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JNF: YOUR VOICE IN ISRAEL Address service requested E-mail us at B'Yachad · 42 East 69th Street New York, NY 10021-5093

The Bala family, residents of the Negev community of Zuqim, which JNF helped build.




Dear Reader,


As one of the most innovative philanthropic organizations in the U.S., JNF is proud to showcase our new look and feel. As you read through these pages please notice our tweaked logo, bolder colors, exciting fonts, and more emotional language and photography. JNF truly is Your Voice in Israel. This repositioning of JNF is the culmination of months of research, focus groups, surveys, and interviews with lay leaders, staff, donors, and non-donors of all ages—all of which gave us a real understanding of how our mission and vision are perceived across key audiences and how to boldly lead this organization deeper into the 21st century. As we look to our 2013 campaign, we want to highlight how Your Voice in Israel is being heard through JNF’s work. Our centerfold map gives a comprehensive picture of JNF’s projects from north to south, and pages 18-23 illustrate JNF’s tangible effect on the land and people of Israel—from the new communities that are flourishing thanks to JNF’s support to the JNF-funded R&D stations helping farmers improve their growing and export possibilities. JNF’s strong, clear, unified brand identity is being conveyed in everything we do. Help us spread the word about JNF—Your Voice in Israel. We hope you enjoy this issue. Send your feedback to

12 JLIM/The Summit

This summer, 21 of JNF’s young leaders were selected to attend the JNFuture Leadership Institute Mission to Israel. In 2013, the next generation of leaders will gather in Red Rock, NV for a one-of-a-kind twoday summit focused on sustainability of water, food and energy.

14 Road to Jerusalem

To commemorate the 45th anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem, JNF led 120 participants on an exclusive tour of the land of Israel, complete with VIP seats at the Yom Yerushalayim ceremony with Prime \ Minister Netanyahu.

16-17 Map of JNF Projects

JNF’s work encompasses all aspects of daily life in Israel. See how our program areas cover the map and touch the lives of all Israel’s residents.

18-23 Your Voice in Israel


JNF gives all generations of Jews a unique voice in building a prosperous future for the land of Israel and its people. Learn how our work is helping Israel’s youth, farmers, new communities, and much more.

24 Nefesh B’Nefesh

JNF announced a new partnership with Nefesh B’Nefesh, which helps new olim through all the stages of the aliyah process.

JEWISH NATIONAL FUND (JNF) began in 1901 as a dream and vision to reestablish a homeland in Israel

Correction: Please note that in our last issue, in Campaign All-Star on page 5, Larry Cohen was mistakenly identified as a real estate lawyer. He is an estate lawyer.

for Jewish people everywhere. Jews the world over collected coins in iconic JNF Blue Boxes, purchasing land and planting trees until ultimately, their dream of a Jewish homeland was a reality. Today, JNF continues to give all generations a unique voice in building and ensuring the prosperity of the land of Israel through their generosity and partnership with the people of Israel.


JNF embodies both heart and action; our work is varied in scope but singular in benefit. We strive to bring an enhanced quality of life to all of Israel’s residents, and translate these advancements to the world beyond. JNF is greening the desert with millions of trees, building thousands of parks, creating new communities and cities for generations of Israelis to call home, bolstering Israel’s water supply, helping develop innovative arid-agriculture techniques, and educating both young and old about the founding and importance of Israel and Zionism.


COVER PHOTO CREDIT: DANNY HADAS Printed on recycled paper with vegetable-based ink


JNF is a registered 501(c)(3) organization and United Nations NGO, which continuously earns top ratings from charity overseers. For more information on JNF, call 888.JNF.0099 or visit



250 multinational corporations invest in Israeli water and energy


companies, including Google, IBM, Motorola and Apple. • Israeli companies hold

30% of the global desalination market and

• JNF’s

222 reservoirs store 67% of Israel’s recycled water.

• By 2030, Israel will need to double its storage capacity for treated wastewater, at a cost of

$280 million in reservoir construction.

• The Shafdan, Israel’s largest and most complex wastewater treatment plant, is also the most advanced in the Middle East and was chosen by the UN as one of 30 projects from around the world that demonstrates the ability of local authorities to deal with environmental problems. It services municipalities with a total of

2.5 million


people. Its treated water

is injected into an aquifer where it is kept for 300 days, emerging at a quality close to drinking level. • In central Israel alone, • In

225 wells have been disqualified due to pollution.

1966, Israel had already established a pilot desalination program.

• Israel has achieved the world’s highest production efficacy per water unit. Even in open fields, Israel has achieved

88-92% irrigation

efficiency. It was recognized as a world leader by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. • In 20 years, the Middle East’s need for water resources will increase by

40-45%. n

To learn about JNF’s work with water in Israel, visit


78% of the water in Israel is recycled and reused—the highest rate in the world. Spain is second at 17% and the U.S. only reuses 1%. •


50% of the water purification field.

There are those who measure success in projects completed and in dollars raised. While those line items are important at JNF, that is not how we, the premier organization that builds a prosperous future for the land and people of Israel, measure success. JNF’s ultimate barometer of success is the lives we touch—both in the U.S. and Israel. A few years ago, before the Pipes Bridge was built in Be’er Sheva, before ground was broken on the amphitheater and the lake, before the private sector had begun to invest millions in new residential housing and malls as a result of our seed money, before we had won the 2012 Be’er Sheva Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of our commitment to the development of the Negev and Be’er Sheva as part of our Blueprint Negev campaign, I was walking along the newly constructed promenades with Itai Freeman, Be’er Sheva River Park Project Director. He was explaining to me what we had done, how the park was being irrigated, and what it had taken to clean the riverbed, move the earth and get the project going, gesturing as he was pointing things out to me. It was clear we were talking about the city’s progress. A cab driver stopped his car and asked if we were the ones responsible for the changes. When we said yes, the smile that broke across his face is an image I will remember always. “Thank you so much,” he said. “You have no idea what a difference it is making in our lives. We can’t wait to see what’s next.” That gratitude, mixed with pride for their homeland, is a sentiment echoed throughout the country when it comes to what JNF has done that is making a difference. “No words can express the excitement and gratitude of our members,” said Hillel Tobias, CEO of Kibbutz Yahel, in reference to JNF’s donations that are enabling them to expand their kibbutz in the southern Arava [see pg. 5]. That expansion along with Park Yahel, a five-acre tourist complex at the entrance to the kibbutz funded by Jack Freeman, will make an incomparable change in the region and create 89 new jobs. Every day, we’re making tangible differences in the lives of Israel’s residents. All thanks to you. JNF is Your Voice in Israel. In the U.S., talk to any Alexander Muss High School in Israel alum, Birthright or Alternative Winter/Spring Break participant, and you will see a life transformed. There is something magical about these Zionist experiences that puts Israel front and center in their lives. Many go on to become leaders in the Jewish community, some even make aliyah. We did that, you did that. JNF is Your Voice in Israel. Recently, I was at a meeting to plan our 2013 campaign. More than 50 lay leaders were in attendance, some who interrupted their summer vacation to be there. Listening to them speak, it was the difference that JNF has made in their lives that really struck me. They fundraise, run events, speak publicly, and take time away from their professional lives to travel to Israel with us. All are passionately, deeply devoted to Israel and the organization, and determined to spread the word. To me, Jewish National Fund is the now organization. Thanks to a combination of terrific lay leaders and professional staff we get things done, and because of what we do, others follow. Take part. JNF is truly Your Voice in Israel. Make it heard.




Adashek has donated more than 1,200 trees to Israel through JNF. What makes this contribution even more remarkable than simply the sheer number of trees itself is that Adashek, a Baltimorebased obstetrician and gynecologist, is a certified mohel who donates a tree for every bris (circumcision) he performs. “It’s Jewish tradition to give back,” Adashek explained, “and this way I’m not only giving back to Israel, but also in the name of the child. It is a physical manifestation, a tree, and it connects the child to Israel.” Adashek, a member of JNF’s Doctors for Israel Society, discovered a deeper connection to Israel while on a bar mitzvah tour with his son in 2005. It was the doctor’s first visit to Israel, and as he recalled, “from the moment I stepped off the plane, and for the two weeks I was there, I felt like I belonged. It was an unbelievable feeling. Seeing an arid country turning green with life was transformational.” His time in Israel solidified his commitment to Israel and the work that JNF stands for. “I’m a firm believer in having a place for the Jewish people, in having a home,” he said. “The Jewish people are spread out all over the world, but having Israel means we have a place to call ours—

Plant a tree with your own hands at the Harvey Hertz-JNF Ceremonial Tree Planting Center at Neot Kedumim, the world’s only biblical landscape reserve. Sign up at Be part of the time-honored tradition of planting a tree to honor or memorialize a loved one. Plant trees for all occasions: Birthdays • Holidays • Bar/Bat Mitzvahs Births • Weddings • Anniversaries • In Memory Retirement • Graduation • Housewarming

To learn more, visit or call 800-542-TREE Open an E-Z Tree account and save up to 50%. Visit for more information.

Dr. Steven Adashek performing a bris.

Dr. Steven Adashek planting a tree in Israel.

a place we need to make green and thrive This is a part of our responsibility as a People.” For young parents new to tzedakah and searching for the right place to give, Dr. Adashek offered this advice: “Planting a tree, or creating a building or a park, these are visible and physical projects to which you can point and know exactly how you’ve helped the land and people of Israel. “This is why I am involved with JNF,” he continued. “I feel that JNF understands that Israel is ours and in turn that it is our responsibility to make it a self-sufficient and thriving state.” n

For information about JNF’s Doctors for Israel visit

Community Expansion at Kibbutz Yahel FOR THE FIRST TIME


Campaign All-Star: Bob Dubin “Bob is an amazing leader and motivator,” said to tour JNF project sites and bring back updates Berkovitz. “He has been extremely successful and stories to the Las Vegas Board of Directors and in every position he has held with JNF, as well the community at large. Dubin has served as JNF as being successful in business outside of Las Vegas Board President for the past three years the organization.” Dubin has been a CPA for more than 40 years and has been deeply involved with the organization for a decade. It’s his passion for JNF’s work and the and is licensed by the US Department of the positive effect it has on Israel that keeps bringing Treasury. A graduate of the University of Southern him back and that has earned him the title of California with a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting, he has a general accounting and Campaign All-Star. income tax practice in Las “Bob truly believes that JNF Vegas. Up until last year, is Israel,” said JNF Director of Dubin also served as the Nevada Judy Berkovitz. “He is an President of the Nevada extremely passionate individual Society of Enrolled Agents – who devotes countless hours to Southern Chapter. JNF’s cause, not for recognition, “Bob Dubin is truly a star in but for his own conviction and the JNF world,” said National love for the work being done.” Campaign Director Diane Scar. A prominent member of the Las “Bob has a commitment to JNF Vegas community, Dubin is also and Israel which is unmatched. part of JNF’s Makor group, an Bob with his wife Shelley He always makes time for elite leadership, solicitation and training group comprised of volunteers who travel JNF, whether it’s making calls, educating the across the country to speak about JNF’s work for community, speaking at synagogue events, or just always ensuring that JNF is at the forefront of the the land and people of Israel. In addition to serving as the Las Vegas Board Las Vegas Jewish community. It is truly an honor President, Dubin is also the National Assistant VP to be working with a person like Bob Dubin who of Planned Giving. Prior to becoming President, he demonstrates such a high moral character. Bob served as the Las Vegas Board Vice President. The certainly deserves the kavod of being named our decision for Dubin to make the jump to President Campaign All Star.” Congratulations to Bob Dubin! n was a no-brainer.

EVERY YEAR, BOB DUBIN travels to Israel


a long history of partnership with Yahel that has included preparing infrastructure for housing and farming, as well as building two reservoirs that irrigate Yahel’s date plantations, which account for nearly 50% of its income. And with the upcoming opening of Park Yahel, a five-acre tourist complex at the entrance to the kibbutz—also supported by JNF, through the generosity of Jack Freeman of Orlando, FL—another obstacle to growth is being addressed. The park will create 89 new jobs for kibbutz members and local residents and have a major impact on the Arava’s economy. “We thank JNF for its continued and generous help in building the Yahel community,” said Hillel Tobias, CEO of Yahel. “No words can express the excitement and gratitude of our members.” n

I have often said that JNF is one of the only organizations that touches the lives of all Israelis. It begins the moment they wake up and turn the water on: JNF has played a major role in helping Israel deal with its water crisis by adding 12% to the Israeli water supply through our JNF Parsons Water Fund initiatives. The fruits and vegetables that they eat come from Israeli farmers who learned their skills from JNF-funded research farms. The security roads used daily to drive children to school were built by the generous dollars from JNF donors. This is just a small part of the work we do. This past May I was part of the large and enthusiastic Phoenix delegation on the Road to Jerusalem Mission. I have had the privilege of visiting JNF projects many times, but this time was different. Most mission participants were seeing our projects for the first time, and I felt like a proud parent witnessing their appreciation of what JNF has accomplished. It is impossible to set foot inside the Secure Indoor Recreation Center in Sderot without a feeling of amazement and excitement. To build a facility enabling children to play without fear of Hamas rockets is a mitzvah provided by JNF thanks to your campaign dollars. We saw how far along Be’er Sheva is in having a beautiful river walk and new amphitheater. No one could believe that not too long ago this area was strewn with garbage and old cars. Progress and hope for a revitalized future are what JNF has given this city. Our mission drove on to Aleh Negev. How can you see a project where Israel’s children and adults with disabilities are treated with such love, respect, and state-of-the-art rehabilitation capabilities, and not have tears in your eyes? Once again, JNF is there recognizing one of Israel’s greatest needs and finding ways to fill it. Further south in the heart of the Negev, new communities are emerging. While years ago, one might have thought this to be an impossible task, the dream is now a reality. In an effort to utilize and populate this vast area of land and provide affordable housing for many, JNF is there to help. JNF donors can be very proud of the work that they have supported over the years. Not only have we built wonderful projects that enhance the quality of life for all of Israel’s residents, but we have helped to build a homeland of which everyone can be proud. This will go a long way to ensuring a strong and safe Israel for future generations. As National Vice President of Campaign, I want to thank all of you for making this year’s campaign a success, one measured not just in dollars but in the lives we touched.


since 1989, new houses will soon be built on Kibbutz Yahel, a Reform movement kibbutz in the southern Arava Desert. The community expansion, supported by JNF, will create 39 new residential sites. To Ron Bernstein, a JNF Israel Emissary who founded Yahel in 1977, this expansion is a “promise that will ensure the future of the kibbutz for generations to come.” Around 45 families call Yahel home today, and many more have expressed interest in moving there, drawn by the kibbutz’s eco-friendliness (this past summer, it became the first kibbutz in Israel to have solar panels on every house), the caliber of the local school, the many nearby recreation options, and the overall quality of life. But in the past, Yahel has had to turn potential residents away or put them on a waiting list due to a shortage of housing sites. The new section of the kibbutz will accommodate new families as well as the children of Yahel residents who would like to return and settle down where they grew up. Though this is not the first time the kibbutz has expanded, it is the first time that funding has come from a source other than the government. JNF has
























(L-R, back row) New England board member Adam Zlotnick, Prof. Alan Dershowitz, Christina Zlotnick, (L-R, front row) Adrianna Zlotnick and Ariella Zlotnick at the New England Consul General’s Yom Ha’atzmaut event.

1 (L-R) Jill Lerner, Southeast Co-President; Alan Wolk, board member; Clinton and

1 (L-R) Evan and Sandra Roklen, Lynn and Mark Egerman, Larry Russ, and Bud and


(L-R) New England Golf Tournament honoree Julie Kahn, WEEI radio host John Dennis, and board member Brian Nagle at the Spring Valley Country Club in Sharon, MA.


(L-R) JNFuture National Board President and JNFuture Boston President Emeritus Zev Steinmetz, New England Chairman of the Board and President Emeritus Jeffrey Davis, and President Emeritus and Green Horizons National Chair Ron Lubin at the New England kickoff event for JNF’s Summit at the Red Rock Casino and Resort.


(L-R) Event Co-Chairs Matt Levy and Stephen Karp at the annual New England Golf Tournament.


(L-R) New England Chairman of the Board and President Emeritus Jeffrey Davis, New England board member Kenneth Davis, President Emeritus and Green Horizons Chair Ronald Lubin, New England board member David Eisenberg, New England board member Ed Hershfield, and New England board member Bruce Levine at the 2012 Golf Tournament Tribute Dinner.

Susan Weinstein; Zevi Kahanov, JNF Parsons Water Fund National Director; Bruce Reisman, board member; Gladys Hirsch, board member; and Matt Lieberman, Southeast Co-president; at an event promoting the JNF Parsons Water Fund.

2 (L-R) Adele Northrup, JNF Israel Emissary Ronnie Porat, Marvin Botnick, and

Judy Levin volunteered at JNF’s Positively Israel Pavilion presented at the Los Angeles Celebrate Israel Festival.

2 (L-R) Richie London, Alan Goodman, Chuck Eberly, Lloyd Sherman, Jay Kester,

Michael Levinson at a JNF Parsons Water Fund event in Atlanta.

Bobby Margolis, and Rick Solomon enjoyed the cocktail hour during the 22nd annual Los Angeles Golf and Texas Hold ‘Em Tournament.

3 (L-R) JNF board members Roni and Alan Wolk and JNF Parsons Water Fund

3 (L-R) Tony Rubin, Matthew Cohen, Halutza representative Yedidya Harush,

National Director Zevi Kahanov enjoyed an event in Atlanta.

4 Noah Johnson enjoyed his visit with Blue Box Bob on Israeli Independence Day. 5 (L-R) Robin Irwin, Ilissa Hoffpauir, Lori Slater, Southwest Regional Director

Julie Malin, Elissa Laviage, Lindsay Aronstein, and Jennifer Joy-Bronk kicked off the Southwest Moms for Israel Campaign at Rebecca and Drew in Houston.

Adam Bar, Eric Adler, Lisa Elkan, Michelle Jackson, Dean Solomon, and Daren Schlecter at a JNFuture Leadership Development meeting in Los Angeles.



























1. (L-R) Josh Berkowitz, Roy Esh, Ken Segel, General Campaign Chair Rosalie

Schlaen, and Miami-Dade Region President Ron Kriss at a Miami-Dade board meeting.

2. (L-R) Harry Frisch, Judge Harvey Schlesinger, Lilo Frisch, and Lois Schlesinger at the 2012 Bernard Selevan Tree of Life™ award dinner.

3. (L-R) Keynote speaker Major General Gadi Shamni, Israel Defense and Armed

Forces Attaché Hadas Shamni, Kristan Dufour, and Jeffrey Block at the Bernard Selevan Tree of Life™ award dinner in Jacksonville. 4. (L-R) Steven Braverman, Naples board member Anthony Solomon, and Jeanne and Neil Braverman at the Naples Tree of Life™ award dinner held at Anthony Solomon’s Twin Eagles Golf and Country Club. 5. (L-R) Major General Gadi Shamni and Evan Yegelwel at the Jacksonville Tree of Life™ award dinner.

6. Lois and Norman Weiss of Naples enjoyed Shabbat dinner in Israel during JNF’s Sunshine Mission with Hal Linden.  7. (L-R) Beth Morris and 2009 Tree of Life™ award recipient Arnold Lerner at the Naples Tree of Life™ award dinner.

8 (L-R) Les Aberson, Norman Weinberg, and David Chaifetz enjoyed the 2012 Sarasota Tree of Life™ gala.

9 (L-R) Dyan Owes; Jack Freeman; Debbie Meitan-Gutter, JNF Orlando Women’s Campaign chair; and Larry Gutter at the Orlando Tree of Life™ award dinner.



10 Bunny Skirboll (left) and Robyn Goldstein (right) congratulated Sarasota Tree of Life™ award recipient Helen Glaser (center).

11 Israel Fire Chief Boaz Rakia (left) and JNF Israel representative Ariel Kotler

24 18. (L-R) Daphna Bentata, Gabriela Birnbaum, Ivette Woldenberg, and Ori

Serfati at the Moms for Israel meeting at the home of Laura and Mauricio Sion in Hollywood.

(second from right) briefed Valerie and Harold Joels on the pressing need for new 19. Laura and Mauricio Sion hosted a Moms For Israel meeting in their Hollywood home. firefighting equipment in Israel.

20. (L-R) Silvia Lerner and guest speaker Beckie Fischer, JNF Broward board his yearly Blue Box tzedakah donation. He’s pictured with proud parents Lori and president and Central Arava Task Force chair, at the Moms for Israel meeting held at the Hollywood home of Laura and Mauricio Sion. Dan, baby brother Ethan, and Florida Regional Director Uri Smajovits (left). 12 Joshua Frenden visited the JNF Clearwater office on his 6th birthday to bring in

21. Congregants from Temple Judea in Palm Beach Garden, led by Rabbi Yaron Alan and Nancy Bomstein; Jeffrey Gad, presenter and Tampa Bay board member; Kapitulnik, visited the Harvey Hertz-JNF Ceremonial Tree Planting Center at Neot Kedumim on their trip to Israel this summer. and Betsy Marcadis, Tampa Bay co-president at the Tampa Bay Tree of Life™ award dinner. 22. (L-R) Shari Meltzer and Rabbi Michael Singer of Temple Beth David in Palm Beach Gardens posed with an Israeli firefighter during Temple Beth David’s trip 14 (L-R) Sharon Pikus, Charles Kramer, Marilyn Rothstein, guest speaker from the to Israel. Alexander Muss High School in Israel Joel Klausner, and Mort Fishman at a Palm Beach Board of Directors meeting at the Shutts & Bowen law firm in West Palm 23. (L-R) Sandra Taylor, JNF Senior Campaign Executive Robbie Puritz-Hayes, Beach. Cynthia Hertz, Sandra Crain, Susan Cain, Jan Courte, Inna Ruvinsky, 15 (L-R) Dana Mortell, Leesa Tabrizi, Michelle David, and Fay Sanders during a hike at Cantor Elaine Shapiro, and Shelly Gross at a monthly Rosh Chodesh meeting hosted by Cynthia Hertz in Boynton Beach. a waterfall in the Golan Heights on their Taglit Birthright-Israel trip. 13 (L-R) Mark Miller, Tampa Bay board co-president; Tree of Life™ award recipients

24. (L-R) Howard DuBosar, Dr. Robert Colton, Ken Esrig, JNF Florida Zone Director Glen Schwartz, Michael Lazar, and JNF Chief Development Officer Rick Krosnick Pearlman, board member; Shari Mezrah, board member; Todd Mezrah; Betsy Marcadis, Tampa Bay board co-president; and Dr. Abe Marcadis, board member, at at a meeting of the South Palm Beach Board of Directors in Boca Raton. the Tree of Life™ award dinner held in Tampa. 16 (L-R) Dr. Michele Miller; Mark Miller, Tampa Bay board co-president; David

17. (L-R) Karen Jensen, Faye David, JNF Orlando board member Harvey Kobrin, Cheryl Collins, and Michael Mangan at the Orlando Tree of Life™ award dinner.
















8 12








9. (L-R) Former AIPAC San Francisco Area Director PJ Cherrin, Regional Director Aaron Parker, Ilene Adler, JNF Northern California board member 2. (L-R) Stuart Berkley, sister-in-law Dee Berkley, and brother Fred Berkley at Howard Hoffman, and President of The Trustees of The Friends of the Arava Institute Hillel Solomon at a JNF parlor meeting. the 10th annual Las Vegas breakfast. 1. (L-R) Ray Fiol and Min Kataczinsky at the 10th annual Las Vegas breakfast.

3. (L-R) Bobby Feldman, Liz Goodman, and Melanie Greenberg at the 10th

annual Las Vegas breakfast at Temple Beth Sholom.

4. (L-R) Longtime JNF supporters Leland Huttner, Bob Rottman, and Sheldon

Steinhauser at the JNF annual breakfast in Denver.

5. (L-R) Rabbi Bruce Dollin, David Moskowitz, and Tami Dollin at the JNF

annual breakfast at the Hebrew Educational Alliance in Denver.

10. (L-R) Matt Bernstein, JNF Chief Planned Giving Officer, presented a

Tiffany Blue Box to Doris Gylseph and Leonard Polonsky in honor of their contributions to JNF.

11. (L-R) Matt Bernstein, JNF Chief Planned Giving Officer; Event Co-Chair Dan Koblin, VP Pinnacle Consulting Group; Regional Director Adele Bilewitz; and Event Co-Chair David Lang, HBLA Certified Public Accountant; at an Orange County Planned Giving event.

6. (L-R) Event Co-Chairs Tammy Goldstein and Stacy Wasserman at the Denver 12. (L-R) JNF Chief Planned Giving Officer Matt Bernstein, guest speakers Jamia Jasper, Gal Ben-Naim and Marshall Kaplan, Co-Chair David Lang, annual breakfast. speaker Mitchell Wexler, and Co-Chair Dan Koblin at the Orange County 7. (L-R) Chairman of the Northern California Board John Rothmann and Moses Planned Giving event held at the Hilton Hotel in Costa Mesa. Libitzky at a board meeting at Nixon Peabody Law Office in San Francisco.

13. Debbie Orgen-Garrett served as Event Chair for the Palm Springs and

Desert Region Love of Israel Dinner. 8. Former Israeli Consul General to Northern California and the Pacific Northwest Akiva Tor accepted a JNF plaque in recognition of his service to the region.

14. Elaine Land Dexter served as Event Chair for the 2012 Palm Springs and Desert Region Love of Israel Dinner.

15. Arizona board member Toni Dusik (right) with her husband Milan Dusik at the 2012 Arizona Tree of Life™ award dinner.

16. (L-R) JNF CEO Russell Robinson with Tree of Life™ award recipients Shari

and Irwin Kanefsky of Scottsdale at the Tree of Life™ award dinner at the Arizona Biltmore Resort.

17. (L-R) Sandy Rife, Sara Bar, Gideon Bar, and Seymour Rife at Ammunition

Hill. The Bars, Israeli cousins of the Rifes, were recognized on the Wall of Honor at Ammunition Hill.

18. Danielle Chayot with San Diego board member and Event Co-Chair David Bramzon at the San Diego Love of Israel brunch.

19. (L-R) Table captain Robyn Raskind, San Diego board member and table captain Josh Zlotlow, and his wife Betina Zlotlow at the San Diego JNF Love of Israel brunch.

20. Dr. Anthony and Ellen Sacks enjoyed the San Diego JNF Love of Israel brunch.
























Members of JNFuture at a successful event in Washington, D.C.


(L-R) Terry Katz, National Women’s JNF Campaign for Israel Chair; Marsha Liss, DC Women’s Alliance Chair; Mimi Kress; and playwright David Bar Katz at a fundraiser in Washington D.C.



(L-R) Washington, D.C. JNFuture Co-Chairs Lauren Kaufman-Bergmann and Danielle Traub at a JNFuture program. Doctors for Israel committee members Dr. Todd Samuels, Dr. Larry Amsterdam, Dr. Stacey Berner, Dr. Cliff Faber, and Dr. Jim Chisum with guest speaker Beckie Fischer (center), National Chair of the Central Arava Task Force.

5.Jim Schiller dedicated a plaque in honor of his father,

George Schiller, at Ammunition Hill in Jerusalem with his granddaughter Mallory.

6.Lawyers for Israel Co-Chairs in Maryland Frank Spector and Anna Davis at a JNF Lawyers for Israel event.

7.(L-R) Delaware JNF Lawyers for Israel Chair Russell

Silberglied and Campaign Executive Eric Narrow after a successful Lawyers for Israel event.







8.Dr. Paul Schneider (right) presented a gift of $5,000

1. (L-R) Seth Wenig, JNFuture Co-Chair and National

7. (L-R) St. Louis volunteers Dan Kweskin, Ellen Stein,

9.(L-R) Delaware board member Dr. Barry Kayne

2. Attendees at the Chicago annual breakfast listened to

8. (L-R) Twin Cities breakfast committee members Stan

to JNF at the Tali School in Israel on the Krieger Schechter Day School’s annual eighth grade trip to Israel.

and Campaign Executive Eric Narrow in Newark, Delaware.

JNFuture board member, and Tracy Treger, Vice President of Leadership on the Chicago Regional Board, at the first Chicago JNFuture Leadership group meeting.

guest speaker Yishai Fleisher’s analysis on the Arab Spring and its regional impact.

10.(L-R) Erika Schon and Suzie Levene at a major donors 3. (L-R) Nina Paul, incoming National Vice-Chair and National thank you event.

11.National Campaign Director Diane Scar (right)

surprised Dr. Larry Amsterdam with a cake at a fundraiser for the Arava Medical Center.

Vice President for Women for Israel; Elece Kovel; Bonnie Ullner; Karen Schiffer; and Sandy Mendel at a Cincinnati Moms for Israel luncheon hosted by Pam Barnett.

4. (L-R) Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory and JNF National

President Stan Chesley after the official proclamation of “JNF Day” in Cincinnati.

5. (L-R) Ambassador Ido Aharoni, Consul General of Israel in New York, and Co-Chair David Gershuny at the Cincinnati annual breakfast, where Ambassador Aharoni discussed Positively Israel.

6. (L-R) Cleveland 2012 Tree of Life™ award recipient

Chuck Whitehill posed with event chairs Joni and Steve Wasserman, who hosted the 2012 Tree of Life™ kick-off.

keynote speaker Yishai Fleisher, Lisa Ring, Greg Storch, Celeste Wieselman, Fran and Harvey Cantor, and Norm Pressman at the St. Louis annual breakfast.

Baratz, Lisa Heilicher, Joel Greenwald, keynote speaker Jonathan Adelman, and Harold Goldfine at an event benefiting JNF partner Alexander Muss High School in Israel.

9. (L-R) Wisconsin Regional Director Sidney Rivkin

and past JNF community banquet honoree Rabbi Yoseph Samuels at the JNF booth at the community- wide Yom Ha’atzmaut celebration.

10. (L-R) Wisconsin Region President Emeriti

Ruth Resnick, Sheldon Resnick, and Audrey Brooks with tribute banquet honorees, Dr. Corey and Rabbi Shari Shamah, at a reception hosted in honor of this year’s honorees.

11. (L-R) Wisconsin Regional Director Sidney

Rivkin, Eliana Wasserman, Noah Schatz, Judy Salinsky, Dr. Gerald Salinsky, and Kayla Wasserman at a campaign parlor meeting hosted by the Salinskys. The students described their 8th grade class trip to Israel and activities they participated in with JNF.














10 6










1 (L-R) Central New Jersey board members Mindy Zaziski and Marc Leibowitz at the annual Central New Jersey Texas Hold’Em Poker Tournament.

2 Golf Tournament honoree Saul Leighton and his wife

Shelley at the Echo Lake Country Club in Westfield, NJ.

3 (L-R) Central New Jersey board members Mark Rattner

and Alyssa Russo, New York board member Jeffrey Levine, and Central New Jersey board member Daniel Richter at the Central New Jersey annual breakfast.

4 (L-R) Southern New Jersey JNFuture Chair Michael Perice

and JNFuture founder Ben Jablonski at a JNFuture kick-off meeting.

5 (L-R) Chuck Fax, Vice President of Israel Action;

Dr. Michael Yasner; Dr. Roy Levinson; and Dr. Daniel Rosenbaum at the Doctors for Israel event in Southern New Jersey.

6 (L-R) Liat Itzhak from KKL’s United States Department with Nina, Harris, Debbie, Brian and Seth Drachman, and Aviva Weinberg at the KKL/JNF headquarters in Jerusalem.


7 (L-R) Richard S. Cohen, Philadelphia Board President; 1

(L-R) Event Chairs Elana Kornreich and Rachel Schor, Frances Schor, Long Island Board President Sharon Pikus, and Lea Ruskin at a Long Island Women for Israel event at the Neue Galerie.


(L-R) Lyn Jacobs; Nancy Zaro; and Elisa Schindler Frankel, National Director of Women for Israel, Doctors for Israel and Special Campaigns; at the Westchester Guardian of Israel reception.

Marina Furman, Regional Director; and David Dinenberg, Philadelphia Board Vice President, at the Tree of Life™ dinner in Philadelphia.

8 (L-R) Leslie Laird Kruhly, Secretary of the University

of Pennsylvania; Amy Gutman, President of University of Pennsylvania; and Marciarose Shestack at the Tree of Life™ dinner in Philadelphia.

9 (L-R) Philadelphia Board President Richard S. Cohen and Renee and Joseph Zuritsky at the Tree of Life™ dinner in Philadelphia.


The JNF float at the Celebrate Israel Parade.


(L-R) New York board member Bernard Friedman, Michael Block, and Herb Rosenstock at the Bayonne Golf Invitational.


(L-R) Jerusalem Fire Chief Shmulik Friedman, Event Chair Alan Levine, and Charles Schackner at a JNF insider briefing at Cushman & Wakefield.


Shabbat in the Park Chair Allison Holzberg and JNFuture Chair Ben Levine at JNFuture’s fifth annual Shabbat in the Park.


JNFuture Root Society Chair Elior Shiloh and Shabbat in the Park Host Committee Co-Chair Ilana Derman at JNFuture’s fifth annual Shabbat in the Park.


JNFuture Root Society members Juliana and Elie Jacobs at JNFuture’s fifth annual Shabbat in the Park.


JNFuture Education Chair Jonathan Gertman and Shabbat in the Park Host Committee Co-Chair Ilana Derman at the fifth annual Shabbat in the Park.


(L-R) JNFuture Event Chair Jessica Levine, New York board member Asaf Palgi, JNFuture Chair Ben Levine, New York board member Benjamin Jablonski, and JNFuture Chair Adam Belfer at JNFuture’s fifth annual Shabbat in the Park.


(L-R) Dr. Ivy Engel, Doctors for Israel Chair; Dr. Yuval Neria, Professor of Clinical Psychology and Director of Trauma and PTSD Program at Columbia University; and Event Chair Dr. Gail Bauchman at a New York Doctors for Israel event.

CREATE A LASTING LEGACY charitable gift annuities charitable remainder trusts charitable lead trusts life insurance endowments donor advised funds bequests

reserved for a select group of people who have demonstrated an enduring commitment to Israel and JNF. Society members receive exclusive privileges and services.


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Membership benefits include: • Name recognition in the Book of Life, on permanent display at JNF headquarters in NY • A custom-designed Gould Legacy Society pin • Invitations to special events and lectures • For legacy gifts of $50,000 and above, donors will receive a limited edition JNF Blue Box designed by Tiffany & Co. • Recognition in Israel

Join us today and help build a prosperous future for the land of Israel and its people. Contact Yael Septee Kane at or 212-879-9305 ext. 220 for more information.

JNF’s Tribute to the Munich 11 IN 1984, SHORTLY BEFORE LOS ANGELES hosted the XXIII

Summer Olympic Games, JNF gave a gift of 11 trees as a lasting memorial to the tragedy of the 1972 Munich Olympics, where 11 Israeli athletes were murdered. The plaque reads, “These trees stand as a memorial to the 11 athletes who were murdered during the XXth Olympiad.” The trees were planted by the JNF Los Angeles board in the Pan Pacific Park, adjacent to the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust (LAMOTH). They are cared for by the Department of Recreation and Parks. To commemorate the 40th anniversary of the tragedy this summer, LAMOTH held a ceremony on the last day of the Olympics attended by the two local City Councilmen, the Consul General of Germany, the Consul General of Israel and David Frank, JNF’s Vice President of Planned Giving, who spoke at the event. JNF Los Angeles board member David Chudnow said, “The trees are still an important symbol 30 years later. It is important that we remember.”

To plant trees in Israel with JNF, call 800.542.TREE or visit

To learn more contact one of our Planned Giving Specialists at 800-562-7256 or


From the Hill to the Homeland to the Red Rock Desert Danielle Traub & Lauren Kaufman-Bergmann, JNFuture in DC Co-Chairs




in Washington, DC with overwhelming success and excitement. We were confident that JNFuture in DC would offer young professionals in our nation’s capital an opportunity so many of us were seeking—a chance to get involved in the premier organization for developing the land of Israel while creating lasting friendships and connecting with other young professionals. We thought our 80-person kick-off event was the highlight of our involvement with Jewish National Fund. We were wrong. On July 22, 2012 we gathered in Tel Aviv for the second JNFuture Leadership Institute Mission (JLIM). From the beginning, it was clear we all felt the same deep commitment to our homeland, Israel, while working hard to develop leadership in our communities in the U.S. The next four days were filled with inspiring visits to JNF projects and historical sites across Israel. We reflected on the past with visits to David Ben Gurion’s home and Independence Hall. We learned about the challenges presented to Israeli leaders like Mayor of Be’er Sheva Ruvik Danilovich and MK Yoel Hasson. We drove right into the future of Israel with a visit to Better Place. We traveled along the ancient Spice Route in the Central Arava and marveled at a land that seems barren but grows 60% of

Israel’s exported produce and 10% of the fresh cut flower exports. We visited the Carmel Forest and recalled the tragic forest fire of December 2010. We planted trees in Be’er Sheva. We played basketball with children at the Sderot Indoor Recreation Center. We met with students at the Alexander Muss High School in Israel (AMHSI). Each site we visited wove the vision of JNF: invoking Israel’s rich history while opening doors to a bright and sustainable future. We returned from JLIM with a renewed sense of urgency to become further involved with JNF and to expand JNFuture into a cohesive national movement. And still we know that will not remain the highlight of our involvement with JNF. As JNF’s young leadership arm, JNFuture has a strong affinity to the issue of promoting sustainability in our communities. The pinnacle of these efforts will be when we join forces at The Summit in April 2013. The first-ever JNFuture Summit will be a one-of-a-kind two-day experience focused on sustainability of water, food and energy. Bringing together young leaders from across the globe in agriculture, journalism, environmental studies and politics, we’ll take a deep look at the economic, social and environmental issues affecting our daily lives. We’ll engage in conversation about the impact of sustainability and we’ll highlight Israel’s leadership in

Young professionals connecting in Israel.

this area. We’ll meet new friends and share an amazing celebration in the best setting for discussing renewable resources — Nevada’s Red Rock Desert. This is a not-to-bemissed event; we invite you to join us and bring others. JLIM brought us together and we’ll meet again at Red Rock. We can’t wait to share our stories and claim our mark as the voice of our generation. n

For more information on The Summit with JNF, visit For more information on JNFuture, visit or contact Sharon David at or 212.879.9305 x242.

Every Generation Has a Story. Ours is Sustainability. Join JNF at The Summit | April 27-29, 2013 • Red Rock Casino, Resort & Spa • Las Vegas, NV Today, Israel is a global leader in sustainability initiatives. To help share these innovations with the rest of the world, we need to come together and lend our voices. It’s up to us to make it work, and bring scalable new solutions to the table for: Water • Energy • Food It is the chance to make new friends and network with thought leaders from the centers of innovation, while bringing to light the core issues of our time. For more information, contact Sharon David at or 212.879.9305 x242.

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Book your speaker today at For more information contact or Jessica Cutter at 212.879.9305 ext. 252.



of other topics at your meetings, community events, synagogues, schools,


What’s Fact? What’s Fiction? • Israeli scientists developed the first fully computerized, no-radiation diagnostic instrument for breast cancer. • The technology for AOL Instant Messenger was developed by four young Israelis. • When the U.S. Embassy in Nairobi, Kenya was bombed, Israeli rescue teams were on the scene within a day—and saved three victims from the rubble. • An Israeli company was the first to develop and install a large-scale solar-powered and fully functional electricity generating plant, in southern California’s Mojave Desert. • Israel sent 120 physicians to the tsunami-stricken areas of Asia, as well as 82 tons of medical equipment and humanitarian aid. • Children orphaned in the Rwandan genocide are being trained by Israeli foresters in agro-forestry and agriculture to help fight famine. • Israel was the first nation in the world to adopt the Kimberly process, the standard that certifies diamonds as “conflict free.”

Truth is they’re ALL fact. Are you surprised? Learn more at

Celebrating History on JNF’s Road to Jerusalem Mission


14 Orlando resident Bruce Gould dedicated the Bruce K. Gould Amphitheatre.

Some of the 120 mission participants at the Be’er Sheva River Park.


of Jerusalem in 1967 is a defining moment in Israeli history, proof of the resiliency, unity, and determination of the Jewish people. It comes as no surprise then that JNF’s Road to Jerusalem Mission, held in May and commemorating the 45th anniversary of this historic event, was its most successful mission ever, with 120 participants. “We emphasized that this was a once-in-a-lifetime experience,” said mission professional and Northeast Executive Director Joel Leibowitz. “This mission was significant because it was a meaningful anniversary and included events and experiences that were exclusive to JNF. People understood that it was special.” The marquee event of the mission was the ceremony at Ammunition Hill, site of the heroic battle that marked a significant turning point in the Six Day War. Today, Ammunition Hill is a memorial and a museum supported by JNF that annually hosts Israel’s official Yom Yerushalayim (Jerusalem Day) ceremony. Participants enjoyed VIP status, sitting in close proximity to dignitaries including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, President Shimon Peres, and Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat. Following the ceremony, World Chairman’s Council member and Orlando

resident Bruce Gould dedicated the Bruce K. Gould Amphitheatre at Ammunition Hill. Ken Segel, who served as Road to Jerusalem mission chair, has been on many JNF missions and has chaired two previous President’s Society missions. But even for him, being able to sit and experience Yom Yerushalayim in Jerusalem at the official ceremonies was a real highlight. “Ammunition Hill played a big role in the IDF’s ability to reunify Jerusalem,” said Segel. “It’s a great honor to have a plaque on Ammunition Hill’s Wall of Honor [established to honor the military service of Jewish soldiers throughout history] if you’re a Zionist and you relate to the Six Day War. I did my junior year of college in Tel Aviv in 1970 and therefore am old enough to remember the Six Day War. The idea of celebrating the reunification of Jerusalem meant a lot to me.” “The ability to stand with those people who played such an important part in reuniting our capital was just unbelievable,” agreed mission participant Alyse Golden Berkley. “It was a special moment in history in which I was fortunate to participate.” The mission attracted all types of travelers: those who had never been to Israel before and those who had been there countless times; people who had never had any

Prime Minister Netanyahu spoke at the Yom Yerushalayim ceremony.

Ken Segel and Joel Leibowitz.

real connection to JNF and people who were intimately involved. Of the 120 participants on the trip, 50 had never before donated to JNF or even been to Israel. This was more than just a JNF mission; it was an opportunity to walk in the footsteps of Israel’s history. “This trip really engaged people with JNF and Israel,” said Marc Kelman, JNF’s Vice President of Campaign. “Everyone who went on the trip returned home an ambassador for JNF and Israel.” On the mission, ground-breaking ceremonies were held for the new visitor center at Gush Etzion and the new Be’er Sheva lake. Other highlights included an exclusive tour with soldiers to learn about daily life in the IDF; a tour of Gush Etzion, the site of one of the deadliest battles during the War of Independence; and tree planting at the Harvey HertzJNF Ceremonial Tree Planting Center at Neot Kedumim. “For me, the most exciting part of the trip was to see how excited all of my friends were with what they saw and what they did,” said Kelman. “Seeing all of this through their eyes was very rewarding. They finally saw first-hand what I’ve been talking about for the decade. And they saw that everything I’ve been saying is true. It doesn’t get better than that.” n

Join the Israel@65 Independence Day Mission, April 11-18, 2013. Celebrate Israel’s birthday and be a part of this special experience that includes exclusive access to major events and insider tours. See a different side of Israel that only JNF can provide. For more information, visit or call 877.JNF.TOUR.

Alternative Break Inspires Tikkun Olam AFTER SPENDING

Adam makes a difference with Earth’s Promise.

to the land within the municipality and maintains a good name for Be’er Sheva’s environmental activity.” This year the Alternative Winter and Spring Break participants will work on a new piece of land that the municipality approved for building an urban farm to provide fresh, organic produce for local businesses including restaurants and grocers. The extension to the urban farm will include a greenhouse, an orchard, and an aquaponics system that allows fish and vegetables to be grown in a closed-loop system, recycling 90% of water used. “As the co-director of Earth’s Promise, I pledge to fulfill the JNF vision and continue to provide inspirational and productive volunteer opportunities to JNF ASB and AWB participants,” said Adam. “Whenever someone asks me the best way to return to Israel, my answer is always with Jewish National Fund’s Alternative Break programs.” n

Visit for more information.

CONNECTING THE NEXT GENERATION TO ISRAEL JNF offers many ways for young people to get to Israel TAGLIT-BIRTHRIGHT ISRAEL For 18-26-year-olds who have never been on a peer trip to Israel. Join JNF and Shorashim for a free 10-day Israel experience through Taglit-Birthright Israel.

JNF ALTERNATIVE SPRING & WINTER BREAK A week of community service in Israel for 18-30-year-olds. Connect to the land and people of Israel in a meaningful way.

ALEXANDER MUSS HIGH SCHOOL IN ISRAEL (AMHSI) An innovative academic adventure, where the country of Israel is transformed into a living classroom. An eight-week English language program in Israel for high school juniors and seniors.



of giving and dedication to Israel that permeates JNF’s ASB allowed me to fully express my desire to make my permanent home in Israel.” Adam made aliyah in September 2010 and is now codirector of Earth’s Promise, a JNF partner, which promotes a clean and healthy environment in the Negev, mainly in the Be’er Sheva area, by transforming neglected urban spaces into micro-farms. The establishment of these urban farms provides local residents with a close and healthy food supply, connects participants with the soil of the land of Israel, and promotes development of relationships among neighbors in the community. Many of the urban farms are worked by new Ethiopian immigrants, who cultivate crops native to Ethiopia that are difficult to buy or import to Israel. The connection between JNF’s Alternative Winter and Spring Break programs and Earth’s Promise began in 2008. Earth’s Promise provides projects for the ASB/AWB participants to accomplish during their time volunteering in the Negev. Participants have painted shelters and decaying walls with the colors of the Ethiopian flag and the Israeli flag. The volunteers also interact with the Ethiopian immigrants and can share an experience and communicate without sharing the same language. Earth’s Promise’s vision is to expand to other neglected urban spaces and green the desert city of Be’er Sheva. “Each new plot that Earth’s Promise develops is supported by JNF, and as a result JNF continues its important environmental work here in the Negev,” said Adam. “The partnership between JNF and Earth’s Promise advances the idea of urban agriculture and connection


a summer studying at the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies, Adam Ganson was looking for a reason to return to Israel when he saw an ad for JNF’s Alternative Spring and Winter Break (ASB/AWB), a community service trip for college students and young adults, ages 18-30, who spend their spring or winter break in Israel volunteering in communities in the Negev. Before his ASB experience in 2008, Adam had been to Israel four times, but ASB was his first opportunity to be active and to contribute to Israel’s society and environment. He found himself inspired by JNF’s Blueprint Negev campaign to sustainably develop the Negev Desert. “Alternative Spring Break was a perfect opportunity to contribute to the Negev and to experience its places and people in more depth,” said Adam. He jumped at the opportunity to go to Israel and to bring along his friends from Vermont Law School. He loved the personal fundraising aspect of the program, which allows participants to connect with family and friends to ask for support for their volunteer work. “Every time I saw the fundraise-o-meter jump to a new level, I would become more excited,” remembered Adam. “I also knew that my fellow fundraisers also asked their friends and family, which assured me that every participant was invested in volunteering during their break.” It was after his second ASB experience, tagging along on his sister’s spring break trip in 2009 while he was in Israel doing an internship, when he decided to make aliyah. “That was the first time that I said out loud and proudly, ‘I want to make aliyah, I want my home in Israel,’” said Adam. “Although I had thought about it, this was the first time I was sharing the idea with others. The atmosphere

Tel Aviv

JNF has been at the forefront of water management and conservation in Israel for two decades, increasing the country’s total water supply by 12% and helping Israel become a world leader in water recycling.


JNF’s parks and forests provide thousands of recreational acres for Israel’s residents, enjoyed by millions every weekend and holiday.


JNF enhances the quality of life of Israel’s residents by building new communities and bolstering existing ones. JNF’s Blueprint Negev campaign is helping to bring hundreds of thousands of new residents to the Negev Desert by creating infrastructure and economic opportunities. Community building includes everything from creating playgrounds to purchasing fire trucks, constructing security roads, and developing tourism sites.




JNF’s efforts to improve the quality of life for all Israelis and to develop the land of Israel for the next generation can be seen throughout the country. This map shows the breadth and scope of JNF’s work.



Mizpe Ramon

Be’er Sheva

As part of its focus on improving quality of life in Israel, JNF is dedicated to ensuring that no member of Israeli society is left behind. Through a variety of initiatives, JNF provides cutting-edge rehabilitative services, special education, and medical care for people with special needs and makes its forests, parks, picnic areas, playgrounds, nature trails, and recreational facilities “inclusive” to visitors of all ability levels.


JNF is committed to the preservation of historical sites throughout Israel and ensuring that the stories behind these sites are properly documented and told for generations to come.


JNF offers myriad ways to connect young American Jews to Israel, from trips to Israel to B’nai Mitzvah projects and advocacy programs on college campuses. In addition, JNF supports leadership development programs for Israeli youth.


JNF sponsors a network of agricultural R&D stations in Israel, where leading scientists and technicians work closely with local farmers, research institutes and universities to increase agricultural sustainability, profitability, and stability.


C ultivating Tomorrow’s Leaders


with Green Horizons

armit Arbel Rumbak credits the Green Horizons youth group with building her self-esteem. “Growing up in Hadera, if you were a smart kid, you got hustled,” recalled the newly hired JNF-Green Horizons liaison. “Green Horizons was a place I could show interest, and I didn’t feel embarrassed about being a smart girl. It really built my self-esteem. Green Horizons really saved me.” A JNF partner organization, Green Horizons helps youth build self-confidence, independence, curiosity, and a better understanding of their surroundings with a goal of fostering leadership. Participants learn about Israel’s history, geography, and culture. The program emphasizes the importance of social participation, tolerance, and personal responsibility. The groups, which stay together from 6th-12th grade, meet every week. The activities vary, but typically the focus is exploring the area in which they live. From flipping rocks to finding lizards and renovating an archaeological site to learning the history of a place and studying geology, the guide chooses a subject that will capture the group’s interest. Once a month they go on a two-day hike near their homes, and during school vacations they leave for longer treks and camping excursions all around Israel. Karmit, who is 30 years old and started Green Horizons at age 12, believes that the program gave her a strength and


confidence in areas not just related to nature and survival activities. It instilled in her an inner belief that she could accomplish whatever she put her mind to. “From the self-confidence that I earned during the years in Green Horizons, I had the courage to open up a cinema by myself in Dimona while pursuing my Master’s degree, and to approach the CEO of the biggest movie production company in Israel when I wanted to promote Israeli movies around the world,” she said. She continued to guide Green Horizons groups while in the army, combining working with a youth organization and army service. While it’s a longer term of service, for Karmit it was an important path to follow. “I wanted to make teenagers fall in love with Israel,” she said. “That way, they would be serving in the army out of love for the country, not because they have to.” Some kids come from rich neighborhoods, while others come from poorer areas. Since the groups meet every week, they become united. “There’s something special about giving love and respect to the kids,” said Karmit. “We’re giving them challenges that they think are beyond their limits. We build ourselves

“Green Horizons really saved me.”

A Green Horizons group on a hiking trip.

together. I know I changed their lives because I showed them that they can do something.” It’s not by chance, she says, that most Green Horizons graduates go on to top-ranked positions in the army and in Israeli society. Alumni include the chairman of the Israeli Bar Association, the mayor of Akko, the Israeli Ambassador to Nepal, and the CEO of Avis. “Think about it,” said Karmit. “In the country’s 64-year history, there are 10 Nobel Prize winners. The hardest thing about getting a Nobel Prize is believing in yourself. When I take kids and build their self-confidence, I give them tools to have the next creative ideas.” Karmit started her new position as JNF-Green Horizons liaison earlier this year. She never expected to go back to Green Horizons but couldn’t pass up the opportunity to do something she found important—fundraising and connecting with American Jews. “I don’t see myself as a typical fundraiser,” she said. “There are some people who really want to make a difference and have a large impact on the future of Israel, to be significant in other people’s lives. I’m so happy to meet Jewish people all around the world and give them the opportunity to actually influence the quality of life in Israel.” n

To learn more, visit

SPNI: Protecting Nature in Israel

Children working in Ma’agalei Yavneh Community Garden.


n 2008, JNF entered into a collaboration with American Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel (ASPNI), the fundraising arm of Society Protection of Nature in Israel (SPNI). Together, the organizations have developed four very different projects in four very different areas of Jerusalem to help make the city greener and engage citizens in a positive way. The flagship project is Jerusalem’s Gazelle Valley, Israel’s first-ever nature site planned by environmental organizations. It was originally threatened by plans to construct a new housing development within the valley, which would have destroyed the habitat of the endangered Gazella gazelle, a subspecies of mountain gazelle. Leading a coalition of residents and social and environmental organizations, SPNI successfully defeated the construction plan. SPNI is now promoting a new development plan that will enshrine the Gazelle Valley as an urban park and operate educational activities and communal events in the area. “The Gazelle Valley has become an inspirational symbol to realize the unfulfilled potential of Israel’s other urban nature sites,” said Uri Goldflam, Director of Resource Development and Foreign Relations at SPNI. “The campaign to save the valley is one of only a few known examples of a successful grassroots conservation campaign in Israel and has transformed the Gazelle Valley into a major cause on a national level. Jerusalem’s Mayor Nir Barkat and Deputy Mayor Naomi Tsur are some of the campaign’s strongest proponents, and thousands of Israelis and tourists have already enjoyed exploring the Gazelle Valley.”

SPNI has transformed this area into a unique conservation site...


In Neve Yaakov, one of Jerusalem’s poorer neighborhoods, a wildflower sanctuary has been established by the community’s Haredim and Russian and Ethiopian immigrants on a patch of undeveloped open space within the Mir Forest, a JNF project that borders this residential neighborhood. Over the past several years, SPNI has transformed this area into a unique conservation site for wildflowers, while maintaining and complementing the natural landscape, with the help of its professional staff led by Dr. Anna Godniva. Currently over 300 species of wildflowers can be found within the reserve, including 55 protected species. The wildflower sanctuary has seen rapid progress and is stimulating development in the area. At a nearby housing development site, the Ministry of Housing is promoting a plan which will include the establishment of an ecological experiential trail, butterfly garden, nesting boxes, a wetlands breeding habitat, and a biblical orchard. Next to the wildflower sanctuary, Jerusalem’s municipality is planning to establish a youth center promoting educational activities on ecology and the environment and familiarizing Neve Yaakov’s younger residents with the Mir Forest and the concepts of nature conservation. In south Jerusalem, SPNI has established a community garden near the recently inaugurated Railway Park in Emek Refaim adjacent to Ma’agalei Yavneh Street. This new scenic walking and cycling route links Jerusalem’s southern neighborhoods with Emek Refaim, one of Jerusalem’s trendier areas. With the support of JNF, SPNI has worked with local residents to promote a sustainable development plan for the garden. National service volunteers assist residents with the day-to-day running of the community garden, organize weekly activities for residents, recruit new gardeners, and plan activities and events. “The planning process for the park has brought the community together and made the garden a meeting place where concerts are held, films are shown, and

lectures are given,” said Pazit Schweid, Director of Urban Communities for SPNI. “One highlight is the annual music festival, which drew 400 people this year for the official opening ceremony for new community gardens and to recognize the progress of more established community gardens in Jerusalem.” Finally, the newly overhauled Jerusalem Green Map website highlights natural, environmental and cultural sites and activities in the city of Jerusalem, enabling residents and tourists alike to experience the green side of the city in a new and exciting way. Each site on the Green Map features a brief description, photo, map of the site, contact information, and links to further information. The English version expands its reach and makes it a truly international outreach tool. “SPNI’s initiatives have helped turn Jerusalem into a shining example for environmental activism,” said Tsur, “full of exciting conservation projects, preserving natural sites and open spaces while making them more accessible to the public. SPNI’s partnership with JNF has enabled our work in Jerusalem to achieve unprecedented levels of success and we hope that these successes will inspire conservations throughout Israel. The municipality is deeply appreciative of this contribution to Jerusalem by JNF-USA, and also of the professional and community work that has been led by SPNI Jerusalem with such impact and success.” Isaac Blachor, JNF Vice President of Israel Relations, working with Leon Sokol, co-chair of ASPNI said, “Funding these projects is consistent with JNF’s continuing efforts to be a leading voice in environmentally sustainable projects in Israel. The community projects described herein all help to improve the quality of life for Jerusalem’s residents and visitors.” n

To learn more about JNF’s Green Innovations projects, visit

Preserving Israel’s History

Yellin House in the Moza Valley.


he story of Yellin House is a story of the pioneer settlement outside the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem. It is a story of the past informing the present and future. It is a story of how the preservation of a historical site is vitally important in a thousands-year-old land, one laden with the rich history of the Jewish people. One hundred and fifty years ago Yehoshua Yellin left his home within the walls of Old Jerusalem and moved to a property in the Moza Valley, which was purchased a few years earlier by his father. At the time, there was no Jewish presence in the Moza Valley; this land was the first to be purchased by a private Jewish owner since Jews started returning from the Diaspora. Yehoshua and his wife Serah built their home in the valley, the only house in the area at the time. Today, Yellin House is managed by the Society for the Preservation of Israel Heritage Sites (SPIHS). The country house, built in the local style, had three rooms and a basement, which served as a cowshed for domestic needs. The house was abandoned during the last days of WWI; the process of restoration and preservation began 10 years ago when the descendants of Yehoshua Yellin decided to collaborate with SPIHS to restore the crumbling ruins of the estate and turn it into a visitor center. In 2007, Leonard Kahn of New York/Florida made a generous donation to JNF, which contributes to the preservation of many heritage sites in Israel, in order to restore and revitalize the estate. Kahn felt a personal connection to the project because his family, who immigrated from France, was in the dairy farming business. “I believe that this unique and beautiful place will serve as a source of inspiration for new generations


to learn, love and appreciate our land,” said Kahn. “When I learned that the estate is placed near the ancient building that was used as a khan (way station) on the main Jerusalem-Jaffa highway, well, turn around one letter and you have my family name Kahn. That was a sure sign this was the right project.” Visitors to the site will have the opportunity to learn about this important chapter in the history of the Jewish settlement outside the Old City walls, which started at the end of the 19th century. Who were these The house was settlers? What was abandoned during driving them to do an act that was the last days of considered mad at the time? How did WWI; the process they survive the harsh conditions, and those of restoration who stood in their way? These questions and preservation and many more are began 10 being explored at the Yellin House in Moza, years ago... in an engaging and fun way, including a talk and a presentation, as well as actual work at the property—a unique activity in itself. Serah and Yehoshua Yellin’s pioneering spirit was expressed in their settling in the Moza Valley. The decision to move to the Moza Valley was one of passion for the land, initiative, pioneering spirit, and decisiveness. To

earn a living, Yehoshua established a khan, a road inn, on the Jaffa-Jerusalem road. Years later this khan became the Moza synagogue, which is still active today. The house is built on top of an exquisite ancient cistern from the Crusader period, which boasts three underground constructed domes that were part of a water system from that era. Other impressive features of the site include roughly chiseled caliche rock bricks, quarrying in the natural rock, ornamental openings in the ceiling, characteristic stonemason’s marks, and iron nails. The visitor center, whose program is presently under development, will include a display telling the story of the place; a trailhead for walking tours, bicycle tours and vehicle tours of the whole area, with guiding materials, maps and equipment for sale; and a spectacular audiovisual experience. A café-restaurant will serve delicacies made from produce grown in the garden and the land surrounding the house, where one can already taste the sweetest grapes in the region. The house, the old synagogue, the Crusaders’ cistern and the land surrounding them create a truly authentic, humble and unique environment. “The site is fast developing,” said Ruthie Arbel, the site manager. “In the near future we expect to accommodate many local and international visitors who will have the opportunity to experience this special place, located on the main road between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, with engaging tours, unique courses, and fascinating seminars.” n

To donate to historical sites, visit

JNF Parsons Water Fund

Maintaining Israel ’s water balance

An Israeli farmer uses recycled water to irrigate his crops.


ainy weather is considered a nuisance in most places, but in Israel, last winter’s rain was truly a relief—and a long time coming. It followed seven consecutive drought years which brought about serious water shortages, a severe water resource deficit and an imminent threat to sufficient urban water supply. While Israel is now past this immediate hazardous stage, there are still challenges ahead. This year, thanks to the higher rain amounts, reuse of treated water and new desalination plants, the amount of available water matched Israel’s total annual water needs (1.872 billion cubic meters). But, what that means is that Israel is constantly on the threshold of a water crisis with any climatic variation or precipitation decline. And as seen during the seven drought years, there is a constant overexploitation of water resources, which exposes them to the threat of increased contamination. Israel is not alone; the entire Near East is affected by water challenges. Jordan provides its residents with urban water supply only once a week. Ten years ago Syria went from providing regular water supply to water only two hours twice a week. Water shortages caused 400,000 farmers to leave their lands and migrate to Syria’s large cities. To meet the increasing urban demand for water in Israel, significant changes have occurred over the past five years. There has been an 18% reduction in domestic water consumption since 2009 as a result of a 40% hike in water rates and aggressive public awareness campaigns. Annual per capita consumption was reduced from 28,000 gallons in 2007 to 22,718 gallons in 2011. Additionally, because of achievements in urban water delivery systems, the largest cities experience only an 8% water loss. Desalinated and


recycled water now account for about 50% of the water consumed in Israel, and with the goal of desalination to supply about 90% of domestic water demand by 2017. Nevertheless, major challenges to Israel’s water balance still remain. There are not enough reservoirs to store the projected amount of recycled ...Israel is water needed in the future and Israel must double its current constantly on reservoir capacity by 2030. There is the threat of continued the threshold of aquifer contamination by all a water crisis... sectors through neglect and overexploitation, as well as the danger of a loss of vigilance from the illusion that one good rainy season solves it all. In times of conflict, there is also the threat of damage to desalination plants. At the same time, a hoped-for peace agreement will cost much water and reduce supply. If peace agreements between Israel and its neighbors are ever reached, Israel will be required to pay (among other concessions) with water to thirsty Palestine, Jordan and Syria, over and above what it already gives. Israel’s large-scale and very costly water challenges can only be solved by governmental measures. However there are still too many areas that are either neglected or insufficiently attended to by the government. Many of these issues tend to affect Israel’s periphery, where governmental support is uncertain. This is where the JNF Parsons Water Fund plays a meaningful role. “When my late husband Natan and I, who had been involved in the water industry for many years, discovered the world of JNF, we were immediately intrigued by its potential,” said Amy Parsons, Vice Chair of JNF Parsons Water Fund. “After much research, we honestly felt that

through our partnership, we could be part of an organization that is helping to alleviate the water crisis in Israel.“ Constructed wetlands, trans-boundary projects, recycled water storage and reuse, stream restoration, research, education, and even water technology and improved efficiency of water use are perhaps JNF’s best areas for philanthropic investments in Israel’s water future. Here, relatively small amounts of funding can be deployed to achieve a meaningful impact. The relative advantage of the JNF Parsons Water Fund is in addressing niche areas. For example, its constructed wetlands project at the Ramon Air Force Base—which efficiently treats effluents of a large military base in a desert setting—marked the first large-scale environmental project supported by the Ministry of Defense that utilizes treated water for irrigation on the base and for surrounding farming communities while obviating the hazard of polluting an aquifer and the aboveground environment in the region. Recently, JNF undertook the Besor Stream Drainage Basin Rehabilitation program, specifically because it addressed an issue that needs to operate below the political radar in a region beset by conflict. Three decades of discussion between Israeli and Palestinian leaderships have failed to address cross-boundary stream pollution which affects the environment, aquifers, and stakeholders on both sides of the border. The JNF Parsons Water Fund’s willingness to join an effort to create a non-political model for solving this challenge is demonstrative of its mission to stimulate research in these niche areas. If it is successful, this model could be applied to 16 other cross-boundary streams. n

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Building the Negev’s New Communities JEWISH NATIONAL FUND

22 Roy and Nofar Molgan and family in Merhav Am.


mproved quality of life. A warm and supportive community. Strong connection to the land. When discussing the advantages of living in the new communities of the Negev, these are the ideals mentioned by the next generation of proud pioneers. “Our newfound community has built a new social network of people who share our ideals, a feature I was missing previously in Mercaz Shapira,” said Roy Molgan, who moved with his wife Nofar to Merhav Am, near Yeruham, seven years ago because they wanted to help settle the Negev and live in a tight-knit community with their two children. “The wide open space in our region is proven to lower one’s blood pressure and has given me a more relaxed lifestyle.” Building new communities in the desert is one of the mainstays of Jewish National Fund’s Blueprint Negev campaign, an initiative to sustainably develop the Negev and make it home for the next generation of Israel’s residents. These communities springing up all over the Negev have come to flourish and thrive, with the support of JNF and The Or Movement and the establishment of basic services and infrastructure. When Osher and Jessica Kedar first joined the community of Givot Bar, located near Be’er Sheva, three years ago, there were only a handful of families and nothing except a few caravans and a lot of sand. There wasn’t even a proper road. “Many people couldn’t understand why we would want to move to such a place,” recalled Jessica. “Now, just a few years later, Givot Bar is a thriving


and sought-after community with many public facilities, proper infrastructure, and quality unmatched in other areas of the Negev. “We wanted a sense of a ‘real’ community, both for us and for our children, where our neighbors are not just neighbors, but also friends,” she said. “Osher especially wanted to take part in building a new community, to be a founding member and part of establishing a new yishuv (settlement) in Israel. It is truly a dream come true for us.” In these new communities, children grow up freely, playing outside with friends, and problems are addressed as a community. From making a big pot of soup for a sick family to celebrating the holidays together to the town as a whole addressing a bullying incident, mutual aid and support are defining values. Said Alesh Bala, a resident of the community of Zuqim in the Central Arava, “There is a feeling of family and a connection to the land. Most of the families have come here because of the love for the desert and a connection to the land here.” He and his wife Eilat chose to move to Zuqim four years ago with their two sons Sial Daniel, 8, and Faran Ben Eilat, 6, because of a deep love for the desert, but also because the ideals of this artist community complemented their desire to open a business of natural beauty products. Since Zuqim was established with the support of JNF’s Sapphire Society in 2001, it has grown from a signpost in the Arava desert to a large and bustling community. Zuqim now boasts, among other things, a new preschool,

daycare center, and artist colony. A bed and breakfast establishment is under construction as well. “The community has been built at an amazing “The wide open pace,” said Alesh. “It used to feel as if we were living space in our at a construction site, but looking back at the speed region is proven that everything was built is amazing.” to lower one’s The new communities are thriving thanks to the blood pressure...” support of JNF and The Or Movement, and that connection is not lost on the community members. “We have found that we have partners, and moreover brothers and sisters, in our dream of making the desert bloom,” said Roy Molgan. “This partnership will only become even stronger in the future.” Jessica Kedar agrees. “Without the help from JNF and The Or Movement, I don’t think Givot Bar would exist,” she said, “at least not as the thriving and flourishing community that we know today. Every donation, large or small, has a huge influence in our lives. Every tree, every bench donated is meaningful, not just in a practical sense, but in the realization that we have partners in a joint mission of building Israel.” n

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Helping Arava Farmers Grow JEWISH NATIONAL FUND

23 Farmer Uri Ganot and his family in Moshav Paran.


ooking out at the desert expanse, it’s hard to imagine anything growing in the Central Arava. Yet amazingly, 60% of the fresh vegetables exported by Israel are produced not in the lush green fields of the Galilee but rather in this remote, arid region between the Dead Sea and the Red Sea. Every day, around five hundred farming families accomplish incredible agricultural feats in an area that only gets about of one inch of rain a year. Drip irrigation has a lot to do with their success, but that’s not the whole story. Central Arava Research & Development is one of a network of regional agricultural R&D stations in Israel sponsored by JNF where leading scientists and technicians work closely with local farmers, research institutes and universities to increase agricultural sustainability, profitability, and stability. The cutting-edge technologies developed at these stations keep farmers at the forefront of their field, providing them with innovative, costefficient ways to grow produce under arid conditions and allowing them to compete in the global market. Knowledge is transferred through meetings, lectures, online newsletters, and field visits. “We always want to improve the yield and quality of existing crops and solve problems that occur during the season, such as bug protection and agro-technology,” said Aylon Gadiel, Director of Arava R&D. “We also work to find new varieties of crops and new technologies in order to improve farmers’ businesses. “Ten years ago, the average yield per dunam of peppers was five tons for export. Today it’s about 10 tons. We are

aiming to get the yield to 13-15 tons per dunam. Since we are limited with the land that we have and experience water quality problems, we must overcome all this in order to get farmers to get more yield per land units.” The research has helped increase the shelf life of peppers, one of the region’s biggest exports. In 2007-2008, the price of air transportation made Every day, around it unprofitable to send peppers to the United five hundred States, so the Central Arava R&D began to research farming families how to enable peppers to be picked in Israel and accomplish stay fresh for more than 25 days. Also, up until two incredible years ago, growers used to spray with pesticides to agricultural feats prevent mildew. However, food safety qualifications in an area that only for supermarkets have necessitated a change in gets about one inch practice. of rain a year. “We want to sell a clean product,” said Gadiel. “If we do not stand by supermarket food safety regulations, growers won’t be able to sell produce to any supermarket in the world. Now you can see Arava organic products in Whole Foods, Wegmans, and other high-quality supermarkets.”


Recently, Central Arava R&D was recognized with two prestigious awards. The first, the 2012 Negev Award for Environmental Quality, was awarded by Sustainable Development for the Negev for Central Arava R&D’s and the Volcani Institute’s use of brine for marine aquaculture. The second, the 2012 Agritech Prize, was awarded to Dr. Shimon Pivonia, head of the Central Arava plant protection department, for agricultural research for integrated pest management in plant protection. His research has helped growers eliminate the use of pesticides and forensic chemicals in their crops. Uri Ganot is starting his fifth season as a grower in Moshav Paran. “Arava R&D carries out a lot of interesting experiments and I try to use the results to improve my yield production,” he said. “It is an asset to have an R & D station in the area, and I have found it very important to try new things. For example, the development of the Capillary Barrier Root Zone System has really helped us growers in Moshav Paran. I collaborated with Arava R&D on a progressive version of this system. Today I use all available knowledge, information, and research findings in order to improve my yields.” “Not all projects are large scale,” said Gadiel, “but all the small programs, when put together, get results in the end. Sometimes experiments have negative results, but for us, a negative answer is also good because we can tell growers not to do it.” n

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Zionist Roots Began with JNF MAX LEVIN REMEMBERS visiting a family friend



on an Israel Defense Forces base when he was a young boy: “I got so excited about everything: the base, all the soldiers. I knew one day I wanted to come back here.” That dream has finally come true. Max, now 19, along with two other young adults with close ties to JNF, made aliyah this past August as the first step in their Garin Tzabar army program. JNF CEO Russell Robinson was also on the Nefesh B’Nefesh charter flight that brought these young people to Israel. At a ceremony attended by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the new immigrants were welcomed to Israel as part of a celebration of Nefesh B’Nefesh’s tenth anniversary. JNF and Nefesh B’Nefesh recently announced a new partnership that focuses on developing Israel’s peripheral regions, the Negev and the Galilee, and encouraging immigrants to move there. Upon arrival in Israel, all new immigrants receive a certificate from JNF for a tree planted in their honor, thereby creating an immediate immediate connection to the land. “They want to be part of an Israel that is making the world a better place,” said Robinson. “In coming to Israel, they are choosing to do their part to keep the Zionist spirit alive and thriving.” Lainey Paul, 19, of Cincinnati, OH, believes that her parents’ involvement was a driving force in sparking a love for Israel at a very young age. Her mother, Nina Paul, is a member of Makor, and her father, Eddie Paul is advisor to JNF President Stanley Chesley and Chair of the Environment Committee.

“There is definitely a direct correlation between my and my parents’ involvement in JNF, and my love for Israel,” said Lainey. “Through their involvement – my mother as former Southern Ohio Regional President and one of the first members of the Sapphire Society and my father as as JNF’s first Midwest Zone President and as Cincinnati President – I have been exposed to JNF in numerous ways, whether it was making calls at eight years old for donations to Israel or joining my mom on a mission trip in Israel to see the latest JNF projects.” “Our involvement in JNF has definitely made an impression. She has a true sense of Zionism and a strong connection to her Judaism,” said Nina. “She’s been traveling to Israel since she was three years old. There’s no question that she was destined to make this move at this point.” Julian Robins, 19, spent her high school years and summers active in the Conservative synagogue youth movement. She did the Nativ gap year program and spent half the year volunteering up north in a youth village. “I’d already formed a connection with Israel,” she said, “but this was when I realized that this is where I want to be, and not only did I want to live there, I wanted to do something for the country.” Her mother, Lynn Norton Robins, is JNF’s Regional Director for New Jersey. “Before I came to JNF, I knew that if I was going to do something to take me away from my two young daughters, it was going to be something that they could be proud of and be a part of,” Lynn said. “Through

(L-R) KKL World Chairman Efi Stenzler, KKL board member, JNF CEO Russell F. Robinson, Max Levin, Judy Levin, and Bud Levin.

the years they have come to events, and their love and understanding of Israel and JNF became visceral.” Max has always felt a strong connection to Israel when visiting the country, but also in his home: “Israel is always a topic at home. It’s almost a daily part of my life, talking about Israel.” His father Bud, JNF Vice President of the Negev and Galil and a prominent member of the JNF LA community, is proud of Max’s decision to enter a combat unit and do a full term of army service. “He’s doing something that’s great for him and great for the country,” said Bud. “Israel needs people like Max and these other youths to set up their lives there, just as it did over 60 years ago.” n

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Lasting Legacies with JNF ZELDA DON BOLD’S connection to Israel was rooted in

during World War II at the Department of Agriculture and Bureau of Land Economics, Justice Department, Department of Labor, Department of State, and Defense Department. As an economist, she retired from HUD as the Director of the Area Economic and Market Analysis Division for the Indiana region. “She had a long career in an era when women didn’t necessarily have those careers,” said Arlene. “She was a good role model and very well-rounded: independent, caring, artistic, but also business-minded. We were glad to have had her in our lives.”


Life Insurance: A Vital Part of Estate and Financial Planning By Matt Bernstein, CFP, JNF Chief Planned Giving Officer THERE ARE WORSE

things in life than death. Have you ever spent an evening with an insurance salesman? –Woody Allen That sentiment aside, life insurance is a vital part of estate and financial planning. For an exchange of money called a premium to a life insurance company, the beneficiaries will receive the policy proceeds at the death of the insured. As a part of an estate plan, life insurance allows the insured to pay estate taxes with discounted dollars. As part of a financial plan, life insurance provides necessary funds for a family to carry on in the case of a premature death. Life insurance can also play an important role in fulfilling a donor’s intent to create a lasting legacy with JNF. This can be done in three ways: through an existing policy, by taking out a new policy for the explicit purpose of making a charitable gift, or by designating JNF as the ultimate beneficiary of an existing policy. There are many circumstances in which JNF supporters donate life insurance policies they no longer need. Bruce Gould, a JNF donor and World Chairman’s Council member, purchased a $1 million life insurance policy for business

reasons. When his business was sold he no longer needed the coverage, but merely cancelling it would have created an expensive tax bill on the policy’s cash surrender value. Instead, Bruce donated the policy to JNF and created the Gould Legacy Society, the recognition group Life insurance for JNF planned giving donors. This is a smart, can also play tax-efficient way to donate an important role unneeded life insurance policies and do a great in fulfilling a deed for JNF and for Israel. Bruce received a generous donor’s intent to tax deduction based on the cash value that had built up create a lasting in his policy and provided legacy with JNF. for a lasting endowment that will carry on long after he is gone. “Everyone wins on this,” said Bruce. “If people knew how easy it was to do, JNF could really benefit.” Purchasing a new policy for charitable purposes is another easy, cost-efficient way to create a permanent legacy to JNF. A donor can take out a life insurance policy and name JNF as the owner and irrevocable beneficiary. To fund the policy the donor will write a check to JNF in the amount of the annual premium each year, and JNF will, in turn, pay the premium to the insurance company. This will allow the donor to receive an annual tax deduction. Upon their passing, JNF will receive the face value of the policy.

Marlene Maier is a long-time donor, a President’s Society member, a lifetime Sapphire, a Circle of Sapphire member, and the Northern California Board President. Wanting to do something important through JNF for Israel, she purchased a $500,000 life insurance policy and named JNF as the owner. Her reason, she explained, was that “we are part of a chain of committed Jews who consider it our obligation to ensure Israel’s viability for our children and grandchildren.” You can also benefit JNF by naming us as the ultimate beneficiary of your life insurance policy. Simply request a beneficiary form from your insurance company and complete the form with our legal name, address and tax identification number: Jewish National Fund (Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael), Inc., 42 East 69th St, New York, NY 10021, EIN#13-1659627. A good insurance professional can show you how to structure the policy in a way that reduces costs and maximizes the potential. Professionals in JNF’s Planned Giving Department can put you in touch with knowledgeable insurance people who have our interests at heart. Thank you to Bruce Gould, Marlene Maier, and others for your long-term commitment to Israel and Jewish National Fund. Our award-winning Planned Giving Department can help you with this and many other gifting ideas that can not only provide legacy gifts to JNF, but can show our donors how to save tax dollars and provide for their heirs at the same time. n

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was a very philanthropic woman. “After Rosalie passed away, I had all her mail sent to me,” said her friend Sandy Best, who acted as executive trustee of her estate. “There were so many requests for donations to every kind of charity you can think of.”

One non-profit that was close to Rosalie’s heart was JNF: she left JNF a bequest of over $2 million in her will. Rosalie was born in St. Louis and moved to Tampa. She met her husband Joseph, who was from Poland, when she was 30 and he was 52. The couple had no children. Together they owned four hotels at different times on South Beach in Florida in the 1970s and 1980s. Rosalie became friendly with Sandy in 1997 when Sandy’s brother, who was Rosalie’s dentist, introduced them. Over the course of their friendship, they went on cruises together and would meet every Saturday to go to temple. Inspired by Rosalie’s donation, Sandy hopes to use some of the money her friend left her to go on a JNF mission. “To be as philanthropic as she was, you can see that Rosalie was a very sensitive and caring person,” said Sandy. “She did a wonderful thing, giving to Israel. It says a lot about her. She loved Israel.” Rosalie’s generous donation to JNF will be commemorated by a plaque at American Independence Park outside of Jerusalem, which recognizes the partnership between the United States and Israel.


family; her cousins who were Holocaust survivors settled there after the end of World War II. Zelda and her late husband Elliot Bold visited them a number of times. “Her family was her connection to Israel,” said Zelda’s niece Arlene Lehman Baldwin. “Zelda and her husband were major supporters of Israel and so was her father Kalman, who was my grandfather. And that’s where she felt her funds needed to go.” Philanthropy was very important to Zelda. She left JNF a residuary bequest of over $2 million; among the other charities that Zelda supported through her trust are her synagogue, Congregation Beth-El Zedeck of Indianapolis; the Elliot & Zelda D. Bold Scholarship Fund at Hasten Hebrew Academy in Indianapolis; Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana; Alzheimer’s Association; and Little Red Door Cancer Agency in Indianapolis. Zelda passed away at age 96, after living a very full life. Born in Chicago, the eldest of four children, she moved to Washington, D.C. where she met her husband and worked





(L-R) Amy Parsons (Century Council, Circle of Sapphire), Anne Sternlicht (Sapphire Society), Deborah Pechet Quinan (Sapphire Society), and National Campaign Director Sharon Freedman at a Sapphire Society event where Sternlicht and Pechet Quinan were pinned.

(L-R) National Campaign Director Sharon Freedman, Ronald Lubin, Michael Blank (Century Council), Todd Patkin (World Chairman’s Council), and Yadira Patkin (World Chairman’s Council, Circle of Sapphire) at the annual New England Golf Tournament.

Dr. Leon Steinberg (Herzl Society) of Las Vegas received his new Herzl plaque.

Dr. Garet Gordon (Herzl Society) and wife Bernice Friedman (Sapphire Society) with his new Herzl plaque in Las Vegas.

(L-R) Dee Berkley and Rabbi Yocheved Mintz became JNF’s newest Sapphire Society members in Las Vegas.

Ken and Nancie Segel (Century Council, Negev Society, Sapphire Society) at Ammunition Hill, where they dedicated a plaque in honor of Nancie’s late father, Herman Friedberg.

(L-R) Anna Bazak, Rachel Chafetz (Sapphire Society), Larry Chafetz, and New England Consul General Shai Bazak at the annual Yom Ha’atzmaut celebration in Newton, MA.

(L-R) Sapphire Society members Rabbi Yocheved Mintz and Shelley Dubin at the Quiche & Tell Sapphire luncheon in Las Vegas.

(L-R) Jeffrey Davis (Century Council, President’s Society), Julie Kahn, and Michael Blank (Century Council) at the annual New England Golf Tournament, where Kahn was honored.

(L-R) Sapphire Society members Sharry Solomon and Joan Davis at the 10th annual Las Vegas Breakfast.

(L-R) Eric Elkins, Gene Kay (Century Council), Pastor Cheryl Morrison of Faith Bible Chapel, Mountain States Regional Director Stan Kamlet, and Helen Strait of Faith Bible Chapel at the annual JNF Breakfast in Denver. (L-R) Barbara Sommer (Negev Society, Century Council), Helen Loewenstein, Marlene Maier (Century Council, President’s Society, Circle of Sapphire), Rose Barlow, guest speaker Tareq Abu Hamed, Frances Lee Kaufman (World Chairman’s Council, Negev Society, Circle of Sapphire), and Branwen Cale at a board meeting in San Francisco.

(L-R) Jeff Gingold, John Rothmann, and JNF Parsons Water Fund board member Steven Crystal (Century Council, Negev Society) represented JNF Northern California at an event in Reno, Nevada.

(L-R) Mary Anne Levitt (Sapphire Society); Branwen Cale, Managing Director of Friends of The Arava Institute; Dr. Tareq Abu Hamed, Director of the Center for Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation at the Arava Institute; Mort Gerber; and JNF Regional Director Aaron Parker at a parlor meeting in Northern California.

(L-R) Joel Moskowitz (President’s Society), Alex Zive, Ann Moskowitz, and JNF Regional Director Adele Bilewitz at the Orange County Israel Fair.

Outgoing Palm Springs and Desert Region Board President Allan Nyman passed the gavel to incoming President Sheri Borax (Sapphire Society).

Cheryl and Robert Fey (Negev Society) were honored at the 2012 Palm Springs and Desert Region Love of Israel Dinner.

Arizona Regional Board President Ann Zinman and her husband Ted (President’s Society, Century Council) dedicated the entrance lobby of the second vocational training center at Aleh Negev in honor of their fathers, Howard Blitt and Samuel Zinman.


(L-R) Linda Church (Sapphire Society) pinned San Diego’s newest Sapphire Society member Cheryl Rattner Price at the Love of Israel Brunch.

(L-R) The Belfer Family of Phoenix, AZ—Julie, Bond, Grayson, Todd, Sandy (Sapphire Society), and Harvey (Herzl Society) at American Independence Park in Israel celebrating Grayson’s bar mitzvah.

(L-R) JNF San Diego Campaign Executive Ezra Erle, JNF Chief Development Officer Rick Krosnick, JNF national and local Board Negev Society Chair Kim and Bill Miller (Century Council, Sapphire Society), keynote speaker Steve Emerson, San Diego Board President Myra Fleischer and Charlie Fleischer (Century Council, Sapphire Society), and their son Nathan at the Love of Israel Brunch in San Diego.

(L-R) Aaron Muller and his father Dr. Jeffrey Muller (Herzl Society) with table captain Karen Fisher (Herzl Society) and her daughter Leah Levine at the San Diego Love of Israel Brunch.

(L-R) Ron Kriss (Herzl Society) and Givatiim Fire Chief Boaz Rakia at a MiamiDade cocktail reception.


Phoenix residents Marc and Ellen Kelman (President’s Society, Century Council) at Ammunition Hill in Israel, where both of their fathers have been honored.



(L-R, back row) Bruce Horovitz, Florida Executive Director Glen Schwartz, and Dr. Craig Deligdish (Herzl Society); (L-R, front row) Dr. Sol Brotman, Pam Korn, and previous Tree of Life™ award recipient Michael Korn at the Jacksonville Tree of Life™ award dinner.

(L-R) Jack Selevan (World Chairman’s Council), previous Tree of Life™ award recipient Richard Sisisky, and Russell Selevan (World Chairman’s Council) performed hamotzi at the Jacksonville Tree of Life™ award dinner.

(L-R) Beth Morris, Northern Florida Campaign Executive; Glen Schwartz, Florida Executive Director; Linda Stein; Lifetime Achievement Award recipient David A. Stein (President’s Society); and Uri Smajovits, Northern Florida Director, at the Jacksonville Tree of Life™ award dinner.

Tree of Life™ award recipients Hank and Nancy Greenberg (President’s Society) and Honorable Norman Krivosha (center) at the Naples Tree of Life™ award dinner.

Tree of Life™ honorees Mord and Michal Wiesler (President’s Society) with JNF National Spokesman Hal Linden (right), who was the featured speaker at the Naples Tree of Life™ dinner.

(L-R) JNF National Spokesman Hal Linden and Dr. Bernie Lubin at the Naples Tree of Life™ dinner held at the Twin Eagles Golf & Country Club.

Bart and Joan Levenson (Negev Society) of Sarasota posed with the JNF recognition banner at American Independence Park on the 2012 Sunshine Mission.

(L-R) Ellen Reisel, co-founder of the Red Mountain Therapeutic Riding Center, visited Brenda Johnston (Sapphire Society) and Eunice Cohen at the Johnston home on Siesta Key.

(L-R) Gideon Shavit, CEO of the Alexander Muss High School in Israel (AMHSI), visited Alisa and Ernie Kretzmer of Sarasota (Century Council, President’s Society) to discuss the opening of the new AMHSI campus in the Negev.

(L-R) Harvey Hertz (World Chairman’s Council) and Dr. Robert Norman (Century Council), past award recipients, at the Tampa Bay Tree of Life™ award dinner.

(L-R) Tampa Bay Board Co-Presidents Mark Miller (President’s Society), and Betsy Marcadis (President’s Society, Sapphire Society) and Diane Goldfeder (Herzl Society) surprised Lou Goldfeder (Herzl Society) by presenting him with the Guardian of Israel award at the Tampa Bay Tree of Life™ dinner.

(L-R) Tampa Bay Co-President Mark Miller (President’s Society), Tree of Life™ award recipient Ida Raye Chernin (Century Council, Sapphire Society, Negev Society), Lawyers for Israel Tampa Bay Chair Mary Ellen Hogan (Sapphire Society), Tree of Life™ award recipient Marshall Chernin (Century Council, Negev Society) and Tampa Bay Co-President Betsy Marcadis (President’s Society, Sapphire Society) at Tampa Bay’s Tree of Life™ dinner.



(L-R) JNF CEO Russell Robinson with three generations of the Israel Family—Brandon, Sy (Century Council, Negev Society), Caryn (Negev Society), Debra (Century Council, Negev Society), Mark (Negev Society) and Lily—at a lunch hosted by Mark and Caryn in Orlando for the JNF National Conference.

(L-R) JNF Orlando President Jim Riola (Century Council, President’s Society); Ellen Reisel, co-founder and supervising psychologist at the Red Mountain Therapeutic Riding Center in Israel; Campaign Consultant Lois Tannenbaum; and Doctors for Israel Chair Dr. Shari Yudenfreund-Sujka at a Doctors For Israel event hosted by Dr. Yudenfreund-Sujka in Orlando.

(L-R) Jill Riola (Circle of Sapphire) pinned the newest member of the Sapphire Society, Dr. Shari Yudenfreund-Sujka at the Tree of Life™ award dinner in Orlando.

(L-R) Dr. Judith Edelman ( Sapphire Society) and JNF Broward/Palm Beach Regional Director Laura Sherry at a major donor thank you event at Canyon Ranch in Miami Beach.

Florence Soble (Century Council, Herzl Society, Sapphire Society) and Stephen Soble (Century Council, Herzl Society) at a gift annuity thank you brunch at B’nai Torah Congregation in Boca Raton.

(L-R) Monica Kramer, Eve Pinchevsky, Todd Pinchevsky, Melissa Lieberman, Matt Lieberman, Marty Kaplan, Carolyn Pinchevsky (President’s Society, Sapphire Society), Mark Pinchevsky, Ada Pinchevsky, and Josepha Kaplan during Eve’s bat mitzvah trip to Israel.

(L-R) Hank and Ruth Margules (Herzl Society) with JNF National Spokesman Hal Linden during a “standing room only” parlor meeting in their Wellington home.

(L-R) Laura Sherry, JNF Director of the Broward/Palm Beach Region, and Irving Wiseman (Century Council, President’s Society) at a special breakfast event at the Boca West Country Club in Boca Raton.

(L-R) Zevi Kahanov, National Director of the JNF Parsons Water Fund, and Michael Wechsler (Century Council, President’s Society) at a JNF breakfast event held at the Broken Sound Country Club in Boca Raton.

(L-R) Jan Silverman (Sapphire Society), guest speaker Ellen Reisel of the Red Mountain Therapeutic Riding Center, and Israel Advocacy & Education Chair Cantor Elaine Shapiro (President’s Society, Sapphire Society) at a Moms for Israel meeting hosted by Jan in Boca Raton.

(L-R) Lee Aronson (Century Council, Sapphire Society), JNF National Spokesman Hal Linden, and Bunny Aronson (Sapphire Society) at an event at the Boca West Country Club in Boca Raton.

(L-R, seated) Irving Zeller (Century Council, President’s Society) and Lila Lutz; (L-R, standing) JNF Florida Executive Director Glen Schwartz and Chief Planned Giving Officer Matt Bernstein at a gift annuity thank you brunch at B’nai Torah Congregation in Boca Raton.

(L-R) Guardian of Israel honoree Bob Friedland (Century Council, Herzl Society) and his wife Sheila Friedland with JNF CEO Russell Robinson at the Westchester Guardian of Israel reception.

Shirley and Martin Amdur (President’s Society) with JNF CEO Russell Robinson (center) at the Westchester Guardian of Israel reception.

(L-R) JNF CEO Russell Robinson with Rita and Charles Salfeld (Century Council, President’s Society) at the Westchester Guardian of Israel reception.

Addison Shuster (Herzl Society) at the Bayonne Golf Invitational.


(L-R) Ira Steinberg (Herzl Society), Jeremy Halpern (Century Council, Negev Society), and Ari Wise (Herzl Society) at the Bayonne Golf Invitational.

(L-R) Ruth Raisfeld (Herzl Society), Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer of the Brooklyn Nets and Barclays Center Jeff Gewirtz, Deborah Riegel (President’s Society), and Arthur Adler (President’s Society) at the inaugural Lawyers for Israel event in New York City.


(L-R) Alan Weissman, Roy Stillman, Guardian of Israel honoree Bob Friedland (Century Council, Herzl Society), Larry Frankel (President’s Society), and JNF CEO Russell Robinson at the Westchester Guardian of Israel reception. (L-R) Ruth Pomeranz, Northern New Jersey Regional Director Jocelyn Inglis, Jill Janowski (Herzl Society), former Israel Emissary Talia Tzour, Doryne Davis, and Chef Galit Aboodi at the Northern New Jersey “Healthy Shavuot” cooking demonstration and dinner.

(L-R) Bruce Gould (World Chairman’s Council, Negev Society) and Adam Belfer at JNFuture’s fifth annual Shabbat in the Park.

Deborah Riegel of New York City (President’s Society, Sapphire Society) visited Aleh Negev and surveyed the landscaping supported by the Sapphire Society.

(L-R) Sam and Cheryn Delug (World Chairman’s Council, Negev Society) Karen Berko-Gibson (Sapphire Society), JNF CEO Russell Robinson, Joe Hess (Century Council), David Frank (Century Council, President’s Society), and Dr. Morry Waksberg (Herzl Society) attended a Los Angeles major donor reception hosted by Sam and Cheryn Delug.



Matthew Herman (Herzl Society) and Jing Wang (President’s Society) at JNFuture’s fifth annual Shabbat in the Park.


(L-R) Alan Abramson (Century Council, Negev Society), Larry Abramson, Steve Winston, and Neil Freedman enjoyed a day of golf at the 22nd annual Golf and Texas Hold ‘Em Tournament in Los Angeles.

Participants on JNF’s Road to Jerusalem Mission at a post-trip get together in Los Angeles. (L-R, back row) Pam and Mitch Kreitenberg, Michelle Bolotin (Sapphire Society), Bill Miller (Century Council, Negev Society), Matt Schenker, Orly Sitowitz, Doug and Felice Williams (Herzl Society). (L-R, center row) Debbie Minas, Robin Muer, Debbie Muer, Stuart Berkley (Century Council, President’s Society), Natalie Berkley, Allen and Marilyn Golden (Century Council, President’s Society, Circle of Sapphire), Alyse Golden Berkley (Century Council, Circle of Sapphire, President’s Society), Kim Miller (Century Council, Negev Society, Sapphire Society). (L-R, seated) Carole Bolotin (Century Council, President’s Society, Sapphire Society), and Myrtle Sitowitz (Sapphire Society).

(L-R) Mechal Perl Antebi (Herzl Society), Shirley and Dr. Perry Brickman, recipients of the Cantor Isaac and Betty Goodfriend Community Service award, and David Birnbrey (Herzl Society) at the 9th annual Jack Hirsch Memorial Breakfast in Atlanta.

(L-R) Alan E. Lubel, Lawyers for Israel Atlanta chair; Michael Miller (Century Council), National Board member and National Community Campaign Chairman; Consul General of Israel to the Southeast Opher Aviran; Dr. Ken Stein; Gladys Hirsch (Century Council); Mechal Perl Antebi (Herzl Society); Bill Travis; and Ronnie Porat, Israel Emissary to the Southeast, at the 9th annual Jack Hirsch Memorial Breakfast in Atlanta.


Tree of Life™ award recipient Dr. Ken Stein and Gladys Hirsch (Century Council) at the 9th annual Jack Hirsch Memorial Breakfast in Atlanta.

(L-R) Evelyn Berkowitz of Houston (Sapphire Society) and Dr. Melinda Wolf enjoyed JNF’s Sunshine Mission to Israel.

Herb Bennett (Century Council) celebrated his birthday with a Blue Box presentation at the JCC in Dallas with JNF Campaign Executive Julie Malin.

Gary Lieber of Rockville, MD, (Herzl Society), with his wife Rosanne and son Aaron, proudly displayed the fire truck recently donated by the Mid-Atlantic region. (L-R) JNFuture board member Evan Hoffman, Ken Krupsky (President’s Society), D.C. JNFuture Co-Chair Danielle Traub, and Baruch Fellner (Century Council, President’s Society) engaged new members at a JNFuture event in Washington, D.C.

Washington D.C. Sapphire Society Co-Chair Gail Kushner (Sapphire Society), Mitch Berliner, Donna Rosenthal, author of the award-winning book The Israelis, and Sapphire Society Co-chair Debra Moser (Sapphire Society) in Potomac, MD.



Baltimore Sapphire Society members Shelly Malis, Kate Shelter, Sonia Diamond, Suzie Levene, Erika Schon, Nancy Seff, and National Campaign Director Diane Scar at a Women for Israel meeting.

JNF Parsons Water Fund Chair Dr. Morton Mower and National Circle of Sapphire Chair Dr. Toby Mower (Sapphire Society, World Chairman’s Council, Negev Society) at a Baltimore breakfast event.

Leon Begleiter proudly displayed his most recent JNF plaques in his apartment in Wilmington, Delaware.

Kate Shelter (Sapphire Society) visited JNF’s Pipes Bridge in Be’er Sheva on a private tour with friends.

(L-R) Gary Kushner (Herzl Society, President’s Society) and Dr. Larry Amsterdam (Herzl Society, President’s Society) at a recruitment event for the upcoming Culinary and Wine Mission to Israel.

(L-R) Delaware President Joel Friedlander (President’s Society), Middle East columnist and commentator Micah Halpern, and Delaware board member Russell Silberglied, following a JNF Lawyers for Israel event. (L-R) Circle of Sapphire Society member Dr. Melinda Wolf (Century Council) proudly pinned newly inducted Sapphire Society member Joan Goodman.

(L-R) Herzl Society members Ron and Orly Shalem and Brett and Suzie Tiplitz at a donor appreciation event. Major Gifts Chair Ellen Rosenberg (President’s Society, Sapphire Society) and Dr. Irving Taylor (World Chairman’s Council, Negev Society) at a fundraiser for the Central Arava Medical Center.


30 JNF Chief Development Officer Rick Krosnick (left) and Susan Sachs (Sapphire Society, President’s Society) (right) joined new Sapphire Society member Eileen Kushner from Long Grove, Illinois as she was pinned during a family trip to Israel.

(L-R) Guest speaker Yishai Fleisher and event co-chair Joe Sameh (Herzl Society) at the annual Chicago breakfast held at the Chicago Botanic Gardens. The Chicago Annual Breakfast was followed by a reception for the Moms for Israel. (L-R): Moms for Israel reception co-chair Marisa Mandrea (Sapphire Society), guest speaker Yishai Fleisher, and reception co-chair Lori Abrams at an event following the Chicago annual breakfast.

(L-R) JNF National President Stanley Chesley (World Chairman’s Council, Negev Society), with Southern Ohio Regional President Ron Solomon (wife, Barb, is a Sapphire) at the annual JNF breakfast, The Event of the Year.

Former Tree of Life™ Award recipients Dick Weiland (Herzl Society) and John Barrett (Century Council, President’s Society) at the Cincinnati annual breakfast.

(L-R) Rabbi Lewis Kamrass, Nina Paul (Century Council, Negev Society, Sapphire Society) and Father Michael J. Graham at the Cincinnati annual breakfast.

(L-R) Yoni Raab, Phillip Brodie (President’s Society), JNF Director of Fundraising Technology Isaac Heger, Andrew Solomon (President’s Society), and Northeast Executive Director Joel Leibowitz at the annual Central New Jersey Texas Hold’Em Poker Tournament.

(L-R) Eva Schlanger (Sapphire Society, Century Council), Louise Dabrow (Sapphire Society, Century Council), Mid-Atlantic Zone Major Gifts Chair Ellen Rosenberg (Sapphire Society), and Evelyn Spritz (Sapphire Society) at a Moms for Israel event in Southern New Jersey.

(L-R) Gene Epstein (Century Council), JNF CEO Russell F. Robinson, and National Vice President Alan E. Dabrow (Century Council), at a Tree of Life™ dinner in Philadelphia.

(L-R) Rick Marcus, Selma Zeiger (Sapphire Society), guest speaker David Chudnow (World Chairman’s Council, Herzl Society), featured speaker Mary Relles (Sapphire Society), Board Co-President Rusti Moffic (Sapphire Society), Board Co-President Enid Bootzin Berkovits, and Wisconsin Regional Director Sidney Rivkin at the “Summer Happening” event to inaugurate the Wisconsin region’s annual campaign.


(L-R) Mark Rattner (Century Council, President’s Society) and Andrew Solomon (President’s Society) at the annual Central New Jersey Texas Hold’Em Poker Tournament.

(L-R) Doran Young (Herzl Society), Andy Rubenstein (Century Council, President’s Society), and Steve Squires (Herzl Society) at the annual Central New Jersey Texas Hold’Em Poker Tournament.

(L-R) Dr. Lisa Ring (President’s Society), guest speaker Yishai Fleisher, and Dr. Greg Storch (President’s Society) at the St. Louis breakfast.

(L-R) Peter Seckel (Negev Society), Yael Septee Kane (Sapphire Society), JNF CEO Russell F. Robinson, and National Vice President Alan E. Dabrow (Century Council), at a Tree of Life™ dinner in Philadelphia. (L-R) Larry Kane, Anchor, Marc Felgoise (Century Council), Jeffrey Schwartz (President’s Society), and Joseph Wolfson (President’s Society) enjoyed a Tree of Life™ dinner in Philadelphia.


Celebrating 40 Years and Ensuring the Next 40 AMHSI IS PROUD TO BE CELEBRATING

from a 17-year-old who had just attended last summer to a rabbi who, 23 years after attending, still credits many of her personal, academic, and professional accomplishments to her AMHSI experience. All funds raised in honor of the 40th anniversary help provide scholarships and enable more students to benefit from the renowned AMHSI experience. In May, AMHSI alumni and friends were invited to a fundraising event at Blue Gallery in Fort Lauderdale, where Russell Robinson, JNF CEO, and Mark Ziffer, alumnus and local advisory board chair, spoke about the importance of AMHSI’s unique mission. Renowned Israeli artist David Schluss’ amazing artwork was showcased and guests had the opportunity to meet the artist himself. Owners of the Blue Gallery have generously offered to donate a portion of all future purchases to AMHSI with a voucher, available at amhsi. org/artvoucher. Co-chairs of the 40th anniversary Joel Reinstein and Hannan Lis said: “After you hear the excitement and passion directly from alumni and the impact that High School in Israel has had, it’s obvious that we continue to

SESSION December 2012 January 2013 April 2013 Summer 1 2013 Summer 2 2013

DEPART November 27 January 22 April 9 June 18 June 26

RETURN January 22, 2013 March 19 June 4 July 30 August 7

Eight-week and six-week sessions available. Call 800.327.5980 or visit

FIRST FULL-SEMESTER PROGRAM UNDERWAY The inaugural session of the full semester program at AMHSI is underway and already a success, as enrollment continues to increase for next semester’s session!

Hanassi Youth Village gathered to celebrate AMHSI’s 40th anniversary and the opening of our new Negev campus at Eshel Hanassi. It was a memorable evening, with music, food, karaoke, face painting, dancing, and tours of the campus. In October, alumni and friends in the Greater Washington area of DC, Maryland, and Virginia are invited to “brunch and conversation” with Sally Oren, wife of Michael Oren, Israeli Ambassador to the U.S. While celebrating the past 40 years, the dedication to ensure the next 40 years of this transformative study abroad program is apparent through the support and enthusiasm of all AMHSI alumni and supporters. Chairman of the Board Stephen Muss said: “We are giving education, building identity – things that shape a person’s life and stay with them forever. How many other gifts can last a lifetime?” Together, we can ensure the next 40 years of AMHSI and Jewish continuity! n

More than double the length of the traditional AMHSI session, the new four-month program develops a deeper exposure to, and connection with, Israel. Based at the new campus in the Negev, a joint JNF/AMHSI initiative at Eshel Hanassi Youth Village, the full semester session builds upon the core AMHSI curriculum, and also includes additional features such as Hebrew classes, mock army training, and a four-day hike across the country from “sea to sea,” from the Galilee to the Mediterranean. The semester also includes a week in Poland to study about the Holocaust, continuing with the AMHSI educational methodology of learning on-site where history took place. Experience history, gain valuable skills and independence that will prepare you for college, all while having an incredible and fun time! Sign up today for an upcoming semester abroad. Spring 2013—January 27 - May 31 Fall 2013—August 25 - December 27

For more information, call 800.327.5980 or visit

PARTNER PROGRAM WITH MARCH OF THE LIVING AMHSI has partnered with March of the Living to launch a new combined program, enabling high school juniors and seniors to participate in both programs in one eight-week session. The journey begins in Poland, where students will learn about the Holocaust and the history of Jews in Poland. They will then travel to Israel where their understanding of the history of Jews and Israel will be enhanced through AMHSI’s renowned curriculum and educational experiences. The program, taking place April 3 – May 27, 2013, will cost considerably less than doing both programs separately. Only available for certain communities in North America; registration deadline November 30, 2012. For more information, visit


its 40th anniversary this year! For nearly half a century, AMHSI has educated teenagers—connecting them to Israel and helping them explore their heritage and discover their identity. Forty years ago, the Miami-Dade community sent the first session of students; more than 20,000 alumni later, AMHSI is an international organization educating students from all over North America, Europe, and Australia. It is only fitting that the 40th anniversary kickoff event took place in Miami, the “birthplace” of AMHSI. In January, alumni, dignitaries, board members, and philanthropists traveled from across the country and around the world to celebrate. Keynote speaker Professor Alan M. Dershowitz of Harvard University Law School spoke about the importance of AMHSI, the State of Israel, and the connection between the two. Alumni shared their AMHSI experiences,

achieve our goal – providing a path to Jewish identity, a connection to, and love for, Israel.” This summer, a record-breaking 200-plus students attended AMHSI programs. On July 5th, the students, AMHSI staff, board members and students from Eshel


AMHSI promotes, builds, and strengthens lifelong bonds between youth and Israel through the study of the history and culture of the people of Israel. AMHSI is a premier academic experience in Israel that prepares students for college and beyond. Since its founding in 1972, AMHSI has successfully impacted over 20,000 students. To learn more, visit or call 800.327.5980.

ANYWHERE ELSE THIS WOULD JUST BE AN OLD CITY. THIS IS THE MAGICAL CITY OF JERUSALEM. A place different than any other. Come explore the beauty of Israel with Jewish National Fund Travel & Tours

Transcend the boundaries of a standard trip with JNF’s personal, customized service and one-of-a-kind itineraries. Choose one of our unique, signature missions, plan an unforgettable private trip with our travel experts, or organize a bar or bat mitzvah celebration.

UPCOMING MISSIONS BIRD WATCHING AND NATURE PHOTOGRAPHY MISSION: February 12 - 21, 2013 Visit Israel’s world-renowned bird sanctuaries, hear from top bird watching experts and take part in a nature photography workshop.

CULINARY, WINE AND ARTS MISSION: March 1 - 9, 2013 Explore Israel’s food, wine and culinary scene while experienceing Israel’s arts and cultural institutions.

ISRAEL @ 65: INDEPENDENCE DAY MISSION: April 11 - 18, 2013 Follow the path towards Israel’s independence and walk in the footsteps of Israel’s pioneers and celebrate the 65th anniversary of the State of Israel.


Leaves from Jerusalem every Wednesday. See the Northern Negev and JNF Projects a new and unique Israel experience.

CAARI PROGRAM: January 9 - February 28, 2013 A 2-8 week program for active retirees that combines community service and traditional sightseeing.

FAMILY TRIPS: Custom itineraries for every family.

B’NAI MITZVAH TRIPS: Celebrate your child’s special occasion in Israel.

SUNSHINE MISSION: April 21 - 30, 2013 Travel from ancient times to modern Israel on a unique historical experience Israel with Hal Linden, JNF’s National Spokesperson.

To register for one of these unique tours of Israel or for more information, contact 877-JNF-TOUR (563-8687) or visit


B'Yachad Summer 2012 issue from JNF

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