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B’Yachad: The Newsletter of Jewish National Fund




Dear Reader, It starts with Blue Box Bob. At JNF we are dedicated to instilling a love for, and a commitment to, Israel. We care about the future of our children and community and want to ensure that future generations believe in and support Israel as much as we do. Kindergartners, teens, high schoolers, university students, and young professionals: tomorrow’s leaders are JNF’s priority. From engaging b’nai mitzvah age kids in JNF projects to sending young professionals to Israel where they can see our vision and discover the Jewish homeland first-hand, JNF’s Israel Advocacy & Education department spends its time on the future leaders of JNF to ensure that the land of Israel is part of their lives forever. Make Israel a part of the conversation you are having with your rabbis, educators, teachers, children and friends. If we each encourage one person to go to Israel, the ripple effect will continue for generations. Turn to pages 16-22 to learn about the ways JNF focuses on the future. Regards, B’Yachad Editorial Staff,

Inside this Issue

12 New Housing Development Fund Created to

Move Population to the Negev

The recently launched revolutionary Housing Development Fund is a new initiative that will help build houses in the Negev to facilitate the move of population to the region.

14 JNF Launches Elite Golf Tour and First Ever

Golf Mission

The first-ever Golf Mission to Israel will feature winners from The Herzl Tour: The International Golf Tour of JNF, an elite series of golf tournaments around the world, to compete in the EL AL Cup Championship, sponsored by .

16-22 How Do We Engage the Next Generation?

JNF’s Israel Advocacy & Education programs reach all ages—from preschool children to young professionals—and engage the next generation in connecting to the land and people of Israel.

23 Tali Friedman Brings the Jerusalem Culinary

Scene into Her Kitchen

Tali Friedman is putting the Jerusalem culinary scene on the map, bringing culinary tours through the Mahane Yehuda market to experience the sights, sounds, and, of course, tastes of Jerusalem’s famous open-air market.

B’Yachad Staff Editor in Chief: Ariel Vered Publisher: Russell F. Robinson Executive Editor: Jodi Bodner managing Editor: Neta Yoffe Creative Director: Sherene Strausberg JEWISH NATIONAL FUND (JNF) began in 1901 as a dream and vision to reestablish a homeland in Israel for Jewish people everywhere. Jews the world over collected coins in iconic JNF Blue Boxes, purchasing land and planting trees until ultimately, their dream of a Jewish homeland was a reality. Today, JNF continues to give all generations a unique voice in building and ensuring the prosperity of the land of Israel through their generosity and partnership with the people of Israel.

Winner of THE AJPA Rockower Award for Excellence In organizational newsletters Printed on recycled paper with vegetable-based ink



JNF embodies both heart and action; our work is varied in scope but singular in benefit. We strive to bring an enhanced quality of life to all of Israel’s residents, and translate these advancements to the world beyond. JNF is greening the desert with millions of trees, building thousands of parks, creating new communities and cities for generations of Israelis to call home, bolstering Israel’s water supply, helping develop innovative arid-agriculture techniques, and educating both young and old about the founding and importance of Israel and Zionism. JNF is a registered 501(c)(3) organization and United Nations NGO, which continuously earns top ratings from charity overseers. For more information on JNF, call 888.JNF.0099 or visit



Jewish National Fund


For six years I was honored to serve as JNF’s National Campaign Chair. I visited many cities, met thousands of wonderful people, gave many speeches, brought many people to Israel to show our JNF “miracles,” and solicited millions of dollars. It was exciting and I always felt I was contributing to the Zionist dream. And yet, I began to notice a problem: most of the donors had graying hair. Where were the young people? I remembered my youth—going to Hebrew school, the excitement of my bar mitzvah, my membership in a Jewish teenage club, going to a Jewish summer camp, and my involvement in Young Judaea, a Zionist youth movement. It all gave me a strong sense of being part of a “peoplehood.” It seemed that many of our Jewish youth were becoming disaffiliated with the Jewish people and Israel. They were not being inspired by the miracle of the return to our centuries-old Jewish home. So I asked myself, “Why is the bar/bat mitzvah often the end of the Jewish trail?” My life experience as a Jewish youth leader had taught me some answers. Formal Jewish education has generally been geared toward preparing our kids for the bar/bat mitzvah, but not for living an active, purposeful Jewish life. Most of our religious training does not emphasize tikkun olam (repairing the world), protecting the environment, strengthening the peoplehood of Judaism, or actively participating in the restoration of the Jewish people in our ancient homeland. These are all goals which can build a sense of great pride in being Jewish and offer many opportunities for a young person to express positive Jewish values and deeds. JNF’s Israel Advocacy & Education Department is structured to provide valuable tools to the Jewish community to enable the expression of these goals. I was inspired to take on the challenge of Vice President, Education. This B’yachad is filled with articles about our many programs, educational activities, fundraising opportunities for Israel trips such as Plant Your Way to IsraelTM, the Alexander Muss High School in Israel, Taglit-Birthright Israel, Positively Israel educational aids, Caravan for Democracy, Alternative Winter/Spring Break, Faculty Fellowship missions, and so much more that JNF offers the community. There is something for every age. We do even more than what’s presented in these pages. We inspire our youth to perform mitzvot like raising funds for the Sderot Indoor Recreation Center and other JNF projects. We co-sponsor the Israeli Dance Institute which runs Israel Folk Dance Festivals, where young people express their Jewish and Zionist feelings through enthusiastic song and dance. There is so much more that is needed to be done. JNF conducts multifaceted programs aimed at all age levels of young people. Our goal is to get kids (and their parents) involved in Jewish life, in loving and visiting the land of Israel, in tikkun olam and in protecting the environment. Through these efforts we are creating opportunities for young people to be proud, productive, and purposeful Jews who will serve as future leaders of the Jewish people. As you read through this issue, think about how you might get involved and help bring these messages to your kids, your synagogue or temple, your children’s school, and your community. If you would like to help promote these activities, contact the Israel Advocacy & Education Department at and get involved. The goals are worthy, the need is great, and your personal contribution will help ensure our people’s positive future. Today, I can see many people without gray hair. They are inspired youth who want to be part of this journey of realizing JNF’s vision for Israel.

JNF Program Areas Community Building “When you shall come to the land you shall plant trees.” – Leviticus 19:23

Jewish National Fund

A tree has been planted in Israel

Show them you care...


JNF enhances quality of life in Israel by building new communities and bolstering existing ones, in peripheral areas. With 90% of Israel’s population concentrated in less than 40% of the country, the northern and southern regions are largely uninhabited. JNF plays a major role in helping to develop new communities in these areas, giving families an alternative to Israel’s crowded and expensive center, and rejuvenating established towns with opportunities to combat unemployment and stagnant population growth.

Green Innovations As an innovator in ecological development and a pioneer in forest creation, JNF has planted more than 240 million trees in Israel, providing luscious belts of green covering more than 250,000 acres. JNF’s parks and forests are enjoyed by millions of people each weekend and holiday. Through agricultural infrastructure development, research, and soil conservation, JNF has been able to create and extend the presence of fertile land where there was once endless desert.

Water Renewal

Plant a Tree in Memory of a Loved One Take part in a JNF time-honored tradition and plant a tree in Israel as a living tribute of your loved one.

800.542.TREE(8733) • JNF.ORG/PLANTNOW

Take Advantage of Tax-Free IRA Gifts

JNF has been at the forefront of water management and conservation in Israel for two decades, increasing the country’s total water supply by 12% and helping Israel become a world leader in water recycling. JNF’s network of over 250 recycled water reservoirs provide almost half of the water used for agriculture, saving enough freshwater to meet the needs of 4.4 million people a year.

Research & Development JNF has sponsored research initiatives in Israel as part of its efforts to cultivate the land. Today, JNF is a world leader in both technological and environmental innovation. Working with distinguished academic and scientific institutions in Israel and abroad, JNF has supported innovative solutions in the areas of solar power, water sustainability, and agricultural development.

Education & Advocacy The American Taxpayer Relief Act extended the extraordinary opportunity to make tax-free rollover gifts from IRAs to charity through December 31, 2013. An owner of an IRA who is at least 70.5 years of age may instruct the trustee to distribute directly to JNF up to $100,000 without counting the distribution as taxable income. Also, the distribution will count towards the IRA owner’s required minimum distribution. To make sure that your gift will qualify or for more details, please call a JNF Planned Giving Specialist at 800.562.7526 or go to

JNF is the single largest provider of Zionist engagement programs in the U.S. and offers myriad ways to connect young American Jews to Israel, from trips to Israel to B’nai Mitzvah projects and advocacy programs on college campuses. In addition, JNF supports leadership development and environmental education programs for Israeli youth.

Heritage Sites Israel is well-known for its ancient historical sites, but remnants of its rich modern history can also be found in every corner of the country. JNF is committed to the preservation of historical sites associated with Israel’s rebirth and to ensuring that the stories behind them are properly documented and retold for generations to come. Heritage site development enables JNF to share the past, the important events, places, struggles and the fight for Israel’s independence.

Inclusion & Therapeutic Services JNF is dedicated to ensuring that no member of Israeli society is left behind. Through a variety of initiatives, JNF provides cutting-edge rehabilitative services, special education, and medical care for people with special needs and makes its forests, parks, picnic areas, playgrounds, nature trails, and recreation facilities “inclusive” to visitors of all ability levels.

Project Spotlight: Sderot Recreational Center When a siren warns of an

Marc Kelman, vp, Campaign

Children playing at the Sderot Indoor Recreation Center.

For more information about the Sderot Indoor Recreation Center and to donate, visit

Campaign All-Star: Bud Levin Bud Levin has been an INCREDIBLE asset to JNF since joining the volunteer ranks 15 years ago. He serves as Los Angeles Board President and is the past National Vice President of Marketing. In his newest role as National Vice President of Negev and Galil, Bud is leading the charge of JNF’s Go North campaign to develop Israel’s northern region. For this reason, he is our B’yachad Campaign All-Star. “The LA Board is stronger for having Bud as part of our JNF family,” said Allison Krumholz, Greater Los Angeles Executive Director. “Bud brings experience and leadership to our LA Board. He brings a unique perspective on giving and donor cultivation, is ready to pitch in whenever Bud Levin needed, and shares the JNF story from his very original and personal vantage point.” Deeply involved in the world of Jewish fundraising from both the lay and professional perspective, Bud has helped secure honorees for local JNF galas and has been responsible for closing many major gifts. “Bud leads by example and brings a lifetime of dedicated fundraising for the Jewish people and Israel,” said David Frank, National Vice President of Planned Giving. “LA was lucky when Bud moved his family from St. Louis. His dedication to Israel is evident in his numerous trips each year to visit JNF’s projects and reporting back to the LA Board and donors.” Bud began his career as a lay leader in St. Louis 40 years ago, with the St. Louis Jewish Federation

and United Jewish Appeal. CEO of Midwest Petroleum Company for 30 years, he left private business in 1992 to head UJA’s $100,000 division, then served as Chief Development Officer for the Michael Steinhardt Foundation. He and his wife Judy established J&B Levin Fundraising consulting firm in 1997, from which he retired in 2002 and returned to the petroleum business. A member of JNF’s Negev Society and World Chairman’s Council, Bud and Judy are committed to JNF’s vision for Israel. For their youngest son Max’s bar mitzvah project, they helped establish the JNF B’nai Mitzvah Remembrance Wall, which links b’nai mitzvah children to a child who perished in the Holocaust. To date, the wall has over 130 tiles (see page 17). Max now serves in the Israeli Army and just joined the paratroopers division. “Bud’s success as LA President is due to his willingness to do anything and everything for JNF,” said LA Board Vice President Mark Egerman. “His decades of leadership and deep knowledge of the organization make him a visionary who has inspired JNF to achieve even greater goals.” “For all the years I’ve known Bud, I’ve never met anybody with the intellectual depth, passionate soul, and communication excellence that Bud has,” said JNF CEO Russell F. Robinson. “I know that everybody feels the same, has felt his impact, and has found Bud to be a pleasure to be around.” Congratulations to Bud Levin! n


mobilized immediately to keep the facility open 24 hours a day and provide sleeping accommodations. “The playground is a lifeline for us,” said Sderot Mayor David Bouskila. “It has changed the way this city behaves and feels. It’s the best thing that’s happened to us.” Your continued support will: • Make the center available for special events, parties, conferences, field trips, and camp outings • Provide complimentary therapy services to kids and adults • Stock the center with new toys, games, and sports equipment • Offer programs and services to seniors • Extend the center’s hours during times of conflict • Support important building improvements n

We as Jews are a very diverse group of individuals. Our political views, personal interests and religious affiliations span the continuum of possibilities. Yet, the one thing that we all agree on is the desire for our children to identify as Jews. From the moment they are born, we spend time, energy, and money on Jewish education. We worry about the right religious or day school, synagogue, and friends. We are concerned with the b’nai mitzvot and our children’s desire to continue in Jewish studies in high school and college. Most of us spend countless hours trying to encourage or insist they date other Jews. We send or take them to Israel, teach them about the Holocaust, and look for colleges with large Jewish populations. It is fair to say, we are generally obsessed with this endeavor. As our children reach adulthood, our concern does not waver, yet we have little, if any, control. JNF has given us a much better option. What could be a better way to strengthen Jewish identity than spending spring break with other Jewish college students working on meaningful projects in Israel? The Alternative Spring Break program allows Jewish college students to see Israel from a more hands-on point of view than just being tourists. They participate in JNF projects such as clearing forests or painting and refurbishing youth centers, learning firsthand what JNF does in Israel. We connect them to the land and give them the opportunity to feel a sense of ownership and pride in our homeland. JNF and Shorashim also takes Jews from age 18 to 26 who have never been on an organized trip to Israel before on the Taglit-Birthright Israel Program. They get to see and experience Israel for the first time along with their Jewish peers. Through this program, they learn about Israel and its importance not only to Jews, but also as a force in the Middle East. Of great concern today is the dissemination of anti-Semitic and anti-Israel information on college campuses. Caravan for Democracy is the JNF response to this propaganda. It teaches Jewish college students to become advocates for Israel, making them politically savvy and able to correctly respond to the rhetoric and false statements used to indoctrinate others. While we continue to concern ourselves with the education of our children throughout their lives, it helps to know that JNF has done more than just worry about it. They have created programs to provide creative, energizing, and emotionally connected experiences. Rest assured that your dollars not only make a tremendous impact on the lives of Israelis, but also on our lives, our children’s lives, our grandchildren’s lives, and generations to come.

Jewish National Fund

incoming rocket in Sderot—located less than one mile from Gaza—residents have just 15 seconds to seek cover. Life is often at a standstill, especially for the children forced to stay indoors. In 2009, JNF built a 21,000-square-foot secure indoor playground in Sderot, providing kids with a safe place to hang out, and giving parents peace of mind. The $5 million center, with play areas that double as bomb shelters, was constructed in an old textile warehouse and retrofitted with 300 tons of steel. Visited daily by hundreds of children, the center features attractions for all ages, including a soccer field, movie theater, rock climbing wall, jumping castle, arcade, snack area, and computer center. It hosts special events like magic shows and is available for parties, field trips, and summer camps. The center is used for community events, as a meeting place for social service groups, and offers therapy services to children suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. During periods of conflict, the center is a safe haven for children and adults alike. In November 2012, when attacks from Gaza began to intensify and Israel launched Operation Pillar of Defense, JNF

campaign update

Jewish National Fund

Across the country For info on upcoming JNF events, visit and click on “JNF in Your Area”   New England JNF ACROSS THE COUNTRY





  Los Angeles













New england


Los Angeles


(L-R) Past Arava Institute and Hazon Israel Ride participant Bruce Stanger, New England Senior Campaign Executive Deborah Budd, and Robert Zelinger at a JNF planning meeting for the Greater Hartford community in Northern Connecticut.

1 (L-R) Roni and Alan Wolk at the 10th Annual Jack Hirsch Memorial Breakfast in

1 (L-R) Dr. Norman Juster, Marian Juster, Shirley Hellman, and Larry Kaufman


(L-R) New England Executive Board member Isaac Edry; featured speaker Israeli Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Yaari; and Team JNF’s Arava Institute and Hazon Israel Ride Chair and New England Board member David Eisenberg at a New England Board meeting.




(L-R) Lawyers for Israel (LFI) member Kenneth Margolin; regional LFI Chair and New England Board President Larry Cohen; New England Executive Board member Steve London; New England Board member and regional LFI sponsor Marc Zwetchkenbaum of Mark Z Legal Staffing; and LFI National Co-Chair, Boston President Emeritus, and New England Executive Board member Bob Cohan at a regional LFI planning meeting.

Atlanta, GA.

enjoyed a JNF Tu Bishvat brunch at Mickey Fine Pharmacy & Grill in Beverly Hills.

2 (L-R) JNF CEO Russell F. Robinson, Lisa Lubel, and Alan Lubel at the Lubels’ home 2 (L-R) Dr. Charles Pollick, Michelle Grant, David Lehrer, and Mark Mower at a during a parlor meeting.

3 (L-R) Dr. David Frolich; Marty Koplin; Richard Klein (Jewish Federation of North

meeting at the home of Mark and Kathleen Mower.

3 (L-R) Alyse Golden Berkley, Stuart Berkley, Marilyn and Allen Golden, Linda America); Dr. Richard Eisner; JNF Israel Emissary Ronnie Porat; Lauren Mescon, Forman, Francine Golden, Marvin Schlossman, and Natalie Berkley at the JNF National Chair Central Arava Committee; and Diana Fiedotin (American Jewish Tu Bishvat Family Brunch hosted by Gina Raphael and Jeffrey Gross at Mickey Fine Joint Distribution Committee) at the Israel Independence Day event in Macon, Georgia. Pharmacy & Grill in Beverly Hills.

4 (L-R) A representative from the Southwest Israeli Consul office, Deputy Consul General Maya Kadosh, basketball legend Tal Brody, Syd Barron, Seth Malin, Stephanie Kleiner, Hope Schultz, and Southwest Regional Director Julie Malin at a lunch benefiting Israel.

(L-R) National Campaign Director Sharon Freedman with New England Board members Richard Noone and Tom Davidow, who was the featured speaker at a New England Board meeting.

5 (L-R) Lori Karp, Southwest Regional Director Julie Malin, JNF Emissary Ron

(L-R) New England Board member Mark Furman, film producer Avi Goldwasser, and New England Board member Jonathan Plaut at an exclusive viewing of The Forgotten Refugees.

6 (L-R) JNF Chief Development Officer Rick Krosnick, Rabbi Kenneth Roseman, and

Bernstein, basketball legend Tal Brody, Donny Nelson, Dallas Mavericks talent scout, and Jon Karp promoting Israel at an event with the Dallas Mavericks.

JNF Emissary Ron Bernstein at a parlor meeting in Corpus Christi, Texas.














7 13












Florida 1. (L-R) Rabbi Leon Rosenblum, Sarah Prager, Miami-Dade Board President Ron Kriss, and Marilyn Gerber at the Jewish Community of Coconut Creek Breakfast in honor of Sarah Prager. 2. (L-R) Marni Kriss and Miami-Dade Board President Ron Kriss with Avinoam and Liora Binder at a parlor meeting held by Ron and Marni at their home in Miami. 3. (L-R) Amir Baron, Eugene Lebovitz, Raanan Gissin, Miami-Dade Board President Ron Kriss, and Hillel Neu at the Miami-Dade power lunch at Aventura Turnberry Jewish Center. 4. JNF supporters at the Naples Tree of Life™ Award dinner at Quail West Golf and Country Club. (L–R seated) Tammy Samuel, Betty Rubinstein, Dr. Mark Rubin, Director, Northern Florida Uri Smajovits, and Dr. David Greene; (L–R standing) Darren Samuel, Dr. James Rubinstein, Dr. Myles Alpert, Dr. Rebecca Kosloff, and Tyler Korn. 5. Previous Jacksonville Tree of Life™ honoree Leslie Held at a planning meeting for the Tree of Life™ Award dinner. 6. JNF supporters at the Sarasota Guardian of Israel luncheon at Michael’s on East. (L–R seated) Guardian of Israel Award honorees Ilene Friedman and Bea Friedman, and Liliana Cruz; (L–R standing) Guardian of Israel Award honorees Jeaneen Wirries, Greg Gregory, Maria Wirries, Brian Gregory, Sharon Gregory, Susan Bennett and Sandra Orlando. 7. Previous Tree of Life™ Award honorees Nancy and Hank Greenberg at the Naples Tree of Life™ Award dinner.

8 Naples Tree of Life™ Award honoree Myra Janco Daniels accepted her award from

famed TV personality “Judge Judy” Sheindlin.

9 (L-R) Director, Northern Florida Uri Smajovits, Sarasota Guardian of Israel

luncheon committee chair Helen Glaser, event committee members Edie and David Chaifetz, and Glen Schwartz, Executive Director, Florida, at the Sarasota Guardian of Israel Award luncheon at Michael’s on East.

10 (L-R) Event committee members Liz Alpert with Judy and Jerry Levinson at Sarasota’s Guardian of Israel Award luncheon.

11 (L-R) Tampa Bay Board member Dr. Sara Mandell and Campaign Executive Beth Morris at a Women for Israel event in Tampa Bay.

12 (L-R) Andrew Myer, Tampa Bay Board member Ida Raye Chernin, and Women’s


24 16 (L-R) Murray Simpson, Sandy Best, Francine Wiener, and Adrienne Kaltman at

the Winter Connection brunch at Boca West Country Club in South Palm Beach.

17. (L-R) Etty and Daniel Setton with KKL Shaliach Avinoam Binder and Leora Binder at Wine Watch in Broward.

18. (L-R) Yarden Wines representative Jose Vinas, Santiago Klein, Broward Board member Lance Ross, and Amy Ross at Wine Watch in Broward.

19 (L-R) Major General (Res.) Doron Almog with host committee members Nancy

and Gary Beren at a reception held at BallenIsles Country Club in Palm Beach Gardens.

for Israel JNF-LOTEM liaison Alisa Bodner at Tampa Bay’s Meet and Greet event, where Alisa was the speaker.

20. (L-R) Major General (Res.) Doron Almog and Donald Klein at a reception held at

13 (L-R) Glen Schwartz, Executive Director, Florida; Susan Waksman; Maria

21. (L-R) Hostess Cantor Elaine Shapiro hosted a major donor thank you event at

Waksman; Tampa Bay Co-President Betsy Marcadis; and Albert Waksman at a LOTEM parlor meeting in Tampa.


JNFuture members gather at the home of National Vice President of Regions Bruce Gould for an event with JNF Halutza liaison Yedidya Harush. (L-R) Sam Kauffman, Justin Presser, Lee Ossin, Hailey Forrest, JNF Halutza liason Yedidya Harush, Sabrina Kalish, Moshe Benzaquen, and Noah Miller.

15 Orlando Women for Israel committee at a planning meeting for upcoming

events. (L-R seated) Terri Susan Fine, Es Cohen, Cathy Swerdlow, and Orlando Campaign Consultant Lois Tannenbaum; (L-R standing) Fabianne Kaplan, Noreen Levitt, Laura Abramson, Linda Kaufman, and Orlando Board member Debbie Meitin.

BallenIsles Country Club in Palm Beach Gardens.

her Boca Raton home with guest speaker Micah Halpern.

22 (L-R) South Palm Beach Board members Martin Stein and Scott Brenner, Major

General (Res.) Doron Almog, South Palm Beach Board President Michael Lazar, and South Palm Beach Board members Dan Mielnicki and Howard DuBosar at a JNF power breakfast.

23. (L-R) Larry and Deborah Silver with event hosts Hayya and Eric Nathanson at a

parlor meeting in Boca Raton, held at the Nathanson’s home in Long Lake Estates.

24. (L-R) Randy Markowitz, Sandra Sokolof, South Palm Beach Board member

Stephen Soble, Susan Brown, and Eric Holtzer at the Winter Connection breakfast at Boca West Country Club in Boca Raton.














8 12



14 Western 1. (L-R) Co-chairs Tammy Ofek and Annmarie Feiler at the Las Vegas Smokin’ Lox & Bagels event at Battlefield Vegas. (Photo courtesy of Marc Frye Photography.)

7. Arizona Board of Directors member Skeeter Marcus received the Leo Kelman

Outstanding Board Member of the Year Award.

8. (L-R) Diane Cohen and Women for Israel National Board member Evelyn 2. (L-R) David McKean, Leo Bletnitsky, Paul Schiffmann, and Sari Mann at the Binsky at the JNF booth at an Israel Independence Day celebration.

Las Vegas Annual breakfast at the Adelson Educational Campus.

3. (L-R) Sheldon Bernstein, Dr. Larry Copeland, Rabbi Hershel Brooks, and

David Sonnenstein at the Las Vegas Annual breakfast at the Adelson Educational Campus.

4. (L-R) Ellen Kelman, Dan Fishman, and Mountain States Advisory Board

9. (L-R) National Campaign Director Diane Scar addressed a JNF Winter Resident Reception at the home of Palm Springs & Desert Region Board member Carol Horwich Luber.

10.(L-R) Palm Springs & Desert Region Board members Miriam ‘Mimi’ Paley

member Vicky Kelman at the National Board of Directors meeting in Denver.

5. (L-R) JNF CEO Russell F. Robinson, National Campaign Chair Marc Kelman, JNF National President-elect Jeff Levine, and JNFuture Colorado Co-Chair Carla Kutnick at the National Board of Directors meeting in Denver. 6. (L-R) Sandy Belfer and Arizona Board of Directors member Harvey Belfer at the Arizona Tu Bishvat Festival.

11. (L-R) Israeli Idol winner Hagit Yaso visited with Sabina Fromm and Renee Feinswog at JNF San Diego’s Tribute to Southern Israel concert.

12. (L-R) Denise Danzig, Israeli Idol winner Hagit Yaso, Rebecca Danzig and Micha Danzig at JNF San Diego’s Tribute to Southern Israel concert.

13. Northern California Board President Marlene Maier and Northern California Board member David Findley at a recent board meeting. 14. (L-R) San Diego Board members Jeff Kaufman, Linda Church, David

Bramzon, Lauren Lizerbram, Israeli Idol winner Hagit Yaso, Myra Chack Fleischer, and San Diego Campaign Executive Ezra Erle at JNF San Diego’s Tribute to Southern Israel concert.

and Elaine ‘Chickie’ Steinberger chaired the sold-out Wine, Cheese and a Movie event.

15. The entire Northern California Board of Directors listened to Israeli Consul

General to the Pacific Northwest Dr. Andy David at a recent board meeting.










4 3













mid-Atlantic 1. (L-R) Gary and Gail Kushner were recognized for their support of the Be’er Sheva River Park while visiting Be’er Sheva during the Culinary, Wine, and Arts Mission.

2. (L-R) Sapphire Society members Joan Goodman and Rita Stein visited the Sapphire Society garden in Aleh Negev as part of JNF’s Birdwatching Mission.

3. (L-R) Mitch Berliner and Debra Moser enjoyed time together on the Culinary, Wine, and Arts Mission to Israel.

4. (L-R) Delaware Layers for Israel (LFI) member Bob Pincus, guest speaker Gil Tamary,

midwest 7. (L-R) Event Chair Orly Shalem and Shelly Mali enjoyed a major donor

dinner reception before the Sderot Benefit concert at Chizuk Amuno Congregation.

8. (L-R) Multi-generational JNF family members Naomi Amsterdam, Kari Davis, Dr. Larry Amsterdam, and Selma Woolf enjoyed time together at a major donor dinner in Baltimore.

9. (L-R) Maryland President Frank Spector and newly installed board members Dr. Jim Chisum, Naomi Amsterdam, Dr. Larry Amsterdam, Kate Shelter, Cary Besmanoff, and Ellen Rosenberg at the Maryland Board Installation.

and LFI members Joel Friedlander, Fred Rosner, LFI co-chair Ross Silberglied, and LFI 10.(L-R) Rabbi Jonathan Brown and Selma Woolf at a regional major donor thank you member Martin Lessner at a LFI event in Delaware. event in Baltimore.

5. (L-R) Delaware LFI members Martin Lessner, Fred Rosner, Joel Friedlander, and Don Goldberg at a LFI meeting.

6. (L-R) David Margules presented Dr. Stacey Berner with a recognition plaque in honor of his efforts raising funds for the Central Arava Medical Center.


11.(L-R) Ira Bartfield, Israeli Idol winner Hagit Yaso, and Kathy Bartfield at the Sderot Center Benefit Concert.

12.(L-R) Gail Kushner, National Campaign Director Diane Scar, and Jeff Menick enjoyed learning all about the herbs and spices at Mitzpe Hayamim on the Culinary, Wine and Arts mission.

1. Chicago Board President Scott Gendell, Israeli basketball legend Tal Brody

and NBA and University of Illinois alum Kenny Battle kicked off the Chicago Community Basketball Clinic.

2. Chicago Board member Peleg Halpern and his children posed with Israeli Basketball legend Tal Brody at JNF’s Community Basketball Clinic.

3. Southern Ohio and Kentucky Executive Board member and classroom teacher

David Gershuny presented a JNF tree certificate and a JNF Sderot Tulip to two class members of Kitah Zayin for their contributions towards JNF for their bar mitzvahs. Al Miller talked about his experience in Holocaust Germany in the 1930s. (L-R standing) Hannah R., David Gershuny, Joel B., Hanna L., Jacob A., Al Miller, Renee B., and Winnie P; (L-R kneeling) Matthew S., Jadon C., and Zack B.

4. (L-R) Southern Ohio and Kentucky Executive Board member David Gershuny,

David and Lisa Eisenstein, and Southern Ohio and Kentucky Executive Board member Patti Schneider enjoyed an evening of wine tasting from the Gush Etzion Region.

5. Cedar Village residents gathered at a JNF luncheon about the Gush Etzion

region in Cincinnati. (L-R standing) Alice Zipkin, Bess Paper, Nikki Eschen, Rose Dale, Southern Ohio and Kentucky Director Melissa Ann Fabian, M.A., Helen Werner, JNF Past President and event host Florence Lieberman, and guest speaker Shani Simkowitz, Director of the Gush Etzion Foundation; (L-R seated) Ruth Kerbel and Faye Horwitz.

6. (L-R) Hope Nasonchuk and Northern Ohio Board member Marcy Robbins enjoyed planting saplings at the Cleveland Tu BiShvat Celebration.

7. Lynne Leutenberg Yulish and the Park Synagogue Klezmer Band led a community choir performance at the Cleveland Tu BiShvat Celebration.

 Greater New York












10 4











1 (L-R) Nancy Bell and Carie Goldhill at the JNF Philadelphia Poker event.


(L-R) Aleh Negev Director of Development Yossi Kahana, Ruth Raiseld, Didi Almog, Chairman of Aleh Negev-Nahalat Eran Major General (Res.) Doron Almog, Shoshana Bederman, and Greater New York Executive Director Michael Feinman at the Westchester Community breakfast benefitting Aleh Negev.


(L-R) David Shasha, Caroline Shasha, Ellen Ascendorf-Shasha, and JNF Halutza liaison Yedidya Harush picked carrots in Halutza while in Israel.

2 (L-R) JNF Philadelphia Poker tournament Co-Chairs Robert Zuritsky and Gregg Wallace proudly displayed their Blue Boxes.

3 (L-R) Richard Cohen, Gregg Wallace, and David Dinenberg enjoyed the JNF Philadelphia Poker event.

4 (L-R) Breakfast Captains Stan Segal, Mitch Gerson, Renee Fields, and Edgar House 3 at the Bucks County breakfast.

5 (L-R) Rabbi Joshua Gruenberg from Beth El Yardley and Rabbi Howard Cove from Kol Emet Yardley at the Bucks County breakfast.


6 (L-R) Randi Denmark, Hope Weinstein, Sherri Middleberg, and Helene Blumenfeld at a Women for Israel event featuring Tali Tzour in Cherry Hill, NJ.

7 (L-R) Risa Wittman, Sherri Breslow, and Betsy Fischer at a Women for Israel event in Cherry Hill, NJ.

(L-R) Greater New York Campaign Executive Danielle Obrart, Chairman of Aleh Negev-Nahalat Eran Major General (Res.) Doron Almog, and JNFuture Chair Adam Belfer. (L-R) Past President of the Greater New York Board and JNF National Presidentelect Jeff Levine; Greater New York Board President and Vice Chair of JNF Parsons Water Fund Laureine Greenbaum; Israel Consul General of Israel in New York Ambassador Ido Aharoni; Past President of Orange County, CA and Vice President of Government Relations Joe Hess; and JNF Vice President of Israel Action, Makor member and featured speaker Chuck Fax at the Greater New York Positively Israel celebration.


(L-R) ASB alumni Katie Rein and Michael Zelwin with Greater New York Campaign Executive Danielle Obrart at the JNFuture Tu BiShvat Wine Tasting and Celebration.


(L-R) Development Officer of Israel Operations Ariel Kotler, Jonathan Chetrit, Jerusalem firefighter Shalom Zarur, Joe Chetrit, and Jerusalem firefighter Yakov Dahan in front of the new fire truck for Jerusalem donated by the Chetrit family.


(L-R) Aleh Negev Director of Development Yossi Kahana, Bradley Segal, JNF CEO Russell F. Robinson, Guardian of Israel Award recipient and Chairman of Aleh Negev-Nahalat Eran Major General (Res.) Doron Almog, and Greater New York Executive Director Michael Feinman at the New York City Tree of LifeTM Award dinner.



(L-R) Shachar Avraham, Northern New Jersey Director Jocelyn Inglis, Lauren Blachorsky, Dalya Arussy, and Cody Gecht on Alternative Winter Break in Israel.


(L-R) Sidney Banon, Jennifer Gross, Finance for Israel Board member Saul Burian, and JNF CEO Russell F. Robinson at the inaugural Finance for Israel Society event.

10 (L-R) Zvi Lantsberg, JNF CFO Mitchel Rosenzweig, New York Board member Asaf

Palgi, New York Board member Daniel Kamensky, and Andy Schwartz at the New York City Tree of LifeTM Award dinner.


(L-R) Morissa Falk-Freedman, New York Board member Andy Ashwal, Rebecca Gottlieb, Michael Bretholz, Elie Jacobs, New York Board member Ben Jablonski and Greater New York Executive Director Michael Feinman at the Annual Greater New York JNFuture Root Society dinner.


(L-R) David Segal, Debra Segal, and Development Officer of Israel Operations Ariel Kotler in Israel at the dedication of a new fire truck for Beit Shemesh donated by the Segal family.

JNF’s donor societies are reserved for a select group of people who have demonstrated an enduring commitment to Israel and JNF. Society members receive exclusive privileges and services.

OCT 29 - NOV 5, 2013 Join us today and help build a prosperous future for the land of Israel and its people. Contact Yael Septee Kane at or 212.879.9305 x220 for more information.


To join the President’s Society Mission on October 6-10, 2013, contact Glen Schwartz at or 561.447.9733 x880. To join the Negev Society Mission on March 23-27, 2014, contact Yael Septee Kane at or 212.879.9305 x220.

Ride for Yourself. Ride for Israel. Ride for Peace.

Create a LASTING Legacy • • • • • • •

charitable gift annuities charitable remainder trusts charitable lead trusts life insurance endowments donor advised funds bequests Membership benefits include: • Name recognition in the Book of Life, on permanent display at JNF headquarters in NY • A custom-designed Gould Legacy Society pin • Invitations to special events and lectures • A limited edition JNF Blue Box designed by Tiffany & Co. (for legacy gifts of $50,000 and above) • Recognition in Israel

To learn more contact one of our Planned Giving Specialists at 800.562.7526 or



A 175–350 mile, week-long adventure: Includes five riding days and a communal Shabbat, with comfortable accommodations, all meals, luggage transport, and full cycling support.

3 Rides in 1: • A challenging course for expert cyclists • A moderate ride for experienced bikers • A touring route for recreational riders

Join Team JNF! for details 212 644 2332 x314


New Housing Development Fund Created to Move Population to the Negev






residential building skillset from his father. The president of JS Homes in Delaware notes that “the building my father was most proud of was a synagogue. When I read about the need to develop housing in Negev,” he said, “I thought, ‘if I can apply my skillset to building Israel, what could be better than that?’” Now Jeffrey has his chance as chairman of JNF’s Housing Development Fund, created to facilitate the movement of population to the Negev—an imperative for Israel’s secure and lasting future—by providing targeted funding for physical infrastructure. Jeffrey and his wife Susan traveled to Israel this past winter with JNF’s Chief Development Officer Rick Krosnick, and two other couples—Nancy Astor Fox and Robb Fox, and Joseph Wolfson and Ellen Holtzman—to meet with representatives from the banking, land and legal sectors and gain a well-rounded and realistic understanding of the current land and housing issues in Israel and the obstacles, challenges and factors that affect new housing development in Israel.

The Negev offers quality of life, undisputed territory, agricultural opportunities, and wonderful eco-tourism. It fulfills and embodies the Zionist dream, the pioneering spirit that built Israel and remains alive in the 21st Century. For these reasons, Jewish National Fund launched Blueprint Negev, an initiative to develop the Negev Desert in a sustainable manner and make it home to the next generation of Israel’s residents. It is also why the Israeli government, through a strategic plan and the allocation of over 17 billion shekels (USD $4.75 billion)

The Negev offers quality of life,

undisputed territory, agricultural opportunities, and wonderful eco-tourism.

(L-R) Joseph Wolfson, Robb Fox, Nancy Astor Fox, Susan Schwartz, Roni Flamer, Jeffrey Schwartz, and Ellen Holtzman.

“What we learned was that one of the biggest political issues facing Israel is not an international one but a domestic one,” said Robb, an attorney in Philadelphia. “At 65 years of age, Israel is facing the economic challenges all mature societies face. The center of the country—the triangle between Haifa, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem—is overcrowded and expensive. Talented, educated, and committed people must be offered quality of life opportunities if Israel is to retain them. The ability to provide more affordable housing, with access to good schools, jobs and community, is central to that goal.”


in the next 10 years, has endorsed development in the Negev. Populating what constitutes 60% of Israel’s land mass, but which currently houses only 8% of the country’s residents, will create an economic release valve, return us to our Zionist roots, have permanent ripple effects, and keep people living in Israel. So what’s the holdup? Many people who express interest in relocating to the Negev become discouraged by the lack of housing options. Unlike in the U.S., there is no private residential development; all development is controlled by the municipalities. Physical infrastructure (water, roads, sewer, electric) costs approximately $75,000 per lot to develop. Only after all the lots in a development are purchased and financed can that physical infrastructure be developed because the municipalities do not have the funds to do so independently. This can cause major delays in housing construction starts—from two to five years— after a family has decided to make the move and made an initial down payment. This is too long. As a result, thousands of housing lots in the Negev are sitting, waiting and languishing, and their potential homeowners moving elsewhere—even outside of the country. Enter Jewish National Fund’s Housing Development Fund which will invest in Negev infrastructure with a multitude of instruments to include: •Providing direct loans to particular development projects in the Negev to be used for building physical infrastructure. The loans will be paid back to the Fund

as each home lot is built. In this way the Fund will be a philanthropic revolving fund. •Acting as guarantor for the municipal loans to build the necessary infrastructure. This allows the Fund to leverage more than one project at a time. “Given our non-governmental status and our track record in the Negev, Jewish National Fund is the only organization that can make this happen,” said Joseph. “We have an opportunity to move the housing crisis into a revolution for movement to the Negev, to build something from the ground up and make a real, tangible difference through the development of the JNF Housing Development Fund. We can and will go where no one else will. It’s incredibly exciting.” “The trip we took, my first with JNF,” said Nancy, “was magical for me. I grew up on the stories of my grandfather, Samuel Astor, who fought in the Negev in 1918 as a member of the Jewish Brigade of the British Army’s Royal Fusiliers. He fought to build the Jewish homeland. This project— building the Negev—it’s my grandfather’s story 95 years later. It’s a way for me and Robb and our family to be part of the very same pioneering spirit I was raised on. It’s important to us that our children and grandchildren are connected to Israel. This will do that. We’re going to build something. I am making my grandfather’s dream come true. As Jeffrey said, what could be better than that?” n To learn more and/or become involved, please contact Rick Krosnick, JNF Chief Development Officer, at or call 847.656.8880 x201.

(L-R) Robb Fox, Nancy Astor Fox, Jeffrey Schwartz, Susan Schwartz, Joseph Wolfson, and Ellen Holtzman.

2 0 1 3

Join Jewish National Fund for the conference of a lifetime! JEWISH NATIONAL FUND

2013 National Conference Denver, CO

Friday, October 25 Monday, October 28, 2013


Grand Hyatt Denver

Special rates available

for teens, college students and JNFuture members. Early bird registration rates available until July 12.

Register today at For more information, contact Hindy Komin at or

212.879.9305 x295.

MORE THAN AN INVITATION. A MITZVAH. Unique JNF invitations let you plant a tree or make a contribution toward JNF’s water development projects in Israel in honor of each guest. What a perfect way to enhance your special occasion with a mitzvah, support Israel and celebrate your special day at the same time! A portion of your purchase is tax-deductible.

“Our family and friends were delighted that trees were planted in Israel in their honor through JNF…” — Janice & Evan Kohn, parents of Bar Mitzvah boy, David, Chicago, IL

JNF.ORG/INVITATIONS or 800.542.8733

Meet JNF President-Elect Jeff Levine Jeff Levine might have known HIS



destiny was to be President of Jewish National Fund one day given that he was born on a street called “Herzl.” Coupled with the memory of the ever-present Blue Box in his parents’ Brooklyn home—JNF and Israel were a constant in the Levine’s lives—it was inevitable. Raised to get involved and make a difference, Jeff and his wife Randi are major figures in the NY philanthropic world and have been honored by many organizations. But the New York resident and Chairman of Douglaston Development, a real estate development company that focuses on the redevelopment of key New York metro areas, is involved in JNF because, “We are all Israel, all the time. There is no other agenda,” he said. “Our work is to benefit Israel on all levels.” Jeff, who becomes JNF’s National President on September 30, 2013, is not only assuming this role as the youngest president in JNF’s 111-year history, he is bringing along the next generation—all three of his children are involved with JNFuture, the gateway to JNF for young adults. Ben is President of the NY chapter, and Jessica the Event Chair; the youngest, Dara, joined them at The Summit, JNF’s conference on sustainability that was geared to GenY. Jeff has been involved with JNF for many years, first as a member of the NY Board, then as NY President, and as a member of JNF’s National Board of Directors. Randi is a member of The Sapphire Society, JNF’s major donor division for women, and several years ago the couple was honored at a New York Tree of Life™ dinner—one of the largest in JNF’s history.

The Levine family in Israel. (L-R) Ben, Jessica, Dara, Randi, and Jeff.

Jeff became actively involved with JNF when his friend and mentor Jerry Belson was being honored at a JNF dinner and asked him to chair it. He did. “After the dinner, he invited me to a breakfast at the Regency Hotel with then JNF President Ronald Lauder and the CEO, Russell Robinson,” said Jeff. “In the room were Henry Kissinger, the Tisch brothers, and the late UN Ambassador Jeane Kirkpatrick. And then there was me. Ronald, Russell and I got to talking and they said, ‘JNF needs you.’ Well, how can you say no to that? So I got more involved.” The involvement has now become a Levine family mantra. The Levines have taken many trips to Israel

together and each member has found their passion within the organization. “We always heard our dad talking about Jewish National Fund,” said Jessica. “We all feel a strong connection to Israel and to the widespread scope of JNF’s work. We appreciate that you can see the positive impact and tangible effects on the day-to-day lives of all Israelis.” “With all the organizations that are out there,” explained Randi, “JNF is so unique in many ways. But there are two reasons in particular that drew us in. First, the impact your dollar makes, something that you can actually see for yourself when you go. I hadn’t been to Israel until I was 43 and then I went on a JNF mission and could not believe what I saw, what was being accomplished. Second, JNF is a positive story. It’s a strong one about securing the land, about its safety and prosperity, about the quality of life of its residents—it chose us!” Given that JNF has accomplished so much already, what does Jeff want to focus on during his presidency? “Well, of course I want to help continue the vital work we are already doing,” he said, “but also to expand our objectives like working on the JNF Housing Development Fund [see page 12]. The plight of the middle class in Israel is not dissimilar to what is happening here in the U.S. and housing needs must be addressed to impact the quality of life. JNF is taking a leading role in this. “I am extremely grateful for the upbringing I had, proud of the home I have created with Randi, and thankful for my ability to give and give back. As President of Jewish National Fund I want to continue on that trajectory and for my family to do the same.” n

JNF Launches Elite Golf Tour and First-Ever Golf Mission Four years ago,

Jeremy Halpern, Ari Wise, and Ira Steinberg—the co-chairs of the Bayonne Invitational in New Jersey— decided to establish a new golf tournament in Bayonne and looked for ways to make it a special event, rather than just another golf outing. The Bayonne Invitational has become a marquee event in the tri-state area. Fashioned along the sensibilities of a tournament on the golf circuit, people travel from across the country to play in this tournament. Now you don’t need to live in the tri-state area to experience that. JNF has launched The Herzl Tour: The International Golf Tour of JNF, consisting of four highquality golf outings throughout the United States, that will culminate in a championship round in Israel at the Golf Club of Caesarea, together with JNF’s first-ever Golf Mission to Israel in October 2013. “This tour is about bringing like-minded supporters of Israel together for a day of fun,” said Halpern, “and also a day that will help establish the connection with JNF and Israel.”

(L-R) Ira Steinberg, Jeremy Halpern, and Ari Wise at Bayonne International.

The 2013 Herzl Tour will play at the Los Angeles Sherwood Country Club, Chicago’s Conway Farms, New York/New Jersey’s Bayonne Golf Club, and San Diego’s Del Mar Golf Club. Winners from the four local tournaments will fly to Israel for free, courtesy of EL AL Airlines, where they will compete for the EL AL Cup.

“Everyone wants to be a professional golfer,” said Ari. Offering perks that include caddie bibs with players’ names; real-time scoring and leaderboards; premium giveaways; personalized ad journal-style yardage books; and a bottomless bucket of golf balls—“it gives everyone the chance to feel like they’re on tour for the day,” he said. The winners of each local tournament will win entry into the Golf Mission. JNF’s Golf Mission is also open to people who didn’t participate in the Herzl Tour. The mission will be an intensive, action-packed tour of Israel designed to engage and excite everyone, first-time visitors and seasoned travelers alike. Highlights include touring wineries, visiting a Druze Village, climbing Masada, a hot air balloon ride in the Negev, and playing practice rounds of golf. “This is a very exciting opportunity to be a part of the first-ever JNF Golf Mission to Israel,” said Aaron Tucker, Golf Mission Chair and Central New Jersey Board member. “I’m thrilled to be a chairperson for the event and experience it with those dedicated to the cause. The golf tour will bring people from all over the United States to help support Israel with a blend of an athletic event in a competitive environment.” n For more information on the Herzl Tour, contact Michael Feinman at or 212.879.9305 x503 or visit

Teen Travel to Israel is the Key to Our Future By Scott Shay This decline is the result of the second intifada on the one hand, and an unintended consequence of Taglit-Birthright Israel’s policy of only offering free trips to college and post-college young adults who have never taken a previous trip to Israel on the other. How can we fix this? In the short term, JNF offers an innovative way for children to raise part of their own funds for trips through getting family and friends to plant trees in Israel. But the long term solution rests in combining teen trips. Taglit-Birthright Israel, junior year/semester abroad and Masa Israel Journey, which offers study, internship, and volunteer opportunities all over Israel, can be put together into one seamless Israel travel voucher. On each Jewish teen’s 16th birthday, he/she would receive a voucher good for $2500 toward any of the above programs or a free Birthright trip. The voucher could be used during high school or college for any approved trip and would expire on the recipient’s 25th birthday.

Currently, teenage travel to Israel has decreased and we need to change this.

and, as a result, a partial decision-maker along with his/ her parents. The second benefit, one with an even greater impact, will be that more young Jews will travel to Israel before college. This pre-college trip will help shape their college choice and better prepare them to make the case for Israel on campus. These earlier trips will also lead to decades of greater, richer, and deeper Jewish connections. An added bonus of the voucher is that earlier trips will increase the chances that recipients will make a second peer trip to Israel. The research indicates that a second trip to Israel has an even greater impact than the first, but you have to make a first trip before you can make a second! So let’s combine our North American resources into an Israel travel voucher and encourage the government of Israel to shift its policy from funding Birthright and Masa Israel Journey separately to funding them through one Israel travel voucher. Let’s learn what every successful company knows; it’s all about creating demand. Email to continue the discussion. n Scott Shay is the author of “Getting Our Groove Back: How to Energize American Jewry” (Second Edition, 2008) Devora Publishing and is Chairman of Signature Bank of New York and a Partner of Ranieri Partners LLC.

l read ssion. On these pages you wil mi F’s JN of t par al vit a is s ldren of all age Making Israel come alive to chi e and inspired by young adults to be passionat and en ldr chi e gag en we t tha ys about many of the exciting wa ael. se all so important trips to Isr tho e tak to and ce, pla r tte making Israel a be Israel, to take action towards across ools, synagogues, and campuses sch of s red nd hu to ms gra pro education JNF brings Israel advocacy and lping bring a How can you be a part of he r. yea h eac ael Isr to nts de nds of stu the country, and takes thousa lege student? Learn to one more high school or col , gue ago syn re mo one to , ool positive Israel to one more sch t , JNF/Shorashim Taglit-Birthrigh ool Sch h Hig ss Mu r de xan Ale , ai Mitzvah programs more about Blue Box Bob, B’n at to name a few. Get involved n, sio Mis cy cra mo De for an ak, and Carav Israel, Alternative Spring Bre vocacy & Education, msuskaue Ad ael Isr F JN or, ect Dir ive Execut —Mara B. Suskauer,


Author Scott Shay

The concept of the voucher has several benefits. With a voucher, programs will have to market to teens on an equal footing. A benefit of this shift will be that the teen becomes the demander, the one receiving the marketing,


practicing Judaism after their bar/bat mitzvah. Their next encounter with Judaism is either their Birthright Israel trip or their marriage ceremony (if they in-marry). How did we get to this teenage wasteland? In my view, we did it by ignoring one of the fundamental rules of economics: that everything starts with demand. Instead, we have tended to conflate supply with demand, which has led to disastrous results. Most programs for teens supply what adult Jews and funding organizations think teens want or need. A good example of our communal confusion regarding teens is Israel education versus teen travel to Israel. Many thoughtful Jews recognize that Israel is a complicated subject for teens because of the focus on the Mideast conflict in the general media. More so, a number of funders have been trying to address this by offering a variety of Israel education programs for teens. The problem with these programs is that we have no evidence that they lead to increased commitment to Israel, to the Jewish people, or a greater demand for doing Jewish. This programming is decidedly supply-side in its approach. A far superior way of confronting teenage apathy is by taking a demand-side approach and sending teens to Israel. Jewish teens want to go to Israel. There are also a large number of studies that indicate that teenage travel to Israel has a strong, significant, and sustained impact on connections with the Jewish People, Judaism, and Israel for many decades. In other words, teen trips to Israel create post-trip demand for continuing Jewish education. In response to this demand, it may be appropriate to offer Israel education or Hebrew language programming. But to offer these programs first is to put the cart before the horse. Currently, teenage travel to Israel has decreased and we need to change this. Sadly, teen travel to Israel has declined from 20,000 teens per year to around 10,000.

Most American Jewish teens stop

JNF FOR ALL AGES Blue Box BoB Pre-kindergarten to 2nd grade Volunteers dressed as Blue Box Bob visit students, connecting them to modern Israel while teaching the history of our homeland with ageappropriate educational materials. Students receive JNF blue boxes and prizes, and can sign up for the Blue Box Bob Birthday Club to receive a special gift from JNF on their birthdays.

Taglit-Birthright Israel: JNF-Shorashim Trips AgeS: 18-26

With JNF and Shorashim, young adults between 18-26 who have never been on a peer trip to Israel enjoy a free 10-day Israel trip through Taglit-Birthright Israel that explores the great outdoors of Israel, visits amazing sites, and experiences Israel with Israelis.

Tu Bishvat in the Schools

Pre-kindergarten to 2nd grade Students receive a beautiful JNF Tree Certificate to remind them of their connection to the land and people of Israel that they share with their family. Hosting a Tu Bishvat seder with JNF’s Branching Out Haggadah teaches students about the spiritual and environmental significance of the holiday.

JNF B’nai Mitzvah Program 6th to 8th grade JNF offers a variety of unique ways to celebrate a bar/bat mitzvah, including hands-on tzedakah projects; customized invitations for your simcha that enable you to honor your guests by planting trees in Israel; an inscription in the JNF Honor Book in Jerusalem; and a dedication on the B’nai Mitzvah Wall at American Independence Park in Plant Your Way to IsraelTM up To AGE 26

Students can raise money toward any trip to Israel by raising funds for forestry in Israel. Half of the donation supports JNF in Israel, and the other half can be redeemed to help pay for any trip to Israel.

Alternative Break to Israel

AgeS: 18-30 Alternative Break is a free week-long opportunity to volunteer in Israel and make a difference in the lives of Israelis, offered both in the winter and spring. Participants perform community service in Northern or Southern Israel and connect to the land and people of Israel in a meaningful way.

Tu Bishvat Across Campus UNDERGRADUATE Through Tu Bishvat Across Campus, campuses can hold a Tu Bishvat Seder with materials provided by JNF; participate by individual treeplanting or by planting a campus garden together; and raise awareness by helping to create a green environment in Israel. Positively Israel on Campus UNDERGRADUATE JNF’s Positively Israel campaign shows how Israel makes the world a better place as a global leader in renewable energy, agricultural innovation, and medical breakthroughs. JNF offers a wide variety of speakers to engage students on the positive effect Israel has on the world.

Caravan for Democracy – High School Edition 9th to 12th grade Caravan for Democracy – High School Edition provides speakers to address current issues, teach about Israel, and prepare Jewish teens to be Israel advocates on their future college campuses. The program empowers teens with concrete skills, advocacy training, and the ability to respond to anti-Israel rhetoric in an intelligent and informed manner.

Alexander Muss High School in Israel 9th to 12th grade JNF partner Alexander Muss High School in Israel is an outstanding eight-week fullyaccredited American high school program offered fives times a year.

Caravan for Democracy UNDERGRADUATE Caravan for Democracy (CFD) trains college students to become advocates for Israel and to be leaders on their campuses and in their communities. CFD promotes constructive dialogue about Israel and the Middle East by bringing Israeli politicians and diplomats, journalists, professors, and advocacy trainers to discuss the challenges Israel faces.

Injecting Tikkun Olam into Your Bar/Bat Mitzvah His bar mitzvah ceremony is still months away, but passionate sixth grader William Nilsen has already taken on a JNF project that reflects his belief in making the world a better place. In late October, JNF speaker Yedidya Harush visited William’s youth group Kadima at Summit Jewish Community Center in New Jersey to deliver a presentation about Halutza, a community of families who were evacuated from Gush Katif in 2005 and decided to rebuild their lives in the Negev, transforming the region into an agricultural wonder. “I found it so interesting that they have helped make the Negev a viable place to live in,” said William. “Those forced to leave Gush Katif could have been angry, but instead, they invested themselves further to do something positive for Israel.” Moved by the story of these uprooted families, William wanted his bar mitzvah project to pay tribute to their perseverance. On the day of his synagogue’s “Israel Day” celebration, he presented information about Gush Katif’s innovations to his peers to bring more attention to the Negev miracle, and put out Blue Boxes so synagogue members could contribute to his cause. “I am just so proud that William is investing his time and efforts to be an active force,” said his mother Faith. “It makes a mother kvell with joy.” A coming-of-age ritual, the b’nai mitzvah ceremony is a significant milestone in a Jewish person’s life. JNF offers project ideas and resources for those interested in adding a special ingredient of social action to their joyous ceremony. The B’nai Mitzvah Program also adds an element of tikkun olam at the invitation level. Five years ago, Arielle Goldberg, the daughter of Abigail Goldberg, an event planner in Los Angeles, received a bat mitzvah invitation that was a JNF tree certificate. “I saw ‘A tree has been planted in your honor,’” said Abigail, “and got really emotional. I thought it was a beautiful idea—that a tree was planted in Israel for every person invited. I immediately called up the girl’s mother to find out how to do it.” Working with Roslyn Plaut, JNF’s Simcha Program Coordinator, Abigail customdesigned a tree certificate for her daughter Arielle’s bat mitzvah. For her son Moses’ bar mitzvah this June, she is once again using a JNF invitation to plant trees in Israel. It’s a meaningful tribute that touches every invited guest, “and I love it because I keep planting trees,” she said. For another kind of lasting tribute in Israel JNF’s B’nai Mitzvah Remembrance Wall links a child’s milestone to the name of a child who perished in the Holocaust. Located in Jerusalem’s American Independence Park, the stone wall now boasts over 130 ceramic tiles, available for a $1,800 donation. Proceeds go towards developing, maintaining, and advancing JNF-KKL’s five campsites. Others incorporate an element of tikkun olam at the party. In New Jersey, seventh grader Sam Russo chose to replace the candlelighting ceremony with a tree ceremony at his celebration. “Israel does a lot for my family, so the ceremony was a way to give back,” said Sam. On the day of his celebration,

instead of lighting candles, each honoree received a tree certificate and a sticker to place on a big map of Israel. “I wanted to do this,” said Sam, “because planting a tree in Israel feels like there is a part of you there.” Working on these incredible projects, kids like William and Sam have demonstrated enormous passion. “Kids my age can change the world,” William noted, reminding us that when it comes to tikkun olam, it is not about age, but about hard work and determination. The JNF B’nai Mitzvah Program offers an avenue for Jewish teens to be positive change makers. / Visit for more information on JNF’s B’nai Mitzvah Program. Visit for more information on JNF invitations.

Sam Russo and the Israel map from his tree ceremony.

Larry Cohen (right) and his son David visit Jewish National Fund’s B’nai Mitzvah Remembrance Wall in Jerusalem.

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Planting Your Way to Israel “I asked one of my One day, Ari Beerman will be group leaders who works very excited to know that he for Masa Israel Journey can get to Israel. He will thank about scholarships and his parents for opening up an how I could get back account on JNF’s Plant Your Way to Israel. That’s how I to IsraelTM website that allows found out about Plant him to raise money towards a Your Way to IsraelTM,” trip to Israel. But Ari doesn’t know this right now because he she said. is only nine months old. Rachel reached out Ari is the youngest Plant to family and friends Your Way to IsraelTM participant through the program’s email resource. She in JNF history; his mom Audrey used her Plant Your was buying a tree for someone Way to IsraelTM money when she noticed the Plant TM Your Way to Israel program earlier this year towards a semester study on JNF’s website. program at Rothberg “My husband and I are International School at big USY Ramah people and Hebrew University in we want Ari to go to Israel Jerusalem. someday,” she said. “When Tory Lindelow, I saw it, I thought, ‘why not? 16, was planning on Might as well start now!’ going on her Sunday “We want our son to School’s trip to Israel have the same awesome this summer and saw experiences as we did. Nothing TM the Plant Your Way to would make us happier than Ari Beerman and the Plant Your Way to Israel web page. IsraelTM flyers at her him loving Israel.” TM Through Plant Your Way to Israel anyone up to age 26 can raise funds that will go temple as a great way to raise money towards the trip. Tory added a personal touch toward any trip to Israel—a family trip, youth group, semester abroad, or camp—and to her emails, asking people to donate in memory of her great-grandparents who had passed away. can be redeemed any time before the participant turns 26. It’s Tory’s first experience with JNF, and it’s been very positive. The minimum Plant Your Way to IsraelTM donation is $25. Half of the money supports “I’m really glad that JNF’s Plant Your Way to IsraelTM could help me go to Israel,” JNF’s afforestation in Israel and the other half is placed in a special account. Once a participant has raised a minimum of $360, they can redeem their Plant Your Way to she said. “I want to see the world and be with a lot of other Jewish people.” IsraelTM funds. They can raise as much money as they’d like and set a fundraising goal. Nine-month-old Ari has already raised $252 for his Plant Your Way to IsraelTM fund, TM Plant Your Way to Israel is a means for kids to get themselves to Israel and also a thanks to word of mouth and a link to the Plant Your Way to IsraelTM website on way for them to give back to Israel: they can personalize the template to let people Audrey’s Facebook page. For his first birthday in September, Audrey hopes more funds know what program they’re traveling with and how with every donation they are will come in. helping a good cause—JNF’s forestry projects. “It’s really important to me that instead of toys and clothes, his presents have real Plant Your Way to IsraelTM is well-known in the Jewish community as an effective meaning,” said Audrey. “I’m planning to put the information on Ari’s birthday party and user-friendly tool that can help someone realize their dream of going to Israel, invitations so people will donate in lieu of gifts.” / whether it’s for the first time or a chance to return. Over $750,000 has been awarded To learn more about the Plant Your Way to IsraelTM program, visit or email for youth trips to Israel. Rachel Kaufman, 21, was looking for a way that she could get back to Israel after going on Taglit-Birthright Israel.

Schools Teach Kids the Importance of Helping Others The children of North Shore Hebrew Academy High School (NSHAHS) wanted to help their friends in Sderot, Israel, during Operation Pillar of Defense. The children of Sderot could not play or spend any real time outside and the children of NSHAHS wanted them to know they were not alone. “We didn’t want to just collect money. We wanted to do something that had more meaning,” said Orna Amir, NSHAHS Instructor of Hebrew Language & Literature Coordinator, Israel Awareness Programs and 10th Grade Dean. Orna came up with the idea of creating a quilt to give to JNF for the Sderot Indoor Recreation Center. Each student donated $10 and decorated a square with a picture or message. The messages were full of hope and solidarity: “We are with you;” “Am Israel Chai (The Nation of Israel Lives);” “Atem Lo L’vad (You Are Not Alone).” The entire school was involved; around 250 kids added their personal messages. And in the middle, a square that read: “For the Kids of Sderot, With Love From NSHAHS.” The quilt now hangs on one of the walls of the rec center. Danielle Obrart, JNF’s Campaign Executive for Greater New York who was leading an Alternative Spring Break trip, delivered the quilt and sent pictures back to Orna. “The kids were so excited,” she said. “I enlarged the pictures and showed them to the entire school. They were so happy.” JNF’s Israel Advocacy & Education Department works with schools and synagogues, providing them with speakers and free resources that teachers can use throughout the year, but especially during times of conflict and for Tu BiShvat, Yom Ha’Atzmaut, and World Water Monitoring Day. With the goal of engagement and education, schools can choose from a large inventory of projects or adopt one of their own. Every year, Jewish Primary Day School (JPDS) in Washington, DC selects a tzedakah project. In the past, they’ve had school-wide read-a-thons and mitzvah days. This year they chose to hold a dance-a-thon to raise money for the Sderot Indoor Recreation Center. “We do a once-a-year big tzedakah project around a particular need,” said Naomi Reem, Director of JPDS, “and we do a dance-a-thon every two years to keep it fresh and keep the kids engaged. Raising money for the rec center resonates with our school philosophy, which has a strong Israel program.”

Kids collected pledges based on the number of dances they were going to do. In addition to dancing, the free event offered food and fun games. Prior to the dance-a-thon, there was a contest to design a T-shirt that was sold at the event. This year’s dance-a-thon was originally supposed to be dedicated to victims of Hurricane Sandy. But with rockets falling in Sderot, the school wanted to do something meaningful for that community, something that was not only supportive of the cause, but could serve as an opportunity to raise awareness and educate the children and their families. And so they chose the rec center. “Raising money is important, but awareness and education is just as important,” said Naomi. “JNF projects provide that and all the resources we need to create a successful program.” /

t the JPDS

ng a Kids danci



For more information on how your school or synagogue can get involved with JNF, contact the Israel Advocacy & Education Department at

Israeli da ncing at the JPDS dan ce-a-tho n.

Danielle Obra rt, JNF’s Campaig n Executive for Greater New Yo rk, with the NSH AHS quilt that hang s at the Sderot In door Recreation Ce nter.

Spreading a Positive Impression of Israel Gabriela Cruz wanted to go to Israel to better gain an understanding of how Israelis and Palestinians live together in an unstable area. Professor Mario Garcia found his trip to Israel “transformative and invaluable.” And on college campuses across the country, doorhangers, which showcase some of the latest Israeli innovations that are making the world a better place, are being read and remarked on. Cruz, a University of Florida senior; Garcia, a professor of Computer Science at Texas A & M; and the doorhangers, a giveaway that has been distributed to nearly 100,000 people across the country, are all pieces of Positively Israel, an initiative launched to change the conversation about Israel and show the world how Israel makes the world a better place. “I had a black and white state-of-mind, thinking that life could only be one way or the other for the citizens living in the conflicted regions of Israel,” said Cruz. “But now I know better. Now I know there is a shade called gray—where Israel’s citizens come together united by their shared desires, hopes and dreams and try to accomplish things.” Cruz learned this as one of 25 participants on JNF’s Caravan for Democracy Student Leadership Mission that takes students of all faiths on a trip to Israel to teach them how to become leaders in their communities and advocate on behalf of Israel. The mission exposes students to the wide variety of cultural, historical, and technological endeavors that Israel has to offer, bringing in speakers who are policy players and superb analysts, providing advocacy training, media skills and program planning and a host of other effective educational tools for the future leaders. Garcia’s experience was afforded him when he was chosen as one of 15 professors from across the country to go to Israel on JNF’s Faculty Fellowship to Israel (FF2Israel), a dynamic and academically productive mission that encourages conversation and

P a r t ic ip a nts on the 2 0 12 F a c u lt y F e ll o w s h ip 2 Is r ae

l M is s io n .

collaboration between the mission participants and Israeli figures in a range of areas, from history and culture to science and technology to law, democracy and human rights. Based on his feedback, it worked. “When so often in the news Israel is portrayed through political discourse, it was invaluable to meet Israelis as they live their everyday lives: as nice, hard-working people who love their country and who want to live like everybody else—with dignity and peace,” he said. As for the doorhangers, this story illustrates their effectiveness best. A girl hung one on her dorm room following a Positively Israel event she attended where she heard Chuck Fax, JNF Vice President of Israel Action, deliver a speech on the wonderful things Israel does. The next morning, she saw someone had defaced it with a marker. She ignored the message, wiped it down (they’re laminated and easy to wipe off) and rehung it. The next day, someone knocked on her door. It was a Palestinian student who had come to apologize. “I saw that you cared enough to wipe it clean,” she said, “so I actually read some of the bullet points. I didn’t believe them so I looked them up and discovered they were true. I figure if Israel really does these great things, they can’t be all bad.” Changing the coversation starts with you. Get involved. / To participate in the next Caravan for Democracy Student Leadership Mission, go to or contact the education department at For information on FF2israel, contact Rene Reinhard at For information on JNF’s Positively Israel campaign, visit

icipa part n o i Miss acy ch. r c o m e lun e z u D r for al D avan ition d a r Car at enjoy


ger for Doorhan I s r a e l. ly e iv it s Po

Israel Trips Inspire The Next Generation On a JNF Alternative Winter Break trip last year, Emily Sofayov found herself in Sderot, a town that’s off the beaten track of Israeli sightseeing. Standing in JNF’s Indoor Recreation Center, surrounded by children playing, Emily was wowed. “When you think of war, you think of Israel as a whole,” she said. “I never realized how it affects the children as individuals, what they go through, how they are not able to go outside. When I got back home, I wanted to do something for the center, the place that gives these children a place to play away from the chaos.” What she came up with was JNF Jams, a concert that took place at Temple University in Philadelphia during Israel week. Joining forces with a student who wanted to stage a benefit concert—but didn’t have a benefit—the Sderot Indoor Recreation Center was a perfect fit. The concert featured three performers to attract as diverse a crowd as possible. Headlined by Kosha Dillz, the concert showed informational videos about Sderot in between every act. Emily is just one example of Alternative Break and Taglit-Birthright Israel participants who return from Israel feeling engaged and connected to the land and people of Israel. These unique experiences serve to inspire Jewish college students and young professionals to share their meaningful experiences with others, strengthen their existing connections to Israel, and reaffirm or spark their commitments to Judaism and Zionism. Birthright affords youths who haven’t yet been to Israel the opportunity to experience the wonder of Israel for the first time in a thoughtful and intellectual way. The Alternative Spring/Winter Break trip builds upon that meaningful connection and nurtures it by enabling participants to interact with different groups of Israelis and contributing to the development of the land. These two peer trips are designed to engage participants while they are in Israel, but more importantly, keep them engaged once they have returned home and share their love of Israel with their peers. After Cal Poly Pomona student Doron Feuer went on a winter JNF-Shorashim Taglit-Birthright trip with his girlfriend, he came home and planned his university Hillel’s Tu Bishvat nature hike, which drew about 25 people. The registration table had information from a number of Jewish organizations including JNF, and Positively Israel giveaways. This helped participants draw connections between Israeli innovations and their relationship to agriculture in the United States. “We walked by a beautiful grove of redwoods which is watered by drip irrigation,” said Doron. “The group saw how Israel’s innovations actually affect people’s everyday lives.” On peer trips such as Taglit-Birthright Israel and Alternative Spring/Winter Break, young adults learn as much about themselves as they do about Israel. Erin Doppelt, a senior at the University of Pittsburgh, chose Alternative Spring Break over more lavish spring break options like Cabo, Mexico and Panama City Beach. She fell in love with the peace and beauty of the Negev through the

physical work of raking leaves, cleaning up litter, and laying sod in even geometrical forms. And she truly connected with the program’s philosophy of sharing your Jewish journey. “Our phenomenal trip leaders facilitated meaningful conversations revolving around how we felt about our daily projects, our contribution to the Negev, and what part we play as Diaspora Jews,” she said. “I left feeling fulfilled and relaxed and knowing whatever career path I choose, Israel is a huge part of my future.” / For information on JNF/Shorashim Taglit-Birthright Israel trips and Alternative Spring/Winter Break, email

ents e r s it y s t u d iv n U le p m e T Jams. e n jo y in g J N F

er a f f le a d t s B S and A D o p p e lt in Is r a e l. r E ) R (Lh a m a h in S y Schaffer y r e s it: Zachar e Mo in Photo cred a r r o L

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on the Cal Po ly H il le l T u B is h v a t h ik e.

JNF Parsons Water Fund Adopts 6 New Projects for 2013-2014 The JNF Parsons Water Fund adopted


a number of exciting new projects for 2013-2014 that will diversify the ways in which the Fund is helping Israel’s water challenges. JNF will build the laboratory floor of the Water Industries Research and Training Center (WIRTC), a four-story water center at the Kinneret College Center of Excellence at the Sea of Galilee. It’s part of an overall vision to foster cooperation with neighboring Arab population centers and transform the North into a center of water industry, thereby increasing the economic growth potential of Israel’s northern region. To stimulate awareness and concern for water-related issues among Israeli youth, JNF will sponsor the Israeli competition for the International Stockholm Junior Water Prize Competition, known as the “junior Nobel Prize for water research.” Organized by the Stockholm International Water Institute and held annually in Stockholm, the competition is the highest prize in water research for young people, promoting a new generation of scientists to


Shamir Drill pipe.

work in this important field. JNF will undertake a constructed wetlands project to develop Moshav Tzelafon’s water purification program. With the Moshav Tzelafon Ecological Water Purification, located in the Judean foothills between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, JNF will help create biologically treated water with a high tech filtration system that will work in conjunction with a living plant ecosystem that uses natural botanical filtration. This project is unique as few moshavim are involved in green environmental projects.

As part of JNF’s commitment to develop the Central Arava region, JNF is investing in bringing a water supply system to Sapir, the service center of the seven communities of the Central Arava and the hub that houses all public facilities and services including schools, the Jewish community center, AICAT, and the soon-to-be-built Central Arava Medical Center. The communities of Central Arava are not part of the water grid, so the government is providing the communities, including Sapir, with a desalination plant. JNF is providing the desalination water delivery system to Sapir’s houses and public facilities. Shamir Drills, a flagship water project that has added over 1% to Israel’s total water resources, was completed in 2012. Two additional research projects will help the longevity of the Shamir Drill pipes and screens by addressing the concerns of cracked pipes and the long term effects of chemicals and bacteria on the pipes. n To learn more about the JNF Parsons Water Fund and its projects, contact Pnina Dor at or 212.879.9305 x262.

Experience Israel with CAARI By Sandy Wasserman Even as I was leaving, I was already planning and hoping to return. For those who’ve never visited Israel, this rush of excitement awaits you, and it’s never too late. n

In Israel, the food is spicier, the people

are more energetic, and everything—life—feels more vibrant. It is such a special place. When my husband Mel and I returned from our recent trip to Israel with JNF Canadian and American Active Retirees in Israel (CAARI), we were overcome with a sense of wonder for everything that Israel has to offer. The seven weeks we spent in Israel this winter with CAARI were full of wonderful and fulfilling memories. We were in good hands with Program Director Susan Horwitz, who handles all details and logistics, and tour guide and Director of Tourism Neil Eisenstadt, who knows every facet of history, religion, topography, climate, science, new technologies, flora and fauna, wildlife and politics that Israel has to offer. For the first four weeks, we tutored students in English four mornings a week in Tel Aviv. We enjoyed the challenge of engaging receptive children in conversations. Even each morning’s cab ride was an experience in itself, with drivers chatting in Hebrew or English, or a combination. We would discuss our morning’s experiences back at the hotel as we ate lunch and then head for our afternoon activity. We visited reservoirs, museums, special exhibits, operas, farms and artist colonies. Our evenings consisted of lectures by university professors and journalists, Israeli dance instructors, and a Purim skit, which I helped write. Over the course of our time in Israel, we observed thousands of tree saplings planted in the hillsides and as JNF emissaries, we distributed them on Tu BiShvat. On Purim the streets were alive with costumes for days. I attended a Megillah reading at the Kotel and cheered on the runners at the Jerusalem marathon. We toured the new state-of-the-art Sarah Wetsman Davidson Tower at Hadassah Hospital. Shabbat in Israel was an experience like nothing else, even in secular Tel Aviv. As the hush falls over the city

CAARI celebrated its 30th anniversary this year. Since 1983, 2,000 retirees ages 50 and over from the U.S. and Canada have spent the winter months in Israel for a unique, fulfilling experience. Each year the program attracts new and former participants, offering active seniors a selection of two- to seven-week trips that include volunteering, touring and speakers that challenge them physically and mentally. The volunteer work includes activities in schools, hospitals, community agencies and JNF forests. Influential speakers from the government, academia, media, arts and military meet with CAARI to enlighten them on a number of subjects. Visiting destinations both popular and off the beaten path, CAARI provides participants with experiences that connect them to the land of Israel and the work of JNF. For more information about CAARI and the 2014 session, visit the CAARI website at or call 877.JNF.TOUR. Sandy and Mel picking oranges with food agency Leket Israel.

Friday afternoon, people head to their synagogue of choice, stores close and the number of restaurants remaining open diminishes. Shabbat afternoon affords an opportunity to rest, or sometimes participate in Israeli dancing on the tayelet, the beach promenade. As I walked up hills and over stone roads during our last two weeks in Jerusalem, I saw a synagogue on every block. They are indescribable, as there are no two synagogues alike. “Shabbat Shalom” greetings are heard from everyone’s mouth. Jerusalem is a distinct cultural experience where a truly Jewish life is lived. Those who travel to Israel on a regular basis surely experience those quick rushes of excitement at being a part of daily life in Israel. For those who are only fortunate enough to visit every few years, there is excitement accompanied by sadness when you depart.

Sandy and Mel at JNF Agricultural Research Center.

Tali Friedman Brings the Jerusalem Culinary Scene Into Her Kitchen In the heart of Mahane Yehuda,

a bustling open-air market in Jerusalem, chef Tali Friedman has an atelier (French for studio) from which she runs culinary tours. A tour with Tali starts off in Israel’s biggest market, engaging with some of the market’s 450 vendors and tasting some of the delicious flavors that the market has to offer. Once the ingredients have been purchased, Tali takes you up to her atelier, where everyone—even the participants—roll up their sleeves and cook and at the end, sit down for a delicious meal. Her book of recipes, “Jerusalem: A Culinary Adventure,” was published in Hebrew last year and has been a bestseller



Tali in Mahane Yehuda market in Jerusalem.

in Israel for more than six months. An English translation of the book will be available in June 2013. Featuring more than 100 recipes and stories from the Mahane Yehuda vendors, she gives credit to fellow chefs in Jerusalem who have inspired her and contributed dishes. “I want to put Jerusalem back on the map,” she said. “Tourists from outside the country think of Tel Aviv as the culinary center, but Jerusalem has so much to offer.” Tali has lived in Jerusalem for 27 years, spending 17 years as a chef. She spent some time in Paris and studied at the elite LeNôtre School. When she moved back to Israel, she worked at La Regence restaurant in the King David Hotel in Jerusalem and then left that to become a mother: first twin girls and then a son. She began teaching baking and cooking classes, and then seven years ago she opened her atelier. “I missed the kitchen very much,” she said. “I missed the action, the passion. I thought, ‘Let’s excite others to go to the market, talk about the products, and speak with the vendors.’” Almost seven years later, Tali’s culinary tours have become a huge success, promoted entirely by word-ofmouth. She’s booked for months in advance, running five to nine tours a week which have become frequent stops on JNF’s missions. Writing a book was a natural next step for her in helping to promote Jerusalem’s culinary scene. It’s a different way to look at Israel—through the lens of food—and a unique way to experience what Israel has to offer. It took her only two months to write the book because, she said, “everything was around me. I heard so many great

Tali in her atelier kitchen.

stories from the vendors. I decided to write a book about the market. And I wanted to write about Jerusalem.” n For a true taste of Israel, visit Tali Friedman in Mahane Yehuda. Email for more information.

Recipe: Tomato Basil Tart Ingredients: For shell 1 ½ cup flour, sieved 12 tablespoons butter, cubed 2 tablespoons milk 1 egg yolk 1 pinch salt For filling 2 cups cherry tomatoes, halved 2 garlic cloves 4 basil leaves 1 onion, sliced and fried 2 tablespoons black, tassos, or kalamata olives, pitted ½ cup gruyere, grated ½ cup Sainte-Maure cheese, crumbled

Preparation: Preheat over to 350ºF. Put flour in a bowl, add butter, and using your fingers, crumble together to small crumbs. Make a hole in the middle and pour in yolk, milk and some salt. Mix and knead until smooth dough ball forms. Chill in refrigerator 30 minutes. Cover work surface with parchment paper, put dough on it and cover with another sheet of parchment paper. Roll out to a 0.1 inch thickness. Transfer dough carefully to a 9.5 inch diameter pie dish. Cover dough with parchment paper and weigh down with dry beans. Bake for about 20 minutes in preheated oven. Mix together all the filling ingredients and pour into pie shell. Bake another 30 minutes.

Earn up to 9.5% on your money, and 100% of a nation’s gratitude. For as little as $5,000, you can help achieve your financial goals and those of a nation — Israel. There is more reason than ever to create a charitable gift annuity with Jewish National Fund. JNF offers planned giving opportunities that: • Give you a generous income JEWISH NATIONAL FUND


• Offer the benefit of tax savings • Provide recognition in Israel • Ensure JNF receives much-needed support for its projects in Israel

For more information, call 800.562.7526 or visit

SINGLE-LIFE GIFT ANNUITY* Rate Age Rate Age 5.5% 6.8% 65 78 5.5% 7.0% 66 79 5.6% 80 7.2% 67 7.4% 5.7% 81 68 7.5% 69 5.8% 82 5.8% 7.7% 70 83 5.9% 7.9% 71 84 8.1% 6.0% 85 72 8.3% 6.1% 73 86 6.3% 8.6% 74 87 6.4% 88 8.9% 75 9.2% 6.5% 89 76 6.7% 77 90 & Over 9.5% *Two life rates will vary. Rates as of April 1, 2012.

JNF Speakers bureau Bring world-renowned speakers to your next event JNF Speakers Bureau is a unique service that brings top speakers to your community. Gain inside and unparalleled perspectives on Israel and a variety of other topics at your meetings, community events, synagogues, schools, sisterhoods, men’s clubs, and conferences. Bring a powerful voice to your next event.

Book your speaker today at For more information contact or 212.879.9037.


Rubenstein Family’s Donor Advised Fund Supports JNF Projects Steve Rubenstein, z”l, didn’t want to

just write JNF a check. “My father cared a lot about Israel,” said his son Andrew Rubenstein. “He was taught by my grandfather the importance of giving back. My father favored JNF because it is very Israel-directed.”


A World Chairman’s Council member thanks to a $1 million gift, Steve decided he wanted to do more, so 12 years ago he established a Donor Advised Fund. The fund gives JNF an interest in several properties that Steve


Steven and Beverly Rubenstein.

owned. As a property generates income, the money goes directly into the Donor Advised Fund—the Steven Rubenstein Donor Advised Fund. The fund allowed Steve to choose projects that he wanted to support, including a reservoir and a fish farm in Sderot. When Steve passed away in June 2008, the right to recommend projects went to his wife Beverly, a Sapphire Society member, and his son Andrew, a member of JNF’s Century Council. An active member of JNF’s Northern New Jersey Board, Andrew is involved in many of the region’s events, attending golf and poker tournaments, Tree of Life™ Award dinners, and JNF’s Annual National Conference. He remembers going to Israel with his parents as a teenager, attending Hebrew school, and putting money in Blue Boxes. As director of the Donor Advised Fund, Andrew varies the projects every six months, which is when the dividends come in. “I do my own projects with JNF, so if, for instance, I’m doing a two-year project on a reservoir, I pick something else for the Steven Rubenstein Donor Advised Fund,” he said. The Steven Rubenstein Donor Advised Fund has supported many wonderful JNF projects, including the Sderot Indoor Recreation Center, the Arava Institute, the new community of Halutza, and Ammunition Hill. “My involvement in JNF is definitely my father’s influence,” said Andrew, who lives in Morris County, NJ with his wife Victoria and two children, Olivia and Cameron. “Philanthropy has become a family tradition, one that I have passed on to my children. I think it’s important to maintain the infrastructure of the State of

Victoria, Cameron, Olivia and Andrew Rubenstein.

Israel as a country, and the Donor Advised Fund allows my father’s legacy to continue doing so.” n To learn more about Donor Advised Funds, contact the Planned Giving Department at 800.562.7526.

There’s Value in Donating a Life Settlement Policy By Matt Bernstein, CFP, JNF Chief Planned Giving Officer Over the course

of my tenure as JNF’s Chief Planned Giving Officer, I have had the opportunity to hear about many ideas to enhance JNF’s fundraising. Through our partnerships with various allied professionals in the investment, legal, accounting, and insurance fields, I am exposed to the latest trends that are attracting significant donations for other charitable institutions, and helping donors solve some financial challenges at the same time. One of these ideas is using a life settlement. Simply put, a life settlement is a way to unlock the value of a pre-existing life insurance policy you already own through the disposition of the policy in a secondary market rather than through the issuing life insurance company.

Many of our donors own policies that were purchased years ago to ensure their families were taken care of in the case of a premature death, or for estate planning Simply put, a life purposes. As needs change, as children grow up and make settlement is a life for themselves, or as the estate laws continue to a way to unlock change, the insurance is no longer a necessity. The result the value of is that many of JNF’s donors are saddled with a significant a pre-existing premium payment for an insurance policy they no life insurance longer need. In the past, the disposition policy you of life insurance polices was controlled by the insurance already own... companies themselves. This often leaves the policy holder with little choice and relative little value for their investment.

As mentioned above, over the last few years a secondary market has emerged for the disposition of unneeded life insurance policies. And, as with everything else, when a new market appears, competition increases. In this case the result is the ability to unlock far more value from an existing policy than ever before. How does this help Jewish National Fund? If you have unneeded policies, consider donating them! You will receive a tax deduction equal to the tax adjusted value of the policy, and JNF will have the choice to either keep the policy alive or dispose of it in the manner that will pay JNF the greatest amount of settlement. If you have an interest in learning more about life settlements, to determine if this could be an option for you, please feel free to contact me or any of the Planned Giving Specialists in JNF’s award-winning Planned Giving Department. You can reach me via email at mbernstein@, or by our toll free number 800.562.7526. As always, we look forward to hearing from you. n To learn more about JNF’s Planned Giving opportunities, please contact us at 800.562.7526.

out & about WITH

JNf’s major donors   New England JNF’s Major Donors


(L-R) Rachel Chafetz (Sapphire Society) proudly welcomed the newest Sapphire Society member Rachel Fine (President’s Society, Sapphire Society), with VP of JNF Parsons Water Fund, Sapphire Society President, and New England Executive Board member Amy Parsons (Circle of Sapphire, Century Council, Negev Society).

New England Board and Lawyers for Israel Society member Jeffrey Woolf (Herzl Society) visited the Ayalon Institute during a recent family trip to Israel.

(L-R) Linda Kaplan (President’s Society) and Jeffrey Kraines (President’s Society) at a dedication ceremony at Ammunition Hill in Jerusalem in memory of Jeffrey’s father, Technical Sergeant Sidney Kraines.

(L-R) U.S. Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro and National Major Gifts Chair, Assistant VP of Community Relations, and Capital District President Ken Segel (Century Council, Negev Society) at the Arava Open Day while in Israel on the Negev Society mission.

(L-R) Branwen Cale, Managing Director of Friends of the Arava Institute, presented Larry Cohen (Century Council, President’s Society), New England Board President and New England Lawyers for Israel chair, with an award on behalf of JNF, the Arava Institute and Hazon for being the top American fundraiser for the Arava Institute and Hazon Israel Ride 2012.


(L-R) Dr. Daniel and Sara Schuman (Sapphire Society) during the Las Vegas Annual breakfast event at the Adelson Educational Campus.

(L-R) Vice President of Women for Israel Nina Paul (Century Council, Negev Society, Sapphire Society) and Women for Israel National Board member Evelyn Binsky (Sapphire Society) at a women’s event in Palm Springs.

( L-R) Russell Frank, Brenda Frank (Sapphire Society), and John Loeb at the Las Vegas Annual breakfast.

(L-R) Gabriela and Dr. Peter Gottlieb (Century Council) and Pastors George and Cheryl Morrison (President’s Society) during the National Board of Directors meeting in Denver.

( L-R) Julie Littmann, Eric Littmann, Tammy Holt, Stephen Haberkorn (Negev Society), and Tina Drago at the Las Vegas Annual breakfast.

(L-R) Louan Kamlet (Sapphire Society), Toby Mower (World Chairman’s Council), Mountain States Advisory Board Chair Gene Kay (Century Council), Mort Mower (World Chairman’s Council), and Campaign Executive Roberta Witkow at the National Board of Directors meeting in Denver.

(L-R) JNF National Campaign Director Diane Scar and President of the Palm Springs and Desert Region Sheri Borax (Sapphire Society) presented Evelyn Binsky (Sapphire Society), center, with a plaque of an orchard of trees dedicated in memory of her mother.

(L-R) Palms Springs & Desert Region Planned Giving Chair Bob Fey (President’s Society), guest speaker Steve Erickson, Palm Springs & Desert Region Board President Sheri Borax (Sapphire Society), and Chief Planned Giving Officer Matt Bernstein at the Palm Springs & Desert Region Planned Giving luncheon.

( L-R) Mountain States Advisory Board members Rick Altman (President’s Society), Michael Marcus, Amy Fenster, and General Campaign Co-Chair Adam Fenster at the National Board of Directors meeting in Denver.

( L-R) Chief Planned Giving Officer Matt Bernstein, Orange County Director Adele Bilewitz, Aloha Saxon (Sapphire Society), and Paul Vann at the Planned Giving luncheon in Laguna Woods, CA.

(L-R) JNF CEO Russell F. Robinson visited with San Diego Board President and Women for Israel (WFI) National Board member Myra Chack Fleischer (Century Council, Sapphire Society) and her husband Charlie Fleischer in San Diego. (L-R) Murray Galinson (Herzl Society) and JNF CEO Russell F. Robinson in San Diego.

(L-R) Robert Danoff, Randi Jablin (Sapphire Society), Arizona Associate Director Deb Rochford, and Lee Eisenberg (Herzl Society) at a recent board meeting. Robert, Randi and Lee are all new members of the Arizona Board of Directors.

(L-R) Arizona Board of Directors President Ann Zinman (Century Council, Circle of Sapphire) and National Vice President of Campaign Marc Kelman (Century Council, President’s Society) at the Arizona Tu Bishvat Festival. Arizona Board member Cantor Sharona Feller (Sapphire Society) spoke at the Arizona Tu Bishvat Festival.

(L-R) San Diego Board member Linda Church (Sapphire Society), San Diego Board President and WFI National Board member Myra Chack Fleischer (Century Council, Sapphire Society), San Diego Board and WFI National Board member Lauren Lizerbram (President’s Society, Century Council, Sapphire Society), enjoyed the San Diego Women for Israel event hosted by Orly Perez at her spa, Bella Sareena.

(L-R) Leonard and Elaine Hirsch (Herzl Society) visited with Israeli Idol winner Hagit Yaso (center) at JNF San Diego’s Tribute to Southern Israel concert.


(L-R) Mort Gerber, Northern California Board member Mary Ann Levitt (Sapphire Society), and JNF Parsons Water Fund Board and Northern California Board member Steven Crystal (Century Council, Negev Society) at a recent meeting in Sausalito.

(L-R) Bobbie Landau (Sapphire Society), Northern California Board member and Sapphire Society Chair Helen Loewenstein, and Northern California Board member and Chai Society Chair Ilene Adler at a recent board meeting.

JNF Lifetime Achievement Award recipient David Stein upon becoming the latest World Chairman’s Council donor in Jacksonville and establishing a scholarship fund for Jacksonville’s Caravan for Democracy Student Leadership Mission.

(L-R) Previous Jacksonville Tree of Life™ honoree Dr. Gary Perlman and Elliot Friedman (President’s Society) during a discussion about the Central Arava Medical Center in Jacksonville.

(L-R) Previous Tree of Life™ Award honorees Maureen and Arnold Lerner (Herzl Society) at the Naples Tree of Life™ Award dinner at Quail West Golf and Country Club.

(L-R) JNF Parsons Water Fund Board and Northern California Board member Steven Crystal (Century Council, Negev Society) and Northern California Board President and Makor member Marlene Maier (Century Council, President’s Society, Sapphire Society) at a recent JNF Northern California board meeting.

JNF’s Major Donors

(L-R) San Diego Board and WFI National Board member Lauren Lizerbram (Century Council, President’s Society, Sapphire Society), Israeli Idol Winner Hagit Yaso, Rita Heller (Sapphire Society) and San Diego Board member Linda Church (Sapphire Society) at JNF San Diego’s Tribute to Southern Israel Concert.



(L-R) Tammy Surrat, Allan Zachariah (Herzl Society), and Neil and Jeanne Braverman (Century Council, Negev Society) enjoyed the Naples Tree of Life™ Award dinner.

(L-R) Mordechai and Michal Wiesler (President’s Society) at the Naples Tree of Life™ Award dinner.

(L-R) Meme Kramer (Sapphire Society) and Sarasota Board member Brenda Johnston (Sapphire Society) at the Sarasota Guardian of Israel Award luncheon.

(L-R) Helen Glaser (Sapphire Society), Betty Schoenbaum (Negev Society), and Len Glaser (Herzl Society) at the Sarasota Guardian of Israel Award luncheon.

JNF supporters welcomed new Sapphire Society members at a Sapphire Society Pinning luncheon in Tampa Bay. (L-R standing) Andrea Katz, Tampa Bay Board member Barbara Gitlin (Sapphire Society), Tampa Bay Board Co-President Betsy Marcadis (President’s Society, Sapphire Society), Susan Waksman (Sapphire Society), WFI National Board and National Board of Trustees Nina Paul (Century Council, Negev Society, Sapphire Society), Tampa Bay Board member Maxine Solomon (Century Council, Sapphire Society), Tampa Bay Board member Ida Raye Chernin (Century Council, Sapphire Society), Tampa Bay Board member Yvette Eichberg (Sapphire Society), Jenny Chernin, and Tampa Bay Board member Ellyn Kessler. (L-R seated) Maria Waksman (Sapphire Society).

(L-R) Sadie Rudman-Laufer and Sol Laufer (Century Council) at the Sarasota Guardian of Israel Award luncheon at Michael’s on East.

(L-R) Northern Florida President and Tampa Bay Board member Mary Ellen Hogan (Sapphire Society), Tampa Bay board member Tina Gordon (Sapphire Society), Tampa Bay Board Co-President Betsy Marcadis (President’s Society, Sapphire Society), Susan Waksman (Sapphire Society), Ida Raye Chernin (Century Council, Sapphire Society), Yvette Eichberg (Sapphire Society) and Northern Florida Campaign Executive Beth Morris at a Women for Israel event in Orlando.


JNF’s Major Donors

(L-R) Northern Florida Campaign Executive Beth Morris welcomed Maria Waksman to the Sapphire Society with Susan Waksman (Sapphire Society) at a Sapphire Society luncheon in Tampa.

(L-R) National Vice President of Regions Bruce Gould (World Chairman’s Council, Negev Society), Executive Director, Florida Glen Schwartz, JNF Halutza liaison Yedidya Harush, and Orlando Board President Jim Riola (Century Council, President’s Society) during a luncheon hosted by Jim at Carlton Fields in Orlando.

(L-R) Jim Shapiro, Orlando Board member Valerie Shapiro (Sapphire Society), and JNF Halutza liaison Yedidya Harush at an Orlando event at the home of Bruce Gould.

(L-R) Aleh Negev Director of Development Yossi Kahana; event co-chair Lynn Klausner (Herzl Society); guest speaker Major General (Res.) Doron Almog; Palm Beach Board member and event co-chair Joel Klausner (Herzl Society); Courtney Anderson, Raymond James Financial; Palm Beach Board member, Major Gifts Chair and event co-chair Mort Fishman (Herzl Society); and Palm Beach Board member and event co-chair Melanie Fishman (Herzl Society) at a reception sponsored by Raymond James Financial at BallenIsles Country Club in Palm Beach Gardens.

(L-R) Gloria Slass (Sapphire Society), Marian Wiseman (Century Council, President’s Society, Sapphire Society), past Palm Beach Board President and current Board member Irving Wiseman (Century Council, President’s Society), Major General (Res.) Doron Almog, Beverly Rubenstein (World Chairman’s Council, President’s Society, Sapphire Society), and Palm Beach Board President Art Silber (Century Council) at a reception at Frenchman’s Creek Country Club in Palm Beach Gardens.

(L-R) Debbie Ring, Lorelei Ennis, Vivian Grossman (Century Council, Negev Society, Sapphire Society), Ellen Rosenberg (President’s Society, Sapphire Society), Louise Dabrow (Century Council, Sapphire Society, Negev Society), and Judi Edelman (Sapphire Society) at the Women for Israel luncheon at Costume World in Broward.

(L-R) Gisela Klein (President’s Society, Sapphire Society), Vivian Grossman (Century Council, Sapphire Society, Negev Society) and Andrea Leibowitz (Sapphire Society) at the Sapphire Society thank you luncheon at Sundy House in Delray Beach.

(L-R) Manny and Fern Steinfeld (Century Council, Negev Society) with JNF CEO Russell F. Robinson at dinner to celebrate Manny’s birthday.

Sapphire Society members gathered at an exclusive Sapphire Society thank you luncheon held at Sundy House in Delray Beach. (L-R) Jan Silverman, Barbara Mautner (Century Council, President’s Society), Roslyn Lederman, Sydelle Lazar (Century Council, President’s Society), and Honie Berko (Century Council, President’s Society).

(L-R) National Board of Directors member Alan Dabrow (Century Council, Negev Society), National Board of Directors member and National Chair for Women for Israel Louise Dabrow (Century Council, Negev Society, Sapphire Society), Sydelle Lazar (Century Council, President’s Society, Sapphire Society), and South Palm Beach Board President Michael Lazar (Century Council, President’s Society) at the Winter Connection brunch at Boca West County Club in Boca Raton.

(L-R) Event Co-Chair Sheila Scharfman (Century Council, President’s Society, Sapphire Society), guest speaker David Darst, and Event Co-Chair Sheryl Buchholtz (Sapphire Society) at the Greater New York major donor thank you reception.

(L-R) Honie Berko (Century Council, President’s Society, Sapphire Society), JNF CEO Russell F. Robinson, New York Board member and Past President Jerry Berko (Century Council, President’s Society), and New York Board member Ed Blank (World Chairman’s Council, Negev Society) at the New York City Tree of LifeTM Award dinner.

(L-R) Finance for Israel Co-Chair and New York Board member Daniel Kamensky (President’s Society), featured speaker Abby Joseph Cohen, Finance for Israel Co-Chair and New York Board member Deborah Weinswig (President’s Society), and JNF CEO Russell F. Robinson at the inaugural Finance for Israel Society event.

(L-R) Orlando Board member Dr. Shari Yudenfreund-Sujka received her Sapphire Society pin from Eastern Pennsylvania Board member Louise Dabrow (Century Council, Sapphire Society, Negev Society).

28 (L-R) Rabbi Donald Crain (Herzl Society) and Sandy Crain (Sapphire Society) with Myron Stayman (Century Council, Negev Society) at the JNF Breakfast at Temple Emeth in honor of the Crains.

  Greater New York

(L-R) JNF CEO Russell F. Robinson, Honie Berko (Century Council, President’s Society, Sapphire Society), South Palm Beach Board member Dr. Robert Colton (Century Council, President’s Society), Rita Wahl (Sapphire Society), and past New York Board President and current Board member Jerry Berko (Century Council, President’s Society) at the Winter Connection brunch at Boca West Country Club in Boca Raton.

(L-R) Vice President, Education Bob Levine (World Chairman’s Council, Negev Society), Northern New Jersey Director Jocelyn Inglis, and Northern New Jersey Board President Ben Gutmann (Century Council, Negev Society) at the Northern New Jersey thank you reception.

(L-R) Amy Berko Iles (Century Council, President’s Society, Sapphire Society) and JNF CEO Russell F. Robinson presented Sandra Stiles (Sapphire Society) with the Sapphire Society pin.

Greater New York

(L-R) Northern New Jersey Director Jocelyn Inglis, Susan Gutmann (Century Council, Negev Society), and Northern New Jersey Board President Ben Gutmann (Century Council, Negev Society) at the New York City Tree of LifeTM Award dinner.

(L-R) Seffi Janowski (Herzl Society) and Northern New Jersey Board member Jill Janowski (Herzl Society) at the New York City Tree of LifeTM Award dinner.

(L-R) Will Branston and Long Island Board President Michael Kessler (Century Council, Negev Society) at the Long Island Donor Society reception held at Exotic Classics car showroom.

(L-R) JNF COO Harold Cohen, New York Board member Deborah Riegel (President’s Society), New York Board member Maxwell (L-R) Aleta Grunberg (Negev Society), Long Island Board member Ariel Grunberg Kahn (President’s Society), Honie Berko (Century Council, President’s Society), (Negev Society), and Chief Development Officer Rick Krosnick (Herzl Society) at the and New York Board member Jerry Berko TM New York City Tree of Life Award dinner. (Century Council, President’s Society) at the New York City Tree of LifeTM Award dinner.


(L-R) Long Island Associate Executive Director Howard Ingram, Lynette Schwartz (Herzl Society), and Long Island Board member Jeffrey Schwartz (Herzl Society) at the Long Island Donor Society reception held at Exotic Classics car showroom.


JNF’s Major Donors

(L-R) Rubin Pikus (Century Council, Negev Society), Jeffrey Schwartz (Herzl Society), Larry Ingber (Herzl Society), Sharon Pikus (Century Council, Negev Society), JNF CEO Russell F. Robinson, and Long Island Region President Michael Kessler (Century Council, Negev Society) at the Long Island Donor Society Reception held at Exotic Classics car showroom.


(L-R) Emmy award-winning broadcaster Roy Firestone, David and Robin Frank (Century Council, President’s Society, Sapphire Society), Hall of Fame Songwriter Charles Fox, Judy Levin (World Chairman’s Council, Negev Society, Sapphire Society), Israeli Idol winner Hagit Yaso, Bud Levin (World Chairman’s Council, Negev Society), Sidney and Allen Rishe (Herzl Society) at the Tribute to Southern Israel concert at the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills.

(L-R) Doug and Felice Williams (Herzl Society), Israeli Idol winner Hagit Yaso, and Molly Williams enjoyed the Tribute to Southern Israel concert.

Southeast Co-President Matt Lieberman (Herzl Society) addressed the 10th Annual Jack Hirsch Memorial Breakfast.

(L-R top row) State Representative Elliott Naishtat, Consul General of Israel to the Southwest Meir Shlomo, Zvi Yaniv (Herzl Society), Buddy and Sandra Freed (President’s Society); (L-R bottom row) JNF Emissary Ron Bernstein, Monica Yaniv, and Southwest Regional Director Julie Malin at the JNF breakfast for Israel in Austin.

Evelyn Berkowitz (Sapphire Society) visited the JNF table at a community event in Houston.

(L-R) Ronnie Porat, JNF Israeli Emissary; Barney Portman, Savannah, GA Tree of Life™ Award honoree; and Lauren Mescon, Central Arava Committee National Chair (Sapphire Society) during a JNF gala dinner in Savannah, GA. (L-R) JNF Emissary Ron Bernstein, Clyde Selig (Herzl Society), and host Tzipi Bar-Yadin (Herzl Society) at a parlor meeting in San Antonio.

(L-R) Carole Bolotin (President’s Society, Century Council, Sapphire Society), Gina Raphael (Sapphire Society), National Vice President of Women for Israel Nina Paul, Myrtle Sitowitz (Sapphire Society), and Judy Levin (World Chairman’s Council, Negev Society, Sapphire Society) at a recent Los Angeles Sapphire Society event.

(L-R standing) Southeast Co-President Matt Lieberman (Herzl Society); Southeast Regional Director Beth Gluck; Alan Cohen, Tree of Life Award™ honoree; Michael Miller, Founder’s Award honoree; Bennie Cohen, Hirsch Breakfast Co-Chair; Ronnie Porat, JNF Israeli Emissary; (L-R sitting) Sharon Levison, Goodfriend Community Service Award honoree; Cobi Cohen, Hirsch Breakfast Co-Chair; Gladys Hirsch, Honorary Breakfast Chair; and Southeast Co-President Jill Lerner at the 10th Annual Jack Hirsch Breakfast.

Mid-Atlantic Zone President Baruch Fellner (Century Council) spoke to the crowd at a regional concert benefitting the Sderot Indoor Recreation Center.

(L-R standing) Washington DC Board members Ira Bartfield (President’s Society), Bill Rosenbluth (Herzl Society), Jean Rosenbluth, and Washington DC Director Stuart Diamant-Cohen; (L-R sitting) Kathy Bartfield (President’s Society, Sapphire Society), Karen Fellner (Century Council, Sapphire Society), and Baruch Fellner (Century Council), at a dinner honoring major donors.


JNF’s Major Donors

(L-R) Makor member Dr. Chet Stein (Century Council, President’s Society), comedian Joel Chasnoff, and Makor member Jonathan Fishman (President’s Society) at a comedy night at the MidAtlantic major donor thank you event. (L-R) Dr. Stacey and Betsy Berner (Herzl Society), David Margules (Century Council, Herzl Society), and Joel Friedlander (President’s Society) at a cocktail reception for major donors.

(L-R) Dr. David Jaffe (President’s Society), Israeli Idol winner Hagit Yaso, and Brenda Jaffe (President’s Society, Sapphire Society).

(L-R) Shoshana Cardin (Century Council, Sapphire Society) and Leah Rosin (Sapphire Society) at a concert benefitting the Sderot Indoor Recreation Center.

(L-R) Erika Schon (Sapphire Society) with Larry and Barbara Marder (President’s Society) at a major donor reception in Baltimore.

(L-R) Baltimore Executive Board members Nanci Seff (Sapphire Society), Erika Schon (Sapphire Society), Jack Rose (Herzl Society), Dr. Irving Taylor (World Chairman’s Council, Negev Society), Dr. Stacey Berner (Herzl Society), Ellen Rosenberg (Sapphire Society), Ken Segel (Century Council, Negev Society), and Aleh Negev Director of Development Yossi Kahana at a Major Gifts Committee meeting.


(L-R) Jayne Klein (World Chairman’s Council, Lifetime Sapphire Society) and Andy Klein (World Chairman’s Council, Negev Society) at a special major donor dinner reception.

(L-R) Amy Gur (Century Council, Lifetime Sapphire) and Mota Gur (Century Council, Herzl Society) on the red carpet at the Sderot Benefit Concert.

(L-R) Development Officer for Israel Operations Ariel Kotler and Lewis Kest (Negev Society) during a visit to the MidAtlantic Region.

(L-R) Bill and Jean Rosenbluth (Herzl Society) at a major donor event in Virginia.

30 Chicago Board President Scott Gendell (Century Council, President’s Society) welcomed attendees to a reception honoring Israeli basketball legend Tal Brody at the University of Illinois.

(L-R) Gush Etzion Foundation Director Shani Simkowitz, event co-host Ben Schneider, event sponsors and co-hosts Ira and Miriam Younger (Sapphire Society), and event co-host Ronna Schneider at the Gush Etzion wine tasting event in Cincinnati.

(L-R) Newly pinned Sapphire Society member Dina Wilheim and Gush Etzion Foundation Director Shani Simkowitz at the JNF Cincinnati wine tasting.

(L-R) Wisconsin Advisory Board member Daniel Chudnow (World Chairman’s Council) and Wisconsin Director Sidney Rivkin at a presentation on Timna Park hosted by Chai Point Senior Living center.

(L-R) Winter Connection National Co-Chair Barbara Shear (Century Council, Sapphire Society), Judy Perlow (Century Council), and Senior Campaign Executive Amy Jonas at a JNF Guardian of Israel meeting.

(L-R) Brad Shusman, Southern New Jersey President Mark Kramer (Herzl Society), Ariel Kotler, and Joseph Wolfson (President’s Society) at the Beer, Cheese and Trees event at Temple Beth Sholom in Cherry Hill, NJ.

(L-R front row) Nancy Astor Fox (Herzl Society), Susan Schwartz, and Ellen Holtzman; (L-R back row) Robb Fox (Herzl Society), Jeffrey Schwartz (President’s Society), and Joseph Wolfson (President’s Society) on the Housing Development Fund Mission.

(L-R) Eastern Pennsylvania Regional Director Marina Furman, National Chair of Women for Israel Louise Dabrow (Century Council, Negev Society, Sapphire Society), and Philadelphia President Alan Dabrow (Century Council) at the Philadelphia Poker Tournament.

(L-R) National Chair of Women for Israel Louise Dabrow (Century Council, Negev Society, Sapphire Society) and newly installed Sapphire Society member Marla Green Didio at the Philadelphia Poker Tournament.


(L-R) Shira Bortniker, Aviva Bortniker, Barbara Bortniker (Century Council, Negev Society), and Central New Jersey Executive Director Joel Leibowitz at Barbara’s Circle of Sapphire pinning ceremony.

(L-R) Alon Badihi and Israel@65 Mission Chair Bob Benedon (President’s Society) at the Israel@65 event.

An Academic Adventure 1 9 7 2

1 9 7 2

and fun

An Academic Adventure


For 40 years AMHSI has brought thousands of Jewish youth from across the globe to Israel for an unforgettable experience, in which participants receive an in-depth education about the country. Alexander Muss High School in Israel’s Exciting New Initiatives

AMHSI is thrilled to begin its partnership with the International March of the Living! The two organizations are offering an amazing 8-week combined program which will take participants on an incredible journey through the history of the Jewish people, from Poland to the land of Israel.

Campus Location

Session 1

Hod June 18, 2013 July 30, 2013 HaSharon

Session 2

Eshel HaNassi

Florida Hod Residents HaSharon June 18, 2013 July 30, 2013 Session

Campus Location

Departure Date

Fall Session

Eshel HaNassi

August 25, 2013 December 27, 2013


Spring Session

Eshel HaNassi

January 26, 2014 May 30, 2014

The semester also includes a week in Poland to study about the Holocaust, employing the AMHSI educational methodology of learning on-site where history took place.

Departure Date

Hod April 23, 2014 HaSharon

Spring 2014

The journey begins in Poland where participants will spend one week visiting Polish cities, towns, and villages which were once vibrant center of Jewish life and learning. The experience culminates with the March of the Living on Yom Hashoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day)—a march between Auschwitz and Birkenau, with thousands of people from around the world. The journey continues with seven weeks in Israel, where participants learn about their heritage and about themselves. This is a unique academic experience, where college preparatory skills are gained, education is imparted through experience, and history is infused into daily activities. The classroom comes alive as students travel across Israel and learn at the exact location where history was made! Participants leave the program with memories that will last a lifetime and experiences that will influence them for the rest of their lives! Participating in the combined March of the Living and AMHSI program will cost considerably less than doing both programs separately.

Return Date

Semester Program

Combined Campus Program Location

Spanning 18 weeks, the program develops a deep connection with, and exposure to, Israel. The program is based at the beautiful brand-new campus in the Negev, a joint AMHSI/JNF initiative at the Eshel HaNassi youth village. The full semester session builds upon the core AMHSI curriculum, and also includes additional features such as Hebrew classes, mock army training, and a four-day hike across the country from “sea to sea.” Participants experience the grandeur of the desert by living in an ecologically friendly environment, and working on a kibbutz-style, student-run farm.

June 26, 2013 August 7, 2013

AMHSI now offers new semester-long programs! This is in addition to the 8-week school year sessions, and 6-week summer sessions offered by AMHSI.

Combined Program with March of the Living

Departure Date

Return Date

Summer Program

alexander muss high school in israel


Alexander Muss High School in Israel


Return Date June 16, 2014

I never imagined a high school experience could provide me with so much new exposure on a weekly, daily, and hourly basis, but this program has done so beyond my wildest dreams. I have had experiences just as stimulating and meaningful on my general studies days as I do traveling the country—and that is what makes this semester program so special. -Arielle Rawlings Semester Program—Fall 2012


QUEEN OF SHEBA: WOMEN FOR ISRAEL MISSION October 12 – 21, 2013* *Mission begins in Israel on October 13 and ends after dinner on October 20

This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience; a unique and unforgettable trip to Israel for women only—no husbands, no boyfriends—just women, experiencing Israel through the eyes of our Israeli sisters.



October 6 – 10, 2013 with a Pre-Mission to St. Petersburg, Russia from October 1 – 6. Annual mission for members of JNF’s President’s Society.

April 1 - 9, 2014 Experience a unique journey through Israel as you explore the country from the Negev to the North.



October 10 - 15, 2013 Join golfers from around the world in a championship golf tournament at Israel’s Caesarea Golf Club and discover all that Israel has to offer.

June 8 – 17, 2014 Travel from ancient times to modern Israel on a unique journey for active adults ages 55+ with JNF national spokesperson Hal Linden.



November 3 – 12, 2013 Discover Israel’s Great Frontier—The Negev—on an in-depth excursion through Israel.

June 2014 Explore Israel’s food, wine and culinary scene while experiencing Israel’s arts and cultural institutions.



March 23 – 27, 2014 Exclusive mission for members of JNF’s Negev Society.

November 9 - 16, 2014 Experience a unique journey through Israel as you explore the country from the Negev to the North.


Only have a day? See the Northern Negev and JNF projects—a new and unique Israel experience. Departs from Jerusalem every Wednesday.


Canadian American Active Retirees in Israel January 9 – February 26, 2014 A 2–7 week program for active retirees, which combines community service and traditional sightseeing throughout Israel.

Arava Institute Hazon Israel Ride See ad on page 11.

To register for one of these unique tours of Israel or for more information, contact 877.JNF.TOUR (563.8687) or visit

B'Yachad: How do we engage the next generation?  
B'Yachad: How do we engage the next generation?