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Jewish News 29 July 2021

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veryone has an opinion on every aspect of our Jewish schools, and no one is afraid to share those opinions – around the Shabbat table, in the Jewish press, in social media and at the supermarket.

Well, this is a shout out in appreciation of our Jewish schools and how well they have been doing in adapting to the chaos of the past sixteen months. At LSJS, we work across the range of Jewish schools and my colleagues and I have dealt with more than forty schools since the pandemic began. We have been training the teachers for our schools, running BA and MA degrees in Jewish Education for teachers in our schools and running conferences for the Jewish studies teachers in our schools. We have observed trainee teachers teaching key workers children face to face during lockdown after lockdown. We have observed trainee teachers teaching on zoom and marvelled at how they have captivated the interest and imagination of the children on their screens.

Throughout the pandemic, I have been unfailingly humbled by the thought and care that every school has put into its’ delivery of education, and the huge number of hours that every member of school staff has put in to learn completely new ways of teaching in our fractured world. Once each lockdown was over and the children returned to school, teacher’s lives became even harder – bubbles, positive covid-tests, self-isolation, cancelled exams, masks and the challenge of running a system where some students were in the classroom and some on the screen. Last week, one of our secondary schools had around 80% of their students self-isolating. And yet, whenever I have needed to email or speak to a head teacher, head of Jewish education or class teacher, every one of them has made time to respond speedily and with good humour. We also need to remember that the majority of our teachers and headteachers were also trying to juggle their work with their own children being at home, and needing attention throughout the day.

The summer holidays are now upon us. Our teachers will get a well-earned break. At the beginning of this school year, I am sure that none of them would have imagined that we would still have such a level of uncertainty about the new school year to come. But whatever September brings, I do know that every member of every staff team in every one of our schools will rise to the challenge of the new school year. No school is perfect. Even in my unfailing optimism, I know that. But I am in awe of what has been achieved since March 2020. So, join me in a shout out now, in appreciation of our Jewish schools. LSJS applauds you. Dr. Helena Miller LSJS, Director of Degrees and Co-Head of teacher training programmes For more information on LSJS teacher training courses or degrees please go to or call 020 8203 6427

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