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Jewish Federation of San Diego County will respond to the growth and needs in our community and work closely with our donors and community partners to create a vibrant Jewish world that will serve generations to come.

2010 Report to the Community 1

01. Community The Jewish community has always recognized that communal philanthropy is a crucial component for a culture that places a high value on personal dignity.

02. Connection Giving feels Jewish. In a world where Jews are spread out all over the globe, giving connects us to one another.

03. Donors In addition to helping those in need and providing disaster relief, Federation creates and promotes programs that provide an environment for building a more vibrant Jewish community.

2 Partnering for a Vibrant Jewish Future

To the San Diego Jewish Community Dear Friends, The past year can be described by one word: partnership. That word, in Andrea Oster

all of its connotations – collaboration,

Immediate Past Board Chair

cooperation, community – has been at the core of all of Federation’s work. In fact, “partnership” has been a constant touch point and “cooperation,” a constant theme. It is also an accurate description of things to come. The Jewish people have been giving to and taking care of one another since the beginning of the Jewish nation. The power of collective giving, as a community, continues to be the most effective

Steve Morris President & CEO

way to quickly and efficiently get people the help they need, when they need it. At home, Federation connects the diverse and rich elements of Jewish San Diego. This means monitoring community needs and addressing

2010 Report to the Community 3

them in strategic ways that transmit

responded, along with our local

Jewish values while providing the

and national partners, to both

channels for donors to act on those

natural and manmade disasters,

values. It means taking care of

acting as an effective advocate

the most vulnerable, connecting

for Israel and continuing to restore

individuals to the Jewish world

personal dignity to those who need

outside of San Diego, incubating new

a helping hand.

ideas and information, connecting

Jan Tuttleman was installed as our

young people to the community,

new Board Chair. Jan brings a wealth

and adding increased vitality to

of skills and depth of experience that

Jewish life in every part of the

has already infused Federation with

world we touch.

exciting new ideas.

Last year saw many meaningful

We are grateful to our donors, staff,

developments. Despite the

and partner agencies for all of their

continuation of a bleak economy, our

important efforts over this past year.

Annual Community Campaign raised

The work of Federation is not done

$6.3 million in unrestricted funds and

in the abstract. It has real impact, on

an additional $2.3 million in funds

real people, every day. Without you,

designated for special purposes such

that work would not be possible.

as rescue and relief in Haiti and Chile,

We honor each of you and gratefully

the Sha’ar HaNegev Educational

thank you for your hard work and

Village, the American Jewish Joint

generosity. We dedicate this year’s

Distribution Committee, the Gary and

Annual Report to the people who

Jerri-Ann Jacobs International Teen

support us, as partners, in all of our

Leadership Institute, and much more.

crucial endeavors. Mutual support

We initiated the first stages of a new

and partnership are the keys to a

Federation structure and

vibrant Jewish future.

4 Partnering for a Vibrant Jewish Future

“The Federation approach of collective giving is extremely powerful. I know that the dollars we give to Federation positively impact so many lives both here and around the globe. As Jews, we need to care for each other as a people. Federation is the only organization that looks at our needs as a whole, mobilizes instantly, and assists those in need wherever they reside.” – Laura Tauber, Volunteer/Donor

2010 Report to the Community 5

Power of the Community

Connection with Our Donors

The Jewish community has always recognized that communal philanthropy is a crucial component for a culture that places a high value on personal dignity. In the 12th century Maimonides (also known as the Rambam) wrote that Jews “are obligated to appoint faithful men of renown as trustees of a charitable fund… They then allocate the money from Friday to Friday, giving each poor person sufficient food for seven days. This is called the kupah (community fund).” He goes on to say he had never seen a Jewish community that did not have a community fund.

Giving feels Jewish. In a world where Jews are spread out all over the globe, giving connects us to one another. All of our donors share a deep and abiding sense of purpose in our traditional mission of making the world a better place. Transcending specific institutions or programs, giving is a statement of Jewish values. Each individual has a personal connection to giving that is uniquely their own.

Our promise to you is our commitment to continue the legacy of the kupah as expressed through our Annual Community Campaign. In San Diego, we’ve been working hard to provide for people in need for more than 75 years. With your support, Federation will continue to ensure that the programs and institutions that enrich Jewish life here at home, in Israel, and overseas will remain strong. Even in these tough times – when people are struggling to feed their families, pay the rent, and get back on their feet – we will remain positive and steadfast in our commitment to the unbreakable partnership with this community.

“My connection to the Jewish community and to Israel is Federation. I know that it shares my values and that my donation to the Annual Campaign will be used for the causes and principles that I care about.” – Charles Shapiro, Donor

6 Partnering for a Vibrant Jewish Future

Who Are Our Donors In addition to helping those in need and providing disaster relief, Federation creates and promotes programs that provide an environment for Jewish social interaction. Often these programs act as an entryway to a lifelong connection to philanthropic giving. They also provide a sense of purpose and mission that serve to bring Jews into new and exciting areas of Jewish life. This year, we would like to highlight two central examples: Women’s Philanthropy and the Young Adult Division (YAD). Women’s Philanthropy

For decades, Jewish women in San Diego have worked together to preserve and enrich our community’s Jewish culture, heritage, and connection to Israel. Outreach, networking, education, tzedakah, community building, and Jewish tradition are all guiding ideals and principal activities of Women’s Philanthropy. At a time when apathy and silence are grave threats to many Jewish ideals, it is imperative that these women, who lead by example, continue to inspire others to take action. “I grew up in a home where both of my parents always gave tzedakah. My mother sat on the board of Women’s Philanthropy and my model was: this is what Jewish people do. We take care of other Jews, and we take care of anyone around the world who needs us.” – Ilana Herring, Donor

Mission to Israel

Women’s Philanthropy of Federation is firmly committed to strengthening Jewish peoplehood. One of the most effective ways of doing this is through travel to Israel. Missions guarantee participants a heightened appreciation and connection to their Jewish identity. In November 2009, 26 women embarked on a 10 day adventure, travelling the country while bonding and learning about innovative new programs, as well as the challenges facing the Jewish state today. The women met Ethiopian high school students and Israelis living adjacent to the Gaza border in our sister community of Sha’ar HaNegev. They also attended a briefing by both Israeli journalists and representatives of the Foreign Ministry. For most of the women, the real highlights of this journey were the new friendships developed and the strengthened bonds

2010 Report to the Community 7

with their Jewish heritage and ideals. The women returned to San Diego, inspired by what they saw and felt, with a newly formed sense of the scope of work done by the Federation system. “In 1982 I went on my first Women’s Philanthropy mission to Israel and Poland. It was precisely at that moment that I started to understand the importance of women’s giving. Being in Israel and seeing where our dollars go had such an impact on me that I can genuinely say that the mission was life altering. When I returned, I knew that I wanted to spend as much of my time as possible working for the Jewish people.” – Mary Ann Scher, Donor

“Federation gives me the opportunity to fulfill the mitzvah of tzedakah. It’s a nice thing to do, but, as a Jew, it’s the right thing to do.” – Karen Breziner, Donor

8 Partnering for a Vibrant Jewish Future

“YAD’s mission is to create a vibrant Jewish community and to develop future leaders. Whether it is food drives, fundraising, business networking, happy hours, fielding a softball team, and, of course, Jewish dating, for young adults, YAD really makes a difference. – Brad Slavin, Volunteer/Donor


Federation’s Young Adult Division, comprised of people 21–45, is often called an “entryway” to a lifetime of Jewish philanthropic activity. More than just an entryway, YAD is a group of young people who are already very serious about pursuing philanthropy through tzedakah. YAD engages in community, volunteerism, leadership, and other activities that give young Jews hundreds of exciting ways to get involved and remain connected to the community. It is the beginning of a lifespanning commitment to San Diego’s Jewish community. It is also the well from which the community will draw new ideas, new approaches, and leadership in the future. YAD connects people through social, educational, and philanthropic avenues.

Its programming includes food drives, fundraising, social activities, and even Jewish dating. Although YAD holds over 350 events a year, or almost one a day, its signature event is Tzedakah Ball. Tzedakah Ball 2010 was a huge success. Like the participants in the Women’s Philanthropy mission, those at the event showed their deep commitment to the Jewish values that guide Federation. Thousands of dollars were raised, making 2010 the most successful Tzedakah Ball ever. For 82 of the participants, their Tzedakah Ball donation marked the first time they had given to Federation. For many of them it is the beginning of a lifelong attachment to philanthropy.

2010 Report to the Community 9

10 Partnering for a Vibrant Jewish Future


The impact of Federation’s efforts is directly related to our global and community partners. They represent the critical “feet on the ground” necessary to carry out work in areas such as rescue and relief, senior care, and education. Federation and its partners form a powerful system in which each partner contributes unique skills and capabilities to the greater success of the whole. Our global partners, the Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI) and the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC), allow donors to have an immediate positive impact on events that affect at-risk communities across the globe. Examples from the past year include swift and immediate action to save lives after devastating earthquakes in Haiti and Chile and life-saving efforts taken to assist the Jews of Kyrgyzstan (in the former Soviet Union) after the intensification of ethnic violence in the small central Asian country.

At home, our community partners cover a wide range of programs and services that continually feed the vibrancy of San Diego’s Jewish community. They include: the Agency for Jewish Education, the B’nai B’rith Youth Organization, the Foundation for Jewish Camp, Hillel of San Diego, Jewish Family Service, the Ken Jewish Community, the Lawrence Family Jewish Community Center, JACOBS FAMILY CAMPUS, Seacrest Village Retirement Communities, and Jewish day schools across the county. Over the past year, Federation has focused on new and innovative funding strategies. That focus has resulted in the blossoming of two new partnerships: Moishe House and One Happy Camper. They represent a “down payment” on the future through meaningful engagement with the next generation. This approach is just the beginning; we will be exploring ways to develop exciting new partnerships and improve on existing relationships, producing more dynamic results in the near future.

2010 Report to the Community 11

Looking Ahead Annual reports are designed to do just that: report. Therefore, we would be remiss if we did not discuss the most important achievement of 2010. Last June, after a year of careful deliberation and consideration, our board approved a bold new direction for Federation. “Partnering for a Vibrant Jewish Future” is more than just a tagline or even a strategy.

It is, literally, a roadmap for the future. It is a plan designed to challenge assumptions, create new models, and guarantee that Federation is positioned to ensure the vitality of our Jewish community through the 21st century. The most visible element of the plan is our new name. No longer the “United” Jewish Federation of San Diego County, the new streamlined name and logo represent a strong, bold statement, rooted in Jewish

Israel & Overseas, Community Planning & Innovation, Jewish Community Relations, and Community Engagement & Leadership, we are confident that Federation is strongly positioned to meet the challenges of the years ahead. It is gratifying to know, as Federation celebrates its 75th anniversary, that the prospects for a vibrant Jewish future, for all of us, are as promising as they have ever been; Federation is honored to be an effective component of this city’s incredible Jewish community. The Jewish Philanthropy Center

tradition, that is both inviting and optimistic. We have also initiated a new structure which will allow us to optimize planning for the future; connect Jews in San Diego to Israel, the worldwide Jewish community, and each other; provide a voice for our community in the public sphere; and, most of all, be a partner in Jewish giving. Through our new centers, Jewish Philanthropy,

The Jewish Philanthropy Center facilitates the commitment to Jewish philanthropy made by Jews in San Diego County in ways that meet their needs and match those of the community.

12 Partnering for a Vibrant Jewish Future

Community Planning & Innovation Center

Jewish Community Relations Center


The Community Planning & Innovation Center works with local and worldwide Jewish communal institutions and organizations to understand, predict, and plan for the Jewish community’s needs in San Diego, Israel, and around the world and strategizes how to effectively meet those needs. Israel & Overseas Center

The Jewish Community Relations Center provides a voice for the Jewish community in media, government, and intergroup affairs. The center’s focus is on Israel advocacy, Latino-Jewish relations, education of government officials, strengthening interfaith relations, and advancing the San Diego Jewish community at all governmental levels. Board of Directors 2009 - 2010 Andrea Oster Board Chair

The Israel & Overseas Center connects Jews in San Diego to Israel and the worldwide Jewish community. Community Engagement & Leadership Center

Kenneth Polin Immediate Past Board Chair Terri Bignell Vice President, Community Planning & Innovation Theresa Dupuis Vice President, Women’s Philanthropy Jan Tuttleman Vice President, Financial Resource Development David Geffen Vice President, Annual Campaign

The Community Engagement & Leadership Center connects Jews in San Diego with each other to ensure the effectiveness of our community’s institutions, synagogues, and organizations by improving volunteer engagement as well as volunteer and professional leadership development, with an emphasis on San Diego’s Jews in their 20s and 30s.


Laura Tauber Women’s Philanthropy Campaign Chair Danielle Shulman YAD Co-Chair Murray Galinson Jewish Community Foundation Board Chair Michael Flaster Jewish Community Relations Committee Chair

Betty Byrnes Richard Effress Claire Ellman Robert Fink Martin Klitzner Brian Miller Tamara Moch Gary Shekhter Stuart Starr Brian Tauber Kevin Wechter Steven J. Morris President & Chief Executive Officer

2010 Report to the Community 13 2009-2010 Financials FY2010 Source of Funds 5%

FY2010 Use of Funds






18% 74% 31%

1% Customized Giving


Federation Israel & Overseas Center

Israel & Overseas Programs

Campaign Income

FY 6/30/10 FUNDS RAISED Campaign Income Customized Giving Federation Israel & Overseas Center Sponsorships/Other Total ALLOCATION OF FUNDS Israel & Overseas Programs & Services Local Programs & Services National Programs & Services Custom Programs* Cost of Raising Funds Administrative Expenses Other Total


Local Programs

Cost of Raising Funds

Custom Programs

Administrative Expenses

National Programs

% of Total

FY 6/30/09

% of Total

$6,325,161 1,503,266

73.6% 17.5%

$6,556,592 1,522,229

77.3% 17.9%

459,581 302,197

5.4% 3.5%

277,936 123,692

3.3% 1.5%





$2,435,201 2,637,926 25,731 1,503,266 1,275,852 712,229 -

28.3% 30.7% 0.3% 17.5% 14.9% 8.3% 0.0%

$2,258,310 2,495,842 111,013 1,522,279 1,119,786 923,146 50,073

26.6% 29.4% 1.3% 18.0% 13.2% 10.9% 0.6%





Selected information based on 2009/2010 audited financial statements. This chart represents the sources and uses of funds whether or not reported in the audited financial statements.

*Supports a variety of local, national, Israel, and overseas programs.

14 Partnering for a Vibrant Jewish Future

2010 Donor Roll Denotes Lion of Judah, an internationally recognized group of women whose vision and commitment support our global Jewish community with a minimum gift of $5,000 each year to the Annual Campaign. Denotes Lion of Judah Endowment, women whose vision, commitment, and generosity is demonstrated by establishing an endowment, leaving a legacy to our community in perpetuity. Denotes Legacy Society, which is comprised of individuals who have included the Jewish Federation in their estate planning, leaving a legacy to keep our Jewish community strong for generations to come. The Ben-Gurion Society is a national Young Leadership Society sponsored by the Young Leadership Cabinet of the United Jewish Communities (UJC) for young leaders (ages 25 to 45) who make a commitment of $1,000 or more to the Jewish Community Federation’s Annual Campaign.


In blessed memory. We have tried to honor all listing requests to the best of our ability. If we have made an error, please accept our sincere apology and call us at 858.571.3444 so we can make the correction prior to the next time we publish the donor roll.

$200,000+ International Leadership Enid & Martin Gleich Irwin Mark Jacobs $100,000 - $199,999 Prime Minister Council Arthur Brody Pauline Foster Gary Jacobs Jerome S. Katzin The Polis-Schutz Family Foundation Sheila Potiker Gary Shekhter Herbert Solomon Jerome Turk Andrew Viterbi Bertram Woolf $25,000 - $99,999 King David Society Arnold & Esther Belinsky Jeremy & Joan Berg Barbara Bloom John & Toni Bloomberg Sophie Brody z”l Hattie Brooks z”l Betty J. Cohn Melvin Cohn Diane Feuerstein Elliot Feuerstein Charles Feurzeig z”l Robert Fink Arnold Fischer Elaine Galinson Murray Galinson Beverly Glickman Joseph Glickman Jerri-Ann Jacobs Joan Jacobs Dr. David Kabakoff Marge Kalmanson Dr. Warren O. Kessler Joanne & Mitch Leibovitz Linda & Bernard Lewis Stuart Posnock Anne Ratner Emanuel Ravet z”l Marilyn & Michael Rosen and Family Jean Shekhter Donald Slate Elene Solomon Eugene L. Step Hannah Step Rod Stone Brian Tauber Nessim Tiano Jan Tuttleman Alan Viterbi Erna Viterbi Stanley z”l & Dorothy Winter 2 Anonymous

$10,000 - $24,999 President’s Council Sybil & B.J. Adelson Jean Bark Cindy Bloch Larry Bloch Gayle Klusky Werner Cahn Elaine Chortek David & Leslie Cohn Ronald Cohn Theresa Dupuis Jessica Effress Richard Effress Naomi R. & Al Eisman Claire Ellman Phyllis Epstein Myron Feinberg z”l Richard Fink Esther Fischer Susanna Flaster Milt Gilman Mark Gleiberman Frank Goldberg Lee Goldberg Richard Gordon James Greenbaum Hilary Isakow Selwyn Isakow Richard Jaffe David & Leigh Johnson Andrew Kaplan Jerry Katleman Richard Kornfeld Michael Krichman & Carmen Cuenca Arthur Levinson Sandra Levinson Steven Morris Rebecca Newman Nierman Foundation Andrea Oster Shearn Platt Kenneth D. Polin Lee Posnock Allison Price Shirley Ravet Howard Robin Robert Rubenstein Edward Samiljan Rae Samiljan George & Mary Ann Scher Robert (“Doctor Bob”) & Mao Shillman Susan H. Shmalo Gayle Slate Sharon Stein Gloria Stone Ryan & Ashley Stone Charles & Renee Taubman Sarah Tiano Carole Turk Alexander Viterbi Audrey Viterbi & Daniel Smargon Caryn Viterbi

Valerie Viterbi Charles Wax David Wax Sharon Wax Katherine Weber Kevin & Jamie Wechter Gary & Nancy Weissberg Stanley Westreich Jacqueline Woolf Norman Zander 2 Anonymous $5,000 - $9,999 Leaders & Lions Allan Adler Judy Adler Ina Bartell Rusti Bartel-Weiss Juli Bear Judith Belinsky Lawrence Belinsky Judy Berman Edgar Berner Terri Bignell Myrna Bird Lori Bolotin Sharon Braverman Lillie Breitbard z”l June Chocheles Peter Chortek z”l Susan Chortek- Weisman Philip Cohn Phyllis Cohn Susana Cohen Corrigan Debbie Deverett Jeff Deverett Dr. Daniel Einhorn Emily Einhorn James Eisenberg David Ellman Lynn Epsten Randi Feinberg Ira Feinswog Judy Feldman Alberta Feurzeig Beverly Fink Sigrid Fischer Lisa Foster Harriet Fremland Richard Gabriel Sharon Gabriel Laura Galinson Melissa Garfield Bartell Michael Gelfand Dawn Gilman Hanna Gleiberman Iris Goodman Martin Goodman Lynn Gordon Dorita Gotlieb Lillian Gottlieb Karen Grossman Kay Gurtin Bryna Haber

Jonathan & Stacy Halberg David Handler Dr. Monica Handler- Penner Alan & Barbara Haubenstock Marcia Hazan Joan Jacobs Ann Jaffe Susan Kabakoff Marjory Kaplan Marge Katleman Berdele Katz Richard A. Katz, MD Miriam Katzin Michael & Joyce Kole Carol Kornfeld Gary Kornfeld Ian & Golnoosh Lerner Gary & Lisa Levine Shana Lew James Lewis Marshall Lewis Morris Liebermensch Zita Liebermensch Jaime Liwerant Sylvia Liwerant Mathew Loonin Dr. Lawrence Lotzof Judy Lyon Sally Maizel Marcia L. Malkus Robert M. Malkus, MD Felicia Mandelbaum Paul Meyer Carlos Michan Esther Michan Theodore Mintz Tamara Moch Olivia Okovita Bev Pamensky Shirley Pidgeon Linda Platt Lori S. Polin Julie Potiker Seymour Rabin Marie Raftery Andy Ratner Marlene Sasson Recht Elena Romanowsky Elizabeth Rose Gerald Rosen Ruth Rosenbaum Nicole Saloner Lillian Scharlin Sheldon Scharlin Jane Scher Gloria Schiffman Irving Schiffman Beverly Schmier Jon & Molly Schneider Suzanne Schwartzman Denise Selati Brian Seltzer

Barbara Sherman Betty Shteremberg David Shteremberg Reina Shteremberg Jeffrey Silberman Karen Silberman Robert Singer Elyse Sollender Steven Solomon Jerome Stein Iris Lynn Strauss Mark Stuckelman Fran Suknow Laura Tauber Julius & Marian Tills Zelda Waxenberg Joanne Weiner Sandra Weinstein Anton & Julie Woolf Lara Woolf Grusd Judith Zaguli Allan Ziman Lois Zlotoff 8 Anonymous

$1,000 - $4,999 Pace Setters Alicia Abadi Ruth Abraham Joseph & Charlene Abrahamson Larry & Janet Acheatel Roger & Ingrid Acheatel Darren Aires David & Annette Alpert Lisa & Steve Altman Cecelia “Teedy” Appelbaum Barbara Arenson Dan Ashel Joyce Axelrod David Bark Daniel H. Bartel Michael Bartell William Basuk Howard Bear Ellen Benkle Linda Bennett Tina Beranbaum Geoffrey & Carla Berg Michael Berk Eugene Berkenstadt Barbara Berkovich Neil Berkowitz Kobi Berkson Abraham Berlad Marcia Berman Ralph & Roberta Wagner Berman Beverly Hecker Bernstein Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey L. Bernstein Alan Bersin Rebeca Besquin Jerry & Rita Bierman Dean & Cassi Birnbaum Barbara & Gary Blake Joyce Blumberg Robert Blumberg Richard Bockoff Kandee Bondy Irene Borevitz Lisa Braun-Glazer Ira Braverman Jaime Brener Stacie Bresler- Reinstein Julie & George Bronstein Matt Browar Barbara Browne

Roseann Brozinsky Steven Brozinsky Liz Calderon Leslie Caspi Marc & Debra Channick J. Michael Channick Susan Channick Martin Charlat Ellen Chodorow Elizabeth Coden Barbara Coffey Florence Cohen Gregg Cohen Michael Cohen Stanley Cohen Aaron Cohn Donald & June Cook Avrille Copans Harold Copans Amy Corton Arthur Cummins Pearl Cutler Rabbi Ralph & Hedy Dalin Dr. Brian Datnow Julie Datnow Paul Datnow Sharon Davidson Dr. Stuart Davidson Congresswoman Susan Davis Nelly & Paul Dean Steven & Diane Demeter Susan DeRose Bonnie Diamond Sandra Dimenstein Mitchell Dubick Samuel Dychter Gary Eaton Dr. Bertram C. Edelstein & Dr. Karen L. Helrich Carlton Eibl Marti Eisenberg Ronald Eisenberg Toby & Norman Eisenberg Lynne (Roslyn) Elson Mary Epsten Milton Erman Jeffrey & Jill Essakow Jane Fantel Leslie Fastlicht Russo Judith Feinberg Andrea Feinswog Inge Feinswog Albert Feldman Barbara Feldman Bernard Feldman Earl N. Feldman Howard Feldman Mike Feldman Suzi Feldman Robert Feldner Pam & Walter Ferris Jessica Fink Raymond Fink Tobie Fink Nancy Finkelstein Howard First Shirley First Merle Fischlowitz Michael Flaster Carol Fox Perla & Jules Fox Ron Fox Barbara L. Frank David Frank Judith Friedel Dr. William Friedel Barry & Sue Friedman Jeff Friedman Noah Friedman Edward Frieman

Lawrence Fritz & Stephanie Kogan Avi & Margarita Frohlichman Eve Fybel Daniel & Allison Gardenswartz Susan Garfin Franklin Gaylis Jean Gaylis Dr. David Geffen Jay Gelbart Maxine Geller Gordon Gerson Gerald Gilberg Marcia Gilberg Francine Ginsburg Phillip L. Ginsburg Hyman Glaser Rae Glassman Jeffrey Glazer Abraham & Frances Gleiberman Ruth Gold Stuart Gold David M.F. Goldberg Edward Goldberg Jerold Goldberg Melvin Goldberg Robyn Goldberg Rory Goldberg Dorothy Goldberg- Pace Fund Robert Goldklang Lucy Goldman Rabbi Lisa Goldstein Meg & Allan Goldstein Stuart Goldstone Andrew Gomperts Cheryl L. Goodman Eric Goodman Zelda Goodman Maury & Helen Goosenberg Herman Gordon Igal Gordon Nancy & Joseph Gordon Sore Gordon Salomon Gorshtein Sylvia Gorshtein Roanne Gotthelf Bonnie Graff Jeff Greco Daniel Green Lawrence Greenbaum Mark Greenberg Estelle Greenstein Jim & Carrie Greenstein Leonard Gregory Carla Grosmann Michelle Gross Judith & Allen Gruber Brandon Grusd Jerry Gumpel Alma & Jonathan Geiger Diana L. Hahn Darryl Hall Jeffrey Hall & Fern Platt Lisa Haney James Harris Naomi Harris Wayne Harris Michele S. L. Heath Chuck Helsel Alexandra Shubin Morton Hirshman Nancie & Steven Hochberg Mark & Cindy Hoffman Sam Hoffman

2010 Report to the Community 15

Brian & Jenny Ilfeld Jack & Rosa Iskin Isaac Israel Sonia Ancoli Israel Adam Jacobs Dr. Gary Jacobs Irvin H. Jacobs, MD, MPH Dr. Edward A. Janon Ricardo Jinich Sergio Jinich Sonya Jinich Gabrielle Joel Julian Josephson Howard Kaplan Jeri Kaplan Lawrence Kaplan Robert Kaplan Stephen & Alysa Kaplan Avra Kassar Barry Kassar Howard Katz Larry Katz Emanuel Kauder Richard Kaufman & Eyla Boies Debbie Kempinski Edythe Kenton Karen K. Kessler Todd Kirschen Mr. Conrad Kluger Michael Kopiec Edith Koppel Schaechter Nat Koren Sharon Koren Lisa & Gregg Kornfeld Betty & Leonard Kornreich Charles Kossman Ana Kozlowski Mark Kramer Bryna Kranzler Harold Krasner Lenore Krems z”l Roberto Kucinski Dr. Paul Kurtin Jess Lacher Isaac Lagnado Sanford Lakoff Elliot & Phyllis Lasser Dana P. Launer, MD Rabbi Martin Lawson Robert Lazarus Fanny Krasner Lebovits Yvette Lechtner Caryl Lees-Witte Rich Leib Theodore & Mimi Levine Michael Levinson Marshall Lewis Jeffrey Liber David Liberman Leonard Liebermann Paul C. Liederman, MD Judy Lilienthal Miriam Lincoff Elaine Lipinsky Sheila Lipinsky Dr. Donald Lipkis Michael Lipman Estelle & Hamilton Loeb Michael London Barbara Loonin Lynn & Peter Louis Allen Lyon Alan S. Maisel, MD David Maizel Jack Maizel Luis Maizel Jay Malkoff

Meg Mandel David Mandelbaum Norman Mann Sivia Mann Steven Mannis & Kane Handel Brad Marcus Andrès & Libe Marek Nancy Marek Ellen Marks Carl Melcher Eli Meltzer Susie Meltzer Ivan Mendelsohn Lynn Mendelsohn Brian Mervis Margaret Meyer Mandi Meyerowitz Wayne Meyerowitz Alberto Michan Henry Michan Jenny Michan Brian Miller Danielle Miller Anabel Mintz Roslyn Mintz Clive Moch Evelyn Moch Andrew Mopper Ronnie Morgan Susan Morris Enrique Moscona Mark Moss Selwyn Moss Monica Munoz Barbara Nagorner Ruth Nelson Sheila Nerad Paul Neustein Lawrence Newman Dr. Michael Newman Miriam Norten Mark Oberman & Judith Eisenberg Steven Oberman Linda & Larry Okmin George & Paulette Olsher Gabrielle Oratz Glenn Oratz Kevin Oskow Lawrence Oster Barbara Ostroff Julius Pearl Suzy & Robert Penner Richard Perlman Brian Pidgeon & Lisa Westlund Harold Pidgeon Jacobo Pienknagura Raymonde Plant Jeffrey Platt Raulf Polichar Joan Pollak Joan Poticha Jori Potiker Ellen Potter & Ronald Evans Judy Pressman David & Jill Prolman Allan Rabin James & Lauren Ramenofsky Carol Randolph Joy Rapaport Robyn Rapoport Stanley Rapoport Mark Ratner Cheryl Rattner-Price Robert & Linda Rauch Rawdin Family Tracy Reif Andrew Resnick

Jack Resnick Robert & Lauren Resnik Lois Richmond Dr. Laurence S. Rivkin Naomi G. Rivkin Stacy Robin Jacobs Fane Robinson Charles Roseman Jodyne Roseman Arlene Rosen Judith Rosen Randi Rosen Helen Rosenberg Stacy Rosenberg Richard H. Rosenblatt Rabbi Leonard Rosenthal Ivan Rostovsky Janet Rostovsky Dr. Donald Rostow Sheryl Rowling Barbara Rozansky Norman Rozansky Dalya Rubanenko Dr. Howard Rubenstein Judith Rubenstein Michael Rubin Norman Rubin Allan Rudick Alan Rusonik Jorge Saad Nina Sabban Anthony Sacks Ellen Sacks Lila Sacks Teresita Salganick Carolyn Schaer Herbert Schaer Judith Scheinberg Robert Scheinberg Barry Scher Gloria Schiff Arlene Schloss Enid Schwartz Dr. Richard Schweitzer Paul Segal Charlene Seidle Douglas Selik Melvin Selzer Dr. Mitchell Shack Robert Shapiro Boris Shekhter Lawrence Sherman Sydney Shore Danielle Shulman Steve Shulman Charlotte Siegel Gene & Judy Siegel David Sigal Robert Silverman Bobbie Silverman Sandra Silverstein Jack Simkin Murray Simkin Ronald Simon Nancy Simons Bradley Slavin Edith Smargon Stanley Smiedt Dr. David Smotrich Miriam Smotrich Sylvia Sneider Martin Sodomsky Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence Solomon Irvin & Florence Sontag Alan Sorkin Brian Sorokin Perna Southern Melanie Spiegelman Jill Borg Spitzer

Dorothy Stein Nathan Stein Daniel Steinberg Steven Steinberg Jan Allan Steinert Peter Stern Richard Stern Ruth Stern Anthony Stiegler Elizabeth & Lester Stiel Alex Stolarski Jill Stone John Tishler Jacquelyn Tolley Yonina Tova Steven Tradonsky & Sharon Mair Paul Treger Maxine Trimble Beverly Turchin Maxine Turner Francine Tushak Ilana Umansky Gay Urvoas Laura Vainer Nancie Vann Evan Vapnek Gillian Vapnek Tammy Vener Martin Waldinger Maureen Wallace Michael Wallace Blanche Wasserman Isabelle Wasserman Jack Wasserman, MD Melvin Wasserman Jeffrey Wasserstrom Joshua Weinman Sheldon Weinstein Herbert Weiss Kay Weiss Henry Weissbuch Lawrence Weitzen Sydney & Cynthia Wexler Eileen Wingard Perri Wittgrove Louis Wolfsheimer Alona Yacobovsky Marvin Zaguli Yosi Zagursky Irwin Zahn Dr. Robert Zeiger Sandy & Jack Zemer Lois Zien Helene Rubin Ziman Sidney & Karen Zisook Paul Zlotnik Susie Zlotnik Ron & Joellyn Zollman Marshall Zucker Jose Zyman Sonia Zyman 56 Anonymous $180 - $999 Supporting Donors Jodi Abel Tanya Abel Melody Abeles Brenda Abelkop Mark Abelkop Stephen Abelkop Elanit Abrams Laurence Abrams Joel Abramson Michael Abramson Shelley Abramson Wendy Abramson Clifford Acheatel Loretta Adams Ellen Adamson

Leo Adelman Arturo Adler David Adler Harold Adler Jacqueline Adler Leona Adler Raymond Adler Julian Aires Albert Algazi Liliane Algazi Todd Allen Beth Alpert Phillip Alpert Delsee Altman Philip Ames Harvey Amster Judith Amster William Anapoell Ruth Anfangar Norman & E. Sammee Appel Suzanne Appelbaum Craig Appelfield Lina Arakanchi Susan Arenson Philip Aries Eleanor Arkans Anne Arnold Heather & Glenn Arnold Herbert Arnold Noam & Heidi Arzt & Family Rachel Atri Jerome Auerbach Mia Babson Goldklang Lawrence Bame Alan Bark Shoshana Bar-Lev Zev Bar-Lev Sheryl Baron Michael & Bonnie Bart Kenneth Barth Bernard Baruch Zahavit Baruch Yinon Barzilai Alan Baskin Monica BauerFederman Marcelle Bayley Maureen Bear Diane Beckel Lisa Becker Stewart Becker Patricia Beer Rafaela Belanick Felicia Belcher Irwin Belcher Jon Bell Margaret Bellowe Barbara Beltaire Rosa Grunhaus Belzer Cheryl Bender Judith Bender Shlomo Benderly Jonathan BenDor Morris Benguiat Raquel Benguiat Michael Bennett Tamara & Robert Bennett Alberto Benrey Nadin Benrey Jonathan Benumof Sherrie Benumof Amnon Ben-Yehuda Beth Berger Frances Berger Fred & Donna Berger Mark Berger Sylvia Berger Joel Berick Aliza Berk

Bari Berkman Gil & Barbara Berkovich Bracha Berkson Ariela Berkstein Sergio Berkstein Carolyn Berlin Susan Berlin Gary Berman Laurie Berman Neville Berman Pamela Berman William Berman Alice Bermanis Julie Berner Sidney Bernsen Steven Bernsen George Bernstein Robert & Linda Bernstein Beth Bernstein-Tabor Robert Berton Roberto Besquin Rina Bessudo Hollie Bierman Brian & Nicole Blacher Gayle Blatt Marvin Blecker Sheila Bliss Stan Bliss Herb Bloom Jennifer Bloomberg Janice Blum Adrienne Blumberg Isaac & Marcy Blumberg Marcy Blumberg Pearl Blumberg Norman Blumen Jeanne Blumenfeld Leonard Blumenreich Diane Blumenthal Jack Bober Jedd Bogage Rabbi Lenore Bohm Howard Bolotin D. Stephen Boner Janice Boner Louis Bookheim III Joseph Bookstein Dovid Borok Jonathan Borok David Boss Ginger Boss Margaret Bradbury Sol Brantz Susan Braun Shelly Braver Gail & Mark Braverman Deborah Brenner Michael Breslauer Barbara Brietigam Susan Brodie Jack Brodsky Stuart Brody Daniel Brogadir Howard Brotman Rosalyn Brotman Steven Brotman Nancy Browar Jeffrey Brown Marla Brucker Lynn Bruser Barbara Bry Debby Buchholz Deborah Bucksbaum & Joel Saltzman Michael Buczaczer Seth Bulow Wendy Burk Susan Burke Dan Burland I. Gerry Burstain

Michael E. Busch Robert Cadish Joyce Camiel Rabbi Zalman Carlebach Jane Carlin Linda Carson Stephen Carson Barbara Cash Morris Casuto David Chait Alan & Ann Chaitin Rosalie Charlat Paul Chasan Shirley Chervin Joan Chesner Louis Chesner Carine & Allen Chitayat Jack Chitayat Devin Chodorow Silvana Christy Ruth Cielak Steven Clamage Gary Clorfeine Pat Clorfeine Daniel Coden Alex Cohen Elaine Cohen Irving Cohen Jack Cohen Jeff Cohen Jeremy Cohen Kenneth & Karen Cohen Lauren Cohen Loris Cohen Molly Cohen Myrna Cohen Orly Cohen Paul Cohen Rick Cohen Robert Cohen Sheldon Cohen Alice Cohn Guenter Cohn Norman Cohn Robert Cohn Milton & Renee Cokin Byron Cole Pamela Cosman Shiri Cobalin Ruth Covell Naomi Crosby Fred Daniel Micha “Mitch” Danzig Berta & James Darr Scott & Annette Davidoff Aron Davidson Russell Davis Steven Davis Ethel Delawie Sherry Delsen Frank Dembinsky Brooke Demner Michael & Elena Deutsch David Diamond Ellis Diamond Miriam Diamond Perry Diamond Ronnie Diamond Samuel Dolnick Gabriela Dondisch Roberta Frank Dosick Laurie Doyle Frank Drummond Amy Dworkin Matthew Earne Evelyn Edelstein Gail Edelstein Mannie Edelstein Mark Edelstein

16 Partnering for a Vibrant Jewish Future Shaun Edelstein Bruce Edens Rachael Edwards Harris & Nancy Effron Monica Efter Richard Eger Claudia Ehrlich Wendy Eichenbaum Floralynn Einesman Joanne Einhorn Al & Naomi R. Eisman Karen Eisman Max Eisner Jared Elad Joanne & Harry Ellison Daniel Ellman Judith & Michael Elovitz Asaph Engel Emily Engel Steven Epner Jon Epsten Peter Epstine Susan Erman Leo & Mary Eskenazi Clive Essakow Nathan Essakow Norma Essakow Mr. & Mrs. Edward Etess Dorothy Ettinger Jacob Ettinger Beth Faber Jacobs Sara Fabian Hannah Fabrikant Candice Fagan Alvin Faierman Barbara Farfel Howard Farfel Martin Farfel Herschel Feigelson Michael Feinman David Feinswog Renee Feinswog Karen Feitelberg Dr. Franklin S. Felber Daniel & Sylvia Feldman Eleanor Feldman Nomi Feldman Sanford Feldman Sara Feldman Elaine Feuer-Barton Ann Fichman Susan Fieldman Irving Fine David Fingerhut April Fink Christina Fink Joshua Fink Mathew Fink Rhona Fink Karen First Judy Fisher Meryl Flam Murray Fleck Helen Fleming Arnold Flick Joseph Fox Karen Fox Leonard Fram Marcia Fram Beryl Frank Jack Frank Jeff Frank Julian Frank Cantor Lori Wilinsky Frank Charles Freedman Joe Freedman Susan Freeman B. David Freundlich Richard Friedland Abraham Friedman Alan Friedman Howard Friedman Jan Friedman Paul Friedman Tina Friedman Andrea Frimmer Benjamin Frishberg Virginia Frogel Helane Fronek Jan Fronek

Harold Frysh Donald Fuhrman Tania Fux Danny Gabriel Graeme Gabriel Sara Galante Jana Galicot Jose Galicot Karla Galicot Melissa Galicot Rafael Galicot Ms. Helen Galnick Helena Galper Melissa Gans Heidi Gantwerk Lotte Garber Raquel Garber Seymour Garber Brendan Gaylis Dr. Hyman Gaylis Rhoda & Hyman Gaylis Brian Geffen Sylvia Geffen Al Gelbart Alisa Gelbart Michael Gellman Lewis Gelmon Gilbert Gersenfish Mary Jo Gersenfish Fred Gerson Susanne Geshekter Bette Getline Matthew & Marcia Gettinger Joseph Gezelter Bobbie & Jon Gilbert Richard Gilbert Shirley Gilbert Ruth Gilboa Tony Gild Tammy Gillies Joanne Gimbel Kenneth Gimbel Marc Gittelsohn Jeremy Glaser Marilyn Glaser Thomas Glasser Marleigh & Alan Gleicher Pamela Glickman Elaine Gliner Iliana & Eli Glovinsky Martin & Barbara Gluck Ilana & Joe Gold Jeanne Gold Marilyn Gold Morris Gold Phyllis Gold Susan Gold Michael Goldbaum Dr. Barry & Delores Goldberg Linda Goldberg Meryl Goldberg Myrice Goldberg Roland Goldberg Florence Goldfarb Barbara Goldman Ronald & Wyona Goldman Eva Goldstein Laura Goldstein Jo Ann Goldstone Melvin Goldzband David Goodblatt Penina Goodman Sharon Goodman Sheryl & Mark Goodman Barbara Gordon Jeoffry Gordon Jerry Gordon Memorial Fund Michael Gordon Nancy Gordon Robert & Rhoda Gordon Vicki Gordon Shelley & Gideon Goren Ronit Gorodezky Wil & Janet Gorrie Steve Gould Lawrence Gratt

Philip Graubart Claire Green Liora Green Melvyn Green Orin Green Laurie Greenberg Beverlee Greene Pat Greene Roberta Greene Samantha Greene Patricia Greenfield Clarence Greenwald Stephen Groban Clive Gross Karen Gross Marc Gross Mimi Gross Brian Grossman Craig Grossman Allen Gruber Miriam Guberek Uri Guefen Vivian Guefen Judith Gumbiner Rebecca Gumpel Stephanie Gumpel Bobbie Guss David Guss Erwin Gutowitz Robert & Merrill Haimsohn Samuel Halpern Kristin Hampshire Denise HandlerShoemaker Pamela Hankin John Harland Michael Harnett Jay Harris Phyllis Harris Ruth Harris Nathan Harrison Rita Hartman Brian Haubenstock Betsy Haubrich Barbara & Gordon Haworth Joy Hecht Lilly Hecht Lisa Heikoff Saul Heiman Morton Heinrich Joel Heiser Rita Heller Harvey & Randi Helsel Lisa Helsel Agnes Herman Joanna Herman Richard Herman Sandra Herman Elissa Herring Ilana Herring Larry Herring Tammy Hershfield Elaine Hess Brianne Hewitson Howard Hian Jeffrey High Arnold Hill Norma Hill Gunter Hirsch Gary & Tracy Hirschfeld Ari Hirschhorn Gary Hirsh Michael Hirsh Gary Hochman Barbara Hoffer Eleanor Hoffman Gavin & Cheryl Horn Sanford Horowitz Laurie Hoshaw Robert Hotto Don Houts Harold Hower Lillian Huberman Susan Huberman Deborah Huennekens Kathy Huish Debbi Hunter Linda Hutkin-Slade Kent Hytken Jean Iglow Bertha Ilko Kenji Ima

Shirley Imber Robert Irving Israel Ismaj Hans Ismann Dr. Andrew Israel Audrey Jacobs Carolyn Jacobs Debby Jacobs Dr. Jacqueline Jacobs Lila Jacobson Charles Jaffe Marsha Janger Linda Janon Cornell Jaray Emily Jennewein Elizabeth Jeter Ana Jinich Daniela Jinich Karen Jinich Roberto Jinich Dr. Cecile Jordan Anthony & Natalie Josephson Laura Jucha Sara Kabakoff Jennifer Kagnoff Marcia Kagnoff Linda-Anne Kahn Bernardo Kajarek Barbara Kamesar Maya Kanarek Helen Kanfer Simone Kanter Alysa Kaplan Daniel Kaplan Esther Kaplan Jodie Kaplan Morris Kaplan Muriel Kaplan Robert Kaplan Theodore & Trina Kaplan Harvey & Elizabeth Karten Abe & Paula Kassam John Kassar Kate Kassar Dorothy Katz Edwin Katz Ilse Katz Louis Katz Norman Katz Rita Katz Roxanne Katz Stan Katz Nadja Kauder Bernard Kauderer Myra Kauderer Donald Kaufman Sheryl Kaufman Ann Kavy Lisa Kay Randall Kay David & Phyllis Keeler Norman Kellner Sol Kempinski Alan Kholos Clark Kholos Perla Kimball Miriam Kirshner Dan Klausenstock Barbara Klein Brooke Klein David Klein Marnie & LewKlein Morton Kleinberg David Kleinfeld Kathy Kleinfeld Nan Kleinman Gertrude Klotz Todd Kobernick Mervyn Kodesh Miguel Koenig Karen Kogut Danielle & Michael Kootchick Margaret Kopiec Jessica Koren Franklin Korn Rabbi David & Deborah Kornberg Martin Kornfeld Marsha Korobkin Marcia Kossman Doris Kossy

Mathew Kostrinsky Gordon Koz Jaime Kozlowski Leona Kramarz Joan Kramer Martha Krasne Milton Krasner Ryan Krasner Dianne & Larry Krasnow Susy Kravzov Mary Ann Kremer Enid Krieger David Kroll Jonathan Kroll Alex Krongold Sherry Kroop Elena Kucinski David Kupferberg Diane Kutner Ian Kutner Phillip Ladman Candice Lagnado Michelle LaloucheKadden Craig Lambert Jan Landau Max Landau Sam Landau Barry Lander Susan Lapidus Jerri Pittluck Danny Laulom Eleanor Laverson Dennis Lavine Rhoda Lavine Daniel & Ellen Lavis Mara Lawrence Pamela Lawrence Anita Lawson Joth Layton William Lechtner Veronica & Miguel Leff Michelle Lefton Matthew Lehrer David Leib Hilda Leisorek Rhoda Lemlein Ira Lerner Lainie Lesser-Mark Arturo Levin Howard Levin Ina Levin Michael Levin Phyllis Levin Rebecca Selk Levin & Wayne I. Levin Beth Levine & Henry Abarbanel Elizabeth Levine Ellen Levine Geraldine Levine Harvey Levine Haya Levine Judith Levine Linda Levine Dr. Mauricio Levine Robert Levine Steven & Audrey Levine Ely Levinsky Jodi Levinson Cheryl Levitt Gary Levitt Jennifer Levitt David Levy Debora Levy Lawrence & Nancy Levy Mateo Levy Nathan & Celia Levy Varda Levy Jennifer Lewis Theodora Lewis Betty Lias Clark Libenson Harriette Libenson Hillary Liber Avi Libman Jonathan Licht Dalia Lieberman Daniel Lieberman Larry Liebermensch Yaron Lief Ron Lifton

Cyril Light Elias Lilienthal Sara Limenes Katja Lindenberg Leslie Linn Philip Linssen Hilliard Lipman Alan Litrownik Cathey Littell Gail Littman Dr. Marshall J. Littman Mark & Ellie Livingstone Maury Liwerant Debra Lobatz Judith Loeb Marc Loewenthal Nancy Loewenthal Iliana Lombrozo Jessica Lombrozo Marc Lotzof Barbara Lounsbury Beatrice Loynab Rebecca Lubezky Herbert Lubick Marsha Lubick Anthony & Joan Lubowe Judge Murry Luftig Alan Lurie Barbara Lurie Karin Lurie Selwyn Lurie Linda Luttbeg Howard Lyon Michael & Kevan Lyon Leslye Lyons Michelle Lyons Dr. Norman & Mrs. Elaine Magid Chelle Maio Sharon Mair Jerry Malamud Ruth Malin Sharon Malkoff Gail Malkus Bruce Manchel Arnold Mandel Melissa Mandel Alison Mandelbaum Justin Mandelbaum Sonia Mandelbaum Brenda & Mark Mann Geva Mannor Alan & Naomi Marblestone Barbara Marcus Brian Marcus Danielle Marcus Shelley Marcus Suzanne Marcus Marie Margulis Kenneth & Gloria Marion Leslie Mark Gregory Markow Michael Marks David Marsh Celia Marshak Suzanne Martin Ruth Marx Dina Massry Carrie Mayers Hillel Mazansky Felice McGrath Kathie McKirdy Michael Mellon Jennifer Meltzer Rabbi Scott Meltzer Ed Mendelsohn Marcie Merel Cantor Sheldon Merel Cynthia Michael Marge Michaelson Cecilia Michan David Michan Paul Michelson Shelley Michelson Dmitry Milikovsky Gavin Miller Joyce Miller Arovas Lesley Mills Leonard Milner Stan Minick

David Minton Neil Mintz Jaime Mirman Arvin Mirow Phyllis Mirsky Lillian Miselewicz Charles & Ilene Mittman Joyce Mizock Monica Mizrachi Rafael Mizrachi Charlotte Mizrahi Elias Mizrahi Lorin Moch Esther Modiano Barry Mogol Anton & Barbara Monk Daniel Monsowitz Marjorie Mopper Marci Morgan Charles Morris William & Amy Morris Elaine Moser Charlotte Moskovitz Barbara Moss Ellen Moss Hannah Moss Harold Moss Lara Mouritzen Nissim Mualim Sherri Muchnick Alicia Mussaly Stanley Nadel & Cecilia Carrick Joshua Namm Sally Naumann Sandra Neborsky Amy Nefouse Danielle & Daniel Negroni Ruth R. Nelson James Nerad Janice Nesses Burton Nestor Nancy Nevin Irwin Newberg Jacqueline Niederman Vicky Nizli Lee Nordan Maureen Norwood Jeffrey Novack Robert D. Novick Danielle Okovita Irving Okovita Leah Ollman Vivian Olmos Joseph Oppenheimer Arlene & Daniel Orlansky Lisa Orlansky David Osias Elizabeth Ozer Martin Pamensky Renee Parker Sidney Parker Barbara Parker Ratner Micah & Marguerite Parzen Shirley Passow Leah Pazol Jeremy Pearl Irv Pedowitz Bradley Penner Gary Perl Joel & Ruth Perlin Karen Perling Patricia Perlman Gary Perlmutter Violet Perper Charles Perrin Betty Pesin George Peyser Robin Phillips Erika Pienknagura Vera Pienknagura Russell Pierce Mildred Pilot Edna Pines Anne Pinkel David Pinn Dennis Pinn Betty Pittluck Lori Pivo

2010 Report to the Community 17 Cynthia Polger Eric Sands Poliak Sharon Polichar Marisa Polin Michael Polin Zachary Polin Steven Pollack Susan & Harvey Pollack Newton Pollock Howard Potash Marc & Shayna Potash Beverly Powazek Benjamin Press Harry Proctor Barry Quart Jill Quigley Joyce Quintana Edward Rabinovich Sheryl Rabinowitz Mirle RabinowitzBussell Lawrence & Rosie Radden Cynthia Raff Donna & Paul Raffer Bruce Raphaelson Patty Raphaelson Richard & Laura Rappaport Debra RappaportRosen Alfredo Ratniewski Rosa Ratniewski Albert Ray Barbara Recht Michael Recht Joseph Reisman Sara Reisman Bobbe Reitman Stephen Reitman Mark Remas Sherry Resh Bernard Rhinerson Lawrence Rice Vivian Rich Jason Richards Joshua Richman Gloria Rimland Matt Rinkey Shulamit Ritblatt Judith & George Ritner Kathy Robbins Philip Robbins Carole Robin Connie Robin Leonard Robin Linda Robinson Robert & Lila Rockstein Jamie Rodin Rebeca Rodkin Ellen Rofman Murray & Ruth Rogow Diane Roland Abraham Romanowsky Arlene Rose David Rose Evan Rose Laura & Howard Roselinsky Cecil & Joseph Rosen Hugh Rosen Jonathan Rosen Sharon Rosen Leib Elaine Rosenbaum Rose Rosenberg Sam Rosenberg Jane Rosenkrantz Adam Rosenthal Jami Rosenthal Judy Rosenthal Murray Rosenthal Simon Rosenthal Carole Ross Joel Ross Linda Ross Michael Rossler Sylvia Roth Chad Rothbart Joy & Richard Rothberger

Gloria Rothenberg Linda Rothschild Gary Rotto Fay Rozen Isaac Rozen Roman & Diana Rozenshteyn Dr. Stuart & Britt Rubenstein Charles Rubin Marjorie Rubin Rob Rubin Sandra Rubin Toba Rubin Barbara RubinLampitt Irwin Rudick Sandra Rudick Karen Rund David Saacks Aviva Saad Moises & Elena Saad Marcia Sachs Raymond Sachs Sheri Sachs Arlene Sacks Jeffrey Sacks Sandra Sacks Glenda Sacks Jaffe Craig Saffer Richard Safrin, MD Gary Saks Hershel Sakulsky Adele Saleh Vivienne Saleh Brigitte Salomon Gerrard Salomon Craig Saloner Stephen & Sherry Saltzman Clarence Salzer Deborah Salzer Abigail Sand Jared Sanderson Janice SandsWeinstein Terri Sapp Heather Sarkin Norman Sarkin John Scarano Mindy Scarano R. Michael Scarano Jr. Diane Schachat Howard Schachat Lynne & Robert Schaffer Robert Schaffer Mark Schauder Joan & Paul Schauder Craig Schectman Larry Scheiderman Alex Scheingross Shari Schenk Sylvia Schenker Arthur & Evalyn Schiff Leonard Schiff Stefanie Schiff Alec Schiffer Donald Schiffer Max Schindler Craig Schloss Jerry Schneider Julius Schneider Molly & Jon Schneider Martin Schulman Paul Schulman Sidney & Elsie Schulman Steve Schulman Suzanne Schulman Joseph Schulmann Joan Schultz Paul Schultz Sol Schultz Harriet Schuman Darren & Dr. Dara Schwartz Cinie Schwartz Gail & Jonathan Schwartz Gertrude Schwartz Herm Schwartz Judith Schwartzman Howard Schwitkis

Karla Sefchovich Stephen Segal Michael & Lynda Segall Allan Seid Sheila Seid Deborah Seidle Justin Seligmann Janet Selik Josef & Doris Seller Judy Selzer Alyssa Sepinwall Michelle Serwin Richard L. Serwin, MD Jessica Shaanan Suzan Shaanan Dorothy Shabsin Morton Shaevitz Harold Shapiro Jacqueline Shapiro Melvin Shapiro Robert Shapiro Shirley Shapiro Liz Sharp Herbert Shatoff William Shayman Morris & Clara Shechet Alan Shetzer Bennett Shiller Henry Shillet Jacob Shor Jane Shore Davida Shreiber Ida Shreiber Carlos Shteremberg Ingrid Shulman Alan Shumacher Harriet Shumacher Rebecca Shupack Fern Siegel Paula Siegel Mitchell & Elizabeth Siegler Liz Sigal Robert Sigal Beverly Silldorf Howard Silldorf Barry Silverman Gayle G. Silverman Irvin Silverstein Libby Silverstein Anne Simon Leslie Simon Mitchell & Deborah Simon Michael Simons Monica Simpson Edward Singer Mark Siprut Cathie Skinner Michael Skloff Ethel Slayen Sandra Slivka Deborah Slonim Lance & Lynne Small Mildred Small Marilyn Smiedt Arlette Smith Gregory J. Smith Jillian Smith Logan & Jodi Smith Robert Smith Ann Smitt Linda Smulowitz Sylvia Smulyan Cynthia Sneider Eduardo Sneider David Sobel Norman Sobel Marilyn Sodomsky Frances Sokolov Norman & Judith Solomon Jorge Sorokin Samuel & Marci Sorokin Ann Spector Dale Spector Dr. Gerald Spector Jerry Spector Sheri Spector Sidney Spector Steven Spector Jacob Sperling

Carol Spielman-Ewan Dr. Edward Spilkin Marvin Spira Patricia Spira Kate Spiro Charles Spitzer Daniel & Edith Standler Francy Starr Ilene Steiman Lisa Stein Martin Stein Harris Steinberg Deborah Stepensky Jose Stepensky Loraine Stern Pamela-Rose Stern Adam Stettner Michael Stoff Melvin Stone Peter Stovin Lilly Strausberg Sydney Strausberg Phyllis Strauss Maxine Stromberg Scott Sugarman J.J. Surbeck Beni Surpin Jackie & Beni Surpin Anita Szmuilowicz Hal Taback Joyce Taback Phyllis Tabak Liza Tacher Helane Tartikoff Gayle Tauber Jack Tavelman Mark Teperson Hilda Teutsch Edward G. Thomas Rochelle Treger Arnold Tubis Charlotte Tubis Kate Tucker Jerome Turchin Brian Turk Matthew Turk Susan Ulevitch Charles Umansky Patricia Ungar Jan Vangrov Eric Vann Richard Venger Benjamin Vilenski Esther Vilenski Gabriel Vogeli Bennett Voit Diane Voit Geraldine Voit Morris Wainstein Neil Wainstein Philippa & Neil Wainstein Harold Walba Clive Walden Anita Waldman Ruth Warburg Barbara Wasserstrom Bryan Wax Joseph Wechsler Cathy Weil Elana Weinberger Harold Weinberger Robin Weiner Sheila Weinstock Arlene Weintraub Gerald Weintraub Robert Weisgrau Eric Weisman Joan & Kenneth Weiss Stewart Weissman Gerry Weitz Steven Weitzen Fred Weitzen Jr. Marvin & Shirley Weitzman Adam Welland Doris Welt Dianne Wertheim Lona Wessel Beth Wilensky Gordon Williams Laura Williams Marilyn Williams

Iris Wilnai Teri Wilner Stephen & Debbie Wismar Joseph Witztum Sheila Wolbrom Janice Wolf Paul Wolf Isaias Wolfenzon Jill Wolfenzon Marcia Tatz Wollner Marcia Wolochow Olga Worm Lance Yeaman Tara Yelman Dan & Rachel Zagursky Enrique Zagursky Eva Zagursky Joan Zak Gussie Zaks Gloria Zalkin Howard Zatkin Joshua Zawatsky Daniel Zelac Boris Zelkind Karin Zell Maurice Zemlick Charlene Zieky Leonid Zilberman Stacey Ziman Denise Zimmerman Elena Zimmerman Justin Zivin Jane Zmora Norman Zmora Tibi Zohar Josef Zoldan Wayne & Annie Zucker Alan Zuckerman Beatrice Zweifach Claire Zweiman Ellen Zyroff Jack Zyroff 85 Anonymous

“I grew up in an environment in which I was always aware of the community’s extreme generosity. That sense of ongoing commitment and sense of responsibility to the Jewish community had a lasting impact on me. I believe that the next generation’s involvement in Federation will pass along these same ideals.” – Nathan Essakow, Donor

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2010 Jewish Federation Report to the Community  

Annual Report