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SEPTEMBER 14, 2017 | The Jewish Home

German nationals. Yücel has been held in captivity for over 200 days. Many of the arrested individuals have not been charged with any crimes.  “We must react decisively,” Merkel said when asked about Turkey being an E.U. member.  “Given the latest events, perhaps it is necessary to rethink them even further.” Over the weekend, two German citizens of Turkish origin were arrested in Istanbul, the German Foreign Ministry said on Monday. One of the two was released, although they were barred from leaving Turkey. Turkey has not yet commented on the arrests. There are also Americans being held in Turkey. U.S. officials are more and more concerned about the lack of access to American prisoners held there. Pastor Andrew Brunson was detained in Turkey last October and was charged with “membership in an armed terrorist organization” and espionage two months later. Many politicians have tried to get Brunson out of Turkey. “State Department officials have and will continue to raise cases of U.S. citizen detentions directly with Turkish government officials at all levels, as appropriate,” said a State Department official. “Since Mr. Brunson’s arrest,” continued the official, “consular officers have visited him regularly, including our last visit on August 24 ... We ask that Turkish officials consider releasing Mr. Brunson from custody subject to whatever judicial conditions or controls may be appropriate while his legal case is resolved, as it has done with other individuals under investigation.” Turkey has accused Germany of harboring people that are allegedly tied to last year’s failed coup attempt against Erdogan and for hiding Kurdish militant groups.

Catalonia Independence Controversy Continues

Spain is divided over becoming divided. The northeastern region of Catalonia has been planning to vote for independence from Spain, although Spanish officials say such a vote would be illegal and not recognized by the state.

The country’s state prosecutor said that he will present criminal charges to the members of the Catalan parliament that voted to hold the independence referendum. The prosecutor is referring to the approval of a vote that is to take place next month. Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy called the referendum illegal and said it poses an attack against Spain’s institutional order. He called it an “intolerable act of disobedience,” saying it is “something that the government and the courts can’t allow.” He went on to explain that “there won’t be a self-determination referendum because that would be taking away from other Spaniards the right to decide their future.” State Prosecutor Jose Manuel Maza said that he had assigned security forces to investigate any preparations being made to hold the referendum in October. Two lawsuits are being prepared by Maza: one to punish those that allowed the debate to go ahead and voted on the ballot approval, and one against those that officially called the vote. The Spanish constitutional court had previously ruled that referendums can be called with the approval of the central authority. The court is being called upon to decide officially whether the referendum is legal or not.

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Kosovo Fighter for PM?

One man’s hero and another’s most-wanted, Ramush Haradinaj is considered a war criminal by Belgrade. But in Kosovo he is considered a hero and is on his way to becoming the prime minister after fighting extradition to Serbia several times. If all goes as planned and he is appointed, Haradinaj will be responsible for crucial negotiations with Serbian adversaries although peace talks between Belgrade and Pristina negotiated by the European Union have been frozen over the last several months. Haradinaj has opposed the dialogue, calling for Belgrade to recognize Kosovo’s independence before negotiations proceed. Haradinaj, nicknamed “Rambo” by his comrades, was involved in the 1998-1999 Kosovo conflict, an atrocity Belgrade still wants justice for. He was a commander of ethnic Albanian guerrillas fighting




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