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August 16, 2018

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AUGUST 16, 2018 | The Jewish Home

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The Jewish Home | AUGUST 16, 2018



AUGUST 16, 2018 | The Jewish Home



‍פרק‏ ‍ר×?׊ו×&#x;‏ ‍תו‏


ְ‍×&#x; ‏ ֲ‍רָ ה�וח‏


Öśâ€Ťďż˝× ֲעִ ×™×&#x; ‏

‍×? ×”‏ ‍�ז ×?Öľ ×™× Ö¸ ×&#x;‏

‍תּ־ �ימ‏ ִ‍ ־ יוָ ×&#x; ְ ×?‏

ng, he eani . His al; m a chal t terumah ea son is , the odah or ust zah) av nm chalut d to do re n ild to be ite ed ch not wish ah or e prohib er ָ‍ר‏ sh th ah ?‍ה‏ fa es geru erefor ng ‍ְ ×”Ö¸ ×›Öľ י‏ r do es chalitz ell. ben t havi othe as w iv is th n (a ithou If the br ho rece and liďŹ ed s a so w . es w d ha Kehunah, e disqua m di an an d bu om yi eks to an , ar hen the husb is called itzah. A w fos se ben tions a Ko om sa ra se fr ry To ne ho , ge mar ualiďŹ ed her ge chal ah or ing an w ussion n gerush marria y called rt is disq d all fu on be Öľ d wom r. This on n disc be arrie , an s mai ed as a hunah up ‍עדת ֜ Ö´×?י‏ othe h a cerem sons : A m and’s br liďŹ . In hi Ke ‍�×? �תּ‏ g ug sb alitzah ctives n is disqua om the ִ‍ ×” י� ×›ď­‹×œ לְ ďż˝×”‏followin r thro fr obje ďż˝ â™ Ch ry her hu ases he (see lves two ‍ימ ×œâ€Ź Kohe le MAKKOS mar emse of ‍ Öš×? ְ �מ‏stimony PTER ONE y s has a certain he re th fo r, on sa te ed CHA he ruleHA’E that s: To lled ualiďŹ udic testim is a marry alutzah. t caIDIM ses KEITZAD Tosafo ho testify ing disq Talm w is no scus e e of w 3 ry Je is a ch na— ectiv itnesses not be radict th hazamah tion. ah di or2a di bj hn ite O e sp w cont e law of this ques the Mis that an â™ Th ain why ved de ems to y th to hy lie s pl on w ex e be hich se stim ect to o answer explain ‍תוץפות‏ ben zah ar ,w t subj not te ah or chalut zomemin at is no ill give tw aims to h, and th za gerush e prohibid sw foun stimony . Tosafo ussion, he n chalut th a ben r te x) be sc en is violating that thei ‍עדת‏,Öľ nd bo cond di shah or s n Koh en for ‍ְ Ö´×?‏ grou ru dicaְ‍ ‏te‍ ֜×&#x;‏d‍ה×?‏ certai malkus not‍ ֜‏be‍י Ö°ď­„×œď­‹× Ö´ י‏ in Back safos’ se ben ge a s ďż˝ ‍ר‏ at e ha ku ‍ה‏ th ohen ďż˝ iv‍ח‏eÖ˛ ‍×&#x;‏m‍ ֜‏al‍×?וֹ‏ In To hen is a ‍ Öľ×?‏ivâ€Ť×œ׌ה‏ ‍י×&#x;‏ce if they ed the K be Ö° ey re Ö´ ‍×?וֹמ‏ stiďŹ ed‍רי×?‏ a Ko FOS liďŹ ld in, th emin rece eans that TOSA ses te .â€˜â€Ť×›×•â€Ź that squa shou mem itnes m m r. di y zo w zo ze ch on ve if e be hi mam ld ha that d to at th y,â€? w testim

‍מעי‏ [’‍די×&#x; ]×?‏




.‍ב‏ ‍— ×“â€œ×”â€Ź

Ö´â€Ťďż˝×˘×œ פּ‏ ְ‍יה֜ ×? ֜ ×&#x; ‏

‍־י ָע֜ ה‏

,â€Ť×œ׌ָ ה‏ ‍×?“כ�×?‏ ‍ ְ ֜ ֚×? ×™‏FOS ‍�ז ×?Öľ ְיך‏ TOSA



î€? ‍ פרק ר×?׊ו×&#x;‏

ou rules e foun e fact th “testimon y and w why such hnah they wer Th on lid ony. e Mis d testim rstand ed va

Th de the h, an ider testim Q. agchaialnsuttzagiviurngt fawaslseinitit alwlyouldconshaves acďŹ ncedsptiteddifďŹ cult to un



‍ְמ ִע ִידי×&#x; ďż˝×?× ďŹľâ€Ź


� Chapter On

 ony â€Ť×“â€œ×” ְמ ִע ִידי×&#x;‏ î€? testim ) it on  cept

‍ְמ ִע ִיד‏

‍י×&#x; Ö¸×?× ďŹľâ€Ź d (b ְ‍ְ Ö´×?×™ Ö°ď­„×œď­‹× Ö´ ×™ ֜×”×? ֜×&#x; ‏ tion ent in co the cour [3] Tosafo uesti that we ‍ח‏ac was ‍כי׌ד‏ Ö¸ ved. If, . ‍רה‏ g, ‍×?וֹ‏, an ‍ ֜‏ah PERSON (who Ö¸ Ö˛ za‍×&#x;‏m â€Ť×œ׌ה‏ stiďŹ ed statem to be lyin fos’ Q ‍×?וֹמ‏ Ö° le is‍ Öľ×?×™×&#x;‏ug t -AND-THIS spro mTenTHIS h ha ey te n SHAH,â€? OR IFY ABOU be di o Tosa Â? ’‍כו‏: Th‍י×?‏e‍ ִר‏ruesses WE thro “th show t whom th eyTEST nish HEthISe THE SON OF A GERU witn ld e pu them say, d to be und T of Hazam—ahIfrove THAT thn) foun As ouvalid ro n were Kohe e. sh g agains : ac sp ght m ck to witnesses w t the toambe a be give ďŹ rst ed [1] pl then bjec aliďŹ ed as ben ot î€? Ba t to the La ssible to di’athou H,’’ and e er za cann disqu su UTZA accept me th t sh beco A CHALin no SON , or OF ce at is these witnesses tzah) in the pted SAY Subjec will be po ent of ka “THE that emin t WE NOT (son of a chalu Not ony th no ac DO min, (a) it punishm me zom stim ben chalutzah at Is zome mony they y is ly if: y Th ‍עד‏,Öľ teof a gerushah) or h the false testi the beco stimon shah uszafor ‍(ת ֜‏son stimon esses on them geru nnot receive nmalk r te ďż˝ ‍ִ×?×™ ďż˝×?‏ chalut to â™ Te give witn , thei ‍ תּה י� ×›ď­‹×œ ďż˝×œ ֲה‏n’s place; rather, they ses ca en or be Kohe from ssible to e witnes eir victim ‍י ×œâ€Ź ďż˝ ִ‍‏ shah ], if prov ben ru ‍֚×?‏ th po th [2] Ö° , ge ‍‏ ďż˝ es be on on ss gave. ben ‍מ ־ע‏ as a will e reas impose 41a): ‍דת‏ ony. as a itwitne ualiďŹ ed m w im en se to so st sq he Koh for d te drin ned [these me es a nce [t come di nw calle plan anhe hen co entiďŹ â€Ť — ־יוָ ×&#x;‏Si not be ctio they a says (S ah is not r ng witnesses. A set even Kohen] be Foalifyi ch id ‍ְ‏ î€? ar m do Intr, odu — then n a[aproc y whi Öľ ‍ִ×?×? ×”×–ďż˝ ‏ set Gem of haza ess‍ ־כי‏of ‍ ְ ָה‏disqu d thus if so m disproves the ďŹ rst w ָ‍×?×™× â€Ź stimon Hazamah w cais Öś ‍ ×”×? ָה Öą×?‏of ho sses ‍— Ö´×?‏min: ent, an ‍×&#x;‏Zome at te ‍ ×&#x; × ďż˝ ֲע ִ×™×&#x; ֜×&#x;‏shmhmen the la seen nst w Ö° ‍ — Öľ×?‏ho ‍מת‏her setagaiwitne �‍יך ×™Öľ ָע ×? Öľ ‏ anot ְ‍ ‏mah/The Punis ‍ ְ ֜‏t‍ ×?‏of ni could not have then ing th ‍ ָה‏Haza y? en place,â€? so you ‍ ֜‏n, and en ‍‏againstâ€Ť×œâ€Źa‍ �ע‏perso �‍ ר ו‏za ah pu �‍ ×™ז‏es ‍ה‏ on ‍֚×?‏ ֲ♠oh rent tonish ‍׌ה‏ ‍ח‏ m K â€Ť×œâ€Ź ve diffe im a as Ö¸ in e who were prov Ö´ testiďŹ â€ŤďŹžďŹľâ€Ź is test that day d ha sses, witne witnesses oful us en th The ďŹ rst set Öś ‍פּ Öś×™×”×?‏with theofha eiron e ‍×&#x;‏were — It es, wo th ְ‍‏ ed! e one liable Öľ ar , th lv ‍תּ‏ d iv pt some ‍ר‏ 5a). ďż˝ “You in , h Ö¸ se ‍ימ‏ ey an nah ‍‏ ce ce make ‍‏ ‍ה‏ ug (Mish y em g to them time n thed to g plott sayin be ac by zomem not re thro at that imon they h th in, to have , since h seen . Whe r testifyin ters) test (plot to be would emin, do chalutzawhatzoyou memclaim basis fs alutza sh fo st their own called zomemin m n n ch l proo t , are mah pted im on its punished tionagive to be throu the person again ďż˝ begh haza to ce no e n be zo ah or be or ac e se to ct vi Öś ‍ו ֲע ִ‏, ly arethey tried addi s ar show rufalse sh deserve. shah pted, �‍ית×? ×œď­‹ � Ö˛×? ֜ר ז‏ their inshme iginal same , theyntch). [For ): ac geru ] are not ltysehe did not ; or Ö´ ‍�מ×? ďż˝×œ ֲעď­‹ת לְ ďż˝×?‏ ‍ח‏ce witnes theliďŹ ed mpuni ben ge to ae pena been ‍יו‏mud.] n as ka’asher es Tzlaarim 19:19 a liereceive zo em sses (Dev disqua to verse be the ng al shment is know ness liďŹ ed as a at if thesZomemin witne Yosef, uld have, this t by aTpuni taugh y sayi ed. beis is fo th ukei broth und woer. Thushei H If This simpltestiďŹ disqua rely true ony r Mefars ony. eplotted doimtosthis mr they ly fo to(N im th who im s a lse of st en ku he za son fa te te su Ot mal r shall y, thas ce it lse do toonhim ded.â€? the he plott Kohen is the it is s, “as You ceive er an fo fa mean that then stim testify that a sin ‍כי׌ד ×”עדי×?‏ ‍פרק ר×?׊ו×&#x; מכות‏

‍מץורת ×”׊"ץ‏


(‍×?‏ ,Š‘›˜„ ‍ב( ×’×™רץת מהר"מ‏ ,[.‍]לקמ×&#x; ה‏

‍העדי×?‏ ‍ג( מהר"×?‏ (‍ ד‏,‍מ"ז‏ .'‍×?ת ×?×™׊ × ×˘×Š×™×&#x; זוממי×&#x; כו‏ ,‍ ע"׊‏.â€Ť×Ą× ×”×“ר×™×&#x; פ×˜â€Ź (‍ה‏ ‍בגמר×? מפר׊ מ×?י‏ (‍ ו‏,[‍]לית×? בילק×•×˜â€Ź ‍ ׊הו×? ב×&#x;‏:‍ ×›×”×&#x;‏.â€Ť×¤×œ×•× ×™â€Ź ‍]ע×™' ×?מו ו( קוד×?‏ ,[‍תוי"×˜â€Ź ‍ מעידי×&#x; ×?× ×•â€Ź:‍ק×?מר‏ ,[‍ז( ]דבר×™×? ×™×˜â€Ź ‍ ×‘×¤× ×™× ×• × ×Ş×’ר׊ה‏.‍גרו׊ה‏ â€Ť×Š× ×•×œ×“ והר×™ הו×? ×—×œ×œâ€Ź (‍ח‏ ‍ב×?×™׊ פ×œ×•× ×™ ׊הו×? ב×&#x;‏ ‍×?ומר×™×?‏ .‍ ×?×™×&#x; ×?ומר×™×?‏:‍ופץ×•×œâ€Ź ‍ ט( ר׊"ל וה×&#x; ×›×”× ×™×? ×™ע׊×” זה‏,‍ר׊"×? דה×? ×?×?‏ ‍גרו׊×” ×?ו ב×&#x; חלו׌×” ×?×™×&#x;‏ ‍ ×›( ]דף ץופ×’ ×?ת ×”×?רבע×™×? ב×&#x; ×’רו׊×” וחלו׌×” לק×™×™×? בו ×–( ×›×?׊ר ×?×? הוזמו ×’רו׊ה‏,[.‍]×›ר×™תות יב‏,[‍ ×™(ע"׊‏,‍מ"ז‏ ‍ תימה כיו×&#x; ד×?×?‏.'‍כו‏ .‍מה‏ â€Ť×•×—×œ×•׌×” ×?"×› ×’×? ב׊ל×? יוזמו ×?יך ×™ע׊×” עלהוזמו ×?×™× ×&#x; × ×˘×Š×™×&#x; ב×&#x;‏ â€Ť×œ( ר׊"×œâ€Ź ‍זמ×? ×?ל×?‏ ‍ובגמר×? מפר׊‏ ›Â?†Š ‍דהכי הו×? ×”×?מת‏ ‍ ׊חייב‏:‍Â?†› טעמ×?‏ (‍פיה×? ב×&#x; ×’רו׊×” )×?‏ ,[‍ ]ע×™×™×&#x; ר׊"×?‏.'‍מ( ׌"ל כו‏ ‍ ׊×”ר×’ ×?ת‏.‍ גלות‏:‍Â?Š›†› ×”× ×¤×Š ב׊וגג‏ ‍ו×?מ×?×™ ×”×? הוי×? לה עדות‏ Š‚ŠŠˆ Â?ÂŒ ‍׊×?×™ ×?ת×” יכול ×œ×”×–×™×ž×”â€Ź R ‍ו×?×™×&#x; ×–×” עדות‏ ‍גמ' ×”"×’ ×”×?×™ ×›×™׌ד‏ .'‍š ÂŠ ×?ת×” יכול כו‏ ‍מיתות וע×™×™×&#x; ×?×™×&#x; ×”עדי×?‏ '‍ × ( בד‏,‍ר׊"×?‏ ‍כ×?׊ר זמ×? והויוי"ל כיו×&#x; דלוק×™×&#x; הוי‏ â€Ť× ע׊×™×&#x; זוממי×&#x; מיבע×™ ×œ×™×”â€Ź â€Ť×¤×Š×™×˜×?‏ ‍ב"ד ועוד ×“×§×Ş× ×™â€Ź ‍„‘Â?Š›Ž ‚ŒÂ? חייבי‏ â€Ť×œ×”×–×™×ž×” וק׊×” ד×?"×›׊פ×™ר ×?ת×” ×™×›×•×œâ€Ź ‍( ×?בל ×?מרו‏.â€Ť×œקמ×&#x; )דף ה‏ ‍ ×›×™׌ד‏:'‍ ץ( ר׊"ל לה×? כו‏,‍ מהר"×?‏.‍מיתות‏ ‍מ×?×™ ק×?מר פרק‏ ‍×?×™×&#x; ×”עדי×? × ×˘×Š×™×&#x;‏.‍ ע( ר׊"ל הו×? ×›פ×™רו׊ זוממי×&#x; מיבע×™ ×œ×™×”â€Ź,‍מ"ז‏ ‍היו בודק×™×&#x;‏ (.‍)×Ą× ×”×“ר×™×&#x; דף מ×?‏ ,'‍הק×•× ×˜â€Ź ‍עדי‏ ‍ דה×? ל×? מקיימת‏:‍בהו ×›×?׊ר זמ×?‏ ‍גבי מוץף ר׊"י‏ â€Ť× ער×” המ×?ורץה‏ ‍ מ×?×™ ק×? בעי‏.â€Ť×Ş× ×? ×›×™׌ד × ×˘×Š×™×&#x; ועוד‏ Â?ÂŒ ‍ד×?×™×”×™ ל×?‏ ‍מיקטל×? דכיו×&#x; ד×?×™× ×”×•â€Ź Â?ŠÂ?Š„˜Â? Â?ŠÂ?Â?†‡… …›† Â? â€Ť×œ×? מיק×˜×œ×™â€Ź ‍מ׊ו×?‏ â€Ť×œ×” לקמ×&#x; ×›×™׌ד זוממי×&#x; ×”×? ×§×Ş× ×™â€Ź ‍Â?Š›… ׊היו‏ â€Ť×Š×™×›×•×œ×™×&#x; לומר ל×?ץר×” על מחייבי×&#x;‏ ‍תור×” ×?ור ×”׊ל×?‏ ‍די×&#x; זוממי×&#x;‏ –†ˆ ,‍×?ת ×”× ×™×“×•×&#x;‏ ‍בעלה ב×?× ×• והוי×?‏ Öś ‍ �ו ֲע ִ‏.1 Ă?ËÛÔÒ Ă?ËÅÔÆ â€Ť×‘×ž×Ş× ×™' ×?בל ×?מרו לה×? ×“×§×Ş× ×™â€Ź ‍ית×? ×œď­‹ � Ö˛×? ֜ר‏ Â?Â…ÂŒ ›‚ ŠÂ?Â?†‡Â? â€Ť×œ×” עדות ׊×?×™ ×?תה‏ ‍�ז�מ×? ďż˝×œ ֲע‏ ‍ יכול להזימה ומ×?×™â€ŹĂ›Ă‹Ă‚Ăƒ ÇÒ ÑËÅËÔĂ? Ă‘Ă‹Ă?Ă?Ă‡Ăˆ Ă‘Ăƒ ÂÇÆÛ ËÒÇÎÖ ‍המזימי×?‏ ‍†‚†“Â?Â… כלומר ×•×›×œâ€Ź ‍ ×œďż˝×? ִחיו ×”×™×?ך ×?ת×? מעידי×?‏:Ö° ‍וֹתď­‡ ְר ֜�ך‏ Ö´ ‍ק×?מר וה×? מ"מ הבועלי×?‏ �‍ב�ע ְר�ď­Š �ה‏ â€Ť×œ×•ק×™×&#x; וי"×œâ€Ź â€Ť× ×™×“×•× ×™×&#x; כמיתת‏ ‍עדות ×–×” והל×?‏ ‍¥ ×”×™×™ת×? ע×ž× ×•â€ŹÂ˘ ¥¢ Œ¢¹ÂšÂœÖ´ ‍רע ִמ‏ ‍דהת×? כיו×&#x; ׊ב×?×™×&#x; לחייבה ×”× ×‘עלת‏ Ă†Ă˜Ă‡ĂŽĂ‰ Ă‘Ăƒ Ç ÆÛÇÚÄ ‍חו׼ מבועל בת‏ Ă‘Ăƒ Ă†Ăˆ ÆÛÔË Ă?Ă‹ĂšĂ?Ç ‍×?ותו היו×? במקו×? פ×œ×•× ×™â€Ź ‍ מית×” וזממו‏ÑË .‍ ×”ת×? ק×?י‏:'‍כו‏ . _ XRaLMYZ ‍כה×&#x;‏ ‍ מיק×™×™×? ×›×?׊רלהרוג ×?ת ×”× ×¤×Š ל×?â€ŹĂ†Ă˜Ă‡ĂŽĂ‰ Ă‘Ăƒ Ç ÆÛÇÚÄ ÆÙÇÎ Ă‚ĂŽĂ‚ Ă‚ Ă‡Ă‹ĂœĂ‰Ăœ â€Ť×ž×Ą× ×”×“ר×™×&#x; ץליק‏ â€Ť×“×Ş× ×&#x; ב׊×™×œ×”×™â€Ź ‍ בהדי×? ×›תיב × ×¤×Š×–×ž×? במלקות דה×?‏ÇÒ ÑËÅËÔĂ? Ă?Ă‹Ă”ĂƒĂšĂ‚ Ă› ËÒÇÎÖ Ă›Ă‹Ă‚Ăƒ â€Ť×’×œ×™×•×&#x; ×”׊"ץ ץיומ×? ×“×Ą× ×”×“ר×™×&#x;×?לודי׊×”×&#x; ×”× ×—× ×§×™×&#x; דהו×?‏ â€Ť×‘× ×¤×Š גבי‏ ÆÎÄË ‍זוממי×&#x; ×Š× ×Š×Ş× ×•â€Ź ‍תוץ' ד"ה‏ ‍ דעדות × ×¤×Š×•ת‏Ă?Ă‹ĂšĂ?Ç ÑËÂ ĂœĂ‡ĂŽĂ„ĂŽ ĂƒĂ‹Ă‹Ă‰ ÂÇÆ ‍הזמה > מוץף תוץפות‏ ‍מעידי×&#x; כו' במק׌ת מדי×&#x; הזמה‏ â€Ť×•×œ×? ×—׊יב יכול ×œ×”×–×™×ž×”â€Ź ž™ ‍ במלקות‏ÂÆ Ă?Ă‹Ă”ĂƒĂšĂ‚ ÆÙÇÎ Ă‚ĂŽĂ‚ Ă‡Ă‹ĂœĂ‰Ăœ Ă†Ăˆ ‍ ע×™' הזוממי×&#x;‏.‍וי"ל כיו×&#x; דלוק×™×&#x;‏ ³ž¼› žš¢¢ ¼ Ă?ËÅÔÆ Ă‘Ă‹Ă‚(‍ ×?â€ŹĂ…Ă˜Ă‹Ă? â€Ť×›×“×§×Ş× ×™×ž×™ת×”×›×œâ€Ź ‍×?בל ×”×›×? ׊ל×? כוו×&#x; ×?ל×?‏ â€Ť×Š×™×˜×”ע"במקוב׌ת ב"ק דף כלומר ×?×™×&#x; מקדימי×? ל×?ותה‏ '‍ תוץ‏£ž§ªÂš ¨Š¢¹§Â™Âœ ÅÇÔÇ ‍ ל׊ווייה ב×&#x;‏ÆËÎ Ă‹Ă”ĂƒĂ‹Ă? Ă‘Ă‹Ă?Ă?Ă‡Ăˆ(‍ ב‏Ă?ËÛÔÒ ‍עה‏ ? ‍׊×?× ×Ľâ€Ź ‍ד"×” עדות‏ â€Ť×œ×?ו ×’רו׊×” >וב×&#x; חלו׌ה‏ ³ž°¼§ ¨Š¢Âš¹§Âœ â€Ť×œ×”×? ל׌פות מיתה‏ ‍×?תה‏ ‍ ×›×™ ×?×?â€ŹĂŒĂ‚Ă‹Ă† Ă?ÆÎ ÇÚĂ?Ă‚ ĂŽĂƒĂ‚ Ă‘Ă?ÙÎ Ă‹Ă’ĂœĂ™Ă…Ă? â€Ť×“×œ×™×›×?‏ ‍׊×?×™ ×?ל×?‏ ‍ ב×?"ד‏:‍וע×™"ל יכול ×œ×”×–×™×ž×”â€Ź ³ž¤Â? ¨Âš Ϊ Â?¢Â?ž§ žÂ?Âœ¢Âœ ‍בעלמ×? כיו×&#x; ׊לקו ×—׊יב‏ Ă› Ă‘Ă‹Ă…Ă‹Ă”Ă? Ă?ĂœĂ‚ ‍×?×—רת‏ ‍מ׊כימי×&#x; ל×?ות×” מיתה‏ ²¹Â? ‍דגבי עדות‏ ‍ ׊פ×™ר עדות‏Ă?ĂœĂ‹Ă‹Ă† Ă?ĂœĂ‚ Ă?ÇËÆ Ă‡ĂœĂ‡Ă‚Ăƒ ËÚÆ ¢§°ÂžÂ™ÂĽ ¹š³ª§Âž ™¹° ÇÒĂ?Ă” â€Ť×ž×–×•×ž×ž×™×Š× ×’×žר‏ ‍ חו׼‏:‍ בה ×“×™× ×• ׊ל × ×“×•×&#x;‏.‍ק׊ה לי בזה דב"ג‏ ‍ וע×™"×œâ€ŹR ‍׊×?ת×” יכול ×œ×”×–×™×ž×”â€Ź ‍דגבי‏ ¹²­Â™ Â™ÂĽÂœ ™¤¢Â? ‍ × ×Š×•×?×” ׊×?ע"פ ×Š× ×’×žר בת‏.‍מץוגי×? ×›×”×&#x;‏ ‍חיי׊×™× ×&#x;עדות דב×&#x; ×’רו׊ה‏ ‍דכתובות דף לג ע"×? ר×?"×?‏ Œ¼ž¼ ΤÂ&#x; ¹²Â™¤ ¢§Âž¢°¼ ĂŽĂŽĂ?Ă? (‍ ג‏ÑËĂ?Ă?Ă‡Ăˆ ÇΠËÚÆ ËÒÇÎÖ Ă?ÇÙĂ?Ăƒ â€Ť×•×—×œ×•׌×” ל×? ׊טמ"ק‏ â€Ť×›×œ×œâ€Ź Ăƒ (‍ד‏ ‍עדי×? זוממי×&#x; ×ž×ž×•× ×? מ׊ל×? ל׊ר×™פ×” ע×œâ€Ź â€Ť×“×™× ×”â€Ź ¼¤Âœ @ :‍ב"ק עה‏ ‍ דמהיכ×? × ×¤×§×? ל×&#x;ב×?ת×” יכול ×œ×”×–×™×ž×”â€ŹĂ‘Ă‹Ă?Ă?Ă‡ĂˆĂ† ĂŽĂ? Ă‹Ă‚Ă™ Ă?ĂœĂ† Ă‚Ă’Ăœ Ă‘Ă‹Ă?Ă?Ă‡Ăˆ Ă‘Ă‹Ă‚ ÇÎÂÅ Ă„ Ă†ĂœĂ‹Ă? Ă†ĂœĂ‡Ă‚ĂŽ Ă‘Ă‹Ă?Ă‹Ă…Ă™Ă? ‍(פ×™×”×? ×”×? ×‘×—× ×§ כדילפ×™× ×&#x;‏.â€Ť×ž×œק×™ ל×? לק×™ מ׊ו×? דל×?ו ×”ת×? )דף ׌‏ ››ž² ÂŚÂ?ÂĽ Â?™¹Š² žœ¢Â?² ‍דבע×™× ×&#x;‏ .â€Ť×‘× ×™ ×”תר×?×” × ×™× ×”×•â€Ź Ă†ĂŽĂ”Ă‡ĂƒĂ‡ ‍ב׊ר×™פ×”×”×™×? ב׊ר×™פ×” ו×?×™×&#x;‏ ¨Âž¢¤ š ž¢¤Âž ÂĽÂ&#x;¹šÂ? ³¼¢²ŠÂš ‍עדות ׊×?תה‏ ‍ יכול ×œ×”×–×™×ž×”â€ŹĂ‘Ă†Ă? ĂœĂƒ Ă‹Ă?Ă?Ă‡ĂˆĂ? ×ÇÉ ‍מ׊מע בוע×œ×”â€Ź ‍ד×?×™ ×‘× ×™â€Ź ÂžÂłÂžÂ™ÂšÂœ ‍יותר ×”תר×?×” ר×?וי לומר‏ šž¹Â? ÂĽÂŤ ÂŁÂąÂœÂ? ››ž² Ă†ĂœĂ‡Ă‚ĂŽ Ă‘Ă‹Ă?Ă‹Ă…Ă™Ă? Ă‘Ă‹Ă‚Ă› ‍מכ×?׊ר זמ×? וה×? מוכח‏ ĂœĂšĂ‰Ă‚ Ă†ĂœĂ‹Ă?ĂŽ ‍×?ל×? ×‘×—× ×§ ×›׊×?ר‏ â€Ť×“×ž×œק×™ לק×™ וה×?‏ ‍ בגמר×? דכ×?׊ר‏ÂÎÂ Ă†ĂœĂ‹Ă? ‍×?׊ת ×?×™׊‏ ™¼ž Â?¼ž› ™žÂ? ‍ עדות דב×&#x; ×’רו׊הזמ×?)ב( ל×? × ×›תב ×œ×’×‘×™â€ŹĂ‘Ă‹Ă‚Ă› Ă?ËÚÉ ÑËĂ?Ă?Ă‡Ăˆ Ă?Ă‹Ă…Ă” ÛËÇ Ă‘Ă‹Ă… Ă‘Ă†Ăƒ ÑËÛÇÔ ‍יהיה הדי×&#x; ×“×ž×ž×•× ×? ל×?×?×? ׊חייבו ×?ת והזוממי×&#x; מ׊כימי×&#x; למיתה‏ Âœ¢Â&#x;§ Â?¢Â?² ¹§ÂžÂĽ ¨Š¢§¢¢°§ ‍הבוע×œâ€Ź â€Ť×•×œ×?‏ ‍מ׊ל×? ×‘×˜×œ×”â€Ź â€Ť×›×œâ€Ź ‍דכתיב‏ ‍ק×?י‏ ‍העדות‏ â€Ť×›×œ×œâ€Ź ‍כ×?׊ר‏ ›ž¹Â?ÂĽ °Â&#x; ÂžÂ?² š¢ÂžÂ™Âš ¼š™ ‍זמ×?‏ ‍דהוי‏ ‍ עליה ב׊ו×? ׌×“â€ŹĂœĂ‡Ă™ĂŽĂ? Ă‚ĂŽĂ‚ ÚÙËÔ ĂŽĂ? ÆĂ?ĂˆĂ† Ă…Ă˜Ă‹Ă? Ă?Ă‹Ă”ĂƒĂšĂ‚ Âœ¢Â&#x;§Âš ? â€Ť×œ×”×–×™×ž×”עדות ׊×?×™ ×?ת×” יכול לע׊ות ל×?חיו‏ ¨§ Â?¢¼ ¨Š¢Âš² Œ³ªÂ? ‍׊בעול×? ×?בל ×”ת×?‏ ‍ גבי × ×˘×¨×”â€ŹĂ‚Ă‡Ă†Ă› ËÒÇÎÖ Ă›Ă‹Ă‚Ăƒ ÇÒ ÑËÅËÔĂ? Ç ÆÛÇÚÄ Ă‘Ăƒ (â€Ť×•×œ×? ל×?חותו )׊×?‏ â€Ť×œ×‘"×’ דה×?דבזהקר×?×?×™×&#x; דומה וק×?מר ×”×›×?‏ Â?²Âž Âœ¢Â&#x;§ Â?¢Â?² ž§¯ ‍המ×?ורץ×” וד×?×™ ×›×?׊ר זמ×?‏ ‍ק×?×™ × ×ž×™â€Ź (‍ח‏ Ă‘Ă‹Ă‚ Ă†Ă˜Ă‡ĂŽĂ‰ Ă‘Ăƒ ÆÛÇÚÄ Ă‘Ăƒ Ă†Ăˆ ‍הממו×&#x; דהזמה ׊×?×™×&#x; מקיימי×&#x;עודבה×&#x;×™׊די×&#x;זוממי×&#x; ×?×—ר×™×?‏ ››ž² ™žÂ? ž¼¢Â™¤ ‍ק×?×™ ע×œâ€Ź .â€Ť×˘×œ×™×”×&#x; ד×?×? ×”תרו בה מיקטלי ריטב"×?‏ ÆÛÔË Ă?Ă‹ĂšĂ?ÇÂ Ă†Ă˜Ă‡ĂŽĂ‰ ‍הזמה‏ ¨Š¢Âš² Â™ÂĽÂž A Ă‘Ăƒ Ç ‍דה×? ×?ל×?‏ ‍מ׊×›×—ת‏ â€Ť×›×œ×œâ€Ź ‍×?×™× ×”×•×˜(ב׊הוזמו ו×?×™×œ×•â€Ź ‍ ו×?"כ‏.‍×?דרבה בל×? ×?תרו‏ Ă‡Ă‹ĂœĂ‰Ăœ ‍Â? Â?žœ™Â? )ולהכי ׊ייך בזה‏¢¼ â€Ť×ž×œקות ועלה מפר׊ ×›×™׌ד‏ ÚÂÆ ĂœĂ‚ ÆÙÇÎ (‍×?×™×”×™ בל×? הזמה‏ ‍ הוזמו )והת×?‏ÂΠ‍×?פ׊ר ×?×? ל"׌ ×”תר×?ה‏ ¢ÂšÂ›ÂĽ Â?² ¤Â? ™¼ž ¢Â™Â? (‍ה‏ ‍העדי×? ׊×?×™×&#x; מקיימי×&#x; בה×&#x; ×?ות×&#x;‏ ‍ דכ×?׊ר זמ×? ק×?ימייר×™ בל×? ×”תרו וכיו×&#x;‏ÔÛÇÆË Ăš Ă‚ Ă‹ĂŽĂ‹Ă? ËÒÆÒĂ? Ă?Ă‹Ă”Ăƒ â€Ť×œ×•×žר יותר דמלקי‏ ¨Š¢¹ÂœÂ?§Âœ B .‍׊×?‏ Ă› Ăš ĂšĂ?Ă‚ ËÇÎ Ă‘Ăƒ ‍הזמה‏:'‍×?× ×• די×&#x;כו‏ ¨³¢§Â?ÂĽ ‍די×&#x;לק×™ ול×? ×™×”×™×” בממו×&#x; כלל × ×˘×Š×™×&#x; זוממי×&#x; מעידי×?‏ ‍ ×?ת×” יכול להזימה עלייהו( לכך בע×™× ×&#x;‏ÂÚÙ ĂšĂ?Ă‚Ă… ÛËÙÎ Ă‘Ăƒ Â?³¢§ Â?³ž™š ž³¢§Â?² ÚÛÂĂ? ÇÎ Ă?ĂœĂ‹Ă›Ă”Ă‡ â€Ť×•×œ×?‏ ‍וי׊‏ ‍הזמה ול×? ק×?×™ ע×œ×”â€Ź ¢­ žÂ?Â&#x;ž ‍ ו×?×? תע׊הו ×—×œ×œâ€Ź.â€Ť×œ×–רעו‏ â€Ť×œ×“קדק ×?מ×?י‏ ‍ ל×? × ×§×˜â€ŹĂ‡Ă”ĂšĂˆĂŽ ÂÎÇ ÇÎ Ă?Ă?Ăˆ Ă‹Ă…ĂŽ ÇÆÇÎÓÖËÎÇ ‍והו×? ×›×”×&#x;‏ ‍ ע×›"פ פץלת ×?ת‏.‍וע׊×™ת×?׌ר×™×›×™×&#x;×›×?׊ר זמ×?‏ .‍¨ תוץ' ×™×Š× ×™×?â€ŹÂ˘ÂŠÂ˘Â§Âœ°§Âœ C ‍×?×?‏ ¨ÂžÂ›¤ ‍ בע×™× ×&#x;‏:‍והו×?×–רעו לעול×?‏ ‍מעידי×&#x; ×?× ×• ב×?×™׊ פ×œ×•× ×™â€Ź ‍התר×?×” ×?"כ‏ ‍׊הו×?‏ ‍כ×?׊ר‏ ž™ Ž ž¼ ³ž¹¢¼ ÚÛÂĂ? .‍זמ×?‏ ‍ממזר‏ '‍כו‏ Ă?Ă?Ăˆ Ă‘Ă’Ă‹Ă”Ăƒ Ă†Ă‹Ă”ĂšĂˆĂŽ ÇÎÓÖËÎ ÂÎÇ ÆËÅ žšž¥¼ ‍זמ×?‏ ‍דזה הוה‏ ‍מ׊×›×—ת בממו×&#x; ×›×?׊ר‏ ĂœĂ‡Ă›Ă”ĂŽ ¹™² ¼š™ ÂąÂ?ŠÂš â€Ť×‘×œ×?‏ ‍׊ייך בי×&#x;‏ ‍זמ×? ו×?ת‏ Ç Ă™ â€Ť×œפץול ×?ת ×”× ×“×•×&#x;‏ ‍ בי׊ר×?ל בי×&#x; ×‘×›×”× ×™×?‏ÚĂ?Ç ÂÅÖ ĂšĂƒ Ă‚Ă?ËÎÇ ‍ וב×?תרו ×?×? ל×?‏.‍י׊למו×?תרו‏ ¨³¢§Â?ÂĽ ¼ž¤¢ Â?³™ ¨¢³§Âž§ ÇÒË ÎÎÉĂ?Æ ÆĂ?Ç ÎÇ .‍ ×?תהמחלל ×?×™× ×• מת×—×œ×œâ€Ź:‍זרעו‏ ¼¤Âš ‍וב×&#x; ×’רו׊×” ל×?‏ ‍ממו×&#x;‏ â€Ť×¤×Ą×™×œâ€Ź ™Â?¢² ÂœÂšÂĽÂšÂž Â?³¢§ Âœ Â™Âš ‍יהיה בכלל ×›×”×&#x; ×”× ×•׊×?‏ ‍עדות‏ ‍ מ׊ו×? ×?ל×? ×‘×›×”× ×™×? וי׊ ליי׊ב‏ÎÎÉÎ Ă‚ĂƒĂ† ĂŽĂŽĂ‰ĂœĂ? ‍הגרו׊×” ׊מחלל ×?ת‏ Âœ š ³ž³¢§ Âœ§ 'â€Ť×“× ×§×˜×™×” תוץ‏ ‍׊×?×™ ×?ת×” יכול ×–רעו‏ ĂŽĂŽĂ‰ĂœĂ‹ Ă‚ĂŽĂ› Ă‘Ă‹Ă… ÇÒË ÎÎËÉ Ă‚ ‍דק×?×™ ×?זוממי‏ ¨Â?² › ÂŤÂ™Âœ D .‍בת ×›×”×&#x; כד×?×™ת×? ׊×?× ×Ľâ€Ź Ă‘Ă? Ă?Ă‚ Ă‚Ă’Ă‹ĂƒĂš ‍×?×™×&#x;הב×?הו×? ע׌מו מתחלל מ×&#x;‏:‍כו' ×”×›×”×•× ×”â€Ź.‍דמ"מד"×”×?׊תובע×™× ×&#x;× ×¤×Ą×œת‏:â€Ť×œ×”×–×™×ž×”â€Ź ‍וי"×œâ€Ź ¨¢§Â&#x;ž§ ‍ בגמר×? ×•×œ×›×šâ€ŹĂ†ĂŽ Ă•Ă‹Ă™ĂœĂ? Â?³¢§§Âž ÂŚÂ?¢Š²§ Ă?Ă‹Ă…Ă” ĂœĂšĂ‡Ăœ ĂœĂŽĂŠĂƒ :â€Ť× קט מידי ד׊ייך ×‘×›×”×•× ×”â€Ź Â?¹ž§ â€Ť עד‏.â€Ť×œ×›×?ור×” עדיי×&#x; ק׊×” לר"×™ זומ×? ׊ר׌×” לחלל ול×? ×—×™×œ×œâ€Ź ¼žšÂ? ³³¢§§ ‍ מעידי×&#x; ×?× ×•â€ŹĂ‘Ă‹Ă?Ă?Ă‡Ăˆ ™§¼ÂšÂž ‍ב×?×™׊ פ×œ×•× ×™ ׊חייב‏ â€Ť×œ×—×œ×œ ול×?‏ ‍ דמ׌רי‏.‍ביבמות דף ץ×˜â€Ź ÆĂ?Ç ¢Š² š¢¢ ³Š² ¼¤ ‍ ×Š× ×™ ב×?ת‏:‍×?׊תו‏ â€Ť×—×™×œ×œ×• ×?×™× ×• די×&#x;‏ ‍×?×™× ×• פוץל ×?ת‏ ‍ ו×?"ת ×”×™×?ך‏.â€Ť×™×›×•×œ×™×? לחייבוגלות‏ ™¤Â? Â?¹ž§ Âš ¨ÂžÂœ¢Š ³ž³¢§ ‍ ×?×?‏.‍ ×?×? ×›×&#x;‏:'‍כו‏ â€Ť×œ×“רו׊ ק"ו ×–×” בעדי×?‏ ³¹¢Â&#x;› ‍ה×?‏ â€Ť×’×œ×•ת‏ ‍ לומר מזיד ×”×™×™תי‏:‍זוממי×? בטלת תורת הזמת×?‏ ¨¢ŠÂžÂœ¢Š² šž³¤Â? ‍בעדות×&#x; וה×? ×™×›×•×œâ€Ź ‍כד×?מר גבי ×?כלת ×—×œ×‘â€Ź Â?¼° ™¢Â?² ¼žšÂ? ³³¢§Âš ‍וי"ל דמיירי‏ ‍( ד׊×•× ×?‏:‍דף ×˜â€Ź ‍×?×™× ×•â€Ź ‍כ׊ר×?ו‏ .‍( ריטב"×?‏:‍בפ"ק דבב×? מ׌×™ע×? )דף ג‏ ‍בו‏ E ‍ומה‏ â€Ť×’×•×œ×”â€Ź â€Ť×œ×?ו‏ â€Ť×¨×’×œ×™×?‏ ‍כי‏ ÂœÂŤÂžÂ? ™¼² ž™ â€Ť×œ×“×‘ר‏ ‍הגהות הב"×— טפי‏ â€Ť×œ×ž×™×žר‏ @ ‍ה×?×™ ×’×•×•× ×? דומי×?‏ '‍ תוץ‏¼žšÂ? â€Ť×Š× ׊מט הברזל מקתו ו×?×™×›×?‏ .â€Ť×™×Š× ×™×?‏ (‍)×?‏ â€Ť×“×œ×? × ×Ş×›×•×™×&#x; ×?בל ק׊ה‏ â€Ť×“×‘×Š× ×?×” הכהו ועוד ×™"ל דמייר×™ ׊פ×™ר דליכ×? ד×?והב גולה ו×?מ×?י‏ F ‍›†’ ד"×” מעידי×&#x; וכו' ×?×™ הוה‏ ‍וה׊ת×? ×?×™× ×• גולה כיו×&#x; דר×?ו דהוי רגלי×? מה×? ×“×Ş× ×&#x; פרק ×?×œ×•â€Ź Â?™¹Š ÂĽ Â&#x; žŠÂž²¼ ¥²­ ‍ב×&#x;‏ â€Ť×¨×’×œ×™×? לדבר‏ ¹­ªÂ?² ‍ה×&#x; הגולי×&#x; )לקמ×&#x;‏ ‍×?מר ל×? ×”ר×’תיו ×™×›×•×œâ€Ź :‍)ב( ×’רו׊×” †ˆÂ?†—… דהכי‏ â€Ť×œ×“×‘ר‏ Â?§¼ ¢³¹³ Â?²°§ ‍ פ×™' לתר׼ ולומר ל×? ×”ר×’תיו ׊וגג ×?ל×? מזיד × ×™×—×?×™( מ׊×•× ×? ומ"מ‏.â€ŤÂ†ÂˆÂ?†—… מקדימי×&#x; ל×?ות×” מיתה‏ ¢¼ ‍ ‚ Â„ ×’רו׊ה‏ ‍וי"ל ד׊×?× ×™ ׊×•× ×? די׊‏ ¨Âž²¼>ž@ G .â€Ť×œ× ×• לומר ריטב"×?‏ ‍כמו‏ ‍×?והב גולה כגו×&#x; ד׊ת×™ק‏ ‍הק×•× ×˜רץ‏ ‍ )×’( „ Â… כל כו' הדי×&#x;‏:â€Ť×•×œ×?‏ A ‍כ׊×?מרו לו ×”עדי×?‏ ¢ÂžÂ? ™¼ ¨¢§§ÂžÂ&#x; ΢ÂœÂŤ ¨¢²Š ‍Â?Â…Â?Š› יכול וג×? ×–×” ק׊×” דמ×?×™ קמ"ל פ׊יט×? לכך׊×?×™×&#x; לה×? × ×Ą והמלטה וק׊×” דמ×?×™ בל×? ×?כלת×™ חלב ×?×‘×œâ€Ź †—™š ‍במיתה‏ ¨¢²ÂžÂŤ ‍בוד×?י‏ ‍כיו×&#x; ד׊תק כהוד×?ה‏ ‍קמ"×œâ€Ź Œž¢° ÂĽÂŤ ž³ž§²§ ³¹ÂžÂł ‍פיר׊ ר"י‏ ‍×?פ"×” × ×ž×™ת×?‏ ÂŽ Â?‚ Â†Â›Â† â€Ť כל הזוממי×&#x;‏:â€Ť×¤×Š×™×˜×? ובכתובות×›( פ×™ר׊ ׊רו׌×” לומרדמי×?‏ ‍כתובי×&#x; בכל מית×” ×Š× ×•×›×œ ×›×“×Ş× ×™×? ל( ×”×›×” מקדימי×&#x; ×”×›×™ פ×™רו׊ו‏ ™¼™ ¨Â?š Â?§Â&#x;Â? '‍ š ÂŠÂ‘Â? ŠŒ†Â?ŠŽ †„ ÂŠ הד×? הוו ב‏ ‍תכה‏ ‍וד×?×™ ×?ת×” ׌ריך להמית×&#x;‏ ¨¢§§ÂžÂ&#x; ¨¢²Š ¨Âž²¼ Â?Â&#x;¢Â™Âš ‍ מקדימי×&#x; ׊ל×? ×™×˘× ×•â€ŹB ‍( וק׊ה‏:‍Â?Â…Â?Š›Â? בה×&#x; ×?ת×” ממית×? בכלהב×?×™×&#x; ×›×?חד וכ×&#x; ק׊×” דבתוץפת×? )פ×™"ב)ב"מ דף ל×?‏ ³¼¢ ³Âš ‍‚ Â†Â›Â… Â?Š›… ×?פ"ה‏ ‍במית×” )×’( ׊המיתו ×?×‘×œâ€Ź .‍¨ ׊×?‏³ž§§ÂžÂ&#x; >G ‍וד×?×™ ×?×? ×?×™× ×•â€Ź ‍ד×?מר×™× ×&#x; פרק × ×’×žר הדי×&#x;‏ (â€Ť×“×Ą× ×”×“ר×™×&#x;‏ ‍מית×” ודר×™׊‏ ‍ )ד( )×”( ‚ Â„ ו×?מ×?×™ ×”"ר‏:‍הוי‏:â€Ť× ×ž×™ת×?‏ ¢Â™Â? ¢Â™ÂœÂžÂœ Ž¹³§>ž@  Â… ‍×?בל × (יוץף דרו׌×— וגו×?ל הד×? הוו ב' ליה מ×&#x; קר×? דובערת ×”רע מקרבך ×Ş× ×™×? מ( ×?בל הזוממי×&#x;‏ ‍( דרו׌ח‏:‍)×Ą× ×”×“ר×™×&#x; דף מה‏ C ‍„ Â… זוממי‏ ¨¢§§ÂžÂ&#x; ¨¢²Š ΢ÂœÂŤÂ? Âœ¯¢¤ ‍וגו×?×œâ€Ź (‍)ד‏ ‍כתובי×?‏ ‍׊×?×™×&#x; ×?ת×” יכול להמית×&#x;‏ Â?‘Šš™„† ‍כו' ל×?חיו‏ ‍ו×?מ×?×™ הוי רו׌×— וגו×?×œâ€Ź ‍ דדר׊×™× ×&#x;מד' מיתות ב"ד פ׊יט×?‏:‍Â? ÂˆÂŠÂ† ל×?חיו‏ ž¤Âž ¨³¼¢ ³§ ¨¢§ÂžÂ&#x;¢Š Âœ¯¢¤ ‍במית×” ×”×›תובה‏ ‍הב×?×™×&#x; ×›×?חד ×œ×˘× ×™×&#x; ׊ל×?‏ ‍)ו( ‚ Â„ מ×&#x;‏ ‍×?×‘×œâ€Ź ‍ זוממי בת ×›×”×&#x;× ×œ×ž×•×“ ׊×?ר מומת×™×&#x; מה×? להמית×?הד×?×?ף ב' ×›תובי×&#x; הב×?×™×?‏:â€Ť× ×ž×™ת×? ככל חייבי מיתות‏ ‍הי×? ול×?‏ ž¢¹ÂšÂœ ³¼¢ ³Âš ™³²Â? ™¼™ ‍כיו×&#x; דכתיב‏ ™¼ ‍כ×?חד ות×™ר׼‏ ‍Â? ÂˆÂŠÂ† וכו' ליה מהי×? ×“× ×¤×§×? ל×&#x;בועלה וזוממי בת ×›×”×&#x;‏ ‍ובוע×œ×”â€Ź ‍במיתה‏ ¢¹¢¢Â™Âœ ™¼™ Â?ÂĽ ²¹¢­ ‍×?בל ק׊×” כיו×&#x;‏ ™¹°¢§ ‍׊×?×™× ×” מד' מיתות ב"ד‏ ‍׊×?×™×&#x; מקדימי×&#x; ל×?ותה‏ ‍דכתיב ל×?חיו )×”( דדר׊×™× ×&#x;‏ ³¹ÂžÂłÂœ ¢¼Âž°Âš (.‍דדר׊×™× ×&#x; )×Ą× ×”×“ר×™×&#x; × ×?‏ †Šˆ Â? ‍דכתיב ל×? יב×?‏ Â?§Â&#x;Â? ‍ ו×?"ת למה לי מית×” ×?ל×? למיתה‏D ‍הי×? ל×?חיו ול×? ל×?חותו‏ ‍וכו' וי"ל ד×?י‏ ¢²Âž¹­¼ ÂąÂœÂ? žªšž ¢Â™§ ‍ בוע×œ×”â€Ź.‍×?×—רת‏ ‍‚ Â„ למעוטי ל×?וקומי מיעוט×? דהי×? ×?ל×? ×?ת ×?ביה ×”×™×? מחללת‏ ‍דר׊×?‏ (‍ )ז‏:‍ Â?Â? ÂˆÂŠÂ† הוה‏ â€Ť×•×œ×? בועלה ×”×™×?‏ ‍בבועלה ול×?‏ ¨§°¼ ¢Š³°Âœ§  ³­Âœ â€Ť×“×œ×?חיו ול×? ל×?חותו ת×™פוק‏ â€Ť×•×œ×?‏ ‍זוממיה ×?×‘×œâ€Ź ‍×?מ×?×™ ממע×˜×™× ×&#x; זוממי×&#x; ץ( )×?ל×? מ×&#x; )ו(ול×? זוממיה וי"ל הו×?×™×œâ€Ź :‍)×—( ‡†Â?Â?Š… למע×•×˜×™â€Ź ¢Â™Â?ž ž¤Âž ÂŚÂ?ÂĽ ž¹§Â™ ¼š™ ‍ק׊ה כיו×&#x; דכתיב ×?חיו‏ ‍‡†Â?Â?Š… ×”×™×” × ×“×•×&#x; קר×™× ×&#x; ביה‏  ³­Âœ ‍וזוממיה ב×?ו לחייבה ׊ר×™פה‏ ‍‚ Â„ וזוממי‏ ‍×?חיו( ×?בל כיו×&#x;‏ ¢²Âž¹­¼ ™¹°¢§ ‍×?×™׌טריך למעוטי זוממי×&#x;‏ â€Ť×§×¨×™× ×&#x; ביה‏ â€Ť×œ×?חיו ×?בל ×?×? ל×? היה‏ ‍וה׊ת×? למה ×œ×™×”â€Ź ‍דכתיב ×?חיו דר׊×™× ×&#x; × ×ž×™â€Ź ÂĽÂŤ ¢Â™°Âœ Œž²§ Â?§Â&#x;Â? ¢¼Âž° ‍זוממי )×Ą× ×”×“ר×™×&#x; דף ל×?חיו קמ"ל ×”×™×? ול×? )×–( זוממי×&#x; למע×•×˜×™× ×“×•×&#x; על פ×™ עדות×&#x;‏ ‍מהי×? וי"ל ד×?×™ מ×?חיו‏ °¹­ ‍מהי×?‏ ‍ ‡†Â?Â?Š… וכו' זוממי‏ ‍הוה ×?×ž×™× ×?‏ (.‍מו‏ ¢¹¢¢Â™Âœ ¨¢°Š ŠÂ? '‍כגו×&#x; ׊×”×™×” קט×&#x; ב×&#x; ×˜â€Ź ‍זוממי×&#x;‏ ™¼ž°Âš ‍דה"מ ×›׊הבוע×œâ€Ź (‍ )×˜â€Ź:‍‡†Â?Â?Š… ×‘×—× ×§â€Ź ‍ ×?ו‏E ‍דק×?מר מית×” ×?×—ת מע×™×&#x; ׊ת×™ מיתות כגו×&#x;בכל ×˘× ×™×&#x; ומתחלה ×”×™×” ר"×™ מץופק ×Š× ×™×? ויו×? ×?חד‏ .‍Â?Â&#x;§Â? ׊×?‏ ‍„ Â… ת×™פוק ×œ×™×”â€Ź ?G â€Ť×Š×œ×? ×”×›×™רו הבועל ל×?‏ ‍ד×?×™×›×?‏ ‍ועוד וכו' ×§×Ş× ×™â€Ź Â…Â? ‍׊תי‏ ÂŚÂ?² :â€Ť×œקמ×&#x;‏ ‍בה×?י‏ ‍בת‏ ‍מיתות‏ ¢²¢¼² ‍כה×&#x;‏ ‍׊×?‏ ‍)×—( מילת×? ו׊וב‏ @G ‍׊הו×? קט×&#x; כדפ×™ר׊ת×™ ו×?פ"×” בל×? זוממי זוממי×&#x; מ׊ו×? הבועל ׊הו×?ובועלה ×?ו בת ×›×”×&#x;‏ ¨¢Â™ Â?²Â™ ž¼ ¨¢Â™ ¢­Â™Âž â€Ť×¤×Š×˜×” מפרק × ×’×žר הדי×&#x;‏ ‍וזוממי זוממי×&#x; וה׊ת×?‏ ‍ק×?מר×™ זוממי‏ â€Ť×‘×—× ×§ ×?ל×?‏ .‍ ׊×?‏°ž¼ ¼ '‍ ע( פ×™ר‏.â€Ť×œקמ×&#x;‏ ‍זוממי×&#x; ×‘×—× ×§ ×?למ×? דהוה זוממי×&#x; ׊מע ×ž×™× ×” ד×?×™×™ר×™ כגו×&#x; דליכ×? די×&#x;למה ליה זוממי זוממי×&#x;‏ ‍דעל ×›רחך די×&#x; ×”ק×•× ×˜רץ דמ×?×™ בעי‏ â€Ť×‘×—× ×§â€Ź (‍כי׌ד וכו' ×”×? ×§×Ş× ×™ )×˜â€Ź ‍מית×” בבועלה כגו×&#x;‏ ‍ ועוד ×™׊ לפר׊ ועוד×?ע"פ דליכ×? די×&#x; מיתה‏F '‍>וכו‏G ‍ ול×?לומי קו׊×™×™ת×? לקמ×&#x;‏G ‍הזמהכי ק×?מר ×›×“×§×Ş× ×™â€Ź ?G ‍ב×?×™×&#x; לפץול ×–רעו‏ : ‍קמיית×?‏ ‍ ועוד ×ž×“×§×Ş× ×™ ר×‘×™× ×• ×—× × ×?×œâ€Ź:‍בבוע×œâ€Ź R ‍×?×? לפץלו ×?"×› × ×¤×Ą×•×œâ€Ź â€Ť×›×œ×•×žר ו×?×? תמ׌×? לומר‏ ‍בע×™× ×&#x; ×›×?׊ר זמ×?‏ â€Ť×“×œ׊ו×&#x; הזמה הו×? ×–×” ×?×™× ×• ×›×™׌ד‏ ÂĽÂ&#x;¯¨Œ ÂŁÂ&#x;™¨Âš ‍ ק׊×™×? ×”×™×›×?‏.‍וי"ל דמ"מ ×?׊תו × ×¤×Ą×œת דפץלה בבי×?תווליכ×?‏ Â&#x;Œ›¢ª Â˜ÂŽÂšÂŻ Â&#x;Œ›¢ª ‍׊מעידי×&#x; ׊הו×? מ׌ר×™ ×Š× ×™â€Ź ÂĽÂ&#x;™Â&#x;¨¤ ÂĽÂ&#x;¤¤Â›Âœ ‍וכתיב‏ £›­¤Â— Â&#x;Œ›¢ª °Â– £š— ÂŻÂ&#x;–— ›Œ– ‍ד×?×™× ×&#x;‏ £°Â&#x;Â&#x;š £°Â–› Â&#x;Œ›¢ª °Â›­¢¤ –¢Â– Ž­Â&#x;¨ ¢¥ š¤ÂœÂš ¼— –›š¯ Â&#x;Œ›¢ª ‍וע׊×™ת×? לו ×›×?׊ר זמ×? ×œ×•â€Ź Â&#x;Œ›¢ª £›­¤Â— ›Œ¤¨ ™Â&#x;ÂĄ –¤¢¨Â— ÂĽÂŚÂ&#x;¨Â— šÂ&#x;™›Â?¢ ›– ÂšÂŻÂ›ÂŽÂ˜ :@G â€Ť×•×œ×? ל×?׊תו‏ ÂĽÂ&#x;¤¤Â›Âœ ›¢Â– Â&#x;Žš ÂŻÂ&#x;–— ›Œ– ÂĽÂ&#x;™Â&#x;¨¤ –›š Ž¤Â›¢¥ –¥Â&#x;¢Â› £¤Âœ Ž¯–¥ ݴ š›¢Â? ¼— £°Âš Â–Ρ ÂĽÂŚÂ&#x;­ŽªÂ› šŒ¤¢Â– ¢¨ ¼— –›š¯ Â&#x;Œ›¢ª ÂĽÂŚÂ&#x;¯­Â–› ‍ומה‏ –¢Â– –— –¢ ÂĽÂ&#x;¤¤Â›ÂœÂš ¢¥ Â&#x;–­ ›ŒÂ&#x;– –›š š¢¢Â&#x;Â?› ÂĽÂ&#x;– ݴ ÂšÂŻÂ›ÂŽÂ˜ > ›¥› ™Â&#x;ÂĄ –š@ ›¨ŽÂœ¢Â› ›¢ ¢Â›§ª¢ š¯¨Â&#x; ÂŁÂ&#x;Ž¤Â›Â– –—¯ ™¨Âš ¢¢Â?°¤ š°Â&#x;¤ š°Â›Â–¢ ÂĽÂ&#x;¤Â&#x;™­¤

‍עי×&#x; מ׊פ×˜â€Ź â€Ť× ר מ׌וה‏


‍×? ×?‏

'‍מיי' פ"×› ×ž×”×œâ€Ź ‍עדות הלכה ×— ץמג‏ ‍ע׊י×&#x;‏ :‍ב ב ק×™ טוח"מ ץ×™' ×œ×—â€Ź ‍מיי' ׊×? פ×™"×— הל' ×?‏ :‍ץמג ׊×?‏ ‍ג ג‏ ‍מיי' ׊×? פ"×› הל' י‏ :‍ץמג ׊×?‏


 Â–Â&#x;š £–› šœ ™Â&#x;¨ÂšÂ› ¢¢Â?¢ °Â— Â&#x;¤¤Â›Âœ¤ ›Â? ݴ ÂšÂŻÂ›ÂŽÂ˜ ¼— ›¢ ›¢§Â›ª¢ °Â–— £›Â&#x;— ÂŁÂ&#x;™Â&#x;¨¤ £°Â– ¼— –›š¯ ›Â&#x;¢¨ –¢ šŒš ›™—¢ £°Â&#x;¯¨Â› Ž¤Â–ÂŚÂŻ ÂŻÂ&#x;› š¢¨Â›Â—› ¼š¥ ÂĽÂ&#x;›¥°ŒÂ› ÂšÂŻÂ›ÂŽÂ˜ £¤Âœ Ž¯–¥ ›¢ £¤Âœ Ž¯–¥ š¯¨Œ ÂĽÂ&#x;–¯ ÂŁÂ&#x;ÂŽÂ?– ÂŁÂ&#x;™¨ ›¢¢Â&#x;Â? –¢Â› ›¢¢Â?¢ ›¨ŽÂœ¢ –¢Â› ›¢ –™ª Ž— °Â›¯¨¢ –¢¯ ÂĽÂ&#x;™ ›ŒÂ&#x;– šÂ&#x;™Â&#x;™¢ šÂ&#x;¢ šÂ&#x;¢§ªÂ&#x;¢Â› ¢¢Â?°¤ ›ŒÂ&#x;– ¢¢Â?¤Âš › ­ Ž¤Â– ŠÂ&#x;­°¤Â› ¢¢Â?°Â&#x; Â&#x;ÂŞ Â&#x;¥š Â&#x;– –ŒÂ&#x;—Ž –—¯ (‍ ×?â€ŹÂ˘Â›Â™Â˜ ¼š¥ ÂŁÂ&#x;™¨ °ŽÂ›° °¢ÂžÂ— –¥Â&#x;–™ ÂĽÂ&#x;¤¤Â›Âœ  Â&#x;Ž—™¢ Ž¤Â&#x;¤¢

:'‍עז ב' ץוטה ×›×’ ב‏

‍בקר×? וע×™' קידו׊×™×&#x;‏

‍בכ"×’ דכתיב להדי×?‏

‍ר׊"×™ ור×‘×™× ×• × ×§×˜ ×œ×”â€Ź

'‍×?( עי‏

he N who ďż˝ , whicnc ‍]‏, e te‍ר ×–ďż˝ �מ‏ei ‍ ֜‏r‍ Ö˛×?‏lie not re shment ed th witnesses are uch aLacase of witnesses zama Ar nah), and the t. Sig discu pt m [‍×?‏ e does sses puni for th cour we do not from the Kehu din 3. On s is the have acce malkusMish of Rulin are Kohanim, disqualiďŹ ed idenah’s beis r e The if the witnesses ire; rather, they receive malku uld neve t receiv â™ e lie outs sorthaatchalutzah (and thus no rules that even shah th to requ viou testidin wo in could ey said itgeru The Mishnah is ob m would seem min. not bear false zama zome Do , her th â€Ť×œâ€Ź be em ‍֚×?‏ ďż˝ ďż˝ s, ‍ת‏ ku found to nah, as ka’as Öľ â€ŤÖ˛×˘× Öś ×” ְב ־ר ֲעך‏ zom be as if 20, for 20:13), ‍עד � ֜קר‏ below, note e mal from the Kehu d See mos iv them (She ‍)×“â€œ×”â€Ź. ce alify of n woul ‍ור×‘× ×&#x;‏ disqu do re the prohibitio and Tosafos 4b they us for violating ara below, 2b,


malk Gem shment. (a gerushah) your fellow (see zamam puni was divorced mony against the ka’asher does : A woman who are not given nah 13a). If she Ben Chalutzah the reason they y a Kohen (Mish Gerushah and may not marr cation of Ben â™ DisqualiďŹ (a chalutzah) tzah chali to ived t they tried or who rece

We heard it so many times:

punishmen ed. These which is the punishment, whom they testiďŹ tried to n’s mother person about te having ssed this Kohe inict on the however, despi that they witne (Rashi), or nah, are not punmin witnesses, 1. They claim ous husband from the Kehu brother. zome from a previ hed being divorced from a previous husband’s es dis- disqualify their victim they are punis ad, Inste tion. g tzah the Kohen becom from ished with disqualiďŹ ca the prohibition against givin receive chali born ony is accepted, zomeus for violating If their testim because he was 20, for why these r and with malk the Kehunah, See below, note to impose. his Kohen fathe qualiďŹ ed from false testimony. the punishment they tried iage between e receiv a forbidden marr hah or chalutzah. not do gerus zamam min his mother, a the ka’asher e receiv zomemin 2. Usually,

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The Jewish Home | AUGUST 16, 2018



AUGUST 16, 2018 | The Jewish Home

Dear Readers,


ome of my best summer memories were of family trips that we took at the end of the summer. During the summer season we went upstate and enjoyed the freedom that the bungalow colony offered. I grew up in Brooklyn, on a beautiful block, but we didn’t have friends on our block and we couldn’t play outside without being watched by an adult. So spending time upstate, where we left our bungalow after breakfast and only returned for lunch and dinner, was euphoric when we were children. Our days were endless action, filled with bike rides and laps in the pool and projects with friends. Even rainy days were enjoyable; we would sit on the porch and watch the water sluice down the hill. Our time there was carefree and idyllic. During the unbelievable two months we spent upstate, towards the end of the summer, we usually went on a trip with the family. The trip was different every year. Some years other families from the bungalow colony made the same trip too. We wouldn’t necessarily go together, but we would sometimes meet each other at our final destination and delight in meeting our “bungalow friends” outside of the bungalow colony. As kids, we loved these three-day trips, where would head to places like Hershey, Niagara or Lake George. But we also knew that the summer and all its carefree fun would soon be over once the trip was done. Fast forward many years, and now I’m one of the parents in the front seat. For the past few years we have headed out to Lake George with the kids after camp is over. Is that going to be our destination every year as the summer

winds down? I don’t know. But for now, we love heading to the small town, where things move more slowly, everything you may need is all on one street, and the lake shimmers in the background. Kids are funny. You can take them on a grand adventure, spend tons of money and energy taking them there, and all they can talk about on the way home was the watermelon ices they ate on the way. When I asked my children what their favorite part of going to Lake George was last year each of them gave me a different answer. One of them was thrilled that he was able to drive the boat. The smile on his face as he sped the motorboat around in circles was priceless. My daughter said she loved the Polish ices – and when my husband ate up some of hers too! My other child said she loved swimming in the pool. And my son said he liked going to the minyan there and playing football with my husband while the food was grilling. Each child, with a different memory, a different experience energizing their minds. I’ve learned that family trips have their ups and downs. It’s not all picture perfect (I said it here first – every family has squabbles and stresses, even during a trip!) but ultimately, a family trip builds memories for a lifetime. They’ll remember the boat rides, the ices, and the football, but most of all they’re remember the cozy feeling they had of having a wonderful time – together. Wishing you a wonderful week, Shoshana

Yitzy Halpern PUBLISHER


Shoshana Soroka EDITOR

Nate Davis Editorial Assistant Nechama Wein Copy Editor Berish Edelman Mati Jacobovits Design & Production Gabe Solomon Distribution & Logistics P.O. BOX 266 Lawrence, NY 11559 Phone | 516-734-0858 Fax | 516-734-0857 Classified: Deadline Monday 5PM text 443-929-4003 The Jewish Home is an independent weekly magazine. Opinions expressed by writers are not neces­ sarily the opinions of the publisher or editor. The Jewish Home is not responsible for typographical errors, or for the kashrus of any product or business advertised within. The Jewish Home contains words of Torah. Please treat accordingly.

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The Jewish Home | AUGUST 16, 2018



AUGUST 16, 2018 | The Jewish Home



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Dear Editor, I thank you for acknowledging the Druze role in the Israeli society. I just want to let you know a secret among the Druze in the Whole Middle East, and that is all Druze in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Iraq do appreciate how Israel treats our brothers in Israel. Deep in our hearts most Druze are pro-Israel but because we live in Arab countries we cannot express our feelings toward Israel. Having said that, I am convinced that the law that Bibi passed will be retracted because Israeli Druze they feel have shown loyalty to the State of Israel. Please keep my name out, fear of repercussions as I just expressed, but be sure and let our Hebrew cousins know that most Druze in the world are pro-Israel. Thanks again for your acknowledgement of Nabie Marie and the Israeli Druze in Israel. M.M. Dear Editor, Last week you had a letter from a reader from NYC that said that he’s “flabbergasted” with the hakoras hatov to President Trump on the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem. His comment was disgraceful because what the move means for Israel is that it recognized the fact that the Jewish capital is Jerusalem, which the entire rest of the international community doesn’t recognize. Trump is also responsible for Rubashkin’s release, for David Freedman and signing the Taylor Force Act. Of course I agree this is all

from Hashem, but Hashem has sent Trump as a shaliach and we need to show hakaras hatov! Thank you so much, President Trump! Signed, A Reader North Woodmere Dear Editor, Shalom, I wanted to respond to someone’s letter you printed last week that claimed that the only thing Trump did for Israel is moving the embassy. Actually, it’s amazing how much the president did for Israel for the past year and a half. Here are just a few points that come to mind: even before becoming president, he did everything in his power to try to stop the UN resolution (promoted by the previous administration) which declared that according to the international law Israel has no right to any part of the land liberated in ‘67 (even though this land had not belonged to any state and was, at the time, illegally occupied by Jordan; unfortunately Trump could not stop it and after this resolution, working with the Palestinians became even harder since there is no reason for them to compromise on anything as they are now backed by the UN for all their land claims). After Donald became our president he accomplished the following: stopped blaming Israel; started pointing to Fatah’s culpability; demanded they stop paying terrorists; Continued on page 10

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The Jewish Home | AUGUST 16, 2018


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AUGUST 16, 2018 | The Jewish Home

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appointed Nikki Haley to the UN; exited UN ”Human Rights” council over

their enormous bias again Israel; cut funding to UNRWA (the organization that had perpetuated the problem

of “Palestinian refugees” by making them unique among all other refugees in the entire world, spending many

times more money on them than on other refugees and transferring the status of “refugee” to their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren forever). Donald Trump appointed Orthodox Zionist Jews as the ambassador to Israel and the Middle Eastern envoy. Under Donald Trump Israel can build in the settlement blocks without being constantly condemned. Most importantly, Trump is dealing with Israel’s greatest threat: he brought back sanctions against Iran. The Iranian problem is now much harder after the previous administration released the money to Iran and after the Europeans are not leaving the deal, but Trump is doing everything possible to cause the Iranian economy to collapse, and we hope and pray he will succeed. Obviously, having better planes will not save Israel if Iran gets nuclear weapons, but under Trump there is a good chance of regime change in Iran (especially since the Iranian people are smart and motivated and most of them love Jews and Israel despite the state’s propaganda, this change may BS”D happen in the same way it happened 28 years ago in the Soviet Union without major loss of life). There is no question that Trump has been a true friend of Israel and it’s our obligation to recognize this. It’s enough to quote South Africa (that has become one of the most anti-Israel countries on that continent): when discussing further destroying the relationship with Israel one of their leaders said that this would be bad for relationship with America, as Trump has been consistent only on one issue: he is always very pro-Israel. Can’t the Jewish people recognize at least what our enemies see clearly? If Abbas hates Trump and does everything to defy him, it must be that Trump is a friend of Israel. Moshe B.

Please note: The article on page 40 in last week’s issue was originally published in the Queens Jewish Link.



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The Jewish Home | AUGUST 16, 2018

The Week In News

Turkey Blames U.S. for Failing Economy

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is pointing fingers. After the country’s currency tanked, the leader blamed Turkey’s failing economy on the United States and other nations whom he claims are waging “war” against his country. On Friday, the lira fell 14% to 6.51 per dollar. Aside from making residents poorer, the weak currency also deters international investors. In this year alone the lira has dropped 41%. Speaking in the northeastern province of Rize, Erdogan said that dollars, euros and gold were now “the bullets, cannonballs and missiles of the economic war being waged against our country.” He promised his people that he is taking action to protect their economy but couldn’t help but warn that “the most important thing is breaking the hands firing these weapons.” Erdogan’s ideological resistance to raising interest rates in a time of high inflation, and general mismanagement of the economy, have exacerbated the crisis, leading to fears that the lira could collapse and take much of Europe with it. Tensions are high between Turkey and the U.S. Turkey arrested an American, U.S. pastor Andrew Brunson, on charges of espionage in 2016 and has not released him. In July, President Trump and Erdogan met at the NATO summit with just a translator between the two leaders. Trump told Erdogan that he would get a Turkish woman with ties to Hamas who was arrested in Israel released if Erdogan would release Brunson. Er-

dogan, through the translator, said, “OK,” and Trump understood that Brunson would be released. Israel released the Turkish woman the day after the deal was struck but Erdogan has not yet released Brunson and has only moved him to house arrest. The Turkish president says that he wants to trade Brunson for Fethullah Gülen, who currently lives in Pennsylvania and who Erdogan says was behind the 2016 coup. Trump, in turn, has slapped Turkey with sanctions for not living up to their side of the agreement. Erdogan says that he didn’t agree to release Brunson; he states that he merely said “OK” about starting the process for Brunson’s release. On Friday President Donald Trump authorized the doubling of steel and aluminum tariffs on Turkey. He said the tariffs on aluminum imports would be increased to 20 percent and those on steel to 50 percent as the Turkish lira “slides rapidly downward against our very strong Dollar!” he tweeted. In an opinion piece published in The New York Times on Friday, Erdogan criticized the tensions with the U.S., saying a “failure to reverse this trend of unilateralism and disrespect will require us to start looking for new friends and allies.” According to a Turkish official, Erdogan had a phone meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin to discuss economic ties. No other details were revealed but experts are predicting that Turkey will gravitate further from its NATO allies toward cooperation with Russia.

Pirating Rampant in Venezuela’s Waters

For the first time in over 200 years, vessels sailing in the vicinity of Trinidad and Tobago are under a serious and constant threat of being attacked by pirates. The Washington Post has come out with a report showing that since the collapse of Venezuela’s economic and societal



AUGUST 16, 2018 | The Jewish Home

structure, criminals are taking to the seas to attack fishing vessels and private yachts off the coast of South America. Jeremy McDermott, who heads Insight Crime, a non-profit that studies crime patterns in the region, told the Post that organized crime has seen a huge spike, especially in those waters. “It’s criminal chaos, a freefor-all,” he explained. A study by Oceans Beyond Piracy, another non-profit monitoring the region, reports that pirate attacks in the region rose by 163 percent between 2016 and 2017. Many experts fear that those numbers will increase as conditions on land in Venezuela worsen. “This reminds me of how the problems started off the coast of eastern Africa,” said Roodal Moonilal, a politician from Trinidad and Tobago. “What we’re seeing – the piracy, the smuggling – it’s the result of Venezuela’s political and economic collapse.” A main cause for the increase in crime is the corruption seen among Coast Guard officers. An anonymous Venezuelan port official told the Washington Post that “Venezuelan coast guard officers have been boarding anchored vessels and demanding

money and food.” This leaves ships no choice but to anchor further from shore and leaves them more open to attack.

37 Killed in Bridge Collapse

At least 37 people were killed on Tuesday morning when a long section of the Morandi Bridge near Genoa, Italy, collapsed around noon. About 30 vehicles and heavy duty vehicles were involved in the collapse. Many are still missing. The bridge was undergoing maintenance, although authorities did not say that the 50-year-old bridge was in danger of collapsing. Heavy rain and gusts of wind may have contributed to the collapse, although no one is cer-

tain what led to the tragedy. Antonio Brencich, an engineer and associate professor of reinforced concrete constructions at the University of Genoa, expressed concern about the bridge’s safety back in 2016. In an interview released by La Repubblica after the Morandi Bridge collapsed, he said the bridge was “constantly undergoing maintenance.” “It was affected by serious corrosion problems related to the technology that Morandi himself had patented, which he had not used anymore, and which proved to be disastrous.” He continued: “There are steel cables that are weighed and run inside sheaths, and then there is a system to fill the sheaths to prevent corrosion that can damage the cables. But the system didn’t work as it was thought. The weighing of the cables didn’t work as thought. Protection from corrosion wasn’t what it was hoped for. This caused the structure to deteriorate at great speed. Think of the fact that the east tower was reinforced only 20 years after the opening of the bridge, as evidence of premature decay. 20 years is nothing, a blink of an eye in the life of a bridge.” Approximately 25 million vehicles cross the bridge each year.

Is Al-Qaeda Making a Comeback?

When Osama bin Laden was killed in 2011, the world thought that was the end of al-Qaeda. But now, almost 30 years after its founding, the terrorist group seems to be gearing up for a resurgence. Experts believe that ISIS’s near-defeat in Iraq and Syria has reignited al-Qaeda which shares many similar ideologies to ISIS. Jennifer Cafarella, intelligence planner with the Institute for the Study of War, recently told FoxNews. com that she expects their approach to be more cautious and deliberate. “ISIS’s shock-and-awe tactics enabled it to mobilize tens of thousands

The Jewish Home | AUGUST 16, 2018


AUGUST 16, 2018 | The Jewish Home

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of foreign fighters quickly, but did not enable it to sustain its battlefield successes or the scale of its recruitment,” Cafarella noted. “Al-Qaeda has been investing in the long game and may now resurge as the leader of the global jihadist movement.” According to handwritten notes that were seized in Bosnia after 9/11, Osama bin Laden called the first meeting of al-Qaeda on August 11, 1988 for “the establishment of a new military group.” The group’s first attack was carried out on August 7, 1998 on U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. In 2000 the group carried out an attack on U.S. sailors on the USS Cole in Yemen, killing 17 people. Just a year after that the group carried out one of the deadliest terror attacks on American soil on September 11, 2001. 2,996 people were killed that day and more than 6,000 were injured. Originally ISIS was created as a breakaway from al-Qaeda with a specific mission to combat U.S. troops in Iraq. Eventually it gained a lot of power throughout the region and became its own “well-respected” group. However, last year, when the U.S. liberated Iraq and Syria ISIS began to unravel. Katherine Zimmerman, lead analyst on al-Qaeda for the American Enterprise Institute’s Critical Threats Project, said that it’s possible that ISIS actually strengthened the dormant terrorist group. “ISIS has made al-Qaeda seem less radical, less extreme, only because al-Qaeda will not employ the barbaric tactics that ISIS does to coerce and win loyalty through fear. Yet they seek the same goal,” Zimmerman shared. “The problem with focusing on just ISIS or just al-Qaeda is that the U.S. has missed the real enemy – the Salafi-jihadi movement – of which al-Qaeda and ISIS are two global organizations.” This winter, the United Nations noted in a report, “Al-Qaeda affiliates remain the dominant terror threat in some regions, such as Somalia and Yemen, a fact demonstrated by a continuous stream of attacks and foiled operations.” Al-Qaeda has five affiliates: Jabhat al-Nusrah in Syria; al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula in Yemen; al-Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent in South Asia; Al Shabaab in Somalia; and al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb in North Africa. The group also has connections to other groups in Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan and

West Africa. “Al-Qaeda is particularly strong in Syria, where it has positioned itself as a defender of Syria’s rebelling community against the regime of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad and his backers,” Cafarella explained. “Al-Qaeda’s role in Syria provides a strong basis for recruiting and propaganda because it enables al-Qaeda to make a humanitarian argument: that al-Qaeda alone offers justice and defense against the atrocities that Assad is committing against his own population,” she said. Bin Laden’s son, Hamza, is a leader of the group. “Hamza has increasingly taken a leadership role within al-Qaeda — a role for which he has been groomed his entire life,” Zimmerman said. “Hamza’s calls for jihad echo his father’s, and the bin Laden name gives Hamza credibility within the Salafi-jihadi movement.” Hamza bin Laden is classified as a terrorist in the U.S.

Terror in the UK

In a jarring incident, a car crashed into security barriers outside the UK’s Houses of Parliament during rush hour on Tuesday morning, injuring several people in what police say was a terrorist incident. The silver car sped across the pavement and smashed into several cyclists and pedestrians before crashing into the barrier around 7:30am. The driver, a man in his late 20s, was arrested. It appears to have been a deliberate act on an iconic London building, and as such, was being treated as a terrorist incident, said Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu during a news briefing later on Tuesday. Salih Khater has been identified as the terrorist. Originally from Sudan, he came as a refugee to the UK and was granted asylum. “Another terrorist attack in London...These animals are crazy and must be dealt with through toughness

The Jewish Home | AUGUST 16, 2018




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AUGUST 16, 2018 | The Jewish Home

na Fernandez de Kirchner and her late husband, Nestor Kirchner, kept a notebook detailing the bribes he delivered during his ten years of service. Reportedly, the notes keep track, in meticulous detail, of the names, amounts, addresses and dates of over $53 million worth of bribes he personally delivered.

Centeno reportedly gave the notebook to a friend when his former boss, Baratta, was sentenced to jail last year. His friend gave copies of the notes to La Nacion journalist Diego Cabot, who was leading the corruption investigation for the paper. Centeno has said that he burned the original copy after the news report came out. Twelve people have been detained based on the notes so far. Others have confessed to paying bribes in return for plea deals with prosecutors. The list includes corporate giants and political leaders. In response, Argentinian stocks and bonds have taken a big dive. The scandal has come at a terrible time for the country, which suffered a currency crisis in May and is expected to be in a recession later this year. Centero was arrested and then freed after agreeing to cooperate with the authorities. He is currently under 24 hour police guard as he is the key witness in the investigation.

Three Officers Killed Hunting Terror Cell and strength!” President Trump tweeted about the attack. Of the victims, one man has been discharged from the hospital, another woman is still being treated for non-serious injuries and a third person was treated at scene. The driver was alone in the car and no weapons were recovered at the scene. Following the incident, the nearby Westminster Underground station was closed, while roads nearby were cordoned off. The area is popu-

lar with tourists visiting the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey. Parliament is currently in summer recess, and many of the usual staff were not present. Four people were killed in an attack at Westminster Bridge in March 2017 when a 52-year-old British man, Khalid Masood, rammed a rental car onto the sidewalk. Masood then stabbed an unarmed police officer.

Driver’s Notebook Takes Down Argentina’s Elite The notes of a chauffeur could lead to the imprisonment of dozens of Argentina’s business and political heavy hitters. Oscar Centeno, the driver for former planning secretary Roberto Baratta, under President Cristi-

Three members of Jordan’s security forces were killed in a shootout with a terrorist cell last week. The deaths occurred in the city of Salt, northwest of Amman, one day after a homemade bomb exploded under

The Jewish Home | AUGUST 16, 2018



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AUGUST 16, 2018 | The Jewish Home

a patrol car, killing a security officer and wounding six others. The Interior Ministry said that the shootout happened during an investigation into the blast from the previous day which “killed Sergeant Ali Adnan Qawqaza and wounded six other members of the patrol.” The bomb was set to go off during an annual music festival which hosts prominent Arab music acts. Security forces raided the house of a suspected “terrorist cell” believed to be behind the bombing, said government spokeswoman Jumana Ghneimat. “The suspects refused to surrender and opened heavy fire toward a joint security force,” Ghneimat said. The suspects also “blew up the building in which they were hiding, and which they had booby-trapped earlier,” she said, adding that part of the building “collapsed” during the raid. Aside from the deaths of three security officers, dozens of civilians were wounded in the building collapse. Three suspects were taken into custody and the operation is still considered to be ongoing. No one has claimed responsibility for the blast. Prime Minister Omar al-Razzaz vowed that Jordan would “not be complacent in the hunt for terrorists.” “Jordan will always be at the fore-

front of the fight against terrorism and obscurantist ideas which target the lives of innocents and try to undermine security and stability,” he said.

Iran Bringing Back Enriched Uranium

Iran is scheduled to take back more of the enriched uranium that the country handed over to Russia as part of the nuclear deal signed in 2015. The Iran nuclear deal was signed between Iran and world powers in exchange for sanctions relief. In the deal, Iran placed almost all of its 20% enriched uranium stockpile in Russia.

Behrouz Kamalvandi, the vice president of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization, said that President Trump’s reinstitution of U.S. sanctions in May following America’s exit from the accord made the return of the uranium necessary for “domestic needs.” “If the fuel is sold to us, we do not need to produce it by ourselves,” Kamalvandi said. “If the nuclear deal remains alive, the other sides should sell us the fuel, and if the nuclear deal dies, then we would feel unimpeded to produce the 20% fuel ourselves,” he added. Iran officially stopped producing 20% enriched uranium and transferred the stockpiles in two batches in 2015. Russia has already returned one of the batches, and the second is to be returned soon. Iran was allowed to keep 300 kilograms of its almost nine-to stockpile of low-enriched uranium. The 20% enriched isotope is only good for electricity generation but can be further enriched to arm nuclear weapons. The U.S. pulled out of the deal in May and re-imposed nuclear-related sanctions on the regime. Global companies were hit with heavy penalties for operating in Iran. The European nations in the deal presented a series of economic “guarantees” to Iran last month in an attempt to salvage the deal, but they were deemed “insufficient” by Tehran. In the past few weeks, Iran has put its centrifuges on display and has threatened to start enriching uranium at higher rates. The Trump administration has offered to reopen negotiations with Iran for a more comprehensive deal but Iran has made it clear that the United States is not a welcome mediator for any deal. Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif told news outlets that there are no plans to meet with U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo or other U.S. officials on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in New York next month, where both Rouhani and Trump are due to attend.

Antiquities Returned to Iraq Recently, several antiquities that were taken from Iraq were finally brought home. On Friday, the British Museum returned a collection of looted antiquities up to 5,000 years old, after identifying the exact temple they came from in a unique piece of archaeolog-

ical detective work. The eight objects were confiscated by British police in May 2003, a few months after the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, from a now defunct dealer in London who failed to provide any paperwork. Three of the items, fired clay cones, had Sumerian inscriptions which made their origins clear to investigators. In a remarkable coincidence, they were identical to cones found on a site in the ancient city of Girsu, now known as Tello, in southern Iraq, where the British Museum has been training Iraqi archaeologists since 2016.

The objects will go on display for the public in Iraq. Iraq’s ambassador, Salih Husain Ali, praised the museum’s staff for their “exceptional efforts” in identifying the antiquities. “Such collaboration between Iraq and the United Kingdom is vital for the preservation and the protection of the Iraqi heritage,” he said in a statement issued by the museum. “The protection of antiquities is an international responsibility and in Iraq we aspire to the global cooperation to protect the heritage of Iraq and to restore its looted objects.” The three cones each have an identical cuneiform inscription which references the temple and the king who built it, and date back to around 2,200 BC. The British Museum collection also includes a polished, yellowish river pebble and a fragmentary white gypsum mace-head, both of them inscribed. There is also a white marble amulet pendant in the form of a reclining bull or buffalo, and a red marble square stamp seal or amulet depicting two similar animals facing in opposite directions, which both date back to 3,000 BC.

China Denies Detaining Uyghur Muslims China is vehemently denying allegations that it is holding more than a million Uyghur Muslims in

The Jewish Home | AUGUST 16, 2018

political reeducation camps. The human rights claim was brought by the World Uyghur Congress (WUC) based out of Germany which claimed that at least one million Uyghurs were imprisoned in China as of July 2018. The claim was brought to the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. “Detentions are extra-legal, with no legal representation allowed throughout the process of arrest and incarceration,” the submission said, adding there were “widespread” reports of torture.

A representative of the Chinese government called the accusations of mass imprisonment “completely untrue.” “Xinjiang citizens including the Uyghurs enjoy equal freedoms and rights,” Hu Lianhe, a spokesman for China’s United Front Work Department, told the UN panel. “There is no arbitrary detention, or lack of freedom of religion and belief.” He said there is “no such thing as re-education centers,” but added criminals convicted of “minor offenses” have been assigned to “vocational educational and employment training centers with a view to assisting in their rehabilitation.” “They are not subject to any arbitrary detention or ill treatment there,” Hu insisted. The WUC was not satisfied with China’s explanation and following their statement tweeted that China “continues to deny reality, but it cannot continue to hide this crime against humanity.” The WUC is not the only group making these accusations. China Human Rights Defenders, a Hong Kong-based NGO, said the “body of evidence of arbitrary detention, torture and ill-treatment is overwhelming.” According to many accounts, Chinese police have been arresting Uyghur Muslims residents. In a recent incident, a group of Muslim Uyghurs resisted their arrests and fought back. The Chinese authorities claim that the crackdown was necessary since the group consisted of separatists trying to establish

their own state. Several months ago a Human Rights Watch report accused the Chinese government of forcing Xinjiang residents to record their DNA, fingerprints and retinal scans. The group of religious Muslims was also barred from wearing their traditional long beards and veils in public. In response the Xinjiang government posted an explanation on their website saying that the program was intended, “to fully and accurately verify the real number of Xinjiang’s population, to collect the images, fingerprints, iris scans, blood types, and DNA biometrics of those between the age of 12 and 65.” Gay McDougall, vice chairwoman of the UN committee, requested more evidence from China to rebut the human rights claims and said that “we have to have more than a denial of allegations.”


Saudi Airstrike Hits Children’s Bus

The Secretary General of the United Nations is calling for an independent investigation into a Saudi-led airstrike in Yemen that killed dozens of children and injured many others. An airstrike last Thursday hit a bus carrying children from a summer camp in the northern Majz District. Condemning the attack, António Guterres called for “an independent and prompt investigation” into the incident. Guterres added that all people must “respect their obligations under international humanitarian law, in particular the fundamental rules of distinction, proportionality and precautions in attack.” The UN said that the airstrike was the “single worst attack since 2015.” “How many more children will suffer or die before those who can act do by putting a stop to this scourge?” asked Henrietta Fore, the executive director of UNICEF, the

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AUGUST 16, 2018 | The Jewish Home

UN’s children’s fund. Fifty-one people were killed in the bloody attack, 40 of which were children. Another 79 – 56 of them children – were injured. The Red Cross said a hospital it supports in northern Saada province had received 29 bodies of “mainly children” younger than 15, and 40 injured, including 30 children. The attack came one week after another Saudi-led airstrike hit a busy market and killed 55 civilians and wounded 170 others. The Saudi-led coalition defended the airstrike saying it was a “legitimate military operation” aimed at a “legitimate target.” Saudi Arabia has led a coalition of Gulf States against Houthi rebels in Northern Yemen since 2015. According to the UN, some 2,400 children have been killed and 3,600 maimed in the country since the conflict between the pro-Government forces and Houthi rebels escalated in 2015. Around 1.8 million Yemeni children are at risk of diarrhea diseases and 1.3 million are at risk of pneumonia. The Saudi-led coalition has waged a campaign against Yemen’s Houthi rebels since early 2015. The

coalition is fighting to counter the influence of arch-foe Iran, an ally of the Houthis. The war in Yemen is the world’s worst humanitarian crisis with more than 22 million people in need of protection and aid.

Tragic S&R Helicopter Crash in Japan

A search and rescue helicopter crashed into the central mountains in Japan this week, killing all nine people on board. The Bell 412EP helicopter was carrying seven local rescue workers and two more from

a flight service company. The chopper lost contact about an hour after it took off from the Gunma territory. The helicopter was on a two hour flight to oversee the opening of a mountain trail. The opening event was cancelled after the helicopter accident was reported. The cause of the crash is not yet clear. Witnesses reported that the helicopter was flying very low in extremely foggy weather before the crash. Though there is no black box on the chopper, the GPS data sent from the aircraft before it crashed indicates that the helicopter was making a turn one minute before it crashed. The helicopter had its engine repaired in April but has had no maintenance problems since it went back to work in June.

Air Pollution as Bad as Smoking

By now it’s been formally established that smoking cigarettes is bad for your health. Educated consumers are shunning the toxic sticks, bringing the national smoking rate in the U.S. to an all-time low of about 16%. Still, there are other things that are equally as bad for you but you may not be able to avoid so easily. Scientists believe that breathing toxic air pollution may be as bad as inhaling tobacco, so make sure to head to fresher air, if you can. According to a study by the European Transport & Environment Association, spending several days in highly polluted cities can have the same effects of smoking between one and four cigarettes. Many of these cities are in Europe, with Paris and Prague being top offenders. According to research, a weekend in Paris is as bad as smoking two cigarettes, and spending a few days in Prague is equivalent to the toxicity of four cigarettes. Beijing is known to be

one of the most polluted regions in the world – spending a week there would cost you about 16 cigarettes. This revelation poses a specific threat to tourists who spend their days walking through the streets in highly populated areas. Berkeley Earth, an international climate association, said the most damaging pollution consists of tiny particulate matter, 2.5 microns or smaller in size. The miniscule particles can work their way into lungs and the bloodstream and be responsible for triggering heart attacks, stroke, lung cancer and asthma. Berkeley Earth said that “for the United States and Europe, air pollution is equivalent in detrimental health effects to smoking 0.4 to 1.6 cigarettes per day. In China the numbers are far worse; on bad days the health effects of air pollution are comparable to the harm done by smoking three packs per day (60 cigarettes) by every man, woman, and child.” According to the study, air pollution kills more people worldwide each year than AIDS, malaria, diabetes or tuberculosis. Tobacco causes 6 million deaths per year. Take care of your lungs.

A Ceasefire with Hamas?

Israel is preparing itself for the next round of fighting with the Hamas terror group. Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman said this week that the next flare up in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip is a “matter of when, not if.” The comment came after a week in which southern Israel was hit with rockets and mortar shells and the IDF responded with large scale airstrikes against Hamas targets in Gaza.

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AUGUST 16, 2018 | The Jewish Home

Lieberman also responded to critics that say that Israel should have continued the airstrike campaign instead of agreeing to a ceasefire with the terrorist group. Though the Israeli government officially denies the ceasefire arrangement that was reportedly brokered by Egypt and the UN, there have not been any rockets out of Gaza in the past few days and the IDF has not conducted any airstrikes. “We are implementing a responsible and forceful security policy. A responsible security policy is not a response, not to online commenters, not to newspaper headlines and not to public opinion. We are prepared and know what to do and how to do it,” the defense minister said at the Reim Military Base. Additionally, Leiberman made known the official tally that Israel has been keeping of Palestinian deaths since March 30, with the start of the “Great March of Return” protests along the Gaza border fence. “Since the start of the ‘March of Return’ events, Hamas has sustained 168 deaths, 4,348 injured and dozens of terror facilities destroyed,” Lieberman said. The government rarely releases such figures. Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu

made clear during a meeting with senior ministers that Israel will accept only a full ceasefire. “We are in the midst of a campaign against terror in Gaza,” he said. “It entails an exchange of blows; it will not end in one strike. Our demand is clear – a complete ceasefire. We will not suffice with less than this,” Netanyahu said. Senior officials have said that “quiet will be met by quiet,” indicating that Israel is not looking to escalate violence but will not commit to stopping hostilities unless a full ceasefire agreement is reached.

Baby Boom

A record number of babies are being born in the Holy Land. Several Israeli hospitals have said that a higher than average amount of newborns have been welcomed in the

past weeks. Most of the maternity wards in Israel are reportedly at capacity, and some new mothers are being referred to other departments to have their babies delivered, with many children being born in hallways throughout Israeli hospitals. The increase is connected to both the rise in fertility rates and the usual increase in births during the summer months. August is typically the month with the most births in the country. Soroka Hospital in Be’er Sheva broke its record for births last month with 1,518 births. That is nearly 10 percent higher than the average 1,395 births recorded there over the past six years. Soroka delivers approximately 17,000 babies every year while Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem sees more than 22,000 newborns every year. Ichilov hospital in Tel Aviv and Haemek hospital in Afula both for a nearly 10 percent increase of births in July over previous years. Israel has the highest average births per mother among the members of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, which has 34 industrialized nations. While the average mother in the OECD has 1.7 children, Israel sees 3.11 children per mother. Mazal tov!

“A new publication sheds further light on the Vela Incident of 1979,” said Professor Nick Wilson, of Otago University at Wellington, who reviewed the study’s findings. “[The research] adds to the evidence base that this was an illegal nuclear weapons test, very likely to have been conducted by Israel with assistance from the apartheid regime in South Africa.” The researchers concluded that iodine-131, an unstable radioactive form of iodine found in the thyroids of some Australian sheep “would be consistent with them having grazed in the path of a potential radioactive fallout plume from a [September 22, 1979] low-yield nuclear test in the Southern Indian Ocean.” The iodine was found because samples of sheep that were killed in Melbourne were regularly sent for testing between 1960 and the early 1980s. The sheep that were found to have iodine-131 in their thyroids were grazing in an area hit by rain four days after the flash incident was observed, which would have been in the downwind path from the suspected explosion site. Israel has neither confirmed nor denied the existence of its nuclear program. Israel’s Ambassador to New Zealand Itzhak Gerberg said that the theory that Israel was responsible for the explosion is “simply a ridiculous assumption that does not hold water.”



Nuclear Testing Years Ago?

Crocodile Crazy

In 1979, a U.S. “Vela” satellite noted a mysterious “double flash” near Marion and Prince Edward islands in the South Indian Ocean, between Africa and Antarctica. There has been much speculation on the origins of the flash with theories including the influence of extraterrestrial lifeforms. The intelligence community for a long time has attributed the flash to an Israeli nuclear test. New evidence published in the Science & Global Security journal that analyzed the thyroid organs of sheep in southeastern Australia suggests that the flash was indeed due to a nuclear bomb test.

There are loads of crocodiles slithering around the Jordan Valley, thanks to a failed business venture in which the businessman may have bitten off more than he can chew. The crocodiles were originally brought into the settlement of Petzael in the mid-1990s in the hopes of attracting tourists to the town. But violence with the Palestinians kept visitors away and the farm was failing. Gadi Biton, an Israeli entrepreneur, purchased the crocs with the hopes of selling them for their skin. But then, in 2012, Israel passed a law defining the crocodile as a protected animal, and banning raising the ani-



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The Jewish Home | AUGUST 16, 2018



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AUGUST 16, 2018 | The Jewish Home

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mals for sale as meat or merchandise. Multiple attempts to sell them abroad have failed. “We found ourselves with hundreds of crocodiles in this farm that no one knows what to do with,” said David Elhayani, head of the Jordan Valley Regional Council. A lone worker feeds the animals dead chickens once every eight days. The animals have become a pain for the owner, the region and Israel. Dozens of crocodiles have escaped

on two occasions, including once when 70 flew the coop only to be found after a three-day croc-hunt. The reptiles, which can live well into their 70s, are also reproducing. Their numbers are expected to grow to the thousands in the coming years. “I don’t want to think of what will happen if a crocodile manages to escape and reaches the Jordan River, and then we’ll have an international incident,” Elhayani said. “Maybe then someone will wake up and find a

quick solution to this problem.” Biton has attempted to resettle the crocodiles in Cyprus, but numerous attempts to do so have failed because of opposition by residents there. COGAT, the Israeli defense body that administers civilian affairs in the West Bank, said it is working to find a “practical solution” to the crocodile conundrum. It accused the farm owner of a “lack of cooperation.”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said this week that the detainment of Peter Beinart, a Jewish American journalist, at Ben Gurion Airport was an “administrative mistake.” Beinart was stopped on his way into Israel and was questioned for an hour about his political views before being allowed into the country. Several left-wing Jews have been stopped and questioned about their political views on their way into Israel recently. “Prime Minister Netanyahu heard of Mr. Beinart’s questioning at Ben Gurion Airport and immediately spoke with Israel’s security forces to inquire how this happened,” the Prime Minister’s Office said. “He was told it was an administrative mistake. Israel is an open society which welcomes all – critics and supporters alike. Israel is the only country in the Middle East where people voice their opinions freely and robustly.” Shin Bet security forces issued an apology for the incident. “We are sorry for the distress caused to Mr. Beinart,” it said in a statement, adding that the Shin Bet’s chief had ordered an investigation into the case, which stemmed from a “judgement error” by the officers at the airport. Beinart said that he would not accept the apology. “Benjamin Netanyahu has half-apologized for my detention yesterday at Ben Gurion airport,” he tweeted. “I’ll accept when he apologizes to all the Palestinians and Palestinian-Americans who every day endure far worse.” Interrogators reportedly wanted to know about a pro-Palestinian protest Beinart attended in Hebron during his last visit to Israel and had many questions about his support of the Boycott, Divest, Sanction movement.

The Jewish Home | AUGUST 16, 2018

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AUGUST 16, 2018 | The Jewish Home

while working on the special counsel investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election.



1,427 People Died in Puerto Rico Storms










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Last September, when Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, it was reported that 64 people died in the storm. Now, local governments are telling Congress that the life loss was, in fact, much higher. In a report to Congress seeking billions in funds to aid recovery from the storm, the region reported more than 1,400 deaths from the hurricanes. The number is based on the amount of deaths during previous years. From September to December 2017 there were 1,427 more deaths reported than in the four years prior during those same months. Many of the deaths occurred in the weeks after the storm when thousands were left without power, clean water, and safe exit routes. Many elderly and ill residents were stranded, unable to access medical care. Local governments believe the rise in death toll is a byproduct of Hurricane Maria and Hurricane Irma which hit just two weeks earlier and the “cascading failures” in infrastructure across the island of 3.3 million people. “The hurricanes’ devastating effects on people’s health and safety cannot be overstated,” the government wrote. The report proposes a $139 billion reconstruction plan to help residents back on their feet, restore infrastructure, and put better resources in place for future storms.

Strzok Finally Fired This week, FBI agent Peter Strzok was fired, months after it was learned that he had sent anti-Trump texts

Strzok’s attorney, Aitan Goelman, claims that the director of the FBI that usually handles employee discipline had decided Strzok would get a 60-day suspension and get demoted but then FBI Deputy Director David L. Bowdich ordered Strzok’s firing on Friday. Goelman is arguing that his client did not receive the normal disciplinary process that he is entitled to. The FBI declined to comment. “This isn’t the normal process in any way more than name,” Goelman said, adding in a statement, “This decision should be deeply troubling to all Americans.” He added that the FBI had the “power” but not the “right” to fire the disgraced agent. The 22-year veteran of the FBI once held an important position at the agency and was involved in many high-profile cases including the Russia meddling case and the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private emails. His career took a turn for the worse when a Justice Department inspector-general investigation uncovered politically charged messages between Strzok and another FBI official, Lisa Page. Strzok has been a target of withering criticism since text messages he exchanged with FBI lawyer Page became public. In thousands of messages, Strzok and Page disparage the president and other political figures. In one exchange, Page asked Strzok: “Trump’s not ever going to be president, right? Right?!” In response, Strzok wrote, “No. No he won’t. We’ll stop it.” The inspector general’s report, made public in June, found that there was no evidence that Strzok took any action in that inquiry as a result of political bias. The text messages, however, “cast a cloud over the entire FBI investigation,” the inspector general concluded. Strzok was removed from his

The Jewish Home | AUGUST 16, 2018

position and given a position in human resources until the agency was pressured to remove him from their ranks altogether. President Trump rejoiced at the decision tweeting, “Agent Peter Strzok was just fired from the FBI – finally. The list of bad players in the FBI & DOJ gets longer & longer. Based on the fact that Strzok was in charge of the Witch Hunt, will it be dropped? It is a total Hoax. No Collusion, No Obstruction – I just fight back!” The president added minutes later, “Just fired Agent Strzok, formerly of the FBI, was in charge of the Crooked Hillary Clinton sham investigation. It was a total fraud on the American public and should be properly redone!”

port and take off over the weekend. On Friday night, at around 7:30 pm, Russell stole a 72-seat airplane and jetted off the runway. Air traffic controllers were immediately aware of the unauthorized flight, and Russell communicated with them as they tried to coach him to a safe landing. Throughout the ordeal Air National Guards of Washington and Oregon were flying alongside him ready to take action. After about an hour, the plane descended and crashed on Ketron Island, about 30 miles from the airport.

Airport Employee Steals Plane It was a sad ending for Richard B. Russell, who served as a ground service agent at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. Authorities are still trying to understand why and how he was able to steal a plane from the air-

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threatening signs. His family is devastated and bewildered that he would do this. Although this situation is classified as airplane theft as opposed to hijacking, which is a term used specifically when an individual takes over an in-air flight, the access that Russell had is alarming. The unauthorized flight is bringing the issue of security back into the headlines. The incident has exposed holes in our thought-to-be security-tight airports. It seems that passengers are subject to strict rules and regulations, but perhaps internally the same precautions aren’t in place. Debra Eckrote, chief of the northwest regional office of the National Transportation Safety Board, said that as wild as this story sounds it is possible that a ground service agent could be able to start an airplane. “They don’t necessarily use a key, so there’s switches that they use to start the aircraft,” she pointed out. “So if the person has basic understanding – from what I understand he was support personnel, ground personnel – they probably do have at least a basic understanding on how to start the aircraft.”

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During his exchange with air traffic controllers, Russell casually commented on the beauty of the sunset, complained about feeling lightheaded, and speculated about his future

legal consequences if he landed the plan safely. One controller asked him if he felt comfortable flying, to which he answered, “It’s a blast, man. I played video games before so, you know, I know what I’m doing a little bit.” He also expressed his apologies. He told a controller, “Man, I’m sorry about this. I hope this doesn’t ruin your day.” “I got a lot of people that care about me, and it’s going to disappoint them to hear that I did this,” Russell said on the radio. “I would like to apologize to each and every one of them. Just a broken guy, got a few screws loose, I guess. Never really knew it until now.” Russell, an employee of Horizon Air, a subsidiary of Alaska Air Group, was killed in the incident. There were no other crew or passengers onboard at the time of the crash. He had been an employee for the airline for three and a half years. His duties included handling luggage and cargo for towing aircraft. On Friday he had worked his scheduled shift and then proceeded to steal the plane. The plane was not scheduled for flight at the time of the incident. Russell was married, had a clean record and showed no


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AUGUST 16, 2018 | The Jewish Home

All 4 W. Virginia Justices Impeached

The blows were sweeping and swift. On Monday night, West Virginia lawmakers completed the extraordinary move of impeaching all four state Supreme Court justices for spending issues, including a suspended justice facing a 23-count federal indictment. The state House of Delegates voted to impeach Justice Allen Loughry on eight articles, setting the stage for a trial in the state Senate. Beth Walker became the final justice to be impeached when an article was approved stating all four justices abused their authority. It said they failed to control office expenses, including more than $1 million in reno-

vations to their individual offices, and not maintaining policies over matters such as working lunches and the use of state vehicles and office computers at home. Walker had dodged impeachment earlier Monday night when lawmakers decided to overlook her $131,000 in spending on office renovations. A short time later, another article was withdrawn against Chief Justice Margaret Workman, who spent $111,000 in renovations. Justice Robin Davis was impeached for $500,000 in office renovations. And lawmakers approved articles against Loughry for spending $363,000 in renovations to his office; having a $42,000 antique desk and computers, all owned by the state, at his home; lying to the House Finance Committee about taking home the desk and a $32,000 suede leather couch; and for his personal use of state vehicles. Loughry, Workman and Davis also were impeached for their roles in allowing senior status judges to be paid higher than allowed wages. Lawmakers say the overpayments violated state law and stopped when they were challenged by the Internal Revenue Service.

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Another impeachment article was withdrawn dealing with an accusation Loughry used state money to frame personal items at his office. Republican Gov. Jim Justice will be allowed to appoint new justices to replace any who were impeached — with no requirement that they be from the same party as the incumbent. A proposed constitutional amendment this fall would bring the state courts’ budget partly under legislative control. Loughry, who wrote a 2006 book chronicling West Virginia political corruption, was indicted in June on 23 counts of mail fraud, wire fraud, lying to federal law enforcement, witness tampering and obstruction of justice. Justice and legislative leaders have asked him to resign. Loughry has not responded and did not testify at the committee hearings. Loughry was suspended earlier this year. Justice Menis Ketchum retired and agreed to plead guilty to a federal wire fraud count involving the personal use of state-owned vehicles and fuel cards. A special election already is set in November to fill the remainder of Ketchum’s term. Circuit judge Paul T. Farrell has been sworn in to act as the court’s

chief justice for the Senate trial, whose timeline is uncertain. The last time the Legislature was involved in similar proceedings was in 1989, when state Treasurer A. James Manchin was impeached by the House of Delegates after the state lost $279 million invested in the bond market. Manchin resigned before the state Senate took up the impeachment measure. He was never charged and the state recovered $55 million from lawsuits against nine New York brokerage firms involved in the losses.

Major Payout from Weed Killer Co. Too little, too late. Dewayne Johnson was awarded $289 million last week when San Francisco jurors ruled in his favor. Sadly the money is pittance for the pain he is in. The former school groundskeeper is suffering from terminal cancer, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, that he says he contracted through the use of a weed killer, and his doctors say he has only weeks left to live.

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 Â?Â?Â? Â?Â? Â?Â?  ­Â€Â‚ƒ ­Â‚„„…†  Â?Â?Â? ‡Â? ˆ‰Š ‹  ­Â€Â‚„­Â„‚Œ†Œƒ Johnson and his legal team sued the makers of Roundup, the most popular weed killer in the world, for causing the cancer. This case will set a precedent for thousands of other similar cases that are expected to follow. Johnson’s case was brought first since in the state of California dying plaintiffs can be granted expedited trials. More than 800 cancer patients are suing the agricultural company Monsanto claiming that the herbicide is a cancer-causing agent.

­ € ­ Â? Â‚ƒ„…‚† ƒ‡ ˆ ­ Â?Â


As part of his duties as a groundskeeper for a school district near San Francisco, Johnson, 46, applied Roundup weed killer 20 to 30 times per year. He testified that during his job there he had two incidents that left him completely drenched in the product. The first accident happened in 2012, and he was diagnosed two years later in 2014. Now legions cover as much as 80% of Johnson’s body and on bad days he can barely speak. The big question in the case was

whether or not there is a link between cancer and the product. If so, it also needed to be determined if Monsanto failed to warn consumers about the product’s cancer risk. It took three days of deliberations until the jury at the Superior Court of California in San Francisco awarded Johnson $250 million in punitive damages and about $39 million in compensatory damages. Johnson’s attorney, Timothy Litzenburg, said that it will not help save her client’s life but hopefully it

‰Š ƒ‡…‚‹ ‚ ŒŽ ˆ ­ Â?ˆ Âˆ ‚‚‹ƒ„

will help his wife and two sons who will soon be widowed and orphaned. In March 2015, the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) said the key ingredient in Roundup, glyphosate, is “probably carcinogenic to humans.�

“For the herbicide glyphosate, there was limited evidence of carcinogenicity in humans for non-Hodgkin lymphoma,â€? the report states. Monsanto insists that the product is not carcinogenic and that the IARC report is greatly outnumbered by studies saying glyphosate is safe. “More than 800 scientific studies, the U.S. EPA, the National Institutes of Health and regulators around the world have concluded that glyphosate is safe for use and does not cause cancer,â€? said Scott Partridge, Monsanto’s vice president of strategy. He highlighted the Agricultural Health Study, which studied the effects of pesticides and glyphosate products on farmers and their spouses from 1993 to 2013. “Many had already been using Roundup and other formulated products (since) it first came on the market,â€? Partridge said. A summary of that study said “no association was apparent between glyphosate and any solid tumors or lymphoid malignancies overall, including NHL (non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma).â€? “We all have sympathy for Mr. Johnson,â€? Partridge said this week. “It’s natural he’s looking for answers. Glyphosate is not the answer.â€? Shortly after the verdict, the company issued a statement saying that it backs the studies that suggest that Roundup does not cause cancer. “We will appeal this decision and continue to vigorously defend this product, which has a 40-year history of safe use and continues to be a vital, effective and safe tool for farmers and others,â€? Partridge said. An appeal, though, would cost the company millions. The company would be required to pay interest on the damages while the case is being

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appealed, amassing to about $25 million a year.

Gray Zone between U.S. and Canada

The 5,525-mile undefended border between the U.S. and Canada is the world’s largest undefended border in the world. Over the years, the two countries have maintained good relations and sharing a border was never an issue. But now the two countries are fighting over a small plot of land. Machias Seal Island is a 20-acre island over which both Canada and the United States are claiming sovereignty. The peaceful island is 10 miles off the coast of Maine. It is located near a 277-square-mile Gray Zone, where fishermen from both countries compete over valuable lobster grounds. The dispute sparked early this summer when Canadian fishermen reported that U.S. Border Patrol agents in speedboats intercepted Canadian lobster boats in the Gray Zone. “I have no idea where they came from,” said Laurence Cook, a lobsterman and representative of the Fishermen’s Association from nearby Grand Manan Island. “We’ve never seen U.S. Border Patrol in the Gray Zone before.” Apparently other Canadian vessels were stopped and questioned. The authorities interrogated those onboard about drugs and illegal immigrants. Canada’s foreign ministry said in a statement that it is investigating the incidents, which it said “occurred in Canadian waters.” “Canada’s sovereignty over Machias Seal Island and the surrounding waters is long-standing and has a strong foundation in international law,” the statement said. U.S. Customs and Border Protection said in response that U.S. Border Patrol agents, who are a part of Cus-

toms and Border Protection, were simply conducting “regular patrol operations” to enforce immigration and other U.S. laws in “the jurisdictional waters of the United States.” The State Department released a statement that Machias Seal Island has belonged to the United States since 1783. Both countries contend that the waters in the Gray Zone are technically theirs. The compromise reached is that each country imposes its fishing rules on its own vessels. That means Coast Guard and fisheries vessels from the United States and Canada do not impose their rules on boats from the other country.

To Infinity and Beyond

Back in June President Donald Trump called on the Pentagon to establish a branch of the armed forces in space. During a speech at a meeting of the National Space Council Trump said, “The Pentagon is to immediately begin the process necessary to establish a Space Force as the sixth branch of the armed forces.” Last week on Thursday, Vice President Mike Pence followed up on the president’s directive and announced that the establishment of the space force will hopefully be in session by 2020. “The time has come to establish the Unites States Space Force,” Pence said in a speech to U.S. military and civilian personnel at the Pentagon. “Our Administration will soon take action to implement these recommendations with the objective of establishing the United States Department of the Space Force by 2020. Today the Department of Defense will release a report outlining the first stages of our administration’s plan to implement the president’s guidance and turn his vision into a reality,” Pence said. The last branch of the Army added was the Air Force in the 1940s.

The Jewish Home | AUGUST 16, 2018

There are still legalities that need to be worked out before the official establishment of the Space Force, as Congress would need to pass proper legislation. The report calls for the creation of a new major unified Combatant Command called U.S. Space Command, which would be equivalent to the operational commands that oversee U.S. troops in the Middle East and the Indo-Pacific. The command will probably integrate already established organizations that focus on space, like the U.S. Air Force’s Space Command, which oversees some 30,000 military and civilian personnel and which is headquartered at Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado. The goal of the new command will be to “improve and evolve space warfighting,” while focusing on doctrine, tactics, techniques and procedures. The team will comprise “a Space Operations Force of career space experts who are trained, promoted and retained as space warfighting professionals” to include engineers, scientists, intelligence experts, operators and strategists. Experts believe that Russia and China have already explored as-

pects of fighting from space. Pence believes Russia and China are developing weapons, such as hypersonic missiles, to launch attacks from space here on Earth. The vice president noted that the formation of a new Space Force is “not a simple process.” The White House will form a new civilian position to oversee the growth and expansion of the force, an Assistant Secretary of Defense for Space who will report directly to the Secretary of Defense. Additionally, a portion of the increased defense budget will be set aside for the new unit.

Teen Governor Kids these days are doing things younger and younger. Did you ever think your child would know more about computers than you do? Well, here’s one teen who may be running a state real soon – and he can’t even vote.

Ethan Sonneborn was born in Bristol, Vermont, some 14 years ago. This week he’s running in the primary for the gubernatorial race in the state. He met the requirements to be on the primary ballot and decided to sign on.

“I think Vermonters should take me seriously because I have practical progressive ideas, and I happen to be 14, not the other way around,” Sonneborn explained in a recent televised gubernatorial forum. “I think that my message and my platform transcend age.” In Vermont, candidates for governor need to have lived in the state for four years before the election. There is no age requirement to run for the seat. The intrepid teen said he’s always been fascinated with the concept of

building coalitions and decided to collect signatures towards his race. He’s been “frustrated” with state and national politics and thought that he could make a difference. So far, he’s raised close to $2,000. Others had previously noticed the loophole in state rules. Last year, two lawmakers in Vermont introduced a bill that would require candidates to be registered voters. The proposal went nowhere. The current governor, Phil Scott, is running in the Republican primary. “I think you should at least be able to get your driver’s license at the time that you become governor,” Scott said. Perhaps he’ll be facing an underage contender come November. Wonder who will drive Sonneborn to that debate.

A Fanatic Fan The word “fan” is short for fanatic, and sometimes fans will go to extremes for their beloved teams. One fan’s antics were a dream come true this week when he donned a Pittsburgh Steelers’ uniform and

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came onto the field with them for practice. Unfortunately, he didn’t get too far.

Wearing No. 43 – a number that hasn’t been in use for the NFL team since Troy Polamalu retired – in a uniform in yellow a different shade than the others, he garnered a bit of unwanted attention. He also wore pads with his uniform, which the other players were not wearing. Conditioning coordinator Garret Giermont was on the ball that day and took the imposter off the field. The fake football player managed, though, to do some stretches with the players before he was booted off. Too bad his Hail Mary wasn’t successful.

A Dynamic Duo

A Japanese couple has been breaking records – and they are both at least 100. Masao Matsumoto is 108 years old. His beautiful wife, Miyako Sonoda, is 100. The two of them are celebrating their 80th wedding anniversary with a special bonus: a Guinness World Record for the world’s oldest living couple by aggregate age. Their combined age, as of July 25, was a whopping 208 years and 259 days. The blessed duo have five daughters, all ranging in age from 77 to 66. Thirteen grandchildren grace their family tree, and their 25th great-grandchild is expected to bounce into this world towards the end of August. Life together was not always easy. The family was very poor and Masao went away during the war at least three times, each time knowing he may never again return. When he

did return at last, he was “skin and bones.” Eventually, Masao found a job at the harbor but the family had to move many times. After their children married, Masao and Miyako were finally able to travel within Japan and abroad. They now live in an old-age home. Masao and Miyako were married on October 20, 1937. They are lucky to have lived so long and to have each other through all these years. Even so, the centenarians have a bit more to go to break another record. According to Guinness, the oldest-ever married couple by aggregate age were Norwegians Karl Dolven and Gurdren Dolven, who had a combined age of 210 years, 1 month and 34 days when Gudrun died in 2004.

Good Goating The State of Vermont has some new interesting employees, and they’re butting heads with everyone. Recently, the state started using goats to get rid of poison ivy on state land in the capital. According to the goats’ owner, Mary Beth Herbert, the goats graze on the plant and cause stress to the foliage, pushing the

plants to retreat. Despite the animals’ persistent chewing it will take several years of cyclical grazing to truly eradicate the poisonous problem.

The goats, named Ruth, Bader, and Ginsburg (we don’t know if that’s a compliment or not) are put into pens to munch on poison ivy. The poison ivy doesn’t bother them, and they enjoy their extra snack time. Poison ivy has been plaguing Montpelier for a while. This year it got so bad that the city had to post signs warning bikers and walkers to steer clear of the plants. But the city didn’t want to use chemical treatments to treat the infestation. Goats, they said, were the way to go. According to assistant city manager Susan Allen, goats are great. “I love that we’ve gone back to an old fashioned solution – a shepherd and her goats – to our modern-day problem,” Allen said. That doesn’t sound too baaaa-d.

‫יי‬ ‫ק‬

‫ב נ י ם‬

‫ש ו כ י‬ ‫ח‬




‫זרע של‬ ‫קיימא‬


‫להבן איש חי‬


ear Round -Y

The Segula of the Ben Ish Chai For One to Merit Children One should support the holy Yidden who get up at Chatzos Halayla. In this Zechus they will be blessed with children (‫)בן איש חי בספרו כתר מלכות סי' ק"ס‬

The talmidei chachamim will also daven at the site of the

Bais Hashunamis renowned as a special makom tefila for children

e the We servic gion e r l il Catsk


168 Walworth Street Brooklyn, NY 11205

‫ו‬ ‫תפ‬


‫ב‬ ‫זר‬


ravel with t e yo w





24 hour emergency service

mer was a SM m u s 8 1 ASH 0 2 s IN a’ r Gs a t thanks to our: u A



e ss

9 Warm staff and happy campers 9 Indoor and outdoor pools with instructional swim (rain or shine) 9 Exciting overnights and late nights 9 Mother Daughter Swims 9 Canvas Painting, Scrapbooking, Nature, Team Building and so much more 9 Air conditioned gym for sports 9 All located in a modern facility in a Bais Yaakov environment you can be proud of


Cam p

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The Early Bird Gets the Discount Valid through Oct. 15th Nursery - Pre1A $1995 $1550 Grades 1-5 $2095 $1595 Atara Adventurers Traveling Camp (Grades 6-7) $2595 $2095 CIT (8th Grade) $1100 $800

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Richard and Joan Bowell moved to Syros seven years ago. They found numerous kittens thrown in garbage cans and emaciated cats roaming the streets. Their hearts went out to the strays, and the couple worked with local veterinarians to improve the health of the cats on the island. They backed a sterilization project, funded dental operations, had sick eyes removed, and nursed motherless kittens through the night. “Now you hardly see distressed cats on Syros,” Richard says. “It all started here.” The two of them opened a sanctuary for the felines. It’s now home to 55-70 cats, all led around by the resident caretaker cat, Snowy. Come fall, the couple will be returning to New York, and they are looking for someone as dedicated to their cat “children” as they are. Sounds like the cat’s pajamas.

Significant Slime

Caring for Cats

This job is cat-egorically the best one out there. I mean, it’s the cat’s

meow. It’s completely purr-fect. That is, if you love cats. More than 3,000 people have applied for the position. And only one is going to walk away with the prize. What does the job entail? Firstly, it comes with a handsome salary of around $700 a month. Included in that is bills, housing expenses and veterinary expenses all paid for. Oh, and they get to live on a stunning Greek island and get a free car as well. For all that, there’s around four hours of work each day.

So what’s the cat-ch? There is none, if you love felines. The lucky person will be caring for around 700 cats at a cat sanctuary in the Greek island of Syros. Joan Bowell posted the job on Facebook and the post went viral. Her inbox is brimming with applications from hopeful cat caretakers convinced they are the “responsible, reliable, honest, practically inclined” person with a heart of gold she is looking for. Veterinarians, doctors, and even refugees applied.

This is a tween’s dream. A city in California set a record last week for most people making slime simultaneously. Nearly 933 people gathered in Carson at the Community Friendship Day event to make slime from glue, liquid starch and various dyes and glitters. Guinness World Records said in order to qualify for the record, all of the participants had to make their slime in the same 10-minute window and demonstrate that it can hold a shape, stretch and be molded. “It makes me proud that thousands of constituents, as well as citizens from surrounding cities, came to participate in this fun, exciting and historic event,” Carson Mayor Al Robles said. Hey, I think my daughter’s bunk wanted to join.

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Quantities may vary according to store location • No rainchecks • Not responsible for typographical errors



AUGUST 16, 2018 | The Jewish Home

The Jewish Home | AUGUST 16, 2018


Sweetest SUMMER ever!



leeba & Suri



AUGUST 16, 2018 | The Jewish Home

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Community Shira Wraps up a Successful First Summer

The Jewish Home | AUGUST 16, 2018


Around the Community

Avnet’s Hebrew Challenge


he children at HALB’s Avnet Country Day School have mastered more than the typical summer skills in swimming, sports and crafts. Under the guidance of Rabbi Hillel Lichtman, they followed a special curriculum in Ivrit. Each week the campers received a new list of summer-related Hebrew words that were displayed

throughout the halls. Last week they learned beach, sand, umbrella and seashell. Children who recited the words to Rabbi Lichtman were rewarded with stickers that said, “Ani medaber Ivrit.” As they head back to school in the coming weeks, Avnet campers will surely impress their teachers with their expanded vocabularies. Tov meod!

Focusing on Water Rate Increases


ast week, in Point Lookout, following a briefing on last week’s hearing regarding American Water billing spikes, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo told Senator Todd Kaminsky that he was referring the issue to the Attorney General’s Office for an investigation and that he was requesting a special monitor be appointed. The Governor expressed outrage at the skyrocketing increases and vowed to seek relief for ratepayers. “I am grateful for the Governor’s assistance on this critical issue for South Shore Residents,” said Senator Todd Kaminsky. “At my hearing last night, hundreds of people expressed

outrage, not only about the size of their water bills, but about the water company’s lack of concern or accountability. They demanded action loudly and clearly and the Governor has heard them.” Recently, American Water customers began reporting skyrocketing water bills. Sen Kaminsky’s office alone logged more than 400 such complaints. Last week, Kaminsky, along with a bipartisan group of legislators, held a hearing, attended by hundreds of ratepayers, on the skyrocketing water bills where American water executives and state regulators heard from irate residents.

these awesome eggplant treats can illuminate your entire menu! They are so easy and convenient with absolutely no patchke involved so that you balabustes can spend less time in the kitchen and more time at the table enjoying your meal with everyone else. Now, that’s something worth trying, don’t you think? Just head on over to your favorite supermarket or grocery and find B’gan Breaded Eggplant Sticks in the freezer section. Buying a few packages is recommended, as these deliciously elegant treats will go quicker than you

can imagine. Unlike other vegetables, even the kids will ask for doubles and triples! After you use your own imagination and come up with scores of ways to incorporate these treats into your recipes, go on over to www.bganfoods. com for even more ideas you may not have thought of. Check back frequently as new recipes are posted constantly. Indeed, B’gan continues to inspire, invigorate and enhance your kitchen experience…it’s what they do best. Just stick with B’gan!

Balabustes, This One’s For You!


osher consumers everywhere know that the brand name to look for to ensure the highest quality product is B’gan. Balabustes everywhere are smiling from ear to ear. The reason? B’gan Breaded Eggplant Sticks. These sticks are not only crunchy and delicious; they’re also a snap to prepare. Just remove from the package, put them into the oven and they’re ready in minutes! Nobody will believe how simple they were to prepare, as they will taste like a gourmet product in every way. This product is a B’gan exclusive –

B’gan is the only company that makes Breaded Eggplant Sticks and they are not available from any other company in the kosher market. This once again accentuates B’gan’s role as a truly innovative brand with no parallel. B’gan Breaded Eggplant Sticks are extremely versatile as well. They can be used as a hearty side dish for a lunch or dinner, as a stand-alone healthy snack for adults and children alike, and as a perfect dipping food at your next party. They can also be cubed for use in salads and other recipes. Just add a little imagination and


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A Community Mobilizing Against Drug Abuse PHOTO CREDIT: JEFFREY BESSEN/LIHERALD

Seen at the podium is Rabbi Hain and from L-R is Rabbi Boruch B. Bender, Rivka Drebin, Karen Bayer, Rabbi Dr. Aaron Glatt, Rabbi Dov Silver, Shlomo Katz and Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder


n Monday, the 13th of August, the Gural JCC of the Five Towns hosted a successful Narcan training. The program was open to the public and offered free training and Narcan kits to the first 75 attendees. The program was completely full and drew community members of all ages, backgrounds and professions. Local educators, social workers, medical personnel, police officers, concerned parents and grandparents gathered to learn about the drug abuse crisis in our area and how to respond in the case of an emergency. The evening was led by David Hymowitz from the Nassau County Department of Human Services. Attendees were trained to recognize the signs of opiate overdoses and how to reverse the effects using Narcan. Each attendee was issued a Narcan pack and a certificate allowing them to dispense it should the need arise. The audience had many questions and a healthy discussion was cultivated as a variety of issues were raised.

It was a sad reminder of the reality of the drug epidemic on the streets of our own community but also a necessarily eye-opening experience for all those in attendance. This initiative is one of the follow-up steps to the groundbreaking event that took place July 16 titled, “Our Kids Know About Drugs, Do We?” It was a relevant program revealing the risks, signs and dangers of drug abuse as it pertains to our youth. This powerful panel discussion was an eye-opening and very well-received gathering and has served to open the doors to communication and the much-needed help for our struggling youth. The panel included Nassau County Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder; parent and LCSW Rivka Drebin; Chaplain and Chairman of department of medicine at South Nassau Communities Hospital Rabbi Dr. Aaron Glatt; Rabbi of Congregation Beth Sholom Rabbi Kenneth Hain; therapist Karen Bayer; senior Hatzolah paramedic Shlomo Katz; and Madraigos founder Rabbi Dov

Wise words from a shepherd Rafi Sackville, page 66

At the Narcan training this week

Silver. The panel was moderated by Rabbi Boruch Ber Bender of Achiezer. Each panelist had a different perspective on the growing problem but the message was the same: this issue is so large it needs to be tackled and not ignored. The program was hosted at Congregation Beth Sholom and was attended by over 500 people and watched on Livestream by over 1,000 people within 24 hours. The recording on YouTube has been viewed by another almost 600 people. It was endorsed by the majority of the shuls and Jewish schools in the Five Towns area along with many organizations. It followed a community awareness Shabbat on June 23 on which many

of the local shuls addressed the issue and encouraged attendance of this community-wide program. This movement is a testament to the fact the only in unity can the community address the terrifying epidemic of drug abuse and hopefully save the lives at stake. The Marion and Aaron Gural JCC, Achiezer, Madraigos and many local agencies and leaders are committed to working with our community to combat this great challenge. Further training and community awareness events will be following. For further information please contact

The Jewish Home | AUGUST 16, 2018

Around the Community

Assemblywoman Stacey Pheffer Amato joined forces with the Achiezer staff this past week to work together on several important community projects. Stacey has proven to be a real asset to the community, making herself available literally around the clock. While at the office and observing the Achiezer team in action, Stacey commended them for their overwhelming crisis support given to the community 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which has continued unabated throughout the summer months.

Kumzitz for a Good Cause

Shalom Vegh of Cedarhurst with Rabbi Dovid Shenker at the West Park kumzitz


ast Thursday night, West Park Estates in Fallsburg hosted a poolside kumzitz to benefit JEP/Camp Nageela. The event committee consisted of Eli Deitsch, Yoel Zagelbaum, Yossi Neuhoff, Menachem Markovics, Eli Edelman, and Heshy Berkowitz. Special thanks to Neuhoff and Markovics for creating and sponsoring the event, to Edelman and Berkowitz for spearheading it, and to Michael Schick for catering the evening. Attendees enjoyed entertainment by Eli Levin with a fivepiece band. The warm camaraderie of JEP/Camp Nageela’s Rabbi Dovid

Shenker and Rabbi Yitzchok Wurem, Nageela staff, and good friends made this a wonderful evening for all to enjoy while doing tremendous chessed for a neighbor, Camp Nageela. The funds help support camp scholarships for children from different Jewish backgrounds to have a joyfully Jewish summer infused with Torah values and fun. For more information, contact Jennifer S. Zwiebel, JEP/Nageela’s Director of Development, at 516-374-1528, ext. 240 or visit jepli. org,



AUGUST 16, 2018 | The Jewish Home

Around the Community

A Colorful Week of Fun at Machaneh Hakayitz

The Jewish Home | AUGUST 16, 2018



AUGUST 16, 2018 | The Jewish Home

Around the Community

Nageela Girls Reunion Shabbaton

Enjoying the last licks of summer at Camp Toras Chaim


ver 80 Nageela Girls from New York, New Jersey, Baltimore and Montreal came together for a JEP/Nageela Reunion Shabbaton this past weekend hosted by the Lawrence community. The Shabbaton went into full swing on Friday afternoon as girls ran to greet each other. The girls felt like they were returning home as they reunited with their Nageela family. We brought in Shabbos with singing and dancing in a circle followed by a delicious Shabbos meal with lots of laughter and fun! Following the meal, TeeNageela enjoyed an oneg on the theme of “how you brought camp home with you.” Both campers and staff shared ways in which they personally incorporate camp values into their daily life. Shabbos day, Mrs. Chafetz, a teacher at SKA, spoke to the teens and staff about Elul and the power of being a Jew based on the Book of Yonah. What would be a reunion without a Nageela-style game? Girls enjoyed

seeing pictures of themselves while captioning the pictures with funny quotes. The high-energy in the room brought us all back to the incredible atmosphere in camp this past summer. The Shabbos ended off with a beautiful meal hosted by the Renov family. Eli Stahler came to speak about the ripple effect of small decisions and actions. The girls are looking forward to all the weekly programming and events this year! “GET PSYCHED- EVERYBODY GET PSYCHED!” -Submitted by Nageela Girls Staff Members 2018. For more information about JEP/ Nageela, contact Jennifer S. Zwiebel, Director of PR & Development at 516-374-1528, ext. 240 or visit jepli. org,

The Jewish Home | AUGUST 16, 2018

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Simcha Week at Camp Atara


ou could feel the excitement in the air. The pre-school had a baby shower and played pass the present. The girls all received beautiful rings at the end of the game. On Friday, they enjoyed pajama day. The middle and upper division had a baby challenge. Baby pictures of staff members were posted and the campers needed to figure out which staff members they were! The week continued with simcha in the air – our mock wedding was so beautiful and tasty, of course, with fresh potato kugel l’kavod Shabbos Rosh Chodesh!



AUGUST 16, 2018 | The Jewish Home

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Soaking up the Summer at Simcha Day Camp

The Jewish Home | AUGUST 16, 2018



Chana Lazar, Touro MSW, ‘12 Children’s social work therapy

Interested in a clinical position or opening your own social work practice? Earning a Master’s in Social Work from Touro will help you move ahead!

NEED MORE INFORMATION? Contact Miriam Turk, LCSW at | 646.630.1471 Alan Singer, PhD, LMSW | | 347.532.6348

ATTEND AN OPEN HOUSE THIS SUMMER! Visit to register for an Open House in

Congratulations to Dean Steven Huberman for being honored as a Top Leader in the social work profession.

Manhattan | Brooklyn Generous scholarships • NEW! MSW Flex program, with online option Small classes, personalized attention • Extensive alumni network

Awarded by the National Association of Social Workers

Touro is an equal opportunity institution. For Touro’s complete Non-Discrimination Statement, visit


AUGUST 16, 2018 | The Jewish Home

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Avnet Campers Show Sportsmanship


he playoffs are in full swing at Avnet. After six weeks of practice and healthy competition, the boys and girls are putting their abilities to the test for their teams in the Softball and Net Leagues (hockey, basketball, football and soccer). While trophies are in sight for some, every camper at Avnet is a winner this summer. Headed by Rabbi Joey Werner and Rabbi Aaron Fleksher, Avnet’s sports program encourages team spirit and proper sportsman-

ship within a fun and challenging environment. Players are guided by their coaches to build their skills and grow in confidence. Avnet would like to thank the generous sponsors of the softball jerseys: Warren Levi, Threads Linen, Armitron , Sushi Tokyo, Apple Bank for Savings, Tammy Roz DDS , Gourmet Glatt, 5 Towns Hockey, Traditions and Sharmel Caterers. Play ball!

Pictured here are players in the G’vaot and Harim divisions

Of Baby Bonnets, the Ben Ish Chai, and Midnight Blessings


t is not a secret that nighttime learning is particularly auspicious for zera shel kayama. The Kollel Chatzos office reports that they constantly receive requests from callers worldwide, asking to sponsor Kollel Chatzos’s talmidei chachamim, so that these talmidei chachamim will daven on behalf of couples waiting for children… And the Kollel Chatzos office also reports that they constantly hear besuros tovos that the talmidei chachamim’s davening has brought forth the long-awaited yeshuos. This well-known, well-proven segula is described so eloquently and instructively by the Ben Ish Chai in Keser Malchus (siman 160), “The husband and wife should sponsor the needs of a chabura (group), who

awaken to learn at Chatzos, and in this zechus, they will be blessed with zera shel kayama, and so they should do constantly.” This Thursday night, August 23, 13 Elul, is the yahrtzeit of the holy Ben Ish Chai. And while the Ben Ish Chai’s segula is applicable every night of the year, it is particularly meaningful when performed on his very yahrtzeit. Therefore, Kollel Chatzos dedicates this night as a special leil tefila for couples who are waiting for children. A delegation of Kollel Chatzos talmidei chachamim will also daven at the place designated as the gateway for tefillos for children – the “Bais Isha HaShunamis,” the very place where Elisha HaShunamis enacted

a miracle and the Isha HaShunamis merited children. So many of us know couples who are in pain and wish we could help… somehow. We may not be doctors nor possess the key to life. Yet, this Sunday, we can all do something. Something meaningful, something powerful. We can heed the call of the Ben Ish Chai on his yahrtzeit. We can partner with Kollel Chatzos, sponsor the needs of the Kollel’s distinguished talmidei chachamim, and daven to Hashem that this night storm the gates of zera chaya v’kayama. *** Years had passed, but the talmid of the great mekubel, Rav Mordechai Sharabi, zt”l, did not give up hope.

For years, he carried his pain in his heart. He had performed all sorts of segulos, but was yet to be blessed with a ben zachar. Still, he continued to daven, to hope, and to dream. One night, his heart erupted with longing. He approached a group of talmidei chachamim who were learning throughout the night and begged them, “You’re learning all night long. You’re accomplishing such great things. Can you perform the segula of the Ben Ish Chai on my behalf, so that I be blessed with a ben zachar?” The talmidei chachamim responded yes… And Hashem responded yes to their tefillos. At the ripe age of seventy, this man became the father of a baby boy.

The Jewish Home | AUGUST 16, 2018

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52 70

AUGUST 16, 2018 | The Jewish Home OCTOBER 29, 2015 | The Jewish Home

This Week TJH Speaks with... 1, 2, 3…8 weeks of amazing summer fun! For two months of the year our children bask in the sun, swimming, singing, and soaking up the fun every day. How are they spending their time away from their desks? In this feature series we speak with camp directors and head counselors to learn more about our community’s amazing, spectacular, incredible, marvelous, unbelievable (you get the point!) camps.

Camp Funshine By Susan Schwamm

Going to camp when you’re young is nonstop fun if you’re in Camp Funshine. Located in North Woodmere, Camp Funshine provides miles of smiles for more than 100 children in our community. Whether it’s singing, swimming or Sesame Street excitement, these youngsters can’t stop giggling the whole summer through. This week we spoke with Suri Feuchtwanger, Camp Funshine’s director, to learn more about all the fun. Suri, thank you so much for taking the time in between al l tertainers, delicious hot catered lunches, extended the busyness in camp today! We know that Camp Funshine hours, and so much more! has been around for a whil e. Tel l us what’s different this The kids must love it! How many campers enjoy Camp year. Camp Funshine is in its 5 year but it underFunshine? And how do you structure camp so that every went some significant changes this summer that camper is involv ed? th

have really taken it to the next level! We have added specialties, such as music, creative movement, storytelling, and art. Additionally, we have professional swim instruction with 2 experienced lifeguards. We had over 20 children ages 4-5 learn to swim this summer! Our bunks have gone on multiple trips, including to Warren Levi, FunStation, Cup of Fun, Woodm e r e Lanes Bowli n g , a n d S e a sons Express. We offer weekly shows/en-

We have over 100 adorable 2½- to 5½-year-olds in camp this year! There are bunks for boys and girls going into nursery, kindergarten and Pre-1A. The real differentiator of Camp Funshine is that we offer the perks of a larger camp but the personal attention of a small camp! It’s truly the best of both worlds. Our head staff knows the names of each and every child. Our amazing program director crafts each activity so that it is tailored to that specific age group. This allows each child to succeed and feel accomplished at the end of the activity.

Tel l us more about your amazing staff.

Our staff hiring begins in October. We spend months going over applications and holding interviews to ensure we get the best counselors to fit our little campers’ needs. We pride ourselves in placing the perfect ratio of children to adult in each bunk. We have 4 staff members per bunk, with every bunk having an adult as a main morah. Our morahs and counselors are incredibly warm and loving. We

have pare n t s te l l i ng us on a daily basis h o w t h r i l le d they are with their child’s morah. Our staff begins the day showing their campers how much they’re loved. Every morning we have a carpool line where 20 members of our staff are standing outside, rain or shine, to personally greet and escort every single child into the building. Our morahs truly go above and beyond to make sure each and every child is having the best day and the best summer.

They’re so young! How do you make them feel at home and excited to come to camp every day?

Camp Funshine’s slogan is “Every child shines,” and we take our motto very seriously. We provide lots and lots of love to each and every camper. The campers want to come back every day to see their

The Jewish Home | AUGUST 16, 2018 The TheJewish JewishHome Home||OCTOBER OCTOBER29, 29,2015 2015

b u n k mates a n d their m o rahs. Prior to the start of camp, we send out our amazing jampacked calendar of e vent s. We have a copy of this calendar hung up in camp as well. The children love looking at it to see what’s in store for the upcoming week! We create multiple dress up days that allow the campers to display their creativity, such as animal dress up, Purim in August, pajama day, and Shabbos party.

the day, our camp theme of Sesame Street is incorporated in many fun and creative projects and activities. We begin packing up at 3pm and head to our designated carpool rooms to receive an ices and get ready for 3:30 pick up. Some children get an ex tra hour o f fun i n our e x tended aftercare option!

How is the day structured?

As you walk around camp, what are three things that you hear the most throughout the day?

We begin our day with a rotation of free play structured activities while the campers arrive and settle in. Each bunk is equipped with a Bluetooth music system to allow for streaming of kid-friendly Jewish music. We let the children take turns being “DJs” and selecting their favorite songs (Mordechai Shapiro and Baby Shark are some top choices). As soon as 9:30 hits, the rotation of activities begin! We offer a variety of specialties, crafts, and an amazing waterpark area. We have a multitude of shallow pools, water tables, water toys, large i n fl a t a b l e water slide, and our b r a n d n e w swimm i n g pool for instruct i o n a l swim. Throughout

That’s easy! Singing, laughter, and pool talk. Our campers love to sing the most adorable songs with their morahs! Morah Chava, our Music Morah, comes weekly with her guitar and teaches the campers the cutest songs. Laughter and giggles are always present. We do all we can to encourage it on a minute-to-minute basis. You can always hear these songs in the hallways. Another thing we always hear is, “Is it time for swimming yet?” The pool is the highlight of many of our campers’ day. They absolutely love the large inflatable waterslide, our water toys, and our new swimming pool with instructional lifeguards. Getting the campers out after their time is up isn’t an easy feat!

I love that they’re always singing. Kids say the cutest things! Anything cute that you’v e overheard between the littl e ones?

You’re right – kids say the cutest things! We have a few children who enjoy pretending to be our Carpool Director. They take turns using their hands as a mic and call out carpool numbers. There is nothing cuter! There are two children particularly,

53 71 71

Aryeh and Dovid, whose parents send us videos of them doing this at home. We also have an adorable boy named Eliyahu, who refers to his bunk room as “The Bungalow.” We just can’t get enough of him! Another cutie, Yael, spontaneously walked up to our director recently and told her, “I love Camp Funshine so much! Can I stay here for school too?” They are all so cute!

What are the kids’ favorite lunches?

We brought in a professional caterer this





Dress up days

Bounce houses/inflatable water slides

6 8 59 160

Trips Shows

Carpools Pony rides


Rounds of “If you’re happy and you know it”

300 350 500 5,000 10,000 1 Million

Daily pictures Fish sticks Ring Pops Ices

Laps in the pool Smiles

54 72

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summer so the kids enjoy a variety of delicious, nu t r i tious h o t meals. Some of t he biggest hits were franks ‘ n’ blank s w ith French fries and yummy fish sticks with mashed potatoes. We always have a vegetable, fresh bread, and plain macaroni for our pickier eaters. We offer fresh cold iced water throughout the day, as well as a variety of alternating drinks for lunch such as fruit punch, iced tea, and lemonade.

Sounds delicious! Give us the top five activities at Camp Funshine. Hands down it’s Music Morah, Creative Movements, Storytelling, Arts and Crafts, and Baking. They’re all pretty self-explanatory, except storytelling, so I’ll explain what that is. We have the incredible Morah Leah Gordon who reads the campers a new book every week. Each book has an important lesson to be learned. Morah Leah brings in different modalities to reenact each story with the campers. She teaches them songs and does craft projects with them based on the story. Some of the top hits were “The Rainbow Fish” and “Silly Sally.” When Morah Leah

is in the room, you’re guaranteed to hear laughter filling the room.

Where there any “surprises” this summer at Camp Funshine?

We try to limit the surprises since our clientele is so young and do better with knowing everything beforehand. However, we had a BIG surprise in

Another cutie, Yael, spontaneously walked up to our director and told her, “I love Camp Funshine so much! Can I stay here for school too?” store for our two older nursery bunks last week. We took them on our end of summer trip to Cup of Fun. Needless to say, they were thrilled! The 10 minute ride on our air conditioned buses were a trip for them in and of itself!

The chil dren are young. How do the trips work?

Our younger nurseries always stay back in camp. That’s why we have weekly shows or entertainers. This summer we brought shows like a petting zoo, magician, juggler, the bubble show and Morah Music to our amazing facility.

We took the kindergarten and Pre-1A bunks on trips at least three times each half. Each trip is a maximum distance of 15 minutes away from camp. We pick trips that are age-appropriate and completely geared to their abilities. We choose places that are self-contained and situate a staff member at the entrance and exit at all times. Our campers wear their adorable green Camp Funshine t-shirts and have their matching Camp Funshine water bottles. We take attendance multiple times throughout the day and always have our morahs spread out throughout the facility to offer assistance. Our campers k now t hat anyone in a g r e en staff shirt can help them.

Was there a theme this year?

Sesame Street! The benefit of Sesame Street is that there are Sesame Street books and characters that cover the whole gamut of the preschool experience! So we can do holidays one week, community helpers another week, animals a third week, and yet it all ties back into Sesame Street and the books we bring in and read to them. Plus, the characters are adorable so every bunk chose a character and decorated their room accordingly before the summer!

Suri, you make camp so much fun for our littlest ones! Thank you so much for giving them a most memorabl e summer.

The Jewish Home | AUGUST 16, 2018

Which one of these children needs Chai Lifeline? (Hint: They all do.) Chai Lifeline is renowned for the care and love it bestows on children fighting cancer. But that’s only the beginning. Chai Lifeline serves thousands of children with medical challenges that aren’t evident on the outside, everything from Crohns Disease to cystic fibrosis to heart disease and illnesses so rare only a handful of children have been diagnosed. And still, that’s only the beginning. Chai Lifeline includes siblings and parents, too, with programs geared towards the entire family. We care for more than 5,000 children and their families around the world and across the street. Chances are, you know them. They just don’t look sick.

Whenever, wherever we’re needed, Chai Lifeline is there.

Chai Lifeline. Comprehensive, compassionate, professional assistance for families facing illness, loss or trauma. 151 West 30th Street, New York, NY 10001 I (877) CHAI-LIFE I (212) 465-1300 I

Regional Offices: Greater New York I Southeast I West Coast I Midwest I Mid-Atlantic I New Jersey I Canada I England I Israel I Belgium Hospital Support: Meals | Transportation Assistance | Hospital Visits | Respite Children’s Programs: Arts and Recreational Activities | After-school programs | Sibling Programs | Educational Assistance in Limudei Kodesh Counseling for patients and siblings | Camp Simcha/Camp Simcha Special Family Programs: Advocacy and Information | Retreats | Insurance Advocacy | Family Recreation | Family Counseling | Bereavement Services Community Programs: Project CHAI, support for schools, camps, and communities facing crisis or trauma.


56 86

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This Week TJH Speaks with... 1, 2, 3…8 weeks of amazing summer fun! For two months of the year our children bask in the sun, swimming, singing, and soaking up the fun every day. How are they spending their time away from their desks? In this feature series we speak with camp directors and head counselors to learn more about our community’s amazing, spectacular, incredible, marvelous, unbelievable (you get the point!) camps.

Camp MaTov By Susan Schwamm

For four decades Camp MaTov has been the “summer camp where learning comes first.” Learning isn’t just taking place in the morning of each day; the boys in Camp MaTov are able to enjoy the summer in a Torahdik yet fun environment every minute of every day. With amazing staff, outstanding trips, and nonstop action, the ruach at Camp MaTov is unparalleled. This week we spoke with the head counselor of Camp MaTov, Rabbi Moshe Shonek, to learn more about the camp. Rabbi Shonek, Camp MaTov has been around for decades. When did it first start?

MaTov different from other camps?

Camp MaTov has been around since the 1970s. It was started originally by Rabbi Feierstein, a rebbi in Yeshiva of South Shore, to allow our local talmidim to continue a “yeshiva” experience in the summer. Since then, the camp h a s been run by Rabbi Kalish, Rabbi Br o w n a n d , ybl”c, Rabbi Brafman, zt”l.

W e are really mainly a yeshiva that d o e s c a m p stuff. This is what many parents in our neighborhood want. Of course, in the camp part of the day, we do all the fun camp stuff. The kids have such amazing rabbeim in the morning that they often don’t realize we live up to our slogan, “The summer camp where learning comes first.”

What makes Camp

Our rabbeim are all local mechanchim and

Speaking of rabbeim, tel l us about your staff.

kollel yungeleit. The counselors are all b’nei yeshiva and true b’nei Torah.

How is the day structured?

Each group is with their rebbi until 12:30. After that, it turns into camp with all the fun and leibidikeit and zaniness.

What are the campers’ favorite activities?

The fi s h i n g trips! We go on the Miss Freeport b o a t twice a summer, a n d t h e campe r s a n d s t a ff of

The Jewish Home | AUGUST 16, 2018 The Jewish Home | OCTOBER 29, 2015

t he boat get along really well.

The talk ab o u t fish made me hungry. What are the kids’ favorite lunches?

Every lunch is great. We use Silver Creek catering, Jerry and Abie, and all the food is fabulous! Well, the chicken nuggets lunch gets gobbled up the fastest, that’s the truth.

You mentioned your fishing trips. What other trips do you go on?

We try to match up the trip to the age of the campers. The youngest bunks have gone to Bounce-U, the zoo and the aquarium while the oldest bunks have gone fishing, to @Play Amusement Center, bowling, the batting cages, etc.

How do you get the kids revved up on the bus rides or at lunch?

Rabbi Engel, enough said! He does the most fun and hilarious activities with the camp, especially his “minute to w in it ” where c a mp e r s a r e called u p to do crazy stunts a nd w i n

57 87

can win a drone!

funny prizes.

That sounds like so much fun! How do you make erev I’m going to have to think about that one! Maybe I’l l ask one of the lucky MaTov campers next week. I’m sure they’l l Shabbos at camp special? Each division has something. The juniors al l know by then!

have their fruit and vegetable snack Shabbos party (like grape Laffy Taffy, orange soda, you know what I mean), the intermediate division has a special assembly where they sing Shabbos songs and hear a great story from one of the rabbeim, and the seniors have an assembly where they say divrei Torah and hear from special guests. This year, we had Rabbi Dov Keilson, Rabbi Avrohom Berman, Rabbi Orlansky and of course our fabulous learning director, Rabbi Zev Braun, to speak with the boys.

That sounds very inspiring. Anything new in camp this year?

Parents h ave b e en begging us to ex tend our day so t he senior division began having a later dismissal and, once a week, an even later dismissal. We have had laser tag, barbeques, league games, and batting cages for these later days. We were zoche to be under the leadership of Rzbbi Brafman for the past 25-plus years. Now, his rebbitzen is our director. We feel it is not a job in the summer, it’s a zechus to be part of this Torahdik environment. Oh, and by the way, if you are ever in our building in the summer, see if you can answer our two weekly Torah riddles. This past week we asked which woman’s name in Tanach is also used in the Gemara? If you give me the answer, and you are part of Camp MaTov, maybe you too

BY THE NUMBERS 250+ 60 10

Freeze pops given out every day

Seconds to win Minute to Win it

Camp MaTov t-shirts worn by Rabbi Klein, every color we have ever had

2 1

Weekly Torah Trivia questions

Ukulele played by Rabbi C every day

58 30

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TJH You gotta be kidding

Centerfold As you plan your end-of- summer vacations, here is a list of real U.S. places perfect for every personality type:

Bobby and his wife were flying cross-country on a JetBlue flight.



As the place was flying over Arizona, the copilot said, “Coming up on the right, you can see the Meteor Crater, which is a major tourist attraction in northern Arizona. Some scientists say it was formed when a lump of nickel and iron, roughly 150 feet in diameter and weighing 300,000 tons, struck the earth thousands of years ago at about 40,000 miles an hour, scattering white-hot debris for miles in every direction. The hole measures nearly a mile across and is 570 feet deep.”

Not the type to defend yourself

Coward, South Carolina

Gun lover

Cut and Shoot, Texas

Never got over the childhood desire to step in puddles

Spunky Puddle, Ohio

Loves fire

Pyro, Ohio

Likes monsters

Frankenstein, Missouri

Bobby turned to his wife and said, “Wow, look! It just missed the highway!”

Riddle me this? A vacationing family sitting around the campfire has the following conversation: Father: What day is it? I am sure it isn’t Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. Mother: Well, that’s not very helpful. Besides yesterday was Friday. Father: No, now that I think about it, yesterday wasn’t Friday, tomorrow is Friday. Dave: The day after tomorrow is Thursday. Sarah: You are funny. Tomorrow is Thursday. Mother: Actually, it’s probably Thursday today.

Good with constructing words Great at snapping your fingers (because everyone is good at something)

Scrabble, West Virginia Snapfinger, Georgia


Storms, Ohio

Likes swinging from trees

Tarzan, Texas

Doesn’t like doing things straight

Zigzag, Oregon

Loves a pastrami on rye

Sandwich, Massachusetts

Administers lie detector

Truth or Consequences, New Mexico

Likes cholent

Beans, New Hampshire

Screams a lot

Screamer, Tennessee

Not one to have a good time Major stockholder in the OFF! corporation

Dull, Ohio Mosquitoville, Vermont

Danny: All we know for sure is that it wasn’t Sunday yesterday.

Loves people

Loving, New Mexico

If only one statement above is true, what day of the week is it?

Asks lots of questions

Why, Arizona

Sees through things

No Mirage, California

Always successful

Neverfail, Tennessee

See answer to the right of the opposite page

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Vacationing Across the Fruited Plain Trivia b. 134° degrees

b. Mississippi River

c. 147° degrees

c. Missouri River

d. 165° degrees

d. Ohio River 2. Given its name by the 1849 gold rushers looking to cross it, California’s Death Valley is pretty steamy in the summer. The

3. At 20,320 feet, which of the following is the tallest mountain in the United States? a. Mt. Washington (zicher!) b. Mt. McKinley c. Catskill Mountains d. Mt. Hood 4. In which state is Mt. Rushmore located?

b. Wyoming c. South Dakota d. Oregon

a. Interstate 95 5. With 11,338,893 visitors, which of the following was the most visited national park in 2017?

b. Interstate 90 c. Route 66 d. Palisades Parkway

a. Great Smoky Mountains National Park (Tennessee) b. Yosemite (California) c. Yellowstone (Wyoming, Montana, Idaho) d. Everglades (Florida) e. Grand Canyon (Arizona) 6. Which state has the most coastline? a. Alaska b. Florida c. California d. North Carolina 7. At 3,085 miles, if you want to take a road trip

 Answers

from Boston to Seattle, which of the following interstates can you take straight to your destination?

 Wisdom Key

7. B

5-7 correct: Beeeeeep! Beeeeeep! Your cross-country 18-wheeler rig is swerving into my lane!

6. A

2-4 correct: You know a little bit about vacationing, but you have to get out of the tri-state area a little more. 0-1 correct: Let me guess. You answered A for question #1, A for question #3, and D for question #7. You win a “This Car climbed Mt Washington” bumper sticker! But chances are you already have one. (To be eligible for this award, you must have a station wagon which is 1992 or earlier and the back seat must face towards the rear, not the cooler models which have two seats facing each other, and the tape in the tape deck must have been stuck in it for at least 2 years.)

Answer to Riddle Me This: Monday. How to get to the answer: Number each statement and write down the list of days that it could be according to each statement.

a. 108° degrees

a. Virginia

1. Monday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday 2. Saturday 3. Thursday 4. Tuesday 5. Wednesday 6. Thursday 7. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

a. Delaware River

highest temperature was recorded there in 1913. What was it?

The only day mentioned one time is Monday. Therefore it must be Monday; otherwise one of the other statements would be true.

1. Stretching 2,639 miles, which of the following is the longest river in the United States?

59 31

5. A 4. C 3. B 2. B 1. C


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The Jewish Home | OCTOBER 29, 2015


Torah Thought

Parshas Shoftim By Rabbi Berel Wein


he Torah deals with human realities and not with imaginary paradises and utopian societies. As such, the Torah pre-supposes that there will be disagreements and altercations between human beings even in the Jewish society that allegedly should be protected from these untoward events by simply observing the values and ordinances of the Torah. Human beings are contentious

creatures and their disagreements are recorded for us vividly and accurately in the Torah. As such, it should be self-evident and understood that human society requires systems of law and order, judges, police and arbiters. So many times in life we are disappointed because we expect a perfect society or perfect behavior from those who aspire to religious spirituality or social equality. Since this expectation is by its very nature unrealistic, we

are doomed to disappointment and even frustration at the true state of affairs regarding human beings and human society. The Torah does not guarantee a perfect system of law, order and justice. For once again, judges, police and other persons of authority are human and none is above error or mistake. The Talmud devotes an entire highly intricate tractate to questions of law and order, of judges and police and as to how these ideals should be carried out in a practical and oftentimes contentious world. We are to strive for ultimate justice and to be as fair and wise in rendering decisions as is humanly possible. Nevertheless, we are to realize that ultimate justice is most times

leveled against our judicial systems is based on the frustration that we feel that somehow they are not perfect and that their decisions many times may be erroneous and unfair. Part of this situation stems from the fact that the judicial systems have themselves cloaked their very being with hubris, of assumed superiority, of status and wisdom. It is as though they see perfection in themselves and their decisions, and all criticism is deemed invalid and politically motivated. The Talmud phrased it well, as it always does, when it says that a judge can only judge by what his eyes allow him to see. He is not perfect nor does he have prophetic powers. He is a human being performing a very difficult

The Talmud phrased it well, as it always does, when it says that a judge can only judge by what his eyes allow him to see.

beyond our abilities. We can only do the best that we can. In our current generation there is a great deal of negative comment and frustration regarding our civil and religious judicial systems, our judges and courts. Though there is always room for constructive and accurate criticism, it is apparent to me that most of the criticism that is actually

task and attempting to come to a correct solution to problems that contain many conflicting values and uncertain evidence. The pursuit of correct and righteous judgment is never-ending. Even though the goal of perfection may be beyond us, the pursuit of that goal is always incumbent upon our society and on each of us. Shabbat shalom.

The Jewish Home | AUGUST 16, 2018



CAHAL EDUCATORS Become an Assistant Teacher New classes 2018-2019

Classes in Far Rockaway, Five Towns, and West Hempstead Judaic and General studies Full time and Part time Competitive salary SEND RESUME AND REFERENCES SHIRA@CAHAL.ORG or CALL (516) 295-3666

62 64

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From the Fire

Parshas Shoftim The Best Kiruv Tool By Rav Moshe Weinberger Adapted for publication by Binyomin Wolf


very Jew carries the weight of responsibility not only for his own actions, but for those of all other Jews as well. As the Gemara (Sanhedrin 27b) says, “All Jews are responsible for one another.” This teaching means that each person is considered a “guarantor” for every other. This concept of interpersonal responsibility is the basis of, for example, one person’s ability to make

kiddush for another even if he has already fulfilled his own obligation to make kiddush. While we have heard this teaching before and know its implications on a halachic level, how does it actually work? Why should one Jew be held responsible for the actions of others even if they have never met and they live on opposite sides of the world? At the very end of parshas Shof-

tim (Devarim 21:1-9), the Torah teaches us the mitzvah of Egla Arufa which applies where a dead body is found between two cities. The sages of each city come with a calf to the place where the body was found and perform the ritual of the Egla Arufa and say (Devarim 21:8), “Atone for your people Israel.” And then the parsha concludes (Id. at 9), “And you shall remove the innocent blood from among you when you do that which is upright in the eyes of Hashem.” The Ibn Ezra on this pasuk makes the following brief, but difficult, comment: “I believe the correct explanation is that which I have mentioned, that innocent blood will not be spilled in your land if you do that which is upright in Hashem’s eyes.” The Avi Ezer, explaining the Ibn Ezra’s words, says that if a person does that which is right in Hashem’s eyes in his personal life, the result is that he prevents innocent blood from being spilled and saves the would-be murderer spiritually from the desire to murder. This teaching of the Ibn Ezra has wondrous implications. Hashem created the world in such a way that if I, in my own personal life, live a life of “that which is upright in the eyes of Hashem,” I can prevent the world from descending to a lower level and lift up the Jewish people to a higher plane of existence. The Gemara (Moed Katan 25b) illustrates this reality by recounting how, after the Amora Rabbi Elyashiv passed onto the next world, there were seventy burglaries in his town of Neharda. Rashi explains that until that time, Rabbi Elyashiv’s merit prevented people from committing acts of theft.

As long as Rabbi Elyashiv was alive, the power of his holiness prevented at least seventy criminals from carrying out the types of crimes they normally committed. We see that when even one Jew lives according to Hashem’s will, it “remove[s] the innocent blood from among” the Jewish people. The Jewish people become better and there is less murder, bullying, and hatred. How does this take place? How can one Jew’s actions affect people he has never met? Rav Chaim Vital, in his sefer Pri Eitz Chaim (Shaar Haslichos Ch. 8), explains that “the entire Jewish people are one body and every individual Jew is one limb [of that body]. This is the [the underlying reason for] the fact of responsibility that one person is responsible for his friend if he sins.” Because we are all literally connected, every good thing that each of us do in our private lives uplifts the whole Jewish nation. The Gemara (Avoda Zara 5a) explains a pasuk in Shmuel (2:23:1), which says, “The saying of Dovid ben Yishai, the saying of the man who was placed on high” based on the similarity of the word for “placed” which can also mean “established” and the word for “on high” which can also mean “yoke.” The Gemara then taught that Dovid Hamelech established the yoke of teshuva in the world. People had done teshuva before Dovid Hamelech, but the difference was that he was so in tune with the interconnection between all Jews that whenever he did a mitzvah it was not only for himself, but was done in order to awake and uplift other Jews. His own personal teshuva unleashed a torrent

The Jewish Home | OCTOBER 29, 2015 The Jewish Home | AUGUST 16, 2018

of teshuva within the hearts of countless Jews. The Divrei Chaim of Tzantz once said that in the beginning he attempted to rectify the entire world. But after working for some time, he realized that he would not be able to do it, so he resolved to at least rectify his city. Later on, he saw that even this was not realistic so he decided to just try and fix his family. Near the end of his life, he realized that he could not fix his family so he finally decided to simply try and perfect himself. After working on this for some time, he finally realized that by focusing on perfecting himself, he accomplished more in improving the world than he was ever able to when he was trying to repair the world. Our goal in life is to do that which is upright in Hashem’s eyes. This does not mean we should do it specifically in order to elevate others. But we must know that every good thought, every good word, every good act, every pasuk we learn, every Mishna we

understand, every page of Gemara, Tosafos, or pshat in Torah we understand on any level, every time we overlook it when someone slights us in some way counts in the deepest way. By doing any of these things, we

of influence. Rav Kook explains this concept beautifully in the third volume of Oros Hakodesh where he writes: When a person feels Divine inspiration in his soul, he is con-

Because we are all literally connected, every good thing that each of us do in our private lives uplifts the whole Jewish nation.

rectify ourselves and everyone else as well because we are an inseparable part of the singular entity called “the Jewish people.” Because of the inner nature of our responsibility for others, we have an unlimited sphere

scious of the fact that whenever he elevates himself by doing good things and through a supernal awakening of longing for the Divine, righteous wisdom, true beauty and uprightness, he puri-

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fies the spiritual character of all of existence. All people become better in the innermost parts of their hearts when even one of them strives for a loftier good. He lightens the load of those with a sad spirit [u’mahul b’nitfei nacham] by powerful awakening of G-d’s mercy in just one soul. Even wild animals and other dangerous creatures become more tame. Even the venom of poisonous snakes is tempered by the cosmic effect of a soul which delights in G-d. May each of us merit to internalize the great importance of every thought, word, and action and never minimize our importance is the great scheme of Hashem’s plan.

Rav Moshe Weinberger, shlita, is the founding Morah d’Asrah of Congregation Aish Kodesh in Woodmere, NY, and serves as leader of the new mechina Emek HaMelech.

o ys to d a w t n nie conve cleaning. 3 w o at N ry op off r d your d d n up a y pick home. l k e e W pickup your d n a off e drop ervice. d i s b r Cu es In stor

or call/text (917) 612-2300 email for the next scheduled pickup. Sign up FCC- Fr now for our equ Club an ent Cleaner d ge with ea t savings ch orde r

68-26 Main Street, Flushing, NY 11367

65 63

64 20

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Between the Lines

It’s Not You - It’s Me By Eytan Kobre

The price of greatness is responsibility. -Winston Churchill


hospital patient once spilled a cup of water accidentally onto the floor beside his bed. Afraid of slipping, he called for it to be mopped up. Hospital policy, unbeknownst to the patient, mandated that “small” spills were the responsibility of the nurses’ aides, while “large” spills were within the jurisdiction of the hospital’s housekeeping unit. Well, a nurse’s aide and a housekeeper were soon on scene, and an argument ensued. “It’s a large puddle and not my responsibility,” the nurse’s aide deflected. The housekeeper disagreed. “That spill is too small to be mine.” This back-and-forth went on for several minutes until the exasperated patient just grabbed a pitcher of water from his night table and dumped it onto the floor. “Now, is that a big enough puddle?” In the striking case of a dead body found between two Jewish cities, the Torah transmits values that could not be more different. The discovery of the unidentified body resulted in an elaborate procedure. Local elders and judges from the Great Sanhedrin measured the dis-

tance from the corpse to nearby cities, declaring that the closest was responsible. The elders from that city brought a calf that had never performed any work or been saddled with a yoke to a specific valley, where the elders decapitated it, washed their hands over it, and proclaimed, “Our hands did not spill this blood, and our eyes did not see him,” while the local Kohanim begged for forgiveness on behalf of the Jewish people (Devarim 21:1-8). Now, “would anyone think that the elders are murderers? Rather, [they were saying] ‘we did not see him, and we allowed him to leave our city without provisions and without escort’” (Sota 45b). Likewise, inasmuch as they failed to keep the peace, the Kohanim too accepted some measure of responsibility and thus begged for forgiveness (Oznaim L’Torah, Devarim 21:5-8). Neither the elders nor the Kohanim naturally would accept responsibility for a murder they did not commit – the elders could have blamed the Kohanim, the Kohanim could have blamed the elders, and both could credibly deflect to the true culprit: the actual murderer. But they did not. Both groups would accept responsibility. Because doing so is the true measure of greatness. It is human nature to dodge responsibility, which mankind consistently has sought to do from time immemorial. When Adam and Chava ate from the Tree of Knowledge, G-d punished them not simply because

they disobeyed Him, but also because they failed to accept responsibility for doing so. Adam tried to shift the responsibility to Chava (Bereishis 3:12); Chava, in turn, attempted to deflect to the snake (Bereishis 3:13). In the end, all three were punished. And the apple didn’t not fall far from the tree (pun!). Confronted by G-d after murdering his brother Hevel, Adam and Chava’s son Kayin protested, “Am I my brother’s keeper?” In effect, Kayin was deflecting responsibility to G-d Himself, implying that it was G-d’s job to safeguard Hevel and that G-d was therefore responsible for his death (Tanchuma, Bereishis 9). But we are expected to fight the innate tendency to dodge responsibility. Indeed, the duty to assume responsibility not only for ourselves but also for each and every Jewish person lies at the core of our collective Jewish identity (Sanhedrin 27b). It is no surprise, then, that the reigns of Jewish leadership were handed over to the tribe of Yehuda specifically because of its penchant for assuming responsibility. Whether it was Yehuda saving Yosef from their other brothers, Yehuda owning up to the wrongs committed with his daughter-in-law Tamar, or his descendants taking the first leap of faith into the Red Sea (Tosefta, Berachos 4:16), time and again Yehuda and his descendants were the first (and sometimes the only) ones to accept responsibility. Leader-

ship and responsibility go hand-inhand. Similarly, when the Jewish people’s calf offering (an atonement for the Golden Calf) was not accepted by G-d, it was another Jewish leader, Aharon, who accepted responsibility (Rashi, Vayikra 9:23 and Da’as Torah ad loc.). I know that G-d is angry at me, he said, and it is on my account that the Divine Presence has not descended onto the Jewish people. Aharon had done everything in his power to stop and slow the Jewish people from sinning with the Golden Calf, yet he assumed responsibility for G-d’s rejection of the offering meant to atone for it. That’s accountability. That’s responsibility. That’s leadership. What a sharp contrast with what occurred on March 13, 1964, in Kew Gardens, New York, when Kitty Genovese was stabbed to death while at least 38 neighbors looked on and did nothing during the 90-minute ordeal. The shocking episode prompted psychologists John M. Darly and Bibb Latane to study the conditions under which people assume responsibility for helping others in an emergency. In their experiment, when one bystander was present, 85 percent of participants offered help; when two were present, 62 percent of participants offered help; and when five were present, only 31 percent of participants offered help. Responsibility is diffused, they concluded: the more people to whom it can be shifted,

The Jewish Home | AUGUST 16, 2018 The Jewish Home | OCTOBER 29, 2015

the less likely we are to assume it. And that explains what happened in a small shtetl of two shuls – one wealthy, the other not. Each Simchas Torah, the wealthy shul enjoyed free-flowing wine, while its poorer counterpart could afford nothing but water. Envious of their wealthier counterparts, the members of the poor shul decided that they too should drink wine on Simchas Torah. So they devised a plan. Each family would save one drop of wine from havdala every week, which they would bring to a large barrel outside the shul. After a full year of saving drips and drabs, surely there would be ample wine for all to imbibe on Simchas Torah. Well, a year passed and Simchas Torah came round again. The members of the poor shul gathered excitedly around the large wooden barrel. Finally, they would enjoy wine like the wealthy shul! The shamash opened the spigot of the barrel and out streamed…

Water! Not a drop of wine was mixed in. Apparently, even over the course of an entire year, none of the congregants – not one – had saved wine and brought it to the barrel. None of them had taken responsibility for the plan or for their fellow congregants, instead

it and Somebody would do it. Nobody realized that Everybody wouldn’t do it. And Everybody blamed Somebody when Nobody did what Anybody could have. The Buck Stops Here. That maxim was emblazoned on a

Stop the buck. Be accountable. Accept responsibility.

leaving others to bring wine while they merely “diluted” it with water. That is the classic case of four people named Everybody, Somebody, Anybody, and Nobody. There was an important job to be done. Everybody was sure that Somebody would do it. Anybody could have done it. Nobody did it. Everybody thought Anybody could do

sign that sat atop President Truman’s Oval Office desk, a reminder that, as President, he would have to make decisions and, more to the point, accept responsibility for them. Our hyper-litigious, over-therapized society teaches us to pass the buck at every opportunity to anyone and anything but ourselves. It is always

65 21

his fault or her fault – not ours. When it comes to our children’s shortcomings, we blame their friends or their teachers or their schools or their camps or any number of other scapegoats, because not holding them responsible is, in effect, holding ourselves responsible. And how we loathe doing that! But the case of the unknown dead body conveys an altogether different message. There is something noble about assuming responsibility, even when it isn’t necessarily our fault or even if we might credibly deflect it to someone or something else. So the next time the opportunity to accept responsibility presents itself, don’t pass the buck. Stop the buck. Be accountable. Accept responsibility. Because that, as Churchill observed, is the true price of greatness.

Eytan Kobre is a writer, speaker, and attorney living in Kew Gardens Hills. Questions? Comments? Suggestions? E-mail

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Israel Today

Life in Perspective Or Learning How to Count By Rafi Sackville

A shepherd of goats and his wise words


f you follow the stories I’ve written over the years you won’t be surprised how the minutiae of life in Israel interests me. It’s feet on the ground material I look for, not the politics and international issues. I find that interacting with the cashier at the local supermarket can be far more revealing about the state of the country than reading about the latest clashes across our borders. To understand the cashier it helps to learn Hebrew, which for many new immigrants is an obstacle that takes years to master. I’ve known people who speak little or no Hebrew, despite living here for years. The intricate and oftentimes weblike maze of corridors and closed doors we’ve entered have never failed to leave an impression on us. Some of the workers behind those doors

have jobs whose functions we still do not understand. Our demeanor at all times has been positive, happy and polite. It’s not the fault of those working these bureaucratic jobs that they do and act the way they do. If you look at them through this prism, dealing with them becomes easier. Should I have asked that woman at the Department of Motor Vehicles why she was so rude and obnoxious to us? I didn’t thinks so then, nor do I think so now. It’s better just to smile at her and be polite instead. It’s the same with almost anything in life; place yourself in someone else’s shoes and your ability to get through dealing with intransigence, obstinacy and rudeness is mitigated to the point of acceptance. And yet we see the world through

our eyes. Oftentimes our prism is narrow and our ability to make rational judgements hindered. For example, how many times have you heard or been witness to a disagreement in shul? This guy wants the air conditioner on at all times. The fellow sitting next to him doesn’t. The guy sitting behind them wants the fans on as well. You might consider each of these gentlemen selfish, but put yourself into their shoes and you may come to learn that the guy who needs the air conditioner or fan on has a lower threshold to heat than you do. I got a jolt of this down-to-earth mundanity not long ago while on one of my long walks around the hills of Ma’alot. Let me get the bragging out of the way first. On most days I walk be-

tween 6 and 10 miles. Staying off the roads as much as possible I find myself alone with nature. The rocky trails that I trek lend me a solitude that is refreshing and invigorating. Sometimes I feel as though I don’t have another ounce of strength left. This particularly occurs when I walk up the steep hill between Ma’alot and Meilya, the Christian village just south of here. The first building I come across when I eventually make it up the top is called Atzulat Montfort, an old age home. The weather is fine this time of year and it is not uncommon for residents to be wheeled outside in the early morning sun. It’s a wakeup call to stay fit and healthy while I can. If I’m going to end up old and feeble one day long into the future, it won’t be until I’ve trekked thousands of miles

The Jewish Home | AUGUST 16, 2018 The Jewish Home | OCTOBER 29, 2015

more. Some days I leave home around 3pm. If I do, there is every chance I’ll come across one of a half dozen shepherds with their herds of goats. I’ve gotten to know one of them well. He’s an affable chap whose bedraggled appearance belies his fitness. I pull up alongside him in my running shoes, training pants, hat, and sunscreen lotion. He wears the same navy blue shirt and pants every day. His shoes are worn-out work boots. He carries a long stick and is constantly picking up small rocks that he hurls either side of his herd. He has a wide range of interesting guttural sounds he uses to attract the attention of wayward goats. I once told him I had seen some of his herd wandering a kilometer off-track. No problems. He called his boss who tracked them down by jeep. Recently we sat on a rock shmoozing. He mentioned that he’d seen me walking a lot. I proudly told him I’d reached almost 60 miles a week. He

didn’t react one way or other. “What about you?” I asked him. “How many days a week do you take the herd out?” “Every day of the week.” “What are your hours?” “I leave home every morning at 9

Let’s figure he walks 2 miles each hour. That’s a minimum of 22 miles a day. That’s a total of almost 150 miles that he walks each week! And to relax at the end of the day he plays football! I walk 10 miles and need to rest up before I have the energy to even eat.

This simple minder of goats had taught me a life lesson in humility.

and return at 8 in the evening. Do you know what I do when I get home four nights a week?” “Rest?” “Rest! No, I play football.” It took a moment for all this to sink in. I sat next to him making a calculation. That’s 11 hours a day.

I was digesting all this information while looking across at his herd. I pointed and asked how many goats he had. “Forty,” he replied. “How is that possible? You’ve got over 200 goats here.” “But you pointed over there.”

67 37

“What difference does it make where I point?” “What do you do for a living?” he asked me. “I’m a teacher.” “So, I suppose you’re an expert at what you do.” “I suppose.” “I’m an expert, too. You pointed over there, correct? Over there is a specific herd of goats. See that large, brown male? There are forty goats in his herd, and so on and so forth with all of my herd.” I continued on my walk. The result of my conversation with the shepherd had led to my ego having been brought down a few pegs, which is always a good thing. This simple minder of goats had taught me a life lesson in humility and a new appreciation for the simple art of counting.

Rafi Sackville, formerly of Cedarhurst, teaches in Ort Maalot in Western Galil.

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Away We Go! As camps roll to a close and school slowly peeks from the horizon, the days between those two loll in front of us like a limp flower in the summer heat. The kids are home and there is Way. Too. Much. Time – just way too much empty time to be filled. So get moving! Get in the car and go! It’s the perfect time to spend together as a family before school starts. Here are two destinations that we at TJH thought would be perfect, out-of-the-way spots to spend a few days with the fam. Grab a suitcase, some games for the car, and plenty of bagels and enjoy the last few licks of summer! By Susan Schwamm



Chelsea Piers Stamford If you’re a family of action, you’ll love stopping by Chelsea Piers. The kids – and kids-at-heart – will love their adventure center with its trampoline zone, climbing zone, and ninja zone – take your pick. With batting cages, ice skating, and drop-in gymnastics sessions there’s something for everyone who wants to move a bit on

this vacation. 1 Blachley Road Stamford, CT 06902 (203) 989-1000

Beardsley Zoo If you love furry creatures and tails, consider heading to the Beardsley Zoo. With more than 300 ani-

mals, including the Siberian tiger, ocelot, giant anteater, and red wolf, your kids will be amazed all through their visit. The tigers eat the equivalent of 161 steaks – in just one week. And other animals at the zoo gobble up 390,000 insects each year. Getting hungry? Pick up cold drinks at the Peacock Café and munch on your sandwiches in the picnic area. No visit is complete to the zoo without a ride

on its enchanting carousel. 1875 Noble Avenue Bridgeport, CT 06610 (203) 394-6572

Maritime Aquarium Under the sea/Under the sea/ Darling it’s better/Down where it’s better/Take it from me. Don’t take

The Jewish Home | AUGUST 29, 16, 2015 2018 The Jewish Home | OCTOBER

Sebastian’s word for it. Check out the aquarium and enjoy shark feedings, seal trainings, and interactive exhibits. Kids will love the stingray table where they can touch stingrays and sharks. Look out for the aquarium’s albino alligator, its swarms of jellyfish, sea turtles, and sea otter family. Each admission comes with an IMAX – Connecticut’s largest. Learn about pandas, the great white shark of enjoy “Throwback Thursdays.” 10 N Water Street Norwalk, CT 06854 (203) 852-0700

Adventure Park at Discovery Museum Channel your inner Tarzan and zip across the jungle with Adventure Park’s 13 “treetop trails,” which con-

sist of about 200 platforms on tens of trees connected by cables, wood and rope. Think these zip lines are too much for you? With safety harnesses and a thorough orientation, you are to be swinging in no time. Kids as young as five can join, as there are color-coded trails perfect for every level. 4450 Park Avenue Bridgeport, CT 06604 (203) 690-1717

going to go into sugar overload when you’re done with this activity. See the world’s largest PEZ dispenser, watch how PEZ is being made, and check out the largest, most comprehensive collection of PEZ memorabilia on public display in the world. 35 Prindle Hill Road Orange, CT 06477 (203) 298-0201

PEZ Visitor Center

Love to kayak or paddleboard? Or maybe you like dry land and would prefer to bike or ride a motorized scooter? Scoot & Paddle rents out these items to visitors by Walnut Beach. Call before you go to make sure they have what you’re looking for in stock. While you’re there visit Silver Sands State Park for fishing

Did you know that PEZ candy is still being produced in Connecticut? Well, if you love those little blocks of sugar, you’ll probably want to stop by Orange, CT, to see the PEZ brand in person. With over 4,000 square feet dedicated to all things PEZ, you are

Scoot & Paddle

69 83

and saltwater swimming. 28 Naugatuck Avenue Milford, CT 06460 (203) 713-8282

Farm River State Park If you’re looking to connect with nature, head to Farm River State Park. Although it’s small, snowy egrets feed in the marshland and share the tidal wetlands and rocky shore with a wide variety of ducks, gulls, and the occasional blue heron. Enjoy some hiking and take in the scenic views along the shore. Mansfield Grove Road East Haven, CT 06512 (203) 582-3777

PHILADELPHIA Is For Families Blue Cross RiverRink Summerfest During the summer season the Summerfest is open for all to enjoy. There’s a roller skating rink, a play area for kids, a huge Ferris wheel and carnival-style games. Overlooking the Delaware River, the area is lit up at night and offers spectacular views of the waterfront. Grab a chair – there are plenty of those for everyone to use – and enjoy the summer sun.

101 N. Columbus Boulevard Philadelphia, PA 19106 (215) 925-RINK

Franklin Institute Ben Franklin was always curious, a true scientist at heart. Think Ben Franklin and think electricity. The Franklin Institute offers many exhibits, including one that focuses on electricity. The Changing Earth,

the Franklin Airshow, The Giant Heart, and the Observatory, which features five telescopes, can keep your children busy for hours. Like sports? SportsZone is an interactive exhibit that shows the science behind sports. Its planetarium, live science shows and IMAX theater will wow audiences of all ages. 222 N 20th St Philadelphia, PA 19103 (215) 448-1200

Benjamin Franklin Parkway If you’re looking to save some miles on your sneakers, head to Philly’s Benjamin Franklin Parkway, which stretches one mile just beyond City Hall to the Philadelphia Museum of Art and is home to other museums, cultural institutions and attractions. With lush lawns and open space, it’s a great place to explore. Run up the Rocky steps, check out the Rodin Museum, and meander through “LOVE” Park, with its iconic sculpture.

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Please Touch Museum

Dilworth Park

Young children and those who are young-at-heart will love this museum. Geared towards those around seven and younger, nothing is off-limits. Kids will love the Alice in Wonderland and River Adventures play areas; the Space Station; Roadside Attractions with a SEPTA bus and car; a replica of the arm and torch from the Statue of Liberty, created from discarded toys; the Adventures of Mr. Potato Head exhibit; and the Woodside Park carousel. 4231 Avenue of the Republic Philadelphia, PA 19131 (215) 581-3181

Dilworth Park, on the west side of City Hall, is the city’s lively centerpiece with a lush lawn, tree groves, and café. In the warmer months, fountains abound, so encourage the kids to take off their shoes and run through the waters. During the summer there are movies shown at night, and yoga and boot camp classes for the public. 1 S 15th Street West Side of City Hall

National Museum of American Jewish History This Smithsonian-affiliated museum was established in 1976 and boasts over 30,000 artifacts, illustrating American Jewish life around the themes of immigration, hard work, entertainment, family life and tradition. Its Only in America Gallery of Fame features eighteen Jewish Americans who encountered challenges, choices and opportunities on their way to achievement. Among those featured are Albert Einstein, Sandy Koufax, Emma Lazarus, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, zt”l, and Golda Meir. 101 South Independence Mall East Philadelphia, PA 19106 (215) 923-3811

Mütter Museum Want to see something truly bizarre? The Mütter Museum features medical oddities such as slides of Albert Einstein’s brain, a tumor removed from President Grover Cleveland’s jaw, and tissue removed from the vertebra of John Wilkes Booth, President Abraham Lincoln’s killer. The museum boasts over 20,000 specimens; only 13% of those are on display. Originally meant for education on medicine, medical anomalies and complexities are now on public display. While you’ll learn a lot about science, it’s certainly not for the squeamish or faint of heart. 19 S 22nd St Philadelphia, PA 19103 (215) 560-8564

Philadelphia Zoo 1,300 animals – many rare and endangered – call the Philadelphia Zoo

their home. As America’s first zoo, small primates swing through mesh canopies as larger ones enjoy elevated vantage points along Gorilla Treeway. Lions, tigers, pumas and jaguars cozy up to each other while meerkats dig through their habitats a bit further away. Kids will love the exhibit of more domesticated animals and will enjoy the climbing structures where they can play. With beautiful gardens, coral reef fish and colorful parakeets, there’s land, air, and water creatures to delight visitors of all ages. 3400 W Girard Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19104 (215) 243-5254

Museum of the American Revolution Haven’t been to Philly in a while? Well, here is something new. The Museum of the American Revolution opened in April 2017 and cost more than $150 million. Just a few blocks from Independence Hall, you’ll see bronze reliefs of George Washington crossing the Delaware and the signing of the Declaration of Independence as you enter its doors. Around 500 objects are on display, including muskets, military uniforms, Washington’s restored field tent, and even baby shoes made from a British redcoat uniform after the war. You don’t have to be enamored by war or interested in America’s steps toward history to enjoy the museum. Both young, old, and in-between will be thrilled by the glimpses of the past. 101 South Third Street Philadelphia, PA 19106 (215) 253-6731

TJH takes no responsibility for the kashrus or accuracy of any information or attraction listed here. Please call before you go.

The Jewish Home | AUGUST 16, 2018




Hudson Valley Resort andSpa 400 Granite Road, Kerhonkson, NY 12446


Mindi Werblowsky, LMSW

Menachem Poznanski, LCSW

For pricing or to make reservations please contact: Eta Bienenstock 917.330.5375 or

Breathtaking Scenery • Gourmet Meals • Comfortable Accommodations • Baby Sitting/Day Camp


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r o f s p i 6T T rips ) s d i K h (Wit



The sounds of summer… aahh! Listen to the crickets chirping, the water lapping at the shore. Wherever you decide to spend the next few days between camp and school, make the most out of time with the family with these tips. Check out #5 – it’s the key to a relaxing vacation! By Shevi Tanner

Plan it Right

When you’re traveling with a family, it’s all about getting things done in the right time and in the right way. Your older kids may love roller coasters and look askance at trips to the zoo, but make sure to include all ages when planning your itinerary. Consider letting your younger kids “choose” one activity or thing to do each day. It could be deciding between heading to the park or the pool or choosing what’s going to be for lunch. This way the little ones feel like they’re involved and “in charge” of something important and the whining will (hopefully) be forgotten at home. Speaking of planning, when you’re taking a long trip, map out your rest stops before you leave home. If your kids know that on the way to the destination you will be stopping at a rest stop every two hours, you’ll eliminate most of the insistent “are we there yet?” queries from the backseat. Also, consider stopping at rest stops that offer more than just restrooms and cold drinks. If you can find something that’s a few minutes off the main highway but offers something interesting to see or do, that’ll certainly add to your trip. Remember, a trip is not only about your destination; it’s about enjoying the journey as well.

Pack it Right

Putting children in charge of packing their luggage sounds great, right? Well, while it may teach them responsibility in theory, you may end up with kids with lots of headbands and very few pairs of underwear on vacation. To get the best of both worlds – kids doing the packing and Mommy knowing that it’s all there – sit down with your children beforehand and make a list together of what should be packed. Be very detailed. For example, four pairs of pajamas should really read “four pairs of summer pajamas – and not the Shabbos ones” so there won’t be any children of yours wearing fleece PJs in middle of August in Miami. Teenagers may need a bit of guidance – “remember to pack ponytail holders or extra tzitzis” but they are usually fine on their own. To make everything easier once you reach your destination, keep one pair of PJs for every child near the top of the suitcase or somewhere accessible. This way, there’s no need to dig into the bottom of the suitcases to put everyone to sleep. Include their toothbrushes, toothpaste and any special blankets there as well. If you’re traveling with a baby or a toddler, keep an extra pair of clothing somewhere in the backseat of the car in case of accidents or messes. As for you, dear Mommy, remember that if someone’s missing something they generally come to you. So remember to pack Band-Aids, wipes, antiseptic cream, lens solution, hand sanitizer, Ziploc bags, garbage bags, shopping bags, silver foil, Cling Wrap, a can opener, paper name it! Go around your house and take a little bit of everything, no joke. Your car may be overloaded but at least you’ll have everything. And if you don’t? Well, there’s always Walmart.

The Jewish Home | AUGUST 16, 2018 The Jewish Home | OCTOBER 29, 2015


Snack Attack

73 75

Hey, we all like to munch on snacks during a long car ride but no one wants to get car sick. Make sure you pack food for the road but pack wisely. Mess-free snacks are key if you don’t want your car to look like a gorilla threw up in there. And pack healthy snacks too. No one needs cotton candy or sour sticks. They won’t fill them up and they’ll definitely leave them with sticky hands and a sticky face. Here are some mess-free, healthy and yummy snacks that are perfect for all ages: Carrot sticks, apple slices, trail mix, cherry tomatoes, grapes, Kind bars, cut up peppers, cucumber rounds, watermelon, strawberries, pretzels, whole wheat crackers, popcorn, cheese sticks, beef jerky, clementine, almonds, dark chocolate squares, pouch applesauce, yogurt, mini graham crackers, fruit snacks, breadsticks, granola bars. Keep a roll of paper towels, hand sanitizer, garbage bags, wipes and a few Ziploc bags in your snack box or tote. This way, you’ll always have a way to clean off dirty crumbs and hands when they’re finished snacking.



Whether you’re traveling by car or by plane, make sure you’re armed with things to do. And when I say “things to do” I mean things to do on the way to your destination. That requires preparation, but not too much. Before hopping into the car, print out coloring sheets from online. Pack each child a tote bag with crayons, coloring sheets, a deck of cards, lanyard, picture books, stickers, a notepad, travel Connect 4, an Etch-a-Sketch and Spot It. Encourage them to share, so they won’t get bored of their games. Even without their tote, being in the car can be fun. The Name Game is a fun game for kids who know their alphabet. The first person says a name, and the next person has to say a name with the first letter being the same as the last letter of the name before. So, for example, if the first person said the name “Chaim,” the next person says the name “Moshe,” and the third person says the name “Ephraim.” See how many rounds you can do without duplicating names. License Plate Initials is cute too. Look at a license plate of a car nearby. Each person has to say what the letters of the license plate stands for. HTV can turn into Hungry Tired Violins or Happy To Vent. You’ll see your kids’ originality shine through. I Spy is a great game for all ages, as is 20 Questions. Little kids may also like add-on storytelling, where each person has to say a line from a story and then stops mid-sentence for the next person to pick up from.




Loosen Up

Psst! It’s past their bedtime! And guess what? That’s OK! You’re on vacation! Relax some of those rules that you’re so strict about in your house. That means bedtime doesn’t always happen and kids may go to bed without brushing their teeth. Shh! Don’t tell the dentist. And one day without a bit of toothpaste is not going to kill their teeth and it’ll let you enjoy your vacation a bit more if you can relax a bit too. So what if supper was noodle soups and ice cream for dessert? Mommy is on vacation too. She deserves one night out of the kitchen. Loosening up also means understanding that your kids may not be up to your ambitious scheduling. Perhaps they’re tired from the trip or just don’t want to leave the park. There’s no need to get to every place on your list if it’s going to mean a meltdown by the little ones. Take it easy. You’ll be back here, for sure. And it’s OK not to check off everything on your to-do list if it makes everyone else happy.

You can’t go anywhere without seeing people snapping photos on their phones. And that’s great – now they can really say that they’ve been there. After all, if it’s not in a picture it never happened. But all kidding aside, while on vacation, document all that’s going on, from the little things – Shira’s ice cream all over her face – to the bigger moments – a classic sunset over the water. But here’s the clincher: don’t leave those memorable mementos on your phone. A few days after you come home, upload them all to your favorite photo site and create a book out of them. If you don’t have time, this is the perfect project for your teen who would love to spend time on the computer arranging pictures of the fam. Creating a memory book will help you and your kids remember the awesome time you had together.

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Dating Dialogue

What Would You Do If… Moderated by Jennifer Mann, LCSW of The Navidaters

Dear Navidaters,

I have a daughter who will be entering the “dating scene” very shortly. My daughter is a pretty girl with a great personality and middos and she has a lot to offer. But as we all know, it’s mazal that one needs and not much more. My daughter also has ADHD. She was diagnosed at age 8 and has been on medication and in therapy throughout. I have to say she’s doing great

and is in a good place. It wasn’t an easy road but baruch Hashem! Here are my questions for the Panel: 1) Is it necessary to share this information with shadchanim that we are going to meet? 2) If she gets set up with a boy through a friend of hers or a friend of ours, do we have to say something beforehand? 3) Assuming it’s not mentioned beforehand, at what point does she mention it to the boy whom she’s dating? This is not something that we’ve publicized and we do respect her privacy, but we don’t want to trick people either and have a mess on our hands later on. All we hear is how hard it is for the girls to get dates. We are afraid if someone hears the words “medication” or “therapy” they will run and not even give her a chance. How much information has to be shared with the people who set her up? Please advise, as we would like an opinion from people who do not know her or us and can look at the picture with fresh eyes. Thank you.

Disclaimer: This column is not intended to diagnose or otherwise conclude resolutions to any questions.

Our intention is not to offer any definitive

conclusions to any particular question, rather offer areas of exploration for the author and reader. Due to the nature of the column receiving only a short snapshot of an issue, without the benefit of an actual discussion, the panel’s role is to offer a range of possibilities. We hope to open up meaningful dialogue and individual exploration.

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The Panel The Rebbetzin Rebbetzin Faigie Horowitz, M.S. irst, you deserve respect for your openness and effort to do what is right by your daughter and what is right for her dating prospects. You have invested substantial effort, time and money to help your daughter get to where she is now. You are aware of her pluses and concerned about a socalled minus. But you forgot some major pluses on your list of her attributes, which include looks, personality and middos. You forgot her effort to reach where she is today. And you forgot that she has great parents who led her along her journey to where she is now, young adulthood. (I am assuming that she is also launching some kind of career now that she is holding here, ready to enter shidduchim.) Second, do feel confident about her and her prospects. ADHD is not a life sentence. It is neither an obvious handicap nor a health issue. You and your daughter have worked with this challenge and beyond it. Nonetheless, wondering how and when to disclose this information is taking responsibility. You are thinking of your daughter as well as when and how other people will receive this information. Kol hakavod to you for being a concerned mensch, not just an anxious parent. And now to the third key point. What should you do? When should you do it? Most rabbinic advisors suggest bringing up a matter like this (which is not a serious health issue but a condition) to the other young person once things begin to get serious between the two young people, yet before it’s too difficult to break it up. The young woman should bring it up directly when the relationship has deepened and should share her journey and its context. She can talk about it within the context of her personal growth and development, how it has affected her sensitivity to others, and how she has dealt with some specific challenges.


It’s not a bombshell to drop; it’s part of who she is. The meds are part of the management of the condition; they are part of her medical history. She can offer to share the specifics about the medication and her doctors when they are both ready at a future date. If, however, behavioral issues were not resolved early on in your daughter’s school life and school mates and administrators may remember episodes and out-of-control incidents, you will want to reconsider what to do. You may want to discuss things with the trusted principal or a longtime member of your medical/educational team. You also need to sit down with your daughter and discuss your approach to shidduchim. She is your key concern. Although you say she is in a good place and ready to date, make sure that she feels confident and mature enough to handle the dating scene, its judgments, shtick and pressure. Why not go for a few sessions of family counseling before she starts? As you are very concerned about several aspect of disclosure at the very outset of the dating stage, I would also suggest that you sit down with your rabbi. He is probably experienced in these matters, and he will be consulted when people check your daughter out. Continue to be sensible and line up your advisory/support team.

The Mother Sarah Schwartz Schreiber, P.A. n the previous generation, probably when you went to school, nobody had heard of Ritalin, let alone Concerta or Adderall or any of a host of assorted ADHD medications. Who had ADHD anyways? Today, my medical contacts in overnight camps tell me their mornings are dedicated to doling out these meds to scores of campers. My granddaughter, a seventh grader in a mainstream Brooklyn Bais Yaakov, informs me three out of 22 classmates openly discuss their ADHD/Ritalin regimens. An epidemic? I would say more like


reality. Some kids need orthodontia; others need allergy shots; and then, there are those who need therapy and perhaps medication to help them focus and succeed in school and life. I congratulate you on being a caring mother, who, rather than allowing your child to flounder through school, got her the help she needed early on so she could arrive at that “good place” she enjoys right now. ADHD is not a life-threatening condition; it is not an endocrine disorder, cancer or a psychiatric diagnosis that may preclude her from marriage, pregnancy, motherhood or normal adult functioning. Many years ago, you recognized her issue and smartly did not withhold treatment out of fear of being stigmatized in the shidduch world. Now that your amazing daughter has arrived, whole and productive, do not taint her reputation or her self-esteem by broadcasting her “little secret” to shadchanim and friends. That said, does she share this information with a young man she is dating seriously? Most certainly. But only after consultation with a rav who can help her decide at what point in the dating process to bring it up and frame it properly.

The Shadchan Michelle Mond commend you for your willingness to be forthcoming towards your daughter’s future prospects and glad to hear she is completely healthy and functional. According to the Chofetz Chaim, the disclosure of a medical condition is required only if it’s a “tremendous flaw” for which he would consider divorcing her if he found out. By today’s standards ADHD is nowhere near being a serious flaw, especially if it is well-controlled for such a long duration. However, you should still consult your rav before she starts dating regarding whether her condition should be disclosed in advance. On one hand, in today’s day and age, people on med-


If only we knew we would be loved and accepted for who we are and what we have been challenged with by our community at large.

ication for ADHD are a dime a dozen and we have become somewhat desensitized towards that diagnosis and treatment (for better or for worse). After all, a person’s entire “book” should not be open for all to peruse merely for the crime of entering the shidduch world. On the other hand, ADHD is a heritable condition with a genetic component and it would seem unfair to place the young man in this position without his knowledge. My personal suggestion is that once she has been set up with a young man and things are going well, she should disclose the ADHD around the 4th date. Doing so will open communication and allow her the opportunity to open up about how far she has come, the effects it has had on her life, and where she is holding now. Your daughter seems wonderful and worked through so much and deserves to be considered as a possible shidduch for someone just as anyone else would. Hatzlacha!

The Single Tova Wein t’s clear that from the get-go you and your husband have been totally on


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top of your daughter’s situation and took all necessary steps to ensure her very best future. You deserve so much credit for that. And it seems, now that she is entering a new stage of life, the shidduch stage, you continue to want to do it all right! Though as you say, it’s been challe n g i n g ,

ADHD is so common these days it hardly raises an eyebrow among people when mentioned. Everyone seems to have a family member or has a close friend dealing with it. And frankly, because it’s really not such a big deal, in the scheme of things, I hope that you and your daughter don’t define her

Pulling It All Together The Navidaters

according to this diagnosis. She has ADHD, but she isn’t ADHD. Therefore, I don’t believe it needs to be disclosed to a shadchan, who may have old-school or judgmental attitudes in this regard. I think there is time for it to come to light once your daughter starts dating an individual young man, with whom she feels a connection. At that point, maybe after a 3rd or 4th date, there is time to get into the details of her condition with said young man. Perhaps, at that point, there may be a few who individu-

It’s not a bombshell to drop; it’s part of who she is.

ally or because of their over-zealous parents, take issue with this situation. But no doubt, the majority of young men will be able to take in this news in stride – with maturity and acceptance.

Dating and Relationship Coaches and Therapists


et them run! I hope they stay far, far away from your beautiful, kind, growth-oriented daughter. You are an open-minded and sensitive individual. Maybe you were born or raised that way or maybe your daughter’s ADHD or other life circumstances led you down this path of understanding and enlightenment. Some people travel down Denial Avenue when faced with a child’s challenge, and others blame the world or become at odds with their child. If I may, you and your daughter, at least together in the privacy of your home and in your thoughts should be focused on finding a young man who shares the same values of understanding, sensitivity and enlightenment. Empower your daughter through this mentality. I am looking for someone open-minded, sensitive and understanding. Not, When do I share the big secret? Or, let’s get prepared for the conversation when you reveal your ADHD. Your daughter is blessed to have you. You acknowledged the issue and got her the help she needed. I also commend your honesty. You don’t want to trick anyone into a situation he may not have signed up for. You’re pretty fantastic. The panelists are spot on. Managed ADHD that isn’t playing interference in any way, shape or form isn’t something that needs to be shared with a shadchan, who simply may not have a good understanding of managed ADHD. It is

something, however, that does need to be sh a r e d a s your daughter develops a real connection with someone. Every couple moves at their own pace. Some connect right away and share early on. And for others it takes a little longer to get warmed up. There is no formula for human connection. If I may, I’d like to speak to the cultural/social/emotional piece of your query. In the world of shidduchim, there is so much shame. The shame doesn’t begin upon entry into this world. It begins much earlier. When a mental health condition develops, many Orthodox parents begin to worry about the ramifications for this child not only throughout childhood and adolescence but with thoughts of Will this affect my child’s chances of getting a good shidduch? Who will marry my child? Any parent who has taken their child for therapy knows that part of managing a condition is normalizing it and learning how to love yourself; not despite it, but because of it! With the passing of time and lots of hard work on the part of the children and parents, the issue becomes part of the fabric of family life. Everyone learns how to cope with it and some families even thrive. Specific parenting strategies and coping skills aside, beneath all of it lies radical acceptance of your child. (I highly recommend two books to any

family that is “parenting minded”: The Conscious Parent and The Awakened Family by Dr. Shefali Tsabary). And yet, with all the positive messaging going on within the family (hopefully), the outside world is not quite there yet. Society has not yet accepted what most of us individually know – which is that everybody’s got something. I am not challenging societal norms, but I am presenting the consequences. People, like you (good, decent, wonderful people) are worried about when to tell a shadchan about managed ADHD, as if there is anything remotely wrong with that. People feel isolated and ashamed, when the odds are there were always at least ten other kids living on your block dealing with ADHD. (The others were having night terrors, anxious about going to school, bullied, melting down because of homework or defiant.) There is something not only wrong with this picture but utterly sad about this picture, so many missed opportunities for connection, comfort, care and support for children and parents alike. If only we knew we would be loved and accepted for who we are and what we have been challenged with by our community at large. I hope your daughter feels confident as she embarks into the world of dating. I hope when it is time to tell the guy she is dating about her managed ADHD that she does so with confidence. I hope she knows that she has nothing to be ashamed of when sharing her ADHD with someone. Yes, there may be guys who will dismiss her be-

cause of it, and that’s fine. I hope she will not settle for someone settling for her. I hope she will insist on a man who will celebrate her and adore her for all her accomplishments and the person that she is. Lastly, I am going to use this column as an opportunity to reach out to any adult struggling with unmanaged ADHD. Reach out to a mental health professional today. If you are married and struggling with ADHD, I don’t think you have a choice but to get help. Your ADHD is probably affecting your spouse (and he/she has probably been very verbal about it). There are so many strategies to try and systems to implement to help tap into your wonderful and unique gifts. If therapy or coaching and/or changing your diet proves unsuccessful on its own, you can meet with a psychiatrist to see if you are a candidate for medication. All the best to your daughter and your family as she begins dating. Sincerely, Jennifer Esther Mann, LCSW and Jennifer Mann, LCSW are licensed psychotherapists and dating and relationship coaches working with individuals, couples and families in private practice in Hewlett, NY. To set up a consultation or to ask questions, please call 516.224.7779. Press 1 for Esther, 2 for Jennifer. Visit for more information. If you would like to submit a dating or relationship question to the panel anonymously, please email You can follow The Navidaters on FB and Instagram for dating and relationship advice.

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Dr. Deb

Do I Have a Right to be Annoyed? By Deb Hirschhorn, Ph.D.


eorge could not believe it when he received the divorce papers. He and Alice had been married for 23 years. That’s a long time to develop a relationship, have three children – and then decide you’re done. He was shocked. Most of the men who show up at my door, upset at the sudden reality of an impending divorce, are in a state of absolute shock. Their wives will say that they shouldn’t have been because “I’ve been telling him for years” that things were not right, but for some reason the Georges of this world do not hear any of that. Or they don’t believe that it’s that important to their wives. The Alices of this world are frustrated and pained beyond compare. “If I’ve said it a thousand times, how could they not think it was important to me?” would be their dumbfounded (and reasonable) question. This situation is frustrating because short of smacking their hubbies over the head with a 2-by-4, they have no way to get their message through. “I’ve yelled, I’ve been nice; I’ve tried to ignore the issue and then gently bring it up; I’ve threatened; I’ve done everything humanly possible to get my message across. Nothing worked. I am so frustrated!” the Alices would say. “And now he’s surprised? What gives?” Not only that, Alice is in pain because divorce is the last thing she wanted. She wanted to connect. She wanted to be loved. She wanted to be heard. She wanted to feel special. These are not earthshattering things. They’re the ordinary stuff of a good relationship. And she asked and asked for them. By the time she got to the attorney’s office, she was drained and pained beyond

words. Research shows that 70% of the time it is the women who initiate filing for divorce in spite of the fact that, generally, they are worse off financially in the divorced situation than they were in their marriages. Now, against that backdrop of utter frustration and pulling-out-your-hair pain, imagine how Alice feels when George decides to be angry at her for “breaking up the family.” The absolutely last thing Alice ever wanted was to break up the family. And now he is the angry one? Where was he all these

some are bad. Let’s say, for argument’s sake, that it is now Alice’s turn to have the really, really bad behavior. This is common for women who are badly hurt by the men that they once loved. They can’t stand being on the bottom of the totem pole so they ratchet up their own responses, and these are often not pretty. One man just told me today that his wife did something particularly hurtful after filing divorce papers and told him directly that she did it to hurt him. (Psychologist and researcher David Schnarch found this to often be the case.)

Where was he all these years when she pleaded with him to step up to the plate?

years when she pleaded with him to step up to the plate? In marriage counseling, George is self-righteous. “Don’t I have a right to be annoyed?” he challenges. My answer would go something like this: “You may have a reason, but not a right.” “Your annoyance may be exactly what led the entire relationship up to the edge of the abyss. Go point a finger some more at Alice. Go ahead! See how far that gets you. Do you really, in your heart of hearts, believe that being annoyed with her is the way to win friends and influence people?” We all have reasons for the things we do. Some of them are good and

So Alice runs up a multi-thousand dollar credit bill, hides assets, and disappears for a week, leaving George with the care of the children. Does George have a right to be annoyed, even very angry? My answer is still “no.” As I told the gentleman who spoke to me today, the degree of pain she inflicted on you is equal to the amount of pain she was feeling. Her behavior was wrong, no doubt about that. But it came from a place of utter loss as to how to convey to George the degree of pain she was in. She did what many people, unfortunately, resort to: I’ll show him what pain feels like. Looking at it in that way, you can

see that his being annoyed with her, or worse, angry, not only doesn’t help but it will surely cause escalation. And, George? May I interrupt your thoughts of victimhood, here, for a moment, George? If, finally, finally you were to approach Alice and say, “I am in a lot of pain. Now I get it. I understand the pain I caused you and I am so sorry,” don’t you think that he now would have a better chance at a reconciliation than if he got angry back at her? You’re probably thinking that I didn’t answer the question yet. Why doesn’t he have a right to be annoyed? The answer is that no one has the right to judge someone else until they’ve stood in that person’s shoes. That’s empathy. Had George really understood the message Alice was giving him, he wouldn’t have kept on doing whatever it was that sent her over the edge. How can someone who caused his wife so much pain that she wants to divorce him think he has the right to be angry at her? And just to be very clear, the same scenario could have had the roles reversed, too. Men can have feelings and some women don’t. So what’s the solution at this late date? George should honestly express the pain he’s in. Alice, in her heart of hearts, may (unfortunately) say, “Good! He deserves it.” But if George couples that with a heartfelt apology for all the pain he caused her that got them there, the ending of that story might be quite different – and hopefully better. Dr. Deb Hirschhorn is a Marriage and Family Therapist. She can be reached at 646-54-DRDEB or by writing drdeb@

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Health & F tness

Kids Eat Right Month By Cindy Weinberger MS, RD, CDN


ugust is Kids Eat Right Month. Truthfully, children should be eating right every month, but it’s easier said than done. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics takes this opportunity to help educate parents and caregivers on how to get children to eat as healthily as possible. Kids Eat Right Month focuses on smart shopping, healthy eating, and active lifestyles for every age group from infants to teens. Eating healthy starts as early as in the womb. What a pregnant mother eats influences her fetus. Research shows that foods that mom eats during pregnancy, shapes the baby’s palate. Therefore, it is important to eat a variety of foods and, of course, healthy foods when you are pregnant. Once the baby is born there’s the formula versus breastmilk battle. Each option poses its own benefits and nutrition for the baby. There is no right or wrong way. Choose which option works best for you. The first foods for babies are generally iron-fortified baby cereal. Once the baby masters that, parents usually move on to fruits and vegetables, pureed, of course. Many mothers choose to prepare their own baby food. It sounds a lot harder than it actually is. All you have to do is cook the desired fruits or vegetables until soft, and mash them up with a fork, potato masher or food processor to get them finely ground. Lastly, make sure to drain as much liquid out of the mixture as possible. Some mothers feel this is healthier than buying baby jars. However, that is not the case. Store-bought baby food is just as good. It’s just pricier but a lot easier. Once your child starts having a real

opinion, the fun part begins. Obviously, it’s important to feed your kids healthy, nutritious foods but force feeding is not the answer. A recent study found that pressuring kids to eat foods they don’t like and picky eating go hand-inhand. We all know picky eaters. Using coercion could cause mealtime tension and could damage the parent-child relationship. “We found that over a year of life in toddlerhood, weight remained stable on the growth chart whether they were picky eaters or not,” said one of the researchers into this topic. “The kids’ picky eating also was not very changeable. It stayed the same whether parents pressured their picky eaters or not.” The researchers felt that “it’s rare-

a young age so that your child is not a stranger to any healthy food item or won’t be nervous to attempt something new. Additionally, involve your kids in the shopping and food prep whenever possible. When kids are involved in planning and preparing healthy meals, they are more likely to try healthy, new foods. But most importantly, don’t worry – many times they will grow out of their picky eating habits. We know how important it is to provide healthy, nutritious meals for our children but what about avoiding the wrong foods? Yes, kids are kids and want the sugary snacks but limiting sugar intake is essential. High sugar intake has been linked to so many

When kids are involved in planning and preparing healthy meals, they are more likely to try healthy, new foods.

ly a health issue that’s associated with nutrient deficiencies and poor growth. It’s not a serious behavior flaw that parents should expend lots of energy to eliminate.” So how can we get our kids to eat healthier foods? It’s important to reintroduce foods, even if your child keeps refusing them. Sometimes all it takes is familiarity. Encourage them to taste the food even if they keep refusing. Research shows that after offering the same food numerous times your child is likely to try it, and might even like it too. Introduce a variety of foods from

problems, from cavities to obesity to Type 2 diabetes to heart disease and other health conditions. Minimizing added sugars should be a priority for parents. Avoiding obvious sources such as candy, cookies, and cake is one thing but added sugar can be found in many foods where you may not expect it. Sugary beverages, sugary cereals, flavored yogurt, frozen food, ketchup and other condiments are leading sources of added sugars in kids’ diets. Feeding your children healthy food is clearly a good idea, yet it won’t stop them completely from eating sugar.

Serve your kids water instead of juice and soda or dilute the juice with water. Choose less sugary cereals when shopping. Check nutrition labels of yogurts and opt for the ones with the lowest added sugars and the highest amount of protein. Making your own baked goods at home. Using substitutes such as applesauce are a healthier options than buying baked goods. Make sure to stock your house smartly. Teaching by example is key. Don’t keep the candy hidden and sneak some for yourself. Your child will likely find it. And you can’t expect your child to snack on carrots, if you won’t do the same. Don’t signify any foods as off limits. Rather, remind your kids that fast food, chips, candy and soda don’t make you healthy, but fruits and veggies do. Eating healthy isn’t the only way to be healthy. Kids should be physically active as well. Children need 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous active play each day. Get active as a family. Take a walk together and plan fun activities such as a family bike ride, swimming, ball game, or even dancing. Kids can have fun being active and eating right. Setting the right example is key. And creating a healthy environment at home sets up kids for a lifetime of healthy eating.

Cindy Weinberger MS, RD, CDN, is a Master’s level Registered Dietitian and Certified Dietitian-Nutritionist. She graduated CUNY Brooklyn College receiving a Bachelor’s in Science and Master’s degree in Nutrition and Food Sciences. She is currently a dietitian at Boro Park Center and a private nutrition consultant. She can be reached at

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In The K


Radish Dill Tomato Corn Salad By Naomi Nachman

This salad is perfect to eat all year but it is truly amazing during summer months when these vegetables are in season. I love getting my radishes and corn at the farmers’ market during the summer season and the taste of the freshly-picked in-season vegetables elevates the entire dish. This recipe is pareve and yields 8 servings.

Ingredients 10 small radishes, thinly sliced 4 cobs corn, shucked 2 cups cherry tomatoes, halved ½ cup dill, chopped ¼ cup olive oil 2 teaspoons kosher salt

Preparation Cut the kernels from the corn. Add to a bowl with remaining ingredients. Toss to combine; serve immediately.

Naomi Nachman, the owner of The Aussie Gourmet, caters weekly and Shabbat/ Yom Tov meals for families and individuals within The Five Towns and neighboring communities, with a specialty in Pesach catering. Naomi is a contributing editor to this paper and also produces and hosts her own weekly radio show on the Nachum Segal Network stream called “A Table for Two with Naomi Nachman.” Naomi gives cooking presentations for organizations and private groups throughout the New York/New Jersey Metropolitan area. In addition, Naomi has been a guest host on the QVC TV network and has been featured in cookbooks, magazines as well as other media covering topics related to cuisine preparation and personal chefs. To obtain additional recipes, join The Aussie Gourmet on Facebook or visit Naomi’s blog. Naomi can be reached through her website, or at (516) 295-9669.

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Pool D 6/24 ates: -


No W ome 8/ Pool n’s Swim 19 : Close d: 7/1 8/16 8/17 8 & 7/1 3-7/2 /19 2

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Notable Quotes “Say What?!”

I never protest during the anthem, and I don’t think that’s the time or the venue to do so. The game of football has always brought me such a peace, and I think it does the same for a lot of people, a lot of people playing the game, a lot of people watching the game, a lot of people that have any impact of the game. So when you bring such a controversy to the stadium, to the field, to the game, it takes away. It takes away from that. It takes away from the joy and the love that football brings to a lot of people. - Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott in a recent interview about NFL players kneeling during the national anthem

I don’t really care what Al Sharpton has to say. Go back to New York; mind your own business. - Pinellas Count, Florida, Sheriff Bob Gualtieri when a reporter asked for comment about Sharpton’s protests last week against Florida’s stand your ground law

The NFL’s Arizona Cardinals have launched a new competition where fans can win a team jersey and get their photo on the scoreboard if they eat a burger consisting of five patties, five hot dogs, five bratwursts, eight slices of bacon, eight chicken tenders, 12 ounces of fries, lettuce, pickles, sauce, and 20 slices of cheese in under an hour. Said one fan, “Ugh, lettuce?” – Seth Myers

Because of our unwillingness to pass policy that protects our election integrity, I immediately think the Green Party votes tonight are Russian meddling. Why else would anyone cast a protest vote in Ohio when there’s so much at stake? - Tweet by an actress after the Democrats lost a congressional race in Ohio last week

Nintendo fans are worried about Mario’s brother, Luigi, because in a trailer for a new game, he appears as a ghost. They said 30 years of jumping … into a flagpole must’ve finally caught up to him. – Jimmy Fallon

If people want to call Israel names and say bad things about the country, they certainly have the right to free speech. But they don’t have the right to do it on our nickel. - Birthright Israel co-founder and billionaire philanthropist Charles Bronfman to Haaretz after a few left-wing Birthright participants made a big stink by leaving the Birthright tour to visit “suffering Palestinians”

I’m a human being, I have a family. I have children. I’m not able to talk to them. It’s about time that I speak to them because when I get deported, I don’t know if I’m going to be able to speak to them again. - MS-13 gang kingpin Miguel Angel Corea Diaz, 35, who is known as “Reaper,” asking a New York judge for more privileges while he awaits trial


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Notable exchanges between Federal Judge T.S. Ellis III and special counsel Robert Mueller’s prosecutors at Paul Manafort’s bank and tax fraud trial in Virginia:

[Exchange 1] Judge Ellis: “Look at me when you’re talking to me.” Prosecutor Andres: “I’m sorry, judge, I was.” Judge Ellis: “No, you weren’t. You were looking down.” Prosecutor Andres: “Because I don’t want to get in trouble for some facial expression. I don’t want to get yelled at again by the court for having some facial expression when I’m not doing anything wrong, but trying my case.” [Exchange 2] Judge Ellis “You must be quiet.” Prosecutor Andres: “I’m sorry, judge.” Judge Ellis: “Well, I understand how frustrated you are. In fact, there’s tears in your eyes right now.” Prosecutor Andres: “There are not tears in my eyes, Judge.”

Auntie Anne’s has announced it will begin selling pumpkin spice pretzel nuggets next month. So if you like pumpkin spice and you like eating at the mall…you could probably use some good news. – Seth Myers

SeaWorld is letting 125 employees go. Or as the animals put it, “Must be nice.” - Jimmy Fallon

Judge Ellis: “Well, they’re watery.”

We thank soldiers for their service because they devote themselves to protecting our freedoms, and we should. But we should also thank the media for the same reason. - Joseph Holt, comparing the media to those who give life and limb to protect the U.S., in an article on

As Attorney General, I will continue to speak out against ICE, I will prosecute ICE for their criminal acts. - Zephyr Teachout (D), who is running for Attorney General of New York State

I believe in a free, strong media with diverse views — I’ll defend it with all I’ve got. - Mayor Bill de Blasio on CNN two hours before his security physically removed a reporter who dared ask him a question at a parade


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He asked me, “Omarosa, what do you think about me getting sworn in on The Art of the Deal?” I said, “Instead of the Bible?” [Trump replied], “Yeah. The Art of the Deal is a bestseller!” – Newly-minted media-darling, Omarosa Manigault Newman, who had to be physically removed from the White House when she was fired, in her tell-all book about Trump, claiming that he wanted to be sworn in on his book, The Art of the Deal

I saw him put a note in his mouth. Since Trump was ever the germaphobe, I was shocked he appeared to be chewing and swallowing the paper. It must have been something very, very sensitive. - Ibid., claiming that Trump eats paper in the Oval Office

We are a free and independent press; it is one of the most sacred principles enshrined in the Constitution. - Ironic explanation by Marjorie Pritchard, deputy managing editor for the editorial page of The Boston Globe, explaining why she wants newspapers across the U.S. to coordinate and condemn President Trump’s “attacks on the news media”

The Republicans are spending millions, tens of millions of dollars, against me. Because they’re afraid of me because I outraise them in the political arena, I outsmart them at the negotiating table, and because I’m a woman who is going to be a seat at that table. – House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) on MSNBC

We’re going backward, and the president with all of his statements is the master of the dog whistle. Everything he has done, whether it’s taking babies out of the arms of their moms, whether it’s issues that relate to health care in our country, access to services and the rest is — his whole thing is “Make America White Again.” – Ibid.

Those were racial profiling, period. - Staten Island Assembly candidate Bobby Digi explaining to the New York Post why he has a lengthy rap sheet which includes at least 10 arrests

No border, no wall, no USA at all! - Chant at an ANTIFA rally in Washington, D.C., last Sunday

I’ll double @benshapiro’s offer. 20k to a charity of your choice – a capitalism vs. socialism debate. – Female conservative commentator Candice Owens to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez after Ocasio-Cortez dismissed Ben Shapiro’s offer of $10,000 to a charity of her choice if she debated him because she deemed it to be misogynistic

The Jewish Home | AUGUST 16, 2018


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Political Crossfire

Conservatism’s Hidden History By Daniel Pipes


hat is conservatism? Before reading an article with this title by Ofir Haivry and Yoram Hazony in a ren cent issue of American Affairs, I would have replied individual liberty, small government, and a robust foreign policy. Their article taught me a completely different and much deeper understanding. With clarity and brilliance, Haivry and Hazony reveal a little-known intellectual history of English conservatism going back to the fifteenth century and Sir John Fortescue’s In Praise of the Laws of England (c. 1470), followed by such outstanding thinkers as John Selden, Jonathan Swift, and Edmund Burke. They advocated an outlook that respects tradition while intelligently adapting it to new circumstances; Haivry and Hazony call this historical empiricism. Conservatives esteem what preceding generations have worked out – especially, the English Constitution and the He-

brew Bible. They see England’s unique development of freedom as the happy result of such singular breakthroughs as the Magna Carta (1215) and the Petition of Right (1628). Caution is the conservatives’ by-

where and always meant a union of man and woman, be very careful about fundamentally changing it. Governments – ensure that immigrants assimilate to the host culture. Liberals, in contrast, are rationalists because they believe in each

Proclaimed universal laws can justify any sins once unmoored from accumulated wisdom and experience.

word: Look to the nation and religion for guidance; make sure to limit executive power and maintain individual freedoms. Judges – respect the original intent of documents. Politicians – if marriage has every-

person’s unlimited capacity to figure things out on his own. Tradition hardly counts: “Rather than arguing from the historical experience of nations, they set out by asserting general axioms that they believe to

be true of all human beings, and that they suppose will be accepted by all human beings examining them with their native rational abilities.” Liberalism is two centuries younger than conservatism, dating back to John Locke’s Second Treatise of Government (1689), in which Locke formulated supposed laws of nature which he blithely assumed apply to every human. Haivry and Hazony explain: “Liberalism is a political doctrine based on the assumption that reason is everywhere the same and accessible, in principle, to all individuals; and that one need only consult reason to arrive at the one form of government that is everywhere the best, for all mankind.” The danger here, of course, is that individual humans have some strange and blinkered ideas. Liberalism enfranchises ideas far removed from the sobriety of the English Constitution, starting with the French Revolution and ending with the totalitarianisms of our time.

The Jewish Home | OCTOBER 29, 2015 The Jewish Home | AUGUST 16, 2018

Proclaimed universal laws can justify any sins once unmoored from accumulated wisdom and experience. Conservatives and liberals have battled for three hundred years in the United Kingdom. Conservatives can point to the monarchy and the common law still standing as their accomplishments; liberals can point to uncontrolled immigration and at least 85 functioning Sharia courts. A similar American debate exists. Conservatives included Alexander Hamilton, George Washington, and John Adams, liberals included Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, and Andrew Jackson. Each side had its triumphs. The Declaration of Independence (1776) is a liberal document that holds various “truths to be self-evident,” namely “that all men are created equal [and] that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights.” The U.S. Constitution (1787) makes no mention of universal truths; rather, it translates key features of the English constitution for American use. These historic differences continue to dominate the everyday battles of American public life, with liber-

7 91

But in education and culture, liberalism dominates. In schools, for example, liberals teach liberalism and conservatives are nearly absent. This liberal hegemony means conservatives are routinely castigated as “illiberal” and therefore morally inferior; thus did a recent Atlantic article ask, “Is American conservatism inherently bigoted?” It also means, as Haivry writes me, that “while hundreds of prominent universities and institutes are devoted to examining the liberal tradition, none are dedicated to studying and developing the principles of Anglo-American conservatism. However, a few colleagues and I are trying to restore this great tradition and we seek support to set up an institution devoted to this goal.” May their project prosper. A title page of Locke’s “Two Treatises of Government,” 1689

als believing in universal principles and conservatives celebrating national culture. Thus, liberals want to transfer power to the United Nations, conservatives do not. Liberals eagerly welcome Somali immigrants,

conservatives harbor doubts about their assimilation. Liberals are less religious, conservatives more so. The two sides are evenly matched in American politics, with power regularly shifting back and forth.

Mr. Pipes (, @DanielPipes) taught Western intellectual history at the University of Chicago. © 2018 by Daniel Pipes. All rights reserved. This article was originally published on July 31, 2018 in the Philadelphia Inquirer.

July 31, 2018 addenda: (1) This distinction goes far to explain why the less educated tend to be conservatives and the more educated tend to be liberals; the former are less likely to think themselves competent to think issues through on their own. (2) I attended Robert Nozick’s philosophy class when in college and, at his direction, read Friedrich Hayek’s The Constitution of Liberty, which made a great impression on me. In particular, I was swayed by Hayek’s essay, “Why I Am Not a Conservative.” For close to 50 years, it caused me to assume I am a (classical) liberal. No more. (3) One of the most striking points Haivry and Hazony make concerns the weakness of the assumptions behind Locke’s Second Treatise of Government. He begins with a series of axioms that are without any evident connection to what can be known from the historical and empirical study of the state. Among other things, Locke asserts that, (1) prior to the establishment of government, men exist in a “state of nature,” in which (2) “all men are naturally in a state of perfect freedom,” as well as in (3) a “state of perfect equality, where naturally there is no superiority or jurisdiction of one over another.” Moreover, (4) this state of nature “has a law of nature to govern it”; and (5) this law of nature is, as it happens, nothing other than human “reason” itself, which “teaches all mankind, who will but consult it.” It is this universal reason, the same among all mankind, that leads them to (6) terminate the state of nature, “agreeing together mutually to enter into . . . one body politic” by an act of free consent. From these six axioms, Locke then proceeds to deduce the proper character of the political order for all nations on earth. Three important things should be noticed about this set of axioms. The first is that the elements of Locke’s political theory are not known from experience. ... The second thing to notice is that there is no reason to think that any of Locke’s axioms are in fact true. ... Third, Locke’s theory not only dispenses with the historical and empirical basis for the state, it also implies that such inquiries are, if not entirely unnecessary, then of secondary importance. Aug. 1, 2018 update: Rick Shenkman of the History News Network reminds me of the immortal summary of conservatism, pronounced by John Dickinson at the Constitutional Convention of 1787 in Philadelphia: “Experience must be our only guide. Reason may mislead us.”

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AUGUST 16, 2018 | The Jewish Home OCTOBER 29, 2015 | The Jewish Home

Forgotten Her es

A Proud Jew in the P-38 By Avi Heiligman

Phil’s plane, with its famous words


n the years between World War I and World War II most first world countries were fascinated with the idea of further advancing the airplane. Faster, longer-ranged and deadlier planes began appearing in the air forces of Germany, Japan, Russia and Britain. The United States found themselves at the outset of World War II with far inferior planes to the Axis powers. To combat the best Axis planes the U.S. introduced the P-47 Thunderbolt and the P-51 Mustang. However, these weren’t ready for frontline action until 1943. Until that time, the U.S. had to rely on older planes, which included the P-38 Lightning. Perhaps the weirdest looking plane to have a successful career in the air, the P-38 had some colorful pilots and even more colorful nose art. What makes the P-38 so unique was its twin engine boom design which made for a large empty space in the middle of the aircraft. It was the first fighter in World War II to have two engines, and its guns were right under the pilot instead of in the wings. At first, when it was

The 49th Fighter Squadron. Phil is seated in the bottom row on the right

going at its top speed of 420 MPH, the tail would shutter. If the plane was in a dive the only way for the pilot to survive was to bail out of the plane. From 1939 to 1941 this problem, along with another engine issue, were worked on until more stability could be added without compromising any of the plane’s performances.

other World War II planes could not take such punishment. On its most famous mission, the P-38 was selected to take out Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto who was the architect of the Japanese naval strategy in the Pacific and planner of the Pearl Harbor attacks. Naval cryptanalysts had intercept-

“Our job was to clear the skies of Hitler’s air force so our boys wouldn’t get cut to pieces on the ground from the air. We were just kids, but we did our job.”

Even with these engine problems taking their toll on the maneuverability of the plane having two engines was an insurance policy. Many P-38s returned with one engine out and having suffered severe damage from anti-aircraft devices. Most

ed a message detailing a planned mission of Yamamoto to tour Japanese-held bases in the Solomon Islands. The admiral would be flying from Rabaul to an island near Bougainville. Sixteen P-38G Lightning fighters were led by Major John

Mitchell of the 339th Fighter Squadron and shot down Yamamoto’s plane over the jungle. Phil Goldstein (he sometimes went by his mother’s maiden name of Graham) was born in 1920 in Baltimore. His family was involved in the vaudeville entertainment business. They moved to the outskirts of Philadelphia during the Great Depression. Phil enlisted in the army in 1940 and first became a machine gunner. His passion was for the French horn and soon he was in the Army band playing at ceremonies at Arlington National Cemetery. As war became imminent, pilots were recruited from all branches of the Army, and Phil was transferred to the Army Air Corps where he qualified for pilot training. Soon he was in the cockpit of a P-38 with the 329th Fighter Group, 4th Air Force at Muroc Army Air Base in California (now the famous Edwards Air Force Base). While in training Phil faced anti-Semitism from some officers but held his head high and passed with flying colors. In a scary stateside incident one of his engines blew out but

The Jewish Home | AUGUST 16, 2018 The Jewish Home | OCTOBER 29, 2015

Phil, during his band days, holding the French horn

As an aviation cadet

Phil with his granddaughter in the early 1990s

he was able to land safely due to his intensive training. A Japanese air attack on the West Coast was on everybody’s mind and to counter this threat the West Coast Interceptor Command was formed. Phil was assigned to its command for a short period of time before being shipped to North Africa via Hampton Roads. Free French pilots that escaped the Nazi invasion of Europe were at the base, and Phil was assigned to train them in the P-38. Pilots were needed in the 49th Fighter Squadron 14th Fighter Group, and Phil joined them for action against the Luftwaffe. On April 2, 1944, Phil recorded his first air-to-air kill while escorting B-17 Flying Fortresses on a bombing run over Austria. He described his second victory in his after action report. “On May 25, 1944, I was flying blue three position on a mission escorting B-24s to the A/D at Piacenza, Italy. As we entered the target area we sighted several enemy airplanes and immediately engaged them in combat. During this engagement a FW 190 made a head on pass at me. I gave him a quick burst and then pulled around to get behind him. As I completed my turn I noticed that his engine was on fire and then I saw the plane roll over and the pilot bail out.” A week and a half earlier he destroyed four Ju-88 bombers on a strafing mission at a Luftwaffe base

in Italy. Phil also claimed a damaged Me-109 to his record. In another mission he saved the life of a fellow pilot who was shot down over German airspace hundreds of miles from friendly lines. Phil explained the role of P-38 in the war effort. “Our job was to clear the skies of Hitler’s air force so our boys wouldn’t get cut to pieces on the ground from the air. We were just kids, but we did our job,” he said. He flew 50 missions, including flights over Munich and Ploesti oil fields. Flying was dangerous, and he learned Tanach every night and said Shema before missions. Phil stood out for another reason other than his record. Rather, his plane stood out. Phil wanted the Nazis to know exactly whom they were fighting against and so for decorative nose art his crew chief painted JEWBOY on the side of his plane. For a short time he had the word Juden written on the other side of his plane to really get under the skin of any Luftwaffe pilot who got close enough to his P-38. Phil received many decorations for his heroism in the air. For his actions over Europe he received the Air Medal, Silver Star and the Distinguished Flying Cross. The P-38 isn’t always remembered as well as other World War II planes such as the P-51 Mustang but many consider it a vital part in defeating the Axis powers. Recently, the F-35 Light-

ning II was named for the fighter. World War II produced many forgotten heroes, and the P-38 Lighting with its pilots, including Phil Goldstein, is certainly part of that group.

93 33

Avi Heiligman is a weekly contributor to The Jewish Home. He welcomes your comments and suggestions for future columns and can be reached at aviheiligman@

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The Age of Malware By Robert J. Samuelson


elcome to the Age of Malware. It promises to be a huge downer and, possibly, a great tragedy. For years, we have regarded personal computers, the internet, smartphones and various digital devices as evidence that America continues to dominate the central new technology of our time. Just last week, Apple attained a stock market value of $1 trillion – the first company ever to do so. This seemed yet again to confirm American leadership. The reality, of course, is much different. By now, millions of Americans – probably most – must recognize that the internet and its digital sidekicks constitute a double-edged sword. They provide services (photography, maps, email) that now seem indispensable. Yet, the same technologies increasingly pose a fundamental threat to our way of life. Hardly a day goes by without news reports of the internet being used to undermine our democracy, steal people’s personal information (names, Social Security numbers, credit scores, health data and the like), hijack corporate secrets and attack “critical infrastructure” – the power grid, financial and communications networks, water and transportation systems. Many Americans remain in a state of confused denial. We simply cannot bring ourselves to acknowledge that such promising technologies can be turned against us in such destructive ways. The injection of malware – computer software (“viruses”) that aims to corrupt legitimate data systems –

has become an everyday occurrence. Other digital vulnerabilities abound. Just recently, the Pentagon curtailed military personnel from using global positioning devices because they can help adversaries monitor our troop movements. Anyone who doubts cyber’s unintended consequences should read David Sanger’s new book “The Perfect Weapon: War, Sabotage, and Fear in the Cyber Age.” Sanger, a reporter for The New York Times, has been a dogged and diligent observer of cybersecurity issues for years. His book is a readable account of what went wrong.

the internet, the U.S. caused North Korean missiles to fail. (Kim Jong Un apparently solved this problem by changing rocket designs.) Still, Sanger is not overly impressed with U.S. cyberagencies, partly because they couldn’t protect their own data. The National Security Agency – the citadel of the government’s cyberskills – experienced the theft by Edward Snowden and a successful hacking by a group called Shadow Brokers, thought to be Russian. The heist involved NSA’s own cyber “tools” used to gain entry into other countries’ data systems. The gravest dangers involve

“We are getting better. But we are getting worse faster.”

It’s difficult for Americans to deal with these questions, because we want to play both sides. We deplore other countries’ (read Russia, China, Iran and North Korea) use of the internet to attack their geopolitical or commercial rivals. But we are not innocent victims. Sanger rates Stuxnet – a joint U.S.-Israeli virus that temporarily destroyed Iran’s nuclear centrifuges – as a highly successful use of the internet for strategic purposes. Similarly, Sanger presents much circumstantial evidence that, via

hacking “critical infrastructure” – power plants and the like – which could cause widespread public disorder and chaos. At a recent public briefing, the Department of Homeland Security conceded that foreign (presumably Russian) hackers have penetrated some utilities and could have turned off the electricity. Warfare has changed. By Sanger’s description, there are at least four defining characteristics of the new cyberwarfare. First, compared to large and expensive armies and navies, a cy-

bercapability is inexpensive. “Cyber weapons are so cheap to develop and so easy to hide that they have proven irresistible” for large and small powers alike, writes Sanger. This implies a proliferation of cybercapabilities, including for non-state actors. Second, “Unless shooting breaks out, it will always be unclear if we are at peace or war,” he argues. “Governments that cannot stand up to far larger powers with conventional armies will have little incentive to give up the advantages that cyberweapons offer. We are living in a gray zone, one of constant digital conflict.” Cyberwarriors of all varieties will constantly be testing their own capabilities. Third, the advantage lies mostly with the attacker. There are thousands upon thousands of potential entry points into various data networks. Even if defenders plug most of them, an attacker needs to find only one to launch an attack. Fourth, although improvements have occurred in resisting cyberattacks, they are insufficient because new networks – autonomous cars, for example – are being created all the time. “We are getting better. But we are getting worse faster,” one expert tells Sanger. The Age of Malware is upon us. There is no obvious technical fix for our love affair with the internet. We need to recognize that the things we like about the internet are the same things that make us vulnerable to its dangers. There is no clear separation of the good from the bad. We are flirting with national disaster if we don’t curb our internet appetite. (c) 2018, Washington Post Writers Group


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Full service doorman building. Call Sherri Slochowsky for more information. 516-297-7995 OFFICES FOR LEASE Far Rockaway Cornaga location, 3 to 4 offices, plus bthrm. Good for doctor, dentist or business. $1900 Call Sherri 516-297-7995 Cedarhurst Single rooms or executive suites. All utilities included. Starting at $600. Call Sherri 516-297-7995

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HEWLETT: Various Sized Office Space In Beautiful Suites With Plenty Of On-Site Parking in the Rear of Building. Available Immediately. Tenant Pays Own Utilities Directly. Can Be Combined For Up To A Total Of 6050SF, For Lease…Call for More Details. Broker (516) 792-6698

WOODMERE: Various Sized Retail/Office Spaces Available with Amenities and Ample Parking, Great Location, Close to Major Highways & Public Transportation, For Lease… Call for More Details Broker (516) 792-6698

WOODMERE: NO FEE & ONE MONTH FREE 2BR Apt In Bldg, 1BA, Brand New, Quartz Countertops, Stainless Steel Appliances, New Cabinetry, HW Floors, New Windows, Recessed Lighting, Washer/Dryer In Apt…$2,595/mo Call Carol Braunstein (516) 295-3000

Lev Chana Early Childhood Center, Hewlett, NY is looking to hire ASSISTANT TEACHERS FOR THE 2018-2019 SCHOOL YEAR. Candidates should have experience working with young children and be pursuing a degree in education or a related field. Resumes to


F/T & P/T REGISTERED NURSE openings to work with adults who have developmental disabilities within residential settings in Brooklyn, Manhattan, or Long Island. Current NYS RN, min 2 years hospital experience. OHEL: 855-OHEL JOB,

LONG BEACH: Various Office Spaces Available on 2nd Floor, 525 - 900+/- SF, Separate Bathrooms, Newly Renovated, For Lease…Call for More Details. Broker (516) 792-6698 LAWRENCE: 2,000+/-SF Retail Space with Basement Available in Heart of Central Ave Shopping Strip, High Traffic Location, For Lease …Call Arthur For More Details (516) 295-3000 ROCKVILLE CENTRE: Various Sized Office Space In Historic Building, Steps From RVC LIRR, Municipal Parking, Great Location, Near All, For Lease … Call Ian for More Details (516) 295-3000

HEWLETT: Various Sized Office Space In Beautiful Suites With Plenty Of On-Site Parking in the Rear of Building. Available Immediately. Tenant Pays Own Utilities Directly. Can Be Combined For Up To A Total Of 6050SF, For Lease…Call for More Details. Broker (516) 792-6698

APT FOR RENT CEDARHURST: PRICE REDUCED 2BR, 2BA In 2 Family House, Eik, LR, DR, Washer/Dryer, Very Close To All, Prime Location...$2,300/mo Call Carol Braunstein (516) 295-3000 FAR ROCKAWAY: NEW LISTING Bright & Sunny 3BR Apt In House On 2nd Flr, Heat & Water Included, Near All...$2,500/mo Call Carol Braunstein (516) 295-3000

FAR ROCKAWAY NEW LISTING Spacious & Updated 2BR, 2 Bathroom Apt on 1st Floor W/Terrace In Elevator Bldg, Parking, Doorman & Laundry Room On Premise...$350K Call Carol Braunstein (516) 295-3000 LAWRENCE: New Listing – Sunny 2BR, 2BA Apt in Elev Bldg, Hardwood Floors, LR/DR Combo, Screened-In Terrace, Near All...$279K Call Carol Braunstein (516) 295-3000

SHEVACH HIGH SCHOOL seeks AP Biology, AP Psychology, English and Trig Teachers for the 2018-2019 School Year. Master's Degree & Experience required. Please send resume to

HELP WANTED Assistants needed for elementary school, afternoon session. email

NEW EXCLUSIVE IN BACK LAWRENCE call for more details


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Classifieds text 443-929-4003



SEEKING NURSERY ASSISTANT TEACHER Warm, Motivated and Organized Great Salary and Excellent opportunity for growth! Please send resume with references to or call/text 347-766-2618

LOOKING TO HIRE DELIVERY DRIVER FOR 5 TOWNS DRY CLEANING ROUTE. PU on Tuesday AM in Far Rockaway and 5 Towns and Delivery Thurs Aft/Eve back to 5 towns. Must have own car/SUV/Minivan. Will use company van for deliveries. Must have clean driving license. Great opportunity for retired/semi retired person. If Interested please contact Marc at 917-612-2300

Pugatch Realty Corp., in Woodmere, is looking to hire and train a select group of motivated Realtors. If you are looking to build a career in real estate, or looking to take your existing career to the next level, there is no better place to start that the #1 Real Estate Brokerage in the Five Towns… Call Today (516) 295-3000 x 128. All calls kept confidential. Torah Academy for Girls is seeking a qualified experienced Morah for lower grades as well as assistants for lower grades. Please email resume to The Ganger Early Childhood Division of TAG seeks warm, capable, enthusiastic Assistants for the September school term. Great working environment. Please email resumes to Telecom installer ,experienced with Hosted Phone Systems & VIOP required. Email your resume to 718-844-7404 Looking for a young, heimish, post-high school girl to work as a warm and loving assistant Morah in a 2 year old Far Rockaway playgroup. Competitive pay, sick and vacation days. Hours are 8:55-3:10 (12:10 Friday). For more information, please email

CAHAL is seeking Assistant Teachers for classes for elementary school grades in 5-Towns/Far Rockaway yeshivas. F/T or P/T, AM or PM. E-mail your resume to or call 516-295-3666 for information Seeking full time PHYSICAL THERAPIST for Special Education school located in Brooklyn. Experienced preferred. Competitive salary. Room for growth.


Seeking full time OCCUPATIONAL THERAPIST for Special Education school located in Brooklyn. Experienced preferred. Competitive salary. Room for growth.

Seeking a dynamic SPEECH THERAPIST for special education school in Brooklyn. Collaborative environment and room for growth.

Bais Yaakov In Far Rockaway is seeking teachers and assistant teachers interested in working in a growth oriented and warm atmosphere for the coming school year. Please email resume to


5 TOWNS BOYS YESHIVA SEEKING Elem Gen Ed Teachers. Excellent working environment and pay. Only lic/exp need apply. Email resume to Due to continued growth, THE YESHIVA OF SOUTH SHORE IS SEEKING ELEMENTARY SCHOOL TEACHERS. Cert/Exp required. Please forward resume to

DISCOUNTED SIX FLAGS GREAT ADVENTURE TIX AND SAFARI for sale valid any operating day. 42 Parking passes 20 Hershey Park Tix 44 Call or Text Yehoshua Singer 917-923-0011

Reach Your Target Market Classifieds

SHULAMITH EARLY CHILDHOOD is looking to hire a full time teacher assistant for the current school year. Please email resume to CATAPULT LEARNING Teachers, Title I Boro Park, Williamsburg and Flatbush Schools *College/Yeshiva Degree *Teaching experience required *Strong desire to help children learn *Small group instruction *Excellent organization skills Competitive salary Send resume to: Fax: (212) 480-3691 ~ Email:

Rabbi Dovid Fleischmann Certified Mohel


Baby-Friendly Care


 Personalized Attention

Expert Skill and Dedicated Service you Deserve


TJH Classifieds Post your Real Estate, Help Wanted, Services, Miscellaneous Ads here.

Weekly Classifed Ads Up to 5 lines and/or 25 words 1 week ................$20 2 weeks .............. $35 4 weeks .............. $$60 Email ads to: Include valid credit card info

Deadline Monday 5:00pm

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Mark’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day By Allan Rolnick, CPA


hen Mark Zuckerberg was 19 years old, he launched Facebook from his Harvard University dorm room. (Some cynics might say “stole” is a better word than “launched,” but who wants to start that debate?) Since then, he’s made Facebook one of the internet’s most valuable brands. And as he’s done it, his net worth has climbed as high as $81.6 billion, making him the world’s third-wealthiest man behind Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates. At least, that was the case until July 25. That day, just after the market closed, Facebook released its second-quarter earnings. Revenue was up — but not as much as investors had hoped. When the market opened the next morning, investors unfriended the stock big-time. Zuckerberg saw $16.8 billion of his stash evaporate in the first hour of trading. (Shareholders as a group lost $120 billion.) That’s roughly the total salaries of all 1,696 players in the National Football League. (Not a football fan? It’s also enough to buy the Yankees, Dodgers, Cubs, Giants, and Red Sox combined.) So at this point, Zuckerberg is hardly even rich anymore. But while he and his wife are tightening

their belts, scrounging for change in the couch cushions, and debating whether to keep the HBO, we got to wondering what our friends at the IRS think of the news. The answer, not surprisingly: “it’s complicated.” Zuckerberg owes tax on his regular income as soon as he earns it. But his salary is just a dollar a year, which doesn’t leave much for Uncle Sam. Of course, he also gets some nice perks.

detail.) That protection is taxable, too. But the real action, for a tech entrepreneur like Zuckerberg, is in the stock. Facebook announced last September that Zuckerberg plans to sell 35 to 75 million shares — worth between $6 billion and $12.5 billion — to finance his charitable limited liability company. He’ll owe tax on those sales, but he’ll get corresponding

That’s roughly the total salaries of all 1,696 players in the National Football League.

Facebook spent $7.3 million on Zuckerberg’s security last year. (Fortune 500 companies can’t just hire a bunch of knuckle-dragging goons to trail their CEOs. Top bodyguards, who come from federal agencies like the State Department or FBI, command six-figure salaries, and Facebook’s security chief served on former Vice President Joe Biden’s Secret Service

deductions for much of the cash he donates. In fact, last year’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act made those gifts even more valuable, raising the deduction limit from 50% to 60% of his adjusted gross income. The IRS gets another whack at the rest of Zuckerberg’s stock at his death. Considering he’s just 34, that probably won’t be for a while. But at

that point, at least under current law, they’ll download 40% of his taxable estate over $11.18 million. Now, unless Facebook implodes like MySpace, Zuckerberg should still be worth billions at his death. But…Zuckerberg and his wife have announced plans to leave 99% of their fortune to charity. Charitable bequests aren’t subject to that 40% tax, which leaves the IRS scrounging for crumbs from whatever table scraps the pair leave for their kids. The bottom line here is that the IRS had no reason to regret Zuckerberg’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day because his smart tax-planning means they wouldn’t have gotten into a relationship with the stock anyway. The good news for you is that you can put the same sort of planning to work for yourself. And you don’t even have to lose $16 billion in a day to do it! Make sure you’ll have a plan to get the most out of your income. We’re sure you’ll “like” the savings!

Allan J Rolnick is a CPA who has been in practice for over 30 years in Queens, NY. He welcomes your comments and can be reached at 718-896-8715 or at

102 42

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Life C ach

The Joys and Struggles of Letting Go By Rivki D. Rosenwald Esq., MFT, CLC


K, put her in! Wait, no, don’t! I think she’s going to wake up if you do. Can’t you just sleep upright holding her all night? One, two, three, four, five! Oh, my gosh, that was five seconds he just stood without us holding on. Hooray! Quick, grab him; I think he’s going down! I got ya! I got ya! I got ya! Don’t

worry I got ya! I’m right here holding on and running alongside. Wowwww, look at you, you’re riding all by yourself. Preschool: I’ll stand here by the little window in the door. You go in. Don’t worry. I’ll be right here by the window! Sure, I’ve got nowhere to go and nothing to do all day but to keep my head in the window for your view-

ing pleasure. Just like the other twenty-five new moms stuck out here! Camp departure: So it feels like one minute they’re looking for you through the bus window making sure you’re the last one standing in the parking lot waving till the blood has left your hand and then, before you know it you’re still standing there waving but who knows if they are even looking your way. Visiting day: “Yay! You’re here. Did you bring me the sweatshirt I wanted, more towels, the list of food I sent … you know I’m starving here in camp!”

and keep them safe and close by. We want to inspire them to be independent. We want them to always want to come home. We want them to spread their wings and fly. We are confusing! And we are loving! They are needy and then they are moving on. They find a new partner to bond with and find their boundaries with. And time passes. Then, one day it begins all over.

We want them to always want to come home.

“Can we leave camp? I want to go to Walmart and buy more stuff!” “Can I leave camp? I don’t like it here!” “Can you leave camp? I want to go back to my friends!” School: “I hate school; I don’t want to go! Can I spend the day with you?” College: “I want to go away to college! What do you mean you want me to stay local?!” What a journey of embracing and letting go, both for parent and child! And then there’s that longed for moment of walking them down the aisle. Holding tight and handing off. Sweet and hard. Dreamed of on many levels and dreaded on others. We want to enwrap our children

They have a baby of their own. The tables turn and they are holding on and letting go. And suddenly they look back and are hoping you’ll be there to help get them through. Just like they know you did through the trials and tribulations of their journey – and yours – to their adulthood. And you are right there, counting by their side, waving at their side, walking into Walmart at their side. And you’re feeling all the pride of being connected and seeing them on their own! Rivki Rosenwald is a certified relationship counselor, and career and life coach. She can be contacted at 917-705-2004 or

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