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Dear Reader, JNF is deeply proud of the diverse work that we do with our partner organizations Israeli Duo Shine at 2013 Stockholm Junior Water Prize with a focus on issues that reflect JNF’s core values: Community Building, Water innovation is reaching the next generation: Two Israeli high school students Forestry & Green Innovations, Water Renewal, Research & Development, Zionist won the JNF-sponsored Israel water competition and placed an impressive second Education & Advocacy, Heritage Sites, and Accessibility & Therapeutic Services. place in the international Stockholm Junior Water Prize competition. It’s the personal stories of Israelis, olim, and Diaspora Jews connecting with Jewish identity that drive JNF’s vision. Turn to pages 16-21 and share in Westchester Boys Band Together for Mitzvah Project their the experiences of Negev pioneers, Israeli and American youth, new olim, and Logan Wasserman and a group of his friends in Westchester, NY are joining together to raise money for the Sderot Indoor Recreation Center through their bar mitzvah projects. people with special needs who are connecting to the land of Israel in meaningful ways. JNF is honored to be a part of this. We hope you enjoy this issue. Send your feedback to 2013 JNF National Conference in Denver Recap Regards, JNF hosted our most successful conference yet in the mile-high city of Denver, CO. Check out some highlights as we look forward to this year’s National Conference in B’Yachad Editorial Staff

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Los Angeles, CA.

16-21 Building Tomorrow, Today Through JNF and its partner organizations, Israelis and Diaspora Jews develop meaningful connections to the land and people of Israel. The future of the State of Israel lies in these inspiring people and their stories.

23 Co-Existence on a Cone The Jewish-Muslim partnership behind Buza Ice Cream Parlor and 34 other small businesses are thriving thanks to Western Galilee Now, a consortium that is encouraging tourism and putting the region on the map.

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B’Yachad Staff Editor in Chief: Ariel Vered Publisher: Russell F. Robinson Executive Editor: Jodi Bodner Creative Director: Sherene Strausberg COVER ART: Reginald Jean-Felix JEWISH NATIONAL FUND (JNF) began in 1901 as a dream and vision to reestablish a homeland in Israel for Jewish people everywhere. Jews the world over collected coins in iconic JNF Blue Boxes, purchasing land and planting trees until ultimately, their dream of a Jewish homeland was a reality. Today, JNF continues to give all generations a unique voice in building and ensuring the prosperity of the land of Israel through their generosity and partnership with the people of Israel.


JNF embodies both heart and action; our work is varied in scope but singular in benefit. We strive to bring an enhanced quality of life to all of Israel’s residents, and translate these advancements to the world beyond. JNF is greening the desert with millions of trees, building thousands of parks, creating new communities and cities for generations of Israelis to call home, bolstering Israel’s water supply, helping develop innovative arid-agriculture techniques, and educating both young and old about the founding and importance of Israel and Zionism. JNF is a registered 501(c)(3) organization and United Nations NGO, which continuously earns top ratings from charity overseers. For more information on JNF, call 888.JNF.0099 or visit



These are exciting times at jnf.

Project Spotlight: Cooperative Center for Research and Development and Renewable Energy Get ready to get warm. Research and development has long been an important facet of Jewish National Fund’s work in Israel. Now that work is heating up as JNF enters the world of renewable energy and solar conservation with the brand new Cooperative Center for Research and Development and Renewable Energy. Funded by Jewish National Fund, the laboratory is being built in the Southern Arava region also known as Hevel Eilot and will serve as a research hub for the study of renewable energy, geology, hydrology, and archaeology. It will attract researchers and students from Israel and neighboring countries and promote regional cooperation in the field of renewable energy to leverage development on both sides of the IsraelJordan border. In line with JNF’s Blueprint Negev goal of moving population to the Negev Desert, the project will also help to attract a strong, high-level population to the southern Arava, which is known as the ‘Silicon Valley’ of Israel. “Jewish National Fund and the Eilot Region are working together to create highlevel employment opportunities that will attract new residents interested in the Arava region,” said Udi Gat, Mayor of Eilot Region. “The development of this center will reinforce the employment mainstays in the Arava, with a particular focus on renewable energies, in order to strengthen and increase the population.” Jewish National Fund will fund a number of laboratories at the Cooperative Center for Research and Development and Renewable Energy. Research in these labs will include growing algae, studying agricultural ecological systems and earth sciences, producing

solar energy through thermo-chemical processes and renewable energy, and optics and electricity processing materials. To date, the main industries in the Arava are agriculture and tourism, industries that were attractive when the state was founded but not so to future generations. “Research is one of the avenues which will provide good employment Rendering of Center in Hevel Eilot opportunities in the region as a means of attracting young researchers,” said Gat. “These opportunities are not possible without a large laboratory center which provides sophisticated infrastructure and equipment along with an inviting work environment. The ideology of JNF has always supported and guided development in the periphery of Israel. The center will have great significance and will provide the stimulus which the Arava needs.” n This is a Forestry & Green Innovations project. For more information, contact Zevi Kahanov at or 212.879.9305 ext. 241.


• JNF leverages philanthropic dollars: We recognize that philanthropic capital should be viewed as an investment, not simply disbursed. The JNF Parsons Water Fund, for instance, has sparked important infrastructure projects, one of which was to drill new wells in the Galilee. With a longer timeframe than most investors, JNF provided vital capital for this major project that might not otherwise have happened and we achieved great results. In addition to unlocking new water sources for the people of Israel, JNF is due to receive a financial return on that investment that can then be redeployed for our other philanthropic projects. • JNF engages members for life: We come into the lives of many Jews the moment they are born (with a tree planted in their honor). From birth to legacy bequest, JNF has a special role to play throughout the life cycle of our supporters. And while American Jews invest in us, we also invest in them—providing unique opportunities for lifelong Israel engagement. • JNF is your voice in Israel: We give American Jews a direct way to make an impact in the Jewish homeland. We don’t simply issue statements, but rather back up our words with action on the ground. We don’t simply invite you to visit; we give you an opportunity to build with your own hands. And our volunteers—from longtime board members to new members— all have the opportunity to get involved in shaping JNF’s projects throughout Israel. As Israel and the American Jewish community face serious challenges in the decade ahead, we believe the spirit that has sustained JNF for the past 112 years is needed now more than ever. While the $1 billion fund will be invested in a range of initiatives, our investments focus on three core areas of expertise: • Connecting the next generation to Israel; • Community building in Israel’s Negev and Galilee; • Infrastructure for ecology, special needs, and heritage preservation. Not only has JNF proven expertise in each area, we believe that JNF has a unique contribution to make in each area, in part because of our organization’s DNA and because we are uniquely positioned to connect Americans and Israelis to get things done. Join me, join us, as we embark on the journey of a lifetime. Make JNF your Voice in Israel. To learn more about our $1 Billion Dollar Roadmap, email me at

Jewish National Fund

At our National Conference in Denver this past October, I had the distinct honor of announcing Jewish National Fund’s bold, exciting—and unprecedented in the philanthropic world—$1 Billion Dollar Roadmap for the Next Decade. The announcement was greeted by a standing ovation and an overwhelmingly powerful sense of purpose—one shared by everyone in that room and everyone who has heard about it since. Jewish National Fund has enjoyed a remarkable renaissance in the past decade, including a 70% growth in our campaign. It is now critical to leap forward and chart our road map for the future. We cannot rest on our laurels; we must look to the challenges and opportunities ahead. We need to deliver bold and transformative solutions that help secure a prosperous future for the land and the people of Israel. At JNF we are driven by a deep sense of purpose and responsibility. This $1 Billion Dollar Roadmap marries an ambitious financial goal to a comprehensive strategic vision. With both passion and a plan, JNF will connect American Jews to the people of Israel as never before and implement unique projects to strengthen Israel for the long-term. Our 10-year road map is built upon core values JNF has embedded in its DNA: • JNF creates tangible results: Our icons—the Blue Box and the tree planted in your name—are physical; you can touch them. On a much larger scale, JNF builds parks, reservoirs, neighborhoods, wells, and communities; maintains heritage sites; creates infrastructure; supports fire-fighting units; promotes aliyah; and even runs an American High School in Israel. These tangible products yield deep social impact, touching the lives of millions of people every year. And they achieve results. • JNF dares: We look constantly for solutions to challenges and we are not afraid to take calculated risks to achieve high returns. After all, Israel itself was once a high-risk start-up in a highly competitive landscape. As part of that venture for the past 112 years, JNF has (among many achievements) helped create hundreds of communities including urban cities like Tel Aviv, and planted a green belt of 250 million trees on barren land.

Campaign All-Star: David Segal David Segal embodies the essence of caring and giving.

Jewish National Fund


His deep love of Israel flourished into support of JNF. David has been instrumental in the funding of numerous fire trucks for Friends of Israel Firefighters (FIF), and is a dynamic inspiration to the JNF community of Long Island. We are thrilled to have him as our Campaign All-Star. “Once David was committed to saving lives with JNF, no one was able to stop him,” said Ariel Kotler, JNF Israel Operations Development Officer. “In his professional and personal life he has asked his friends and colleagues to join him in ‘buying a truck,’ as David likes to put it. He has been a real inspiration to me and it’s wonderful to have him as a personal friend. He is a true JNF superstar. I wish we could clone him!” Hailing from Woodmere, NY, David, a partner at Sukenik, Segal and Graff, is a real estate attorney. David’s wife, Debbie, the daughter of a rabbi and originally from South America, is a clothing designer who owns a local clothing business. Their four children are married and are passing on David and Debbie’s love of Israel to the next generation. Though most of David and Debbie’s many acts of chesed (kindness) are performed with the utmost modesty, the donation of a fire truck was a very public deed: both to encourage their peers to work towards the same goal and to set an example for their children and grandchildren. The purchase of the Segal fire truck was initiated and announced in honor of the bar mitzvah of their grandson Andrew Bokor. The completion of the purchase and dedication of the truck in Israel coincided with their granddaughter Margot Bokor’s bat mitzvah. Both parts of this mitzvah were tied to personal celebrations, underscoring the message of each person’s responsibility to the land and people of Israel. What better way for the Segal’s grandchildren to learn the importance of tzedakah (charity) than to see it modeled and celebrated David Segal and his wife Debbie before them. “David’s great love of giving is a huge part of who he is,” said Rabbi Hershel Billet of Young Israel of Woodmere. “His passion for Israel enables the great tzedakah and chesed we have been able to accomplish together.” n

Hi kids. I’m Blue Box Bob. Gather round and I’ll tell you all about Jewish National Fund, Israel, and me!

JNF Program Areas Community Building JNF enhances quality of life in Israel by building new communities and bolstering existing ones in peripheral areas. With 90% of Israel’s population concentrated in less than 40% of the country, the northern and southern regions are largely uninhabited. JNF plays a major role in helping to develop new communities in these areas, giving families an alternative to Israel’s crowded and expensive center, and rejuvenating established towns with opportunities to combat unemployment and stagnant population growth.

FORESTRY & Green Innovations As an innovator in ecological development and a pioneer in forest creation, JNF has hand-planted more than 250 million trees in Israel, providing luscious belts of green covering more than 250,000 acres. JNF’s parks and forests are enjoyed by millions of people each weekend and holiday. Through agricultural infrastructure development, research, and soil conservation, JNF has been able to create and extend the presence of fertile land where there was once endless desert.

Water Renewal JNF has been at the forefront of water management and conservation in Israel, increasing the country’s total water supply by 12% and helping Israel become a world leader in water recycling. JNF’s network of over 250 recycled water reservoirs provide almost half of the water used for agriculture, saving enough freshwater to meet the needs of 4.4 million people a year.

Research & Development JNF sponsors research initiatives in Israel as part of its efforts to cultivate the land. Today, JNF is a world leader in both technological, agricultural and environmental innovation. Working with distinguished academic and scientific institutions in Israel and abroad and in our own research centers, JNF has supported innovative solutions in the areas of solar power, water sustainability, and agricultural development.

ZIONIST Education & Advocacy JNF is the single largest provider of Zionist engagement programs in the U.S. and offers myriad ways to connect young American Jews to Israel, from trips to Israel to B’nai Mitzvah projects and advocacy programs on college campuses. In addition, JNF supports leadership development and environmental education programs for Israeli youth.

Heritage Sites Israel’s rich modern history can be found in every corner of the country. JNF is committed to the preservation of historical sites associated with Israel’s rebirth and independence and to ensuring that the stories behind them are properly documented and retold for generations to come. Heritage site development enables JNF to share the past, the important events, places, struggles and the fight for Israel’s independence.


JNF is dedicated to ensuring that no member of Israeli society is left behind. Through a variety of initiatives, JNF provides cutting-edge rehabilitative services, special education, and medical care for people with special needs and makes its forests, parks, picnic areas, playgrounds, nature trails, and recreation facilities “inclusive” to visitors of all ability levels.

campaign update By: Raphael Gellar

One hundred and twelve years ago, Jewish leaders dreamed of our return to Zion. Now, with JNF’s hard work and vision, we are realizing this dream by helping the land and people of Israel flourish. Coming off of our best campaign year ever—raising more than $121 million— we kicked off the 2014 campaign by unveiling our $1 Billion Dollar Roadmap for the Next Decade. It’s an exciting undertaking that sets JNF apart from any other Jewish non-profit in the world. JNFuture, whose motivated young leaders represent the next generation of JNF, saw membership rise 45% last year. There are currently 12 JNFuture chapters across North America and we hope to form chapters in four new cities by the end of 2014. JNFuture is on track to increase membership and fundraising dollars by more than 25% in 2014. You can read more on page 13. JNF is proud to support the exciting, innovative, and forwardthinking energy that is nurtured in Israel. This is a people who represent less than 1% of one-fifteenth of the world’s population and are awarded almost 20% of the vaunted Nobel Peace Prizes. Israel leads the world in skills like water conservation and desert farming, and ranks amongst the world leaders in high-tech and medical research. I am proud of Israel, a country that at 65 is a true leader that makes the world a better place. That brings me to the pride I feel for JNF. As the National Vice President of Campaign, I have traveled across the country; I must have met a thousand JNF supporters. Everyone has a story to share about growing up with JNF, planting trees or putting coins in a Blue Box. They tell me that as they learn more about JNF’s activities, they are surprised by the full scope of our work in Israel. “How do you boil down a century of accomplishment?” they ask. I tell them, “JNF is an entrepreneurial organization that identifies the country’s needs and figures out how JNF can make an impact.” JNF is taking a lead role in projects today that our leaders could never have imagined a century ago, and a century from now we’ll be engaged in activities of which we can’t conceive today. But I can assure you there will always be a JNF working for Israel. Our descendants will chart the course of this JNF-Israel partnership in the future. JNF has really helped shape the land of the Jewish people. We have a professional staff second to none and the most passionate and committed donor base—so many of you tirelessly promote our mission, travel to Israel, and speak on our behalf. We have a rich history steeped in meaning and a glorious future centered on bettering the land and people of Israel. I am counting on you to share this story of partnership and accomplishment with your children. Contact me at

Yeari Vigder and Noam Arye Nassian, both 18, were invited to participate in the Stockholm Junior Water Prize after winning the Israeli water competition, which is sponsored by Jewish National Fund. After a week of presentations in Sweden’s capital, the Israeli pair came in an impressive second place. So how does it feel to earn second place in what is considered to be ‘the Junior Nobel Prize for Water Research?’ “It was very exciting to present our project to people from other countries,” said Yeari. “I think they had a really positive opinion of Israel after they met us, and especially after we came in second. It was an honor to be there on Israel’s behalf. I felt quite proud.” The goal of their project, called “EverGreen,” was to find out how much invisible light is used by any plant for creating sugar and from that information infer how much water is available for the same process. After discussing their project with a group of professors, they realized that they had come up with better technology to help plants. To calculate the numbers, they created a system that included a camera with special lenses and software that can output the information about the water within the plant from the camera. “The system we developed provides a new tool for managing water application to crops,” said Noam. “It may be appropriate for farms in countries where the use of smartphones is widespread.” The pair, who started working on the project when they were 16, stated that the goal of their project was “to make this technology available to farmers in third world countries and to help as many people as possible.” The international Stockholm Junior Water Prize is held annually in Stockholm, Sweden during World Water Week, which takes place in August or September. Every year, thousands of young students from 30 countries all over the world compete in national competitions. The winner from each is invited to participate in the prestigious Stockholm competition. The competition accepts water-related projects of proven environmental, scientific, social or technological significance. In Stockholm, teams present their projects in front of their peers, international researchers, politicians and media. A jury of international water experts interviews each team and selects the winners. Noam explained that with all of the current water problems throughout the world, it was inspiring and enlightening to meet the youngest and brightest minds and focus on how they can solve the water problem. “It motivates us to look at these problems as something we can solve,” he said. “Once we all give our ideas on how to solve the problems, we can really see what the best solution is to invest in.” Since returning from the competition in Stockholm, Yeari has enlisted in a special combat unit in the IDF while Noam is hoping to enter a unique IDF technology unit dealing with computer programming. As the two are spending the next three years in the army it will be hard for them to continue to develop their project. But after they complete their service, they intend to start a company to continue to develop their winning project and embark on new projects together. Said Noam: “We want to establish a solutions company once we are both out of the army. We see this as our future.” For more information, contact Zevi Kahanov at or 212.879.9305 x241.

Yeari Vigder and Noam Arye Nassian accept the 2nd place award from Victoria, Crown Princess of Sweden.


BILL MILLER, vp, Campaign

Jewish National Fund

Israeli duo shine at 2013 Stockholm Junior WATER PRIZE

Jewish National Fund

Across the country For info on upcoming JNF events, visit and click on “JNF in Your Area”   New England


  Los Angeles




















6 New england


Los Angeles


(L-R) Breakfast co-chair and Arava Institute Hazon Bike Ride alumni Bruce Stanger, New England Board member and Breakfast co-chair C. Robert Zelinger, JNF Senior Campaign Executive Deborah Budd, and National Vice President of Israel Action and featured speaker Chuck Fax at a Hartford, CT breakfast.

1 (L-R) Jay Dermer, Cort Adair, Jon Birnbrey, and Adam Freeman at the 6th Annual

1 (L-R) Briana Moss, JNFuture Chair

Team JNF members from Northern Connecticut on the Arava Institute Hazon Israel Ride. (L-R) David Flomenhaft, Andrew Magin, Moshe Pinchover, Allison Fischer, Bruce Stanger, Bob Efron, Ken Simon, Spencer Erman, Mel Simon, and Annie Keith.

Emissary Ezra Ravins at a welcome event for Ezra Ravins.

Eric Adler, Lisa Elkan, Scott Monatlik, and Adam Bar at a movie night atop the Thompson Hotel hosted by 2 (L-R) Isaac Antebi, former Special Israeli Emissary to the Southeast Ronnie Porat, JNFuture and JSpace. 2 (L-R) New England Executive Board member Steven London presented Rabbis for Israel members Rabbi David Small, Rabbi and Atlanta Board Past Co-President and current Atlanta Board member Mechal James Rosen, Rabbi Richard Plavin, and Rabbi Jeffrey Glickman with JNF Water Droplet awards thanking them for their service Perl at a farewell event for Ronnie Porat. 2 (L-R) Esther and Dr. Sol Silberstein at to JNF and the community, with Boston President Michael Blank in Hartford, CT. 3 (L-R) Goodfriend Community Service honoree Morris Maslia and new Special Israel the Los Angeles Tree of Life™ Gala.

3 4

(L-R) New England President Larry Cohen, Chairman of the Board Jeffrey Davis, Director of New England & the Capital District Sara Hefez, past Boston Presidents and Guardian of Israel honorees Robert Cohan and Robert Abrams, National Campaign Director Sharon Freedman, Boston President Michael Blank, and New England VP of Campaign Todd Patkin at the award breakfast in Newton, MA.


At a Boston Board of Directors meeting, members received plaques in recognition of their continued dedication and passion, and welcomed JNF-KKL New England Emissary Rami Hazan.


(L-R) Lawyers for Israel member William Greenberg and Roberta Greenberg were guided by JNF-Halutza liaison Yedidya Harush on their Israel visit with Allan and Linda Gersten.


JNF Boston attendees at JNF’s National Conference in Denver were (L-R standing) Karen Ferber, New England Emissary Rami Hazan, Pat Blank, Boston President Michael Blank, Shelly and Isaac Edry, Director of New England & the Capital District Sara Hefez, Christina and Adam Zlotnick, New England President Larry Cohen, Suzanne Lacognata, and David Kaufman; (L-R seated) Joyce Guior Wolf, and Bob Cohan.


Capital District Board members Susan Farber and Rob Ganz at the 4th Annual Walk for Water in Albany.


(L-R) Capital District Board members Jane Golub, Board President and National Assistant Vice President of Campaign Ken Segel, Alan Lobel, Rob Ganz, and Director of New England & the Capital District Sara Hefez at the 4th Annual Walk for Water in Albany.

Sam P. Alterman Golf Tournament.

4 (L-R) Joshua Epstein and Zachary Tanner Sher from Austin took part in a JNF ceremonial dedication at American Independence Park in Israel.

5 Dr. Stanley Hersh looked on as KKL Director of Major Donors Tali Tzour gave an Israel update in Waco.

6 (L-R) David Levy, Dr. Stanley Hersh, Rebecca Levy, and Arielle Levy talked about JNF giving throughout three generations in Austin.

3 (L-R) Gina Raphael, Ralph Mundell,

former Beverly Hills Mayor Nancy Krasne, Jeff Gross, Ariel Kotler, and Councilman Julian Gold at the 30th anniversary event for Mickey Fine Pharmacy & Grill, where Gina and Julian presented a check for Friends of Israel Firefighters and a check to the Beverly Hills Fire Department.


























Florida 1. (L-R) Dani and Etty Setton, JNF Special Emissary from Jerusalem Avinoam Binder, Jan Silverman, and Jerome Engerman during Jan’s recognition ceremony at a JNF reservoir in Israel. 2. (L-R) Stacey Gendal and JNF Campaign Executive Debbie Regent at an event at Wentworth Gallery in Ft. Lauderdale. 3. (L-R) Debbie Nyman, Dr. Sharon Gilbert, Shannon Tuaty, Debra Gluck, and Lorraine Smargon at a Women for Israel brunch at the home of Judi Edelman in Broward. 4. (L-R) Doctors for Israel Chair Dr. Dayan Sandler, JNF-LOTEM Liaison Alisa Bodner, and Leslie Helb at a Doctors for Israel event at Congregation Ahavath Chesed in Jacksonville. 5. (L-R) Harrison DuBosar and Ambassador Gideon Meir in Tallahassee.

8 (L-R) JNF Executive Director of Florida Glen Schwartz and Miami-Dade Board member Patricia Epstein at the Miami-Dade campaign kick-off at the Jewish Museum of Florida in Miami Beach. 9 (L-R) Dr. Rebecca Kosloff and Tyler Korn at a Doctors for Israel reception at the home of Naples board members Anne and Dr. Mark Rubin.

10 (L-R) Daryl Sissman, Anne Rubin, and Fern Jaffe at a Doctors for Israel reception at the home of Naples board members Anne and Dr. Mark Rubin.


16 (L-R) JNF Northern Florida Director Uri Smajovits, Tamas Markus, JNF Israel Operations Development Officer Ariel Kotler, Katalin Markus, and JNF Campaign Executive Beth Glickman Morris at a meeting in Sarasota.

17 (L-R) Edie Chaifetz, Janet Udell, Len Glaser, David Chaifetz, Bruce Udell,

Helen Glaser, JNF Israel Operations Development Officer Ariel Kotler, Hannah Weinberg, and Dr. Norman Weinberg at a parlor meeting in Sarasota.

18 (L-R) Stacey DuBosar and Andrea Brenner at the South Palm Beach Board Family Shabbat Dinner hosted at the home of Cantor Elaine Shapiro and Michael

11 (L-R) Dr. Joel and Wendy Grossman with Naples board member Dr. Jerry Kumin at Zimmerman in Boca Raton. a Doctors for Israel reception at the home of Naples board members Anne and Dr. Mark Rubin.

12 (L-R) Orlando Board President Jim Riola with wife Jill and Mark Abramson at a luncheon for Orlando professionals at Carlton Fields.

13 (L-R) Rabbi Lipsker, Myrna Ossin, Jacqueline Hirsch, and Dr. Michael Hirsch at the 6. (L-R) JNF Director of Southern Florida Laura Sherry and Miami-Dade Board Orlando Tree of Life™ Award Dinner. member Rick Allen at the Miami-Dade campaign kick-off at the Jewish Museum of Florida in Miami Beach. 14 (L-R) Orlando Board members Dr. Robin Katzman and Aaron Gorovitz with Darryl and Abby Hoffman at the Orlando Tree of Life™ Award Dinner. 7. (L-R) Leon and Judy Tenenbaum at the Miami-Dade campaign kick-off at the Jewish Museum of Florida in Miami Beach. 15 Burt Birnbaum at the dedication of his tile at American Independence Park in Israel.

19 (L-R) Dr. Debra Jaffee, husband Alan and children Aaron and Joey at the South Palm Beach Board Family Shabbat Dinner hosted at the home of Cantor Elaine Shapiro and Michael Zimmerman in Boca Raton.

20 (L-R) South Palm Beach Board member Dr. Mark Ziffer and wife Janis at the

South Palm Beach Board Family Shabbat Dinner hosted at the home of Cantor Elaine Shapiro and Michael Zimmerman in Boca Raton.

21 (L-R) Dr. Barry Levine and Dr. Randy Kahn at a Doctors for Israel dinner in Tampa Bay. 22 (L-R) Tampa Bay Board members Dr. Robert Entel and Dr. Robert Lewenson with Dr. Steven Weisbond at a Doctors for Israel dinner in Tampa Bay.

23 (L-R) Queen of Sheba mission participants Lisa Titen, Valarie Blau,

Ida Raye Chernin, Betsy Marcadis, Dr. Sharon Rophie, Inez Levin, and JNF Campaign Executive Beth Glickman Morris at a post-mission Shabbat dinner hosted by Lisa and Eddie Titen in Tampa Bay.


















8 12







Western 1. (L-R) Rhoda and Alan Stock and Fred and Janice Victorson at the 4th annual Sunday Brunch in Las Vegas.

1.(L-R) Women for Israel members Debbie

2. (L-R) Vince Calderone, Carolyne Gross, Cassie Mor, and Bob Dubin at the 4th annual Sunday Brunch in Las Vegas. 3. Ida Rosen recounted her experience on the JNF Day Tour in Israel at the 4th annual Sunday Brunch in Las Vegas.

13. (L-R) Glen Goodstein, Michael Berlin, Cantor William Tiep, and Bertram

Gene Kay at the JNF National Conference in Denver.

5. (L-R) Alan Brandt, Dr. Herzl Melmed, Barry Hong, Peter Gottlieb, and Mountain States Region Director Boaz Meir at

the JNF National Conference in Denver.

6. (L-R) JNFuture Board member Amy Hinton, JNFuture Board member and past co-chair Carla Kutnick, JNFuture Board member

and past co-chair Rena Dulberg, and JNFuture Chair Amy Zeppelin at a Mountain States JNFuture committee meeting in Denver.

7. (L-R) Stacey Arkules, Karen Miller, and Women for Israel Chair Jill Beck at a Women for Israel luncheon in Phoenix. 8. (L-R) Jane Jozoff, Marlene Lahr, Gwen Hillis, Dottie Goodman, and Elaine Kort at a Women for Israel luncheon in Phoenix. 9. (L-R) Irene Rosenblum and Lisa Goldstein at a Women for Israel luncheon in Phoenix. 10. (L-R) Elaine Land-Dexter and Palm Springs Region President Sheri Borax at the table captain meeting for the Love of Israel dinner.

11. (L-R) Jimmy Borax, National Campaign Director Diane Scar, and Palm Springs Region President Sheri Borax at

12. (L-R) Todd Allen, Herman Peniche, Dr. Sol Lizerbram, and Garrett Brand

enjoyed a day of golf at the JNF San Diego Golf Tournament at the Del Mar Spector and Suzie Tiplitz enjoyed a Country Club. Women for Israel event featuring author

4. (L-R) Mountain States Region Consultant Stanley Kamlet, Dr. Jeanne Abrams, and Mountain States Region Chairman


the table captain meeting for the Love of Israel dinner.

Edelstein enjoyed a day of golf at the JNF San Diego Golf Tournament at the Del Mar Country Club.

14. (L-R) Barry Nussbaum, Brandeaux Tourville, Jack Zemer, and Joseph Penner enjoyed a day of golf at the JNF San Diego Golf Tournament at the Del Mar Country Club. 15. (L-R) Kathy and Gary Reback won the raffle for an original artwork by

Carrie Zeidman at a brunch celebrating Congregation Kol Emeth’s fundraising campaign for the Arava Medical Center at the home of Vivian and Jeff Saper in Palo Alto.

16. (L-R) Rabbi Nathaniel Ezray and Northern California Co-President Dr. Alan Fisher at an event celebrating Congregation Beth Jacob’s fundraising campaign for the Arava Medical Center featuring Central Arava Mayor Dr. Eyal Blum and AICAT Executive Director Hanni Arnon at the home of Northern California Co-Presidents Dr. Alan Fisher and Dr. Barbara Sommer in Athertonb. 17. (L-R) Betsy Fels Pottruck, Sandy Wolfe, Julie Ovadia, Anne Petrowsky, Helen Loewenstein, and Arlene Kaufman at a JNF mahjong event at Contra Costa Country Club in Pleasant Hill.

Lisa Klug in Baltimore.

2 (L-R) Erika Schon and Sapphire Society co-chairs Jayne Klein and Nanci Seff at a recent Sapphire Society event in Baltimore.

3.(L-R) JNF Development Officer Ariel

Kotler with Cary Besmanoff and Ellen Rosenberg and an Israeli soldier on a visit near the Halutza communities.

4 (L-R) Washington DC Board of Directors President Ken Krupsky, Ambassador Michael Oren, and Amy Krupsky at a major donor event.






4 7

4 6


4 8




6 6


9 8 7












10. Alexander Muss High School in Israel alumna Jamie Goodman shared her personal

5.(L-R) Washington, D.C. JNFuture Board members Josh Cohen, Nicole Reisman,

1. (L-R) Didi and Major General Doron Almog, Jodi Newmark, Milt Wakschlag,

6.(L-R) National Board of Directors members Dr. Mort Mower and Dr. Toby Mower

2. (L-R) Arik and Andrea Amzaleg at the Chicago Tree of Life™ dinner, which honored 11.(L-R) Sherrie and Dr. Daniel Singer at the Doctors for Israel dinner at Tom-O-

Evan Hoffman, Mindy Reinstein, and Corey Jacobson at a JNFuture fall happy hour. with Andy Quartner, Maryland Board President Frank Spector, and Delaware Board President Joel Friedlander at a recent major donor event at the home of Andy and Gail Quartner.

7.(L-R) Lawyers for Israel members Fred Rosner, Russell Silberglied, and Delaware Board President Joel Friedlander at Delaware’s kick-off LFI event for the new campaign year.

8.(L-R) Mark Wolkow, Brenda Jaffe, and Maryland Board President Frank Spector at a

Stephen Ballis, and Larry Hochberg at a luncheon for Aleh Negev in Chicago.

the memory of their daughter Naama (z”l).

Israel experience at the Bill Miller Celebration in St. Louis. Shanter Country Club in West Bloomfield, MI.

3. (L-R) JNFuture members David Weintraub, Dana Rubin, and David Eisenberg at the 12.(L-R) Michigan Board President Dr. Leora Bar-Levav, dinner chair Dr. Irvin Kappy, Chicago Tree of Life™ dinner.

4. (L-R) Morry Wiener, board members Kurt Grossman, Jan Armstrong Cobb, and David Eisenstein at a Southern Ohio and Kentucky Board meeting.

5.(L-R) Southern Ohio and Kentucky Board member Carol Neuman, Barb Solomon,

honoree Dr. Mark Rosenblum, dinner chair Dr. Mel Lester, and dinner chair Florine Mark at the Doctors for Israel dinner at Tam-O-Shanter Country Club in West Bloomfield, MI.

13. (L-R) Classrooms Without Borders Executive Director Dr. Tzipy Gur, Ido Rivlin,

JNF Israel Advocacy and Education Associate Director Anne Greenspoon, Israel Idol winner Hagit Yaso, Western Pennsylvania Senior Campaign Executive Amy Jonas, and JNF volunteers Elaine Solomon and Ilene Harris Kosoff after the Hagit Yaso 9. (L-R) Dr. Larry Amsterdam, Cary Besmanoff, JNF Chief Executive Officer Russell F. concert at Carnegie Mellon University. Robinson, Delaware Board President Joel Friedlander, Dr. Eric Sundel, and Maryland 6. (L-R) Aryeh Rabinowitz, Dan Randolph, and Marc Randolph of Ritter and Randolph Board President Frank Spector at a major donor thank you event. 14. The 2013 Wisconsin Annual Tribute Banquet honored community activists for their LLC, Attorneys at Law at the 3rd Annual JNF/Judge Carl B. Rubin Legal Society devotion to Jewish causes and the State of Israel. (L-R standing) Ronen Monosov, CLE Training hosted by Frost Brown Todd LLC in Cincinnati. 10.(L-R) Judy and Mel Sykes at the Halutza community of Bnei Netzarim during a Rachel Steele, Scott Steele, Art Arnstein, Susan Carneol, and Allan Carneol; recent trip to Israel. 7. (L-R) JNF Chief Financial Officer Mitchel Rosenzweig, board member Susie Kopit, (L-R seated) Rabbi Wesley Kalmar, Dr. Jessica Kalmar, Nina Edelman, and Richard Edelman. board president Bart Bookatz, Northern Ohio Director Mindy Feigenbaum, board 11.(L-R) Standing on the Pipes Bridge, Gail and Vito Simone saw the amazing progress member and KKL International Marketing liaison Michael Jacobson and board made at the Be’er Sheva River Park during a recent trip to Israel. member Joni Wasserman at the first Northern Ohio Board meeting of the fiscal year. 15. (L-R) Wisconsin Regional Director Sidney Rivkin, guest speaker and National Vice President of Missions Scott Schreiber, Judy Salinsky, and Wisconsin Board President Emeritus Dr. Gerald Salinsky at a parlor meeting for the Wisconsin 8. (L-R) Board member Kenneth Liffman, Shirley Schloss, board member and KKL annual summer solicitation campaign. International Marketing Liaison Michael Jacobson, and Noreen KoppelmanGoldstein at the first Northern Ohio Board meeting of the fiscal year. 16. (L-R) Wisconsin JNFuture committee members Stefanie Sager, Sam Klein, Jacob 9. (L-R) Blue Box Bob committee member Laurie Reydman (as Blue Box Bob), board Henrickson, Diana Azimov, Deborah Carneol, Randi Schachter, Bradley Komisar, member Phil Goldberg, and Cantorial Soloist Dr. Robin Selinger at a Blue Box Bob Sarah Minkin, and Andy Stein at the JNFuture “A Taste of Israel” Shabbat dinner. presentation at Temple Beth Shalom in Hudson, Ohio. JNF Israel Night outreach event in Harford County.

and Rubin Scholar Amy Kurlansky enjoyed the Lawyers for Israel Attorney of the Year Gala in Cincinnati.

Greater New York













10 5








1 (L-R) Tree of Life




Award honoree Wanda Akin Brown, Rabbi Joshua Stanton of Temple B’nai Jeshurun, Leonard Berkeley, Central NJ Executive Director Joel Leibowitz, and Tree of LifeTM Award honoree Raymond Brown at Central New Jersey’s Tree of LifeTM Award Dinner in Livingston, NJ. TM

2 (L-R) Lenore Rattner, Jane Shemtov, and Marcy Needle at a Central New Jersey Women for Israel event featuring Israeli jewelry designer Adi Yalin.

3 (L-R) Central NJ General Campaign Chair and Board member Alyssa Russo, guest speaker and honoree Jacqueline Levine, event chair Marina Kirshenbaum, and guest speaker and Eastern PA Director Marina Furman celebrated the miracles of the Soviet Jewry Movement at Central NJ’s donor thank you event.

4 (L-R seated) Achim Rudoler, Green Sunday Chair Suzanne Magaziner; (L-R standing) Danny Wolf, National Board of Directors

member and Makor Chair Bob Benedon, David Blain, Gerrie Rudoler, Adam Wayne, Mitch Benedon, and Pam Benedon at a Green Sunday event.

5 (L-R) Andi and Dr. Neil Levin, Peter Fischer, and Gush Etzion Mayor Davidi Perel at Gush Etzion Wine Tasting at the home of Peter and Betsy Fischer.

6 Sherri and Dr. Harold Middleberg at the Eastern Pennsylvania major donor thank you dessert reception sponsored and hosted by Michael and Kristin Karp.

7 (L-R) Richard Gottlieb, Philadelphia Board of Directors member Andrea Gottlieb, JNF Chief Executive Officer Russell F. Robinson,

Charlie Gottlieb, and art historian Donald Stoltz at the Eastern Pennsylvania major donor thank you dessert reception sponsored and hosted by Michael and Kristin Karp.

8 (L-R) Women for Israel National Chair Louise Dabrow, JNF Chief Executive Officer Russell F. Robinson, art historians Donald and Phyllis Stoltz, and First Vice President of the National Board of Directors Alan Dabrow at the Eastern Pennsylvania major donor thank you dessert reception sponsored and hosted by Michael and Kristin Karp. 9 (L-R) Philadelphia Board of Directors member Evelyn Spritz, JNF Chief Executive Officer Russell F. Robinson, and Eastern Pennsylvania Regional Director Marina Furman at the Eastern Pennsylvania major donor thank you dessert reception sponsored and hosted by Michael and Kristin Karp.


(L-R) Discussion panel members Mark Horowitz, Perry Shulman, and Robert Barnett, JNF Chief Planned Giving Officer Matt Bernstein, and Senior Campaign Executive Jodi Perlmuth Popofsky at a Tax Saving Strategies Seminar in Manhattan.


(L-R) Karen Luks, hostess Debbie Morgan Prince, New York Board President and National Assistant VP of the JNF Parsons Water Fund Laureine Greenbaum, Ella Newman, and Evelyn Zafran at a salon meeting in Manhattan.


(L-R) Ella Newman; JNF National Secretary, New York Board member and Chair of JNF’s Yerucham 2020 Task Force Geraldine Shatz; hosts Judy Black and Richard Schlosberg; and guest speaker Aleh Negev Director of Development Yossi Kahana at a luncheon in Litchfield County, Connecticut.


(L-R) JNF-Halutza Liaison Yedidya Harush escorted Westchester Board member and NY Lawyers for Israel co-chair Ruth Raisfeld and Westchester residents Joy Handelman, Randi Rossignol, and NY Doctors for Israel Board member Dr. Karen Fried, who took time to visit JNF projects throughout the Negev while in Israel.


(L-R) Dylan Canter, Arielle Kasindorf, Natalie Janowski, Jordan Janowski, Jake Janowski, Ethan Canter, Jessie Canter, Jonathan Kasindorf, Adam Kasindorf and Jack Kasindorf at the Harvey Hertz-JNF Ceremonial Tree Planting Center at Neot Kedumim.


(L-R) JNF Alternative Winter Break participants Joel Drayer and Eric Sprung with JNF Director of Northern New Jersey Jocelyn Inglis at the Long Island Golf and Tennis Classic.


(L-R) Rabbi Charles Klein, Brianna Teigle, Howard Tiegle, Samara Kohn, and Long Island Board President Michael Kessler at Merrick Jewish Centre’s Playday for Sderot in Bellmore.


(L-R) Henny Weiss, Ella Newman, Ora Gelberg, and guest speaker Aleh Negev Director of Development Yossi Kahana at a salon meeting in Manhattan.


(L-R, back) Westchester Board members Lynn Jacobs and Caren Hammerman, Director of Westchester and Southern Connecticut Stephanie Risa Balkin, Sindy Croen, Stefanie Shabman, Audrey Weinberg, board member Shoshana Bederman, Senior Campaign Executive Jodi Perlmuth Popofsky and board member and New York Lawyers for Israel co-chair Ruth Raisfeld; (L-R, front) Laura Miller and Elise Flagg at the Westchester Water & Wine Reception.

10 (L-R) Janice Lieberman, Anka Ilin, Northern New Jersey Board President Jill Janowski, and Northern New Jersey Board member Doryne Davis at the Northern New Jersey Reception at One River Gallery in Engelwood.

JNF’s donor societies are reserved for major donors who have demonstrated an enduring commitment to Israel and JNF. Society members receive exclusive privileges and services.

Create a LASTING Legacy charitable gift annuities charitable remainder trusts charitable lead trusts life insurance endowments donor advised funds bequests

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Join us today and help build a prosperous future for the land of Israel and its people. Contact Yael Septee Kane at or 212.879.9305 x220 for more information.

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Pricing: Land Only: $2850, Single Supplement: $798 For more information, contact Stephen Bach at or 516.593.1200 x179.


Contributions to Jewish National Fund of $5,000 and above are recognized with a plaque with your name on it on a central dedicatory wall in the heart of American Independence Park (AIP) located outside of Jerusalem in the Judean Hills.

• Name recognition in the Book of Life, on permanent display at JNF headquarters in NY • A custom-designed Gould Legacy Society pin • Invitations to special events and lectures • A limited edition JNF Blue Box designed by Tiffany & Co. (for legacy gifts of $50,000 and above) • Recognition in Israel


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Inauguration of New JNF President Jeffrey E. Levine



Westchester Boys Band Together for Mitzvah Project Logan Wasserman, 11, will celebrate his bar mitzvah in April 2015, but he’s already chosen his mitzvah project. He’s raising money for JNF’s Sderot Indoor Recreation Center. And he’s not doing it alone; he’s organized friends across Westchester County to join him. “Over the summer, there were a lot of bombings in Israel and many people were hurt and didn’t have places to go when that happened,” said Logan. “We wanted to help out these kids who wouldn’t have a safe place to play if it weren’t for the rec center.”

Logan and his family at the Kotel in Jerusalem.

The idea was inspired by an Israeli au pair who cared for Logan and his two younger brothers. Awaiting her

arrival last summer, they couldn’t get in touch with her for a week after a series of bombings occurred. Once she had arrived, she talked about what life was like in her community back home. The family, who has had three Israeli au pairs, wanted to give back to Israel, to which they feel deeply connected. “We started donating to JNF because JNF plants trees in Israel and we wanted to help populate Israel with more vegetation,” said Logan’s mom Meredith Wasserman. “Later we realized that JNF does so much more. JNF builds all over Israel so that was the draw; we didn’t have to start from scratch.” The project gives Logan a chance to spend time with friends from across Westchester County; since he switched schools from a Hebrew day school to a public school, he hasn’t gotten to see his friends as often as he used to. “It was a nice way to bring Logan and his friends together,” said Meredith. The project will continue to raise money until the last boy’s bar mitzvah in spring 2016. Potential uses for the money include donating equipment to the indoor playground and creating scholarships for underprivileged kids to go to camp. They also want to create a relationship between the kids of Westchester and Sderot through pen pals or Skyping. “We hope that this will act as a model for mitzvah

projects in other communities across the country,” said Stephanie Risa Balkin, JNF Director for Westchester and Southern Connecticut. “We want children in other areas to be inspired, join together and make an impact on kids their age in Israel.” The group has set up an online fundraising page at jnf. org/bnaimitzvah, where people donate to their project by searching for “Westchester Boys Mitzvah Project.” The boys are coming up with great ideas for raising money. Logan plans to organize a mitzvah day at JCC of Harrison, and other ideas include a community-wide basketball tournament; bake sales; selling handmade rainbow loom bracelets; handing out Blue Boxes at their schools, synagogues, and local retail and restaurants to collect around Yom Ha’Atzmaut; and creating a Facebook page, Instagram account, and Twitter hashtag. In February, Logan took his first trip to Israel, a family trip for the wedding of another former au pair. They traveled around the country and visited Sderot. Logan is excited to get started on this project with his friends. “I feel like I’m helping Judaism and improving people’s lives by doing this,” said Logan. n For more information on mitzvah projects, contact the Israel Advocacy & Education department at or 212.875.9305 x245.

The Next Generation Brings Its Own Voice to JNF’s Vision By Lauren Kaufman-Bergmann, Co-Chair, JNFuture National Board “Your Voice in Israel.” It’s a slogan we see all the time; it’s on every Blue Box, splashed across our Facebook pages, and printed on every invitation. But in truth, there is no better way to understand the impact of Jewish National Fund than by going to see the sites themselves and truly becoming a part of the organization’s inspiring vision for Israel.

JNFuture events around the country

To learn more and get involved in JNFuture, contact Jessica Schwartz Schapiro at or 212.879.9305 x297.


This summer, Jewish National Fund will send its fourth group of participants on the five-day JNFuture Leadership Institute Mission (JLIM) for young professionals. A total of 100 young leaders will have participated in this cornerstone of JNFuture’s programming.

DC, and Austin. The Summit with JNF at the Red Rock Resort in Nevada last spring was a major accomplishment, bringing together 300 JNFutures for social events and panels on sustainability, innovation, and social media. A full calendar awaits us in 2014, accompanied by greater membership and fundraising goals for every chapter. We are also proud to announce the installment of our second National Board, made up of 13 leaders from across the country whose shared passion for growing the next generation of leaders will help further JNF’s important work in Israel. Our first board meeting in Denver at the National Conference set expectations and ambitions high. Also in Denver, we celebrated the highest attendance of JNFutures at any JNF National Conference—over 60 young leaders! JNFuture leadership is already at work on building strong attendance and programming for the National Conference in Los Angeles this coming fall. The current fiscal year promises to be the best yet for our group, with plans to strengthen our existing chapters and grow into new cities, expand our programming and attendance at national events, and share the power of JNF’s “Your Voice in Israel” message with new supporters. The JNFuture looks bright and we look forward to making our voices heard within the organization and in Israel. n


(L-R) Lindsay Pollack, Rebecca Summer, and Lauren Kaufman-Bergmann in Israel on JLIM.

With the support of senior JNF leadership, including the generous support of National Board members Drs. Toby and Mort Mower, JLIM gives enthusiastic young leaders from across the country the opportunity to visit Israel and see many of the important projects that JNF supports. Recent itineraries have included the Sderot Indoor Recreation Center, Alexander Muss High School in Israel, Aleh Negev, Ammunition Hill, and even witnessing the arrival of three Nefesh B’Nefesh flights carrying hundreds of new olim and Lone Soldiers. More than a comprehensive schedule and tour of all the best Israel has to offer, it’s an important opportunity for young leaders from coast to coast to bond and build friendships that help bring JNFuture to greater heights. Seven years since its formation, JNFuture continues to grow in size and impact. We boast chapters in Austin, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, Miami, Milwaukee, New York, Orlando, Phoenix, and Washington, DC. The twelfth and newest chapter—Baltimore—was launched in December and we have plans to keep growing! Our programming continues to be as diverse as our membership, with events happening around the country on a regular basis thanks to partnerships with the JNF Speaker’s Bureau and JSpace. Last year’s events included a Shabbat dinner in Los Angeles, a trivia night in Orlando, a bowling party in Chicago, and happy hours in Boston,

Dinah Selvin’s


DISCOVER ISRAEL ON A JNF MISSION You don’t have to be a JNF donor to go to ISRAEL on a

JNF mission. But with itineraries that reveal a side of Israel that most trips don’t see, there’s a pretty good chance that when you get back home, you’ll become one. It was a JNF-organized mission that inspired Scott Schreiber to become a donor. Now JNF’s Vice President of Missions, Schreiber was taking his first trip to Israel in 2005 and he recalls driving through the northern Negev and marveling at the sight of banana trees. “Our guide told us that JNF’s research had taught Israelis to grow banana trees in Dinah Selvin, an attorney from Maplewood, NJ an efficient and economical way,” he said. “It was the middle of the desert, and these who served in World War II as 1st Lieutenant farmers had figured it out thanks to JNF’s help. I thought to myself, ‘No wonder this in the U.S. Army, left a legacy gift to Jewish country is so successful.’ I learned about what JNF was doing and why it was important National Fund upon her passing. Through to be there. I wanted to be a part of it.” Dinah’s generous bequest, she is now helping Upon returning from the mission, he became a JNF Chicago board member. Over the JNF build communities in the Negev and Galilee past eight years, he has become increasingly more involved, becoming a speaker for and bolstering Israel’s water supply through Makor and leading JNF missions. water renewal programs. “I love taking people to Israel because you can really see what we do first-hand, what an improvement we make,” said Schreiber. “When you go on a JNF mission—and we offer JNF will proudly recognize Dinah’s service to such a wide range of missions—you see the parts of Israel that are most important to you.” her country with a plaque on the Wall of Honor The specialty missions highlight Israel’s diverse and interesting treasures. On the at Ammunition Hill in Jerusalem. These plaques photography mission, participants spend concentrated time in places capturing the honor Jewish people who serve or served in the beauty of Israel’s sites on their own lenses; the culinary and arts mission visits a handful military of any country. of Israel’s unique restaurants and wineries; and the Sunshine mission is tailored for Wall of Honor at Ammunition Hill older participants who would like a less intensive itinerary but still experience Israel. Leave your Legacy to Jewish National Fund in your will or trust, and help build a This spring, JNF will host the first LGBT mission. No matter what your passion and prosperous future for the land of Israel and its people and receive recognition in Israel. whether you’ve been to Israel many times or are looking to go for the very first time, JNF missions set themselves apart from the standard offerings. “Most group trips offer the standard cultural, religious, and historical highlights Contact a JNF Planned Giving Specialist Now of Israel,” said Hannah Schwartz, JNF’s National Missions Director. “JNF missions 800.562.7526 • • transcend the boundaries of a standard trip and provide participants with a deeper connection to the land and people of Israel. They are a tangible link to JNF’s work and accomplishments in Israel.” JNF’s national missions present a general overview of Israel, combining the historical experience of Israel with the contemporary, modern-day Israel. They have included Road to Jerusalem, which commemorated the 45th anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem, and Israel at 65, celebrating 65 years since the establishment of the state of Israel. about tHe wall oF Honor “People can learn about JNF’s projects, accomplishments and important work while home, is nothing people seeing it for themselves The wall of Honor at ammunition Hill in Jerusalem,they israelare is aat tribute to of thecourse, heroismbut andthere courage of Jewishlike soldiers who, throughout our history, have foug first-hand,” said Schwartz. when participants meet the Israelis whose lives are in defense of the countries in which they lived far beyond their proportions to the“And general population. touched by JNF’s projects, it makes our work even more meaningful.” with a donation of $5,000 to JnF, you can dedicate a Mission plaque honoring yourself, a Jewish or lovedsense one who currently aserves or served in t participants return homerelative, with a friend heightened of purpose, deeper past, in the military of any country. The plaque willconnection include theto soldier’s name branch, and datesunderstanding of service. Proceeds goJNF to develop a the land andand thecountry, people of Israel,rank a newfound of what accomplished and howaJNF plans continue its work inhall, the and future. renovate the museum and battle grounds and create has a computerized datacenter, library, anto archive, an exhibition a center for assemblies and co “Being on a JNF mission is like going home for a visit,” said JNF CEO Russell F. ferences for over 250,000 visitors. Robinson. “You see the sights, meet the people, feel the spirit of this great nation. As For only a $180 donation, you can also honor a friend oryour family member who has servedIsrael, in the the military online Honor connection transforms trip on willour transform you.Roll. JNF missions bring you closer to the reality of Israel as the land of the Jewish people.” n


Jewish National Fund



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For more information, visit, call 877.563.8687, or see back page.

Plant a Tree in Memory of a Loved One Take part in a JNF time-honored tradition and plant a tree in Israel as a living tribute of your loved one.

800.542.TREE(8733) • JNF.ORG/PLANTNOW

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Brownstein, Hyatt, Farber and Schrek

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THE Beverly Hilton

National Conference September 12-15, 2014


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An Interview with President Yitzhak Navon B’yachad sat down with former Israeli President Yitzhak Navon to discuss the importance of memory and preserving Israel’s heritage for the next generation. A former Minister of Education and Culture, Navon was named Chairman of Neot Kedumim, a biblical landscape reserve that features plants mentioned in the Bible. He reflected on the challenges of communicating the past to future generations and the importance of experiencing history as it was, in the places where it took place. B’Yachad: Mr. President, why is the past important? Navon: There is no future without the past. Our shared past is essential for the formation of the Jewish people as one. Think of the years when people were making aliyah to Israel from 102 different countries, speaking 81 different languages. The question is, how do you create a nation from all these people? Recently, I was chosen as the chairman of the Haganah veterans; we had a meeting here in Jerusalem of the Organization Secretariat. One of the serious questions raised was: What to do with the younger generation, how to teach them this heritage so that it would be interesting to them? Someone said, “Perhaps it’s over, our generation is finished. We did what we did in the Haganah days, in the War of Independence and later, and now it’s over.” But I don’t agree with that. We must figure out how we pass onto other generations what was important from those days. We give lectures to soldiers in different locations for that very reason: to pass to them our rich heritage in the very places where history unfolded. There is no clear answer on how to do this, but there is nothing like visiting the places where history took place. Israel has a fascinating past, so many fascinating dramas and fascinating stories. We have a story and among us we must find a way to tell it effectively, and to tell a story not everyone can tell. The dramatic tales of Israel’s past help those who hear it the first time identify with it. When I was President, I sat with soldiers and visitors and had many conversations like this. It’s by using these everyday things, which were actually extraordinary, that you can teach people to recognize and know this history.

B’Yachad: How can we make Israel’s history interesting and relevant for today? How do we talk to the next generation? Navon: There are a few important things: the key is what parents and teachers instill in children: the ideals of behavior (derech eretz), contributing to society, justice, volunteerism... But you cannot educate only by slogans, it must also be taught by personal example and actions. The future of the country largely depends on contact with Diaspora Jewry. How do you consolidate Jews from many countries and many languages into one people? You can do this by making the past lively. There are people from different places in the world and with different traditions who can tell their story—what they felt, what they experienced. To describe to Jewish groups from my experience—the personal experience—is very important. B’Yachad: Would you say that places like Independence Hall in Tel Aviv and Ben Gurion’s home in the Negev are significant in telling his heritage? Do you feel that these sites should be modernized to tell the legacy of Ben Gurion in a better way or should they be maintained to reflect that moment in time? Navon: Keeping it in the old way and getting the old feeling. Ammunition Hill, for instance, is a masterpiece… The country is packed with places like Ammunition Hill that carry an heroic history, that tell a story that has a moral ending of—selfsacrifice, concern for others, of friendship— everything that is good. v This is a JNF Heritage Sites program. For more information, visit

President Yitzhak Navon

By: Noa Zer Three years ago I was introduced in B’yachad as a new resident of the Central Arava. Born and raised in the suburbs of Tel Aviv, I chose to move to the Negev together with my husband, a second generation farmer from the Arava. Ten months ago I gave birth to Jonathan, a third generation of the Arava pioneers, who joined our family in Moshav Paran along the Jordanian border. Every new baby is the pride and joy of its family, carrying with it all their hopes and dreams. It is the promise for the continuity of one’s family and one’s history. This sense of continuity is especially vital in the Negev, which comprises 60% of Israel’s land, but less than 10% of its population. In 2012 over one million Jewish children were living in Israel; 125,000 of them newborns. The further development of the Negev depends, among other things, on the number of babies that are born in the region and, moreover, on ensuring that future generations will stay and reside in the Negev. Newborns in the Negev not only play a significant role in the demographic growth of the Negev, but also represent a key factor in the development of the region, creating new jobs, pushing the community to build new kindergartens, expanding public facilities for families and children, challenging the local education and cultural systems, and providing an incentive to make the Negev a better place. A place where each child will have a real sense of pride to say, “I live in the Negev.” For young families all over Israel, the wish to provide a better future for their children is of paramount importance. Life in the center of the country has become too expensive and hectic. Young people are looking for an alternative place where they can settle down, raise their children and provide them with a good quality of life. The open spaces of the Negev, its natural wild beauty, the relatively low cost of living, and especially the strong sense of community and connection to the land make the Negev the perfect alternative to the crowded center and its overpopulated main cities. This presents both a great opportunity and a real challenge to the residents of this beautiful developing part of Israel: to further develop the region and deliver on the need to build new kindergartens and schools, expand educational

Noa Zer with her son Jonathan in her greenhouse on Moshav Paran. programs, provide proper medical care, and make sure these young families will have the suitable housing and employment infrastructure to relocate to the Negev. David Ben Gurion dreamed of settling the desert. The babies are the real future of the Negev and of the state of Israel; they are the ones who will be carrying on the Zionistic mission of the Jewish people settling the land of Israel. We have the responsibility and the opportunity to make sure they succeed. v This is a JNF Community Building program. To learn more about JNF’s work in Central Arava, visit To learn more about funding a Central Arava kindergarten contact Zevi Kahanov at or 212.879.9305 x241. Noa Zer is the Resource Development Director of the Central Arava Regional Council and the loving mother of baby Jonathan.

By: Raz Rutman Shalom, my name is Raz. I am 19 years old. I was born and raised in Yokneam Moshava. Twelve years ago, on May 10th, 2002, I was seriously injured in a car accident in which I lost my sister, 13-year-old Eden, z�l. As a result of the injury, I went from being a healthy kid to being paralyzed from the neck down, excluding the ability to maneuver my motorized wheelchair with my fingers. For two years I underwent a difficult rehabilitation process. My father Moshe was forced to leave his job and stayed by my side in the Alyn Hospital in Jerusalem. I now require the use of a ventilator 24 hours a day. My first connection with the soldier guides of LOTEM - Making Nature Accessible began when the organization adopted me and my family right after the accident. The soldiers accompanied me and my younger brother Jonathan, and later on when I began returning home on weekends, they took turns visiting me every Friday. After leaving the rehabilitation facility, beginning in 4th grade through 8th grade, the soldiers of LOTEM would help me with my homework. Their presence became a social connection for me. Before my injury, I often hiked in Nahal HaShofet, a JNF-KKL nature park right outside of Yokneam Moshava near my home. I wanted to return to hike in the places that I loved, but most were not accessible for people in wheelchairs. To my excitement, LOTEM, together with JNF and KKL, helped construct a circular trail in Nahal HaShofet that is accessible to each and every individual, including people in wheelchairs, people with visual or hearing impairments, people with intellectual challenges, and more. With the help of LOTEM, people with disabilities are able to enjoy a guided tour that is tailored to their needs and abilities. Nahal HaShofet is one of the many places around Israel where LOTEM leads guided hikes and fieldtrips. I try to live a normal life as much as possible in an independent and respectable manner as part of society, just as I did before the accident. Despite my severe disability and limitations, I decided to do national service as a substitute for army service, which unfortunately I am unable to do. I believe that carrying out this obligation is also part of my duties as a citizen of the State of Israel. I chose LOTEM as the place to perform my national service. I believe that whoever receives must also give

Raz Rutman leading a nature tour in Israel. back and LOTEM gave so much to me. The help I received from them was done out of love for every human being. I work for LOTEM in its northern branch in Yokneam Moshava. I am responsible for recording and analyzing feedback reports and other data and leading guests on tours of Nahal HaShofet and LOTEM’s ecological farm in Emek HaShalom. As part of my service, I often meet guests of JNF who visit LOTEM, which is very nice. On these tours, I seek to make others aware that getting out in nature is by no means a trivial feat for people with special needs. I find that it is important to explain how JNF and LOTEM make this possible. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your help and support of LOTEM because without you all of this would not be possible. v This is a JNF Accessible & Therapeutic Services program. For more information, visit

By: Laura Ben David Making aliyah was a transformative experience for New Jersey native Jen Maidenberg, who moved with her family to Kibbutz Hannaton in the Galilee. The mother of three found that moving to Israel, to a small rural community in the periphery, required her to change her perspective on many things. For instance, living closer to nature has opened her eyes to its beauty and she has now developed a green thumb. Living in the scenic surroundings of Israel’s North allows her to balance that with her role as Chief Marketing Officer at The Trendlines Group, Israel’s leading seed-stage investment and business development organization. Jen and her husband Avi fell in love in Israel while working on a teen tour program. “We fantasized about moving to Israel one day,” she said. “Our dream always included our children running around barefoot in the grass on a kibbutz. What this image really represented to us was freedom: to explore, to discover, to be in nature.” Maidenberg’s children—Tobey, Oliver, and Annabel—were eight, four and two when they made aliyah through Nefesh B’Nefesh’s Go North program, in partnership with Jewish National Fund and Keren Kayemeth L’Israel. “My life here is surprisingly similar to my ‘old’ life back in New Jersey,” remarked Maidenberg, 38. “There’s an exhilarating balance between home life and work life. Add to that mix my desire to understand what the grocery store clerk is saying to me—and voilá!—you’ve got an oleh who is a working mother of three.” Living here, Jen reports that her children truly do have a lot more freedom and play is far more spontaneous. “Since the first week we moved here, my oldest son comes home from school, eats lunch, does his homework (sometimes) and he’s off for the next few hours. This took a lot of getting used to on my part, and I still sometimes worry about what he’s doing when he’s off on his own with friends, but I think it’s contributed to their happiness and to ours.” Their community of Hannaton is a pluralistic kibbutz that intentionally and actively accepts various ways to practice Judaism. Living on a kibbutz where the community not only practices inclusiveness, but actively seeks it through innovative programming, means she gets to experience different ways of practicing Judaism. “On a personal level, I’ve been very surprised about my own level of religious observance,” said Jen. “I have become much more open to Jewish spiritual practice since making aliyah. My family goes to synagogue every Friday night for Shabbat services—something we hardly ever did in the States.” Jen is extremely appreciative of having found gainful employment near her new home. “I’m doubly grateful because I get to work in my area of expertise, which is marketing and communications, at a company headquartered not too far away from my home, and with a community of coworkers whose support and advice have contributed to my smooth adjustment in Israel.” She continued, “Every day I get to work with extraordinary start-up companies who are poised to improve the quality of human lives. And by quality, I mean their health and life expectancy.” She assumed it would take some time before she’d find her way in Israel. “I actually saw my aliyah as an

Jen Maidenberg with her family in Israel. opportunity to be more low-key, someone unassuming and on the sidelines,” she said. “I underestimated my inherent compulsiveness to make a difference in the community in which I live.” Instead she found that the warm, tight-knit community made their adjustment relatively easy and quick. Because of that, she felt more comfortable accepting a job offer pretty soon after making aliyah. Jen speaks of her family’s aliyah with pride and considers it a real success. Her kids are happy, save for missing their grandparents and cousins in America. Avi has continued doing professionally what he’s been doing for almost 20 years in the States—helping non-profit organizations with their donor relations and outreach. Jen describes her family’s aliyah as an adventure. “You will be astounded by the joy and the opportunities you never dreamed of.” v This is a JNF Community Building program. For more information, contact Doreet Freedman at, or visit

By: Eliana Lewis

Volunteer Fire Scout Eliana Lewis.

I always tell people that becoming a fire scout changed my life. I was 15 years old when I joined the fire scout program in Beit Shemesh. Even as a little girl, I didn’t dream of being a lawyer, a doctor or a dancer like the other little girls; I dreamt about becoming a firefighter. I knew deep down in my heart that it was something I really wanted to do. I saw firefighters as these amazing people who run into the fire when everyone else is running out. I saw men and women who show no fear when putting themselves in danger just to be able to help someone else; just to rescue people in need. They were heroes in my mind. I wanted to be a hero like them—but as a young girl I didn’t think I had any chance in the world of becoming a firefighter. All that changed one day when I saw someone I knew, a kid my age, standing by a large fire truck wearing a uniform. I walked up to the boy and asked him what he was doing. His answer changed my life. He was a fire scout, he said. He volunteered with the firefighters, went out to calls with them, but never entered the inner circle of a fire, thus keeping safe at all times. I was completely blown away. I wondered, could I become a fire scout? I stayed in touch with my friend and when the firefighters opened up a course for fire scouts I was right there. After passing all the tests and putting in the hours to pass the courses they gave us, I was officially certified as a fire scout. I volunteered at the fire station as a scout for the next three years until I graduated high school. I couldn’t believe the change I saw in myself over that time. I went from a girl who did not have a lot of confidence to one who could do anything to which I set my mind. The firefighters who were in charge of us, Shlomi Saadon and Kobi Erez, continued to build our self-confidence each time we came to the station while making sure that we were on top of our schoolwork at all times. They had a no-nonsense policy: do the work and do it well, or don’t come at all. We were part of the firefighting family. We joined the firefighters when they went out on calls and then upon their return helped them with all their equipment. They made sure we were never in any danger and that we always felt safe being with them. Since Israel is lacking in firefighting manpower we really felt our work made a difference. They needed us and we felt appreciated and honored to be able to help these heroes. I am currently in my second year of national service in the Jerusalem Region Fire and Rescue services. Although I don’t go on calls anymore I still feel like I am helping the firefighters and doing good for others. I’m not sure what I want to do when the year is over, but I do know—thanks to my fire scout experience—that I can succeed in anything I put my mind to. v This is a JNF Community Building program. For more information on Friends of Israel Firefighters and the Volunteer Scouts program, visit

By: Leah Francis I can’t begin to put into words how much my summer with Alexander Muss High School in Israel (AMHSI) meant to me. Inspiring and eye-opening, it’s an experience that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. I had always heard how great the program was and I wondered how it could possibly live up to my expectations. I am happy to say that my worries were misplaced. From the very first moment when I stepped off the plane onto Israeli soil, I felt that I was exactly where I was supposed to be. I fell in love with the country, the people, the food. I met relatives that I didn’t know existed and will now be a part of my life. I don’t think I have ever been so tired and exhilarated at the same time. We did more in a single day at AMHSI than my family would probably have done in an entire week if I had traveled to Israel with them! In the United States, it can be challenging to feel connected to the Jewish community when you attend public school. We have so much homework and other commitments that it is very easy for Jewish life to be pushed to the back burner. However, now that I am in constant communication with my AMHSI friends (we have even already had a few reunions), I don’t feel so isolated. In fact, I feel that being Jewish is now so much more a part of my everyday identity. I used to hear people get into arguments about Israel and I wouldn’t know how to respond. I would never engage in the conversation because I had nothing meaningful to add. Now, I can hold my own in those kinds of discussions. I have an understanding of the country and the politics that is deeper than most of the adults around me. I am confident that, in the face of any anti-Semitism that I might confront when I go to college, I now have the knowledge and confidence to counter the misinformation that is being disseminated. In addition to reigniting my passion for Israel, AMHSI has brought me closer to Judaism. After attending AMHSI, celebrating the high holidays was more meaningful to me than ever. Growing up, I always went to synagogue, but I felt like I was just going through the motions. There was something missing in my connection to the holidays. This year, after my summer at AMHSI, my experience was much richer. I felt connected to the prayers and the congregation in a way that I never have felt

Leah Francis (second from left) with her AMHSI classmates in Israel. before. At the end of the service when the rabbi blew the shofar for the final time and I read the words “Next Year in Jerusalem,” I actually started to cry. Thanks to Alexander Muss High School in Israel, I hold Israel close to my heart and I cannot wait for the opportunity to return. v This is a JNF Zionist Education & Advocacy program. For more information about the Alexander Muss High School in Israel program, visit or call 800.327.5980.

Queen of Sheba Mission Ignites Passion, Dedication to Israel By Lisa Katsman YOU HAVE TO GO TO ISRAEL TO UNDERSTAND Israel. This past fall, I was fortunate enough to join my mother and a group of remarkable women from the U.S.

Travel & Tours


Lisa Katsman (right) and her mother Ida Raye Chernin in Israel on the Queen of Sheba mission.

and Canada for JNF’s seven-day Queen of Sheba Mission. What a meaningful and rewarding experience it was. You have to go to Israel to understand the 18-year-olds in the IDF, Shabbat at the Kotel, five-star food stalls in the shuk. You have to go to Israel to see what Israelis live with every day. On any given day 100–150 missiles can be shot into certain neighborhoods from the Gaza Strip, but if Israel retaliates and shoots one missile back it makes national news. This is real, this is heart-wrenching, this is day-to-day life in Israel. We in the United States must stand with Israel and fight for our Jewish homeland, with our heads, hearts, guts, intelligence, and integrity guiding us. And we must pass on this fight and passion to future generations. JNF is an organization that is filled with humanitarians, people who are invested in the future of Israel. On the Queen of Sheba mission, I marveled at the strength of my fellow participants, who brought with them heart, compassion, and a thirst to learn more about what more we can do. We must continue to educate, cultivate and nurture our youth to be the brightest, most outspoken generation yet. Through Taglit Birthright-Israel and Alexander Muss High School in Israel, JNF can ensure the future of a

A fun new way to explore Israel with friends and family The Arava Institute & Hazon ‫מכון הערבה וחזון‬

The Premier Cycling Experience in Israel


Fully-supported ride Touring options available for non-riders 212.644.2332 x314

Join Team JNF! for details receive $100 off with the code “jnf”

150 - 350 miles of adventure Choose from multiple routes each day

vibrant and thriving state of Israel. Through the scientific breakthroughs in the Negev we can ensure our modern future through technology that did not exist 15 years ago. We are teaching third world countries how to farm where farming was impossible. Throughout our trip, as we met these remarkable pioneers who are making the impossible a reality, I couldn’t help but wonder, how can I, one person from the Pacific Northwest, do more? What comes to mind most is educate, educate, educate. What comes to mind is to try and get my voice heard, for JNF and for Israel. This is what I plan to do in the Pacific Northwest, and what everyone should do across the country, no matter where you live. Whether it’s sharing your personal experience of a meaningful time spent in Israel or inviting one of JNF’s speakers to a parlor meeting, the story of JNF’s vision and the tangible difference it makes in Israel every day is so inspiring. My eyes well up when I think of the women I met during my eight days in Israel, and the true love that I have for the country, its people and its vast knowledge for continual growth and change. n For information on the March 2015 Queen of Sheba mission or joining JNF’s Women for Israel campaign, contact Sharon David at or 212.879.9305 x242.

Co-Existence on a Cone Under a canopy of trees overlooking

Ziv, a Jew. The store is located in Maalot–Tarshiha, often referred to as Israel’s Little Switzerland, a place known for its co-existence, proudly and prominently displayed at Buza—on a cone. Using only the freshest of ingredients and modeled on the gelatos of Europe, Buza attracts people from all over the region—and then some—with the freshness of its delicacies and the friendliness of its owners. With an enticing menu of flavors, more than a few people in the store order double scoops. “Business is good,” said Ziv. “About 70% of the ingredients are local, 100% are natural and we have people of different religions eating here side by side all the time.”

Adam Ziv and Alaa Sweetat

For information, visit

Recipe: Buza Strawberry Sorbet I N G RE D IE N T S : 1 ¼ cup fresh cut strawberries 1/3 cup + 1 ½ tablespoons sugar 1 ¼ cup water Lemon juice from a medium size lemon 4 egg whites

P r e pa r at i o n : 1. Heat the water to 50º Celsius/122º Fahrenheit. 2. Pour the sugar into the water and stir until it becomes a syrup. 3. Add the syrup, strawberries and the lemon juice in a food processor and cool in the fridge. 4. Add the egg whites and stir. 5. Put into an ice cream machine if you have one. If you don’t have an ice cream machine, put in the freezer for 4 hours, stirring every 30 minutes.


“What makes our consortium interesting,” said Shiloah, “is that each restaurant, each winery, the cheese maker, the Arak distillery—they are all run by the owners themselves. That’s a criteria of ours for participation in the consortium. They have to be able to present, tell their story and serve people themselves. I in turn help them with their marketing and public relations efforts, their presentations and their distribution. It’s hard work but it’s paying off—and it’s delicious!” Numerous JNF missions and other working groups from the US and within Israel continue to patronize Western Galilee Now members, and the word is spreading: the pleasures of the Galilee are an Israeli national treasure. n


the hills of the Western Galilee there is a faint smell of yeast in the air. Perhaps that has to do with the fact that four kinds of beers and lagers are being sampled on the veranda of the Malka Brewery on Kibbutz Yechiam in the Western Galilee, one of the 34 small businesses now on their way to success thanks to their participation in Western Galilee Now, a consortium run by Michal Shiloah. “Before joining the group,” said Malka Brewery owner Asaf Lavi, “I used to go around selling my beer off the back of my truck. Now, thanks to the consortium’s website, monthly meetings and networking, and a single map that all the businesses refer to and share, I’m producing about 15,000-20,000 liters a month, I have a distributor, and every week people are stopping off for lunches and sunsets. We currently employ seven people and we’re growing every day.” Delicious food, wine and alcohol, as well as interesting things to do, are putting tourism on the map in the Western Galil. “For the first time ever we have people working together to help make all the businesses grow,” said Shiloah. “It’s a lot of work, but it’s worth it. There are about 300 employees spread across all the businesses and we are adding all the time. Small businesses mean jobs and that’s what this is all about.” The region itself is an endless collection of all religions and ethnicities. There is much by way of architecture, archaeology, and, of course, culinary adventures—all making the area a treasure trove for tourism. Perhaps this melting pot is best exemplified by Buza Ice Cream Parlor, owned and operated by Alaa Sweetat, a Muslim, and Adam

Hal Linden Excited to Return to Israel on JNF’s Sunshine Mission Growing up, Emmy award-winning



actor and performer Hal Linden watched his father Charles Lipshitz, a founding member of the Zionist group Bnai Zion, dedicate himself to the establishment of the State of Israel. “I remember specifically in 1948 when they declared Israel a state,” Hal said. “I saw my father’s dream of 50 years coming true.” Linden has been JNF’s National Spokesperson for 16 years and a supporter of Israel for nearly seven decades. As a young child though, he didn’t always understand the need for a Jewish state. He remembers having discussions with his father; as a proud American, he didn’t understand why there was talk about the need for another country. That all changed with the rise of Nazism and the march to World War II. “The world showed me the need for Israel when we heard what was going on and saw the Holocaust developing,” he said. “I remember as a teenager reading headlines that the British stopped the ships from reaching Israel’s shores. My father didn’t have to convince me. Our people needed a place to go. They needed a homeland. Since that point, I’ve been a supporter of Israel.” Linden has been involved with JNF since he was asked to become the organization’s national spokesperson in the 1990s. “For me, it’s cultural, it’s social,” he said. “It doesn’t matter how you practice your Judaism or if you practice at all. The fact is that you’re part of a people.” In this role he has travelled the country speaking at many events, has taken trips to Israel with JNF and has worked with JNF’s Planned Giving department in making a Charitable Gift Annuity that helps secure his financial future.

Hal Linden planting a tree in Israel.

“I think a Charitable Gift Annuity is a terrific idea,” Linden said. “It makes so much sense. To be able to make a bequest while you’re still around and know your money is doing good while you can still watch it. They make it so easy for you. Rather than sit in the bank, a Charitable Gift Annuity helps me plan my retirement and my financial future. It’s an excellent program.” Linden fondly and proudly recalls his grandson’s decision to become bar mitzvahed following a family trip to Israel celebrating his and his late wife Fran’s (z”l) 50th wedding anniversary. “Fran wanted my grandkids to know what my passion was,” he said. “We visited the Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum. We got to a point in the exhibition when it explained how the Nazis decided who was Jewish; one

of the determinations was that if you had brown eyes, you had to prove you weren’t Jewish. My 10-year-old grandson said, ‘I have brown eyes. Would they have taken me?’ When he returned home to America, he decided he wanted to have a bar mitzvah. “Here was a boy saying to the world, ‘I am part of this community. I have Jewish rights and responsibilities, and I choose to be part of this community.’ It all happened because of what he saw in Israel.” Linden will be traveling with JNF later this year on the Sunshine Mission, a trip for active adults 55+, with an itinerary that makes it physically capable for seniors to enjoy Israel. It’s Linden’s second time helping lead the trip, and he sees it as an excellent opportunity for seniors to enjoy Israel at an easier pace than most organized trips. “My role,” he said, “is to expose the people on the trip to the JNF vision. Whether it is by sharing my memories of a site or sharing my reaction to a new place, I open the participant’s eyes to the extraordinary work of JNF. It’s always inspiring. “There has to be an Israel,” he continued. “It has to be in existence for Jews around the world. That was my concept to begin with, which is why I became involved with JNF. On our family trip, we took my children and grandchildren to a reservoir dedicated in memory of my parents and we all had a good cry. There’s history, emotion, family… this is what Israel is. I’m looking forward to going back.” n The Sunshine Mission will take place June 8-17, 2014. For information, contact Judy Feig at 800.562.7526 or visit

Earn up to 9.5% on your money, and 100% of a nation’s gratitude. For as little as $5,000, you can help achieve your financial goals and those of a nation — Israel. There is more reason than ever to create a charitable gift annuity with Jewish National Fund. JNF offers planned giving opportunities that: • Give you a generous income • Offer the benefit of tax savings JNF CEO Russell F. Robinson presented Doris Weintraub (Sapphire Society), a 25-year donor to JNF, with a new diamond on her Sapphire Society pin at the Planned Giving Chanukah Party in Manhattan.

• Provide recognition in Israel • Ensure JNF receives much-needed support for its projects in Israel

SINGLE-LIFE GIFT ANNUITY* Age Rate Age Rate 6.8% 65 5.5% 78 66 5.5% 79 7.0% 5.6% 7.2% 67 80 5.7% 81 7.4% 68 7.5% 69 5.8% 82 70 5.8% 83 7.7% 5.9% 84 7.9% 71 8.1% 72 6.0% 85 6.1% 86 8.3% 73 6.3% 8.6% 74 87 75 6.4% 88 8.9% 6.5% 89 9.2% 76 77 6.7% 90 & Over 9.5% *Two life rates will vary. Rates as of April 1, 2012.

For more information, 800.562.7526 or visit

JNF’s Record-Setting Campaign Thanks to Longtime Donors’ Bequest When John Boruchin was 12 years

Invest in a JNF Charitable Remainder Trust By Matt Bernstein, CFP, JNF Chief Planned Giving Officer On March 1, 2009

the Dow Jones Industrial Average sunk to a low of 6,470. On December 23, 2013 the Dow Jones hit 16,308—a new record high! Think back to those early days in 2009. Optimism from electing a new President aside, the country was just beginning to recover from a devastating financial crisis. It may not have felt that way then, but better times were headed in our direction. Among all of the various classes of investments, the stock market has shown remarkable returns over the last few years. As with all successful investments your silent partner and favorite Uncle Sam comes looking for his portion of your good fortune. In fact capital gains rates in 2013 and beyond are the highest they have been since 1997 when the rate was reduced from 28% to 20%.

Therefore, how you sell or dispose of highly appreciated stocks can make a huge difference because of taxes that are due on sale, not to mention estate taxes that can still take up to 50% on estates over a certain amount. Jewish National Fund, through its award-winning Planned Giving department, can show donors how to dispose of appreciated assets with a Charitable Remainder Trust that can save thousands in taxes, avoid capital gains taxes, provide income, pass more of the estate to heirs tax-free, and provide vital support for JNF’s long-term projects. Here’s an example of how this works: David and Robin have been JNF donors for 30 years. They own many investments including a portfolio of stocks worth about $2 million. They want to diversify their holdings and are looking to sell off about $500,000 of the stocks that have a cost basis of about $200,000. They are also doing estate planning and realize their estate could be subject to large taxes upon their deaths. If they donated the stocks to a Charitable Remainder Trust that named Jewish National Fund as the final remainder beneficiary, they could achieve the following:

To learn more about JNF’s Planned Giving opportunities, please contact us at 800.562.7526. • Create an annual income equal to 5% of the fair market value of the trust assets every year, in this case, $25,000. • Avoid the capital gains taxes due on the sale, saving them almost $56,400. • Create an immediate income tax deduction of close to $237,000, saving almost $92,000 in income taxes. • Remove the $500,000 value from the estate, saving possible estate taxes in excess of $200,000. • Create a lasting endowment for JNF. How would that affect their children’s inheritance? By purchasing life insurance on their joint lives with a portion of the tax savings or the income that the trust would pay, they can guarantee their children will receive the value of the gift free of estate and income tax. It truly was a winning idea for everyone concerned. If this idea sounds interesting, please call a JNF Planned Giving Specialist at 800.562.7526 and we will be happy to provide you with all the details needed to make an informed decision. n For more information, email Matt Bernstein at or visit


(L-R) John Boruchin, Dora’s sister-in-law Anna Shapiro, and Dora Boruchin.

original home he built until the day he died. John is survived by Dora and Isaac. “John was always intelligent and hard-working, with a sharp mind that carried him to the end,” said Bryan Albert, a nephew from Canada. John and Dora were impressed with JNF’s business model of innovation, vision and ingenuity. “The Boruchins saw us as we are—an organization of social entrepreneurs utilizing cutting-edge best practices to operate like a 21st century business,” said Robinson. “They challenged us to get others to follow his lead.” While Israel was always at the forefront for the Boruchin family, John and Dora only traveled to Israel a few times. Partners in both marriage and business—Dora ran the business’ office—John and Dora, known as a team to their family, made sure to keep their Jewish identity strong and to never forget where they came from. John now lies in Israel and Dora is still alive, keeping the family’s name and Zionist values going. Robinson says, “Through our work we will create transformative change on the ground and in our communities, both in Israel and here in America. We will keep John’s name alive forever, keep our donors’ trust, and keep Israel strong.” “John’s life wasn’t about money,” explained John’s nephew Bryan. “For John and Dora, it was always about keeping their lifelong promise and giving money to Israel. Everything they worked so hard for went to Israel. It was this dedication that truly showcased John and Dora’s characters as passionate Zionists.” n


old, he attended a speech delivered by Zionist leader Ze’ev Jabotinsky. Inspired, he said then, “If I ever make any money, it will go to Israel.” Eighty years later, when he passed away at the age of 92, he bequeathed $72 million to JNF and made good on his pronouncement as a lifelong Zionist. This estate gift helped the organization achieve a record-setting annual campaign year of $121 million, the largest campaign in its history. “John and Dora had a long-time commitment to JNF; from childhood till death,” said JNF CEO Russell F. Robinson. “Over the years they funded water and Zionist education initiatives and our Blueprint Negev campaign. Fifteen years ago he and his wife Dora sat with Matt Bernstein, our Chief Planned Giving Officer, and said they wanted to take on bold initiatives that would connect children to Zionism and help to strengthen Israel. They wanted to achieve this with JNF as they firmly believed that we would properly manage their money and their wishes. With this trust, JNF will be establishing The JNF Center for Zionist Education and Advocacy in John and Dora’s name from which all our programs promoting Zionist education and advocacy will stem.” Born in Poland, John escaped the war and eventually met Dora in Kazakhstan in 1943. Dora’s entire immediate family miraculously survived the war. They had been deported to Siberia after her brother Max (z”l) was reported to Polish authorities for running away with a small Zionist group. The couple married in Russia in 1945 and their son Isaac was born later that year. The family

moved to Germany, Dora gave birth to their daughter Fay (z”l), and they finally emigrated to the United States, settling in California where John had relatives. Dora’s immediate family all went to Canada. Like John and Dora themselves, Dora’s family members are active in Jewish National Fund Canada and the Canadian Jewish community. Starting with a chicken farm, John slowly made his fortune in real estate, almost one acre at a time. Eventually he became one of the largest tract home builders in California, yet the Boruchins lived in the

out & about WITH

JNf’s major donors   Western JNF’s Major Donors


(L-R) Judy Bachman (Sapphire Society) and Alan Bachman (Negev Society) at a JNF parlor meeting in Las Vegas.

(L-R) Las Vegas Board President Bernice Friedman (President’s Society, Sapphire Society) and Richard Pearlstein at the 4th annual Sunday Brunch in Las Vegas.

(L-R) Arizona Regional Director Ted Kort (Herzl Society), Arizona Region Board President Dr. Seymour Rife (President’s Society), JNF Chief Development Officer Rick Krosnick, Ann Zinman (Century Council, President’s Society, Circle of Sapphire), National Board member Marc Kelman (President’s Society) at the 10 Club dinner in Phoenix.

Dr. Carol Ford-Friedkin (Century Council, Circle of Sapphire) at a Women for Israel cocktail reception in Phoenix.

(L-R) Steve Garrett, Love of Israel Dinner Chair Debbie Orgen-Garrett, JNF Chief Development Officer Rick Krosnick, Love of Israel Dinner honorees Jim and Donna Levitas (Herzl Society), Love of Israel Dinner honoree Leonard Sherman (Century Council), keynote speaker Rabbi David Wolpe, JNF Palm Springs Region President Sheri Borax (Sapphire Society), and Jim Borax at the 7th Annual Palm Springs Love of Israel dinner.

(L-R) At the 7th Annual Palm Springs Love of Israel dinner, JNF Palm Springs Region President Sheri Borax (Sapphire Society) and JNF Chief Development Officer Rick Krosnick presented the JNF Century Award to the Jewish Federation of the Desert. Accepting for the Federation was its President Celia Norian. Evelyn Binsky (Sapphire Society) accepted the Circle of Sapphire Award. Century Awards were also presented to Beverly Lavin (Century Council), Alfred Ertel (Century Council), Cheryl and Robert Fey (Century Council, Herzl Society), and Lewis Rosenberg (Century Council, Herzl Society).

(L-R) Carlos Lubezky (President’s Society) with daughter Tamara, wife Rebeca, and daughter Sharon at a dedication ceremony for a grove of trees and a plaque in memory of their father and grandfather Bernardo Grezemkovsky at American Independence Park in Jerusalem.

Caron and Dr. Josh Feder (Herzl Society) met with IDF Major General (Res.) Doron Almog (center), chairman of Aleh Negev, while visiting the residential village for children and young adults with severe cognitive disabilities.

Jack Lief and Judith Lief (Negev Society) visited with David Lehrer (center), Executive Director of The Arava Institute in La Jolla, CA.

(L-R) Dr. Vivian Saper, Carol Sege (President’s Society), Daniel Saper, Elyse Saper, and Jeff Saper at a brunch with Central Arava Mayor Dr. Eyal Blum and AICAT Executive Director Hanni Arnon held at Vivian and Jeff Saper’s home in Palo Alto.

(L-R) Norma Friedman, Faye Steinberg (Sapphire Society), and Dr. Leon Steinberg (President’s Society) at the 4th annual Sunday Brunch in Las Vegas.

(L-R) Toni Dusik (Sapphire Society) and Lesley Hammer (Sapphire Society) at a Women for Israel luncheon in Phoenix.

(L-R) Robyn Loup, Bob Loup, Joyce Zeff (Century Council), Mountain States Region Director Boaz Meir, Miriam Grynberg, Peter Gottlieb (Century Council), Celeste Grynberg (President’s Society), and Jack Grynberg (President’s Society) at the JNF National Conference in Denver.

(L-R) Mountain States Region Chair Gene Kay (Century Council) and Mountain States Region President Ron Werner (President’s Society) at the JNF National Conference in Denver.

(L-R) National Board member Steven Crystal (Century Council, Negev Society), National Campaign Director Sharon Freedman, and Northern California Board member Dayna Titus (President’s Society, Sapphire Society) at JNF’s National Conference in Denver.

(L-R) JNF National President Jeffrey E. Levine (World Chairman’s Council, Negev Society), Vice President of Administration and Mountain States Women for Israel Co-Chair Dr. Melinda Wolf (Century Council, President’s Society, Lifetime Sapphire), and JNF CEO Russell F. Robinson at the JNF National Conference in Denver.

(L-R) Women’s Campaign Chair Evelyn Binsky (Circle of Sapphire), JNF Palm Springs Region President Sheri Borax (Sapphire Society), guest speaker Jeff Goodman, National Campaign Director Diane Scar, Elaine Land-Dexter (Sapphire Society), Marsha Stein, and Planned Giving Chair Rick Stein at a table captain meeting for the Love of Israel dinner in Palm Springs.

Northern California Board Co-President Dr. Alan Fisher (World Chairman’s Council, Negev Society), JNF CEO Russell F. Robinson, National Campaign Director Sharon Freedman, and Northern California Co-President Dr. Barbara Sommer (World Chairman’s Council, Negev Society) at JNF’s National Conference in Denver.

New England

(L-R) Pat Blank (Century Council, Negev Society, Circle of Sapphire), Mission Chair and Boston President Michael Blank (Century Council, Negev Society), New England Board and Lawyers for Israel Society member Jeffrey Woolf (President’s Society) and Mary Woolf (President’s Society) at Timna Park while in Israel on the President’s Society Mission.

(L-R) Sapphire Society President, Vice Chair of the JNF Parsons Water Fund and Boston Executive Board member Amy Parsons (Circle of Sapphire, Negev Society), Sharon Mishkan (Sapphire Society), JNF National Campaign Director Sharon Freedman, and Boston Board member Shauna Samson (Sapphire Society) at a Women for Israel reception with WePower CEO Ifat Zamir in Brookline, MA.

(L-R) Mayor of Central Arava Eyal Blum, Joyce Guior Wolf, Boston Executive Board member Karen Ferber (Century Council, Negev Society, Circle of Sapphire), and National Presidential Advisor, New England Vice President of Campaign, and Boston Executive Board member Todd Patkin (World Chairman’s Council, Century Council, President’s Society) at JNF’s National Conference in Denver.

(L-R) Claire and Marc Perlman (World Chairman’s Council) were thanked by Director of the Arava International Center for Agricultural Training (AICAT) Hanni Arnon, Mayor of Central Arava Eyal Blum and New England Emissary Rami Hazan for their generous donation to AICAT.

(L-R) Lawyers for Israel member Norman Greenberg (President’s Society), New England Executive Board member Judi Elovitz Greenberg (President’s Society, Sapphire Society) and her son Sam with Blue Box Bob at the 4th Annual Walk for Water in Albany.


JNF’s Major Donors

JNF National Campaign Director Sharon Freedman (right) presented Heni Koenigsberg (Century Council, Negev Society, Circle of Sapphire) with a commemorative Blue Box holder in recognition of her and Marc Plonskier becoming members of JNF’s Century Council.


(L-R) JNF Director of New England & the Capital District Sara Hefez, JNF Assistant Vice President of Campaign and Capital District President Ken Segel (Century Council, Negev Society) and Capital District Board member Jane Golub (President’s Council, Sapphire Society) at the 4th Annual Walk for Water in Albany.

JNF Israel Operations Development Officer Ariel Kotler visited with Naples Tree of Life™ honoree Janet Guttman Cohen (Herzl Society).

JNF National Campaign Director Sharon Freedman (center) with Dean J. Levy (Herzl Society) and Coleman Levy (Herzl Society), long-time donors through the Levy Family Foundation, at a Hartford, CT breakfast.

(L-R) Bobbie Lublin (Herzl Society) with guest speaker JNF-LOTEM Liaison Alisa Bodner at a Doctors for Israel event in Naples.

(L-R) Broward board members Myron Stayman (Century Council, Negev Society) and Alan Cohn during a board meeting in Broward.

(L-R) Broward Board President Vivian Grossman (World Chairman’s Council, Negev Society, Sapphire Society), Judy Koch, and Estelle Mintz (President’s Society, Sapphire Society) at a parlor meeting in Weston.

(L-R) Broward board members Dr. Mark Gendal, Dr. Judi Edelman (Sapphire Society), and Myron Stayman (Century (L-R) Past Tree of Life™ honoree Leslie Council, Negev Society) at a board meeting Held, Jack Selevan (World Chairman’s in Broward. Council), Ambassador Gideon Meir, and David Stein (World Chairman’s Council) at an event for major donors in Jacksonville.

(L-R) National Assistant Treasurer and Florida Chairman Bruce Gould (World Chairman’s Council) with his parents Jeanette (Sapphire Society) and Norman Gould at the Orlando Tree of Life™ Award Dinner.

Stephen Muss (World Chairman’s Council, Negev Society) and JNF Director of Southern Florida Laura Sherry at the JNF National Conference in Denver. Miami-Dade Board President Ron Kriss (Herzl Society) with wife Marni (Sapphire Society) at the major donor thank you Chanukah dinner in Boca Raton.

(L-R) Orlando Board member Aaron Gorovitz (Herzl Society) presented the Guardian of Israel Award to Sy and Debra Israel (Century Council, Negev Society) and Mark and Caryn Israel (Negev Society) at the Orlando Tree of Life™ Award Dinner. (L-R) Alan Weiner presented the Guardian of Israel Award to Dick and Louise Weiner (Herzl Society) and Maura and Ben Weiner (Herzl Society) at the Orlando Tree of Life™ Award Dinner.

(L-R) JNF National Assistant Vice President of Campaign Ken Segel (Century Council, Negev Society) with guest speaker Dr. Bernd Wollschlaeger at the major donor thank you Chanukah dinner in Boca Raton. (L-R) JNF board member Anne Rubin (President’s Society), guest speaker JNF-LOTEM Liaison Alisa Bodner, and Dr. Mark Rubin (President’s Society) at a Doctors for Israel event in Naples.

(L-R) Palm Beach Board members Marian Wiseman (Century Council, President’s Society, Sapphire Society), Irving Wiseman (Century Council, President’s Society) and Sharon and Rubin Pikus (Century Council, Negev Society) at the major donor thank you Chanukah dinner in Boca Raton.


JNF’s Major Donors

(L-R) Yael Taubman (Sapphire Society) and South Palm Beach Board member Cantor Elaine Shapiro (President’s Society, Sapphire Society) at the major donor thank you Chanukah dinner in Boca Raton.

(L-R) Herb Siegel (Century Council), Sydelle Sonkin, and Gerrie and Achim Rudoler (Century Council, President’s Society) at the major donor thank you Chanukah dinner in Boca Raton.

(L-R) Helen Glaser (Sapphire Society), JNF Israel Operations Development Officer Ariel Kotler, and Len Glaser (Herzl Society) at a Guardian of Israel Luncheon committee meeting in Sarasota.

(L-R) JNF Israel Operations Development Officer Ariel Kotler with MeMe Kramer (Sapphire Society) and Bob Kramer during a parlor meeting at the Kramer’s home in Sarasota.

(L-R) JNF Southern Florida Director Laura Sherry, Cantor Elaine Shapiro (President’s Society, Sapphire Society), Dan Mielnicki, Linda Selbst, JNF Florida Executive Director Glen Schwartz, Beckie Fischer (Sapphire Society), Cynthia Hertz (Century Council, Sapphire Society), Dr. Rob Colton (Century Council, President’s Society), South Palm Board President Howard DuBosar (Herzl Society), Michael Lazar (Century Council, Negev Society), Dr. Mark Ziffer, Bruce Schreiber (Herzl Society), Scott Brenner (President’s Society), Ron Lewittes, and Alan Mibab at the South Palm Beach Board of Directors Board Retreat hosted by Cantor Elaine Shapiro and Michael Zimmerman.

(L-R) South Palm Beach Chairman of the Board Michael Lazar (Century Council, Negev Society) and Sydelle Lazar (Century Council, Negev Society, Sapphire Society) at a Shabbat dinner hosted by Cantor Elaine Shapiro and Michael Zimmerman for the South Palm Beach Board.

(L-R) South Palm Beach Board President Howard DuBosar (Herzl Society) and board members Bruce Schreiber (Herzl Society) and Scott Brenner (President’s Society) at the South Palm Beach Board retreat.

(L-R) Tampa Bay Board members Jeffrey Gad, Meg Moskovitz (President’s Society, Sapphire Society), and Barbara Gitlin (Sapphire Society) at a Tampa Bay area board meeting.

(L-R) Queen of Sheba mission participant Ida Raye Chernin (Century Council, Negev Society, Sapphire Society) pinned Valarie Blau with her new Chai Society pendant at a post-mission Shabbat dinner hosted by Lisa and Eddie Titen in Tampa Bay.

(L-R) Tampa Bay Board member Ida Raye Chernin (Century Council, Negev Society, Sapphire Society), Tampa Bay Co-President Betsy Marcadis (President’s Society, Sapphire Society), Inez Levin, Lisa Titen, JNF Campaign Executive Beth Glickman Morris, Susan Waksman (Sapphire Society), Northern Florida President Mary Ellen Hogan (Sapphire Society), and guest speaker Ellen Reisel from Red Mountain Therapeutic Riding Center in Israel at parlor meeting in Tampa.

(L-R) Hosts Eric Baker and Bonnie Kintzer with JNF Director of Westchester and Southern Connecticut Stephanie Risa Balkin and guest speaker Micah Halpern at a parlor meeting in Stamford, CT.

(L-R) Golf Tournament co-chairs, Long Island Board members and President Emeriti Rubin Pikus (Century Council, Negev Society) and Mark Engel (Century Council, President’s Society) with honoree William Jennings, Long Island Board President Michael Kessler (Century Council, Negev Society), honoree James Butler and past honorees Jeffrey Solomon and James Slattery at Long Island’s 6th Annual Golf and Tennis Classic.

(L-R) JNF National Secretary, New York Board member and Chair of JNF’s Yerucham 2020 Task Force Geraldine Shatz (Century Council, Sapphire Society) with Broadway star Marilyn Sokol at Greater New York’s Chagall Art Experience at the Jewish Museum in Manhattan.

(L-R) Director of Aleh Negev’s Yossi Kahana, Long Island Board President Michael Kessler (Century Council, Negev Society), National President Jeffrey E. Levine (World Chairman’s Council, Negev Society), speaker Marc Rowan of Apollo Global Management, Aleh Negev-Nahalat Eran Chairman Major General (Res.) Doron Almog, Didi Almog and Greater New York Executive Director Michael Feinman at a Finance for Israel Society event in Manhattan.

28   Greater New York

(L-R) Michael Laby and Sheryl Buckholtz (L-R) KKL Director of Golden Books Efrat (President’s Society, Sapphire Society) in Benbenisti, Ilana Birger, Susan Gutmann (Century Council, Negev Society, Sapphire Israel on the President’s Society Mission. Society), JNF National Assistant Secretary and Northern NJ Board member Ben Gutmann (Century Council, Negev Society), Yitzhak Birger, and JNF-KKL Fundraising Coordinator Liat Itzhak at JNF-KKL Headquarters in Israel.

(L-R) JNF CEO Russell F. Robinson, Israel’s Minister for the Development of the Negev and Galilee Silvan Shalom and New York Board Member Saul Burian (President’s Society) at a breakfast at JNF Headquarters in Manhattan.


(L-R) NY Board member Ed Blank (World Chairman’s Council, Negev Society), Mildred Popkin (World Chairman’s Council, President’s Society), and JNF Vice President of Education and Northern NJ Board member Bob Levine (World Chairman’s Council, Negev Society) at the Greater New York major donor thank you reception at the Museum of Tolerance in Manhattan.

(L-R) Breakfast Chair Doug Williams (Herzl Society), and Co-Chairs Lisa Elkan and Barak Lurie (Herzl Society) at the 7th Annual Breakfast in Los Angeles.

(L-R) JNF Chief Executive Officer Russell F. Robinson, Consul General of Israel David Siegel, Israel’s Ambassador to the UN Ron Prosor, Larry Russ (Century Council, Negev Society), Sam Delug (World Chairman’s Council, Negev Society) at a special reception and dinner in honor of H.E. Ron Prosor hosted by Sam Delug.

(L-R) Ashkan Delrahim, JNF’s Chief Development Officer Rick Krosnick, Orna Delrahim (Century Council, Negev Society), David Delrahim (Century Council, Negev Society), and Shannon Delrahim were presented with the prestigious Tree of Life™ Award at the annual Los Angeles Tree of Life™ Gala.

(L-R) Abe Levine (Herzl Society), former Special Israeli Emissary to the Southeast Ronnie Porat, and the Honorable Edna Branch Jackson, Mayor of Savannah, Georgia at a farewell event for Ronnie Porat. (L-R) Robert Port, Atlanta Board Co-President Alan Lubel (Herzl Society), and JNF Chief Development Officer Rick Krosnick at an Atlanta Lawyers for Israel Continuing Education Credit program.

(L-R) Arielle, Joshua, Arlene, and Michael Kleinberg (President’s Society) at American Independence Park in Jerusalem.


JNF’s Major Donors

(L-R) New York Board members and breakfast co-chairs Sheila Scharfman (Century Council, President’s Society), Sid Banon (Century Council, President’s Society), New York Board President Laureine Greenbaum (World Chairman’s Council, Negev Society), and National President Jeffrey E. Levine (World Chairman’s Council, Negev Society) at the Greater New York Breakfast in Manhattan.



Alan Lubel (Herzl Society) spoke at a Lawyers for Israel Parlor meeting held at his and Lisa Rinzler’s home.

(L-R) Diane Radin, Monica Yaniv (Sapphire Society, Herzl Society), and Rabbi Matt Greenberg enjoyed the JNF Breakfast in Austin.

(L-R) JNF Chief Development Officer Rick Krosnick, Buddy Freed (President’s Society), Jon Sharp, David Levy, Southwest Regional Director Julie Malin, Dr. Stanley Hersh (President’s Society), and Robert Cullick celebrated the second annual Breakfast for Israel in Austin. (L-R) Joan Brooks, Dawn Aubrey, Michelle Warech-Philipson (Sapphire Society), Southwest Regional Director Julie Malin, and Kate Graham enjoyed a Women for Israel event in Austin.

(L-R) Ambassador Michael Oren and Jonathan Fishman (Century Council, President’s Society) at a regional farewell event for the Ambassador.

(L-R) Kathy Bartfield (Sapphire Society), Makor members Ira Bartfield (Century Council, President’s Society) and Lori Dekalo (Sapphire Society), and Shelly Dekalo at a regional major donor farewell reception for Ambassador Michael Oren in Bethesda.

(L-R) Dr. Paul Yarowsky (President’s Society) and Dr. Chet Stein (Century Council, President’s Society) at a major donor event in Bethesda.

(L-R) Dr. Chet Stein (Century Council) and Lawyers for Israel Chair Gary Kushner (Century Council) at the end-of-year (L-R) Nanci Seff (Sapphire Society), Dr. Kampelman Society on Law and Politics Irving Taylor (World Chairman’s Council), Gail Quartner (President’s Society, Sapphire evening reception in Washington, D.C. Society), and JNF CEO Russell F. Robinson at a major donor reception at the home of Gail and Andy Quartner in Bethesda.

(L-R) Maryland Board President Frank Spector (Herzl Society), JNF Chief Executive Officer Russell F. Robinson and Delaware Board President Joel Friedlander (President’s Society) at a farewell event for Ambassador Michael Oren. (L-R) National Board of Directors member Dr. Mort Mower (World Chairman’s Council), Ambassador Michael Oren, National Board of Directors member Dr. Toby Mower (World Chairman’s Council, Sapphire Society), and Delaware Board President Joel Friedlander (President’s Society) at a regional major donor thank you event.

(L-R) Washington, D.C. Director Stuart Diamant-Cohen, Karen Fellner (Century Council, Sapphire Society), Mid-Atlantic Region President Baruch Fellner (President’s Society, Century Council), Rita Stein (Century Council, Sapphire Society), and Dr. Chet Stein (Century Council) at a recent major donor reception in Washington, D.C.

(L-R) Delaware Board President Joel Friedlander (President’s Society), David Margules (Century Council, Herzl Society), and guest speaker Rebecca Stoil at a recent Lawyers for Israel event in Wilmington.

(L-R) Rosalie Alter (Century Council, Sapphire Society), Mid-Atlantic Campaign Executive Eric Narrow, and Jayne Klein (Lifetime Sapphire, World Chairman’s Council) at a recent Women for Israel event in Baltimore.

(L-R) Andy Klein (World Chairman’s Council), Dr. Iddo Kan, Dr. Irving Taylor (World Chairman’s Council), and Frank Spector (Herzl Society) at a JNFParsons Water Fund briefing in Baltimore.

(L-R) Mid-Atlantic Sapphire Society members Gail Kushner (Century Council), Rita Stein (Century Council), Nanci Seff, Gail Quartner (President’s Society), Erika Schon, Toby Mower (World Chairman’s Council), Tina Almendares, Ellen Rosenberg (Century Council), Lynn Kapiloff (Century Council), Susie Levene, JNF Chief Leadership Development Officer Yael Septee Kane, and National Campaign Director Diane Scar at a regional major donor event.


JNF’s Major Donors

(L-R) Jackie and Jerry Rosenwaser (Century Council) with JNF Israel Operations Development Officer Ariel Kotler at the dedication of their fire truck in Israel.

(L-R) Tree of Life™ Dinner Chairs Dr. Howard Freedberg (President’s Society) and Marcia Rubin (Sapphire Society), Chicago Board President Scott Gendell (Century Council, President’s Society), and Dinner Chair Dan Cohan (Century Council, President’s Society) at the Chicago Tree of Life™ Dinner.

(L-R) Honorees Steve and Penni Weinberg (Century Council) with dinner co-chair and Northern Ohio President Emeritus Chuck (L-R) Guest speaker Ken Segel (Negev Whitehill (Century Council, President’s Society, Century Council), Assistant VP of Society) at the Northern Ohio Tree of Life™ Women for Israel Nina Paul (Century Council, Award Dinner. Negev Society, Circle of Sapphire), Southern Ohio and Kentucky Board President Ron Solomon, David Gershuny (Herzl Society), and Aimee Guttman (Circle of Sapphire) at a Southern Ohio and Kentucky Board meeting.

(L-R standing) Chicago Board President Scott Gendell (Century Council, President’s Society), Dinner Chairs Marcia Rubin (Sapphire Society) and Dr. Howard Freedberg (President’s Society), with Leonard Sherman (President’s Society), who was recognized at the Chicago Tree of Life™ Dinner for his years of service to Israel.

(L-R) Southern Ohio and Kentucky Executive Board member David Gershuny (Herzl Society), Joe Hinson, and Southern Ohio and Kentucky Past President Hirsch Wise celebrated Joe’s induction into the Southern Ohio and Kentucky 10 Club.

Janet Abary of Burg Simpson Eldredge Hersh and Jardine PC received the JNF/ Judge Carl B. Rubin Legal Society 6th Annual Attorney of the Year award. (L-R) Louise Roselle of Markovitz, Stock and DeMarco (Sapphire Society), Southern Ohio and Kentucky President Ron Solomon, Janet Abaray, and guest speaker and Middle East Analyst Asaf Romirowsky.

(L-R) Breakfast host Noreen KoppelmanGoldstein (Sapphire Society) with guest speaker and JNF-Halutza Liaison Yedidya Harush at a breakfast at Beechmont Country Club in Cleveland. (L-R) Dan Geller (Herzl Society) with guest speaker and JNF-Halutza Liaison Yedidya Harush at a breakfast at Beechmont Country Club in Cleveland.


30 (L-R) Honorees Penni and Steve Weinberg (Century Council) were honored with the Tree of Life™ Award at the Northern Ohio Tree of Life™ Award Dinner.

(L-R) National Campaign Chair Bill Miller (World Chairman’s Council, Negev Society), Gloria Feldman (Century Council, Negev Society), and St. Louis Board President Dan Kweskin (Herzl Society) joined together in St. Louis to celebrate Bill Miller becoming the new National Campaign Chair. (L-R) Doctors for Israel National Chair Dr. Hershel Sandberg and wife Dorothy Superstein-Sandberg (President’s Society) at the Doctors for Israel dinner at Tam-OShanter Country Club in West Bloomfield, MI.

(L-R) Central NJ Women for Israel co-chair Barbara Israel Bortniker (Century Council, President’s Society, Circle of Sapphire) and her daughter JNFuture member Shira Bortniker planted trees at the Harvey Hertz-JNF Ceremonial Tree Planting Center at Neot Kedumim while in Israel on the President’s Society Mission. Central NJ Board President and Makor member Mark Rattner (Century Council, President’s Society) threw out the first pitch at the Somerset Patriots’ Jewish Heritage Day sponsored by JNF in Bridgewater, NJ.

(L-R) Dr. Mel Lester (Herzl Society) and Doreen Hermelin at the Doctors for Israel dinner at Tam-O-Shanter Country Club in West Bloomfield, MI. (L-R) Wisconsin Board Co-Chairperson Selma Zeiger (Sapphire Society) presented a Sapphire Society pin to Nina Edelman (Sapphire Society) at the Wisconsin Annual Tribute Banquet.

(L-R) Anna Boni (Sapphire Society), Philadelphia Board President Michael Boni (President’s Society), JNF Chief Executive Officer Russell F. Robinson, and Past Philadelphia Board President and current board member Richard Cohen (Herzl Society) at the Eastern Pennsylvania major donor thank you dessert reception sponsored and hosted by Michael and Kristin Karp. (L-R) JNF Chief Executive Officer Russell F. Robinson, Israeli Idol winner Hagit Yaso, Michael Karp (Century Council, President’s Society), and Kristin Karp (Century Council, President’s Society) at the Eastern Pennsylvania major donor thank you dessert reception sponsored and hosted by the Karps.

(L-R standing) Event co-chairs Al and Barbara Simon, guest speaker Myron Stayman (Century Council, Negev Society), and Wisconsin Director Sidney Rivkin; (L-R seated) Wisconsin Board Co-President Rusti Moffic (Sapphire Society), Wisconsin Board Co-Chairperson Selma Zeiger (Sapphire Society), and Board Co-President Enid Bootzin Berkovits at the 2013 Wisconsin Annual Tribute Banquet.

(L-R) Central NJ Board member Bradley Segal (Century Council, President’s Society), CNJ Executive Director Joel Leibowitz, CNJ Women for Israel co-chair Marci Robinson (Century Council, President’s Society, Sapphire Society), board members Lee Samuelson and Alyssa Russo (Sapphire Society), Orazio Russo, National President Jeffrey E. Levine (World Chairman’s Council, Negev Society), and National Assistant Vice President of Investments and CNJ Board member Joe Korn (Century Council, President’s Society) at the inauguration celebration for Jeffrey E. Levine in New York City.

(L-R) Eastern Pennsylvania Regional Director Marina Furman, Paul Feldman (President’s Society) and Bryna Singer (Sapphire Society) in St. Petersburg, Russia on the President’s Society mission to St. Petersburg and Israel.

(L-R) Pam Benedon (Century Council, Sapphire Society) presented Betsy Fischer (Century Council, Negev Society, Sapphire Society) with her Sapphire Society pin at the Gush Etzion Wine Tasting at the home of Peter and Betsy Fischer in Cherry Hill, NJ. (L-R) Alan and Helene Blumenfeld (Century Council, President’s Society, Sapphire Society) at the Eastern Pennsylvania major donor thank you dessert reception sponsored and hosted by Michael and Kristin Karp in Ambler, PA.

(L-R) National Women for Israel Chair Louise Dabrow (Century Council, Negev Society, Sapphire Society), Betsy Fischer (Century Council, Negev Society, Sapphire Society), Director of Gush Etzion Foundation Shani Simkowitz, Peter Fischer (Century Council, Negev Society), Gush Etzion Mayor Davidi Perel, National Board of Directors member and Makor Chair Bob Benedon (Century Council) and First Vice President National Board of Directors Alan Dabrow (Century Council, Negev Society) at the Gush Etzion Wine Tasting at the home of Peter and Betsy Fischer in Cherry Hill, NJ.

1 9 7 2

and fun An Academic Adventure


For more than 40 years AMHSI has brought over 22,000 Jewish youth from across the globe to Israel for an unforgettable experience that prepares teens for college and beyond in which participants receive an in-depth education, international academic experience, college credits, and feel the spirit of a nation.

L’Dor V’Dor – From Generation to Generation As Alexander Muss High School in Israel enters its 42nd year we want to take this opportunity to reflect on the admiration we have for our multi-generational alumni families and the distinction they give to the school. What better evidence in Jewish continuity can there be?

AMHSI’s long-lasting positive effects: 98% of alumni rated AMHSI among the three most influential Jewish educational experiences in their lives. 95% of alumni rated the program as one of the three most influential educational programs of any type. 88% of alumni have married a Jewish spouse.

Rabbi Don,

70% of alumni between the ages of 28-49 contribute to Jewish charities.

on me has meant to me and how the effect it had has nce erie exp I HS AM my t wha ut for me because I wanted to share a few thoughts abo you for so many things that changed nk Tha . You nk Tha : you tell to t wan t, I s you gave our changed over the past 27 years. Firs of it. I remember the opening remark ter cen the in you out with gine ima t ldn' somewhat of of my AMHSI experience, one I cou the solution."”This phrase has become of t par or blem pro the of t par er eith group as we arrived. You said, "You're l. narios, both personal and professiona sce ss ntle cou in it to k bac r refe I a mission of mine. to answer. Is it always been a tough question for me has It ish? Jew be to n mea it s doe ere in that mix. People have often asked me: What I and Israel has always been somewh HS AM .? etc s, ition trad , ory hist g the about observing, remembering, knowin plane for the put our oldest daughter Alyssa on a and k Yor w Ne to up ve dro I and wife head: L'Dor This past August it all changed. My hear during services popped into my ays alw I ase phr a ning mor t tha up e . AMHSI now AMHSI semester program. As I wok e life-changing experience that I had sam the er ght dau my give to ity abil ael, my daughter V'Dor. It became about having the tion to the next. While she was in Isr era gen one from ls, eria mat ond bey ing, my daughter in symbolizes to me the passing of someth . And by my attending in 1987 and etc es, issu , nts eve , ory hist of iods ut per and I had many long discussions abo home. t education across generations in our onis Zi of ge brid a as ed act has I 2013, AMHS e so much e. Your lessons and guidance have don crib des can ds wor t wha ond bey e sur My AMHSI experience is one I trea for me and for my family. -Andy Katon, DC (Feb. 1987)

AMHSI Fall Semester 2013

65% of alumni participate in Jewish/Zionist organizations. Programs

Campus Departure Location Date

Return Date

Negev Campus

Dec 26, 2014

4-Month Semester Fall Semester

Aug 24, 2014

8-Week School Year December Session

Hod Dec 2, 2014 HaSharon

Jan 27, 2015

6-Week Summer Summer I Summer II

Hod June 17, 2014 HaSharon Negev June 25, 2014 Campus

July 29, 2014 August 7, 2014

Combined Program AMHSI & Hod April 23, 2014 March of the Living HaSharon

June 19, 2014

Calling all AMHSI alumni & friends:

We are looking for you! Go to and click on the AMHSI Alumni & Friends tab to update your information. In return, and for a limited time, you will receive ♥❤♥‫ חז‬an I HEART AMHSI bumper sticker and magnet for free. • 800.327.5980


87 AMHSI February 19

alexander muss high school in israel


Alexander Muss High School in Israel

Sunshine Mission June 8 – 17, 2014

Travel from ancient times to modern Israel on a unique journey for active adults ages 55+ with JNF national spokesperson Hal Linden.

Spirit of Israel MISSION : Spring

April 1 – 9, 2014 Embark on a unique journey through Israel as you explore the country from the Negev to the North.

Pride of Israel LGBT MISSION

June 5 - 12, 2014 Experience Israel’s unique diversity and connect with the land and people as we celebrate the pride that is Israel.


June 27 - July 5, 2014 Explore Israel’s food, wine and culinary scene while experiencing Israel’s art and cultural institutions.

Singles Trip to Israel

July 13-19, 2014 Experience the sights, sounds, flavors and spirit of Israel with other Jewish singles, age 30-45, on an unforgettable journey.

President’s Society Mission

October 26 – 30, 2014; Pre-mission to Vienna and Bratislava October 21-26 Exclusive annual mission for members of JNF’s President’s Society.


November 13 - 20, 2014 Embark on a unique journey through Israel as you explore the country from the Negev to the North.

Doctors for Israel Mission

November 30 - December 4, 2014 Join healthcare professionals on a unique mission to Israel for a special look at Israel’s healthcare industry.

Israel through a Photographic Lens Mission

March 12-19, 2015 Join fellow photography lovers and share your passion for Israel through the creative outlet of photography.


Only have a day? See the Northern Negev and JNF projects—a new and unique Israel experience. Departs from Jerusalem every Wednesday.

Arava Institute-Hazon Bike Ride - Team JNF November 4 - 11, 2015 Explore the land of Israel on two wheels.

PLUS: Family trips, B’nai Mitzvah trips, Group tours, Tree Planting, and more

To register for one of these unique tours of Israel or for more information, contact 877.JNF.TOUR (563.8687) or visit

B'Yachad Winter 2014: Building Tomorrow, Today  
B'Yachad Winter 2014: Building Tomorrow, Today