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JUNE 18, 2015

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Dear Readers, There’s a famous Chassidic story in which one of the Chassidic masters says that before the coming of Moshiach there will be a repeat of the story in Tanach in which Eliyahu Hanavi challenges the Prophets of the Idol Baal to a test to show the Yidden which way is correct. It was agreed that the one whose sacrifice is consumed by a heavenly fire is correct. In the end G-d sends down a fire that burns the Korban offered by Eliyahu. Said the Chassidic Rebbe, before Moshiach comes this scenario will repeat itself, only that this time the fire will be sent down on the side of those challenging G-d and morality. This will be the test, he concluded, whether one keeps oneself from getting disheartened, remaining focused on what’s important and true. This is the ultimate challenge. Yes, after centuries and millennium of Jewish history, many of our beliefs and traditions have proven themselves. But on the flip side the indifference and cynicism we encounter these days is enough to cool down the passionate and discourage the resolute. Al yivosh mipnei hamal’igim, “Do not be embarrassed by the jesters” says the Shulchan Aruch. It’s always easy to be disparaging. And even easier to be influenced by it. The motivation and courage to face this challenge is found within. We each have a limitless soul, an overflowing well, dug with the sweat and tears, trials and triumphs of Jewish history. All that’s left is for us to be

true to ourselves. Our souls are literally one with G-d and though we won’t see this until Moshiach comes, we know it to be true. When we dig deep enough we’ll find the answers to all our challenges, but even more we’ll reach a place where there are no questions. A place filled with knowledge of the creator who infused us with his life and challenged each one of us with a mission. The obstacles we are currently facing seem impossible to scale, but this is not so. It’s an end-of-the-road-smokescreen which looks powerful and might be very loud but as soon as the lights-go-on-and-the-curtainsare-drawn everything will naturally fall into place as if it was always so. No sense despairing when we are this close to the goal. Let us reach inside ourselves and build our determination. Add one more class, study more intently, do another mitzvah or help someone even when it’s inconvenient. Small actions will bring the big results. This Shabbos we mark the 21st Hillula of the great ohev yisroel, the Lubavitcher Rebbe, who dedicated his life to our generation so that we merit to greet our righteous redeemer. He did what he could. Now it is up to us to finish the final touches so that the dream and hope of previous generations are fulfilled and experienced in our times. May we celebrate very soon In Yerashalyim, rebuilt in all its glory. Have a wonderful Shabbos,


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L-R Reb Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz, Harav Pinhas Gruman, Harav Malkiel Kotler And Harav Dovid Schustal at LA Reception for Lakewood

The other event was held on Sunday evening May 7, 2015, hosted by Mr. and Mrs. Meir Levine and the Reception Chairman, Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz. This annual Reception for the Lakewood Yeshiva was a final opportunity with their Roshei Hayeshiva. The program began with words of welcome from Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz. In thanking the hosts, Mr. and Mrs. Meir Levine, Reb Shlomo eluded to their enormous support for Bais Medrash Gavoha. In commenting on the foundation of the Kollel in Los Angeles, it was, said Reb Shlomo, through the initiative and efforts of Reb Meir and

others in the community that the Kollel established a beach head in Los Angeles. Reb Shlomo then introduced Harav Pinchas Gruman, a talmid and musmach of Rav Aharon zt”l, who has been a key speaker at every asifa in Los Angeles for Beis Medrash Gavoha for more than 30 years. Harav Gruman, who is the Rov of the Kesher Torah Shul in the Hancock Park area is sgan rabbanim and one of the few remaining direct connections to the venerable Rosh Hayeshiva, Harav Aharon zt”l. Rav Gruman’s words of chizuk and divrei torah were developed through the weekly Parsha describing the travels of Bnai Yisroel in the dessert, “Al Pi Hash-

em Yisa’u  Al Pi Hashem Yachnu.” It is in this manner that the Lakewood Yeshiva is guided in all its endeavors.   Rav Gruman then introduced the Rosh Hayeshiva, Harav Malkiel Kotler, Shlita. The Rosh Hayeshiva shared Divrei Torah with the assembled and stressed that the current parshas teaches us about G-d’s connection to us, hashraos shechina and how that bond has resulted in  v’chayei olam nata b’socheinu, binding us to the Torah. The evening ended with rabbanim and talmidim sharing with their Rosh Hayeshiva stories and memories from their yeshiva experience and bidding farewell once again to their beloved Roshei Hayeshiva.

It’s Delish for Fourth Grade Boys at Yeshiva Aharon Yaakov/Ohr Eliyahu The annual fourth grade visit to the It’s Delish Factory, was back in action on June 5th. This year’s boys at Yeshiva Aharon Yaakov/Ohr Eliyahu in Los Angeles were treated to a much-loved outing to the It’s Delish factory, owned by Rabbi Grawitsky. The tasty experience was the celebration of the siyumim of three masechtos in Mishnayos: Rosh Hashana, Megilla and Taanis. Rabbi Grawitsky was happy to take precious time away from food production to give the boys a tour of his factory and explain the importance of Halacha and business ethics in the running of the company. He spoke to the boys about the importance of accurately measuring the candy so that the correct weight is included in each package. Then, Rabbi Grawitsky explained the difficulties of kashrus laws in the food and candy industry. The Yeshiva boys love this annual trip as it blends interesting and educational elements of Halacha. At the end of the visit, Rabbi Grawitsky generously allowed the boys to make their own caramel popcorn and sample the delicious treat. As you can imagine, the boys had an amazing time and were honored to see one of the largest kosher candy factories in the world.

Photos: Arye D. Gordon

JUNE 18, 2015

In an ongoing tradition that began decades ago, Roshei Hayeshiva of Beis Medrash Gavoha make the annual visit to the Los Angeles Community, recharging the connection between Yeshiva, its Los Angeles talmidim and the Community. Following a Shabbos in the LA Communities of LA/Hancock Park and Pico/ Robertson/Beverly Hills, the Roshei Hayeshiva, HaravMalkiel Kotler shlita and Harav Dovid Schustal shlita, davened in as many shuls as possible, offering up Divrei Torah and shiurim at every stop. One of the proud foundations of the Los Angeles Community is its Kollel Los Angeles, inspired and initiated by the Lakewood Yeshiva. The Kollel has been a watering spring of Torah educators, teachers, administrators, rabbis and menahalim of the many yeshivos, day schools, and synagogues that have sprouted throughout Los Angeles. Two events on Sunday, one a Breakfast Reception in the Pico/Robertson/Beverly Hills Community, was another opportunity for those who could not greet the Roshei Hayeshiva on Shabbos. The breakfast was once again hosted by Mr. and Mrs. Henry Manoucheri and both Roshei Hayeshiva offered up Divrei Torah and appreciating for the support of the Los Angeles Community.

Rabbi Arye D. Gordon


Lakewood Roshei Hayeshiva and Los Angeles Spend Shabbos Together


JUNE 18, 2015


Western Kosher Takes a Break with 166,000 People “We’re an easy going store. Laid back, you could say. Of course we are glatt kosher as well but we are open to being part of something fun. And then the Take a Break production people called us. They wanted to support a local business by put-

you are one of the tens of thousands who watched the hilarious sketch by British talk show host, James Corden? Corden has been filming his late night show at studios on Fairfax so the witty presenter visited some of the neighbor-

in check is not easy and the outcome was fairly outrageous. His phone answering style was a cheeky, “What?!” During his stint he redesigned the layout of sirloin steaks into a smiley face. Then, against strongly worded advice, indelicately cut

the safe use of a forklift but there was so much laughter, it was hard to tell him. Despite the chaos, Corden was a pleasure to have in the store. Green again adding, “He’s just so funny. Some people are hysterical in a public setting but are not

ting a comedian in the store. We laughed at the idea. And we can poke fun at ourselves. Internet users should know that a glatt kosher grocery store is not old fashioned.” So said Katriel Green, manager of Western Kosher on Pico. The short movie was filmed at Western Kosher at the end of May and it went to youtube at the start of June. The fun had begun; the movie went viral. Perhaps

hood establishments on the understanding that he would be allowed to temporarily replace one of the employees while they would take a break. Corden then creates riotous pranks at the store or restaurant, with a shtick that is witty and fun. At Western Kosher, he upped the ante. During his three hour shoot on a recent Friday afternoon, he worked with store assistant, Sruly Dubov. Keeping Corden

up his wife’s credit card on the dangerously sharp cutting blade. Not being designed for such activity, it had to be replaced before the butcher could continue with the day’s work. Now, filled with a love of life, Corden leapt onto the forklift truck and drove it with abandonment through the parking lot and down the alley. Green thought he probably broke every OSHA guideline for

actually sidesplitting in real life. Corden is not one of those people. His view of life, from any perspective, is utterly original and funny. He tried to pronounce the words halav yisrael and the whole store was cracking up. When he tried to say chrein, he choked because of the stress. We choked because of his performance.” You can watch the clip on youtube at Take a Break: Kosher Butcher

Yeshivas Ner Aryeh Announces WASC Accreditation On June 10th, Yeshivas Ner Aryeh (YNA) in Valley Village, announced it has received a full term, six-year accreditation from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). “We’re very pleased that the committee acknowledged the quality of our general studies program,” said YNA General Studies Principal, Mr. Jason Strouse. Rabbi Yochanan Weiner, Rosh Yeshiva, explained that, “Aside from our graduates being prepared to join a top-quality Yeshiva, we expect each of them to be a real mensch who demonstrates responsibility and a strong work ethic, and with

Hashem’s help, become role models and leaders in their communities.” Yeshivas Ner Aryeh has a program that runs from ninth through twelfth grade. The Yeshiva has provided each of its students with a comprehensive Torah education that creates the foundation for development as a true ben Torah. Additionally, there is a complete, challenging, secular studies program that is taught in an environment of academic excellence. In recent years, Ner Aryeh has added AP-level work to its curriculum, and had students admitted to such prestigious universities as Brandeis and UC Irvine. Strou-

se added, “Our report made it clear that, although we prioritize Torah Studies in our school, we’ve worked hard to create a General Studies program that builds upon the high quality, critical thinking skills our students develop in their Gemorah studies.” Parents are delighted with the new WASC accreditation. Mr. Leibel Winegard, whose son is just finishing his freshman year, explained, “We thought we were looking for the proverbial ‘needle-in-thehaystack’ in our search for a small, high quality Yeshiva with a low student-to-Rebbi/teacher ratio. I couldn’t be happier for

the Yeshiva. The WASC accreditation validates our choice for high school for Zev. We wanted to give him the best secular education within a safe Yeshiva environment. In addition to an uncompromising Torah setting, YNA provides a sound college-preparatory program so he is prepared for future Yeshiva and university studies.” Rabbi Weiner added that, “The WASC accreditation reflects our commitment to the continuous growth of our Yeshiva and mission.”

Third Graders at Tashbar Yeshiva create a Shemitah Fair Parents and students at Tashbar Sephardic Yeshiva Ketana were treated to a memorable Shemitah Fair hosted by the third grade and their beloved Morah, Mrs. Myriam Israily. The girls shared their presentations on many advanced mitzvot and halachot of Shemitah and the year afterwards and wrote letters to the Israeli farmers who are true Giborei Koach, people of great strength of faith, who have chosen to keep this mitzvah with great sacrifice. “The girl’s enthusiasm for this mitzvah and their individual projects really carried the entire event. Inspiring the next generation with a passion and love for Torah, mitzvot and kedushat haaretz is so integral to our mission here at Tashbar”, said Rabbi Moshe Abady, Tashbar’s new Principal. Mrs. Myriam Israily, the girls’ Morah

commented, “As a teacher, I always try to find creative ways to engage my students and I thought a Shemita Fair would be a wonderful way for the class to demonstrate their creativity and self-expression, as well as share the breadth of their knowledge as

they have learned so much about Shemitah. The girls were asked to choose a topic of their choice, prepare a display board and a diorama as well.” Among the many Shemitah concepts the girls focused on was Kedushat HaAretz –

the unique spiritual quality of Eretz Yisrael, Menuchat HaAretz, the various halachot of Shemitah, Kedushat Sheviit - the special kedusha of fruit grown during Shemitah, Keren HaSheviit - the great mitzvah of supporting shemitah farmers, and gaining an appreciation for the Giborei Koach – the strength of their Emunah to be able to resist the temptation of earning more money. Concluding on an uplifting note, they learned the chazal in Masechet Sanhedrin that Mashiach will arrive in the year after Shemitah! Israily was delighted with the girls’ creativity and knowledge, “Baruch Hashem the fair was a big success! The girls did a terrific job and I am so proud of them. Still, the best part was seeing their smiling faces and hearing their sense of accomplishment! Chazak u’ Baruch!


comed the students with open arms, wonderful davening, kiddush and then a Shabbos lunch hosted by community members, which included a Rabbi, a Jewgler and a Tech marketer. The students were treated to fanciful hospitality by their hosts and the local community. Shabbos ended with havdalah and preparation for the highlight of the trip; the Maker Faire! Dubbed, “the greatest show (and tell) on Earth,” the Maker Faire travels the world and is an engineering, robotics, and inventor convention which celebrates creativity. Over the May 15th weekend, the Bay Area event showed students astonishing displays of architecture and interactive technology, and there were robots of every shape, size, and function. The Maker Faire prides itself on being, “part science fair, part county fair, and part something entirely new!” The Valley Torah boys attended on the third day of the event. They didn’t know it, but they were also an example of innovation: Dr. Jones and Mr. Joseph proudly showed off the Valley Torah’s global minds, creative spirit and Jewish hearts as they tinkered, hacked and created throughout the show.

JUNE 18, 2015

“If you can’t open it, you don’t own it.” This is the motto of the Maker Movement, a surfacing subculture of Do-It-Yourself techies, builders and creators who believe in hands on learning-by-doing. Valley Torah strives to open more creative opportunities for their students and Dr. Eliezer Jones, General Studies Principal of the Boys Campus and Mr. David Joseph, Chair of the Science Department, decided this end of year was the perfect time to take a group of students to the Bay Area for a Maker Shabbaton. On May 15th, after a rainy seven hour road trip up the California coast the day before, the excited students were treated to a special tour of the Google Headquarters. The boys were guided through the Googleplex by four friendly and ferociously smart Jewglers (Jewish Googlers) who treated them to a great kosher lunch courtesy of Google. While the food went fast, the inspiration and advice will stay with the students for years. In fact, many of the students declared that they will one day work there. A trip to Google would be hard to top on any trip, but a visit to Facebook, Apple and Stanford University was planned before a Silicon Valley Shabbos. On Shabbos day the Am Echad shul wel-



Valley Torah High School Ateres Malka v'Sara Esther - Menlo Family Girls' Division 12003 Riverside Dr. Valley Village, CA 91607 (818) 755-1697 www.vths.org

Valley Torah High School Girls' Division is proud to announce

Ms. Ariella Allen

Director of Curriculum and Instruction Ms. Allen brings a wealth of talent and experience to the Valley Torah team. She is an experienced educator, administrator and mentor in both Torah and general studies. Having worked at schools in Atlanta, New York and Seattle for over a decade, we look forward to her joining the Valley Torah High School Girls' Division staff and inspiring our students to reach new heights. Ms. Allen will begin her new role at Valley Torah in August.


Valley Torah Boys Visit the Maker Faire

Photo: Arye D. Gordon


JUNE 18, 2015


Laniado Hospital Event Presents Programs for Disaster Preparedness On a recent Sunday afternoon, the Los Angeles Community, its leaders, parents and concerned individuals attended a special community panel discussion, whose goal was: to bring awareness to potential dangers, to share knowledge on ways to protect our children, to safeguard our community and to provide security in our schools, shuls and community centers. The program was held on May 7th in the Nessah Congregation of Beverly Hills, the Host Sponsor of the Event along with Laniado Hospital. It was initiated by Laniado Hospital, members of staff, and organized by Laniado’s Los Angeles Director, Urie Lieberman. Joining in the program were Lydia Lanxner, Coordinator of Disaster Preparedness The discussion was directed by Panel Chairman, Rabbi Abraham Cooper, Associate Dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center. Titled “Community Responsibility – Community Preparedness,” the panel adroitly awakened the Los Angeles Community for the need to be aware and prepared if, chas vshalom, disaster strikes. Laniado Hospital made a major presentation covering the key points to follow to insure community preparedness. Mr. Yaki Lopez, Consul for Political Affairs Los Angeles Israeli Consulate, delivered greetings and Mr. Ivan Wolkind, CFO and

Chairman of Ad Hoc Security committee of the Jewish Federation of Los Angeles, presented the various programs and plans put in place by the Federation to assist

Each panel member provided background and preparedness protocols to be initiated and followed by community leaders. The overall message was loud

Panelists Lydia Lanxner, Rabbi Abraham Cooper, Mr Ivan Wolkind and Commanding Officer Horace E. Frank

the community in security preparedness. Horace E. Frank, Assistant Commanding Officer Counter Terrorism and Special Operations Bureau LAPD, offered his insights into generating a feasible plan for Los Angelinos.

and clear. It is all too common for us to be complacent and not take seriously the real and ever present danger. With the introduction of various preparedness plans and our recognition that potential danger is not a fantasy, when the time comes, we will be

The Kollel Chatzos Wedding Sponsorship is The Ultimate Gift Shavuos heralded the end of Sefira and ushered in the wedding season. Now, Klal Yisroel is, Boruch Hashem, busy with simchas. This is the season when the delight of a wedding, or chasunah, is followed by another chasunah; the joy and bracha of a wedding takes front and center in so many people’s lives. The Kollel Chatzos Wedding Sponsorship Program gives you the opportunity to maximize the bracha of the simcha with a unique, meaningful and eternal gift. The Kollel, which has locations in the United States and Eretz Yisroel, features exemplary talmidei chachomim who gather every

evening at chatzos halailah to learn Torah throughout the night. Rabbi Herschel Leiner, the renowned President of H. Leiner and Co., married off his youngest son exactly one year ago. As he was driving up to the hall on the day of the chasunah, he received a phone call from Kollel Chatzos asking if he would like to sponsor learning that night in honor of the wedding. They explained that this special sponsorship option includes the kollel in Eretz Yisroel as well as Monsey, which results in Torah learning taking place, as a zechus for the chosson and kallah. “I was extremely moved by the idea.

Rabbi Arye D. Gordon able to respond properly and productively. In summing up the day’s event, Lieberman said, “The event itself was an eye opener and it is heartening to know that there are those in the community who are taking a proactive approach to the potential danger and getting others involved as well. Eight different institutions sent representatives and we look at that as an accomplishment. It is clear however, that much more has to be done within the orthodox community and we must encourage involvement and understanding of the problem. We can’t remain oblivious to the events around us. We must wake up and take a proactive position, each institution working out a contingency plan and practicing it. We must take advantage of the Federation’s special community security initiative. Under the direction of its new dynamic CFO, Ivan Wolkind, the Los Angeles Federation is opening their doors to all shuls and schools and asking for their participation and offering the assistance of the Federation.” Another positive outcome to the event is that the Special Implementation Committee for designing an overall security and community preparedness plan established by the West Coast Friends of Laniado Hospital, will be meeting on a regular basis.

Shoshana Bernstein

After having done everything to make the chasuna as meaningful and possible for

our family, sponsoring Kollel Chatzos was a beautiful way to complete our simcha! It was the first thing I told the chosson and kallah at the end of the chasunah - that in their zechus, Torah had been learned throughout the night. Six months later, Kollel Chatzos contacted me for assistance in broadening their message to a wider demographic; they didn’t need to explain

what they’re all about. I was already extremely impressed!” The eternal zechus which is generated by gifting a night of learning makes the Kollel Chatzos Wedding Sponsorship Program different from all others; this is a gift that lasts a lifetime. Marrying off our children is the culmination of the years of Torah chinuch we have endeavored to instill within them. As the young couple prepares to build their home based on Torah, which for many begins with full time learning, it is especially auspicious to gift them with the bracha of Torah learning, orchestrated on their behalf. It’s a beautiful way to start their marriage. The wedding sponsorship package includes a beautiful plaque, embossed with the chosson and kallah’s name and date of their wedding and the special hadlakas neiros tefilla. This is a tangible momentum of the eternal zechus at the start of married life. For more information on gifting this one-of-a-kind simcha, call for the Kollel Chatzos Wedding Package at 1-855-CHATZOS (242-8967), website: www.1855CHATZOS.ORG




JUNE 18, 2015


LA Jewish Hockey League Ends the Season with Capacity Crowd The final buzzer sounded on Sunday, June 15th and the inaugural season of LA Jewish Hockey League drew to a magnificent close. Parents, siblings and supporters witnessed team TwinMed edge team LA Property Management, 5-3, in a thrilling final; a fitting end to a terrific season. The four-team division (for boys ages 6-12) played 14 regular and post-season games. Teams CG Photography and Western Kosher rounding out the league. Led by the talented Yehudah Manoucheri, high-flying TwinMed was near the top of the league in scoring, but defensive struggles often kept them out of the win column early in the season. With solid play from goaltender Akivah Haberman, the eventual champs finished the season posting a 4-0-1 record including the final, to claim the crown. Finishing the regular season with an 8-2-2 mark, LA Property Management was favored heading into the playoffs. But upset-minded Western led the regular season champs, 4-1, late in the one-game-elimination playoff. LA Prop roared back scoring three unanswered goals including two in the closing two min-

utes of regulation to tie the game. LA Prop won in a shootout completing the comeback and keeping their championship dreams alive. The ultimate wakeup

call for LA Prop came midway thru the 3rd period of the final when the team’s leading scorer, Dovi Botnik, went down with a hand injury hampering the favorite’s scoring abili-

ty despite the superb effort. Scrappy and well-rounded, team CG Photography finished to a respectable 6-60 tally. Playing short-handed in its playoff game CGP lost a tough one, 5-3. Playing a defensive-minded game, the Powder Blueshirts left it all out on the ice. “I am so proud to be their coach,” said Coach Tenenbaum “They played their hearts out” Finally, Western Kosher went 7-7-0 in the regular season after losing some key players to trades prior to the season. Coach Levin relied on solid structure and game planning. Considered the sleeper coming into the playoffs, Western gave their top-seeded opponents all they could handle. Leading through most of the game, two late goals cost them in a memorable heart-breaker. Win or lose, the boys had a blast on and off the ice while learning good sportsmanship and the value of teamwork. For more information or to enroll your son(s) in LAJHL next season, please email info@lajhl.com or lajhl.com.


extremely difficult and challenging. With the help of Hashem and all the Mitzvos being done for Rochel, she will, G-d willing, merit a complete and speedy recovery. Sadly, her parents Rabbi Elly and Gilah and the entire Andrusier family have been down this road before. Four and a half years ago, one of their older daughters, Chaya Mushka was also diagnosed with a different type of yene machla. Baruch Hashem she merited a refuah shleima and is a tremendous source of courage and strength to the family. Rochel was born three months into Mushky’s treatment. She was a bright ray of sunshine for the Andrusiers and brought a tremendous amount of simcha and brocha to their family during a very difficult time. Rochel is a spunky, outgoing and very affectionate child. Now, she is facing a year of intense treatment. The larger Jewish community are invited to join this special event to learn, explore, unite and give strength to Rochel

ing on a Mitzvah or making a donation. The proceeds from the “Mitzvah Walk-aThon” will go toward helping Rochel and her family with the financial burden of the treatment. The Andrusier family thanks the Jewish community for their support. They also express deep gratitude to Lisa & Ash Dimant for the time, effort and energy they have invested in coordinating Rochel’s “Mitzvah Walk-a-ton” and making it a reality. Please say tehillim for Menucha Rochel bas Gilah Elka.

and her family. More than 300 people are expected to participate. If you are not there in person, you can still participate by tak-

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I recently saw the Kollel Chatzos ad that mentioned an acquaintance of mine, Zevi Silberberg- how his daughter got engaged after he sponsored learning in her zechus. I picked up the phone and called to verify the story. It was true!

EVERY MIDNIGHT the distinguished talmidei chachomim of Kollel Chatzos gather in locations across the globe.

That night I got a call from my mother, who has been suffering from chronic stomach pain for the past eight years. She was in tears; the pain was so excruciating she needed to go to the hospital. My mother cried to me that she wanted her normal, pain-free life back. She told

During the darkest hours, when the rest of the world sleeps, they immerse themselves in vibrant Torah learning, bringing zechusim and yeshuos to klal yisroel.

The conversation I had just had with Zevi was still fresh in my mind so I suggested that we be in touch with Kollel Chatzos. I called Rabbi Hoffman who listened closely to my story. His immediate response was, “What is your mother’s name? I will have the kollel members start learning on her behalf tonight.”



If you would like to participate in the “Mitzvah Walk-a-thon, please visit www. mitzvahwalk.com or if you would like to commit to a Mitzvah in Rochel’s honor, please visit www.rochelsmitzvah.com For more information contact Lisa Dimant, email info@mitzvahwalk.com or call 949 735 5341.


me, “I am 100 percent pain free for the first time in eight years!"

I was so confident that sponsoring Kollel Chatzos would bring a yeshua that I told my mother, “The talmidei chachomim are learning for you, saying your name at a special time when most others are sleeping. I am positive you will feel better!”


Now, here's the part you may not believe.



A couple days later, I called my mother to see how she was feeling. She told me, “I am 100 percent pain free for the first time in eight years!" I was blown away. Within a few days of signing up to sponsor Torah learning on her behalf, my mother’s pain was completely gone.

Torah & Tefilla 12 AM -7 AM

Shmuel Forman

1.855.CHATZOS 2



and experience the zechus of sustaining Torah learning.







718.887.9114 (24 HOURS) mail@kollelchatzos.com www.1855chatzos.org 46 Main St #104 Monsey NY 10952


JUNE 18, 2015

On Sunday, June 21st, the Irvine and larger Orange County communities will unite in a “Mitzvah Walk-a-Thon” for Rochel Andrusier. At the walk there will be booths with educational information on the 10 Mitzvah Campaigns that the Lubavitcher Rebbe instituted. This will give people the opportunity to take on a mitzvah in Rochel’s merit to, please G-d, bring about her complete recovery. There will also be mitzvahs during the walk including short pieces of Torah study and cookies to eat, which will require a brachah. Irvine Jewish Community enjoys a vibrant Jewish community. This energy has been the backbone for the event. The Irvine community have united to help the Andrusier family emotionally, spiritually and physically, through this challenging time. It was just after Purim of this year that four year old Menucha Rochel Andrusier, a shlucha from Irvine, was diagnosed with a yenah machla. The road ahead is


Irvine Announces a Mitzvah Walk-a-Thon For the Recovery of Little Menucha Andrusier


JUNE 18, 2015


Dudu Fisher and Tony Orlando Concert Electrifies Vast Crowd CHAZAK: Stand Strong! Stand Proud! That was the theme of “An Evening of Song and Solidarity” held on June 10, at the Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza in Southern California’s Conejo Valley. Featuring headliner Dudu Fisher in concert, with a special appearance by the recipient of Chabad’s “Voice of Courage Award,” Tony Orlando. The crowd of 1,800 jumped to their feet repeatedly with thunderous ovations of exuberance and approval throughout the night. “If you come away from this evening feeling a little prouder of your identity, a little closer to your extended Jewish family and a little stronger about your connection to Israel – its history, its vitality and its destiny as the eternal homeland of the Jewish People – then we will have achieved our goal,” said Chabad’s Director of Development, Rabbi Yisroel Levine, at the opening of the program. Thereafter, Jerusalem-born singer and Broadway star, Dudu Fisher, took to the stage, singing four strong opening numbers, including a Chassidic Niggun (melody) which he prefaced with a moving story about a woman in Riga, Latvia, who, back in 1932, was told that the baby she was carrying would be stillborn. Undeterred, she sent for a blessing from the Previous Lubavitcher Rebbe, who was in Riga at time, which she received along with assurances that a healthy child would be born. Thus it was. That child would go on to be Dudu Fisher’s mother. The handwritten message from the Previous Rebbe’s secretary was then displayed on the auditorium’s large screen for all to see. Following that, Rabbi Moshe Bryski, Executive Director of Chabad of the Conejo, appeared at the podium to establish the theme of the evening. “I think that we are all acutely aware that these are precarious times for the civilized world, in general, and for the Jewish People, in particular,” he said. “With the recent renewed threats of terrorism, a nuclear Iran and a spike in anti-Semitism, I think it is essential that we, as proud Jews and patriotic Americans, come together, to express our common resolve to stand for principle, for truth, for liberty, for human decency, and above all, to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our brothers and sisters who are living in our beloved homeland, Israel! But let me clear: We do not do so in a spirit of fear or dread. We are neither cowered nor intimidated by the enemies of peace and civility! We do so in a spirit of strength and courage, resilience and fortitude, dedication and determination!” After pointing out how the programs of Chabad of the Conejo serve to saturate the the world with light even as others seek to engulf it in darkness, Rabbi Bryski went on to invoke the memory of the three

Israeli teenagers, whose yahrtzeits (anniversary of passing) had been marked by World Jewry just one week earlier. In recalling the phenomenal spirit of unity that gripped the Jewish world in the aftermath of their kidnapping and throughout Israel’s subsequent launch of Operation Protective Edge, Rabbi Bryski delivered a ringing and rousing rebuttal to the anti-Israel rhet-

strong. From there Rabbi Bryski hailed Israel’s loyal friends and staunch advocates who speak with honesty and courage in its defense – one such individual being among America’s most popular entertainers over the past five decades, Tony Orlando. Orlando – who has never shied away from speaking boldly about the greatness

oric of Israel’s haters and detractors that has been so dominant in the world media of late. “For all of the hypocritical condemnations and double-standards coming from so-called human rights commissions and proponents of BDS,” he said, “anyone who knows their history and can see a foot in front of them recognizes that Israel is but the ‘Canary in the coal mine,’ as civilization’s first line of defense… Israel has nothing to apologize for – to anybody – for what it must do to ensure its survival. On the contrary! It is Israel that deserves the world’s apologies!” The latter line evoked a roaring and rousing applause from 1,800

of America, the land of the free, nor from extoling the virtues of Israel and the righteousness of its cause as the sole democracy and haven of human rights in the Middle East – had taken the time to visit with the families of the kidnapped boys last summer to share in their grief and to show his support. Bryski then explained Chabad’s decision to present Tony Orlando with the Voice of Courage Award as an expression of “Hakorat Hatov” (recognition of gratitude) for a man who well deserves the appellation of being a member of the “Chassidei Umot Ha-olom – the righteous among the nations.”

Joining in the presentation of the award was Tony’s good friend, world renowned philanthropist and champion of Israel, Bob Book, who along with another close mutual friend of Orlando’s, Jay Schottenstein, served as an Honorary Chairperson of the tribute. Mr. Book read aloud a letter from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, congratulating Orlando on receiving the well-deserved award for his “unwavering support for the people and State of Israel.” Though born to a Greek father and a Puerto Rican mother, in his acceptance remarks, Orlando recalled the high praise his father would always have for the Jewish People and how that perspective would be reinforced throughout his own life experiences. “With your emphasis on family, on education, on faith, morals and ethics, it should be clear to all why you are G-d’s chosen people,” he said. “Nothing is a more vile an insult to civilization than anti-Semitism and nothing should be of greater priority the non-Jewish world than our support for Israel and the Jewish People.” At that point, he walked to center stage and launched into singing songs of pride and patriotism which electrified the crowd. He was then joined on stage by Dudu Fisher and the two performed “Tie a Yellow Ribbon” as a duet, with Orlando singing the original English lyrics and Fisher exchanging lines in the Hebrew version. They then sang a popular Hebrew song together which had everyone clapping wildly and many dancing at their seats. Dudu Fisher then rounded out the concert with a journey of songs and stories that evoked both laughter and tears, but above all, Jewish pride and inspiration. After two encores, Tony Orlando joined Dudu for one final duet. Other highlights of the evening included the presentation of the “Champions of the Spirit Award” to Martin Glade, a courageous and resilient Holocaust Survivor, and his wife, Sandi Glade – both of whom spoke at an outdoor pre-concert cocktail reception chaired by Chabad of the Conejo’s Rabbi Yitzchak Sapochkinsky and Rabbi Shlomo Bistritzky. Other Emissaries (Shluchim) of Chabad of the Conejo include Rabbi Eli Laber, Rabbi Leibel Kahanov, Rabbi Mendel Friedman, Rabbi Chaim Bryski and Rabbi Schneur Schneerson. “That was definitely one of the most inspiring and entertaining Jewish concerts I’ve ever been to,” remarked Noam Lotan, while exiting the state-of-the-art concert-hall en route to his car. The sentiment was echoed by so many who called and wrote to Chabad in the days thereafter.


Project leader, Josh Black. Conversation touched upon a wide range of issues from the US-Israel relationship to the Iranian threat. The evening was punctuated by

Repeatedly Bret Stephens has been public with his criticism of Obama’s administration. “The Middle East, along with our po-

everything can be put right, that fanaticism yields to reason and facts yield to wishes, and that the arc of Mideast history bends toward justice.”

packed audience on the subject of, “Has Washington Given Up on the Middle East?” The event was held at the Shapell Sanctuary at Beth Jacob and drew a crowd of nearly 700 people. The event was introduced by Beth Jacob’s Rabbi Kalman Topp and Tribe media president David Suissa and included Israel

lively and insightful dialogue with Mr. Stephens pointing out the surprising alliances between historical enemies in the Middle East and the implications for Israel in particular. This has been referenced in Mr. Stephens recently published book, “America in Retreat: The New Isolationism and the Coming Global Disorder”

sition in it, is unraveling at an astonishing pace. Reckless drivers don’t notice how fast they’re going until they’re about to crash. We are near the point where there will be no walking back the mistakes we have made. No walking away from them either. It takes a special innocence to imagine that nothing in life is irreversible, that

All of those in attendance left enlightened and informed about the complicated world in which we live. Many participants expressed their appreciation to the sponsoring organizations for making such high-level discussions available to the broader community.

JUNE 18, 2015

On June 7th Bret Stephens, Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist, Foreign Affairs Columnist and Deputy Editorial Page Editor of the Wall Street Journal, spoke to a


Journalist, Bret Stephens asks the crowd, “Has Washington Given Up on the Middle East?”

How We Help One minute Tobi was outside playing with her friends; the next minute she couldn’t catch her breath. Within hours she was rushed to the emergency room. When her parents learned she needed life-saving heart surgery, they turned to Bikur Cholim for help. We immediately arranged a 2nd opinion with a world renowned surgeon, direct-donor blood, meals, volunteers, transportation, Shabbos accommodations, and helped pay for her surgery and rehabilitation. Today, Tobi is running outside again with a smile that says it all. During the past year, with your support Bikur Cholim provided over $2,000,000 in medical and charity care for patients; including 720 children’s speech and physical therapy sessions, 2,450 meals, 820 units of blood, 590 days at the Bikur Cholim House, 2,900 home and hospital visits, 1,440 medical referrals, 675 pieces of medical equipment loaned, and so much more. Thousands of patients depend on us every day, and we depend on you.

ohkuj ruehc

Bikur Cholim • 8489 West Third Street • Los Angeles, CA 90048 • (323) 852-1900 • www.bikurcholim.net



JUNE 18, 2015


Chabad of the Valley Annual Banquet with Sol Teichmann “Securing the Future” The 2015 fundraiser by Chabad of the Valley was a sold out banquet presented under the banner, “Securing the Future.” Held on June 8th, the event was filled with meaningful speeches with music entertainment besides. The evening was a celebration of 26 Chabad centers in the Valley, a vast area that runs from Studio City to Ventura, from Mulholland Drive to Porter Ranch. Two more Chabad Houses are going to be opened and a Pierce College Chabad House besides. Rabbi Einbinder, Associate Director of Chabad of the Valley shared news and thoughts and acknowledged the donors. Rabbi Joshua B. Gordon, Executive Director of Chabad of the Valley gave a fitting introduction to the keynote speaker, Mr. Sol Teichman. Teichman, businessman, philanthropist, holocaust survivor and mesmerizing public speaker, gave the keynote presentation. He spoke with characteristic pas-

sion about his life’s journey and revisited his life story that took him from poverty and despair to prosperity and charity. Teichman’s poignant speech included beautiful stories and two excerpts are presented here. “As I stand here, it reminds me of the first such event I ever attended – almost 70 years ago. My younger brother, Steven Teichman, olov hasholom, and I had just arrived on the shores of this country as one of the first 200 war-orphans sponsored by Eleanor Roosevelt to come to America. After spending some time in a grouphome for displaced children in the Bronx, we were enrolled in New York’s Yeshiva Torah Vodaas. Shortly thereafter, we were asked to attend the yeshiva’s annual fund-raising dinner. “We arrived at the banquet-hall and it took a little while to realize that we were meant to be the main attractions of the evening. You see, the ship that brought us

to this country had docked at Pier 86 on a Saturday, and while all of the other passen-

gers could not get off the boat fast enough, Steve and I stayed in the cabin and refused to disembark. Not on Shabbos! Apparently, the Banquet audience that night was curious to see who these Teichman kids were. “At one point, the banquet organizers asked for one of us to get up and address the crowd. Being that I was older, I stood up at the podium and looked out at this big crowd, eagerly waiting to hear what I had to say. What should I say? What could I say? And I couldn’t speak the language. Suddenly, my mouth opened and I started to sing. I sang a Yiddish song from the “alter heim” – from the Chassidic home I grew up in. I sang softly, but I sang from my heart. When I finished that song, the crowd stood up and erupted in thunderous applause. There was not a dry eye in the house, and believe me, it was not because of my beautiful singing voice. “What was it then? The only question on people’s minds that night was: “What’s left!?” “What remains of the faith and the Yiddishkeit of all those decimated communities that had been the center of Jewish life for centuries!?” “What’s left of the spirit and the morale of Am Yisroel?” And most of all, “What hope was there for the future of the Jewish People going forward?” “And here was this boy from Munkacs, who had experienced it all firsthand: the extermination of those he loved and the destruction of the way of life he once knew. This boy, who after going through the ghettos, death camps and death marches – and yet, upon finally being granted his freedom, refuses to get off a boat on Shabbos – now stands before us and sings a Yiddish song of undying faith! “It was more than just a song… It was

a cry from the neshomoh – from the indestructible soul of a Jew – declaring: “Yes, we have suffered terribly! We have lost immeasurably! But we are not broken! We are not dead! We live on!” Teichman concluded, “On behalf of my family members and all of the six million kedoshim who perished; and on behalf of those of my fellow survivors who have since passed on; I stand before you tonight, asking of you – pleading with you – to take the figurative torches from our hands and pass them on to your children, and see to it that they, in turn, pass it on to their children. Let us always remember that the only true revenge against our enemies of the past and the best defense against our enemies of the present, are more acts of goodness and kindness, more Torah and Mitzvos, more and more light. “Help your Jewish brothers and sisters in need – wherever in the world they may be. It will bring added joy and blessings into your own lives. Provide one more Jewish child with a Torah education. Invite another guest to your Shabbos table. Write another generous check to charity. Help open a new Chabad center in another part of the Valley. This is how we do it. This is the Jewish way. “What does the future hold?” you ask. I’m not a Navi. I don’t know any better than any of you what the future holds! But that’s just the point: My answer to that question is the same as your answer. My answer tonight is the same one I gave to that banquet audience back in 1946, except that I made it a lot shorter back then! My answer is “Ani Maamin” – the spirit of the Jewish People, the chain of our heritage – has not, cannot and shall not ever be broken!”

at the newly renovated


Glatt Mehadrin & Rabbanut Mehadrin

all year round.

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JUNE 18, 2015


Harkham Hillel Hebrew Academy Celebrates New Funds for 21st Century Learning Programs On June 3rd, the picturesque Beverly Hills Greystone Estate was the location of the Harkham Hillel Hebrew Academy Trustees dinner. The event was a celebration of the trustees new commitment to invest upwards of half a million dollars in Hillel’s vision for the future. This includes 21st Century Learning Spaces, S.T.E.M. Education, and the development of a cutting-edge Torah SheBal Peh curriculum. Rabbi Sufrin, Hillel’s Head of School, opened the evening by highlighting that, “Our children are the flames that light our world. Together we create the wick that will allow each flame to draw deeply from the rich reservoir of positive and intrinsic Judaism in becoming a Shalhevet She’Olah Me’eileha - a flame empowered to rise alone; striving ever-upward towards new heights.” Everyone enjoyed the memorable evening with old-Hollywood-inspired glamor, fabulous cuisine and finally a delicious dessert served at sunset. Against panoramic views of the LA skyline, guests were entertained by “Top Chef” winning contestants Chef Katzuji and Chef Keriann Von Raesfeld-Harrigan. There was also entertainment from singer Avi Ciment and a stellar troupe of Magic Castle magicians. It was certainly a magical night and

Hillel’s Board President, Harry Nelson, knew what was at stake. “It’s all about the children! Rabbi Sufrin, the Board of

Directors, and our Trustees recognize the value of investing in the future - and the funds raised tonight are a testament to that


All Corners of the World Begin Hilchos Tefillin in Daf HaYomi B’Halacha Dirshu’s popular Daf HaYomi B’Halacha program has recently embarked on hilchos tefillin. The ripple effect worldwide is astounding. Not only are tens of thousands the world over already learning the laws of tefillin but in addition, interest in Daf HaYomi B’Halacha is spreading to locales that those in the main Jewish centers, would call exotic.

In Panama City, Panama an entire group recently started Daf HaYomi B’Halacha. The interest in Panama is part of a surge in Dirshu participants throughout the whole of South America. Indeed, the Daf HaYomi B’Halacha siyum before Pesach in Buenos Aires, Argentina was an extremely successful event. Interestingly, the Panama communi-

ty’s interest in Daf HaYomi B’Halacha was indirectly piqued through Mexico. In Mexico, the Daf HaYomi B’Halacha program is run by Rabbi Moshe Peretz, a man who is extremely enthusiastic about the program. It seems that his excitement is contagious and he shared this with his brother who lives in Panama City. Rabbi Peretz’s brother shared the program with several counterparts in the city and that is how the Daf HaYomi B’Halacha chaburah of Panama City was born. Just as touching is the report of a new group of Dirshu Mishnah Berurah learners in Budapest, Hungary. Budapest is undergoing a spiritual rejuvenation in spite of the Nazis efforts to decimate the entire population of Hungarian Jews. Part of that rejuvenation is reflected in the recent interest shown by local community members in the Dirshu Daf HaYomi B’Halacha program. If the above two locales are not “far out” enough, Dirshu’s coordinator for Australia, Rabbi Yumi Rosenbaum, recently reported on amazing participation in the program. The participation has reached

the point that the Daf HaYomi B’Halacha of Australia has now published its own halacha newsletter highlighting fascinating halachic queries that have arisen in the course of the month’s learning. Currently, Dirshu features three Daf HaYomi B’Halacha shiurim in Australia, at the Adass Shul, at Kollel Beth HaTalmud and at Heichal HaTorah. There are also many individuals learning the material on their own. Whether you are in the Los Angeles area or in other, more exotic locations such as Panama, Budapest, or Australia, one thing remains constant: Limud haTorah the Dirshu way.


JUNE 18, 2015 

Scott Feltman

Will the Obama Administration Negotiate a Safe Deal with Iran?


.S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew recently took the podium at a Jerusalem Post conference in New York to defend President Obama’s plans for a nuclear agreement with Iran. He told the crowd that President Obama would reinstate sanctions on Iran if the regime failed to live up to its commitments under the agreement currently being negotiated. Then, in a room full of people who care passionately about the safety and security of the United States and our closest ally in the Middle East, Israel, the highest-ranking Jewish official in the history of the United States was booed loudly. Lew’s treatment at that conference was unfortunate no doubt, but the reaction of those in the room speaks volumes about the gravity of the threats posed by the Islamic Republic of Iran to the United States. And it speaks volumes about how frightening it would be if the president were to agree upon a deal that fails to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. As in Israel, much of the American public is on edge waiting for the actual text of the deal to emerge. Time and time again, President Obama and his administration officials have made scripted promises asserting that they are not interested in agreeing to a “bad deal” with Iran’s ayatollahs. However, these hollow vows seem to ignore Iran’s clandestine nuclear activities and turn a blind eye to its hegemonic regional power-grabs and radical, expansionist ideology bent on using terror to support its aims. The Iranian terrorist network spans the globe and is fundamentally rooted in anti-Western, anti-American, and anti-Israel values. If the White House signs a deal that does not completely dismantle Iran’s nuclear capacity, then America, Israel and their western allies will be placed in harm’s way. It is precisely this serious concern that drove conference participants to heckle Treasury Secretary Lew last week. When Lew made claims that the Obama Administration is committed to protecting Israel, his statements

seemed to lack credibility. The only way for President Obama to regain trust from many pro-Israel supporters is to sign America’s name onto a “good deal.” The benchmarks for reaching a

meet the criteria laid out above, then it will be incumbent upon Congress to reject it. Such an agreement would provide Iran’s leaders with a host of benefits, but it would do nothing to enhance the safety of the United States

These hollow vows seem to ignore Iran’s clandestine nuclear activities and turn a blind eye to its hegemonic regional power-grabs and radical, expansionist ideology bent on using terror to support its aims. good deal would not only require the complete dismantlement of Iran’s nuclear infrastructure, but would also mandate transparent inspections of Iranian nuclear sites anytime and anywhere; provide full exposure of Iran’s past military nuclear work; directly link the incremental lifting of

or any of our allies, including Israel. Here in New York, Senators Schumer and Gillibrand have expressed support for an agreement that actually prevents Iran’s terrorist regime from acquiring the most deadly weapons known to mankind. I fully expect that they would vote to block

sanctions to Iran’s compliance with the agreement; and completely eradicate Iran’s ability to develop a nuclear weapons capability, without an expiration date. The passage of the Iran Nuclear Review Act means Congress has thirty days to review the details of whatever deal emerges from the ongoing negotiations in Switzerland. Congress will then have the opportunity to vote to block the agreement. If President Obama agrees to a deal that does not

any deal that falls short of that aim, and I encourage the pro-Israel community to contact their local representatives to urge them to use their vote wisely to safeguard our security and block any proposed shortcomings. When President Obama began his first term in office, he announced that his administration would pursue direct engagement with Iran. His foreign policy strategy, it seems, was based upon the premise that Iranian behavior could be moderated through a se-

JUNE 18, 2015





quence of measures, once considered immune to compromise. Since then, despite no evidence that this strategy is working, the White House has continued to pursue a deal with the mullahs in Tehran. Over the course of Obama’s presidential tenure, Iran has not improved its behavior. Tehran’s sponsorship of terrorism has grown, its human rights violations have reached previously unseen heights of abhorrence, and its destabilizing regional impact has worsened – all while Iran’s diplomats employ a strategy of charming intransigence at the negotiating table. So last week when Treasury Secretary Lew told supporters of Israel at the Jerusalem Post conference that President Obama would preserve his authority to re-impose economic sanctions, despite opposition from countries such as Russia and China, the response was disbelief. Based upon Iran’s track record of deceit and its unwavering commitment to obtain nuclear capacity, no one can expect the extremist regime to fulfill its end of the bargain. And the White House has still not revealed sufficient details about how it proposes to verify Iranian violations under an agreement, let alone how it would seek to re-impose a broken sanctions regime. Lew assured conference attendees, “Make no mistake – we are not operating under an assumption that Iran will act in good faith.” If the Obama administration openly admits that Iran cannot be trusted, then any deal reached that fails to meet serious conditions concerning dismantlement, verification and inspections cannot be trusted either. Scott M. Feltman is the executive vice president of One Israel Fund, a four-star rated charity by Charity Navigator and the premier agency dedicated to supporting the security, welfare, development and economic growth of the Jewish people living in Judea, Samaria, the Jordan Valley as well as the reemerging communities of Gush Katif evacuees.



JUNE 18, 2015



too much thinking about one’s self.” What their research has uncovered should be nothing new to us. The findings are literally lifted from the teachings of Chazal, drilled into us through of Torah and mussar Korach is one the of study the most intriguing classics and the subject of untold shmuessen. parshiyos of the read it,butstudy We have beenTorah. hearingWe it forever, perhaps it anda little wonder how Korach could have reminder is always good. been foolish to take onVelvel MosheSoloveitand The enough Brisker Rov, Rav chik,The would visit theofPolish resortsheptown of Aharon. question “Korach Krenitz in the summertime. While there, ikei’ach hayah mah ra’ah leshtus zeh” is he camein to the know a young,and brilliant Chassidishe discussed Medrash by dozens of bochur, Rav Avrohom Landau, who went on meforshim and darshonim, and yet it perto become the Strikover Rebbe. plexes usDuring anewtheeach Parshas earlyyear days when of World War II, the Korach is lained. rov sought refuge in Warsaw. Separated from Really, have been his wifehow and could severalKorach of his children, he was weighted down by concern and worry for so foolish? them.are They in danger There so were manyclearly answers given,and andthere was little he could do to enable them to join they are certainly all true and bear lessons him. for us inDuring our daily lives. Korach’s ego that period, he met up with that droveChassidishe him while bochur. his negius, personal Theyhiswere walking agenda, caused him to miscalculate. on the streets of Warsaw when the rov sudPerhaps we canHeadd another denly stopped. turned to theexplanafuture rebbe and jealousy said, “Thecaused posuk states, ki yomus tion: his him to‘Odom be a bitter ba’ohel.’person. Chazal “Ein derive a drash from and unhappy odom choteh ela the wording of the posuk and declare, ‘Ein haToim nichnas bo ruach shtus.” He became so rah miskayemes ela bemi shemeimis atzmo angryaleha.’ and indignant he became de- ToThe literal that translation is that the ranged. Nothing was good enough. Norah belongs to those who kill themselves in body its was good enough. He found fault pursuit. “Theand Torah described as in everyone withiseverything. Histhe ego‘eitz chaim,’ the tree of life, couldn’t be satisfied and hesustaining found nothose plea-who it,”from continued the rov. “If sure. study Thereand wasfollow no rest his torment. so, what do Chazal mean when they say that It was a shtus that overcame him and drove the Torah belongs to those who kill themhim toselves his early demise and eternal shame. for it?” It could With havethat begun simply withthea rov small question in mind, turned smirk,to an comment, this offhanded bochur andflippant said, “Chazal say that wants to live must I underwhichsomeone festeredwho and grew until hisdie. entire stand their a person canpersonality waslesson one to of mean bitterthat resentment not allow natural feelings of anxiety and unand quarrelsomeness. ease to debilitate and break him, as doing so Other sad, unfulfilled people fell into would prevent the person from being able to Korach’s grasp untilHashem. there were enoughininproperly serve Therefore, order dividuals spell toa enable himtotokeep to beunder an evedhisHashem, person has lead ahis revolution tofrom actualize histhat fantasies. focus away thoughts worry him focus on happier things. We can only Manyand who hoped to bring happiness andlive if we put aside and kill worrisome, distracting thoughts.” That’s only half the story.

yield him no benefit. Regardless of who was on top, he would still be just another disgruntled voice among many. Perhaps the realization of life as she explained it restored a measure of joy to Ohn. Maybe she succeeded in explaining to her husband the reason for his morose feelings and he was able to overcome them without resorting to the anti-social behavior that doomed his friends and colleagues. What we do know is that because of his wife, he was saved from the “shtus” that consumed

the others. In fact, Chazal attach the posuk of “Chochmas noshim bonsah beisah” (Mishlei 14:1) to this tale, conveying that female wisdom and perceptiveness builds the home. Shtus, ego, bitterness and divisiveness, destroy people and their homes. Chochmah, wisdom, maintains the home and the people who dwell in it. The wife of Ohn had wisdom which is also addressed. We can look around and concentrate on the many challenges, difficulties and failures that abound and life

It was the joy of fulfillment, the joy of two people from opposite ends of the world united by Torah.

dawn and announces the arrival of a new day. Rav Aryeh Levin once explained that if you

Photo: Reuven KaPlan

Editor’s View

joy into their lives were misled into thinking that Korach’s leadership would lead to utopian bliss. Ohn ben Peles, however, was saved by his wife from eternal damnation. He had believed that he would gain were Korach to assume the leadership position, as he had been his friend. She reasoned that regardless of whether Korach or Moshe would emerge as the leader, Ohn’s life wouldn’t change. It didn’t pay to put his life on the line for an insidious campaign that would

if he was in control of his faculties, he said, “The pain and sorrow are enough to drive a

the words “Veyizku liros bonim uvnei vonim oskim baTorah uvemitzvos al Yisroel shalom.”

you watch him standing on a street corner throwing stones at passersby, spreading his pain, intent on causing destruction. “I also threw stones in the street. I threw them one on top of another. As I threw them, the pile grew and grew until it became a yeshiva!” People write us letters, wondering why we don’t have articles about cognitive restructuring, reframing and positive therapy. Thankfully, I had never heard of those terms and had to look them up. We don’t need the Mayo Clinic to teach us how to be happy. “Uleyishrei lev simcha” is not just a phrase. It’s our way of life. We seek to become yishrei lev, enabling us to walk with an upright attitude and approach, allowing the blessing and joys of life to uplift and encourage us so that we do not become sidetracked by the inevitable challenges. We study Torah to be productive, optimistic, confident, successful and besimcha. Last week, I attended the wedding of my cousin, Moshe Boruch Levin, to Liba Tabak at Bell Works in Holmdel, New Jersey. As befitting these wonderful families, there was a huge crowd. There were many great people there that night, but there was one scene that stuck in my mind. The band was playing a song that the kallah’s father had composed to the words “Veyizku liros bonim uvnei vonim oskim baTorah uvemitzvos al Yisroel shalom.” There was a

large crowd gathered around one particular table. What was the commotion? Two of the world’s greatest Torah giants, one from this country and one from Eretz Yisroel, were sitting next to each other, engaged in a warm, vibrant conversation. Rav Berel Povarsky and Rav Elya Ber Wachtfogel were smiling as they spoke. They weren’t trading stories. They were delving into deep conversation regarding a number of sugyos in Shas. A dozen people stood behind and around them, trying to glean words of chochmah from the great chachomim. The two roshei yeshiva were experiencing intense simcha as they spoke. Those listening were experiencing simcha and those watching the scene were also b’simcha. It was the joy of fulfillment, the joy of two people from opposite ends of the world united by Torah. The knowledge that anyone who taps into their chochmah is attached to the wellspring of eternal knowledge and bliss brings simcha to anyone who seeks to build as did the Ponovezher Rov and the Brisker Rov. Let us use the chochmah we possess to engage in pursuits that unite, not divide; that build, not destroy; that bring joy, not bitterness; that bring intelligence, not shtus, so that we will be genuinely happy and thus properly prepare the world for the return of Moshe Rabbeinu and Aharon Hakohein at the helm of our nation once again. Amein.


JUNE 18, 2015

a person has to keep his focus away from thoughts that worry him and focus on happier things. We can only live if we put aside and kill worrisome, distracting thoughts.” That’s only half the story. The Brisker Rov never did get reunited with his wife and the children who were together. They remained trapped, and as hard as he tried, he was unable to secure their release. Along with millions of others, they perished in the dreadful inferno. He made it to Eretz Yisroel with five sons and two daughters, to whom he was a single parent. He took a leading role in rebuilding the shattered Torah world and carried a lonely torch of truth in a grey world. He had every reason to feel stress and contrition. However, in a letter written during that era, his talmid and relative, Rav Moshe Shmuel Shapiro, wrote, “We learn every day at beiso ha’aliz shel haGriz, the joyous home of the Brisker Rov.” Despite all the reasons for depression and despair, the Brisker Rov, transplanted in a new country away from family members, talmidim and townspeople who perished along with an entire world, succeeded in living. He was the “odom ki yomus ba’ohel” paradigm in the traditional understanding and according to the way he explained the concept to the Chassidishe bochur in Warsaw. Every morning, when we awaken, we recite several brachos. As we begin to daven Shacharis, we give praise to Hashem for granting the rooster the ability to differentiate between night and day. Every morning, the rooster awakens at dawn and announces the arrival of a new day. Rav Aryeh Levin once explained that if you would take a rooster from Yerushalayim to a city anywhere in the world, it would adapt immediately to its new surroundings and awaken at dawn in that locale. It makes no difference where it was yesterday and where it will be tomorrow, said Rav Levin. The only reality the rooster knows is today, and it sings the song of today. That’s the message of this opening brochah. Hashem imbued the rooster with this sense to live today. That brochah is a pertinent reminder to us every day. We have to deal with the day we have. We should not create anxiety by concentrating on the past and becoming consumed by thoughts of, “What if?” or irrational fears of the future. We must deal with reality and do our best to survive, succeed and sing as the rooster does. The great builder of Torah, the Ponovezher Rov, Rav Yosef Shlomo Kahaneman, who lost so much in the Holocaust, arrived on the shores of Eretz Yisroel and began rebuilding the world of Ponovezh that was lost. People mocked him, thinking that the tragedies he experienced had driven him insane. How could he possibly undertake to build a giant yeshiva? Didn’t he know that it was all gone and that there’s no way that way of life could ever be recreated? He would often reflect upon the hardship and suffering of those years. Once, when he heard people wondering if he was in control of his faculties, he said, “The pain and sorrow are enough to drive a man insane. Sometimes, you see a meshugene, an emotionally disturbed individual, and


provides ample amounts of pain, worry and fear. Yet, we must concentrate on the positives, finding reasons for happiness and joy, despite the murkiness. Just as there are bad people, there are also many who are good. Despite the darkness around us, there is also light and plenty of which we can be proud. Complainers never win. They are never really happy. They don’t build. They don’t create. They don’t contribute. They are on the outside looking in, complaining. After decades of research and many clinical trials, researchers at the world-renowned Mayo Clinic think they have found the key to being happy. The media reported on this major development. The report states, “If we learn to command our thoughts, shifting perspective away from the negative, and embrace the positive, we will be happier.” “You can choose to live focusing on what is not right in your life,” said Dr. Amit Sood, who led the research. “Resiliency has everything to do with happiness,” Dr. Sood said. The report concludes, “And perhaps one of the biggest hindrances to being happy is too much thinking about one’s self.” What their research has uncovered should be nothing new to us. The findings are literally lifted from the teachings of Chazal, drilled into us through the study of Torah and mussar classics and the subject of untold shmuessen. We have been hearing it forever, but perhaps a little reminder is always good. The Brisker Rov, Rav Velvel Soloveitchik, would visit the Polish resort town of Krenitz in the summertime. While there, he came to know a young, brilliant Chassidishe bochur, Rav Avrohom Landau, who went on to become the Strikover Rebbe. During the early days of World War II, the Rov sought refuge in Warsaw. Separated from his wife and several of his children, he was weighted down by concern and worry for them. They were clearly in danger and he could do little to enable them to join him. During that period, he met up with that Chassidishe bochur. They were walking on the streets of Warsaw when the Rov suddenly stopped. He turned to the future Rebbe and said, “The posuk states, ‘Odom ki yomus ba’ohel.’ Chazal derive a drash from the wording of the posuk and declare, ‘Ein haTorah nikneis ela bemi shemeimis atzmo aleha.’ The literal translation is that the Torah belongs to those who kill themselves in its pursuit. “The Torah is described as the ‘eitz chaim,’ the tree of life, sustaining those who study and follow it,” continued the Rov. “If so, what do Chazal mean when they say that the Torah belongs to those who kill themselves for it?” With that question in mind, the Rov turned to this bochur and said, “Chazal say that someone who wants to live must die. I understand their lesson to mean that a person cannot allow natural feelings of anxiety and unease to debilitate and break him, as doing so would prevent the person from being able to properly serve Hashem. Therefore, in order to be an eved Hashem,

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JUNE 18, 2015

shaarei tefila

Wood Grilled Rib Eye


friday night dinner

mustard demi | fried yukon gold potatoes sous vide abalone mushrooms | roasted pearl onions with Guest Speaker

ben shapiro • Are we American Jews or Jewish Americans? • What is more dangerous: Islamic fundamentalism or leftism? • I am a republican in California, does my vote count?

friday, tammuz 9 - june 26

6:30 pm, Mincha & Kabbolat Shabbat in Main Sanctuary 7:30 pm, Seudat Shabbat in Kanner Hall Ben Shapiro is senior editor-at-large of Breitbart News. Shapiro is the New York Times bestselling author of “Bullies: How the Left’s Culture of Fear and Intimidation Silences America” (2012), “Primetime Propaganda: The True Hollywood Story of How the Left Took Over Your TV” (2011), and “Brainwashed: How Universities Indoctrinate America’s Youth” (2004), among others. His latest book is “The People vs. Barack Obama” (2014). Shapiro is also a nationally syndicated columnist since age 17, a graduate of UCLA and Harvard Law School, and the host of The Morning Answer on KRLA 870 in Los Angeles and The Ben Shapiro Show on KTTH 770 in Seattle.




Adults: $36 • Children: $20

Babysitting for duration of program in Youth Rooms

RSVP at shaareitefila.org or (323) 938-7147 Limited seating available


Jerusalem in Limbo

JUNE 18, 2015



U.S. Supreme Court Fails to Recognize Jerusalem as Part of Israel BY SUSAN SCHWAMM


friend, Pierre Bernard, was born in Paris to his American parents. Le petit Pierre has an American passport and when we went traveling together, I noticed that his place of birth was listed as France. Hmm, that wasn’t a surprise. But when Menachem Zivotofsky, born in Jerusalem to American parents, will go traveling, his passport won’t have Israel stamped under the words “place of birth.” 12-year-old Zivotofsky’s parents have been fighting U.S. courts practically since last week, the Supreme his birth. And now, this Court of the United States definitely determined that those born in Jerusalem cannot list Israel as their place of birth on their passports. The matter is complicated, as different branches of government disagree on whether Jerusalem can be considered the capital of Israel. After the Six Day War, Israel formally annexed the eastern part of Jerusalem— which is officially in the West Bank. Most countries, unsurprisingly, don’t recognize that annexation. What is surprising, though, is that our ally, the United States, also officially doesn’t recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel; the U.S. Embassy is located in Tel Aviv instead. U.S. policy officially doesn’t recognize any nation’s sovereignty over Jerusalem and has held that the city’s

status should be resolved through negotiations between the Israelis and the Palestinians—who both lay claim to the city. Congress, though, has for years tried to push administrations of both parties to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. In 2002, a U.S. law, called the Foreign Rela-

the bill into law, but said that he would not comply with the provision. The U.S. has never enforced the law. The basis of the policy, prescribed by both Republican and Democrat presidents, has been to avoid taking sides in the ongoing Arab-Israeli conflict over the status of Jerusalem, including the various competing claims – this despite the reunification of the city 67 years ago. When Bush ignored Congress’ directive, he claimed it interfered with his powers to direct foreign policy on the issue of recognizing foreign countries’ claim to land. President Barack Obama has followed a similar approach. It’s a struggle between two branches of government: does the executive or the legislative branch have the power to recognize a foreign country’s claim to land? Eugene Kontorovich, a professor at Northwestern University School of Law and an expert on constitutional and international law, writes in the Washington Post that this struggle between branches is a conflict with real consequences. “Say Congress passes a set of tariffs, or immigration quotas, for India, and specifies that by this they mean Kashmir also. Can the president refuse to apply them to Kashcontinued on page 74

“Jerusalem was and will always be the capital of Israel – but more than that, it’s the heart and soul of the Jewish nation.” tions Authorization Act, included a provision that for any U.S. citizen who was born in Jerusalem the secretary of state “shall, upon the request of the citizen or the citizen’s legal guardian, record the place of birth as Israel.” President George W. Bush signed

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‫בי אליהו‬ Taana D ‫תנא ד‬ eve PRESE

Fe aturing

s ong s of h

e artfelt ce



i Eliyahu

f ro m t h e

D irshu W orld Siyum 

Fe aturing :



pli ed. applic able la cation is aga w and inst Halach a.

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JUNE 18, 2015

Taana Devei Eliyahu


‫תנא דבי אליהו‬ PRESENTS




JUNE 18, 2015


law, “irreversible damage” could be caused to America’s power to influence the region’s peace process, and an uproar could be provoked throughout the region. The Solicitor-General, who represents the president, contended that U.S. citizens born in other places where sovereignty has not been established, including the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, are similarly prevented from stating a country of birth on their passports. But Alyza Lewin, attorney for “I am an Israeli and I want people to know that I am glad that I am an Israeli” the Zivotofsky family and daughter of famed attorney Nate Lewin, enBut Scalia, in dissent, took the majority to task, Zivotofsky was deavored to frame the case in a different light. This is born in 2002. His not about recognition for a territory. This is simply a saying its interpretation that putting the word Jerumother, Naomi, made such a request for her son, case for how an American can be identified on his or salem on individual passport documents was tantawho was born in Jerusalem—for his passport to list her passport. “We do not claim this is recognition,” mount to recognition of Israeli claims over the city was a “leap worthy of the Mad Hatter.” He cited the Israel as his place of birth. But the state department, she said at oral arguments. Liberal justices Ruth Bader-Ginsburg, Stephen example of the U.S. allowing people from Northern in accord with Bush’s directive, refused her request. Breyer, Sonia Sotomayor Ireland to put Belfast on their passports instead of Israel cannot be listed on his and Elena Kagan combined the United Kingdom. Clearly this does not mean the passport. Jerusalem will be with swing justice Antho- U.S. rejects British sovereignty over Northern Irewritten instead. ny Kennedy and generally land, rather it allows for individual identity decisions The Zivotofsky’s filed highly conservative justice on passports. The law at issue “merely requires the suit in U.S federal court. Clarence Thomas for the State Department to list a citizen’s birthplace as IsThe case, Zivotofsky majority against justices rael” and does not require the president to make “any vs. Kerry, has been winding John Roberts, Antonin Scal- other kind of legal commitment,” he read from the through the U.S. courts for ia, and Samuel Alito in Mon- bench. years. The Zivotofsky famday’s decision. Chief Justice Roberts, in voicing his dissention, ily and a coalition of supKennedy’s majority joined with Alito, and said, “Today’s decision is a porters have pushed the case opinion was based mainly first: Never before has this Court accepted a Presithrough the courts to try to on the idea that only the dent’s direct defiance of an Act of Congress in the force the president’s hand to president has the power to field of foreign affairs.” He added, echoing Scalia’s comply with the congressiorecognize claims regarding argument, “The statue at issue does not implicate nal law. sovereignty, and that the recognition” but “simply gives an American citizen In 2011, the District of passport issue falls within born in Jerusalem the option to designate his place Columbia Appeals Court the presidential prerogative. of birth as Israel for the purposes of passports and declined to even give a po“Over the last 100 years, other documents.” sition on the dispute, citing there has been scarcely any that it had to defer to the debate over the President’s executive branch at the outpower to recognize foreign decision ends a 12-year set since the issue involved states,” Kennedy wrote, battle for the Zivotofforeign policy, which courts Reuniting Jerusalem in 1967 adding that it was “clear” sky family. Menachem’s passport will still be missendeavor to avoid. that in the statute at issue in ing the word Israel, although the young boy knows But then the Supreme Court intervened and ordered the appeals court to the case, “Congress wanted to express its displeasure that the Jewish State will always be in his heart. “I am an Israeli and I want people to know that I revisit the issue. In 2013, the same appeals court with the President’s policy, by among other things, declared the 2002 law unconstitutional, taking the commanding the Executive to contradict his own, am glad that I am an Israeli, and that I am not embarpresident’s side that Congress had overreached into early stated position on Jerusalem. This Congress rassed by the fact that I am an Israeli,” Menachem proudly told reporters after the verdict came down. foreign policy areas controlled by the executive cannot do.” The President has “Just as Washbranch. ington is the capital The case went even higher. In April 2014, the Su- the exclusive power to of the U.S., London preme Court agreed to hear the Zivotofsky family’s grant formal recogniis the capital of Engappeal of the appellate court’s second rejection of its tion to a foreign soverland, and Paris is the case. Monday the decision came down with a final eign, Kennedy said, and capital of France, Jerejection of that final appeal: The executive branch the law infringes on the “consisrusalem was and will is in the right, Congress overstepped by writing this Executive’s always be the capital section of law, Jerusalem it is and Jerusalem it will tent” decision to withhold recognition with of Israel – but more be – not Israel. respect to Jerusalem. than that, it’s the He asserted, “Recheart and soul of the 6-3 ruling bolstered the Obama admin- ognition is an act with Jewish nation,” Jeistration, which said the law unlawfully immediate and powerrusalem Mayor Nir The 6-3 decision highlights a struggle between the president and Congress: who gets to recognize foreign countries’ claim to land? encroached on the president’s power to set foreign ful significance for inBarkat asserted. policy and would, if enforced, undermine the U.S. ternational relations, Regardless of government’s claim to be a neutral peacemaker in so the President’s position must be clear. Congress what’s stamped on our passports, Jerusalem of Gold, the Middle East. The State Department had argued cannot require him to contradict his own statement our holiest city, is forever stamped on our hearts as that if the court ruled for Congress and upheld the regarding a determination of formal recognition.” the capital of the Holy Land.  mir? Or to turn it around, could the president apply Pakistani tariffs and immigration quotas to Kashmir when Congress says to apply Indian ones, on the grounds that it interferes with his power of recognition?” he posits. In terms of Israel, he writes, “Assume Congress wants to make a law relating to Israel – immigration quotas, or customs duties. That law now would presumably not apply to Jerusalem, a fairly striking development. The president’s power to avoid laws through (non)recognition becomes even greater when, as with Israel, he can selectively recognize – that is, treat the territory as part of a country for some purposes, but not for others.”


Last Monday’s Monday’s






JUNE 18, 2015

108 26

FATHER’S DAY in the Backyard

9 Gifts That Will Make Dad’s Oasis That Much More Enjoyable LICENSE to CHILL Dad does it all, from tending to the garden (by paying for the gardener) to changing the outdoor light bulbs (after they have been out for three months). Now he just wants to lay smack in the center of the yard and stare up at the stars (“Son, that right there is the Big Dipper”). What better way to do that than on a relaxing and sturdy hammock? Hammocks range in price from $35 to $35,000! If you get one in the $100 price range, dad would do just fine on his horizontal excursion.

BEVERAGE at HIS FINGERTIPS [To be read in a deep and deliberate voice]: Your dad is the most interesting man in the world. He can catch a shark with his bare hands. He can run a mile in under three minutes. He can lift 500 pounds of steel while brushing his teeth. And, when he drinks non-alcoholic beverages, he drinks non-alcoholic Dos Equis. He loves cracking one open when he’s lounging in the backyard and taking a break from his life of unbridled accomplishments. But what should he do when he is thirsty? [Not to be read in a deep and deliberate voice]: “Yaakov, please get me a glass of water and ice from inside? Please? I’ll take you to Seasons Western Express Kosher later if you do?” [Return to deep voice]: No, no, no. He flings his arm to the right, cracks open his outdoor mini-fridge and like the alchemist that he is, he grabs the exact drink he desires (of course, that’s assuming he remembered to stock the fridge beforehand, which is a long shot). If a mini fridge is out of your price range (they run for about $1,000), how about a funky cooler that has Bluetooth speakers and even a blender attached? You can get that for about $180.

HOLY SMOKES Mom may take care of it all – shopping, doctors’ appointments, laundry, homework,  what school and camp the kids go to, bedtime, making  breakfast, lunch and dinner,  cooking for Shabbos and making yom tov. But there is one thing she is totally unqualified for and can’t even have an opinion about: barbequing. That is Dad’s expertise, Dad believes. He is the perfect BBQ-er. He can hold court with his friends and keep them mesmerized (he thinks) as he talks about the perfect way to make that 24 ouncer sizzle just right. Now, he can take things to the next level and delve into the mystical world of smoked meats. Outdoor smokers come in all shapes, sizes and price ranges. A word of caution, though: Consult with Dad before buying it because who knows more about this stuff than him, of course.

109 27


Backyard putting greens range in price from $30 to several hundred thousand dollars, if that’s in your budget.

JUNE 18, 2015

FIRE on the MOUNTAIN “How many roads must a man walk down before you can call him a man...” OK, Dad didn’t write that song but he’s not a bad songwriter, given a little inspiration and put in the right environment. Wrong environment: living room couch with half eaten pizza between the cushions and a three-year-old jumping on his back. Right environment: in the backyard sitting with his guitar in front of a shimmering fire. Fire pits range in price from $40 to several hundred dollars.



Dad is so cool. He looks great in a cowboy hat. (He once put one on for a picture when the family was at a Western-themed amusement park gift shop.) He can ride a horse and navigate the wild. (He once went horseback riding with your mother when they were in Colorado for a bar mitzvah ... it was a guided tour.) All he is missing is a holster. No, not for his gun – for his water bottle. Instead of sweating it out while manning the grill, Dad can pull his Poland Spring 16 ounce from his waist, in a flash. You can even have the leather drink holster monogrammed. Maybe write something like “#1 Coolest Dad,” but that’s for you to decide.

Dad waits all year for the weather to turn nice so that he can sit outside and devour Kafka. Along comes a little mosquito and his whole equilibrium is thrown off.   How about getting him an enclosed gazebo? He  will once again be comfortable enough to ponder things such as “what is the true meaning of self-determination” because the mosquitoes no longer have control over this homosapien who is 50,000 times larger than it.

Holsters start for as low as $5. You can get one with a monogram for approximately $30.

You can get a nice enclosed gazebo in the $300 price range. And say goodbye to the fly swatter.

CLEAN as a WHISTLE Dad sees the deck as a great place to host fancy cocktail parties; the kids see it as another place to lay down their chalk (turf battles know no limits). Dad sees the 8-foot white fence as a classy alternative to the view of the neighbor’s collapsed brick garage; the kids see it as a great target for their mud balls. Now, everyone can have it their way—the kids can enjoy, and when Dad wants to, he can pull out his compact pressure washer and within minutes the place will be ready for that cocktail party. You can get one for as cheap as $100, so color away!


Dad may spend his nine-to-five as an accountant, but he is a PGA golfer at heart. Yes, his golf bag has been collecting dust in the basement for three years and his irons have found a new identity as backscratchers, but that’s because his application to Augusta is going slower than he expected. So, how about building him a little something in your very own backyard?

JALAPENO PEPPER HEAVEN Dad is done with GMOs and pesticides and is going organic. He’s decided to dedicate a third of the backyard to his vegetable garden. But despite all of his talk about making the best jalapeno peppers, things haven’t worked out that great. With three wilted tomatoes, this patch of land is quickly turning into a shrine of gardening ineptitude. Give Dad the ultimate vegetable garden guidance by purchasing any number of very good gardening software programs. These programs will help Dad design, layout and plan a vegetable garden and will include step-by-step tutorials. Average price $25—but look how much money you’ll save by growing your own veggies!




JUNE 18, 2015



Notable Quotes

Compiled by Nate Davis

“Say“Say What?” What?”

Compiled by Nate Davis

I identify as black. As a 5-year-old child I was drawing self-portraits with the brown crayon instead of peach crayon [with] black curly hair, you know, yeah. That was how I was portraying myself. - Embattled NAACP activist Rachel Dolezal, who was forced to resign as president of the Spokane (WA) NAACP after it was disclosed that she is a white woman posing as an AfricanAmerican I officially today announce that I identify as skinny. From this day going forward, I am skinny. - Talk show host Rush Limbaugh mocking “transracial” activist Rachel Dolezal

Last night the Cleveland Cavaliers beat the Golden State Warriors in overtime to tie the NBA Finals at one game apiece. LeBron James said it was a huge win, and he couldn’t have done it without the ball. – Jimmy Fallon Maybe American Pharoah? - Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr when asked if he could think of a better athlete right now than LeBron James

Jeb is different from George. Jeb is who he is and his life story is different. - Jeb Bush during an interview on CNN arguing that he should not be defined by the rest of his family

Yesterday in Iowa just four supporters showed up to eat lunch with Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum. It’s always a bad sign when your entire voter base can fit in a deli booth. – Conan O’Brien

It was very courageous and brave, if not crazy as well, to open fire on the police headquarters... - CNN anchor Fredricka Whitfield, after a gunman opened fire on Dallas Police Headquarters

During a recent speech, Mike Huckabee said he is the only person who has fought the Clinton political machine and won. “You sure about that?” said President Barack Obama. – Jimmy Fallon

Pizza Hut announced it will be unveiling a pizza whose crust is stuffed with hot dogs...There’s no better proof that our country is back than when they’re jamming hot dogs into the crust of pizza. That’s a sign that we as a country cannot be defeated. – Conan O’Brien

I feel confident because I’m the best player in the world. It’s that simple. - LeBron James, after his team went down 3-2 in the Finals, explaining why he believed his team could still win the NBA Finals

I am a seventh generation Jerusalemite, and even though I was born nine years before the State of Israel was established, I was born in Jerusalem, and I am Israeli. - Israeli President Reuven Rivlin upon welcoming Chairman of the United States Joint Chiefs of Staff General Martin Dempsey to Israel one day after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that being born in Jerusalem does not mean one is Israeli for the purpose of American passports

They’re all heavy sleepers. - Quip from New York Governor Andrew Cuomo on why inmates at a state prison at Dannemora say they did not hear two convicted murderers use power tools to escape  They had a little bit of the comedian in them, but I plan on giving them back that note. - Ibid, discussing the “have a nice day” note that the escapees left behind

We just passed an open weapons law in this state. We’re setting the stage for a terrorist attack in this country and the group’s not going to be ISIS—it’s going to be US-IS. Us against these injustice law officers and people continuing to allow racism to go into this city. - Rev. Ronald Wright while leading a protest against police in McKinney, Texas, after a video surfaced of a white police officer being rough with an AfricanAmerican teenager




Yesterday Palestinian President Abbas called for the labeling and boycotting of Israeli products. This is definitely not the language of peace. I say that to the foreign minister of a free proud and independent Poland, on whose soil the defamation of the Jewish people happened when the Nazis controlled Europe. The attacks on the Jews were always preceded by the slander of the Jews. What was done to the Jewish people then is being done to the Jewish state now. We won’t accommodate that. In those days we could do nothing. - Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu during a meeting with Polish Foreign Minister Grzegorz Schetyna

Jeb Bush is taking his presidential campaign on a tour of Europe. He’s telling Europeans, “I like you guys because you’re comfortable having the same family in charge for centuries.” - Conan O’Brien

A new study says that chimpanzees occasionally drink too much fermented palm sap, which causes them to act drunk. Researchers could tell the chimps were drunk when one of them suggested karaoke. – Jimmy Fallon If I had another life, I’d keep my company private; life is tough when you IPO. - Alibaba CEO Jack Ma, who made more than $20 billion in one day when his company went public in September 2014, speaking at the New York Economic Club Over the weekend, Hillary Clinton supported raising the federal minimum wage to $15 per hour. She said every American should be able to afford to attend one of her speeches. – Conan O’Brien

In a recent interview, Vladimir Putin said that despite any conflicts, the West has no need to be afraid of Russia—although keep in mind that Putin said that as he was petting a tank. – Jimmy Fallon

I will be the greatest jobs president that G-d ever created. I tell you that. – Donald Trump announcing that he is seeking the 2016 Republican nomination Remember, Obamacare really kicks in in ‘16. 2016. Obama’s gonna be out playing golf. He might even be on one of my courses. I would invite him, I actually would say it. I have the best courses in the world so I’d say, you know, what if he wants to? I have one right next to the White House. Right on the Potomac. If he’d like to play, that’s fine. In fact, I’d love him to leave early and play. - Ibid, while discussing the future of Obamacare I will stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons. And we won’t be using a man like Secretary Kerry that has absolutely no concept of negotiation, who’s making a horrible and laughable deal, who’s just being tapped along as they make weapons right now and then goes into a bicycle race at 72-years-old and falls and breaks his leg. I won’t be doing that. And I promise, I will never be in a bicycle race — that I can tell you. – Ibid

When you see her on a stage or when she come into a room full of people, she’s smiling with her mouth, but her eyes are saying, “Where’s my latte?” It just doesn’t suggest that she believes everything she’s saying. - Mitt Romney on MSNBC, discussing Hillary Clinton

In California, a 99-year-old grandmother has fulfilled her dream of graduating college. The tough part now is that she has to go to job interviews where they ask her, “Where do you see yourself in five years?” – Conan O’Brien

Hillary Clinton has joined Instagram. Meanwhile, her Democratic opponent Bernie Sanders joined telegram. – Seth Myers

A federal court has ruled that the U.S. Postal Service must reduce its stamp prices. The change in stamp prices is expected to affect as many as seven Americans. - Conan O’Brien Yahoo! announced last week that after eight years of operation it’s shutting down Yahoo! Maps. Also announced this week — there’s something called Yahoo! Maps. – Jimmy Fallon


JUNE 18, 2015

I’m a free person and I’m fighting for freedom. The last thing I’m going to do is go into hiding. - Pamela Geller, on 1010 WINS, after an ISIS sympathizer disclosed her home address on Twitter and urged followers to go there and kill her


Many lawmakers on Capitol Hill wore seersucker suits to work yesterday in honor of National Seersucker Day. In a related story, ISIS is still a huge problem, you guys. – Jimmy Fallon


JUNE 18, 2015


Natural Colors and Flavors


Taking Pride in Los Angeles Gemachim Ruth Judah

JUNE 18, 2015

Gemach (Hebrew: ‫גמ”ח‬‎, plural, ‫גמחים‬, gemachim, an abbreviation for ‫גמילות‬ ‫חסדים‬, gemilut chasadim, “acts of kindness”.) A Jewish free-loan fund… L.A’s gemachim offer items for a broad variety of causes and needs. While there is a sense that the gemach is for lowest income Jews who truly need help, this is not necessarily true. There are many opportunities where you can borrow items that you might need for only a short time. The products and services offered are limited only by what you can find, and by the sometimes pride-filled who worry that a gemach is beneath their dignity. Don’t be fooled by this way of thinking; you can’t beat good sense! Bubbie’s Shtick Gemach provides something even more original, an intangible loan. Managed by Mrs Riss and dedicated to the memory of her mother and mother-in-law, Riss explained that her gemach provides comic relief at a wedding. “I started the gemach to get involved with something happy. The shtick is for wedding entertainment because it is a mitzvah and incumbent upon all of those attending a wedding to make the bride and groom happy. We’ve brought joy to weddings as far away as Paris! There is no charge for the use of the items in the gemach, I just ask that the family replace what is broken. The items include funny hats, beautiful masks, an umbrella and a jump rope for the Kallah.  I also have a Mizinka broom, for those who have the custom of doing a dance in which the last child is symbolically “swept away.” I have met so many wonderful people through the gemach, especially when they come to my home to pick up the items. I especially love to talk to the brides themselves.” A gemach is a discreet charitable organization that loans certain items without charge. In fact, you can borrow items from a gemach that is far from your home, but mostly they service the local community. Many women who run these services have made the effort to do so in the name of a grandparent or for someone in the family. Running a gemach is a pleasing act of chesed that also keeps memories alive. Angelinos may not have the number of gemachim that you find in on the east coast, especially in cities like New York or Baltimore, but the variety, dedication and sheer number in this city are impressive.

Probably 75 gemachim exist, plus a dozen or more small charities that also donate food, supplies, clothes, legal services and medical equipment. In some instances the line between gemachim, which loan for free or for a small fee, and charities, whose tzeddakah is through the free distribution of goods and services, is very small. Steven Berger maintains a list of active gemachim and he includes certain charities on the same list. “It all stems from

more. Other groups are part gemach, part charity, for instance Hachnasah Chalah of Los Angeles, who help brides with a limited budget find a wedding dress. They also provide household supplies to help with the demands of building a new home. “We have bridal packages which we give to chalah’s when they choose a wedding gown and then we have a storage place set up with housewares and we let the brides

necessity. A gemach fulfills certain needs and brings the community together. Also, if you have the money, you have the choice of having your table decorations being created at $100 a piece by someone outside the community, or you can call the Table Decoration gemach and make a donation to a Jewish charity who use high school girls to create fabulous pieces.” One of the largest charities that is also a gemach is Tomchei Shabbos whose food and supplies are distributed to low income families throughout the city. The organization has a fundraising element and the variety of services provided is impressive. Many people donate their time to sort diaper donations, Shabbos packages and

choose linens and dishes in a discrete, but magical way. It’s like a store!” Explained Mrs. Hertz, who runs the Hachnasah Chalah gift gemach. In difficult times you might need Mrs. Friedman or Mr. Winkler for advice with criminal arrest. Bet Tzadek has free legal services and the Jewish Free Loan Association can help with interest-free loans. On the other end of the spectrum, there are an eclectic range of gemachim that help with the ebb and flow of the Jewish life cycle. Mrs. Weider can set you up with a hand embroidered brit pillow and infant outfit which will bring extra nachas for the new baby. Mrs. Assaline’s offers brit pillows as well. She started the gemach

in memory of her husband’s grandfather. Now in its fourth year, she explained, “It just makes me so happy to help people.” Additional gemachim exist for baby care packages and nursing pumps. Mrs. Hendeles runs lababygear.com. She shared her latest success, “Recently, someone contacted me asking for a baby swing. I told them I had none at the time. Less than a day later, I received an email from someone else asking if they can donate a baby swing! The timing was perfect. I think I had the first person pick up the item straight from the donator. This kind of thing has been happening a lot lately. I have been running the gemach for over 7 years and the longer I run it, the more I get to make these “baby gear shidduchim!” Meanwhile, you can contact Mrs. Eidlitz for delightful mirrored dishes and trays that will give panache to your Bar Mitzvah presentation. Need a quantity of tablecloths for the shevah brachot? Call Mrs. Haberman’s gemach, and when family come to town you can borrow a pack-nplay or a car seat from Mrs. Zucker. Now, how to afford the sharpest togs that your little boy needs for your brother’s wedding? Consider a tuxedo and vest outfit from Mrs. Rubenstein. She offers the outfit for tzedakah l’illuy nishmas of her grandfather and her husband’s grandfather and said, “If anyone would like to donate additional little boy’s outfits to be part of my gemach, that would be great!”  Mrs. Istrin is looking for wig contributions to grow her wig gemach and there are additional gemachs for hats and sheitels. For those who love to read, you can even borrow Binah or Mishpacha magazines. The magazine gemach is in front of the Striks home on Alcove Ave. Just take from the box by the door and return it a few days later. Does someone in LA have a pacificer gemach? Emergency replacement pacifiers are in meaningful demand by certain unfortunate Shabbat youngsters. Now, how many parents would be using that service? For a listing of all these Gemachim and more, visit The Jewish Home blog at Jewishhomelablog.com


JUNE 18, 2015


Travel Guide: Mexico City Aaron Feigenbaum

Once plagued by heavy pollution, Mexico City has since cleaned up and become one of the most vibrant and diverse cities in the world. Underneath the noise and chaos of this Los Angeles-like mega-

was killed in 1520 (how it happened is a matter of controversy) and Cortes was then forced by angry mobs to leave the city. The Spanish returned a year later and kidnapped and tortured the new emperor Cu-

era to the present. Tours are free. The grandiose Palacio de Bellas Artes stands majestically next to Alameda Park on Centro’s west side. The Palacio is considered Mexico’s prime cultural landmark.


lopolis lies a rich cultural heritage and an adventure around every corner. The focal point is the Centro Historico, the site of the city’s birth and the heart of historic Mexico City. Here, modern and colonial-era architecture blend seamlessly, and some of Mexico’s best museums welcome countless visitors every year. As you move away from the city center, you’ll encounter many elaborate and colorful murals that honor Mexico’s rich artistic traditions. Once you reach the outskirts of the city, you’ll be met with the Pyramid of the Sun at Teotihuacan, one of the most impressive archaeological sites in the world. Mexico City may have a rough exterior but once you adapt to the gritty atmosphere and urban sprawl, you’ll find no end of cultural treasures to explore and unique experiences to enjoy. At the same time, the city experiences high crime in certain areas, especially districts outside the touristed zones. Be cautious at all times! Take taxis rather than public transportation and keep up to date with the latest travel advisories. History Mexico City’s history is a fascinating tale of glory, ruin and rebirth. It starts in 1325 when the Aztecs (or, as they called themselves, the Mexica) founded the capital of their empire on an island in the middle of the lake. They called the city Tenochtitlan and it soon became the dominant power center in Mexico. The Spanish, led by Hernan Cortes, arrived in 1519 and were treated well by Emperor Montezuma II who believed Cortes to be a deity. However, Cortes took Montezuma prisoner, killed priests and converted Aztec temples to churches. Montezuma

auhtemoc as they tried to discover where his supposed treasure was located. The Spanish attempted to eradicate not only Aztec culture but also Aztec architecture in the city. They partially drained the surrounding lake and built numerous churches, public works and government offices. In the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, dictator Porfirio Diaz embarked on a massive public works project which included building tram lines and draining what was left of the Lago de Texcoco. The city’s population skyrocketed in the next few decades and many new residents were forced to live in shantytowns as a result of the city’s poor infrastructure. The city still attracts Mexicans from poor, rural areas. Mexico City is currently one of the largest and most densely populated cities in the world. Attractions Centro District: As the heart of historic Mexico City, the Centro district is distinguished by its cobblestone streets and European architecture. It is here that the city was founded by the Aztecs in 1325 and destroyed by the Spanish in 1521. Centro has an incredible amount to do so be prepared to set aside a considerable amount of time. You’ll start off in the gigantic Plaza de la Constitucion, which is the site of everything from demonstrations to concerts to Mexican Independence Day celebrations. Nearby is the National Palace, which has served as the seat of Mexico’s government since the Aztec empire. The walls inside contain intricate murals, designed by famed Mexican artist Diego Rivera, depicting Mexico’s history from the Aztec

ment park, containing numerous rides such as the world’s tallest roller coaster. The park is also home to the National Museum of Anthropology, considered to be one of the world’s greatest natural his-

Museo del Palacio de Bellas Artes

Besides the stately Art Deco architecture, the building contains some of Mexico’s most famous murals, paintings and sculptures. Other examples of art can be enjoyed in the nearby Museo Franz Mayer, which contains the largest collection of decora-


tive arts in Latin America, as well as over 10,000 books. And for an amazing view of the city, head up to the 42nd floor of the Latino-American Tower, Mexico’s first skyscraper. Chapultepec: Meaning “Grasshopper Hill” in the Aztec Nahuatl language, Chapultepec is one of the largest public parks in the western world. The park is referred to as Mexico City’s “lungs” for the enormous amount of foliage it contains. The park also has a huge variety of wildlife including the exotic, endangered axolotl. Chapultepec contains the city’s largest and most visited zoo: the Zoologico de Chapultepec. The zoo boasts over 2,000 animals representing over 200 species. For outdoors activities in the city, there is no better place than Chapultepec. You can walk the park’s trails, go boating on the lake and explore the botanical gardens. If you’re bringing kids, be sure to take them to the La Feria Chapultepec amuse-

tory museums. Covering 1.5 square miles and 23 exhibition halls, the museum holds some of Mexico’s most important indigenous pre-colonization treasures. The most famous of these is the Sun Stone, which forms the basis for the Aztec calendar. Other exhibits include objects excavated from the Mayan city of Chichen Itza in Yucatan, giant Olmec head stones, a replica of Mayan ruler Pakal’s sarcophagus and a model of the city of Tenochtitlan. Other areas of the museum focus on Mexico after colonization, and the museum sometimes hosts travelling exhibits on other world cultures. Last but not least, sitting atop the hill in the middle of the park, is Chapultepec Castle. Constructed in 1775 as a home for the Spanish Viceroys of Mexico, the Castle was the scene of the 1847 Battle of Chapultepec in the Mexican-American War. It was subsequently remodeled along neoclassical lines and turned into the residence for Emperor Maximilian I and his wife Carlota. The castle boasts a lavishly decorated interior, terrific views of Mexico City and the National History Museum which contains the belongings of the Emperor and Empress. Coyoacan: Located in Mexico City’s southwest, this district is a peaceful residential area that’s popular with bohemians. It’s also where internationally renowned Mexican artist Frida Kahlo lived. The Frida Kahlo Museum (a.k.a. the Blue House) is the modest, yet beautiful indigo-painted home where Kahlo was born, lived with her husband Diego Rivera and died in 1954. Visitors can see the tranquil courtyard, art galleries and the


historical portion of the house that’s been preserved as it was when Kahlo was alive. The Anahuacalli Museum, an impressive Aztec-style pyramidal building designed by Diego Rivera, served both as Rivera’s studio and storage space for his collection of pre-colonization artifacts. Tickets here cover both the Anahuacalli and Kahlo museums. The Leon Trotsky museum is where the outcast Soviet leader lived and was assassinated by a supporter of Stalin in 1940. Trotsky was given asylum in Mexico in 1937 thanks to the efforts of Kahlo and Rivera, but he had a falling out with the couple in 1939. Visitors can see the house as it was when Trotsky lived there. The room where he was killed is preserved exactly as it was when it happened. Exhibits include family photos, the guard tower and Trotsky’s tomb. One of Mexico City’s most striking buildings is the Museo Soumaya. Built by Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim, the sleekly designed Soumaya has over 66,000 works of art spanning 30 centuries. In addition to an extensive pre-colonization art collection, the museum holds pieces by renowned figures such as da Vinci, van Gogh, Monet, Dali and more. The Soumaya is Mexico’s most visited art museum. Xochimilco: If you’re willing to head far outside the city center (a 90-minute trip by public transportation,) you’ll be rewarded with a relaxing canal cruise on a colorfully painted boat. Music boats float by with mariachi bands and marimba players, making this one of the most authentic and lively Mexican experiences in the city. Day trips: An excursion to the pyramids of Teotihuacan is an essential part of any Mexico City trip. Located just 45 minutes from the city center, the ancient Aztec city of Teotihuacan is home to some of the world’s largest pyramids. The largest of them is the Pyramid of the Sun. Climb to

the top for a sweeping view of the city and surrounding mountains. If you’re feeling adventurous, hop in a hot air balloon and get an even better view. A nearby museum has artifacts recovered from the pyramids as well as a model of the Teotihuacan complex. For some R&R, head to the scenic town of Valle de Bravo. Besides water sports on Lake Avandaro, one of the most popular things to do here is catch the monarch butterfly migration in late December-early January. If you want to see it, be prepared to do some serious hiking to get to the butterflies’ tree reserve on the mountain. Daven and Eat With a Jewish population of over 50,000, Mexico City has no shortage of shuls or kosher restaurants. For a full listing of shuls, log onto maven.co.il and search for Mexico City. As recommended by food traveler Ettie Cohen of The Forward, one of the city’s best kosher restaurants is Restaurante Sinai. Located in the Centro Historico, this quaint eatery serves excellent, authentic Mexican food including chicken with mole poblano and mouth-watering Molcajete de Carne (a meat assortment served sizzling hot in a Mexican stone grinding bowl). If you’re pressed for time and happen to be in the Coyoacan district, check out the Kesaricas D’Mario kosher taco stand. It has a huge variety of Mexican vegetarian dishes including quesadillas, tortillas, ensalada and deep-fried plantains. For a full listing of kosher restaurants, kosher markets, mikvahs, shuls and more, visit http://travelingrabbi.com/countries/ north-america/mexico Getting There Most visitors reach Mexico City via plane and land at the Benito Juarez Airport. Flights currently start at around $430 per person round trip. Greyhound bus fares start at just over $300 per person round

trip. If you’d prefer to drive there, be sure to keep updated with the latest travel advisories and avoid high-crime areas. Also be sure to purchase Mexican car insurance

since American insurance is not recognized by Mexican authorities. The trip is about 31 hours or 1,900 miles long.

Brooklyn: 1981 Coney Island Avenue I 718.382.6500 Five Towns: 311 Central Avenue I 516.569.9690 Lakewood: 242 4th street I 732.987.4621

JUNE 18, 2015




Algerian veteran militant Mokhtar Belmokhtar, a major figure in North African and Sahel Islamist insurgencies, has reportedly been killed in a U.S. airstrike inside Libya. If confirmed, the death of Belmokhtar, who was blamed for orchestrating the 2013 attack on Algeria’s In Amenas gas field and dubbed “Uncatchable” by French forces, would be a major strike against al Qaeda-tied operations in the region. Since the fall of Muammar Gaddafi in 2011 and Libya’s slide into chaos and fighting between two rival governments, the North African state has seen the rise of Islamist militant groups who are taking advantage of the turmoil. Some are allied with al Qaeda’s leadership, others have local loyalties and some have recently declared allegiance with Islamic State, which has been gaining ground. Belmokhtar has been reported killed several times, including in 2013 when he was believed to have been killed in Mali. He has earned a reputation as one of the

Top Terror Militant Killed

most elusive jihadi leaders in the region. Libyan officials gave no further details about the area of the strike. But before the U.S. statement, Libyan military sources said that an airstrike had been carried in Ajdabiya city near Benghazi, killing seven members of the Ansar al Sharia militant group. Belmokhtar, a one-eyed veteran of Afghanistan and Algeria’s own 1990s Islamist war, was long a major figure in Saharan smuggling, hostage-taking, arms trafficking and insurgencies.

Sudanese President Evades Arrest in South Africa On Monday Sudanese President Omar Hassan Ahmed Bashir flew out of Pretoria through the sunny winter skies. His plane spirited him away from a looming arrest warrant and raises questions about South Africa’s respect for international law and its own courts. In allowing Bashir to flee, the South African government was contravening its own High Court, which issued an order on

Honoring Our Traditions As a member of the Orthodox community, I am pleased to have joined the Mount Sinai family as an Advance Planning Representative. Mount Sinai is committed to respecting the Halachic needs of our community; and I look forward to working with you. Mount Sinai Hollywood Hills 5950 Forest Lawn Drive Los Angeles, CA 90069

Mount Sinai Simi Valley 6150 Mount Sinai Drive Simi Valley, CA 93063

Our parks are open Sunday through Friday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM daily except Saturday in observance of the Sabbath.

MY DIRECT CONTACT INFORMATION: Naomi Silbermintz 323-769-1374 nsilbermintz@ mountsinaiparks.org

Sunday barring his departure. On Monday, the court went further, issuing a warrant for Bashir’s arrest on charges of genocide and crimes against humanity. But by then, he was in the air, on his way home after attending an African Union summit in Johannesburg. Bashir was indicted by the International Criminal Court in 2009 and 2010. He is accused of war crimes in the Darfur conflict, in which 300,000 people died.

“no kangaroo court shall ever disturb our political, government and human rights order.” The tweet, though, was swiftly deleted. The ICC has not been able to arrest Bashir in the six years since he was first indicted because it relies on member states to carry out its arrest warrants. Bashir has visited Chad, Ethiopia, Kenya and Djibouti in the past. He had to depart Nigeria sooner than planned in 2013, after a local human rights group took action to force his arrest. In 2012, the African Union moved its summit to Ethiopia, after Malawi’s government blocked his attendance.

N. Korean Soldier Successfully Defects The chief judge of South Africa’s High Court, Dunstan Mlambo, said South African authorities had violated the constitution by letting Bashir go and demanded an explanation from government lawyer William Mokhari. Initially Mokhari insisted that Bashir had not left the country; later it was confirmed that he did. With Bashir’s escape, South Africa’s reputation as a nation supportive of international justice and human rights has been shattered. Questions were raised about the government’s respect for international law and the courts. “South Africa was one of the countries that was considered to be very much for international justice,” said Ottilia Maunganidze of the Pretoria-based Institute for Security Studies. “This just flies in the face of what we had been led to believe. It also speaks [to] South Africa’s aspirations in the U.N., in terms of whether it can be regarded as consistent in its actions, or whether it is a country that can be trusted, when push comes to shove.” South Africa previously warned that it would arrest Bashir if he visited the country. But before the African Union summit, it declared that all leaders attending the meeting were being granted legal immunity. The nation’s refusal to arrest Bashir was a major setback for the International Criminal Court, which appeared to have lost one of its most important backers in Africa. As a member state, South Africa was obliged to arrest him. But South Africa’s governing African National Congress, which has a proud history of fighting for human rights and freeing the nation from apartheid, said in a statement on Sunday that the ICC was “no longer useful for the purposes which it was intended.” In a sign of how sharply South Africa’s position has changed, the government information service tweeted on Monday that

A North Korean soldier decided he had had enough of being mistreated and defected this week to South Korea. Military officials have said that the official reason the 19-year-old soldier gave for his defection was the habitual beatings he was subjected to. The soldier crossed the frontier in Hwacheon, northeast of Seoul, the South’s defense ministry said. The defection sparked a tense stand-off between North and South Korean border guards across the four kilometer-wide and 248 kilometer-long demilitarized zone (DMZ), but there was no conflict. The man identified himself as a private, the lowest rank among the North’s enlistees. Hundreds of North Koreans flee their isolated homeland each year but it is rare for defectors to cross the land border, marked by barbed wire and guarded by tens of thousands of troops on both sides. Despite its name, the DMZ separating the two Koreas, which remain technically at war, is one of the world’s most heavily militarized frontiers, bristling with watchtowers and landmines. Most North Koreans who flee repression and poverty at home cross the porous frontier with China first before travelling through a Southeast Asian nation and eventually arriving in South Korea. In 2012, a North Korean soldier walked unchecked through rows of electrified fencing and surveillance cameras, prompting Seoul to sack three field commanders for a security lapse. In August last year, two North Koreans swam across the Yellow Sea border to a South Korean frontline


At least one of the nine people arrested in Hong Kong for making explosives claims to belong to a “radical group.” The arrests come days ahead of a vote on a con-

The reform bill to be voted on lays out a proposal for choosing the city’s next leader by public vote for the first time in 2017.But it sticks to a ruling from Beijing which stipulates that candidates must be vetted by a loyalist committee. That ruling sparked mass rallies and roadblocks towards the end of last year, with campaigners dismissing it as “fake democracy.” Pro-democracy legislators are vowing to block the proposal.

Magna Carta Turns 800

A series of rallies have taken take place before the vote in Hong Kong’s legislature on a divisive roadmap for the city’s electoral system. Chinese media said those arrested were activists from pro-democracy “localist” groups, which have come into the spotlight in recent months. Such groups are frustrated with the lack of progress on electoral reform and have argued that Hong Kong should distance itself from Beijing to forge its own political future.

This week marked the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta signing. Britain’s Queen Elizabeth led the celebrations, remembering one of the world’s most significant historical documents which is credited with paving the way for modern freedoms and human rights. On June 15, 1215, England’s King John agreed to the demands of his rebel-

lious barons and accepted the Magna Carta, Latin for “Great Charter,” which for the first time placed the monarch under the rule of law. In the centuries since, it has taken on huge global significance, becoming the basis for the U.S. Bill of Rights, the U.S. Declaration of Independence, and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Three of its 63 clauses still remain on Britain’s statute book. “What happened [...] eight centuries ago is as relevant today as it was then. And that relevance extends far beyond Britain,” British Prime Minister David Cameron said. He said the document had changed the world, inspiring people from the founding fathers of the United States and Indian independence leader Mahatma Gandhi to Nelson Mandela in South Africa. ”Its remaining copies may be faded, but its principles shine as brightly as ever,” Cameron told the ceremony attended by other royals and global figures including U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch. The Magna Carta came into being during a period of great political upheaval in England with conflict between King John, his nobles and the English church. It was essentially a peace deal to address the problems of the day and was annulled by the pope shortly afterwards. But updat-

JUNE 18, 2015

Hong Kong Riots and Arrests

troversial political reform package. Police would not name the group or specify motives but said that maps of central districts of Hong Kong had been found and warned anyone taking part in public gatherings to stay away from “violent protesters.”


island. So far about 28,000 North Koreans have resettled in the South since the end of the 1950-53 Korean War, mostly after the great famine in the 1990s. The number of escapees has decreased sharply since North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un took power following the death of his father in late 2011. Under Kim, the isolated state has tightened border security, while China has launched a crackdown on North Korean escapees on its side of the border. China – the North’s sole major ally – typically considers them illegal economic migrants and repatriates them despite criticisms from human rights groups. Many face severe punishment including, rights monitors say, torture and a term in a prison camp once they are sent back to the North.


JUNE 18, 2015


ed versions, which included two original clauses regarded as pivotal in establishing the rule of law, were re-released regularly by or on behalf of succeeding monarchs. Four original copies of the document still exist. At the ceremony, a new art installation was unveiled and the American Bar Association’s Magna Carta Memorial, which was erected at the site in 1957, was re-dedicated. U.S. Attorney General Lynch said the charter was a bedrock to free societies globally; Cameron also used the anniversary as a political opportunity to underpin his plan to overhaul human rights laws and reduce the influence of Europe.

Study: Anti-Semitic Sentiments had LifeLong Effects on German Children According to a study published on Monday, anti-Semitic propaganda had a life-long effect on German children schooled during the Nazi period, leaving them far more likely to harbor negative views of Jews than those born earlier and later. People are more impressionable when they’re young, as the findings indi-

cate that attempts to influence public attitudes are most effective when they target young people, particularly if the message confirms existing beliefs, the authors said. Researchers from the United States and Switzerland examined surveys conducted in 1996 and 2006 that asked respondents about a range of issues, including their opinions of Jews. The polls, known as the German General Social Survey, reflected the views of 5,300 people from 264 towns and cities across Germany, allowing the researchers to examine differences according to age, gender and location. By focusing on those respondents who consistently expressed negative views of Jews in a number of questions, the researchers found that those born in the 1930s held the most extreme anti-Semitic opinions — even fifty years after the end of Nazi rule. “It’s not just that Nazi schooling worked, that if you subject people to a totalitarian regime during their formative years it will influence the way their mind works,” said Hans-Joachim Voth of the University of Zurich, one of the study’s authors. “The striking thing is that it doesn’t go away afterward.” The group showed differences depending on whether they came from an area where anti-Semitism was strong before the rise of Hitler and his minions. “The extent

to which Nazi schooling worked depended crucially on whether the overall environment where children grew up was already a bit anti-Semitic,” said Voth. “It tells you that indoctrination can work, it can last to a surprising extent, but the way it works has to be compatible to something people already believe.”

Benjamin Ortmeyer, who heads a research center on Nazi education at Frankfurt’s Goethe University, said the study’s conclusions were “absolutely plausible.” “The significance of this kind of propaganda hasn’t really been exposed,” said Ortmeyer, who wasn’t involved in the study. “Compared to the brutal deeds of the Nazi mass murderers this area of crimes, the brainwashing, was largely ignored.” One reason, he said, is the difficulty of getting older Germans to talk about their experiences of the Nazi period. While Jews who survived the Holocaust vividly recount the abuse they suffered in school and at the hands of fellow pupils, non-Jewish Germans mostly describe their school years as peaceful and fun. Ortmeyer said Nazi educators wove anti-Semitic propaganda into every school subject and extra-curricular activity, even giving students “projects” that included scouring church records for the names of Jewish families that had recently converted to Christianity. These were later used to draw up lists of Jews for deportation to concentration camps, making students unwitting accomplices in the Holocaust.

Spain Passes Law of Return

given final approval to a law offering citizenship to descendants of Sephardic Jews. Under the law, applicants need not travel to Spain, as proposed in previous amendments that did not pass, but must hire a Spanish notary and pass tests on the Spanish language and history. Applicants can study for the tests and take them at the facilities of the Cervantes Institute, a government entity that offers courses on Spanish culture and its language in over 20 countries, including Israel. “The procedure for acquiring Spanish nationality regulated in this law will be electronic,” the law reads. “The request will be in Spanish and will be overseen by the General Directorate of Registrars and Notaries.” In addition, candidates will need to apply to the Federation of Jewish Communities of Spain, or FCJE, which will vet applications along with government officials, the amendment states. The law comes into effect in October and expires after three years, though it may be extended another year if deemed necessary. “Today, we write a happy page of reunion, agreement, dialog and hope that enriches us as people and which makes Spanish Jews feel proud to be behind the door that our country is opening,” FCJE President Isaac Querub Caro wrote.  The law is the result of a government decision in 2012 that described offering citizenship to Sephardic Jews as compensation for their ancestors’ expulsion from Spain in the 15th and 16th centuries by the Spanish royal house and church during the Spanish Inquisition. Portugal passed a similar law, which went into effect earlier this year. It is open ended and does not require proven knowledge of Portuguese. Leon Amiras, chairman of the Association of Olim from Latin America, Spain and Portugal, said the Spanish law was cumbersome and too restrictive compared to the Portuguese one and called on Spain to follow the example of its western neighbor in applying the law. Ahead of the vote, the law also was criticized by opposition lawmakers from the United Left and Basque National Party who argued that it discriminates against non-Jews who were expelled during the Inquisition, including Muslims. Some historians have disputed that comparison, citing the presence of Muslims in Spain as occupiers who were driven out of Spain back to their lands of origin.

Anti-Semites Hide as Anti-Israel in Germany

In another swing in the long history of Spanish Jewry, Spain’s lower house has

A recent report published by the German government has found that last year there was a huge 1,000% rise in anti-Israel crimes and violent assaults. Also noted was a 25% rise in anti-Semitic crimes. “Anti-Semitic attacks” include physical assaults on Jews, as well as vandalistic at-


Israel Protective Edge Report Released Before the U.N. releases its own report on the war in Gaza, the Israeli government has published a 275 page report on the events surrounding Operation protective Edge. Officials say the report has been in the making ever since the war ended in late August 2014. It places the blame for the war’s casualties squarely on Hamas and armed factions operating in the Strip.

“Israel is a law abiding nation that respects all international legal standards,” Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely said. “I apologize for the cliché, but Israel’s army is the most moral army in the world.” In all its military operations, the IDF adhered and continues to adhere to international law, she asserted. “There is no more moral army in the world than the IDF and no country investigates [itself] in a more transparent manner than the State of Israel,” she said. The Israeli army is also unique in that it sends legal advisers into the battlefield together with combat soldiers to ascertain that they act in accordance with international law, the deputy foreign minister said. “The most important thing that is coming out is the fact that Israel wants to expose the truth. Israel is not ashamed of the facts,” Hotovely concluded. The report also attempts to show how Hamas and Gaza’s other armed factions intentionally violated the laws of armed conflict and committed war crimes and crimes against humanity. “Hamas and other terrorist organizations prolonged the hostilities and repeatedly rejected ceasefires or accepted and then violated them,” the report states. “Had Hamas accepted the initial Egyptian-brokered ceasefire that the Arab League endorsed and Israel accepted on July 15 — which featured the same terms as the ceasefire offer to which

Hamas ultimately adhered to on August 26 — approximately 90 percent of the casualties incurred during the 2014 Gaza Conflict could have been avoided,” it pointed out. 2,100 Gazans and 70 Israelis were killed during the operation, which lasted from July 7 to August 26, 2014. Israel’s Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center tracked all Palestinian casualties and believes that half of them were Hamas or Palestinian Islamic jihad operatives.

Google Exec: Israel Best Place to Invest

Google billionaire Eric Shmidt took a tour of Israel this week. One of his stops was at the Weizmann Institute, where he gave a speech to hundreds of students and researchers. “Israel is booming in terms of entrepreneurship because you have a culture that allows you to challenge authority and question everything. You don’t follow the rules,” Schmidt proclaimed.   Schmidt was accompanied on his visit to the Weizmann Institute by Yossi Matias, vice-president for engineering and chief executive for R&D of Google Israel. He also brought along executives from the investment fund he heads, Innovation Endeavors, one of the most active funds in Israel in recent years. “The impact Israelis are having on science and technology is immense, so that’s why I’m here and why I’m investing here,” the Google chief said.  In the modern world, Schmidt noted, for an economy to grow, there is a need for innovation and the establishment of new companies. “For this to happen, a country must invest in several areas – education, high-speed Internet connections, an open immigration policy that allows leading minds to move between countries, and also an environment that encourages entrepreneurship,” he said.   Schmidt urged the students and researchers to think big. “You have to make big bets. If you’re building something, try to solve problems for the entire world,” he said, citing some of the developments Google is currently working on, such as such as contact lenses that can detect blood glucose levels to help people who suffer from diabetes, and autonomous cars without drivers.  Schmidt also addressed the question of how to preserve privacy and security in a world of free-flowing information. “Technically, you can protect your infor-

mation by using different types of encryption,” he said, adding to the amusement of his audience: “Would you like a tip for surfing the Internet securely and privately? Use Chrome.” One of the leaders of the global technology industry, Schmidt, 60, joined Google as its CEO in 2001 at the request of founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin. He served in the position until 2011, turning the once-small search engine company into the technology and Internet giant it is today. In 2011, he was replaced by Page and named executive chairman. He is said to be worth some $9 billion.

Universities Slip Lower in School Rankings Israel’s universities have been slipping from their once-high places on international rankings. Times Higher Education has announced their list of Asia’s University Rankings and three of the four Israeli universities have diminished in their standings. Tel Aviv University was rated the top Israeli university coming in at 22nd on the list of Asian nations, down three spots from last year’s 19th place. Continuing its slide in world rankings, Jerusalem’s Hebrew University dropped down to 25th place from 18th place in 2014 — losing its title as the top higher education institution in the Middle East, a title that now went to Turkey’s Middle East Technical University. The Technion, or Israel Institute of Technology, was ranked 31st place in 2015, down from 26th place last year.

Bar-Ilan University re-entered the rankings in 2015 at 75th place, having missed out on the continent’s rankings in previous years. “It is cause for concern that Israel keeps losing ground in this list,” Phil Baty, editor of the UK-based Times Higher Education Rankings said. “Although BarIlan University has re-entered the table after missing out last year, and Israel’s other representatives remain in the top 50, their positions have weakened,” Baty pointed out. While praising Tel Aviv University’s top spot, Baty said that overall, Israeli institutions urgently need to make changes. “There is a risk that the country will continue to lose out to its wealthier Asian rivals unless it increases university investment — and soon.” The University of To-

JUNE 18, 2015

Elias Paz, the emissary for Bnei Akiva and the Jewish Agency in Germany, explains that German anti-Semites have found a way to cover their hatred of Jews in an increasingly internationally acceptable camouflage of antagonism against Israel. “They know that they risk losing their jobs for anti-Semitic statements, so they speak in anti-Israeli terms,” he reports. “You meet Germans who speak with you about the conflict with the Palestinians and then you realize that they don’t really understand what’s happening in the Middle East, but it’s more politically correct to speak against Israel.” Paz estimates that the Israelis living in Berlin are deluding themselves into thinking things will be okay. “They’re hanging onto the thought that this is anti-Israeli and not anti-Semitism. But there’s no way of knowing what it will develop into,” he warned.  Bnei Akiva delegates in Germany provide services for the small Jewish communities. Paz explained that they ”work with children and youth. There are a lot of communities of Jews who Germany absorbed from the Soviet Union and offered good conditions to, with a goal of reviving the communities that became extinct after the Holocaust.” “But the Germans divided them into dozens of small communities, they arrived without an understanding of Judaism and they deal with many difficulties like obtaining kosher food; we help them,” Paz added.

While Israel has previously published much of the information and many of the arguments provided in the report, it also contains some new data. For instance, it presents for the first time the army’s analysis of the war’s casualties. According to the IDF’s account, 44 percent of the 2,125 Palestinians killed in Gaza were “militants,” and 36% were “uninvolved civilians.” Some 20% of victims have yet to be identified. The report highlights Israel’s efforts to protect Israeli civilians and its ceasefire offers, while accusing Hamas, which rules the Strip, of deliberately targeting Israeli civilians and embedding its military capabilities in civilian areas. The report also highlights the efforts of the Israeli army to warn Gazans of imminent airstrikes. It was compiled by officials in the Foreign Ministry, Justice Ministry, IDF Military Advocate General and National Security Council in an attempt to fight off harsh criticism likely to be leveled at Israel by the UN Human Rights Council.


tacks on synagogues and Jewish cemeteries, in addition to incitement at protests.


JUNE 18, 2015


kyo, the National University of Singapore, and the University of Hong Kong top the list as Asia’s best institutions. Other than Israel, the Middle East was represented by universities from Iran, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. The magazine’s university rankings are based on a number of criteria, including quality of teaching, the amount of research done at institutions, the number of times that research is cited in academic or scientific journals, and the innovations developed as a result of work done at the schools.

Iran Hacks Israeli Targets

It has come to light that Iranian hackers working under the auspices of the regime in Tehran have compromised computers of Israeli security companies and academics. According to ClearSky, an Israeli cyber-security firm, the hackers were trying to steal sensitive data. The report says the cyber-attack started in July 2014 and is still ongoing. ClearSky believes that an Iranian cyber group known as the Ajax Security Team, operating with the support of the regime in Tehran, is behind the attack. “Several characteristics of the attacks have led us to the conclusion that an Iranian threat actor is the likely culprit. We assume—though do not have direct evidence—that it is being supported by the Iranian regime, or performed by the regime itself,” the report says. The hackers, ClearSky says, employed numerous methods to break into the computers of the victims. They posed, for example, as journalists and sent targets an email that included a request for an interview; attached to the email was a file with a hidden virus, which would infect the victim’s computer as soon as the file was downloaded. The hackers were then able to access emails accounts, take control of computers, and steal information stored in them. Other methods involved breaching trusted websites to set up fake pages, multi-stage malware, spear phishing emails, phone calls to the target, and mClearSky identified attacks on 40 Israeli targets, including employees at security companies, high-ranking Israel Defense Forces reservists, and also academics involved research on the Middle East and Iran at universities around the country. ClearSky doesn’t name the security companies that were compromised, but notes that the attacks were successful in most instances.

National Most American Jews Support Iran Deal with Increased Inspections A poll released by J Street has found that many American Jews support a final agreement with Iran that increases inspections in exchange for sanctions relief. The poll, which was conducted among 1,000 people who identify as Jewish, found that 59 percent of those polled say they would support such a deal. The numbers are similar to a CNN poll conducted in April among the general U.S. population which found that 53% of American adults supported such a deal. When provided further details about a final agreement, Jewish support grows further. A striking 78% of American Jews would back an agreement that imposes intrusive inspections of Iran and caps its enrichment of uranium at a level far below what is necessary to make a nuclear weapon in exchange for phased relief from U.S. and international sanctions. The question was part of a larger poll of American Jewish attitudes on U.S. policy in the Middle East, just weeks ahead of the June 30 deadline for negotiations between the P5+1 member states and Iran. Orthodox Jews — approximately 10% of the U.S. Jewish population and 10% of those polled — were the only group that did not support the framework for an agreement with Iran, with 47% supportive of the terms. Although 66% of respondents said they were well-informed or somewhat informed about the negotiations, only 6% consider Iran as one of the top two priorities on which they believe President Obama and Congress should focus. In the list of 11 issues suggested, Iran placed last while the economy (45%) and ISIS (29%) were the top priorities. Israel ranked 9th, with 7% citing it as one of the top two issues the government should focus on. Pollster Jim Gerstein, who conducted the poll for J Street, noted that the demographics of the poll, which was conducted last week, are closely aligned with the demographic breakdown of the American Jewish community described in the landmark 2013 Pew survey of American Jewry.

Obama Takes on TransFats The Obama administration is taking on trans-fat, ordering food companies to phase them out over the next three years,

calling them a threat to public health. The move will remove artificial transfats from the food supply almost entirely. Consumers aren’t likely to notice much of a difference in their favorite foods, but the administration says the move will reduce coronary heart disease and prevent thousands of fatal heart attacks every year. Scientists say there are no health benefits to the fats, which are used in processing food and in restaurants, usually to improve texture, shelf life or flavor. They can raise levels of “bad” cholesterol and lower “good” cholesterol, increasing the risk of heart disease, the leading cause of death in the United States. The fats are created when hydrogen is added to vegetable oil to make it more solid, which is why they are often called partially hydrogenated oils. Once a staple of the American diet — think shortening and microwave popcorn — most artificial trans-fats are already gone. The FDA says that between 2003 and 2012, consumer trans-fat consumption decreased an estimated 78 percent as food companies have used other kinds of oils to replace them.

Despite the strides in making foods healthier, there are still some foods hiding trans-fats including pie crusts, biscuits, microwave popcorn, coffee creamers, frozen pizza, refrigerated dough, vegetable shortenings and margarines. To phase the fats out, the FDA made a preliminary determination in 2013 that trans-fats no longer fall in the agency’s “generally recognized as safe” category, which covers thousands of additives that manufacturers can add to foods without FDA review. The agency made that decision final Tuesday, giving food companies the three years to phase them out. Some companies, though, will be looking for allowances. Still, food companies are hoping for some exceptions. The Grocery Manufacturers Association, the main trade group for the food industry, is working with companies on a petition that would formally ask the FDA if it can say there is a “reasonable certainty of no harm” from some specific uses of the fats.

Need a Job? Head Here Unemployment rates are declining consistently since 2010, when unemployment was at its peak at 9.6% during the recession; for 2014, the unemployment rate

was 6.2%. However, there are some specific states that are still struggling to recover from the recession. In order to identify the best (and worst) states in which to be unemployed, 24/7 Wall St. ranked each state based on four indicators: the annual unemployment rate, the unemployment insurance recipient rate, the weekly benefit amount as a percentage of the state’s weekly wages (known as the replacement rate), and the one-year job growth rate. A state’s unemployment rate is one of the most reliable indicators of a labor market’s health and how challenging it can be to find work. In all of the ten best states, the rate was lower than the average and in the ten worst states the rate was higher than the national average. Of course the variation of the generosity of a state’s unemployment insurance (UI) system affects the health of the job market. On one hand, states need to tax employers to ensure unemployment insurance funds are adequately funded to assist unemployed residents. On the other hand, some argue that the high taxes on employers prevents potential investment that could create more jobs. So which states are the best places to be unemployed? North Dakota took the top spot. 40% of the unemployed receive benefits (tied for 16th place) with an unemployment rate of 2.8% (the lowest in the nation). Hawaii came in second. The Aloha State has an unemployment rate of just 4.4% (tied for ninth lowest in the nation) and 44% of those unemployed receive benefits, with 52% of their average weekly wages covered, the highest in the nation. Utah, Minnesota and Iowa rounded out the top five. On the other hand, unemployed workers don’t do too well in these five states, the worst states in the nation to be unemployed: Mississippi has an unemployment rate of 7.8% (tied for highest in the nation and only 32% of the unemployed receive benefits (tied for the 12th lowest). Alabama came next with a 6.8% unemployment rate and only 31% of the unemployed receiving benefits. Louisiana, Arizona and Virginia rounded out the bottom five.

Prison Employee Charged with Assisting Escape Joyce Mitchell, 51, of Dickson Center, has been arrested for provided “material support” to two prisoners who escaped last week. The convicted murderers, Richard Matt and David Sweat, broke out of an upstate prison thanks to Mitchell’s assistance. Mitchell, who worked in the prison’s tailor shop, was charged with promoting prison contraband in the 1st degree – a felony – and criminal facilitation in the 4th degree


sunlight levels are most similar to New York’s. Despite these findings, a person’s lifestyle is much more significant when it comes to developing diseases. “The risk we found that can be attributed to birth month is on par with what you would find from genetic analyses,” Tatonetti explains. “Lifestyle, diet, and exercise are still stronger factors when considering your health.”

That’s Odd

The snapshot was uploaded to Reddit on June 5 where it has racked up over three million views. “The students count on Mr. Steve to be there when they need him,” principal Shirley Padera said. “They are comfortable asking for his help. “He [Mr. Steve] has good relationships with the students,” she added. “Many of our children remain in the building for 5 years because our grade levels are kindergarten through 4th grade. They have many opportunities to interact with Mr. Steve.” Weidner said he will continue to try to sign as many yearbooks as he can for every school year he remains a janitor at Shepard. Sure beats emptying trash cans.

Wrong Game, Right Price

The Signature Janitor “This is one large piece of the puzzle in our quest to find these two escaped murderers,” Guess said. Authorities are still interviewing civilian personnel and certified staff members at Clinton Correctional Facility. Police also said there have been no confirmed sightings of the escaped inmates and no conclusive evidence that either of the convicted killers left the area. More details have been coming to light, though. It has been learned that the plan was to kill Mitchell’s husband after the escape. The two prisoners have been manipulating Mitchell since 2013, when they met, and she provided them with various tools, including hacksaw blades, chisels, a punch and a screwdriver bit. After their escape, Mitchell was supposed to pick them up near a manhole where they’d emerge from a network of tunnels and then drive them to a predetermined location seven hours away. Mitchell, though, never showed and said that she got cold feet. “We have a message for David Sweat and Richard Matt,” Guess said. “We’re coming for you and we will not stop until you are caught.” Despite this assertion, on Monday, ten days into the search, some close to the investigation admitted that the trail seemed to have gone cold.

Does your birthday predict your medical future? Mary Boland, a PhD student at Columbia University Medical Center, was investigating old studies relating the time of year a person is born to the odds of developing asthma. Based on that research, Boland launched a new study published this week in the Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association: Does

It’s a matter of luck—or at least a little bit of luck—and Christian Pham first thought his luck ran out. The 40-year-old from St. Paul, Minnesota, is a professional poker player and intended to play no-limit Texas Hold ‘Em. But as luck would have it, he signed up for the so-called no-limit deuce-to-seven draw lowball at the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. The cost? A $1,500 buy-in. But there was no turning back now. “It’s a totally different game. Different



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Does your Birth Month Affect Your Health?

The researchers used data on 1.7 million patients treated at New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center between 1985 and 2013. The goal was to see if there were any spikes in specific diseases at certain times of year. Overall, May babies seem to have the lowest disease risk and babies born in October have the highest. In fact, the scientists found 55 diseases that correlated with the season of a person’s birth, and also uncovered 16 entirely new correlations — including nine types of heart disease.  “The most striking was a trend we found that those born in late winter or early spring were more likely to have heart disease,” Tatonetti related. “And we didn’t find just one type of heart disease associated with birth month, but we actually found several.” The data collected noted that the average life span for those born in each birth month in the first half of the year tend to have shorter lives. People born in March have the highest risk of atrial fibrillation, congestive heart failure and mitral valve disorder, and the scientists suggest that 1 in 40 cases is related to a seasonal variable. The scientists suggest this may have something to do with fluctuating levels of vitamin D. Since heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States, this could help doctors hone in on early prevention strategies. Logically, month-related disease risks must be determined by changing environmental and circumstantial factors. For example, the researchers found that asthma risk for New York patients peaked with July and October births. A previous study conducted in Denmark found that risk was heightened for people born in the months of May and August — when the country’s

He’s the most popular guy at school. Meet Steve Weidner, a custodian at Alan Shepard Elementary School in Bourbonnais, Illinois. Last week, 104 second graders lined up after lunch to have “Mr. Steve” autograph their yearbooks. 200 children from other classes queued up as well. “I get along great with the kids,” Weidner related. “They are really great. We joke around a bunch and they’re able to talk to me and stuff like that.” The father of four has been part of the janitorial staff at Shepard for 15 years now. “I walked through the playground to get through the building and they saw me and started running,” he said. “You get one, you get all of them. Once they got a line I sat down,” and then proceeded to affix his John Hancock to the yearbooks. The district posted a photo of a long line of second graders patiently waiting for Mr. Steve’s yearbook signatures on their Facebook page Wednesday, June 3. “Shepard Custodian Steve ‘Mr. Steve’ Weidner has reached Rock Star status as he autographs yearbooks for his ‘fans!’” the caption read.





JUNE 18, 2015

your birth month affect your health outcomes later in life? “It turns out that if a newborn is exposed to high levels of dust mites in their first few months of life that they have higher incidence of a certain type of asthma later,” says Nicholas Tatonetti, PhD, an assistant professor of biomedical informatics at Columbia University Medical Center and Columbia’s Data Science Institute. “This kind of study has been done quite a bit in a one-off fashion, studying this disease or that disease. … We were curious if we could recapitulate some of those early find ings.”


– a misdemeanor. “Our interviews with Joyce Mitchell have been fruitful and productive,” said Major Charles Guess of the New York State Police. “We’re satisfied and we would not have charged her today if we were not satisfied with the productivity of those interviews.” Mitchell could face a maximum of 8 years in prison. She has been suspended without pay from her job at Clinton Correctional Facility, the state department of correction said.


JUNE 18, 2015


mindset. Different strategies,” Shawn Harris, Pham’s dealer at the final table, related. Essentially, the goal is to have the lowest poker hand, no straights or flushes, and if a player ends up with a pair, it’s better if it’s a pair of twos. Players can also draw cards. The event was just one of 68, all offering a chance at a golden bracelet prize, happening in Las Vegas at the Rio AllSuite Hotel & Casino throughout the 51day World Series of Poker that started on May 27 and culminates with the closely watched Main Event. Pham said he didn’t realize his mistake until he was dealt five cards instead of the usual two. He panicked, then observed, leaning on helpful players who advised him what beat what. “At first you suspect an act, but if it was, it was very good,” said Chris Mecklin who was sitting next to Pham when the game’s newbie realized he had made a mistake. He didn’t know it would be a fortuitous one. It quickly became clear that Pham was a professional player—although not really professional at this particular game. When he won a hand with the best set of cards one can get in the game — a two, three, four, five and seven —Pham seemed confused that he happened to be holding the most desired combination of cards. Pham said the guidance from his fellow players at the table helped, and he studied up the night in between. In the end, he said it was his tournament acumen for when and how much to bet and manage his chips that got him to the top. On Friday, he was $81,314 richer and held up his gold bracelet, the tournament’s version of a Super Bowl ring, and stood on stage as tournament organizers and players stood for the playing of Vietnam’s national anthem. Every winner of the tournament’s 68 events gets to hear his or her anthem of choice. He is living the American dream. Pham moved 15 years ago from Vietnam to Minnesota, where he delivered newspapers. He played his first cash poker game in 2008 and later won second place in a local tournament along with several thousand dollars. He didn’t think of poker as a way to make a living, though, and gave it up until 2012. Then he won a $200 satellite tournament in 2014 that sent him to Caesars Palace in Las Vegas for the World Series of Poker’s circuit main event where he won the gold ring and $214,332. “After that, I thought this game might be very good to me,” he said. And that’s no bluff.

The Cleanin’ ‘n’ Cookin’ Crook Looking for someone to cook and clean for you? This thief is perfect for you. Patrick Lynn Waits, 45, was arrested after he walked into an unlocked home, stole car keys, and then was found wiping down a countertop and baking a potato. A woman in the New Mexico home awoke to find the burglar in her kitchen. Waits was cleaning and cooking. “She asked him what he was doing there, and he told her he was making a potato,” according to a police report. He really likes to clean, though. When told to leave, Waits left the home and then started raking leaves in the yard. The smart woman told Waits she wanted to pay him for his services so she could stall him before police arrive. Unsurprisingly, police found Waits stumbling and slurring his words when they arrive. He’s the dream burglar: He cooks, he cleans, he even waits around for the police.

ter the university received a £4 million donation from the LEGO Foundation. The foundation, which owns a quarter of the LEGO Group, focuses on “challenging the status quo by re-defining play and re-imagining learning.” According to  Cambridge University Reporter, £1.5 million of that donation will fund the Research Centre, while the remaining £2.5 million will go toward funding the Professorship. The goal will be to study the role of play in education. Looking for a job that involves lots of little blocks that can produce immense pain when stepped on? Better hurry. My seven-year-old son is very interested in applying.

The Glamicure

a facial, too. Willing to spend between $2,500 and $10,000? Choose the “Gold Rush Manicure” and you’ll get everything in the previous manicure, but done in a private room. Plus, they’ll use Models Own Gold Rush polish (the salon partnered with the polish brand to have one of only two bottles of this lacquer, priced at over $100K thanks to the diamond-encrusted bottle) and 24-karat flakes of gold in your nail art. Enjoy lash extensions and free champagne. Want to go even bigger? For between $10,000 and $25,000, you can get real fancy with the “Glitz & Glamicure”: They’ll close the entire salon for your treatment, which includes everything mentioned above, plus a personal jeweler on hand to help you choose the best diamonds for your nail art and hair and makeup services.  With prices like these, I would run— not walk—to get my manicure. Don’t want these incredible deals to slip through my fingers.

Newlyweds at 100

Professor Lego

University of Cambridge is not playing games. The school has announced that it will hire a professor of Lego to work as part of the Faculty of Education. The role is expected to begin in October 2015 and includes directing the new Research Centre on Play in Education, Development and Learning—the real building blocks of life. Who would fit the bill? Interested candidates don’t necessarily need degrees in plastic brick architecture, although it can’t hurt. The university is looking for someone “whose work falls within the general field of the title of the office.” Hmmm. Very specific indeed. The professorship was established af-

You know things are getting out of hand when it costs more to get a manicure than to buy a car. Image Luxury Nail Lounge in Newport Beach is offering a new nail menu that will have fingers pointing. These nail services start at $500 and go up to $25,000. What are they giving you at that price? Diamonds? Well, yeah. It seems that some of their wealthier customers have too much cash, er, have been requesting these services. “We talked with them about all the things they would want together,” Tony Nguyen, general manager of Images Luxury Nail Lounge, said. “I can’t tell you their names, but there are women in Newport and Irvine that want to really splurge once in a while.” We hope it’s only once in a while. In fact, since they opened last year, the salon has had manis with diamonds on the menu, priced at between $500 and $600 for a full set, and people have been getting them. The only downside? “Diamonds can only be applied to acrylics,” Nguyen says. Oh, that’s too bad. So what can you get on this new mani menu? Our fingers are itching to know. For between $500 and $2,500, you can get the “Haute Couture Manicure,” which includes luxurious bells and whistles (mineral bath, massage, polish), plus nail art using up to 20 diamonds. Oh, and you get

You’re never too old to get married. This week, George Kirby, 103, and Doreen Luckie, 91, tied the knot in the British seaside town of Eastbourne. The sprightly couple were all smiles as their family joined in the celebration. Together, they have seven kids, 15 grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren. It was back in February when the centenarian popped the question to his sweetheart. “I didn’t get down on one knee because I don’t think I would have been able to get back up,” the young-at-heart groom quipped. Kirby is a former boxer and spent the wedding in a wheelchair because of injuries due to a fall. His beautiful, young bride wore a blue and white floral gown and helped push her new husband in his gleaming chair. Kirby and Luckie replace French couple Francois Fernandez and Madeleine Francineau, who had a combined age of 191 years as the world’s oldest newlyweds. May they live long, healthy lives— wait, they already have—together.






JUNE 18, 2015

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Our Guests Come for the Spectacular Rockies and Return for our Spectacular Program


Canadian Rockies Banff, Alberta

June 28 - July 9, 2015



SCHOLAR IN RESIDENCE Rabbi Shea Werner Rabbi Moshe Weinberger

Three gourmet meals daily directed by

Michael Schick

Under Strict Rabbinical Supervision

August Getaway

New Location - More Information Coming Soon

SUMMER 2015 WITH THE WERNER BROTHERS Please visit our website for a complete list of services, activities, amenities & much more

1.888.567.0100 or 718.778.4241 | www.kmrtours.com

Programs include:

Luxury Accommodations Full Service Concierge Exciting Day Camp & Babysitting , Daily Minyonim And Shiurim

Profile for Jewish Home LA

Jewish Home LA - 6-18-15  

Jewish Home LA - 6-18-15

Jewish Home LA - 6-18-15  

Jewish Home LA - 6-18-15