resource on 020 8346 4000.



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How does your business grow? A day in the life of a Work Aenue Business Adiser Joanna Sadie heads up the business support team at Work Avenue, the community’s leading organisation supporting people to earn a living. An e"perienced mentor, coach and trainer, she works with entrepreneurs, providing information, advice and guidance to help facilitate sustainable and thriving businesses. She talks to the Jewish News about a busy day in her working life.

7.30 First things first: Otto my lovely cockerpoo needs a short walk, whatever the weather throws at us. Otto gets his e"ercise, and I get time to think and prepare for the day ahead. 8.45 When I arrive at Work Avenue’s shared workspace, the Wohl Enterprise Hub, many entrepreneurs are already hard at work.  I stop and chat to some as I learn a lot from them and hopefully can provide some insights and recommendations into some of their pressing issues. Yesterday I chatted to one who was mulling over which direction to take his business in as he was at a crossroads. 10.00 I met a client who has just started a small business making cakes from home and selling them to local bakeries. She brought in some samples for the team to taste which was a real treat, and she had such passion and enthusiasm for her products.  I guided her on the nuts and bolts of running a business, focusing today on marketing and business development. 

She left our meeting with some specific actions, and I will meet her again to review. 12.00 I join Debbie Sheldon, our CEO, for a planning meeting as we are deep into preparations for our Business Awards, our annual and much acclaimed event for entrepreneurs, freelancers, SMEs and emerging businesses. We are looking for as many businesses as possible to enter to win one of the prestigious awards as this may well lead to valuable investment further down the line. 2.00 I sit down with another WE Hub member. We discuss the business’s USP and business development. It was really encouraging to hear how he is thriving on running his business out of WE Hub.  He did, however, ask for some additional support with financial modelling, and I set up a separate meeting with Hannah, who has e"tensive e"pertise in this field.

Registered with Charity Commission 11472


“I thought Israel hated me,” says Karam Abo Mosa, 18 - the first Bedouin to attend Derech Eretz, a pre-army programme for underprivileged young adults, based in the Negev. Born in the Bedouin town of Rahat, Karam attended a local school until he was offered a boarding place at World ORT Kadima Mada’s Kfar Silver Youth Village. It is here that his life, as well as his perception of Israel, changed.


7.30AM TO 9.30AM

How people, organisations and workspaces are changing in an age of disruption and innovation

“If I hadn’t made it to the youth village, I would not have succeeded,” he confesses. “In my school in Rahat, I got no support. I would not have earned a matriculation certificate. Maybe I would have become a truck driver. But at Kfar Silver, they fought for me and helped me all the way.”

“When I came it was difficult,” admits Karam. “I couldn’t speak Hebrew, but I learned. I had never had anyone helping me in my schoolwork and they assigned a 12th grade student to help me.”

4.00 I catch up on emails. We work with over 500 small businesses and entrepreneurs, many of whom run their business from home, and some of whom are resident in WE Hub shared workspace.  It is a huge responsibility and I love it.  Every time I see a client gain self-esteem, e"pertise and confidence to develop their business further, I see another person who can provide for themselves and their family.  I am reminded of this objective each and every day I come to work.

For more information on how Work Avenue can help your business www.theworkavenue.org.uk or 020 8371 3280

l nah Minde die and Han Joanna Sa dvisers A s es in us ue B Work Aven

ORT’s youth village, located near Ashkelon, relies on funding from the ORT education network, including ORT UK. It is home to children from Israel’s peripheries, with other students arriving alone from Russia and Ethiopia. As with all ORT institutions, the school ensures the children feel part of a community and achieve their full potential.

3.00 It is time for our monthly Cookie Bell, where WE Hub members gather over tea and cookies and one pitches their business to everyone else: a real networking opportunity. Today’s business dealt in property maintenance and there was a great e"change of ideas. I never get bored of hearing WE Hub entrepreneurs describing and promoting their businesses.

Panel includes Josh Graff (VP, LinkedIn), Olly Olsen (Co-Founder, The Office Group) and Julia Hobsbawm obe (author and entrepreneur) in conversation with broadcaster Juliet Mann. Hosted by Sir Lloyd Dorfman cbe, entrepreneur & philanthropist.

Tickets £75 Karam is proud of his achievements and is looking forward to entering the IDF next month. He hopes to become a member of Magav (Israel Border Police) or to serve in the police during his army service. “I am just at the beginning of my journey,” he beams. “It’s not enough that I changed myself. I want to change others, those who are like I used to be and expose them to the truth. Now I feel connected to Israel.” For more information about ORT UK, visit ortuk.org or email info@ortuk.org

For further information and to book your place please visit ortuk.org/bb2020 or email Hannah.Schaller@ortuk.org


Registered Charity No. 1105254.


20 February 2020 Jewish News



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JVN GETS THE COMMUNITY VOLUNTEERING The Jewish Volunteering Network connects volunteers to charities across the Jewish Community and wider society JVN for Volunteers Ask 7500 potential volunteers why they are registered with the Jewish Volunteering Network, and you will get 7500 different answers (at least!) True, many people get involved in volunteering because they care about the cause they’re giving their time to – but there’s so much more to it besides that. Volunteering brings a sense of purpose, which is vital for our mental health; this is especially true for those who retire or

otherwise stop working, as it can help fill a potential void. It also provides a way for them to stay connected to the skills they developed during their career. Meanwhile, volunteering can provide those experiencing loneliness or isolation with a vital connection to the wider world, giving them a reason to get up and out of the house, and it even open up a whole new social network; volunteering is often a fast track to new friendships. Volunteering can also build bridges with local neighbours: Many of our volunteer placements are with organisations outside the Jewish community. Those who might be concerned about fitting volunteering into busy lives need not fear. Whilst some can commit to regular volunteering, be it daily, weekly or monthly, others prefer to volunteer on a more flexible basis. Our Ad-Hoc Squad enables volunteers who may be short on time to give a lot without giving a lot up.

JVN For Charities What about the charity perspective? True, volunteers are valuable to them from a financial perspective – they provide a great deal that charities would otherwise have to fund out of their already stretched budgets – but just the benefits to volunteers are manifold, the benefits of partnering with us as a charity go far beyond the monetary. With 7,500 potential volunteers, we’re careful to connect the right volunteers with the right opportunities. We ensure each organisation is connected with people who can help them fulfil their purposes as a charity. Of course, there are times when the right volunteer doesn’t yet bring the right skills – for example, some volunteer roles are highly specialised or involve working with vulnerable people – so JVN is there throughout the entire process. We provide charities with volunteer training and management support, helping to ensure

volunteers are confident and wellequipped. This enables maximum benefit all round. Moreover, partnering with JVN offers charities access to a wide pool of potential volunteers. This is beneficial for all organisations, but especially smaller ones, which may not enjoy the same widespread support as larger ones but are no less important. JVN is proud to be the bridge between volunteers and charities – including many of those featured in this special supplement– because when everyone has access to meaningful volunteering opportunities, society as a whole benefits.

Chai Cancer Care helped Adam to get ‘back on his feet’ following his treatment of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Shocked and confused, Adam found it difficult to come to terms with his new reality when he was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in November 2017 at the age of 28. Having worked hard on his fitness he felt in the best shape ever. It just didn’t make sense.


orking hard as a lawyer and leading an active lifestyle, Adam’s life transformed overnight. From his diagnosis to treatment, everything happened so quickly. Whilst Adam’s medical needs were being addressed, he soon realised that he needed some additional support too to get him through this difficult and testing time.

It was Adam’s doctor who recommended him to look into the services that Chai offers. His doctor had previous patients who had benefited from Chai’s services before and was impressed with everything that Chai does.

I can’t thank Chai enough for the support it has given me to move on with my life, find my happiness and become independent again.” Adam used Chai for regular onsite gym sessions as well as complementary therapies too. Working with a specialised trainer at the gym Adam was able to rebuild both his strength and confidence through the tailored fitness programme offered to him. Adam talks about what the ‘joy of Chai’ means to him,

“My immune system had flat lined, I was pretty much housebound in between treatments and not able to live the active lifestyle I was living before. Being able to come into Chai once a week and interact with others was a true joy for me. It made the whole experience far more manageable.”

To find out more about our services, please visit www.chaicancercare.org

Chai’s complementary therapy sessions left a positive impact on Adam. He explained how constant hospital appointments, undergoing treatment and managing physically left little time to process the experience. Chai were a massive support in offering the tools to cope, both during and after treatment.

Chai provides a wide range of services; from therapies and complementary therapies to group activities and counselling to advisory services. Chai also has a medical outpatient rehabilitation and palliative care service.

“The hardest part for me was life after treatment. After being monitored and treated constantly, going back to life as you knew it is difficult to comprehend alone. I can’t thank Chai enough for the support it has given me to move on with my life, find my happiness and become independent again.”

Chai Cancer Care is the dedicated Jewish Community’s Cancer Support Organisation, providing services for patients, their families and friends affected by a cancer diagnosis.

For more information on Chai’s services, please email Lisa Steele at lisas@chaicancercare.org or call 020 8457 3392.

Chai Lifeline Cancer Care Registered Charity No. 1078956



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MAKING OUR 2020 VISION A REALITY Our approach to supporting people with learning disabilities is built upon challenging perceptions and behaviours to enable us to offer the best possible services across the Jewish community.

Central to our thinking, is identifying the support that each individual needs which differs from a blanket approach of simply providing care. Our 2020 vision is built upon ensuring people with learning disabilities have every opportunity to engage and contribute in the community we share. Kisharon’s ‘2020’ vision is seeking to create a sound, exciting and ambitious future for people who request support. A key aspect of realising this vision will be the extent to which we can find willing partners among our supporters, local and central government, as well as other specialist providers. Working together will help address strategic challenges identified that affect people with learning disabilities in our community over the next 10-15 years: further transforming community engagement and vocational opportunities ; assisting in the expansion of school places; and increasing the calibre, quality and quantity of supported living opportunities to meet demand. Ultimately success will be determined by how we implement what is an ambitious programme. The past year has been about putting firm foundations in place to build success, in every sense. A strong senior management team has been recruited and strategic priorities agreed with the trustee board. We have been instrumental in conducting the largest qualitative and quantitative research on Jewish learning disability requirements in a generation – including full analysis of the organisational roles and responsibilities as part of good governance to ensure Kisharon is fit for purpose for the challenges ahead. Confident in our Jewish standards and identity, Kisharon’s offering is available to

everyone within the Jewish community (regardless of religious observance or affiliation) who will benefit from a Jewish learning disability service encompassing nursery, primary, secondary and tertiary education - vocational training, employment opportunities and housing support. This dynamic and bespoke approach to Jewish learning disability is unique to Kisharon. Recent research confirms it sets us apart from other providers as we build Kisharon’s role in enabling our community to benefit from comprehensive learning disability services. One of the exceptional privileges of leading Kisharon, is the responsibility for being part of something bigger than can be achieved by any one individual’s efforts. There are several ways Kisharon works with the wider community who in turn are invited to work with us; By way of illustration, with Ezra Umarpeh – a charity that loans out medical equipment - we send people with learning disabilities from our Bike Shop to service wheelchairs. Kisharon assists leading hotels and international conferences with their corporate social responsibility programmes and creates opportunities for people with learning disabilities to give back to austerity-hit schools by assisting in their early years reading programmes. These are but nascent examples of a truly integrated future we wish to see which fully includes people we support.

The foundations we are currently building as part of our 2020 vision includes, most significantly, the development of Kisharon’s £13.6m state of the art educational campus that is scheduled to open in September 2020, thanks to all-important donor support. We will need that generosity of spirit as we look ahead to prepare for the challenges of meeting the needs of a now growing (and ageing) population of people with learning disabilities who agree with our vision of ensuring people of all abilities should have the chance to contribute rather than be tourists within our own communities. We are blessed with volunteers from every aspect and echelon of our community who buy in to what we are collectively aiming to achieve. On a personal note what gives me perhaps the greatest hope of realising our vision, hopes and aspirations, is the extent and engagement of young volunteers from Hasmonean to Haberdashers’ and everywhere in between. Their wish to see different horizons for people with learning disabilities is something to which Kisharon’s vision ultimately aspires. Richard Franklin, Chief Executive Phone: 020 3209 1165

To find out more visit www.kisharon.org.uk Registered Charity Number 271519

20 February 2020 Jewish News


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0203 0962875

Are you struggling to cope with life's challenges? Do you feel like you're suffering alone?


Call Jewish Helpline and our trained volunteers will listen and help you to find your way

Jewish Helpline is looking for volunteers We offer free, confidential, anonymous,

We are a non-judgmental small Jewishtelephone charitysupport with a big heart. Sunday - Thursday: 12pm-12am

Our confidential helpline offers friendly, non-judgemental Friday: 12-3pm support to the Jewish community. Jewish Helpline, a small charity with a big heart www.jewishhelpline.co.uk

We are looking for people from all walks of Jewish life who have their own life experiences which they can channel to help our callers. We ask you to commit to three hours, three times a month to answer our calls. Flexible days/times to suit you. Make a real difference in 2020 Registered Charity Number. 1101612

Interviewing 3rd March Training starts 17th March For more information and to receive an application pack, email jewishhl@live.co.uk



It’s not just a game. It’s not just a sport. It’s

Green Sunday is JNF UK’s annual telethon appeal for Israel! This year we’re raising money to build sports facilities in Israel’s underdeveloped peripheries. Please donate so that as many Israeli children as possible can grow up happy and healthy.

Berum etur? Ed quaesequam simus min nis dicae dolupta cullant, ex experep erumquae est es dollatem utem ipsunt endanda voluptis re labo. Ed quis eruptatur, ant harias essinullatem sintias num remquas earchic te ne dolorumquae voleste ea quodi invero doluptaqui tem rem. Ceatis doluptis volor am volorit voluptam, il im sendita qui sitio vit expla que pa solorero JNF quam, sum, soluptate numet vendus aut platem et UK | 154 Brent Street | NW4 2BF Registered Charity Number 225910

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DONATE NOW NOW DONATE jnf.co.uk/green jnf.co.uk/green 020 8732 0206100 8732 6100 04/02/2020 12:25:53



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No one expects to get married and have trouble having a baby

it’s the most natural thing in the world… but for us it wasn’t. We had years of fertility treatments and then it finally happened – we were expecting. But it was an extremely high-risk pregnancy – triplets, with all three babies sharing one placenta. It was a roller-coaster, with lots of ups and downs but we hoped that eventually we would bring home our three healthy baby girls. We did allow ourselves to dream a little and think about what it would be like. At 21 weeks those dreams came crashing down when I had to have surgery to try to save them. There was no time to process it. We were in a daze. We lost one of them shortly after, but the other two were still fighting. I then went into premature labour and I didn’t realize till after, that none of them had made it. They were beautiful and perfectly formed but at 23 weeks were just too small to survive. It had taken years of fertility treatments to get to this stage and then it was gone. We were leaving the hospital with nothing. It was horrendous, like watching someone else’s life. We were at our worst, broken and grieving differently.

We had two further unsuccessful cycles after losing the girls and would not have been able to hold it together had it not been for Chana. They encouraged us to see a counsellor who we saw every week and these sessions taught us to hear each other and vent our feelings. Afterwards we felt like a weight had been lifted and we even used to joke about stuff on the way home. Gradually the counsellor gave us the inner strength to do one last IVF cycle. It worked. When our son was born, we couldn’t believe he was real. He is literally our miracle. We say it every day. We never forget our three girls. They are very much part of our family and I light candles for them every Shabbat. Chana recently published a book and asked us to share our story in it. It is called Un-expecting and that really does describe how we were when we went to them for help. They helped us emotionally through our grief and helped us not to give up. We will be forever grateful for the strength and support Chana gave us.

Shelley, Paul and Matti Harrod

If you are struggling with a fertility issue, Chana is here to help you. Chana is the leading fertility support organisation for the Jewish community and is here to support you through:

• Primary & secondary infertility • Miscarriage & stillbirth • Male infertility • Fertility preservation following a cancer diagnosis • Intimacy issues • Fertility treatment to avoid genetic disorders • Early pregnancy concerns

Please call the helpline on 020 8201 5774 or visit chana.org.uk

Leket Israel Provides Food to Needy Israelis Alexandra, an 82-year-old woman, immigrated to Israel from Russia with her husband and son 30 years ago. In Russia, Alexandra was a professor with a PhD; her husband was an engineer. When they came to Israel, her husband couldn’t find work in his field and resented having to do menial labor. He fell into a deep depression and refused to work. Her son, who was 17 at the time, became depressed as well. Alexandra realized that to make ends meet in Israel, she would need to accept work for which she was over-qualified. She sent her son to live in a youth village so he could be around other children, and not home alone while she was working long hours. He also would not be negatively influenced by his father. Eventually, Alexandra and her husband divorced.

To support her family, Alexandra worked mornings as a cleaner in a nearby mall. In the afternoons she cleaned private homes, and in the evenings she cared for an elderly woman. Though the work was hard and the hours were long, she knew that she needed all three of these jobs to provide for her family and cover the rent. In later years, Alexandra worked for a Russian family as a nanny, and at an old age home in Bnei Brak. After spending years working multiple jobs around the clock to pay her £650 monthly rent, Alexandra was finally granted a small apartment from the government in a public housing project. At first, she was surprised by the small size of the apartment, but she learned to appreciate the space and the freedom from having to pay rent.

Twice a week, Alexandra receives fresh rescued produce through Leket Israel. “At my age, I need to be really careful about what I eat. Unfortunately, fruits and vegetables are the healthiest, but they’re incredibly expensive in Israel,” she acknowledges. “I try to cook all my meals at home and never eat out, but even just spending a small amount on vegetables affects my monthly pension. That’s why receiving this produce from Leket Israel is really important.” Alexandra appreciates the food packages that make her feel like someone is looking out for her. “I am happy in my heart knowing that there are good people who care, worry, and want to help. And that’s worth everything.”

Purchase Purim Ecards and Printed Cards Early Bird Special: Unlimited Ecards for just £13.50 Price will increase to £27 after February 22nd


20 February 2020 Jewish News



Tuesday 17 March, 7.30pm

SARA HURWITZ in conversation with

DYONNA GINSBURG Conversation, £15

As senior speechwriter for President Obama in 2009/2010 and head speechwriter for First Lady Michelle Obama from 2010 to 2017, Sarah Hurwitz crafted some of the most memorable speeches that defined an American Presidency. She was appointed to the United States Holocaust Memorial Council after leaving the White House and is author of Here All Along - Finding Meaning, Spirituality, and a Deeper Connection to Life – in Judaism (After Finally Choosing To Look There). Join us for an unmissable evening exploring Sarah’s connection to her Judaism and how her identity has shaped her outlook. Supported by Genesis Philanthropy Group.

jw3.org.uk/event/sarah-hurwitz-conversation-dyonna-ginsburg Box Office +44 (0)20 7433 8988

Finchley Road | 341-351 Finchley Road, London NW3 6ET




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Hedi Frankl, 92 years old “Make the best of your life, it’s not a dress rehearsal.” Early life Born in Hungary in 1927, Hedi Frankl was sent to live with a Christian family when the Nazis marched in but was soon betrayed and deported to a forced labour camp in Austria. Post liberation Hedi discovered her entire family was murdered at Auschwitz, except for one brother. The siblings were reunited and arrived in London in 1947. Sound advice Hedi worked as a social worker, matchmaker and author. Now retired she chooses to continue filling her life with love over hate and hopes future generations will remember and learn from the past. Life is for the living Hedi is able to live alone in her shelteredaccommodation flat with support from AJR including a social worker and home care assistance which includes nursing care and housekeeping.

A friendly face Hedi is visited by three AJR volunteers who pop in for a chat, cup of tea and to offer help with using basic computer equipment. “My social worker listens to me and has arranged care and support for me so that I can continue to live independently.” The AJR offers the following support: · Home care assistance · Support to apply for benefits & grants · Social support · Social activity · Volunteer support The AJR represents and cares for Britain’s Jewish refugees and survivors of Nazi oppression and commemorate their experiences and contributions to society. The AJR also strives to combat antisemitism by supporting teaching and learning about the Holocaust.

Choice can be transformative for you and your family to get you back on the ball


mother lives at Jewish Choice and has done so for 3 years. After a serious accident at home, when we needed help most, Jewish Choice came to our rescue and got Mum transferred to the safety of Choice House, where she still resides today. They look after her so well.” David, Stanmore

t’s a big step to move into a residential care home when you are elderly, whatever your level of cognition. Your usual surroundings are no longer the ones you were familiar with. The people you see will be strangers for at least the first few days and initially you’ll likely feel inhibited. Nevertheless, slowly but surely, your new surroundings and the people that care about you will be added to, not replaced. And, importantly, they will be there to care for you too. Jewish Choice has been providing exceptionally high levels of care to the Jewish community for close to 300 years. Core to its approach is the belief in ‘choice not need’ - the idea that it is a place elderly people and their families will want to live in, rather than because they have no choice. Chairman Bernard Mocatta explains, “As a charity, we’ve always been independent and similarly Jewish Choice wants its residents to remain as independent for as long as possible and this means giving real choice at all times.” Residents’ relatives are quick to agree and give testament as to how transformative Jewish Choice has been for their loved

ones and their families. Here are two examples of many… “My sister and I desperately fought against putting our 90 year old mother, who is suffering from dementia, into residential care as we thought she would deteriorate rapidly. How wrong we were! At Jewish Choice she is comfortable, has started eating again, has started walking again and there has been a positive transformation in her disposition, much to our happy amazement!” Hilary & Anthony, Herts “When we leave after a visit I feel reassured and relaxed. My 92 year old

Bernard expands further, “With fully flexible, individually focused elderly care, we are always fine tuning our offering, always looking to the future, yet always cognisant of the lives our residents have lived and that they are still to live.” It really is a treasure in the community’s chest and a worthwhile charity very worthy of community support. So whether you’re looking for a new place to call home for a loved one or are a well connected community networked individual who wishes to join our task force to take the charity forward for the next 300 years, arrange a viewing and you’ll be struck by the warm, inviting, family orientated atmosphere

that can be so transformative for you and your family. • 020 8908 4151 • info@jewishchoice.org • jewishchoice.org Extraordinary Care from Extraordinary People Registered Charity 1162974

20 February 2020 Jewish News



The age-less job search workshop How to conquer age barriers in the search for work

Sergei’s mother was a drug addict who used any money she had to feed her habit rather than her young son. At the age of 8 Sergei was brought to safety at Emunah’s Sarah Herzog Children’s Home in Afula, where he was cared for and began to rebuild his life. Twelve years on, Sergei has completed his army service and is now a counsellor working with vulnerable children – an amazing turnaround.

You can support our work in transforming hundreds of lives by donating at emunah.org.uk or calling 020 8203 6066.


At JW 3, London NW3 18 March 2020 10am - 1pm Tickets: early bird £5, £8 thereafter

Keynote speaker: Baroness Ros Altmann CBE

Book your place at jw3.org.uk/event/age-less-job-search Registered charity number 215398

Supported by

Changing Lives • Building Futures Strengthening Israeli Society 020 7319 9169 • www.wizouk.org

WIZOuk Registered address: Charles House, 108-110 Finchley Road, London, NW3 5JJ. Registered charity number: 1125012. Registered company number: 6634748.

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Jewish News 20 February 2020


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Charity Feb 20  

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