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17 Iyar 5781

Issue No.1208


Thousands show fraternity 10 page health with murdered teacher P5 section, P27-37

As Britain looks forward to Freedom Day on 21 June...

Help give the rest of the world a shot The aim is to provide two billion jabs

He added: “We have, through VaccinAid, the opportunity to reach out and save lives in a way that is very much reflective of the finest Jewish values.” He said that it was a mitzvah, an imperative, for people to get vaccinated if they are able to do so, praising both the UK’s and Israel’s roll-out. TV presenter Rachel Riley told Jewish News she was backing the UNICEF

Crowdfunder campaign because it was important for all of us to help others get the vaccine for everyone’s safety. “We’re such a charitable nation and we can give back, and it’s so important we do so because until we’re all vaccinated nobody’s safe.” She added: “We need generosity and community spirit to get through this. We don’t know what’s going to happen with the strains, but when we see images from countries like India and see how they’re suffering, vaccines are the solution. The quicker we get them to people who need them, the quicker we can all get out of this.” The money raised will not only help deliver two billion Covid-19 vaccines but also 165 million virus treatments and 900 million test kits. The campaign is also being supported by the NHS at vaccination centres up and down the country.  UK Jews back India appeal, page 12

TO DONATE OR HELP FUNDRAISE visit jewishnews.co.uk or vaccinaid.org Just £25 could provide 20 doses of COVID-19 vaccines to health workers, teachers or vulnerable people around the world. A £50 donation could train all health workers in a health facility on administering the COVID-19 vaccines, tests and treatments.

Empower young children to understand their mental wellbeing


...BUT, SADLY, THERE’S NO VACCINE FOR STUPIDITY Anti-vaccination protesters were branded “immoral” this week for wearing yellow Stars of David at a rally in central London. Full story and opinion on pages 4, 18 & 20

Go to PAGE 6 to find out why Claudia Winkleman is supporting ORT UK to provide 7,000 books on mental health to schools across the globe.

UK registered Charity number 1105254

Community leaders including the Chief Rabbi this week joined Jewish News in backing a campaign to provide two billion Covid vaccines worldwide. The VaccinAid appeal aims to provide doses of vaccine to health workers and the most high risk and vulnerable people in countries across the planet. The effort is also being backed by the Jewish News, which is inviting readers to donate on its homepage. The crowdfunding campaign, which calls on people to donate to ‘give the world a shot’, has raised nearly £1 million so far. “It’s important to me, and I believe it should be important to our entire UK Jewish community,” said Chief Rabbi, Ephraim Mirvis. “So often we quote that marvellous saying of our sages from the Talmud that if you save one life it is as if you have saved the whole world. Every single one of us now has the opportunity to achieve that.”

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