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Doing a World of Good By Anna Shabtay, Donor Relations Director

sides these figurines, wanted me to have id you know that the average life one. This touched me so much that I had span of a man in the Former Soviet to spread Bella’s story,” explains Jim. Union is 59.5? Fifty-nine and a half On October 16, 2011, please join the versus the 78.7 average life span of a Jewish Community Partnership for “Openman in the United States. Did you ing Night,” The Jewish Federation’s Annual know that more than 200,000 Israelis Campaign launch. You will be inspired by do not have enough food to feed their Bella’s story and many more stories just families? Did you know that one third like hers of people’s lives who have been of all Israeli children live below the changed by the Annual Campaign. The poverty line? Did you know that cost is just $36 and includes hors d’oeu800,000 Israelis are jobless? Did vres and cocktails. you know that your gift to the We will hear Broadway tunes from Jewish Federation’s Annual CamCantorial Soloist Nancy Linder and “Is paign helps all of these people? Arab-Israeli Peace Possible” with Ralph The Jewish Federation of Greater Nurnberger, the funniest political commenLong Beach and West Orange County tator in the United States. Ralph will upmakes a difference in the lives of date us on the current political situation 175,000 seniors living in the Former and share insightful information about IsSoviet Union through our partner rael and the Middle East. Ralph is also a agency, the American Jewish Joint DisFederation funds food bags that Bella receives weekly and has been receiving since 2003. Professor of International Relations at tribution Committee (JDC). Through ____________________________________________________________________________ Georgetown University, has served on home care visits, senior centers, and Capitol Hill, in the Executive Branch and has also spent food packages, the JDC and the Jewish Federation help Through home care visits, senior twenty-five years in the field of government relations. Jewish men in the FSU live 10 years longer. This summer, Jim Breslauer, Federation President, All in all, a night that is not to be missed. centers, and food packages, the Shari Nemirow, Federation Immediate Past President, Please RSVP to Khatera at kzubin@jewishlongand Deborah Goldfarb, Federation Executive Director or 562-426-7601 EXT 1006 or by mailing JDC and the Jewish Federation traveled with other Federation Executives, Presidents your check made payable to the Jewish Federation to and Campaign Chairs on the Campaign Chairs and Di3801 E. Willow Street Long Beach, CA 90815. help Jewish men in the FSU live rector’s Mission sponsored by Jewish Federations of Did you know that over 260,000 young adults from North America to the Former Soviet Union and to Israel. 52 countries have been to Israel on Birthright trips since 10 years longer. They saw the work that we do in these countries first 1999? Did you know that 2,000 kids from all over Eu____________________________________________________________________________ hand. They experienced the difference that we make rope spent two weeks at Jewish summer camp in every day in the lives of the people who live there. is able to leave their apartment. The JDC sends these Szarvas, Hungary? Did you know that over 1,000 imIn Moscow, Jim, Deborah, and Shari walked up sev- types of food packages to thousands of home bound migrant children in Israel get nurturing and educational eral flights of stairs to take a bag of food to a home- seniors in the FSU every week. Bella really touched the care in after school programs every day? Did you bound senior named Bella. Bella gets these food heart of Jim through her love for elephant figurines. know that your gift to the Jewish Federation’s packages delivered once a week because she cannot They bonded instantly over this and Bella even gave Annual Campaign makes all of this possible? leave her apartment. Bella even has a cousin who lives one of her beloved glass elephant figurines to Jim. “This in her building but they never see each other as neither woman, Bella, who has literally nothing to her name be-


BEST WISHES FOR A HAPPY AND HEALTHY NEW YEAR The Sappell Family Shirlee, Joel, Mona, Jessie & Kate




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Contents 4 From the Director Inscribing our Elderly in the Book of Life

5 The Ethel and Joe Lessin Legacy

Shabbat Candlelighting

October 7 October 14 October 21 October 28

6:12 pm 6:03 pm 5:54 pm 5:47 pm

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6 Upcoming Events at our Area Synagogues Check out the October events at local Synagogues

11-12 High Holy Day Greetings from the Community

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The Jewish Community

Inscribing our Elderly in the Book of Life From the Director Deborah K. Goldfarb

Bella, who appears on the front page of this issue, is one incredible woman! During this time of introspection, I am reminded how many people, like Bella, need our help on a daily basis. Each year funds raised through the Federation Annual Campaign reach hundreds of thousands of Jews worldwide, many of them frail and lonely elderly. Each year, we help provide life-sustaining assistance to 175,000 of the poorest elderly Jews in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. Chesed

Centers, funded with the help of our Annual Campaign, allow those who are mobile to get out, enjoy social and cultural activities, and a warm lunch on a daily basis. Unfortunately, Bella is not among those who can even attend the Chesed Center. Without the food and medical assistance we provide, most of those like Bella would have no one to help them. It is a sad statistic that few services exist in Russia to serve the elderly. Bella lives on a pension of less than $4,000 per year, with no means to access an assisted living facility or home-health care on her own. She is one of the nearly 30,000 destitute Jews we help in Moscow each year. Just as in Eastern Europe, we have elderly in our community,

many whom are frail, that need your assistance. Through grants made possible by the Federation Annual Campaign, the Alpert Jewish Community serves nearly over 3,000 hot lunches each year, provides social and cultural stimulation, and sends nearly 1,000 holiday outreach packages to home-bound seniors. Jewish Family and Children’s Service provided casework services to nearly 1,500 seniors and their family members last year, up 44% from the previous year. As we reflect upon the year to come, please consider helping those who need our assistance. As the 2012 Federation Annual Campaign kicks off on October 16, please consider carefully how we can all make a difference. L’Shana Tova.

Explore the Start-Up Nation with Chamber of Commerce & Federation Long Beach Area Chamber of Commerce is partnering with Jewish Federation of Greater Long Beach & West Orange County for the First Annual “Exploring the Start-Up Nation – Discover Israel Tour”. With over 100 local Chamber and Federation members, supporters, and friends of both organizations expected on this exclusive tour of Israel, this partnership marks a milestone for both organizations, as they look to share in their focus of international cultural relations. Designed for the benefit of all Chamber and Federation members, non-members, supporters of the organizations, family, and friends, the 9-day/7 nights, all inclusive tour to Israel February 5-14, 2012 is offered for only $3,399 per person. “It’s an opportunity for our community at-large, to become exposed to the innovations, con-

tributions and fabulous sites of Israel. Israel has the highest density of tech start-ups in the world. If you look into Google, Intel, Microsoft and many more, you will find that Israel has something to do with keeping these compa-

nies at the forefront of their industries. We will explore this, visit the majestic sites of Israel, and we will hear from Israeli industry experts on various subjects,” explains Jim Breslauer, Jewish Federation President.


Tour Highlights Include: Tel Aviv, Jaffa, Caesarea, Sea of Galilee, the Golan Heights, Yardenit on the Jordan River, Bet Shean, the Dead Sea, Masada and Jerusalem, Mount Zion, Yad Vashem, the Knesset building

with its famous Menorah, the Machaneh Yehuda Market and so much more. Pricing includes: Roundtrip air from LAX, transfers, deluxe motor coach with expert guides, four star hotels and kibbutzim, breakfast & dinner daily, entrance fees to all sites and tours, speaker presentations, complimentary copy (per couple) of #5 New York Times Bestselling Book: Start-Up Nation: The Story of Israel’s Economic Miracle. Deposit & deadline: $550 (per person) and registration forms due by Nov. 1, 2011 (bookings secured on a first come, first serve basis). Ask about The Chamber Travel Layaway Plan. For more information, visit or contact Leanna Rodgers at or 562-436-1254.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: 3801 E. Willow Street Long Beach, CA 90815 WEB: PHONE: 562-426-7601

The Ethel and Joe Lessin Legacy

Ethel and Joe Lessin

Ninety-three years young, Ethel Lessin passed away on August 26, 2011. She will be sorely missed by our community. As her family stated, “Ethel was a devoted wife and partner to the love of her life, the late Joseph Lessin and was a devoted mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. Ethel enjoyed over 70 years with Joe. They travelled across the world and across a lifetime devoted to each other, delighting in their many adventures.”

Ethel and Joe were generous supporters of the Jewish Federation, the Alpert JCC, Hillel and the Jewish Community Foundation. Their lifetime of service, giving both their time and financial support, to the community started way before they moved to Long Beach. Ethel grew up in one of the only two Jewish families in Tujunga, CA. Joe was born in Delaware and came to Long Beach as a child before his family settled in the Los Angeles area. His family had ties to Long Beach through his uncle, Nathan Schulman. As a young couple starting out, Joe and Ethel had a group of friends who, like themselves, were very conscious of the obligations of Tikun Olam and Tzedakah. As none of them were able to buy an Israeli Bond alone, ten couples would get together to contribute to the purchase price and then

draw straws to see who would get to make the purchase. Ethel was very active in Pioneer Women and worked for the United Jewish Welfare Fund in Los Angeles. She was one of the founding members of the Women’s Board of the Center Associates of the Los Angeles Jewish Community Centers Association. Hearing Golda Meir and David Ben Gurion are

highlights of those years. Upon retirement, the Lessins moved to Long Beach and became active members of our local Jewish community. Ethel quickly became involved in the Federation’s Women’s Division Board (now Women’s Philanthropy). Ethel was an active Lion of Judah and was one of the original eight women from our community to endow her annual Lion of Judah

gift. Joe was a long time board member and past president of the Foundation. Ethel & Joe knew that even after they were gone that the needs of the Jewish Community would continue. Through the Jewish Community Foundation, they chose to leave remainder of their

LEGACY continued on page 10 | OCTOBER 2011 | 5




Beyond Inclusion: Addressing the Essential Needs of the Special Needs Community

Congregation Shir Chadash (I) 6440 Del Amo Blvd. Lakewood, CA 90713 Contact Rabbi Howard Laibson Phone: 562-429-0715 Website:

Cantor Steven Puzarne

In a 2009 editorial, the Jewish Forward raised questions about Jewish giving in an increasingly, “it’s all about me” kind of world. Entitled “Not Only For Ourselves,” the editorial suggests that the focus of our Mitzvah efforts has shifted from recipient to giver, from confronting societal needs to strengthening Jewish identity, stoking self-esteem, burnishing college resumes. Ruth Messinger, President of American Jewish World Service, puts it succinctly: “Service to others is built into Jewish Tradition, but has always been focused on the needs of the beneficiaries, not the volunteers.” She suggests that acts of service must include learning about and working to change the conditions that brought about the need in the first place. Whether called social justice or active citizenship, it’s not enough to serve food in the soup kitchen. We must confront the root causes of hunger and work toward addressing the greater need. The Forward’s editorial surely doesn’t aim to dismiss any phil-

anthropic efforts, and we might, recalling a favorite Passover song, proclaim: If we did nothing more than deliver meals or write a check, Dayenu! that would be sufficient. But even as Dayenu acknowledges the value of each individual blessing, it is truly an expression of boundless gratitude that so many of our essential needs were provided. In this same spirit, special needs families in our community could appropriately give thanks for innovative B’nai Mitzvah, recreational and artistic programs, and for every noble effort that increases inclusion in Jewish life. And celebrating such communal achievements, we could justifiably declare: Dayenu! That is sufficient. Yet growing up with a multiply handicapped cousin, and serving as tutor and spiritual guide to many young people with developmental challenges, I remain deeply concerned that even our best communal offerings are woefully inadequate, failing to reflect, much less address the enormous burdens such

families regularly endure. No matter how well intended, a disparate smattering of Jewish enrichment and educational programs are simply not Dayenu! Not sufficient to truly alleviate their suffering. Many families feel isolated, exhausted, and invisible. They stop showing up, fearful of judgment, or tired of short-lived, feelgood experiences too often based on what providers believe would be enjoyable, too rarely on patiently listening to what is actually, and desperately needed. For such families, targeted outreach and substantive, long-term solutions are in order. The book of Leviticus instructs: “Put no stumbling blocks before the blind,” and our sages demand that we be proactive in removing such barriers. After witnessing the enhanced self-esteem special needs B’nai Mitzvah students experience when at long last the focus of their lives shifts from clinical to spiritual, from fixing shortcomings to celebrating strengths, we might ask: Why so little, why so

late? Why not Cantor Steven spiritually Puzarne rooted interventions for both child and parent, provided from the very first moment of diagnosis, until they draw their last sacred breath? And upon learning that special Israeli Kibbutzim provide meaningful, productive lives to developmentally challenged adults, we might ask: Why has our more affluent community failed to create similar nurturing environments, particularly as thousands of children are “aged-out” of the system, leaving their parents with perilously few longterm options? Guilt and despair are inadequate responses to such difficult questions. More effective, particularly at this season of personal and communal introspection, would be to forge a bold vision in the spirit of Theodore Herzl’s inspiring admonition, “If you will it, it is no dream.” Cantor Steven Puzarne is the Spiritual Leader of P’nai Or, Long Beach and the Executive Director of Vision of Wholeness.

Upcoming Events at Our Area Synagogues Below you will find many of the exciting events happening at our local synagogues. Be sure to contact them directly if you have any questions. Their contact information is available in the Synagogue Directory on the right sidebar of this page.

Congregation Adat Israel/ Chabad of West OC In preparation for the New Year, may it be a blessed one for all. Friday, Oct 7, Yom Kippur/Kol Nidre services will be at 6:15 p.m. Oct. 8 services will at 9:30 a.m., Yizkor at 12:30 p.m and Ne’ilah at 5:45 p.m. All services will be at the Congregation, 5052 Warner Ave., Huntington Beach. P’Nai Or Saturday, Oct. 15 Pnai Or invites you to “Sukkot Under the Stars” from 5:45-9:00 p.m. at Grace First Presbyterian Church, 3955 N. Studebaker Rd. Long Beach.

Temple Beth David Sunday, Oct. 23 from 9:3011:30 a.m. all women are invited to come and see what exciting programs are coming this year to TBD sisterhood, a FREE brunch with entertainment will be included. Temple Beth Ohr Saturday, Oct. 15, 7:30 p.m. TBO welcomes Middle East Expert, Dr. Ralph Nurnberger. Dr. Nurnberger will speak on what is currently taking place in the Arab countries in the Middle East and the implications for the United States, Israel and the world.

Temple Beth Shalom Friday, Oct. 14 TBS sisterhood will be catering their annual Sukkot Dinner under the sukkah, beginning at 6:00 p.m. For more information contact Joan Davis at 562-594-9384. Sunday, Oct. 30 from 9:00 a.m. to noon TBS sisterhood invites you to a “Wardrobe Party” at Chico’s and Soma at the Shops at Rossmoor. The stores will donate to TBS 10% of all sales on this date. Temple Israel Sunday, Oct. 23 at 10:30 a.m. TI sisterhood will present Dr. Carol Grabowski who will speak


Synagogue Directory

Shul By The Shore (O) Seaport Marina Hotel 6400 Pacific Coast Highway Long Beach, California 90803 Contact: Rabbi Abba Perelmuter Phone: 562-621-9828 Email: Website: Temple Beth David (R) 6100 Hefley St. Westminster, CA 92683 Contact: Rabbi Nancy Myers Phone: 714-892-6623 Email: Website: Temple Beth Shalom (C) 3635 Elm Ave. Long Beach, CA 90807 Contact: Rabbi David Klatzker Phone: 562-426-6413 Email: Website: Temple Israel (R) 269 Loma Ave. Long Beach, CA 90803 Contact: Rabbi Steven Moskowitz Phone: 562-434-0996 Email: Website: Temple Ner Tamid of Downey (R) 10629 Lakewood Boulevard Downey, CA 90241 Contact: President David Salzman Phone: 562-861-9276 Website: P’nai Or (I) Long Beach, CA Contact: Cantor Steven Puzarne Spiritual Director Email: Website: Phone 562-364-5154 Congregation Lubavitch (O) 3981 Atlantic Ave. Long Beach, CA 90807 Contact: Rabbi Newman Phone: 562-426-5480 Email: Chabad of Cypress (O) 4454 Cerritos Ave. Los Alamitos, CA 90720 Contact: Rabbi Shmuel Marcus Phone: 714-828-1851 Email: Website: Congregation Sholom Leisure World, Seal Beach (C) P. O. Box 2901 Seal Beach, CA 90740 Contact: Cantor Galit Levy-Slater Spiritual Leader Membership: 562-431-0113 Temple Beth Ohr (R) 15721 Rosecrans Ave. La Mirada, CA 90638 Contact: Rabbi Mark Goldfarb Phone: 562-691-2551 Website:

on Women’s Health Issues: Menopause and Vitamin D and Managing “The Change” at the Alpert Jewish Community Center. Refreshments will be served, $5 admission, free to TI sisterhood members. If your synagogue would like to be a part of this listing, please submit your events to

Chabad of West Orange County/ Congregation Adat Israel (O) 5052 Warner Ave. Huntington Beach Contact: Rabbi Aron David Berkowitz Phone: 714-846-2285 Email: Website: Surf City Synagogue (C) Services held at the HB Central Library 7111 Talbert Ave. Huntington Beach Phone: 714-596-2220 E-Mail: (R)=Reform (O)=Orthodox

(C)=Conservative (I)=Independent

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Phone: (562)426-7601

OCTOBER 2011 Tishrei-Heshvan 5772

Alpert JCC Program Guide


inside Sukkot Programming . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 Spitzer & Dershowitz - 92Y LIVE . . . . 2 FREE Hebrew Reading Class . . . . . . . 3 Ladies Movie Night . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 Acting 101 - “CLUE”. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 AJCC/Pete Davis Basketball . . . . . . . 4 Teen Xtreme Bowling Night . . . . . . . . 4 Youth Water Polo . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4

The Barbara & Ray Alpert Jewish Community Center


Alpert JCC Program Guide



Eve Lunt, (562)426-7601, ext. 1067

Eve Lunt, (562)426-7601, ext. 1067

Sukkot Workshop Sun, Oct. 2, 1pm

92nd Street Y Lectures

This exceptional, interactive program was especially created by the National Jewish Outreach Program for Jews who would like to gain an appreciation and understanding of the history, customs and rituals associated with the joyous Sukkot holiday. Led by Judaic Specialist, Robyn Solovei.

This exciting interactive program brings special events from NYC’s 92nd Street Y, LIVE to Long Beach via satellite. Returning for the Fall 2011 season are community partners Jewish Federation, Temple Beth David, Temple Beth Shalom, Temple Israel, Shir Chadash and Shul by the Shore; we are excited to welcome Temple Beth Ohr this season as a new community partner. Admission is FREE to AJCC members & members of our partner synagogues.

Community Brown Bag Lunch in the Sukkah Sun, October 16, 1pm Bring your family, friends and a brown bag lunch to enjoy under the AJCC’s beautiful sukkah in the Lipeles Courtyard at the Alpert JCC. We’ll have kid’s crafts, as well as refreshments.

Eliot Spitzer & Alan Dershowitz

Ushpizot for Sukkot Tue, October 18, 7pm Sande Davida Gendel and Phyllis Kenigsberg invite women of all ages into the Alpert JCC sukkah at the AJCC. You’ll sing, nosh, and share short readings on matriarchs and inspiring women in history. Add to the list of Ushpizot (guests) by bringing a short reading about your favorite woman in Jewish history, the Bible, or one of your personal matriarchs. Please bring food to share from the harvest (fresh or dried fruits, foods reminding us of Israel, any healthy snack). Please RSVP to Eve Lunt for any or all of these Sukkot programs.

A Turning Point for the Middle East and the World Sun, October 2, 4pm Explore the hot topics of the day with two incisive & provocative voices of our time. Eliot Spitzer, former Governor of New York is an anchor of CNN’s In the Arena. Alan Dershowitz is a Professor of Law at Harvard Law & the author of many books. Audience members will have the opportunity to submit questions to both speakers. Rabbi Howard Laibson, of Congregation Shir Chadash, will lead a discussion after the lecture. Please visit our website for more programs from the Live from NY’s 92nd Street Y Fall 2011 Lecture Series.




Due to the High Holidays there will be no Rosh Chodesh meeting in October.

Dianna Villegas, (562)426-7601, ext. 1056, 1051

Evening Mah Jongg Group Wed, October 5 & 19 7:30pm

EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION Lori Davidson, (562)426-7601, ext. 1092

Kid’s Night Out is Parent’s Night Off

Join us at our ongoing bi-monthly game for intermediate & advanced players. The “J” will provide the room & hot java; you bring your 2011 card & set if you have one. Feel free to bring snacks to share with the group.

Sat, October 15, 5-9pm

Ladies Night at the Movies Please no beginners, this is not a class “Bridesmaids”

Diabetes Education & Management

For children 3 months & older Children will enjoy dinner, games, stories, music, and a movie. Program is for AJCC Members only. Advance registration & payment is required.

FREE/AJCC Member; $5/Public

Tue, October 25, 6:30pm

Thur, October 20, 9-11am

Cost per child:

It’s time for our monthly chick flick, so bring your BFF to the “J” for a movie, popcorn, chocolate and a Diet Coke. From the producer of Superbad, Knocked Up and The 40-Year-Old Virgin comes the breakout comedy critics are calling “hysterical!” Thirty-something Annie (Kristen Wiig) has hit a rough patch but finds her life turned completely upside down when she takes on the Maid of Honor role in her best friend Lillian’s (Maya Rudolph) wedding. Annie leads a hilarious hodgepodge of bridesmaids on a wild ride down the road to the big event.

A person diagnosed with diabetes faces many challenges. This class will discuss types of diabetes, medications, glucose intolerance, insulin resistance, nutrition concerns, equipment such as glucometers, syringes, insulin pumps, & managing their own care. Class led by a St Mary’s Medical Hospital Staff member. FREE/AJCC Members; FREE Public

$25-1st / $20-2nd / $10-3rd Babies under 12 months are $30 each

AJCC Poker Club Tue, October 18 6:30pm: Doors open for registration 7-10:30pm: Game Time A $10 late fee will be charged to players arriving after 7:10pm & are not guaranteed an RSVP seat. Join our friendly Texas Hold’Em Poker Club. Poker will be played, snacks and beverages will be served, and cash prizes will be won. RSVP’s suggested. $20/AJCC Member; $25/Public Cash only entry fee includes initial buy-In of $300 in chips. Re-Buys and Add-Ons are available through the first hour in $10 & $20 increments . RSVP to Eve Lunt, (562)426-7601, ext. 1067

This film runs 125 min. and is rated R, for explicit language & adult references.

Please RSVP to Dianna L Villegas

SENIOR ADULTS Dr. Susan Mathieu, (562)426-7601, ext. 1721

$5/AJCC Member; $7/Public Pauline & Zena Gatov Gallery Presents:

My Jewish Long Beach Exhibition runs through October 24 Local artists, photographers & poets answer the question: “What is Judaism in Long Beach to you?” Whether it’s a painting of children celebrating Havdalah or a photograph of synagogue doors or the beauty of tikkun olam through poem, their creations are the answers to this question and will be on exhibit.

New York & Chicago Club Social

October 23-November 20 5 Sundays, 1-2:30pm The Alpert JCC is partnering with the National Jewish Outreach Program in Read Hebrew America and Canada (RHA/C.) This popular program, designed for those with little or no background in Hebrew, has already taught more than 214,000 North American Jews to read Hebrew. 77% of participants in this course go on to Level II Hebrew or the Crash Course in Jewish History, which will be offered later this winter. FREE

Amram Ebgi Exhibit runs Oct. 27-Dec 1 Master Printmaker Amram Ebgi has been creating beautiful art for decades, bringing the deeply symbolic and beloved images of his rich Jewish Heritage to a growing legion of adoring fans worldwide. Ebgi’s work has been permanently displayed in the Museum Collections of Yale, Princeton and UCLA, exhibited by museums and collected by avid fans in countries all around the world.

The ECE Dept. welcomed 15 teenaged volunteers into our classrooms this Summer. Two, who attend Cabrillo High School, were exploring career opportunities, four chose the JCC for High School community service requirement fulfillment, four enjoyed playing with the children before participating in JCC teen programs, and five were returning because of fond memories of attending the AJCC preschool. Regardless of their reason their enthusiasm and assistance in the classrooms were made manifest by the cheers of delight from the children and the warm reception by the teaching staff. Everyone in ECE program offer a heartfelt todah rabah (thank you) to all of them!

During this social, we’ll enjoy noshing & kibbitzing while we plan future events. Entertainment will follow. Remember, the world is run by people who show up.

Ongoing Senior Activities FREE Crash Course in Hebrew Reading, Level 1

Children & Teens Benefitted Mutually this Summer

Sun, October 30, 1-3pm

Please RSVP to Dr. Susan Mathieu

Returning by Popular Demand:

Call Alayna Cosores at (562)426-7601, ext. 1091 for info. and to register.

Alpert JCC Program Guide

Rosh Chodesh at the JCC

Knit Wits: Mon, 1pm Lunch Program: Wed, 12pm Mah Jongg Group: Thur, 12pm Book Club: 1st Thur of month, 1pm

GESHERCITY YOUNG ADULTS Susanne Katz, (562)426-7601, ext. 1625

Check us out on facebook for monthly events & Programs at GesherCity LB Contact Susanne Katz for more info.

Contact Eve Lunt for more info. ext. 1067

The Barbara & Ray Alpert Jewish Community Center

There Are Still Openings! Yad b’ Yad Runs through January 18 Mondays & Wednesdays, 1-2:30pm For toddlers 17–24 months (with an adult) The children, with their parent or an adult, will get messy with paint, glue, playdough, water and sand. They’ll sing, learn finger plays, celebrate Jewish holidays, listen to stories, build tall towers, and meet new friends. Learning activities that involve the whole child on an experiential level will be pursued each class. Information for parents on timeproven techniques of raising children will be discussed and disseminated among the group. $400/AJCC Member; $616/Public


Alpert JCC Program Guide



Linda Keiles, (562)426-7601, ext. 1047

Linda Keiles, (562)426-7601, ext. 1047

Webby Dance Ages 2-4: Tue or Wed, 3-3:45pm Ages 4-7: Tue or Wed, 4–4:45pm Intro. to basics of tap, jazz & ballet with the leaders in kids’ dance instruction.

Continuing enrollment – join anytime! AJCC/Jenny McClintock’s Acting 101 Presents for prices

“Clue” An Interactive Theater Experience

Pee Wee Basketball

Sundays, 3-5pm For Youth & Teens Ages 7 & up Was it Colonel Mustard with the revolver in the Study or Miss Scarlet with the candelstick in the Dining Room? Grab a "clue" with acting instructor Jenny McClintock as she leads her troop of "suspects" on yet another acting adventure. Students will be involved in every aspect of the production from developing characters to costuming, making sets, & directing as they produce everyone’s favorite whodunit, "Clue."

Ages 3-5 Basketball skills and drills clinic for the younger set, with an emphasis on warm-ups, dribbling, ball-handling, defense, passing and shooting. Fun and non-competitive which is just right for kids playing basketball for the first time, and for those who want to brush up on their skills. $55/AJCC Member; 65/Public

MYART @ the “J” Showcase Troupe

•Parent & Me

Mondays, 6-8:30pm (times depending on group placement)

Ages 8 & up Troupe members train in dance, singing, and acting. The main goal of the program is to broaden community awareness of the stage arts as participants perform throughout the community.

TEENS For kids entering grades 6 & up Rachel Gordon, (562)426-7601, ext. 1023

J Crew Xtreme Bowling Sat, October 1, 9-11pm Join us for our first J Crew outing of the school year! Hang out with your friends and show off your bowling skills! Bring money for snacks. Please arrange transportation to and from AMF bowling alley: 12141 Valley View St. Garden Grove, CA 92845. $17 for bowling and shoes

Upcoming Events:


Runs Through October 25 Mondays, 3–3:45pm

•Dinner & Color Me Mine •J Crew Chanukah Party •Volunteer Opportunities •College Entrance Workshops Check out our Facebook page & Alpert JCC website for more info.

Continuing enrollment – join anytime!


Private Swim Lessons

Sensei Mac Martial Arts

Sascha Bryan-Zwick (562)426-7601, ext. 1035

One-on-one instruction for all ages with a Swim University instructor. Open spots call today! Visit website for more info.

All Ages: Sun, 9-10am

Masters Swim

•Pee Wee

Runs through October 26 Mon & Wed, 6:30-8pm

Ages 3-5: Wed, 3:45-4:45pm

Ages 14+ All Levels of swimmers are welcome

•Youth Ages 3-12

Sundays, 11:30am-12:30pm Wednesdays, 4:45–5:45pm Thursdays, 3–4pm

Year-Round Prep-Swim Team with Coach Rafe Montes Tue, Thur, 4:30-5:15pm

•Youth Sparring Sundays, 12:30-1:30pm Tuesdays, 6:30–7:30pm Ages 6-13

•Cardio Kick-Boxing Ages 18+: Sun, 10-11am & Wed, 6-7pm

•Self-Defense/MMA Sundays, 1:30-2:30pm Ages 18+

•Drop In Fee per class

Ages 5-12 Visit website for more info.

Swim to Catalina Swim Tracking Program

Year-Round Youth Swim Team with Coach Rafe Montes

Swim the 26 miles from Long Beach to Catalina Island in our heated swimming pool. Track your swim distance at the Aquatics office, every 66 laps equals one mile. After 26 miles you’ll get a “I swam from Long Beach to Catalina at the AJCC”T-shirt.

Mon-Thur, 5-6:30pm Fri, 4:30-5:30pm Ages 6-14

Check Web for More info

$15/AJCC Member; $25/Public

•Private Lessons with Mac: 15 minutes: $20/AJCC Member; $30/Public

30 minutes: $30/AJCC Member; $40/Public

60 minutes: $55/AJCC Member; $70/Public To arrange for private lessons, call Sensei Mac at (562)688-9994

Swim University Group Swim Lessons October 17-November 17 (5 wks) Ages 3-8 • Tiny tots • Beginner (1:4 ratio) • Gets kid water safe • Adv. Beginner (1:6 ratio) • Get Swim Team & Water Polo ready $75/AJCC Member; $90/Public

Water Polo October 17-November 17 (5 wks) FREE tryout the 1st week of class $50/AJCC Member; $60/Public

Continuing enrollment – join anytime! *Must be USA H2O POLO Member ($25-55 per yr)



JFCS Call Today! We’re Here to Help!

3801 E. WILLOW STREET LONG BEACH, CA 90815 WEB: EMAIL: PHONE: 562-427-7916

JFCS – Looking for New “Friends” Looking for New Heroes

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead In 1957 a small group of concerned citizens from the National Council of Jewish Women of Long Beach decided that our community deserved more - that we could and should take better care of one another.What resulted from these courageous women was the creation of a new agency – the birth of what is now Jewish Family and Children’s Service of Long Beach/West Orange County. While the times have changed, the needs of the community could not be greater. Last year JFCS saw unprecedented increases in demand for its services, our units of service for the low-income counseling program increased by 40 percent and the total number of clients increased by almost 30 percent. Even more astounding is that 83% of the clients serviced were below the federal poverty level. For those who are frail, elderly, economically disadvantaged, mentally ill or otherwise disadvantaged, the times could not be more difficult. While our community is clearly in greater and greater need, our agency also faces its own challenges. While we have worked very hard to fulfill our contract with the community and tripled the number of our volunteers over recent years,

we are now facing the realities of funding sources becoming more and more scarce. That’s why this year we need you…our friends…more than ever. Because we have faith in our family of donors, we have remained firmly committed to all of our vital services and programs. We know that the generosity of spirit and compassion in our community could not be greater. And, we know that with your help, we will continue to be a premier social service agency and the beacon of hope for everyone in the community. We hope you will join us in the spirit of our founders and help continue to heal the world, one person, one family at a time. Please join our community of heroes and give generously to the JFCS Friends Campaign. Your commitment will absolutely save lives. If you would like to make a donation to JFCS, you may do so by: • Sending a check to: JFCS • Visit our web site • Call EXT. 235 • E-mail JFCS

An Enchanted Evening at Bali C’hai

Hosts of JFCS’s enchanted evening at “Bali C’hai” – Linda Haley and Marvin Zamost

Michael and Joyce Greenspan

On August 20, JFCS’s Club Bistro threw its finale event for the year by hosting, “Bali C’hai,” an enchanted evening featuring Asian-inspired dining and a sing-along of the movie, “South Pacific.” The evening could not have been more perfect with beautiful table decorations featuring a tropical theme and festive party attire for all. The meal featured a tropical menu by Parties by Panache, party favors by Party Props, and special cocktails stirred up for the

Rob Feldman, Ava Weiss, Linda and Richard Burney, Steve Gordon

night by bartender/JFCS Board Member, Howard Weiss. Guests were treated to an al fresco screening of Roger’s and Hammerstein’s Pulitzer Prize winning classic movie, “South Pacific” starring Mary Martin and Rossano Brazzi. Classic songs such as “I’m Gonna Wash That Man Right Outa My Hair,” “There is Nothin' Like a Dame” and “Some Enchanted Evening” were among the crowd favorites.

Special thanks to Linda Haley and Marvin Zamost for creating and sponsoring this special evening for JFCS. JFCS would also like to thank the Club Bistro Planning Committee, Nancy Linden, Joyce Greenspan, Ellen Friedman, and Christal Dunn for their work this year in making the Club Bistro events so memorable for all.

Also, we have had a generous donor who will donate $1 for every person that joins JFCS’s Facebook page by October 31. Look for JFCS of Long Beach/West Orange County today to do a little thing and make a big difference.

OUR MISSION: Jewish Family and Children’s Service of Greater Long Beach/West Orange County is a nonprofit agency that provides a wide range of professional counseling and support services to assist all individuals regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, disability or sexual orientation in facing life’s challenges. | OCTOBER 2011 | 7

Hillel at CSULB FOR MORE INFORMATION: WEB: EMAIL: PHONE: 562-985-7068 or 562-426-7601 ext 1424

Spotlight on Birthright Over the summer, ten Beach Hillel students were thrilled to participate in a Taglit-Birthright Israel trip. Each month, one student will share the highlights from his or her experience. Moshe Prado explains why TaglitBirthright Israel is so special to him. My trip to Israel was one of the best times of my life. The trip taught me many meaningful lessons and I discovered a new perspective on life. The strong impression I gained through this trip was that Israel is a beautiful country and its people are genuinely kind. I know for sure that this experience has made me proud to be Jewish. Going to Israel has strengthened my faith in G-d. I realized that I must accomplish as much as possible and be a righteous human being. Before I went to Israel, I didn’t take life seriously and had no goals. Traveling in Israel has made me think more seriously about my future and what I want to be. I have been thinking about my educational and spiritual goals. I would like to broaden my spirituality to be an honorable human being and follow the teachings of the Torah. One of my favorite activities on the trip was going down the Jordan River. We were split into groups to race each other down the river. It took teamwork to ac-

Support the Beach Hillel Campus Office

Moshe Prado (right) enjoys an activity in Tiberias on Beach Hillel’s TaglitBirthright Israel Trip Summer 2011

complish the task. Each group did an excellent job and the activity brought everyone together. This activity was fun and educational because it taught me the value of teamwork and cooperation. Israel is very beautiful. We traveled to see the beautiful mountains, deserts with camels roaming around, and waterfalls in the forest. For the first time in my life I rode a camel, floated in the Dead Sea, and hiked Mt. Masada. The air felt different than in Long Beach, California. It was wonderful to experience this trip with people my own age. Strangely, I felt a connection with others and the land. It was nothing I had expected it to be based on how the media portrays Israel. I became friends with American and Israeli people throughout this trip and know that we will all keep in touch. I learned that the people of Israel are strong. Learning about their accomplishments has made me want to be stronger.

Going to Israel has made me proud to be Jewish. This trip gave me a foundation for my future. The trip was organized well. The participants were able to learn and see a lot about Jewish identity, culture, and the land. The activities were exciting and memorable, but the relationships I formed were more life changing. Traveling in Israel taught me that the world has so much to offer. These experiences and memories will stay with me forever and I will utilize them in my daily life. I was so fortunate to experience this amazing trip. I am so grateful to the Beach Hillel staff for helping to make this trip possible. Todah Rabah, Beach Hillel. –Moshe Prado

Students Ari, Marysa, and Sam utilize the Beach Hillel campus office

Beach Hillel needs your help. On campus at Cal State Long Beach, Beach Hillel has an office in the University Interfaith Center for staff and students to utilize. In January 2010, the office was severely flooded and many things were destroyed. As a result, there is currently no working computer or printer in our campus office. The lack of these office supplies is significantly detrimental to our organization. Beach Hillel envisions the campus office as a place where students can meet with friends, work on homework, and hang out in between classes. A computer and printer are essential to this goal. We are looking for a new or slightly used printer and Mac

desktop. PC computers would also be gladly accepted, but we would prefer a Mac so that students and staff can use the same system on campus and in Beach Hillel’s AJCC office. In addition, Beach Hillel is looking for a digital video camera. Keeping up with changing social media is a great way to reach out to college students. With a digital video camera, we would be able to make promotional videos and advertise on outlets like YouTube and Facebook. Please help our organization continue to grow and thrive. If you would like to make a contribution, please contact us at All donations are tax-deductible and greatly appreciated.

Jewish Lecture Series

L’SHANAH TOVAH From the Staff & Students


CSULB’s Jewish Studies Program is pleased to present Rabbi Shai Cherry, Ph.D., Monday, October 24, at 7:45 p.m., at the Alpert JCC. His talk is entitled “Reason and Faith: Jewish Postures Toward Science.” Rabbi Cherry received his Ph.D. from Brandeis University in Jewish Thought and his rabbinical ordination from American Jewish University. He is currently Rabbi in residence and

principal of the Abraham Ratner Torah School in San Diego. The lecture series is free and Rabbi Shai Cherry open to the community. For more information, please contact Susan Paletz at the Alpert JCC at 562426-7601, EXT. 1067.

HEBREW ACADEMY Award Winning Academics in a Genuine Jewish Environment


Annual Auction at NEW Values Circle

Largest Sukkah in Orange County October is very busy at the H.A. and everyone is welcome to join the many festivities hosted on the campus. The H.A. will begin with Tashlich trips to a local pond on Monday, October 3. Tashlich comes from the Hebrew word meaning "to cast away," referring to the intent to cast away our past and start with a new and bright future full of blessings. Everyone is welcome as we pray together to be signed and sealed in the Book of Life for a good and sweet new year. On Thursday, October 13 Jews around the world will mark the seven-day Festival of Sukkot. The H.A. plans to host a celebration in Orange County’s largest

Sukkah (traditional holiday hut). “One of the beautiful features of the H.A. is its Holiday events,” says Rabbi Popack, holiday events coordinator, “These grand holiday festivals are held on the Academy’s campus and are open to the entire community.” According to event co-coordinators, the Sukkah will be large enough for hundreds of guests and the celebration will include Carnival Games and booths, performances by students, terrific kosher food, live Jewish music and, of course, much dancing. “These programs at the Academy leave lifelong memories filled with the warmth of our rich heritage and traditions, and I find them one of the best ways to

celebrate.” says Rabbi Popack. On Wednesday, October 19 everyone is welcome to our Simchat Torah, “Rejoicing in the Torah”, parade. Include your children in the joy as they join our many students of the H.A. as they showcase crafts and songs. To celebrate the holiday the H.A. is again offering this year a great selection of Lulav and Etrog sets for purchase at $40 each. For more information regarding the upcoming Communitywide Sukkah Celebrations, call the H.A. or visit the website.

The H.A. is hosting its annual Auction, a fundraiser set for Sunday, November 13. Once Auctioneer Jay Fiske a year, friends of the H.A. get together for a fabulously fun filled evening. The proceeds go directly to benefit the school’s buildings and grounds. The annual event is open to the public with an emphasis on socializing. "It’s a great way for supporters, parents, teachers, and administrators to get to know each other

First Day of School

Traveling Puppet Show Will Visit Local Schools

Rabbi Sender Engel has traveled for many years to all the local schools and synagogues to teach thousands of children about the Jewish holidays in a most exciting and experiential fashion. This fall the Rabbi won’t be showing up alone.

The all new holiday series will include a live puppet show. These handmade friends will surely keep students mesmerized by the show and will allow them to absorb so much more by actually seeing and participating hands-on in the presentations. “In addition to making a shofar, pressing the olives for oil or actually baking matzah, I’m starting a puppet show series geared for grades Pre-K through 3rd,” says the talented Rabbi. “Thou-

while enjoying a wonderful auction, entertainment and a gourmet buffet filled with many delicacies," says Jenny Kdoshim, event coordinator. "It’s also a great opportunity to get unique items and your Chanukah shopping off to an easy start… This is the event you won’t want to miss! So, why not join the group this year on Sunday, November 13, at 5:00 p.m. at the Hebrew Academy in Huntington Beach as they celebrate at the NEW Values Circle with the third grade choir. For more information contact Jenny Kdoshim at EXT. 209.

sands of kids have enjoyed the factories in the past and I hope many more children will partake in one of our workshops, factories or puppet shows this year.” The puppet show is a project of the Living Legacy Program sponsored by the H.A. There are limited presentations available for the coming year so sign up early. For more information please call Rabbi Sender.

The last minute dash for school supplies is over and a new school year begins. At the

Hebrew Academy Rabbi Popack, Judaic Principal, sounded the shofar to herald in the New Year. Friendly reunions and new friends were quickly made as students settled in and opened to the first page of a new beginning. For a tour of the Academy’s 11-acre Campus in Huntington Beach, please call Alex.

October Upcoming Events OPEN TO THE COMMUNITY: Grand Sukkah Party 5:00 pm – 7:30 pm October 6 Simcha Torah Parade 1:30 pm October 9 | OCTOBER 2011 | 9




Alban & Alban, A Law Corporation

Robert A. Kaplan, M.D. Joel J. Widelitz, M.D.

Robert D. Alban & Jon K. Alban Estate Planning and Estate Administration Living Trusts, Wills, Powers of Attorney Serving the Long Beach community for over 40 years

_____ (562) 594-0222

Lawrence H. Nemirow, ESQ Business Law, Insurance Law, Trusts and Estates 5242 Katella Ave., Suite 104 Los Alamitos, CA 90720

(562) 799-1379 Web Site:

C.P.A.’s Shari D. Nemirow, C.P.A. Small Business accounting & income taxes for Corporations, Partnerships, Individuals 5242 Katella, #104 Los. Al.

_____ (562) 430-8231

Pamela Schulman-Flores, C.P.A. Master of Science-Taxation, Tax Returns-all types, tax planning & audits Downey

(562) 803-5324

ELECTRICAL H & H ELECTRICAL Quality Without Compromise Residential & Commercial Lic. # 309934 Since 1975

(562) 494-3057

A Professional Corporation Infants-Children-Adolescents Robert A. Kaplan, M.D. F.A.A.P. Joel J. Widelitz, M.D., F.A.A.P. Rei Tosu, M.D., F.A.A.P. Barbara Bennett, R.N., C.P.N.P. 10861 Cherry St., Suite 305 Los Alamitos, CA 90720

(562) 598-4848

PODIATRY Eric R. Hubbard, D.PM, F.A.C.F.S. Board Certified-Foot & Ankle Surgery Adult’s and Children’s Foot Disorders Athletic Injuries-Custom Orthotics 2333 Pacific Ave., Long Beach

(562) 426-5151 (562) 427-7443

PSYCHOLOGY Bernard F. Natelson, PSY.D. Certified, American Board of Medical Psychotherapists, Stress Management-Relationship Expertise 10900 Los Alamitos Blvd., Suite 207

_____ (562) 431-1033

Craig Kain, Ph.D. Licensed Psychologist, Psychotherapy & Counseling in Long Beach, Afternoon & Evening Appts.

ORTHODONTICS Brodsky Orthodontics Braces & Invisilign™ for all ages 5920 Del Amo Blvd., Lakewood

(562) 496-2000

OB/GYN Joel Kizner, M.D., F.A.C.O.G. Board Certified in OB/GYN 10861 Cherry St., Ste. 109 Los Alamitos, CA 90720

(562) 431-3606

Jewish Federation GENERAL FUND •To Art & Karin Polacheck, in honor of your grandson, from Linda & Stephen Gordon FEDERATION WEINBERG CAMPUS FUND •To Eva & Eugene Schlesinger, get well wishes, from Judi & Gordon Lentzner •In honor of Jean Blakey, from Judi & Gordon Lentzner •To Eva & Eugene Schlesinger, get well wishes, from Dodie Robbins

MICHAEL SEGAL MAIMONIDES FUND •To Lauren Rips, please get well, from Jessie Butler •To Terry Menter, in memory of Randy, from Jessie Butler •In honor of Jean Blakey, from Jessie Butler •To the Solovei family, in memory of Norman, from Jessie Butler •To June Kadonoff & family, in memory of Bob, from Jessie Butler

•In honor of Jean Blakey, from Binnie & Jack Berro •In honor of Jean Blakey, from Aunt Ruth Beckman •In honor of Jean Blakey, from Gary Jackson •In honor of Jean Blakey, from Ruth Kahn •To Eugene & Eva Schlesinger, speedy recovery, from The Bloom family •To Eva & Eugene Schlesinger, speedy recovery, from Sandy & Jerry Horwitz

PAULA BLUM SENIOR ADULT FUND •To Zelda Siegel & family, in memory of Leonard Siegel, from Barry Borkin •From the Knit Wits to the Paula Blum Senior Adult Fund •To Bob Turner, in honor of being named Senior of the Year, from Barry Borkin

HOWARD AND AVA WEISS OLDER ADULT FUND •To Annette Resnik, in memory of Bert from, Jean Feldman For tributes to JFCS please call 562-4267601 EXT 217 or 562-427-7916

B’Nai Mitzvah Jewish Community Foundation GERDA SEIFER YOM HASHOAH FUND •To Eugene & Eva Schlesinger, wishing you a quick recovery, from Gerda & Harold Seifer •In honor of Jean Blakey, from Gerda & Harold Seifer •To the family of Ethel Lessin, in memory of Ethel, from Dr. Harold Seifer For tributes to the Jewish Federation and Jewish Community Foundation please call 562-4267601 EXT 1314

AJCC GENERAL FUND •In memory of Chuck Kramer, from Carole Skidmore •To the Solovei family, in memory of Norman, from Laura Hillman

LEGACY continued from page 5

The Gold Trotters, Inc.

(562) 594-9088

Tribute & memorial contributions are special gifts to honor, memorialize, or congratulate friends & family for all occasions. We will be delighted to send a card on your behalf.

STANLEY ZACK LIBRARY FUND •In memory of my wife, Susan Klaif Langsam, from Gordon Langsam For tributes to AJCC please call 562-426-7601 EXT 1414

JFCS GENERAL JFCS FUND •To Eugene & Eva Schlesinger, speedy recovery from the JFCS staff & board •To Eugene & Eva Schlesinger, speedy recovery from Wendy & Alan Puzarne •To Diane Karp & family, in memory of Charles, from Daryl & Sandy Philips MARCIE BALAN BLAKEY FUND •In honor of Jean Blakey, from The JFCS Staff & Board of Directors •In honor of Jean Blakey, from Wendy & Alan Puzarne •In honor of Jean Blakey, from Paula H. Bloom

TEMPLE BETH DAVID Brian Golden Brian Golden celebrates his Bar Mitzvah on October 15. Brian is a 7th grader at Dwyer Middle School. Brian has raised funds and needed items for the Long Beach Marine Mammal Institute. Duncan Fujii Duncan Fujii, will celebrate his Bar Mitzvah on October 29. Duncan is a 8th grade GATE student at Oak Middle School. Duncan's mitzvah project echoes his Torah portion of Noah. He is working with Heifer International, which helps communities worldwide to end hunger and poverty.

(562) 987-1766

JEWELRY Fine Jewelry since 1977. On-site gemological services performed by Rose Keller, GIA graduate (1977).


Call Today to Add your listing to our Professional Directory Anna 562-426-7601 EXT 1007 or Yolanda 562-426-7601 EXT 1314 for more information

estate to establish a PACE (Perpetual Annual Campaign Endowment) Fund. A PACE Fund is an endowment that will fund an annual contribution to the Federation Annual campaign in the

donor’s name in perpetuity. Donors at all levels can create a PACE Fund or other types of funds through a bequest, life insurance policy, retirement asset or other planned giving vehicle. Together, Ethel and Joe left a lasting legacy based on the foundation of a great love for their

family, friends and community that will be felt by many generations to come. Everyone Can…Leave a Jewish Legacy. To find out the many ways you can leave a legacy, contact Sharon Kenigsberg at the Jewish Community Foundation 562-426-7601 EXT. 1008.

CCEJ-Annual Dinner and Gene Lentzner Human Relations Award Celebration The California Conference for Equality and Justice (CCEJ), formerly known as The National Conference of Christians and Jews (NCCJ), will hold the 48th Annual Dinner meeting on Thursday, October 21, at the Old Ranch County Club, Seal Beach. There will be a Reception at 5:30 p.m. with dinner to follow at 6:30 p.m.


The Gene Lentzner Human Relations Award will be given to the following individuals for their exceptional, contributions to improving human relations at a "grass roots" level in Long Beach: Alicia Carrera-Community Leader, Anita Gibbins-Long Beach City College Director, Student Health Services & Student Life, Lt. Ty Hatfield-Long Beach Police Department.

This award is given in the name of Gene Lentzner because of his extraordinary life-long commitment to bringing diverse people together in his continuous effort to improve human relations in the greater Long Beach area. For ticket information, contact CCEJ at 562-435-8184.

The Guest Family Ron, Diane & Lisa

WISHES FOR A HAPPY AND HEALTHY NEW YEAR Bette, Michael, Jeffrey & Brian Weinberg


L’SHANAH TOVAH Lou & Sylvia Piltz

BEST BLESSINGS & TOGETHERNESS! The Mathieu & Leifer Family



Lee & Barbara Shoag



WISHING YOU A NEW YEAR OF HEALTH, HAPPINESS & PEACE Thelma, Richard & Belinda Teitel Ruthie & Bob Lefkowitz

Dodie Robbins | OCTOBER 2011 | 11




The Jewish Federation of Greater Long Beach & West Orange County Non-Profit Organization U.S. Postage

3801 E. Willow St., Long Beach, CA 90815

PAID Permit No.129 Long Beach, CA


WISHING YOU A NEW YEAR OF HEALTH, HAPPINESS & PEACE Judi, Arthur & Nina Gelb Alison, Mark , Georgia & Carmen Pincus Lauren, Matt & Marli Weisbarth




Gordon Langsam, Karen, Eric & Erika in memory of Susan

AND HEALTHY NEW YEAR Karen, Tim, Lauren, Sabrina, Greg & Samantha Strelitz

L’SHANAH TOVAH Sandy & Jerry Horwitz


October 2011 Chronicle  

The Jewish Community Happenings of the Greater Long Beach community.

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