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JUNE 8, 2017 | The Jewish Home



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The Week In News

JUNE 8, 2017 | The Jewish Home

‫מזל טוב‬

Miriam Arnan, Sara Assis, Maya Avi-Itzhak, Sahel Basiratmand, Batsheva Berkowitz, Batya Blitz, Aaliyah Botach, Sabrina Danielle Chriqui, Rebecca Ciment, Sarah Czuker, Elisa Victoria Dahan, Esther Dahan, Miriam Elyaoudayan, Parmis Fakheri, Amira Felsenthal, Sarah Golbari, Neriah Hadad, Maya Hamburg, Leeat Hatzav, Ariella Javidzad, Isabella Rose Kest, Jenna Kirschenbaum, Magdalena Esther Lazovsky, Gabriella Levine, Sarah Rebecca Linden, Adena Loboda, Talia Mahboubi, Celine Manshoory, Deborah Sarah Markson, Tzipporah Mayesh. Alexa Mondavi, Laura Nickowitz, Eliana Pomerance, Michaela Rosenberg, Sara Sacks, Chanel Saidian, Tamar Samson, Michelle Sasoones, Michaela Talya Sawdayi, Daniella Schochet, Hasya Schweitzer, Noy Shalom, Rebecca Shaloum, Samantha Shapiro, Tali Tofler, Tzippora Topp, Miriam Waghalter, Elisheva Zahtz, Noa Zarur

Ryan Afrahim, Shawn Afvari, Yakov Assis, Joseph Azair, Efraim Barazani, Michael Behboud, Gal Ben-Shushan, Andrew Daniel Bitton, Natanel Dromy, Max Noah Finder, Elchanan Gabbai, Pinchas Gamzo, Noam M. Gershov, Alan Gindi, David Goldberg, David Yehuda Haboosheh, Jonathan Hassid, Aaron Joshua Kahan, Eilan Kashani, Aaron Keller, Lior Khalili, Eitan Lavian, Robert Leeds, Jack Levkowitz, Yuval Maouda, Ezri Menachem, Moshe Nissanoff, Daniel Noghreyan, Joshua Partovi, David Sassoon, Yoel Mashiach Shamouni, Avishai Shamtoub, Elie Shapiro, Mikey Szabo, Rafael Talasazan, Evan Shmuel Teichman, Eitan Tennenbaum, Idan Shlomo Turgeman, Ariel Wernick, Elnatan Zeharya

These outstanding graduates and future leaders have been accepted at these pressgious

Seminaries and Yeshivott tttttGesher, tshreinu, Ba’er Miryam, Bnot Torah tnstitute (tharfman’s), Derech, Gush, takotel, Kerem B’Yavneh (KBY), Lev tttt tatorah, Machon Maayan, Mevaseret Tzion, Michlelet Mevasseret Yerushalayim (MMY), Midreshet tmit, Midreshet Ein tanatziv, Midreshet tarovah, Midreshet Lindenbaum, Midreshet Moriah, Midreshet Tehillah, Midreshet Torah V'tvodah (TVt), Migdal Oz, Mikdash Melech, Netiv tryeh, Nishmat, Ohr Yerushalayim, Orayta, Reishit, tha’alvim, tha’alvim for Women, Tiferet, Tiferet Yerushalayim, Torat thraga, Yesod, Yesodei tatorah

Universiies and Collegess tmerican University of Paris, Bar-tlan University, Barnard College, Binghamton University, Boston University, Brandeis s University, Brooklyn College, California ttate University—tan Marcos, California ttate University—Northridge, University of Colorado—Boulder, Columbia University, Cornell University, Drexel University, Goucher College, tofstra University, tDC-terzliya Raphael Recanati tnternational tchool, tndiana University, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, Johns topkins University, Loyola Marymount University, University of Maryland, University of Maryland (tonors College), University of Massachus Massachusetts—tmherst, University of Miami, New York University, Pace University, University of Pennsylvania, Princeton University, Rutgers University, Rutgers University (tonors College), tan Diego ttate University, tan Francisco ttate University, ttern College for Women, ttern tonors College, tt. Joseph’s College—Brooklyn, University of touthern California, UC Berkeley, UC trvine, UCLt, UC Riverside, UC tan Diego, UC tanta Barbara, UC tanta Cruz, Washington College, Washington University—tt. Louis, University of Wisconsin—Madison, Yeshiva University YULA BOYS HIGH SCHOOL Nagel Family Campus




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JUNE 8, 2017 | The Jewish Home

Dear Readers, #fakenews - We Jews have witnessed it so long we are not surprised by it. I remember sitting on a plane during Operation Grapes of Wrath, a 1996 air campaign to put an end to the bombing of cities in northern Israel. All CNN would play was images of injured people who were either caught in the crossfire or Hezbollah militants posing as civilians. Never mind that it’s a government’s responsibility to protect its citizens, and never mind that Israel went to greater lengths to avoid civilian casualties than any other country. Mainstream media needed Israel to be the villain, and that was it. More recently there was the 2014 Gaza campaign. Again, one-sided coverage painted victims as aggressors and the monster as a harmless child. What’s changed is that now there’s a handheld device called a smart phone through which people can spontaneously record events in real time. For example, following the attacks in London, CNN tried to pull one of its usual “photo ops to fit its message” moves, but unfortunately for them the staged event was recorded, including its journalists directing which police officers should be filmed in the “official demonstration!” The truth is our whole view of olam hazeh is #fakenews. At face value, it seems to run on its own and have its own rules. Success, it seems, is not based on virtue but on strength. Bad things seem to happen to well-behaved people and great things seem to happen to awfully-behaving ones. But in truth there’s a Creator who created all that we see, and one day, when Moshiach finally arrives, we’ll see everything in its true form. It’s happening already. Just a few years ago, no one even dreamt that Qatar would be at odds with fellow Muslim countries and that the UAE, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia would cut diplomatic ties, put travel to and from Qatar on hold, including all shipments. Or how about this: despite doomsayers telling us for years that if Israel stands strong she will be ostracized and cut off financially, yet the country is thriving more than ever before. Whether one is on the Right, and security is the number one concern, or on the Left, and sees global warming as the number one threat, or if one simply is looking for up and coming technology – Israel has become a trendsetter! Let’s be part of these miracles; or, rather, let’s be part of nature revealing its intended purpose. We can do it by adding goodness and kindness, prayer, learning, and engaging in all matters of Torah and kedushah, preparing ourselves for the time – as the Rambam states at the end of Hilchos Melachim – when “we shall know our Creator as is possible for a human being.” Wishing you and your families an enjoyable and successful summer,


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TheHappenings Week In News

JUNE 8, 2017 | The Jewish Home

Los Angeles Jewish Free Loan Association Names New Executive Director Veteran JFLA associate director Rachel Grose steps into top job the ancient biblical requirement for interest-free lending by offering assistance to people in need to help them lead more rewarding and responsible lives. “Our loans

Los Angeles, May 24, 2017 – The Los Angeles Jewish Free Loan Association has elevated long-time associate director Rachel Grose to its top leadership position, naming her as the agency’s new executive director. Grose brings a wealth of perspective and experience to the role, having first joined Jewish Free Loan Association in 2002 and serving in the number two post since 2013. Founded in 1904, Jewish Free Loan Association makes loans to people from all backgrounds and socioeconomic levels. As executive director, Grose will oversee a storied nonprofit that for over 100 years has helped support thousands of L.A.-area men, women and families through non-sectarian, interest-free loans for emergencies, education, small businesses, fertility, healthcare, lifecycle events and more. Jewish Free Loan Association currently manages an active portfolio of nearly $12 million in loans. “I am honored and thrilled to accept this new challenge,” Grose said. “As a member of the Jewish Free Loan family for the past 15 years, I have seen first-hand what a tremendous difference our agency makes in people’s everyday lives. My goal is to build on that distinguished tradition, collaborating with donors, board members and staff and other agencies, to increase our impact and strengthen our entire community.” In 2016, Jewish Free Loan Association made nearly 1,000 loans. The agency services approximately 3,000 families. With a greater than 99 percent repayment rate, Jewish Free Loan is a source of economic justice in Los Angeles, providing cash in hand to empower borrowers and promote economic self-sufficiency and economic security. Jewish Free Loan Association affirms

extend the life of each dollar donated by recirculating it within the community,” Grose said. “Once one loan is repaid, the money can be repackaged and lent out

again. It’s a dignified and sustainable model that engages people in building longterm solutions so they can thrive.”


TheHappenings Week In News

JUNE 8, 2017 | The Jewish Home

Students of Cheder Menachem Mark Milestone in Learning tal of over 75,000 lines of Torah, including 5001 mishnayos, which includes 564 perakim and 67 complete masechtos, and 14,000 lines of Tanya, including over 200 complete perakim. Additionally, a number of bar mitzvah-age talmidim completed the first 12 perakim of Tanya be’al peh. Talmidim were awarded sefarim of their choosing (based on their

point total) for their efforts and achievements. Rabbonim, roshei yeshivos, shluchim, mashpiyim, parents, and friends joined together to recognize and congratulate the achievements of the students.

Photos: Yudi Vogal

On Sunday, the third of Sivan, talmidim of Cheder Menachem Los Angeles, together with their parents, grandparents, relatives and friends, gathered to mark the culmination of over two months of learning mishnayos and Tanya be’al peh, as a present to the Rebbe in honor of Yud Alef Nissan. This year’s achievements include, Mendel Schmukler, 8th grade, who was tested on the entire Seder Moed Bvas achas, as well as Masechtos Brachos, Bava Kama, and Bava Metzia and four perakim of Tanya; Levi Cohen, 8th grade, who learned the entire Seder Moed, as well as Masechtos Brochos, Midos, Bava Metzia, and perakim of Bava Kama, Avos, and Zevachim, as well as the first three perakim of Tanya; Yossi Heidingsfeld, 5th grade, who learned Seder Moed, Masechtos Brochos, Bikurim, a perek of Avos and the first three perakim of Tanya. In the spirit of maalin bakodesh, the talmidim learnt this year a to-

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JUNE 8, 2017 | The Jewish Home

Rabbi Mendel Greenbaum, Menahel of Cheder Menachem, welcomed everyone with a dvar Torah and giving a yasher koach to the talmidim. Words of brachah were shared by Rabbi Yosef haLevi Shusterman, Shliach of the Rebbe to Beverly Hills and Rav of Anash, as well as by Rabbi Boruch Shlomo Cunin Head, Shliach to the West Coast. A special presentation was made to Reb Yankel Ginsburg, the “Zevu-

Gan Chabad Students Visited by Urban Farmer Joyce Lapinsky On May 25th 2017 Urban Farming™ member, Joyce Lapinsky (wife of comedian Richard Lewis) came to visit the students at Gan Chabad Early Childhood Center (GCECC) for their annual planting of the “Garden of Giving.” The Urban Farming™ mission is to create an abundance of food for people in need by supporting and encouraging the establishment of gardens on unused land and space while increasing diversity, raising awareness for health and wellness, and inspiring and educating youth, adults and seniors to create

lun” of the Cheder’s MBP Program. He sponsors the sefarim on a yearly basis l’iluy nishmas his father, Reb Dov Reuven ben Dovid haLevi, o.b.m. Rabbi Sholom Heidingsfeld, the coordinator of the Mishnayos Be’al Peh program, announced the accomplishments of this year’s MBP, which was followed by awarding the sefarim to the three talmidim with the highest accomplishments. Mention was made of the new ini-

tiatives for mishnayos be’al peh this year: the Siach HaSodeh program, where talmidim can get tested throughout the year on the mishnayos they learn in class; the Sefer-a-Month Club, for talmidim to review a complete masechta every month and receive a sefer; and the 12 Perakim Club, encouraging talmidim to complete learning the first 12 perakim of Tanya before their bar mitzvah. After this, every talmid was called to come up and


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YOURS an economically sustainable system to uplift communities around the globe. “Our students look forward to planting the garden every year and take turns tending to the garden with lots of love,” says Rochie Yemini, On-site School Coordinator. To date, the school has grown beets, collards, lettuce, carrots, strawberries, broccoli, basil, cilantro, and cucumbers. The motto is “to grow some and give some away.” The children take some fruit and vegetables home, with the rest donated to the local food bank.

was presented with a certificate for their achievements and the sefarim they earned based on their achievements. Thank you to our photographer Yudi Vogel, and a special thank you to Mrs. Ruchie Stillman, R’ Nochum Labkowsky, Mr. Sam Kustanovich, all the rebbeim and menahalim of the Cheder and the Cheder board for all their help in ensuring the success of the day’s events.

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JUNE 8, 2017 | The Jewish Home

LINK Kollel Celebrates Its 15th Anniversary with its Most Successful Dinner To Date The LINK Kollel in Los Angles held its 15th annual dinner on Wednesday, May 24th. A near-capacity crowd of over 400 people packed into the Simcha Hall of Nessah Synagogue in Beverly Hills to mark this milestone. It was by far the most successful dinner in LINK’s history, in all respects. The Kollel paid tribute to two worthy couples: Mr. Victor and Mrs. Debbie Sacks and Rabbi Gavriel and Mrs. Shira Hershoff. The Sackses, originally from South Africa, are renowned throughout the L.A. community for their warmth, sincerity, and unsung acts of chessed, as well as for their inspiring story of personal growth. Their son-in-law and daughter, Rabbi Aharon and Mrs. Carli Becker, joined the Kollel two years ago after many years in Lakewood. In his remarks, Mr. Sacks beamed with pride at his children’s role in both limud haTorah and in teaching to the community. He confided that he secretly yearned for the day that his children might come back to L.A., and he is so grateful to LINK for providing that opportunity. Rabbi Hershoff and his wife have been involved for many years in harbatzas

haTorah in L.A., through YULA’a Boys and Girls High Schools and thru Aish Tamid. The latter has helped hundreds of young men who have struggled through many personal challenges as they try to get back on the derech of yiddishkeit. His wife has likewise helped many young women in their growth by finding the right seminary to learn at in Eretz Yisrael. In his remarks, Rabbi Hershoff lauded LINK as a place may of his “success stories” have come to learn in – mainly, LINK’s pioneering YPLA morning learning program for young men. He extolled LINK’s willingness to be open to all people, regardless of background, to come to learn in its vibrant beis midrash. Rabbi Asher Brander, LINK’s founder and rav, and Rabbi Mordechai Lebhar, the rosh kollel, both emphasized LINK’s phenomenal growth from its humble beginnings in the Westwood area in 2002. Now in the heart of the Pico-Robertson community, LINK attracts a broad spectrum of dozens of Jews every day to its beis midrash for learning and davening (besides its special outreach to college age men – YPLA – and young women – TLC).

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L-R Mr. Victor Sacks, (Awardee), Rabbi Lebhar, Rabbi Brander Photos: Manny Saltiel

, Coach s Sports CAMP with Coach Omer Markush Daily Davening & Learning (CSC Morning Kollel With R Zheutlin. Register NOW!!! Shacharis 8AM Followed By Breakfast)

, Sports Clinics, Coach s Tournaments, Sports Style Events & Maccabiah with Coach Omer Markush CAMP Weekly Swimming! (First-Aid & CPR Certified) & Learning Daily Davening (CSC Morning Kollel With R Zheutlin.

LINK Kollel Avreichim behind Rabbi Mordechai Lebhar, Rosh Kollel and Rabbi Asher Brander, founder and Rav Park is Fenced, Secured, & HOURS: M-THShacharis 9:15 - 8AM 3:45Followed / F 9:15 2:45 By -Breakfast) Exclusively UsedWhether by CSC Ashkenazim or Sefardim, FFB or gels who complained that Moshe had no DATES: Session I - June 26 - JulyTournaments, 21 Sports Clinics, BT, “Modern” or “Yeshivish,” they all are right to take the Torah away from HeavSessions are II - July 24 - August 4 Full Weeks) Session & Maccabiah Style18EventsWeekly Trips united by a sincere desire to grow in To- en. He explained that Hashem was telling rah and to get close to the scholarship and Moshe that as “children” of Hashem, we Overnight/Latenight CAMPERS: Boys Entering Swimming! Pre–1 - 8th , of LINK’s exceptional avrei- are actually closer to Him than the aninspiration Weekly Older Division, BBQ Etc. surprise presentation was gels (who are merely “neighbors”) and chim. As,special, (First-Aid & CPR Certified) LOCATION: Yeshiva Gedolah of LA made to one of those avreichim, Rabbi Yis- thus we deserved the Torah more than

Park is Fenced, Secured, & HOURS: 9:15 - 3:45 9:15 -(drop-off 2:45 Transportation from the 5444 W Olympic Blvd, M-TH Los Angeles, CA/ F90036 rael Thaler, as he and his wife Sarah will Exclusively Used by CSC DATES: Session I - June 26 - July 21 Valley is Available shortly depart LINK for Lakewood, New and pick-up location) (Sessions are & Poinsettia Park (sports only) Weekly Trips 4 Full Weeks) Session II - July 24 - August 18 Jersey, after several years of very dedicatOvernight/Latenight ed service. CAMPERS: Boys Entering Pre–1 - 8th , Older Division, BBQ s,Yeshiva Etc. Brand new home-base for our 2017 summer, The climax of the evening was a very LOCATION: Yeshiva Gedolah of LA

Gedolah LA!Blvd, Also CSC withfromRtheZheutlin Transportation moving talk given by the renowned guest 5444 of W Olympic Los Angeles, CA Morning 90036 (drop-off Kollel Valley is Available and pick-up location) & Poinsettia (sports only) speaker, Rabbi Eli Mansour of Brooklyn. ph: Park 323-842-7695 He adjured against taking the special gift forhome-base boys entering 6th - 8thYeshiva Brand new for our 2017 summer, Gedolah of LA! Also CSC Morning Kollel with R Zheutlin ph: 323-842-7695 for boys entering 6th - 8th

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of the Torah for granted, citing the inspiring mesirus nefesh of geirim such as Avraham ben Avraham (who burned at the stake in Poland in 1749), Rus, and Yisro. He also provided listeners with a profound and transformative understanding of the famous Gemara in Maseches Shabbos dealing with Hashem’s answer to the an-

them. Finally he concluded with a powerful parable about how true royalty distinguishes between life and mere money. We, as a nation of royalty, must come to value Torah – which is the very life blood of our existence – more than our money, and thus be willing to extend ourselves to support it. The diverse crowd – representing donors, community leaders and beis midrash participants - came away enthused and deeply moved as they looked forward to year 16 of LINK’s powerhouse of Torah electrifying the L.A. community.

JUNE 8, 2017 | The Jewish Home

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TheHappenings Week In News


JUNE 8, 2017 | The Jewish Home

Religious Zionists of Los Angeles Comes Up Big in Jerusalem for MegaYom Yerushalayim Celebration Rabbi Gideon Shloush, RZA Executive Vice President More than 50 people from Southern California participated in the Religious Zionists of America’s four day mega-celebration in Israel. The celebration – which was run in partnership with World Mizrachi – attracted 1200 people from across the globe and thousands more from Israel. The program included a live concert, presentations from leading rabbinic and political

figures from both Israel and abroad; an uplifting Leil Yom Yerushalayim tefillah in the Great Synagogue; an unprecedented and inspiring, unified shacharit at the Kotel; tours of the Old City; and a trip to Chevron and Har HaZeitim. Dr. Ernest Agatstein, Co- President of the Religious Zionists of Los Angeles (RZLA) said, “I was impressed

by the large turnout of men and women from across the United States who picked themselves up in the middle of a busy work week to attend with their city delegations often led by their shul rabbis. U.S. delegations included attendees from Los Angeles, Chicago, Columbus, Highland Park, Englewood, Livingston and the Five Towns. These


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participants joined together with delegations from England, South Africa, Canada, Mexico, and Australia in celebrating this historic milestone.” Rabbi Elazar Muskin, Senior Rabbi of the Young Israel of Century City added, “While walking in Jerusalem a few days ago, as part of the Mizrachi Yom Yerushalayim program, a TV reporter for Israel TV Channel 2 stopped and asked if she could interview me. It was not hard for her to identify me as an American visitor. I was the only one dressed in a suit and tie, and the people walking with me addressed me as “rabbi.” Overhearing that I was an American rabbi, the reporter realized that we were here for the 50th celebration of the reunification of Jerusalem. Wondering

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At Touro College Los Angeles, you’ll find academic excellence and a vibrant, nurturing Jewish community. Choose from courses in Business, Health Science, Judaic Studies and Psychology and get a boost from our excellent, affordable education.

why we traveled halfway around the globe and spent thousands of dollars for the trip, she asked me what motivated us. I explained that this was our way of saying thank you to G-d for giving us the great miracle of the Six Day War, and more generally the great miracle of the State of Israel. It was our way of saying thank you to G-d for the great miracle of the Soviet aliyah which was inspired and was a direct outcome of the Six Day War. It was our way of saying thank you to G-d for the prosperity we enjoy today in Israel that was not even a dream in 1967.” Dr. Ronnie Nagel put it this way: “It was totally insane to fly one and half days to spend two and a half days in Yerushalayim. But that’s what you do when you are in LOVE with Israel. I have NO regrets. Meshuganeh.” Dr. Yakov Agatstein, President of RZLA said, “I flew a long way from Los Angeles to Israel for less than three days,

TheHappenings Week In News

JUNE 8, 2017 | The Jewish Home

but what I got out of the 50th anniversary of Yom Yerushalayim will give me Chizzuk for the rest of my life. The awe-inspiring davening at the Kotel, walking in the footsteps of the 1967 paratroopers, the magnificently produced concert, the educationally moving conference and the electrifying march of flags created such Jewish unity the likes of which I have never seen before. This is something that only Yerushalayim could accomplish.” Even though Los Angeles was geographically the farthest location from Jerusalem, dozens of participants from across the Southland made sure not to miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to celebrate Yom Yerushalayim. Rabbi Elazar Muskin, Rabbi of Young Israel of Century City, and Rabbi Kalman Topp of Beth Jacob Congregation worked tirelessly for months to recruit their congregants to attend. They also were responsible for arranging additional activities in Israel beyond the official Mizrachi programming. Jennifer Niman of the Valley organized 15 women to participate in the trip. Hancock Park was also well represented, with Yavneh’s Rabbi Shlomo Einhorn promoting YY50 as well.

A beaming Dr. Ernie Agatstein explained that “it felt like Klal Yisrael was reenacting the pilgrimage that used to take place three times a year when the Beit Hamikdash stood.” Tens of thousands of Jews from across the spectrum stood in awe near Jaffa Gate to witness the opening ceremony of the 50th anniversary celebration of the Reunification of Jerusalem. On the afternoon of Yom Yerushalayim, hundreds of thousands, many of them high school students from all across Israel, waved their flags proudly as they marched triumphantly from King George Street to the Kotel. The programming coordinated by a team led by Rabbi Doron Perez of World Mizrachi brought the most talented and recognized speakers from around the world. Presenters included former Chief Rabbi of the UK, Lord Jonathan Sacks; YU Rosh Yeshiva, Rav Herschel Schachter; Chief Rabbi of the British Commonwealth Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis, Chief Rabbi of South Africa, Rabbi Warren Goldstein; Chief Rabbi of the State of Israel, Rabbi David Lau; Jewish Agency President Natan Sharansky; Minister of Knesset Michael Oren; President of the

Los Angeles delegation

Conference of Presidents, Malcolm Hoenlein; and former Governor of Arkansas, Mike Huckabee. There was even a session focused on the future of worldwide Religious Zionism that was attended by the eighty or so Religious Zionist rabbis who had attended from overseas. The Religious Zionists of America proudly sent the largest overseas contingent – many hundreds of individuals from dozens of communities – to represent the United States at the YY50 conference. Rabbi Leonard Matanky, co-president of the RZA, said, “The World Mizrachi mission was not only a huge success, it was an extraordinary Kiddush Hashem, bringing together thousands of people from the


four corners of the earth to celebrate G-d’s miracles and gift of Yerushalayim. To all who came and all who created this mission – we are so very grateful. And to anyone who missed this opportunity, I pray that they find opportunities to visit and bask in the glory of our eternal capital.” The Religious Zionists of America is the US affiliate of the 115 year old World Mizrachi movement. The goal of the RZA-Mizrachi is to instill in the American Jewish community a commitment to Religious Zionism, the preservation of Jewish political freedom, the enhancement of Jewish religious life in the land of Israel, and the promotion of aliyah. For more information, visit:

50 Years Since Jews Regained Jerusalem Celebrated in Pan Pacific Park & Pico-Robertson

On Tuesday, May 23rd, Angelenos gathered at Pan Pacific Park to celebrate a very special Yom Yerushalayim. It has been 50 years since the Jewish people regained control of the Old City during the Six Day War. A separate event at B’nai David–Judea celebrated this occasion with a performing arts event. The entertainment at this first-ever community achdut chagigah in Pan Pacific Park included Cantor Arik Wollheim singing a rousing “Hatikvah” and Simcha Leiner singing familiar songs about Jerusalem with everyone. Students from co-sponsors Shalhevet High School, Emek Hebrew Academy, NCSY, Yavneh, YSCC, Harkham Hillel Academy, and Harkham Gaon, joined in and danced on both sides of the makeshift mechizah. In addition to the schools, several shuls – including Young Israel of North Beverly Hills, Beth Jacob, and Young Israel of Century City, and B’nai David–Judea Congregation – co-sponsored the event. AD catering was on hand to sell barbeque chicken, hot dogs, and hamburgers served with potatoes and salad. Rabbi Tsaidi, Judaic Studies Principal of Harkham Hillel Academy, stated that he was very excited about the level of achdut between the shuls, schools and organizations that joined together and hoped even more would unite in the coming years. Across a large banner above the stage area was written the pasuk (Psalm 122:3), “a city that is bound firmly together.” Based on this pasuk, the Talmud Yerushalmi states that Yerushalayim is a city that has the potential to transform all Jews into friends. Los Angeles Jewish community members said

they shepped nachas from Rabbi Topp and Rabbi Muskin who were both interviewed on Israel’s Channel 2 television while visiting Israel to commemorate the 50th anniversary of regaining Jerusalem. Rabbi Topp told a reporter that we all have a dream to come to our Holy Land and will b’ezrat Hashem “next year in Jerusalem.” Rabbi Muskin said his being in Jerusalem this year for Yom Yerushalayim was unbelievable because this is a miracle he watched every day since he was little, and that it gives him strength and emunah. The LA/Israel connection was also felt strongly at another community-wide event held at B’nai David –Judea where the celebrants were invited to partake of Israeli foods – falafel, hummus, baba ganoush, Israeli salad, and stuffed grape leaves – while watching a multi-media Yom Yerushalayim presentation coordinated by BDJ’s Hannah Cohen, Joanne Helperin, and Batsheva Kasdan. Rabbi Yosef Kanefsky spoke about the meaning of the day. Boaz Hepner, master of ceremonies, introduced dramatic readings about Yerushalayim by talented members of the shul including four-time Grammy Award winner, Linda Korn. Singer and voice-over artist, Barbara Heller, narrated a staged reading of an original screenplay “Brother’s Keeper” by Arnon Z. Shorr. The BDJ Men’s Choir, “The Third Temple Pilots,” performed classic songs from Israel. Shep Rosenman (guitar), Nachum Petersil (vocals), and Gil Melmed (keyboard) had the audience on their feet with lively songs about Jerusalem.

Photo: Tova Abady

Tova Abady


Living with In theNews Times The Week

By Rabbi Pinchos Lipschutz Publisher of the Yated Ne’eman

One year on Motzoei Shavuos, two young talmidei chachomim asked the Satmar Rov, Rav Yoel Teitelbaum, for a brocha. He blessed them that the hashpa’os of Shavuos, and birkas mo’adecha, should remain with them and add meaning and light to the upcoming months. “You have a special task,” the rebbe said. “You have to work hard in Torah, you have to hureveh, and you must develop new insights, being mechadeish chiddushim. While a wedding is a joyous affair, filled with excitement and anticipation, the focus is really on the future generations that will emerge from the new couple. Shavuos was essentially the wedding, but now is the time to focus on what the union of Yisroel, Hakadosh Boruch Hu and the Torah is able to produce. Your task now is to write chiddushim.” The message is valid for each of us in our own way. We have each just celebrated and reaffirmed our connection and commitment to the Torah. Through our celebration, we proclaimed that after 3,329 years, we are holding on. Moshe tells us (Devorim 4:10) not to forget the great events at Har Sinai, the wonders our eyes beheld. He says that every father should transmit to his children the awesomeness of the experience. We remember the wonders at Har Sinai. We remember that Hashem gave us the Luchos and the Torah. As we recall the awesomeness of the wonders that transpired, we marvel that thousands of years later, we remain as committed, loyal and faithful as ever. Our children study the same halachos discussed over the millennia. Every day we wear the very same tefillin worn by all Jews, according to the instructions passed down by Moshe Rabbeinu at Har Sinai. There is no other commitment ever made by flesh and blood that has endured that way. On Shavuos, we commemorated and renewed the bond. Now, we struggle to assimilate our emotions - the spiritual high

JUNE 8, 2017 | The Jewish Home

Inspired we experienced on Shavuos as the first vague brushstrokes of a new day painted the dark sky, the majesty of a daf of Gemara, the intensity of Akdamus, and the meaning of certain lines we are able to grasp as they fly by in the traditional tune - into ordinary life. But now, the wedding is over. The guests and the band have gone home. Now it’s time to go home together and create a viable and fruitful relationship. We davened, learned, sang and danced, but now it’s back to real life. We have to build and live according to the Torah. Now is the

fected you. Show that you appreciate the Torah and its way of life. Stay with me.” There are those who hear that call every day. After a family simcha, as relatives stood around chatting, Chacham Ovadia Yosef urged his wife that it was time to return home. “Please. They’re waiting for me,” he said. “I can’t stay here any longer.” One of his sons asked who was coming to speak with the rav at that late hour. Who was waiting for him at his home? “The Rambam is on my desk,” he ex-

We are reminded of greatness and the heights man can reach.

time. In this week’s parsha (Bamidbar 10:31), Moshe asks Yisro not to leave the Jewish people behind and return home. He says to him, “Al ta’azov osanu.” The Seforno explains that Moshe told him that if he were to leave, the nations of the world would assume that he didn’t agree with a Torah life. They would surmise that Yisro, who was famed for seeking the truth, was back on the hunt, unsatisfied with what he had found. There is an inherent chillul Hashem in seeing the glory and then turning your back on it. That call rings out to us as well in these days following Shavuos. After having reconnected with the light of Har Sinai, there is a call to each one of us: “Al na ta’azov.” The Torah calls out to us, “Don’t leave me. You’ve been with me. We celebrated together. You studied my words and became familiar with me. Don’t go back to the way you were before Shavuos. Show that it af-

plained. “The Rashba is right next to it. I’ve been away for too long already. They are waiting for me.” Rav Elazar Menachem Mann Shach had a piece of paper on his desk for months. Periodically, he would look at it and shake his head. One of his attendants finally asked what the precious paper was. The rosh yeshiva explained: “A bochur came over to me after shiur one day with a question pertaining to Maseches Bava Kamma. He posed a good question and it deserves a good answer, but I haven’t yet had the opportunity to delve into it and find a solution. I keep the paper with me to remind me that I am a ba’al chov. Ich bin em shuldik ah terutz. I owe that boy something. I owe him an explanation. This is more important than anything.” With all that occupied his day, explaining a sugya to a talmid was his primary occupation, for the transmission of Torah is supreme. Uppermost in his mind was finding a teretz for a bochur’s question.

Rebbetzin Esther Finkel, wife of Rav Beinish Finkel, was a niece of the Chazon Ish. She would often retell something that she heard from the Chazon Ish’s mother. At the age of eight years old, young Avrohom Yeshaya remarked to his mother, “Mammeh, do you know why I learn? I learn because I know how good it is.” That perception of “ein tov ela Torah” drove him to continue learning and leading a life of Torah lishmah, mastering it all. For the remainder of his life, his joy and cheishek came from ameilus baTorah. An encounter comes with obligations. Reb Moshe Reichmann once had a small dispute with another respected ba’al tzedakah that was resolved at a din Torah. Someone badmouthed the other person to Mr. Reichmann, who waved away the claim. “Don’t say that,” he responded. “He is a good person who means well. The only reason he acts this way and I don’t is because I was zoche to learn in yeshivos and know the Chazon Ish and he never did.” Becoming acquainted with holiness affects us, changes us, and makes us into better people. Torah is not merely theoretical. It is not enough to study it, sing about it, and talk about it. Torah has to touch our souls and affect the way we act, talk, conduct ourselves, and deal with other people. Torah Jews don’t get personal when they have disagreements. They seek to resolve differences according to the ways of the Torah. They speak kindly and act with kindness. They help each other, assisting even people they don’t know. They are respectful and dignified. They cause kiddush Hashem, not chillul Hashem. Moshe Reichmann was recognized throughout the Jewish world and the world of finance as an impeccably honest gentleman. He derived his standing and the way he comported himself from viewing himself as a yeshiva bochur, as a student of great men, influenced from basking in the glow of the Chazon Ish. A Bobover chossid explained to his grandchildren how he survived Auschwitz. He told them that as a child, he had been at seudah shlishis tishen of the Kedushas Tzion many times. “I understood that an experience like that was a zechus, and it was up to me to use it to the fullest. I bottled up the energy of the tish, memorizing the Torah, the niggunim, and the look on the rebbe’s face. Years later, when I was surrounded by death and despair, I would close my eyes and draw on that reservoir of purity and joy. That was how I survived.”

Living with In theNews Times The Week

JUNE 8, 2017 | The Jewish Home

We have all seen greatness in our lives. There have been experiences that have greatly impressed us. Torah lessons that have impacted us. Rabbeim who made a mark on our souls. They should not be fading memories of fleeting moments. They should be etched into our consciences and influence us every day of our lives. I, for one, merited receiving guidance and instruction in years past from such giants as Rav Elazar Menachem Mann Shach and Rav Elya Svei zichronam livrocha. I constantly consult with my memories of our conversations to help me proceed. Of course, it is not sufficient to be guided by memories of those no longer with us, but it is upon the foundation they established within me and so many others that we build, and the reminiscences of the discussions with them that provide us with the strength and conviction to carry on. I spent the past week in Yerushalayim and had the special zechus to daven with and speak to residents of Yerushalayim Shel Maalah. So many scenes impacted me, so many people whose faces are etched with the lines of emunah and bitachon. Poor and destitute people who know the truth about life, smiling as they perform mitzvos. Giants sitting among common folk, each concentrating on impressing the One who counts and not looking over their shoulders or considering where they sit and who they daven with. All Jews are special and they know it. There is holiness in every soul. Everyone has a spark of ruach hakodesh, some more than others (see Gr”a, Mishlei 16:4). I hope that lesson stays with me. To be in the presence of Rav Chaim Kanievsky, revered by all the world over for his incredible hasmodah and yediah of kol haTorah kulah, combined with tzidkus, is very hard to describe. We ask and we follow, for we know that the Torah flows through him. I traveled to Naharia to receive the blessing of Rav Dovid Abuchatzeira. Just to hear the words he speaks and his tone provides chizuk. Rav Dovid Cohen, rosh yeshiva of Chevron Yeshiva, is a personal guide, mentor and rebbi. A gaon in Torah and mussar, to sit with him nourishes the soul. As we spend time with our rabbeim and manhigim, we are reminded of greatness and the heights man can reach. Their dedication to Torah, basking in it and dedicating their lives to it raises them and imbues them with the ability to provide light, guidance and leadership. The cycle of the Jewish year is a series of peaks and valleys. Shavuos allows us to reach the mountain of old, to hear the kol gadol, the voice that has never stopped calling, to feel the thunder in our souls. We live in scary times. It often appears

as if madness has taken over the Western world. Terror grips foreign capitals, fake news is treated as gospel, and the media is consumed with fostering a Russian connection with the president, who hasn’t been able to gain traction and pass the bills necessary to push his agenda forward and get the economy back on course. There is misdirection everywhere as critical thought

has gone AWOL. The Torah provides us with light and understanding. By devoting ourselves to learning Torah, we are able to find a path through the darkness, an oasis of sanity and truth. Learning Torah lishmah spares us from falling prey to ever-present temptations. It makes us into better people and allows us to lead a fruitful, satisfying life,

enhancing those around us and the world. Shavuos has passed us by. Let its memory not fade. The inspiration should stimulate us as we go about our daily activities and allow us to live lives unscathed by the depravity and futility of so much that surrounds us.


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JUNE 8, 2017 | The Jewish Home

Ateres Malka V’Sara Esther Menlo Family Girls Division G R A D UAT I N G C L A S S O F 2 0 1 7

Menlo Family Menlo Boys Family & Girl B Back: Malki Levine, Avital Levi, Rochel Leah Raskin, Sharon Aharonoff, Anaelle Ezekiel, Eden Mizrahi, Miriam Neim, Leah Raoufpour Front: Rivka Schusterman, Basya Kaszirer, Shanei Sibony, Myriam Cohen, Miriam Avrahamy, Raquel Duek

Graduates have been accepted to the following Seminaries in Eretz Yisroel: Bais Yaakov Levavi Bnot Torah Institute (Sharfmans) Darchei Binah Machon Raaya Me'ohr Bais Yaakov Michlelet Mevaseret Yerushalayim


Girls Division General Studies Principal Mrs. Yali Rosenberg

In joining Valley Torah, Mrs. Yali Rosenberg brings with her a passion for infusing Torah values into the secular studies curriculum and combining critical thinking with a collaborative approach to education. A product of Manhattan High School for Girls and Bnos Chava Teachers’ Seminary, Mrs. Rosenberg received her MA in English Literature from Queens College and her Advanced Certificate in School Building Leadership from St. John’s University. Continuing in St. John’s University, she has completed her coursework toward her Ed.D. Degree in Administration and Supervision, and is currently working on her doctoral dissertation. Mrs. Rosenberg’s educational experience includes more than a decade of teaching at Manhattan High School for Girls and Shevach High School (Queens, NY) where she has taught English Literature and Computer Science, and served as the Director of Technology at Shevach High School. Mrs. Rosenberg was the faculty advisor for the student magazine and senior yearbook, organized “Career Nights”,

and provided extensive technological services for each year’s annual dinner. More recently, Mrs. Rosenberg has been the principal of Ateres Miriam, a post high school seminary which is part of the Ohr Naava family of institutions and exists under the auspices of Rabbi Zechariah Wallerstein. Ateres Miriam was founded to serve young women who have endured challenging life events. These young women came to Ateres Miriam with significant educational deficits and, under the guidance of Mrs. Rosenberg and with the help of tutors and a warm faculty, have gained important educational and self-management skills as they work towards a college degree. During the past several summers, Mrs. Rosenberg has also been the Assistant Director of Acheinu Day Camp in Queens, NY and when away from work she is active in various community organizations such as the Bikur Cholim of Queens. She enjoys spending time with her husband and children… and loves baking cookies.

Midreshet Tehillah Tiferet Tomer Devorah Midreshet HaRova Michlalah Midreshet Moriah

The Administration, Staff and School wish a hearty Mazel Tov We look forward to sharing in y grant you only co EXCELLENCE & Rivka Schusterman

stands as one of the most talented, determined and well-rounded students to have ever attended the Valley Torah Girls School. She has been a leader and mentor on our campus and a role model in and out of class. Rivka has been granted admission to Harvard, Princeton, Northwestern, UCLA, USC, CAL, Boston University, Brandeis University and Yeshiva University/Stern. Before beginning University, Rivka will defer for one year and will attend Midreshet Horova in Israel. Her achievements are a direct result of her innate determination, consistent excellence and the encouragement she has received from her teachers and administrators. Valley Torah High School is proud of Rivka's achievements and we wish her Mazel Tov and continued success in all of her future endeavors.

Graduates from both divisions this year ha Harvard University Yeshiva University Princeton University Northwestern University University of Pennsylvania

California State Polytech California State Uni University of Califo University of Cali University of Cal University of Sout



The Week In News

JUNE 8, 2017 | The Jewish Home


S TA N L E Y M . L I N T Z

Yeshiva Tzvi Dov V’Ephraim Menlo Family Boys Division V A L L E Y T O R A H H I G H S Boys ls Divisions & GirlsG Divisions R A D UAT I N G C L A S S O F 2 0 1 7 Back: Avi Thurman, Max Leibowitz, Avishai Mermelstein, Yoni Zisblatt, Noah Cohn, Joshua Imanoel, Dovie Solomon, Osher Boudara, Daniel Lavehim, Yiftach Doan Front: David Limoudim, Joseph Bral, Oshri Yehezkel, Yosef Blumenstrauch, Chaim Hirsch, Binyamin Scharf, Fredrick Adlma, Eitan Shavalian, Sean Lavi, Leor Mahfouda, Matan Yehezkel, Moshe Berg, Opal Mizrahi Absent: Asher Muller

Menlo Family Boys & Girls Divisions

Graduates have been accepted to the following Yeshivos in Eretz Yisroel: Aish HaTorah Ohr Yerushalayim (OJ) Derech Etz Chaim Shaarei Mevaseret Har Etzion (Gush) Toras Shraga Kerem B'Yavneh Yeshivas Chofetz Chaim Merkaz HaTorah Yeshivat Reishit Midrash Shmuel Yeshivat Sha'alvim Mikdash Melech

Students of Valley Torah High v to all of our 2017 Graduates. your growth and may Hashem ontinued success. ACHIEVEMENT Yoni Zisblatt

is best characterized by an insatiable desire to learn. He has distinguished himself since his first day on campus at Valley Torah High School. Yoni applied early decisions to University of Pennsylvania and was accepted, and immediately withdrew all other applications to leave openings for other deserving students. Yoni will be deferring his acceptance and spending the next year at Yeshivat Sha'alvim in Israel. In addition to his academic and personal contributions to our campus, Yoni is a true role model and recognized campus leader. He enjoys mentoring younger students and giving them guidance. He has distinguished himself with our Rabbeim and secular staff as a young man with exceptional character, maturity and ethics. Valley Torah is very proud of Yoni, all he has accomplished and what he will accomplish in the future.

ave been accepted to the following Colleges:

hnic University, Pomona iversity Northridge ornia, Los Angeles ifornia, Riverside lifornia, Berkley thern California

Boston University Brandeis University Touro College New York Yeshiva University - Stern Bar Ilan University, Israel


Boys Division General Studies Principal Mr. Tomer Kleinman

With over fifteen years of experience as a teacher in both a private and public school setting and numerous administrative positions, Tomer Kleinman joins us to provide students with a rigorous and engaging educational experience. Currently Mr. Kleinman is the Assistant Principal at Millikan Affiliated Charter, a Gold Ribbon LAUSD school, that is ranked in the top five middle schools in LAUSD with over 1,900 students. In this role he is responsible for the social and emotional well being of the students by overseeing the Counseling Office and discipline; wherein he has incorporated a system called Restorative Justice (RJ), a philosophy and an approach that moves away from punishment and restores a sense of harmony and well-being for all those affected by a hurtful act. Mr. Kleinman has also served at the district level as the sole History Specialist in the San Fernando Valley, which he spearheaded the design and delivery of professional development

that aligns standards based content with Common Core literacy standards. To provide better resources for teachers, Mr. Kleinman collaborated with Stanford University History Group to create instructional materials available online. In his free time Mr. Kleinman is also a Professor at California State University of California, Northridge (CSUN) in the Education Department. He instructs future teachers to recognize theories, issues, and best practices central to teaching. Through his experience of being a teacher and administrator, Mr. Kleinman recognizes that education is not only about teaching the standards; making students feel respected and providing various learning opportunities is essential.


The Parenting Week In News

JUNE 8, 2017 | The Jewish Home

Proactive Parenting:

Whose Side Are You On? Sara Teichman, Psy D

Dear Dr T., My eight-year-old daughter is a star in school both socially and academically. At home, I really work hard to do right by her: take her shopping, help with school projects, enjoy special outings. We generally do well together and enjoy each other’s company. It is very disappointing to me, however, that whenever she gets upset about anything (about twice a week), she lashes out at me and says, “You don’t care about me!” or “I know you hate me.” I understand that children get upset, but I have a really hard time understanding why she would say these things to me. Susan Dear Susan, Without meeting your daughter, it’s hard to talk about anything other than possibilities and hunches. So, let me throw out a few ideas, and you can decide if any fit. The possibilities here range from the innocuous to the serious, from the obvious to the obscure. It may simply be that your daughter is very intense and overreacts. Or, perhaps like all of us, she directs her negativity to a safe zone – her mom. This is a typical pattern for us all; we don’t yell at the rude, inept employee at Kmart, but we may come home and let someone – a spouse, a child – have it. Or, perhaps, she is following the model of someone else in the family who has poor communication skills and resorts to vicious verbal attacks. However, there is a totally different possibility here. Though I have no way of knowing whether my thoughts are appropriate to your situation, I hope that you and some of my readers will find them eye opening, nevertheless. Relationships are tricky; problems are not based on what actually happened but rather on the perceptions and feelings of each person in the relationship. For example, in the common scenario where one spouse is “just a bit late” and feels it’s “no big deal,” the other partner may feel trampled on and disrespected because his/her spouse minimizes the importance of his/ her value: being on time. So, though from your perspective you do well by your daughter, it’s possible that your good will gets lost in translation, and she perceives you as being against her. Remember, this does not mean that you are

working against her, only that she feels this way. However, in order to improve this relationship, you want to try to understand her and see things from her perspective. You want to develop the ability to see your relationship as she does, not as you do. Once you “get it,” you can work on slowly changing your behavior so that her perceptions become in line with your own. In short, though you cannot force your daughter to see that you’re on her side, if you understand why she feels you are against her, you can work on changing those barriers and thus improve your relationship. Since you don’t provide me with any clue as to what your daughter is thinking, there is no definitive way for me to know why she feels – despite your best efforts – that you are against her. However, let me suggest a possibility that may prove helpful. Many parents “do” for their children, but fail to understand them. This creates frustration in the child because the person who “does” for him and loves him is the same person who does not understand him. Though the child (and even many an adult) cannot articulate these thoughts, he feels confused about loving the parent who cannot give him what he (we) so desperately needs – understanding. Allow me to illustrate my point by relating a true-life anecdote. Shani comes to her mom in hysterics; she lost the back to her earring. This is Shani’s only pair, and she must have earrings for school. Now, Mom is really irritated because

this is the third (!) earring back that Shani has lost in a month! Mom treated her to the first pair and donated one of her own sets for a second pair. But a third pair? In a month? Mom lays it on the table for Shani. “This is the third time! If you want another pair, you have to pay for them yourself.” Now Shani is beside herself. She is seven years old and has no way to pay for something that she just HAS to have. She told her mom, “You don’t even care about me!” Though we can all identify with Mom’s frustration and her honest desire that Shani learn responsibility, what Shani needs is for her mother to commiserate with her over her loss. This does not mean “fixing” the problem by buying new earrings, but it does mean conveying in word and deed that she understands how upsetting this loss is to Shani. It also means that though from an adult perspective Shani needs to learn consequences and responsibility, from a child’s point of view, this is a tragedy that has befallen her. There are many ways that Mom can demonstrate her understanding of her daughter, and none of them involve straight-out replacing the earrings. She can begin with simply empathizing and saying things like, “That must be so upsetting to you,” or, “How disappointing to lose three pairs in a month.” Instead of criticizing and threatening, Mom could choose to help Shani deal with the problem. She might offer to help look for them,

or even offer the younger kids a dollar if they find it. She can let Shani know that when the weekly cleaning help comes, she will ask the cleaner to be on the lookout for it as well. She might even go so far as to help Shani figure out how to pay for a new pair. Is there birthday or Chanukah money available? Could Shani earn some money for chores or good behavior that would help defray the cost? The point here is that by understanding what this loss to Shani, Mom has an opportunity to show that she is on Shani’s side and wants to help her. Seeing things through the eyes of our children and being on their side is one of the many gifts a parent can bestow on his children. For those of us that got it, the giving comes naturally. For the rest of us, the effort and work involved is worth the result. The Book Nook: How To Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids will Talk by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish is the number one book on communicating with children (and spouses!). Based on the work of Dr. Chaim Ginott, this classic work teaches us how to convey our understanding of our children to them. Sara Teichman, Psy D. is a psychotherapist in private practice in Los Angeles and Clinical Director of ETTA, L.A.’s largest Jewish agency for adults with special needs. To submit a question or comment, email

Torah Musings The Week In News

JUNE 8, 2017 | The Jewish Home

We Are All Walking Miracles Sarah Pachter

I recently asked this question to my students: “Have you ever experienced a miracle and realized that if not for that miracle, you would not be here today?” After a few moments of contemplating, most responded, “Not that I can think of...” However, after sharing my own experience with them, their stories came pouring forth. We all looked at each other and realized that every person in the room was a walking miracle. The following is the story I shared with them. It was a sunny day in Woodmere, New York, where we lived at the time. The date was December 24, 2008. Our son woke from his afternoon nap later than usual, so we had to rush out of the house to make it to the local Chabad’s “Chanukah Wonderland” activity. They had rented out an entire storefront, and although the venue was huge, it was packed – so much so, that the line to get in was forming down the street. We parked and waited quite some time to enter the bazaar. Since our two-year-old was getting impatient, the wait felt like an eternity. Finally, our turn was next. At precisely the moment we reached the entrance desk, the woman excused herself to use the restroom! “I’ll just be a minute,” she explained apologetically. After she returned, she told us the amount they were charging for entry, and I fumbled to find our checkbook in my huge diaper bag. At the very bottom was my checkbook, drenched in liquid from my son’s sippy cup! Unbeknownst to me, his milk had been leaking through the bag and had even soiled my skirt! Yuck! We quickly paid cash, and then I calmly paused, took off the bag, and did a quick wipe down. After everything was clean, we could finally enter. My husband held our son in his arms and began walking towards the moon bounce that our toddler was pointing to excitedly. As they walked ahead, something caused me to stop. Unexplainably, my feet planted, and I couldn’t bring myself to move. When my husband realized I was not with him, he hesitated, turned around, and took a few steps to walk back to me. At that moment, it happened: In exactly in the spot my husband had been standing with our son, a huge, bright blue SUV came bursting through the glass wall of the storefront and continued driving into the

Chanukah Wonderland. The car sped right past my husband’s arm, knocking everything down in its path. If I wanted to know what a post-bombing scene looks like, that was it. People ran out of the car’s way at inhuman speeds. In milliseconds, the room emptied. After making sure my son and I were out okay, my husband went back in to pick up a toddler that was being trampled on by adults and brought her outside to safety. We were sure it was a terrorist’s attack, targeted at Chabad. After all, it happened just weeks after the Chabad of Mumbai incident. It turns out, it was not an attack at all, but rather an accident caused by a 76 year old man. The carpet in his car got twisted between the pedals as he was frantically trying to push on his brakes. The carpet under the pedals was so twisted that the more he pressed firmly on the brake, the more the rug pushed harder on the accelerator – hence the power with which he drove through and shattered the glass storefront. Miraculously, no one died from the incident. A friend of mine was sitting in a seat rocking her baby in the stroller to her right. She picked up the baby to nurse and moments later the car drove into the stroller, causing it to fly in the air. She too missed the car’s wrath by less than two feet. One man was run over by the car, and it took the strength of twelve people to lift it off him. He was injured, but eventually recovered. Chanukah was certainly filled with miracles that year. I often think of all the small inconveniences of that day that ended up saving our lives. Our son slept later than usual, and we waited an extraordinary amount of time in line. The woman who happened to need to use the restroom. And milk spilt on my leg. Had we already been inside even moments before, we could have been injured, or worse. All these moments of delay that we were initially annoyed about ended up saving us. Think about this story next time you are involved in an inconvenient delay. The detour, the missed flight, the long wait in line could all be preventing you from being elsewhere, and that might not be a bad thing. Try to take on an attitude of gratitude for “what I could be missing” instead of acting annoyed by the inconvenience. A positive internal message is: “I am

precisely where I am supposed to be at this moment.” Or, “I was not supposed to be there at this moment, and maybe it has prevented something else from happening.” I’ll take inconvenience over disaster any day. A similar story happened to my grandfather during WWII. He was fighting for the American Army on the ground in France. They reached a house with a white picket fence and marigolds all around. The house looked serene and seemed to be a perfect place to hide for safety. Little did they know it was a decoy, and it hid land mines laced with bombs throughout the property. My grandfather experienced a premonition of danger and did not want to open the picket fence. Despite his commander’s orders, he simply refused to obey. His refusal saved

his life, for the moment it was opened, the bomb was activated. I am here today, along with my children and hundreds of cousins, aunts, and uncles – his life being saved enabled the birth of hundreds of descendants! Truly, when one person’s life is saved, an entire world is saved. Every Jewish person reading this article is a testimony to Hashem’s master plan. The ancient Egyptians would have loved to wipe every Jew off the planet. The crusaders wished to destroy us, but we survived. According to the Nazis, we aren’t supposed to be here. Yet, walk into any Jewish day school, and you will find vibrant children in the classrooms laughing, singing, and learning Torah freely! Despite all odds, we are still here, all of us walking, breathing miracles.




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The Six Day War or The Six Day Miracle? A 50 Year Old Chanukah Story in the Days of Shavuos By Brendy J. Siev


his week, 50 years ago, Israel was besieged, and its existence – and that of all the Jews within her – was in limbo. The Arab world had assembled and their intentions were bloody and clear. The Egyptians cut off Israel’s only supply route from Asia. The Americans and French, in a show of supposed neutrality, would not send arms to Israel; the Soviets were sending military weapons to the Arab states. UN troops, meant to buffer a boundary between Israel and Egypt, had quietly slipped away. We were alone. But we were not. In a stunning and miraculous victory, Hashem led us through a Six-Day War, a whirlwind Chanu-

kah-level victory of the few over the entire Middle East and Soviet military machine. On the seventh day, we rested, stunned by the delivery of the Old City, the Kotel, the West Bank, Gaza Strip, Golan Heights, and Sinai Desert in Jewish hands. Fifty years ago this week, in “six short days, Israel swung from the fear of annihilation to the euphoria of an astounding victory,” writes former Knesset member Einat Wilf. Zionism, once the realm of highly secular and atheist Jews and a small group of religious Zionists, suddenly surged and brought strength to the religious Zionist movement. “For those who believed that G-d works in mysterious ways to bring about

the redemption of the Jewish people,” states Wilf, “1967 was proof.” The religious Zionist and settler movement grew; the ba’al teshuva movement grew with it. The Six Day War also empowered Jews who were quietly fading into the secular world of assimilation to feel Jewish pride and to pour resources into the Jewish State. Because, as the military correspondent for Haaretz wrote: “Even a non-religious person must admit this war was fought with help from heaven.”


always wanted peace with its neighbors. Keenly aware of its tiny status in the Middle East, the country and the people have wanted nothing more than shalom and at least a gritty harmony. But when they reached out to their neighbors to meet, Arab leaders, such as Egypt’s Gamal Abdel Nasser, said that Israel was out to deceive them and the world. They would never recognize the Jewish State and would never negotiate and settlement for refugees. Nasser even said in 1964, “The danger of Israel lies in the very existence of Israel as it is in the present and in what she represents.”

A Hope for a Handshake...A Rancorous Refusal From its inception, Israel has

The PLO Is Born Following the Arab League’s first

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The Jewish Home | OCTOBER 29, 2015

Israeli tanks advancing in the Golan Heights

Palestinian Congress, the Arabs formed the Palestinian Liberation Organization, the PLO. Its largest faction, Fatah, led by Yasser Arafat, created a Palestinian National Charter calling for Israel’s destruction. In fulfillment of their mission, they began to launch terrorist attacks and raids against Israeli civilians. These attacks involved not just guerrillas coming into Israel from Jordan, Gaza, and Lebanon, but actual orders from Egypt and Syria. Nasser wanted to harass the Israelis as well as undermine King Hussein in Jordan because King Hussein did not support the PLO, perceiving it as a threat to himself and his reign. A Secret Meeting...A Secret Recording By late 1965, Arab leaders convened in secret in Morocco. Their purpose: to discuss forming a coalition to go to war against Israel. But King Hassan II, the meeting’s host, did not fully trust his Arab guests and was prepared to allow a secret Mossad unit, “The Birds,” to infiltrate the conference. A day before, fearing their cover would be broken, Hassan told them to leave, but he eventually provided the Israelis with a secret recording of the meeting. This recording would be invaluable to the Israelis. On the one hand, they learned that the Arabs were divided and unprepared. On the other hand, the Israelis learned that they must prepare. Syria, in the meantime, grew increasingly angry and hostile toward Israel, especially when the country starting taking water from

Ariel Sharon, commander of an armored division in the Sinai at the time

Blowing the shofar in victory

now had to put actions behind his savage and bellicose words. And so, on May 15, Yom Haatzmaut, Egyptian troops started moving into the Sinai Desert and massing near the Israeli border. Nasser ordered the UN troops in Sinai to withdraw from buffering between Egypt and Israel; they complied. At the same time, the Syrians gathered along the Golan Heights.

UN about Israel. The sole method we shall apply against Israel is total war, which will result in the extermination of Zionist existence.” This was reiterated by the Syrian defense minister who bragged that his army was now “entirely ready not only to repulse the aggression, but to initiate the act of liberation itself, and to explode the Zionist presence in the Arab homeland. The Syrian army, with its finger on the trigger, is enter into a battle of annihilation.”

He told the pilots, “Remember: your mission is one of life or death. If you succeed – we win the war; if you fail – G-d help us.”

Formidable Opponents Assemble These chilling sentiments were no longer words or hate speech. No longer were the Israelis facing the challenge of individual terrorists or small attacks. The UN had silently walked away without a word of censure or an attempt at peace. The Israelis, 22 years after the German attempt to annihilate their nation, were facing another bitter foe with Nazi-istic intent. Six million had not been enough. The Arab countries and their troops assembled. Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon stood at the borders. Iraq, Algeria, Kuwait, and Sudan were ready as well. The troops numbered 465,000, armed with 2,800 tanks and 800 fighter planes. In order to stay neutral, the U.S. and France would not supply Israel with arms; the Soviets, however, sent arms to the Arabs.

the Jordan River. The Syrians used the Golan Heights as a springboard for repeated attacks and shelling of Israeli children, farms, and villages. The Israelis were criticized for retaliating, and the UN, told to monitor a ceasefire, did not stop the aggression. Even a basic UN resolution expressing regret over these incidents was vetoed by the Soviets. Nasser famously bragged in

1965, “We shall not enter Palestine with its soil covered in sand; we shall enter it with its soil saturated in blood.” He equated “restoration of rights of the Palestinian people” with “the eradication of Israel.” But the Israelis did not stand down. They finally retaliated on April 7, 1967; then, Israeli planes shot down six Syrian fighter jets provided by the USSR. False Intelligence, Soviet Incitement Angered, the Soviets sent false intelligence to Egypt. The Israelis, they claimed, had massed troops on the Syrian border and were prepared for a full-on military attack. The Syrians in turn called upon the Egyptians to honor its defense treaty between the countries. Nasser

Casus Belli The Egyptians cut off Israeli shipping to and from Eilat, stopping supplies from Asia and oil from Iran in violation of American and UN conventions and right to access. Despite that President Johnson in the United States tried to organize against the blockade (and stop Israel from entering a war), the U.S. president considered this act a casus belli, or an act that justifies war. Even Nasser knew that he was forcing the Israelis to enter war and said, “The Jews threaten to make war. I reply: Welcome! We are ready for war.” The Voice of the Arabs radio station declared, “As of today, there no longer exists an international emergency force to protect Israel. We shall exercise patience no more. We shall not complain anymore to the

WAR BREAKS OUT Israel Prepares for War and Its Casualties Indeed, Yitzchak Rabin, IDF


20 64

29, 2015 | The Jewish Home Feature TheOCTOBER Week In News

Israel prepares Centurion tanks for battle

chief of staff, knew that the country does not “want war for its own sake.” He saw that “our existence is in serious danger.” The government prepared graves for tens of thousands in Tel Aviv parks. Though he knew from the secret recordings how poorly prepared the Egyptians were, Rabin was worried about waiting to act. Though David Ben-Gurion disagreed, Israel decided to preempt the attack and use surprise to give themselves an advantage. On June 5, 1967, Prime Minister Levi Eshkol gave the order to attack Egypt. He felt the support of the people, whom Foreign Minister Abba Eban wrote, “were gripped by a spirit of union and resolve. Men of military age silently laid down their work in factory, office, and farm, took up their files of reservist papers and disappeared toward the south.” Moreover, around the world, “thousands of young men were crowding the offices of Israeli consulates and Jewish Agency institutions...asking to be sent to Israel for immediate service.” The Israelis Attack: Operation Moked On June 4, Rabin visited the air force bases. He told the pilots, “Remember: your mission is one of life or death. If you succeed – we win the war; if you fail – G-d help us.” The Israeli Air Force, except for 12 fighters left to defend the country’s airspace, took off in the early morning of June 5, 1967. Their mission? To bomb Egyptian airfields while the Egyptians would be at breakfast. By 11 a.m., 180 Egyp-

JUNE 8, 2017 | The Jewish Home

Firing on Syrian positions

tian fighter planes were destroyed. Though the original plan was not to attack Syria until Israel was attacked, the Israeli fighters turned to attack the Syrian and Jordanian air forces and an airfield in Iraq. By the time the sun set on June 5, most of the Egyptian and half of the Syrian air force had been destroyed on the ground. The Arabs, in the meantime, broadcast their own propaganda: the Arabs had bombed all the major Israeli cities. The Israelis did not contradict this to keep the world’s sympathy on their side From Sky to Land: The West Bank is Conquered After the tremendous success with the air force, the Israelis turned to the ground, battling with tanks in the Sinai Desert. By June 9, they had taken over the Sinai Peninsula. But they were not going to touch the West Bank until King Hussein initiated hostilities. Here again, propaganda and misinformation played a role. The Jordanians, seeing that planes were flying from Egypt to Israel – and hearing from the Egyptians that the planes were theirs – opted to shell West Jerusalem and take over the UN headquarters near Talpiot. These planes, however, had been Israeli planes returning from Egypt. This mistake cost the Jordanians the West Bank. Within 48 hours, the Israelis counterattacked and took over the entire region. The Arabs, so convinced of an Arab victory, welcomed the Israelis with flowers and flags, assuming they were supportive

Praying at the Kotel

Iraqi forces. The Israelis held back from entering the Old City, purposely allowing civilians to have escape routes. Palestinians then fled the area. On June 7, at 6:15 in the morning, Moshe Dayan told his troops to circle the Old City and to enter it. The frum soldiers waiting to enter davened and counted the omer. Paratroopers secured the city. And the Jews entered the city, climbing over a tank stuck in the Lion’s Gate, to get in. “Everyone,” said Rabbi Menachem HaCohen, at the time assistant to the chief rabbi, “as if in sync, began to run in the direction of the Har HaBayit.” Har HaBayit B’Yadeinu At 10:08 am, a message was received, “The Temple Mount is in our hands and our forces are by the [Western] Wall.” At the Kotel, IDF Chaplain Rabbi Shlomo Goren blew shofar to celebrate. Rabbi HaCohen said, “I went down from the Temple Mount with two soldiers to the Kotel by way of the Mugrabi Gate. We were the first ones to do this. I knew the area because I grew up in Old Jerusalem. In the middle of the way we saw two Arabs with their hands raised in surrender. In a few moments everyone who was on the Temple Mount descended, until the square was filled with soldiers.” Rabbi Goren led Mincha near the Kotel. Rabbi HaCohen got in a jeep and went to get his father. He related, “When I found my father I said to him that I came to bring him to the Kotel. He wrote a number of books

on the Kotel, and when he heard this he started to cry. He took his hat and he started to come with me.” Next, they went to Rabbi Goren’s fatherin-law, who did not respond, because he had taken upon himself a taanis dibbur during the war. Three rabbis quickly gathered for hataras niddarim, and then he left the house with the HaCohens, and the rav with only socks on his feet (his rebbetzin ran after him with slippers). Next, they went to the home of Rav Tzvi Yehudah Kook, who also did not respond: he was too ecstatic for words. Rabbi HaCohen “picked him up with my hands and brought him from the room after I had taken off of him the tallis and tefillin.” When they came to the Kotel, Rabbi Goren’s father-in-law stood leaning on the stones, frozen. Rav Kook was almost in a different consciousness, and when he saw where he was, he began to cry. Together with Rabbi Goren they read a perek of Tehillim. Moshe Dayan said upon arrival at the Kotel, “We have returned to all this is holy in our land.” Paratroopers struggled to touch the wall, battle-weary and tearful. Other commanders bowed their heads in silence, shaken and trembling. The longing that exists in every Jew to reach Jerusalem had been fulfilled. Thus the Israelis had defeated the Jordanians in three days. In the Golan In the meantime, a smaller legion was defending the Galil against Syria. Once the Egyptians and Jordanians were defeated, the rein-

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Israeli tanks entering Gaza

Raising the flag

forcements joined them against the Syrians who had the high ground in the Golan. On June 9, after two days of air bombardment, the Israelis broke through the Syrian lines. The Israelis had captured the Golan Heights. Triple in Size After six days, the Israelis were ready to go into the capital cities of Egypt, Syria, and Jordan. But the Americans advised them to accept a ceasefire; the Soviet Union was worried about the Israeli power and was threatening to enter the war. The Israelis, who were not interested in conquering beyond the West Bank, Sinai, and Golan, accepted the ceasefire on June 10. They had tripled the size of the country from 8,000 to 26,000 square miles. What If…? Plan B Most recently, on the fiftieth anniversary of the war, Israel disclosed their “Plan B.” During the Six Day War they had a contingency plan, called “Shimshon,” to detonate a nuclear bomb on a mountain in the Sinai Desert, a mere 12 miles from an Egyptian military base. This would serve as a warning to Egypt and the other Arab states. Until today, they call their last-resort use of nuclear weapons the Samson Option. Israel was rushing to put together an atom bomb for the detonation. Their plan was to send paratroopers to divert the Egyptian army and allow two helicopters to land the bomb and create a command post off the mountainside. In the event the bomb would be detonated, the

65 21

mushroom cloud would be seen through the Sinai and Negev deserts and even in the Egyptian capital of Cairo. As the brigadier general, Itzhak Yaakov, said Socratic-ly in an interview, “Look, it was so natural. You’ve got an enemy, and he says he’s going to throw you to the sea. You believe him. How can you stop him? You scare him. If you’ve got something you can scare him with, you scare him.”

Israel’s population was small, this was a proportionately painful loss; 46 of 200 Air Force fighters died as well. Though these losses were difficult, this war was a case of rabbim be’yad me’atim: 15,000 Egyptians, 2,500 Syrians, and 800 Jordanians died attacking Israel. A War of Inspiration? The Six Day War, according to Sigal Samuel, marked a key religious shift for Arabs as well. Following the

At 10:08 am, a message was received, “The Temple Mount is in our hands and our forces are by the [Western] Wall.”

Fomenting Fear Amazingly, the Arab propaganda machine was still at play after the ceasefire. Arab politicians told refugees that the young people would all be killed. Arab radio announced that this was only the beginning; those who wanted safety from a long war should go to Jordan. Therefore, 325,000 Palestinians ran to Jordan Losses While the Israelis had a stunning win, one that has enabled them to have flowing water, a strategic advantage in the north, and access to the Kotel, 777 men died and 2,586 people were wounded in the war. As

war, the Palestinians became more radical in their Islam. As much as Palestinians differ in the intensity of their worship and observance, they come together, according to Maysoon Zayid, to “fight against Israeli occupation...hijab or not, halal or not.” The Six Day War was “a devastating blow to the credibility of Arab Nationalism,” says Hussein Ibish of the Arab Gulf States Institute. Arab Nationalism at the time claimed to be secular and progressive, leading the region into a bright and modern future. But the “1967 war called this bluff completely.” Despite that the Arabs, with bluster and hubris,

felt that they would naturally and immediately conquer Israel, “the defeat was virtually instantaneous and total.” With this came, in part, a rejection of the secular Muslim movement and a movement toward a more angry and radical Islam. At the same time, the Six Day War made evangelical Christians ecstatic, as “Israel took over the biblical Promised Land and Jerusalem returned to Jewish control after 2,000 years.” The war, to them, was a miracle.


hile people today like to talk about Israel using terms like “occupation,” The New York Times this week included an editorial by Bret Stephens with the following blistering commentary, “In June 1967 Arab leaders declared their intention to annihilate the Jewish state, and the Jews decided they wouldn’t sit still for it. For the crime of self-preservation, Israel remains a nation unforgiven.” He writes that those who say Israel can give up the territories are talking “a historic nonsense.” He asked the Times readers to “note the following: There would have been no occupation, and no settlements if Egypt and its allies hadn’t recklessly provoked a war. Or if the ‘international community’ hadn’t fecklessly abandoned Israel in its desperate hours. Or if Jordan hadn’t foolishly ignored Israel’s warnings to stay out of it. Or if the Arab League hadn’t arrogantly rejected the possibility of peace.” Or if the land had not been handed to us from yad Hashem.


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The Week In News

Gulf Countries Sever Ties with Qatar Qatar is being accused of supporting

JUNE 8, 2017 | The Jewish Home

regional terror groups by four Arab countries – Bahrain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates – in possibly the biggest diplomatic crisis to hit the Gulf since the 1991 war with Iraq. The group of nations severed ties with Qatar on Monday by cutting off land, sea, and air routes to the country. Qatar currently has 10,000 American troops on their soil and is set to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup. The energy-rich country insists that they do not support militant groups. They claim the crisis was ignited by “absolute fabrications” stemming from a recent hack of its state-run news

agency. It seems that the source of the accusation lays within Qatar’s relationship with Iran. On May 27, Qatar’s ruling emir, Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, called Iranian President Hasan Rouhani to congratulate him on his re-election. The Saudis regarded this friendly phone call as a clear, public rebuttal of their efforts to force Qatar to fall in line against the Shiite-ruled nation, which the Sunni kingdom sees as its No. 1 enemy and a threat to regional stability. Qatar shares a massive offshore gas field with Iran, complicating matters. Shortly after, Qatar’s state-run agency

published comments from the government about Iran and Israel, inflaming tensions. Qatar is claiming that those comments were completely false and were made by hackers. The shutdown has major implications in the Middle East. Saudi Arabia shut its land border with Qatar, through which the tiny Gulf nation imports most of its food. The four countries began withdrawing their diplomatic staff from Qatar as regional airlines announced they’d suspend service to its capital, Doha. The countries demanded that their ambassadors return within 14 days. They also said they would eject Qatar’s diplomats from their territories. Citizens were told to return home from Qatar, and Qataris living abroad were commanded to head back to their home country. Saudi Arabia said the decision was due to Qatar’s “embrace of various terrorist and sectarian groups aimed at destabilizing the region” including the Muslim Brotherhood, al-Qaeda, and the Islamic State group. Egypt’s Foreign Ministry accused Qatar of taking an “antagonist approach” toward Cairo and said “all attempts to stop it from supporting terrorist groups failed.” Qatar Airways, one of the region’s main long-distance carriers that routinely flies through Saudi airspace, redirected some of its flights through Iranian airspace on Monday. Saudi Arabia said it would begin blocking all Qatari flights at midnight. Premier UAE airlines Etihad and Emirates announced they would suspend flights to Qatar, as did budget carriers Air Arabia and FlyDubai. Bahrain’s Gulf Air and Saudia joined them. The Qatar Stock Exchange fell more than 7%. Qatar’s Foreign Affairs Ministry said there was “no legitimate justification” for the countries’ decision, though it vowed its citizens wouldn’t be affected by it. “The Qatari Government will take all necessary measures to ensure this and to thwart attempts to influence and harm the Qatari society and economy,” it said. Saudi Arabia also announced that Qatari troops will be dismissed from the continuing war in Yemen. Yemen’s internationally backed government, which no longer holds its capital and large portions of the country, also cut relations with Qatar, as did the Maldives. FIFA, international soccer’s governing body, said it remained in regular contact with Qatar but did not hint to any change of plans for 2022. Qatar also hosts the al-Udeid Air Base, which is home to the forward headquarters of the U.S. military’s Central Command. It wasn’t clear if the decision would affect American military operations. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, speaking in Sydney, Australia, said he didn’t believe the diplomatic crisis would affect the war against the Islamic State group in Iraq and Syria. “I think what we’re witnessing is a growing list of disbelief in the countries for some time, and they’ve bubbled up to take action in order to have those differences addressed,” he said. “We certainly would encourage the parties to sit down together and address these differences.”






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dar is supposed to be a month of simcha and joy. But on the 21st day of this month, we were experiencing much sadness and fear. Our sweet Shloimy had developed pneumonia and was already in the hospital for a few weeks. The doctors were baffled by his case, as everything they tried seemed to make little difference. We had seen no improvements and nothing was helping him to recover. My wife and I sat in the hospital on that day, Chaf Aleph Adar, and begged Hashem to send us a yeshua. What more could we do? How could we save our son? My wife mentioned that early in the morning, she had been reading a newspaper and saw a story about the Tehillim Kollel, this organization that offered Tefillos and bakashos for its members. We signed up right there and then, in the hospital hallway. The person who answered the phone and took down our information was so caring and kind, and really, a ray of hope in the middle of darkness. A week passed. Nothing. Our Shloimy was still fighting for his life. I called up Tehillim Kollel, completely broken, begging for their help. Tehillim Kollel has so many locations around the world- I chose to change my membership to the holy tzion of R’Shimon Bar Yochai, with the special Kollel Meron begging Hashem to help and heal my Shloimy, Erev Pesach, my Shloimy was released from the hospital! He came home, weak but healthy. Adar was the beginning of joy- that is when the miracle began!




WILLIAMSBURG ‫ | ביהמ״ד דינוב‬MONROE ‫ציון הרה״ק‬ ‫ | מסאטמאר זצ״ל‬MIRON ‫ | ציון הרשב״י במירון‬YERUSHULAYIM ‫ | קבר שמעון הצדיק‬AMUKA ‫ | ציון רבי יונתן בן עוזיאל‬BEIT SHEMESH ‫ | קבר ָדּן בן יעקב‬TZFAS (1) ‫| ציון האר”י הקדוש‬ TZFAS (2) ‫ | ציון רבי לייב בעל יסורים‬TZFAS (3) ‫ציון רבי שלמה‬ ‫ | אלקבץ‬TEVARYA (1) ‫ | ציון של״ה הקדוש‬TEVARYA (2) ‫ציון‬ ‫ | רבי מאיר בעל הנס‬EIN ZEITIM ‫ציון רבי יהודה בר אלעאי‬ | ENGLAND ‫ | ציון הרה״ק משאץ זי״ע‬BELGIUM ‫ציון הרה״ק רבי‬ ‫ | איציקל ורבי יענקלע זצ״ל‬MONSEY ‫ציון הרה״ק מריבניץ זצ״ל‬


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London under Attack It’s been a sad few weeks for the U.K., with multiple terror attacks pummeling the nation. Last week, a suicide bomber in Manchester killed 23 and wounded 119, 23 critically. This weekend a famous landmark in London was the site of an at-

JUNE 8, 2017 | The Jewish Home

tack. Three terrorists rammed a van into pedestrians on London Bridge and then began randomly stabbing civilians nearby at Borough Market. Seven people were killed and another 48 injured. Borough Market is a strip of bars and restaurants. Eyewitnesses claim that the three murderers jumped out of the van and began stabbing people indiscriminately. Some civilians attempted to barricade themselves in a pub while others tried throwing tables and other objects to fend

off the attackers. One eyewitness said the attackers screamed, “This is for Allah” as they stabbed people. On Sunday, British Prime Minister Theresa May called for a stronger response to Islamist extremism. May said there is too much tolerance of extremism in Britain. “It is time to say enough is enough,” the Conservative leader said outside her Downing Street office, where British flags flew at half-mast, symbolizing mourning. “We cannot and must not

pretend that things can continue as they are,” May said. She demanded increased security and increased efforts on counter-terrorism strategy including harsher jail sentences and regulating online posts promoting extremism. “While we have made significant progress in recent years, there is – to be frank – far too much tolerance of extremism in our country,” she said. One of the victims was a Canadian citizen and a bride-to-be. Chrissy Archibald, 30, was at the site with her fiancé Tyler Ferguson when she was hit by the van. She died in his arms. “I am heartbroken that a Canadian is among those killed,” Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said in a statement. “Canadians stand united with the British people.” The three male terrorists were shot dead by police at the scene within eight minutes of the first emergency call, which came in at 10:00 p.m. Mark Rowley, head of counter-terrorism police, said eight officers had fired about 50 bullets at the attackers, who appeared to be suicide bombers because they were wearing what turned out to be fake suicide vests. Khuram Shazad Butt, Rachid Redouane, and Youssef Zaghba were the three murderers who carried out the attacks. Both Butt and Redouane had links to addresses in east London, which were raided overnight. The Metropolitan Police said officers entered properties in Newham and Barking at 4:15AM on Monday. At least 12 people are in custody in connection with the attack. Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley said Butt, a 27-year-old British national born in Pakistan, was known to security services, but there was no evidence of “attack planning.” He had appeared in a British TV documentary called “The Jihadis Next Door” in which he and others were shown pledging allegiance to ISIS. Redouane, 30, claimed to be Moroccan and Libyan. Zaghba was a Moroccan-Italian whose mother lived in the northern Italian city of Bologna. Just a few months ago, in March, a similar attack occurred at Westminster Bridge in central London. Five people were killed. President Trump used this as an opportunity to express his views on terrorism. He tweeted on Sunday, urging the world to stop being “politically correct” in order to ensure public security against terrorism. He also offered the U.S.’s assistance to Britain. On Tuesday, at 11AM, Britain held a nationwide moment of silence for the victims of the attacks and all flags remained at half-mast until Tuesday evening. The U.K. heads to the polls this Thursday and the recent terror attacks will surely play a role in which way citizens pull the lever.

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New UN Sanctions for North Korea

Sanctions against North Korea have been expanded by the United Nations Security Council. The targeted sanctions were widened after North Korea repeated its missile testing. This marks the first sanctions that Donald Trump’s government and China have worked on together since Trump took office. China is considered to be Pyongyang’s only major ally but Trump has been pressing China to help rein in the

dictatorship and their nuclear aspirations. North Korea has vowed to develop nuclear-tipped missiles that are capable of hitting the United States. The Trump administration has made clear that they will not allow such developments to continue. “The United States will continue to seek a peaceful, diplomatic resolution to this situation,” U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley told the council after the vote. Haley then added that “beyond diplomatic and financial consequences, the United States remains prepared to counteract North Korean aggression through other means, if necessary.” The most recent sanction escalation included adding many North Korean names to the UN blacklist. A name on the list means a worldwide travel ban and asset freeze. “The Security Council is sending a clear message to North Korea today: stop firing ballistic missiles or face the consequences,” Haley said. The resolution was adopted unanimously by the 15-member council.

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JUNE 8, 2017 | The Jewish Home

Honoring Our Traditions As a member of the Orthodox community, I am pleased to have joined the Mount Sinai family as an Advance Planning Representative. Mount Sinai is committed to respecting the Halachic needs of our community; and I look forward to working with you. Mount Sinai Hollywood Hills 5950 Forest Lawn Drive Los Angeles, CA 90069

Mount Sinai Simi Valley 6150 Mount Sinai Drive Simi Valley, CA 93063

Our parks are open Sunday through Friday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM daily except Saturday in observance of the Sabbath.

MY DIRECT CONTACT INFORMATION: Naomi Silbermintz 323-769-1374 nsilbermintz@

JUNE 8, 2017 | The Jewish Home

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