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This Week TJH Speaks with... 1, 2, 3…8 weeks of amazing summer fun! For two months of the year our children bask in the sun, swimming, singing, and soaking up the fun every day. How are they spending their time away from their desks? In this annual feature series we speak with camp directors and head counselors to learn more about our community’s amazing, spectacular, incredible, marvelous, unbelievable (you get the point!) camps.

Camp MaTov

By Susan Schwamm

For more than four decades Camp MaTov has been the “summer camp where learning comes first.” Learning isn’t just taking place in the morning of each day; the boys in Camp MaTov are able to enjoy the summer in a Torahdik yet fun environment every minute of every day. With amazing staff, wholesome trips, and nonstop excitement, the ruach at Camp MaTov is unparalleled. This week we spoke with the head counselor of Camp MaTov, Rabbi Moshe Shonek, to learn more about the camp. Rabbi Shonek, tell us how Camp MaTov started.

Camp MaTov has been around since the early 1970s. I myself was a camper back then. The camp was opened by local mechanchim who wanted the yeshiva experience to continue and even flourish in the summer. Some of the heads of the camp are legendary chinuch names in this town like Rabbi Brafman, zt”l, and ybl”c Rabbi Brown and Rabbi Kalish, shlit”a. The camp has never been about maki n g money; it’s l ’s h e m S h a mayim. Paqrents can send

their dear children to us and not be afraid that they are compromising on t he i r principles.

How long have you been with MaTov?

I have been with Camp M aTo v since 1995 and I have been the head counselor since 1998.

You have amazing head staff.

We have a wonderful head staff. It all starts with Rabbi Zev Braun, our learning director. The yeshiva part of the day runs so smoothly with him at the helm. We have three wonderful division heads: R’ Dovid Libman for the seniors, R’ Menachem Engel for the intermediates and, our new addition, the

wonderful, special, talented (OK, he’s my son) R’ Yisroel Meir Shonek for the juniors.

What’s a “regular” day like at MaTov?

The day starts with learning, davening and, basically, rebbi time for the first three hours. Each grade learns on (and sometimes above) the level they just learned in yeshiva. For example, in my seventh grade class, we are learning K iddus h i n w ith Rashi, Tosfos a n d mefarshim. Even the staff have

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