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4 Cheshvan 5781

Issue No.1181

Community mourns the deaths of two Holocaust survivors


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Eyes wide shut

Jewish celebrities strike a pose for mental health

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‘The BBC has lost its moral compass’ Father of teenager murdered in Jerusalem terror attack condemns broadcaster for giving platform to boastful killer by Tali Fraser tali@jewishnews.co.uk @JewishNewsUK

The father of a teenage girl who was among 15 people killed in a suicide bombing in Jerusalem condemned the BBC this week for giving the boastful killer a platform – despite the broadcaster issuing a fulsome apology. Arnold Roth, whose 15-year-old daughter Malki died in the attack on the Sbarro pizza

restaurant in 2001, told Jewish News husband’s Jordanian residency was revoked. that the BBC’s apology for inviting The report went as far as to state: “The convicted Hamas terrorist Ahlam staff of the [BBC] programme Trending Tamimi onto its Arabic TV service reached out to Ahlam to hear her request was “empty, cruel and pointless”. to the Jordanian king. Let’s listen.” BBC Arabic programme Tamimi’s personal appeal for clemency for her husband was broadcast, Trending reported that Ahlam Tamimi, who masterminded followed by an account of her the deadly attack, was crimes and subsequent sentencing. The report, since appealing to Jordanian Remorseless: Mass removed from the BBC’s King Abdullah II to murderer Tamini YouTube account, was intervene after her

shared online with the description: “‘Ahlam Tamimi, your voice is loud’ – responses of solidarity on Jordanian and Palestinian sites with Palestinian Ahlam Tamimi”. A BBC spokesperson told Jewish News: “Following an editorial review we found that this segment was in breach of our editorial guidelines and we removed the clip from our digital platforms last week. We accept that the segment should not have been shown and apologise for the offence caused.” Continued on page 4



Jewish News 22 October 2020

News / Population survey / Israel group / US election

Jewish population of Europe has fallen 90% since late 19th century

The proportion of world Jewry living in Europe today is a mere tenth of what it was just 140 years ago, a new study published today shows, writes Stephen Oryszczuk. The staggering drop is detailed in work undertaken for the Institute for Jewish Policy Research (JPR) by leading Jewish demographers Professor Sergio Della Pergola and Dr Daniel Staetsky. They show that in the late 19th century, 88 percent of the world’s Jewish population lived on the continent, but the figure today stands at just nine percent – the lowest proportion in more than 800 years. “The proportion of Jews residing in Europe [in 2020] is about the same as it was at the time of the first Jewish global population account conducted by Benjamin of Tudela, a Jewish medieval traveller, in 1170,� they say. Titled Jews in Europe at the turn of the Millennium, their report charts population trends and shows how Europe began losing out to America, one in 10 immigrants to the US in the first quarter of the 20th century having been Jewish. What began at the end of the 19th century sped up significantly since the late 1960s, with Europe having lost 60 percent of its remaining Jewish population in the past 50 years alone, but in 1880 life could not have been more different,

European Jews consider to be ‘Jewish’. W her eas in the UK, 61 percent think of Judaism primarily as a religion, the idea is shared The proportion of Jews living in Europe out of the total population by only 11 percent of Jews in Poland, who think of it as an etha now estimated 155,000. The report, which draws on “com- nicity and just nine percent of Jews in Hungary, munal, national and pan-European level who see it as a culture. Jewish heritage is an increasingly core issue data sources never previously examined� and took the team more than a for many diaspora communities, with 1.3 milyear to complete, provides a snapshot of lion self-identifying Jews living in Europe today, European Jewry in an era of huge global but 2.8 million eligible for Israeli citizenship under the Israeli Law of Return, having at least change. Jewish children pictured in Warsaw in 1897 It shows, for instance, that Jews feel one Jewish grandparent or being married to with 13 percent of world Jewry living in Western more attached to the European Union than the someone with at least one Jewish grandparent. JPR director Dr Jonathan Boyd said: “The general populations of EU member states, parEurope and 75 percent in Eastern Europe. While Russia has also lost 60 percent of its ticularly in Hungary, Poland, Austria and Italy, report provides essential demographic informaJewish population in recent years, the shrinkage and that community affiliation rates are highest tion and context for anyone concerned with the there has taken place much more recently and in France and Italy, and lowest in the Nether- past, present or future of Jews across Europe, and is likely to be an essential reference source over a much shorter timescale; the 409,000- lands and Hungary. It also outlines differences between what for many years to come.� strong Jewish population in 1994 has reduced to

Cross party Israel group launch The All-Party BritainIsrael Parliamentary Group (APPG) has been inaugurated online, bringing parliamentarians from across the House together in their support for a robust UK-Israel relationship. Chaired by Conservative MP Bob Blackman and Labour peer Lord Turnberg, the group will work to improve bilateral research, innovation and trade between Israel and the United Kingdom. Supporting peace and prosperity in the Middle East more broadly, the group says it aims to capitalise on the positive momentum following recent historic agree-




ments between Israel, the United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Bahrain. Blackman said: “The UKIsrael relationship has never been stronger and there has hardly been a time when a robust relationship is more critical. As Israel and the UK cooperate to face the challenge of the pandemic,




Chair Bob Blackman

enhancing the infrastructure of collaboration is vital. The recent re-inauguration of the All-Party Britain-Israel Parliamentary Group is an important step in advancing these bilateral ties.� APPG on Israel co-chair Lord Turnberg added: “Support for Israel and for a peaceful, prosperous Middle East unites parliamentarians of all stripes. “The APPG on Israel builds on this goodwill through a focus on policy, particularly on how the UK and Israel can enhance collaborative frameworks. It will also advocate for new mechanisms that expand the bilateral relationship.�



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Jews are set to vote 75 percent to 22 percent for Joe Biden in next month’s US election, according to a poll released on Monday by the American Jewish Committee. The poll shows the Democratic nominee expanding his support among Jewish voters from a 67-30 split in a poll last month and it includes other signs that President Donald Trump is faring poorly among Jewish voters. Trump’s record on bigotry may be the animating factor in his poor performance: Asked which candidate in the presidential election would better handle antisemitism, respondents produced identical results, with Biden scoring 75 percent and Trump 22 percent.

A central plank of the Trump campaign in the Jewish community has been his decision to pull out of the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, which he has repeatedly emphasised was finalised when Biden was serving President Barack Obama as vice president. Another plank has been Trump’s closeness to Netanyahu. Trump has moved the US embassy to Jerusalem, cut funding to Palestinians, recognised Israel’s claim to the Golan Heights, advanced an Israeli-Palestinian peace formula that would allow Israel to keep chunks of the West Bank and, most recently, brokered a normalisation deal between Israel and two Gulf Arab nations.

22 October 2020 Jewish News



Ofsted wrangle / Israel travel / Funding gain / News

Strictly-Orthodox want ‘group opt-out from law’ The head of the national schools inspectorate has told Britain’s strictly-Orthodox community she can do nothing more to be flexible about sex and relationship education, writes Stephen Oryszczuk. Ofsted Chief Inspector Amanda Spielman was speaking to Charedi Tiferes Shlomo Boys’ School headteacher, Eli Spitzer, on his podcast about issues such as the new curriculum requirement. Earlier this month, Charedi schools umbrella group Chinuch UK welcomed Ofsted’s new guidance around speaking to pupils during inspections and about teaching protected characteristics, including gender and sexuality, “a subject that has greatly stressed the relationship between Ofsted and the Charedi community”. Spielman said the Charedi community wanted a “group opt-out from the law” on issues such as teaching children what characteristics are legally protected in the UK, which she could not grant.

Ofsted’s Amanda Spielman and educator Eli Spitzer

“I absolutely do recognise the depths of discomfort around this, yet at the same time there is literally nothing more that I could do to be flexible,” she said. “I do not have the discretion to instruct inspectors not to notice this or that. It’s simply not there.” Spitzer said: “If tomorrow I decided to do an assembly on LGBT lifestyles or sex education, one of two things would happen. Either parents would stop sending their children to the school, or I’d be given my sandwiches and a roadmap.” He said forcing Charedi

schools to teach sex education and LGBT+ lifestyles could lead to “more extreme” options such as home schooling. “We’re going round in circles. There has to be a way to break out of this.” Spielman replied: “It’s genuinely hard to see. I don’t agree with every law on the statute books, but I have to accept the ones I don’t like. “We are at the level of a very deep disagreement of what the state is, and the extent to which there should be opt-outs on the grounds of religion or anything else.”

14-DAY QUARANTINE FOR BRITS IN ISRAEL UK travellers to Israel will be required to self-isolate for 14 days on arrival, under new coronavirus rules from Friday. The UK had been one of 31 “green” countries, from which travellers were exempt from a mandatory quarantine period. But since the UK’s increase in coronavirus cases, its status will change to “red” from tomorrow (Friday), according to information from Israel’s health ministry, joining some 185 countries – such as the US,

Spain and Sweden – also facing requirements. Israel began easing its second lockdown on Sunday, allowing day care centres and nurseries to reopen, as well as beaches, parks and nature reserves. A ban on household mixing and a travel limit of 1km from home were also lifted. According to data from John Hopkins University, Israel has recorded just over 304,876 cases of coronavirus and 2,263 deaths.

UK to fund rights group

The British government has said it is funding Physicians for Human Rights Israel (PHRI) to help asylum seekers in the country during the coronavirus pandemic. Middle East Minister James Cleverly revealed that PHRI, whose work has been criticised by Israel’s rightwing, was one of two named recipients of funding from the British Embassy in Tel Aviv. The other recipient was

Tel Aviv University, which will analyse which forms of preventative behaviour can allow economic recovery from Covid-19. . Addressing a question from Stephen Crabb MP, the parliamentary head of Conservative Friends of Israel, Cleverly said the embassy ran an open competition and that three organisations were successful in their application for funding.


TRIBUTES PAID TO LATE ECONOMIST Tributes have been paid to an economist who died last week aged 86 whose views shaped Margaret Thatcher’s Conservative government. Sir Samuel Brittan, who was a columnist for the Financial Times from 1966 to 2014, first won fans in Harold Wilson’s incoming Labour government in 1964, and throughout his career maintained a focus on unemployment. Born in London to Jewish parents who came from Lithuania, he grew up in Cricklewood with his brother Leon, who would later become a Conservative politician.

RELIGIOUS THOUGHT LEADERS GO ONLINE A gathering of religious thought leaders attracted 2,000 online participants from more than 90 countries. The seventh annual G20 Interfaith Forum, which had been scheduled to take place in Saudi Arabia over five days, had a strong focus on global inequality, climate change and the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Among the contributors were Chief Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt, of the Conference of European Rabbis, and ex-Australian prime minister Tony Abbott.

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The UJIA legacy team will make this happen and take care of administering Simon’s estate.

When Simon Winston BEM was hiding in a pigsty in Poland in 1944 he would not have believed that just a decade later he would be visiting Israel. Today, as he reflects on his personal journey and dreams for the future, Simon wants to ensure that young people in the UK have the same opportunities to visit Israel that inspired him all those years ago. As Simon is a Holocaust survivor with no close family, UJIA’s Legacy team provide much needed assistance and act as Executors of his estate. To find out more about how UJIA can act as the executors for your estate, call Harvey Bratt on020 7424 6431 or email harvey.bratt@ujia.org United Jewish Israel Appeal is a registered charity No. 1060078 (England & Wales) and Sc 039181 (Scotland).



Jewish News 22 October 2020

News / Interview anger / Sacks concern / Settlement issues

BBC sorry for giving platform to killer Continued from page 1 Despite the apology, Roth said that he was “stunned by the coldness of the BBC’s formalistic, paint-by-numbers reaction to the torrent of criticism it received from an enraged public”. He added: “I urge everyone with a sense of justice to reread the detached, distorted, disingenuous response they issued (not to me or my wife – we haven’t heard a word from them) and ask themselves whether this empty, cruel, pointless and evasive ‘sorry not sorry’ note ought to close the chapter. “They didn’t get the name of some capital city somewhere wrong. They misplaced their moral compass. They didn’t even mention that this woman boasts of killing… the killing of which she boasts is of children. Jewish children, as it happens. My Jewish child among them.” The horrific scene outside the Sbarro pizza restaurant after the 2001 suicide bomb attack that killed 15 people

Arnold Roth’s daughter, Malki

Tamimi proudly claimed credit for the attack in 2001. Admitting to scouting the location of Sbarro – a popular eatery in downtown Jerusalem – and bringing the bomb to the location, she previously said that she only felt disappointed as she had “hoped for a larger toll”. She was released from an Israeli prison as part of the Gilad Shalit pris-

oner exchange in 2011. Her husband was also released in this exchange after being convicted of terrorism for murdering an Israeli student in 1993. Former BBC chairman, Lord Michael Grade told Jewish News there were “very serious issues of balance and impartiality raised” by the broadcast and the corporation, and said Ofcom should possibly investigate.

MP Bob Blackman has written to BBC director-general Tim Davie, asking for an apology to the families of Tamimi’s victims, after Roth told Sky News Australia he was “nauseated” by the BBC coverage. He added: “Giving a platform for Tamimi’s appeal to be reunited with her husband is deeply distressing for the families of her victims, who will never be reunited with their loved ones”. The MP suggested the BBC should dedicate more coverage to ongoing extradition attempts by the US, where a reward of up to $5million (£3.9m) for information leading to Tamimi’s arrest or conviction has been offered. The Department for Culture, Media and Sport and the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office were approached for comment.  Editorial comment, page 16

THE SBARRO TERROR ATTACK In August 2001, Ahlam Tamimi provided support, transportation and explosives to a suicide bomber who detonated a bomb in the pizza restaurant, murdering 15 people, including eight children. Tamimi, who took great delight in the mass slaughter, was sentenced to 16 years in jail but was freed after just 10 as part of the deal in which kidnapped Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit was brought home. She currently lives in Jordan. Because two of her victims were American, the United States has set a bounty of $5m for her capture and conviction.

Lord Sacks reveals cancer He served as Chief Rabbi from The community this week sent best 1991 until 2013 and is among wishes to former Chief Rabbi the most prominent exposiLord Sacks after he revealed tors of Orthodox Judaism in he’s undergoing treatment for the world, having authored cancer. dozens of books addressing In a statement on Twitter, contemporary spiritual and Sacks’ office said he had been moral issues. “recently diagnosed” with an A translation and commenunspecified cancer and hoped tary on a Jewish prayer book to return to work “as soon that he wrote has become enoras possible”. mously popular worldwide. His most The message continued: “He recent book, Morality: Restoring remains positive and upbeat and will Rabbi Lord now spend a period of time focused (Jonathan) Sacks the Common Good in Divided Times, came out last month. on the treatment he is receiving Current Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis took to from his excellent medical team. He is looking Twitter, saying: “To my illustrious predecessor, forward to returning to his work.” Sacks, 72, has been treated for cancer twice Rabbi Lord Sacks, may Hashem bless you with before, in his 30s and in his 50s, a fact that was a Refuah Sheleima – a swift and complete return disclosed in 2012 in a book by photographer to good health. My heartfelt prayers are with you, Elaine and the whole family.” Gemma Levine.

EUROPE’S ANGER AT SETTLEMENTS Britain has lined up alongside the biggest states in Europe in a rare show of public anger towards Israel after the construction of almost 5,000 new settlement units in the West Bank was approved. Joining the UK in voicing “deep concern” at the move were France, Germany, Italy and Spain, with the five biggest European economies accusing Israel of breaking international law and pursuing a “counterproductive” policy of

building in a future Palestinian state so soon after having made progress with Gulf states. The five said: “The suspension of [Israeli] plans to annexe parts of the Occupied Palestinian Territories must become permanent. “The expansion of settlements violates international law and further imperils the viability of a two-state solution to bring about a just peace to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.”

They added that “it is also a counterproductive move in light of the positive developments of normalisation agreements reached between Israel, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain”, referring to last month’s Abraham Accords. Such vocal condemnation of Israel by the big five European states is virtually unheard of in recent years, and they conveyed palpable anger in calling for “an immediate halt to construction”.

22 October 2020 Jewish News



Housing ruling / News

Agudas ‘can prioritise Orthodox Jews’ A Jewish housing association has won a landmark case at the Supreme Court after its decision not to offer one of its apartments to a non-Jewish mother was challenged through the courts, writes Adam Decker. The case concerned Hackneybased charity Agudas Israel Housing Association (AIHA), which provides housing to members of the Orthodox Jewish community. It owns 470 properties across the borough – about one percent of all social housing. Its practice of allocating social housing only to Jews was challenged by a single non-Jewish mother of four children, one of whom has severe autism, after she was promised the next available apartment, which at the time was AIHA property. Despite her having been assessed by Hackney as “having the highest

Agudas Israel Housing Association owns 470 properties in Hackney

possible need”, she came up against AIHA’s practice of offering housing “only to members of the Orthodox Jewish community,” to which Hackney Council adheres. In October 2017, the council had said it would give her its “next available unit of suitable social housing”,

and a few months later she gave birth to twins, meaning that in July 2018 she was moved to the ‘direct offer list’ for a four-bedroom flat, of which AIHA had at least six advertised at the time. Due to AIHA’s practice of only letting its properties to Orthodox Jews, Hackney did not put her forward.

Solicitors said this was “direct discrimination on the ground of religion”, arguing the policy “treated less favourably those who are not members of the Orthodox Jewish community”. Judges have been considering whether this is lawful, in a case beginning in 2019 at the Divisional Court, which held the Jewish-only stipulation was “a proportionate means of overcoming a disadvantage... by members of the Orthodox Jewish community”. That ruling was appealed, her lawyers citing EU Directive 2000/43 (the Race Directive), which “enshrines the principle of equal treatment… as meaning that there shall be no direct or indirect discrimination based on racial or ethnic origin”. The case went to the Royal Courts of Justice in June 2019, where three senior judges were told 25 percent of



Since we started, our focus has always been to ensure that

we provide appropriate social housing to those members of the Orthodox Jewish community who need it. We began as a small group of motivated individuals who saw a local need within our community and built an organisation

to fill that need. We are proud that we have worked successfully alongside Hackney local authority for so many years, and that hundreds of families have benefitted from our work. We have invested a huge

amount into this process and it now proves, beyond any doubt, that our policies have been vindicated and protect members of our community. The case has wider ramifications as the race directive that has previously been mentioned

Orthodox Jews “live in overcrowded conditions, compared to eight percent of the general Jewish population”. Agudas lawyers argued the Orthodox community “has a particular need for larger properties because of their large family sizes”. The Court of Appeal ruled AIHA’s allocation policy fell outside the remit of the European Convention on Human Rights and dismissed the appeal, but the mother appealed to the Supreme Court, arguing Agudas “contravened the Race Directive by unlawfully discriminating against her on the grounds of race or ethnic origin”. Last Friday, Lord Reed unanimously dismissed the appeal, with judges agreeing the AIHA policy was a proportionate means of achieving a legitimate aim and dismissed arguments that the Race Directive applied.

in relation to the JFS [school admissions] case was ruled not to be applicable here, and this ruling upholds the rights of faith-based charities to prioritise members of their own faith. If this case had gone the other way, it could have had serious ramifications for the entire faith charity sector.

While it was never our intention to provide more than housing for our community, This judgment means we will have a much wider impact and that our work will enable other faith charities to continue to provide for their communities’ for the foreseeable future.

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Jewish News 22 October 2020

News / Hate ban / Interview apology / BBC resignation / Borat backlash

Twitter and TikTok crack down on denial

Twitter and TikTok will censor posts that deny the Holocaust, one week after fellow social media giant Facebook banned such content, writes Adam Decker. A Twitter spokesperson said posts that “deny or distort” violent events including the Holocaust would be outlawed. “We strongly condemn antisemitism, and hateful conduct has absolutely no place on our service. We also have a robust ‘glorification of violence’ policy in place and take action against content that glorifies or praises historical acts of violence and genocide, including the Holocaust.” TikTok did not go as far, saying: “Our top priority is to ensure our platform is a safe environment for anyone to come and express their creativity, and hateful content has no place on TikTok. That’s why we are strengthening our enforcement against hateful fascist, white-supremacist... antisemitic, anti-Muslim ideologies.” Facebook also recently banned content related to the QAnon conspiracy theory, as well as a range of

Social media users campaign against online hate

hateful posts including those saying Jews control the world. YouTube likewise banned QAnon content, and Twitter removed thousands of QAnon accounts this summer. Twitter has taken an especially tough stance on disinformation, including appending warnings to tweets by President Donald Trump sharing false information.

McCluskey sorry for ‘count gold’ jibe Len McCluskey has apologised after suggesting Lord Peter Mandelson, should “go into a room and count his gold”, with Jewish leaders branding it an “antisemitic trope”, writes Tali Fraser. The Unite union’s general secretary, an ally of Jeremy Corbyn, made his comments on BBC Newsnight

after reporter Lewis Goodall told him ex-Cabinet minister Lord Mandelson was “nothing but full of praise for Keir Starmer” in an interview. McCluskey responded: “I stopped listening to what Peter Mandelson said many, many years ago. I would suggest Peter just goes into a room and counts his gold. Not worrying

about what’s happening in the Labour Party – leave that to those of us who are interested in ordinary working class people.” McCluskey later tweeted: “Before this gets out of hand, let me say language is important and I apologise to Peter Mandelson and anyone else if mine has caused hurt.”

BBC JOURNALIST RESIGNS AFTER TROLLING PRESENTER ON WILEY A BBC journalist has resigned after it was revealed he had defended grime artist Wiley, following his antisemitic online rant. Nimesh Thaker, who worked at BBC World News until this week, used an anonymous Twitter account to defend the grime rapper, who made a number of vicious anti-Jewish statements on Twitter

over the summer. After Radio 5 Live presenter Emma Barnett referenced Wiley’s remarks in speaking about her family’s Holocaust history, Thaker wrote that she was “using the same old ‘antisemitism’ excuse whenever people criticise Israel”. The Jewish Chronicle traced the account back to Thaker. Wiley had tweeted:

“I don’t care about Hitler, I care about black people” and “There are 2 sets of people who nobody has really wanted to challenge #Jewish & #KKK but being in business for 20 years you start to undestand [sic] why.” He later apologised for the statements, but then made new ones deemed antisemitic. The BBC declined to comment on Thaker.

Survivor was ‘horrified’ by Borat The daughter of a late Holocaust survivor is suing to have her mother’s appearance in Sacha Baron Cohen’s upcoming Borat sequel removed, stating the comedy mocks “the Holocaust and Jewish culture”. Cohen (pictured) interviewed Judith Dim Evans earlier this year “under false pretenses with the intent of appropriating her likeness” reads the lawsuit, which was filed this week with the Superior Court of Fulton County, Georgia, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

Cohen approached Evans for an interview in what he called a documentary earlier this year, the lawsuit states. Her daughter said Evans, who died this summer, was “horrified and upset” on learning the film was a satirical comedy. Sources told Deadline Evans was included to mock Holocaust deniers, not herself, and she was “clued in on the gag” right after it was shot. Borat Subsequent Moviefilm premieres on Amazon Prime on Friday.

22 October 2020 Jewish News



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Jewish News 22 October 2020

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22 October 2020 Jewish News



Survivor tributes / News

During a long and varied career, Hedi was a social worker for the Jewish Welfare Board – which became Jewish Care – and opened an embroidery factory in East London. She also set up The Hedi Fisher Marriage Bureau in 1969, which operated for 25 years, and led to her becoming a non-fiction writer, publishing her book, Matchmaker, Matchmaker. Rachelle Lazarus, manager of Jewish Care’s Holocaust Survivors’ Centre, said Frankl was one of the centre’s first members, more than 30 years ago. “She took great pleasure in meeting members of the Royal family, including Prince Philip at St James’ Palace, Prince William at Jewish Care’s Campaign Dinner in 2015 and the Duchess of Cambridge on her visit to the Holocaust Survivors’ Centre in 2016. “She was an extremely determined and independent person and she was always elegant. She was very much involved with the Holocaust Survivors’ Centre and enjoyed her time there. She will be missed by everyone.” Speaking at the centre last year, Hedi said: “The past must not be forgotten. Make the best of your life. It’s not a rehearsal so give it your best and have a positive attitude.” Michael Newman, chief executive of the Association of Jewish Refugees (AJR), said: “Hedi was a popular presence at our events, someone who lightened the atmosphere with her sparkling character and friendly personality. “With her experiences captured for posterity and future study, she will be greatly missed but will be remembered fondly.” The Holocaust Educational Trust’s Karen

Hedi Frankl, above, and with Prince William at Jewish Care’s dinner, right

Pollock said: “A vivacious woman with such presence, she will be deeply missed by all those who had the pleasure of knowing her. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends. May her memory be a blessing.” Hedi joined Natasha Kaplinsky on stage at Jewish News’ Night of Heroes in February 2018, when the TV presenter was honoured with a Special Recognition Award, for her work on Holocaust education. Her funeral took place last Friday Hedi with David Walliams, Natasha Kaplinsky and and was streamed on Zoom. survivor Peter Lantos at Jewish News’ Night of Heroes

Photo by Blake Ezra Photography

Heartfelt tributes have been paid to Holocaust survivor, social worker, matchmaker and author Hedi Frankl, who has died aged 93, writes Joy Faulk. Born in May 1927, Hedi was just 16 when her home town of Balassagyarmat, northern Hungary, was occupied by Nazi Germany in 1944. Her remarkable escape from the Holocaust began when her mother managed to arrange false identity papers, she became Borishka Kovacs and was sent to live with a Christian family. But after only a few weeks she was betrayed, arrested and handed over to the Gestapo, who deported her on a harrowing five-day journey on a cattle wagon to a transit camp in Strasbourg. Between 1944 and 1945, Hedi undertook forced labour at the Siemens Electronic Company, where she became friends with a 19-yearold girl called Alice Hersch, who shared with her food and warm clothes. She was spared from a Nazi death march at the end of the Holocaust after Herr Meier, a foreman at the factory, took pity and hid the pair in his Vienna home until the end of the war. After liberation, Hedi was reunited with one of her brothers. They were helped by an uncle who had escaped Nazi-occupied Europe to come to the UK in 1947. According to the Claims Conference, which financially supported her, Frankl’s four other siblings and parents were murdered in Auschwitz. She married in 1949 and divorced later in life, having one daughter who lives in Jerusalem, with grandsons in New York and Amsterdam.

Photo by Blake Ezra Photography

‘Elegant, vivacious and loved’

Tributes to ‘warm and sociable’ Kindertransport refugee

Ingrid Wuga with husband Henry in 2017

Kindertransport refugee Ingrid Wuga has died, aged 96, writes Joy Faulk. Born in the German city of Dortmund in 1924, she was forced to flee her home for England aged 15, just weeks before the war. She was unable to continue her education and became a nanny in Ashby-de-la-Zouch in Leicestershire, while her parents, who were able to follow her to Britain, became domestic servants before the family relocated to Scotland after they were offered jobs in West Kilbride. Ingrid’s aunt and uncle, who chose to remain in Germany, did not survive. As the war progressed, the British government prevented ‘enemy aliens’ from living on

the coast, so the family relocated to Glasgow, where Ingrid worked in a dress shop, sewing collars on British Army uniforms. She met and married Henry, who had also escaped the Nazis on the Kindertransport, in 1947, and they ran a catering business together for 30 years. They have two daughters and four grandsons, and two great-grandsons. In Glasgow, they were actively involved in charitable causes, and Ingrid was awarded a BEM for services to Holocaust education in 2019. The couple “dedicated themselves to sharing their testimony and ensuring that the human history of the Holocaust lives on with young people”, said Karen Pollock, chief executive of

the Holocaust Educational Trust. “As a great supporter of our Scottish ambassadors, the impact she had over the years is immeasurable and we will all remember her fondly.” Michael Newman, chief executive of The Association of Jewish Refugees, described Ingrid as “warm, sociable and very cultured”, adding: “Ingrid will be sadly missed and the AJR sends Henry and the family our deepes condolences.” East Renfrewshire MP Kirsten Oswald said: “Ingrid and Henry made a huge impact upon everyone they met. Hundreds of children have heard them talking about the Holocaust, and the lessons we need to learn. She was a really lovely, kind person.”


National Lifesaving Day Live Stream Event – Monday 30th November, 7pm For more information on how you can get involved, email nataliefeldman@mdauk.org or call 020 8201 5900

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Jewish News 22 October 2020

News / BLM tweet / Immigration law / Lyricist dies / Record scoreline

BLM man defends ‘Israel criticism is gagged’ tweet A leader of the Black Lives Matter movement in the UK has defended a tweet which claimed the right to criticise Israel is “gagged”, writes Jack Mendel. Joshua Virasami was being interviewed by BBC Five Live journalist Emma Barnett when he said the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s definition of antisemitism “disallows genuine conversation” about Israel–Palestine. This comes after communal uproar in June due to a tweet by the verified Black Lives Matter movement in the UK (BLMUK), which said British politics is “gagged of the right to critique Zionism”. When Barnett asked Virasami, “Who is gagging who?”, he responded: “That’s a good question.” He said the “tweet was mainly talking about

BLM protesters in the US chant: ‘Israel, we know you, you murder children too.’ Inset: Joshua Virasami

the fact that during the annexation of the West Bank and during the situation where Palestine is being colonised, a conversation is not happening… for many reasons. “One of those reasons is the IHRA definition, which in many ways does disallow conversations to happen about the true nature of what is going on in Palestine.” He admitted that “many people saw that as an antisemitic tweet”,

but when probed by Barnett as to whether he himself thought it antisemitic to infer that politicians are “being gagged by some Jewish force to stop criticism of Israel”, he insisted that the tweet did not say that. Barnett suggested that it was implied, to which the BLMUK campaigner said the word gagged “means there’s a conversation is not being allowed to happen”. Not letting up, the

journalist asked “By who?” and Virasami referred to the IHRA definition. She continued, “That’s a definition. By who? Who is doing the gagging? The people who wrote that definition?” He then said: “A lot of people, whether that’s business people, and they don’t need to be Jewish, just anybody who has stakes in the conversation on Israel going a certain way might proclaim that any conversation around Israel [is antisemitic]...” He added: “I’m saying a lot people have a stake and would like to see any conversation about Israel as antisemitic and any conversation about Zionism as antisemitic.”

SKY HISTORY CHOPS THE CHOP Sky History has dropped woodworking show The Chop as it investigates allegedly Nazi tattoos on a contestant. Twitter users accused participant Darren of having a far-right symbol on his face after the channel shared a promotional clip from the show online. The contestant, who says his nickname is The Woodman, has the number 88 inked on his cheek, which is reportedly white supremacist numerical code for ‘Heil Hitler’. Sky History said in a state-

Darren ‘had far-right symbol’

ment posted on Twitter the show was being pulled: “While we investigate the nature & meaning of Darren’s tattoos we have removed the video featuring him from our social media, & will not be broad-

casting any eps of The Chop until we have concluded that investigation. Sky History stands against racism and hate speech of all kinds.” After the show was pulled pending investigation, Karen Pollock, chief executive of the Holocaust Educational Trust, said: “Neo-Nazi symbols of hate can often be hidden in plain sight, as may have been the case on The Chop. “We are glad that this programme has been pulled and that Sky History appear to be investigating.”

Geller gives heart to girl’s campaign Entertainer Uri Geller has donated his artwork to a London schoolgirl’s campaign to fund life-saving heart surgery in Israel. Amelie Anderson, 11, from Richmond, will do a 26-mile walk along the Thames over two days. The pupil at The Green School for Girls, who will celebrate her batmitzvah next summer, said: “My goal is to raise £11,500 to enable a child from a developing country to undergo life-saving heart surgery in Israel.” Her goal is to fund medical as well as travel and accommodation costs for the child and a family member at Save A Child’s Heart, a nongovernmental organisation, in Holon. British-Israeli Geller, who claims to

Geller with his My Heart artwork. Inset, Amelie

bend spoons and read minds, sent a video to Amelie showing a book containing six of his drawings and five by Cypriot artist Andreas Charalambides.  justgiving.com/fundraising/ amelie-anderson-sach

‘SHAME’ AT SAFEGUARD LOSS FOR LONE CHILD REFUGEES The government has been criticised by Jewish groups for a “shameful” decision to strip protections for lone child refugees from immigration legislation. MPs voted 327 votes to 264 to remove an amendment made by peers which would have required the government to ensure unaccompanied children in the EU continue to be relocated with close relatives in the UK. The amendment to continue existing arrangements had been moved in the Lords by the refugee campaigner and Labour peer Lord Dubs, who came to Britain on the Kindertransport. Board of Deputies President Marie van der Zyl expressed disappointment,

saying: “As a community where many of us, our parents or grandparents came to this country as refugees, we have great sympathy with their plight. “We will work with Lord Dubs and parliamentarians across the political spectrum to find a positive means of Britain upholding its proud tradition of welcome to the vulnerable.” Before the vote on Monday, the Board told the Independent that the Kindertransport rescue was “the first minute of Britain’s finest hour”. Dr Edie Friedman, executive director of the Jewish Council for Racial Equality, said the removal was “shameful and very worrying”.

Les Miserables lyricist mourned as Les Mis took off. Kretzmer The former Daily Mail jourrecalled that on being given nalist who wrote the lyrics for the job he “begged extended the English-language adapleave, holed up in my house tation of Les Misérables has and barely emerged for five died, aged 95. months,” adding: “Lyrics and Herbert Kretzmer, who journalism are a good match: was born in South Africa, both are about manipulating also co-wrote Charles Aznalanguage under constraint.” vour’s 1974 UK No 1 She. Herbert He was proud to discover He moved to London in the Kretzmer that pro-democracy protesters 1950s and worked first at the Daily Express while pursuing a parallel in Hong Kong last year used his Les Mis number Do You Hear the People career as a lyricist. He retired from the Mail aged 61 Sing? as a rallying cry.

38-0! Football game, cricket score 38-0 sounds like a solid opening partnership in a Test match, but on Sunday it was the final score in a football fixture in which a goal was scored every 150 seconds, writes Jack Mendel. HMH (Highgate & Muswell Hill), who are top of the Maccabi league (MGBSFL) Premier Division, romped to victory over division two side West Hendon Wallabies in the Cyril Anekstein Cup – with no fewer than 13 scorers. While HMH smashed their previous highest margin of victory of 12-0, manager Avi Goldberg estimated they had “at least 50 shots” during the 90 minutes at the Hive. He believes the previous record score in the competition was 23-0. Oscar Wagner netted seven, Leo Ackerman and Dom Feldman five apiece, Alex Moss four, and there were three hat-trick heroes.

HMH players scored every 150 seconds

Wagner said it was “a very satisfying day”, adding that the Wallabies should be “proud of the way they conducted themselves” despite the scoreline. The Wallabies declined to comment.

SPECIAL JEWISH NEWS DELIVERY FOR JACKIE He may not show it , but veteran comedian Jackie Mason was cheered by the arrival of the actual cartoon which illustrated the feature he penned in Jewish News’ new year magazine (inset). Isolating in his New York penthouse means all postal distractions are welcome, but none more so than a Paul Solomons caricature of Mason with his Yom Kippur guest wish list.


22 October 2020 Jewish News

Rabbi campaign / Chaplain recognised / News

York searching for its first rabbi since 1290 The historic city of York is hoping but when they locked the keeper to get its first rabbi since Jews out the king’s troops also turned were expelled from England on them. Trapped, many killed 730 years ago, after a tiny but themselves rather than be murgrowing community there began dered or forcibly baptised. Fundraisers from York Libraising money for the salary. It will be a symbolic appointeral Jewish Community are ment because, to many, the city is aiming for £75,000 to pay the synonymous with the worst antisalary of a part-time rabbi on a semitic massacre in British histhree-year contract. Ben Rich, founder of the tory. The massacre at Clifford’s Tower in 1190 came about after community, said: “It would be rumours spread that Jews were transformative. There is now murdering Christian children a very active community here – the origin of the antisemitic “How times change. In but it depends entirely on volblood libel. 1290 we were expelled, unteers and that’s very hard The city’s 150-strong Jewish now we’re lucky to leave work. The right rabbi would act as a catalyst for a wide range of community sought refuge in York the house, let alone activities.” Castle, pursued by a baying mob, go abroad!”

Hospital chaplain awarded A Jewish hospital chaplain in Essex has been given an award for two decades of service at King George Hospital in Goodmayes and Queen Hospital in Romford. Reverend Gary Newman, who is also the pastoral minister at Cranbrook United Synagogue, visits patients on a weekly basis, providing them and their families with support, including for bereavements, while also helping hospital staff. Newman, who is often on call for emergencies, said he was delighted to receive his special certificate from the BHR University Hospital Trust. “I look at my role as a calling, not a job,

getting tremendous satisfaction from knowing that I could give comfort to patients, their families and to staff as well as to the volunteer hospital visitors provided by the League of Jewish Women,” he said. “While so much in the world has changed over the past 20 years, the need to give support and comfort to people in distress is ongoing.” Michelle Minsky of United Synagogue Chesed said he was “one of the stalwarts of the Jewish Visiting service”, adding: “It’s amazing he has been doing this role with such a good heart for so long and hopefully for many more years to come.”

GR WITOWIN G NO H RW OO D With Norwood by your side, everyone can live a fulfilled life. We’re here to support families and children at risk and people of any age with learning disabilities or autism. Our supported living and residential services, employment training and personalised support are designed to enable and empower adults with l earning disabilities or autism – today and throughout their lifetime.

Families help buy playground Grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles swung into action this week to raise more than £20,000 in 48 hours to secure a new playground for pupils at Yavneh Primary School. There is no government funding for playground equipment, so Yavneh’s parent teacher association (PTA) has been trying to raise £50,000 to get an area supplied and built since the school opened in 2016. Without a large alumnus, the school has been running

fundraising events for the past four years, reaching £30,000. It was told by company Natural Playscapes last month it could get a playground built in November if the remaining funds could be raised by the end of October, which would mean the first intake would benefit from the playground before they finish primary school. A fundraising campaign was set up with a video produced by parent Lauren Kayser of filming and editing service

Moviebytes, featuring pupils describing what would be in the best playground in the world. It was sent to parents to distribute on Monday, alongside a Virgin Money Giving page and more than 200 donors helped it exceed its £20,000 target by last Wednesday morning. PTA chair Lisa Edel said: “It has been a difficult year for everyone... but to see the kids, teachers, parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles support us has been truly inspirational.”

SCHOOL’S BROADBAND GAIN Side by Side, the Jewish special needs school, is receiving full-fibre broadband connectivity for its new £10 million site at no extra cost, through a community partnership. The Stamford Hill school has been turning to the local and wider community for assistance with constructing its new premises in Hackney, which is due to open in September 2022 and will widen its intake from 80 to 130 pupils. Avon Group of Companies and Community Fibre is funding and installing its 1Gbps package for free, while covering ongoing monthly fees, for the foreseeable future. This offer will include a full-fibre network without using old copper phone wires, meaning the infrastructure will not

How Side by Side’s new school will look

require any electricity or power to be drawn by the school. Chair of governors Jacob Sorotzkin said: “We are incredibly grateful to Avon Group of Companies and Community Fibre for their kindness and generous support.”

To find out how, please call 020 8809 8809 or visit norwood.org.uk/jnappeal

Patron Her Majesty The Queen Reg Charity No. 1059050




Jewish News 22 October 2020

News / Teaching bursaries / MDA surprise / Southport move

Recent government funding cuts to teacher training have been criticised by the London School of Jewish Studies (LSJS), writes Tali Fraser. LSJS says it is “very disappointed” by cuts removing bursaries to train religious studies teachers under school direct employment, which provides a salary while training. Guidance from the Department for Education on initial teacher training funding for the 2021-22 academic year shows that all bursaries previously offered to trainees in shortage subjects by the government have either been reduced or scrapped. The bursary for languages,

Bursaries for trainees have been reduced or scrapped

including Hebrew, has been cut to £10,000, while bursaries offered this year in religious education have been scrapped altogether for 2021-22. Yavneh College, which runs a training partnership with LSJS, has said the new cuts are a “terrible shame” that will make it “even harder” to

attract new talent to teaching. Spencer Lewis, executive headteacher of Yavneh Schools, told Jewish News: “We have worked over many years to ensure high-quality graduates a route into teaching. This will now become more difficult, a situation which worries me greatly.”

Based in Hendon, LSJS has been rated an outstanding provider by Ofsted, but now faces difficulties without bursaries for religious studies teachers. Dr Helena Miller, co-head of teacher training, director of degrees and senior research fellow, told Jewish News that LSJS “are in the process of discussing how we will still be able to provide a high quality teacher training year for new candidates”. Miller still encourages applicants to apply, saying: “Our goal is to train as many high-quality candidates for teaching posts in Jewish schools going forward.”

‘NEW VIGOUR’ AS SOUTHPORT JOINS UNITED SYNAGOGUE Southport Hebrew Congregation is to join the United Synagogue with immediate effect as its newest constituent member after a Tuesday night vote gave Jews in the town “a new vigour”, writes Joy Faulk. The United Synagogue (US) council decision had been planned for earlier this year but postponed because of the pandemic.

The first Orthodox synagogue in the seaside resort was consecrated in 1893 by Chief Rabbi Rev Dr Hermann Adler. The community prospered as Southport became an attractive northern commuter town for the cities of Liverpool and Manchester and in 1926 a magnificent new Orthodox synagogue was built.

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LSJS concerned by cuts to teacher training funds Clore Shalom pupils in the Magen David Adom vehicle

A Day in MDA ambulance An Israeli ambulance dedicated in honour of Prince William’s 2018 trip to Israel has made a rare UK visit. The Magen David Adom vehicle surprised pupils at Clore Shalom Primary in Shenley, who saw it up close. Headteacher Karen Cohen said: “It was a great surprise to have an MDA ambulance pop in to school for the children to see. Lots of our pupils had the

chance to see inside and think about and discuss what it’s like to be a paramedic and do such important work.” MDA UK chief executive Daniel Burger said it had been about 50 years since one of the ambulances had visited a school in the UK. “It was great to see the children having the opportunity to see how we as a community are saving more lives in Israel.”

Adrian Fletcher, senior warden of Southport Hebrew Congregation, said: “We are thrilled to be joining the United Synagogue. We have a long and proud history and we know that with [US] support, our future is secure too. A new vigour has appeared amongst our members now that there is a real prospect for our longevity.” Michael Goldstein, of the US, said he had “been struck by the community’s warmth and commitment to yiddishkeit and look forward to them becoming part of our family”.

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Ginsburg legacy / Congestion charge / School’s future / News

Israel group ‘humbled’ by Ginsburg cash gift The late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg left part of a cash prize to the New Israel Fund (NIF) just one day before she died, writes Stephen Oryszczuk. The civil rights group was one of several that “mean the most” to the liberal judge, it has been revealed by the National Constitution Center, which awarded her its 2020 Liberty Medal on 17 September this year. “Justice Ginsburg decided to divide the prize among the institutions and organisations that meant the most to her,” said the centre’s president Jeffrey Rosen, addressing NIF. “The donation is a meaningful

testament to the esteem in which Justice Ginsburg held your work, as well as being a tribute to her blessed memory.” NIF chief executive Daniel Sokatch said everyone at the organisation was “humbled and honoured” to be chosen by Justice Ginsburg, known affectionately to her legions of fans as ‘the Notorious RBG’. “As a patriot, a legal giant, and matriarch of our Jewish community, she continues to inspire generations of Americans to fight for justice and democracy based on equality for all people. These are exactly the values we hold most dear.”

He added that NIF “will do justice to her faith in us and in all those who are working toward a democratic and equal future for all Israelis, Palestinians, and Americans”. Past recipients of the prize include Nelson Mandela, Tony Blair, Steven Spielberg, Shimon Peres and the Dalai Lama of Tibet. A fierce advocate for women’s rights, Ginsburg, who died of cancer aged 87, was the first Jewish woman to serve on the Supreme Court. A bronze statue of her will be unveiled in March next year near her birthplace in Brooklyn, New York, to coincide with her birthday and with

Late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg left money to the New Israel Fund

Women’s History Month. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said: “Her legacy as a jurist, professor, lawyer and scholar will

endure for generations and we are honoured to erect a permanent statue in memory of Justice Ginsburg. Lord knows she deserves it.”

CONGESTION ZONE FEARS Immanuel College raises £1m The potential expansion of the congestion zone in return for a Transport for London bailout could hit several Jewish communities. Reports that the government is demanding the zone be extended to the boundaries of the South and North Circular roads have led to fears that synagogues such as Alyth in Golders Green could face a reduction in attendance.

North-west London Jewish communities straddle the North Circular, separating Hendon to the north from Golders Green to the south. Extending the zone would impose a £15 payment on travelling between them. A mayoral source told Jewish News that extending the charge to the North and South Circular would be “totally unacceptable”.

Supporters of Immanuel College helped to “secure the financial future of the school” this week by raising almost £1 million in 36 hours. The private day school in Bushey is one of many affected by the economic challenges of the pandemic, and leaders paid tribute to parents, staff, alumni and governors. In a joint statement, chair of governors

Anthony Warrens and headteacher Gary Griffin said: “We are within £20,000 of the £1 million target set a few weeks ago and... we are sure we will surpass it. This is a magnificent achievement.” In August, the school said Year 11 students had been awarded the best GCSE grades in the its history, with 88 percent graded 9 to 6.

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Jewish News 22 October 2020

World News / Kristallnacht remembered / Health concerns / Sudan deal / Meat ruling

Light campaign recalls pogrom alike, whether on the basis of reliA global interfaith initiative to commemgion, race, colour or creed, are inexorate Kristallnacht next month is being cusable,” said March of the Living. organised by March of the Living, writes “In the days when synagogues and Adam Decker. holy places for various religions are Those behind the idea have invited attacked on a regular basis all over adherents of all religions to illuminate the world, it is our duty to speak out their homes, offices, institutions and loudly and clearly.” places of worship as the world rememOrganisers said prayers and perbers the terrible events in Germany and sonal messages of hope submitted Austria on 9 November 1938. through the virtual campaign will be The two-day Nazi pogrom led to projected on the walls of the Old City more than 1,400 synagogues and Jewish properties being burnt or smashed up, Damage caused on the night of 9 November 1938 of Jerusalem. John Farmer of the Eagleton leading to the name ‘Kristallnacht’ or Institute of Politics said Kristallnacht on during the night of 9 November, as a night of broken glass. Organised under the #LetThereBe symbol of solidarity in the battle against “marked a fundamental turning point in the historical movement from culturallyLight hashtag, this year’s virtual cam- antisemitism. “We must use our voices to tell the based antisemitism to state-sanctioned paign, to include faiths from around the world, invites people to keep their lights world that attacks on Jews and non-Jews genocide”.

Erekat ‘in critical condition’ in Israeli hospital

Saeb Erekat, left, with Abbas

Saeb Erekat is in a “critical” condition at an Israeli hospital after being diagnosed with Covid-19 earlier this month. Erekat, who has served as the chief negotiator for the Palestinian Liberation Organisation (PLO) for decades, was admitted to Hadassah Ein Kerem in Jerusalem on Sunday after a Palestinian Authority

request. A statement from the hospital on Monday said the 65-year-old was in a “critical” condition and on a ventilator, the BBC reported. On Sunday, the hospital said he had been in a “serious but stable” condition. “Because of the chronic health problems in Erekat’s respiratory system, he is being

transferred to a hospital in the 1948 areas [Israel], because his condition requires special medical attention and supervision,” the PLO Negotiation Affairs department reportedly said in a statement. Erekat is considered especially vulnerable because he received a lung transplant in 2017.

SUDAN OFF TERROR LIST The United States has removed Sudan from a list of state sponsors of terrorism after the government in Khartoum agreed to pay £250 million in compensation for al-Qaeda attacks on US embassies in Africa in 1998. The deal, which means the effective end of sanctions, paves the way for Sudan and Israel to normalise ties, after

Sudan earlier agreed to allow flights to Israel to pass over its airspace. It follows a meeting with Sudan’s military head, Gen Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, and Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Uganda earlier this year. Netanyahu later said the states were “establishing cooperative relations”.

Poland to end meat export

Poland’s senate passed a law that will end its $1.8 (£1.4) billion kosher and halal meat export industry in 2025. Religious communities will still be able to slaughter meat without prior stunning, as is required by Jewish and Muslim law, as long as the meat is not for export.

A vote last Wednesday approved the law that was introduced last month and was originally intended to go into effect in 2022. Poland has about 20,000 Jews and a similar number of Muslims. The bulk of its kosher and halal slaughterhouses produce meat for export.

GERMAN VACCINE PLEDGE Germany has pledged to include Israel in Europe’s deal for a future Covid-19 vaccine, in keeping with Germany’s “special relationship” with Israel as a response to the Holocaust. German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas and Health Minister Jens Spahn reportedly

made the commitment to Israel’s Foreign Minister and Israel’s Ambassador to Germany in conversations on 11 October. The decision would allow Israel to buy some of the 400 million vaccines from the UK-Swedish company AstraZeneca.

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Jewish News 22 October 2020


Editorial comment and letters ISSUE NO.


BBC’s ‘sorry’ hasn’t earned forgiveness For the most part, the nation can be very proud of the BBC, but occasionally dear old Aunty gets it so badly wrong it almost leaves you lost for words. This week’s front page story details such an occasion, after BBC Arabic somehow decided that it was a good idea to give airtime to a P ­ alestinian terrorist who smiled when told that her bomb had killed eight Jewish children rather than three. Ahlan Tamimi has never regretted her leading role in a 2001 suicide bombing in Jerusalem, unlike the Beeb, who must surely be regretting very deeply the decision of the editor to broadcast her personal appeal for her husband’s Jordanian residency. Bad? It gets worse – the husband is also a convicted terrorist, who killed an Israeli student in 1993. The pair were released in 2011 as part of the controversial prisoner swap for the captured Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, which was tough enough for us all to take, but the idea of British taxpayers’ money now helping them in a personal matter is altogether too much to stomach. In such situations, typical anodyne apologies are never sufficient, yet sure enough that is exactly what the families of Tamimi’s victims got. It was so bad it made you wince. Broadcasting House gets a lot right, but there is no point extolling its high standards if mistakes of this magnitude are still being made and swept under the carpet with a “sorry”. We hope that this is the last such instance we ever have to report. CONTACT DETAILS Publisher and Editor Richard Ferrer 020 8148 9703 richard@jewishnews.co.uk

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Samuel Paty and free speech Last week French secondary teacher Samuel Paty was murdered in a horrific manner outside his school by a deranged jihadi. Yet in some circles, there has been an almost Pavlovian response to this act of wickedness which refocuses blame on the victim. While condemning this barbarity, some also seem to consider that the teacher’s actions were wrong and invited the terrorist consequences that ensued. Such a view is deeply warped on many levels. From what we know, Paty was teaching his class about freedom of speech and used cartoons of the prophet Mohammed to illustrate his point. While such images are considered idolatry by many Muslims, France is not governed by Islamic law and does not have a state duty to revere religious symbols. In a country governed by laïcité, the belief that the public space should be free of religion, it feels

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alien to curb free expression just to protect the feelings of a Muslim minority. In a secular society, no faith can or should be immunised from criticism, satire or mockery. It is a hallmark of critical inquiry to question sacred symbols, to challenge dogma and deference, and to open up minds to fresh perspectives. One has to believe that this was Paty’s intention. The jihadi attacked not just one schoolteacher but fundamental values. To believe that Paty invited the attack is to engage in perverse moral reasoning. It is also tantamount to arguing that such heinous acts of violence are somehow expected of Muslims. So we must stand in solidarity with Samuel Paty and the right to free expression. And France must continue to crack down on jihadis who shed the blood of innocents for their evil cause.

Jeremy Havardi By email

TAX ON FAMILY AND JEWISH MUSEUM FRIENDS VISITING NEEDS HECHSHER Sky News reports that in return for a further bailout of Transport for London, the government is demanding that the Congestion Charge be extended to the boundaries of the South and North Circular roads. Jewish north-west London straddles the North Circular Road, separating Hendon to the north from Golders Green to the south. Extending the Congestion Charge would impose a daily tax on travelling between these areas. Is this really what the government wants? Professor Geoffrey Alderman By email

Although grateful to learn of the Jewish Museum’s financial lifeline, I was startled to see it no longer has a canteen with kosher certification, surely a prerequisite for a Jewish institution. Perhaps now it will be able to resume the provision of a canteen with a reliable hechsher. Glenda Aussenberg By email


I cannot reconcile the behaviour of Charedim here and in Israel when the most important of our commandments is to save life, and saving one life is like saving a nation. Harold Schogger, By email

22 October 2020 Jewish News


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MAYBE PEOPLE LET US HOPE CAN CHANGE FOR MIRACLE I recently davened in a shul where the rabbi was the Shaliach Tzibur. There was someone davening in the back whose voice seemed to rise loud enough for the rabbi to hush him. About a minute later, the rabbi hushed him again. Then I noticed his voice and hoped he would lower it so the rabbi wouldn’t have to hush him again, but he did. It reminded me of when I was davening and there was someone next to me almost yelling the davening. I tried to accommodate his desire for attaining great kavana (purpose) but, at a certain point, I couldn’t focus anymore. I motioned slightly and he quieted down. These instances made me wonder about a hypothetical situation. Let’s say parents are read a shidduch (match) of two boys in yeshiva. One is an illui (prodigy) but sometimes davens out loud and must be quieted. Another is not an illui but knows Shas well, and there have been no issues of him raising his voice during davening. It would seem a hard choice; after all, maybe the illui can change. Steven Genack By email

It is truly wonderful to read of all the work that is going on around the world to try to formulate a safe and effective vaccine against this coronavirus. And it is marvellous to see almost every day acts of generosity and lovingkindness by communities and individuals to help make life safer and more comfortable for all of us. But having had our seders over Zoom, or alone, or just with our household, and having hoped and prayed that by the autumn life would return to a semblance of normality, here we are in 5781 with little improvement in our lifestyles since lockdown began at the end of March. We have commemorated Yom Kippur, and celebrated Succot and Simchat Torah as fully and wholehearted as we were able. The secular year offers one more festival, and it is one that celebrates a miracle. Let us hope that this Chanukah will be a time during which medical research surprises us by providing a means to allow us to feel safe again going about our daily lives. Nadia Haus N4



Jewish News 22 October 2020



Israel pays high price for Christian Zionist support JENNI FRAZER


s a rule, I’m not keen on hating, although I will always make an exception for Corbynistas and other latter-day antisemites. But the people I really loathe, who send shivers up my spine and raise my hackles and trigger all kinds of prehistoric, inbuilt animus, are missionaries. I can’t stand them. I do not want to be brought to Christ or be shown a way to illuminate the True Path, or any of that stuff. Which is not to say I am against interfaith initiatives. Far from it. I think reaching out to other religions is not just to be commended, but, it seems to me, is the only way to live with other communities in the diaspora. We Jews need those of other faiths to stand with us when necessary, as we should stand with them when they need us. But missionaries? No way, José! Leave me alone and I will be more than happy to do the same with you. Which is why I was so disturbed to read a long article in Haaretz by Judy Maltz, recording the “aliyah” of a married couple from Detroit, Bishop Glenn Plummer and his wife Pauline.

The bishop was appointed/anointed “Bishop of Israel” in April 2019, by his community, the Church of God in Christ. Pauline, for her part, has been designated “first lady of Israel”, which may come as a surprise to Sara Netanyahu. The Plummers arrived in Israel in late summer despite the country’s lockdown and made a long video about packing up their home in the States and arriving in Mevaseret Zion, just outside Jerusalem, from where they intend to carry out their work. Here begins the problem. First, nobody in the Israeli Ministry of the Interior was prepared to tell me just how it was that the Plummers were given permission to enter Israel. If I could provide the couple’s passport numbers, I was told, there was the smidgin of a possibility, but otherwise no. Second concern. Glenn Plummer is skilled at skating between the cracks, so much so that he coulda/shoulda been a politician. He has perfected the art of nearly-but-not-quite saying something. So when Glenn Plummer did an online “meet-and-greet” and said he had no missionary intentions, many in Israel were prepared to give him and his wife the benefit of the doubt. He insists, say his defenders, that he


Christian Zionists show their support

has “never once even attempted to speak to a Jew in any capacity about baptism or conversation or anything that would be considered evangelising or proselytising”. What then, are we to make of the bishop’s own words in his “pre-aliyah” video, in which he says the mission of the church “rests on two

things. One is to win souls and the second is to make disciples… We are called to tell people everywhere about Jesus”. In the same video, by the way, the couple make much of their intention to engage with Ethiopian Jews in Israel, “people who look like us” – the Plummers are part of the largest Black church in America – and speak enthusiastically of the work of “Pastor David” with young Ethiopian Israelis. There is a backlash, of sorts, led by a rabid rabbi who is engaged in anti-missionary work, and by some Israelis of whom other Israelis, defenders of the Plummers, say “they see a Christian under every bed”. What is certainly true is that the Netanyahu government has been supported in the US by evangelical Christian Zionists. Perhaps the presence of the Plummers, and what they represent, means the payment of a price too high.

Mock trial of Lord Janner smacks of sinister intent DAVID WOLCHOVER BARRISTER & JOURNALIST


he frankly brutal 18-year sentence meted out to the deranged fantasist Carl Beech last year smacked of scapegoating for the police team who lapped up his make-believe story of a murderous Westminster paedophile ring. Be that as it may, his conviction vindicated the reputation of almost all those public figures he traduced. One of his victims was the late Lord Janner of Braunstone QC, then a Labour MP, who he implausibly claimed had raped him at the Carlton Club. However, unlike Beech’s other distinguished victims, Janner had faced numerous allegations beyond the Westminster farrago and his case is in the news once again because the five-member panel of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) are engaged – controversially – in hearing evidence about those allegations. It can hardly be denied that the very number of young males who had accused Janner of sexually abusing them is trou-


bling. Yet an understanding of how he came to be accused reveals a far more insidious catalogue of malicious and professionally suborned invention than in the Beech case. As a war crimes investigator, the young Greville Janner had worked with child survivors of Bergen-Belsen and, imbued by that experience with a life-long concern for the plight of damaged children, he would make a point of visiting care homes in his Leicester constituency. In 1991, Frank Beck, a Leicestershire care homes manager, was tried for abusing children in his charge and craftily lighted upon Janner’s visits to try to shift the blame on to the MP. To support his story, he blackmailed

“W”, a former resident who was also an abuser. Years earlier, the Janner family had taken W under their wing, which apparently inspired him to claim that Janner had used this to make him his catamite. Significantly, there were no allegations involving Janner from anyone else in care nor any mention of him in social services files or the hundreds of witness statements. The prosecution demolished Beck’s defence and he got three life sentences. But the fantasy of Janner the abuser took on a life of its own. Years after Beck was sent packing (and W’s story rubbished), a ragbag of dysfunctional fortune hunters came forward, in many cases lured by disgraceful solicitors’ ads in prison magazines offering the bait of coerced settlements from the Janner estate. Leicestershire Constabulary took up the cudgels and Janner, by now suffering from advanced Alzheimer’s, was due to face a “trial of the issue” – a special procedure not statutorily intended for someone in his condition. The prosecution terminated with Janner’s death in December 2015 (though not without the former Director of Public Prosecutions Lord MacDonald ludicrously arguing that it should still continue). However, IICSA now

apparently took it upon itself to go where the criminal courts could not, believing it was entitled to widen its remit of investigating institutional failure by singling him out for a full-blown inquiry into the truth of the allegations. It engineered this by a sleight of hand rationale and the disregarding of normal trial protocols. Yet crying foul over due process will not of itself allay suspicions, nor explain how Janner became the victim of mass copycat fraud. Among the civil claimants, evidence of collusion, inconsistency and lying was endemic and most had a record of dishonesty. One memorably claimed to have been raped at a London hotel on a date when Janner’s passport showed he was in Australia. With mounting evidence of fabrication and fraud, all 42 of the claims were dropped without settlement, though not before legal costs had dissipated Janner’s estate. At enormous expense, IICSA is nonetheless obtusely pressing on with the mock trial of a dead man. One might be forgiven for wondering whether there is not perhaps some factor more sinister in play, one akin to that which has infected Janner’s own party.


22 October 2020 Jewish News



Jewish News 22 October 2020



Thanks Facebook, but what took you so long? MARIE VAN DER ZYL PRESIDENT, BOARD OF DEPUTIES


here are two potential responses when organisations, after a long period of apparent reluctance, finally decide to do the right thing. You can praise them to the skies, or you can make it clear that, while you are happy they have come to this conclusion, you are deeply disturbed that it took them so long. When it comes to Facebook and Twitter, the temptation is to do the former. These are powerful companies, with GDPs larger than some countries. Positive reinforcement, it could be argued, is the best approach in such a context. But unalloyed praise would ring hollow, because the truth is that the long-term failure to act on such an obvious issue is profoundly worrying. For years, Jewish communal organisations, including our own, have been urging social media companies to ban Holocaust denial. We have prepared briefings on the subject,

£5 £5 £5 £5 £5

painstakingly setting out what should have been obvious – that it is impossible to promote Holocaust denial without being deeply antisemitic. We were repeatedly fobbed off. The situation deteriorated to the point where, earlier this year, a video campaign featuring Holocaust survivors was organised, in a desperate attempt to appeal directly to Mark Zuckerberg, the one person with the power to ban Holocaust denial from Facebook. This, along with full-throated efforts from Jewish communities worldwide, appears finally to have had an effect. Of course, we are happy that Facebook, followed closely by Twitter, has announced it will be banning Holocaust denial and distortion. We hope to work closely with the platform in the coming months to ensure such material is indeed removed from it and that proper techniques and procedures are instituted to be able to quickly identify and remove such content. We also want to ensure that the interpretation of “distortion” correlates with what the Jewish community would consider to be such revisionism. We are clear that this is not an end to the


process of combatting antisemitism on social media, but a beginning. We still strongly believe social media companies need to adopt the full International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) definition of antisemitism. Such action was impossible without the banning of Holocaust denial. Now that this has been achieved, we hope these companies will take what we consider to be the obvious next step. While we will continue to work with social media companies to encourage them to go further and adopt the international definition of antisemitism, we will continue to urge the government to ensure that social media companies are held to this standard. We would advocate the appointment of an online regulator who will adopt IHRA and judge social media companies’ protection of Jewish users against that standard.

We will also continue to recommend that the government requires social media companies to appoint a minimum number of staff in their UK teams to moderate harmful content generated here. As well as potentially improving accountability, we believe it would also be beneficial to have moderators with country-specific political, cultural and linguistic context. And, to make sure that such platforms follow the rules, there need to be heavy fines for social media companies that fail to comply with the newlyagreed standards. Facebook and Twitter have – finally – banned Holocaust denial. Now they need to go further to prevent the online targeting of Jews. We hope they will do so themselves, proactively and voluntarily. If they do not, they may be compelled to do so by law.

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22 October 2020 Jewish News






he Institute for Jewish Policy Research (JPR)’s second report from its survey assessing Covid-19’s impact on UK Jewry addressed the hidden effects of mental health. JPR highlighted younger people (aged 16-29) were “more severely affected by the coronavirus outbreak than older Jewish people, which aligns with… findings… among the national population”. Along with other studies, Young Minds’ research concurs (Coronavirus: Impact on young people with mental health needs Survey 2: Summer 2020), citing “dramatic changes in their education or employment, routine and home life … 80 percent of respondents agreed that the coronavirus pandemic had made their mental health worse … increased feelings of anxiety, isolation, a loss of coping mechanisms or a loss of motivation”. Young people understand and openly articulate their mental health. Nerves, frustration,

and boredom are expected and normal reactions to very difficult circumstances. Mental health is explored in JPR’s and wider reports as interconnected with social factors, such as health, employment, ability and gender. Hopefully this removes or reduces stigma for individuals expressing mental distress. Louise Kermode, Jami’s head of services, noted in Occupational Therapy News: “It has taken a global pandemic to reframe how we see distress, to stop us putting a label on it and seeing it as something a person must fix, or that we must fix in them.” Communal organisations are cooperating more closely and offering expanded assistance for young people and their families. Camp Simcha has a mental health team supporting families of children who are longer-term school absentees or regularly in hospital. Jami expedited its online counselling service, including a dedicated service for students, and expanded support to carers of younger people. Noa Girls increased therapy and life skills sessions, introduced a webinar programme and extended help to girls returning to its services. Norwood with PaJeS delivered a return-to-

THERE IS NO HIDING FROM THE SERIOUS AND WIDESPREAD IMPACT OF THIS PANDEMIC school programme, and provided additional group, art and drama therapy. Reshet supported youth movements and organisations to keep members positively connected and facilitated training on Covid-19’s impact on educators and young people. The Schools Wellbeing Project made advice and activities available online for many more people than those reached by its pilot schools. The Jewish Leadership Council’s Social Care Assistance fund allocated £889,500 to nine organisations providing support for young people, including hundreds of hours of additional therapy. In addition to many organisations mentioned, this included Chabad, Jewish Action for Mental Health, Kids Trust and Neshomo in Manchester and The Zone in Leeds. We still need to understand more and increase support for young people.

As JPR continues analysis and surveys, it will be important to distinguish between feelings of nerves, boredom or frustration and sustained levels of anxiety, hopelessness, or isolation. As statutory services are stretched, the community can continue promoting well-being and providing belonging, purpose and routine, as well as support services that aid recovery for those experiencing a mental health problem. Charities delivering these vital services need more of the community’s time and money. There is no hiding from the serious and widespread impact of the pandemic and social distancing measures on young people. We must keep listening to and learning from young people being open about their mental health. We must work even harder and with increased collaboration to enhance and expand support for them and their families.


Jewish News 22 October 2020


22 October 2020 Jewish News



Community / Scene & Be Seen


Married couple Omar Portillo and Robert Freudenthal raised more than £2,000 for Kehillah North London in Stoke Newington by walking the 84-mile Hadrian’s Wall footpath. They said: “Our hope is that by building a stronger community it will uplift our members, and those around us, and help us work towards achieving a more just society.”

And be seen!


In the run-up to Simchat Torah, 200 children took part in Finchley United Synagogue (US)’s family drive-in event held in the playground of Hasmonean Girls’ School that included music, balloons and circus entertainers. Kinloss’ chief operating officer Shimon Gillis said: “Simchat Torah is a special joyous and entertaining time. We innovated our programming by doing a drive-in, which was well attended.”

The latest news, pictures and (virtual) social events from across the community Email us at community@jewishnews.co.uk

3 MUCH-NEEDED TRIP Seriously ill children supported by Camp Simcha enjoyed Covid-safe individual family outings with trips to Paradise Wildlife Park, Blackpool Zoo, farms and quad-biking. Camp Simcha’s head of services Daniel Gillis said: “The outings have been a huge boost and a chance for families to spend happy, carefree time together.”




Demand for Leo Baeck College’s Adult Jewish Learning Programme, the Lehrhaus, doubled this year after a move to virtual learning over lockdown – with students even logging in from Australia and South Korea. The college ran courses over the summer for the first time, ranging from 10-week language offerings to four to eight-week courses in subjects including Jewish history and philosophy.



ampus compass


Queen Mary University London JSoc held an online freshers quiz, called How Fresh Are You?, with students virtually attending from multiple JSocs across the capital.

Jewish students in Leeds helped to deliver Shabbat packs to those at university who were selfisolating owing to coronavirus.

York JSoc welcomed new and returning society members in their first Friday Night Dinner of the academic year.

Stav, a student from Edinburgh JSoc, held a Dvar Torah over video for an online Divrei Torah series by the Union of Jewish Students for Rosh Hashanah.

Have you had a recent simcha? Send your picture to picturedesk@thejngroup.com



Jewish News 22 October 2020

JDA is working tirelessly to ensure that no deaf

person will be marginalised by a lack of

specialist PPE

“ To be able to understand the paramedic and see her reassuring smile stopped me feeling so terrified.” When Eva’s breathing became erratic and she complained of a tight chest, thankfully Janine, one of JDA’s Support Workers, was visiting her. Janine called an ambulance and, upon arrival, gave the paramedic a see-through mask. This enabled Eva to lip-read and follow what was happening to her. As a result of this, JDA has been in consultation with the London Ambulance Service and is equipping Hatzola’s paramedics with these specialist masks.

Please show you care by making a donation today.

020 8446 0502 www.jdeaf.org.uk Registered Charity No. 1105845 Company Limited by Guarantee 4983830

22 October 2020 Jewish News




Images of Grange Hill © BBC

Television / Weekend

Ricky Simmonds as the sensitive teenage schoolboy Ant Jones, and as he is now, with a career in dance music

Alex Galbinski enjoys a catch-up with Grange Hill heartthrob Ricky Simmonds as a new DVD of the long-running BBC children’s drama is released


rom the tub-thumping theme tune to the comic strip opening credits, the mullets and, of course, the stolen sausage on a fork – for anyone growing up in the 80s, Grange Hill was the mustwatch television programme. Beginning in 1978, the BBC children’s drama created by Phil Redmond – who received a knighthood in the Queen’s Birthday Honours – became one of the longest-running shows on British TV, ending only after 30 glorious years. Who can forget the stern Mrs McClusky, or the bow tie-wearing Mr Bronson, who would walk into the classroom and choose his next target? While he was perhaps the most feared in the era-defining series, Grange Hill left us with a whole host of memorable characters grappling Ant, second left, with his Grange Hill classmates with gritty yet realistic storylines. which he has his mother to thank. “She was a hairAmong them was school sports hero Anthony dresser before she became a florist and from when (Ant) Jones, who was destined for academic I was a child into my teens, she always cut my hair. success. He was played by Ricky Simmonds in She was ahead of her time because she got there Series 9 and 10, which were released this week on before a lot of First Division footballers had mullets,” DVD box set for nostalgia-seeking fans. As one of chuckles Simmonds, 53, who grew up in Chalk Farm them, I was eager to catch up over the phone with and now lives in High Barnet. north Londoner Simmonds, who reveals what it was like to have the level of fame Although it’s 34 years since he first appeared, that comes with being in one of the most “some of it still feels quite fresh,” he says. “But successful children’s series. apart from it being a long time ago, it was such a different world then. Now there “It was totally surreal. You’re going into are so many competing mediums.” a show that had been so iconic for years, so you Before joining the cast, Simmonds expect you’re probably going to be recognised. had been a “massive fan” of the show, Because I’d got friendly with some of the [cast], which tackled a variety of subjects. There I’d seen the reaction, but I can’t really overeswas the ‘Just say no’ anti-drugs campaign spurred timate how weird it was,” he says. by Zammo (Lee MacDonald) becoming addicted Simmonds was 17 in 1986 when he played to heroin, “and there’s stuff like racism and even 14-year-old Ant, and quickly became a teenage pregnancy storyline”, he adds. “This was a heartthrob – both in the programme the only place you’d see what goes on in 11- to 14-yearand off-screen. How did it feel to find old kids’ lives. It does surprise me that at 5.10pm you himself on the covers of teen magazines? had some of these storylines.” “That was another weird layer of it,” says His favourites were “definitely the Simmonds, who worked as a model in his early ones with Mr Bronson where he was teens. “I didn’t expect to suddenly be in these bordering on abusive. Ant felt bullied magazines. Just Seventeen almost adopted me!” by him and it got to the point where he Ant was a sensitive, somewhat intense character. ran away from home”. “There wasn’t a lot of laughter around him. He was The former JFS pupil admits being pushed and pulled by one teacher who bullied he was also not the teacher’s pet. him and a sports teacher who always wanted him to “I was in a group of people who used be in the swimming and football teams – and that to wind them up,” he reminisces. was really not me,” Simmonds laughs. “I can’t say I’m proud of it, but it was His character sported an Eighties mullet, for

a lot of fun. “Some of the teachers hated me. I was not academically minded. Because I was into drama and music and I knew, probably from the age of 14 or 15, it was The actor as a cover star what I wanted to do, so I didn’t take [school] seriously.” For the past two decades, Simmonds, who has two teenage children, has been prominent in the dance music world. Along with his creative partner Stephen Jones – they had been in a band with Simmonds’ brother – the pair are well known as The Space Brothers and collaborate on other musical acts, including Chakra and Lustral. The duo were “blown away by the music” at a club one night and started exploring whether they could put songs onto mostly instrumental dance music. Gradually they found their niche, achieving several top 40 hits and are still going strong. But what’s a nice Jewish boy doing in dance music, I ask him. “I love that question. Well, a nice Jewish boy is going to be where the food is good – but the food in dance music, well…” he laughs and tells me that one of his satisfying moments is including the word schvitz in the dance track Lost in Space. While he wouldn’t call himself religious, he is “very proud of my background, family and my ancestors and being part of the Jewish community”. He credits his parents with allowing him to explore the paths that led him to success. “I always had the most unbelievable support and encouragement from them and I got to do something I loved in life,” he says. A nice Jewish boy indeed.  Grange Hill Series 9 & 10 DVD box set is released by Eureka Entertainment and is available now from Amazon, Sainsbury's and Tesco


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A look

Inside Television: Epic Yom Kippur War drama Valley of Tears

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Exhibition: Stephen Fry and Sharon Osbourne feature in mental health campaign



Jewish News 22 October 2020

Weekend / Entertainment


Valley of Tears HBO Max has bought the rights to Valley of Tears, a gripping drama about the 1973 Yom Kippur War that is being touted as Israel’s biggest-budget TV series to date. Inspired by true events, the 10-part series depicts the war through the eyes of young soldiers through three parallel plot lines intertwined into one climactic battle. No premiere date has yet been announced. The drama is named after the tank battleground in the Golan Heights where Israeli troops held back Syrian forces – despite being greatly outnumbered – until reinforcements

arrived. Leading the cast is Israeli actor Lior Ashkenazi, who starred in the acclaimed Foxtrot and opposite Richard Gere in Norman: The Moderate Rise And Tragic Fall Of A New York Fixer alongside Shtisel star Maor Schwitzer. There is heavy talent behind the scenes as well: the series is created and written by Ron Leshem (Euphoria) and Amit Cohen, the writer behind hit series False Flag. The pair are also already at work on another Israeli series called Traitor, a thriller currently in post-production.

IN THE PIPELINE Kitbag Joaquin Phoenix is teaming up again with Ridley Scott to play Napoleon in the director’s latest epic, Kitbag, about the ruthless French general and emperor. The film, written by David Scarpa (All The Money In The World), is an original take on Napoleon’s rise to the top and his addictive and volatile relationship with his wife and muse, Josephine, according to Deadline. Phoenix previously worked with Scott in his box office hit Gladiator, for which he played another malevolent leader, Commodus, earning

him an Oscar nomination for best supporting actor. The 45-year-old star also played a dark character in the 2019 hit Joker, which earned him the best actor gong. As for the film’s title, it is taken from the saying: “There is a general’s staff hidden in every soldier’s kitbag.”

SKY Britannia Ratched star Sophie Okenado has joined the cast of Sky’s irreverent historical drama, Britannia. The show, currently filming the third series, is an epic genrebending tale of clashing civilisations and religions set in a world of mythic Celtic tribes, psychedelic druids and terrifying Romans, as a young girl tries to build a rebel alliance with a group of misfits. Britannia is created by multi-award-winning writers Jez Butterworth, his brother Tom Butterworth and James Richardson. Okenado will star as Hemple, the wife of General Aulus (David Morrissey), who arrives in Britannia to find out why her husband has failed with Lokka’s mission to capture the chosen one,

Cait. If he isn’t up to the job, she certainly is. Series three also sees the return of actors David Morrissey, Mackenzie Crook, Annabel Scholey, Nikolaj Lie Kaas, Julian Rhind-Tutt, Eleanor Worthington-Cox, and Zoë Wanamaker. Okonedo said: “I’m so glad to be plunged into the weird and wonderful world of Britannia. I was already a fan of the show and its writers Jez and Tom Butterworth, so I jumped for joy when they offered me the wonderful character of Hemple. Without giving too much away I’ll just say this woman has a huge appetite…” The first two series of Britannia are available to watch on demand on Sky and NOW TV.

FILM Rebecca

Move over, Hitchcock! Screenwriter Jane Goldman brings to life Rebecca, a psychological thriller based on Daphne du Maurier’s 1938 novel in a new Netflix production released this week. After a whirlwind romance in Monte Carlo with handsome Maxim de Winter (Armie Hammer), a newly-married young woman (Lily James) arrives at Manderley, her husband’s imposing estate. She begins to settle into her new life, but finds herself battling the shadow of Maxim’s first wife,

Rebecca, whose legacy is kept alive by sinister housekeeper Mrs Danvers (Kristin Scott Thomas). Directed by Ben Wheatley (High Rise, Free Fire), Rebecca also stars Keeley Hawes, Sam Riley and Ann Dowd. Rebecca is available now on Netflix and at select UK cinemas

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22 October 2020 Jewish News



Exhibition / Weekend


Portraits of Jewish celebrities feature in Take A Moment, a new virtual exhibition raising money for mental health awareness


tephen Fry, Helena Bonham Carter and Sharon Osbourne are just a handful of the celebrities pictured with their eyes closed for a virtual exhibition raising money for mental health charity Mind. Acclaimed British photographer Ray Burmiston has selected more than 250 images for which he asked his subjects to close their eyes for a few seconds and refresh their connection with the camera. Capturing a moment of self-reflection, the photographs – which are shown for the first time and were taken over the

past 10 years – are now being used to help spread awareness about mental health with the simple message: ‘We’re all in this together.’ Take A Moment, launched online on Tuesday, features a host of Jewish personalities including Matt Lucas, Eyal Booker, Robert Rinder, Miriam Margolyes, Claudia Winkleman and Maureen Lipman, alongside the likes of Kate Moss, Sir Tom Jones, David Walliams and Kylie Minogue. Paul Farmer, chief executive of Mind, said: “We know that the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has been difficult for people

across England and Wales. Mind’s research shows that two out of three adults with mental health problems said their mental health worsened during lockdown. “With fundraising impacted by the pandemic and an increase in demand for our services, donations have never been more crucial.” Members of the public are encouraged to upload their own selfie and join the exhibition by donating £3. � For more details visit takeamoment.uk

Clockwise from top left: Helena Bonham Carter, Claudia Winkleman, Matt Lucas, Maureen Lipman, Miriam Margolyes, Sharon Osbourne, Stephen Fry and Eyal Booker



Jewish News 22 October 2020

Weekend / Eating out

‘We are doing everything we can to keep going’

The Summerhouse

The Bull

The Waterway

Louisa Walters speaks to restaurant owners feeling the bite of the new Tier 2 restrictions


he introduction of Tier 2 restricHighgate says even as the weather has turned tions have this week plunged colder, people have still wanted to eat outside, London’s struggling restaurant but he underestimated how much of an effect industry further into despair. the Tier 2 announcement would have on Already having to contend with reduced inside bookings. capacity and 10pm closing times (robbing “It was noticeably empty inside this them of the chance of a second sitting), weekend,” he says. “Around 70 percent of they now have to effectively play our weekend bookings are family police officer, checking that groups, but people are nervous everyone on the table is to eat inside now.” from one household. Shani Bajari at Amaretto “We can only do so much says he has not seen 70 per– and managing sanitiser cent of his Edgware clientele stations, one-way systems, since March. screens, mask wearing, table “They are mainly older spacing and getting everyone customers and they simply Mitchell out by 10pm is plenty to be gethave not been coming back into Tillman ting on with,” says Mitch Tillman the restaurant,” he says. “One or of First Restaurant Group, which two were just starting to venture in, owns The Summerhouse and The Waterway but the new rules mean that they can’t, as in Maida Vale. we don’t have any outside tables, or they are “How are we meant to police whether what nervous again.” customers tell us regarding their relationship That said, he believes the government is with their dining partners is true? doing the right thing. “If they tell us they are from the same Tillman, however, disagrees. “It was evident household, are we meant to get them to take when the 10pm closure time was announced a lie detector test?” that the government did not have an adviser Jonny Krantz at Bluebelles in Mill Hill from the hospitality sector. Who would advise agrees. “We have had no guidance from the that everyone leaves the premises at the same government on how to police the Tier 2 time, then goes to the Tube or waits for cabs measures,” he says. at the same time, effectively forcing everyone “I don’t have time to go around asking questogether? tions – I have a business to run. I worry about “It would have made far more sense to my staff. Who is going to pay extend licensing hours their wages when our takto spread guest entering and ings go down due to reduced exiting times and reduce the custom? capacity per sitting in venues “The ever-changing by taking away a few tables. regulations are really hard to “Who is going to go into keep up with and everyone is central London to have a great confused. We are doing eveevening for the night to end at rything we can to keep going. 10pm – and pay the congesWe are planning a fun tion charge too?” Halloween initiative for It’s not all doom and gloom, families, but our best efforts though. The Waterway has could be thwarted at a very large outside space, a moment’s notice.” with seating spread across Bluebelles Rob Laub at The Bull in three terraces and gardens.

A woman walks past a cafe after a range of new restrictions to combat the rise in coronavirus cases came into place

Tillman is adding more heating and a huge outdoor roof covering with side rain protection. At the Bull, Laub has erected an enormous awning that covers the entire terrace and has bought 10 patio heaters to keep everyone warm. There are also three cosy cabanas that seat six. Meanwhile, Cetin Kaygusuz at Melissa in Canons Park says the latest round of restrictions haven’t affected him. “The restaurant is large, so we haven’t found it too hard to space out our tables or keep [to] Covid safe [guidelines]. We always closed at 11pm, so the 10pm closing has not hit us too hard. Lots of our customers come in family groups and the weekend was just as busy as normal.” Tillman and Krantz are vociferous in their disapproval of the Eat Out to Help Out Scheme. “Everywhere was busy, but even with premises being Covid safe, how could this not increase the infection rate?” asks Tillman. “Restaurants would have been better without this scheme – gradually, customers would have returned rather than all rush in

together for a 50 percent discount.” Krantz says: “Restaurants had to hire more staff to cope with the deluge in August and then, when it all died down, they couldn’t continue to pay them. “I believe the money would have been better spent on helping people protect themselves and paying for their masks, vitamins, hand sanitisers and so on. “The industry has had enough of all these restrictions now – either close us down and compensate us or let us get on with it.” While some would argue the hospitality sector has received more help than others, Tillman believes it is justified. “Indeed it has [received help], but that is because hospitality creates so many jobs and is partly responsible for making the UK so appealing for tourists, who come to our great cities for dining, historic pubs and wonderful hotel accommodation. “It’s in our culture to go out and enjoy ourselves with our families and friends so, in my view, the government should throw everything at saving the hospitality sector.”


22 October 2020

Jewish News



Simchas and Shabbats


Brigit Grant speaks to Jonathan Robinson of Jasmine Catering about delivering sumptuous meals at affordable prices direct to the door…


ven for a people who leave their front doors ajar for an angel, opening it to be greeted by a Friday night dinner is unusual. Not so for Jonathan Robinson of Jasmine Catering as he – or one of his crew – place Shabbat in a Box on your doorstep. Similarly, Simcha in a Box is another of Jonathan’s quirky offerings and has just been joined by Kiddush in a Box, which will appeal to those who want a breakfast or brunch feast after the now permissible synagogue-based barmitzvah. Inspired out of necessity when Covid-19 struck, the Glaswegian event caterer with a head for logistics, decided in March that the end of big-scale celebrations would not mean the end of his business. Getting delicious kosher food to the people became his mantra, so with Passover looming, Jonathan joined forces with the United Synagogue and served 800 meals to households. “And it was all delivered in two days,” he notes with legitimate pride.

Now Jonathan is rarely out of a delivery van as further restrictions on events have forced people to realise simcha parties might seem permanently on hold, but they still want a meal to mark the occasion. “Clients who postponed or rescheduled their simcha from May until December can’t party as planned, but they want good food on that special day and that’s where Jasmine Catering excels.” Presentation is key for the company, and enormous care is taken to ensure that the food – be it rosemary and garlic marinated lamb ribs or wine braised brisket with butternut squash – doesn’t tumble or rearrange itself in the box on its journey. “Under normal circumstances, it is the flare of the final finish to a plate of food that makes it look appetising, and that is what we have mastered in our delivered dishes.” Comments certainly support his claim, with diners cooing about the displays of vegetables and salads around the meat. The set menus for Friday Night Dinner (such as soup with kneidels, chicken

Design and supplying Kitchens for over 15 years

with all the trimmings and crumble) and Shabbat Lunch (including cholent, kugel and schnitzels with epic salads) feature every dish you want or didn’t know you did until you see it. They are also available at the deliciously low price of £25 and £17 per head, as Jonathan isn’t a kosher caterer without empathy. “It has to be affordable, because people are worried about money now and I’m sensitive to that,” says Jonathan, who is confident his company will come out on the other side of this global health crisis. “Clients who were originally working with us have scaled back and accepted the circumstances. “They have even taken to delivering their meal of choice to other family members so they can all eat the same food, just at different tables. It’s a different kind of celebration, but it will be remembered. And not just because of the great food.” Details: www.jasmine-catering.co.uk


Jewish News 22 October 2020


Business / Workspace sharing


With Candice Krieger

‘WORKSPACE FLEXIBILITY IS NOW THE BIG THING’ The co-founder of flexible workspace provider Spacemade tells Candice Krieger why success will come to those landlords and operaotors who provide space on demand


operates the space on their any workplaces across behalf. the UK remain Rosenblatt believes near empty and there is still a “massive dozens of the demand” for flexible UK’s largest office space and firms admit says the shift going they have no plans for forward will be their employees to return seismic. to the office as the govern“We saw our best ment advises the nation week of sales in the to work from home. But week following Boris’ property entrepreneur Jonny WFH [work from home] Rosenblatt maintains: “The announcement” he says. office is definitely not dead, it’s “People may not be going to just changing.” Jonny Rosenblatt Rosenblatt is the co-founder of Space- and Dan Silverman their corporate HQs for a little while, but the expectation on made, a flexible workspace provider. Spacemade works alongside building owners them from their firms is to deliver. For many, to help them deliver a flexible workspace the idea of working from home for another six months is soul-destroying, so they are seeing product. It sits as an extension to a landlords’ team a need to find somewhere flexible, ideally local and delivers the entire suite of services to them: and with Covid safety measures in place.” Rosenblatt predicts that a majority of combranding, marketing, sales, tech, finance and

panies will integrate some element of flexible office space into their company’s office strategy over the next three months. Many already are. “The companies we speak to are very much engaged with this. Many are downsizing their HQ but expanding the availability of spaces available to their employees through flexible workspace providers,” he explains. “Larger corporate occupiers appear to be taking a more cautious approach to wider workplace strategy and buying a bit more time, but what is clear is that changes to workspace strategy is a conversation going on in every company right now.” While flexible working and flexible office space is not a new phenomenon, the pandemic has accelerated the trend in an unprecedented way. A survey carried out last month by Spacemade found that nearly half of people surveyed would want to spend at least some time in a local office. The most popular option was doing two to three days a week from a local workspace and a similar amount from a central HQ, with only 15 percent wishing to work remotely full-time. Rosenblatt, 36, and his co-founder Dan Silverman, 37, said that at the start of the year they expected a rise in the ‘work near home’ model to come through over the next five years, but it’s happened in a few months. In fact, this shift towards such a ‘hub and spoke model’ – where rather than operate from a single larger office in the city, a business allows employees to work from either their city hub or a dedicated ‘spoke’ location, including more regional workspaces – is already taking place and likely to be a key product of the pandemic. Founded last year, Spacemade has 100,000 sq ft of flexible office space under operation in London, Leeds and Bristol. Rosenblatt previously founded the Headspace Group, a portfolio of flexible shared office space, which he sold in 2017. He then teamed up with Silverman, a former investment director at

the capabilities to do so. They were struggling to compete with operators and being pushed out the market.” He acknowledges the pandemic has turned real estate on its head. “The value of covenant strength, lease length, valuation methods, location, FR&I [Full Repairing and Insuring] leases are all under scrutiny. Success will not come to those simply willing back the good old days. “Our early wins as a business have been small but impactful because we’ve listened to our customers who tell us they want flexibility above all else. They want to use space on demand. Landlords and operators who can support this will be the big winners.” But surely the government’s ‘work from home’ message hasn’t helped the office market? “Not for central London in the short term,” he admits. “Momentum had been building and companies had started reverting to office usage at a much more substantial rate. What’s clear though is that building owners have to think about how best to deliver their space to maximise revenue and make it attractive for occupiers to want to use them. The office needs to be a destination more than ever.” Design will be key. “People’s priorities are changing – they want nice office spaces. Workers need a reason to go back to the office, having got used to working from the comfort of their home. Traditionally, the spaces close to home have always been pretty below par but the office needs to be worth coming to.” Rosenblatt maintains, however, that there is still very much a need for a central HQ. “The ideal mix going forward is going to be three day/ two day split; probably two days in a Central HQ where people get together for focused collaborative work, versus a couple of days of focused work closer to home. Everyone wins because employees get the benefit of a better work-life balance and don’t have the painful commute everyday, and companies can also have a bit more flexibility with the huge overhead of their real-estate portfolio. “The mix of remote working and being in a HQ is going to be different for every organisation, but getting the right balance and providing the right solutions will be critical to every company’s success.”  www.spacemade.co

The Loft in Queen’s Park is one of the flexible workspaces across the UK

Blue Coast Capital and BNP Paribas Real Estate, who had been advising on commercial real estate investments. “We saw this trend where landlords were increasingly looking to deliver their own flexible offering to tenants, but didn’t necessarily have Sharing ensures an end to working from home

22 October 2020 Jewish News



Orthodox Judaism

SEDRA Noach BY RABBI DANIEL FRIEDMAN God tells Noah to build an ark for a flood that will last 40 days and see him cooped up inside a wooden cage – not wonderful, but manageable. And so into the ark he goes. But the rain continues. And even once it has subsided, the earth remains drenched. It’s not until more than a year later that he finally exits the ark. Can you imagine how constrained and claustrophobic he must have felt for all that time, not knowing when he would return to normality? Even when he does emerge, the world is nothing like he remembered. All his friends and extended family are gone. The infrastructure has all been destroyed. He realises that it all recommences with him. At that point, “Noah the man of the earth began by planting a vineyard.” And what’s the next thing that happens? Noah gets drunk and demeans himself. Noah, who could have been remembered as the ‘family man’, the ‘spiritual man’, or the ‘society-building man’, chooses to become the ‘man of the earth’, disgracing his legacy for all eternity.

Right now, we’re in the midst of a great flood. We thought it would be over quickly. But we now realise that to return to normal life within the year is wishful thinking. Inside the ark, we’re in survival mode, trying to get through each day, keeping ourselves and our loved ones alive and well, physically and psychologically. We will, however, emerge from the ark. Things won’t be the same. We will have choices to make. Will we focus on family and community? Or will we quickly forget the pledges we made and revert to our old ways? Here’s your chance to begin your life anew. When the pandemic ends, you get to decide your story and that of future generations. For now, while you’re in the ark, life has slowed down a little. Now’s the time to plan how you see your life when the door opens. Your eternal legacy begins momentarily. May you be remembered as a person of greatness.

◆ Rabbi Daniel Friedman serves Hampstead Garden Suburb Synagogue

Torah For Today What does the Torah say about: Mars BY RABBI ZVI SOLOMONS Over the past week the planet Mars has appeared at its biggest and brightest as the Red Planet and Earth move closer together than they will be again until 2035. So, what does the Torah say of other planets? An old joke has two bug-eyed aliens meeting on another planet. One introduces itself to the other. “Hello, I’m zog59723.” The other responds, “Funny, you don’t look Jewish!” Our tradition recognises the majesty of creation and even the possibility of life in other star systems. The stars and the planets are part of God’s creation and were as familiar to our Biblical ancestors as they were to the Greeks, Romans, Babylonians and Egyptians. Even star signs are mentioned in the Talmud. Our rabbis of old were astronomers and understood the heavens. That is how they set our calendar so accurately. The prayer

Head of Jewish Studies

REQUIRED for January 2021 or sooner Salary Commensurate with experience

Sinai School is seeking to appoint an experienced and motivated Head of Jewish Studies who will be an enthusiastic and committed member of the school community and will join our dedicated Leadership Team. Sinai Jewish Primary School is dedicated to motivation, inspiration and excellence. We are a happy, thriving and successful school with a positive, caring and imaginative learning environment that gives our children the very best start in life. We are seeking an ambitious and energetic professional with experience of leading teams, monitoring teaching and learning, and with experience of successfully leading improvement and raising standards. Our community is highly valued by our families and staff and as a school we expect everyone to actively contribute to and promote our strong, positive ethos. If you are a dynamic and inspirational leader with the capacity to grow and develop in the role, if you have initiative, constructive enthusiasm, a thorough knowledge of all key stages and the ambition to play a major role in the leadership and management of our school then we would love to hear from you. What Sinai can offer: • an opportunity for career development • exciting opportunities and development • a forward thinking Jewish Studies curriculum • children who are eager to learn, confident and enthusiastic • staff who are fully committed to making a difference • superb resources in excellent facilities. • Inner London Weighting in an Outer London borough The successful candidate will be: • an enthusiastic and consistently strong practitioner with a sound knowledge and understanding of Primary Jewish Education; • an innovative and effective classroom practitioner who is passionate about learning and teaching Jewish Studies; • an effective communicator with parents and colleagues • highly motivated and able to motivate others. • knowledgeable about practicing Judaism • experienced in Leading teams

El Adon is a Kabbalistic discussion of the planets. We are not, however, as obsessed with astrology as much of the rest of the world. It is against our world view, because we hold ourselves responsible for our own actions, able to influence our fate. In Genesis 15:5, God takes our father Abraham outside to show him the stars, by way of illustrating that we shall become infinitely numerous. In Gemara Nedarim 32a, Abraham asks God what will be, as he appears destined not to have children. God responds that he should

ignore his astrology and instead think about where he is in the here and now. In Midrash Bereshit Rabbah (44:12) , we are told: “R’ Levi said: ‘While the sandal is on your foot, walk on the thorn. All who are placed below them should fear them, but you, who are placed above them, step on them.’” Star signs and portents can be frightening – and as Mars glows menacingly big and red in our skies, we remember that, in ancient times and in astrological belief, it is considered a portent of war. But this is not how we as Jews should think. As Rabbi Yochanan reminds us in Jeremiah (10:2): “Do not be disheartened by portents in the sky; let the nations be disheartened by them. The nations, but not Israel.” ◆ Rabbi Zvi Solomons serves the Jewish Community of Berkshire (JCoB.org), based in Reading



Hasmonean Primary School 8-10 Shirehall Lane, London. NW4 2PD, Tel: 020 8202 7704, Fax: 020 8202 1605 Email: admin@hasmonean-pri.barnet.sch.uk Web: www.hasmonean-pri.barnet.sch.uk Head Teacher: Dr Alan Shaw, BA (Hons), MA, EdD

Attention all Prospective Pre-Nursery, Nursery & Reception Parents Wednesday 18th November 2020 from 8–9:30 pm There will be a Zoom presentation by the Headteacher followed by a virtual tour of the school. For security, please contact us with your details so that we may forward you the Zoom details closer to the time. Email admin@hasmonean-pri.barnet.sch.uk Applications for entry in September 2021 to Pre Nursery & Nursery must be received by Wednesday 9th December 2020. -------------------------Applications for the Reception Class in September 2021 must be received by the School AND Barnet by Tuesday 12th January 2021 for which you will need to complete two separate forms: • The Common Application Form to be returned to the London Borough of Barnet (online) • The Hasmonean Primary Supplementary Information Form (on our website) to be returned to the School

Further details and an application form please contact the Headteacher’s PA hbrotherton@sinai.brent.sch.uk Deadline Friday 16th October Interviews week of 19th October Sinai School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects all who work here to share this commitment. The successful applicant will be subject to an enhanced DBS disclosure and other relevant checks.

A copy of the Governors’ Admissions Policy and Application Forms are available on request from the School Office or on the school website. Our Privacy Policy is also on our website.



Jewish News 22 October 2020

Progressive Judaism

The Bible Says What? ‘Delilah wasn’t a treacherous woman, just a mighty warrior’ BY RABBI CHARLEY BAGINSKY “When Delilah saw that Samson had told her everything, she sent word to the rulers of the Philistines…” Judges (16:18) Jewish tradition has, on the whole, not given Delilah very good press. For obvious reasons, of course. She is loved by Samson, the Nazarite of famous strength who serves as the final Judge of Israel. Cecil B DeMille’s 1949 film Samson and Delilah brought to life years of negative portrayals of the woman, that saw her fixed in many minds as the treacherous woman. But just pause a minute. She was, according to tradition, a Philistine and widely accepted as the enemy of the Israelites. No man had been able to bring an end to Samson, such was his strength. Audre Lorde states: “The master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house… They may allow us temporarily to beat him at his own game, but they will never enable us

to bring about genuine change.” So rather than read this story as we perhaps always have done, can we not see this as a story of a female warrior? Delilah does not try to fight Samson as a man would, but her methods prove more effective than any sword. She is the only woman in the Samson story whose name we know. There is some debate over the etymology of her name, but what is clear is that it is a word play on the Hebrew for ‘night’. Perhaps this is a nod to the recognition that the darkness of the night is the only way to close down the mighty sun, with Samson/Shimshon sharing a root with shemesh, the Hebrew word for ‘sun’. So, too, is Delilah the only one to be able to defeat the invincible Samson.

◆ Rabbi Charley Baginksy is interim director of Liberal Judaism

Progressively Speaking Can we forgive those who make fun of the Holocaust? BY RABBI MARK GOLDSMITH Blogger Stephanie Yeboah (pictured), who writes about positive attitudes towards body shape and beauty, lost her job as a contributing editor and diversity champion at Grazia magazine after writing deeply offensive Holocaust tweets. It was impressive she apologised, deleted the tweets and expressed willingness to learn from organisations such as the Board of Deputies about what the Holocaust will always mean to Jewish people and humanity. A few weeks after the High Holy Days we might think that apologising fulsomely and sincerely should be enough for Yeboah to keep her job and that the Jewish community should encourage the magazine to reinstate her. Indeed, a constant refusal to accept an apology is seen as the wrong way to behave, according to Talmud Yoma 87. However, our Jewish business ethics fully justify Grazia’s actions.

Our Talmud developed a principle whereby certain employees should consider themselves on a permanent warning that they could be summarily dismissed if they cause damage that could not be repaired. The examples given in Talmud Bava Batra 21 are of a planter of crops, a teacher of children and a town scribe. If they get it wrong, it’s too late to repair the damage when the crops don’t grow, the children will grow up with insufficient knowledge to face the world and poorly written documents can have dreadful legal

consequences. Our Shulchan Aruch in Choshen Mishpat 306 notes that all of these people are public figures and so their mistakes damage more than individuals. This is what would have been achieved had Grazia not taken the action it did. The magazine could not have a diversity champion who was unable to be sensitive to the trauma of a whole people. Perhaps one day, when Yeboah has enhanced her understanding of the Shoah, she can bring her skills to another publication in need of a diversity champion. From a Jewish community perspective, we are right to accept her apology, but also recognise she should have another opportunity with a different employer once she has furthered her education. ◆ Mark Goldsmith is senior rabbi of Edgware and Hendon Reform Synagogue

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22 October 2020 Jewish News


Professional advice from our panel / Ask Our Experts

Ask our Our trusty team of advisers answers your questions about everything from law and finance to dating and dentistry. This week: Setting up a new company, living independently with a disability and support to watch TV



Dear Adam As a result of Covid-19 I’ve lost my job and am looking to set up my own business. What are the key legal issues for me to consider? Jason Dear Jason There are many opportunities for new businesses despite the current financial climate. Setting up a new company is a surprisingly straightforward and a relatively inexpensive process. The first thing to do (other than to work out what your new business will do) is to


JEWISH BLIND & DISABLED Dear Lisa I’ve heard there is a long waiting list for apartments at Jewish Blind & Disabled and that you are very oversubscribed. My friend is in urgent need of more suitable housing. Owing to his poor mobility, he is struggling to get in and out of his bath and up the stairs to his bedroom. He is also struggling financially

in his current property. Is it worth him applying? How do you assess who is successful in getting an apartment? Joan Dear Joan It is definitely worth applying. We provide accessible housing for people with impaired vision or a physical disability and it sounds like your friend would meet our criteria. Our assessment process is all based on need and the suitability of the person’s current housing. We have a points system whereby we allocate points according to how people meet our criteria. If someone is in urgent need, they will score higher points and will be

come up with a company name. You should make sure that a third party does not already use that company name. It is worth considering trademarking the company name and to register the name as part of the new company incorporation process with Companies House. It is also worth thinking about what will be the legal structure of the new company (for example, sole trader or limited company) along with who will be its directors and what level of financial investment, if any, will be put into it. While many people are working from home just now, you should consider where you would like your business to be located in the longer term. You should think about setting up a bank account for the new company and also creating a website and social media profile for the new company.

more likely to be allocated an apartment quicker than those with lower needs. We can also advise your friend on his finances. If he is eligible for benefits, we can support him to apply for these. I would encourage your friend to apply as soon as he can. He would need to complete the application form, which can be found on our website (or we can send you a copy in the post), and we will then arrange a home visit to do an assessment. We currently have some availability in north-east and north-west London, but this changes from one week to the next. The quicker he gets an application in the sooner we can look to help him.


JEWISH DEAF ASSOCIATION Dear Sue I’m stuck at home and the television is vital company for me. But I have a hearing loss and can’t make out what is being said, even with my hearing aids. I’m desperate to be able to enjoy it more as I’m alone and it’s a lifeline during this awful pandemic. Please help! Martha

Lost your job? Been furloughed? Worried about your future career? Resource Advisors can help you to start thinking about the positive actions you could be taking and help you find the way forward. There are still jobs out there, and with our free support and practical advice we could help you secure one. Book a chat with a Resource Advisor on 020 8346 4000 or visit www.resource-centre.org @resourcecharity


Dear Martha This must be so frustrating for you. The good news is we can refer you to your local council, which should be able to offer you a television listener, even in the midst of Covid-19. The devices normally provided are used instead of, or together with, hearing aids and mean that you can get good, clear sound directly into your ears. Most people find that they really do help, and make a very significant difference to being able to enjoy their favourite programmes. If you don’t want to go through the council, as you may have to wait a while for their assessment, you can buy a television listener yourself. Just get

resource employment advice centre Charity Reg No: 1106331

in touch and we can spend time advising you (at the moment either by phone, email or video chat) all about different ones available and how they work. We’ll even order one for you if it helps. Please contact Gabrielle at JDA on 020 8446 0214 or gabrielle@jdeaf.org.uk and she will get the ball rolling for you quickly and easily. We look forward to getting you up to speed with your favourite TV programmes very soon.



Jewish News 22 October 2020

Ask Our Experts / Professional advice from our panel

Our Experts Got a question for a member of our team? Email: editorial@jewishnews.co.uk PRIVATE HEALTHCARE SPECIALIST


TREVOR GEE Qualifications: • Managing Director, consultant specialists in affordable family health insurance. • Advising on maximising cover, lower premiums, pre-existing conditions. • Excellent knowledge of health insurers, cover levels and hospital lists • LLB solicitors finals • Member of Chartered Insurance Institute

PATIENT HEALTH 020 3146 3444/5/6 www.patienthealth.co.uk trevor.gee@patienthealth.co.uk


SARAH BENARROCH Qualifications: • Director of Literacy Specialist Ltd, educational services for children with literacy difficulties and dyslexia. • MA in Specific Learning Difficulties (dyslexia), APC, British Dyslexia Association, PATOSS, 20 years’ experience in child education and development. • Full diagnostic assessments and reports for dyslexia. • Primary-age tuition in reading, writing and spelling.

ADAM LOVATT Qualifications: • Lawyer with more than 11 years of experience working in the legal sector. Specialist in corporate, commercial, media, sport and start-ups. • Master’s degree in Intellectual Property Law from the University of London. • Non-Executive Director of various companies advising on all governance matters.

LITERACY SPECIALIST LTD 07940 576 286 sarah@literacyspecialist.co.uk

LOVATT LEGAL LIMITED 07753 802 804 adam@lovattlegal.co.uk




CAROLYN ADDLEMAN Qualifications: Lawyer with over 20 years’ experience in will drafting and trust and estate administration. Last 14 years at KKL Executor and Trustee Company. In close contact with clients to ensure all legal and pastoral needs are cared for. Member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners.

JONATHAN WILLIAMS Qualifications: • Jewellery manufacturer since 1980s. • Expert in the manufacture and supply of diamond jewellery, wedding rings and general jewellery. • Specialist in supply of diamonds to the public at trade prices.

SUE CIPIN Qualifications: • 20 years+ hands-on experience, leading JDA in significant growth and development. • Understanding of the impact of deafness on people, including children, at all stages. • Extensive services for people affected by hearing loss/tinnitus. • Technology room with expert advice on and facilities to try out the latest equipment. Hearing aid advice, support and maintenance.

KKL EXECUTOR AND TRUSTEE COMPANY 0800 358 3587 www.kkl.org.uk enquiries@kkl.org.uk

JEWELLERY CAVE LTD 020 8446 8538 www.jewellerycave.co.uk jonathan@jewellerycave.co.uk

JEWISH DEAF ASSOCIATION 020 8446 0502 www.jdeaf.org.uk mail@jdeaf.org.uk

• • •

Got a question for a member of our team? Email: editorial@thejngroup.com


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ISRAEL ADVERT 2 100X84.indd 1

T: 020 8832 2222 E: info@shipsms.co.uk W: www.shipsms.co.uk


DAVID SEGEL Qualifications: • Managing director of West End Travel, established in 1972. • Leading UK El Al agent with branches in Swiss Cottage and Edgware. • Specialist in Israel travel, cruises and kosher holidays. • Leading business travel company, ranked in top 50 UK agents. • Frequent travel broadcaster on radio and TV.

CARL WOOLF Qualifications: • 20+ years experience as a criminal defence solicitor and higher court advocate. • Specialising in all aspects of criminal law including murder, drug offences, fraud and money laundering, offences of violence, sexual offences and all aspects of road traffic law. • Visiting associate professor at Brunel University.

WEST END TRAVEL 020 7644 1500 www.westendtravel.co.uk David.Segel@westendtravel.co.uk

NOBLE SOLICITORS 01582 544 370 carl.woolf@noblesolicitors.co.uk



STEPHEN MORRIS Qualifications: • Managing Director of Stephen Morris Shipping Ltd. • 45 years’ experience in shipping household and personal effects. • Chosen mover for four royal families and three UK prime ministers. • Offering proven quality specialist advice for moving anyone across the world or round the corner.

LOUISE LEACH Qualifications: • Professional choreographer qualified in dance, drama and Zumba (ZIN, ISTD & LAMDA), gaining an honours degree at Birmingham University. • Former contestant on ITV’s Popstars, reaching bootcamp with Myleene Klass, Suzanne Shaw and Kym Marsh. • Set up Dancing with Louise 19 years ago.

STEPHEN MORRIS SHIPPING LTD 020 8832 2222 www.shipsms.co.uk stephen@shipsms.co.uk

DANCING WITH LOUISE 020 3740 7900 www.dancingwithlouise.co.uk Info@dancingwithlouise.com

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22 October 2020 Jewish News



Professional advice from our panel / Ask Our Experts




ADAM SHELLEY Qualifications: • FCCA chartered certified accountant. • Accounting, taxation and business advisory services. • Entrepreneurial business specialist including start-up businesses. • Specialises in charities; Personal tax returns. • Maurice Wohl Charitable Foundation Volunteer of the Year JVN award.

DONIEL GRUNEWALD Qualifications: • Accredited mediator to International Standards offering civil/commercial and workplace mediation; in a facilitative or evaluative format, or by med-arb. • Experienced in all Beth Din matters; including arbitration, advocacy, matrimonial settlements and written submissions. • Providing bespoke alternative dispute resolution (ADR) to the Jewish community.

DR ADAM NEWMAN Qualifications: • Dentist at the Gingerbread House, a Bupa Platinum practice in Shenley, Radlett. • Regional clinical lead for Bupa Dental Care UK. • Providing NHS and private dentistry, whitening, implants and cosmetic treatment. • Bachelor of Dental Surgery and member of the Royal College of Physician and Surgeons Glasgow; GDC registered 212542.

SOBELL RHODES LLP 020 8429 8800 www.sobellrhodes.co.uk a.shelley@sobellrhodes.co.uk

JEWISH DISPUTE SOLUTIONS 020 3637 9638 www.jewishdisputesolutions.co.uk director@jewishdisputesolutions.co.uk

GINGERBREAD HOUSE 01923 852 852 www.gingerbreadhealth.co.uk Adam.newman@gingerbreadhealth.co.uk




NAOMI FELTHAM Qualifications: • Leading currency transfer provider since 1996 with over 500 expert employees. • Excellent exchange rates on your transfers to/from Israel. • Offices worldwide, with local support in Israel, the UK, mainland Europe and the USA. • Free expert guidance from your dedicated account manager.

JOE GRIFFIN Qualifications: • More than 13 years’ experience in the construction and property industry, with a specialism in high-end residential and commercial property. • Negotiation of site acquisitions and property deals; design and planning strategies. • Focus on niche market purchasing airspace above commercial and residential blocks to create additional stories of accommodation and penthouse apartments.

IAN GREEN Qualifications: • Launched Man on a Bike IT consultancy 15 years ago to provide computer support for the home and small businesses. • Clients range from legal firms in the City to families, small business owners and synagogues. • More than 18 years’ experience.

CURRENCIES DIRECT 07922 131 152 / 020 7847 9447 www.currenciesdirect.com/jn Naomi.feltham@currenciesdirect.com

LONDON PENTHOUSE 020 7665 9604 www.londonpenthouse.com info@lphvgroup.com

MAN ON A BIKE 020 8731 6171 www.manonabike.co.uk mail@manonabike.co.uk



LEON HARRIS Qualifications: • Leon is an Israeli and UK accountant based in Ramat Gan, Israel. • He is a Partner at Harris Horoviz Consulting & Tax Ltd. • The firm specializes in Israeli and international tax advice, accounting and tax reporting for investors, Olim and businesses. • Leon’s motto is: Our numbers speak your language!

ASHLEY PRAGER Qualifications: • Professional insurance and reinsurance broker. Offering PI/D&O cover, marine and aviation, property owners, ATE insurance, home and contents, fine art, HNW. • Specialist in insurance and reinsurance disputes, utilising Insurance backed products. (Including non insurance business disputes). • Ensuring clients do not pay more than required.

LISA WIMBORNE Qualifications: Able to draw on the charity’s 50 years of experience in enabling people with physical disabilities or impaired vision to live independently, including: • The provision of specialist accommodation with 24/7 on site support. • Knowledge of the innovations that empower people and the benefits available. • Understanding of the impact of a disability diagnosis.

HARRIS HOROVIZ CONSULTING & TAX LTD +972-3-6123153 / + 972-54-6449398 leon@h2cat.com

RISK RESOLUTIONS 020 3411 4050 www.risk-resolutions.com ashley.prager@risk-resolutions.com

JEWISH BLIND & DISABLED 020 8371 6611 www.jbd.org Lisa@jbd.org




DOV NEWMARK Qualifications: • Director of UK Aliyah for Nefesh B’Nefesh, an organisation that helps facilitate aliyah from the UK. • Conducts monthly seminars and personal aliyah meetings in London. • An expert in working together with clients to help plan a successful aliyah.

LESLEY TRENNER Qualifications: • Provides free professional one-to-one advice at Resource to help unemployed into work. • Offers practical support, workshops and networking opportunities to maximise job prospects.

NEFESH B’NEFESH 0800 075 7200 www.nbn.org.il dov@nbn.org.il

RESOURCE 020 8346 4000 www.resource-centre.org office@resource-centre.org

Got a question for a member of our team? Email: editorial@thejngroup.com BEFORE





VANESSA LLOYD PLATT Qualifications: • Qualification: 40 years experience as a matrimonial and divorce solicitor and mediator, specialising in all aspects of family matrimonial law, including: • Divorce, pre/post-nuptial agreements, cohabitation agreements, domestic violence, children’s cases, grandparents’ rights to see grandchildren, pet disputes, family disputes. • Frequent broadcaster on national and International radio and television.

POLLY LANDSBERG Qualifications: • Polly has worked in health and social care for more than 35 years. • Has a degree in nursing and a diploma in health visiting. • Polly is responsible for the day-to-day management of the palliative and end of life care service.

London Penthouse pay freeholders a premium for their airspace. They also carry out improvement works to the existing buildings benefitting freeholders and leaseholders alike.

LLOYD PLATT & COMPANY SOLICITORS 020 8343 2998 www.divorcesolicitors.com lloydplatt@divorcesolicitors.com

SWEETTREE HOME CARE SERVICES 020 7644 9500 www.sweettree.co.uk polly.landsberg@sweettree.co.uk

To find out more visit londonpenthouse.com or email info@lphvgroup.com to book a free valuation of your roof space.



Jewish News 22 October 2020

Luxury Apartments by the Sea -

Immediate occupancy!


Photo: May 2020

LUXURY APARTMENTS fRoM NIS 5.4 MILIoN 3 to 4-room Garden Apartments with large gardens and spectacular Penthouses The Ofer Investments Group is proud to present their luxury “Pituach by the Sea” project built on one of the most desirable strips of real estate in Israel – Herzliya Pituah, A stone’s throw from the sea. The project was designed by a team of first-class architects and designers. It was built to the highest specifications and includes high-end brands and attention to the smallest detail without compromising on quality and accuracy.

6-Storey Boutique Complex Green Spaces Lively surroundings, with cafes, restaurants and other amenities SWIMMING POOL | MAGNIFICENT LOBBY | LUXURIOUS FEATURES

Tel. +972-73-2767165 sales@oferinvest.com

22 October 2020 Jewish News



Fun, games and prizes


SUDOKU Fill the grid with the numbers 1 to 9 so that each row, column and 3x3 block contains the numbers 1 to 9.

9 10 13 15 16 19 21

Pepper grinder (4) Title of the emperor of Russia (4) Evergreen tree with red berries (3) Twitchy (4) 7 8 Metal, wooden or plastic ring (4) In the dim and distant past (4,3) Atom or molecule with a positive or negative electric charge (3) 9 10 11 22 Person who excavates coal (5) 23 Impetuous (5) 12 13 14 DOWN 1 Beneficial (4) 15 16 2 Disclosing (7) 3 Approximately (6) 17 18 4 Preserve by drying (4) 5 Without further ___, straight away (3) 19 20 21 6 Small racing car (2‑4) 11 Tales (7) 12 Scene of chaos and confusion (6) 22 23 14 Flow swiftly with a soft sibilant sound (6) 17 Habitation of a wolf (4) 7 Bird associated with sagacity (3) ACROSS 18 Emotion associated with the colour 1 Climb aboard (3,2) 8 Bubble blocking the flow of green (4) liquid through a pipe (7) 20 Convent sister (3) 4 Chime (5) 1
































































Last issue’s solutions


Crossword ACROSS: 1 Loiter 4 Deal 8 Bye 9 Topmost 10 Later 11 Xerox 13 Flash 15 Locum 17 Overact 19 Vin 20 Shun 21 Hearts DOWN: 1 Label 2 Inertia 3 Enter 5 Ego 6 Latex 7 Apex 12 Recover 13 Floss 14 Hear 15 Latte 16 Minus 18 Emu

9 6 2 7 8 4 1 3 5

4 1 3 5 6 2 7 8 9



















21 12










10 22


12 8









15 23









6 2 9 8 7 5 3 4 1













4 5 3










4 3


26 10













See next issue for puzzle solutions.

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z 1




























Suguru 7 8 4 6 3 1 5 9 2











6 5











Sudoku 8 5 7 1 9 3 6 2 4
























Each cell in an outlined block must contain a digit: a two-cell block contains the digits 1 and 2, a three-cell block contains the digits 1, 2 and 3; and so on. The same digit must not appear in neighbouring cells, not even diagonally.

In this finished crossword, every letter of the alphabet appears as a code number. All you have to do is crack the code and fill in the grid. Replacing the decoded numbers 3, 21 and 25 with their letters in the grid will help you to guess the identity of other letters.

The words relating to candles can all be found in the grid. Words may run either forwards or backwards, in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal direction, but always in a straight, unbroken line.






7 3 5 4 9 7 7 6 1 4 8 4 6 9 9 5 7 1 7 9 1 5 2 1 4 5 2 6 5

1 3 5 2 4 9 8 6 7

3 9 1 4 5 8 2 7 6

2 7 8 9 1 6 4 5 3

5 4 6 3 2 7 9 1 8

2 4 1 3 2 1

1 5 2 4 5 3

2 4 1 3 1 2


All puzzles © Puzzler Media Ltd - www.puzzler.com

Wordsearch 1 3 5 2 4 5

4 2 4 1 3 1

3 1 3 2 5 4

1 4 5 2 3 5

3 2 1 4 1 2

1 4 3 2 5 4

3 2 5 1 3 1

1 4 3 2 5 2

3 2 1 4 3 4








Codeword D H D A S S A G S G I W B









U S N R L GH E DMB T A J W Z Q K I O X V C F P Y22/10



Jewish News 22 October 2020

Business Services Directory ANTIQUES 44

The Jewish News 22 September 2016



Stirling of Kensal Green

Top prices paid

Antique – Reproduction – Retro Furniture (any condition)




Epstein, Archie Shine, Hille, G Plan, etc. Antiques

Dining Suites, Lounges Suites, Bookcases, Desks, Cabinets, Mirrors, Lights, etc.

Cash paid for Mink Available support Allto Antique Furniture Hille & Epstein jackets, coats, you in your home. Diamond Jewellery, Gold, Silver,boleros, Paintings, stoles, Porcelain, also fox coats, etc. Glass,Days/nights. Bronzes, Ivories, Oriental & Judaica Antiques jackets etc. Very reasonable rates. Full house clearances organised. Wardrobes cleared Call Please 0208 look 958 at 2939 our website for more details Call 01277 352 560 or 07495 026 168

Established over 60 years. Know who you are dealing with.

Top prices paid

House clearances

All quality furniture bought & sold.

Antique – Reproduction – Retro Furniture

Single items to complete homes

(any condition)

Best prices paid for complete house clearEpstein, Archie Shine, Hille, G Plan, etc. ances Lounges includingSuites, china, Bookcases, books, Dining Suites, clothing etc. Also rubbish clearance Desks, Cabinets, Mirrors, Lights, etc. service, lofts, sheds, garages etc House clearances



07866 614 744 (ANYTIME)


VERY HIGH PRICES PAID. FREE HOME VISITS. All Antique Hille & Epstein 0207Furniture 723 7415 (SHOP) Diamond Jewellery, Gold, Silver, Paintings, Porcelain, closed Sunday & Monday Glass, Bronzes, Ivories, Oriental & Judaica Antiques etc.


0800 840 2035 or 07956268290

Single items to complete Please contact Gordonhomes Stirling

STUART SHUSTER - e-mail - info@maryleboneantiques.co.uk

Man on aOPEN Bike8am will TOget 9pm 7 DAYS. you working fast! RD LONDON. PORTOBELLO

020 8960 5401 or 07825 224144

Full house clearances organised.


MAKE SURE CONTACT BEFORE SELLING Please look YOU at our websiteUS for more details

͔͚͚͚͕͛͛͘͘͘͜(ANYTIME) Email: gordonstirling65@gmail.com


Rapid Response IT support for your PC & Mac Networks, virus problems, broadband, wireless systems, new computers and everything else you may need. CHARITY & WELFARE For small businesses & home users.

0207 723 7415(SHOP)

FOR APPOINTMENTS CALL SUE ON: 0800 840 2035 or 07956268290 OPEN 8am TO 9pm 7 DAYS.

Call Ian Green, Man on a Bike on


020 8731 6171 • www.manonabike.co.uk

closed Sunday & Monday STUART SHUSTER � e�mail � stuart@churchstreetantiques.net




Sheltered Accommodation

Charity & Welfare Bereavement Counselling for adults and children individually. Support Groups available. During the pandemic, we offer telephone and online counselling. ARE YOU BEREAVED? Contact Jewish Bereavement Counselling Service in adults confidence. Counselling for & children who are 0208Support 951 3881groups offered. experiencing loss. enquiries@jbcs.org.uk | www.jbcs.org.uk Call The Jewish Bereavement

Labels are forTURN, jars. Refer yourself or aKNOW loved one by IF YOU DON’T WHICH WAY TO Not people. calling 020 8458 2223 orOUR visit HELPLINE. REMEMBER www.jamiuk.org

For confidential advice, information and support don’t forget Jewish Care Direct. REGISTERED CHARITY NO. 1003345

020 8922 2222

Counselling Service in confidence


020 & 8951 3881 • 07765 693 160 CHARITY WELFARE



E: enquiries@jbcs.org.uk

PLUMBSAFE (UK) LTD Jami supports and represents people with mental illness across Fast & Efficient House the Jewish community.

For all your heating and plumbing requirements | boiler repairs and installation | complete central heating | | power flushing | complete bathroom installation service | | landlords certificates | project management | home purchase reports |


#jamithinkahead We are reliable, cover all neighbourhoods & suit all budgets. Give support • Get support • Get involved We also buy good quality furniture, old books & Judaica.

All NW-London postcodes covered

07860 881505 or 0800 610 12 12

020 8458 2223 | info@jamiuk.org www.jamiuk.org

Call: 078 060 79299 Reg Charity No. 1003345

Not shabbat


We have an open waiting list for our friendly and comfortable For further details and application forms, please contact warden assisted sheltered housing schemes for Jewish people Westlon on 020 8201 8484 in Ealing, EastHousing Finchley Association and Hendon. We provide 24-hour warden support, seven days a week; a residents’ lounge and kitchen, laundry, a sunny patio and garden.

BUY/SELL For further details and application forms, please contact Westlon Housing Association on 020 8201 8484

Charity Reg No. 802559

“Better Safe Than Sorry�

We have an open waiting list for our friendly and comfortable warden assisted sheltered housing schemes in Ealing, East Finchley and Hendon. We provide 24-hour warden support, WESTLON HOUSING ASSOCIATION seven days a week; a residents’ lounge and kitchen, laundry, aSheltered sunny patioAccommodation and garden.

Town & Country House Clearance We buy quality items, furniture and bric-a-brac We also clear unwanted items and rubbish For free advice or a quotation Are you a Jewish woman experiencing domestic violence? With abuse in your home, do you worry about your children?

We are here to help Contact Finlay with free support, advice and information and confidential counselling. Mobile: 07973 542018 Kosher Refuge available for women and children in need. Email:Freetowncountrymove@aol.com Confidential National Helpline 0808 801 0500 advice@jwa.org.uk • www.jwa.org.uk


Home & Maintenance




No further, your


Hall & Randall Plumbers


| boiler repairs and installation | complete central heating | | power flushing | complete bathroom installation service | | landlords certificates | project management | home purchase reports |

Not shabbat

) *" "- *'

Home & Maintenance


PROFESSIONAL A. ELFES LTD PAINTING, DECORATING memorials & New PAPER HANGING Additional inscriptions Over & 20renovations years experience Friendly, reliable & Gants Hill service. Edgware personal

The specialist masons in creating bespoke Granite and Marble Memorials for all Cemeteries.

Email : info@garygreenmemorials.co.uk

12Very Beehive Lane 130rates High Street competitive Gants Hill, IG1 3RD Edgware, HA8 7EL Telephone Telephone

STEPHEN: 07973 342 422 0207 754 4659 0207 754 4646


Gary Green ad 84 x 40mm JM Group v2.indd 1



      +" ) "# ,!"        "      !        #        !      




Edgware Showroom 41 Manor Park Crescent Edgware. HA8 7LY T: 0208 381 1525

 !          !  #        !         "  "  #  

All NW-London postcodes covered

07860 881505 or 0800 610 12 12

020 8953 2094 office

Clayhall Showroom 14 Claybury Broadway Ilford. IG5 0LQ T: 0208 551 6866


For all your heating and plumbing requirements

020 8207 3286 home 020 8386 8798 hallandrandallplumbers.com




“Better Safe Than Sorry�

18/03/2019 12:50:51



All types of electrical work undertaken


PURCHASED A WEEK £24.00 FREE ESTIMATES & ADVICE Rewiring, extra sockets, BT points, Economy 7 CLASSIC OR CARS storage heaters, Shabbat time switches, security lighting, ALL tests, WORK FULLYCall GUARANTEED for vehicles 10 CCTVportable appliance LED spotlights, over fault finding, Marc today landlord tests and house buyer’s surveys. years old preferably on 020 7692 6943 581 Bowrons Ave, Wembley HA0 4QP withan low mileagereliable and friendly For efficient service.

Call Harvey Solomons on

020 8958 Anthony 6495 / 07836 Contact: – 648 554

07850 590415

01245 211 002 / 07773 102 386 Jewish hilineroofing.site123.me

22 October 2020 Jewish News



Business Services Directory SILVER



Bespoke German Kitchens Konig experienced designers will plan, supply & install a stunning new kitchen to suit your lifestyle & budget giving you the best use of space, quality & value. Enjoy your dream kitchen - contemporary or traditional for many years.


German kitchens at affordable prices. Contact: 020 8946 3539 info@konigkitchens.com konigkitchens.com Instagram: @Konig_Kitchens

Email Sales today at sales@jewishnews.co.uk




Leave the legacy of independence to people like Joel.



PLease remember us in your wiLL.


Tel: 020 8202 2323 Web: www.ajex.org.uk Email: headoffice@ajex.org.uk

visit www.Jbd.org

Registered Charity

or caLL 020 8371 6611 No. 259480 18-361-JM Small legacy advert v1.qxp_Legacy 09/10/2018 10:27 Page 1

Registered Charity No: 1082148

Need to furnish your home or office? London’s leading supplier of new and reconditioned furniture. Free assembly and delivery next working day on most items – call now!

HELP US CONTINUE TO BE THERE FOR OUR COMMUNITY WITH A GIFT IN YOUR WILL. Call Alison on 020 8922 2833 for more information or email legacyteam@jcare.org Chancellors House, Brampton Lane, London, NW4 4AB Tel: 020 8903 8746 | Fax: 020 8795 2240 www.bfiwd.org | email: info@bfiwd.org

Charity Reg No. 802559

Call 0800 559 3917 Email sales@andrewsofficefurniture.com www.andrewsofficefurniture.com


Secure our

children’s future

Please include

CST in your Will

Charity no. 1042391

Every gift makes a difference legacy@cst.org.uk

020 8457 3700


COMPUTER Legacy advert 84x40.indd 1

Man on a Bike will get you working fast!

07/04/2017 14:47

Rapid Response IT support for your PC & Mac Networks, virus problems, broadband, wireless systems, new computers and everything else you may need. For small businesses & home users.

Call Ian Green, Man on a Bike on

020 8731 6171 • www.manonabike.co.uk

Quartz & granite worktops Give your kitchen the wow factor with a stunning granite or Quartz worktop. We template, manufacture & fit. Amazing colours & patterns. Best quality stone worktops to last a lifetime at very competitive prices Factory in Enfield. 25 years in business

Tel; 02088265724 Sales@rossistoneworks.co.uk www.rossistoneworks.com

ADVERTISE IN THE UK’S BIGGEST JEWISH NEWSPAPER FOR LESS THAN £24 A WEEK Email Sales today at sales@jewishnews.co.uk

40 Jewish News


22 October 2020

No Radiation Our MRI scans do not give off any radiation More effective than x-rays

An MRI scan can help identify health problems

DON’T WAIT FOR A MRI IN PAIN WE DO IT THE SAME DAY shoulder? An MRI can diagnose dislocation, sports injuries, breaks, infections and tumours.

can show arthritis, tennis elbow and injuries t o tendons and ligaments.

Constant back pain? Numbness in the legs? An MRI can diagnose MS, injury,disc injury. brain or spinal cancer .

finger pain or swelling? MRI scans can identify the cause such as arthritis, breaks and tendon and ligament damage.

your knee, feet or ankles an MRI can diagnose a range of causes including arthritis, damage to bones, cartilage , tendons, muscles, blood vessels and ligaments .

Standard MRI £199 www.mriplus.co.uk




0208 8205 1100

01702 478 885


Jewish News AD 3.indd 1

Claustrophobic open MRI £199


22/10/2020 10:10

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