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Dear Readers, For many people, Chanukah is about latkes and doughnuts, family and togetherness. Growing up, Chanukah to me meant that we would be eating Carvel ice cream cake at my grandparent’s home with all the cousins. When we were younger, my grandmother knit each grandchild matching sweaters, and we would sit on her huge couch to take a family photo wearing her masterpieces. I remember being amazed by the huge presents my aunts and uncles bought for me and being carried out to the car when it was way past my bedtime and I fell asleep on the floor before the party was over. Every family has their own way of celebrating Chanukah. Some things we do are the same—we all light the menorah and we all sing hallel and say al hanissim. But the way we do all these mitzvos differ from one family to the next. We are all individuals and have our unique way of celebrating, and yet we are all one of the same. The menorah is a symbol of our uniqueness and our uniformity. Each candle on the menorah is different and separate from the others. But when we light that candle as part of the mitzvah and harness the power of its tiny light, we are performing a mitzvah that symbolizes our connection to our Creator for hundreds of years. We packed so much for you to enjoy in this week’s special Chanukah issue. For those who want to learn more about the yom tov, make sure to read the divrei Torah and essays on Jewish thought. For those who want to know what gifts would best suit those you love, take a peek at Malky Lowinger’s gift guide for those on a budget. For those who want to include their children in the preparation and create a masterpiece to showcase at their Chanukah party, enjoy Esther Ottensoser’s “spin” on traditional menorahs. And for those who love cooking and baking and culinary delights, we have many recipes to enhance your Chanukah meals. This week, Nesanel Feller penned an op-ed that I feel is important for every shul-going member of our community to read. It opens your eyes to life of our community rabbis and highlights how hard they work for our community. Sruly Miller also wrote an important piece this week with regard to Obamacare and tries to help make sense of the new regulations in the insurance industry. As always, I look forward to hearing from each and every one of you. Feel free to send me an email at editor@ Wishing you a freilechen Chanukah, Shoshana P.S. We’d love to see photos of you and your cuties lighting the menorah! Make sure to send those in this Chanukah!

Ten Great Chanukah Gift Ideas for Those on a Budget, by Malky Lowinger. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .108

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Letters to Dear Editor, This week, a reader wrote in about tzedakah campaigns in her son’s school. I read her letter with interest. Indeed, my sons’ school also has myriad campaigns throughout the year. Sometimes the funds raised are for the school itself; other times, it’s for other worthy organizations. I find it hard to have my children constantly ask my neighbors and family for donations. Yes, these are organizations that really need the funds, but it makes me squirm to have my children become the “schnorrers” of the block. I try to ask them not to collect; I know that may sound bad, but I tell them I will write these organizations a check in lieu of having collected money. Sometimes that goes over well (especially with the older children), and sometimes my words are met with tantrums. As the reader wrote, they all want those amazing, can’t-believe-it, larger-than-life prizes. A trip to Amazing Savings is nothing compared to what’s offered in the prize booklets they bring home. What to do? Do I try to circumvent

the school’s wishes by preventing my children from participating? I believe that the best chinuch comes from one’s beliefs and feelings. But I don’t want my children to see me “contradicting” their menahelim and school. I’d like to hear what others have to say. Rachel W. Dear Editor, The best way to galvanize someone is by offering them something that connects with them. With adults, sometimes we entice them with the satisfaction of losing weight on the scale or with the appreciative words of their family. But with children, who are immature and not yet completely developed, we need to offer them something that pertains to them. Thus prizes and rewards and candy are sometimes the best “carrots” to get children to do something that needs to be done. Last week, someone wrote in about tzedakah campaigns in local schools and the tantalizing prizes offered. She was

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the Editor upset about giving our children “more and more,” a concept she sees as contradictory to our Yiddishe mesorah. Yes, our tradition is about being mistapek b’muat, being happy with less. But we also understand that children don’t necessarily understand that concept. When a child goes to shul, we want him to experience the sweetness of davening and give out lollipops. Pekalach and nosh are given out on Simchas Torah. We don’t want our children to be dependent on candy, but we know that at that young age, candy is the one thing that is sweet to them and they enjoy. So we let them enjoy and we hope that that sweet feeling lasts a lifetime. The prize booklets offered in schools may not be the best way to have children collect money for tzedakah. But at that young age, children will be reluctant to do it for the mitzvah. The idea behind the campaigns is to train the children when they are young to think about the organizations they are collecting for in the hope that when they grow and mature they will be excited to collect for those

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worthy organizations for the sake of the important mitzvah. Chaim Z. Stern Dear Editor, Chanukah is here once again. It is a special time for family and friends to get together and enjoy the brachos that Hashem bestows upon us. In the midst of all the bracha, it is important to be vigilant with the Chanukah candles in our homes. Many times, there have been fires from candles that were placed too close to shades or pillows and children have suffered burns from pulling candles onto themselves. It is important to place menorahs in a safe, sturdy place. Additionally, when frying foods, please be careful with the hot oil and keep children away from flames. May this yom tov be a lichtig, joyous time for all of klal Yisroel, Charna Rosenbaum Dear Editor, It is intrinsic and also customary to Jewish tradition to be, show, act grateful each and every day we are alive. Our daily prayers include words of praise and thanks to the Almighty as a matter of course. That being said, the first time Thanksgiving became a national holiday in the United States was when President George Washington issued his now famous Thanksgiving Day Proclamation. The Thanksgiving Day tradition thus began. According to the American history website, Archiving Early America, “A Thanksgiving Day two hundred years ago was a day set aside for prayer and fasting, not a day marked by plentiful food and drink as is today’s custom.” To celebrate the Constitution (1791), and the success of the new Republic, Congress requested that President George Washington declare a national day of thanksgiving. George Washington responded to the congressional request by declaring “Thursday, the twenty-sixth day of November” to be set aside for “devoted by the people of these States to the service of that great and glorious Being who is the beneficent author of all the good that was, that is, or that will be.” There is no getting around the fact that George Washington’s Thanksgiving Proclamation was blatantly religious. It was an official call to national prayer and submission to G-d. Jews, on the other hand, were never in need of any proclamations. John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison likewise declared their own proclamations as to the celebration of this American holiday. President Abraham Lincoln declared a “prayerful

Dear Editor, There are two sides to every story “WTC Towers over the Nation” (The Weeks in News – November 21). The celebrations for both 1 & 4 World Trade Center being ready for occupancy leaves taxpayers paying twice.  Last year, U.S. Senator Charles Schumer was successful in  lobbying the Federal General Services Administration to sign a lease for space at 1 World Trade Center.  This makes no sense for taxpayers. First, we have provided several billion dollars toward subsidizing reconstruction of 1 WTC. Current cost is now $3.9 billion including a $1 billion cost overrun. The overall costs of rebuilding the 16-acre site including the 9/11 memorial and other projects has increased from $11 billion in 2008 to $15 billion today. Many components are several years behind the original scheduled completion dates. Now taxpayers are being asked to pay twice by providing funding for GSA to rent space at the same facility from the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (another government agency) and the Durst Organization. The same holds true for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey along with various New York State and New York City agencies

Readers Poll Compiled by Toby Bobker

On Chanukah, does your family light one menorah for the whole family or does each member light their own? One menorah 39% Many menorahs 61%

who are leasing space. Don’t forget any so-called non-profit organizations who may become tenants.  Many non-profit organizations live off of various government earmarks and grants.  Does Schumer have any conflicts of interest in soliciting campaign contributions from members of the Durst Organization as a political quid pro quo for “assisting” and “steering” them tenants? Why shouldn’t 100 percent of 1 WTC space be rented out to private-sector tenants, thus saving taxpayers funds? There are already numerous other GSA buildings in Manhattan along with other locations in the five boroughs and suburbs. Residents from Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Staten Island, Nassau and Suffolk who could have benefited by additional jobs based in their communities were sold out by Schumer.  Don’t forget that many companies have been moving out of Manhattan to other boroughs, suburbs and out-of-state. This has increased existing surplus capacity of office building space at these locations. Even more new space will be coming on line with the Hudson Yards project and rezoning of Manhattan’s east midtown.  Many other owners of facilities can offer leasing at a far lower price per square

foot. They could easily beat the so called bargain of $40 a square foot at 1 WTC. Why not attempt saving taxpayers millions? With a $16.7 trillion dollar plus deficit, shouldn’t the GSA along with other federal agencies be consolidating rather than renting more office space? Schumer’s actions are just padding the amount of leased space at 1 WTC with taxpayers picking up the tab. He reminds me of Don Corleone, the godfather. With all of his powers in reviewing and approving GSA’s annual fiscal year budget, he made them “an offer they couldn’t refuse.” At the end of the day, Schumer has just added on to our $16.7 trillion dollar and growing national deficit.  Since 1981, under Schumer’s watch serving as both a Congress member and senator the only thing that grew faster than reconstruction of 1 WTC was our national debt. It went up by $15.7 trillion increasing from $1 trillion in 1981 to $16.7 trillion today while he held federal office. No wonder Schumer never talks about this at his standard Sunday news conferences. It is nothing to be proud of. Sincerely, Larry Penner

N O V E M B E R 2 8 , 2013

day of Thanksgiving” on the last Thursday in November. The presidents after Lincoln followed suit. When Franklin D. Roosevelt came along, he tried to move Thanksgiving to help increase consumer spending during the December holiday season. That didn’t go over too well, thus he and Congress set the date for Thanksgiving as the fourth Thursday in November. As a Jewish mother and an educator, I would like to propose that Jewish families encourage a “Count Your Blessings” practice in celebration of this significant American holiday. This is how it works. Parents ask their children to list the “things” in their lives that they are thankful and grateful for (e.g.: mother, father, a warm home, furniture, clothing, food, hugs and kisses…you get the idea). The adult or child/teen can determine a monetary amount for sponsorship of each item on the list. As a family, they then donate the total amount to a selected, worthy cause they opt to support. This is my idea of actively demonstrating our thanks, gratitude and giving on this auspicious day. Happy Thanksgiving! Tizku L’mitzvot! Happy Chanukah! Miriam Baum Benkoe

the Editor


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to get Still time ukah our Chan Deal!!

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The Week

Global Former Iranian Hostages Still Want Apology from Tehran

Bruce Laingen was the most senior diplomat at the United States Embassy in Iran three decades ago when Islamic students smashed through embassy gates and held those there captive for 444 days. Despite the humiliation, pain, and trauma he felt during those arduous times, Laingen still favors diplomacy with Tehran and backs the talks held in Geneva these past few weeks. But time does not heal all wounds. Laingen and his fellow ex-hostages are still demanding an apology from the Islamic Republic. “We haven’t heard that expression of apology yet. Why not?” said Laingen. Other former hostages may have differing opinions about negotiations with Tehran, but all of them agree: the country has to at least acknowledge the 444-day ordeal where 52 Americans were taken hostage from November 1979 to January 1981. Only 39 of those captured are alive today. “I personally believe there should be no relationship established whatsoever until Iran has had extracted from them some type of reparations,” said Kevin Hermening, who was a Marine guard at the embassy when it was over-run by supporters of the Islamic Revolution. “To relax the sanctions is to reward them for simply having waited us out based on the idea that we would forget or ignore or pretend it never happened.” Rodney “Rocky” Sickmann, a former Marine guard at the embassy, agrees, “It hurts that here we are negotiating with Iran, and Iran acts like nothing really happened.” He was locked in a room with 24-hour armed guards, enduring mock firing squads and Russian roulette, and allowed outside only seven times during “444 traumatic days” of captivity. “They told us in my interrogation it is not you the American people

In News we hate, it’s your government, but we will use you to humiliate your government,” he said. “And they’ve done it for 34 years.” “In my view it should be that at least we be able to talk about things that concern both of us, not that we are friends, not that we like each other, not that we are allies, but that at least we can talk to each other, which we have not been able to do for 34 years,” said John Limbert, 70, who was a political officer at the embassy and is now a professor at the U.S. Naval Academy in Maryland. He confronted Mahmoud Ahmadinejad a couple of years ago at a dinner in New York. “I asked him about those events and he looked at me right in the face and he said, ‘Well, we treated you OK didn’t we?’ And I said, ‘Sir you did not.’

African Country of Angola Bans Islam

On Sunday, it was reported that the African nation of Angola banned Islam and Muslims. It is the first country to do so. Concerning the ban, Angolan President Jose Eduardo dos Santos announced, “This is the final end of Islamic influence in our country.” The ban was announced on Friday when Angolan Minister of Culture, Rosa Cruz e Silva said, “The process of legalization of Islam has not been approved by the Ministry of Justice and Human rights, their mosques would be closed until further notice.” The ban also orders the demolition of all mosques in the country. The majority of Angola’s 16 million citizens is Christian, with only 80,000-90,000 Muslims living there. Silva maintained that the ban was necessary since Islam is “contradictory to the customs of Angola culture.” This announcement comes on the heels of reports of many Christians being mistreated and forced out of Muslim countries in the Middle East. In fact, in 2012, the Grand Mufti in Saudi Arabia issued a fatwa to demolish all churches on the Arabian peninsula.


Ingredients: 1 Container Klein’s Classic Treat Vanilla Supreme Ice Cream 56 oz. 3 Cups crushed corn flakes* 1 ½ Cups vanilla sandwich cookie crumbs* 3 Tablespoons sugar 2 Eggs, lightly beaten Canola oil, for frying *Note: the cornflakes and cookie crumbs should be crushed, but not completely until it's fine crumbs. You want some texture in the crunch. Instructions: Scoop the Klein’s ice cream into large scoops (this is best done with a large ice cream scooper) and place in a 9x13 pan. Freeze for one hour, until ice cream scoops are firm. Meanwhile, prepare the coating: combine crushed corn flakes, cookie crumbs and sugar in a mixing bowl. Remove the frozen ice cream scoops from the freezer. Dip each scoop into the crumb mixture, then into the beaten eggs, and then back into the crumb mixture. Make sure that the ice cream is completely covered in crumbs. As you work, you can form the scoops into neat balls. Work quickly so they don’t melt too much. Place the coated ice cream balls back into the freezer for 2 hours, until the balls are completely firm. When ready to fry the ice cream: heat about 3 inches of oil in a small pot to 400 degrees.


Remove the ice cream from the freezer seconds before frying. Do not let it sit out at all, or it will get too soft. Working with one ice cream ball at a time, gently lower it into the hot oil. Fry it for about 30 seconds until golden brown. Do NOT fry too long. Serve immediately, while the crumb coating is hot and crunchy, but the ice cream is still frozen. Optional garnishes are whipped cream and chocolate syrup. Recipe & Photos by Miriam Pascal;

N O V E M B E R 2 8 , 2013

The Recipe For A Perfect Chanukah Party

What better way to celebrate Chanukah and a fun new way to enjoy Kleins, than with this recipe. It’s easier than it sounds and more delicious that you ever imagined. The real key (aside from using Klein’s Ice Cream of course!) is to let the ice cream “deep freeze” for as long as possible between steps…so be sure to make the time…because the result is well worth the time!



THE JEWISH HOME n N O V E M B E R 2 8 , 2013


ed in places of worship, a clear strike at those inciting crowds at traditional Friday prayers in mosques.

Triple Supermarket Collapse in Latvia

Egypt to Ban Street Protests

The Arab Spring was brought about by those hoping for change. In their desire for more freedoms, they took to the streets and announced their hopes to the world. But now, in Egypt, those mass gatherings of protests will no longer be legal. On Sunday, Egypt’s military-backed government issued a law that essentially banned street protests by applying jail time or heavy fines to those involved in public demonstrations. This law will replace the threemonth state of emergency declared in August that expired last weekend. The new law, though, is stricter and grants police added powers to squelch any attempt for citizens to mobilize. But Prime Minister Hazem El-Beblawi insists that the new law only regulates protests and does not attempt to ban them. “The starting point for this law is that the right to protest is a human right and must be given full care and attention,” he said. “It is just that practicing this right must be met with a sense of responsibility so it won’t damage security or terrorize or assault establishments.” When asked about those who failed to seek permission for their protests Beblawi said, “Like a man who kills or another who deals in drugs, all those commit violations, and as soon as they commit such violations, if arrested, they will be put to trial and punished.” Public gatherings of more than 10 people require prior government approval and notification to authorities three days in advance. Demonstrations are prohibit-

Latvian officials have opened a criminal investigation into the not one, not two, but three structural collapses suffered by a major supermarket in the country’s capital city of Riga on Friday and Saturday. Friday’s initial roof collapse was followed by a second cavein soon after, crushing firefighters and rescuers as they made efforts to extract bodies and locate survivors. A large third section of the building collapsed on Saturday, and although no injuries were incurred, officials were compelled to suspend rescue efforts due to the precarious conditions. As of Saturday afternoon, the death toll rose to a total of 54 including three firemen, with 35 people seriously injured, seven missing and an unknown number who may still be trapped in the wreckage. Seven large cranes had been employed for the delicate task of lifting heavy slabs off the “house of cards,” as the building was described by fire and rescue service spokeswoman Viktorija Sembele, who feared that one false move could cause a further collapse. Built in 2011, the supermarket is owned by Lithuanian company Maxima, who informed officials they would release a statement at a later date. Several theories have been suggested as to the cause of the multiple caveins, most of them involving a suspected violation of construction code. “We have three versions [lines of inquiry] and all of them are connected to violation of construction law,” said police spokesman Toms Sadovskis. Latvia’s President Andris Berzins described the disaster in harsher terms. “This is a case where we need to say clearly, it is the murder of an enormous number of defenseless people, and that’s how we should proceed,” he declared. So far no

N O V E M B E R 2 8 , 2013

Aside from Islam, other religions that have not been legalized will face similar measures in Angola. The non-legalized religions on the list “published by the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights in the Angolannewspaper ‘Jornal de Angola’ are prohibited to conduct worship, so they should keep their doors closed,” said Silva. There is a legalization process and thousands of religious sects are currently applying for legalization.

In News


The Week



N O V E M B E R 2 8 , 2013


The Week arrests have been made. This has been the worst collapse of its kind since Latvia gained independence from the Soviet Union in 1991.

Norway’s Military Goes Green

Norwegian soldiers are fighting a different type of enemy these days – global warming. The country stated that, in an effort to reduce its military’s carbon footprint and improve the environment, soldiers will be subsisting on a vegetarian diet once a week. “Meatless

In News

Mondays” has already been instituted in one of Norway’s main military bases and is expected to be extended to others, including those overseas. According to the United Nations, livestock farming is responsible for 18 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions. Reducing meat consumption could keep global warming in check and generally improve the environment, environmentalists believe. “It’s not about saving money,” says military spokesman Eystein Kvarving. “It’s about being more concerned for our climate, more ecologically friendly and also healthier.” The new vegetarian meal plan is expected to reduce meat consumption by an estimated 150 tons per year. “The defense ministry deserves a lot of praise because it’s taking climate and environmental issues seriously,” said Arild Hermstad, director of the environmentally-focused Future in Our Hands, a group that has been lobbying for Norwegians to limit their meat consumption. As stated by the Future in Our Hands, the average Norwegian eats more than 1,200 animals in a lifetime, or 1,147 chickens, 22 sheep, six cattle and nearly three deer, more specifically.

Apple vs. Samsung… Again

A federal jury in San Jose, California, awarded Apple, Inc. around $290 million in a damages retrial against Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Familiar “faces” to the court system, the two technology giants have been battling for over two years regarding Samsung’s supposed pirating of Apple features. Just last year, the jury granted Apple $1 billion from Samsung over the charge of duplicating a number of iPhone features, such as pinching fingers to zoom or in the actual design of the phone’s body. In this case, Apple contended for

$379.8 million, while Samsung protested that the amount need not exceed $52.7 million. Following a week-long trial, the jury spent two days deliberating before reaching their decision on Thursday. Compounded with the winnings from an earlier trial of $640 million, this retrial, ordered after U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh ruled there were errors in the previous trial’s calculations, combines to make a total of $929.8 million in Apple’s favor. While Apple called upon its marketing chief Phil Schiller to testify, Samsung failed to present any senior executives, a fact that was seized upon by Apple attorneys during the closing argument. The jury also expressed surprise at the amount of evidence produced by Samsung, or lack thereof. “We felt like we had way more information from Apple and we were left wondering why we hadn’t gotten other information from Samsung,” mused one jury member. “Samsung could’ve come up with a little more evidence,” said another. Though the acquisition of more millions is always a bonus, Apple spokeswoman Kristin Huguet insists that the focus of these battles is aimed more at

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The Week preserving the company’s individuality and original ideas. Apple is also pursuing a permanent injunction against several older models of Samsung phones. Whereas Judge Koh had previously rejected such an embargo, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit called for a reconsideration earlier this week. Injunctions are often more profitable components in these types of legal wars than monetary compensation, maintains Nick Rodelli, a lawyer and adviser to institutional investors for CFRA Research in Maryland. Score one for Apple, at least for now. Further contention is expected to follow.

Afghanistan May Bring Back Stoning

The Taliban is known for its sadistic ways; stoning, maiming and killing are de rigueur for the group. But now, 12 years after the fall of the Taliban government, Afghanistan may be bringing back stoning as punishment for a certain crime. A proposed law would stone those committing this crime “if there are four eyewitnesses” to the crime. Another punishment being considered is flogging. Human rights groups are urging the Karzai administration to reject the proposal. “It is absolutely shocking that 12 years after the fall of the Taliban government, the Karzai administration might bring back stoning as a punishment,” said Brad Adams, Asia director at Human Rights Watch.

Relief for Iran? U.S. Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power revealed on CNN’s “New Day” last Thursday that Iran will be offered “moderate” sanctions relief in the ongoing Geneva talks. How moderate is moderate? About 6 billion dollars. When pressed for details as to the

In News actual amount, since figures have been estimated anywhere from $6 to $50 billion, Power answered, “I’m not going to get into the specifics, especially while... negotiators are at it right now in Geneva, but...your lower number is closer to what we’re talking about.” The proposals were described by Power as “a very good deal” where the U.S. would offer “very modest, temporary and very reversible relief in exchange for being able to see whether they’re prepared to take that first step.” Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu begged to differ, telling CNN on Sunday that Iran is being offered an “enormous deal,” as pressure built up by the sanctions will be eased in exchange for “a minor concession which (Iran) could reverse in weeks.” The relief is expected to be accessed by tapping into frozen Iranian bank accounts worldwide, totaling $100 billion in Iranian oil sale reserves. The Israel Project (TIP) recently released an “infographic” illustrating that a relief of these proportions would be a very “bad deal.” As detailed by the infographic, that amount would allow the Islamic regime to fund terror group Hezbollah for 35 years, its military ICBM (Intercontinental Ballistic Missile) program for 21 months, or its entire war budget for 9 months.

85-Year-Old U.S. Tourist Detained in North Korea

Hundreds of American tourists visit North Korea each year, choosing to ignore the country’s long-standing ill relations with foreigners and outright warnings from the U.S. State Department. Merrilll Newman was one such traveler. Hailing from Palo Alto, California, Newman, a retired finance executive, wished to return to the place where he had served as an infantryman during the Korean War six decades ago, his son, Jeffrey, says. According to Jeffrey, his father was sitting on a plane following his nine-day visit when a uniformed Continued on page 24


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The Week North Korean officer boarded the plane and asked Newman for his passport, then informed a flight attendant that Newman had to deplane. The son said it is unclear at this point what prompted this detention. “We don’t know what this misunderstanding is all about,” Jeffrey Newman said. “All we want as a family is to have my father, my kids’ grandfather, returned to California so he can be with his family for Thanksgiving.” Despite the generally unfriendly attitude of the totalitarian country, Americans have been traveling to North Korea in increasing numbers since the country opened itself up to American tourism two years ago, said Jenny Town, assistant director of the U.S.-Korea Institute at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies. In light of Newman’s experience, the State Department revised its travel warning this week regarding North Korea, strongly cautioning American citizens to avoid making the trip. It had apparently received reports of authorities “arbitrarily detaining U.S. citizens and not allowing them to depart the country.” So why would Americans continue to go there? Christine Hong, an assistant professor of East Asian studies at the University of California at Santa Cruz, explained that Westerners visit North Korea for a number of reasons, whether for research purposes, missionary or charity work, business ventures, to locate family members, adventure tourism, or stealth journalism. For some, like the Merrill Newman, exploring the inner workings of a secluded, secretive society is pull enough. Since there is no North Korean consulate in the U.S., tourists must obtain visas in other countries abroad. Jenny Town explains that travel to the country must be arranged through tour companies with local guides in North Korea who receive and guide the visitors. Trying to enter legally independent of a tour company would be virtually impossible, she said. Though it is known that Merrilll Newman was traveling with a friend, Bob Hamrdla, it is not clear if the men had used a tour company or not. Hamrdla was permitted to return to the U.S. To determine if an American citizen is actually being detained would require a consular official to see the person in question and confirm his or her identity. Since there are no official diplomatic relations between Washington and Pyongyang, Sweden acts as America’s protecting power in North Korea. Consequently, Swedish officials would need

In News to confirm Newman’s identity. Though North Korea has a recent history of American detentions, holding at least six since 2009, it is unusual for the country to target a tourist. That being said, the authoritarian government is sensitive about foreign travelers, and tourists are closely monitored. Analysts say it has used detained Americans as diplomatic pawns in a long-running standoff with the United States over the North’s nuclear bomb production, something it denies.

Israel Film Producer by Day; Arms Dealer by Night

Fantasy meets real-life drama as well-known Israeli producer Arnon Milchan is speaking up for the first time about his involvement in the clandestine acquisition of arms for Israel and his efforts to promote the country’s alleged nuclear program. Milchan was featured in the season premiere of “Uvda” (“Fact”), a current affairs show hosted by Israeli investigative journalist Ilana Dayan. The producer did not hold back as he described his double life of churning out film after film while surreptitiously dealing arms undercover. Milchan’s secret activity has been investigated before; only two years ago authors Meir Doron and Joseph Gelman published a book titled, Confidential: The Life of Secret Agent Turned Hollywood Tycoon Arnon Milchan, alleging that Milchan acted as an arms dealer and intelligence operative for Israel’s Bureau of Scientific Relations. Even with the allegations already floating in the air, the interview with “Uvda” has supposedly released additional details involving other big names in Hollywood, like Sydney Pollack. According to the report, Pollack, who died in 2008, aided in the acquisition of arms and other military equipment for Israel in the 1970s. When asked if Pollack


THE JEWISH HOME n N O V E M B E R 2 8 , 2013

The Week BOYS JULY 2014


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Steven is the Director of Guidance at Torah Academy of Bergen County. Since he began there thirteen years ago, he has been involved in every aspect of the school – fostering strong connections with students, parents, teachers, and administration. He looks forward to bringing his professional expertise, as well as many years of experience as senior staff at summer camps, to Camp Kaylie this summer.


CHINUCH / KAYLIE KIDS COORDINATOR Karen teaches Tanach at the Moriah School in Englewood. Over the past 20 years, she has taught students in grades 1-12 on all academic levels. She served as the Director of Chinuch at a summer camp for the past six years, and is excited to join Camp Kaylie this summer.


TEEN DIVISION HEAD Lisa Fogel spent ten transformative summers as a camper, and is now thrilled to be able to provide unforgettable camp experience for the next generation. She has been working over the past several years as a licensed clinical social worker in Crown Heights as well as coaching the girls HAFTR middle school basketball team.


DIVISON COORDINATOR / CHINUCH Deena Kobre is a teacher, grade level advisor, and mechanechet at SKA. She was also the Director of Educational Programming at NCSY SEG. She has an M.S. in school leadership, and is excited to bring her experiences to Camp Kaylie.


DIRECTOR OF ROPES COURSE / CHINUCH Danyel Goldberg teaches 6th and 7th grade social studies at Shulamith School for Girls. She also teaches 7th and 8th grade Jewish history, and in addition, is a 7th grade mechenechet.


Naomi Kaszovitz is an avid tennis player/instructor and enjoys transmitting her love of tennis to campers. She has worked as a tennis instructor in camps for the past 12 years. She has also been the Stern College Tennis Coach for 5 years and counting.


knew about the details of the deals, Milchan tells Dayan, “Pollack knew, but I didn’t want to scare him because he’s American… He could have said ‘no.’ He said ‘no’ many times, but he also said ‘yes’ many times.” The Hollywood connection often came in handy – Milchan names at least one instance where name-dropping convinced U.S. scientist Arthur Biehl – an expert on nuclear weapons and a co-developer of the hydrogen bomb – to a meet with him. Milchan told the scientist that the actor was interested in scientific advice for a project he was working on. The producer confided to Dayan that leading such a double-life hasn’t been easy, especially with filmmaking as a real passion. “In Hollywood they don’t like working with an arms dealer, ideologically,” he said. “Instead of someone talking to me about a script, I had to spend half an hour explaining that I’m not an arms dealer...” Milchan continued, “If people knew how many times I risked my life, back and forth, again and again, for my country. And suddenly, [I have to] defend myself…I should have been aware of that, of what I’ll go through, and said, ‘You know what, I did it for my country and I’m proud of it.’”

patient. This wasn’t the first visit to an Israeli care center for the Haniyeh family. In the summer of 2012, Haniyeh’s brotherin-law was rushed across the border for urgent heart treatment at a hospital near Tel Aviv. While Israel has seen and treated its share of Palestinian patients, aiding the family of a major Hamas leader displays a whole new level of generosity—especially after Haniyeh himself called Israel “a cancerous tumor that must be removed and uprooted” in a conference on education last year. Luckily for him, Israel strives to treat actual diseases, regardless of a patient’s beliefs or affiliation.

Hamas Leader Sends Granddaughter to Israel for Treatment

The Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics reports that the unemployment rate in Gaza is up to 32.5% and 19.1% in the West Bank. This has led to an increased number of Palestinians from the West Bank seeking work in Jewish settlements there and in Israel, rising from 96,000 in the first quarter of the year to 103,000 in the third quarter. According to the report, 51,000 of the Palestinian workers employed in Israel had work permits, while 34,600 did not. The report also stated that 1.161 million people comprise the Palestinian workforce: 761 thousand in the West Bank and 400 thousand in the Gaza Strip. The number of unemployed Palestinians hit 275 thousand individuals, 145 thousand in the West Bank and 130 thousand in Gaza. 43.1% of the unemployed were between 20-24 years old and half of all people with academic degrees were unemployed.















In News

Never mind the distrust and hatred of Palestinian Arabs for Israel. When it comes to good emergency medical care, those feelings get tucked aside. That’s what Palestinian leader Ismail Haniyeh did when his granddaughter, Amal Haniyeh, contracted an acute infection of her digestive tract. After the 1-yearold had deteriorated to critical condition, the Hamas prime minister unhesitatingly sent her to Israel for treatment. Doctors there readily accepted her as a

34,600 Palestinians Working in Israel Without Permits

Wanted: New Allies? Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman said on Wednesday that Israel should make plans to form new allies instead of relying exclusively on its relationship


THE JEWISH HOME n N O V E M B E R 2 8 , 2013

THE JEWISH HOME n N O V E M B E R 2 8 , 2013


The foreign minister’s comments followed the clash between Washington and Jerusalem concerning sanctions and nuclear talks with Iran. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry have made it clear that they do not see eye to eye regarding a diplomatic agreement with Iran. Liberman also expressed disgust at the treatment of Israel at the UN. “If I were to take the simplest statistic…since the founding of the security council, there were 49 condemnations against Israel and only 3 against Iran.” “We can build peace but we can’t force it,” Liberman said of the peace process. “The order of priorities must be first Israeli security, afterward the Palestinian economy and then peace. We can’t ruin this order.”

Apple to Acquire Israel’s PrimeSense for $350M It’s no secret that Israel is a hotbed for startups. This week, Apple announced that it will acquire Israeli gesture recognition company PrimeSense Ltd for $350 million. This is Apple’s second acquisition in Israel; in 2011, the company acquired Anobit for $400 million. “Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we

generally do not discuss our purpose or plans,” said Apple. But some are saying that Apple will embed PrimeSense’s technology in the smart TV, scheduled for launch in 2015. There is also a good chance the technology will be used in iPads as well. PrimeSense has worked closely which with Microsoft Corporation, embedded PrimeSense’s hardware and software in the Kinect system, used in Xbox 360 game consoles. PrimeSense reportedly earned almost $200 million from Xbox 360 sales. The company was founded in 2005 by president Aviad Maizels, CTO Alexander Shpunt, Dima Rais, Ophir Sharon, and Tamir Berliner, and is run by CEO Inon Beracha. The start-up’s five founders are expected to rake in $50-85 million from the acquisition.

Fatah Videos Urges the Kidnapping and Killing of Israelis

eo calls to kill Israelis – which is worded as “death is in your cup – make them [Israelis] drink.” Israel is referred to as “occupied Palestinian territories” in the film. This type of rhetoric is far from new. Last month, Fatah’s official Facebook page lauded terrorist Issa Abd Rabbo, who was among the 26 recently freed terrorists in Israel’s “gesture” for the peace talks, as a “national symbol,” and pledged to “continue to walk in his path.” In September, Fatah’s military branch, Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade, gave the green light for a terror war over Jewish visits to the Temple Mount, the holiest site in Judaism. Obviously, words and pledges demanding the kidnapping and killing of Israelis is not in accordance with those seeking peace. In August, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu sent a letter to U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, in which he complained that Palestinian Authority incitement against Israel is continuing even after a return to U.S.-brokered “peace negotiations” between Israel and the PA was announced.

Hamas Radicalizes Even More in Gaza

N O V E M B E R 2 8 , 2013

with the United States. Liberman emphasized this point at a speech given at the Sderot Conference. “For many years Israel’s foreign policy was one directional towards Washington, but my policy has many more directions. The Americans today,” he continued, “are dealing with too many challenges and I wouldn’t want to be in their place. They are busy in Iran and North Korea and also have economic and immigration problems.” Liberman returned to his post last week after being cleared of fraud charges.

In News

In an effort to maintain control, Hamas has been radicalizing even further and rules by brute force in Gaza, imposing a reign of terror. The fall of the Muslim Brotherhood patrons in Egypt, the shutdown of its terror tunnels, and Iran’s reluctance to fund the group has made the group even more desperate. “As dissatisfaction among the Palestinian population [in Gaza] grows, Hamas’ only recourse is to become increasingly strict,” said Adel, whose un-


Congregation Shaaray Tefila Youth Department 25 Central Avenue, Lawrence

Fatah, the ruling party of the Palestinian Authority, is not about peace. Despite it being Chairman Mahmoud Abbas’ party and despite Abbas sitting down with Israel and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry to negotiate peace, peace is truly far from its mind. In a video on Fatah’s main page on Facebook, a masked terrorist sitting among dozens of rockets states that the Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades – Fatah’s military wing – is preparing to kidnap Israeli soldiers in order to “empty out the Zionist prisons.” It seems that Fatah is emulating Hamas, the group that kidnapped Gilad Shalit and demanded the release of 1,000 terrorists for his release. “We are preparing to kidnap Zionist soldiers to settle accounts with the Zionist enemy properly, in order to empty out the Zionist prisons,” the video vows. The same video threatens to fire rockets that will “reach the Zionist depth,” and “strike the Zionist enemy on its own ground.” A song in the vid-


The Week


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The Week cle Abasan al-Kabir lives in the Gaza town of Khan Younis. “Gaza has become a living hell. Anyone who criticizes Hamas is immediately arrested and tortured. Many now realize that Hamas is not the solution for a better life in Gaza.” Just a year ago, Hamas was given credit for stopping Israel’s “Operation Pillar of Cloud.” This year, the group celebrated the anniversary of this “victory over Israel” with military parades in Gaza. But now, the group has found itself without a stream of revenue; Iran has turned off its money tap to the group. Additionally, Hamas has been hit hard by Egypt’s new anti-Muslim Brotherhood policies. Only one thing could give rise to its popularity once again: a war with Israel, and Hamas is eagerly looking forward to a fight with its neighbor.

National Congresswoman Grace Meng Mugged in D.C.

A mugger attacked and robbed Democratic Rep. Grace Meng of New York near Capitol Hill on Tuesday night, leaving her bruised but not seriously injured. According to a statement released by her office, the 38-year-old congresswoman was walking toward her apartment after dining at a D.C. restaurant when she was struck on the back of the head. As she fell to the ground, the assailant took her handbag and fled on foot. “While this was a frightening ordeal, I fortunately was not seriously injured,” said Meng in the statement. “Obviously, things could have been much worse. I thank the U.S. Capitol Police and the District of Columbia Police for responding quickly and professionally.” According to her office, Meng was left with a bruise on her chin and underwent a CAT scan at George Washington University Hospital.

In News CIA Turned Gitmo Prisoners into Double Agents

In the early years following the September 11th attacks, the CIA turned prisoners in Guantanamo Bay into double agents, sent them home to their families and tried to use them to help kill terrorists. It was obviously a risky move, as those prisoners could just as quickly turn on their captors once they were released. But the CIA saw that as an acceptable risk and they kept this program a secret from the American public. The program took place in eight small cottages in Guantanamo Bay, also called Penny Lane. Some who passed through these secret facilities helped the CIA find and kill many top al Qaeda operatives. Others stopped providing useful information once released, and the CIA has lost touch with them. What prompted the program was the volume of prisoners pouring into Guantanamo Bay. In 2002, 632 detainees entered the detention center. 117 more came in 2003. By 2003, the secret program started. Prisoners enjoyed the cottages’ private kitchens, showers, real beds and televisions. Some CIA officials even referred to the cottages as the Marriott, comparing living there to a hotel. Many prisoners were evaluated and eventually only a handful were turned into spies for the U.S. The U.S. government confirmed that about 16 percent of former Guantanamo Bay detainees rejoined the fight against America. Officials suspect but have not confirmed that 12 percent more rejoined. A key objective for the CIA was infiltrating al Qaeda. Prisoners needed legitimate terrorist connections to be valuable to the “Penny Lane program.” Prisoners had their own reasons for joining the program. Some were told that the United States would help resettle their families. One detainee felt that al Qaeda pervert-

Zuckerberg Pushes for Immigration Reform Mark Zuckerberg, along with other social media and technology giants, is making efforts to loosen the standstill on immigration reform in Congress. To-

gether with LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman and Dropbox CEO Andrew Houston, the executives hosted a “hackathon” event at LinkedIn’s headquarters, where a group of 20 young immigrants who came to the country illegally as children spent the next 25 hours coding Web tools advocating for immigration reform. These immigrants, often called “Dreamers,” could be a tremendous asset to the economy, according to Zuckerberg. “I think this is one of the biggest civil rights issues of our time,” the CEO of Facebook said to reporters and the young immigrants. “We’re at a pretty critical moment in the movement right now where it’s really important to keep pushing ahead.” The three tech directors, along with Groupon co-founder Andrew Mason and immigration rights advocate Jose Antonio Vargas, will judge the young coders’ final work in categories like “best design,” “best advocacy app,” and “best storytelling app.” Zuckerberg and the others hope to demonstrate to Congress that the issue of citizenship for the more than 11 million immigrants living illegally in the United States will not wait quietly, even if the projected date

for its discussion has been pushed to later in 2014.

The group hopes that by spotlighting the individual stories of the “Dreamers” and the struggles they’ve faced due to their illegal status, they’ll be able to sway on-the-fence House Republicans. Their goal is to influence them as to the benefits that these tech-savvy immigrants bring to the table, thus feeding the economy and aligning with the country’s history and values. “Immigration is critically important to us,” Hoffman, LinkedIn’s co-founder, said. “It’s important to the U.S., not just the future, but it’s been a key portion of our identity and our past.”

Unfortunately for the group, the probability of landing an immigration bill on the president’s desk in the near future doesn’t seem likely. Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) mentioned last week that the lower chamber of the House has “no intention of ever going to conference” with the Senate on the sweeping bill after it passed in the upper chamber in June. What with the federal government’s rocky introduction of the ObamaCare website taking precedence on Congress’s current policy agenda and next year’s midterm elections on the horizon, immigration appears to be couched for the time being.

Honda Wins Eco-Friendly Title “Accord”ingly Out of a number of worthy contestants, the 2014 Honda Accord was named “Green Car of the Year” at the L.A. Auto Show last Thursday morning. Judges like Jay Leno, a car aficionado himself, praised the vehicle for its plethora of environmentally friendly options.

N O V E M B E R 2 8 , 2013

ed Islam and he felt it was his duty to help the CIA destroy it. All were promised payment in return for their services and the United States paid millions of dollars for their assistance. The funds came from a secret CIA account called Pledge. Al Qaeda suspected that the CIA would attempt a program like this and were suspicious of those held in Guantanamo Bay. One official said that the terrorist group at one point came close to discovering a double agent in their midst. The program ended in 2006. The last prisoner arrived in Guantanamo Bay in 2008. Of the 779 prisoners taken to Guantanamo Bay, more than threefourths have been released, mostly during the Bush administration.

In News


The Week



The Accord, lauded by Honda as the model with the highest retail sales volume in the U.S., boasts a variety of different powertrain options, including a new 50 mpg hybrid and a plug-in hybrid with a 115 MPGe (miles per gallon gasoline equivalent) rating. Mike Accavitti, American Honda Motors’ marketing chief, is pleased with the recognition of Honda’s expanded efforts to produce environmentally healthy cars, believing the award “says we’re moving in the right direction.” The Green Car of the Year program was established by the Green Car Journal to both highlight the best in clean,

In News

fuel-efficient technology as well as to promote awareness among consumers, organizers said. With eco-responsible technology infused into “mainstream” cars, availability and affordable prices will provide the technology with an actual, positive large-scale impact. This is the second time in three years that Honda has taken home the prize.

The vice president, a regular customer, was offered the food on the house by a deli employee. Thanks, but no thanks, answered Biden. “No, no, no, I’m not taking it,” he said. “In Delaware, you pay. It’s simple.” The bill was footed by Biden’s assistant.

Biden Short on Cash

Kennedy Cousin Released on Bond

The fiscal situation in Capriotti’s deli in Washington, D.C., was pretty bleak last Thursday. After ordering four sandwiches from the Delaware-based restaurant, Vice President Joe Biden reached into his pocket to pay the $56.25 bill only to find that his wallet was empty.

After spending 11 years behind bars for the murder of Martha Moxley in 1975, Michael Skakel, a Kennedy cousin, was released on $1.2 million bond on Thursday while awaiting a new trial. Skakel, a nephew of Robert F. Kenne-

dy’s widow, has been in a maximum-security prison after being convicted of murdering Moxley when they were both teenagers and neighbors in Greenwich, Connecticut. That ruling was overturned in October after Skakel successfully argued in an appeal that his trial lawyer did a substandard job of representing him back in 2002. While prosecutors are appealing the decision, they admitted there was no legal basis for opposing Skakel’s release on bond. They did, however, contest the defense’s request for a $500,000 bond, believing the amount to be nominal given the wealth of the family in question. Prosecutor John Smirga suggested a figure closer to $2 million. Hubert Santos, Skakel’s appeals lawyer, argued by highlighting his client’s compliance. When a warrant was first issued over ten years ago, Skakel flew from Florida to Connecticut to turn himself in. Bond was set at $500,000 at that time. “He’s got an excellent track record. He’s one of the most recognizable faces in America,” said Santos. “He wants to see his son.” Continued on page 36


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The Week

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J. Twerski, M.D.


4Bereishis Volume 4 Parshiyos Vayeishev–Vayechi 4Shemos Volume 2 4Bereishis Volume 2 Parshiyos Yisro–Pekudei Parshiyos Lech Lecha–Toldos 4Vaykira Volume 1 4Bereishis Volume 3 Parshiyos Vayeitzei–Vayishlach Parshiyos Vayikra–Metzora ALSO AVAILABLE IN THIS SERIES:

PERFECT FOR SCHOOL AND HOME USE THE CHUMASH OUR CHILDREN WILL LEARN TO LOVE! 4Designed in consultation with mechanchim and reading specialists. 4Large, clear type with comfortable spacing between lines 4Page headings designed to help children find the place easily 4Layout of Chumash and Rashi text especially formatted for ease of use 4Many important charts and illustrations to help youngsters understand the material 4Extra-reinforced side-sewn binding for durability

505 / ‍ ומפות‏,‍ ׌יורי×?‏,â€Ť×˜×‘×œ×?ות‏

tiferes mic∑ael edition

â€ŤÖ´×ž×™× Öľ ×™ � ֲע Öľ×œ×™ ֡חִ ×™×? ְל ָק ְר�נוֹת‏

c∑inuc∑ c∑umas∑



‍יית‏ Ö´ ִ‍* ֡עד ץוֹף Ö°ďŹŞďż˝× ďż˝×Ş×? ďż˝×” Ö°ďŹŹ×œâ€Ź


‍ ֜עגְ ďż˝×œ×”â€Ź,‍־עג֜ ×œâ€Ź

‍חוֹד‏ Öś ‍ע ָר‏-‍ה‏ ďż˝ â€Ť×œď­‹ďŹŞâ€Ź ďż˝ ‍ִמ ְ‏

‍×?ďŹŞď­‹× ×”â€Ź ďż˝ ‍֡עד ץוֹף ְ�נ�ת×? ָה ִר‏


‍עיר‏ ‍יר‏ ‍� ִע‏

*‍חוֹד‏ Öś ‍רר‏ ‍ע ָ‏-‍ה‏ ďż˝ â€Ť×œď­‹ďŹŞâ€Ź ďż˝ ‍ִמ ְ‏ â€ŤďŹŞďż˝× ×Şď­‹ ďż˝×” ־נִ ית‏ �‍֡עד ץוֹף ְ‏

/ ‍ְ ִעיר ִעִ ×™×?‏ ‍ְ ִע �ירת ִעִ ×™×?‏

*‍×?ďŹŞď­‹× ×”â€Ź ďż˝ ‍��ננ��ת×? ָה ִר‏ ‍֡עד ץוֹף ְ‏

(‍) ֜ב �זז��כרר‏ Öś ‍�×? Ö´×™Ö´ ×œâ€Ź *‍חוֹד‏ Öś ‍רר‏ ‍ע ָ‏-‍ה‏ ďż˝ â€Ť×œď­‹ďŹŞâ€Ź ďż˝ ‍ִמ ְ‏ â€ŤďŹŞďż˝ďż˝× ×Şď­‹ ďż˝×” ־נִ ית‏ ‍֡עד ץוֹף ְ‏

4Devarim Complete in 1 vol. 4Megillos Ruth and Esther Complete in 1 vol. 4Megillas Eichah Complete in 1 vol.

‍֜ ֜ב‏

‍×?ďŹŞď­‹× ×”â€Ź ďż˝ ‍֡עד ץוֹף ְ�נתוֹ ָה ִר‏



‍ ומפות‏,‍ ׌יורי×?‏,‍ טבל×?ות‏/ 514

'‍ֲ×?רוֹ×&#x; ְ ִרית ה‏ 4

â€Ť×™ď­‹× ×”â€Ź ďż˝ ‍֜×&#x;‏

â€ŤďŹťďż˝× ×Łâ€Ź �‍עוֹקר �‏ Öľ ‍ז�מ×&#x; ֜‏ �ְְ‍ ďż˝ďŹť×œ ז‏,â€ŤÖ°×§ďż˝×˜ Ö´ď­€Ö´ď­€×™×?‏ ‍יקרוֹ �ד×?‏ Ö¸ ‍ִמ ְת�מ־־×? ְמקוֹ×? ִע‏

‍תּוֹרי×?‏ Ö´

ֲ‍ְ ל ֚ָ ×”×”×?‏ Ö¸ ,‍ ďŹŞÖ°ďż˝× ×™Ö´×?֜ ל×– ָָהב‏.‍רוֹנוֹתע ָהďŹąÖ°ďż˝×Ś×œÖ° ×?Öľ ×œâ€Ź Öľ ֜‍וְ ×?Öś ×—Ö¸ דד‏ ďż˝ â€Ť×œע‏ ďż˝ ְ‍×? ְרָ ָעה×›Ö° Ö¸×Ş×œÖ´ ×™×?ו‏.‍׼‏ â€ŤďŹŞďŹľ×œ×™Ö´×?לְ ×›Ö¸ ×œâ€Ź Ö´ ִ‍×?Öś ×—Ö¸ דדפְ תח‏ ‍י×?×ž×œÖ°ďż˝×ž Ö°×˘×œÖ¸ ה‏ 1 â€Ť×œע׼‏ Öľ ֜‍נָ�ת×&#x;‏ Ö° ְ‍‏ 2 ‍תוֹך֜ ל×– ָָהב‏ 3 ‍וְ ֜ לל×– ָָהב‏ Ö° ְ‍‏ 1 ‍תוֹך ֜ ל ־ע׼‏ 4 ‍תוֹ×” Öś×˘×œÖ° יוֹנָ ×”ְ ×– ָָהב‏ Ö° ‍וְ ×—Ö´ ď­„Ö¸ ה‏ Ö¸ ָ‍הפ‏ Ö° ‍נִ ְמ׌ָ ×?‏ Ö´ ֜‍×?מ׌֝ פּ‏ Ö´ ‍המ�י‏ ‍ִתמח׼‏


,‍ְ ×“ď­‹×œÖ´ ×™×?‏ ‍ִמ ֜�זְ ִהיב‏

;‍ד‏:â€Ť× ďż˝×Ş×? ďż˝×” ־נִ ית )עי' פרה ×?‏ �‍�נ‏ �‍עיר ֡עד ץוֹף ְ‏ ‍ו� ִעיר‏ ďż˝ ‍×?וֹמ ִרי×? ֜ ְ ִעיר ִעִ ×™×? וְְו‏ 1 Ö° ‍יית וְ ×™Öľ ‏ (‍כה‏-‍כד‏:â€Ť×”×Š×œ×—×&#x; העתיד ץג‏ Ö´ ‍מי×? ֡עד ץוֹף ְ�נ�ת ďż˝×” ְ Ö´×œâ€Ź ‍המוריה" בדברי ×”×›"מ וערוך‏ Ö´ ‍מוֹנה �י‏ ďż˝ ‍×?וֹמ ִרי×? ֜ ָפּ�רה ֡היְ ינ ־מ ְ‏ Ö° ‍*×™Öľ ‏ ‍ובכץף מ׊נה ׊×?; ובי×?ור "הר‏ ‍מע׊ה הקרבנות פ"×? ×”×™"ד‏ '‍רמב"×? ×”×œâ€Ź .‍ ×Ş×Š×˘â€œ×“â€Ź,‍מץורה‏-â€Ť×œ×?×¨×˜×Ą×§×¨×•×œâ€Ź ‍ Š כל הזכויות ׊מורות‏2013

.‍העתקה ×?ץורה בכל ׌ורה ׊הי×?‏


(‍י×?‏:‍)ר׊"×™ ׊מות כה‏

Ö´ ‍ְ‏ ‍רבי×?‏

֜ ‍�‏ ‍פּוֹרת‏

‍ז־ ר‏

Öˇ ‍ ִי×?‏

Also available: BEREISHIS

Additional volumes in preparation for this year.

.‍ העתקה ×?ץורה בכל ׌ורה ׊הי×?‏.‍ ×Ş×Š×˘â€œ×“â€Ź,‍מץורה‏-‍ Š כל הזכויות ׊מורות ל×?×¨×˜×Ą×§×¨×•×œâ€Ź2013

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An Appalachian family of 12 — and their fascinating journey to Judaism.


THE MOUNTAIN FAMILY BY Tzirel Rus Berger WITH Penina Neiman

Stories and practical ideas from the lectures of


Rabbi Paysach J. Krohn

Inspiring new stories by Rabbi Binyomin Pruzansky



An extraordinary Holocaust memoir by Rabbi Nachman Seltzer

The Mountain Family is the story of a pastor’s daughter who became a Jew, mother of ten Jews, all devoted to Torah learning and mitzvah observance. It is a story of struggle and search, of questions asked and prayers answered. Most of all, it is the story, told in her own words, of a woman whose deep love for Torah is an inspiration to us all.

2 NEW COOKBOOKS BY Leah Schapira AND Victoria Dwek

HEAVEN’S TEARS Sima Halberstam Preiser’s journey to life

Kids will love this gorgeous picture book!


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The authoritative biography of

Maran Hacham Ovadia Yosef zt’l

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ALL 1,500




N O V E M B E R 2 8 , 2013


The Week Skakel reportedly listened quietly in the packed Stamford courtroom as Superior Court Judge Gary White set bond at $1.2 million, forbade him from leaving the state without authorization, and ordered him to wear a GPS monitoring device. After exiting the courtroom, Skakel did not offer a comment himself, though his family said these could be the first steps to Skakel’s vindication.

Exercising for Two

A new study involving expectant mothers may illustrate the positive effects of exercise on an unborn baby’s brain. While a variety of other studies

have been performed measuring the effects of a mother’s activity on the baby’s physiology – such as a correlation in mother-baby heart rate – determining the effects on a developing brain is more difficult to quantify. A recent experiment at the Society for Neuroscience’s annual meeting in San Diego produced results that indicated the two may be intertwined for the positive. Pregnant rats who were allowed to exercise on a wheel gave birth to babies that more successfully executed a memory test early in their youth. This cognitive advantage followed them into adulthood. Being that this and other experiments involved animals, a new study was performed at the University of Montreal in Canada to more accurately test the effects of prenatal exercise on humans. A group of expectant mothers with similar lifestyles – healthy, young adults who exercised sporadically – were assigned either to a light exercise regimen or a sedentary rest beginning in their second trimester. The women in the exercise group were directed to work out for at least 20 minutes three times a week, at a moderate intensity, equivalent to about a six or so on a scale of exertion from 1 to

In News 10. Most women chose to walk or jog. All volunteers kept a daily activity log regardless of which group they were in. After about 6 months, all the women gave birth to healthy boys and girls and were asked to bring them into the lab for testing soon after. Each baby was fitted with a newborn-sized cap containing electrodes used for monitoring electrical activity in the brain, settled in his or her mother’s lap, and soothed to sleep. Researchers then played a sound loop featuring a variety of low, soft sounds that recurred frequently, interspersed with more jarring, unfamiliar noises, while the baby’s brain activity was recorded. The brain’s reaction to these kinds of sounds would take on the appearance of a spike that diminishes as the baby’s brain matures, generally disappearing at 4 months. With the babies in question, the sedentary group’s sported numerous spikes in response to the harsher sounds, while the active group’s were noticeably smaller. This would seem to indicate that the prenatal exercise had caused the babies’ brains to mature earlier, allowing them to more easily adapt to their environment. The exact science of it all is not

clear, but for now it seems that exercising may benefit not only the mother but the baby as well.

Best Places to Hang Your Hat After Retiring

If early retirement is at the top of your list, it might pay to take inventory of your location first. FindTheBest, a data collection site, has identified the most favorable destinations in which to retire early and do so successfully, taking into account information such as unem-


THE JEWISH HOME n N O V E M B E R 2 8 , 2013


ployment rates, living costs, tax-friendliness, low crime and high concentrations of residents ages 45 to 64. Coming in at number ten on the list is the sunny island of Honolulu, HI. The capital of Hawaii seems to be the optimal place to retire—if you have money, that is. It’s one of the most expensive cities to live in the U.S. Healthcare is surprisingly reasonable and the scenic surroundings are enough to lower anyone’s blood pressure. Virginia Beach, VA; Midland, TX; Peoria, AZ; and Bellevue, WA rounded out the next few spots on the best places to retire list. Sioux Falls, SD; Sandy Springs, GA; Alexandria, VA; and Cary, NC came in at the top of list. Naperville, IL, nabbed the number one spot on list, making it the best place to retire in the country. Its low crime rate, large population in the 45-64 age bracket, and pedestrian-friendly downtown make it a great place to enjoy life after the rat race. But keep an eye on spending, though. The local sales tax is on the high side, so make sure to leave your wallet at home when perusing the local shops.

“As we evolve, our homes should too”

Call Tami Rosenbaum Interiors LLC. for a design consultation 718-734-7452 or email

That’s Odd



Collectible Gaming Card Sells for $27K on eBay Classy, Affordable Childrens Wear







N O V E M B E R 2 8 , 2013

The Week


Lesser-known collectibles are moving up in the world. The ‘Alpha’ Black Lotus from the collectible card game Magic: The Gathering has put the game in the news after selling in an eBay auction for $27,302 on November 17. The ‘Alpha’ Black Lotus card, called so because it was published in the game’s first edition back in 1993, was originally printed in a run of only 1,100 others and is now on the game’s ‘Reserved List’ of cards that will never be reissued. It’s typically considered the most valuable Magic card ever printed, as the final price tag substantiates. The card’s fine condition received a 9.5 on the 1-10 scale of professional sports card authentication, possibly explain-

In News ing the unusually high asking price. As described on the Yahoo games website, this qualifies the card as “Gem Mint” – or “practically perfect in every way,” as Mary Poppins might put it. An 8-card pack – which may or may not contain a Black Lotus – cost $2.45 in 1993. Anyone interested in acquiring a Gem Mint Black Lotus is in luck – there’s another one for sale on eBay for $37,888.

Man Leaves It All to His Cats

While the dog is typically man’s best friend, two Tennessee felines may beg to differ. Frisco and Jake, two cats belonging to the late Leon Sheppard Sr., are the sole heirs to Sheppard’s $250,000 fortune and his 4,270-square-foot, gated community home. There has been no comment from Sheppard’s five children, 12 grandchildren, or six great-grandchildren. Memphis station WMC-TV reports that the cats are to remain in the Sheppard home under the same living conditions as always, with the $250,000 to be used for their care as well as maintaining the house. After Frisco dies, the remainder of the money will be divided among Sheppard’s relatives, with the understanding that Jake will continue to be cared for. 

Hollywood Bar to Serve $500 Milkshake

How good is your average milkshake? $500 good? The Powder Room, a new nightclub in Hollywood, California, will be serving a souped-up, spirits-infused frothy concoction priced at just that amount. The drink, designed by award-winning mixologist Adrianne

39 THE JEWISH HOME n N O V E M B E R 2 8 , 2013

‫ועד הרבנים לעניני צדקה בארה"ק‬

Vaad Harabanim Le’inyanei Tzedaka B’eretz Hakodesh

Minyan of Kohanim Gedolei Torah On the Day of

“Zos Chanukah” Kodesh Hakodoshim

Facing the

Tefilas HaChashmonaim A tremendous prayer assembly, a minyan composed of pure-lineaged kohanim who are great in Torah and yirah, who will daven fervently for the donors of Vaad Harabanim.

According to the special seder tefilah stated in the Tashbatz as how the Kohanim Chashmonaim prayed 2200 years ago, thereby meriting their great yeshu’ah. May we too merit great yeshu’os this year as well – as it was bayamim hahem, so may it

be bazman hazeh!

‫ועד הרבנים לעניני צדקה בארה"ק‬

Vaad Harabanim Le’inyanei Tzedaka B’eretz Hakodesh

1877-722-2646 R







24 hour service, all credit / debit cards accepted

221 Regent Drive Lakewood, NJ 08701 Tax ID# 37-1456890

Fax: 1877-KVITTEL


All donations are tax deductible. Please make checks payable to Vaad Harabbanim

1888-36-36-248 international toll-free number

THE JEWISH HOME n N O V E M B E R 2 8 , 2013


down to $96,498, which the Virginia native will pay in monthly installments of $150 over the next 54 years. His last payment will be in mid-2067, at which time he’ll be 87. This sounds toll-tally crazy.

World’s Tallest Water Slide in Progress “It was quite a surprise,” airport director BP Sharma said. “The bars were packed in bags so we did not immediately know what it was. The bags were inspected and found to be gold.” Sharma said the bars weigh a collective 53 pounds and appeared to have originated in the United Arab Emirates. While this may be the first time gold bars have been found on a plane at the airport, people have been caught by airport security trying to smuggle gold in their hand luggage, the airport director said. A customs official told NBC News that an investigation had been launched but no arrests had been made.

The Phantom Toll Booth Bill

A 33-year-old Virginia man managed to rack up a whopping sum of $202,000 in unpaid tolls and penalties. How, you ask? It all started in 2009 when Jason Bourcier regularly drove the Dulles Toll Road during his commute from Reston, Va., to Washington, D.C. Apparently, Bourcier had been informed – incorrectly – that the toll booths were unmanned and “off duty” after 11:30pm and that drivers passing through after that time were spared the 75-cent toll. “I would go through late at night, and there weren’t any attendants,” said Bourcier. “One day, I asked an attendant if the cameras were on when there were no attendants on duty. He said they weren’t. So I started going through without paying the tolls.” Bourcier would continue in this manner for three and a half years. The cameras, in fact, were fully operational and caught Bourcier’s license plates as he passed through each time. The Virginia Dept. of Transportation charged him $440 in tickets through the mail, which he ignored, leading to processing fees ($25 per violation) and penalties (up to $500 per infraction). Bourcier amassed a total of 335 toll violations, and the VDOT finally took him to court over his $202,000 bill. After negotiating the figures, Bourcier’s lawyers brought the final bill

A Lot of Giant Steps for Mankind

Water park attractions are packing in the heat…er…height. Schlitterbahn, famous for its innovative water parks, is working on a 17-story speed ride of insanity. And insanity it is; scheduled to open to the public at Schlitterbahn’s Kansas City location in May, 2014, the Verrückt, as the slide will be called, supposedly translates to “insane.” While keeping mum about the details, designer Jeff Henry promises the Verrückt will be the tallest, fastest and steepest water slide in the world, topping the current title holder, the “Insano” in Brazil. Riders will travel down the slide on a 4-person raft to share the thrill of experience and also conveniently prevent the unpleasant “slide-burn” effect. Hold onto your yarmulkas.

$1.2 million Discovered in Plane’s Bathroom A commercial jet travelling from Mumbai to Thailand’s capital Bangkok was found to have been hoarding $1.2 million worth in gold bars. An aircraft maintenance crew stumbled upon the 24 bars in the Jet Airways Boeing 737 bathroom when they performed routine end-of-day checks at the airport in Kolkata, India.

N O V E M B E R 2 8 , 2013

Biggs, will combine premium alcohol with Belgian chocolate and edible gold and will come with a souvenir – a Swarovski Nirvana Montana blue crystal ring. “We wanted to offer an experience where guests could take something special home with them, and it’s perfect for a bachelorette party or a special occasion,” owner John Arakaki said. “I remember loving Cracker Jack boxes as a kid and getting the prize at the end of it. It’s taking that philosophy to another level of execution.” Just like Cracker Jacks.

In News


The Week


What Karl Bushby’s attempting to do has been conceived before – to travel across the entire globe. However, it’s his method of transport that sets him apart from all other contestants; he’s aiming to go by foot. Originally from England, Bushby’s plan has been to go through the Darién Gap, across the Mojave Desert, over the Bering Strait, through Mongolia and


N O V E M B E R 2 8 , 2013


The Week the Middle East and finally back home to England with only a backpack and a handcart he named “the Beast.” 15 years and a multitude of harrowing experiences later, including brushes with crocodiles, near-starvation and imprisonment, Bushby has reached the United Sates, starting out in Los Angeles and heading towards D.C. The greatest change Bushby has seen over the course of his travels is the advancement of social media, enabling him to project his whereabouts and progress at any given time. Anyone interested in being a part of the longest walk in human history can tune in live to The trekker also maintains an Instagram feed. Motivation for such extreme course of action seems to have come in the form of Bushby’s disappointment with his young self. A diagnosis of dyslexia, failure to prove himself in the British army and a failed marriage later, Bushby set out to accomplish something hard, something gritty – something big. “It’s quite a long walk,” he said. “But I’ve made it my mission, and frankly, failure isn’t an option.” Well, his boots are truly made for walking. Walk, Bushby, walk.

Former President Bush Exhibits Painting Talent on TV

Tonight Show host Jay Leno focused on former President W. Bush’s artistic

skills last week. Dubbya described how he had been inspired to paint by a Winston Churchill essay on the subject. He went on to hire an art instructor to hone his skills. “She said, ‘What’s your objective?’ I said, ‘There’s a Rembrandt trapped in this body. Your job is to find it,’” said Bush to laughter. Painting occupies a very important place in the 43rd president’s heart; according to him it changed his life. Bush’s favorite subjects seem to be his household pets – his dog, Barney, and cat, Bob. The former president shared some of his works on the show, to which Leno joked, “I can’t even see where you painted over the numbers.” Leno later inquired as to whether or not Bush would like this new identity to take precedent over the former one. “Is that second on your credits, president of the United States, painter, on your resume?” Leno asked, to which Bush replied, “It depends on whether you like the paintings or not.” This had been Bush’s first late-night show appearance since leaving office.

First Prize: A Winning Reindeer

The World Cup slalom competition in Levi, Finland, offered a unique prize to winner Mikaela Shiffrin: a male reindeer fawn. Shiffrin finished a full second ahead of her closest competitor, the prevailing Olympic champion Maria

In News Hoefl-Riesch. Originally from Colorado, 18-year-old Shiffrin could hardly contain her excitement as she received her prize, immediately calling the animal “Rudolph.” Understandably, she said it was definitely one of the more memorable prizes. “Who wouldn’t want to get a reindeer?” Shiffrin exclaimed. “I think we will be getting along. I hope that when he gets older and trained I can go for a ride on a sledge with him.”

Historic Saudi Saber Sells for $1Million A rare saber considered to be a “historic testimony” to the creation of modern-day Saudi Arabia sold for upwards of $1.2 million at an auction in France. The 24-carat-gold and steel weapon with an ivory handle and long curved blade nearly 30 inches long fetched 955,400 euros over the phone “by a mysterious buyer who entered bidding mid-sale,” said auctioneer Jean-Pierre Osenat. The sword had been a gift from Saudi King Abdul-Aziz bin Saud to Prince Ahmad Shah Khan in Afghanistan to mark the founding of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on May 5, 1932. The sale of the saber, which could be of 19th-century Syrian origin, provoked “very lively interest among collectors in the Middle East,” the Osenat auction house said.

Internationally Renowned Freediver Dies During Bahamas Competition

A 32-year-old New York City man died last Sunday while participating in a tournament in the Bahamas. Nicholas Mevoli, a Brooklyn native, broke the U.S. constant weight record for freediving not long after he began his competi-

tive career last year. Freediving, unlike scuba diving, involves entering the water without air tanks, regulators or hoses. Divers swim to various depths relying solely on the air retained in their lungs. The Association Internationale pour le Développement de l’Apnée, or AIDA, released a statement last week. The Switzerland-based worldwide federation for breath-holding diving said Mevoli reached the 72-meter depth of the no-fins dive, returned to the surface but had difficulty breathing while completing surface protocol and lost consciousness. “Nick appears to have suffered from a depth-related injury to his lungs,” the AIDA statement said. Mevoli died around 2 p.m. off the coast of the Bahamas’ Long Island, about 164 miles southeast of the capital of Nassau, reported officials. An autopsy is expected to be completed at Nassau. According to his uncle, Paul Mevoli, it would take Nicholas about 2 minutes and 45 seconds to dive down and back up 300 feet (91.4 meters) of water in just one breath. “Nobody could do what he did under the water,” said his uncle. He died doing what he loved.

A Penny for Your Thoughts? A rare St. Louis coin collection sold for more than $23 million at a two-day New York City auction. The collection finds its roots in an 1859 one-cent piece that the 102-year-old collector received more than ninety years ago from his grandfather. Representing only onethird of Eric P. Newman’s total collection, the 1,800 items auctioned off had been originally purchased by Newman for a mere $7,500. Auctioneer Jim Halperin said another auction of foreign coins is planned for January and is expected to reap at least $10 million. Co-chairman of Dallas-based Heritage Auctions, Halperin called Newman one of the world’s most accomplished numismatists or professional coin collectors. Proceeds from the auction will benefit the nonprofit Eric P. Newman Numismatic Education Society. The society runs the Newman Money Museum, part of the Kemper Art Museum at Washington University in St. Louis. Newman is a 1935 law graduate of the school. That’s what I call one pretty penny.



N O V E M B E R 2 8 , 2013

SNL, Saturday Night Learning, is a weekly program that takes place at Mercaz Hatorah of Belle harbor. It is run by R’ Menachem Basch and Kivi Landsberg.The program brings together the bochurim of the yeshiva with fathers and their boys. This Motzai Shabbos there was a special pre-Chanukah SNL where there was a special learning program followed by a beautiful melave malka. The boys were entertained by a story/ concert from Belle Harbor’s own R’ Avi Kunstler and a thrilling dreidel tournament.

Shulamith Girls Bring Warmth and Song to Local Holocaust Survivors

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Locksmith Service On Thursday, November 21st, a group of seventh graders from Shulamith School for Girls visited with Holocaust survivors at the JCC of the Greater Five Towns. The outing was part of an ongoing series of chesed projects coordinated by Mrs. Chana Schwartz, G.O. advisor. When they arrived, the six young ladies, Hana Adler, Michal Bodner, Shayna Eisenberg, Dvora Golombeck, Arielle Lipsky, and Kayla Wienerkur, had the opportunity to talk to some of the survivors and hear inspirational stories from them. They then joined the survivors in the audience for an incredible

concert that featured Mark Peskanov, an award-winning violinist, and Doris Stevenson, a world class pianist, playing Bach, Beethoven, and more. To top off their morning of chesed, the girls helped serve a Thanksgiving meal to the survivors. The girls also sang Maoz Tzur and were delighted when the survivors joined in the singing. The students then bid farewell to their new acquaintances, wishing them a happy Thanksgiving and Chanukah. When it was time to go, young and old alike agreed that their time together was precious and heartwarming.


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N O V E M B E R 2 8 , 2013


Lipa, Jugglers and Balloons Delight the Community at Gourmet Glatt’s Pre-Chanukah Extravaganza

Bnos Bais Yaakov “Dancing in the Rain” Writing Contest Winners Superstorm Sandy left physical wreckage and emotional damage in its wake last year. As our neighborhood gathered together to commemorate the solidarity of our community in the storm’s aftermath, Bnos Bais Yaakov looked for ways to involve our students in post-Sandy recollections in academic venues as well. Mrs. S. Koenig (General Studies Principal, grades 5-8) and Miss D. Kurland (General Studies Principal, grades 1-4) joined forces to create the “Dancing in the Rain” writing contest. The students were introduced to the poignant quote, “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass; it’s about learning to dance in the rain.” The girls were asked to use that thought as a starting point for their literary submissions. Those children who were directly affected by the storm wrote in heart-wrenching terms about the loss of their toys, their clothes, and their sense of security. They de-

scribed their fear, their parents’ stoicism, and their families’ difficulties in maintaining any kind of normal routine. But most inspiring was the way many of the articles ended. The girls inevitably concluded with feelings of hakaras hatov to those who helped their families and recognition of chasdei Hashem even in the worst of times. The staff members who read these articles were deeply touched by the emunah and positive feelings that the storm was unable to squelch in their talmidos. Momentum and enthusiasm for the contest reached such a crescendo that even some staff members got swept along and decided to submit their own essays or poems. “Dancing in the Rain” stickers and pens were handed out and BBY was “off and writing!” Requirements for each grade’s submissions were based on the writing skill that they were currently working on with their English teachers. Articles

and/or poems were handed into the panel of judges, Dr. Golda Gross (General Studies Curriculum Coordinator, grades 4-8), Dr. Joyce Nissel (Writing Specialist), and Mrs. Malka Wender (General Studies Curriculum Coordinator, grades 1-3). Awards were announced at a special assembly held on Wednesday, November 13th. See below for a list of contest winners. Also present at Wednesday’s assembly was the very popular author, Mrs. Etka Gittel Schwartz. Mrs. Schwartz is the author of “Full Harvest” and “Shortchanged,” and is a frequent contributor to Bina Magazine. The BBY girls were completely captivated by Mrs. Schwartz’s passion for her craft and the way she so beautifully synthesizes her Torah life-style with her career as a writer. Nothing can ever replace the material goods that were lost last year in the hurricane, but it was wonderful to see

that our girls have all moved forward and can view Superstorm Sandy from a healthy perspective. “Dancing in the Rain” Contest Winners: 1st grade: Devorah Speiser, Chana Roth, Mitzi Kopelowitz, Chedva Fagin 2nd grade: Esther Lawrence, Ariella Bauman, Rivka Bald 3rd grade: Aviva Rosenfeld, Rena Halpern, Racheli Hertzka 4th grade: Tova Munk, Shaindy Reidel, Ahuva Neuman Grade Winners: 1st- Esty Rutner; 2nd- Sheva Schiff; 3rd- Meira Werner; 4th- Shana Brecher; 3rd and 4th division: Tzirel Sandler





C E L E B R AT I N G 1 9 Y E A R S

SUNDAY, 12 TEVET, 5774 DECEMBER 15, 2013








Mr. & Mrs.


Dr. & Mrs.


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DINNER CHAIRMEN Dr. & Mrs. Binyomin & Leah Muller Mr. & Mrs.Yosef & Penina Batsheva Popack

Mr. & Mrs.


Mr. & Mrs.

BORIS & ANNA VOLFMAN JOURNAL CHAIRMEN Mr. & Mrs. Shalom & Sheri Hammer Mr. & Mrs. Larry & Susan Sachs

ASSOCIATE DINNER CHAIRMEN Mr. & Mrs. Aaron & Necha Fischman Mr. & Mrs. Uri & Wendy Ottensoser Mr. & Mrs. Gary & Suzanne Wallin

N O V E M B E R 2 8 , 2013




THE JEWISH HOME n N O V E M B E R 2 8 , 2013



THE JEWISH HOME n N O V E M B E R 2 8 , 2013


N O V E M B E R 2 8 , 2013


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Miriam Kahn, RN Talks About Taking Care of Your Health This Year This year, Jewish families across the country will be lighting the menorah and eating their latkes side by side with their turkey. But what few people know is November 28 is even more jam-packed than we realize. Yes, it’s Thanksgiving. Yes, it’s the second night of Chanukah. But here’s the lesser known is also National Family Health History Day. Each year since 2004, the Office of the Surgeon General, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has declared Thanksgiving to be National Family History Day. Thanksgiving Day and other times when families gather is a great opportunity to talk about health problems and conditions that are present in their family. Learning about one’s family health history and writing it down is the first step in helping to ensure a longer, healthier future together. If you are like many Americans, obesity and weight issues are prevalent health-related problems. There are many weight loss programs that promise great results, but not all of them deliver.

But take a look around the Greater Five Towns community; you will see dramatic weight loss successes. Since October 2011, thousands of lbs* (!) have been shed by our community members and it’s all thanks to Take Shape for Life (TSFL) and the dynamic work of one of its leaders, Miriam Kahn, RN and her team of health coaches. Since becoming a coach, Miriam Kahn has helped many clients lose weight and significantly improve their health. “With the TSFL program, I realized how much better I looked and felt, losing weight, making my health a priority, and learning new habits to replace some of the old ones,” commented Miriam Kahn. “I set my goal to reach a healthy weight and work on improving my overall health, well-being, and life.” The program is simple to follow, and the results are amazing. Take Shape For Life (TSFL) is a complete approach to wellbeing that focuses on creating health. It is an optimal Health Program – it is not a diet, but a multi-phased approach for weight loss and maintenance.

Reaching a healthy weight is just the beginning. Clients learn healthy habits to guide them towards a lifetime of Optimal Health. “Approximately 30% of your health is determined by your genetics, and 70% is within your control by changing your choices and environment,” states Dr. Wayne Scott Andersen, co-founder and Medical Director of Take Shape For Life and New York Times bestselling author of Discover your Optimal Health: The Guide to Taking control of Your Weight, Your Vitality, Your Life. The free health coaches on TSFL are part of what makes the program unique.  The coaches are cheerleaders, motivators, and a guide for all aspects of the program. Clients learn to replace their unhealthy habits with healthier ones and learn to control the “triggers” that cause weight gain. Health coaching includes being a support and a guide for the program, helping set new goals and make meaningful changes for life, and celebrating successes. Clients are encouraged to envision their healthier life

in addition to their weight-loss goals. Losing 40 pounds* has enabled Miriam to feel better than she has in many years. After becoming a TSFL Certified Health Coach and helping others improve their health, Miriam notes that she is “thrilled to be part of the mission to get America healthy, one person at a time.” Miriam Kahn has worked successfully as a registered nurse for 31 years but has made a greater impact on people’s health during her two years as a health coach than during her entire nursing career. “My focus has shifted from managing illness and teaching patients to manage their illnesses, medications, and limitations, to setting health goals and work on improving health.” *Note: Results vary; typical weight loss is 2 to 5 pounds per week for the first two weeks, then 1 to 2 pounds per week thereafter. For more information, please contact Miriam at 516-353-7337 or at



THE JEWISH HOME n N O V E M B E R 2 8 , 2013

Professional Lice Treatment Centers

Around the Community The Miracles of Life Holocaust Survivors’ Photo Exhibit at the JCC

Granting Wishes by Removing Itches


N O V E M B E R 2 8 , 2013


2463 S. Long Beach Rd., OCEANSIDE 1755 Deer Park Ave., DEER PARK


866-561-0492 May Be Covered Under Insurance * Accepted Under Flexible Health Spending (FLEX)

This past week, Ezra Academy hosted its first-ever Literary Arts Festival. The students in grades 7-12 entered works of literature including poetry, autobiographies and interpretations of literary works. Mrs. Rivka Bellehsen, director of Ezra’s Fine Arts program, collected artistic contributions varying in style, method and media and did a magnificent job of displaying the works for public view. In anticipation of Chanukah, the junior high school contributed handmade menorahs. Members of the senior class worked to turn their current literature study into a

musical presentation and contributed playbills illustrating the musicals they had written in a clever demonstration of how to combine literature and the arts. In addition, students of the eighth grade presented a tribute to the Harlem Renaissance. The parents were invited to view the art and presentations and were delighted by what they experienced. To quote an excited parent at the conclusion of the event, “That was is always nice to see our children’s talents in such a fabulous display.” It was an exciting evening for all involved.

By Dr. Judah Weller, Educational Director, PTACH


ing brat Cele days h Birt you! with

Please contact Rachayle Deutsch for further information at (516) 569-6733 x 222 or

The Challenge of Frumkeit


4th, the seventh day of Chanukah from 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM, we invite you to view Mr. Bogart’s exhibit and to meet a few of our beloved survivors. This is a very special opportunity to pay tribute to this extraordinary group of Holocaust survivors. We hope you will join us.

Ezra Academy Celebrates Literature and the Arts

$15 HeadCheck Or 10% OFF One Treatment (One Per Family)

Month by Month Payments

As we celebrate the Festival of Lights and the miracles of Chanukah, the JCC of the Greater Five Towns celebrates our own miracles – thirty five Holocaust survivors from our local communities – in a stunning photography exhibit by artist George Bogart entitled, “The Miracles of Life.”          . On Monday, December 2, the fifth day of Chanukah, from 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM and Wednesday, December

Ages 5&up Sunday s 11/2 Hrs .


rodu YAEL VOGEL - M.S. S.P. ED Sket cing “Tee ching n Tim a EXPERIENCED TEACHER AND Ages nd Paintin e” 13 g 17 ARTS & CRAFTS COORDINATOR 415B CENTRAL AVE. CEDARHURST, NY 11559 718-734-7442

While the underlying problems are complex, the reasons are actually simple. More then 75% of children with learning differences struggle with processing language in their native tongue. Religious study and observance, which requires speaking and reading Hebrew (a second language), become the target of a children’s anger and frustration due to the burden on already fragile learning skills. Frumkeit may be questioned, if not diminished. The typical yeshiva or day school student spends tremendous energy trying to read, understand and express him or her-self in loshon kodesh/ Hebrew. Children spend hours with language-based, linguistically complex texts such as Chumash, Navi and gemara (a third language). For the child with a language-based learning difference, the entire experience can be exasperating. Neuropsychology dysfunction occurs at one or more of the five levels of language structure (phonemic, seman-

tic, syntactic and discourse). The result is impairment in receptive or expressive language or both. Since language is the messenger for all learning, the school setting which asks students to interrupt and express huge quantities of language on a daily basis becomes a place of frustration and anxiety for children with language processing disorders. They simply can’t meet the linguistic demands of an elementary, middle and high school at the speed, quantity and complexity expected. PTACH’s specialists modify standard curricula to handle these challenges and enrich student’s lives academically, emotionally and culturally. Through individual attention, counseling and proven scientific teaching methods, PTACH makes learning a joy rather a liability. At PTACH, students become productive members of the Jewish community. They fit in with peers on a social level and within larger religious community – a far greater and, in the long run, far more important social safety net.


The roads to healing are many… Chai Lifeline makes the journey easier for more than 4,300 children and families every year. Join us in celebration and gratitude on December 18.

N O V E M B E R 2 8 , 2013

Chai Lifeline


The Roads to Healing 12.18.13


New York City

Celebrating the dedication of the FRIENDS ‘N FUN WEEKENDS in memory of

Master of Ceremonies


Chai Heritage Award


Dinner Chairs


Dinner Chairs



Medical Leadership Award

Maimonides Medical Achievement Award

Director, Division Pediatric Endocrinology Medical Director, Pediatric Neurology Mount Sinai Healthcare System NYU Langone Medical Center

Chairman, Department of Pediatrics Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center


Dinner Chairs


Campaign Chairs


Campaign Chair



Dinner Chair


Alumni Chairs


Camp Simcha Appreciation Award BENJI AND RAISSA SAMET

Dinner Chairs


Alumni Chairs


This year Chai Lifeline will touch the lives of more than 4,300 children and families around the corner and across the globe.

Become a partner. See how much more we can do together 151 WEST 30TH STREET, NEW YORK, NY 10001• T:212.699.6658 • F:212.465.0949 • WWW.chaidiNNER.ORg


N O V E M B E R 2 8 , 2013


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Scenes from the White Shul’s Pre-Chanukah Father & Son Learning Program

Rabbi May Delivers Inspiring Words to Students of Mesivta Tiferet Torah in Memory of Chacham Ovadia Yosef

Simply Sushi Café in Gourmet Glatt created probably the biggest sushi menorah ever! Lipa and Yoeli Steinberg are seen “lighting” the menorah.

The fruit aisle of Gourmet Glatt Emporium was “ablaze” this week with a giant-sized menorah made out of delicious fruits and vegetables.

Mesivta Tiferet Torah in Kew Gardens paid tribute to the great gadol baTorah, Chacham Ovadia Yosef z”tl, with special divrei zikaron by Rabbi Yaakov May, Menahel of Yeshiva Tiferes Moshe in Queens. Rabbi May recounted the great personal sacrifice that Chacham Yosef endured through his lifetime in order to focus solely on studying Torah and described the extraordinary breadth of his Torah knowledge. Rabbi May also point-

ed out the sterling middos the Chacham Ovadia possessed. He challenged the talmidim, as students in a premier Sefardic Yeshiva, to work to carry on his mesorah and emulate him in all their endeavors, both in yeshiva and out.

The Flatbush Basketball League is Back for Another Great Season In the Jewish Home Division: Week 1 China Glatt rolls by Art World 45-23; Elyakim Gelbard and Moishe Lebowitz lead China with their first win of the season. Shayala Lichfeld hits for eleven points to lead Art World. Quality Carpet and Batampte Pickles had the game of the night Quality’s Moishe Frank’s 24 points couldn’t match Batampte’s Yosef Kapetas’ 29 .But with all five starters scoring, it was Carpet with the 48-45 win. Shirt Stop’s 49 crushes a depleted ITP squad’s 21. With three of their starters out, ITP had no chance as seven of Shirt Stops players scored. Meir Rubinfeld and Yitzi Weinberger had 14 points each in the win. Pizza World squeaks by Perfect Collision 39-37. Yitzchok Kapetas’ 23 points fell just short as a balanced attack from Pizza’s starters secured the win.

Yitzy Waldman and his 13 points was the high scorer for Pizza World. In The Jewish Connection Division: Ready to Roll does that and more with a blowout win vs. the Repairs on Wheels team. Zevy Tepper had 10 in the loss. Look for big changes for week two. Nosh Express swallows up Plaza Auto Leasing. Aaron Lowenthaul’s squad looked unstoppable as Sendy Hammond scores 24. David Sasson’s 20 points led PAL.

Community Chessed Special Agents


HANC Participates in Ohel Toy Drive ing sure that so many children would have an extra happy Chanukah. Nursery students at HANC’s Samuel & Elizabeth Bass Golding Early Childhood Center also participated in the Ohel Toy Drive and were excited to do a mitzvah by bringing in gifts for other children. Thank you to all the students and parents who brought in gifts. Chanukah sameach!

Every Thursday night, the chessed activities at CSI are in full swing. A project of the White Shul Youth Department, CSI: The Community Service Initiative of Far Rockaway, is a weekly after-school program for 7th and 8th grade girls run by Sari Babad and Ilanna Schuster. It has been almost two months since the start of the program and already the girls have accomplished so much! In the past few weeks alone, they have done so much to help out in the community—and have had a blast at the same time! These amazing “Chessed Special Agents” volunteered to help JEP-LI with a Shabbaton mailing and even got paired up with a camper from Camp Nageela West as a pen-pal! CSI also had its first workshop designed to give the girls an opportunity to explore the values and importance of different aspects of chessed. The girls discussed the meaning of hakaras hatov and decorated thank you cards to send to the people who have impacted their lives.

Although the girls are working hard to help others, they also manage to squeeze in some time to have fun themselves. Whether it’s sushi, pizza, or ice cream sandwiches, there’s always something great to eat, and the feelings of achdus and friendship are growing stronger every week. The girls also got a chance to use their creativity in a special cake-decorating class given by Adina Slepoy. Special thanks to Adina, the Slepoy family, and Breezy’s for sponsoring this exciting activity! In the spirit of our hakaras hatov focus, we also must thank every CSI girl for spending her free time every week to help others. Tizku l’mitzvos! CSI is accepting donations at this time. To sponsor a week of wholesome fun and chessed and to contribute to our goal of “growing by giving,” please contact Shira Leff at 347-729-3879 or at

Breaking news: Popular Mehadrin Leben Now Only .79¢! As the festive yom tov of Chanukah approaches, families all over will gather around the table for hearty dinners and warm memories. Savory latkes and sugary donuts will kindle happy moments youngsters will cherish for years to come. But don’t let the festivities end after dinner. This Chanukah, indulge your kids for breakfast, lunch and snack; Mehadrin’s all-time favorite lebens are selling for only .79¢ a piece— a whopping .50¢ cheaper than always! For as long as anyone can remember, Mehadrin Leben has been a favorite for anyone above the age of one. Soft, creamy texture combined with delicious natural flavors has made Mehadrin Leben an ideal addition to any meal. Whether they sip it through a straw or savor

it on a spoon, leben is a healthy and tasty treat you can give your children anytime. And with this unprecedented promotion, Mehadrin has made leben affordable for everyone. Established in 1950, Mehadrin is the forerunner of everything dairy. Boasting

an extensive line of high-quality, tasty dairy products, ranging from Greek Yogurts to frozen desserts and everything in between, Mehadrin is synonymous with excellence when it comes to kosher dairy products. Your family deserves only the best. Buy Mehadrin.

Confused about Obamacare? See Sruly Miller’s comprehensive guide on page 114

N O V E M B E R 2 8 , 2013

Dr. Ernie and Sara Isaacson of Lawrence celebrated their son Moishe’s bar mitzvah this past Shabbos. Moishe is a seventh grader at Yeshiva Darchei Torah. The celebration continued on Motzei Shabbos at Nechama Liba Hall. Mazal tov to the Isaacson family!

The fifth grade girls in Morah Jacob’s class at HANC’s Samuel & Elizabeth Bass Golding Elementary School proudly and excitedly ran a fantastic Ohel toy drive for Chanukah. The students hung flyers throughout the school, reminded fellow students about the drive, and brought in toys themselves. The girls were very excited to lead the campaign and to know that they were part of mak-



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N O V E M B E R 2 8 , 2013


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St. John’s Episcopal Hospital Holds Successful Fundraiser in Honor of Eric Matza The Development Board of St. John’s Episcopal Hospital held a successful Casino Night event in honor of the late Eric Matza, its former Vice President of Development, on Saturday, November 2, 2013, at the Sands at Atlantic Beach. More than 450 people came out that evening to pay tribute to Mr. Matza, his longtime career in fundraising and development and his involvement in the community. More than $160,000 was raised for the Eric Matza Outpatient Imaging Center at St. John’s Episcopal Hospital. Mr. Matza held the position of Vice



DRS Students Hear from “Mother of Tzahal” Miriam Peretz

President for Development and Public Affairs at St. John’s for more than 10 years. Previously he was Director of Development and Public Affairs at Brookdale University Hospital and Medical Center for many years. He was a member in good standing of the Rockaway Rotary. He succumbed to cancer earlier this year. Many thanks to the event’s generous sponsors including Modern Construction, Robert Matza, the Medical Staff Last week, the DRS student body Society of St. John’s Hunter Ambulance was privileged to hear from Miriam and Jzanus. Peretz, a courageous and inspiring woman. Mrs. Peretz is known throughout Eretz Yisroel as the “Ima Shel Tzahal,” “the Mother of the IDF.” Two of Mrs. Peretz’s children, Uriel and Eliraz, died while serving their country in The St. John’s Development the Israeli Army. Miriam’s eldest son, Board members awarded raffles prizes during Uriel, died while fighting in the IsraeCasino Night including li-Lebanese Conflict of 1998. Major (from left to right): Maccy Eliraz Peretz died in 2010 in Gaza. The Paley, Development Board Secretary; Margaret packed DRS Beit Medrash was absoCarpenter, Development lutely silent as Mrs. Peretz inspired Board President; Marguerita Parlionas, Development the students while speaking about the

strength it takes for her to continue living her daily life and about her constant emunah that all Hashem does is for the best. During her impassioned speech, Mrs. Peretz exclaimed that she “loves Hashem more and more every day. I recite the ‘Vezakeini prayer’ on behalf of my children every Shabbat, and I could easily ask, ‘Why Me?’ While there is no answer to this question, I draw strength from knowing that Hashem is with me all the time.” Mrs. Peretz concluded, “I am not broken. You can never break the spirit of the Bnei Yisroel.”

Board member; and Peter Frankel, Catering Chairman.

HAFTR Early Childhood Toy Drive Robin Matza, wife of the late Eric Matza (left) and Margaret Carpenter, President of St. John’s Episcopal Hospital’s Development Board, unveiled a plaque commemorating the Eric Matza Outpatient Imaging Suite. The proceeds of the Casino Night event will be dedicated to the Imaging Suite’s development.

At Casino Night, Christina Russell and Clifford Russell, members of St. John’s Community Advisory Board, viewed a pictorial of the late Eric Matza’s life and career at St. John’s Episcopal Hospital.

The most basic deed of giving is engrained in HAFTR students at a young age. The nursery students are involved in an ongoing toy drive for children in need, headed by Early Childhood Direc-

tor Cyndy Goldberg. Especially around Chanukah time, these students have an awareness of the importance of giving to others, and the warmth it ignites in their hearts.



Fifth Grade Talmidim of Siach Yitzchok Celebrate Their Mesibas Haschala Gemara with the Novominsker Rebbe shlita


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N O V E M B E R 2 8 , 2013

The fifth grade talmidim of Siach Yitzchok in Far Rockaway were zocheh this past week to celebrate their Mesibas Haschalas Gemara at the home of the Novominsker Rebbe shlita. The Rebbe spoke to the boys about the importance of learning Torah b’simcha. He encouraged the boys to show their utmost ha-

karos hatov to the Menahel Reb Dovid Sitnick shlita for establishing such a heiliga makom Torah in Far Rockaway where they can truly shteig in Torah and avodas Hashem. Each boy had the zechus to receive his brand new Gemara Bava Kama personally from the Rebbe shlita along with the Rebbe’s warmest

wishes for their hatzlacha. The Rebbe was moved to tears as the menahel, rebbeim, and the boys sang “Avinu av harachaman” with great emotion. This uplifting experience will be forever ingrained in the minds of the boys, as they begin their lifelong journey in the yam haTalmud.

Shufra Baking Chocolate Now 64% Cocoa Gourmet bakers rejoice at this newest improvement in the premium line of baking products from Shufra. Imported from Europe, Shufra’s Chef’s Choice Baking Chocolate boasts 64% cocoa. More cocoa means more flavor and the rich, intense chocolate taste you will come to crave. Shufra’s Chef’s Choice baking chocolate is also made with cocoa butter fat instead of hydrogenated vegetable fat, a less healthy choice of ingredients. S h u f r a ’s new baking chocolate is specifically designed to upgrade any recipe that calls for baking chocolate. Whether you mix into cake batter or melt it onto muffins, you will instantly discern the refined difference this chocolate brings to your cakes and cookies. Years in the making, all of the taste-testing and experimenting have finally paid off with a product that achieves perfection. Sea-

soned bakers and cake connoisseurs all agree that Shufra’s Chef’s Choice Baking Chocolate produces extraordinary results. Based in Brooklyn, NY, Shufra is

brand name in confectionary treats and high-quality baking products. What began in a modest home kitchen 35 years ago has expanded into a burgeoning company with a diverse line of delicious

and useful products. From your favorite Viennese crunch and jelly rings to their Premium Dutch Cocoa and baking chocolates, Shufra is indispensable to any kosher kitchen.

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Mendy Vim’s Holidays Presents a Luxury Passover Experience in Cooperstown, NY Are you looking for a totally NEW luxury Passover hotel experience only three hours from NYC? Mendy Vim’s Holidays has a new location this year: the OTESAGA Resort in Cooperstown, NY. The place to stay in Cooperstown, now for the first time it’s a Glatt Kosher Passover hotel destination. With its championship Leatherstocking Golf Course, superior accommodations, and many waterfront activities, the landmark Otesaga Resort, a member of the Historic Hotels of America, is a great resort for Passover in an inspiring lakeside setting. “We were looking for a new and exciting Passover hotel experience to offer our guests, within driving distance of Metropolitan NY and New Jersey, in addition to our popular recurring Passover program at the Heritage, in Southbury, Connecticut,” says Mendy, of Mendy Vim’s Holidays. Well, we do believe he’s found it, The Otesaga is a spectacular AAA 4 Diamond rated lakeside resort set on the southern shores of Lake Otsego, in Cooperstown, “America’s most perfect village.” A popular tourist destination, Cooperstown is the home of the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum and offers world-class cultural activities such as the Fenimore Art Museum, The Farmer’s Museum, Smithy Center for the Arts, and Glimmerglass Opera, as well



as Hyde Hall, historic walking or trolley tours, eclectic boutique village shopping, and numerous recreational activities on or around the lake. Mendy’s guests at the Otesaga will enjoy superior accommodations, heated outdoor pool swimming, fishing and pontoon boating, tennis courts, fitness center, skeet shooting, the Leatherstocking Golf Course, an 11 acre driving range, or just enjoying the incredible view from the Otesaga’s famed outdoor veranda. Complimentary passes to Clark Sports Center add indoor swimming and diving, racquetball and squash, an indoor running track, aerobics studio, a 30’ high belayed indoor rock climbing wall, a bouldering wall, a 120’ long 30’ high ropes course, and 8-lane Brunswick bowling to the never-ending list of diverse family activities. Inspiring traditional Seders, impeccably served and delicious Glatt Kosher meals, daily Shiurim and thought-provoking lectures, nightly entertainment, singers and musicians, renowned Chazzan and Menagen Sherwood Goffin, (of Lincoln Square Synagogue fame) and exciting guided trips round out this marvelous Passover program. To find out more, call 718.998.4477 or 410.484.5553 or visit us at

A place where tradition is home. FEATURING

The Chai Traditions Program

Created in 2004, our extensive experience servicing the Jewish resident has allowed us to build an exclusive community resource.

Watch our Video & Virtual Tour at r tt koshe MIER gla The PRE in Queens! facility

• • • • • • •

Short-Term Rehab & Long-Term Care Prosthetic/Orthotic Services Physical/Occupational erapy IV erapy/Tracheotomy Care Subacute Wound Care Services Pain Management Respiratory/Speech Services

• Under Frum Ownership & Operation • Featuring the Chai Traditions ProgramTM • Judaic Library for Study and Leisure • Yom Tov Programs • Special Shiurim Delivered by Inspiring Guest Speakers

Dr. Adam Zeitlin, Medical Director

Under the VAAD Horabanim of Queens (VHQ) Professional Chef on staff for an exquisite dining experience 78-10 164th Street, Fresh Meadows, New York

For further information please contact Moti Schwarz 718.591.8300 Ext. 201

Community A Pesach Like Never Before with Mendy Vim’s Holidays

dena.graphix 718.701.1125


N O V E M B E R 2 8 , 2013


For a superior Passover getaway closer to home, Vim’s Holidays returns for their sixth year to their guests’ perennial favorite location, the Heritage Resort in Southbury, CT. At only about an hour’s travel from the Whitestone Bridge, this full-featured New England resort offers a world of amenities in a rural location while remaining super convenient for travel from New York City or Boston, MA. Mendy’s guests at the Heritage will enjoy its elegant ambiance and the stellar cast of internationally renowned speakers, lecturers, and entertainment. Many familiar faces –Chazzan Nachman Shneider, Rabbi Aaron E. Glatt, Rabbi Dovid Hirsch, Micah Halpern, and Yoel Sharabi –will be returning to Vim’s Holidays, along with some new speakers and entertainment for an interesting blend of the old and new. The Heritage boasts an extensive facility with manicured grounds and spacious and contemporary rooms and suites, many overlooking the Pomperaug River or the resort’s golf course, a challenging par 35 9-hole USGA rated golf course, club house all courts, and putting green, two championship indoor racquetball courts, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, outdoor tennis and basketball courts, hiking trails, a full featured fitness club, sauna and hot tub, daily exercise and yoga classes, mountain bike rentals, and an on-site Spa offering rejuvenating skin and body treatments. Vim’s Holidays’ program includes trips on a seal watching tour on

the Long Island Sound, a guided tour of Connecticut’s first Synagogue, a wildlife sanctuary, and tours of the Mark Twain Museum and Harriet Beecher Stowe’s house. Nearby amusements include historic mansions, museums, state parks, and an indoor water park in neighboring Waterbury, several shopping malls, outlet shopping, and the New England antique trail. Savor each flavorful moment – from delicious entrees to sinful desserts, traditional Passover dishes to timeless favorites – there’s nothing quite like a Passover celebration with excellent food, beautifully prepared and elegantly served. Mendy’s chefs serve up one mouth-watering dish after another, in a blend of new exotic and traditional favorites, made with the freshest local and regional ingredients. Mendy’s many guests, friends, and acquaintances are familiar with his winning personality and 40-year-tradition of caring and experience, and all of his Passover programs offer outstanding service with the “Mendy” personal touch. Mendy and his family treat each guest as part of their family, with a warm and intimate atmosphere and meticulous attention to their needs. Whether it’s your first Passover with Vim’s Holidays, your second, your fourth, or your fortieth, you’re sure to have an incomparable Passover experience at either Vim’s Holidays Passover location. To find out more, call 718.998.4477 or 410.484.5553 or visit us at



Hundreds Participate as the White Shul Hosts the Tefillin Awareness Project


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N O V E M B E R 2 8 , 2013

Congregation Kneseth Israel, the White Shul, with its Mora D’asra Rabbi Eytan Feiner, hosted the internationally renowned Tefillin Awareness Project, or Hanacha K’Halacha this past Sunday. Four expert sofrim – from the Five Towns, Flatbush and Williamsburg – were on hand to check and correct a

myriad of tefillin issues, including but not limited to proper placement of batim, kesharim (knots), and blackness/ width of retzuous (straps). Some knots needed a complete overhaul, and many needed a tightening. Some retzuos needed blackening and some needed to be changed. Other tefillin issues were also

Talking Turkey at HANC’s ECC After learning all about the holiday of Thanksgiving and talking about the many things that they are thankful for, the Nursery Aleph classes at HANC’s Samuel & Elizabeth Bass Golding Early Childhood Center joined together to celebrate Thanksgiving! During the celebration the students sang Thanksgiving songs and made Thanksgiving-themed crafts, including painting hats with feathers and making cereal necklaces. The students also enjoyed a yummy Thanksgiving feast with goodies that they baked themselves!

addressed. “To get checked out by one of the experts, is a no brainer,” exclaimed one of the hundreds of participants, “since almost daily mitzvos d’oraisah are at stake.” This is a free, sponsored program that has had tremendous hatzlacha nationwide – and will hopefully

continue for many years to come. Over 200 shuls and yeshivas in all communities have benefited from this unique program. To bring this incredible program to your shul or school, please email or call 718-377-6735.

BYQ Reading Together “Buds” More Than Great Buddies!

How do you nurture a love for reading that lasts forever? At Bais Yaakov of Queens, the first and third graders share reading time. Miss Tovie Zakutinsky, a first grade teacher, said, “The first step is to form some camaraderie and friendship across grade level.” The program inspires the first graders when they are read to by the older girls. Mrs. Shira Silber, the partnering third grade Everyone had a wonderful time at teachers, says, “It gives confidence to all the Thanksgiving celebration! of the girls in third grade because they are reading to younger girls.”

In order to gain the most out of the shared time, both teachers give mini lessons before the students come together. The girls have worksheets for them to complete together that review concepts they both know, for example, characters, settings, and sequencing. The teachers and assistants circulate through the room and listen to the girls’ reading, noting improvement with the read aloud. Everyone grows in the sharing and exploration of good books!

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OHEL Conference Provides Tools to Address Challenging Behavior in Children and Teens Why do some children and teens “lose it” over seemingly insignificant issues? What do you do when everyday activities turn into power struggles that no one wins? How can we turn challenging discipline situations into opportunities to teach life skills and build strong relationships? Professionals, advocates, parents and grandparents from all over the greater New York area learned answers to these and other key questions at OHEL’s October 29th Community Conference, Challenging Child and Teen Behaviors: Helping All Children Be Successful, sponsored by the Mel and Phyllis Zachter OHEL Institute for Training. The standing room-only audience gained valuable insights and practical strategies from internationally-recognized educator, Mary Sheedy Kurcinka, Ed.D., author of Raising Your Spirited

me be a better parent.” A professional who was there also gleamed great insight during the conference and said about the conference, “What a great combination of cutting-edge science and hands-on practicality! I can’t wait to apply what I’ve learned with my students.”

Child, Kids, Parents and Power Struggles, and Sleepless in America: Is Your Child Misbehaving or Missing Sleep? One of the attendees said about the conference, “This was an awesome conference! The presenter was fantas-

tic, and gave us excellent insights and realistic solutions. Thanks for a job well done!” A parent in attendance said about the event, “Today’s speaker was so interesting and full of great knowledge. I have a lot of take-home lessons to help

OHEL is committed to sharing valuable and exciting educational opportunities with the community. For more information about the Institute and future trainings, visit OHEL’s website at or call 1-877-EDUOHEL.


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N O V E M B E R 2 8 , 2013


Around the Community Magen NY Visits Bais Yaakov of Queens Last week, Magen, NY, visited Bais Yaakov of Queens and presented Safety Kid to more than 500 of its students. The girls in grades kindergarten through fifth had an hour-long presentation concerning their personal safety. They learned and practiced keeping themselves safe in any situation that makes them uncomfortable. We want to share the learning they did to familiarize you with the terms and ideas they discussed. Although simplified, they covered the A, B, C, D and Es of staying safe. A- Ask for help * in case of emergency- 9-1-1 * who is a safe helper if you get lost B- Bring a friend * safety in numbers C- Check first * before opening the door * before answering the phone * before changing plans D- Do tell * they were taught the rule that no one is ever allowed to talk to you about, look at, or touch private body parts. No one is allowed to ask you to keep a secret about the private parts of your body. * if someone says “don’t tell” it is an automatic “DO TELL” * it’s never a secret or a game E- Explore the internet safely

Following the student workshop there will be a distribution of Safety Kid kits for everyone to take home. This will also serve as a reinforcement of what the girls learned. We strongly recommend you use this opportunity to discuss this with your children. Many thanks to the coordinator of the day and presenter, Mrs. Yocheved Deitsch. We also thank the volunteers who devoted so much of their time for this important cause, keeping our children safe. Yasher kochachem to Elisa Alpert, Yelli Koenig, Goldy Kurz, Yaffa Sauer and Rachelli Weiss.

B’kavod: The New Choice for Queens Seniors and Their Families “The Queens community really needs this service,” exclaims long-time Kew Gardens Hills resident Odeleya Jacobs. “I’ve been searching all over for the right environment to help people I know. They are a bit frail and have difficulty in getting around. What’s been available until now has been inappropriate. The activities are insensitive and aren’t catered to frum people. I’ll be happy to help in any way possible for the program to become a big success.” Blanche Penner, retired school teacher, says, “Thank you very much. I really enjoyed myself and the food was delicious.” “Ditto for me,” jumps in Betty Bob, another registrant. “I’m telling all my friends about this wonderful experience.” B’Kavod provides four hours of personalized activity, delivered Mondays and Wednesdays at Rabbi Sheinfeld’s shul at 68th Drive and Main Street. Developed by professionals with expertise in the field of gerontology, provided by

Shomrei Torah, the program enjoys the endorsement of Rabbonim. In addition to entertainment, crafts, and shiurim, we are imparting valuable self-health information such as special nutrition guidelines for elders,” notes Libby Schwerd, LCSW, Volunteer Group Leader. Particular emphasis is being given to designing activities of interest to men as their choices have been more limiting. Working with crafts as an example is generally unsuitable to them. As a result, women’s hours are 11- 3 while men are separate, 11:30-3:30. Registrants are using Access-a-Ride to travel from the surrounding neighborhoods. “It is amazing how much goodwill and support we have received for the program,” observes Rabbi Reuven Becker, MBA, MS, founder and elder care advocate. For additional information, to register or volunteer your services call 646543-9818 or email


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Presenting Award to the NYPD


Presenting Award to NCPD

Hatzalah of the Rockaways & Nassau County Annual NCPD/NYPD Appreciation Event

JCCRP/JCC Chanukah Toy Drive Huge Success By: Raizy Goldberg

The hustle and bustle is boiling around us, as the excitement of Chanukah is fast approaching. Buying candles and oil and gifts galore, we all look forward to giving our families a beautiful and warm-hearted chag. Yet this year, with the Rochel Baron A”H Toy Drive, l’zecher nishmas Aaron Tepfer A”H speeding full steam ahead, we can rejoice knowing that we included a mitzvah in our list of to-do’s, and that as a result of our genuine efforts, hundreds of children will receive and enjoy colorful, new and age-appropriate toys who may otherwise have gone without. To date, an unbelievable 750 families have benefitted from this Toy Drive, with 3,800 children the proud recipients of wonderful toys in time for Chanukah. Huge shipments of thousands of toys from anonymous donors have bolstered the efforts in an enormous way. Due to the overwhelming response from our community, an over-abundance of toys were donated; this allowed for the toy

drive to extend to families in klei kodesh and other well-deserving families. Taking a peek into the packaging and delivery process is a delight in itself. While last year the Nivneh volunteers were packaging gifts with earmuffs, gloves and flashlights in the YDT trailers, now they feel like they are in a palace on Heyson Road, where Rabbi Nosson Neuman has arranged all hour access so volunteers can work around the clock. Bais Yaakov Ateres Miriam’s 2nd floor was turned into a toy packaging center and was graciously donated l’zecher nishmas Naama Chana Markovits A”H. The piles of boxes delivered by Brach’s were artfully and enthusiastically stacked in the box room by the toy drive volunteer boys. There are two other rooms filled with toys, organized by toy for the appropriate age and gender. With the space set up like a virtual store, volunteers got a packaging slip with age and gender specifics and went shopping on the many shelves packed high and

wide with toys of all types in order to fill their order. Kids from all neighborhoods volunteered to help restock the endless shelves and shelp boxes of all sizes. The first big delivery began in Bayswater, when Mr. Laurie Garber picked up a truck early Sunday morning with Brach’s workers who helped deliver many toy packages. Trucks delivered toys the entire week to make sure the toys arrived in time for Chanukah! A tremendous debt of gratitude goes to Yanky Brach and Simcha Stoll, for providing workers on a daily basis to help with anything the volunteers needed as well as sushi platters, wrap platters, donuts, coffee to the many volunteers and treats for the many kids who helped make this a reality. This communal endeavor has certainly taken flight and is culminating in an extraordinary experience for all involved, as evidenced by the many heartfelt calls and texts of appreciation and thanks from parents whose children had just opened their

special deliveries. Chanukah is the yom tov of light and we all have a new and special appreciation for this amazing mitzvah! At the helm of the toy drive were two local UJA-Federation of NY agencies, JCCRP and JCC of the Greater Five Towns, and Ettie Schoor, Founder and Director of Nivneh. The key executives of these agencies, Nathan Krasnovsky and Joel Block, were helping in any way possible, whether it be schlepping boxes of toys or arranging the funds to make this drive a complete success. Nathan, Joel and Ettie collectively would like to extend their boundless hakoras hatov to the toy drive coordinators: Shifi Bloom, Bukie Cohen, Ilana David, Ester Feuer, Chaya Gibber, Chana Hoch, Fraidy Osina, Aviva Paneth, Rocky Stern and Miriam Vegh. A big thank you goes to the dedicated staff of JCCRP/JCC and to the many volunteers who helped make this Toy Drive so amazingly successful! Tizku l’mitzvos!



Building Menorahs and Memories...One Nail at a Time

N O V E M B E R 2 8 , 2013

Wearing safety goggles and using hammers and nails, the Pre1A boys of Yeshiva of South Shore joined their fathers and grandfathers to build menorahs and memories together. Each team planned and plotted their original and amazing menorahs, shared pizza and snacks, and enjoyed some dreidel graphing games. A kumzits led by Rebbe Eli Herzberg, our Pre1A rebbe, with musical accompaniment by Rabbi Ross, Binyamin Zev and Boruch Ross, topped of the evening with a beautiful feeling of achdus and a readiness for Chanukah. Special welcome to our staff members, Rabbi Chanina Herzberg, the menahel who joined us and Yissochor Dov and Nesanel’s zaidy, and to Rabbi Fridman, the general studies principal who joined us and Kivi’s tatty. 

Creating a Truly Wonderful Chanukah Experience Together Every holiday has unique commandments and special opportunities, as well as unique challenges. There is a tremendous potential for a couple to grow together, build their home and family, and create their own special yom tov memories. The key for a couple to have a yom tov be a source of closeness, and not chas v’shalom a source of tension and distance, is communication. It is always advisable for a couple to discuss before each yom tov how they would like the holiday to play out. This is very important and should be practiced by all couples at any age and stage. By doing this a couple can avoid disappointments and work together to create a yom tov that will merge their expectations and aspirations. Additionally, it is important that a couple discuss their concerns and the possible challenges the yom tov will bring for each of them. Chanukah creates a particular challenge as people try to juggle their regular schedule with the addition of the special mitzvos and responsibilities of Chanukah. One particular issue that often arises is the question of how to handle candle lighting and work. It is worthwhile to discuss in advance what schedule can accommodate both your needs and wants. An additional challenge can be extra expenses such as Chanukah gifts/obligations to family members, teachers, staff, co-workers and others. In this situation

as well, if discussed in advance a budget can be set up that both parties are agreeable to and this can help take the stress out of the extra expenses. Another major challenge that may arise during Chanukah is the issue of extended family. Chanukah has evolved to be the time of year that many families get together socially. The range of issues that can arise from social extended family get-togethers is very broad. Some families have difficulty getting along


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with one side; at times both sides make their party on the same day and the couple has to work out which one to attend; at times one family member is uncomfortable with some extended family and attending their party. With all these scenarios, it is best to discuss things first to ensure that both spouses feel happy and comfortable. By practicing communication and combining it with understanding and sensitivity a couple can through Chanu-

kah and become even closer as together they create a yom tov that merges their expectations, hopes, dreams and realities.

Five Towns Marriage Initiative provides educational programs, workshops and referrals to top marriage therapists. FTMI will help offset counseling costs when necessary and also runs an anonymous shalom bayis hotline for the entire community Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings, 10:00-11:00 p.m. For the hotline or more information, call 516-430-5280 or email


N O V E M B E R 2 8 , 2013


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Pre-Chanukah Celebrations at the Levi Yitzchak Library The excitement of Chanukah was in the air at the Levi Yitzchak Library with so many sensational events – it was amazing! The fun began on Tuesday, November 19th when the Library teamed up with Manischewitz to host a Nachum Segal Network “Stunt Show.” Daniel Gordon, Deputy Chief of Staff for President Richard Joel of Yeshiva University, hosted the competition, in which 5 teams were given a “Chanukah House Kit” to assemble in under 30 minutes. The teams were Abie Lent (HAFTR) and Eli Hagler, Spencer Beckerman (HALB) and Aaron Gordon, Rosy Geisinsky (TAG) and Naomi Nachman, Meira Goldstein (Shulamith) and Staci Segal, and Shmuel Jacobs (South Shore) and Daniel Gordon. All of the teams did an amazing job and suspense was in the

air until the very end when judge Melinda Strauss, Director of Special Events at the Joy of Kosher and food blogger, announced the winning team. Congratulations to the winning team – Aron Gordon and Spencer Beckerman! The winning team won a set of Chanukah baking utensils compliments of

Breezy’s (and yes, Aron, got to take home the prize!). An additional thank you goes to Israel Grossman of Pension Trust Solutions, a full service pension planning and administration firm located in NYC servicing clients nationwide, for being a Library event sponsor. In honor of this sensational event, Koren Publishers was also delighted to participate in the event by donating an entire set of the new Koren Talmud Bavli to the Levi Yitzchak Library. The Talmud is designed to engage students of all backgrounds and skill level in the fascinating world of Talmud study. A beautiful Koren siddur was also given to each of the child participants. On Sunday, November 24th in honor of the Library’s 3rd Anniversary, the Chanukah entertainment continued. Hundreds of families came out to help celebrate throughout the day. Visitors were able to choose from a selection of Chanukah crafts and activity sheets on their way in and were treated to delicious custard doughnuts on their way out. The energy and excitement continued all day long. To start the day, the Library welcomed Firemen Jason and Meir. Children came out to hear them read The Bravest Fireman and review fire safety precautions – an important reminder as Chanukah is here. They also came with all of their equipment for the children to recognize what a fireman in full gear looks like so should they ever be in a dangerous situation, they should not be afraid. All through the program they reminded the children that while they may look scary with all of their gear on, they must remember “a fireman is your friend.” Next there was a fascinating, inter-

active olive oil press presentation. With the help of the audience, Rabbi Michoel Albukerk of Tzivos Hashem demonstrated the process that was used long ago to refine olive oil for the Menorah in the Bais Hamikdash. The children got to choose the bitter, black, juicy olives, press them with an old-fashioned press, purify the juice (with a modern day centrifuge) and use the olive oil to actually light cotton wicks. While participating in the process, the children learned about the story of Chanukah, the Bais Hamikdash and the evil intentions of the Greeks. The day concluded with a video showing of Maccabees: A Live Chanukah Adventure. There was so much to do that parents had to negotiate with their children when it was time for them to leave. Haven’t had a chance yet to stop by?! The Library will be open throughout Chanukah. Become a member through the end of Chanukah and receive 3 months free and be entered into a raffle to win a set of books. The library is also offering amnesty for anyone who has overdue books. Just bring back your overdue books and all fees will be waived (through Chanukah). Now is a perfect time to visit and check out what’s new. On Thursday, November 28th there will be story time at 3:00 with a brand new Chanukah big book. Then on Monday, December 2nd, at 1:30, there will be a special story time with guest

author Tsivya Fox, author of the brand new book Dirty Tzitzit, Shiny Neshama. Chanukah Hours: Wednesday – Wednesday: 11am – 4:30pm except Friday and Shabbos: Closed

For more information or to learn about upcoming events please call: (516) 374-BOOK (2665) or email:

We’d Like to Hear From You Please send all correspondence to:




Yeshiva of South Shore’s 5th Grade Haschalas Gemara Celebration During the sumptuous breakfast, which was sponsored by Seasons, the Rosh Yeshiva, Rabbi Mordechai Kamenetzky, offered divrei bracha. In his address, the Rosh Yeshiva related the famous idea from his grandfather, Rav Yaakov, zt”l. The Torah which Yaakov Avinu learned at the Bais Medrash of Shem V’ever imparted to Yosef was the Torah of survival in galus, and spiritual fortitude during the most trying of times. Rabbi Kamenetzky added that today our Torah for survival in galus is contained in the more than 7,000 blatt of Shas. After bentching they all moved into the Bais Medrash for a half hour of father /son chavrusa learning. Some boys had the privilege of having their grandfather learning with

but also the ahava, the love of Torah sh’baal peh required for success. To mark the event, the yeshiva held a gala breakfast for the boys and their fathers and grand-fathers. After divrei pesicha from the menahel, Rabbi Chanina Herzberg, four boys delivered divrei Torah: Chaim Markus, Yosef Maryles, Eliyahu Felsenstein and Yosef Fertig. 



  

them as well. V’chut hamshulash lo bimhayra Yenatek! Rabbi Kamenetzky then introduced Rabbi Avrahom Zucker, shli”ta, the Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshiva Ohr Yisroel of Marine Park. He wished the talmidim hatzlacha and assured each one of them that if they put in all their koach and effort in learning they will certainly be successful. To cap the event, the boys performed a stirring musical rendition of Abie Rottenberg’s famous song, Lulei Sorascha. The boys sang beautifully, accompanied by Rabbi Shlomo Drebin, the Program Coordinator. Soloists included Yonatan Beer, Dovi Deutsch, Yakov Farrell, Moshe Galler, Yaakov Miller, Baruch Ross, Yitzchak Weiss, and Eliezer Wintner. In conclusion, each talmid was called up and the Rosh Hayeshiva, Rav Binyomin Kamenetzky, shlita, who along with his son, Rav Mordechai Kamenetzky, the menahel and the Rabbeim, presented each talmid with a

N O V E M B E R 2 8 , 2013

Last Sunday, the fifth grade of Yeshiva of South Shore celebrated a milestone, a special simcha they will remember fondly for years to come. The occasion was a Seudas Haschalas Gemara, celebrating their first steps in their journey of gemara learning. The fifth grade Rabbeim, Rabbi Moshe B. Scharhon, Rabbi Yehoshua Zucker and Rabbi Chananya Grinberg, have the enviable role of ushering the talmidim into the world of gemara by imparting not only the necessary skills,


Around the


personalized shtender. It is a meaningful gift each boy will undoubtedly cherish. In addition, a set of shas was raffled off! The winner was Gavriel Waldman. The talmidim of the 5th Grade will iy”H be maztliach in their learning as they begin to swim in the vast yam shel Torah. Mazel Tov to all of them. The Yeshiva would like to thank Seasons for their generous sponsorship of Sunday’s event.



N O V E M B E R 2 8 , 2013

OpEd Nesanel Feller

Our Precious Rabbis

A Plea to our Community


had trouble sleeping the other night as I tried to process and organize my observations and thoughts regarding what I have witnessed vis-àvis my own rav and what I have seen and heard anecdotally in connection with other rabbonim. I hope that you will read this article and take my message and plea to heart inasmuch as it has potentially significant personal and communal implications. One of the most foundational and fundamental institutions that make our special and growing community so unique is our shuls, where we often congregate multiple times a day, 365 days a year. Our shuls are, or should be, the spiritual nucleus of our lives. We daven, we learn and we grow as individuals, as families and as a tzibur. This undeniable fact and the individual and communal impact that our shuls have upon us, is primarily predicated upon the crown jewels of our shul – our shul rabbonim. Our rabbis teach us, they guide us, they serve as role models as to how we should live our lives and react to the vicissitudes of life; they are active participants in all of our life cycle events, both good and not good, and they provide compassionate and empathetic shoulders to lean on during times of crises. In short, we always need our rabbis and they are always here for us. However, it behooves us, individually and collectively, to consider recalibrating how we treat our precious rabbonim. We must exhibit an increased sensitivity to the enormous pressures shouldered by our rabbinic leaders so that they can maintain the energy and focus required by their avodas hakodesh. In that regard, permit me to respectfully propose and posit some suggestions of my own. This list is by no means intended to be exhaustive. I humbly intend to spur some dialogue and generate additional ideas to address this important communal issue:

Respect privacy. Our rabbis work very long hours under enormous stress and pressure. From early morning until late at night, they are preparing classes, attending

happy and not-so-happy life cycle events, counseling individuals and families, administering a shul, dealing with multiple and complex crises in real time, addressing broader communal issues, etc. On a virtually constant basis, they are bombarded by personal and communal problems, often serving as a human sponge to compassionately absorb personal problems to somewhat ameliorate the pain of their beloved congregants. Oh yes, our rabbis are also fathers and married to selfless wives who often sacrifice precious family life with their husbands for the betterment of the public at large. A rabbi must have uninterrupted time at home to de-compress and spend quality time with his family, learn and, sometimes, even sleep. Absent a bona fide emergency, it is unacceptable to stop by unannounced

cy and quality time with his family. Don’t take advantage. In a related vein, our rabbis are, by nature, exceedingly wise, kind, compassionate, charismatic and empathetic individuals. That is why so many of us are drawn towards them. Please do not take advantage of your rabbi’s innate goodness and eagerness to help. If you had a medical, legal, accounting, matrimonial or parenting problem, you would not expect the appropriate professional to be available to you at all hours. Why should you have the right to expect the rabbi to be available to meet with you at all hours of the day and night?! If the matter is so important or urgent, take time off from work and schedule an appointment with the rabbi during normal hours. Why should the rabbi arrive


at the rabbi’s home to just catch some face time with the rabbi. It is likewise unacceptable to call the rabbi “after hours” at home or on his cell phone, or to text or e-mail the rabbi and expect an immediate response. If a rabbi is on a much-needed summer vacation or otherwise out of the office to recharge his batteries, please respect his priva-

home very late at night on a regular basis? We must be more sensitive and adjust our expectations and demands accordingly. On a related note, while many of us are enjoying a relaxing day off, a rabbi’s typical Sunday may involve attending, officiating and/or speaking at a bris, two fundraising breakfasts,

a bar mitzvah, a funeral, a cemetery unveiling, three shiva calls and a wedding or two. Yet, he can arrive at home after midnight without having had a chance to eat anything of substance whatsoever. Is there a shortage of food at a Five Towns simcha or fundraising event? I think not. There is, however, an apparent shortage of common sense on the part of some attendees to not permit the rabbi a few brief moments to sit in solitude and partake in the cuisine that every other person, except apparently the rabbi, expects to enjoy. Let the rabbi eat like a mensch, and…. Let the rabbi daven. If we would only know the problems and multiple crises with which a rabbi must confidentially deal on a daily basis. The rabbi must often run into shul right at the start of davening, after dealing with and counseling on matters containing life and death implications, or trying to salvage a broken marriage, or perhaps, trying to squeeze in an extra few moments of valuable time to prepare a shiur, only to be stopped “for a quick question” by a well-intentioned congregant, thereby preventing the rabbi from starting davening on time and mentally preparing himself for the tefila. More than ever, the heartfelt tefilos from our rabbis are essential for the yeshuos and salvations that we desperately need. Besides the halachic issues of talking during davening, please, let the rabbi concentrate on his davening. It is simply inexplicable how people can cavalierly walk up to the rabbi during davening to simply give him a greeting, share a mundane thought or newspaper article with him or ask him a non-urgent question. Similarly, congregants (inadvertently) interfere with the rabbi’s vital tefilos by nonchalantly hovering in the rabbi’s proximity towards the end of davening to be the first to wish him a good Shabbos, tell him a good joke, etc. For Heaven’s sake, and our sake, let the rabbi daven! Similarly, I ask you to consider that each person who wishes to speak with the rabbi for more than a few moments after davening prevents the rabbi from

less pastoral and counseling needs, can give an over-worked rabbi needed chizuk and encouragement to maintain the frenetic pace associated with his rabbinic duties.


urim. However, it is more than a bit unfair to the rabbi and his congregants for non-members to request personal meetings with a rabbi of a shul that they do not financially support. Express appreciation. Despite the super-human efforts of time, energy and emotional attachment expected from our rabbis, our rabbis are human. Besides the traditional forms of financial appreciation that congregants occasionally bestow upon their rabbis, a heartfelt note expressing one’s appreciation for a wonderful drasha or shiur, or thanking therRabbi (or rebbetzin) for attending one’s family simcha or addressing one of count-

Attend shiurim. Most rabbis enter the Rabbinate with the expectation that one of their primary roles is to teach Torah. This is the rabbi’s true passion and, presumably, a rabbinic function and privilege from which he obtains immense satisfaction. Please make every effort to attend these classes and imbibe the precious lessons contained therein. A not insignificant ancillary benefit is the chizuk and boost that the rabbi receives knowing that he is teaching and positively impacting his tzibur and that they are receptive and growing from the timeless lessons that he is imparting.

Please understand that, particularly in connection with my first few suggestions, I am NOT advocating that we be “stand-offish” vis-à-vis our rabbonim. Indeed, as much as we cherish and appreciate our relationships with our rabbis, our rabbis reciprocally appreciate and desire their relationships with us. They went into the rabbinate with a mission and burning desire to teach, mentor, assist and guide us and want nothing more than to help us and facilitate our individual and communal growth. Our wonderful rabbonim truly relish the relationship and interactions with their congregants. However, we must be mindful that, especially as our community continues to grow, unfettered 24/7 access, demands and expectations are taking a toll upon our spiritual leaders. We must be sensitive to this reality. We must take the steps necessary to ensure that our precious and beloved rabbis can effectively maintain the time, energy and focus needed to accomplish their avodas hakodesh to the best of their ability, utilizing the prodigious talents and ahavas Yisroel with which they are each blessed, and from which we are each privileged to benefit.


N O V E M B E R 2 8 , 2013

Resist the “freeloader effect.” A rabbi is paid by the member congregants of his shul and his first priority and allegiance is to administer and tend to his membership. Please respect this reality. Before asking the rabbi of a shul of which you are not a member to set aside some of his precious time to meet with you and address your needs, please consider consulting the rabbi of the shul, yeshiva, shteeble or basement cholent club to which you ostensibly belong. If you do not “belong” to a shul that offers you sufficient levels of spiritual satisfaction, inspiration or opportunities for growth, or do not feel comfortable consulting with “your” rabbi, it may be time for some serious soul searching. If you respect the shul rabbi enough to seek his guidance, you should respect his time and

position by joining and supporting the shul to which the rabbi is committed. Most shul rabbis gladly and justifiably welcome and encourage non-member attendees to participate in their shi-


making kiddush or havdala with his family, or eating dinner with them. Chancing upon the rabbi on Central Avenue on a hectic Friday afternoon or as he rushes to attend to some personal matters does not provide a freebie for a protracted conversation. One should, of course, extend a brief, warm and respectful greeting. However, extended discussions with the rabbi should require an appointment based upon the rabbi’s availability.


Build perm ing appr its Con oved. st has ruction begu n!

than just


Merom Yerushalayim

With so much of the grounds being preserved, the project’s architectural plans surround the homes with space… and more space… and more of the pristine Yerushalayim air… The upscale and modern design is complemented by the antique beauty of the estate yet surrounded by an air of privacy and tranquility. And it’s hard to believe but true; the estate is the size of an entire neighborhood with only 190 residents!

More than just another development

That’s the Merom Yerushalayim way of saying EXCLUSIVE.


‫ניצני טל‬

‫המועצה לשימור‬

‫צמרת העיר‬

Sun Chen Exclusive Realtors | | 074-7333733 USA: +1-718-732-3609

We Promise


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lda Go



l Av

Gosh Shmonim




i av

an lH

ar Shamg


Bais Medresh


r Il






N O V E M B E R 2 8 , 2013



Bais Medresh <Te

Buil permding appr its Con oved. s has truction beg un!


City entrance

ke l

Bais Medresh

ahu irmiy

Ye ch ez

Givat Shaul



y re sa

ae Isr


ei I



Kikar Shabbat

Geula Strauss

Ya ffo


Mea Shearim

Old City



He r


Mahane Yehuda

than just


Central is relative. But Merom Yerushalayim is truly right at the heart. Just minutes from Geula and all major Chassidic centers, only ten minutes from the Central Bus Station and Machane Yehuda Shuk and an easy half hour walk from the Kosel, you’re literally in the center of it all.

Merom Yerushalayim Schneller

More than just another development

‫ניצני טל‬

‫המועצה לשימור‬

‫צמרת העיר‬


We Promise

At Merom Yerushalayim, there’s no downside to being in the middle of town because you’re on a secluded estate away from the hustle and bustle outside. So sometimes you can have your cake and eat it too, because this is really countryside living in the heart of Yerushalayim!

That’s the Merom Yerushalayim way of saying LOCATION. Sun Chen Exclusive Realtors | | 074-7333733 USA: +1-718-732-3609

THE JEWISH HOME n N O V E M B E R 2 8 , 2013



THE JEWISH HOME n N O V E M B E R 2 8 , 2013


N O V E M B E R 2 8 , 2013


& York y’s w e N Je r s e Ne w


n o i T a in T s e D s y o T for s T f i & GYear Round!



• Huge Gifts, Toys & Party Goods Section on 2nd Floor

• Puzzles & Books for Kids of All Ages • Super Low Prices - 100% Guaranteed

aLL sTores oPen MoTzei shaBBos Boro Park 4518 13th Ave. 718.854.2595

Lakewood Todd PLaza 1091 River Ave (Route 9) 732.364.8822

cedarhursT 134 Washington Ave. 516.218.2211

99 75 TTHHEE JJEEW WIISSHH HHOOMMEE nn M AY N O V2 E4M, 2012 B E R 2 8 , 2013

dkepg orkiliixt ` Torah and Jewish Thought

Special Projects

Musings Light on Women – 138 Shedding Chanukah Style!

Up 77 Looking Rabbi Jonathan Gewirtz

Fun Spin on Chanukah 84 AEsther Ottensoser Great Chanukah Gift 108 Ten Ideas for Those on a Budget

Musings 78 Rabbi’s Rabbi Daniel Staum

In the Kitchen

Shmuz 76 The Rabbi Benzion Shafier


Chanukah: Our Most Misspelled Festival Mr. Joe Bobker

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95 Chanukah Delights 99 Fried Naomi Nachman Treats 120 Chanukah with a Thanksgiving Twist The Joy of Chanukah Jamie Geller

Chef Shaul Silverstein

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Art Beloved 132 The Chanukah Menorah

Rebbetzin Naomi Herzberg


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The Shmuz Parshas Miketz

R’ Ben Tzion Shafier

A Generous Spirit

“And from the Nile rose up seven cows beautiful of appearance and healthy of flesh.” — Bereishis 41:2

be lacking, their neighbors’ belongings would look ugly. This Rashi is difficult to understand. He seems to be saying that because a person doesn’t have, he will become jealous and therefore his neighbor’s possessions will look distasteful to him. It would seem to be just the opposite. If I don’t have something and you do, my not having it will make me want it more, so that item, now being an object of my desire, should look more attractive, not less.

Pharaoh had a dream. First, seven “good” cows came out of the Nile. Then seven “bad” cows came up and consumed the first cows. When he awoke in the morning, he called for Yosef to interpret the dream. Yosef explained that the seven “good cows” represented the seven years of plenty that would then be followed by seven years of famine. Interestingly, the expression the Torah uses to describe the first set of cows is “beautiful of appearance, and healthy of flesh.” Rashi explains that “beauty of appearance,” means that during the seven years of plenty, since everyone would have abundance, they wouldn’t have a jealous eye toward one another, so their neighbors’ possessions would look attractive. During the seven years of famine, in contrast, since they would

TO A MAN GENEROUS OF SPIRIT, THE WORLD IS A PLACE OF BEAUTY. The answer to this question can best be understood through an observation about human nature. Rose Colored Glasses The world uses the expression, “The

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optimist sees the glass as half full, while the pessimist sees it as half empty,” While there is truth in this statement, it actually goes further. Our attitudes color what we see, and our moods shape our thoughts. Those thoughts become the prism through which we perceive reality. And so, when looking at an eight-ounce glass with four ounces in it, the optimist sees a glass that is full. The pessimist sees a glass that is empty. Two people can look at an identical situation, yet see vastly different worlds.

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One sees potential while the other sees pitfalls, one sees obstacles to overcome, and the other sees barriers blocking the path. Because we experience the world through the filter of our attitudes, to an optimist the world is filled with beautiful things and generous people. To a pessimist, the world is filled with ugly things and petty people. Learning to See Beauty This seems to be the answer to Rashi. When a person has his needs met, he is satisfied, and a satisfied man can be generous of sprit. To a man generous of spirit, the world is a place of beauty. That which my friend has is lovely. His farm is impressive. His flocks are splendid. His crops are outstanding. However, a person who isn’t satisfied hungers and craves — his needs can cause him to be bitter and stingy of spirit. And to him the world is a place of bitterness and resentment. I begrudge my friend for what he has. I cannot forgive his success. His farm is poor. His flocks are pitiful. His crops are pathetic. The world itself is an ugly place. This concept is very applicable to us. Many people that we meet aren’t happy. The strange part of it is that they have so much, yet something is holding back. Like a mantra, people utter the words, “I will be happy when…” Each person has his own fill-in for the blank, but whatever it is, his happiness depends on it. It might be the newest car, the fanciest house, the corner office, or the wardrobe worth dying for. It could be the right spouse, acceptance into medical school, that great job, or people who

understand me… Each person has his own value system and his own criteria, but he clearly knows, “Once I get it, I will finally be happy.” Yet an amazing thing happens. He does finally get it! And lo and behold, he still isn’t happy. What happened? It was all that he needed. It was all that he wanted. He finally has it. Why isn’t he satisfied? What is the problem? The problem is that it wasn’t what he needed to be happy. The sad part is that he spent years pursuing something with a hunger that didn’t allow him to enjoy life. Hashem wants us to be happy. But happiness doesn’t always come naturally. One of the keys to happiness is the understanding that Hashem gives each person what is best for him. Not what he

wants. Not what he “needs” — but what is best for his situation. This house. This field. This woman. The Creator of the Heavens and the earth, who understands my inner needs, has chosen this for me. With that appreciation comes a sense of completion. What I have is the best that I could possibly have—for me. I have all that I need. Now, I see a world filled with good and plenty, a world filled with abundance. Gone is the jealousy. Gone is the bitterness. In its place is sense of generosity—I want you to have all that you can have and more. I am content. I am happy.

Get the new Shmuz APP! Access hundreds of audio, videos, and articles from the Shmuz. Simply go to the App store, or Google Play, and search for “TheShmuz” or go to

77 Rabbi Jonathan Gewirtz

Things are Looking Up

Route 306. No, it wasn’t the houses I couldn’t see before the tree removal and it wasn’t the signs of the shopping center that had previously been obscured by branches. What I just happened to notice after dozens of times of driving past the new poles was that they were nearly twice the height of the previous poles! Suddenly, it made sense. They weren’t moving the poles to put in the sidewalk, they were installing higher poles, presumably to be above the now

non-existent tree line in case of more storms like we’ve had the past few years. A pole might have been in a good spot, yet a taller one needed to be installed so the new one was placed right next to the old one, which will eventually be removed. I’m sure you’re all quite fascinated with my little construction anecdote,

We have ups and downs, good days and challenging ones, and some things we can’t figure out. We wonder why Hashem did this to us, and we shake our heads in confusion. That’s because we’re too close to the action. Were we to take a step back, or even to look back later on with the benefit of more elapsed time, we would be able to


but why am I telling you about it? I’m glad you asked. One of the halachos of Chanuka is that the menorah cannot be higher than 20 amos (cubit = 15-24 inches or so) because people’s eyes do not generally see that high up. As it is not in the standard field of vision, people might miss it, and the intended publicizing of the miracle would not occur. This is precisely what happened to me. I was walking along looking at the poles. I noticed them numerous times, yet I only saw the bottom half. I did not raise my gaze to recognize that there was a clear reason to place the poles where they were, as these were special poles that were not like the others. It was only later when driving down the street and taking in a longer stretch of road at one shot that my gaze raised as I aimed high in my steering and I was able to see the plan begin to make sense. What I could not see when it was right in front of my nose was clear when my nose was a bit removed. I think the same is true of many of the miracles we experience in life.

see what was over our heads before and recognize the wisdom of the Planner. On Chanuka, however, Hashem didn’t make us wait. He didn’t make us try to figure out what was going on. Instead, He put the miracle right in our field of view. We beat the Greek army against great odds, but maybe it wasn’t miraculous. Maybe we got lucky; maybe we surprised them with our guerilla warfare and outwitted them with our “gemara kups.” But no. Hashem gave us the miracle of the oil to show us that the war was all part of G-d’s plan, and it was one of His miracles too. By making sure the oil burned longer than it could possibly have done normally, Hashem put the miracle in our field of

vision to make sure we saw it and got the message. To commemorate this, we make sure that the menorahs we light are placed where people can see them to remind us that even though Hashem made an obvious miracle that time, we are constantly surrounded by miracles that we might not catch a glimpse of if we didn’t lift our eyes and look for them. Perhaps, that is why Chanuka has become a time to make parties to celebrate the personal miracles we each experience and to relate how Hashem provided salvation to us in unremarkable ways that seemed so natural, yet were undoubtedly a calculated part of Hashem’s master plan. So this Chanuka, raise your eyes to the sky and start to see just what Hashem has been planning for you. Begin to appreciate all the prep work He has been doing all these years, and think what it might mean for you on the long road ahead. Jonathan Gewirtz is a freelance writer whose work has appeared in publications around the world. He also operates, where you can order a custom-made speech for your next special occasion. For more information, or to sign up for the Migdal Ohr, his weekly PDF Dvar Torah in English, e-mail info@JewishSpeech and put Publication Sponsorship or Subscribe in the subject. © 2013 by Jonathan Gewirtz. All rights reserved.

N O V E M B E R 2 8 , 2013


ecently, the New York State Department of Transportation began prepping Route 306 near my home for the installation of a sidewalk. Now, it may not be what Bathurst Street is to Toronto or even what Ocean Parkway is to Brooklyn, but in Monsey, Route 306 is pretty prominent, and we traverse it all the time. One thing they did (I assume it was “THEM” but it could have been the utility company for their own nefarious storm-preparation reasons) was clearcut trees all along the road and install many new telephone poles. I figured they needed to move the poles to make room for the sidewalks, but what I could not understand was why they installed some poles mere inches away from the previous ones. I remarked as much to my wife one Shabbos as we walked passed them. “Why on earth would they put in a new pole just six inches away from the old one?!” I couldn’t figure it out. It was only a couple weeks later that I noticed something as I drove down


The Observant Jew


N O V E M B E R 2 8 , 2013


Rabbi’s Musings [& Amusings]


lthough the style has mostly shifted, it wasn’t too long ago that three-piece suits were in vogue for men. Some vests had four buttons, some five, and some even six, but no matter how many buttons there were the common practice was to leave the bottom button open. That was the style and just about every man I knew who wore a vest adhered to that unwritten rule. Everybody with one notable exception…my beloved father! My father in-

Chanukah: Our Holiday to Enjoy sisted that the bottom button be closed along with the rest of the vest’s buttons. No amount of cajoling or reasoning could convince him otherwise, and our attempts to reason with him always proved to be futile: “Abba, you closed the bottom button on your vest.” “Of course I did.” “But nobody closes that button.” “Why not? If they put the button there it must be for a reason.”

“I don’t know why; but they say you don’t close the bottom button.” “‘They?’ Who is ‘they’? I would like to have a word with ‘they.’ What gives ‘they’ the right to dictate how I wear my clothing?” Eventually we would give up. My father was adamant that if the button was there it was meant to be closed, what ‘they’ say not withstanding. One of the underappreciated tragedies of the Chanukah debacle was that

Rabbi Dani Staum

the Maacabees were not merely fighting an enemy force. Their battle was also a civil war against the myriads of Hellenized Jews who had capitulated to the alluring Greek culture that abounded. The Greek exile marked the first time in our history that Jews were not slated for death, but rather for conversion. The enemy welcomed Jews to join their games and customs and be swept

up in the glamour of their lifestyles. In a sense we can say that the ancient Greeks were the first “they.” The Greeks created a culture wherein everyone was expected to pay homage to their styles, trends and fashions. When the obdurate few Jews refused to follow theSealy lead of Posturepedic the Greeks, it infuriated them. But ultimately the righTherapedic teous minority overcame the masses of Greeks and Jewish Hellenists. The force of “they” was ousted from Eretz Yisroel, and we once again became a nation of “we” and “ours,” living and espousing a life of Torah service to G-d. Chanukah celebrates our ability to counter the trendsSealy of culture and sociPosturepedic ety. We, as Torah Jews, are different, and Gel Series we must embrace those differences. At times we become somewhat apologetic for our external and internal differences. We cower from accusations of bigotry and chauvinism. The holiday of Chanukah reminds us that we must be proud of who we are and carry our banner aloft with dignity. “They” have their culture and we have ours, and we must be confident in our mission and what we stand for. Nevertheless, if you happen to see my father wearing a vest maybe you can convince him to leave his bottom button open.

Rabbi Dani Staum, LMSW, is the Rabbi of Kehillat New Hempstead, and Guidance Counselor/Rebbe at Yeshiva Bais Hachinuch & Ashar in Monsey, NY. He is the author of Stam Torah and can be reached at His website is



THE JEWISH HOME n N O V E M B E R 2 8 , 2013

T H E J E WT HI SE HJ EHW OM E R 2248,, 2012 2013 I SEHnH O NMOE VnE MMBAY

You Gotta be


A woman goes to the post office to buy stamps for her Chanukah cards. She says to the clerk, “May I have 50 Chanukah stamps?” The clerk says, “What denomination?” The woman says, “Oh my G-d. Has it come to this? Give me 6 Orthodox, 12 Conservative, and 32 Reform.” ***** Stan and John are walking to school one day and Stan is describing his new remote control car to John. “Where did you get that?” John asked “I got it last night for Chanukah,” said Stan. “What’s Chanukah?” John asked. “It’s a Jewish holiday, where we get presents every night for eight nights, to celebrate the Festival of Lights.” “Wow, I wish we got that!” John exclaimed. The next day, on the way to school, John runs up to Stan, curious to see what he got. He sees that Stan is upset, “What’s wrong? Where’s your present from last night?” asks John. Stan holds up a ball of crumpled wrapping paper, “It was leftovers night.”



Siblings Sara, Moshe, Chaya, Leah, and Tzvi all got Chanukah presents from their parents. Sara got her present before Chaya, but after Moshe. Leah got her present first. If Tzvi got his gift after Chaya, in what order did the siblings get their presents?

Answer on next page

Picture of the Week

With so many ways to spell it, put the following in order of the amount of Google hits they generate:

A. B. C. D. E. F. G. H. I. J. K. L. M.

Chanukkah Chanukah Channukah Hanukka Hanukah Hannukkah Hannukah Chanuka Hanuka Hanukkah Channuka Chanukka Hannuka

Answer: Correct order along with number of hits G. Hannukah : 18,300,000 E. Hanukah : 12,200,000 J. Hanukkah : 11,700,000 H. Chanuka : 11,500,000 B. Chanukah : 4,100,000 C. Channukah : 3,170,000 D. Hanukka : 3,760,000 L. Chanukka : 2,950,000 M. Hannuka : 1,090,000 F. Hannukkah : 1,060,000 A. Chanukkah : 715,000 I. Hanuka : 956,000 K. Channuka : 404,000

80 78

dkepg !gnU

81 T H E J E TWH EI SJHE W H OI SMHE HnO M EN OnV M E MAYB E2R4 ,22012 8 , 2013


Light up the Nights Trivia Submitted by Devorah Stern

Submitted by David Kagen

1. How many years ago did the miracle of Chanukah take place? a. 3206 b. 2110 c. 1461 d. 1402

2. What does “maccabee” mean? a. Star b. Courage c. Soldier d. Hammer

3. What is the total number of candles lit during Chanukah? a. 44 b. 36 c. 54 d. 28

4. Which city did the Maccabees live in? a. Yerushalayim b. Beit Shemesh c. Modi’in d. Chevron

5. Who of the following was not one of Matisyahu’s five sons? a. Yehuda b. Yonasan c. Shimon d. Eliyahu

6. What modern day country were the “Greeks” based in? a. Syria

The Great Chanukah Word Scramble

b. Greece c. Rome d. Iran

7. Who bowed down to Shimon Hatzadik? a. Antiyoches b. Matisyahu c. Alexander the Great d. Helifornus

8. Which of Noach’s children were the Greeks descendants of? a. Shem b. Chom c. Yofes d. His daughter Answers: 1)B 2)D 3)A 4)C 5)D 6)A 7) C 8)C Wisdom key: Answered 6-8 correctly: You know your Chanukah (but can you tell me how it’s spelled? See facing page). Answered 3-5 correctly: Do you also light only half of the candles? Answered 0-3 correctly: You’re so behind on your Chanukah facts that you probably didn’t even put up your sukkah yet.



















xndraaler teh treag Scramble Answers: Presents Gelt Chanukah Doughnut Maccabee Matisyahu Yehudah Dreidel Latkes Oil Menorah Party BeisHamikdash Yerushalayim Pach

Eight Shemen Chashmonaim Alexander the Great


Comm Let the ission er dec Send your s tuff



o fivetow centerfold@ nsjewis hhome. com Answer to riddle: Leah lit first, then Moshe, then Sara, then Chaya, and then Tzvi.

Happy Chanukah from the Margaret Tietz Family


N O V E M B E R 2 8 , 2013



and encouragement as you regain your strength. Margaret Tietz Nursing & Rehabilitation Center is proud to provide the Jewish Community with high quality Subacute Rehabilitation and LongTerm Care in a newly renovated and completely Kosher setting.

164-11 Chapin Parkway, Jamaica Hills, NY 11432 • 718-298-7829 • Centrally located near the Queens communities of Kew Gardens Hills, Hillcrest & Jamaica Estates. Only 20 minutes from Brooklyn, Manhattan & the Five Towns.



THE JEWISH HOME n N O V E M B E R 2 8 , 2013


84 100

Chanukah Esther Ottensoser

A Fun Spin on Chanukah

Chocolate Dreidels These colorful and cheerful chocolate Dreidel Pops, which (in case you were wondering) really do spin, are sure to be a big hit throughout Chanukah. Supplies 3D square candy mold Wonder Melts in varied colors Wooden candy apple dowels or lollipop sticks Directions Melt the candy melts in a double boiler or microwave. Pour the melted Wonder Melts into the molds and allow to set for a couple of minutes. Meanwhile, cut sticks with a pair of scissors (approximately 2â&#x20AC;?). Put sticks into molds and place in freezer until completely set. Carefully remove from molds.

101 85 WIISSH H HHOOM MEE nn M AY N O V2E4M, B2012 E R 2 8 , 2013 TTHHEE JJEEW

Striped Jello Menorah With a couple of simple steps you can create eye-catching striped jello “candles.” You’ll find that not only are the results a conversation piece, but each step is fun and intriguing as you add each layer one by one. For best results use Kolitan Jello, as it congeals to a perfect texture for the tilts. Additionally, its colors will not “bleed” one into the other. When purchasing the shot glasses, stick with something simple. The simpler the glass, the more dramatic the projects will look. Supplies 1 box lime Kolatin Jello 1 box raspberry or strawberry Kolatin Jello (I added in a couple of drops of blue food coloring to make a purple color) box orange Kolatin Jello Cupcake tray 9 shot glasses Glass tea light holder Narrow tray (optional) Directions Make the first color jello following directions on the box. Pour the first layer of jello into your glasses filling it approximately a third of the way. Once each glass is filled evenly, it’s time to tilt your glasses. Place glasses in a cupcake pan being careful that each jello is tilted in the same direction and angle. Place jellos inside refrigerator and allow to gel. Once the first layer is set, repeat step one using a new flavor of jello and adjusting the tilt of each jello in your cupcake pan accordingly. Make your last layer using new flavor of jello and refrigerate in an upright position. To assemble the menorah: Line up all the shot glasses in a neat row (place on tray if desired). For the “shamash,” raise the center glass by placing it on a glass tea light holder (turned upside down).


N O V E M B E R 2 8 , 2013


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Saturday Evening, December 14, 2013 • Motzei Shabbos, 12 Teves 5774 The Sands of Atlantic Beach 1395 Beech Street • Atlantic Beach, NY BUFFET DINNER: 7:45 PM | PROGRAM: 9:00 PM | FOLLOWED BY VIENNESE DESSERT TABLE


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Cover Story

CHANUKAH Our Most Misspelled Festival by Joe Bobker Jews in Westerbork camp, Holland, lighting the seventh candle



Chanukka, Chanuka, Channuka, Channukah, Chanuka, Chanukah, Chanuko, Hannuka, Hannukah, Hanuka, Hanukah, Hanukkah, Khannuka, Khannukah, Khanuka, Khanukah, Kanukkah, Xanuka, Khanukah....Take your pick, any one will do. Why? Because no matter how you spell it, when Chanukah arrives on the 25th of

Kislev it arrives as the most conspicuous symbol of the miracle of Jewish survival. If Pesach’s slogan was Let My People Go, Chanukah’s became Let My People Glow! – and yet, it is surprisingly short on halachik rituals. Why? Because it focuses on quality, not quantity; on the few defeating the many, on the weak reversing the strong, on an oil

cruse burning longer than it should. There are only two Chanukah laws: singing songs of praise and thanksgiving (Hallel and al-Hanissim, inserted in the shemonei esrei and benching), and mitzva Chanukah, ner ish u’baito, kindling of lights to “publicize the miracle” (pirsum ha-nes). What miracle? That the Jewish spirit can never be dimmed, let alone extinguished; a halachik demand that the seventh Rebbe of Chabad, R’ Menachem Mendel Schneersohn, took so seriously as to encourage annual Chanukah lighting ceremonies in such public places as shopping malls and central parks that even reached inside the White House and, incredibly, the once-feared Kremlin. “For such a little bit of oil, such a

big festival?” goes the old Yiddish saying. Candle by candle, flame by flame, we stood, parents and children, with candles that never seemed to really fit and orange candle wax dripping on our fingers that clutched the tashen gelt, magnetized not only by the dreams of the Maccabeans whose memory we were honoring but by the hopes of our parents’ generation of survivors from Churban Europa we were subtly acknowledging. As other kids watched the candles being lit, I remember watching my father’s face, shadowed by the undying lamp of Judah and ablaze with the miracle of self-survival, displaying not a single scar of disillusionment with his faith. Here they were: my mother and


n our mesmerized imaginations, my sister and I pictured history’s tormentors of the guardians of Judaism burn in the inferno of those Chanukah flames; and so we sang songs of praise of the few against the many, a web of heroes and heroines ranging from Judah to Chana to the Jews of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising. That is why Chanukah, as a cham-

pion of liberty and a festival of joy, prohibits sadness, fasting or mourning. In the Venice Ghetto, Jews during the Middle Ages would row through the watery streets on gondolas looking for the tell-tale chanukkiahs, and then burst into joyful song when they spotted one. When R’ Eliezer and R’ Joshua once heard that the Jews of Lydda had fasted during Chanukah, they were so upset that they staged another fast to atone for the Chanukah fast. And so Chanukah, uniquely different from all other Jewish festivals,

through a gas chamber. Yet somehow he managed, a few minutes later, to finish the blessing, “Blessed art Thou, who kept us alive, and preserved us....” The Rebbe survived the war, and many years later recalled that moment, how his candle had attracted a small circle of Jews, faces strained, eyes concentrated with faith. How could he disappoint them? Realizing that “there is not enough darkness in all the world to put out the light of one small candle,” the rabbiprisoner became reinvigorated and

Chanukka, Chanuka, Channuka, Channukah, Chanuka, Chanukah, Chanuko, Hannuka, Hannukah, Hanuka, Hanukah, Hanukkah, Khannuka, Khannukah, Khanuka, Khanukah, Kanukkah, Xanuka, Khanukah....Take your pick, any one will do.

encourages fun ‘n games ‘n partying. But when all is said and done, when we are saturated with doughnuts, tired of playing games, kvitlach, our fingers tired from spinning dreidels, our pockets stuffed with gelt and gifts, what precisely is the “essence” of Chanukah? The answer comes to us from an inspirational moment in 1943 when Chanukah came to Bergen-Belsen, and Rabbi Israel Spira, the extraordinary Rebbe of Bluzhov, wanted to comply with lighting candles, a near-impossible mitzvah since Adolf’s camps weren’t exactly known for their ready supply of chanukkiahs. So the rabbi improvised. He carved holes in a wooden shoe clog, made wicks out of the strings in his striped death camp uniform, and used black shoe polish for oil. He was now ready to make the three blessings: one for the lights, one for the miracle, one (Shehecheyanu) of appreciation, but he only made it through the first two, unable to say the final words of gratitude. Reality had set in. Rav Spira’s wife, only daughter, son-in-law, and only grandchild had just met their Maker

suddenly found the strength to finish the blessing, proving that even in Hitler’s hell, “one man’s candle is light for many,” and that sometimes one must look into ashes, according to R’ Dov Ber of Mazeritch, in order to find a solitary spark. This is a common myth: that Chanukah and the menorah are synonymous with light. They are not. They are synonymous with the hope for renewed light, aware, as those insightful Yiddishists put it, “If not for the light, there would be no shadow.” By switching the order of the two Hebrew letters (r, i) in rah (“evil”), our Jewish mystics formed the word or, which means “spiritual awakening,” or awareness. The Chassidic Sages saw their challenge in finding the spark within moments of terrible darkness – and make even evil holy. They knew: hopelessness and despair were also a kind of darkness that blinded their folk to the light. This is what Rav Spira experienced in the winter of Bergen-Belsen, when the day is at its shortest and the night at its longest, a stimulus to a rabbinic adage, ki ner Elokim nishmat adam, that

“the candle of G-d is the soul of man,” which he witnessed shining from his fellow Jewish prisoners. In their reflective faces he saw that old Yiddish battle cry, “Vos mir zeinen, zeinen mir; ober Yidden zeinen mir,” “Whatever we are, we are; but Jews we are” – proof that the Chosen people were no different than the flicker of a flame that changes from one moment to the next, but remains steady at its core essence.


t is only now, as an adult looking back on my childhood Chanukah recollections, that I realize when my family passed that modest shammash candle from one to another it was as though we were passing the tale of miracles to each other; a singular moment of indescribable palatability of the eternal quality of the Yiddishe folk. And more: surely the most striking and extraordinary lesson contained in the command to “publicize the miracle,” is that we do so with no noisy display, no fanfare, no hubbub of activity, no fancy meals, no blowing of shofars, no public readings. We do so with just simple light, trusting on the quiet of a candle flame that dances noiselessly, shining as a challenge, a dare to recall not only the days gone by but those that await us just around the corner. Our Sages say that the miracle of Chanukah was the “end of all miracles,” a moment in history after which miraculous events suddenly became taken for granted. “Our original ancestors,” writes the 13th century mystic-scholar Ramban, “saw miracles on a deeper level, in all things – they were rescued from hunger, death, war and the sword, and were given wealth and respect – a good life…they understood that all things depend on hidden miracles.” I beg to differ that miracles in the 21st century are a thing of the past, and I produce as the main exhibit a Rav Samson Raphael Hirsch observation: “One single Jew, one single Jewish house is ultimately in itself sufficient to serve as foundation for the re-erection of the entire Jewish sanctuary.” Now that I have children of my own I am more appreciative of the fact that the burning candle my father passed to me, the one his father once passed to him, is the same candle that I pass on to each of my four sons, who are now passing it on to each of their sons and daughters…for not only can mesorah (tradition) be transmitted generationally (dor v’dor), so can its brightness of hope, its luster of optimism, its glistening desire, its effulgent expectation, its everlasting longing.

97 89 WIISSHH HHOOMMEE nn M AY N O V2 E4M, B2012 E R 2 8 , 2013 TTHHEE JJEEW

father, two Jewish bearers of the postAuschwitz torch, human soul-candles, steeled by tradition and history, passionately lighting candles after experiencing Stalin gulags with a dual poignant veneer: despair, damped by tears of joy. Truly the stuff of legends; a faith akin to that flaming bush that was once not consumed. As we gazed at that feast of small candles my sister, Chanal’e, and I felt doubly secure in the warmth of flames that ensured a Jewish future, by the spiritual radiance of survivors warily rebuilding the ramparts of Yiddishkeit, wick-by-wick. Oddly, I recall being transfixed by the first night’s candle. It just stood there in the dark; solitaire, lonely, seemingly forlorn. After all, how much flame can one single candle in eclipse emit? But then came the second night and a companion candle suddenly diminished the dimness of the first. And so it went: each new candle was an associate, a comrade, a fiery sidekick, and each night the darkness seemed to be withdrawing in retreat, as though each successive candle in a row, aglow, whispered that they should now jointly ascent the dark cliffs of nightfall. This made the small flames of each successive night suddenly grow in both stature and magnitude. As children we stared wide-eyed at those golden dancing flames, that seemed to twinkle along to our songs, starting with “Haneirot halalu anu madlikin, anu madlikim, madlikim,” and ending with a little Yiddish ditty, “Chanukah or Chanukah, A yom tov a sheiner, A lustiker, a freilicher, Nisht do noch a zeiner.” The best was the last, when the lights were eight times as bright as the first, a day known as zot Hanukka, “This is the Dedication,” the opening phrase of the Torah reading derived from the Torah’s hanukkat ha-mizbeah, “dedication offering for the altar,” whose real translation is, “This is the essence of Chanukah!” On this climax, even the lonely and sequestered shamash suddenly seemed animated, coming alive, burning equally and majestically with all the others, his duty done.

T H E J E WTIHSEHJ HE W O MI ES Hn H ONMOEV EnM M B EAY R 2284,, 2013 2012

98 90

The true miracle of the Jewish people falls into the category of chukim, statutes of the Torah that are beyond logic and human rationale; the lesson of Chanukah is an ongoing historic chuk, one that truly transcends logic: that a flame that started from one hand to another, then went from one home to another, eventu-

ally shaped one single House of Israel into an entire Household of Israel – an unstoppable covenant-bound march of cooperative lights embarked on a common mission. Each delicately flickering candle in the window, glowing seemingly in isolation, unattached, like an innocent

spiritual ember ready to pounce and burst aflame, is symbolic of the Jews’ beacon to history. Is it a coincidence? Chanukah takes place in the ninth month of the Jewish year, alluding to the miracle of birth, and the ongoing hope for rebirth, echoed in the lyrics of Chaneros Hallalu, “For the miracles and wonders…in those days and in these days.” Like pristine candles in the wind, the Jewish folk have shone on despite staring into the face of a stark, black night in the dead of winter, constantly and miraculously emerging as the “light unto the nations” – a challenge and a declaration that never ends; that Israel never dies; that the dream continues to burn in the hearts of perhaps only the few, but the whole burns so bright that no tempest can quench it. The greatest miracle of them? Not that one day’s oil burnt for

eight days, but that the light of those eight days are still afire, burning and a’blazing, despite all the forced conversions and crucifixions, pogroms and stakes, death marches and gas chambers, and yet, there are still Jews of faith left to light the candles of Chanukah. The rest, as they say, is history – amply illuminated.

Joe Bobker, alumni of Yeshivas HaRav Kook, Jerusalem, is the former publisher and editor-in-chief of the Los Angeles Jewish Times, author of the popular Torah With a Twist of Humor series and the 12-volume Historiography of Orthodox Jews and the Holocaust, to be published next summer by Gefen Press, Jerusalem. He can be reached at jbobker@


Why are there so many variant spellings? Because ‘Hanukkah/Chanukka’ consists of five Hebrew characters that begin with the consonant het or chet, guttural sounds that have no exact equivalent in English (despite what looks like their English counterparts, “h” or “ch.”) When once asked what Jews have in common, eleven-year-old Elise replied, “We know how to say the ‘ch’ sound without giving ourselves laryngitis.”


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Thank a veteran for your freedom! - Sign atop Johnny’s Saloon in Huntington Beach, Calif., which the town demanded be taken down

Slave. - One of the choices for occupation listed on a DeKalb County Court jury questionnaire

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All plots hatched by the Zionist regime to stop the nuclear agreement have failed. - Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, after Iran and the U.S. reached a nuclear arms agreement What was accomplished last night in Geneva is not a historic agreement; it’s a historic mistake. Today the world has become much more dangerous, because the most dangerous regime in the world took a meaningful step toward acquiring the most dangerous weapon in the world. For the first time the world’s leading powers agreed to the enrichment of uranium in Iran, while ignoring the Security Council resolutions that they themselves championed. - Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu reacting to the deal reached between the U.S. and Iran

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In the Kitchen Jamie Geller


Olive Oil Dark Chocolate Mousse I first learned about using fruity, high-quality olive oil in desserts—specifically in chocolate mousse—from executive chef Laura Frankel of Wolfgang Puck Kosher Catering. I just love the flavor and smooth, creamy texture it imparts. Note that this mousse contains raw eggs. If you’re concerned about the risks of eating raw eggs, you can use pasteurized eggs without affecting the results. Ingredients 10 ounces high-quality 72% cacao bittersweet chocolate, finely chopped, or chocolate chips 8 large eggs, separated, at room temperature ¾ cup granulated sugar ½ cup extra virgin olive oil 1 teaspoon instant coffee granules dissolved in 2 tablespoons boiling water Grated zest of 1 small orange (optional) ¼ teaspoon kosher salt Preparation Place the chocolate in a microwave-safe bowl and melt in a microwave, stirring after each 10-second increment, until smooth, about 1½ minutes. Let cool slightly. Place the egg yolks and ½ cup sugar in a medium bowl and whisk until pale yellow. Whisk in the olive oil, coffee, zest, if using, and salt until combined. Add the melted chocolate and whisk until smooth. Beat the egg whites in the bowl of a stand mixer or with a hand mixer until soft peaks form. Gradually sprinkle in the remaining ¼ cup sugar and beat just until stiff peaks form. Add a gener-

ous spoonful of the egg white mixture to the chocolate mixture. Stir firmly until completely incorporated. Pour the chocolate mixture into the bowl of egg whites. Gently fold with a large spoon or rubber spatula until completely combined. Divide the mousse into six 6-ounce ramekins and cover with plastic wrap. Refrigerate overnight. Dress It Up Olive Oil Dark Chocolate Mousse Shots Serve the mousse with various toppings in individual shot glasses on a vintage silver tray. Try

whipped cream, orange zest curls, coarse flake sea salt, fresh berries, or crushed nuts. For something really special, try my favorite, Salted Nut Powder. By hand or in a mini food processor or coffee grinder, combine 3 tablespoons shelled pistachios and 1 teaspoon coarse sea salt. Pulse until ground and slightly powdery but still with some rough chunks. Sprinkle on top of mousse before serving. The mousse can be made in advance and will last, tightly sealed, in the fridge for 1 week, or in the freezer for up to a month.

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Cardamom-Scented Hanukkah Cookies

I really feel like a good mom when I bake with my kids, especially for the holidays. Hanukkah cookies can also be a lot of fun to make, but they’re usually so blah and one-dimensional, no one really craves them. With just one touch of cardamom, this recipe immediately transforms those bland little cookies into something super special. You don’t even need to decorate them. Just pile them on your party tray and watch them go! Ingredients 1 ½ cups all-purpose flour, plus more for rolling ½ teaspoon baking powder ¼ teaspoon kosher salt ¼ teaspoon ground cardamom ¼ teaspoon ground ginger 8 tablespoons (1 stick) unsalted butter at room temperature ¼ cup granulated sugar ¼ cup packed light brown sugar 1 large egg 1 tablespoon fresh orange juice 1 cup confectioner’s sugar Blue sugar or sprinkles, for decorating Preparation Combine the flour, baking powder, salt, cardamom, and ginger in a small bowl. Beat together the butter, granulated sugar, and brown sugar with an electric mixer until light and fluffy. Add the egg and orange juice and beat until combined. Add the flour mixture and mix just until incorporated. Wrap the dough in plastic wrap and chill in the refrigerator for 15 to 30 minutes. Meanwhile, preheat the oven to 350°F. Line two baking sheets with parchment paper. Lightly flour your work surface. Flour your rolling pin and cookie cutters. Roll out the dough to ¼-inch thick

on the work surface. Cut into desires shapes and place them on the prepared baking sheets. Reroll the scraps and continue until all the dough has been used. Bake until the edges are just golden, 10 to 12 minutes. Cool two minutes on the baking sheet, then move to a wire rack to cool completely. Place the confectioners’ sugar in a small bowl. Add water, 1 tablespoon at a time, and whisk until a smooth, thick but pourable consistency is reached. Drizzle the frosting on the cookies and decorate them with blue sugar or sprinkles.

chocolate in a small bowl and 4 ounces chopped white chocolate in another small bowl. Pour half of the warm cream into each bowl. Let sit for a few minutes, then stir with rubber spatulas to melt the chocolates. Let cool slightly before dipping your cookies. Divide the cookies into two equal batches. Dip the cookies in one batch in the milk chocolate, covering each cookie halfway; dip the cookies in a second batch in the white chocolate, dipping each cookie halfway. Sprinkle the frosted parts of the cookies with gold and silver decorating sugar.

Variation Use 1 cup all-purpose flour and ½ cup whole wheat flour, or 3/4 of each.

Make it Pareve These are so easy to make nondairy: just sub in margarine for butter. Because it’s traditional to eat dairy delicacies on Hanukkah, and I rarely have occasion to make dairy desserts, I seize the opportunity to use butter in this recipe. But it’s a great quick cookie recipe and shouldn’t be relegated to Hanukkah—just use cookie cutters that are not holiday themed.

Black and White Chocolate – Dipped Hanukkah Cookies To make chocolate ganache¸ bring 1 cup of heavy cream to a simmer in a small saucepan over medium heat. Place 4 ounces chopped milk


Latkes with Caviar and Cream

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Consider creating a latke-topping bar, so your Hanukkah party guests can mix and match or try them all. I like topping latkes with guacamole and an over-easy or poached egg, or doing Caprese latke towers with slices of mozzarella and tomato, plus a few fresh basil leaves. Ooooh, and I love a smear of brie cheese topped with a dollop of jam, or blue cheese, pear, and arugula piled on top. You can go exotic or country or Brooklyn, but this super elegant cream and caviar version can only be described as super posh and simply divine. Ingredients 4 large russet potatoes (about 2-1/2 pounds) 3 large eggs, beaten 2 teaspoons kosher salt 1 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper Canola oil for frying 1 medium onion quartered ¼ cup Manischewitz® Matzo Meal 1 ¼ cups crème frâiche or sour cream Caviar, for garnish Preparation Fill a large bowl with cold water. Peel the potatoes, cut them into quarters lengthwise, and place them in the bowl of cold water to prevent browning. Combine the eggs, salt, and pepper in a large bowl; set aside. Heat about 1 inch of oil in a large sauté pan over medium-high heat. Put the onions and potatoes in a food processor and pulse until pureed. Transfer the mixture into the large bowl with the eggs. Add Manischewitz® Matzo Meal and mix to combine. Line a baking sheet with paper towels. Using a ¼-cup measuring cup, scoop up the potato mixxture and carefully drop it into the hot oil. Use the back of the measuring cup to flatten the latke. Fill the pan with as many latkes as you can, but do not let them touch. Do not overcrowd your pan,

or the latkes will be soggy instead of crispy. Fry until golden brown and crispy, three to five minutes per side. Drain on the prepared baking sheet. Repeat with remaining batter. To keep latkes warm and crispy once fried, spread them in a single layer on a baking sheet and place in a 200°F oven until ready to serve. To serve, place the latkes on a large serving tray and garnish each with a generous tablespoon of crème frâiche and caviar. Quick Tip Remember, don’t overcrowd your pan when frying. Make sure the latkes aren’t touching and

there is room around each for the edges to crisp. That’s the perfect latke: soft, fluffy, and creamy on the inside with crispy edges. Sweet Cinnamon Latkes My friend Anita’s grandmother used to make her latkes with a pinch of cinnamon. Omit the onion and the pepper, reduce the salt to a pinch, and add 2 teaspoons ground cinnamon and 3 tablespoons sugar. Mix 1 cup sour cream with ¼ cup maple syrup and serve it on the side. Make it Pareve Use soy sour cream or serve with applesauce.

Jamie Geller is the only cookbook author who wants to get you out of the kitchen – not because she doesn’t love food – but because she has tons to do. As “The Bride Who Knew Nothing” Jamie found her niche as everybody’s favorite cook next-door. Specializing in scrumptious meals that are a snap to prepare, she authored the Quick & Kosher Cookbook series and is co- founder of the Kosher Media Network, which recently launched the Joy of Kosher with Jamie Geller magazine and companion website, a social network for foodies. Jamie hosts the popular Quick & Kosher cooking show online at and on-air on JLTV. Jamie and her “hubby” live in Israel. Their five children give her plenty of reasons to get out of the kitchen — fast. Recipes and photos from the new Joy of Kosher Cookbook, courtesy of William Morrow, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers. Buy one today; it’s the perfect Chanukah gift!


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From Culinary Concepts: On Cooking, by Sarah Labensky • Frying: a dry-heat cooking method in which foods are cooked in hot fat; includes sautéing and stir frying, pan frying and deep frying.

• Pan Fry: A dry-heat cooking method in which food is placed in a moderate amount of hot fat. • Deep Fry: a dry-heat cooking method using convection to transfer heat to a food submerged in hot fat; foods to be deep-fried are usually first coated in batter or breading. • Stir Fry: a dry-heat cooking method similar to sautéing in which foods are cooked over very high heat using little fat while stirring constantly and briskly; often done in a wok. • Sauté: a dry-heat cooking method that uses conduction to transfer heat from a hot pan to food with the aid of a small amount of hot fat; cooking is usually done quickly over high temperatures • Sear: to brown food quickly over high heat; usually done as a preparatory step for combination cooking methods

Beer Battered Fish Ingredients 1 ½ cups of flour 1 teaspoon salt ¼ teaspoon freshly ground black pepper 4 large eggs 1 (12-oz) bottle of beer, room temperature Canola oil 1 ½ pounds of flounder Preparation Sift 1 cup of flour into a bowl. Add salt and pepper. Whisk in the eggs. Slowly add the beer, whisking after each addition. Allow the batter to sit at room temperature for 30 minutes. Heat 3 inches of oil in a large pot, skillet or deep fryer to 360°-375°F. Dredge fish in the remaining flour shaking off excess. Then coat the fish in the batter. Add fish to oil and fry until golden brown about 3-4 minutes. Serve with tartar sauce. Tartar Sauce Ingredients 4 tablespoons mayonnaise 2 tablespoons sweet relish 2 teaspoons Dijon mustard 2 teaspoons white wine or apple cider vinegar Preparation Combine all ingredients in medium-sized bowl or container. Can be prepared in advance; refrigerate until right before using. Serve with beer-battered fish.

Naomi Nachman, the owner of The Aussie Gourmet, caters weekly and Shabbat/ Yom Tov meals for families and individuals within The Five Towns and neighboring communities, with a specialty in Pesach catering. Naomi is a contributing editor to this paper and also produces and hosts her own weekly radio show on the Nachum Segal Network stream called “A Table for Two with Naomi Nachman.” Naomi gives cooking presentations for organizations and private groups throughout the New York/New Jersey Metropolitan area. In addition, Naomi has been a guest host on the QVC TV network and has been featured in cookbooks, magazines as well as other media covering topics related to cuisine preparation and personal chefs. To obtain additional recipes, join The Aussie Gourmet on Facebook or visit Naomi’s blog. Naomi can be reached through her website, or at (516) 295-9669.

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s many of my long-time readers are aware, I love deep-fried foods. However, due to diet constraints, I rarely get to indulge in this. Around Chanukah, however, I take a “poetic license” to drop my diet in the spirit of the holiday and fry everything in sight. Frying gets a bad rap from a health perspective. I know it’s unhealthy, but once in a while (say for Chanukah!) it’s so much fun to treat myself and my fellow-dieters to some fried dishes. There are so many ways to fry and I have put together a few different frying techniques to educate us all.


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N O V E M B E R 2 8 , 2013 THE JEWISH HOME n

Potato Latkas Potato Latkas

Apple Fritters

Ingredients 2 pounds Yukon gold potatoes 1 medium onion, skin removed and end trimmed Ingredients 2 eggs, beaten Ingredients 23 pounds Yukon potatoes tablespoons allgold purpose flour 3 Granny Smith apples 1½medium onion, tablespoon saltskin removed and end trimmed ¼ cup granulated sugar 2¼eggs, beaten teaspoon ground black pepper 1 tablespoon vanilla extract 31/8 tablespoons all purpose flour teaspoon nutmeg (if desired) 2/3 cup all purpose flour ½ tablespoon Canola oil (forsalt sautéing) Vegetable oil for frying ¼ teaspoon ground black pepper 1/8 teaspoon nutmeg (if desired) Confectioner’s sugar Preparation Canola oil (for sautéing) Wash potatoes, and grate potatoes and onions. Drain liquid. Transfer the grated potatoes

T H E J E TWH IESJHE W H OI M E n 2012 SH H OMMAY E n2 4M, AY 2 4 , 2012


77 77

and onions to a bowl and add the eggs, flour, salt, and pepper. Mix well. Preparation Preparation In a sauté pan, heat enough oil to come halfway up the side of the latke. When the oil and is core the apples and cut them into slices about 3/8 inch thick. Put the Peel potatoes, andheaping grate potatoes and onions. Drainmore liquid. Transferon thehow grated potatoes hot,Wash add the batter by tablespoonfuls (or even depending big you like granulated sugar, vanilla, together with the apple slices. Turn the slices once or and to Cook a bowluntil and golden. add the eggs, flour,cook salt,another and pepper. Mix well. youronions latkas). Flip and 2 minutes. Add oil as needed, and twice and In a sauté pan,batches heat enough oil to come halfway up the sidewith of the latke. When the oil islet steep for at least 1 hour. continue cooking of pancakes. Remove to a plate lined paper towels. Serve with In alike separate bowl, put 1 cup water, and sift the flour into it, stirring with a fork hot, theand/or batter applesauce. by heaping tablespoonfuls (or even more depending on how big you souradd cream your latkas). Cook until golden. Flip and cook another 2 minutes. Add oil as needed, to makeand a batter the consistency of sour cream. Adjust the flour as need be to ensure continue cooking batches of pancakes. Remove to a plate lined with paper towels.that Serve with it is the right consistency. sour cream and/or applesauce. Pour enough oil into a skillet to come ½ inch up the sides, and turn the heat to

Apple Fritters Apple Fritters

high, 360°-375°F. Take the apple slices out of the bowl and pat them dry with paper towels. When the oil is very hot, dip them in the batter and slip them into the skillet without crowding. Fry them to a golden brown on one side, then turn and repeat on the other side. Transfer to plate covered with paper towels to drain. Repeat until all slices are done. Sprinkle with confectionary sugar and serve hot.

Ingredients 3 Granny Smith apples ¼ cup granulated sugar Ingredients 1 tablespoon vanilla extract 32/3 Granny apples cup allSmith purpose flour ¼ cup granulated sugar Vegetable oil for frying 1Confectioner’s tablespoon vanilla sugarextract 2/3 cup all purpose flour Vegetable oil for frying Preparation Confectioner’s sugar Peel and core the apples and cut them into slices about 3/8 inch thick. Put the

granulated sugar, vanilla, together with the apple slices. Turn the slices once or Preparation twice and let steep for at least 1 hour. Peel and corebowl, the apples and water, cut them about inch thick. the In a separate put 1 cup andinto sift slices the flour into3/8 it, stirring withPut a fork granulated sugar, vanilla, together with the apple slices. Turn the slices once or to make a batter the consistency of sour cream. Adjust the flour as need be to ensure twice and let steep for at least 1 hour. that it is the right consistency. In a separate puta 1skillet cup water, and½sift theupflour it,and stirring a fork Pour enough bowl, oil into to come inch the into sides, turnwith the heat to to make a batter the consistency of sour cream. Adjust the flour as need be to ensure high, 360°-375°F. thatTake it is the the right appleconsistency. slices out of the bowl and pat them dry with paper towels. When Pour enough oil into a skillet inchslip up the sides, thewithout heat to the oil is very hot, dip them in to thecome batter½and them intoand the turn skillet high, 360°-375°F. crowding. Fry them to a golden brown on one side, then turn and repeat on the other Take the apple slices out of with the bowl pat them dry with paper When side. Transfer to plate covered paperand towels to drain. Repeat untiltowels. all slices are the oil is very hot, dip them in the batter and slip them into the skillet without done. Sprinkle with confectionary sugar and serve hot. crowding. Fry them to a golden brown on one side, then turn and repeat on the other side. Transfer to plate covered with paper towels to drain. Repeat until all slices are done. Sprinkle with confectionary sugar and serve hot.

101 Larry Domnitch


he passing of UN resolution 181 by the General Assembly on November 29, 1947 which partitioned the Land of Israel left Jerusalem outside the boundaries of the proposed Jewish state. The very future of Jerusalem, its one hundred thousand Jewish residents, and the newborn Jewish State itself was imperiled by the Arab siege on Jerusalem which followed. By the end of the War of Independence, Israel had emerged victorious withstanding the threats to its survival and the new section of city of Jerusalem was in Israeli hands, while the Old City fell under Jordanian occupation.

cunning” from Psalm 137. The Jerusalemites took to the streets for good reason. The upcoming UN vote calling to place Jerusalem “under an international regime” was only days away. The measure called to deprive government functions in Jerusalem and end Jewish immigration to the city. The UN, which was silent when Jerusalem’s one hundred thousand Jews were besieged and threatened with losing vital supplies during the War of Independence, had now awoken. Their nemesis was not the aggressors who attempted to destroy the newborn Jewish State but the Jews who managed to survive the invasion and defend their independence. The Jewish State, which emerged out of the ruins of anti-Semitism, pogroms, and Nazi atrocities, had survived a perilous challenge to its very survival and responded to world pressure with defiDavid Ben-Gurion, the country’s first prime minister, at a session of the first Knesset in 1949 ance. The people had On Sunday, December 5, 1949, spoken out, now it was the turn of the in an impressive showing of support, Knesset. The following day, during a twenty thousand Jews of Jerusalem parliamentary session, Prime Minister held a demonstration against the pro- David Ben Gurion addressed the issue posed internationalization of Jeru- of the upcoming UN vote. The prime salem by the United Nations. They minister called the UN resolution 181 marched in a procession over two miles which partitioned the land of Israel but long through the streets of the Holy also called for the internationalization City to the grave of Theodore Herzl, of Jerusalem as “null and void,” since where Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi Isaac “had we not been able to withstand the Herzog read chapter 62 of the book of aggressors who rebelled against the Isaiah, which states, “For Zion’s sake, UN (by attacking Jerusalem followI will not be still for Jerusalem; I will ing the 1947 Partition vote) Jewish not be silent.” Sephardic Chief Rabbi Jerusalem would have been wiped off Ben Zion Uziel read Psalm 126, “A the face of the earth, the Jewish popsong of ascent when the L-rd brought ulation would have been eradicated back the exiles of Zion we were like and the State of Israel would not have dreamers.” Then the assemblage sang arisen. Thus, we are no longer morout the Hatikvah, Israel’s national an- ally bound by the U.N. resolution of them. Overlooking Jerusalem, in uni- November 29, since the U.N. was not son, they raised their right arms and able to implement it.” Ben Gurion also stood in silence as Rabbi Herzog pro- denied that severing Jerusalem from nounced the words, “If I forget thee of the Jewish State would advance the Jerusalem, let my right hand forget its cause of peace.

Menachem Begin, leader of the Cherut Party, also addressed the Knesset that day, “On behalf of the Cherut party group founded by the IZL (Irgun Tzvai Leumi) I have the honor of announcing that any attempt to impose alien rule on Jerusalem will be smashed on the rock of the resistance of the entire nation….The nation that dwells in Zion will decide what the extent of Israel’s sovereignty shall be.” Regarding the increasing international pressure, Begin stated, “This must be stopped…The world must be told that Jerusalem is ours, all of it—the Temple Mount, the Western Wall, Jerusalem inside and outside the walls—and that it is our capital, both in practice and in theory.” The UN disregarded the calls of Israel’s leaders. On December 9, UN vote (resolution 303) was passed with thirty-eight nations supporting, fourteen opposing, and seven abstaining. Four days later, the Israeli government responded to the UN vote by voting to transfer the government to Jerusalem, which officially became the capital of Israel. Around the world, supportive expressions from Jewish communities abounded. The prevailing view was expressed by the New York Yiddish daily, Der Tog, which carried a headline, “Mazal Tov Jerusalem, Capital of Israel.” Its front page featured an edi-

torial which stated, “The Knesset acted in conformity with the 2,000-year-old dream and hopes of the entire Jewish people. We know that the decision is loaded with all kinds of consequences. Therefore we say to the leaders of Israel: The Jews of America and the world are with you” The Israeli Knesset officially opened in Jerusalem on February 14, 1950, at the Jewish Agency headquarters on King George Street. The newly elected president of Israel, Chaim Weizmann, was handed the keys to the city by Mayor Daniel Auster. Following the ceremonial sounding of a shofar, the president entered the makeshift abode of the Knesset and swore an oath of loyalty to the State of Israel. In 1949, Jerusalem had galvanized the Jewish people as Israel’s government had relocated to its historic capital. The liberation of the Old City by the Israel Defense Forces in June 1967 signifies the unification of Jerusalem. However, the first component of that unification, the very survival of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, took place during those days in 1949 when the nation spoke up on behalf of its ancient capital. Today, Jerusalem remains a point of international focus as pressure on Israel to relinquish those sections won in the 1967 Six Day War continues. Once again, Israel faces immense challenges.

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The Reclamation of Jerusalem in 1949


Jewish History



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Forgotten Heroes

Avi Heiligman

Animals in Battle

Helping Warriors Race to Victory Part I


or most of history, when man was fighting on the battlefield, animals were used to fight as well. From riding horseback to attack elephants to dogs that accompany Special Forces on missions, animals play an integral part in the battle. Some interesting uses for animals have been bat bombs, bomb-detecting rats, and dolphins used as mine sweepers. This article will focus on the use of battle animals until the end of the Middle Ages (about the year 1500). Tanach and Chazal make reference to animals in warfare and part of the victories in the Chanukah battles occurred because of the strategies that the Maccabees used to fight the Greek elephants. Animals Used in Attack The Torah first talks about animals being used in battle in Az Yashir. The pasuk says, “Sus v’rochbo rama v’yam—the horse and its rider were thrown into the sea.” The Torah also makes mention of dogs stationed at the gates of Mitzrayim. These were attack dogs that were trained to sound an alarm if they detected movement. When the B’nei Ephraim left, these dogs did not bark and therefore were rewarded. Locusts and other insects play a major part in helping the Yidden in history. The tzirah was a bee that shot liquid into the eyes of the enemy and blinded them as the B’nei Yisrael were about to enter Eretz Yisrael. An interesting use of battle animals in Tanach is found in

Sefer Shoftim. Shimshon killed a lion with his bare hands, used a donkey’s jawbone (chazal say it was from Bilam’s donkey) to kill a thousand enemy soldiers, and attached torches to the tails of 300 foxes and sent them to burn down the Pilishti camps. The Egyptians made very good use of animals in battle. It took about two years to create and train a horseman and chariot. The soldier would be able to swivel in his chariot using his waist and guide the horse while using both hands for his bow and arrow. There were also spikes on the spokes of the wheels to injure foot soldiers. Cats were considered sacred animals in ancient Egyptian warfare and culture. If one was captured, whole armies would be sent to get it back. In a battle with the Persians, cats were released onto the battlefield and instead of guarding the city, the Egyptian general used his army to protect the cats. The city fell but the “sacred” cats were safe. Before we get to the elephants from the Chanukah story (a common mistake is that Chanukah came before Purim in history. The Purim story happened between the two Batei Mikdashos while Chanukah occurred during Bayis Sheini), there is an animal that deserves mention. Thanks to the Targum in Megilas Esther, the name of Achashveirosh’s horse is known. His name was Shifragatzya and played a major part of the Purim story as he was led through the streets of Shushan with Mordechai

on top and Haman and his sons leading the way.

forced to march through the harsh winter in the Alps on their way to fight the Romans. Many died on the way but the 37 survivors helped the Carthaginians defeat the Romans at the Battle of the Trebia River. The pachyderms were placed on flanks and used against a cavalry charge. Several men armed with spears, javelins and arrows were on a tower placed on the elephant’s back. When used properly, the only defense against them was other elephants. Af-

The Mighty Elephants The story of Chanukah took place in 164 BCE. The Greeks brought elephants to Eretz Yisrael but for the most part they were ineffective due to the hilly landscape which made controlling them difficult. Cavalry were brought in and proved a challenge for the Maccabees to fight against. Two years after the main victory, Yehudah’s younger brother, Elazar, was killed by a rampaging elephant in battle. The ancient Chinese are thought to have been the first to train war elephants but there is no evidence that they were previously used in battle. Elephants are Hannibal and elephants in battle the largest land mammals and to catch them in the wild and train them ter the battle, the Romans came up with for battle is very difficult. Indians (from effective defensive strategies, and eleIndia not Native Americans) used them phants were relegated to minor roles. in battle about 300 BCE and soon the The Horse in Battle idea spread to the Persian Empire. In Throughout history many nations, the Battle of Gaugamela, the Persians, with about 15 war elephants, were de- especially those indoctrinated in warfeated by Alexander the Great’s Greek fare, used different animals to their army. Alexander was so impressed that advantage in battle. Perhaps no animal he decided to incorporate the elephants was used and cherished as much as the into Greek military doctrine. While on horse. As we mentioned, ancient Egypthe topic of Alexander, we’ll mention tian used the horse-pulled chariot to devastating effect. While not many oththe name of his horse, Bucephalus. Several other world powers started er civilizations are known to have used using the elephant for military purpos- the chariot, Julius Caesar (who used a es. In addition to their large mass and horse with “toes”) fought against the difficulty to take down and battle, ele- Britons using chariots in the 1st Centuphants are able to crush a human. They ry BCE. Horseback soldiers, known collecalso could be used to carry large loads of supplies over long distance. Due to tively as cavalry, have been traced back the over exploitation of the North Afri- to the Assyrian Empire. The Greeks can forest elephant by the Carthaginians took the concept and expanded the role and other nations, the species would of cavalry troops and Alexander the Great used them in most of his battles. soon be extinct. Perhaps the most well-known user The Romans used horsemen but their of battle elephants is Hannibal of Car- main focus was the foot soldier. After the fall of the Roman Empire thage during the Punic Wars (3rd Century BCE). About 80 elephants were (5th century CE), the kingdoms during

tracted to these tournaments. After the knight in training became proficient in the awkward handling of the lance and other weapons in heavy armor, he would be knighted. If a knight was

Advances in Military Technique As the European countries were fighting wars with ancient weapons and antiquated tactics, countries to the east were inventing new weapons and tactics. Gunpowder was invented by the Chinese and monkeys were set afire to wreak havoc in enemy camps. The most fearful of all eastern conquerors was Mongolian Genghis Khan. Mongols were known as expert horsemen and Genghis was the master horseman. As he united the once bitter enemy clans on the Mongol plains and became their supreme leader, he began to plan his conquest of centuries old kingdoms. With daring speed and surprise, he conquered China and parts of Russia. This

was only possible because of the excellent Mongolian horsemen in his army. Each one had three to five horses and trained in small groups that were more like motorcycle gangs of today. Since they were able to switch between horses, they were able to travel days at high speed without stopping to give the horses a rest. The army also employed scouts on the fastest horses to gather information on Ancient Egyptians used horses and chariots in battle the enemy and terrain. th As the 16 century dawned, advances in technology ended they were used in Tanach or history are the dark and medieval time periods. mentioned. This does not mean that they Most of these had to do scientific ad- werenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t important but due to a lack of vances but the military techniques that space and time not all details have been had been used for centuries in the east included in this article. The facts in this moved into Europe. Muskets were able article were chosen to give an example to penetrate the heavy armor of knights of the immense part of war that animals and exploding gunpowder could fright- partake in. en a horse. New tactics were needed. In the next article weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll talk about the advancement of light cavalry and other uses of animals on the battlefield, including the use of sea mammals and Avi Heiligman is a weekly contributor to The Jewish Home. He welcomes your compigeons. As with all Forgotten Heroes articles, this article is meant to be informative and not all inclusive. Not all battle animals or instances in which

ments and suggestions.for future columns and can be reached at aviheiligman@


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A mosaic of Alexander the Great on his horse, Bucephalus

knocked off his horse during battle, he was as helpless as a turtle on his back. He would bake in the heavy armor, therefore much of the seven years of training would focus on perfecting his horsemanship. Several women became experts in riding horses into battle during the Middle Ages. This group includes the most famous female warrior in history, the Joan of Arc. She led French armies to victory over the British during the Hundred Years War.


the Middle Ages took the concept of military horsemen to a new level. The knight was made famous by legendary King Arthur of England on his horse Llamrei and his round table of knights. A knight in training would serve a full-fledged knight for seven years. During that time, he would practice horsemanship and the use of the lance. The lance was a ten-foot spear held horizontally and it was intended to knock other knights off their horses. This turned into a sport known as jousting and hundreds of spectators were at-

My Israel Home


N O V E M B E R 2 8 , 2013


Gedaliah Borvick

Musings from my Sojourns Down South


had an exciting and hectic trip to the Southern US, running eight Israel home-buying workshops in Georgia, Texas, Florida and Tennessee. Here are some thoughts that have been floating around in my head: • I met inspiring people who have a deep yearning to create a meaningful and lasting connection with Israel. • There is a certain freshness found in many Southerners that is wonderfully wholesome. Although my workshop focuses on opening people’s eyes to the issues and challenges involved in buying a home in Israel, I hope they never lose that sparkle, never become jaded. • Something about a petite woman saying “farshtunkina” with a southern twang brings an instant smile to my face. • I encountered numerous people with a strong appreciation for their shul-centric communities. For many, their synagogues and its members function as more than a hub of religious and

ISRAEL’S SITUATION IS FAR FROM PERFECT, BUT IT IS AN ABSOLUTE MIRACLE THAT THE COUNTRY IS FLOURISHING – BOTH SPIRITUALLY AND PHYSICALLY. social activity; they serve as family. And this model is what these people would like to recreate in Israel. Through the work of people like Rabbi David Fine of the Barkai Center for Practical Rabbinics, Israeli society is slowly realizing the tremendous potential that synagogues can play in their congregants’ lives. • I took advantage of my many flights and read Rabbi Aaron Rakeffet’s memoirs, “From Washington Avenue to Washington Street.” It was brilliant and hysterical – kind of like Rabbi Rakeffet himself – and it made me appreciate the historical significance of the past two generations. I never thought that an

New in North Woodmere


North Woodmere Morning Kollel Invites men of all ages to join us for the daily Early Morning Learning Seder and Shachris Minyan

New! Sunday Morning Learning Program 7:30 am


Inyanei Teffila by Rabbi Shmuel Dovid Halpern 8:00 am



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8:45 am


Shiur by Rabbi Yisroel Hirsch Inyanei Bein Adam L’Chaveiro ∞ Chavrusa Learning in Linas Hatzedek (Hilchas Bein Adam L’Chaveiro)

Mon. – Fri.


6:00 am –7:00 am

At Congregation Ohr Torah 410 Hungry Harbor Road

Chavrusa learning And shiurim available

Schachris 7:00 am

For more information please call Rabbi Shmuel Dovid Halpern at 347-415-6686

academic’s memoirs would be such a “page turner.” • I loved Rabbi Rakeffet’s non-apologetic, no-nonsense position regarding our right to the land of Israel,” yet so many enlightened individuals do not start to comprehend our right to this Land. We have the best deed in the universe. It is the charge of the Almighty, recorded in the most basic and eternal document, the Bible. G-d declared to the children of Israel: “You shall possess the Land and you shall settle in it, for to you have I given the Land to possess it” (Numbers 33:53). • After reading this book, I was determined to educate people how we

must appreciate the gift of Israel which the Almighty has returned to Jewish sovereignty for the first time in almost 2,000 years. Israel’s situation is far from perfect, but it is an absolute miracle that the country is flourishing – both spiritually and physically. And I feel fortunate that my work helps – in some very small way – to fulfill Moses’ promise in Deuteronomy 30:1-5 that the Jewish people will ultimately return to their homeland. • With the onset of Chanukah, which commemorates the rededication of the Second Temple, may we rededicate ourselves to help unify and elevate the Jewish nation and our Jewish homeland. Gedaliah Borvick is the founder of My Israel Home (, a real estate agency focused on helping people from abroad buy and sell homes in Israel. To sign up for his monthly market updates, contact him at

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Put your career on the proper course. Today’s difficult financial climate has placed

an enormous burden on many families. Realizing the need in our community, The Community Center of The Rockaway Peninsula is once again offering Adult vocational classes, which has completed its fifth year to much acclaim. The curriculum is designed to assist applicants in gaining and developing the necessary tools for employment in today’s volatile workplace.


REGISTER NOW! CLASSES START SOON! NOW OPEN TO ADULTS AGE 20 AND OLDER R Our graduates are actively being placed in the workforce!



PLEASE CALL TODAY FOR MORE INFORMATION 718-868-2300 EXT. 367 OR E-MAIL: BBAIDA@DARCHEI.ORG Located on the Campus of Yeshiva Darchei Torah | 257 Beach 17th Street | Far Rockaway, New York 11691 Funded by a grant from the NYC Dept. of Youth and Community Development.


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T H E J E WT HI SE HJ EHW OM E R 2248,, 2012 2013 I SEHnH O NMOE VnE MMBAY

108 102

Chanukah Malky Lowinger

They’ll Never Know You Only Spent Ten Dollars! It’s not easy buying Chanukah gifts, especially when you’re on a budget. If only you could purchase presents for the people you love without spending a fortune.

h a k u n a h C t a e r G n Te r o f s a e d I Gift t e g d u B a Those on

Well, you can. Because it’s not the price tag that matters when you buy a gift, it’s the thought behind it. So choose wisely and always keep the lifestyle of the recipient in mind. The best gifts are the ones that say, “This is perfect for you!”

For the Family Chef Joie Dipping Cone $4.99 | If you hate it when someone “double dips,” then here’s the perfect solution. This white plastic cone has a removable dipping tray that can be filled with your favorite sauce or dressing. Use the cone for individual portions of veggie sticks, finger foods, or French fries. Kids will love it!

For the Young and Young at Heart Admission for One to the Children’s Museum of Manhattan $11.00 | Located in the Tisch Building at 212 West 83 rd Street, the museum offers interactive exhibits and programs for children (and adults) of all ages. Treat someone special to an afternoon at the museum this winter and spend some quality time together. That’s the most precious gift of all.

For Your Favorite Bookworm Multi Flex Gooseneck Book light $9.99 | Remember when you used to read under the covers as a kid using a flashlight? Now your kids are doing the same thing, but they’ll be using this sleek, high tech lamp that provides glare-free light for over 100,000 hours. It clips onto a book or stands alone. Uses three AAA batteries.

109 103

Basic Fun Mini Simon $10.99 |,

For The Lady in Your Life Manicure Gift Certificate $8.00-9.00 Treat your favorite female to a manicure at her favorite local salon. Most offer gift cards for your convenience. A great idea for the young lady who recently outgrew her toys and games and is ready to start growing up or for the homemaker who is too frazzled to treat herself on a regular basis.

A miniature version of the popular Simon electronic game, this one can go with you anywhere. Test your concentration, reflexes, and agility and have fun at the same time! Great for age 7 and up! Seniors will love it, too!

For Your Favorite Linguist The Easy Shmeezy Guide to Yiddish $8.99 | By R’ Moshe Sherizen (soft cover)

There’s no question that Yiddish is making a comeback big-time. Brush up on those nuanced phrases that are impossible to translate into English, no matter how hard you try. This guide includes over 1,500 of the most common words and expressions in a clear, humorous context. He’ll just plotz when he sees this gift.

For The Chocoholic in Your Life Chocolate Dreidel $5.50 | Le Chocolat Latkes are good and doughnuts are nice, but the chocoholic in the family will much prefer a Chanukah treat made out of 100% top quality chocolate. Trust me on this one. Josh at Le Chocolat says the treat is cholov yisroel dairy and can be gift wrapped to make a lovely presentation.

For Those Who Cherish the Memories

For Your Favorite Car Pool Driver

For The Techie in Your Life

Car Mezuzah

Mini Canvas Photo with Easel

$7.99 - $9.99 |

EveCase Tablet Carrying Case

$10.00 | The pictures we take reflect the times of our lives. And sharing those memories makes a very special gift. There are many ways to enlarge, reframe, and copy favorite pics, but we especially liked this 4X6 canvas that comes with its own wooden easel and can be displayed on a shelf, desk, or table. Looks like a real work of art!

(2 ½ inches high)

The perfect gift for the car pool mom, the long distance salesman, or anyone who spends hours driving. A car mezuzah safely tucked away in the glove compartment is certainly reassuring. It also shows that you care. Car mezuzahs come in a variety of styles and colors.

$9.99 | Let’s face it. They already have every gimmick and gadget available, so don’t even try giving them the latest i-product on the market. Instead, make their day by presenting them with this handsome and practical ultra-portable case that protects a 10.6-12 inch tablet wherever it goes. Available in hot pink, purple, or black with orange trim.


For the Gamer


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Shalom bayis hotline

Early Intervention Services

beginning thursday, august 2nd and then every sunday, tuesday and thursday night phone lines open from 10-11pm all calls are anonymous

For children birth - 3 years with special needs.


Services Provided l



Feeding Therapy


Special Education


Nutrition Counseling


Service Coordination


Family Support/Counseling


Speech/Language Therapy


Physical & Occupational Therapy

• Completely Anonymous • Desgined around your schedule • Use the service as a sounding board for even small issues you feel you may want to discuss further

• Discuss current Shalom Bayis issues • Get a referral to a local therapist to further discuss problems • Hear ideas how to make your current marriage better



Sunday/Tuesday/thursday 10-11pm

ABA Program – Center & Home Services Routines Based Interventions & Collaborative Coaching l


Ser Roc




TO REFER YOUR CHILD TO THE EARLY INTERVENTION PROGRAM CALL 311. This Early Intervention Program (EIP) is a public program for children under the age of three who are either suspected of having or at risk for developmental delays or disabilities. EIP is funded by NYS and NYC. All EIP services are provided at no cost to parents. Health insurance may be used for approved services. A child’s eligibility for the program can be determined only by state-approved evaluators under contract, and all services must be authorized by the NYC Early Intervention Program.

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Yeshiva Ketana of Long Island


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Hascholas Gemorah Mazel Tov to our Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents

Deb Hirschhorn, Ph.D.

TJH Staff

Everyday Miracles

of her; she “got” it. And she shared the concept with much enthusiasm with her husband. I don’t know if it was her enthusiasm or the power of that “Aha” realization that things really were in their own hands, but something clicked. And he listened. And agreed. Instead of being tormented by the past, he agreed to be positive and start over. The veil of hopelessness

lifted from him. With the brightest and most lovely smile she told me that “it was like a miracle.” Yes, I would definitely agree with that conclusion. “I wish that would happen to all my clients!” I told her. “Sure it’s nice if I have some hand in things getting better, but since I’m in the business of putting myself out of

as though nothing can go right. Then we lack the energy to work on fixing our problems. The bad mood feeds on itself and we get deeper into that pit. Yet, Hashem can make logic-defying goodness happen in our lives if we would only be open to being part of it. But wait a minute. Isn’t that exactly what is supposed to happen in therapy anyway? Come to think of it


business, I don’t really care if things turn around because of something I say or because of Hashem’s gift.” Yet the truth is – and I have a feeling you know this already – Hashem prepares miracles like this for us every day. So why don’t we see them? I have a thought on that: Just as the shechina did not visit Yaakov while he was in mourning for 22 years for his lost son, so too, perhaps Hashem chooses not to make His miracles clear to us when we’re not receptive. In other words, maybe it is us, not Him. Maybe our receptivity level is the issue. In this story, the husband started out hopeless but he changed his mood. He put that aside. It was a willful, conscious decision. He made the decision to be positive. And it was at that point that the miracle happened. Is that a coincidence? I don’t think so. Getting yourself out of that deep, negative hole is very difficult. I’ve seen this so often. I’ve felt it, myself. When you feel down, it seems

– it is. Therapy is a process of seeing things differently. Whether it means seeing your spouse’s behavior differently or reacting differently to things that caused you anxiety before, therapy is more about being open to different possibilities than it is about major change. Think about it this way: If you were walking in an open field, a very small change in your direction will ultimately lead you to a place quite far away from the one you would have gone to had you not made a small deviation. Could it be that your spouse is not really dumb? Could it be that your daughter did not really mean disrespect? Could it be that your son did not intend to cheat on the exam? Could it be that you really have what it takes to make manager? Could it be that there really is hope after all? Could it be? So was this a neis or not? Did this man experience an other-worldly phenomenon that we all wish we could have or was this just another humdrum day? It was both. I think Hashem does make miracles. But they are an ordinary part of life. He built them into the fabric of the universe. There were people saved on September 11 by “flukes” and shidduchim made between people

who weren’t supposed to meet at all. There are babies conceived after people adopted another child and accidents in which people who shouldn’t have survived did. But we couch these miracles in terms of the ordinary because they happen with such frequency. And I think the same is true for big turnarounds in therapy. They’re miracles but they’re also ordinary. We have to be open and receptive to them – and daven for them. The key to preparing yourself to be a kaeli – a suitable vessel to receive G-d’s goodness – is to work on your own mood and your own attitude and not focus on your spouse, boss, and other family members. Maybe we can call it Yaakov’s Rule. It’s not just in therapy but in everyday life that G-d blesses us with miracles. We just have to be in a mood of hope and faith. Doesn’t that make sense? When we are down, what we are essentially telling G-d is, “You aren’t taking care of me.” And that doesn’t seem very nice. It’s understandable that Yaakov would feel that way and it may be perfectly reasonable for you to, also. But then you are not opening up to the possibility of the ordinary miracles that G-d has to offer. The next session of Food for Thought, a series for women by women, will be given by Deborah Kaminetzky, Esq, on the topic, What is the Divorce Process Really Like? The lecture is free and will take place on December 5 at 10-11 am at Cravingz Café, 410 Central Avenue, Cedarhurst, NY.

Dr. Deb Hirschhorn, a Marriage & Family Therapist and best-selling author of The Healing Is Mutual--Marriage Empowerment Tools to Rebuild Trust and Respect--Together, is proud to announce that readers of The Jewish Home will receive a $50 discount on every visit to her Woodmere office. For more information, call 646-54-DRDEB or check out her website at

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was really worried. This lovely young couple’s marriage seemed to be heading for the rocks. I had actually offered a free session to the husband because he seemed so reluctant to continue our work together. Finally, he agreed to a session but it was almost worthless. He was so hopeless. Nothing I could say about giving the future a chance made an impression. There they were, two really nice people, people who believed in HaKadosh Baruch Hu and tried to do the right thing – and they were stuck. And hopeless. I made an appointment with the wife, who still wanted to see me, and I was thinking that at least if I could help her with some things, that would be of some benefit. With apprehension, I started the next session. Imagine my surprise when she told me with a bright smile that she had an “Aha” moment and shared it with her husband. And he actually listened! She suggested they just forget the past and start over, each working on their own thing. Duh. That’s what I’d been saying. But somehow, it had gotten inside





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Your Health Sruly Miller

Affordable Care Act Coming into Effect Now What?

As the enrollment period for the Affordable Care Act gets underway, Achiezer has been fielding many general insurance questions, as well as assisting other enrollers and organizations as they learn this new system. Dozens of families have already been successfully enrolled in the system, as Achiezer’s insurance staff were from the first in the state to successfully train and learn these new programs; approximately 90% have already come away with significant savings. Our resident health insurance expert, Achiezer Health Insurance Coordinator Sruly Miller, gives us the lowdown on what we can expect. GENERAL INFORMATION Is the exchange site even useable these days? There’s been lots of negative media going around about the exchange site; however, that information is all related to the federal exchange site. New York is one of 14 states that have taken the initiative of setting up their own exchange sites. So far, the New York site has been the most successful of them all. There have been some glitches, but mostly, the issues have been minimal, and we’ve enrolled a few dozen families with good results. When I search online, I’m coming up with a federal exchange, as well as a New York State exchange. Which one has the information that I need? It is pointless for you to search on the federal exchange site; all of the information relevant to you in on the New York State exchange site. Will I be eligible for insurance under the Affordable Care Act? If you are either: low income; do not receive insurance benefits through your employer; or receive insurance benefits through your employer, but pay more than 9.5% of your total household income in premiums, you will likely benefit from the ACA. If you are on the high end of the income spectrum and receive insurance through your employer, the ACA will not apply to you. I have never been eligible for subsidized insurance in the past. Is it possible that I might be eligible now? Yes. The eligible income levels for insurance coverage are much higher now than they’ve been in the past. PRE-EXISTING PROGRAMS (Medicaid, Child Health Plus, Family Health Plus, Healthy NY) If I am already on Medicaid or Child Health Plus, what will happen to my coverage?

The Medicaid and Child Health Plus programs will continue as before. When it comes time to reapply, your application will be submitted through the online exchange site, but the program and coverage remain unchanged. The enrollment times and rules for these programs also remain as they were before. If I am on Family Health Plus or Healthy NY, what will happen to my coverage? The Family Health Plus and Healthy NY programs Achiezer Health Insurance Coordinator Sruly Miller hard at work will be terminated as of January 1, 2014. If you are on either of these programs, you need to apply for new level has the lowest premium, but requires a $3,000 coverage through the exchange before December 15, deductible and 50% co-pay on all services. The gold 2013. You will almost definitely be eligible for a sub- and silver metal levels fall somewhere between those sidy for the new program. two extremes. Premium subsidies may be applied to any level. EXCHANGE INFORMATION What are the coverage limits? What kinds of health insurance plans are In accordance with the ACA, there will be no available through the exchange? limits to the number of doctor/hospital visits, so long Health insurance plans available through the ex- as each visit is medically necessary. There will also change are called Qualified Health Plans (QHP). The be no caps to financial coverage; carriers will be reQHPs are provided by different carriers; some are quired to foot the bill for even the most expensive traditional insurance companies that have adapted and long-term medical issues. their policies to comply with the ACA, and some are brand new companies that have been created for the What is the enrollment period, and when will exchange. Different counties offer different lists of coverage begin? This year, the enrollment period will extend from eligible QHPs. October 1, 2013 through March 15, 2014. Applications submitted between now and December 15, What is the difference between the QHPs? Each QHP offers 10 main benefits (see table), as 2013, will begin to receive coverage on January 1st, required by law. While the broad categories of ben- 2014; applications received after December 15, 2013 efits are the same across the board, some QHPs of- must be submitted by the 15th of the month in order fer additional benefits and options. Prescription drug to begin receiving coverage on the first day of the coverage varies between QHPs, and the networks of following month. The annual open enrollment period every year thereafter will be from October 15-Departicipating doctors vary, as well. cember 7. Applications may be submitted at any time midyear if the applicant experienced a qualifying Is there any price difference between the QHPs? There is a price difference between the QHPs. event, such as loss of a job, or a birth or death in the Subsidies are available for all QHPs to income-eligi- family. ble families (see below). SUBSIDIES (FOR QHPs ONLY) Are there price differences within the same What kinds of subsidies are available? QHP? In most cases, subsidies are available for families Within each plan there are four levels, referred to as ‘metal levels’: platinum, gold, silver, and bronze. whose income is below 400% of the federal poverty The platinum level includes the highest premium, but guidelines. The basic subsidy is applied towards your has no deductible and minimal co-pays. The bronze premium. There is also an additional program called

If I am eligible for a CSR subsidy, can I use it at any metal level? CSR subsidies can be applied to the bronze and silver levels, only.

How are subsidies paid? You may choose to apply your subsidy directly against your monthly premium, or to take it as a tax credit. So if, for example, you are eligible for a $250 subsidy, you may choose to pay $250 less per month on your premium, or you may choose to apply a $3,000 tax credit to your tax return at the end of the year. *IMPORTANT* What happens if my income changes in the middle of the year? If your income rises in the middle of the year, you become ineligible for your subsidy. If you neglect to adjust your income online and continue to receive the subsidy throughout the year, you will have to pay the difference at the year’s end, come tax

APPLICATION PROCESS Can I apply for insurance on the exchange on my own? You may apply for insurance on the exchange on your own, at What documents will I need for my application? You do not need any documentation for the initial application. Once the application is submitted, they may request documentation to be scanned and uploaded. All of your information, with or without documentation, will be cross-referenced amongst several different agencies (i.e. the IRS, Experian, etc.) for accuracy. How can Achiezer help me with the application process? Achiezer can help you assess the options and decide on the best one for your particular situation. We may also have more savvy in terms of assessing your eligibility for various programs than you may have on your own.

Essential Health Benefits (Required for all QHPs) 1) Ambulatory patient services 2) Hospitalization 3) Mental health 4) Prescription drugs 5) Preventive wellness and chronic disease management 6) Emergency services 7) Maternity and newborn care 8) Rehabilitative and habilitative services and devices 9) Laboratory services

Achiezer will be presenting 2 public informative sessions explaining the details, specifics and vital updates about the new exchange and regulations. One


NO Pills NO Drugs NO Diet Drinks NO Packaged Foods We don’t sell anything!

session will be held in the Far Rockaway/Bayswater area for Queens residents and a second session will be held in the Cedarhurst/Woodmere area for Nassau residents. Specific details will be announced in the coming days. For more information regarding the forum, contact For general health insurance questions and appointments, call 516-791-4444 extension 3.

10) Pediatric services


Children/Teens/Adults All Medical Conditions Private Diet Counseling Individualized Programs Personal Menu Planning



to clients in Israel and nationwide




Serving the Community for 25 Years Lakewood





732.903.7700 732.536.2027 732.663.0222 718.998.8898 516.569.6400 WeightNoMoreDC



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How will I know which subsidies I am eligible for? When your application information is processed on the exchange, it is automatically assessed for eligibility for all programs.

time. This becomes a particular problem for you if you are self-employed; if your income rises midyear, you may be left with a substantial debt at year’s end. The flipside is also true: If your income fell during the year, you will be able to claim the tax credits for a subsidy that you were eligible for, but never used.


the CSR (Cost Sharing Reduction) Program, which helps cover the cost of deductibles and co-pays. With both programs, the lower the income, the higher the subsidy.


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Health & Fitness Lori Boxer


It’s the Season ... Food Frenzy Survival Guide

h oh ... they’re baaaack ... the holidays! How are you going to handle the gorgeous, fattening foods that inevitably accompany every party, gathering or event? Food is a big and wonderful part of the holiday tradition. From Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve we stuff our faces with Aunt Mary’s famous pumpkin pie to Grandma Sylvia’s delectable latkes to Uncle Joe’s wicked Black Russians. Learning to deal with the mass quantities of fattening food doesn’t have to be painful. Instead, get to the root of the holiday munchies. Take the Stress Away Stress causes many of us to overeat. This year, cut out a few of the more stressful holiday events. It is OK to say, “No.” For instance, traveling during the holidays can cause extra stress that you don’t need. Put your foot down this year, and tell your relatives that you’re not going to travel Or maybe your stress is caused by having a gazillion people over to your house for dinner. This year why not consider having a quiet dinner or suggest that it’s someone else’s turn to play host? Spending too much on gifts can also be an unneeded stress. Try telling relatives you’d like to cut down

on gift-giving this year. Just tell them the plain truth: Money is tight and you can’t afford it. Instead, suggest a lower cost alternative, like trading homemade gifts or putting a limit on the gift cost or making a donation in their name(s) to a charity. Whatever the source of your stress, nail it down and remove it ... and throw the guilt out the window. You will feel relieved and happy with the control that you exert over the situation. It’s your choice to take the control. Don’t leave room for excuses.

Focus on Holiday Activities, Not Holiday Food Go ice skating, window shop along Fifth Avenue, take a horse and buggy ride through Central Park or curl up in front of the fire place and begin reading that book you’ve meant to start for months. Don’t be afraid to start your own traditions. Instead of focusing on the baking

ties is the desserts are laid out with the main meal. Be sure to eat the healthy foods before diving into the desserts. • Eat a variety of foods in smaller quantities. • Need to munch? Hang out at the fruit and vegetable trays. • Your choice of beverage can make or break your entire day. Your bev-

INSTEAD OF FOCUSING ON THE BAKING AND COOKING TRADITIONS, MAKE A NEW TRADITION SURROUNDING AN ACTIVITY LIKE DECORATING YOUR OWN MENORAH OR DREIDEL. and cooking traditions, make a new tradition surrounding an activity like decorating your own menorah or dreidel. Replace Some of Your High Calorie Holiday Foods with Low Calorie or Healthier Options Replace cookies with tea biscuits or low-fat muffins, rich candies with fruit, apple pie with ambrosia. Put Limits on What You Allow Yourself to Eat What do you do when you just have to make the cookies or when a neighbor brings you some delicious doughnuts? Combat cookie munchies with a rule before you start baking: Allow yourself 1-2 cookies of each batch, and then give the rest away to family, friends and teachers. If you receive lots of baked goods as gifts, freeze them or bring them to work or serve them only when guests come over. Going to a party? • Don’t starve all day to eat more at the party. You’ll end up eating the high fat foods to compensate. • Eat a healthy meal before the party. You’ll be less likely to overeat once you get there. • Need a dish to pass? Bring a healthy one ... a fruit tray, vegetable dish, or low-fat vegetable lasagna. • Carry your appetizers on a napkin, not a plate. You are more likely to fill up a plate, even if you aren’t hungry. Stick with the napkin; you won’t be able to carry as much food on it. • Sometimes the problem with par-

erage of choice should be flavored seltzers or wine spritzers. Adopt a new holiday philosophy this year that will change your life and your holiday eating habits: Take control and

give up or replace a few of the holiday traditions. Whether it be stress-inducing events or grandma’s cheesecake, ask yourself, “Do I really need it this year?” This will go a long way in keeping you healthy this holiday season. Remember, your overall health is determined by your long-term choices throughout the year. After all, once the menorah is packed away and the latkes are all eaten, you don’t want to be left with five or ten pounds of holiday memory. Lori Boxer is the Director of Weight No More Diet Center. In addition to serving the Brooklyn, Long Island and New Jersey communities for 25 years, they also provide Skinny Skype service to clients nationwide and to Israel. For more information, please call Rosalie Shatzman, Rana Frankel and Linda Franklin in their Cedarhurst office, 516.569.6400.

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f o % 6 9 d i Avo s t i s i v r o t c o d r e t n i w s i th

Chanukah Special

Available in liquid, chewable, and tablets

40-45% OFF

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respected health advisory panels in New York and New Jersey recommend MEGA HEALTH Immune Booster as the vitamin of choice to combat winter ailments.


Available at your local health and vitamin shop

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Yachad’s flagship summer program

N O V E M B E R 2 8 , 2013

Yad B’Yad Israel Experience Would like to thank the local community for its overwhelming response to Yad B’ Yad 2014! Yad B’Yad has experienced tremendous growth and is expanding to two Israel trips. We take pride in the program’s diversity and ability to balance out the number of participants whether male or female, local or national. At this time we are continuing to accept applications from male high school students who reside in the nY/nJ area , while closing applications for females from the NY/NJ area. National applicants of both genders are welcome to still apply. We are accepting requests at to be placed on a waitlist for Yad B’Yad. Yachad is humbled by the outpouring of support your community has shown toward our mission of inclusion.

Yachad/NJCD is dedicated to enhancing the life opportunities of individuals with disabilities, ensuring their participation in the full spectrum of Jewish life. Yachad is an Agency of the Orthodox Union

For more information about Yachad’s inclusive summer programs: go to, email, or call our summer office at 212.613.8369.


104 120

In the Kitchen Shaul Silverstein

Chanukah Treats with a Thanksgiving Twist Many of us know the miracle with Yehudis who killed Holifornes through feeding him cheese and wine thus weakening the Greek army. According to one legend, this happened during the Maccabean revolt which helped bring us the great miracle of Chanukah. I prepared the protein for this dish in this fashion with (pareve) cheese which is reminiscent to the great miracle of Yehudis and Holifornes. I don’t think that there is a need to introduce the doughnut, as doughnuts and Chanukah are virtually synonymous. I need to mention that the doughnut dough is something I have learned from Pastry Chef James Matty of Citron and Rose (Philadelphia, PA). I was very impressed the first time I tasted it, and he and I are happy to share the recipe with you. I attempted to make a savory version with the intention of bringing another face to the doughnut. I finish the course with kale chips as to balance the heavier nature of the other two components of this plate. I hope you enjoy.

Turkey Cordon Bleu Ingredients 1 turkey cutlet ½ lb. thinly sliced turkey pastrami Seasoned bread crumbs Flour for dredging 1 egg 4 tablespoons shredded pareve cheese substitute Plastic wrap Oil for frying Preparation Pound cutlet to ¼-inch thickness. Layer pastrami in center of cutlet leavting 1/2 inch perimeter on all sides. Sprinkle pareve cheese on top of pastrami. Fold in sides of cutlet. Roll cutlet from beginning to end. Wrap in plastic wrap tightly. Put into freezer for 45 minutes to hold shape. Remove plastic wrap and dredge with flour, dip into egg and seasoned bread crumbs. Fry on all sides until golden brown. Bake in oven for 25 minutes at 350° and allow to rest for 10 minutes before serving.

Kale Chips Ingredients Bunch of kale Olive oil Lite soy Sauce Sesame seeds

Preparation Remove ribs from kale and tear in to bite-size pieces. In a mixing bowl, toss with lite soy sauce and oil. Place on a cookie sheet into oven preheated to 325° for 15 to 20 minutes until leaves are crisp. Garnish with toasted sesame seeds. Serve warm and enjoy!

Preparation Knead all ingredients together until you have a smooth, elastic dough. It should take 3-5 minutes in a mixer on second speed. Let the dough proof at room temperature until it doubles in volume, approximately 1-2 hours. Roll out dough on floured surface to 1/4 inch thickness and cut into desired shape. Let proof at room temperature until light and pillow-like for 45 minutes to an hour and a half. Fry in preheated oil at 325°F.


Order online Depot

m .co

Ingredients 2 cups bread flour 2 extra large egg yolks 3 tablespoons sugar 3 tablespoons butter or margarine 1 teaspoon instant dry yeast teaspoon salt ½ cup water


Sweet & Sour Cranberry Glaze

As easy as,


Pumpkin Doughnut with



Ingredients 1 ½ cups canned pumpkin 1 cup canned coconut milk 3 eggs ¾ cup sugar 2 tablespoons corn starch 3 tablespoons pumpkin pie spice mix

Cranberry Glaze

Ingredients 3 cups cranberries 1 cup of sugar 4 tablespoons white vinegar 2 tablespoons corn starch Pinch of cayenne

3. Enjoy.


Preparation Place all ingredients besides starch in saucepan. Add water to cover ingredients. Bring to a boil and let all the berries burst. Continue to cook on moderate heat for an additional 5-10 minutes until sauce begins to thicken. Mix corn starch and a cup of water together and then add to sauce. When sauce is thick, remove from heat and drizzle on doughnut.

en Chan h c e il e r f A


I encourage you to send me any or all suggestions to Also please notify me if there is any recipe or idea that you would like to see in this column. Bon appetit!


Delivered to your door

Pumpkin Custard Filling

Preparation Place all ingredients in blender and blend till consistency is smooth. Place contents in saucepan. While stirring, bring contents to a boil for 15 seconds and then remove. Place contents in another container until cool and thick. Cut hole in side of donut and fill pumpkin custard with piping bag.




121 105 TTHHEE JJEEW O V2E 4M,B2012 E R 2 8 , 2013 WIISSHH HHOOMMEE nn MNAY

Huge selection of snacks and drinks.



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It can’t get better than this!

We can’t wait until summer 2014!!


My counselor was the best part of camp

mazdesign 718.471.6470

It’s a place where you feel the warmth and care

BE A PART OF IT! • For Girls Entering 5th Through 8th Grade

• In-Ground Olympic Size Pool • Daily/Instructional Swim • Experienced Staff

Day/Night Camp All In One

Under the leadership of Mrs. Reba Singer 1205 Caffrey Ave • Far Rockaway



Renowned mechanchim & mechanchos


Fully accredited. Top-tier university. Recognized & accepted nationally & internationally


Leading Rabbonim & professionals


while completing your BA in just one year!

please joinus foraninformative


Y'mei Iyun Special Events



Accelerated programs


Seminary asjv rbhnx Rebbetzin Sora F. Bulka

Rabbi Yeshaya Levy







1 4 9 2 E A S T 1 2 T H S T R E E T , B R O O K LY N , N Y 1 1 2 3 0


Come & meet Rebbetzin Bulka, Rabbi Levy, faculty & alumni

f: 718.769.8640

1492 East 12th Street, Brooklyn, NY Tuesday, December 17 / 14 Teves 7:30 pm

I N F O @ T H E N E W S E M I N A RY. O R G

DC DESIGN / 732.901.4784



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A wide array of options with individual hadracha




l l a e r o l p x E s n o 覺 t p o your



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‫בימים ההם‬ ‫בזמן הזה‬ thursday, November 28 - 25 kislev with EL IA N A pA SS EN TI N

ancient What’s Chanukah without olive oil? From eering methods in agriculture to a modern pion the latest enterprise. Achiya "Hot Off the Press" has innovations in olive oil production. s from the At Ancient Shilo see remarkable new find Haro’eh times of the Hashmonaim, and check out tion. Tower – a brand new multimedia produc to the heroes Then to Army Base 773 to say "thanks"

of today. battle Ma’ale Levona - Visit the site of the first Greeks. Yehudah HaMacabee fought against the Barkan, Enjoy a dairy gourmet lunch at Ema's in kah gelt" at and for dessert, make chocolate "Chanu Einavy's boutique "Chocolaterie". from Meet a member of the Big-Brother project chase Talmud Torah Hadar yosef at Eli and pur goodies for our next stop. iers at this At Ohr Bayovel leave treats for our sold Klein a”h coffe corner established in memory of Roi and Eliraz peretz a”h. per adult / ) COS T (INCL uDIN g LuNC H ADN ALL ENTRy FEES : $70 er 12 $55 per students in Israel or children und Lot Trips depart from the Liberty Bell Parking

monday, december 2 - 29 kislev with Guide EV E H AROw

re are exciting Star t our day in Nebi Samuel, where the d finds, new discoveries to add to the multi-perio zpe of the including of the Hashmonaim. Is this Mit Tanach? hills where Off to gush Talmon for a jeep ride in the successful the Macabeim were based during their revolt against the Greeks. from Bayit Explore the caves, oil and grape presses Sheini at givat Hayekevim. school for Lunch at ulpanat Dolev, a rehabilitative roach to help girls where they use a revolutionary app B’not Yisrael in need of a home. psagot – from East via Neve Tzuf to the community of ient site its modern security challenges to its anc (Biblical Ai?) to its award winning winery. tasting and A surprise VIp guest will be joining us for talking.

INg ): $80 per COS T (INCL uDIN g LuNC H, jEEp INg AND wINE TAST dren under 12 adult / $65 per students in Israel or chil

mately 6:30pm.

promptly at 8:30am and returns approxi


AyT IT ww w.O NE ISR AE LFu ND.OR g/D VIS N TIO MA OR INF AL ION DIT AD D ak 054.803.4853 FOR RES ERVATI ON S AN n 516.239.9202 x10 In Israel: Rivkah Ryb Email to or

contact: In US: Ruthie Koh

For terms and conditions, please visit the websi

to change as determined by te or contact our oFFice. itinerary subjec t

security and weather considerations.

Lola Lieber Schwartz

A World After This

A Memoir of Loss and Redemption


Chapter 23 Reunion

had become an accidental celebrity. I was, it appeared, the first pregnant Jewish woman to be seen anywhere in the liberated zones. Although many of the survivors in Munich were women, most of them were unmarried or were now widows. The other survivors who saw me in the recovery room could not stop staring at me. It was not rudeness. It was disbelief coupled with pride that we were all beginning again. I was that symbol for many of them, particularly the ones who were in the worst condition. Mechel had been placed in the men’s quarters of St. Ottilien. As it was a hospital facility, Mechel really shouldn’t have been there at all. However, a couple of nuns had told him to pretend he was unwell when I was having surgery. That was an easy act for Mechel; he was so skinny that his complaint to a doctor that his stomach bothered him made complete sense. It was a much easier performance than the one he had given as a lunatic in prison. The excitement about this obviously pregnant woman in their midst was so intense that he didn’t have to pretend being sick after he’d received his bed assignment. Nobody there had any intention of separating us. My recovery “ward” had a number of patients in it, and all of them with problems of one sort or another. Two beds away was a girl who had her appendix removed in an emergency procedure. She was an exotic-looking girl, handsome, with dark curly hair, vibrant expression, and intense eyes. I did not know Jewish women like this, and I assumed she might be a Yemenite Jewess, but as I had never to my knowledge seen a Sephardic Jew, it was a wild guess on my part. I found out that she was an active member of the Hashomer Hatza’ir movement, a secular Zionist organization that had tried to resist the Nazis with physical force. After the Nazi defeat, she and a number of her

starvation and brutality, Lola and her husband held onto their faith and values. It was Mechel’s words of encouragement, “There will be a world after this,” that helped them cling to the hope that there will be a life of light and joy waiting for them at the end. This is the story of Lola’s life—from her grandparents’ “enchanted garden” to meeting Eichmann ym”sh to making the Pesach seder for the Bobover Rebbe during the war—her words will take you back to a different world.

HE HAD CHANGED BUT IT WAS IMPOSSIBLE THAT IT WAS ANYONE ELSE BUT MY BROTHER friends and comrades were going to Palestine. She was despondent because her group was going on to sail from Marseilles, but she was not well enough to go with them. Although she seemed lively and robust, the doctors said she could not leave. Understandably, she was most unhappy. In the evening a group of young men came to say good-bye to her. I did not want to intrude on their farewell because I saw it was an emotional meeting for all of them. They did not want to leave her behind in the hospital, but they could not wait for her release. One of them held a photograph of their group in his hands and presented it to her as a gift. However, a disagreement broke out among the young men, some of whom did not want to part with the picture, probably the only one they had. I could not see their faces to judge their ages because my traction apparatus blocked my view. My roommate finally won the argument, saying that without the photograph she had nothing, but they had each other. She said that she had to have it to keep from forgetting them and to encourage her to come to Palestine and find them. The boys backed down at those remarks and left the photograph with her. I had a partial view of only one of the boys. He was seated next to her with his back to me. He was wearing a German soldier’s coat, and his head was uncovered. He had such gorgeous curly hair that I became nostalgic. My two younger brothers had uncommonly abundant and glorious curls like this young man. I thought to myself that this was the way my life would be from this point forward. I would see a young man or a young woman and I would see in them the outline of my siblings who had been taken away from me. A few hours later, I struck up a con-

versation with my roommate. We had different approaches to being Jewish, but I had great empathy for her and for her isolation. I asked her about the handsome young man that had sat the closest to her. She began to cry softly, and so I knew that he was a good friend and that she was feeling agony at the turn of events in her life. “His name is Benjamin,” she said to me quietly. I felt a renewed stab of loss. That was my youngest brother’s full name. We called him Beinish, an affectionate diminutive for the name Benjamin. (Now we call him Ben.) My Benjamin had been shoveled into one of those cattle cars to Auschwitz along with the rest of my Munkach family. I wanted to engage her in conversation both because my sorrow would never end and because perhaps I could help her over what I hoped would be only a temporary disappointment. “Would you show me the photograph?” I asked her. She was happy to share it with me. She handed it to me proudly. I stared at the faces of the young men in the photograph. Then, I burst out crying uncontrollably, pointing to one of them. “Is this the one you call Benjamin?” “Yes, why are you sobbing?” “That is my brother. I thought he was dead. Bring him back here.” I had not seen Ben since Munkach when he was about twelve years old, but his jaw line was distinctive in our family. He had a sharply defined, square jaw. He had changed but it was impossible that it was anyone else but my brother. The girl said she could not bring him back to the room. I couldn’t believe my ears and asked her what she meant. I became incoherent in my frantic appeal to her to bring my brother to me. “You don’t understand. What we do…” She stumbled on her words. She

began again. “Please, be quiet. I can’t. It’s secret. It’s very secret.” I became hysterical and called for a nun. “I must have my husband come to me now. I have to talk to him.” The nurse-nun asked no questions of me. She and others went to the men’s quarters and Mechel rushed to my bedside. I told him everything and showed him the photograph. Mechel begged the girl to understand that she could not morally do this to me. He was calm but he would not stop admonishing her. She resisted with the ferocity of a wild animal. Mechel took another approach. He asked her to at least tell him where they were. Again, Mechel’s requests or demands were met with resistance and refusal to consider releasing a single detail concerning my brother’s whereabouts. I continued to wail at the top of my lungs. Finally, she told Mechel they were living in a nearby town. Mechel whispered to me, “Lola, this is one of the most committed movements in Zionism. Once you join their ranks, you do not leave.” I was unconvinced. They had let the girl leave, hadn’t they, and in fact abandoned her in the hospital? I told Mechel that he had to find a way. He had to keep my only surviving sibling from going to Palestine. It was selfish of me to want to prevent my brother from pursuing his dream, but I couldn’t bear another separation. I could not let him go. Mechel told me to calm down and said that he would work on a plan, but that I should not be overly optimistic. I resolved to myself that I would be more than overly optimistic. If I had not been in traction, pregnant or not, I suspect I would have gone off by myself to find my “little” brother. Continued next week Lola wrote this book with the help of Alida Brill. A World After This was published in 2010 by Devora Publishing.

N O V E M B E R 2 8 , 2013

Lola Lieber Schwartz is a world-renowned artist whose paintings have been exhibited in art galleries throughout the United States and are part of the Yad Vashem archives in Jerusalem. Most importantly, Lola is a mother, grandmother and great-grandmother to many. She has myriad friends and sees life in all its vibrancy and vitality. But life was not always easy. Lola was only sixteen-yearsold when Hitler ym”sh invaded Poland, and Lola was forced into hiding and spent years on the run with her husband, Mechel. Through six years of trying times, near


Lola's Story



N O V E M B E R 2 8 , 2013



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Ask the Attorney Roman Aminov, Esq.

Keeping Your Liability Limited: Rules for Corporations and LLCs


imited Liability Companies (LLC) and corporations have become indispensible forms of business organization in our society. They allow business owners the opportunity to take business risks without worrying about losing everything they own in the process. This type of protection benefits all of us by allowing enterprising entrepreneurs to offer new products and services by removing their fear of losing every penny they own if the venture fails. For small business and real estate owners, this limited liability protection provides the vital peace of mind that an owner needs to operate their business on a daily basis. Liability protection does come with certain requirements, however. In order to achieve the asset protection benefits described in my previous article on real estate and LLCs, it is vital that the

owner treat the entity separately from his personal or other corporate assets. Additionally, a host of legal formalities should be observed. The failure to do so can make it easier for a creditor to “pierce the corporate veil” and collect against the owner individually or against his other business interests. What follows is a short list of general

LIMITED LIABILITY PROTECTION PROVIDES THE VITAL PEACE OF MIND THAT AN OWNER NEEDS TO OPERATE THEIR BUSINESS ON A DAILY BASIS. safeguards which need to be observed in order to reap the rich benefits of limited liability. As always, all individual situations should be discussed with a

Apply Your Yeshiva/Seminary Credits or Your Rabbinic/ Secular Degree Toward An Accredited An Accredited MAsters BAchelors Degree Degree Major in Business or Human Services/ Behavioral Science

MA in Educational Leadership or Master of Business Administration - MBA

• Apply up to 70 Judaic credits in transfer toward the required 127 credits of the degree

• Apply your Bachelors Degree from any regionally accredited or Association of Advanced Rabbinical and Talmudic Schools (AARTS) accredited or affiliated institution • Government student loans available • Registration is currently underway

• Government tuition grants and loans available • Registration is currently underway

competent attorney. The first step one takes is preparing and filing the appropriate incorporate/ organization documents with the New York Department of State. LLCs, unlike corporations, have a publication requirement which is essentially a gift to the newspaper lobby at the expense of business owners. The law requires

Earn your degree through onlinE coursEs, accessible anywhere.








4 RGRA DUAT P ROGR E For more information: AMS or 917-209-8204 (in 18 to 24 months, depending on the degree)

Visit us at Bellevue NeBraska Bellevue University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

LLCs to publish a notice once a week for six straight weeks in two newspapers in the county in which the office of the LLC is located. One newspaper must be printed daily and the other must be printed weekly. LLCs also need to have operating agreements which dictate everything from day to day operations to how the death of an owner affects the LLC. This is especially important for LLCs with multiple members as they prevent one member from selling or gifting his share without the other members’ consents. Operating agreements also discuss the mechanism of how one member can buy out the other members. A corporation needs to have corporate bylaws, which dictate how the corporation is run. Shares of stock need to be issued to all owners, and the corporation needs to have an initial shareholder meeting to vote on directors. Corporations also need to conduct annual shareholder meetings and keep minutes of those meetings. The corporate entity (other than certain single member LLCs) needs to obtain an EIN number from the IRS and open a separate bank account to transact out of. Corporate bank accounts should not be comingled with personal accounts, and corporate assets should not be used to pay personal debts or debts of other corporate entities. The business should be properly capitalized, and business funds should not be depleted to unreasonable levels. In order to

make it clear to the outside world that an owner is acting in his capacity as a member or officer, the official corporate name should be used on all documents followed by the appropriate corporate suffix (Inc, Corp, LLC). All stationary should have the business name and corporate suffix or risk losing limited liability protection. An individual should be careful about not to personally sign on a contract or a lease. Rather, he should sign as an officer or member of the LLC or corporation to avoid personal liability. Although creditors often ask for a personal guaranty, especially when dealing with newer or smaller entities, an attorney should be consulted prior to giving one. I have successfully negotiated away the necessity of such a provision for my clients. If a business entity is properly formed, segregated, managed, and cap-

italized, it can provide a tremendous benefit to its owners. The biggest mistake owners can make is managing their corporation or LLC as an alter-ego of themselves. Remember: if you take care of your company, your company will take care of you for years to come. No column is a substitute for competent legal advice. Please consult with the attorney of your choice concerning specific legal questions you may have.

Roman Aminov is a trusts and estates attorney concentrating in estate planning, elder law, probate, and real estate. He is experienced in the drafting of wills, powers of attorney, health care proxies, and trusts of all types. He can be reached at (347)766-2685 or

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Mother of Pearl and Sterling Ataros

Life Musings


N O V E M B E R 2 8 , 2013


Rozi Davis Davidowitz

Have You Had Your Flu Shot?

S deserve one!


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o, the doctor suggested I take a flu shot. “Does it give you the flu or does it prevent it?” I joked. A little smile came across his face, “Well, it may give you a little fever and a bit of the flu.” I could tolerate that. So I pulled up my sleeve and I said, “Go ahead. I can take it.” “Just a minute,” he said. “First you have to sign a release.” He handed me five pages and I began to read. This is not a paper; this is a megillah! “Rozi, are you allergic to any of these meds?” he asked. “I don’t know. I will look it over.” I certainly can’t pronounce any of them. But I guess I’m not going to be tested on it. How much do I weigh? Do I enjoy doing puzzles? What Temple do I go to? Wait, this is the wrong paper; back to the health-related questions. “Fill it out in the waiting room,” he tells me. A lady in the waiting room is also struggling with her questionnaire. She says she is filling out a questionnaire for a pneumonia shot. Uh oh, I bet she took the flu shot and it didn’t work. The first question is what medications do you take? I open my bag and find two little bottles of pills. One says, “This bottle contains active ingredients.” The other bottle says, “This bottle contains inactive ingredients.” Does that mean that one works and one doesn’t? I am about to finish the questionnaire when I read the bottom paragraph. “Warning: flu shot may cause sweating, fevers, chills, in rare cases, may be fatal.” Suddenly I am not so excited about taking this preventative shot. Now that I think about it, every ad for medication and every warning on a medicine bottle is frightening. It seems before you put a pill in your mouth you should say goodbye to your family and you should bench gomel when you swallow it and it works. Here is the warning that is on medications for depression and anxiety: “Be alert to the emergence of anxiety, panic attack, confusion, irritability, worsening of depression and possible suicide.”

Here is what is on the label for constipation: “May cause upset stomach, nausea and extreme diarrhea.” I guess, it’s pick your poison! Sleeping pills may cause hyperactivity and sleep-walking, so you may find yourself very awake in a strange bed. Now that I am checking warnings I can’t believe this one prescribed for high blood pressure (hypertension) and irregular heartbeat (arrhythmia). “Common side effects: depression, muscle weakness, nightmares, heartburn, dizziness, congestive heart failure, hypersensitivity reactions, unusual tiredness or weakness, decreased appetite, stomach discomfort or pain, cough, flu-like symptoms, headache, itching, nausea, skin rash, chest pain, confusion, constipation, difficulty falling asleep, vomiting cardiovascular irregularities, breathing difficulty.” I guess it’s a miracle any of us are still here! This is giving me a major headache. Wait, what does my aspirin bottle say? May cause: facial swelling, asthma, wheezing, shock, skin reddening, rash, blisters. So my aches may go away but I won’t be able to walk out in public. Oh yes, and don’t forget to read the part where it says, it may cause liver failure and bleeding ulcers. Each bottle says: If you feel any of these symptoms, call your doctor. Sure, if you can crawl to the phone in a puddle of blood from your bleeding ulcer, after blacking out, being dizzy, vomiting and having a major heart attack. I either have to stop taking the medicine or give up reading. My husband says the pharmaceutical companies just write warnings to protect themselves, but who is protecting me? Whose side is he on anyway? My husband keeps reminding me to take my medication. I wonder what that means. I am about to take a pill, please ask Hatzolah to be on stand-by. “Nurse, please tell the doctor, I am too nauseous and dizzy from my medicines to risk my life on a flu shot today.” I’ll see you next spring when flu season is over.


Old man Winter Is Here and You Need Not Fear! There have been some changes in the financial guidelines for SNAP (formerly known as the Food Stamp Program)

Perhaps you were not eligible last winter; you may be eligible this winter. While you pay for the heat, SNAP can help you to make ends meet.

SNAP Benefits are welcomed, appreciated, and accepted in most groceries stores. For a free confidential pre-screening and to see if you may qualify, contact NOEP (Nutrition Outreach and Education Program)

Last year with the assistance of NOEP over 32,000 new households received SNAP benefits


Prepared by a project of Hunger Solutions New York, USDA/FNS, NYSOTDA. This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

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N O V E M B E R 2 8 , 2013


From My Private Art Collection Rebbetzin Naomi N. Herzberg

The Beloved Chanukah Menorah as a Subject For Artwork


I recently did this exercise with two of he Chanukah menorah has al- my granddaughters. Consider doing this ways been a religious article of exercise with your children, grandchilinterest to artists. From nursery dren, students, etc. Just take out your on, children are introduced to the sto- favorite menorah, or choices of others ry of Chanukah, and so in schools all that you have collected, and have them over the world, teachers are busy cre- copy one as best as they can. Let them ating menorot with their students. The pick the one which they feel comfortmenorot are created out of egg cartons, able with and feel they can do. Some clay, baby-blocks, juice cans, foam cyl- are harder than others, depending on the inders, aluminum flashing, and many amount of detail work already on them. other interesting and innovative mate- Let the children sketch what they see. It rials. No matter how they are formed, is a great way to help whet their creative the eight branches placed on the same juices and stimulate their imagination. level and the shamash on another level help commemorate this “Festival of Lights” which has so much meaning for us. Chanukah means dedication! Examples of professional artist’s works include: The famous artist Agam is well known for his magnificent works of art. Among them is a Chanukah menorah. Agam is listed in the Guinness Agam’s menorah, the largest in the world Book of World Records to have creat- Children will create it differently, based ed the largest menorah in the world. It on their age and intensity. Some will stands over 32-feet high. It is construct- do detail work and others will be more ed out of steel, has a gold finish and abstract. This is all fine, as they will beweighs over 4,000 pounds. It is a public gin to realize that they too, can develop structure, which stands on the corner their own style and possibly become an of 59th Street and Fifth Avenue in Man- artist. After the sketch is completed, it hattan. This menorah is owned by the can be painted in watercolors or colored Lubavitch Youth Organization and is lit in with pastels, crayons, markers, etc. Make sure to use the correct paper for with oil on each night of Chanukah. The famous Jewish artist Michel each medium, as it will make a differSchwartz created a beautiful picture of ence as to the outcome. Development of skills takes practice and time. Be posa Chanukah menorah, which I adore. Judaica artists have created so many itive and encouraging. You may point kinds of menorot, that the choices are out corrections in a subtle way, but do endless. Some of the most unusual not be critical. Remember that they are menorot that I have admired include sketching what they see and not what those made by contemporary modern you see. artists. They can be found in museum gift shops and Judaica stores all around Rebbetzin Naomi N. Herzberg is a prothe globe. fessional art educator, artist and designer. The magnificent menorot found Among her known artwork is a floral sculpin gift stores worldwide are examples ture presented to Tipper Gore, Blair House, of the many interpretations produced Washington, D.C. Presently she is the Direcby artists with vision. We can learn so tor of Operations at Shulamith School for much from these beautiful artistic exGirls. Please feel free to email nherzberg@ pressions and presentations. The Chanukah menorah is a univer- with questions and suggessal gift. It can be presented as a wedding tions for future columns. present, Bar Mitzvah, anniversary, etc. Creating an interesting painting of a Chanukah menorah is an easy task.

133 THE JEWISH HOME n N O V E M B E R 2 8 , 2013


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Your Money What’s In a Name?


n Shakespeare’s most recognized tragedy, Juliet asks, “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” Now, that may have been true back in Juliet’s day. But is it still true now in today’s era of celebrity branding? Here’s the deal. Back in 2009, executors for Michael Jackson filed an estate tax return reporting the value of his assets at his death. Jackson had been famously extravagant during his life, blowing through hundreds of millions in earnings and borrowing hundreds of millions more. His 2,600-acre “Neverland” ranch in Santa Barbara that included two railroads, a petting zoo, and a Ferris wheel reportedly cost $2.5 million per month to maintain. He spent millions more on travel, entertainment, antiques, and paintings. And feeding “Bubbles,” his pet chimpanzee, couldn’t have been cheap, either.   You would expect his estate to be pretty impressive, right? So, what

the s ! in wn ays w o no e Tkaw v Fi oc R &

was his “final score” as reported on entertainer during that same time! Form 706 “United States Estate (and Our friends at the IRS thought Generation-Skipping Transfer) Tax that valuation was (wait for it . . .) Return”? A mere $7 million. What’s bad. On July 26, they told Jackson’s even more incredible, the executors executors that their number was $1.1 valued Jackson’s billion, including name and likea whopping $434 ness at just $2,105. million for his (Where did the $5 name alone. Since $7 MILLION STILL come from, anythey don’t stop ‘til way? Why not they get enough, SEEMS A LITTLE LIGHT the IRS promptly $2,104, or $2,106?) billed the estate   Now, that FOR AN ESTATE THAT for an additional may not be as $505.1 million in ridiculous as it EARNED $160 MILLION tax and added a first seems — $196.9 million un“Jacko” was in IN 2012 ALONE. dervaluation pendebt up to his alty as well! eyeballs for much of his life, and he   Not may have owed as much as $500 mil- surprisingly, Jackson’s estate told lion at his death. But $7 million still the IRS to beat it. A spokesman said seems a little light for an estate that the IRS’s valuation was “based on earned $160 million in 2012 alone. speculative and erroneous assumpJackson’s estate has actually earned tions unsupported by facts or law,” more since his death than any living and added that the estate had already

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Allan J. Rolnick CPA

paid over $100 million in income taxes. And now they wanna be starting something in the U.S. Tax Court. They’ve filed Estate of Michael J. Jackson, Deceased, John G. Branca, Co-Executor and John McClain, Co-Executor v. Commmissioner of Internal Revenue and set the stage for a legal thriller. You may not have 26 American Music Awards, 13 number one singles, or the best-selling album of all time. But you’re probably even more interested than Michael Jackson in keeping what you make. The answer, of course, is planning. So make sure to call your accountant now to set up a plan. The year is almost over.

Allan J Rolnick is a CPA who has been in practice for over 30 years in Queens, NY. He welcomes your comments and can be reached at 718-896-8715 or at allanj

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PESACH 2014 For a Pesach vacation that includes a beautiful resort, an unrivaled kids program, non-stop events, fascinating lecturers, and of course an incredible dining experience, Choose Upscale.

*Rancho Bernardo Spa Pool & Cabanas

The Upscale Experience Awaits. White Oaks Resort Niagara Falls, Canada

Rancho Bernardo Inn San Diego, California

Dolce Resort Norwalk, Connecticut

“Extraordinary would be the only way to describe it. The resort that has it all.”

“A peaceful haven in the heart of the mountains.”

Experience the only luxury pesach resort, less than an hour from nyc

-Condé Nast Traveler Top Southern California Golf Resort Awards Winner


-Canada Select Ontario’s Top Five Star Hotel Resort


April 13-April 23


Deluxe, Ocean View, Terrace Rooms, Junior Suites, 1 & 2 Bedroom Suites (including Tresor & Sorrento Bldgs.)

3-10 Night Packages Available


Kosh Contine er n BreaKfa tal st

Special aMenitieS For the KoSher traVeler: 4 Shul on premises oceanFront! 4 Glatt-kosher catering available 4 Within Sunny Isles Eruv MiaMi Beach, Florida 4 Shabbos keys available 4 250 deluxe rooms . . .

1 877 327 6363

Culinary Cuisine by: RAM CATERERS Directed by Simon Auerbacher ORB Glatt Kosher Supervision “Step It Up” Program: YOGEV Berdugo, Teen Director CME Credit Program: Facilitated by DR. JAY MAZEL

For Information & Reservations Call: 877-538-9948 954-251-1940 Email:

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a perFect winter get-away



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Life Coach

Rivki D. Rosenwald Esq., CLC, SDS

Shedding Light on Women – Chanukah Style!


ou think you’ve got problems? I’m completely ignored most of the time. No one pays one drop of attention to me. I’m like a total nonentity! And then suddenly everyone wakes up and remembers me all at once. And is that at least redeeming or rewarding? Not necessarily, because I’m completely controlled by others. It’s a “top” down world and I’m low on the totem pole. Everyone is above me controlling me. I’m “spun” this way and that. I’m pulled. I’m pushed. And ultimately I’m “dropped.” No Dear John letter, no breakup text, just dropped. If you had to “bet” on me – would you think I’m well-adjusted or all “wound” up? Half the time I feel I’m “worth something” and the other “half nothing at all.” How does this affect my self-esteem? Well, I think, I feel it’s better to be used than ignored. Luckily I’m not referring to some

maidel. I’m a dreidel! And, woohoo, this is my time of the year! Everyone is actually consumed with me for eight days straight. And that much love and attention keeps me going all year long. Now trust me, if I was a maidel it would be a whole different story. A maidel needs to be handled with care. Never ignored. Never parked somewhere on a shelf and left for long periods of time. She needs to be given love and attention all year long. Chanukah is the holiday of illumination. So I’m going to illuminate for you some secrets to keeping a maidel happy. Every woman needs accolades; they spend a lot of time on their appearance. So next time you’re with a maidel, compliment her, from head to toe, or maidel style, from shichalach to shaitel! Then every once in a while cater to her too. Cook her up a homemade meal; maybe something exotic. Start with

hors d’oeuvres – a crepe or a stuffed boureka, which ultimately will be identified by a maidel as its original form, a delicious knaidel. Keep in mind never to make her dizzy or toss her around, because she’s the real deal and she’s nobody’s dreidel. Everyone knows that with a dreidel they are orchestrating everything from the top, yet the results are still completely unpredictable. How much more so with a completely independent individual, like a woman, there’s no getting away from the saying that she’s predictably unpredictable. So the best way to play it with a maidel is to remember she’s no spinning top. She’s not to be “toyed” with. In order to up your “ante” and be successful with her, show her how much you value the “gift” she is. Never let your love and attention “wax” and wane. Keep the “flame” burning all year long by giving to her and connecting with her. Go ahead … enjoy the eight days of

Chanukah light. And bet on your dreidel as much as you like. But the most rewarding way to stack the odds in your favor throughout the year is to recall: A maidel made happy gives out “light” all year long!

Rivki Rosenwald is a certified relationship counselor, and career and life coach. She can be contacted at 917-705-2004 or

139 THE JEWISH HOME n N O V E M B E R 2 8 , 2013

140 N O V E M B E R 2 8 , 2013

The Schechter Family Presents...




n n


n n n n n

n n n n n

Join the leaders in Passover Tours for our another great Pesach at this beautiful oceanfront resort!

n n n n n

Our 19th spectacular year! Directly on the beach Oversized NEWLY RENOVATED rooms many with terraces Poolside fitness center with sauna & steam room Children’s dining room Superb day camp program Private seder rooms available Glatt kosher, strict supervision Gourmet cuisine with renowned Chef Andy Serano Cantor led or private seders Sumptuous “Tea Room” Top name entertainment Trips to major attractions Golf, tennis, watersports nearby Poolside BBQ’s Olympic-size pool + kids pool 2 min. to upscale Aventura Mall Daily services, shiurim, lectures Scholar-in-Residence Program FOR RESERVATIONS CALL CARIBBEAN KOSHER TOURS:


pesach 2014

1-800-327-8165 305-937-7209

Jewish Home 4.65” x 5.875

• Warm Yom Tov Atmosphere

Entire Resort Kosher for Pesach • Ashkenaz and Sefard Minyanim • 5-Star Culinary Experience, Daily

Ft. Lauderdale

Pool Side BBQ’s and Lavish Tea

APRIL 13-24

Room • Wonderful & Exciting Programing, Activities and Entertainment

rabbi zecharia



Harary, Esq.

rabbi daniel


• Brand New Banquet Center

david j.

Lieberman, Ph.D.

• Tropical Nature Walking Trails and Ponds w/4 Sun-Drenched Pools • Oversized Deluxe Guest Rooms & Suites w/Balconies

telephone: 323-275-1949 website:

Discount Early Bird Special Reserve by January 1st

• Lake and Golf Course Views Avrohom Fried

thursday night chol - hamoed

Sruli Wulliger

141 T H E J E W I S H H O M E n NOVEMBER 28, 2013

142 T H E J E W I S H H O M E n NOVEMBER 28, 2013

2014 Boca Raton Resort

PGA National Resort Four Seasons

Boca Raton, Florida

Palm Beach, Florida

Whistler, British Columbia

• A Waldorf Astoria Resort • Gorgeous Half-Mile Stretch of Private Beach • 2 Championship Golf Courses • 30 Clay Tennis Courts, World Class Spa • Prestige Caterers – NK Glatt Kosher

• Entire Hotel Kosher for Pesach • Private Balcony in all rooms • 5 Tournament-ready Golf Courses • In cooperation with Kosherica • Foremost Ram Caterers – • ORB Glatt Kosher Supervision

• Outstanding Spring Skiing #1 Ski Resort in North America • Beautiful oversized guest rooms & suites • Entire Hotel Kosher for Pesach • Scholar In Residence Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks

Arizona Biltmore

Westchester Hilton

Phoenix, Arizona

• A Waldorf Astoria Resort • 39 Lush Acres with 8 Swimming Pools • 2 Championship Golf Courses • In cooperation with VIP Passover • Danzinger Caterers – Phoenix Vaad

Rye Brook, New York

• Entire Hotel Kosher for Pesach • 30 minutes from New York City • Entire Hotel Newly Renovated • Prestige Caterers - ORB Glatt Kosher

Leisure Time Tours

Palazzo Della Fonte

Fiuggi, Italy

• 45 minutes from Rome • Member of Leading Hotels L Of The World • Entire Hotel Kosher for Pesach • Glatt Kosher Supervision under Rabbi G. M. Garelik of Milan


718-528-0700 800-223-2624


149* 165* w/ College Grad

per Month

36 Month Lease 12,000 Miles Per Year Damage Waiver Included

Features: Bluetooth/Back-UpCamera/160-Watt Audio System

2014 Chrysler Town & Country Touring


Lease Loyalty Or Conquest

$ 189*

per Month


2014 Nissan Altima 2.5S

155* $ 169* per Month w/ College Grad

36 Month Lease 12,000 Miles Per Year Up to $5K Damage Waiver Available

Features: Bluetooth/Power Seat/AM-FM-CD-MP3

2014 Honda CR-V AWD While Supplies Last!



2013 Honda Civic LX Automatic

36 Month Lease 7,500 Miles Per Year Up to $5K Damage Waiver Available

Features: Leather/Back-Up Camera/Rear Entertainment/ Power Liftgate

2014 Acura ILX

$229* per


36 Month Lease 7,500 Miles Per Year Up to $5K Damage Waiver Available

Features: Bluetooth/Remote Entry w/ Trunk Release/ Back-Up CameraAM-FM-CD-MP3

2014 Lexus RX 350

$429* per



36 Month Lease 10,000 Miles Per Year Damage Waiver Included

Features: Leather/Bluetooth/Heated Seats & Mirrors/Back-Up Camera/Sunroof/AM-FM-CD-USB-iPod

} $ 209* per

27 Month Lease 10,000 Miles Per Year Up to $7K Damage Waiver Available

Features: Leather/Bluetooth/Heated Seats & Mirrors/Back-Up Camera/Sunroof/AM-FM-CD-USB-iPod

Due at signing: 1st Month, Bank Fee, Registration & Applicable Taxes

Exp. 11/30/13 *Valid While Supplies Last. Residency Restrictions May Apply

iPad Giveaway

Join our email list and you will be entered into a raffle for an iPad 3 Congratulations to our last raffle winner, Sam Mayer!

T H E J E W I S H H O M E n NOVEMBER 28, 2013




Five Towns Jewish Home 11-28-13  

Five Towns Jewish Home 11-28-13