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29 July 2021 Jewish News

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Our trusty team of advisers answers your questions about everything from law and finance to dating and dentistry. This week: Starting a new job from home, packing quotes for Israel and attending synagogue with hearing loss LESLEY TRENNER CAREER ADVISER


Dear Lesley I’m starting a new job but I’ll be working from home with a team who all know each other. I’m scared I won’t fit in. Joanna Dear Joanna It can be so daunting being the ‘new girl’ or ‘new boy’, especially if you’re working remotely. So start planning ahead. Hopefully your line manager will send round an email to introduce you. See if you can set up an introductory chat with each member of the team. Try to be friendly and appear confident and show that you’re keen to learn. Make a note of everyone’s name,


STEPHEN MORRIS SHIPPING LTD Dear Stephen You kindly came to my house to survey for my move to Israel next month and I have just received your quotation. Is this price fixed or can I add or subtract items? Rebecca Dear Rebecca The total volume does some-

times change for a variety of reasons. You might add some items or you might decide not to ship some items – this is very common. And I may have made an error in my volume calculations! This is less common because I have been quoting for moves for over 40 years. But resolving the matter is not difficult. Subject to a 4cbm shipment minimum, I can give you a reliable quotation for any volume. That volume is checked once everything is packed and any under or over volumes will be recorded and discussed with you prior to shipment.

their role and something you have in common. You could ask your boss if they can arrange for you to have a ‘buddy’ to help you through the first few weeks, to explain what the culture is like and how the team like to communicate. If there are any team activities – an online quiz or outdoor drinks, try to take part in as many as you can. Finally, remember it takes time to settle into a new job, so don’t expect to feel ‘at home’ for a few weeks. Do ask for help, and you’ll quickly discover who are the best people to ask. Resource helps jobseekers find work and we can help you to settle in and make a good first impression. Do contact us if you’d like to talk this through. You may like to attend our webinar, ‘How to make a successful impact in your new role’. Then relax and look forward to starting your new job.


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of being on the outside looking in. It’s heartbreaking to be among friends and family, yet feel alone. Can you suggest anything to help? Jacob


JEWISH DEAF ASSOCIATION You will still have all the options available to you and we can even just charge you for the packing and not ship, if you wish. We are now the largest household and personal effects movers between the UK and Israel and our excellent reputation for honesty, clarity of charges and customer service are paramount.

Dear Sue The High Holy Days are very important to me and I’ve always loved the sense of community and ‘oneness’ being in synagogue has given me. Now my hearing has deteriorated so much I won’t be able to follow a lot of what the rabbi or people around me are saying (especially if they are wearing masks). I’m dreading that feeling

Dear Jacob Thank you for your openness and honesty. You speak not only for yourself – there will be thousands of other people with a hearing loss reading this and relating to your words. The good news is, over the past year, the pandemic has prompted synagogues to think about different ways to ensure full accessibility to their services. We’re working closely with synagogues across the board to help them think about the needs of

congregants with hearing loss and make adjustments to enable people like you to access services and community life. From clear masks that enable you to lip-read, to acoustic panelling that improves sound quality by reducing echo, to hearing devices that isolate one voice by cutting out background noise… there are many options. If you let us know which synagogue you attend and a JDA representative will be happy to start the conversation with them. Please call Gabrielle at JDA on 020 8446 0214 or email uk. We’ll do all we can so you never feel excluded from the community you love.

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