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February 8, 2018

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FEBRUARY 8, 2018 | The Jewish Home




The Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 8, 2018

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FEBRUARY 8, 2018 | The Jewish Home

The secret is out.


The Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 8, 2018



FEBRUARY 8, 2018 | The Jewish Home

Dear Readers,


egend has it that King Christian X of Denmark and his Danish non-Jewish citizens wore the Jewish yellow star in support of Danish Jews living in Denmark during the Holocaust. The story, though, is not true. In fact, Jews in Denmark were never forced to wear the identifying yellow star. But there is reason why people could have made up a story like this about this monarch – for it is as if King Christian X and his countrymen wore symbolic yellow stars on their clothes when they saved thousands of Jews from the Nazis’ crematoria. Here is some background. Germany invaded Denmark in April of 1940 and allowed the Danes to control their own internal affairs. That meant that the country still had an active army and navy and that the small Jewish population was not mistreated or harmed in any way. Jews were able to keep their businesses, live in their homes, and were not required to wear any identifying marks like a yellow star. But three years later the Danish government resigned, refusing to prosecute those involved in resistance operations against the Germans. Martial law was declared by the Germans, and Jews and non-Jews alike were arrested. Rumors of the Germans’ plan to deport the Jews began circulating, and Danish resistance groups – with the support of their king and the government – launched a national rescue effort. Thousands of citizens hid Danish Jews for days, smuggled them onto boats – small and large, as long as they could float – and ferried them to Sweden to safety. The Germans, concerned about a national revolt and short on military resources, didn’t actively stop the rescue operation, which resulted in the salvation of over 7,000 Jews. King Christian X supported his countrymen’s efforts. Universities were closed to allow students to help with the rescue. Even after the Germans managed to deport 476 Jews to Theresienstadt, the Danes sent their former neighbors parcels of food and provisions. The Danish Red Cross also demanded to visit the Danish Jews in the ghetto.

The compassion, courage and determination of the Danes and their king has gone down in history books as an example of a nation mobilized to save their neighbors. This week, we recalled the opposite of compassion from a country that played a huge role in cementing the fate of millions of Jews. When the Nazis goosestepped into Poland on September 1, 1939, it took only a few weeks for Poland to fall into their hands. And it only took a few years for millions of Jews to be slaughtered. Don’t think that the Nazis were able to kill all those Jews on their own. Numerous accounts abound of Polish men and women giving up their Jewish neighbors, who only a few weeks before gave them merchandise on credit or lent them a potato or two. Poles took perverse pleasure in the humiliation the Jews were forced to undergo in the streets – cleaning manure off the cobblestones or shaving the beard of another. Compassion? Bravery? Determination to save another’s life? The lack of mercy echoed hollowly in the ears of millions of men, women and children whose fate lay in ashes at the bottom of ovens. The Polish government officially declared this week that speaking of Polish collaboration during the Holocaust and referring to “Polish death camps” is a crime punishable by a fine and years in jail. If it wasn’t so morbid, it would be laughable – for a country to endeavor to erase history in such a broad, unfathomable stroke. They’re on the edge. In a few years, they’ll be saying the Holocaust didn’t even happen – and Germany and Iran will be only so happy to agree. If Poland can announce that it has a clear conscience when it comes to the slaughter of millions, I am wondering when Russia will decide that no one died under Stalin’s rule or when Cambodia will say that Pol Pot was a benevolent leader. Hey, if we’re rewriting history, there are so many atrocities that we can say never happened. And wouldn’t that make us all sleep better at night? Wishing you a wonderful week, Shoshana

Yitzy Halpern PUBLISHER


Shoshana Soroka EDITOR

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The Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 8, 2018



FEBRUARY 8, 2018 | The Jewish Home




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OpEd: Poland, J’Accuse!








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Dear Editor, The fact that many Eastern European countries, including Poland, assisted Germany in the identification, round up and extermination of Jews during the Holocaust is incontrovertible. For many generations prior to the Second World War, Poland tried every means at its disposal, including quotas, economic boycotts, attempted legislation and pogroms, to induce Jewish emigration. In 1939, the arrival of German troops was seen by many as a welcome solution to the Jewish problem and they went out of their way to facilitate the process. The legislation recently passed by the Polish parliament punishing those who make any mention of Polish complicity has produced the exact opposite effect. Up until now, few knew of Polish complicity and even fewer cared. This new legislation clearly raises the question what is Poland trying to hide?  We would all be providing honor and respect to both martyrs and survivors by taking a more careful look at those who were complicit in this indescribable crime.  Shmuly Kovitz Lawrence, NY Dear Editor, While reading your paper last week, I was astounded to see a large

number of references to the non-Jewish event known as the “Superbowl.” ​I personally find this​to be appalling. I understand, to follow sports, that’s one thing. But to blow one game completely out of proportion?! Talking to the non-sports-follower, why is this game any different from the countless other games that happen during the season? Why are you watching this one? And why are you using this as grounds to make a big party, replete with food and drink that yom tov would be jealous of and that costs more than all three seudos on Shabbos put together? The answer is simple. I wouldn’t necessarily call it peer pressure; it’s more like “goy pressure.” Meaning that seeing the goyim, with all of their hullabaloo, one thinks, “Oh, we’ve got to do that too!” How crazy we are! We don’t follow in most Chukois Hagoyim, why would this holiday (yes, you read that right) be any different?! Therefore, I am suggesting a special “nittel-nacht”-like thing for Super Bowl Sunday – maybe a family game, or night out, just to show that we are the Am Hanivchar, that we are special, and we are different. Sincerely, Pesach S. Continued on page 10

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How to Get Unstuck, Part II by Rabbi Dr. 134 Naphtali Hoff Your Money



Wings of Eagles by Rivki D. Rosenwald 142 Esq., CLC, SDS HUMOR Centerfold




Trump’s New Immigration Proposal is Quintessentially Presidential by 124 Marc A. Thiessen Trump could Learn from Israel’s Experience with “Bloody-Nose” Strikes 126 by David Ignatius CLASSIFIEDS


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The Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 8, 2018


FEBRUARY 8, 2018 | The Jewish Home

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Dear Editor, Love the article by Cindy Weinberger this week about changing one bad habit. When looking at things that way, losing weight and staying fit becomes so much easier. Karen Pines


Dear Editor, Your article on Nechama Loebel, the woman who is hearing impaired and is part of United Hatzalah, was inspirational and heartwarming. Here was a woman who had all the excuses in the world not to have to help others. And yet, she goes above and beyond to give to others and care for others. Mi ki’amcha Yisroel! Despite our perceived handicaps or deficiencies we put our needs aside and run to help others. Nechama is an inspiration for me. I am not going to be joining Hatzalah anytime soon (and they won’t really accept me in New York!) but when I see an opportunity that may be a little out of my comfort zone, I know that I will think of Nechama and go for it. Sincerely, Hindy W.

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Dear Editor, We, the undersigned Jewish physicians, scientists, nurses, and genetic counselors are writing to raise awareness about the need for BRCA testing to prevent breast cancer in the Ashkenazi Jewish community. One in forty Ashkenazi Jews carries a mutation in the BRCA genes, a rate significantly higher than in the general population. This mutation increases the risk of developing breast cancer (up to 80% by age 70) or ovarian cancer (up to 60% by age of 85). The BRCA test can determine the presence of this mutation through a simple and accurate blood test. Because it is more common in our community, all Ashkenazi Jewish individuals should discuss BRCA testing with their primary care physician, OB/GYN, or a genetic counselor. They can help individuals decide whether and when to undergo BRCA testing and can also assist in getting

the test ordered.
 This is an issue of Pikuach Nefesh. There are proven, life-saving treatment plans for those who are BRCA positive. Frequent mammograms or MRIs can detect breast cancers at early, treatable stages, saving lives. We can also help prevent cancer through medication or, for some, preventative surgery.  Every woman needs to decide this individually, with her doctor and Rav, if desired. Knowing one’s risk can help individuals make informed decisions about their health and future, and provides the opportunity to inform family members of any predisposition. Men also carry a BRCA mutation and can pass it on to their sons and daughters.  Physicians and researchers agree that for all Ashkenazi Jewish women it is necessary to discuss BRCA screening with their health care provider.  Sharsheret, an organization that helps all Jewish women who are highrisk or who have cancer, offers free, confidential phone calls for women and families to discuss their personal concerns. They can be reached at 866-474-2774 or info@sharsheret. org.   You can also find a local genetic counselor at findageneticcounselor.
  Further information can also be found (in English) in the Israel Cancer Association Prevention GENEration website: il/template_e/default.aspx?PageId=8733.  Jonathan Herman, MD FACOG Nelly Szlachter, MD Ephrat Levy-Lahad, MD Director, Medical Genetics Institute, Shaarei Zedek Hospital, Israel Blima Marcus DNP RN OCN Michelle Gutwein, MS MBA Chana Wiesman, MS, LCGC Pending: David Ziemba, MD Estie Rose, MS, CGC Boro Park OB/YGYN Simi Phillips, PA

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The Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 8, 2018



FEBRUARY 8, 2018 | The Jewish Home

The Week In News

Iceland to Ban Circumcision?

Iceland’s parliament is calling for a ban on circumcision that is to come with a six-year prison sentence for violators. Rabbis and community leaders from all over Europe are calling on their communities to apply pressure in order to block the bill from becoming law. Though Iceland has no official rabbi, Chief Rabbi of Denmark Yair Melchior and the Rabbi of Oslo, Yoav Melchior, are leading a campaign against the bill. According to them, the bill was sponsored by the deputies of five different parties who are calling circumcision a violation of the rights of a child. “As it looks now, the bill has a high chance of passing,” wrote the Melchior brothers. “Iceland does not have a significant Jewish or Muslim population; therefore there are hardly any opponents to the bill. Only considerable international pressure can help.” The rabbis are stressing in a letter that they have written that if the law passes it could easily spread an anti-circumcision movement. “There is no country in the world now that bans circumcision. This sets a dangerous precedent that may affect other countries; the Danish parliament is now considering such a bill as well.” They ask that worldwide Jewish communities contact their local Icelandic representative to make their protest known.  The European Conference of Rabbis came out strongly against the proposed law. “Circumcision is a critical part of Jewish life and no authority in the world can forbid Jews from carrying out this commandment,” they wrote in a statement. The group’s president, Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt, added that “although the Icelandic

Jewish community is small, we cannot ignore the dangerous precedent that this law can set and the consequences that such legislation can cause in other countries. We call on lawmakers to immediately rescind this miserable piece of legislation and continue supporting Jewish life without limits.”

U.S. Army Plans its Exit from Iraq

American troops have quietly begun withdrawing from Iraq following Baghdad’s declaration of victory over the Islamic State group last year. An Iraqi government spokesman recently confirmed that the removal of troops has slowly started. He made it clear that this is still the early stages and it is not a complete pullout yet. Over the last few days, many American soldiers have been transported from Iraq to Afghanistan on daily flights. “Continued coalition presence in Iraq will be conditions-based, proportional to the need and in coordination with the government of Iraq,” coalition spokesman Army Col. Ryan Dillon told the AP when asked for comment. Government spokesman Saad al-Hadithi said, “The battle against Daesh has ended, and so the level of the American presence will be reduced.” Daesh is the Arabic language acronym for ISIS. One senior Iraqi official close to Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said Iraq expects 60% of troops to be withdrawn by the end of the transition phase. According to the initial agreement reached with the United States, about 4,000 U.S. troops will remain in Iraq to continue training the Iraqi military. According to a Pentagon report released in November, there were 8,892 U.S. troops in Iraq as of late September. The U.S. Army’s initial contact with ISIS was “limited.” It began with airstrikes in August 2014 but as ISIS continued to fight hard, the U.S. entered on the ground. At the height of the battle against terrorism in 2007, when the U.S. was hunting for dictator Saddam Hussein, there were 170,000 troops on Iraqi soil.

Norwegian Held on Spy Charges in Russia

A man from Norway is locked away in a Russian jail on charges of espionage. Frode Berg, a 62-year-old retired border inspector, was visiting the rural town of Kirkenes when he was arrested for allegedly mailing envelopes with cash and spy instructions addressed to a Moscow woman named Natalia. He now faces a virtually certain espionage conviction. Berg was arrested by the infamous Russian Federal Security Service (FSB). According to Berg’s lawyers, he was set up by either a Norwegian intelligence agency or the Russian government. “Berg came to Russia  at the insistence of an individual he had trusted and who apparently worked for Norwegian intelligence. This person deliberately put Berg at risk by asking him to send a message which was intercepted by the FSB and which launched this case,” said his lawyer Ilya Novikov.  Berg’s version of the story is that he was asked by an Oslo acquaintance to meet another Norwegian who asked him to bring 3,000 euros in cash to Moscow in December and to send it to someone named Natalia. When he was on the way to the post office to mail the money, he was picked up by FSB. Last week, a Moscow court extended his arrest through May so Russia can continue with its investigation. Novikov said that the court rejected his petition to free Berg on bail and that he will be appealing the ruling. Berg came to Kirkenes — on the front line of the original Cold War — as a military officer in 1975. Weekly, he drilled in preparation for a Soviet invasion, training in the use of defensive fire on tanks and helicopters. He switched to the border commission in 1990, and in the ensuing quarter-century hoped for a closer relationship with Russia. He went out on joint patrols with Russian counterparts and ate and fished with them after meetings. Berg helped arrange an annual ski race for Russians, Finns and Norwegians passing through the normally off-limits border strip. After he

retired in 2014, he joined the board of a Kirkenes art organization, Pikene pa Broen, that focuses on cross-border exchange. An agreement allowing visa-free travel for residents near the border came into force in 2012. Border crossings surged from around 2,000 a year in 1990 to a high of 320,000 in 2013. In an interview last year, Berg said of the Russians, “I’m not afraid of Russia,” he said at the time. “I know the history. I know the Russians very well. And I have no problem with them.” Now, he may be spending his final years locked away in a Russian prison.

All in a Name

When is name more than a name? When the fight is over the name of a country. The drama began back in 1991 when Macedonia gained independence from Yugoslavia. Since then, the country has attempted to join NATO and the EU. But many Greeks object to the name Macedonia because their country has a region with the same name. Greece is claiming that the former Yugoslav Republic’s use of the term, along with argumentative articles in its constitution, imply territorial claims over Greek land. Tens of thousands of protesters flooded the streets of Athens to object the name Macedonia this week. In response to the Greeks’ protest, Macedonia, the country, argues that its people can be traced back to the ancient kingdom of Macedon, once ruled by Alexander the Great, and that the name “Macedonia” is therefore the logical option. Police said some 140,000 people joined the rally in Greece, but organizers put the turnout closer to 1.5 million people. Demonstrators displaying Greek flags chanted “hands off Macedonia” and “Macedonia is Greece,” as they assembled in Syntagma Square outside parliament. “Macedonia was, is and will forever be Greek,” Greek composer Mikis Theodorakis, 92, told the large

The Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 8, 2018


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FEBRUARY 8, 2018 | The Jewish Home



IVDU School of Long Island

crowds. He suggested that any name proposal be submitted to a referendum. “If a government considers signing on behalf of our country... there is no doubt it must first ask the Greek people.” He called the neighboring northern state “illegitimate.” In organizations such as the UN, the country is officially referred to as the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM). However, the Macedonian government calls the country it administers simply the “Republic of Macedonia.”

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23 levels, going down over 3,000 feet below ground level. Earlier Wellsted had said that engineers were struggling with a software fault to get emergency generators to operate and re-start the lifts following the storm. Within a few hours rescue workers were able to operate a generator to begin the rescue. In the hours following the incident, the Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union (AMCU) said that the workers trapped underground were facing major health and safety risks. “The incident raises serious concern regarding the lacking emergency contingency plans at the mine for alternative and back-up power generation.” A parliamentary committee on mining expressed outrage over the incident, calling for “drastic” action to be taken against the mining company and saying it was “utterly unacceptable” that the mine had no backup plan to bring the workers to safety.

• OT, PT, Speech, and Counseling • Physical Education and Music Therapy

Top-Secret Files Found in Furniture

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About 950 gold miners were trapped underground in South Africa on Thursday for over 24 hours after a storm caused a power outage. By Friday all the miners were rescued and accounted for, and thankfully no one sustained any major injuries. South Africa is home to rich mineral reserves and has some of the world’s deepest gold mines. For years, the mines have been the foundation of South Africa’s economy, but production has declined sharply due to depletion of reserves. The Sibanye-Stillwater Mining Company said a massive power outage caused by a storm had prevented lifts from bringing the night shift to the surface at the Beatrix gold mine in the small town of Theunissen near the city of Welkom. “We have got 955 employees still underground, they are in a confined and safe area, it’s the shaft waiting area [and] there is ventilation, we are supplying them with water and food,” James Wellsted, spokesman for Sibanye-Stillwater, assured the public on Thursday. “So everybody is fine at the moment. We are trying to restore power so we can start hoisting them to the surface,” he reiterated. The exact location of the miners was not revealed, but the mine has

Members of Australia’s intelligence community have recovered top secret Cabinet documents that were accidentally sold inside of a piece of secondhand furniture. The Australian government is investigating how thousands of files, which date back ten years, were found in a furniture store in the Australian capital of Canberra. The documents were obtained by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), which has called the discovery “one of the biggest breaches of Cabinet security in Australian history.” The files are secured inside safes that were sent to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s offices. The ABC still has access to the files and is in talks with the government about how to proceed. Among the revelations reported by the ABC from the documents are allegations that Australia’s then-immigration minister Scott Morrison tried to have extra background checks ordered on asylum seekers to prevent them

The Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 8, 2018


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FEBRUARY 8, 2018 | The Jewish Home

from getting permanent protection visas. It was also revealed that former Prime Minister John Howard’s government attempted to have the Australian right of a prisoner to remain silent in custody removed in 2007. The Cabinet in Australia is the top decision-making body in their parliamentary system. All discussions inside the Cabinet are supposed to remain confidential for at least 20 years. The ABC claims that the two sets of drawers containing the files were sold at a secondhand furniture store in Canberra. They were locked without keys and remained closed until the purchaser drilled into the locks. It is unknown how ABC got their hands on the documents. 

State of Emergency in Maldives On Monday, the government of Maldives President Yameen Abdul Gayoom declared a 15-day state of emergency. Just hours later, an op-

position leader and two Supreme Court judges were arrested. Opposition leader Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, who also served as president between 1978 to 2008 and is the half-brother of the president, was charged with bribery and attempting to overthrow the government. Chief Justice Abdulla Saeed and judge Ali Hamid were arrested at the Supreme Court building.

The emergency decree gives the government sweeping powers to make arrests, search and seize property, and restricts freedom of assembly. The announcement and arrests came days after the Supreme Court ordered the government to release nine jailed opposition leaders. It also cleared former President Mohamed Nasheed of all charges against him, prompting his announcement that

he will be returning back to the Maldives. The ruling came as a surprise and angered the president, who lashed out at the court. Since then, opposition protests spilled onto the streets of the capital, Male. Soldiers in riot gear stopped lawmakers from meeting at the parliament building. Nasheed made this statement after hearing of the declared state of emergency: “President Yameen’s announcement today — which declares a State of Emergency, the banning of fundamental freedoms, and the suspension of the Supreme Court — is tantamount to a declaration of martial law in the Maldives. This declaration is unconstitutional and illegal. Nobody in the Maldives is required to, nor should, follow this unlawful order.” Nasheed was the Maldives first democratically elected leader. Since his trial in 2015, the country has not found peace. Nasheed was given asylum by the UK after the verdict. The Maldives is a tropical nation in the Indian Ocean made up of more than 1,000 coral islands. It’s best known for its pristine beaches, blue lagoons, and breathtaking reefs.

Russian Pilot Shot Down over Syria

Lauded as a hero by Russia media, a Russian pilot whose plane was shot down over Syria detonated his grenade to avoid being captured by jihadists who had shot his plane out of the sky. Reportedly, Roman Filipov’s last words were: “Here’s for the guys.” Filipov’s Sukhoi-25 ground-attack aircraft was shot down over rebel-held Idlib province. He survived the attack and ejected, but died in a ground fight. Former al-Qaeda affiliate Hayat Tahrir al-Sham said it had attacked the plane. TV Zvezda, which is controlled by Russia’s defense ministry, said the pi-



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The Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 8, 2018



FEBRUARY 8, 2018 | The Jewish Home

The Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 8, 2018



FEBRUARY 8, 2018 | The Jewish Home

Turkey launched an operation on January 20 called “Olive Branch” in northwest Syria aimed at removing Kurdish militiamen from Afrin to the north-west of the city of Aleppo. The Turkish army said seven Turkish soldiers were killed in action on Saturday, including five who died in an attack on a tank by the Kurdish YPG (People’s Protection Units) militia. It was the heaviest Turkish death toll in one day since the operation began. Kurds in Syria also reacted furiously to a video showing the body of a female Kurdish fighter killed in battle.    

No Rest for Jewish Remains

lot was posthumously presented with the Hero of Russia medal, also known as the Gold Star. The UK-based monitoring group Syrian Observatory for Human Rights earlier said that fighters had captured the pilot and later killed him. The Syrian government, backed by Russian air power, launched a major offensive in December against rebel groups in Idlib. Air strikes in the region intensified on Sunday, reportedly

killing about 20 people, the day after Filipov’s plane was shot down. Nine people were also treated for breathing difficulties after a bomb believed to be filled with chlorine was dropped on the town of Saraqeb. The Sukhoi-25, a close-support ground-attack aircraft, was operating over the town of Maasran in Idlib. In a statement released on social media, the Hayat Tahrir al-Sham group claimed it had shot down the plane us-

ing a shoulder-launched surface-to-air missile. This is possibly the first time rebels have shot down a Russian fighter jet since Moscow began its Syria campaign in September 2015, although rebels did bring down a helicopter in 2016. About 45 Russian military personnel have been confirmed dead in Syria, along with an unknown number of contractors.

A new documentary in France is taking a tclose look at the Nazi medical experiments that were performed on Jews during the Holocaust. According to a theory by Dr. Michel Cymes, the remains of some of the 86 Jews that were tortured by SS doctor August Hirt may still be in the anatomy collection of the University of Strasbourg. Cymes first published his theory in his book Hippocrates in Hell in 2015. The film of the same name appeared on French television this past week. The documentary raises questions about the “Jewish skeleton collection” that Hirt put together at the university during the war. The remains of the Jews that Hirt tested mustard gas on were supposed to have been buried outside of the Natzweiler-Struthof concentration camp after it was liberated in 1944. After Cymes began his inquiry, the university announced that they will be conducting an investigation using outside experts to investigate the 20 boxes that were found with Hirt’s name on them in the university. 

The Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 8, 2018

Hirt was born in Switzerland and was “one of the worst Nazi figures,” according to Dr. Raphael Toledano, a specialist on Nazi medical experiments. Hirt believed that the Jews would become extinct and wanted to study their skulls before they did. Hirt fled Strasbourg in September 1944, hiding in Tübingen in southern Germany across the river from Alsace, and then committed suicide on June 2, 1945 in the Black Forest. He was 47-years-old. His suicide was not yet known when he was tried and convicted in absentia at the Military War Crimes Trial at Metz on December 23, 1953 for his war crimes. Over 70 percent of the doctors in Germany during World War II were members of the Nazi party.

Sentences Overturned for Umbrella Activists

On Tuesday, Hong Kong’s highest court overturned prison sentences for three young pro-democracy activists convicted for their roles in kicking off 2014’s “Umbrella Movement” protests in the semiautonomous Chinese city. A panel of five judges sided with Joshua Wong, Nathan Law and Alex Chow in their appeal against monthslong prison terms for unlawful assembly. The case sparked controversy because a magistrate initially gave the three lenient sentences but the justice secretary requested a review that resulted in prison time ranging from six to eight months, raising worries about judicial independence and rule of law in the former British colony. The Court of Final Appeal’s ruling was an unexpected victory for the city’s youthful opposition movement after recent setbacks. But the activists said they feared it would have a chilling effect on future protests because the judges also said they endorsed the lower court’s view that a new, tougher sentencing approach was needed for unlawful assemblies. “Hong Kong is on the whole a

peaceful society and elements of disorder and violence must be deterred,” Chief Justice Geoffrey Ma said. “Even a low degree of violence” requires an immediate prison sentence, he said. He added, though, that it would be inappropriate to retroactively apply harsher penalties to the three, who were initially given community service or suspended sentences according to sentencing guidelines at the time. “Maybe more and more activists will be locked up because of this harsh judgment,” Wong, 21, told reporters on the courthouse steps after the decision. “We just urge people to continue to fight for democracy. At the same time it’s not the time for any congratulations or celebrations.” The three were convicted on unlawful assembly charges for their part in storming a courtyard at government headquarters in September 2014 to protest Beijing’s plan to restrict elections, kicking off Hong Kong’s most turbulent period in decades and putting Wong, then still a teen, in the global spotlight. Wong, Law, 24, and Chow, 27, had already served about two months of their sentences before they were bailed for their appeal. The 2014 protests, which saw activists block major thoroughfares for 11 weeks, fizzled out but spawned a youth-led opposition movement that gained political traction while facing increasing resistance from Hong Kong’s Beijing-backed government. Last week a dozen U.S. lawmakers nominated Wong, Law, and Chow along with Hong Kong’s entire pro-democracy movement for the Nobel Peace Prize in an effort to recognize what they said were peaceful efforts to bring political reform to Hong Kong and to uphold its rule of law and human rights. Officials in Beijing and Hong Kong have decried it as foreign meddling.

France: No Cellphones Even When Pulled Over

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In an effort to promote safer roads for their citizens, the French

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government is cracking down on cellphones. Talking and texting is illegal in France – and now it’s against the law to call or text when you’re pulled over on the side of the road. Breaking the law could mean points and a fine for drivers. Rather than create a new law, a recent ruling has clarified exactly what it means to be “circulating in traffic.” In order to save themselves from being penalized, drivers need to be parked in a designated spot to use their phones – pulling over on the side of the road is not enough. After an accident or a breakdown, though, drivers are allowed to use their phones safely. France, a country with a well-deserved  reputation for crazy driving, has introduced new laws to try to stem an accident rate that has been slowly rising after decades of steady decline. It recently reduced speed limits on two-lane roads from 90 to 80 km/h (55 to 50 mph), upsetting motorists across the country. The nation’s equivalent to the AAA has a problem with the new cellphone ruling, implying it may do more harm than good, as motorists who move to the side of the road should not be penalized for doing something that’s considered safe.

Poland: No Role in the Holocaust

It’s official: Poland had no role in the Holocaust. That, at least, is what the Poles want people to think. This week, Polish President Andrzej Duda approved a libel law imposing up to three years in jail for accusing the Polish people of assisting in the Holocaust. The bill was signed despite worldwide objections from the Auschwitz memorial council, the Israeli government, the U.S. State Department, and Holocaust survivors, all of whom pointed out that censoring Poland’s role from the Holocaust would limit much of what can be said about what happened to six million Jews during those few years. Duda told reporters he would sign

a bill mandating fines or imprisonment for Poles or non-Poles who accuse the Polish population of responsibility or complicity in war crimes, at any point in history – including, but not only, the Nazi genocide that largely took place on Polish soil. Like most libel laws, it would only apply to statements that are both public and factually incorrect –the bill also contains two broadly worded exemptions for academic and artistic expression. Many Jewish organizations pointed out that the law effectively muzzles Holocaust survivors. Even so, Duda said he places a priority on the protection of Poland’s reputation as a country that largely resisted Nazi rule. “It is important to protect the good name of Poland and Polish people,” said Duda. “We have a right to our historical truth.” The law prompted anger from across the political spectrum of Israel and from some of the most venerated authorities on the Holocaust. The International Council of the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum said the law would restrict freedom of research into how the atrocities happened. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused his Polish counterparts, normally close allies, of trying to deny facts about the Holocaust. The U.S. State Department and several Holocaust survivors expressed similar complaints. As a concession, Mr. Duda asked Poland’s constitutional court to review the law. Legal experts say that a review could take years and that the court wasn’t likely to overturn the law; most of its justices were appointed by the ruling Law and Justice party that passed the bill. The law comes alongside broader concerns that nationalists in Europe are dipping into anti-Semitic conspiracies. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has blanketed his capital with posters of Jewish billionaire George Soros, a Holocaust survivor, who he blames for trying to import migrants into Europe. French National Front leader Marine Le Pen speaks often of a powerful “Rothschild cartel” opposing her. Some anti-hate speech groups have said both campaigns tap into conspiracies of Jewish wealth controlling nations. In Poland, state media anchors have described Israeli complaints about the law as part of a “Holocaust industry,” in which Israel is trying to pressure Poland to give up property seized from Jews during World War II. Several dozen protesters stood

The Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 8, 2018

in front of the presidential palace on Monday behind a speaker who described Jews as a money-seeking “fifth column.” “Take off your yarmulke and sign the bill,” read a banner directed at Mr. Duda, who is Catholic. Police allowed the protest, which some lawyers said violated Polish anti-hate speech laws. Scholars differ on how widely the local population in Poland murdered Jews, or helped Nazi troops do so. More than 6,000 Poles are celebrated by Israel’s Yad Vashem Institute for saving Jews. As many as 400,000 Poles fought the Nazi occupation, which killed 3 million non-Jewish Poles as well. But still, there are reports that at least 200,000 Polish Jews were killed by Poles who they previously thought were their friends. “We must put a lot of effort into discovering the truth to eliminate all lies,” Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki told a group of foreign journalists on Friday, many of them visiting from Israel. It’s hard to discern between the truth and the lies when the Polish government is the one that is making the differentiation.

Cape Town is Almost Out of Water

lack of water because no one foresaw a three-year drought. According to Kevin Winter of the University of Cape Town’s Environmental and Geographical Science Future Water Institute, the odds of such a long time passing without rain are 1 in 1,000. “Day Zero,” that is the first day when the water supply official runs out, is estimated to happen in May. If that should occur, the taps in the city will be turned off before the supply runs out completely and 200 collection points will be set up for residents to wait in line to collect six gallons of water daily. The collection sites will be under army and police supervision. The super-wealthy in the city are paying to have their own wells dug in order to avoid the long lines.  The hope is that with decreased consumption, Day Zero can be pushed off until when the rainy season should start. However, experts are not optimistic. “We’re in a critical transition period where the past is no longer an accurate guide to the future,” said Christine Colvin, a freshwater manager for the World Wide Fund for Nature and a member of the Cape Town mayor’s advisory board.  The city is also looking into water alternatives such as drilling into the ground to reach aquifers and has already set up a temporary desalination plant to convert saltwater to fresh water.    

Anti-Immigrant Shooting Spree in Italy South Africa has not been getting nearly enough rainfall for the past three years, and Cape Town is at risk of becoming the first major city in the world to run out of water. Residents are already thinking about how often to flush the toilet, shower, or even drink water. Americans consume an average of 88 gallons of water every day, and in Cape Town, the limit has been set to 13.2 gallons per day; that number will be getting smaller in the next few months. More than half of the city’s water is supplied by the reservoir at the Theewaterskloof Dam where levels have been falling heavily in the last three years. The government was not able to prepare for the severe

A right-wing extremist went on a two-hour drive-by shooting spree in the Italian city of Macerata this week. Luca Traini, 28, shot and wounded six African immigrants from Nigeria, Ghana, Gambia, and Mali. According to Italian law enforcement, Traini was “lucid and determined, aware of what he had done,” and exhibited no remorse for his actions. When authorities raided the shooter’s home, they found Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf, other publications linked to Nazism, and a flag with a Celtic cross, a symbol commonly used by white supremacists. Photographs released by police show him with a prominent neo-Nazi face tattoo and an Italian flag tied around

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his neck. Police say that the attack is likely a response to the gruesome slaying of a local white teenager a few days earlier. Col. Michele Roberti said, “It’s likely that he carried out this crazy gesture as a sort of retaliation, a sort of vendetta.” He is referring to the killing of 18-year-old Pamela Mastropietro, whose remains were found in the home of a Nigerian man. 9.2 percent of Macerata’s 43,000 residents are immigrants. Italy has struggled with the arrival of hundreds of thousands of immigrants in the past few years, many of who were smuggled in boats across the Mediterranean.  Traini, who is Italian, was an unsuccessful candidate last year in a local election for the anti-migrant Northern League political party. 


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Young Father Murdered in Terror Attack








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There are four young Israeli children who will never see their father again. They will never get to hold his hand, or hear his voice, or have him tuck them into bed. Their mother, only 30-years-old, is now a widow. Rabbi Itamar Ben-Gal, 29, from the settlement of Har Bracha, was murdered in cold blood on Monday as he innocently stood at a bus stop outside the West Bank settlement of Ariel on his way to a brit milah. He was stabbed in the chest by an evil, heartless Palestinian terrorist and sadly succumbed to his wounds. Chilling surveillance videos from the scene showed the Palestinian attacker exiting a yellow mini-van on the other side of the heavily trafficked road with a knapsack slung over his shoulder. He crosses the street slow-

ly and approaches Ben-Gal, striking him. After being struck once, Ben-Gal tries to flee but the terrorist chases him. An IDF officer passing in his car was able to identify the terrorist and pursued him, striking him with his vehicle, but somehow the killer managed to escape possibly with the assistance of a waiting vehicle. Within minutes, Magen David Adom emergency service and army medics treated Ben-Gal at the scene. They attempted to resuscitate him but their efforts were unsuccessful. Ben-Gal was rushed to Beilinson Hospital in Petach Tikvah, where he died of his wounds. Upon fleeing the scene, the terrorist dropped the weapon and his backpack that had his identity card inside. The murderer has been identified as an Israeli-Arab, Abed al-Karim Adel Asi, 19. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed that the terrorist will be captured. “We will bring him to justice, as we always do. I put my trust in the security forces who do the hardest work against these reprehensible attacks,” he added. Rabbi Eliezer Melamed, rabbi of Har Bracha, tearfully eulogized Rabbi Ben-Gal at the funeral and consoled the family. “The Land of Israel and the World to Come are acquired through sufferings,” Rabbi Melamed said. “You, Rabbi Itamar, merited to fulfill them with your body. You had not yet reached the age of 30 but you still managed to weave great dreams. In the few years that you served as a rabbi, you succeeded in inspiring your students. You were always ready to volunteer for holy matters, you loved your students at the yeshiva in Givat Shmuel. We were sure that, as a natural leader, you would be a yeshiva head, and now all the dreams are lost. And it is rare to see a man that so values and honors his parents,” Rabbi Melamed lamented. Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein said in his eulogy, “A pious man has been lost, we have lost Rabbi Itamar, who devoted his whole life to education and lit up the world with kindness. Together with you, Miriam, he established a wonderful family, and I am sure that you will continue in your love of Israel.” He added, “The lowly terrorist who sneaked behind Rabbi Itamar did not know him and did not know in whom he was embedding a knife, but anyone who knows Itamar knows what the terrorist must have seen. He saw the light. They say that an assailant acting

The Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 8, 2018

alone is just a murderer, but it’s not a random act here. He wanted to take away the glow, the smile. That is the desire of our enemies, to wipe us from the Land. The murderers of Rabbi Shevach hoped to destroy settlement in Havat Gilad. The murderer of Itamar wanted to extinguish the light here, and in Itamar’s eyes, but they won’t succeed.” Miriam Ben-Gal, Itamar’s widow, said on Monday night, “This afternoon I lost my husband over the Land of Israel; he was murdered because he is Jewish. I am here in my home, in the home to which he will no longer return. Tomorrow we will bury him here at Har Bracha, in the community he loved and wanted so much to develop.” This is the second terror victim in one month period in the West Bank. On January 9, Rabbi Raziel Shevach, 35, was fatally shot near Nablus in the northern West Bank. There have been reports that Shevach and Ben-Gal had mutual friends and knew each other. There was a picture circling showing the two of them at a party for their mutual friend just one year ago. Samaria Regional Council head Yossi Dagan said that two murders in one month was unacceptable – and tragic. “I cannot look anymore into the eyes of bereaved families,” Dagan said. “It is not enough to chase terrorists. The terror infrastructure must be dealt with.” He demanded that the IDF restore checkpoints that had been taken down as a humanitarian gesture to the Palestinians in the West Bank. Hamas Politburo member Husam Badran, who is the former head of Hamas in the northern West Bank, said the attack was part of the “new heroism” of the “free people of the West Bank,” who were “targeting settlers who have wreaked havoc in the land.” To the Israelis, he said: “Neither your forces nor your army will protect you, and security cooperation will not be of use to you. Oh, you usurping occupiers, you are paying with your blood the price of Netanyahu’s stupidity and Trump’s arrogance,” Badran said.

Egypt-Israel Secret Alliance? Israel has conducted over one hundred aerial raids on an ISIS affiliate group in the Sinai with permission from the Egyptian government,

according to The New York Times. According to the report, over the past two years, Israel has been conducting a “covert war” in the Sinai during which “unmarked Israeli drones, helicopters and jets” have been allowed to carry out over 100 raids, at times more than once a week.

Officials in America have given credit to the Israeli airstrikes for “killing a long roster of militant leaders” in Sinai. The Times has reported that the attacks began right after an affiliate of ISIS brought down a Russian charter plane, resulting in the deaths of the 224 people on board. The Times used sources that included “current or former British and American officials involved in Middle East policy,” all of whom spoke on condition of anonymity. Since 1979, when the Israeli-Egyptian peace treaty was signed, the Sinai has been mostly demilitarized. However, Egypt and Israel are on the same page when it comes to fighting ISIS. Israel has also been allowed access to Egyptian territory in order to combat the smuggling of goods into Gaza by Palestinians. According to The New York Times, all identifying markings were removed or covered from the Israeli airplanes and drones that carry out the airborne attacks. Some helicopters and planes have even been flying looping routes to give the impression that they are Egyptian forces. Egypt is trying to avoid the obvious public relations disaster of partnering up with Israel to fight a group of radical Muslims. Reportedly, even journalists have been banned from the Sinai so that the secret does not get out. On Sunday, Egyptian Army spokesperson Col. Tamer a-Rifai denied the report in an interview to Sada Elbalad newspaper. He said that Egypt’s security forces are the only ones combating terrorists in the area. Addressing media outlets in Egypt, A-Rifai requested they not report unreliable information that has not been approved by the Egyptian army.


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Secrets Revealed in Arafat’s Diary

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The diaries of Yasser Arafat have been made public for the first time since his death. L’Espresso magazine in France has published 19 volumes in which Arafat reveals that he had a secret deal with Italy to protect them from Palestinian terrorists. Arafat was the longtime head of the Palestinian Liberation Organization. He died in 2004, and his diaries were entrusted to a pair of trustees in Luxembourg but were then sold to a French foundation to be studied. The volumes confirm that Rome and the PLO had a non-aggression pact which led Italian authorities to allow the hijackers of the Italian cruise ship Achille Lauro to escape in 1985. After the hijacking, in which Leon Klinghoffer, a wheelchair-bound American Jewish passenger was killed, Italian Foreign Minister Giulio Andreotti allowed the mastermind behind the attack to get away. Muhammad Zaidan escaped U.S. extradition and fled from Rome to Yugoslavia. A decade before the hijacking, Italy and the Palestinians agreed to help each other in return for the Palestinian terrorists from the PLO, PFLP and other factions not carrying out any attacks in Italy. “Italy is a Palestinian shore of the Mediterranean,” Arafat wrote. A similar deal was reportedly made between Switzerland and the Palestinians in the ‘70s and ‘80s. There are many other fascinating exchanges recorded in the diaries. Arafat wrote in the books almost every day between 1985 and his death in 2004. When journalist T.D. Allman spotted Arafat keeping a record in a small notebook in 1989, Arafat told him that he keeps his diaries hidden in many places for safekeeping. “I fill up a number of them every year,” the terrorist said. “They tell about all my secret negotiations. Everything is recorded, so future generations will understand exactly what happened. It is my duty to do this, since I am a cadre of history.”

Rabbi Shevach’s Murderer Killed Ahmad Nasser Jarar, the terrorist who headed the cell that murdered Rabbi Raziel Shevach last month, was eliminated early Tuesday morning in a joint operation of the Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet), the IDF and the Israel Police. Jarar was a key member of the terror cell responsible for the shooting attack and personally participated in the attack. During his arrest, the terrorist left a building in which he was hiding and was shot dead by Israeli forces. An old M-16 was found on his body. There were no casualties among the Israeli forces. Rabbi Shevach was murdered in a shooting attack last month near Havat Gilad in Samaria. The terrorists fired at Rabbi Shevach’s vehicle at close range and then fled the scene. Jarar was the only member of the cell who had not yet been captured by Israeli security forces. Since the attack, the IDF and the Shin Bet had been  conducting a manhunt  for him and blocked the city of Shechem and other nearby villages. Investigations carried out by the Shin Bet indicate that the cell headed by Jarar was involved in additional attempts to carry out terrorist attacks and in planning other terrorist attacks. The other terrorists arrested by security forces are being interrogated.

Putin’s Tel Aviv Apartment

After his former high school German teacher passed away, Russian President Vladimir Putin became one apartment richer. Mina Yuditskaya Berliner died in December at the age of 96. She left the one and a half bedroom apartment to Putin via the Russian embassy. It was Putin, in fact,

The Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 8, 2018

who bought the apartment for his beloved Jewish teacher in 2005. Berliner immigrated to Israel from the Soviet Union in 1973. Despite living in the Holy Land, Berliner followed her former student’s rise through the political ranks in Russia. According to Ynet, Putin and his teacher were reunited in 2005 when the Russian president visited Israel. She had asked the Russian embassy whether she could attend a reception in Putin’s honor. She joined World War II veterans for their meeting with Putin in Jerusalem, but afterwards he invited her to have tea with him in private. Shortly after the meeting, Berliner, who was a widow, began receiving gifts from the Russian president: a watch and Putin’s autographed 2000 biography. Shortly after that, an employee of the Russian government showed up at her doorstep and took her to see some apartments in the center of Tel Aviv.. “I told him all I needed was a flat that would be near the bus station, the market and to kupat holim,” she told Ynet  in an interview about three years ago. “It all happened fast from there on; a few months later the movers came to my [rented] apartment in Florentine [in southern Tel Aviv], packed everything up and moved me,” she said. “When I received the apartment I cried,” Berliner told  Ynet. “Putin is a very grateful and decent person.” Berliner had not been in contact with Putin since receiving the apartment, but sent him birthday greetings every year through the Russian media. The Russian embassy covered the costs of her burial and sent a representative to the funeral.

Another Fatal Amtrak Crash Passengers aboard an Amtrak train from New York to Miami were jolted awake at around 2:35 a.m. on Sunday morning when their train crashed into a parked freight train in South Carolina. Of the nine crew members and 136 passengers, two people were tragically killed and more than 100 were injured in the collision. Am-

trak engineer Michael Kempf, 54, of Savannah, Georgia, and conductor Michael Cella, 36, of Orange Park, Florida, lost their lives in the crash.

In the days following the fatal accident, Amtrak released a statement blaming CSX Corp, the freight rail operator, for causing the crash. Amtrak President and Chief Executive Richard Anderson said CSX was responsible for the tracks and signals, including one that had a lock attached to it and diverted the Amtrak train onto the side track. “It’s a horrible thing to see, to understand what force was involved,” South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster said. “The first engine of the freight train was torn up, and the single engine of the passenger train is barely recognizable.” The engineer had only ten seconds to react before the crash. He sounded his horn for three seconds, eventually hitting the emergency brake which slowed the train to 50 mph. The impact was so intense that the CSX freight train was moved 15 feet from where it was parked on the tracks adjacent to the main rail line. This is not the first time Amtrak has had a fatal crash this year. Just last week, on Wednesday, an Amtrak train carrying GOP lawmakers to a retreat hit a garbage truck in Virginia. The passenger in the truck was killed. Another fatal crash occurred in December just outside of Seattle.

Princess Fights for her Rights

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Whoever knew there was still royalty living in the U.S.? Multimillionaire heiress Abigail Kinoiki Kekaulike Kawananakoa is considered by

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FEBRUARY 8, 2018 | The Jewish Home

many to be Hawaii’s last princess. Her title is just symbolic – she holds no power in the island state – but she does make headlines in true royal fashion. The Iolani Palace is America’s only royal residence, and tourists often visit the palace where Hawaii’s royal family once lived. It is still intact with gilded furniture, a lavish throne, and grand staircase made from prized koa wood. Kawananakoa, 91, has been funding the palace’s utility bills for the past six years in hopes to keep the memory of the royal family relevant. With a fortune of $215 million, a recent legal battle has put a halt to the charities she has funded over the years, including the palace’s electric bill.

Over the summer the heiress supposedly suffered from a stroke which prompted her longtime lawyer to convince a judge to appoint him trustee. The lawyer claimed she was impaired, while she said she is fine. She has since fired that lawyer. A few weeks later, attorney Michael Lilly wrote a letter to the judge saying he now represents Kawananakoa and that he strongly contests any contention that she is incompetent. A judge subsequently appointed a special chief to independently investigate the heiress’s mental capacity and other allegations made. The results are still pending. Kawananakoa is the granddaughter of the late Prince David Kawananakoa, who was named an heir to

the throne. Many Native Hawaiians view Kawananakoa as a link to the good old times when Hawaii was its own nation. Hawaii became a U.S. territory in 1898 and then became our nation’s 50th state in 1959 following a referendum in Hawaii in which more than 93% of voters approved the proposition that the territory be admitted as a state. “She was always called princess among Hawaiians because Hawaiians have acknowledged that lineage,” said Kimo Alama Keaulana, assistant professor of Hawaiian language and studies at Honolulu Community College. “Hawaiians hold dear to genealogy. And so genealogically speaking, she is of high royal blood.”

CDC Director Resigns amid Stock Scandal

Being the director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is an important job; the CDC’s main objective is to protect public

Corruption on the Highest Floor Bombshell Intelligence Memo Released


o longer is it necessary to dive into a David Baldacci or Dan Brown novel to read about secret courts, warrants and those that pull the levers at the highest levels of power. Now, you can simply read the memo which was drafted by the head of the House Intelligence Committee Devin Nunes. The memo was declassified last Friday, several days after the House Intelligence Committee voted to do so and President Trump did not object to the declassification. Much like all else in Washington, prior to the memo being declassified the hyperbole was ratcheted up to the highest levels. Senator Cory Booker, who over the past month has been raising his profile among the hyper anti-Trump faction of the Democrat Party, declared that releasing the memo would reveal the intelligence community’s “sources and methods” and would be “tantamount to treason.” House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi declared that releasing the memo was “dangerous” and “illegal.” Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer argued that if the memo was released, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, whose staff drafted the memo, should be removed from his post. In a rare public break with the White House, the FBI and the Department of Justice also argued against the release of the memo. “The FBI was provided a limited opportunity

to review this memo the day before the committee voted to release it,” the FBI said in a statement. “As expressed during our initial review, we have grave concerns about material omissions of fact that fundamentally

to install a “wiretap” to spy on the Trump campaign, specifically on Carter Page. The mere fact that the FBI and the Department of Justice went to the FISA court – which was set up to stop foreign terrorists –

impact the memo’s accuracy.” Justice Department officials have also said releasing the memo could jeopardize classified information. In the end, the swamp lost and the memo was released. The allegations contained in the memo were only muted by the fact that it was already well-known through other pieces of the puzzle that the FBI and the Department of Justice appeared to have engaged in nefarious activities during the 2016 presidential race to undermine then-candidate Trump. According to the memo, which is based on a year-long investigation by the House Intelligence Committee, in October of 2016, the FBI and the Department of Justice obtained a FISA warrant from the secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court

rather than a regular court is suspicious in its own right. Even more outrageous is that in order to obtain a warrant to spy on the Trump campaign, the FBI and the DOJ relied on an unverified document, known as the “Steele Dossier,” which contained salacious and completed unverified claims about Mr. Trump. In December 2017, in testimony to the House Intelligence Committee, then-Deputy Director of the FBI Andrew McCabe admitted that “no surveillance warrant would have been sought” without the dossier. And who paid for the creation of the “Steele Dossier”? That’s right – Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Furthermore, at the time that the FBI and the DOJ made their initial warrant request, they knew that the “Steele Dossier” was unverified and was

essentially a creation of the Clinton campaign yet they failed to disclose that information to the FISA court judge. The initial FISA warrant which was obtained through unscrupulous means was renewed three times. Amongst those who signed the shady warrants were then-FBI Director James Comey (who was fired by President Trump in May) and then-Deputy Director Andrew McCabe (who was dismissed from his post last week). The memo released last Friday did not disclose any “sources or methods” of the FBI and the Department of Justice, and the FBI director did not resign upon its release. Predictably, Trump supporters claim that the revelations in the memo vindicate the president; those opposed to Mr. Trump claim that it does not vindicate him. (The militantly anti-Trump New York Times incoherently blared, “The Memo Doesn’t Vindicate Trump. It’s More Proof of Obstruction.”) A more rational view is that the memo in and of itself does not totally vindicate Trump from the ongoing Russia probe (which seems to have morphed into a flimsy “obstruction of justice” investigation) but is thick black swampy smoke which likely means there was a raging swamp fire trying to consume Donald Trump and that there was certainly corruption on the highest floor. Stay tuned, America. There’s definitely more in store.

The Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 8, 2018

health and safety through the control and prevention of disease, injury, and disability. But apparently not everyone practices what they preach. Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald, an OB/GYN who was assigned that important role in July 2017, abruptly resigned last week. Her resignation comes after a Politico report that Fitzgerald purchased stock in a tobacco company a month into her tenure. This kind of venture is obviously the antithesis of what the health agency stands for – tobacco is responsible for nearly half a million deaths in the U.S. each year and smoking is the  leading cause of preventable deaths in the United States. According to the report released, Fitzgerald “bought tens of thousands of dollars in new stock holdings in at least a dozen companies,” including Japan Tobacco, one of the largest tobacco companies in the world. Just one day after her investment, Fitzgerald “toured the CDC’s Tobacco Laboratory, which researches how the chemicals in tobacco harm human health,” according to Politico. This isn’t the first instance that Fitzgerald’s financial interests were questioned. She had previously invested in pharmaceutical companies  Merck  and  Bayer, as well as health insurance company Humana, according to Politico. “Like all Presidential Personnel, Dr. Fitzgerald’s financial holdings were reviewed by the HHS Ethics Office, and she was instructed to divest of certain holdings that may pose a conflict of interest,” the Department of Health and Human Services said in a statement. “During the divestiture process, her financial account manager purchased some potentially conflicting stock holdings. These additional purchases did not change the scope of Dr. Fitzgerald’s recusal obligations, and Dr. Fitzgerald has since also divested of these newly acquired potentially conflicting publicly traded stock holdings. Dr. Fitzgerald owns certain complex financial interests that have imposed a broad recusal limiting her ability to complete all of her duties as the CDC Director. Due to the nature of these financial interests, Dr. Fitzgerald could not divest from them in a definitive time period.” Fitzgerald’s resignation was received Wednesday morning by  Secretary Alex Azar, who just assumed his position last week. Dr. Anne Schuchat will serve as  acting director until a replacement is confirmed.

$500 for Free in California

It’s raining money for low-income residents in Stockton, California. Mayor Michael Tubbs is piloting a program that will give low-income residents a $500 a month stipend without any conditions. Tubbs referred to his city as “ground zero” for issues like wage stagnation, rising housing prices, and loss of middle-class jobs that affect Americans across the nation. “I feel that as mayor it’s my responsibility to do all I could to begin figuring out what’s the best way to make sure that folks in our community have a real economic floor,” Tubbs said. The goal of the initiative is to collect data on the economic and social impacts of providing a household with a base income and to encourage other cities to create similar programs. Dorian Warren, co-chairman of the Economic Security Project, which is contributing $1 million to the initiative, says the program will monitor how the recipient’s self-esteem and identity is affected. In addition the program will track exactly how the money is spent. “What does it mean to say, ‘Here is unconditional guaranteed income just based on you being a human being’?” Warren asked. Program leaders are hoping that this experiment will prove that it is more effective to invest in the people than in big corporations to bring in jobs and revenue. Tubbs said that Stockton has millions in debt from previous development projects that focused on large scale projects. “We’ve overspent on things like arenas and marinas and things of that sort to try to lure in tourism and dollars that way,” Tubbs explained. Stockton, located in California’s Central Valley, has a population of around 300,000. The estimated median household income in 2016 was $49,271, slightly below the national median household income of $51,939.


who do you call? achiezer is calling

you will you respond? 2.15.18

th e s an d s 1395 BEEch StrEEt • AtlAntic BEAch, nY 11509

rEcEPtion & BuFFEt DinnEr: 6:30 PM ProgrAM: 7:45 PM | DESSErt: 8:45 PM

P 516.791.4444 x113 F 516.592.5643 E



FEBRUARY 8, 2018 | The Jewish Home

age 62. The full benefits kick in at 66 years and two months for people born in 1955, which will increase to age 67 for those born in 1960 or later. According to the Stanford report, “The best way for an older worker to implement the Spend Safely in Retirement Strategy is to work just enough to pay for living expenses until age 70 in order to enable delaying Social Security benefits. In essence, ‘age 70 is the new 65.’ To make this method work, retirees may also need to significantly reduce their living expenses.” For those who are unable to work until 70, experts recommend dipping into retirement savings and holding off on Social Security. As Steve Vernon, head of the research team, tells CNBC Make It, “Suppose Social Security at age 65 would have been $20,000 per year and you’re delaying it for five years. That’s $100,000. So you set aside $100,000 and that’s what you withdraw from age 65 to 70.” Analysis of U.S. Census Bureau data found that the national average retirement age is 63-years-old, way earlier than financial advisors advise. Most importantly, if you would like to retire at a younger age, plan ahead! Save in your 20s, save in your 30s, and save in your 40s, 50s, and 60s.

The Jane Doe Winner

70 is the New 65

With the average life expectancy rapidly rising, Americans need to ac-

cumulate more money in their retirement accounts in order to fund their golden years. According to personal finance maven Suze Orman, “Seventy is the new retirement age – not a month or year before. You likely have plenty saved up to breeze through 15 years or so of retirement. But, people, if you stop working in your 60s, your retirement stash might need to support you for 30 years, not 15,” she explains in a recent article.

New research  from the  Stanford Center on Longevity  echoes Orman’s sentiment. After analyzing 292 different retirement income strategies, the research team identified the best way for most people to withdraw their money in retirement. They call it the “Spend Safely in Retirement” strategy, and a key component of it is delaying Social Security payments until age 70, which could mean working longer. Under current laws, one can begin receiving retirement benefits at

Want to know who won last month’s $560 million Powerball in New Hampshire? So do we. The winner was one person – and we know she’s a female who lives in New Hampshire. We also know she values her privacy. According to lottery rules, the name of the winner will become public once she cashes in. But this smart – and soon-to-be very rich – woman isn’t interested in the fame and craziness that will ensue once her name becomes public. Jane Doe, as she is being called now, recently asked a judge to let her keep the nine-digit winnings while remaining anonymous.

The Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 8, 2018




Meet Shulamit Bitton-Blau. You’re going to love her.

A SMILE IS CATCHY by Chaya Kramer and Sara Massry, MSED


Waving goodbye, to the bus Bentzy dashes , Laughing aloud, throug h the puddles he splash es. He skips on the bus to a seat that is clean, And sits down right next to his friend Yanky Steen.

by Libby Lazewnik FOR AGES 4-8


Did you know that smiles can fly? In this charming, full-color book, our children will meet five young friends who discover the power of a smile. A Smile is Catchy is guaranteed to bring happy grins to the faces of our children (and grandkids!) as they enjoy the book’s sparkling rhymes, engaging illustrations, and, most of all, the positive, joyous message of the power of a smile.

‘Cause smiles are catchy, they really can stick.

From Djerba, legendary island of Kohanim, to Gateshead’s famed seminary. From Marseilles, where her husband was appointed av beis din, to Yerushalayim, where, as a widow, she married one of the outstanding figures in the Eida Chareidis. Shulamit Bitton-Blau’s life was quite a journey; and Shulamit was quite a personality. Bestselling author Libby Lazewnik brings her to vivid life: her unusual optimism and unshakable emunah, and her devotion to her family — a family that included all of Klal Yisrael.

Bring These Parshiyos to Life!

MP3 Player pre-loaded with over 200 shiurim from RABBI YISROEL REISMAN

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by Rabbi Avrohom Biderman

Tehillim • Shir HaShirim • Iyov • Yonah • Esther • Rus • Nechemia • Ezra • Daniel • Mishlei • Eichah • Chaggai • Basar B’Chalav • Ta’aruvas

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Ryzm H Edition BREW MISHNA HE I VL BA UD w Editions* Schottenstein Edition TALM bre English and He MISHNAH Edition Schottenstein UCIDATED EL UD TALM I LM A SH YERU brew Editions Schottenstein

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‫הרב רפאל משה געטינגער שליט"א ראש הישיבה‬


‫הנהלת הישיבה‬ ‫הרב יעקב שווימער • הרב משה ניימארק • הרב דוד הוברמן • הרב נפתלי ליבוביץ‬ RABBI TZVI LANG, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR • ‫הרב אברהם מינצר • הרב דניאל דאמבראב‬





5 7 7 8


8 : 0 0 P M












“She is a longtime resident of New Hampshire and is an engaged community member,” the woman’s attorney, Steven Gordon, wrote in court documents. “She wishes to continue this work and the freedom to walk into a grocery store or attend public events without being known or targeted as the winner of a half-billion dollars.” Lottery rules require the winner’s name, town and amount won to be available for public record. It also helps with lottery sales when a person holding up a giant check stands on stage. But Jane Doe just wishes to live “far from the glare and misfortune that has often fallen upon other lottery winners.” The state allows people to form an anonymous trust, but it’s a moot point for the woman – she has already signed her name and altering the signature would nullify the ticket. In a statement, New Hampshire lottery Executive Director Charlie McIntyre said the commission consulted with the state’s attorney general’s office and that the Powerball winner must abide by the disclosure laws “like any other.” “The New Hampshire Lottery understands that winning a $560 million Powerball jackpot is a life-changing occurrence,” the statement said. “Having awarded numerous Powerball jackpots over the years, we also understand that the procedures in place for prize claimants are critically important for the security and integrity of the lottery, our players and our games. While we respect this player’s desire to remain anonymous, state statutes and lottery rules clearly dictate protocols.” Jane Doe has good reason to want to remain in the shadows. There are numerous stories of lottery winners who have seen their winnings – and sometimes their lives – go up in smoke just months or years after they won the jackpot.






L.A.: Traffic Capital of the U.S.


Los Angeles is known for many things but traffic is not one the city should be proud of. The list of the world’s top ten most-traffic-congested urban areas is dominated by U.S. cities – and La La Land leads the pack. L.A., with its jam-packed freeways and driving culture despite

billions being poured into rail transit, emerged from the 1,360 other cities in  38 countries to claim the  worst-congestion title  for the sixth consecutive year in the 2017 traffic scorecard by INRIX, a leader in transportation analytics and connected car services.

Drivers in and around the City of the Angels spent 102 hours battling 2017 traffic congestion during peak hours, INRIX’s 11th annual report said.  Despite having the worst traffic congestion overall, Los Angeles had lower peak period tie-ups than San Francisco, Seattle, Boston and Portland, the INRIX study  showed. Nighttime travel is also a bright spot, with Los Angeles city streets ranking better than 35 other cities.  As horrible as L.A. traffic can be, New Yorkers shouldn’t be too gleeful. Motorists in the Big Apple spent  91 hours battling peak hour gridlock. Overall congestion speeds are 7.4 miles per hour, compared with 9.9 miles per hour in Los Angeles and 10.5 miles per hour in San Francisco. However, the city’s peak congestion rates on highways are  lower than those in the two California cities.  With an  average of 79 hours of congestion,  San Francisco is tied with Boston for the highest-congestion rates on arterial and city streets during peak commute hours. However, highways in the City by the Bay fare better in the peak period than Seattle, Boston, Portland, Los Angeles and six other cities. Atlanta and Miami also suffer from choking traffic, with Atlanta averaging 70 hours of traffic during peak hours, and Miami, despite miles of beaches, enduring 64 hours of traffic congestion. Beyond frayed nerves, traffic congestion  cost U.S. motorists nearly $305 billion in 2017, an average of $1,445 per driver, the study found. The estimated totals tally direct costs, such as the value of time spent in traffic and payments for extra fuel, plus indirect costs, including higher delivery spending for goods and services that companies pass along to customers.

The Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 8, 2018


Ryzman Editio

MISHNAH VLI HEBREW ein Edition UD BA TALM Schottenst brew Editions* English and He MISHNAH Edition Schottenstein UCIDATED EL UD TALM I LM A SH YERU brew Editions Schottenstein


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Get Connected Try the hearing aids that stream

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New York City motorists fared the worst among the nation’s urban areas. They  racked  up $2,982 in direct and indirect costs per driver during 2017, the report found. The city as a whole  faced an estimated $19.2 billion in total costs, the report said. New York City’s  Cross Bronx Expressway ranked as the nation’s most traffic-jammed corridor for the third year in a row. Based on the overall findings, the U.S. ranked as the most traffic-congested developed nation  in the world, with American drivers spending an average of 41 hours a year battling traffic during peak travel times of  6 a.m. to 9 a.m.,  and 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. Thailand topped the global breakdown  with drivers in the Southeast Asian nation spending an average of 56 hours in peak-hour congestion. Other countries  in the top five include Indonesia (51 hours), Colombia (49 hours), and Venezuela (42 hours).

No Match for Football

There is one thing that these Jeopardy contestants have not been doing: watching football. In an episode of Jeopardy that aired last week, the final category that was left during the round of Double Jeopardy was “football.” These brilliant players may have known answers to other esoteric questions that none of us would ever know but when it came to football, their minds were just as blank as ours are during a physics exam. “Your choice: do or don’t name this play in which the quarterback runs the ball and can choose to pitch it to another back” was the question in the $200 category. The buzzer rang as the players looked on with blank faces. If you guessed, “What is an option play?” you would have won big

last week. The three contestants ventured onto the other questions including “Tom Landry perfected the shotgun formation with this team.” The answer, which came from host Alex Trebek, was the Dallas Cowboys. After going 0 for 5 on all five questions, Trebek went to commercial break, saying he would have to have a “talk” with the contestants. I’m guessing they weren’t chatting about the Super Bowl.

Falling Shot

What goes around comes around. A hunter learned the hard way that birds aren’t lightweights when a Canada goose shot by a fellow hunter fell out of the sky and landed on his head. Robert Meilhammer, 51, ended up in the hospital after he was knocked unconscious. Meilhammer had been out hunting geese with three friends near the Miles River in Easton, Maryland, when someone in the group shot and killed the bird. “These birds weigh anywhere from 10 to probably 14 pounds,” Candy Thomson, spokeswoman for Maryland Natural Resources Police, said. Getting struck by one falling from the sky can mean “severe damage,” she said. The deceased goose also knocked out two of Meilhammer’s teeth. Didn’t he learn from Newton that, according to the laws of gravity, what goes up must come down?

A Sweet Bonus

Things are getting a whole lot sweeter for workers at Hostess Brands. The maker of Twinkies and

The Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 8, 2018



FEBRUARY 8, 2018 | The Jewish Home


The Jean Fischman Chabad Center of the Five Towns

inspire I N V I T E S O U R







Fe b r u a r y 2 5 , 2 0 1 8

6:00 PM


1 0 A d a r , 5 7 78

7:45 PM


Ding Dongs is going to be providing a $1,250 bonus to its 1,036 hourly employees thanks to Trump’s new tax plan. And that’s not all. To “further sweeten the benefit” the company will be giving all of its 1,300 employees a year’s worth of free baked products. Each week, for the next year, Hostess will select a product of the week and will gift a multi-pack to each employee. Sounds like they’re the Hostess with the mostess.

up to 93 miles per hour. Daredevils are strapped in like Superman, looking down from hair-raising heights. Once they reach their destination, a suspended landing platform, they are then transferred to a second line that measures half a mile to complete their route to the ground.

Not Your Average Croc

S E PH ARDIC TE M PL E 7 7 5 B R A N C H B L V D . C E D A R H U R S T , N Y 1 1 5 1 6





MR. & MRS.

MR. & MRS.





DR. & DR.

MR. & MRS.





EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Rabbi Zalman Wolowik DINNER CHAIRMEN Mr. & Mrs. Yosef Yitzchak & Penina Batsheva Popack Mr. & Mrs. Jeff & Shira Eisenberg Mr. & Mrs. Israel & Sharon Garber Mr. & Mrs. Larry & Susan Sachs

Need new shoes for the summer season? I would advise you not to buy these. Last fall, the fashion company Balenciaga debuted platform Crocs on its runway. The rubber clogs became available for preorder at Barney’s last week – and sold out within hours. Want to know why people were grabbing the high shoes off online shelves? I’d also like to know. They cost a whopping $850, have 4-inch platforms, and come with pin embellishments. Sounds like they’re expensive, not comfortable, and not too pretty. So what’s the draw? I’m still waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Calling All Daredevils Thought Ring Homestead was daunting? This zip line is not for the faint of heart. The Jebel Jais Flight zip line in Dubai is finally open to the public. Unlike no other, the world’s longest zip line launches from the top of the UAE’s highest peak, Jebel Jais. Starting from 1,680 meters above sea level, the zip line itself measures 1.6 miles; that’s more than three times the length of Dubai’s Burj Khalifa and the equivalent of 28 football pitches. Speeds can reach

The cost for this heart-stopping stunt? A mere $175. The zip line has been certified by the Guinness World Records as the longest zip line, and due to its unique location, it’s one of the world’s highest too. It beat out Puerto Rico’s longest zip line by a full 600 meters. The zip line should be able to accommodate 250 people a day – 100,000 daredevils a year will be taking the plunge. I’ll be the one taking the pictures from the ground.

Don’t Catch the Flu!

Read Dr. Lightman’s Flu update on page 108

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FEBRUARY 8, 2018 | The Jewish Home

Around the


Yeshiva Darchei Torah 3 Graders Entry into Torah Sheb’al Peh is Heralded with Songs and Colors rd


o celebrate the initiation of its third grade talmidim in the study of Mishnayos as well as Rashi’s peirush on Chumash, Yeshiva Darchei Torah held a grand event on Sunday with the participation of the boys’

parents and grandparents. The talmidim – divided into groups – sang inspiring songs about Rashi HaKadosh, Mishnayos and the first Mishnah in Brachos, with each group dressed in colorful costumes that served as distinct

representations of the subject of their singing.  The crowd was addressed by Rav Yaakov Bender, Rosh HaYeshiva; and Rav Dovid Morgenstern, menahel of the Upper Elementary School.

Rav Dovid Morgenstern, menahel of the Upper Elementary School of Yeshiva Darchei Torah

Rav Yaakov Bender, Rosh HaYeshiva, addressing the crowd of parents and grandparents at the celebration

Third graders examining their new Mishnayos

Spirited singing at the celebration

The Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 8, 2018



FEBRUARY 8, 2018 | The Jewish Home

Around the Community

Mir Alumni Kollel Inwood Branch Melava Malka


his past Motzei Shabbos, the Inwood branch of the Mir Alumni Kollel held a Melava Malka for the chaburah and their wives at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Shmuel Freedman in Inwood. Under the leadership of R’ Yosef Elephant, shlita, renowned maggid shiur in the Mir Yerushalayim, the Alumni Kollel currently has

Rav Pinchus Weinberger and R’ Shmuel Pepper at the melava malka

branches in nine different cities throughout the USA. The Inwood branch under the leadership of R’ Pinchus Weinberger, rav of Bais Tefila of Inwood, and R’ Avromi Robinson, the rosh chabura, opened a little over one year ago. There are now roughly 20 men learning sugyos in Shas with Marei Mekomos prepared by Rabbi Elephant,

shlita, every morning (Monday-Friday) at 6:00am with a live shiur on Thursday nights from Rabbi Elephant (via video hookup) which is broadcast to all nine Kollel branches. At the Melava Malka they were zoche to hear divrei chizuk from Rabbi Elephant (via video) as well as from Rabbi Weinberger, Rabbi Robinson, and R’ Shmuel

Pepper of Lakewood who runs the kollelim as well as a kumzits from R’ Dovy Brazil, a member of the Kollel. Both husbands and wives left the Melava Malka inspired and invigorated as Rabbi Elephant expounded on the power that learning Torah especially b’iyun injects into the entire home. The Kollel is currently housed in Bais Tefila of In-


wood which is located in Yeshiva Ketana of Long Island and is open to the entire community. For more information or to arrange a chavrusah please contact R’ Avromi Robinson at 773)-209-7077. The daily seder begins each morning at 6:00am followed by Shacharis at 6:55am.

If you missed it, or if you were there and want to



S hanghai

relive the experience

We are proud to offer a professional DVD available for purchase


for women only

To purchase please call:


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FEBRUARY 8, 2018 | The Jewish Home

Around the Community

TAG’S Fifty-Fifth Annual Dinner


ccording to Dinner Chairmen Eliyahu Berger and Yehuda Biber, the 55th Annual Dinner of Torah Academy for Girls promises to be an event that will touch the hearts of its attendees. The Dinner, which is scheduled to be held on Tuesday evening, February 20 at the Sands in Atlantic Beach, affords the TAG family an opportunity to enjoy a meaningful evening together. Journal Chairmen Moshe Feigenbaum and Dr. Ernest Isaacson and their entire committee are working hard to ensure the success of the evening. It is felt that this year’s theme of “b’chol levovcha” emphasizes the derech of chinuch that TAG has been providing for our community for over fifty years. The dinner will give us an opportunity to express our heartfelt gratitude to those who have stepped forward to ensure that TAG will be able to continue to teach and reach each talmidah. The farewell tribute to Morah Sara Drillman will certainly pull at the strings of the hearts of the many alumnae, current parents and faculty who hold her in such high esteem. Morah Sara Ickovitz came to TAG as a young teacher who was handpicked by Morah Sara Heiman Nadav who recognized her inborn talents when she watched her give shiurim in Camp Chedvah. Morah Heiman immediately recruited her to come teach in TAG where Morah Ickovitz taught 5th, 6th, and 7th grades. After her marriage, Morah Drillman taught 9th grade and it became obvious that with each passing year she gained a sterling reputation as a teacher who gave her heart and soul to her talmidos. Morah Drillman left TAG after she gave birth to her first child and taught high school classes in her own neighborhood of Brooklyn. Years later, when Morah Heiman remarried and left TAG to live in Eretz Yisroel, Morah Drillman was the perfect choice to become principal of TAG’s limudei kodesh department. Her interaction with her students and her faculty became legendary. Her ability to provide singular devotion to each of her many students endeared her to all who were privileged to have such a wonderful role model to emulate. Now that she is leaving TAG to embark on a new chinuch mission in Lakewood, this farewell tribute allows TAG an opportunity to express its hakaras hatov to a phenomenal mechaneches who has inspired the fortunate

talmidos of TAG for decades. Mr. Dudi & Mrs. Esti Gross will be the guests of honor at the Dinner. Upon first meeting Dudi and Esti you are immediately drawn to them. It could be their warm and friendly demeanor, their ability to make one feel at ease, their willingness to be helpful, or maybe all of the above. Both Dudi and Esti are actively involved in numerous chessed and tzedakah initiatives throughout the community, and are always ready to help TAG in any way they can. It therefore comes as no surprise that Torah Academy for Girls is pleased and grateful that they have agreed to serve as Guests of Honor at the forthcoming Annual Dinner Esti Gross, nee Newman, who grew up in Lawrence, is certainly no stranger to TAG, as a proud TAG graduate, class of 2002. After attending Queens College and getting married, Esti came back to TAG to work as an assistant in the Ganger Early Childhood Division. The beautiful dedication that Dudi and Esti donated in memory of her esteemed father, Norman “Tully” Newman, a”h, a TAG boardmember himself, now graces the Jarvis entrance to the preschool. Their son, Tully, named after his illustrious grandfather, currently attends Yeshiva Ketana of Long Island. Esti’s devotion to TAG is truly a yearlong affair. Currently, Esti works as an assistant in the TAG Elementary General Studies Department and spends her summers working in Camp Atara. She is a very active member of the Women’s League, involved in many projects throughout the year. The Gross daughters, Ilana, currently in our 5th grade, Leora in our 3rd grade, and Avigail in 1st grade, are very used to seeing their mother in school every day, whether at work or co-chairing Father-Daughter events, Mother-Daughter events, box top campaigns or just being available whenever she is needed. Dudi Gross was raised in Long Beach, NY, and his sisters went to TAG as well. He attended Yeshiva Darchei Torah for elementary and Yeshiva of Far Rockaway for high school. He then earned his bachelor’s from Queens College and a JD from Cardozo Law School. Today, Dudi is a successful tech entrepreneur. Having co-founded and sold his first internet startup, Empower NY, a revolutionary suite of online tools for real estate manage-

ment, Dudi is now working on his next technology venture. He has previously served as a chairman for TAG dinners, and as a committee member for the Yeshiva Ketana dinners. Aside from being a member of the TAG board, he is always willing to work behind-thescenes, whenever called upon, to use his skills to ensure the success of any TAG project. Dudi also serves on the board of Kehilas Ahavas Yisrael, under the leadership of Rabbi Daniel Glatstein, where the Gross family davens. It will certainly be both a pleasure and privilege to pay tribute to Dudi & Esti Gross at the dinner. The Rabbi Moshe Weitman Memorial Award is bestowed annually to a couple who exemplify and share the ideals and hashkafos of our beloved Dean, Rabbi Moshe Weitman, z”l. This year, TAG is privileged to be presenting this prestigious award to Rabbi Dov and Tamar Bauman who truly represent and exemplify the principles that Rabbi Weitman instilled in his talmidos. Their home is a representation of Torah, avodah and gemilas chassadim. In their quiet way they have helped many individuals, as well as communal organizations. They have an open-door policy for anyone in need including individuals, the unaffiliated, kiruv organizations, and of course their children’s friends. Their home has always been a makom Torah where shiurim are frequently hosted and open to all. Both Rabbi and Mrs. Bauman are avidly dedicated to the dissemination of Torah education and to the growth and development of klal Yisroel’s children and their adult counterparts. Rabbi Dov Bauman was a long time talmid in Yeshivas Ner Yisroel and learned in Eretz Yisroel under his rebbe muvhak, Rav Yonasan Berger. Upon returning to America, Rabbi Bauman worked for seven years as a Rebbe in Yeshivas Madreigas Ha’adam in Queens and as a part-time manager of a family owned business, Glatt Mart. Rabbi Bauman has a unique derech halimud which he learned under his Rebbe and has been teaching using this method for the past twelve years in his Amud Yomi shiur in Sh’or Yoshuv’s Kollel Boker. Rabbi Bauman’s passion in life is his learning and teaching. In his spare time as owner of Glatt Mart, he spends much time preparing his shiurim, provides professional development classes for

Rebbes on teaching Gemara and has presented his well-received approach to learning at Torah U’Mesorah. Rabbi Bauman has also earned a sterling reputation as an honest businessman with an eye on helping the klal in whatever way possible. Tamar Bauman, nee Mezei, was raised in Staten Island and graduated from Pace University with a doctorate in School-Clinical Psychology. She works as a senior coach and mentor through Hidden Sparks and provides ongoing education and coaching to Jewish Day School teachers as well as supervision and mentoring to teacher-coaches in training. Her life’s work has been dedicated to helping children identify their individual strengths, face their challenges and learn to thrive both in school and in life. Although Mrs. Bauman can rightfully be called Dr. Bauman, it is her title as wife and mother that she is most proud of and prefers to use. As a mother of bli ayin hara nine beautiful daughters, she always puts her family first and is devoted to the continuous growth and development of her children, Meira, Elisheva, Yael, Kayla, Ariella, Gila, Chana, Leah and Avigail. Our current TAG students, Yael, a senior in Machon Sarah High School and Kayla in tenth grade, are avid fans of the school, as were their older sisters, TAG alumnae, Meira and Elisheva. Meira is married to Moshe Beitler and lives in Eretz Yisroel where her husband learns by Rav Asher Arielli while she is working towards her MBA at Bar Ilan. Elisheva recently returned from Bnos Sara seminary, is currently studying psychology in Touro College, and will be pursuing a doctorate in the field. All of the Bauman girls credit TAG for providing them with a stellar chinuch and general studies education, as well as an unusually positive social environment to thrive in. Additionally, they all believe that the opportunities that they were provided with throughout their years in TAG helped them hone in on their individual strengths and helped clarify for them their individual life paths. TAG looks forward to presenting the Rabbi Moshe Weitman Memorial Award to the Baumans at the dinner. For dinner reservations and journal ads, please contact us at 718-4718444,, or online at

The Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 8, 2018



FEBRUARY 8, 2018 | The Jewish Home

Around the Community

Rav Hershel Schachter, Rosh Yeshiva of YU, Returns to Rambam


abbi Hershel Schachter, Rosh Yeshiva at RIETS, visited Rambam to farher the talmidim in Rabbi Yosef Ziskind’s afternoon Double Bais Medrash Shiur and spoke to the entire Mesivta as well. The 12 boys in the Shiur have spent the year learning various sugyos in Meseches Chulin and presented their topics as chavrusas. Rav Schachter asked each group questions on what they said and frequently nodded his head in approval of their presentations. Overall, it was clear that the talmidim knew their sugya well and had a deep understanding of the various shitos/opinions dealing with the topic. Boaz Aeder and Sam Sicklick presented the topic of “Nosein taam bar

ferent opinions of the Rishonim. Yitzy Lisker and Dovi Breuer presented the key opinions in the prohibition of bishul basar b’cholov and compared it to hilchos Shabbos.  Effie Klein and Ethan

practice of taam kikar, as did David Rabinovich and Sam Cohen. At the conclusion of the bechina, Rav Schachter was escorted downstairs and he spoke to the whole Me-

nosein taam,” and Yoni Grossman and Moshe Mottahedeh further elaborated on the issue by framing two dif-

Selevan analyzed the permutations of netilas yadyim, and Akiva Schuck and Yoni Schlager discussed the theory and

sivta. He quoted Rav Chaim Volozhin who  explained the reason that tefillin has kedusha while tzitzis or a lulav do

not. “Kedusha is tied to kisvei kodesh, text of pesukim, hence tefillin has more kedusha than mezuzah and a sefer Torah has more kedusha than either – because it has more pesukim.  All Jews have kedusha because the Torah is infused in all of us. The challenge is to continue to grow in Torah by learning as much as you can and by ‘pestering’ your rebbeim and asking questions in learning.”  A lively question and answer session followed. Students from all grades had the opportunity to pose questions in halacha and hashkafa.  Rav Schachter answered all queries in a very practical matter. When it came time to go, many students took Rav Schachter’s advice and continued to “pester him” with “just one more question.” The talmidim in Rambam greatly enjoyed and were enriched by the visit and look forward to the next time Rav Schachter returns once again to share his perspectives, inspiration and divrei Torah.

Israel’s Ministry of Education Prepares to Embrace the Families of the New Ramat Givat Zeev Neighborhood


n an effort to embrace the growing community of Israel’s new Ramat Givat Zeev neighborhood, Israel’s Ministry of Education has confirmed that they will be allocating 15 million shekels (about $4 million) to build two new schools in Ramat Givat Zeev. Construction will begin in the next three months and the schools are expected to be fully operational to accommodate students starting as soon as the 2019 school year. With an emphasis on providing the highest standards in academic excellence, the

schools are putting great emphasis on hiring the best staff and the most experienced teachers. The neighboring Givat Zeev council stated proudly that this is the shortest wait time any new neighborhood’s residents can expect for the approval of plans for these impressive public institutions. It is expected that these high quality educational institutions will draw students from all over Jerusalem and will be a point of pride for the Ramat Givat Zeev community and its residents.

The Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 8, 2018

Yachad Tu B’Shvat and Super Bowl Party


his past Wednesday, Yachad Long Island held their first ever Tu B’Shvat Supermarket Challenge at Seasons in Lawrence hosted by the Kosher Guru! Yachad members and high school peers arrived at J2 Pizza in Lawrence where they were greeted and learned about the holiday of Tu B’Shvat. Following that, the groups were split into 7 teams, each representing one of the 7 species in Israel, and given the task to creatively purchase an item from Seasons Supermarket to represent their species. With a ticking clock and a tight budget, Kosher Guru blasted music and MC’d the event, bringing joy and smiles to all the participants and shoppers. The group then headed to pizza to share their purchases, describe their experiences, and enjoy a delicious dinner together with friends. The attendees learned about the holiday, practiced time-man-

agement skills, budgeted, worked as a team, and gained life skills. The event was a huge success and Yachad thanks the Kosher Guru, Seasons of Lawrence, J2 Pizza, and the incredible crowd and staff who participated. Continuing the fun, Yachad LI threw an amazing Super Bowl LII party at their very own Long Island Center in North Woodmere with a big screen, catering by Carlos & Gabby’s, hands-on Super Bowl activities and busloads of guests. The inclusive Super Bowl party was an epic success and afforded both Yachad members and peers a wonderful environment to enjoy the game together. Yachad thanks Dina and Jonathan Ohebshalom for their generous sponsorship of the event. For more information about Yachad Long Island, please contact

S! O B ABng You! H S ZEITo Greeti T O M orward S I THooking F ‫ישיבה דרך איתן‬ L

‫ע”ש מרן רבי‬ ‫אברהם יפה'ן זצ”ל‬


The Rabbi

Aaron Brafman

TRIBUTE DINNER C o m m e m o r a t i n g a L i f e o f B u i l d i n g Ta l m i d i m

Mr. Benjamin Brafman Guest of Honor L

Accepting the Rabbi Aaron Brafman Memorial Tribute


Around the Community

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Motzei Shabbos, February 10, 2018 ‫ כ”ה שבט תשע”ח‬- ‫שקלים‬-‫מוצאי שבת פרשת משפטים‬ At the Yeshiva Campus 802 Hicksville Road, Far Rockaway, New York 11691

4 9 T H



For reservations or journal ad placement please contact: P. 718.327.7600 E. W.



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Around the Community

JEP-LI & Camp Nageela Host Third Annual Real Estate Networking Event


his past Monday night, more than two hundred real estate professionals representing dozens of leading New Yorkbased firms came together at the Museum of Jewish Heritage to support “Building the Future on the Heritage of the Past: An Evening of Real Estate Networking.” Attendees were there to network and make new business connections and enjoy the delicious food and wine pairings presented by Catering by Michael Schick as part of the exclusive benefit for JEP-LI and Camp Nageela. Raffle prizes were sponsored by Berkshire Bank and included the latest gadgets and gifts such as the Nintendo Super NEC Classic, Echo Show, Bose Wireless Headphones, a Smart Watch, New York Islanders and Brooklyn Nets tickets, and ties from David Fin. JEP-LI honored a pillar in the real estate community with the “Building Jewish Communities” award bestowed upon 601W. The “Young Pioneer” award was given to Len Berkowitz of Riverside TACS, a new entity of Riverside Abstract. Along with 601W and Riverside Abstract, sponsors included Meridian Capital Group, Galil, Saltmeadow-Townhouses by JDS Development, Ramer and Saperstein, The Battery Group, DJ Associates, ChutePlus, StaffPro, Bluerock Development, Berdon, and Westwood. Meyer Mintz and Izzy Wasser, event chairs, said it was a great success due to the collaborative effort of the event committee. “We had our largest attendance yet because so many new people in the industry worked together to spread the word and share their contacts. That’s what the real estate business is all about and we were thrilled to see all the movers and shakers un-

der one roof to benefit a great cause.” Now in its third year, the event is a key fundraiser for the organization and helps enrich its many programs. JEP-LI has been inspiring unaffiliated Jewish children since 1985 through its learning sessions, shabbatons, holiday-themed events, trips, and top-notch sleepaway, Camp Nageela. “I personally have met so many kids whose lives have been changed by Camp Nageela. It is my pleasure to help JEP/Camp Nageela keep doing this great work,” said Michael Schick. The organization gives children the guidance and sense of belonging that they need to feel a real connection to Yiddishkeit. “Through these events, we’re able to bring more chizuk to our efforts and continue to build young Jewish souls,” said Rabbi Wurem, JEP-LI COO, who works closely with JEP’s director, Rabbi Shenker, to enhance the JEPLI Torah-learning experience. One of the most meaningful parts of the evening was hearing from Noa Gor-

The JEP REN Committee: Michael Ryback, Meridian Capital Group, LLC and JEP REN Event Chairman; Izzy Wasser, Wasco Realty and JEP REN Event Chairman; Michael Schick, Catering by Michael Schick and JEP President; Rabbi David Shenker; Rabbi Yitzchok Wurem, JEP; and Michael Mintz, Berdon LLP and JEP REN Event Chairman

Rabbi Yitzchok Wurem and Rabbi David Shenker of JEP; Akiva Milgraum, Cactus Holdings, Inc.; Ralph Herzka, Meridian Capital Group, LLC; Aaron Zelefsky accepting the Building Jewish Communities award on behalf of 601w; Yoni Goodman, Meridian Sales; and Michael Schick of Catering by Michael Schick and JEP President

Izzy Wasser, JEP REN Event Chairman; Joel Klein, BizTank founder and producer; and Rabbi David Shenker

Michael Schick; Avi Weinstock, Meridian Capital Group, LLC; Dov Weinstock, Wachtel Missry.; and Aron Forman, Greystone & Co., Inc.

jian, a 16-year-old JEP-LI participant, who said, “Camp Nageela is not just a camp where we go just to have fun in the summer and leave at the end. It is a place that I carry with me throughout the

year.” Ms. Gorijan spent two summers at Camp Nageela and added how her life was transformed as a result. “I came home with a new appreciation of what it really means to connect with Hash-

Rabbi David Shenker with JEP REN’s Young Pioneer awardee, Len Berkowitz, Esq, Riverside TACS

Ohavia Feldman of JEP and Meyer Mintz, JEP REN Event Chairman, announcing the raffle prize winners

em. The staff cares about each of us and they create an atmosphere of positivity and fun. They encourage us to be the best that we can be. Thank you for giving us this opportunity.”

To sponsor a child to Camp Nageela this summer and for more information about JEPLI, contact 516-374-1528, ext. 104 or email







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N CE 1975

Under New Management

Sonic Duo Productions Presents


The original Uncle Moishy’s Greatest Album Yet A Musical Production Unparalleled in Jewish Children’s Edu-tainment


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844.4. orUNCLEMOISHY 347.467.1958

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FEBRUARY 8, 2018 | The Jewish Home

Around the Community

Getting Tax Aware in Bayswater


ast week, on the evening of January 30, at The Bayswater Jewish Community Center, the Bayswater Civic Association and All Going Realty hosted a panel of tax experts. Representatives from the NYC Department of Finance, a taxpayer advocate from the IRS branch of NYS, and a property value assessor from NYC gave over a lot of valuable information that could potentially save homeowners a lot of money, short term and even long term. Here’s a brief synopsis of what was discussed at this event. The NYC Taxpayer Advocate representatives spoke about the types of exemptions that NYC recognizes that one can apply for. Here is a list of some exemptions: • STAR (School Tax Relief Basic Star) - available to homeowners that make less than $500K annual adjusted gross income. • Enhanced STAR - Available to owners 65+ with annual income less than $86K. • Disabled Homeowners Exemption (DHE) - available to owners with disabilities and annual income of $58,399 or less. • Veterans Exemption - available to certain veterans, spouses/widow(er)s of veterans, and Gold Star parents • Clergy Exemption - available

to certain members of the clergy or their un-remarried surviving spouse. To get more information regarding eligibility of the STAR and Enhanced STAR exemptions please call 518-457-2036 or visit For all other exemptions please go to or call 311 for more information on how to apply. All exemptions applications must be submitted before the deadline of March 15, 2018. NYC homeowners can also apply for a reduction of property taxes based on value. If you disagree with your Assessed Value You can challenge your Assessed Value by appealing with the NYC Tax Commis-

sion, an independent agency. Please see: finance/taxes/property-forms/ The NYC Department of Finance representative spoke about the importance of homeowners protecting their deeds. Unfortunately, many senior citizens have fallen victim to deeds being taken away from them by scammers. A story that was shared was about a widowed senior that had the home fully paid for and was looking to sell and relocate to Florida. After the title company did their investigation they discovered that there were four other owners listed

on the deed with a mailing address in Arizona – the actual homeowner’s name was not listed at all! Sometimes scammers have you physically sign a document that transfers the deed to their name. They can do it in a form of pretending to offer you a grant for home repairs, although the form you are signing has nothing to do with home repairs. Some have fallen victim even without signing over their deed, with the scammer forging the signature. Here are some tips with telltale signs that you or your loved one may have fallen victim to deed fraud: you stop receiving your NYC Tax bill and or your water bill. If you suspect that your deed has been stolen from you, please call 311 immediately and ask to be connected to the Sheriff’s office. Time is of the essence, the longer you wait the harder it may be to reverse the damage. A representative at the IRS spoke about their taxpayer advocate service for individuals who are facing personal or business issues with the IRS and other free services that are available. The audience left informed as to ways they may be able to reduce their NYC property taxes, and the resources available to them, and that they may able to combat the trend of their taxes being continually raised for the past 7 years.

Scholastic Awards at DRS


ast Tuesday, January 6, DRS was overjoyed to discover that three DRS seniors received awards from the Scholastic Art & Writing Competition! In 2017-2018, over 330,000 pieces of writing and art were submitted from students across the country to the Scholastic awards. Mrs. Robin Schick oversaw each student’s application for the competition and was readily available to assist them through their difficulties. Jake Weinstock was awarded Honorable Mention in the Fashion category for his self-designed cloth-

ing piece Bleached Cowboy. Jacob Appel received a Silver Key in the Script

Writing category for his original script Tell Her. Sruli Fruchter was first granted an

Honorable Mention in the Drawings & Illustrations category for his creative art-

work piece The Color in Life; he also wrote a personal essay titled Confronted with Dialogue that was awarded a Silver Key in the Personal Essays & Memoirs category. “Having both my personal essay and my artwork recognized by the Scholastic Art & Writing Competition is very fulfilling. I can’t thank Mrs. Schick enough for helping me through the entire process,” said Fruchter. DRS prides itself on balancing its Judaic studies with secular studies, while at the same time appreciating the creativity and innovative mindset of its students.

The Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 8, 2018

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Exper1ence the d1fference meet our heads of staff: Al1za Yurman, Camp D1rector Bracha gluck, Program D1rector • Al1za Schwadel, head counselor Faye Metz, Pre-school • Chavs1e Fr1edman, Grades 1-5 Nechama Le1bow1tz, Grades 6-7 Atara Adventures • Rachayl Bornste1n, Grade 8 C1T Program

Reg1ster today! campers ages 3-13 • • 718.471.8444 x234 444 beach 6th street, far rockaway 11691



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Around the Community

Rav Olshin Visits MSP


he staff and talmidim from MSP were treated to a special guest on Sunday, the Rosh Hayeshiva of Beth Medrash Gevoah (BMG) Hagoan Rav Yeruchim Olshin, shlita. Rav Olshin visited MSP and spoke to the bochurim about the significance of being the first entering class and the responsibility they carry as the inaugural class of the new yeshiva. The Rosh Hayeshiva compared the MSP boys to the 14 bochurim who initially came to start BMG with Rav Ahron Kotler, z”l, and

how it is now the largest yeshiva in the world. The Rosh Hayeshiva indicated that our boys have the potential to follow in this path. Rav Olshin showed such warmth and sensitivity to the ninth graders, shaking hands and asking each bochur from which yeshiva he attended last year and how it is going so far at MSP. The bochurim were struck by the Rosh Hayeshiva’s warmth and concern for each of them, clearly his visit made an indelible mark on each of them.

Kulanu Brings Awareness to Five Towns and Far Rockaway Communities


uring February, Jewish Disabilities Awareness and Inclusion month, Kulanu offers its annual community awareness Shabbaton. This past weekend a contingent of over forty Kulanu students, volunteers and faculty held their annual get-together in Lawrence and Far Rockaway. Rabbi Duvie Zeidel of Torah L’Kulanu conveyed the value of including individuals with special needs to the congregants of Shaaray Tefila and the White Shul. Kulanu staff members were joined by volunteers from DRS and Shalhevet who assisted in chaperoning the participants. Rabbi Feiner of the White Shul arranged a special Kabbalas Shabbos program with

Shlomo Reich as ba’al tefilla concluding Lecha Dodi with spirited dancing. Rabbi Feiner also delivered a passionate drasha welcoming the program participants. As part of the Shabbos program, students proudly recited kiddush, shared divrei Torah and enjoyed social activities with the rabbi and congregants. Participants were hosted by generous families from the Five Towns community. On Shabbat morning, Kulanu students davened at Shaaray Tefila. Rabbi Orlian invited Kulanu students to participate in Shacharis and they were honored with many kibbudim including four aliyas, two pesichas and gelila! As part of his drasha, Rabbi

Orlian described the wonderful aspects of Kulanu and the impressive work Rabbi Duvie Ziedel does as the director of Torah L’Kulanu. During Shalosh Seudas, Rabbi Zeidel delivered a

thoughtful dvar Torah, spoke about special needs, Kulanu programs and how they service the community. KulanuaAlumnus Jordan Scharf delivered an inspiring talk on how Kulanu has changed his

life. Following graduation, Jordan was able to create and lead the Kulanu Travels recreation program for adults with special needs. After Shabbat, the community was invited to join the Shabbaton participants in a special inclusion Melave Malka. Kulanu sponsored pizza and ice cream alongside a special magic show given by The Magic of Alexo. Kulanu would like to thank the congregants of the White Shul and Shaaray Tefila for their warm welcome and for making the Kulanu Shabbaton 2018 a wonderful success. For information about Torah L’Kulanu please contact Rabbi Zeidel at 516-5693083 ext #327.

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FEBRUARY 8, 2018 | The Jewish Home

Around the Community

Midreshet Shalhevet Welcomes Semester with War


idreshet Shalhevet students were welcomed back to the new semester with quite a surprise on leil Tu B’Shvat: color war breakout! MSH’s 201718 G.O. presidium, President Sarah Austin, Vice President Aviva Marmer, Becky Haviv, Jackie Kramer, and Lital Davidov, with the help of Coach Ilona Diamond, has been planning this color war for quite some time. Months ago they decided on the theme. Since color war would take place on Tu B’Shvat, the teams would represent the chag and compete as teams Zayit (green) vs Dvash (yellow). G.O. was able to keep color war and its breakout a secret because the breakout was kind of announced to everyone! Over winter break, all the students were sent numerous emails announcing a Chidon Habrachot which excited the students because it would be held as a Kahoot! As the school sat with their eyes glued to the screen ahead of them, the challenging game of Kahoot!, answering questions on many peculiar brachot as well as about the chag, was underway. A few options appeared on the screen and everyone looked around confused. What did color war have to do with brachot? Suddenly, as the surprise set in, the room erupted in cheers. Color war was here! After the announcement, the girls were quickly divided up into teams Zayit and Dvash, donned their team shirts, and immediately filtered into their respective headquarters to strategize, divide up jobs, from song and banner, to cheer and dance. Quickly, everybody sketched out their ideas and claimed spots for the apache races. Wednesday morning, both teams

well, with lyrics including; Imagine there’s no high school, where you feel you belong No place to make us, make us feel strong Imagine we don’t have, what we have today-ay-ay Imagine there’s no teachers, supporting what we do No friends who feel like family, helping with every move Imagine we don’t have, what we have today-ay-ay-ay

arrived in full color attire and got started learning their amazing team songs, team cheers, and dances, all while everyone participated in loads of activities G.O. had meticulously prepared. Competitions included an apache race with instructions for lightening quick activities like “mummifying” someone with toilet paper, tasting new and interesting Tu B’Shvat fruits, a scavenger hunt, and more! There was a cake-off, where both teams created beautiful, edible depictions of their team theme in icing. A team building activity had the girls spell out words with their bodies, which was hysterical to watch, and last but not least there was a trivia tournament with many different categories. The closing presentations finally came along and everybody performed at their best. The teams were able to display all the elements they had worked so hard on all day. There was a team cheer, a dvar Torah, an

alma mater song, and an amazing banner. The green team banner represented all the sheva minim as a nod to Tu B’Shvat, while specifically highlighting the beautiful zeitim. Their song included lyrics that truly represents the sentiments that every student who walks through the MSH halls feels.  What we’re known for is the flame,  Our love for mitzvot they can’t tame We came as freshman, we didn’t know things Then came sophomores, the teachers gave us wings Once upperclassmen, Shalhevet’s in their hearts And when we leave, we’ll be sad to part

Imagine halls with smiles, laughter fills your ears Passion filled discussions, signs of joyous years Look at what we have… right in front of us “Even though color war is a competition, and both the yellow and green teams worked hard to win, it was so nice to see everyone still being nice to each other and cheering for the other team as well,” shared G.O. member Becky Haviv. G.O. representative Lital Davidov said planning color war was even better than actually participating, because she got to see all the behind the scenes “stuff.” While the final scores were tallied, waiting for the announcement, cheers of achdut could be heard from far away, and though team Dvash won this color war, everybody left with smiles! Color war is always a highlight at MSH!

Similar feeling were conveyed through the yellow team’s song as

A Pilpul on Peppers

Naphtali Sobel on page 110

The Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 8, 2018


Around the Community

Tending to Our Seedlings in Gan Chamesh

Mr. and Mrs.


Descending from the eminent Edelstein and Fuchs families, Yoily and Shaindy Edelstein are scions of Chessed and Askanus. Residents of Lawrence NY, they have been Bnos Bais Yaakov parents for eight years. Upon joining the BBY family, Shaindy immediately became active in the PTA, and within two years joined its presidium. Busy though he is as CEO of Kennedy Management LLC, a family owned health care company and an active board member of both Yeshiva Darchei Torah and Agudas Yisroel of America, Yoily willingly agreed to become a member of the board of Bnos Bais Yaakov in its time of need.

the message of Tu B’Shvat. The fun continued in the classrooms as Box Week was introduced as part of the Gan Chamesh recycling initiative. Toys in the classroom were replaced by boxes. Imaginations soared as the young students turned into engineers and architects while using the boxes to design elaborate play structures. It is these “out of the box” activities that continue to make the children in Gan Chamesh love learning. For more information about Gan Chamesh, Chabad’s Early Childhood Center, please contact Susy Adler or Suzanne Wallin, the program directors, at 516-295-2479.

mazdesign 718.471.6470


u B’Shvat came to life at Gan Chamesh, Chabad’s Early Childhood Center last week. Stations at a unique Tu B’Shvat fair promoted hands-on learning through real life experiences, giving the children an opportunity to manipulate natural materials. The young students experimented with soil, seeds, twigs, acorns and pinecones in individual sensory bins. There was a “Create a Forest” area with real tree stumps, leaves, branches and grass. The children experienced pattern-making with fruit kabobs and tree-making at the light table, among other exciting activities. The children gained a deeper appreciation of Hashem’s beautiful natural world and truly internalized

Through their support, vision and unyielding commitment, the Edelsteins have assured the vitality of the school, standing at its helm as it has grown exponentially. Asked why they are so committed to Bnos Bais Yaakov at every turn, the Edelstein’s modestly assert that they gain more from their involvement than they can ever give.


FEBRUARY 8, 2018 | The Jewish Home

The Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 8, 2018


Around the Community

Tu B’Shvat at SKA selves to produce new fruits in the service of Hashem. The Tu B’Shvat seder evolved among kabbalists who settled in Tzefat following the Spanish Expulsion; by eating the fruits of Eretz Yisroel, a heightened sense of connection to the land is felt. In their seder, the SKA Seniors began with grape juice, making brachot on the juice, the sheva minim and the subsequent fruits they ate while discussing the significance of each. The seder served as a reminder of our yearning to return to the Land of Israel and an opportunity to reflect on our connection to Hashem.   Our thanks go to Mrs. Deena Kobre, Associate Principal, Mrs. Paghit Ralbag and Mrs. Avital Braun, 12th grade GLAs, and Mrs. Elisheva Kaminetsky, Director of Religious Guidance, for organizing this special program.

SKA students enjoying the fruits of Tu B’Shvat

Rabbi and Mrs.


Rabbi Menachem Mandel - better known as “Rabbi Mandel” is the engine that keeps Bnos Bais Yaakov running. It remains a mystery how he manages to be in all places at once, but somehow, no matter what is needed, Rabbi Mandel stays one step ahead of the action, overseeing the global operations of Bnos Bais Yaakov, Tichon Meir Moshe, and Ateres Nechama Liba Simcha Hall. He is at the same time the embodiment of efficiency and reliability, and also of affability. He is the first to come and the last to leave. The very face of Bnos Bais Yaakov. Affectionately known by her students as “Bubby Mandel,” Mrs. Leah Mandel has been a beloved teacher in Tichon Meir Moshe for over a decade, and the head lifeguard of Orah Day Camp. Her trademark smile and incredible dedication, endears her to her colleagues, staff and her students. Together, this power couple literally keeps the gears of Bnos Bais Yaakov chugging happily along seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

mazdesign 718.471.6470


ables laden with fresh and dried fruit filled the hallway at the Stella K. Abraham High School for Girls on Wednesday, January 31, in honor of Tu B’Shvat. The Rosh Hashana for fruit trees was observed in true SKA style as students and faculty members partook of all different types of fruit that grow in Israel with various brachot posted. Mrs. Helen Spirn, Head of School, thanked the students who set up the beautiful display and invited all to enjoy! In a more in-depth celebration, the 12th grade class had a Tu B’Shvat “seder” exploring new insights about the month of Shvat and the holiday of Tu B’Shvat. When the fruit trees are renewing themselves and preparing to produce new fruits, the SKA students learned that each of us should consider how to renew our-


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Clear Solutions Creating an elegant Shalach Monos is effortless with these quality

acrylic serving pieces. With luxurious, modern design, they double as gifts your friends and family will appreciate and use for years to come.


BORO PARK 4518 13th Ave. 718.854.2595 LAKEWOOD TODD PLAZA 1091 River Ave. (Rt 9) 732.364.8822 CEDARHURST 134 Washington Ave. 516.218.2211 ORDER ONLINE @ THECLOSEOUTCONNECTION.COM


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FEBRUARY 8, 2018 | The Jewish Home

Around the Community

Fruity Fun


nnovation and creativity are always apparent at Shulamith, and this year’s Tu B’Shvat celebration in the Lower Division was certainly ingenious and new! Students in Grades 1-4 were divided into seven teams, each of which presented one of the Shivat Haminim in an imaginative way. The first grade morot helped the Green Team, Gefen, prepare a song about gefen that the girls presented in front of the entire school. The second graders of Team Rimon, the red team, made a large pomegranate, and each student decorated a seed with a mitzvah she loves. They also sang a song about the uses of the rimon on the Kohen Gadol’s garments. The third graders were divided into two teams and dressed in their team colors: yellow for Team Chitah and brown for Team Zayit. Each class made up a cheer for their species! In the fourth grade, there were three teams. The Purple Team, Ti’ena, created a poster depicting a fig tree with a giant fig and Adam and Chava wearing leaves from the teina tree. The White Team, S’ora, used

many accessories to dress themselves completely in white. Finally, the Brown Team, Tamar, focused on the mitzvah of using the tamar leaves for Sukkot and “tzaddik katamar yifrach.” The second graders of Team Rimon were declared the winners of this unique Color War competition, but truthfully, every girl enjoyed the experience, learned a lot and felt like a winner! In celebration of their participation and sportsmanship, and in honor of the special day, every talmidah received two treats – fruit sticks and a flower pen, which will serve as mementoes of this very special event!

Nutrition by Tanya to Open 10th Location on Upper West Side


ver the past 13 years her name has become synonymous with nutrition and in addition to offering counseling, personal training and her own line of vitamins, juices and food products, Tanya Rosen is set to open her tenth location on the Upper West Side, giving Manhattanites a convenient way to join the Nutrition by Tanya family. More than 10,000 satisfied clients in Boro Park, Flatbush, Williamsburg, Crown Heights, Five Towns, Lakewood, Monsey, Monroe and Monticello have found the exceptional warmth and personal attention offered by the Nutrition by Tanya team to be the key to dieting success. Having faced her own weight issues after the birth of her first child, Tanya began exploring the worlds of diet and exercise, and she soon abandoned her plans of becoming a lawyer, choosing instead to blaze a trail in the world of nutrition.

“Having been there myself, I know that dieting is hard but it also gives me a greater ability to relate to my clients,” explained Tanya. “They know that if I did it, they can too, and I remind them that any advice I give them is something I follow myself.” With her warm personality and her unique ability to connect with people, Tanya soon found herself overwhelmed with clients. In order to meet the growing demand, she cultivated a team of like-minded individuals, each one handpicked for their professional expertise, enthusiasm and positive outlook on life. Each one is trained in the Nutrition by Tanya program, which in addition to focusing on nutrition, diet and exercise, also includes large doses of personal attention. Over time it became apparent that the kosher dieter faced many challenges, with ready-made diet foods few and far between and

restaurant dining filled with potential pitfalls. The solution was a full line of ready made Tanya Approved Products (TAP) including muffins, cookies, kugels, challah rolls, pizza, eggplant parmesan, baked ziti, soup and more, in addition to vitamin and juice lines that have both been well received. While clients can purchase TAP items at Nutrition By Tanya locations, they are also carried by numerous kosher supermarkets and health food stores throughout the greater New York area, and Tanya-approved dishes can be found on menus at Brooklyn’s Noribar, Sushi K Bar and Pescada, Monsey’s Chop and Chill, and Lakewood’s Glatt Bite, Upper Crust, Otimo, Sprinkles, Entree and Jerusalem Pizza. The Upper West Side Nutrition by Tanya location will be opening in the beginning of February at 309 W. 89th Street between West End Avenue and Riverside Drive. Being able

to set up shop in Manhattan is a gratifying moment for Tanya, who looks forward to serving an even larger audience. “It’s hard to believe that we have been able to reach so much of the Jewish community and we are grateful for the opportunity to help even more people,” said Tanya. “Nutrition is a lifelong commitment and because we get to know our clients on a personal level we are there for them every step of the way, sharing their triumphs, coaching them through the more challenging moments and being there for them throughout their journey to better health.” For more information on Nutrition By Tanya and TAP-approved products, visit, email Tanya at, or call 844-TANYA-DIET.

The Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 8, 2018


Around the Community

KolSave Market to Host Spectacular Purim Carnival


urim is almost here, and KolSave Market, the Five Towns’ new price- and value-centered kosher superstore, is welcoming the yom tov with a spectacular in-store carnival. The free event will take place this Sunday between 1 PM and 4PM and will feature popular Jewish singer Benny Friedman, as well as a wide array of fun-filled activities, refreshments and many exciting prizes and giveaways. And for those who have not yet visited the new store, the event will also offer a perfect opportunity to check out the spacious facility, the wide selection of products, and, of course, the amazingly low prices. But according to director of purchasing Howie Klagsbrun, even newly-minted KolSave “regulars” will be pleasantly surprised to see how many items have been added to the store’s inventory in the short time it’s been open. “We’re gratified by all the positive feedback we’ve been getting from shoppers, but we’re really just get-

ting started,” says Howie. “Not only will we add many new products in the coming weeks, we’ll continue to focus on saving our customers even more money by offering rock-bottom, blowout deals to complement our regular low, low, pricing.” The pre-Purim sale the store is running right now is a perfect example of that approach, he observes. “These are prices that really have to be seen to be believed.”

KolSave Market is located at 11 Lawrence Lane (the former home of Brach’s). Like traditional one-stop supermarkets, KolSave features fresh produce, meat, fish and deli departments. A full array of grocery products includes name brand and off-brand items, as well as regular packaging and larger quantity packaging designed to deliver even more savings and value.

A new mega-size Amazing Savings, which celebrated its grand opening this past Sunday, shares the Lawrence Lane complex, now named Savings Plaza. KolSave Market is open Sun, Mon, Tues: 9am-7pm; Wed: 9am -10pm; Thurs: 9 am-11pm; Fri: 8am2 hours before Shabbos. Free parking is available.

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Around the Community

HANC Chag HaSiddur Rabbi Dovid Orlofsky of Har Nof spoke before a nice size crowd at Congregation Kneseth Israel, The White Shul, in Far Rockaway this week. His topic was “Coming back to Life.”


Shevach Alumnae Enjoy Reunion with their Principals in Eretz Yisrael


he auditorium of HANC’s Samuel and Elizabeth Bass Golding Elementary School in West Hempstead was filled with great excitement in anticipation of the spectacular Chag HaSiddur. Parents, siblings and grandparents came extra early to secure seats for this extraordinary event. As the children marched in and took their places on the stage, it was evident that the standing room only crowd was in for a special treat. The first grade students performed magnificently, dedicating their commitment to Hashem and tefillah and beautifully expressed their appreciation for everything that Hashem has given them. In addition to their individual speaking parts, which they delivered with confidence and pride, they sang melodious songs of praise for Hashem, accompanied by the music of HANC’s talented music teacher, Rabbi Mordechai Shapiro. At the conclusion of their play, each child was called up to receive his/her first siddur. As the children stepped forward to receive their siddurim, which were presented by Rabbi Yaakov Sadigh, HANC principal, the excitement that they felt was apparent in the glow on their faces. The children couldn’t wait to begin to daven with their new siddurim. This superb program could not have been possible without the contributions of many dedicated partners. Thank you to the classroom teachers, Morah Rahel Kreisler, Morah

Rivka Goldson, Morah Shoshana Honig, Morah Daniella Zimerman, Morah Ahuva Noy and Morah Stephanie Stein, for the many weeks they spent preparing the children for this momentous occasion. Thank you to Rabbi Shapiro for teaching the children such inspirational songs that will remain in their hearts and for his fantastic accompaniment. Thank you to Mrs. Rachel Brandler, HANC’s talented art teacher, for the striking backdrop of Yerushalayim that she created with the children specifically for this special event. Many thanks to the sponsors for the gorgeous leather covers for the siddurim, and to Morah Dafna Berman for the personalized labels that were placed in the children’s siddurim. As always, extra thanks to the PTA for the delicious collation that followed the production. No program would be complete without the devotion of Jeannie Toplin, HANC’s indefatigable administrative assistant, who created the programs and provided continuous support with so many details throughout the process of preparing for this event. This collaboration was a source of true nachat for so many parents, grandparens, siblings, friends and teachers of these very special students. May the children’s tefillot continue to reach straight up to Hashem, and may they always bring nachat to all who they encounter in their lifetime. Mazal tov to all of the HANC first graders and to their extended families.


n Thursday evening, January 25, the Shevach High School alumnae currently learning in the various seminaries in Eretz Yisroel got together for a special reunion in Yerushalayim. It was the culmination of a trip by Rebbetzin Hirtz, principal of Shevach High School, and Mrs. Cypora Kleinkaufman, 12th grade Mechaneches and seminary advisor, during which they visited the seminaries their alumnae are in. There they were able to see the Shevach girls flourishing in their new environments and schep much nachas. Upon arrival to the reunion, the Shevach alumnae were treated to pizza and drinks while they reconnected with their high school friends. Excitement filled the room as students from various Bais Yaakov seminaries came together to share their experiences with their friends and former principals. Rebbetzin Rochelle Hirtz, with the help of some of her graduates, spearheaded this uplifting event. Sharing Shevach’s G.O. theme this year of “V’Ayrastich li b’Emunah,” Rebbetzin Hirtz, joined by Shevach Assistant Principal Rebbetzin Chani Grunblatt, spoke to the girls about the importance of connecting to Yiddishkeit not just through textual learning but through experiences as well. The significance of seeing the yad Hashem in all that occurs was discussed, and what

better place is there to witness the hand of Hashem than in Eretz Yisroel. When one sees the world events through these lenses, a connection to Hakadosh Baruch Hu through emunah is developed and is unwavering no matter what life presents. Rebbitzin Hirtz then went around the room and asked each girl to reflect on what they have already accomplished in the past five months and what goals they would still like to achieve. Everyone present was pleasantly surprised by many of the answers and insights. Some of the discerning remarks were: “I appreciate the sensitivities one needs when interacting with new friends and different families”; “there is so much Torah in Eretz Yisroel and we reap the benefits from our rebbeim and teachers”; “this year builds a sense of independence and the ability to make decisions”; “I gained a true appreciation of what I have by observing that here in Eretz Yisroel families live with so much less”; “one gains an appreciation for all of the different types of people that comprise Klal Yisroel.” The girls were thrilled with the opportunity to get together and spend time with one another. The room was filled with positive energy and enthusiasm for growth in ruchniyus. Everyone left feeling uplifted and energized for continued advancement in their avodas Hashem.

The Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 8, 2018


Around the Community Scenes from the Kollel Avreichim Melava Malka last Motzei Shabbos

Tu B’Shvat at HAFTR


t HAFTR, Tu B’Shvat was celebrated with educational and fun experiences. Kindergarten students reinforced their knowledge of shivat haminim while reenchanting an interactive story which is based on the Israeli classic, Shisha B’sakik. The students created multimedia representations of each of the minim and used the cards to retell the story. As a culmination, they came together to read the story. One by one, each of the shivat haminmm jumped into a bag and were ultimately eaten by Dovid. Students enjoyed the story in Hebrew, participated in the catchy refrain, practice identifying the individual foods, and then enjoyed a snack of their own. In first through fifth grade, students rotated four centers exploring themes of the holiday. They designed family trees writing their family members names in Hebrew. They assembled healthy fruit shakes requesting fruits in Hebrew and used a hidden code with Hebrew letters to reveal songs of Tu B’Shvat. Of course, Tu B’Shvat

would not be complete without planting. Students covered beans in damp cotton balls and are looking forward to see them germinate on their own

windowsills. The PTA provided foods that represent each one of the Birchat Hanehnim which teachers and students used to help review the seder

b’erachot. Thank you to our Morel and Moriah, our Bnot Sherut for all their hard work.


FEBRUARY 8, 2018 | The Jewish Home

Around the Community

Community Workshop at Gesher to Feature Dr. Reichmann


he Gesher Early Childhood Center is once again proud to offer a workshop for the community. Dr. Naftali Reichmann, PhD., is a highly regarded behavioral psychologist in our neighborhood. He is one of the founders of the Diamond summer program and served in Yeshiva Darchei Torah for many years. His unique ability to assess and direct parents using practical language and suggestions has led to his thriving private practices in Manhattan and Cedarhurst. The topic of the workshop is “Parenting with Compassion.” Recognizing the innate struggles of parenting, Dr. Reichmann will explain the complex nature and need to balance a parent’s responsibility to discipline,

direct, and support their children. A focus of the presentation will be to ensure that children understand proper values through the parenting process. Dr. Reichmann is

Learning Hashkamas Ha’boker at YOSS


ach year, during Chodesh Sh’vat, the children at Yeshiva of South Shore’s Hollander Early Childhood Center review the lessons related to hashkamas ha’boker. Through charts and washing stations in the classroom, the boys remind each other to wash negel vasser in the morning as well as to focus on the correct way to wash. The boys have also been learning the importance of taking care of their kippas and tzitzis. All of the kindergarten children will be bringing home a negel vasser cup that they have designed, and the middos mission of this week was “I start my day like a mensch.” This program was created  l’iulei nishmas Meir Yechezkel ben Yosef Avraham Mordechai.

well-known for breaking down clinical terms into easily understandable examples and for delivering his message in a very engaging manner. It is most befitting that this work-

shop is taking place right after Tu B’Shvat. The Rosh Hashana of the fruit trees is the greatest reminder that proper preparation yields the most beautiful fruit. The children celebrated Tu B’Shvat last week with many lessons about farming, seasons, and, of course, brachos. The excitement culminated with a school wide Tu B’Shvat fair on Friday. Gesher is privileged to have Assemblywoman Melissa Miller deliver opening remarks for the workshop. Mrs. Miller is a well-known advocate, especially in areas of specialized services and is a great asset to our community. The workshop will take place on Wednesday, February 14 at Gesher, 650 Broadway in Cedarhurst.

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Around the Community

Learn & Live


hat a “super” kiddush Hashem! The Learn & Live Program/ Pirchei of Far Rockaway held its first big event of the year this past Sunday night at YFR. This week, L&L/ Pirchei opened it up for boys in grades 1-8. All the boys received a pizza dinner. As the boys were

eating R’ Daniel Waldman introduced the first “Kiddush Hashem” program event plus a raffle. R’ Waldman told a fascinating  story about someone  who made a kiddush Hashem  and only many years later did he get to see the great outcome of his action. After the story, all the boys were entered into

PURIM CARDS! CAHAL is offering beautifully designed and colorful cards!

Send Purim greetings to family and friends while supporting this vital program educating children in our local yeshivas in the Five Towns, Far Rockaway, West Hempstead and Greater Nassau County

Pick up your cards today at CAHAL: 516-295-3666 540-A Willow Avenue Cedarhurst NY 11516

(entrance in municipal parking lot)

Pack of 10 cards - $18

3 packs (30 cards) - $50

the first Kiddush Hashem Club raffle. Some of the great prizes were a drone, 2-way radios, and more. We had a very special guest, R’ Ephraim Levy, the National Pirchei director, who came and spoke to the boys about how great it is to be a part of Pirchei which connects boys from all over the country together. Yossi Keilson (from the L&L hotline) took the mic next and gave out some prizes for the usual hotline stuff. After the first part of the program, all the boys went to the gym for a very “hands-on” presentation  of the melacha  of soseir, destroying, by the one and only R’ Yitzi Erps! R’ Erps spoke a little  bit about soseir and then called

up a boy to inspect that all the material was real. After the inspection R’ Erps started breaking with his neck, hands and using a sledgehammer on his chest to break some  bricks and wood boards. For the grand finale R’ Erps lit a brick on fire and smashed it with his bare hands and piled up seven bricks and smashed through them all. This is one event the boys will remember for a while.  Thank you to YFR for hosting, R’ Eli Katz, and the entire L&L staff, especially Yossi Keilson. For more information regarding L&L/Pirchei please  email us at or try our hotline 641-715-3800 pin 932191#.


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Ulpanat Tzvia Exchange at Central

+ ACHIEVE IMPACT it’s that simple. 5k & 10k Options!

Lincroft, new jersey








happy and welcoming,” Shayna Orlow said. “We had a wonderful time and made so many friends.” Carrie Ebbin commented on the students’ commitment to religious Zionism: “Their love of Israel was very inspiring. It made me want to spend more time there.” Lauren Steifel echoed the sentiment, and spoke fondly of the Shabbatot she spent at the homes of her new friends in Israel. “My Hebrew improved,” she said, but, even in the moments when there was a language barrier, “it didn’t matter; the families were so warm and still made us feel so comfortable.” The returning sophomores are so excited for the final stage of the exchange program, in which they will welcome four of their Ulpanat Tviz friends to Central for a three-week period! “We’ve been sending them pictures of the snow,” Carrie Ebbin said, “and they can’t believe it!” The Ulpana students will be fully integrated into the YUHSG academic program and extracurricular activities, and the Israeli “shlichot” will be bringing the Ulpanat Tzvia ruach into Central. Shayana Orlow summed it up: “We miss our Israel experience and friends so much; we cannot wait for them to come!”


MS Designs / 732.606.7042

entral welcomed back seven sophomores who participated in the YUHSG/Ulpanat Tzvia Exchange program in Maale Adumim this past month. The program, founded eight years ago, offers a unique opportunity for Central students to immerse themselves in Israeli culture, connect with their Israeli counterparts, and develop a deeper experiential connection with Torat Eretz Yisrael. Students in the program are fully integrated in their living and learning with their Israeli peers. They study all of their limudei kodesh with the Israeli students and are included in all school activities.  They also take part in a series of field trips including the three-day class trip to the Negev, and a special Shabbat program at the Yeshiva University Gruss Kollel in Bayit Ve’Gan arranged by the kollel families. This year, Central’s participants included Carrie Ebbin, Meriav Grajower, Meirav Landsman, Shayna Orlow, Olivia Peller, Lauren Steifel and Emily Zweibel. The students returned overflowing with stories of their learning, new friendships, and exposure to Israeli society, culture, and history. “The environment in the school was so



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Around the Community

Madraigos 8th Annual Gourmet Glatt Bowl-A-Thon


he 8th Annual Gourmet Glatt Bowl-A-Thon to benefit Madraigos will take place on Tuesday, February 13 at Woodmere Lanes. The event has become an annual Madraigos tradition among Five Towns residents, local businesses, friends, and supporters. While bowlers battle it out for pins and prizes, the real winners of this high-spirited event are the members of Madraigos who directly benefit from the Bowl-A-thon proceeds. Once again, Madraigos is thrilled to acknowledge Gourmet Glatt as the Title Sponsor of this event. “I couldn’t be more excited to partner with Madraigos for this special event to help generate awareness and funds for the quality programs and services that Madraigos provides,” stated Yoeli Steinberg of Gourmet Glatt. Rivka Lock, Director of Development, remarked, “We’re fortunate to have a partner like Gourmet

Glatt who is not only committed to the success of the event but also to the Madraigos mission.” The Annual Gourmet Glatt BowlA-Thon is a unique event where bowlers have a great time in an intimate, relaxed atmosphere while supporting Madraigos at the same time. The Bowl-A-Thon will have 20 bowling teams consisting of 6 bowlers per team. A Premium Giveaway sponsored by Kitchen & Cord and a swag bag full of fun gifts will be distributed to all registered participants. Bowlers will also receive complimentary event T-shirts. A raffle drawing will add to the night’s festivities. Raffle prizes include a Biaggi luggage set, Andrew Lock custom suit, resort stays, Gourmet Glatt Shopping Spree, Nets and Islanders Tickets, Rachel Renov photography package, a gourmet meat package sponsored by Carving Block, and VIP tickets to Yosef, The

Musical. Raffle tickets are being sold online at purchase-raffle-tickets and at the event. Raffle prices are 1 for $10, 3 for $25, 8 for $50, 20 for $100, 40 for $180, 60 for $250, 100 for $360, and 200 for $500. Rabbi Dov Silver, Madraigos founder and Executive VP, commented, “The continued support of our community has allowed Madraigos to be a youth service provider in the Five Towns/Queens community and beyond. We are grateful to both our new and returning sponsors for their valued support and friendship”. In past years, we’ve had sell-out crowds, so bowlers are urged to register as soon as possible to ensure their participation for the evening. For event registration, raffle tickets, and sponsorships, please see www. or contact Rivka Lock at 516-371-3250 ext. 102 or

A Budding New Mesivta on Tu B’Shvat


u B’Shvat in America tends to be a day on the calendar where our younger children might make a project and eat a special fruit from Eretz Yisroel, and our high school students (who might not appreciate the fruit as much) remember the famous Mishna that discusses the four Rosh Hashanas of the year, and that Tu B’Shvat is the Rosh Hashana l’ilanos MSP took this semi-forgotten day of Tu B’Shvat and made it into a most memorable shiur, combined with a hands-on practical appreciation for this special day. Rabbi Stern spoke about the long cold winter, where so many trees across the world are starting to initiate the first signs and stages of their growth. As a new Mesivta in the community, each and every day represents a limitless potential to flourish and grow into the most beautiful ben Torah. Rabbi Yurman used this time as an opportunity to review the halachos of kadima b’brachos. While there is a serious emphasis on mussar and Gemara, the yeshiva looks to build an appreciation for a day like Tu B’Shvat. Some of us might

daven for an esrog, while others might have esrog jelly. The Chassidic masters have a custom of a grand seudah on this day, while the farmers in Eretz Yisroel pray to have a most plentiful year of produce. As a Mesivta boy, the goal is to encompass the various minhagim of Klal Yisroel and combine it to have a most enjoyable gathering to commemorate this day. A variety of the most delicious fruit and a clear understanding of this yom tov – what a memorable event it was!! Funds raised at the event will assist Madraigos, a 501c-3 not-forprofit organization, in providing a wide array of valuable mental health, social and spiritual services geared towards helping teens and young adults overcome life’s everyday challenges one step at a time. For more information about Madraigos, please call (516)3713250 or visit Madraigos, a 501c-3 not-forprofit organization, offers a wide array of innovative services and programs geared towards helping teens and young adults overcome life’s everyday challenges one step at a time Our goal is to provide all of our members with the necessary tools and skills to empower them to live a healthy lifestyle and become the leaders of tomorrow.

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A Bake Sale to benefit i-Shine


4:00 - 9:00 PM


February 22nd

10:00 AM -7:00 PM

Baked goods can be dropped off & purchased at any time during these hours.


BONNIE & HESHIE SCHERTZ 88 Margaret Ave, Lawrence


For more information contact Andy Lauber, (917) 763-1109 / email Annette Kaufman, Stacey Zrihen, Sheri Hammer, Coordinators Andy Lauber, Director ∙ C™@ishinechai



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Tu B’Shvat at HALB


u B’Shvat was celebrated at HALB last week in a manner that deepened our students’ connection with Eretz Yisrael. Our Bnot Akiva, Shira and Daphna, ran special programming in our Beit Medrash wherein students saw a film demonstrating the transformation of the Land of Israel after Jewish resettlement in the early 20th century.  They recounted the words of Mark

Twain when he visited Palestine in 1867: “There was hardly a tree or a shrub anywhere. Even the olive and the cactus, those fast friends of a worthless soil, had almost deserted the country.”  The Israel of today has lush fields and forests that have sprung up out of nowhere once we as Jews returned to the land.  The girls told the students that this shows that the Jewish people are connected to

Pegisha Place


et me tell you a story about Ethel and Grace, two widows who have moved to Florida. They are going out for a drive in a giant pink Cadillac, you know, the old ones that looked like a living room on wheels. There is very little traffic and the car picks up speed quickly. As they get to the first traffic light Ethel thinks to herself, “We are going awfully fast, I hope we stop before we get to the light.” The car shoots passed the red light. Ethel is quite concerned but decides not to say anything. A few minutes later comes the second traffic light and this one is also red. Ethel thinks to herself, “I hope we stop for this one.” No chance, the car flies through this one as well. Ethel is worried now and although she doesn’t say anything she promises herself that if they don’t stop for the next red light she will have to say something

to Grace. The next light is coming up and it’s a red one. Ethel tries to get her hopes up but to no avail. Whoosh, the car flies past the light like Speed Racer in the Mach-5. Ethel yells at Grace, “Grace, what’s the matter with you?! I didn’t say anything at the first or second red light that we went through but this has gone too far! Are you trying to get us killed!?” Grace turns to Ethel and with a look of horror on her face says, “You mean I’m the one that’s driving?!” Most of us need or want some sort of guidance from time to time in everything, from which sandwich to order to which yeshiva to apply to. Someone to tell us what to do or not to do. Perhaps the most guidance and help is needed when it comes to shidduchim. After all of the hassle with who to look into and the checking and the back and forth is all done comes

the Land of Israel.    At lunch, children were served fruit platters with a luscious variety of fruits including dates from Israel.  As an activity, the Bnot Akiva helped the children plant their own seeds and made creative “grass heads” that were proudly brought home after

school. The dedicated morot and rebbeim at HALB, as well as our secular studies staff, are cultivating the student’s minds, planting seeds that will one day yield deep roots that will embody the lives of proud Jewish adults of the future.  

the problem of where to go for the date. Everyone has their ideas and places they went to but it’s too much information and you can’t compare places easily. Maybe there are places you would like to go to but none of your friends or advisors knew of or cared for them. Pegisha Place is my “guiding light” when it comes to dating places. I can go out with someone from almost anywhere that Jews are found (one day I am sure Australia and New Zealand will be added) and find places to go. I can compare and pick and choose at my own pace with no one telling me where to go. I am in the driver’s seat. After I pick what I like, I can now ask about those places specifically and pick the place that I feel

is best for this date. Many of my friends who are also involved in the dating game are avid users of this very helpful website. It doesn’t talk up or down to me. It talks to me. I don’t feel at all awkward browsing through it. It makes me feel comfortable with finding a dating spot. Maybe one day you will be on a date touring a federal prison or a nuclear power plant and so will I. your date will say, “Wow, how is it that both of you found this really different place to go out to?” We will just turn to each other and give each other a knowing wink. Pegisha Place, you can ride with me any time.

Trump can Learn a Lot from Israel Page 126

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Around the Community

Super Sunday Sukkah Fair


his past Sunday the 5th  grade boys of HALB had an amazing “Super  Sunday Sukkah Fair.” The festivities started with an intimate breakfast for the talmidim and rebbeim, where delicious  food was served and words of inspiration were spoken. After the breakfast, the families of the 5th grade talmidim were invited to see the display of sukkah models that the boys built. A video presentation was shown which highlighted the importance of the mitzvah and the hard work of the students.

A tremendous amount of effect and dedication was put in by the entire 5th grade; it was a beautiful event.

BYAM PTA sponsored a special Tu B’Shvat activity for the whole school



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Around the Community

A Busy Week at Siach Yitzchok


n honor of Shabbos Parshas Yisro the Pre-1A classes of Siach Yitzchok joined together for a beautiful Shabbos seuda. Rabbi Shachter and Rabbi Lovett came dressed in Shabbos clothing as did all the boys. Rabbi Lovett said, “During this special seuda the boys learned many things about Shabbos which they would have otherwise never known.” Earlier that week all the boys had a hands-on Tu B’Shvat experience. Rabbi Sternhill’s and Rabbi Rubin’s second graders went to Williamsburg to see the matzah bakery. It was a fun trip and a very good learning experience.  Rabbi Stein brought his class to his home for a siyum on the boys’ first amud in Shas. This was after the menahel Rabbi Sitnick farhered the boys for over an hour and was truly impressed with their progress in Gemara. 

YCQ Grade 6 Tu B’Shvat Shuk By Avital Shakarov and Ilana Masheyev


et’s clap and cheer the Shuk is here. On Tuesday and Wednesday, January 30 and 31, the Yeshiva of Central Queens JHS grade 6 girls had their annual Shuk. In Israel, the Shuk is an Israeli outdoor market. The girls set up and decorated the Multi-Purpose Room to try and mimic the Israeli Shuk by singing a song about what they are selling. They served many varieties of foods, like dried fruits, candy, drinks, vegetables,

fruits, and bakery items. They organized the Shuk in honor of Tu B’Shvat. Diana Borochov said, “I like the Shuk because we get to interact with more people.” The girls taught the younger grades about how Tu B’Shvat is the birthday of the trees and that to celebrate we eat certain foods. Aleeza Ashurov said, “You get to see a smile on their faces.” Sharona Masheyev and Nava Gazal, two grade 4 visitors to the Shuk, said, “We feel like we are a part of Israel.” The students loved their visit and hope to come back again next year.

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Reilly Rd. & Peninsula Blvd Cedarhurst, NY


$36•$54 $72•VIP

CAHAL: 540-A Willow Ave, Cedarhurst, NY 516-295-3666• JUDAICA PLUS: 445 Central Ave, Cedarhurst, NY 516-295-4343

PRECONCERT MEET THE STARS EVENT FOR VIP SPONSORS For ticket information & Sponsorships contact 516.295.3666 •


Mr. & Mrs. Paul Reinstein The JEWISH STAR

Steven Krauss, DDS, MPH Moishe & Esther Mishkowitz


Alan & Judi Eisenman Larry & Lisa Siegel

Aliza & Elie Schwab • Hite Equity Group Advanced Flooring • Russo's Pharmacy



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Remembering Rav Binyamin

Lessons from a Rosh Yeshiva: No Task Was Too Small By Rabbi Shlomo Drebin


he day my family and I moved into our home in Woodmere was obviously exciting and hectic. I was also starting a new job as Special Activities Coordinator at Yeshiva of South Shore. After a few hours of unpacking, I came to the Yeshiva to check on a couple of things. It was then that I first met Rav Binyamin Kame-

netzky, zt”l. After asking me how my move was going, he offered to babysit my children! He even asked if his Rebbetzin could make us a kugel! These were his first words to me. I knew then that the Rosh Yeshiva was an uncommon man. Over the many years that followed, I witnessed many touching moments with Rabbi Kamenetzky at the Yeshiva. He was not only a person who was

Yeshiva Aderes Hatorah of Yerushalayim under the guidance of

Rabbi Chaim Zvi Senter

is accepting applications for Elul Zman 5778

n Rabbi Yehuda Glazer will be in the USA giving interviews from February 11-18. For applications and appointments, please call our office at 732.987.7776 or email

n Rabbi Yehuda Glazer can be reached at 347.217.3783

responsible for the Torah education of countless young boys, but also a role model of middos and derech eretz for anyone who came in contact with him. There are a few memories that stand out in my mind and demonstrate what a truly modest yet inspirational person he was. A few years ago, I saw Rav Binyamin sitting in Rabbi Moshe Scharhon’s office in the Yeshiva. He was trying to insert a tiny screw back into a pair of eyeglasses whose temple had fallen off. As a glasses wearer myself, I felt bad for him and I knew the frustration of having a broken pair. Seeing that it was a struggle for him, I offered to try and help. I knew that these tiny screws pose a problem for even a young man with excellent hand-eye coordination. After trying for several minutes, I too was not able to get the screw in the right place. I was about to give the pair back to Rav Binyamin when I noticed that they were not his glasses. He was wearing his glasses. “Whose glasses are these?” I asked. The Rosh Yeshiva shrugged, “A boy from the 3rd grade asked me if I could fix them for him.” I was struck by two thoughts. The first was that the children in the school felt so comfortable to go over to the elderly Rosh Yeshiva with such a mundane matter. It is like they saw him as a zaidy who loved them. Secondly, Rav Binyamin himself did not feel that it was below his dignity to help a little boy with a tedious, time-consuming task. He could have told the boy to ask his teacher, the secretary or even the nurse. But he saw it as an honor, like helping a grandchild. Another time, as I was leaving the Yeshiva, I saw Rav Binyamin bending down with his eyes fixed on a bush at the side of the building. I wondered what he was looking at. He then moved closer to the bush as if to retrieve

something. I asked him if he needed any help, but he got down on one knee and picked up a plastic pen. He was then close to ninety! “Oy!” he exclaimed. “A boy must have lost his pen. Rabbi Drebin, can you go inside and see whose it is?” Now, this pen was the standard 15 cents Staples variety, whose exact look-alike was probably owned by half the student population. There would be no way I could find the owner. To me, the pen was hefker. But, to the Rosh Yeshiva everything was valuable. A used 15 cents pen was important because he thought that a Jewish boy was worried and searching for it. In my professional role at the Yeshiva, I was most privileged to witness Rav Binyamin at the “milestone” Torah events for our talmidim. While I played the music at countless haschalas Siddur, Chumash and Gemarah events, I watched his affection and pride as he interacted with each boy and their families. With a gentle pinch on the cheek, he treated every boy like they were his own grandchild. Rav Binyamin knew all of the children’s names and the names of their relatives – for generations. He genuinely connected with the “whole child.” The affection Rav Binyamin so freely demonstrated was reciprocated as his beloved talmidim would run up to him, not just with the awe one feels for a Rosh Yeshiva, but with the love a child feels for his zaidy. Rav Binyamin’s presence is missed in the Yeshiva, but I know the examples of his kindness are continuing to be taught to our talmidim today. Rabbi Shlomo Drebin is the Coordinator of Special Activities at Yeshiva of South Shore. Among many events, he runs the Motzei Shabbos Learning Program that has been enjoyed by the Five Towns community for years.

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Poland, J’Accuse! By Rabbi Zev Meir Friedman

After Germany invaded Poland in September 1939, German soldiers enjoyed the public humiliation of Polish Jews. Here one Jew is forced to cut the beard of another under German supervision as the local population of Tomaszow Mazowiecki, Poland, watches. Photo credit: Main Commission for the Investigation of Nazi War Crimes, courtesy of USHMM Photo Archives


pproximately 3,500,000 Jews lived in Poland before the start of World War II. They constituted 10% of Poland’s total population of 35 million. When the Nazis invaded Poland in September of 1939, the Polish government surrendered a short 26 days later. A campaign of terror was unleashed against the Jewish communities of Poland. Jews were routinely beaten or shot on the streets, rounded up and sent to forced labor or concentration camps. In some cases, Jews escaped by successfully seeking refuge with their Polish neighbors. In others, Polish citizenry turned their back on the Jews, engaged in anti-Semitic acts, and even turned Jews over to the Nazis knowing that certain death would ensue. Polish authorities boast of the fact that the 6,706 Polish citizens (less than 0.02% of the population) have been acclaimed as Righteous Gentiles for risking their lives in trying to save their Jewish neighbors. Sadly, those brave individuals were the exception rather than the rule. Recently, the Polish government has sought to whitewash the complicity of Polish citizenry in the persecution of the Jews during World War II.

In January 2018, the Polish parliament initiated the process of passing a bill criminalizing the description of any of the concentration camp in Poland as “Polish.” Many people familiar with the Holocaust assert that the main killing centers were established in Poland by the Germans specifically because Poland was fertile ground

ernment plans to sentence someone for up to 3 years in prison for using such a reference. Furthermore, even crimes committed by Poles against their Jewish neighbors are to be whitewashed and expunged from the record. J’ACCUSE... Why don’t you take responsibility for the collaboration and participation of so many Polish

The Polish government has sought to whitewash the complicity of Polish citizenry in the persecution of the Jews during World War II.

for anti-Semitism. The Germans knew that their attempt to murder the Jewish population would be met with little resistance in Poland. President Obama, a skilled diplomat and a graduate of both Columbia University and Harvard Law School, spoke of “Polish death camps” in May 2012, only to backtrack under political pressure. The Polish gov-

citizens against their Jewish neighbors? J’ACCUSE... Why do you engage in Holocaust denial, seeking to change historical reality, and distorting matters for future generations? J’ACCUSE... Why didn’t more Polish citizens help their Jewish neighbors who faced certain death, torture and annihilation during the Jewish

Warsaw Ghetto Uprising which lasted 27 days? J’ACCUSE... Why have you tried to silence world-renowned historian Jan Gross of Princeton University when he speaks about Poles who murdered close to 70,000 Jews during World War II...while only succeeding in killing 30,000 Germans enemy occupiers during World War II? J’ACCUSE... Why did a recent study of anti-Semitism commissioned by the University of Warsaw find that 25% of Polish citizens are anti-Semitic? J’ACCUSE... Why did that same study find that more than 50% of Polish youth visit anti-Semitic websites that glorify Hitler and the Nazi era? The current Polish government would want the public to believe that their hands were clean in dealing with the Jewish neighbors during World War II. In reality, they helped ensure that their land was clean of Jews during World War II – consistent with Nazi policy of making Europe Judenrein.

Rabbi Zev Meir Friedman is the Rosh HaMesivta of Rambam Mesivta High School in Lawrence, NY.

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FEBRUARY 8, 2018 | The Jewish Home OCTOBER 29, 2015 | The Jewish Home


Centerfold Riddle me

You gotta be kidding


Moishele walks into his boss’s office. “Sir, I’ll be straight with you, I know the company is struggling, but I have over three companies after me and I would like to respectfully ask for a raise,” he says. After a few minutes of haggling the boss finally agrees to a 5% raise, and Moishele happily gets up to leave. “By the way,” asks the boss, “which three companies are after you?” “The electric company, water company, and phone company,” Moishele replies at he heads out the door.

In medieval England, a man was imprisoned and locked in a room at the top of a really high tower. The room had only one tiny window. The prisoner found a piece of rope but it wasn’t long enough to reach the ground. So he cut it in half and was then able to escape. How? See answer below

Answer: He divided the rope vertically, not horizontally, and then had double the length of rope.

80 30

10 Things to Do on Sunday, Now that Football Season is Over ™ Take down the sukkah…because it would be nice to have access to the driveway again. ™ Try out the old suits that you keep because one day you will fit into them…check in on your non-progress. ™ Take a nap and when you wake up take another nap because naps are tiring. ™ Spend very quality time with your son by playing X-Box against him for six hours straight. ™ Read a book (start with Dr. Seuss, you don’t want to shock those neurons) ™ Go to the gym for the second time in a year…cutting in half your cost per visit from $400 to $200 per visit (hey, you might as well go once in a while; you membership automatically renewed last week!)

™ Learn to play guitar…but please sing in your own voice, the world has enough Carlebach impersonators. ™ Tell your wife that this Sunday she should relax and you will clean up from Shabbos, get the kids haircuts, go food shopping, fold the laundry, and make dinner. If nothing else, you will give her a good laugh. ™ Get into meditation. A good starting mantra is “Hmmmmmmmm….there is more to life than football.” ™ Spend six hours putting together the desk you bought from Ikea for $20 less than you would have paid for an already assembled one. Then do the math and calculate how little value you place on your own time.

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Everything February Crossword Puzzle 2

1. Phone book 3. Columbia 6. Soviet 8. Ronald Reagan 11. Fidel Castro 12. Telephone 13. Ruth 15. Miracle on Ice 17. Impeached 18. Basketball

3 4 5

6 7






12 13


2. Baltimore 4. Pluto 5. Groundhog day 7. Leap year 9. Abraham Lincoln 10. Apollo 14. Teddy bear


Down 15

16 17




2. 4. 5. 7. 9. 10. 14.

1. 3. 6. 8. 11.

1904 fire destroyed 80 blocks in this city The ninth planet discovered A day of shadows and predictions When February has 29 days The 16th president 14 lands on the moon Every toddler has one and its name is accredited to a president Month 16. Feed the

12. 13. 15. 17. 18.

Thousands of pages of numbers 2003 Space Shuttle crash This union collapsed in 1990 101 years since this president’s birth This dictator assumed power – beard and all – in 1959 and died two years ago Alexander Graham Bell’s prize invention Built The House that U.S. defeats Russia in hockey, 1980 Only happened to two presidents – so far Five on five sport

81 31


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Torah Thought

Parshas Mishpatim By Rabbi Berel Wein


ne of the many diverse and detailed subjects covered in this week’s Torah reading is that of the laws regarding lending money to a fellow Jew. And though the language of the verse is couched in a conditional manner – “if” or “when” you will lend money – the rabbis of the Talmud interpreted this as an imperative – a positive commandment requiring one to be open to lend money to

those who are in need of temporary aid. There are many laws, details and technicalities attached to this commandment and this short article is not the place to address them. But the overriding principle is clear. Lending money to others and helping them to extricate themselves from otherwise burdensome circumstances is a positive commandment of the Torah.

At Comprehensive Audiology, we are committed to providing excellent care for adults and children with hearing loss, taking the time to understand and educate each of our patients, and ensuring each patient’s satisfaction. Hearing Evaluations

Hearing Aids

Custom Hearing Protection

Custom Swim Plugs

Aural Rehabilitation Programs

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We all know and sense that lending money to someone goes against our emotional and rational sense of being. It is much easier for a person to donate money to another human being or to a cause than to lend that money. We are immediately beset by the problem that perhaps the person will never wish to or be able to repay that debt. If I gave him the money, then that is that and I have erased the matter from my mind and consciousness. However, when I lend money, that alone is omnipresent with me. The borrower will avert my gaze when I meet him on the street, and the lender will feel just as uncomfortable as does the borrower. Lending money to an individual always causes an awkward

only then will he somehow be able to discharge his obligation. That is why the Torah states that the poor man, the borrower, is “with you.” The relationship of borrower and lender is not merely a financial arrangement; it is a deeply personal one that has many ramifications. As King Solomon pointed out, a borrower feels one’s self in bondage to the lender. This is a psychological truism that also has practical halachic consequences. But it is incumbent upon the lender to mitigate such feelings to the extent possible. The lender cannot pursue repayment of his loan in a manner that is too intense. And this is especially true if the lender is aware that the borrow-

The relationship of borrower and lender is not merely a financial arrangement; it is a deeply personal one that has many ramifications.

interpersonal relationship. Perhaps this may be the very reason why the Torah ordains a commandment to lend money to another individual. The Torah wishes to break down our selfish instincts and self-interest. Whether we wish to or not, we become invested in the life and activities of the one who borrowed the money. We have reason to pray for his success because

er really does not have any extra funds with which to currently repay the loan. Yet, the Torah does provide strong legal action on the part of the lender to recover his loan. It works on the basis that if it becomes too difficult to collect on a loan then people will stop lending money and that will make for a very selfish and ultimately disastrous society. Shabbat shalom.

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FEBRUARY 8, 2018 | The Jewish Home

From the Fire

Parshas Mishpatim Shabbos Shekalim Connecting to Our Higher Self By Rav Moshe Weinberger Adapted for publication by Binyomin Wolf


hat is Parshas Shekalim all about? This Shabbos, we read about the mitzvah to give a half shekel to the Beis HaMikdash to support the community korbanos throughout the year. There are a number of questions on the mitzvah of the half shekel. First, why must every Jew give only half a shekel, and not a whole shekel? Usually, we do mitzvos in the fullest way possible. What makes this mitzvah different? Second, this is the only mitzvah where we find a command like, “The rich shall give no more and the poor shall give no less …” (Shemos 30:15). Usually, there is a minimum level a person must do to fulfill a mitzvah but each person can do more if he wants to, and that is encouraged. Why must every Jew be exactly the same with respect to the half-shekel? Third, what is the connection between the mitzvah of the half-shekel and the sanctity of Shabbos such that Chazal instituted a special Shabbos called “Shabbos Shekalim”? Finally, Shabbos Shekalim always appears around Rosh Chodesh Adar. How does Shabbos Shekalim bring us into the joy of the month of Adar and Purim? In order to understand the answers to these questions, we will learn one line from the Sfas Emes from Shabbos Shekalim 5644 (1884). The Sfas Emes wrote, “Chazal say [Rashi on Shemos 30:13] that [Hashem] showed him a coin of fire and said, ‘Like this shall they give,’ meaning that the Jewish People have a portion in Heaven and

a portion given to them in This World and they must cleave to the Heavenly portion” (Shemos 30:15). Each person has an image above which personifies his essence and shows what he can become. That aspect of the person is never diminished by anything he does or fails to do in This World. However, the only aspect of the person that is visible in This World is a diminished version, a mere spark of that great potential self. Hashem showed Moshe the true potential of man and how each person must work to make his half-shekel on Earth more like its fiery counterpart above. We can now understand the requirement that the rich and the poor must all give the same half shekel. Divisions, differences, and disputes between people here on Earth only exist because of our limited vision. We only see the distinctions between people. We see that some are rich and some are poor, some are more frum, some are less frum, some are more intelligent and some less, and so on. But the half-shekel, which is the same for everyone and corresponds to the fiery coin Above, demonstrates that in their spiritual essence, all Jews are equally part of the unified soul of the Jewish Nation. From that perspective, no one’s essence is blemished or corrupted. There is no concept of rich and poor or any other distinction. When true tzaddikim look at Jews, they see their true essence, fiery coins of their true souls. The more a Jew is connected to the Source, the more he

loves peace and unity between Jews and hates dispute and rivalry. At the Source, everything is one. This is why the korbanos of the whole community had to be purchased using the half-shekel. The Hebrew word for community, tzibbur, is an acronym for the words tzaddikim, beinonim, reshaim – Jews who are righteous, mediocre, or wicked. Moreover, the Jewish community, as a whole community, never dies because the community is the unified soul of the Jewish Nation. As Chazal say, “The congregation cannot die” (Temurah 15b). Korbanos are used to bridge the gap between a Jew’s half-shekel below with his fiery coin Above. As the Gemara (Bava Basra 74a) says, the Beis HaMikdash is the place “where Heaven and Earth kiss.” The korbanos brought by the community are the meeting point between Heaven and Earth because they bridge the gap between our frail human reality and our noble potential in the essence of our being.


This is also the connection between the half-shekel and Shabbos Shekalim. The Zohar (Introduction, 5b) asks why the pasuk says, “You shall observe my Shabbosos” (Vayikra 19:30), in the plural, instead of saying “you shall keep Shabbos.” Among other explanations, it answers that the word is plural to refer to the two aspects of Shabbos: the Shabbos

Above and the Shabbos below. On Shabbos, we receive “an additional soul,” meaning that Shabbos gives us an additional capacity to connect the Shabbos below to the Shabbos Above, the cold half-shekel of This World to the fiery coin Above. That is why we say “Shabbos Shalom,” since (Zohar 176b) Shabbos is the essence of peace. It also explains why Chazal (Shabbos 23b) instituted Shabbos candles “for the sake of peace in the home.” Distinctions between Jews exist during the week because we usually only look at a person’s half-shekel of This World. However this does not apply on Shabbos. This is why the Torah reiterates the mitzvah of Shabbos following the mitzvah of the half-shekel and other mitzvos relating to the Beis HaMikdash. The more a person connects to his Source Above, the more he attains peace, because he feels connected to every Jew below in the way of “the rich shall give no more and the poor shall give no less …” This is why Chazal say that the mitzvah of the half-shekel is a rectification of the sin of the Golden Calf (Yerushalmi, Shekalim 2b). In order to atone for the sin that threatened to sever the Jewish People’s connection with the fiery coin Above, they perform the mitzvah of the half-shekel to reconnect themselves with their essence Above.

THE PURIM CONNECTION As we enter the month of Adar, we remember that the essence of Amalek

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is to only see the limited half-shekel of a person here on Earth. That is why, in the Jewish People’s battle with Amalek, Moshe lifted his hands Heavenward (Rashi on Shemos 17:11), to remind the Jewish People of their coin of fire Above, of the greatness of their inner essence, which is not visible to the eye. In addition, that is why the sons of Haman were involved in writing letters to Achashveirosh at the time of the Purim story to stop the Jewish People from rebuilding the Beis HaMikdash (Rashi on Ezra 4:8), the connection between our Earthly selves and our true essence Above. Amalek cannot tolerate seeing the Jewish People as anything other than their limited half-shekel selves. This insight is also connected to the reason why the salvation of Purim came through the mitzvah of the half-shekel, as Chazal say, “Reish Lakish says, ‘It is open and revealed before the One who spoke and the world came into being that Haman would, in the future, pay money for the Jewish People [to induce Achashveirosh to

destroy] the Jewish People. Therefore, Hashem preempted his money with the half-shekel of the Jewish People” (Megillah 13b). On a simple level, it is difficult to understand what it is about the mitzvah of the half-shekel that negates Haman’s goals and worldview.

Along these lines, we now understand why Achashveirosh repeatedly told Esther (e.g., Esther 5:3) that he would give her anything “up to half the kingdom,” which the Gemara (Megillah 15b) interprets to mean that he would not grant permission to rebuild

The half-shekel demonstrates that in their spiritual essence, all Jews are equally part of the unified soul of the Jewish Nation.

But based on what we have learned, we can now understand. Amalek can never be victorious over the Jewish People as long as they remember their inner greatness and their potential, their fiery shekel Above.

the Beis HaMikdash. He will only give her “half” the kingdom. He will grant her anything except the recognition of anything transcending the half-shekel, of how the Jewish People appear from a limited, human perspective.

UNITING WITH TECHEILES Extending this concept further, Chazal say, “That which they accepted below was established Above” (Megillah 7a). What did the Jewish People accept below? In the piyut Shoshanas Yaakov, we say, “When they saw the techeiles [blue garments] of Mordechai together.” What is the significance of the techeiles of Mordechai? As the Gemara (Menachos 43b) says, techeiles is “similar to the sea, and the sea is similar to the Heavens, and the Heavens are similar to the Throne of Glory.” Techeiles therefore represents the connection between Heaven and Earth, between the half-shekel on Earth and the Source of the soul of the Jewish Nation Above. The fact that the Jewish People gazed at the techeiles of Mordechai together as one rectified the disharmony between the Jewish People. This is why we have the mitzvah to send gifts from one Jew to another (Esther 9:22), which rectifies (Esther 3:8) the deficiency of “there is a certain people scattered and separate among the peoples.” When we begin looking at our Source Above, we stop being divided and scattered and become one below as well. This central concept is also reflect-

ed in this week’s parsha of Mishpatim, where the pasuk says, “Behold I am sending an angel before you to guard you on the way and bring you to the place I have prepared” (Shemos 23:20). Commenting on the words “the place I have prepared,” which refers to the Beis HaMikdash, Rashi explains, “The Beis HaMikdash Above corresponds to the Beis HaMikdash below.” Our job here on Earth is to connect our Beis HaMikdash below, our half-shekel here on Earth, to our spiritual Source Above, our great potential. There is a story of the tzaddik Rav Meir Premishlaner that illustrates this lesson. Two misnagdim heard that Rav Meir of Premishlan used to walk down a hill covered in ice every day to immerse himself in the frozen lake below, as was the custom of some tzaddikim. They couldn’t believe that it was possible for anyone to walk down the hill without falling, so they hid in order to confirm whether he really walked down the hill. Sure enough, they saw him walk down the hill of ice without falling and immerse himself in the lake. But they assumed that if Rav Meir could do it, anyone could do it. They therefore attempted to walk down the hill themselves, but immediately began slipping and fell down the entire hill, breaking several bones. Soon afterward, Rav Meir visited them in the hospital. During his visit, they asked him how he was able to walk down the icy hill without falling. It seemed impossible. He explained to them that when someone is connected Above, he does not fall below. Because he constantly tied himself to his spiritual Source Above, he never stumbled below, here on Earth. May Hashem help us internalize the meaning of the mitzvah of the half-shekel and look at the inner greatness of our own and others’ spiritual Source Above, and in doing so, may we merit to reach our potentials and to see what we share in common rather than our superficial differences.

Rav Moshe Weinberger, shlita, is the founding Morah d’Asrah of Congregation Aish Kodesh in Woodmere, NY, and has served as Mashpia in Yeshiva University since 2013.

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Between the Lines

A Lender Be By Eytan Kobre

He that lendeth to another in time of prosperity, shall never want help himself in the time of adversity. -Plato


clergyman preaching the ills of lending money on usury once argued that it is a sin tantamount to murder. A short while later, the clergyman himself asked to borrow twenty dollars from one of his parishioners. The parishioner was incredulous. “What?! After declaring that lending money on usury is a sin as grave as murder?” “I do not mean,” explained the clergyman, “that you should lend it to me on usury, but interest-free.” “That,” replied the parishioner, “would be suicide!” In today’s grab-what-you-can society, money-lending is regarded as an unfeeling business transaction at best and more often an unsavory proposition. Only half in jest did Bob Hope quip that a bank is a place that will lend you money if you can prove that you don’t need it. Shakespeare offered an even dimmer view of money-lending when he opined, through the Hamlet character Polonius, “Neither a

borrower nor a lender be.” And his “Shylock” character – especially offensive to us as an anti-Semitic slur – continues to give money-lending a bad rap. But our perspective on money-lending could not be more different. While seemingly phrased as optional – “if you lend money to My people” – lending money interest-free actually is a mandate (Shemos 22:24 and Mechilta ad loc.). The Torah regards lending not as ordinary business but as compassionate business; the lender is instructed “not to be to [the borrower] as a creditor” (Shemos 22:24). G-d heeds the call of those who lend to the poor (Yevamos 63a; Yeshaya 58:9), and the reward for money-lending is the equivalent of the reward for all other commandments (Tanchuma, Mishpatim 9). One who refuses to lend money to the needy, on the other hand, is criticized as tantamount to an idolater (Devarim 15:9; Bava Basra 10a; Pele Yoetz, Halva’a; see also Rambam, Malveh v’Loveh 1:1; Yoma 11b). Lending money is the highest form of charity (Rambam, Matnos Aniyim 10:7); in some respects, it is even greater than charity (Shabbos 63a; Avos d’Rebbi Nosson 41:2; Sefer Chasidim No. 1,034; Shulchan

Aruch, Choshen Mishpat 97:1). A loan can help the borrower stave off poverty in the first place (Rambam, Malveh v’Loveh 1:1), and it is less humiliating than a hand-out might be (Rashi, Shabbos 63a; see Taz, Choshen Mishpat 97). Loans are the highest form of – or are superior to – charity because they enable a borrower to build wealth while preserving dignity. It is no surprise, therefore, that the Chofetz Chaim’s treatise on loving-kindness begins not with the laws of charity or visiting the sick or comforting mourners but with the laws of lending (Ahavas Chesed, Introduction and Chapter 1). The third Lubavitcher Rebbe, the Tzemach Tzedek, merited to receive Divine visions of his saintly grandfather, R’ Shneur Zalman of Liadi, who had passed away years earlier. These visions afforded the Tzemach Tzedek the unique opportunity to have his grandfather resolve great Torah imponderables. When the visions ceased abruptly one night, the Tzemach Tzedek was distraught. The next morning, while walking to shul, he was approached by a merchant asking to borrow a few rubles for the day. “Certainly,” replied the Tzemach Tzedek, “come to my house after I return from shul and I will happily

lend you the money.” The Tzemach Tzedek soon was in shul, preparing for prayer. But he couldn’t help but regret having delayed the loan. After all, he thought, our sages made it a point of giving charity before praying, and lending money is even greater than charity. Surely, then, a loan should be given before prayer! So he returned home at once, assembled the funds, and set out again to locate the borrowing merchant. The marketplace bustled. Hordes of consumers haggled loudly, animals brayed and clucked, and merchants fought one another for prospective customers. After much effort, the Tzemach Tzedek managed to find the borrower and tendered the loan. No sooner did the Tzemach Tzedek return to shul than his grandfather reappeared, his face beaming. “Lending money to a fellow Jew in a wholehearted fashion has great merit,” R’ Shneur Zalman counseled, “and that merit alone can throw the gates of heaven wide open.” But perhaps a loan’s greatest impact is not on the borrower but on the lender. Indeed, the commandment to lend money is intended to train the lender to become kinder and more caring (Sefer HaChinuch, No. 67). G-d made us His emissar-

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ies in the process for our benefit – to foster within ourselves a deeper appreciation and love for our fellow man. Regarded as such, the lender benefits as much or more than the borrower (Kli Yakar, Shemos 22:24). When we lend money to those in need, we are to “envision ourselves as if we are the ones in need” (Shemos 22:24 and Rashi ad loc.; see Michtav M’Eliyahu Vol 5, pg. 49) – because, in a sense, we are. R’ Zalman of Vilna was a learned and wealthy man, and he made it a point to offer interest-free loans to those in need. A stranger once asked R’ Zalman to lend him 300 rubles for 90 days. Because R’ Zalman didn’t recognize borrower, however, he asked the borrower to secure some guarantee on the loan. “I am new here,” answered the borrower, “so no one knows me well enough to act as guarantor.”

When R’ Zalman declined to lend the money, the man turned to leave, tears streaming down his face. But R’ Zalman just couldn’t tolerate such a sorry sight. “Hold on,”

antor!” And, without hesitation, R’ Zalman scribbled on a piece of paper the words, “He who has pity upon the poor lends to G-d” (Mishlei 19:17), placed the note in his loan files, and handed 300 rubles to the

R’ Zalman’s face brightened. “Well, why didn’t you say so earlier? I couldn’t ask for a better guarantor!”

R’ Zalman called out after the man. “Isn’t there anyone in the entire city who might guarantee the loan?” “My only guarantor is G-d Himself,” shrugged the man. R’ Zalman’s face brightened. “Well, why didn’t you say so earlier? I couldn’t ask for a better guar-

man. Ninety days later, the borrower returned to R’ Zalman to repay the loan. “Oh, I can’t take the money,” replied R’ Zalman. “Your guarantor already has repaid the loan. You see, shortly after you borrowed the

money, an unexpected business venture presented itself to me and I made a profit of exactly 300 rubles.” Since the borrower was adamant about repaying the loan, they simply agreed that the money would be returned to R’ Zalman and earmarked for loans to others – and they would split all future merits generated by the money. So the next time you have the opportunity to lend a buck (or more) or some tangible object, consider that you may be the primary beneficiary of your own generosity. Lend happily. Lend liberally. Ditch Shakespeare. A lender be.

Eytan Kobre is a writer, speaker, and attorney living in Kew Gardens Hills. Questions? Comments? Suggestions? E-mail

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Rabbinical Reflecti ns

Colorblindness By Rabbi Mordechai Yaffe


y wife and I recently traveled to California for the first time to visit our daughter. We asked her to take us to Los Angeles, about which I have heard so much throughout my life. I was aware that Hollywood itself was considered a little bit dodgy, so I wasn’t completely surprised to see that Hollywood Boulevard had almost as many homeless people as sidewalk stars. However, as we were on our way out of the city, our intrepid guide casually mentioned to us that to our right was the Hollywood Forever cemetery. Seeing that this wasn’t familiar to me, she continued to explain that many celebrities were buried in this cemetery and that it was a popular tourist attraction. In fact, she said, they hold regular movie nights in the cemetery. Now I consider myself to be somewhat worldly, but hearing this left me nonplussed. I asked, “Let me get this straight. People come to the cemetery to watch movies?” She nodded her head in reply and then it dawned on me how truly incongru-

ous that was. Hollywood exists to promote fantasy – an imaginary representation of life and values – and it’s therefore a basic contradiction to show a movie in a cemetery. A cemetery allows us to put life into perspective. The Mishna in Avos (3:1) tells us that contemplating our ultimate destination is one of three means to assist us in avoiding sin. It is no coincidence that we refer to a cemetery as a bais olam. Movies, on the other hand, represent an escape from our reality. They draw us in and cause us to focus on something else other than our own lives, our actual realities. How many tears have been shed over non-existent characters and even animals that are merely figments of the imaginations of skilled artisans? How ironic it is then that the ultimate escape from reality is made manifest in the very place meant to subdue fantasy and, pun intended, ground us! And what is the name of such a place? Hollywood FOREVER – the eternal escape from reality! Reality, however, always man-

ages to find a way to come back and hit us right between the eyes. It has the home court advantage insofar that it actually exists, no matter how far we stray from it. When we stray from reality, we are straying from the nature and purpose for which we have been created. The pasuk in Iyov (5:7) states, “Ki adam l’amail yulad,” that the human being was created to strive, to work, and to accomplish. While I firmly remain a strong proponent of indoor plumbing, self-cleaning ovens and refrigeration, labor-saving devices have not improved the human condition in creating a happier and healthier society. As our civilization continues to search for ways to keep us entertained and engaged, we are at risk of being drawn away from the most meaningful experiences of life itself. I have always imagined some distant future archeological expedition in which our current sports stadiums are uncovered. How will these scientists interpret the events that must have occurred in these enormous colosseums, some of which hold in

excess of 100,000 seats? The scientists will justifiably assume that their sheer size is evidence of hosting our most important and central events. No doubt they will assume that those events revolved around the worship of our deity. Sadly, their conclusions won’t be far from the truth. I’m waiting for the day that Super Bowl Sunday is declared a national holiday. After all, there are people who already spend as much for Super Bowl food as they do for any other yom tov! I was only in an NFL football stadium one time in my life during a game (the Siyum HaShas doesn’t count), and I recall being overwhelmed by the thought of being in the company of 80,000 drunken people. If we have any doubts about the centrality this game plays in our society, we need only turn to the cost of a 30-second commercial, which, currently, can run as much as $5,000,000. To put this in perspective, that’s almost $167,000 per second! And rest assured, no company is going to spend that kind of money in advertising unless they are cer-

The Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 8, 2018

tain that they are going to receive the requisite exposure to make it worth their while. I don’t know about you, but to me that seems like an awful lot of corn chips! How distinct is this behavior, really, from idol worship of yore? Imagine trying to explain this to that future archeologist. For that matter, let’s try explaining it to ourselves. It really comes down to how we maintain an outlook of the world around us. I think the best way to bring clarity to this concept would be again to reference the movies, in fact, one specific movie that was made almost 80 years ago. In 1939, a movie was made from L. Frank Baum’s famous novel, The Wizard of Oz. What distinguished this film from any endeavor previously produced was that it started out as a typical black and white film, but once in Oz, as Dorothy opened her eyes, viewers were introduced to Technicolor, the very first representation of color in film. Imagine the awe and wonder that au-

diences felt when they saw the colors of that magical Land of Oz leap from the screen for the very first time, seeing a world, not in dreary black and white, but rather with a marvelous cascade of color and light! I have to admit that it was not until I reached late adolescence that I was aware of

ble way to recognize that there was an amazing effect that was being conveyed. I only saw a world in black and white, no color. I feel that sometimes this is how we view certain phenomena in our society today. We think we will be happier if we work less, but the Torah

We need not allow fantasy to crowd out the space where reality should reside.

this brilliant introduction to cinematography. The reason was that I was not yet born during its theatrical run. I only viewed it in our living room and we did not have a color TV. Every time I saw this film, I saw it in black and white and had no idea that it was being broadcast in amazing beautiful color. There was no possi-

and experience tell us that this is not so. We think that we need to be part of the greater American society and that this is what is normal. Make no mistake, this is exceptionally difficult to excise from our consciousness once it becomes internalized. I once heard from Rav Chaim Pinchas Scheinberg, zt”l, that it took him 75


years of working on himself to suppress his adolescent feelings every time he would hear the word “Yankees.” We need not allow fantasy to crowd out the space where reality should reside. We need not substitute real and meaningful experiences for ersatz imitations. And perhaps, most importantly, we shouldn’t settle for black and white, when we can experience color, if we only open our eyes.

Rabbi Mordechai Yaffe is the Rosh HaYeshiva of Ateres Yaakov, a local Mesivta (MAY) and Yeshiva Gedolah, with over 220 talmidim, and the rav of Kehillah Ateres Yaakov. Besides his decades as an experienced mechanech, Rabbi Yaffe holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and is licensed to practice in the State of New York. Any topics of interest, questions or comments can be sent to editor@fivetownsjewishhome. com.


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Israel Today

Small Business By Rafi Sackville

Keren and Alona at the small business course in Ma’alot


lona is a medical cosmetician who also sells beauty supplies from a studio at the back of her house. She’s in her mid-30s and has been struggling to make ends meet. She is full of verve and a longing for success. She works long hours and can’t understand why she’s not making money. Sima runs the sandwich bar inside the municipal building. Recently, she

separated from her business partner, which has left her at a loss of how to deal with finances. Her hours at the cafe run from sunup to sundown. She’s doing okay, but is still not sure of the mechanics of business. Koral is just out of the army and has been looking for ways to start a business. Her desire for success is palpable, but she has no business background.

Together with seven other adults, Keren and I spent almost four months in a course studying small business practices. For almost 40 years I have toyed with the idea of opening a small business that revolves around my hobby: I’ve been making bags, megillah cases, and the like out of leather since I was a kid. Opening a business sounds easy, but in Israel the bureaucracy is as thick as the fog currently resting over Monfort Lake outside my window. Without the adequate knowledge one needs of the various tax offices, banking practices and national insurance, there is, according to available statistics, over a 40% chance of a business failing within the first two years. As it’s in the best interest of the country for small businesses to succeed, the government began the program Keren and I have completed. Over the course of 14 weeks we listened to lectures on how to design business plans and work our way towards success without the pitfalls that ignorance can breed. The course also provides a financial advisor for 40 hours at a reduced rate. The government program is run by Maof, an organization that provides a variety of courses related to business. For example, if we were interested in how to make our presence online more pronounced, Maof runs a course on how to market one’s goods on Etsy. The statistics Maof supply testify to a success rate that supports the need for those hoping to begin businesses to be better grounded in business practices. I admit, though, that during some of the classes I was climbing the walls because I couldn’t focus:

lessons on VAT are about as frustrating as watching the shopping channel without access to a credit card. Moreover, one cannot hope that taking the course is going to lead one on the path to success. Many successful professionals have never taken any courses in their field of expertise. People like us just want to supplement our income a little. Nothing fancy. At least nothing fancy at first. Most of the people doing the course are already working in their own businesses; there was an accountant, two guys who do renovations, a young man who is working at his family’s hotel in Peki’in, a woman who is running her son’s dress-making business, and a grandmother who runs a daycare center in the neighborhood. The marketing and sales side aside, one cannot overestimate the hurdles one has to overcome when dealing with Israeli bureaucracy. I currently work in more than one school. If I do not make a tax adjustment, I will be maximally taxed in my second place of employment. A visit to the tax office can be, well, taxing. Government offices are still steeped in the socialist practices of the early years of the state. It is only over the last few years that there has been a change towards more user-friendly services, especially those found online. In fact, I recently made an appointment in the Ministry of the Interior to get a biometric passport. On a sunny winter day I walked up to Sima’s cafe in the municipal building. She put a coffee in my hand and spoke of her frustrations with the course. Her reservations lie in the fact

The Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 8, 2018

has little time for herself or her family. One day she is giving a free session of treatment to a cancer patient in Nahariya Hospital, another she is welcoming customers into her modest studio


vagaries of the markets we hope to tap into. What will it be like to turn my hobby room into a place in which I have to work? I’m going to have to deal with all those authorities I have spent

She envisages a successful business that she will not have to close down like many others before her. Tefillin box made by Rafi

Tefillin cases crafted by Rafi

that she has been running the cafe for more than two years. She doesn’t consider it a waste, however. There are things she learned and things she discarded as superfluous. Koral believes the course has widened her horizons and has given her enough information to make an educated decision as to whether she

should open a business. She’s still uncertain. Alona could not relate to any of the courses connected to bureaucracy or finance. However, she became animated whenever the conversation turned to marketing or sales. She is a vibrant young woman with a heart of gold. Her customer schedule is such that she

in Meona, the moshav on the other side of highway 89. Since starting the course she has changed things around a little. Now she uses a spreadsheet and a financial advisor. She envisages a successful business that she will not have to close down like many others before her. As for our little business, we have hesitated in opening my hobby to the

years misunderstanding and loving to hate. It’s time to find out. At least our feet our now wet. We have a name: Rufsakleather. You can find me on Facebook or at

Rafi Sackville, formerly of Cedarhurst, teaches in Ort Maalot in Western Galil.


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Elegance Where



offering full catering services and party planning elegantly set tables that include flower arrangements and dĂŠcor

starting at $20.00 per person aufrufs, sheva brachas, bar mitzvahs... and for all reasons to celebrate!

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va a d

sUpervision of





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The Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 8, 2018


Meet Miriam


Jerusalem’s First Female United Hatzalah Medic

By Malky Lowinger


n a recent autumn evening while the rest of those in Jerusalem were busy clearing the dinner dishes, Miriam Ballin and her husband Adam were enjoying a “date night” together. But as often happens to the Ballins, they were interrupted by a call on the Hatzalah radio. Both Miriam and Adam are volunteers for United Hatzalah, so they listened closely for the location of the emergency. “It was from the Shimon Hatzaddik area,” Miriam remembers. “And I looked at my husband and said, ‘That’s in the Arab sector.’” But United Hatzalah doesn’t discriminate when there’s an emergency, and so the Ballins drove right over. They found an Arab woman laying on the floor unconscious “and dozens of family members hovering around her.” Miriam ignored her audience and went straight to work, together with an Armenian volunteer and

a local Arab medic. In those tense moments, all politics were ignored, and the only thing that mattered was saving a life. “In the end, we brought her back,” Miriam recalls. The grateful husband gave Adam a huge hug in relief. “That hug,” she says, “is different than any hug you’ll ever experience. Because that night we changed his perception of Jews and Israelis and of what an Orthodox Jew represents. I like to think we made a real kiddush Hashem.”


uite a story, but just another night out for Miriam Ballin – wife, mom, family therapist, public speaker, fundraiser, and United Hatzalah medic. Born in Houston, Texas, Miriam then moved to California. After marrying Adam, who is Australian, she lived in Sydney for six years while he attended medical school. Today the Ballins and their five young children have

made aliyah and are living in the Shaarei Chesed neighborhood of

“That night we changed his perception of Jews and Israelis and of what an Orthodox Jew represents.” Yerushalayim. Miriam is a ball of energy – driven, ambitious, and determined. She

has the distinction of being accepted as the very first female medic for United Hatzalah of Yerushalayim, an impressive achievement when you consider the potential opposition. But Miriam wouldn’t let any of that get in her way. Why did Miriam decide to become involved in Hatzalah? “When we were in Australia,” she says, “my husband became a member of Hatzalah in Sydney. I would see the look on his face when he came home from a call, how happy he was to be helping people in this way. And frankly, I was jealous!” But Hatzalah in Sydney was exclusively for men so Miriam served behind the scenes as a dispatcher instead. She helped save lives by mobilizing others to respond to calls. When the Ballins moved to Eretz Yisroel, says Miriam, “the first thing my husband did was join Hatzalah as a volunteer physician.” Miriam was then motivated to


FEBRUARY 8, 2018 | The Jewish Home

The Jewish Home | OCTOBER 29, 2015

Miriam and her husband, Dr. Adam, on their “date night”

Miriam being greeted in Houston after arriving after Hurricane Harvey

undergo the necessary training. A course for medics opened in her area, and Miriam was determined to join. “There were thirty men in the class,” as well about four or five other women who joined Miriam in taking the course. Once she was properly trained, Miriam was eager to become an active responder. “The organization really wanted to support female medics, and they knew that the matter had to be dealt with properly and with sensitivity. So it was a long process.” In the end, she was accepted, as were many other female members. But Miriam is careful to explain that she, and the others, only joined the organization after acquiring the blessings and encouragement of their personal rabbanim. “We went to the rav of our community and discussed it with him. And when it finally became official, the administration of United Hatzalah drank l’chayim together with the rabbanim.” Miriam argues that a woman responder can make a huge difference. “Imagine if an elderly lady falls in the shower. Her situation isn’t critical but she needs Hatzalah’s help. She would much more prefer that a woman respond to her call. It would save her a lot of embarrassment.” Once, Miriam was preparing a salad for the Shabbos seudah on Friday night when a call came in for help with delivering a baby in

her neighborhood. “I threw down my veggies,” she says, “and asked a neighbor to watch my children. When I arrived at the call, the baby literally fell into my arms. After cleaning up and waiting for an ambulance to arrive, I leaned over and gave the mother a huge hug and a kiss. That’s a level of care that only a woman can provide.” Today, says Miriam, there are over 200 female United Hatzalah members in Yerushalayim. The team of women is led by Eli Beer’s wife, Gitty, who is also a medic. (Eli is the president of United Hatzalah.) Many of them will only respond to calls specifically for females. But, says Miriam, “if there’s a CPR call in my building and I can get there in moments, I’m going to respond no matter who it is. And I’m going to be the first to start CPR. When someone thinks they’re dying, they don’t really care who saves them. And afterwards they thank me immensely.” She reiterates, “I never get any flack whatsoever.” How does Miriam juggle her responsibilities as a mother of young children with her Hatzalah activities? She explains that every Hatzalah radio has an “off” button which should be used when appropriate. “Two to six p.m.,” she tells me, “is Mommy time.” That’s when Miriam’s radio is off and she devotes her undivided attention to her children. And if a local call ever comes in on Shabbos, she says, “my hus-

band and I would never go together. If he goes, I stay home.” Like many other moms, Miriam works hard to maintain the delicate

“I threw down my veggies and asked a neighbor to watch my children. When I arrived at the call, the baby literally fell into my arms.” balance of “making our children feel like they are our priority while at the same time having them appreciate the work that we do.” Admit-


Miriam on the job

tedly, her kids are still quite young and probably cannot yet grasp the significance of her volunteer work. “I once told my daughter, ‘I’m going to help someone, and Savta will be staying with you.’ At first she was reluctant, but then she said, ‘OK, Ima. You can go.’ When I got home I explained to her that we were able to save a person’s life because she let me go. She understood then that she is part of something big.”


ne of Miriam’s pet projects is the cutting edge psycho-trauma unit that she has established. As a family therapist, she is sensitive to the underlying emotional issues during a crisis and she urged Eli Beer, president of United Hatzolah, to address this. She speaks from personal experience. “Two years ago,” she tells me, “I was running across the street on Rechov Azza and was hit by a motorbike. A medic came to treat me and then we waited for an ambulance. In the end, they sent me home. I was shaken up but otherwise fine.” Miriam says she returned to the scene of the accident to express her appreciation to “all those amazing people who helped me that day.” But she discovered something disturbing. “Those people were really traumatized by what they saw. They were having nightmares and flashbacks. And here I was alive and well. So imagine the emotional and psychological needs of people who


OCTOBER 29, 2015 | The Jewish Home

The Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 8, 2018

unfortunately have witnessed genuine tragedies.” Miriam approached Eli, saying, “We need to create a team of mental health professionals who can provide emotional support while the trauma is occurring. Our medics are wonderful and are trained to properly treat the patients but there was nobody at the scene who could support the feelings of those who are affected and nobody who could provide people with the resources to help them cope.” Eli was immediately on board. “Go for it!” he said. Today there are 250 mental health professionals who are members of United Hatzalah and available to respond to an emergency. In September, United Hatzalah sent a team of mental health professionals to Houston, Texas, to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey. Miriam was part of that mission. “We were in Port Arthur,” she says, “helping the evacuees deal with their feelings and providing emotional

support. All together we must have helped about 2,000 people.” She speaks matter-of-factly about her experiences in Houston, about being stranded over Shabbos in a homeless shelter with her team of volunteers and some cans of Pringles. Wasn’t that a terrifying experience? If it was, she doesn’t say so. Instead she says, “There’s siyata dishmaya in everything we do. With Hashem’s help anything is possible.” She also believes that women have a special wisdom, “a ‘binah yeseirah’ that allows us to accomplish the seemingly impossible.” Her advice to others is: “If you have a personal goal to achieve or special kochos to develop, go for it! I see from my own personal experience that Hashem shows you the way and can make it work.” After overcoming so many obstacles, Miriam says that her greatest challenge was the language barrier in Israel, especially while training


The United Hatzalah headquarters in Israel

with Hatzalah. “I was forced to pick up Hebrew very quickly,” she says. “Google Translate was really helpful.” But of course, she wouldn’t want to live anywhere else in the world. “Here in Yerushalayim,” she says, “you are walking through history

every single day. My kids’ favorite activity is going to the Kotel, rather than going to Chuck-E Cheese. What could be better than that?” It seems that even though Miriam wears many hats, her favorite one is the one she wears when she’s a mom.

60 100

OCTOBER 29, 2015 | The Jewish Home FEBRUARY 8, 2018 | The Jewish Home

Dating Dialogue

What Would You Do If… Moderated by Jennifer Mann, LCSW of The Navidaters

Dear Navidaters,

I am a 25-year-old single man. I have been dating for a couple of years and work as an accountant. I have been connected to two shadchanim who basically have been responsible for all of the women that I’ve gone out with so far. Though I know they try hard and have come through with very nice young ladies, no one has turned out to be my bashert.

A couple of weeks ago, something very strange happened. I work for a small- to medium-sized firm, and when people walk in as customers, usually because someone recommended them but sometimes even just off the street, my boss will often have me or one of the several other accountants who work there, meet with them. So, a woman by the name of Mindy was escorted to my desk and I began to see what I could do to help her out. I quickly learned that she was single, 26 years old, dressed and behaved modestly, and it wasn’t long before I realized that I was very attracted to her independence and, in general, just about everything else! When she left, I couldn’t stop thinking about her and wishing that some of the women I was being set up with were more like her. Though I obviously didn’t get to know her in any kind of deep way, there was still something about her that really interested me. So now what do I do? I actually took the initiative to mention her name to the two shadchanim I work with but they never heard of her. I wonder if it would be crazy for me to just call her out of the blue, since I have her phone number, or would that be looked upon as a terrible thing? What are your suggestions?

Disclaimer: This column is not intended to diagnose or otherwise conclude resolutions to any questions.

Our intention is not to offer any definitive

conclusions to any particular question, rather offer areas of exploration for the author and reader. Due to the nature of the column receiving only a short snapshot of an issue, without the benefit of an actual discussion, the panel’s role is to offer a range of possibilities. We hope to open up meaningful dialogue and individual exploration.

The Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 8, 2018



FEBRUARY 8, 2018 | The Jewish Home

The Jewish Home | OCTOBER 29, 2015


The Panel The Rebbetzin Rebbetzin Faigie Horowitz, M.S. t’s great that you have broken out of your habits and want to respond in a spontaneous fashion. That a very positive thing for someone who seems to be following a pattern that has been established. Go ahead and reach out. Email is less invasive, of course, and will feel safer for the young woman so I would suggest that you communicate that way. It will be more comfortable for you too. You can introduce yourself, where you come from, your interests, etc. and suggest a coffee date when she is in the neighborhood. Demonstrate thoughtfulness by offering her some personal information so that you can be checked out.


You can be humorous so that she doesn’t think she is being stalked. Don’t scare her off by coming on too strong. Another option is to solicit help from someone you are close with at the office. S/he can help you identify where she comes from so that you can find some mutual friends/ acquaintances who can officially set you up. This option of bringing in a third party shadchan-type gives you an advantage of building on the chemistry that developed without the risk of feeling uncomfortable and being more traditional. You don’t seem very sure of yourself, however. Consider working with someone to build flexibility, social skills, and general confidence. Identifying what makes this young woman so attractive to you (not just general independence) will

be helpful to you.

The Mother Sarah Schwartz Schreiber, P.A. our first meeting with Mindy has the makings of romantic fiction, a story I’ll call “The Chance Encounter.” Scene 1, Mindy, the refined, yet independent young woman is introduced to you under pretext of a business meeting. Scene 11, you sit at your desk and stare bemusedly at the phone number on her business card. You’ve been swept off your feet and are contemplating your next move. The conflict is profound: to call or not to call. Stay tuned! Dear Mr. CPA, if you are smart enough to handle other people’s finances, you certainly can figure out how to reach out to Mindy. And reach out you must. While texting or e-mail lacks the warmth of your voice, it is less off-putting than an unexpected phone call. In the e-mail, write a brief introduction about yourself (your age, your background and that you are currently in the parsha) and that you would be interested in meeting her again, (phew, you said it!); include your shidduch resume as an attachment. Ask if you can call her or whether she prefers a shadchan arrange the date. If she is as independent as you believe, she will undoubtedly respond via text or phone. One proviso: do not beat yourself up if she declines your advances. She may not be interested for a host of reasons; maybe she’s dating someone else, maybe she’s seeking a fulltime learner, maybe… However she responds to you, you did the mature and manly thing by exercising due diligence (aka hishtadlut) in the pursuit of your bashert. On another note: what’s with your two exclusive shadchanim? The fact that they didn’t pursue this lead (Mindy) for you really both-


Mark my words - there are young women reading your letter and wishing something like this would happen to them.

ers me. There are dozens of shadchanim out there who would be more than happy to meet you and set you up. If you wish to speed up the dating process, it may be time to expand your network of friends, social venues, and shadchanim.

The Shadchan Michelle Mond his sounds like an amazing opportunity! In my opinion, meeting somebody in a natural setting is the best way to meet. I would steer clear of calling her yourself because that may come across too forward and awkward if she is not interested. It also might come across as unprofessional in your line of work to do so with a client. I am assuming you have already searched to see if you have any mutual friends on social media. This is usually the best way to find a mutual person to suggest an idea. If no mutual contacts can be found, I would suggest that you have somebody you are close with, who you are sure has proper etiquette and tact, suggest the shidduch. Have this person give her a call, present the idea and see if she is in-



OCTOBER 29, 2015 | The Jewish Home

terested as well. Hopefully, she will be interested, and if this works out, you will have a great story to tell. Keep us posted!

The Single Tova Wein


love your letter! It shows that people can still react to their own inner voice and not be totally reliant on shadchanim to move forward in this stage of your life. Probably more people need to act in a more natural way, responding in the moment, rather

than depending on a third party to truly “get you.” Of course, how you proceed is not so simple because our culture has become so scripted that acting in a natural way has become questionable. My first concern is whether your boss would have a problem with you blending work and personal agendas. So I suppose it would be a prudent idea to first check in with your boss and explain your situation. I’m guessing he/she will be fine with your interest in pursuing this woman, but you’ll want to check this off your list. Assuming it’s not a problem, where do you go from here? In the good old days, I would have said,

Pulling It All Together

The Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 8, 2018

“Just take a deep breath, pick up the phone and call.” But today, we’ve all become more comfortable with texts and emails. Plus is gives people the opportunity to think before they respond. So I would shoot off a text to Mindy, explaining that you enjoyed spending time with her professionally and wondered whether she might be open to spending time together socially – maybe a quick cup of coffee, to break the ice. Who knows? She may be available and interested, or for whatever reason, unavailable and disinterested. Either way, you’ve proven to yourself that there is more than one way to skin a cat. In other words, there is more than one way to meet someone and maybe this is a great lesson for you and anyone else reading this column. Should this not work out, pay attention to what ex-


Dear Mr. CPA, if you are smart enough to handle other people’s finances, you certainly can figure out how to reach out to Mindy.

actly it was about Mindy that spoke to you. Try to put your feelings into words and share these ideas with your shadchanim so that in the future they can get closer to the mark!

The Navidaters Dating and Relationship Coaches and Therapists


our letter gives me faith that maybe, just maybe, the “parsha” can become a little more human again. What in the world is more natural than a man seeing a woman, taking an interest in her, and pursuing her? Sadly, my next question is: how many times has a man seen a woman who piqued his interest at a restaurant, on vacation, or at a wedding, only to do nothing because it isn’t socially acceptable? I hope your question gives people pause and inspires them to rethink the way Orthodox people date. Countless singles feel as though they are at the mercy of their parents and shadchanim, with no ability to meet on their own. They feel helpless and hopeless. So to you I say, go for it! Here’s something you should know about women. Generally speaking, frum or not, single wom-

en enjoy being approached by age -appropr iate men. It’s just human nature. How flattering it is to be noticed and sought after. It makes a gal feel attractive and special. To think, he chose me. He sees something that he likes about me. The pursuit itself is attractive to most women. A few things to consider: The first is whether or not you are allowed to date clients. I think you need to speak with your boss and ask about the office’s policy about such things. If your boss tells you there is a conflict of interest, then you will have to rethink the situation. However, if your boss gives you the green light, then run, don’t walk. Because frum women simply

aren’t accustomed to being pursued by a man in this way, I recommend emailing as your first course of communication. Write a well thoughtout email, acknowledging that you have never done something like this before but that she piqued your interest. Let her know that you are interested in getting to know her. If this doesn’t feel right for you or you don’t want to do it, then you can try to find a mutual friend through social media to set you up. Or, you can reach out to someone whom you trust to suggest the shidduch to Mindy. Hopefully Mindy is available but be prepared that she may be seeing someone or may not be open to meeting a man in this way. Either way, I hope you feel like a million bucks for taking the risk and being bold. Mark my words – there are young women reading your letter and wishing something like this would happen to them. And there are countless guys thinking, I wish I had the guts. May your letter will

give lots of people food for thought. If somehow it became acceptable for men to pursue women (and vice versa) of interest and not be completely reliant on shadchanim, I think we would be seeing a lot less anxiety and depression and single people – and a lot more contentedness, peace of mind and marriages. All the best! Sincerely, Jennifer

Esther Mann, LCSW and Jennifer Mann, LCSW are licensed psychotherapists and dating and relationship coaches working with individuals, couples and families in private practice in Hewlett, NY. To set up a consultation or to ask questions, please call 516.224.7779. Press 1 for Esther, 2 for Jennifer. Visit for more information. If you would like to submit a dating or relationship question to the panel anonymously, please email thenavidaters@ You can follow The Navidaters on FB and Instagram for dating and relationship advice.


FEBRUARY 8, 2018 | The Jewish Home

Dr. Deb

Being Who We Are By Deb Hirschhorn, Ph.D.


t’s a terrible thing to feel alone. Especially when there are others around you. The whole family is around and yet a person feels alone. The child is at school and no one, not the teachers, not the classmates, “gets it.” The presence of others makes you feel even more alone because the degree to which they’re different underscores the gap between you. The irony is how many, many people feel just like that. And none of them knows about the others. Even worse, often these are the Zuckerbergs (founder of Facebook) and maybe the Einsteins who walk to the beat of different drummers and just because of that have the capacity to change the world. Instead, they feel flawed and wrong because no one understands them. Perhaps Moshe Rabbeinu was this sort of person. He was the only one to stop to examine why a burning bush was not consumed by the fire. Everyone else would walk past it, saying, “Oh, a bush is burning.” I would. Most people would. It’s a rare individual who stops to question what we take for

granted. It’s a rare individual who is able to see the Big Picture and recognize how things might be done different – and better. So if you and I are the “regular” people who kind of follow how we’ve been programmed growing up and we don’t even think to question The Way Things Are, what should be our response if we’re married to – or parents of – someone who does?

ACCEPT THE PERSON EVEN IF YOU DON’T AGREE WITH THE PREMISE It takes a lot of graciousness to hear what sounds to you like outlandish nonsense or worse and to listen to it patiently and respectfully. But that is what is needed, at least for the first step. You might be wondering what’s the connection between listening politely to something that you can’t accept and accepting the person. You might be thinking, “You mean, Dr. Deb, that if I don’t listen or I just dismiss something that somehow I’m not accepting the person who said it?”

Yes, that’s exactly what I mean, and here’s why people take it that way: A person’s ideas are their essence. Or at least, that is how it feels to them. And this is especially true of people who think a lot and value their own ideas. So when someone else rejects or dismisses their ideas, they feel rejected and dismissed. And by the way, that’s even when the dismissing is done politely, as in, “I see how strongly you feel about this, but I’m sorry, I don’t see it.” Why would a person feel so rejected, even when the rejecting is polite? Well, that’s just human nature. Our egos get all involved in our ideas and we start conflating “us” with those ideas. It’s not good and it’s not healthy, either, but most of us do just that.t Therefore, politeness is not enough. You have to really listen to what they’re saying. So much so that you have to repeat back their point to make sure they know you were listening. And it wouldn’t hurt to add that you can see where they’re coming from or something like that. This is particularly, acutely important with your children.

It may be most important with children off the derech or heading in that direction. Their egos are fragile and it won’t take much to make them hate themselves. Oh, I didn’t mention that part. When you object to their ideas, which means you’re objecting to them, children take that message deep inside and begin to object to themselves. This is where self-hate starts. So you have to give the impression that you are listening deeply and considering ideas that may be alien to you – just so you don’t give the mistaken impression that you are rejecting the person himself.

ALLOW THE IDEA TO SIT WITH YOU FOR AT LEAST 24 HOURS WHILE YOU CONSIDER IT OBJECTIVELY The point you’re hearing may actually have value. I’ve heard from numerous people over the years how they object to the way Torah is being taught in our yeshivas, for example. It’s only natural to have an immediate defensive and protective reaction to things

The Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 8, 2018

like that. But don’t. Let the child or the adult talk and consider their points. If we do, we may be able to restore their good feelings by actually doing something about the problem. After all, if they were turned off, something was operative to turn them off. It’s kind of like how the government or companies will take convicted hackers and ask them to find the weak points in their computer security systems. Let the kids who are not marching to the beat share their perspectives. Maybe tweaks can be made.

ASK THE CHILD (OR ADULT) IF IT’S OKAY TO SHARE THE IDEA WITH OTHERS Once the idea is placed before some objective people, it may help you to consider it in a different light. Your immediate “No way!” reflex may not operate quite as smoothly when you’re sharing it with someone else. I see this

in therapy a lot. A wife, for example, will come in with her husband, sure that she is right in her assessment of things and that I will agree with her position. But when I help her look at the world through her husband’s eyes, she might have one of those “Aha!” experiences that is good for both of them. It’s a way of starting to get on the same page.

over it as well as nervous about the future. She certainly seems on the side of “right.” She wants and needs to be prudent and responsible. Mr. Smolley, on the other hand, has had business success in his life; it’s not as if every one of his attempts at crafting a good plan was a failure. Furthermore, he feels like he’s learned from his mistakes and can articulate

A person’s ideas are their essence.

Let’s take an example (made up, of course). Mr. and Mrs. Smolley come in because Mrs. Smolley is fed up with her husband making business “investments” that fail. Lots and lots of money has gone down the tubes and this huge loss has made Mrs. Smolley sick

what they were and what, exactly, he wants to do differently this time. Would it be correct for me to take away his dreams? That’s not my job. My job is the shalom bayis in the house. While it is true that Mr. Smolley cannot recklessly gamble their life savings (or their children’s tuition


money), it is also true that successful businesses have many failures along the way. Rarely is success a straight line to the top. So perhaps it would be good for Mrs. Smolley to learn to take some deep breaths and meet her husband halfway. Perhaps she can get a glimmer of his dream and soften up her approach, say by setting some kind of limit on the spending, without nixing it all together. My act of listening with respect to Mr. Smolley’s “side” affects Mrs. Smolley’s mindset; she’s not going to be quite so hasty in dismissing him. Now, maybe they can have an honest discussion about the details of his plan. When Mrs. Smolley listens attentively, she’s accepting her husband as he is. When she dismisses him, he is not allowed to “be” the person he is.

Dr. Deb Hirschhorn is a Marriage and Family Therapist. She can be reached at 646-54-DRDEB or by writing drdeb@


FEBRUARY 8, 2018 | The Jewish Home

Health & F tness

Foods that Fight Chronic Constipation By Aliza Beer MS, RD


ost people have suffered from constipation at one point or another. If the problem is more than occasional, or includes severe pain or bleeding, it’s important to check in with your doctor, as these symptoms can be a sign of a more serious digestive disorder. But in most cases, constipation is a sign that your body needs more fiber and probably fluid as well. Constipation is a condition characterized by dry, hard stools or fewer than three bowel movements per week and is one of the most common gastrointestinal complaints in the United States. Fiber is your first line of defense against constipation. Fiber adds bulk to the stool and softens it, making it easier to pass through the colon. It is recommended that the average adult consume about 25-35 grams of fiber each day. In reality, most people consume about half that amount. If you suffer from chronic constipation, gradually increase your fiber intake. Don’t suddenly go from eating 10 grams to 25 grams of fiber; you will get bloated and distended. Some fiber-rich foods include: • Fruit: Plums, pears, apples, and raspberries are all high in fiber. Wash the skin of the apple and pear and leave them unpeeled when eating for the skin contains a lot of fiber. • Dried fruit: Dates, prunes,

figs, apricots, and raisins are another good source of dietary fiber. Prunes, in particular, are great for constipation because not only are they high in fiber, they also contain sorbitol, which is a natural laxative. Dried fruit is also a concentrated form of sugar, so be careful with your portions! • Popcorn: Popcorn is a great low calorie way to get more fiber into the diet, just don’t pile on the salt and butter. Go for air-popped popcorn or a healthy variety of mi-

bread; it contains 4 grams of fiber per cracker. Avoid rice cakes or rice products as they will exacerbate the constipation. • Water: What you drink is just as important as what you eat. The Cleveland Clinic recommends drinking two to four extra glasses of water per day for a total 1012 eight ounce glasses of water. Drinking warm water or herbal tea with lemon, especially in the morning, may also help get things moving. Avoid beverages that con-

Fiber is your first line of defense against constipation.

crowave popcorn. • Broccoli: This is a superstar vegetable that can be eaten raw in order to maximize the fiber or steamed or roasted. • High fiber cereals: Avoid refined cereals and stick to a high fiber one such as Fiber One. A ½ cup serving of Fiber One cereal delivers a whopping 14 grams of fiber! • Whole wheat bread/crackers: Whole wheat will have more fiber than multi-grain or seven grain breads. One of the highest fiber crackers is called GG Bran Crisp-

tain caffeine, like coffee and soda, which can dehydrate you and make constipation worse. • Omega-3: Omega-3 fats help lubricate the intestine, providing a smooth surface and making it easier for stool to pass. Regular consumption of omega-3 fats may help reduce chronic constipation. Dietary sources include salmon, tuna, halibut, nut oils, hemp oil and flax oil. If you don’t like fish, then discuss with your doctor about starting fish oil supplementation. • Flaxseed: Flaxseed comes

from the flax plant and has a high fiber content. Flaxseed acts as a bulk-forming laxative, pulling water into the intestines, increasing the size and softness of the stool, making it easier to pass. Sprinkle flaxseeds into yogurt or oatmeal or into smoothies. • Apple cider vinegar: I recently wrote an article about the possible cures associated with apple cider vinegar. Maintaining good gastrointestinal health is another one. Try putting one tablespoon of organic apple cider vinegar into one cup of hot water, add stevia or agave, and drink it once a day. Many patients have told me that it has helped them with their constipation. If increasing your dietary fiber doesn’t help your constipation, then consult with your physician. He or she may prescribe an overthe-counter laxative like Miralax or prescription medication. A colonoscopy may also be required to help diagnose the reason for the constipation. As always, do not make any drastic changes to your diet or lifestyle without discussing with your doctor first.

Aliza Beer is a registered dietician with a master’s degree in nutrition. She has a private practice in Cedarhurst, NY. Patients’ success has been featured on the Dr. Oz show. Aliza can be reached at

The Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 8, 2018















APRIL 15 2018





YA H R Z E I T TRIBUTE 2 Iyar 5778

H O N O R H I S P A ST . B U I L D O U R FUT U R E . Dr. Manfred & Jamie Lehmann Campus 1170 William Street • Hewlett, NY 11557

516.374.7363 •



FEBRUARY 8, 2018 | The Jewish Home

Health & F tness

The Flu Update By Hylton I. Lightman, MD, DCH (SA), FAAP


ere’s a scary fact. The Centers for Disease Control and Protection (CDC) reports that 53 children have died from the flu this flu season alone. More than half who died from the flu were otherwise healthy children. Please G-d, there should be no more deaths. Note the following quote from Dr. Dan Jernigan, director of the CDC’s influenza branch: “Flu is everywhere in the U.S. right now. This is the first year we’ve had the entire continental U.S. at the same level (of flu activity) at the same time. It has been an early flu season that seems to be peaking now, with a 5.8% increase in laboratory-confirmed cases this week over last.” In New York State alone, as of the week ending January 20, hospitals admitted 1,759 patients with confirmed cases of the flu. This was a 5% increase over the previous week. In the same time period, 7,779 people tested positive for the flu. Again, this is just in New York State. This scenario is being repeated across the United States as this year’s flu strain – H3N2 – is rampant. Newspaper headlines like hospital emergency rooms face a “war zone” (http://www. because stories of the

flu only make us more fearful. Flu season has arrived early this year. This means the above listed numbers are a moving target and are only growing. There are no surprises here. Australia and the Southern Hemisphere are good predictors as their

flu season precedes ours. During the H1N1 pandemic in 2009, Australia had 59,022 cases in its sparsely populated country. This last season, they had 215,280 H3N2 cases. Australia has the same vaccine as the United States and it was only about effective against the dominant strain in about one-quarter of the population. This is why Dr. Anthony Fauci of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases is predicting a “relatively severe influenza season.”

Here are some steps one can take during this horrific flu season.

GET VACCINATED Make sure that you and your loved ones are vaccinated. In other words, get the flu shot even if you haven’t already done so for you and your family and especially for “vulnerable” people, i.e., babies and children under 5 years of age, those over 65, pregnant women, people with chronic conditions like asthma and diabetes, and people on im-

Make it a routine for each family member to wash their hands properly when they walk in the house from school, work, or errands. In Australia, the problem did not appear to be a mismatch between the flu strains that were circulating and those that the available vaccine protected against. Instead, Dr. Fauci explains, it seemed to be the mutant proteins introduced as the vaccines were being produced in eggs. “The very process of how we make the vaccine creates an unanticipated, almost accidental mismatch, which is what happened in Australia this year,” Dr. Fauci said in a recent interview. I’m leaving it to the scientists and epidemiologists to deal with developing the “perfect” flu vaccines.

munosuppressive medications. Yes, the shot is not perfect. Yet don’t be discouraged by the reports of low vaccine effectiveness for the flu shot. It has proven that, in most cases, if someone contracts the flu, its symptoms and severity are mitigated because of the shot. Babies under six months of age can’t receive the flu shot. But pregnant women can and should; they are at higher risk for flu complications. Also, getting the vaccine gives them an immunity they can pass on to their newborns. Babies age 6 months and older and all other people should get the flu shot as well. None of the precious children who’ve died from the flu had re-

ceived this season’s flu vaccine. Yes, it’s possible to contract the flu even if you’ve been immunized. The good news is that the flu shot tends to mitigate the symptoms so the flu is less severe. Let’s clear up a misconception: The flu vaccine does not give you the flu. You might have been exposed to the flu before getting vaccinated or doing the period it takes the body to gain protection after getting vaccinated; it’s about a period of two weeks to gain the protection. And there are other reasons you feel like you have the flu despite getting the shot as there are viruses that can mimic the common cold. You may read up on this at https:// flu-season-2017-2018.htm#effectiveness.

WASH YOUR HANDS! There are hygiene habits you can do to help prevent the flu. First, keep your hands clean. Children and adults should wash their hands before eating meals. They should keep their hands away from their eyes, nose and mouth. Make it a routine for each family member to wash their hands properly when they walk in the house from school, work, or errands. What’s proper hand washing? At least 20 seconds with soap and water. Next, cough the right way to avoid spreading germs. Teach your children how to cough into their sleeves and use tissues to cover the sneezes.


The Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 8, 2018

THE FLU? Flu symptoms include fever, cough, sore throat, runny nose, head or body aches, and fatigue. Children are more likely than adults to experience vomiting or diarrhea with the flu. Most children recover from the flu within a week or ten days. It requires rest, fluids and medications to reduce fever. Some kids, children under 5 years of age and/or those with underlying medical conditions, may benefit from treatment with prescription antiviral drugs. But these medications needs to be started within 48 hours of the start of flu symptoms for maximum effectiveness. So if you suspect the flu, call your doctor right away. What’s the protocol for babies under 60 days old? Any rectal fever higher than 100.5 degrees is deemed an emergency. You must call your pediatrician immediately who will guide you to the next steps, which include hospitalization.


Some schools throughout the country have closed and are “de-fumigating” which will hopefully halt the spread of the flu.


WHEN IS A TRIP TO THE EMERGENCY WARRANTED FOR CHILDREN OF ANY AGE? Fever with rash, difficulty breathing, dehydration, seeming unresponsive, severe vomiting, pain or pressure in the abdomen or chest, and confusion should send you to the emergency room. Also, if an illness has been sub-

siding and then suddenly worsens again through a newly high fever or cough, you must contact your doctor or make a trip to the ER. These symptoms could be signs of a secondary infection such as pneumonia. If you or your child test positive for the flu, then stay home and keep your children home, especially if they have symptoms and are coughing on and around others.

• FREE Pickup and Delivery always! • Wash & Fold Laundry Service • Expert Tailoring, Same Day Work Available • Special Discounts for Rabbis. Teachers. Hatzolah and Chaverim • Shomer Shabbos Owned and Operated

Call (718)887-9886

The CDC’s chart above is an excellent starting point for monitoring and tracking symptoms. In summary, practice what’s written above. Keep in touch with your doctor. Get a flu shot. Wash your hands. Take care of yourself. And, as always, daven. Dr. Hylton I. Lightman is a pediatrician and Medical Director of Total Family Care of the 5 Towns and Rockaway PC. He can be reached at, on Instagram at Dr.Lightman_ or visit him on Facebook.

o do ways t t n e i n conve ing. Now 3 ur dry clean op off at dr yo up and . k c i p y ome Weekl kup your h nd pic a ff o op ide dr ice. Curbs e serv r o t s In

or call/text (917) 612-2300 email for the next scheduled pickup. Sign up FCC- Fr now for our equ Club an ent Cleaner d ge with ea t savings ch orde r

68-26 Main Street, Flushing, NY 11367

110 68

FEBRUARY 8, 2015 2018||The TheJewish JewishHome Home OCTOBER 29,


Trnare tristique. Morbi tempor eros quis eros ultricies, vitae pulvinar felis rutrum. In vitae lacus eget erat interdum vehicula quis non tellus.


Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Pickled Peppers By Naphtali Sobel


n the early ’70s my folks would travel from the Bronx all the way to Shimon’s in Kew Garden Hills to get pizza on Saturday nights. Shimon, the owner, was a Yemenite Jew who would endearingly refer to his homemade charif or schug as d’vash (honey). For him, these spicy, pepper-based condiments were just perfect, neither too bland nor too hot. Honey, though? I think not. Peppers are the fundamental spice in many cuisines, whether sweet paprika in eastern Europe-

an cuisines or the more fiery kind used in Middle Eastern and Asian cookery. There are several spices, however, that are called pepper but are actually related to a different family. Black pepper is not a pepper. Standard peppers are from the capsicum family, while black pepper – or piper nigrum – is the fruit of the flowering vine called piperaceae and is most closely related to other Asian species. Black pepper is native to southeast India and is extensively cultivated there and in

similar tropical regions. Vietnam is currently the world’s largest black pepper producer. Returning to actual pepper varieties, there is the classic bell pepper, the Holland pepper and others. Although fairly similar, Holland peppers are hothouse grown with proper sun and humidity, yielding extremely beautiful, thick and bright-colored peppers that are optimal for crudités and beautiful presentations. Bell peppers are usually thinner and gnarlier in shape. These are great in cooking

and in diced salads. Latin American and Mexican cuisine heavily rely on an assorted variety of chili peppers in their cuisine. Jalapenos are often diced into salads, sliced or eaten whole. Chipotles are actually smoked red jalapenos and are often turned to powder form or, alternatively, canned in adobo sauce. They can be used in a variety of sauces. Poblanos are usually fire charred, peeled and stuffed with a meat. Many candies from Mexico contain spices such as cayenne pepper, as even schoolchil-

DESIGN&CONQUER: 516.987.8853

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The Jewish Home | OCTOBER 29, 2015

FEBRUARY 8, 2018 | The Jewish Home

dren enjoy this fiery treat. Hungarians absolutely treasure their many varieties of peppers. They fondly call all pepper varieties paprikash, and even have a dish with that name. They produce paprika in many hues, varying from yellow to maroon to orange, as well as different spice levels. In American cuisine, we utilize tons of hot sauce for buffalo wings or add a splash of tabasco to give some heat to our food. Sriracha sauce is an alternative to ketchup on practically everything. Hot sauce is slightly more mild and flavorful. Tabasco is vinegary, producing an immediate punch of heat and masks flavors extremely well. Unlike American vinegar-based hot sauces, sriracha is pepper-based with a pinch of vinegar to facilitate the pickling or fermentation process. In North African and Israeli cuisine, there are foods such as matbucha, shakshuka and Moroccan fish that are all heavily pepper-based. Harissa is a North African pepper condiment containing different types of roasted peppers, garlic paste spices and olive oil. This is often used as an ingredient in matbucha. Schug or charif is a Yemeni hot pepper condiment very similar to harissa and can be made from green or red peppers. But it definitely doesn’t taste like honey.

Word Corner and Fun Facts • The heat content in peppers is measured in scoville units, much like energy is measured in BTUs or British thermal units. • The word pepper originates

from the Hebrew word pilpul. In many languages Ls and Rs are interchangeable. • Falafel is also derived from the word pilpul as it is a well-seasoned savory treat. • Matbucha originates from the Hebrew word zevach, which in Arabic and Aramaic is pronounced tavach as the Hebrew letters tes and dalit are interchangeable. This word means to butcher or sacrifice. In Semitic languages such as Aramaic, Arabic and modern-day Hebrew, the word tabach means cook or kitchen. Hence, matbucha gets its name because it is a cooked sal-

ad. • Shakshuka means mixed up in many North African Arab dialects. It stems from the Berber word for ragout (chunky sauce). This term is used much like we use the word cholent to depict a mish mosh. • Pimiento is the Spanish name for peppers. • There is a commentary on Talmud known as the pilpula charifta, or hot pepper. • The reason spicy foods can be so addictive is because they release endorphins or happy feelings. • Chilis cause one to sweat, which in turn has a cooling effect.

R EC I P E Matbucha & More IN GR ED IEN TS

d into ver y small 1 large or 3 small onions, dice cubes bell peppers, diced 3 large green and 3 large red into ver y small cubes er thin 20-22 cloves garlic, sliced pap te 1 6-oz. can tomato pas including liquid 1 28-oz. can diced tomatoes, oil r ½ cup olive or regula (consommé) 2 TBS plus 2 tsp chicken base 2 TBS plus 2 tsp sugar 3½ cups water 1 TBS cumin 1 tsp black pepper Cayenne pepper, to taste


This is why, ironically, countries with the hottest climates, such as Mexico, India, the Caribbean Islands, the Middle East and so on, consume the most chilis. • Pilpul chaverim (literally, pepper of friends) is a term used in yeshivot in regard to the fiery and heated, yet friendly, way in which students learn Torah.

Naphtali Sobel is an experienced chef and food consultant. He is available as a personal chef and for consulting. He can be reached at napsob87@gmail. com.

Yo u


N aphtali Sobel


on medium high In a pot, sweat onions in oil lic and stir for an adheat till translucent. Add gar ingredients, bring er oth all ditional minute. Add to as low as possible to a boil, then lower the flame tely four hours. and let simmer for approxima shed sauce, place fini this e For shakshuka, tak pan and bring to a liberal amount in a sauté ber of eggs into the boil. Crack the desired num k to desired runnicoo and pan. Cover with a lid ness. desired amount For Moroccan fish, place the fish fillets in a ed esh te-fl of salmon or any whi chopped cilantro. pan and cover with sauce. Add °F for about 20-25 Cover with foil and bake at 350 minutes.


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Early Intervention Services For children birth - 3 years with special needs

Services Provided l



Feeding Therapy


Special Education


Nutrition Counseling


Service Coordination


Family Support/Counseling


Speech/Language Therapy


Physical & Occupational Therapy


ABA Program – Center & Home Services

Routines Based Interventions & Collaborative Coaching




TO REFER YOUR CHILD TO THE EARLY INTERVENTION PROGRAM CALL 311. This Early Intervention Program (EIP) is a public program for children under the age of three who are either suspected of having or at risk for developmental delays or disabilities. EIP is funded by NYS and NYC. All EIP services are provided at no cost to parents. Health insurance may be used for approved services. A child’s eligibility for the program can be determined only by state-approved evaluators under contract, and all services must be authorized by the NYC Early Intervention Program.

For more information about CHALLENGE: T. 718.851.3300 W.


FEBRUARY 8, 2018 | The Jewish Home

In The K


Onion Brick Roast By Naomi Nachman

I have developed a new roast recipe that is quick and easy to make and which can be thrown in the oven without constant monitoring. So many roast recipes have to be timed just right so they aren’t overcooked in the center – which takes a lot of work and patience (which we don’t always have!).  Because this roast is cooked low and slow, this recipe does not require constant attention once you get it into the oven.  The marbling of the fat rippling through the meat makes it soft, moist and flavorful – so you get a perfect roast every time you make it.

Ingredients 4-5 pound brick roast 4 onions, sliced 1 TBS Dijon mustard 3-4 cloves crushed garlic 1 tsp paprika 1 tsp garlic powder 1 tsp cumin 1 tsp salt 2 TBS olive oil 1 12 oz. bottle of beer

Preparation Preheat oven to 300°F. Place the sliced onion at the bottom of a roasting pan and set aside. In a small bowl, mix remainder of the ingredients (except the beer) and rub the mixture all over the meat. Place the meat in the pan on top of the onions. Pour the beer all over the meat. Cover the pan tightly with foil and bake at 300°F for three hours. After the meat has cooled, slice and serve with onions.

Naomi Nachman, the owner of The Aussie Gourmet, caters weekly and Shabbat/ Yom Tov meals for families and individuals within The Five Towns and neighboring communities, with a specialty in Pesach catering. Naomi is a contributing editor to this paper and also produces and hosts her own weekly radio show on the Nachum Segal Network stream called “A Table for Two with Naomi Nachman.” Naomi gives cooking presentations for organizations and private groups throughout the New York/New Jersey Metropolitan area. In addition, Naomi has been a guest host on the QVC TV network and has been featured in cookbooks, magazines as well as other media covering topics related to cuisine preparation and personal chefs. To obtain additional recipes, join The Aussie Gourmet on Facebook or visit Naomi’s blog. Naomi can be reached through her website, or at (516) 295-9669.

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BOWL BOWL 8th Annual

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Tuesday, February 13, 2018 Red Pin Prizes Swag Bag Premium Prize Giveaway

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Gourmet Glatt Shopping Spree Vacation Package Andrew Lock Custom Suit Biaggi Three Piece Luggage Set Islander All Access Seats Nets All Access Seats Yosef the Musical VIP Tickets Rachel Renov Photography Package Carving Block BBQ Package


8th Annual

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Join us on Tuesday, February 13, 2018 8:00 PM - Registration (at Madraigos) 9:00 PM - Bowling Begins at Woodmere Lanes, 948 Broadway

Register at Strike a Better Future for our Youth For sponsorship opportunities, contact Rivka Lock at or call 516.371.3250 x102



Buy Raffle Tickets at 71 Mott Ave. Inwood , NY 516-216-5740

Thank You to Our Raffle Sponsors:





The Supply Guys, LLC

116 26

FEBRUARY 8, 2018 | The Jewish Home OCTOBER 29, 2015 | The Jewish Home

Notable Quotes “Say What?!”

Some of the Super Bowl commercials are causing controversy. A lot of people are mad about a Ram truck ad that used the words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. People were particularly suspicious of the part where Dr. King says, “Civil rights are RAM-tastic!” - Conan O’Brien

I can tell you guys are big football fans. - Jeopardy host Alex Trebek after the three contestants on the show failed to get one answer correctly in the football category on the Thursday night before the Super Bowl

We like to say peoplekind, not necessarily mankind, because it’s more inclusive. - Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, interrupting a woman who said the phrase “mankind” while asking him a question at a town hall event

It’s one thing for snowflake students and professors to pull dumb stunts. It’s quite another for the culprit to be the prime minister of the world’s second largest geographical country… When Neil Armstrong, the first man, sorry, person…. sorry, human, on the moon, said it was ‘one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind,’ he could have had no idea how offensive he was being. There’s just one problem with all this nonsense, Justin: the word ‘woman’ contains ‘man.’ Talk your PCcrazed, feminist way out that one. - Piers Morgan, in an article titled “How dare you kill off mankind, Mr. Trudeau, you spineless virtue-signaling excuse for a feminist”

I think that Germany was always anti-Semitic; that has not changed much. - 93-year-old Auschwitz survivor Esther Bejarano stunning the viewers of a political talk show in Germany when asked to compare the Nazi era with the situation in Germany today

Church ... family ... police ... military ... the national anthem ... Trump trying to call on all the tropes of 1950s-era nationalism. The goal of this speech appears to be to force the normalization of Trump on the terms of the bygone era his supporters are nostalgic for. #SOTU - Tweet by MSNBC’s Joy Reid after Pres. Trump’s State of the Union Address


The Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 8, 2018


UNIQUE HOME on a huge lot in the heart of

Boca Raton

4-6 Bedrooms 5 Baths Jacuzzi Tubs Double Sided Fireplaces & More!





Totally unique home on huge lot, within the Eruv and directly across from the yeshiva and community shul in the heart of the new heimishe East Boca Community. Only a two-minute walk from Kosher eateries, and a ten-minute walk from the Florida Intracoastal. and local beaches. . House is currently rented for $5900, tenants committed to lease renewal for $6,300. House needs final touches to make into your dream vacation (and all-year-round home).


7 18.288.8434



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The Jewish Home | OCTOBER 29, 2015


The Eagles won their first Super Bowl ever, toppling Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. They said Tom Brady was so distraught after the game, he chugged a quart of almond milk and ate half a grape. - Jimmy Kimmel

A lot of people were upset last night that the voice of Dr. King was used to sell trucks. Mattresses, yes. You can buy a Serta perfect sleeper on MLK Day, no problem at all every year. But Dodge Ram trucks, no. They say it was the most polarizing Super Bowl ad since the Men’s Wearhouse “buy one get one free at last” deal back in 1998. - Jimmy Kimmel

Just as the Palestinians twenty-five years and four significant offers after Oslo have demonstrated they really don’t want a two-state solution with the Israelis, Democrats have now revealed they don’t want to solve the U.S. immigration problem. As with the Palestinians, it’s all a shell game. Donald Trump just offered the Dems an agreement on DACA that gives two million “Dreamers” a pathway to full citizenship after 10-12 years – something not even done by Barack Obama! – and the Dems didn’t even want to discuss the proposal.

Google has a new service called “Flights” that is now able to predict flight delays. How it works is if you’re flying United, your flight’s delayed. - Conan O’Brien

We need to create awareness around the issue of one-time use plastic straws and its detrimental effects on our landfills, waterways, and oceans. - Ian Calderon, the California Democratic assemblyman who introduced a bill which would make it illegal in California for restaurant servers to give guests plastic straws unless requested – with the threat of a $1,000 fine or jail time attached – explaining why he introduced his bill

I think a lot of President Trump’s rhetoric is racist. When someone uses the phrase chain migration, it is intentional in trying to demonize, literally trying to demonize, families and make it a racist slur. It is not right. We have to change the debate. These are people. These are families. - Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) on “The View” arguing that the term “chain migration,” which President Trump uses for the law which allows immigrants to bring all relatives (even distant ones) into the U.S., is a “racist slur”

Yesterday, a glitch kept sending iPhones the same CNN news alert repeatedly. But if I wanted to be annoyed by the same CNN news alert over and over, I’d just watch CNN for five minutes.

President Trump gave his State of the Union address last night and Bernie Sanders hasn’t looked this unhappy since, uh...since the last time we saw Bernie Sanders.

- Jimmy Fallon

– Seth Myers

– Roger Simon, PJ Media


The Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 8, 2018

Luxury Passover AT THE




L uxury


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At the Beautiful Radisson Hotel Baltimore Downtown-Inner Harbor Create a memory that all generations of your family will treasure for a lifetime. You’ll be treating your family to headline entertainers and engaging scholars with dynamic programs. In addition to daily services, take advantage of programs for children and teens. This year’s beautifully-renovated venue is walking distance to great art galleries, museums, the Baltimore Aquarium, and much more! World-renowned Chef, Ravi Narayanan, trained in europe will be leading the culinary teams to provide innovative kosher, non-Gebrokts menus featuring the freshest ingredients. You can rest easy knowing the entire hotel is Kosher for Passover.

Space is limited so call today and reserve space for your family at the upcoming 2018 Passover Program or visit our website to learn more.





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Program with LISA ELEFANT

X EPIC youth division by seasoned director LISA LANCRY X Stimulating

teen program coordinated for BOYS: RABBI SHALOM YONA WEIS, former Youth Director of Aish Kodesh,Woodmere GIRLS: AIDY MARKOWITZ, Educational Director of Camp Mizmor

[All guest rooms and ballroom spaces recently renovated]


Erev Pesach program for children with RABBI WALLERSTEIN


Rabbi Zechariah and Estee Wallerstein, Rabbi Moshe & Corinne Fuchs, Mr.Yanky Elefant, Esther Zicherman NON-gebrokts, under the hashgacha of the ORB All proceeds benefit Ohr Naava and Tomchei Shabbos of Pelham Parkway


ReseRvations and infoRmation daytime 855.300.1873 evenings & Weekends 800.522.1850


120 28

FEBRUARY 8, 2018 | The Jewish Home OCTOBER 29, 2015 | The Jewish Home

We’ve got a bunch of dumb [people] over there. Think about the people who you know who are over there – your freaking stupid uncle Louis or whatever, they’re dumb [people]. They’re not, like, high-level thinkers, they’re not academic people, they’re not intellectual people, they’re the freaking lowest of our low. Not morally, I’m not saying they make bad moral decisions – they’re not talented people.

After Trump’s speech, Massachusetts Congressman Joe Kennedy became one of the youngest people to give the Democratic response. And you could tell he was young when all he said was, “He cray.”

- Californian Pico Rivera and El Rancho High School history teacher Gregory Salcido, disparaging the U.S. military, in a profanity-laced rant which was caught on video









- Jimmy Fallon




Stamford, Connecticut








MEISNER’S p e s a c h ge t away

347.554.1558 845.642.4455 MEISNERSGOURMETCATERING





The Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 8, 2018

With Your Hosts:



at the New & Improved






K E R H O N K S O N,


FRIDAY, MARCH 30-SUNDAY, APRIL 8 Optional check-in Thursday night for only $50/room, including meals!

You’ll feel the freedom like never before as you enjoy ALL of this:

ö Round-the-Clock Game Room

ö No MSG in Most Dishes!

ö Shmurah Matzah, Grape Juice ö Complete Staff of Full-Time and an Assortment of Wines Mashgichim. for Your Seder Rav Noff will iy”H be on premises throughout the entire Yom Tov.

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Fantastic Nightly Entertainment Under the Direction of CHANANYA BEGUN, including

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Our full-day child care programs are there to make sure your kids are well taken care of while you’re gone, complete with exciting activities and delicious meals!

Senior Dayan, RCA Member Dayan and Moreh Tzedek, Kehillat Kol Simcha, Baltimore, MD


Available gebrokts Side Dishes to Accommodate Dietary Needs Other Diets Available by Previous Request

ö Daily Daf Yomi ö Inspirational, Uplifting Davening ö Scholar-In-Residence ö Noted Speaker and Baal Tefillah RABBI SHMUEL


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Daf Yomi and Modern Issues in Halacha

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FEBRUARY 8, 2018 | The Jewish Home

The Jewish Home | OCTOBER 29, 2015

Ask not what your country can drool for you, ask what you can drool for your country!

RT, which is Russian television, absolutely interfered with a speech of mine on the floor of Congress and blocked me out for 10 minutes. They don’t play. They mean business.

- Tweet by PetroNL, after Rep. Joe Kennedy III delivered the Democrats’ rebuttal to President Trump’s State of the Union address with copious amounts of Chapstick dripping down the sides of his mouth

Wow, btwn train full of Goopers hitting truck and this, G-d is working hard today to clean up the stink. Thank her. #TreyGowdy #goptrainwreck. - Tweet by Jonathan Tasini, who was a surrogate for Bernie Sanders during his 2016 presidential run, after a train carrying GOP members of Congress crashed, resulting in the death of at least one person and the serious injury of another

I literally just read the manual that told you what moves kinda helped. - New England Patriots guard Joe Thuney, during the pre-Super Bowl “media day,” after solving a Rubik’s cube in one minute, explaining how he learned how to do it

BACK AGAIN in the beautiful POCONO MOUNTAINS Our 13th exciting year

Pesach 2018

Activities -Beautiful Indoor Pool -Indoor Tennis -Exclusive Spa -Horseback Riding -Golf -Archery -Basketball -Fishing -And Much More!

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- Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA), during a recent speech at a California event declaring that Trump didn’t only collude with Russia but that Russia is also out to get her personally

My bad, the President is right about Mika. - Tweet by Fire & Fury author Michael Wolf after he was thrown off the air by Mika Brzezinski after he made such an outlandish and disgusting claim against the president that even Trump-hating Mika thought was over the top, resulting in her throwing him off the air mid-segment

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2018/5778O iN









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Political Crossfire

Trump’s New Immigration Proposal is Quintessentially Presidential By Marc A. Thiessen


resident Trump once boasted that his base was so loyal that he “could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody, and I wouldn’t lose any voters.” Now he’s putting that claim to the test with his immigration proposal. In his State of the Union address last Tuesday, Trump offered to support not just legal status, but a path to citizenship for nearly 2 million illegal immigrants – the “Dreamers” who were brought to the United States as children through no fault of their own – if Democrats would agree to fund his border wall and limit chain migration. It is a remarkable offer that goes far beyond the expected granting

Do Democrats even want a deal? Or is their hatred of Trump and lust for power so all-encompassing that they can’t bring themselves to sit down with the president, negotiate in good faith and reach a compromise?

of legal status to recipients of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. And it has outraged many of Trump’s core supporters. Breitbart declared Trump “Amnesty

Don” and said that supporters were calling his proposal an act of “political incompetence, malpractice, greed, betrayal and self-mutilation.” Mark Krikorian, executive

director of the hardline Center for Immigration Studies, complained that Trump “promoted his amnesty proposal as legalizing more illegal aliens than [President] Obama’s DACA program, as though that’s a good thing.” Dan Horowitz, editor of Conservative Review, called Trump’s plan “the Self-Impeachment Act of 2018.” Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Tex., said, “I do not believe we should be granting a path to citizenship to anybody here illegally” and described Trump’s offer as “inconsistent with the promises we made to the men and women who elected us.” Heritage Action declared that his plan “should be a non-starter.” In other words, Trump is doing something quintessentially pres-

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that they can’t bring themselves to sit down with the president, negotiate in good faith and reach a compromise – one that would allow Dreamers not only to stay but also to become American citizens, a compromise that would secure our borders and reform our immigration system? Democrats don’t like some elements of Trump’s proposal, such as his plan to limit chain migration to the nuclear family, which they say would drastically cut legal im-


migration. Fair enough. Instead of nonstop attacks, they should emulate Trump and make a serious counteroffer with concessions toward his position. For example, they could accept limiting chain migration as long as Trump agrees to expand the number of legal immigrants allowed into the country under the merit-based immigration system that he has endorsed. There is no reason, with some creativity and goodwill, that an immigration deal cannot be reached.

Aliza Nugiel Designs 917.273.0392

idential: He is taking on his own base in an effort to do something big and bipartisan for the good of the nation. That is what great leaders do. But far from praising Trump for an act of statesmanship and engaging him in serious negotiations, Democrats have attacked him relentlessly. During his speech, they scowled, rolled their eyes and even booed, barely masking their utter contempt for the president. Rep. Joseph Crowley of New York, chairman of the House Democratic Caucus, denounced Trump’s address as “racist,” while House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi complained that although Trump “presents himself as generous” toward Dreamers, he’s “holding them hostage” in what she calls the “most extreme anti-immigrant agenda in generations.” After Democrats shut down the government and then folded without getting anything, Trump could have rubbed their faces in it. Instead, he put a serious offer on the table that included a major concession with his support for amnesty. It was obviously an opening bid, subject to negotiation, but it showed he is serious about reaching an agreement. What did Democrats do? That same week, Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer – under fire from his left-wing base for his mishandling of the shutdown – announced that his offer to fund a border wall was “off the table.” Schumer knows full well there is no chance of an agreement without funding for the wall. So this is where things stand: Trump is challenging his base while Democrats are pandering to theirs. The irony is rich. Democrats say Trump is unfit to be president, but when it comes to immigration, he is the one being presidential, while they are behaving like political hacks. Their reaction raises a question: Do Democrats even want a deal? Or is their hatred of Trump and lust for power so all-encompassing

So far, it looks as if there is goodwill only on one side. If the Dreamers don’t end up getting the path to citizenship that Trump has offered, it will be for one reason only: because Democrats care more about using illegal immigration to bash Donald Trump than they do about actually helping Dreamers. (c) 2018, Washington Post Writers Group


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Political Crossfire

Trump Could Learn from Israel’s Experience with “Bloody-Nose” Strikes By David Ignatius

Hezbollah has missiles pointed at Israel despite past skirmishes


f the Trump administration is really thinking about trying to give North Korea a “bloody nose” with a limited military attack, it should look carefully at Israel’s experience which shows the possible benefits of a quick strike, but also the difficulty of keeping a lid on a conflict once it starts. Discussions with Israelis at a conference in Tel Aviv reinforced the value of deterrence, but also offered some basic lessons: If you’re going to try a quick hit, don’t talk about it; don’t strike unless you have very good intelligence about your targets; and don’t assume that your adversary won’t drag you into a long, bloody war. All three negatives complicate any plans to strike North Korea. Trump keeps advertising his eagerness to attack “Little Rocket Man,”

as he calls Kim Jong Un. American intelligence about North Korea is imperfect, to put it mildly. And it’s entirely possible (some say likely) that North Korea would retali-

Operation Opera destroyed a nuclear reactor under construction in Iraq

Unlike any of the adversaries that Israel has attacked, North Korea has nuclear weapons. The Trump administration’s consideration of a limited-strike

That means a quick, supposedly surgical American attack would almost certainly still leave North Korea with a potent arsenal for a counterattack.

ate hard, rather than absorb a U.S. strike. There’s one final, essential point:

was described in a Washington Post op-ed piece on Wednesday by Victor Cha, whose nomination to

be ambassador to South Korea was shelved after he privately expressed doubts about the bloody-nose strategy. His article was much discussed at the annual gathering here of the Institute for National Security Studies. Amos Yadlin, a former head of Israeli military intelligence who now heads the institute, argued that if the CIA has good intelligence about what to hit, the U.S. Air Force can destroy anything it wants. But speaking on the same panel, Michele Flournoy, a former U.S. undersecretary of defense, warned that North Korea has scattered its stockpile of nuclear weapons and buried some deep underground. That means a quick, supposedly surgical American attack would almost certainly still leave North Korea with a potent arsenal for a counterattack.

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Israel probably knows more about deterrence than any other country. For 70 years, its survival has depended on the credibility of its willingness to use force and to pre-empt adversaries if necessary. Often this hard-nosed approach has succeeded in preventing wars or keeping them short. But it has sometimes meant protracted, cost-

ly conflicts that left Israel weary and its adversaries plotting the next round. Yadlin embodies the doctrine of pre-emptive attack. As a fighter pilot, he led the 1981 raid that destroyed Iraq’s Osirak nuclear reactor. This strike came before the reactor was operational, and it blocked one Iraqi path toward nu-

clear weapons. But after receiving this big punch in the nose, Baghdad embarked on a clandestine nuclear-weapons program. Israeli raids on Syria show the importance of keeping quiet, if you want to avoid reprisals. After bombing a Syrian nuclear reactor in 2007, Israel didn’t take credit – hoping to avoid a public humiliation of Pres-

ident Bashar Assad that would increase the likelihood he would retaliate. Unfortunately, Trump’s trash-talking against Kim has made this low-key approach almost impossible. Israel’s wars in Gaza and Lebanon show that deterrence isn’t permanent and that hopes for short, punitive military actions can prove illusory. Since the terrorist Hamas organization took power, Israel has fought three costly wars in Gaza, in 2008-09, 2012 and 2014. The Hamas threat has been checked, but not destroyed. To combat the Palestine Liberation Organization, Israel invaded Lebanon in 1978 and again in 1982. The 1982 assault eventually drove the PLO from Lebanon. But amid the rubble, Iran helped spawn the Hezbollah militia, a more disciplined and potentially deadly adversary. Israel attacked Hezbollah in 1993, 1996 and 2006. The last campaign rained so much destruction on Lebanon that it seemed to accomplish its goal of deterrence. But thousands of Hezbollah missiles remain pointed at Israel. In 1982, I watched the Israeli army sweep toward Beirut with devastating speed, only to get bogged down in a summer-long siege. A year later, when the war had gone sour, I visited Jerusalem to interview Prime Minister Menachem Begin. But Yehiel Kadishai, his closest aide, waved me off. Because of heavy casualties in Lebanon, he said, “there is a deep sadness in his heart.” That’s the image of war that any commander in chief must consider: Not the hope that it will be a glorious success, but the risk that it will come at a ruinous cost. Trump rightly wants to deter North Korea, but he should be wary about betting on a short, quick attack. As a top Israeli military official told the INSS conference, “The battlefield is the kingdom of uncertainty.” (c) 2018, Washington Post Writers Group

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圀䤀一䔀 ☀ 匀吀䔀䄀䬀䠀伀唀匀䔀

愀琀 琀栀攀 栀椀猀琀漀爀椀挀 爀攀猀漀爀琀 吀愀爀爀礀琀漀眀渀 䔀猀琀愀琀攀 一夀 漀渀 琀栀攀 䠀甀搀猀漀渀

刀䄀䈀䈀䤀 䐀䄀一䤀䔀䰀  䴀䔀䌀䠀䄀一䤀䌀 䔀一吀䤀刀䔀 倀䔀匀䄀䌀䠀

䐀刀⸀ 吀䄀䴀䄀刀 倀䔀刀䰀䴀䄀一 倀匀夀⸀䐀

䐀刀⸀ 䄀䬀䤀嘀䄀  倀䔀刀䰀䴀䄀一  倀䠀⸀䐀⸀

䈀䔀刀䤀  圀䔀䈀䔀刀 匀䤀一䜀䔀刀

刀䄀䈀䈀䤀 匀䠀䰀伀䴀伀 䜀䤀匀匀䤀一䜀䔀刀  䴀伀刀䄀 䐀ᤠ䄀匀刀䄀 䔀一吀䤀刀䔀 倀䔀匀䄀䌀䠀

刀䄀䈀䈀䤀 倀䄀夀匀䄀䌀䠀  䬀刀伀䠀一

夀伀一䤀  娀

䴀伀刀䐀䔀䌀䠀䄀䤀  匀䌀䠀䄀倀䤀刀伀



䌀䠀伀䰀 䠀䄀䴀伀䔀䐀

䐀䨀  夀䤀吀娀夀 

刀䄀䈀䈀䤀 娀䔀娀夀 䘀唀䰀䐀

䐀䄀夀 䌀䄀䴀倀 䐀䤀刀䔀䌀吀伀刀

一唀吀刀䤀吀䤀伀一䤀匀吀  䘀䤀吀一䔀匀匀  䤀一匀吀刀唀䌀吀伀刀

䄀 匀䤀䜀一䄀吀唀刀䔀 伀䘀 䰀唀堀唀刀夀 䄀一䐀 䔀䰀䔀䜀䄀一䌀䔀



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Forgotten Her es

First Fliers The Story of Machal Pilot Eddy Kaplansky By Avi Heiligman

A few Machal volunteers


he Israeli Air Force today is a big and powerful organization that only elite pilots can think of joining. That wasn’t always the case. During the Israeli War of Independence in 1948 Israel was practically begging veteran pilots from around the world to help their beleaguered brethren in their quest for a Jewish homeland. Machal was name for an overseas volunteer, and these pilots became the backbone for the fledgling Israeli Air Force. Of the 193 pilots during Israeli War of Independence, 168 flew during World War I – and some weren’t even Jewish. Here is the story of a Canadian who wrote down the history of these volunteers. Yedidya “Eddy” Kaplansky was born in 1925 and was a native of Montreal. He went to a frum day school before volunteering for the Canadian Air Force. During World War II he became a skilled pilot and passed a course in air navigation. Eddy had training as an escort pilot, anti-submarine patrols and as a fighter. His father’s birthplace was the Old City of Yerushalayim, and it only seemed natural for Eddy

The Northland ship at Haifa

to answer the call to join the new country’s air force in 1948. The journey to Eretz Yisrael in 1947 for Kaplansky was a trip that was not soon to be forgotten. He was to travel with another pilot and a couple of undercover Haganah agents on a former Coast Guard ship named the Northland. Many of the ship’s functions were barely working or went kaput during the voyage. After a stop in Baltimore for supplies and repairs, the ship with a makeshift crew made headway for France. Holocaust survivors came onboard their ship as well as their sister ship, the Paducah. The survivors were fully aware of the dangers ahead but were in good spirits. There was a bris onboard the vessel for a baby who was born while his parents were waiting to board a week earlier. Known as Aliyah Bet, these refugees, along with many other ships loaded to capacity, tried to run the British blockade. As they got closer to Eretz Yisrael British ships started following the refugee-laden ships. After a confrontation, the ships and their crews were taken

into custody, and Eddy spent the next several weeks in a detention camp on Cyprus. Along with other “Machalniks” he managed to go undercover to board a ship bound for Eretz Yisrael. Upon his arrival in June 1948, Eddy approached the newly formed Sherut Avir, the Haganah’s air force, to volunteer. Since they had almost no aircraft Eddy waited until planes became available. He soon was a member of the 103rd Transport and Bombing Squadron that was stationed at Ramat David. There wasn’t much in the way of tools or spare parts for the unit to utilize. For the record, there wasn’t any workshop for the mechanics to work from but the Machal members on base made up for what they didn’t have with ingenuity. Soon Eddy and the other pilots had bomber and transport planes that had been taken from surplus stockpiles left over from World War II. A month after his arrival, Eddy was the navigator on a Dakota when a bomb hit the plane’s tail. The plane starting spinning out of control, and the crew members

were ordered to bail. Kaplansky’s parachute opened prematurely, and he wasn’t able to exit the plane. Fortunately, his parachute wasn’t needed as the co-pilot managed to get the aircraft under control and made a “belly landing” at the Ramat David Airbase. In September, Eddy was tasked with a top secret mission codenamed Operation Taskit. Flying a British-built de Havilland Dragon Rapide DH.89 short-haul airliner, Eddy dropped pyrotechnics over specific enemy positions west of the Jordan River. He did this for five consecutive nights as signal corps technicians mapped out the frequencies from enemy signal activity due to the ordnance dropped. Eddy received the following note from the IAF’s director of operations, “I wish to advise you that the Army has expressed its complete satisfaction with the results of Operation Taskit. I wish to add my personal congratulations for a job well done.” Another Canadian Machal volunteer, Squadron Commander Ralph Moster, had gone missing

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Eddy Kaplansky

on the Kinneret while testing out a new seaplane. Eddy tried to con-

vince Moster to join a flyover but Moster insisted on going on the test

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flight. Eddy learned of the disaster right after the flyover and went to assist in the search and rescue operations. Unfortunately, Moster did not survive, and the wreckage was found a week later. Soon after the disappearance of Moster, Eddy was transferred to Flight 35. There he was tasked with maintaining communications with besieged troops. During this time he got his hands on another bomber and bombed Egyptian positions as a part of Operation Horev. Towards the end of the war, Eddy was co-piloting a C-40 Commando from the Negev when it developed a motor malfunction. The plane crashed into sand dunes but the crew escaped with no injuries. Soon after the evacuation of the crew, the bombs on the C-40 exploded. The last operation that Eddy took part in was the dropping of paratroopers from a C-47 Dakota transport plane. Throughout the war, Eddy was

tasked with flying several types of aircraft. This was only possible with his extensive training in the years prior to his joining the IAF. Pilots like Eddy Kaplansky had an immediate effect on the war’s outcome. After the war, he wrote book titled, First Fliers, detailing the adventures of the early IAF pilots. Eddy moved to Israel in 1971 and was a major part of the IAF Museum’s effort to document the early Machal pilots. Seventeen Machal airmen were killed with several more being taken as POWs during the War of Independence. It was through the Machal volunteers and the few pilots that Israel had at the beginning of the war that the skies were wrested from Arab control. Avi Heiligman is a weekly contributor to The Jewish Home. He welcomes your comments and suggestions for future columns and can be reached at

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A Fulfilled L fe

How to Get Unstuck Part II By Rabbi Dr. Naphtali Hoff


n a previous article, we laid out a number of action steps that can help someone who feels stuck to break through and get things done. Here are some additional steps that can make the difference between languishing behind paralyzing inaction and crushing it with empowering achievement. 1. Find a mentor who is one chapter ahead of you – When you don’t know what to do next, find someone who does. Ideally, this should be someone who just walked a mile in your shoes. They will not only be current in their thinking and approaches, but will likely be more willing to share their experiences and help you grow more quickly than you could do alone. 2. Get a coach – Coaches are trained to ask penetrating, elucidating questions that push aside the clutter and clear a pathway forward. Great coaches help you overcome gremlins and limiting beliefs and help you forge ahead with greater confidence. 3. Be prepared to learn – Sometimes, the difference between staying put and moving forward is the ability and willingness to learn new information or skills. Don’t assume that yesterday’s knowledge can always solve today’s problems. Figure out where your gaps are and hit the books, video, course, etc. 4. Stop the interruptions – So often, getting stuck is sim-

ply the product of having too many things vying for your attention and clarity. Put away your phone. Be disciplined in your computer usage and particularly your web surfing. Set timers to keep you focused and limit anything that involves research to ensure that you haven’t veered too far. 5. Take a break – Just when you think that you are so far behind that you can’t possibly get up from your desk, that may be

will say or think, how the change will impact things, etc.) While I am not suggesting that you be reckless in your decision making, this may very well be the time to move forward boldly and with gusto. 7. Imagine the alternative – Think about what life and work will be like if you remain stuck and what possibilities may await you if you break through and get this done. Make the images as vivid as possible and add emotion. Use the picture of a better tomorrow to

Use the picture of a better tomorrow to push you forward.

exactly what the doctor ordered. Remove yourself from the work; don’t worry, it’ll still be there when you return. Go for a walk or to the gym. Meditate. Do some yoga. You will return to your desk feeling refreshed and ready to tackle your to-do list. 6. Toss caution to the wind – Often, the biggest inhibitor to progress is our fears. Fear of the unknown. Fear of what might happen if we take action (what others

push you forward. 8. Start early (in the morning) – The best time for action is early on, when your mind is fresh and less cluttered with distractions and competing interests. Plan your breakthrough (or some of its subcomponents) as your first order of business each day and block out enough time to make meaningful progress. 9. Just get started – Regardless of time of day and circum-

stance, commit to get started. And start with the greatest impact. Ask yourself: which one step can I take right now that will have the greatest (or at least some) positive impact in moving you forward? 10. Celebrate your successes – Identify milestones along the way and celebrate your achievement. You completed another course? Go out for dinner. You scheduled three new clients calls for five consecutive days? Distribute a few highfives. You submitted your resume ten times and went on a bunch of interviews? Give yourself a pat on the back, knowing that you are doing things to better your life. Regardless of the tactics that you use, the main thing to remember is that action is the greatest cure for inaction. Do something – whatever works for you – to break free from your morass and get moving on the right path.

Rabbi Naphtali Hoff, PsyD, is an executive coach and President of Impactful Coaching & Consulting. Please see his webiste, For a free, no obligation consultation, please call (212) 470-6139 or email nhoff@ Check out his new leadership book, “Becoming the New Boss,” on Amazon and on the book site,

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The Administration, Staff and Students of

Tichon Meir Moshe High School and Bnos Bais Yaakov extend a ihnujb, ,frc to

Mr. and Mrs. Glen and Saguite Holman on the vrhyp of their daughter



u"hv kuta dhkgz ,c Miriam’s incredible strength and vbunt, along with her exemplary ,unhgb and ,ucuy ,ushn left an indelible impression upon all of us. We will carry her memory within us always.

sug vctsk uphxu, tka ohnaca ubhct hbpkn iumr hvh ck cuyu vjna lu,n ofhtmtm kfn ,jb ucr,au



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HOUSES FOR SALE WOODSBURGH: BEST PRICE IN TOWN PRICE REDUCED Sprawling 4BR, 4BA Exp-Ranch, Oversized Rooms, LR W/Fplc, Formal Dining Rm, Large Den, Master Suite, Full Finished Basement, Storage Room & Office, Deck, Fabulous Property… $1.078M Call Carol Braunstein (516) 295-3000 HEWLETT HARBOR: Price Reduced - Magnificently Detailed Home In SD#14, 5BR, 5.5 Baths on a Gorgeous Property in Prestigious Hewlett Harbor, Amazing Oversized Rooms Including LR, FDR, Den, Master Suite On 1st Level, Must See This One Of A Kind Home…$1.499M Call Carol Braunstein (516) 295-3000 NORTH WOODMERE Colonial $1,050,000 5 bdr, 3.5 updated bath, in-ground pool, in-ground sprinkler, finished basement Call 516-924-2971

Susan Pugatch (516) 295-3000


Brand New Rental Apartments


2 Bedrooms, 1BA, Central A/C, Stainless Steel Appliances, Near All,


Beautiful & Spacious 4BR, 2.5BA Colonial, Full Fin Bsmt, Low Taxes, SD#15..$1.260M

Exp-Cape W/Prof. Office, Lovely 3BR Split In SD#15, Many Possibilities..$559K Hw Flrs, Near All..$799K

HEWLETT: 56 Prospect Ave (12-1:30)$599K N.WDMR: 758 Sherwood Ct (By Appt 12-1:30)$1.260M WOODMERE: 211 Steven Pl (12-1:30)$799K

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North Woodmere: NEW LISTING -

Don’t Get Stuck With a Two Story House Ya Know, It’s One Story Before You Buy It But a Second Story After You Own It! Call Dov Herman For An Accurate Unbiased Home Inspection Infrared - Termite Inspection Full Report All Included NYC 718-INSPECT Long Island 516-INSPECT

Beautiful & Spacious 4BR Colonial In Very Desirable Prime Location On CulDe-Sac, Den W/Fplc, Great Basement, Low Taxes, Close To All…$1.260M Call Carol Braunstein (516) 295-3000 VALLEY STREAM: NEW LISTING 10 Room Property With A 4 Room Office Including A Reception Area, Waiting Rm, Doctors Office & 2 Examining Rooms, Attached Is A 3 Bedroom Apartment, Also Perfect If The Professional Office Is Converted To More Bedrooms, Many Possibilities…$559K Call Carol Braunstein (516) 295-3000 WOODMERE: NEW LISTING

COMMERCIAL RE CEDARHURST: COMING SOON Don’t Miss This Opportunity!!! High Tech Executive Suites W/Parking & Storage, Various Sizes Available, All New!!! 24 Hour Access, All Utilities Included Plus Many Amenities, For Lease…Call Ian for More Details (516) 295-3000

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Weekly Classifed Ads Up to 5 lines and/or 25 words 1 week ................ $20 $10 2 weeks .............. $35 $17.50 4 weeks .............. $60 $30 Email ads to: Include valid credit card info

Move Right In, Lovely 3BR Split In SD#15, Eik, HW Floors, CAC, Vaulted

Deadline Monday 5:00pm

Ceilings, Close To All, SD#15…$799K Call Carol Braunstein (516) 295-3000

Get on the Wait List for...

starting at $1,000/Mo. W/Parking & Storage. All Utilities Incd + Amenities

(516) 295-3000 Call Ian Leigh Today!!!


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WOODMERE: 1,400 +/- SF Office Space Available, steps from LIRR Station, Close to All, For Lease…Call Lenny For More Details (516) 295-3000

WOODMERE: BEST BUY Spacious 2BR Apartment, Washer/Dryer In Bldg, Elevator Bldg, Open Floor Plan, 1st Floor, Close To All...$199K Call Carol Braunstein (516) 295-3000

Semi new two floor two bedroom apt available to rent. Located on beach 9th st off Seagirt Blvd. Please call 347 524 3864

Retail Stores on Busy Corner, 1000SF& Up Available, Great High Visibility Location, For Lease… Call For More Details Broker (516) 792-6698 FRANKLIN SQUARE: 2,185+/-SF Medical Office Space in Professional Strip W/On-Site Parking in Great Location, For Lease… Call Alan for More Details (516) 295-3000 LONG BEACH: Various Office Spaces Available on 2nd Floor, 525 - 900+/- SF, Separate Bathrooms, Newly Renovated, For Lease…Call for More Details. Broker (516) 792-6698 VALLEY STREAM: Office Suites Available in Professional Building, Handicap Accessible, Parking, For Lease… Call Randy For More Details (516) 295-3000

CEDARHURST 500-3,500 +/- SF Beautiful, newly renovated space for rent. Ideal for Retail or Executive offices. Prime location. Convenient Parking. Sam @516-612-2433 or 718-747-8080 INWOOD OFFICE SPACE LOWEST PRICES IN TOWN! 500-7000 Square feet gorgeous office space with WATERVIEW in Inwood! Lots of options. Tons of parking. Will divide and customize space for your needs! Call 516-567-0100 INWOOD 10,000 sq ft brick building. Offices and warehouse. High ceilings. Asking $16/foot. Owner: 516-206-1100

HEWLETT: CONDO – NEW LISTING Beautiful Move In Ready, 3BR, 2.5BA Condo In SD#14, Full Fin Basement, Wraparound Patio, 1 Car Garage & 1 Outdoor Spot, Must See...$469K Call Carol Braunstein (516) 295-3000

APT FOR RENT LAWRENCE: NO FEE – BRAND NEW Top Of The Line Apartment, 2 Bedrooms, Stainless Steel Appliances, Crown Molding, Close To All…From $2,000/mo Call Carol Braunstein (516) 295-3000 CEDARHURST: NEW LISTING, 2BR, 2BA In 2 Family House, Eik, LR, DR, Washer/Dryer, Very Close To All, Great Location...$2,500/mo Call Carol Braunstein (516) 295-3000

FAR ROCKAWAY: NEW LISTING Spacious & Updated 2BR, 2 Bathroom Apt on 1st Floor W/Terrace In Elevator Bldg, Parking, Doorman & Laundry Room On Premise...$350K Call Carol Braunstein (516) 295-3000

HELP WANTED F/T & P/T REGISTERED NURSE openings to work with adults who have developmental disabilities within residential settings in Brooklyn, Manhattan, or Long Island. Current NYS RN, min 2 years hospital experience. OHEL: 855-OHEL JOB, Established Far Rockaway SPECIAL ED PRESCHOOL looking for substitute teacher. Warm supportive environment. Good Pay. Master’s degree and certification required. Email resume to

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Immediate position open for experienced teacher. 5th gr. boys' class; potential also for next year. Far Rockaway area.


FIVE TOWNS OFFICE LOOKING FOR immediate hire of several people…part time and full time…starting at $15 per hour. Need detail- oriented person to handle A/P, A/R, customer service, and ability to negotiate bids and contracts. Computer literate a must. Please email

SPECIAL ED SCHOOL IN FLATBUSH SEEKS: SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGIST team player set up behavioral management programs work with individual and groups of students Email:

Help Wanted Pugatch Realty Corp., in Woodmere, is looking to hire and train a select group of motivated Realtors. If you are looking to build a career in real estate, or looking to take your existing career to the next level, there is no better place to start that the #1 Real Estate Brokerage in the Five Towns…Call Today (516) 295-3000 x 128. All calls kept confidential. HAMASPIK IS SEEKING COMMUNITY HABILITATION STAFF to work day hours, evenings and weekends in the Five Towns, Queens, Far Rockaway & long Island, with high functioning developmentally disabled adults, children and teens. Shabbos staff also needed for Cedarhurst, Far Rockaway & Lawrence. Drivers’ license a plus. Mileage will be reimbursed. Please call Yehudis: 718-408-5417 for more details.

is looking to hire a full time teacher assistant for the current school year. Please email resume to CATAPULT LEARNING Teachers, Title I Boro Park, Williamsburg and Flatbush Schools *College/Yeshiva Degree *Teaching experience required *Strong desire to help children learn *Small group instruction *Excellent organization skills Competitive salary Send resume to: Fax: (212) 480-3691 ~ Email: SEEKING PART TIME ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT flexible days and hours Established Pre School in Far Rockaway. Resumes only to

SPECIAL ED DIRECTOR Responsibility: Curriculum Designer both Judaic and secular studies Individual curriculum as needs Staff training Innovative, visionary Requirement: Masters Special Ed and Education Administration or SLP Backgroup Email: CDL DRIVER WANTED FOR SUMMER IN THE CATSKILLS for a food distributer please Email: Teachers, Elementary & JH - Math, ELA for Sept. '18. M-Th afternoons. 5 Towns Area Boys’ School.

MISC WIG GEMACH Everyone in our community deserves to look great! Donate used wigs and make a world of a difference. For appointments to see wigs or to donate, call Deena 845-304-6668

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Two-Tired to Fight about It By Allan Rolnick, CPA


hen you think of “federal crime,” you probably think of big-ticket offenses like mail fraud, identity theft, and tax evasion. But our criminal code is also full of, shall we say, lesser offenses. For example, according to the Crime a Day twitter feed, “18 USC §1854 makes it a federal crime to cut, chip, or chop a government-owned tree to get turpentine out of it.” 7 USC §8313 “makes it a federal crime to bring an imported camel’s blanket into the United States without the permission of the port inspector.” And 8 USC §1865 “makes it a federal crime to roller skate in Alaska’s Sitka National Historical Park.” Our Internal Revenue Code similarly focuses most of its attention on core questions like brackets, rates, standard deductions, and personal credits. But the tax code’s 70,000 pages include their fair share of lesser provisions, too. And the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that just passed includes a couple that might sound like the tax equivalent of sneaking a smelly camel’s blanket in under a port inspector’s nose. Here’s one that just seems petty and mean. Under the old law, you

could exclude a whopping $20 per month of income for expenses related to riding your bike to work, so long as you weren’t getting other pretax transit benefits. That’s not a whole lot of benefit for bike commuters. Granted, most bikes aren’t that  expensive — but cyclists face far bigger dangers than taxes, in the form of road-hogging trucks and

of impact. Of course, the bill keeps the tax subsidies for car commuters that cost the Treasury 8.6$ billion per year — and contribute to the six tons of carbon the average vehicle pumps into the atmosphere every year as well! Here’s another minuscule transportation-related change that wasn’t

That’s a rounding error, at best, for a bill with trillions of dollars of impact.

SUVs who can run them over without even seeing them. Section 11047 of the Act lets the air out of the “qualified bicycle commuting reimbursement” for tax years beginning after December 31, 2017 and before January 1, 2026. And how much will derailing this break save the Treasury? A million dollars. A whole million dollars a year in new revenue. That’s a rounding error, at best, for a bill with trillions of dollars

buried quite so deep in the act’s fine print and so attracted a bit more attention. Under the old law, Code Section 4261 imposed a 7.5% ticket tax on payments to aircraft service management companies that help private plane owners with chores like scheduling, flight planning, and weather forecasting. The purpose of the tax was to replace revenue the Treasury loses by not charging private aviation passengers a ticket tax.

Section 13822 of the Act eliminates those taxes under the rationale that aircraft management services shouldn’t pay the ticket tax because they don’t sell tickets. Plenty of observers cried foul at the fat cat jet owners getting another tax break. But the provision’s primary sponsor was Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio, who is nobody’s idea of a pawn of the rich. And the congressional Joint Committee on Taxation estimates that grounding the tax will cost the Treasury less than $500,000 per year. Paying the least amount of tax obviously means starting with bigger questions like choosing the right entity for your business. But this week’s story shows that, whether your ride to work is a Schwinn or a Cessna, there’s always an opportunity for planning. So call us when you’re ready to save. We don’t care how you get to our office ... we just want to see you do it! Allan J Rolnick is a CPA who has been in practice for over 30 years in Queens, NY. He welcomes your comments and can be reached at 718-896-8715 or at

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Life C ach

Wings of Eagles By Rivki D. Rosenwald Esq., MFT, CLC


ast Sunday was Super Bowl Sunday – a very meaningful game for Eagles fans; great football for general fans; and just another Sunday for a lot of you! But I’m married to a true-blue Eagles fan. And though his kids – incidentally mine too – have not spent all that much time in Philadelphia, being connected to their

dad means really connecting to his teams. So Sunday was an amazing thrill for them. For those of you who do not follow football, the Eagles are the Philadelphia team – and the Eagles won! Of course, someone mentioned that in the parsha G-d said He would carry us on wings of eagles. Therefore, some would say we

should have known they would win. But silly us – we were at the edge of our seats till the last second! And it literally was touch and go till the clock read zero. The coach for the Eagles has only been involved in professional football coaching for a short time. The amazing season’s quarterback was badly injured and removed midseason. But when it’s your time, it looks like nothing can hold you back! If you care about the “Ertz” – and I don’t just mean Ertz Yisroel – and if you are among the “Foles” – and I don’t just mean the religious

So, as many gathered eating their popcorn, salsa with chips, and hero sandwiches, my family was riveted to the game. Food was not on their mind; fate was. Would the plague end? Would they have to leave in de-Nile? Would there be “blood” between these rivals? Would the men in “frog” green suits get out of the murky waters? Would they have a “lice”-nse to celebrate? Would the “wild animals” be tamed? Would the Patriots throw a last-minute “Hail” Mary? Or would the “big brothers” of football be replaced?! Would we “sea” a “split” deci-

It doesn’t matter from “Wentz” you came, you were rooting for the Philadelphia team!

fold – rather, if you’re concerned with Ertz, the player who made the final Eagles touchdown and you have faith in Foles, the winning Eagles substitute quarterback, then it doesn’t matter from “Wentz” you came, you were rooting for the Philadelphia team! The tension was high. The Patriots, and I don’t mean those loyal to America, but rather the strong New England team who have won many a Super Bowl, were ready to fight for their country, I mean, count-totry to go up.

sion or a pure victory? Well, the fans were not “gypt,” as they “drowned” out the other team. The score “mount-ed” and the commandment was heard: Fly Eagles, fly! And the Eagles’ wings carried the Philadelphia team to victory!

Rivki Rosenwald is a certified relationship counselor, and career and life coach. She can be contacted at 917-705-2004 or rivki@rosenwalds. com

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Five Towns Jewish Home - 2-8-18  

Five Towns Jewish Home - 2-8-18

Five Towns Jewish Home - 2-8-18  

Five Towns Jewish Home - 2-8-18