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The Mideast Peace Talks To the Loser Goes the Spoils

Girls in NCSY’s Give USA Program Tour the U.S. Page 42

NBA Star John Starks Visits Hillel Day Camp Page 48

Five Towns Residents Speak at YU’s Annual ChampionsGate Conference

… Smile—all day!

… Watch fireworks

… Lie on the grass

… Play monkey in the middle

… Count the seeds in a watermelon

… Put together a 1,000 piece puzzle

… Write a real letter with a stamp and mail it at the post office

… Go on a Ferris wheel in Coney Island

… Go to a state park

… Make homemade Slurpees

… Take a walk in the rain

… Go bird watching

… Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge

… Get a tan

… Canoe

… Build a sandcastle

… Sleep late

… Run with the kids on the beach barefoot

… Pick berries and make a pie

… Learn to juggle

… Go to a baseball game

… Go fishing

… Blow bubbles

… Play flashlight tag

… Spend the whole day barefoot

… Call your grandmother

… Skip rocks in a river

… Learn how to play tennis

… Take a nap in a hammock

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The Ultimate Summer Bucket List

… Make real s’mores on the BBQ

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Gourmet Glatt Sponsors Jewish Night Concert at Cedarhurst Park Page 74

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69 .


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Many Shailos and Teshuvos have arisen since the publication of the Mishna Berurah over a century ago. The Mishna Berurah, Mahaduras “Dirshu” features contemporary Shailos with Piskei Din from today’s Gedolei Haposkim, to solve the Shailos of daily life. Each volume also features the Chofetz Chaim’s original classic text, plus sources, Teshuvos, explanations and commentary. No Jewish home or Bais Medrash can afford to be without this extraordinary volume.

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mitqen —

Similar to ‘Musaf Rashi’ found in many Gemaros, all the writings of the Chofetz Chaim on different Halachos have been collected from his complete works for better understanding and clarity.

mixe`ia —

In many cases the classic Mishna Berurah lists only the final Psak without explanation of the reason behind it. In the Dirshu edition, one will find sources, lengthy exposition and Psakim on many Halachos positioned in the appropriate place next to the text.


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3 T h e J e w i s h H o m e n a U G U S T 8 , 2013


T h e J e w i s h H o m e n A U G U S T 8 , 2013


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T h e J e w i s h H o m e n a U G U S T 8 , 2013

T h e J e w i s h H o m e n A U G U S T 8 , 2013


Contents >>Letters to the Editor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 >>Community Readers’ Poll. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 Community Happenings. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36

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>> Israel Israel News . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 Cover Story: The Mideast Peace Talks: To the Loser Goes the Spoils . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 62

>> People Meir Amit: Heading the Fearless Mossad. . . . . . . . 58 A World after This: The Story of Lola Lieber . . . . . 78

>>Parsha The Shmuz. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 53

>> Jewish Thought Finding Your Unique Life’s Purpose, Part IV. . . . . . 54 Think Outside the Bag, by Rabbi Jonathan Gewirtz. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 55

>>Family Musings: Hello, I’m Here…Goodbye!. . . . . . . . . . . . 59

Dear Readers, This week’s Mideast peace talks don’t seem to be garnering much confidence in most people. A recent poll found that a whopping 79% of Israeli Jews think that the talks have a very low chance of succeeding. It’s hard to negotiate with someone when they refuse to budge on certain issues and insist on those conditions being met before both sides even come to the negotiating table. And it’s even harder to negotiate “peace” when both sides have very different views on what peace looks like. But Netanyahu knows who he’s dealing with; this is not the first time he was forced to talk to and make nice with his conniving neighbors. So, our writer Matt Solomon asks, why would Netanyahu agree to release 104 Palestinian murderers and why would Abbas agree to talks with only one of his conditions being met? As with most things in the Middle East, nothing is simple. What is seen on the surface is very often not what is the reality. Who knows what the Arabs are thinking? And who knows why Netanyahu would allow terrorists with blood on their hands back into society so they can kill again. There’s one certain outcome to these talks and that’s something that we’ve all seen before. Israel will be forced to capitulate to her cruel neighbors, people who only wish for her destruction. And even after giving in, and even after submitting to their demands, she will still be demonized in the eyes of the world. It’s a lose-lose situation for the tiny country that struggles for survival every day. Every week, we feature a chapter from Lola Lieber Schwartz’s book, A World After This. Many readers have told me they are riveted by her story; it is one of pain and of love, of terror and of loss. This week, Lola comes face to face with the devil himself—Eichmann ym”sh. She risks her life to meet with this executioner and thankfully, her life is spared. But, she writes, although she was speaking with this heartless fiend, he didn’t look like the devil. “He didn’t look like the personification of malevolent wickedness,” she remembers. “He looked normal.” I shivered when I read that line. How can so much evil be inside a person and yet the rot of his deeds not melt his skin? With only a few weeks left to summer, it is time to take advantage of the long, sunny days and the cool, clear nights. Take a look at Susan Schwamm’s ultimate summer bucket list. I am sure that there are a few (fly a kite, catch a butterfly, go barefoot for a day!) you’d love to check off. And while you’re enjoying the outdoors and wiping ice cream off sticky hands, take some time to read Shmuel Dovid Rosansky’s article on apps for your iPhone. These apps are perfect for those on the go who need to daven, want to learn or like to listen to Jewish music. As always, we love hearing for our readers. Please feel free to email me at Wishing you a wonderful week, Shoshana

Does Marinated Meat Taste Better, by Moshe A. Yachnes, LMSW. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 69

Yitzy Halpern

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The Jewish Home is an independent weekly magazine. Opinions expressed by writers are not neces­sarily the opinions of the publisher or editor. The Jewish Home is not responsible for typographical errors, or for the kashrus of any product or business advertised within. The Jewish Home contains words of Torah. Please treat accordingly.

Dear Editor,  I agree heartily with your choice of the Hunter Mountain area as a summer vacation destination for Jewish families (August 1 issue). My family last climbed the mountain several years ago, conjuring memories of the wonderful summers I spent in Hunter in the early seventies. Permit me, then, to correct a small error in the article and to share a few recollections of summers past. Your article states that a chairlift will take one to “the 3,200 foot summit of Hunter Mountain.” The elevation of the town of Hunter is approximately 1,600 feet. The chairlift will take you to the highest point from which to ski, which is 3,200 feet. However, you are shortchanging this wonderful mountain! Hunter’s peak reaches a stately 4,049 feet, behind only Slide Mountain among Catskill peaks. Even if one chooses to take the chairlift (it is better to skip the lift and climb the entire way by foot), there remains a considerable trek to Hunter’s fire tower at the summit. The reward of this climb is a fabulous view of several states, weather permitting. There are a few paths by which to climb, none of them excessively difficult. One reason my parents chose Hunter as a vacation spot was to bypass the very crowded lower Catskills; by contrast, Hunter was (and is) spacious. Its air is remarkably fresh and its lifestyle exceedingly laid back. Notwithstanding the overwhelming popularity of the Monticello area, Hunter (along with neighboring Tannersville) was for decades a magnet for Orthodox families. Gedolim were

among the vacationers. I recall meeting the saintly Bluzhever Rebbe, who made his summer home in what was then called the Margareten Estates, a large grouping of cottages owned by the family whose name adorns many a matzoh box. Rabbi David Singer, zt”l, of Boro Park’s Sephardishe Shul, also spent part of the summer in Hunter. Indeed, Hunter’s shul, which is in the National Register of Historic Places, had a guaranteed minyan throughout the summer, and on Shabbos the sanctuary was quite full. A few miles away, Rabbi Joseph Breuer, zt”l, summered in Tannersville.  Today the focus of Orthodox vacationing has shifted to Tannersville. Nonetheless, I have heard that in Av, many of the Lakewood Yeshiva rabbeim make their way to Hunter. Still, I am told that a minyan in Hunter is no longer guaranteed; Tannersville is a viable alternative. Among the nearby attractions is the National Baseball Hall of Fame, in Cooperstown. This national treasure is readily accessible from Hunter, making for a great day trip. On the way to Cooperstown, be sure to buy some local vegetables or fruit from one of the roadside stands. Avi Goldstein Far Rockaway Dear Editor, Some of your letter writers last week wrote in response to an article you printed a few weeks ago titled, “My Son, the Collector.” I have one thing to add to the discussion. Our middos don’t necessarily come

Readers Poll Compiled by Jannah Eichenbaum

Do you find fishing fun or boring? Lots of fun 32% Totally boring 68%

the Editor naturally. Some people are more outgoing and therefore more friendly. Some people are more reserved and it is harder for them to say hello to their fellow passersby. But that doesn’t mean that greeting others with a smile is something they can never achieve. By working on themselves and training themselves to smile at others, they too can become friendlier people. Our middos are muscles; the harder we work them, the stronger they become. It’s hard to teach someone how to care. How do you train your children to have good, caring hearts? I believe that if we have them participate in chessed we will be working their “middos muscles” and strengthening them. When they collect tzedakah, they are participating in this essential mitzvah and hopefully it will open their hearts to people’s plights as they get older. Sharona W. Dear Editor, I have to applaud Ms. Greenwald for penning the letter about the mikvah situation in our community. It is a sensitive issue and yet she wrote about the issues in a very correct manner. I only hope that the right people will hear about what needs to be done and take the issue to heart. A Reader Dear Editor, I agree with many premises of Golda Greenwald’s letter of August 1. She correctly states that we are a very fast growing community that would benefit from a larger availability of mikvaos. The need for Friday night mikvaos is certainly a priority. And I agree with her that our recognizably philanthropic communities would do well to prioritize local communal needs in addition to personal and “outside” building projects. However, I find her words “appalled that the women...have not revolted” overly harsh. Indeed, we are blessed with beautiful, well-appointed mikvaos with sensitive and knowledgeable women at the helm. Yes...more availability of rooms, especially in the summer months, would be convenient. But Mrs. Greenwald is perhaps unaware of how our local mikvaos shine in provision of on-duty attendants, private parking lots, providing towels, robes, and personal supplies, being clean and well-maintained, etc. In many “out-of-town” communities women must give the mikva lady (or their designated partner as the case may be) a ride to the shul which houses the mikva, and these mikvaos often lack preparation supplies and bathing areas. Many communities have outdated mikvas 50-plus

years old, some lack a separate mikva for kaylim/vessels. While I am on the topic of appreciation, I will say that I (and others) have had the merit for many years of accompanying women with physical handicaps to assist with their preparation or actual tevilla as needed. These disabilities range from short term (usually a recovery process of some sort) to life-long and sometimes progressive. These various nashim tzidkanios must put so much extra effort and time into their preparations and planning, sacrificing an amount of their privacy, and expending so much energy into this precious mitzvah. Yet never have I heard complaints from these women, who cherish the mitzvah, as if the only inconvenience was a longer wait. And next time you, my neighbor, have an inconvenient wait, please consider that the woman before you may have a physical or emotional need for more time. In summary, yes our growing communities will benefit from additional mikvaos, especially for Friday nights. When a new state-of-the-art beautiful mikva is built locally, I hope it will be fully accessible including an operational mechanical lift for clients with disabilities. Until then, let’s display appreciation for what we have! Name Withheld (I can be contacted through the editor) Dear Editor, I have become accustomed to people making U-turns on Central Avenue in Cedarhurst; I have become accustomed to people driving slowly and browsing the stores while behind them cars honk on end; I have become accustomed to people double parking; parking at a hydrant to get pizza (by the way, there is parking behind the pizza store also); not using the traditional blinker to indicate pulling over; but this past erev Shabbos, I experienced a new kind of I am going to do whatever I want regardless…. July 5, 2013, 2:15ishpm, grocery store parking lot: I frequent this store often, and enjoy the large parking lot. I usually end up parking far away from the entrance as thank G-d, it is a busy place. Sometimes people will park directly in front of the store. This can cause limited ability to get around and limited visibility to see people exiting the store. But, today, someone parked (not in the parking lot) directly across from another car parked in front of the store. It was clearly difficult for a van to get through the two parallel parked cars, and after seeing the woman get into the shiny Continued on page 10

T h e J e w i s h H o m e n a U G U S T 8 , 2013

Letters to


T h e J e w i s h H o m e n A U G U S T 8 , 2013

8 B”H

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Art Show & Benefit With world renowned Artist

Michoel Muchnik

A handpicked selection of the artist’s finest masterpieces will be exhibited for sale to benefit the Jean Fischman Chabad Center of the Five Towns

Monday, August 12 · Elul 6 8:15 pm At the home of Ari & Ruthy Jungreis 515 Ocean Avenue Lawrence, NY 11559 Wine and Cheese & Sushi Bar Couvert: $180 per couple · $100 individual To RSVP and for more information please call (516) 295-2478 or visit

Chairpeople: Dovi & Tzipi Faivish Sholom & Pessy Jacobs

Shimie & Chani Klein Sol & Etty Levy Ilan & Ilana Mandel

Shloime & Tzippy Perlstein Jeffrey & Sharona Weinberg

Best Wishes for a Happy and Healthy New Year


T h e J e w i s h H o m e n a U G U S T 8 , 2013

T h e J e w i s h H o m e n A U G U S T 8 , 2013


Letters to SUV with her flowers, it was my turn to make the sharp turn to get through the two opposing vehicle. I stopped, rolled down my window and said, “Please don’t take this personally but that is not a very good place to park, good Shabbos.” This young man sped up to deliberately cut me off at the exit. I then said to myself, keep away from him, and I stayed way behind him while going toward the light on Rockaway Tpke. He then backed up to right in front of my car, got out of his car, came to my car window, put his hand on his chest and said arrogantly: “When you’re as rich as I am, you don’t have to give a [fig] about where you park.” I said, “I see that, good Shabbos.” And we both rode off. There is something amiss…There is a feeling of entitlement….A lack of care for the next person…small thinking, or just no thinking…however you slice it, it shows a lack of respect. People, please don’t make U-turns on Central, please don’t double park, please use your blinker, please stop honking your horn, and for goodness sake do not answer someone else’s honking as if it’s a symphony of horns. People live here,

and perhaps you can even park in the lot like most of us do. Thank g-D we can walk, and please, if you make a mistake, it really does not hurt to say, “Hey, you’re right, I’m sorry.” You can do it! Leah Dear Editor, For decades, under numerous past Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) Five Year Capital Plans, both the city and state collectively cut billions of their own respective financial contributions. They repeatedly had the MTA refinance or borrow funds to acquire scarce capital funding formerly made up by hard cash from both City Hall and Albany. No wonder the MTA has scheduled planned fare hikes in 2015 & 2017. MTA services are still one of the best bargains in town. Since the 1950s, the average cost of riding either the bus, subway or commuter rail has gone up at a lower rate than either the consumer price index or inflation. The Metrocard introduced in 1996 affords a free transfer between bus and subway. Prior to this, riders had to pay two full fares. Purchasing either a weekly or monthly pass further

the Editor reduces the cost per ride. Many employers offer transit checks, which pay even more of your costs. In the end, quality and frequency of service is dependent upon secure revenue streams. We all will have to contribute—be it at the fare box or tax revenues generated by different levels of government redistributed back to the MTA. Sincerely, Larry Penner Great Neck Dear Editor,  Thank you for a well-written article about the Agudath Israel Mission to Washington by Shoshana Bernstein. What I gathear from your front page story is that Agudah is a powerful organization that has Washington’s ear. While Agudah serves the Jewish population in America in many capacities in an honorable way, it is proper and fitting for such a powerful religious organization led by some of the greatest Torah leaders of our generation to come out with a global statement that addresses the needs of the times. A statement that testifies that Judea and Samaria is an integral part

of the Land of Israel dispelling the lies and distortions that have come about as a result of identity theft by our enemies. It is also proper and fitting for this organization to put out a statement against the scheduled release of 104 murderers/ terrorists starting next week August 13 with the release of the first 26 terrorists. To their credit,  the theme  at the Agudah Convention in Stamford Connecticut, on Thanksgiving 2007, was an “Undivided Jerusalem.” On that Motzei Shabbos, Rav Perlow, the Noviminsker Rebbe, the Rosh Agudath Yisroel, spoke, and it is recorded all on tape. He said that he actually took a plane to Eretz Yisroel for the sole purpose of speaking to Rav Elyashiv z”l and Rav Shteinman regarding this matter. Rav Elyashiv said clearly that he is against giving away parts of Yerushalayim. Rav Shteinman also agreed. Rav Elyashiv told Rav Perlow that he can say so publicly in his name and with full strength (bechol hatokef). Rav Elyashiv said, “Will we have to ask permission of the Yishmaelim to daven at the Kosel?”    Unfortunately, is clear now, and it wasn’t then,  that the U.S.

Glatt Kosher & Cholov Yisroel

Smilow Family

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the Editor

State Department does not want to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel nor our rights to land captured in ’67, land which includes built up neighborhoods,  East Jerusalem and Har Habayit. In fact, American foreign policy of today is pushing for a divided Jerusalem and a two-state solution. The time has come for the major Jewish organizations to join together as one (Agudah, OU, YI, Chabad International, etc. ) declaring Judea and Samaria as an integral part, the heartland, of our Biblical Homeland and Jerusalem and Temple Mount in particular the holiest site of Israel, the place of our hopes, dreams and aspirations as a Jewish nation. This outcry is long overdue.  Because now we are reaching a dangerous red line... One thousand six hundred years before Islam, we had a kingdom and Temple in Jerusalem. Twice we were destroyed and exiled, and twice we came back home. Four hundred years before the advent of Islam, the Romans changed the name of Judea to Palestine, after the coastal nation known as the Philistines, who had disappeared hundreds of years previously. The Romans sought to erase

the connection between the Jews and their land. Now Arabs of the region call themselves Palestinians and say, “We were here before you.” This lie must be exposed at every opportunity. Telling this truth is also our chance at achieving true peace. Do we continue to remain silent and allow the enemy to take over what rightfully belongs to us? Sincerely, Robin Ticker Dear Editor, You had good coverage of Agudah in Washington. Unfortunately, we were not privileged as of yet of hearing that Agudah and other Torah organizations have stood up in Washington for our rights from the Torah to Eretz Yisrael. It would also behoove us to invite delegates from Yehuda and Shomron to speak at our organizations. We do not want a repeat of Gush Katif. Hopefully this will lead to the full geulah. Bracha V’Hatzlacha, Shmuel Koenig

Marty Goldberg

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T h e J e w i s h H o m e n a U G U S T 8 , 2013

Letters to


T h e J e w i s h H o m e n A U G U S T 8 , 2013


The Week Global U.S. Embassies Shut Down Due to Terrorist Threat

On Monday, August 5, twenty U.S. embassies and consulates across North Africa and the Middle East were closed. The shut-down was a precautionary security measure after a significant threat from an al-Qaeda affiliate was identified. Communications were intercept-

In News

ed where terrorists were heard discussing plans about an upcoming attack. A U.S. official revealed that the terrorists called the planned attack “strategically significant” and said it was “going to be big.” But, according to the official, authorities are not sure of the exact target. “We do not know whether they mean an embassy, an airbase, an aircraft, trains,” the official said. “The part that is alarming is the confidence they showed while communicating and the air of certainty.” He added that it appeared as if the group has a media plan for after the attack as well. Rep. Dutch Ruppersberger, D-MD, said, “It’s a very credible threat and it’s based on intelligence. What we have to do now is the most important issue, is to protect Americans throughout the world.” Ruppersberger also commented on the threat’s al-Qaeda connection, saying, “We know that al-Qaeda and other people out there want to attack us and kill us and our allies.” It is clear that the threat is not just against American targets; Western allies may be targeted as well and as such, Britain and Germany have closed some of their embassies in Muslim countries.

The U.S. government has urged American citizens to leave certain countries, such as Yemen, due to the threat. The State Department extended embassy and consulate closures in 19 locations through Saturday, August 10. The closures included embassies in the following countries: Manama, Bahrain; Dhaka, Bangladesh; Bujumbura, Burundi; Djibouti, Djibouti; Cairo, Egypt; Amman, Jordan; Kuwait City, Kuwait; Tripoli, Libya; Antananarivo, Madagascar; Port Louis, Mauritius; Muscat, Oman; Doha, Qatar; Kigali, Rwanda; Dhahran, Saudi Arabia; Jeddah, Saudi Arabia; Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; Khartoum, Sudan; Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates; Dubai, United Arab Emirates and Sana’a, Yemen.

France Sets New Hot Air Balloon Record The sky filled with brilliant colors as 408 hot air balloons took off simultaneously from a former Nato base in Chambley, France, on July 31, 2013. This mass take-off sets a new world re-

cord for most air balloons launched at the same time.

The annual Lorraine Mondial international hot air balloon festival has been taking place at the Chambley-Bussieres Aerodrome in Meurthe-et-Moselle since 1989. This year’s event attracted more than 350,000 people. The previous record was set only a few years before when 329 balloons drifted into the sky at the same festival in 2009. Balloonists from around the world traveled to be a part of this new world record.

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T h e J e w i s h H o m e n a U G U S T 8 , 2013

T h e J e w i s h H o m e n A U G U S T 8 , 2013


The Week Almost All Children in Nigerian Village Suffering from Lead Poisoning

On Friday, Bagega, the Nigerian village that suffered one of the world’s worst recorded incidents of lead poisoning, was declared habitable, and doctors were able to begin treating the victims. More than 1,000 children were contaminated. According to Dr. Michelle Chouinard, Nigerian country director

for Doctors Without Borders, unfortunately for some of the young children, it is too late to reverse the serious neurological damage. Tragically, there were 400 deaths and many serious injuries. Some of the victims are blind, others are paralyzed, and many will suffer from learning disabilities as an effect of the lead intake. Doctors Without Borders discovered the epidemic in 2010 but they weren’t able to do anything because the federal government did not provide a promised $3 million. Finally, the government released money for the cleanup in February 2013. Doctors Without Borders began prescreening in March and found that nearly every one of 1,010 children tested needed some sort of therapy. Of the 1,000, 267 are severely contaminated and will get chelation, a medication that binds the lead to a child’s blood and helps their bodies eliminate it faster. Experts say the poisoning was caused by artisanal mining from a gold rush. Environmental scientist Simba Tirima said that according to his research in the region, villagers say they would rather die of lead poisoning than

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In News poverty. Villagers make ten times as much money mining as they do from farming in an area suffering from erratic rainfall. Tirima said the biggest challenges that face the village are managing the five landfills with some 13,000 cubic meters (nearly 460,000 cubic feet) of highly contaminated soil and teaching villagers how to mine safely. “That’s a big, big worry. But I am joyful that for the kids who will be born in Bagega, we have at least removed one of the major strikes against them because they have so many strikes against them — nutritional problems, diseases ...” The United States considers 400 parts of lead per million safe for residential soil; in Bagega some residential soil was found with up to 35,000 parts per million of lead. The human population of Bagega is estimated to be between 6,000 and 9,000 and it is assumed that the entire population was exposed.

son Toshio Ueki, who reports that the characters’ webpages got 1.5 million hits in the weeks before the poll. “One of the appeals of the Communists has been the clarity and consistency in their pledges; people find it refreshing,” suggests Takashi Inoguchi, professor emeritus at the University of Tokyo. “It’s healthy for the political development of the country that there is a party that is at least clear in what they say, whether you agree with their positions or not.”

Rowhani Takes His Seat as President of Iran

Communism Rising in the Land of the Rising Sun It may be surprising, but Communism seems to be gathering strength in Japan. In recent elections, the JCP, Japanese Communist Party, came in second to the ruling party in terms of votes collected in Tokyo and Osaka. The rise of the party has to do mainly because its opposition, the Democratic Party of Japan, is in disarray. Some voters saw the Communists as a counterbalance to the nationalism of the Prime Minister Shinzo Abe administration. Others are saying that there is a need to make changes in Japan’s constitution, amending it so Japan can start wars again and converting society’s mindset to accept women in the workplace. Founded in 1922, the JCP is the oldest political party in Japan, and has enjoyed constant representation in parliament for longer than any other. But until recently, its image was one of older activists and it struggled to attract younger voters. But July elections proved otherwise. It was the first where online campaigning was permitted, and the JCP leveraged several social networks to lure younger voters. “We were able to use the net to reach out to younger people, many of whom don’t read newspapers or watch TV much. Through the characters, we could communicate issues simply and appeal to young voters,” says party spokesper-

Hassan Rowhani was inaugurated as president of Iran on Sunday, succeeding Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. In his speech, Rowhani said, “The Iranian people voted ‘yes’ to moderation.” He added, “The Iranian people want to live free.” The moderate cleric officially became president after receiving the formal endorsement of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Saturday. Khamenei handed power to Rowhani at a ceremony at the leader’s compound that was also attended by former residents Ahmadinejad and Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani. “I want to restore hope to the Iranian people and fix the economy and get rid of these cruel sanctions,” said the new leader after the ceremony, referring to the U.S.-led sanctions imposed on Iran over its disputed nuclear program. Khamenei said Rowhani has expressed his desire to seek a “logical relationship” with the Western powers, “and I support him.” Rowhani’s cabinet includes mostly fellow reform-minded moderates. The parliament has 10 days to approve Rowhani’s choice of ministers. Rowhani won 50.7 percent of the vote in the June 14 election, making a second round of voting pointless.

Mexican Cartels Recruit U.S. Military Personal as Hit Men

Analysts estimate that wholesale earnings from illegal Mexican drug sales range from $13.6 billion to $49.4 billion annually a year. In recent years, Mexican cartels have recruited hit men from the U.S. military to keep their underground market running smoothly. They offer extremely high amounts of money to highly-trained soldiers to carry out contract killings and potentially share their skills with gangsters south of the border, according to law enforcement experts. There have been several public cases involving American soldiers, forcing the U.S. military to address this issue. The most recent case involved Michael Apodaca, 22. Apodaca was a private first-class stationed at nearby Fort Bliss Army Base and was attached to the 11th Air Defense Artillery Brigade when he was recruited and paid $5,000 by the Juarez Cartel to shoot and kill Jose Daniel Gonzalez-Galeana, a cartel member who had been ousted as an informant for Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Apodaca, who was the triggerman in the May 15, 2009 hit, was sentenced in El Paso District Court on July 25 to life in prison. “We have seen examples over the past few years where American servicemen are becoming involved in this type of activity,” said Fred Burton, vice president for STRATFOR Global Intelligence. “It is quite worrisome to have individuals with specialized military training and combat experience being associated with the cartels.” Cartels view trained soldiers as valued hit men. Burton said some soldiers become corrupted by gangs after joining the army, while others are primarily gang members who enlist in the army specifically for the training they will re-

In News ceive. “There has been a persistent gang problem in the military for the past six to eight years,” Burton said. Ironically, the growing ties between U.S.-based gangs, which have long infiltrated the military, and the Mexican cartels could be making American soldiers even more readily available to the cartels south of the border. As of April 2011, the FBI National Gang Intelligence Center (NGIC) has identified members of at least 53 gangs whose members have served in or are affiliated with U.S. military. As a result, army officials have enforced stricter recruiting standards. Any applicant with a gang-related tattoo is automatically denied acceptance for enlistment. “A person like Michael Apodaca would not even be allowed to enlist today,” Army Maj. Joe Buccino, spokesman for the Fort Bliss Army Base in El Paso, told reporters. “We’re more selective than during the height of Iraq.”

Taliban Says It’s Willing to Negotiate On Tuesday, the Taliban announced that it was willing to start peace negotiations. But the statement came as its leaders urged even more attacks on foreign troops. In a wide-ranging emailed message, Mullah Mohammad Omar blamed America and the Afghan government for the derailment of talks two months ago. This is not dissimilar to other previous messages of willingness to negotiate along with pledges of attacks. It seems this is the way the Taliban does its business. Omar also called on Afghans to boycott next year’s presidential elections, describing them as being manipulated by the United States. In a message issued ahead of the Eid al-Fitr holiday marking the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, the one-eyed chief of the Afghan insurgency urged the army and police to turn their guns on foreign forces, government officials and the Afghan troops who are cooperating with the U.S.-led coalition forces. The reclusive leader has not been seen since he reportedly fled a village in southern Afghanistan on motorcycle three months after the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan in October 2001. There are no known audio recordings of his voice since early 2002 or any pictures of Mullah Omar. He mainly communicates in messages relayed by his spokesmen. The Taliban have already held secret Continued on page 18






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15 T h e J e w i s h H o m e n a U G U S T 8 , 2013

The Week

The Center for Torah and Shmurah

T h e J e w i s h H o m e n A U G U S T 8 , 2013



T h e J e w i s h H o m e n a U G U S T 8 , 2013

T h e J e w i s h H o m e n A U G U S T 8 , 2013


The Week talks with Karzai’s representatives to try to jumpstart a peace process, Afghan officials and a senior Taliban representative recently told The Associated Press. But talks have so far been unofficial and preliminary. Mullah Omar warned that whatever the result of peace talks, the Taliban would not accept the signing of a bilateral security agreement between Afghanistan and the United States that would allow the presence of foreign troops beyond the end of 2014, when all international combat forces are to leave the country. The Taliban have intensified their campaign against Afghan and foreign forces in recent months, especially after the coalition handed over responsibility for security to the army and police forces they have been training in recent years. They have especially targeted areas in their traditional homelands in southern and eastern Afghanistan in an effort to take advantage of the withdrawal of foreign troops. As a result, casualties among both Afghan forces and civilians have increased dramatically. “I urge all Afghans who perform duties in the ranks of the enemy to turn barrels of their guns against the infi-

del invaders and their allies instead of martyring their Muslim Afghans,” the message said. “The Islamic Emirate considers it its religious and national obligation to liberate the country from the occupation. When the occupation ends, reaching an understanding with the Afghans will not be a hard task because, by adhering to and having common principles and culture, the Afghans understand each other better.”

After Four Years, Thai King Leaves Hospital

In News For the past four years, the world’s longest-reigning monarch has been in the hospital. Thailand’s 85-year-old King Bhumibol Adulyadej was finally discharged from the Bangkok hospital where he spent the last four years. A government official revealed that Adulyadej will go to his palace by the sea. “We have been told by the Royal Household Bureau that His Majesty King Bhumibol will leave Siriraj hospital on Thursday and return to Hua Hin to reside,” Weera Sriwathanatrakool, governor of Prachuap Khiri Khan province, said. He was initially admitted to the hospital in September 2009 with a fever but has since suffered various health problems including what the palace referred to as “subdural bleeding” in the brain.

In a truth-is-stranger-than-fiction moment, the world’s first test-tube hamburger, made from lab-grown meat, will be served in London this week. The 5-ounce burger, created by Mark Post from Maastrict University in the Netherlands, will be fed to an unknown diner whose reaction will be seen in front an invitation-only crowd.

Lab-Grown BBQ: The Meat of the Future?

The goal of Post’s project is to develop a sustainable source of food that will meet the growing demand for meat without destroying and depleting the limited resources on Earth. The methods used to make the hopefully tasty treat are really something out of a science fiction work.

If you are contemplating eating out at a British burger joint this week, you may want to think again.


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T h e J e w i s h H o m e n a U G U S T 8 , 2013

New from rom

T h e J e w i s h H o m e n A U G U S T 8 , 2013


The Week First, muscle stem cells are harvested from the cow through a biopsy. From there, it’s raised like any other living creature. Scientists feed it a steady diet of sugars, fats, amino acids, and minerals. The one-inch strand of muscle is also exercised. According to the scientist, the muscle is stretched between two anchor points. “Its innate tendency to contract causes it to put on bulk, growing into small chunks of meat,” they write. “Three thousand of these small chunks of meat are then fused together to create one normal-sized hamburger.” The muscle is a grayish-white col-

or due to lack of blood cells. However, Post plans to employ already accepted food technology methods to improve its appearance, taste, and texture to make it a bit more appetizing. It currently costs around $384,000 to produce one hamburger. This isn’t a new idea. Years ago, NASA began experimenting with labgrown meat so that astronauts might eventually have a new source of food for long space voyages. In 2008, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) announced a $1 million reward for the first person to develop a

In News commercially viable lab-grown meat. Scientists all over the world are working on ways to earn that prize. Post may be the winner if his meat product is a viable replacement for beef.

Indian Princesses Finally Inherit Their Fortune It sounds like an ancient folktale and this week it got its happy ending. An Indian maharaja crowned at the age of 3 and extremely rich falls into





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a deep depression after losing his only son in 1981. He dies a few years later in 1989, leaving behind his three daughters, the princesses. According to his will, they don’t receive the palaces, vast land, or the gold they claim as their birthright.

Michael & Shelley Lebor Jason & Jessica Muss Avi & Rebecca Naumberg Tzvi & Carrie Oliner Shragi & Shelly Rokosz

His three daughters argued that when their father became depressed, his most trusted aides convinced him into depriving his family of their fortune. They set up the Meharawal Khewaji Trust, naming all the maharaja’s servants, officials and lawyers as trustees. The two younger princesses, Deepinder Kaur and Maheepinder Kaur, were given monthly salaries of $20 and $18 respectively. Brar’s wife, mother, and oldest daughter were cut off without a penny. The trust told the court that Amrit Kaur had been shunned by her father for marrying against his wishes. Kaur denied this and told the court that her father had never made a will and that she had remained by his side until his death. The fight between palace officials and the king’s daughters went on for decades. Finally, last week, an Indian court provided the final chapter, ruling that the will of Maharaja Harinder Singh Brar of Faridkot was indeed fabricated. This conclusion means that the princesses will now inherit the estimated $4 billion estate. Chief judicial magistrate Rajnish Kumar Sharma, in the northern city of Chandigarh, finally gave his ruling on the case filed by the maharaja’s eldest daughter, Amrit Kaur, in 1992, a court official said Monday. The court official spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the media. It is assumed that the estate includes a 350-year-old fort, palaces and forests lands in Faridkot, a mansion surrounded by acres of land in the heart of India’s capital New Delhi and similar properties spread across four states. The 18 cars include a Rolls Royce, a Daimler and a Bentley, all in working condition. More than 10 billion rupees ($170 million) worth of gold, jewelry studded with diamonds, rubies, and emeralds will be divided amongst the king’s heirs.


T h e J e w i s h H o m e n a U G U S T 8 , 2013

T h e J e w i s h H o m e n A U G U S T 8 , 2013


The Week Snowden to Call Russia His Home

Edward Snowden is moving on from airport coffee and public bathrooms. The American traitor departed from the transit zone of Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport and officially entered Russia after authorities granted him asylum for one year, his lawyer Anatoly Kucherena revealed on Thursday. Snowden’s exact whereabouts are being kept secret for security reasons. He had been hiding out at the airport since his arrival from Hong Kong on June 23.

“He now is one of the most sought-after men in the world,” Kucherena told reporters at the airport. “The issue of security is very important for him.” The lawyer said the fugitive has friends in Russia who will help make sure he is safe. “He has got friends, including on Russian territory, American friends, who would be able to ensure his safety for the time being.” He refused to say whether Snowden would stay in Moscow or settle elsewhere in Russia. The U.S. demanded that Russia send Snowden home to face prosecution for espionage over his leaks that revealed wide U.S. internet surveillance practices, but Russian President Vladimir Putin dismissed the request. Clearly, Russia is not afraid to engage in further conflict with the U.S. But Snowden was forced to promise to stop leaking information in order to be granted asylum. In a statement released by WikiLeaks, Snowden thanked Russia and criticized the Obama administration. “Over the past eight weeks, we have seen the Obama administration show no respect for international or domestic law, but in the end, the law is winning,” he said. “I thank the Russian

In News Federation for granting me asylum in accordance with its laws and international obligations.” The one-year asylum can be potentially extended indefinitely, and Snowden also has the right to seek Russian citizenship. According to the rules set by the Russian government, a person who has temporary asylum would lose it if he travels abroad. Russian television showed footage of Snowden’s father saying that he would like to visit his son. Kucherena said arrangements for a visit are being handled. WikiLeaks said in its statement that legal adviser Sarah Harrison has been with Snowden in the transit zone for 39 days and will remain with him for now. Supposedly, the two left the airport in a taxi. The group itself also praised Russia for providing him with shelter. “We would like to thank the Russian people and all those others who have helped to protect Mr. Snowden,” WikiLeaks said on Twitter. “We have won the battle — now the war.” I wonder if Snowden knows what they do in Russia to people who reveal government secrets.


talks. Among Israeli Jews, 63% believe the Israeli government is truly interested in returning to the negotiating table and just 29% believe the Palestinian Authority wants the negotiations. Among Arabs, 58% say the Israelis are sincere about the talks and 85% believe the Palestinians are truly interested in the negotiations. Sixty percent of Israeli Jews trust Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to conduct negotiations in a way that safeguards Israel’s security, while 37% do not. Twenty-nine percent of Israeli Arabs trust him to do so, and 64% do not. 63% of Israeli Jews oppose withdrawal to the pre-1967 borders with land swaps, 58% oppose dismantling settlements while leaving the Ariel, Maale Adumim, and Gush Etzion blocs intact, and 50% oppose transferring Arab neighborhoods in Jerusalem to the PA along with a special arrangement for the holy places. Seventy-seven percent of Israeli Jews oppose recognition of a Palestinian “right of return” involving the return of a small number of refugees and financial compensation for the rest.

38 Wounded by Terrorists in July

79% of Israelis: Peace Talks Won’t Work

EngagementtParties,,Aufrufs,,Bar/BassMitzvahs, ShevaaBrochos,,Sociall&&CorporateeEvents 718.257.88377extt1

It comes as no surprise that most Jewish Israelis have very low expectations for the diplomatic talks between Israeli and Palestinian leaders in Washington this week. A recent poll found that 79% of Israeli Jews think that this newest round of negotiations have a low chance of yielding a peace agreement; 18% believe there is a high chance of success. Arab Israelis, on the other hand, are split; 41% think there is a low chance of successfully bringing about a peace agreement while 47% believe there is a high chance of success. Obviously, Jewish Israelis and Arab Israelis have different views as to the sincerity of the sides in the diplomatic

The IDF and Shin Bet have released their report on terrorist attacks in the month of July 2013. According to the report, in the month of July, 38 Israelis were wounded in terrorist attacks. One of the youngest victims, a young toddler, suffered a head injury when Arabs hurled stones at his family near the Old City of Jerusalem. An eight-year-old Jewish boy was also injured in a rock-throwing attack in the Old City, and a baby girl was wounded in a rock attack on a bus heading for the Kotel. There were additional injuries in rock attacks near the Shechem Gate of the Old City. Another victim was a man who was wounded when an Arab attacker hit him in the face during a carjacking north of Jerusalem. Other injuries reported last month included three Border Police officers hit

by a bomb blast in Abu Dis, a Chareidi man who was moderately wounded in a stabbing attack in Jerusalem, and a man who was moderately wounded in a second stabbing attack in a park near the Yemin Moshe neighborhood of Jerusalem. The report revealed that alert soldiers guarding Chevron stopped an Arab woman who attempted to carry out a stabbing attack. In a separate case, a terrorist with bomb-making materials was caught in the Chevron region as well. Additionally, Border Police arrested three Arab men at a checkpoint after finding weapons in their car. Another three were arrested at the Yitzhar junction with weapons; they had apparently planned to carry out a shooting attack. Terrorists successfully carried out at least 55 firebomb attacks over the course of the month, targeting civilian buses and Israeli travelers in Judea and Samaria. There were attacks in the Southern District as well. Gaza terrorists fired on Navy ships off the coast, and three rocket attacks targeted Israeli communities near Gaza. A fourth rocket attack was reported targeting the city of Eilat. Yet, none of these vicious attacks were mentioned in the media.

Hezbollah’s Upcoming Annual Vengeance Day

Some people have an interesting definition of a “holiday.” Al-Quds Day has been celebrated in several Arab and Muslim countries since its introduction by the Iranian Ayatollah Khomeini in 1979. The day is meant to express solidarity with the Palestinian cause and oppose Zionism as well as Israel’s control of Jerusalem, which is called ‘Quds’ in Arabic. To celebrate Al-Quds Day held this year, Hezbollah hung a large banner in front of the Israeli border reading, in Hebrew and Arabic, “We’re coming.” Next to the inscription, the banner was adorned with an image of the Al-Aqsa Mosque. The Lebanese newspaper al-Akhbar, affiliated with Hezbollah, reported this

week that the organization is planning to hold a ceremony marking the holiday in the hill where the banner was hoisted. After the ceremony, said the report, the participants will hold a prayer on Fatima Gate, a former border crossing between Israel and Lebanon. Similar banners will be raised in other locations, according to Shiite officials. The main Hezbollah event marking Al-Quds Day will be held in Beirut. In a televised speech, Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah has urged the populace to attend. “We need this year, more than any previous year, for attendance to be significant,” Nasrallah said. “Because of the Second Lebanon War there is a large score of historic vengeance between us and the Israelis lurking for us, for our leaders, our men, our presence and our entity, as they have harmed Imad Mughniyeh and others.”

PA Still Promoting Violence Amid Peace Talks The Palestinian Authority (PA) negotiators are gearing up for “peace talks” with their Israeli counterparts, and the Israeli government is preparing to make “good will gestures” which include releasing 104 convicted murderers. But none of this stopped the PA’s own TV stations from broadcasting programs that directly reject the Jewish State. A recent Ramadan TV competition offers PA Arabs $100 if they guess the correct answers in a quiz about the geography of “Palestine.” At one point, the host claims that “Palestine’s” longest border, at 586 kilometers, is with Jordan. Such a calculation stretches from Eilat in southern Israel to the Golan Heights in the north – thus erasing the State of Israel’s existence entirely. This seems to contradict a recent statement from the Palestinian Authority spokespeople who  publicly stated that their only goal is a “Two-State solution.” They are claiming to hope that Israel will live “side-by-side with a Palestinian State.” They also proclaim to have rejected violence, and under previous agreements are banned from promoting violence or encouraging terrorism. Israeli commentators have continuously reiterated that whilst the Israeli government is subject to widespread pressure to make concessions to encourage “good will,” no such requirements are made of the Palestinian Authority.

In News Following the European Union’s announcement that it would boycott Jewish communities in Judea, Samaria, the Golan Height and parts of Jerusalem, the Anti-Defamation League accused the EU of giving the PA leadership a “free pass” to continue provoking and inspiring violence against Israelis.

IDF Soldier Wins the Lottery

He said he bought the ticket on his way to the base using his army paycheck. “I had a good feeling and decided to try my luck,” he said. The winner explained his plans, saying, “The interest will pay for my higher education, a rented apartment, and a nice life. I also intend to help my parents and three brothers.” The soldier, a resident of the south, paid NIS 290 for the winning ticket in Ashkelon. He claimed his grand prize together with his father on Sunday, taking home a check for NIS 27,072,404.

Robbery at Ma’arat Hamachpeila

A very lucky IDF soldier on break from the army won a NIS 27,000,000 lottery. “I’ll put the money into a savings account and live off the interest,” the soldier said. He used his military paycheck to purchase the winning ticket.

Last Friday, two mezuzot were stolen from Ma’arat Hamachpeila in Chevron. Two Palestinians were detained for involvement in the theft and Border Police are still searching for more suspects. Just two weeks ago, a similar incident occurred and three mezuzot were stolen. Last Friday, a Tehillim left at the site was ripped up, according to Hebron Jewish community spokesman David Wilder.

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T h e J e w i s h H o m e n a U G U S T 8 , 2013

The Week


T h e J e w i s h H o m e n A U G U S T 8 , 2013



T h e J e w i s h H o m e n a U G U S T 8 , 2013

T h e J e w i s h H o m e n A U G U S T 8 , 2013


The Week Palestinians have access to the site every Friday during Ramadan in order to conduct prayer services at Ibrahimi Mosque, which is located in the same structure. Ramadan ends this week and Palestinians were scheduled to have access to the holy site three more times. But the Hebron Jewish community and MK Orit Struck (Bayit Yehudi) have requested that the IDF not allow the Palestinians access to the site this week. The army approved a ban of Palestinians between the ages of 17 and 32 from entering the mosque on Sunday night.    

Neturei Karta Man Being Held For Treason

In a bizarre story out of Jerusalem, Shin Bet has announced that a member of the Neturei Karta sect was charged this week with making contact with Iranian representatives abroad with the intention of passing them sensitive information about Israel. The 47-year-old man was arrested last month, the Shin Bet said. His name

has not been released to the public due to a media blackout on the case and a specific gag order on revealing the suspect’s identity. A police source has confirmed that the suspect lives in the capital’s Shmuel Hanavi neighborhood. The Jerusalem State Attorney’s Office filed the indictment with the district court on charges of intent to commit treason and contacting a foreign agent. At an unknown date, the suspect decided to make contact with the Iranian government in order to collect intelligence on Israel and send it to them, the indictment alleges. To do this, he went online to check where he could approach an Iranian embassy. On January 16, 2011, he flew to Berlin, and two days later approached the embassy there to tell the Iranians that he was an Israeli and wanted to speak to them. He was brought to Iranian representatives, including a man who introduced himself as Hagi Baba and two others. He told Baba that he was against the Jewish state, wanted the state to be taken over by non-Jews, was ready to provide them intelligence and was even ready to “kill a Zionist,” if necessary. He baited the Iranians, asking them

In News why they continued to fail to prevent sabotage and attacks by Israel within the Islamic Republic. The Iranians responded with annoyance, noted the indictment, saying that he should be embarrassed to insult them when he was seeking asylum. The man retorted that he was not seeking asylum, but wanted to help with spying, said the indictment. After his return to Israel, he kept up his connection with the Iranian officials by email, using Internet cafes, and via telephone calls made from public phones near his place of residence in Jerusalem. The Shin Bet said that under questioning, the man confessed that he worked “out of a hatred for the State of Israel and in exchange for financial compensation.” One place where he checked his email account for messages from the Iranians was the Vital Hotel at 141 Jaffa Road in the capital, said the indictment. Two spots where he used public telephone calls to contact the Iranians were on Straus Street and Kanfei Nesharim Street. Established in Jerusalem in 1938, Neturei Karta (Aramaic for “Guardians of the City”) rejects Zionism and op-

poses the existence of the state of Israel. Members of the sect in Israel and the U.S. are known to burn the Israeli flag and have sent representatives to attend conferences in Iran in the past. Last year, Arabic media reported that members of the sect met with Hezbollah officials in Beirut.

Polio Vaccine Campaign Underway

Officials in Israel’s Health Ministry announced a new healthcare vaccination offensive this week. 150,000 children living in southern Israel who were born


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T h e J e w i s h H o m e n a U G U S T 8 , 2013


T h e J e w i s h H o m e n A U G U S T 8 , 2013


The Week after January 1, 2004 will be given a polio booster vaccine. After polio was discovered in sewage water in the Beersheva and Sharon areas, officials ordered the testing of 1,400 individuals, sending test samples to a laboratory in the United States. In a press conference, health experts announced that at least 1,000 Israelis are carrying polio, resulting in increased fears of the illness beginning to spread. While the vaccination program begins in the southern district, hundreds of thousands of additional doses have been ordered, as it appears the booster program will be spread to other areas of the country. International health care administrators are praising the aggressive campaign, however many in Israel are wondering why the ministry halted the polio booster vaccination program about a decade ago. The booster to be given is the oral OPV booster. It will be distributed to children in southern district Tipat Chalav well-baby clinics.

In News of their “disappeared” relatives. These alleged “martyrs” who “took control of their own deaths,” the object of loving devotion by their families, are actually suicide bombers who killed themselves in order to murder as many children, women, and civilians as they could. Outraged objections have been sent to the museum. The museum’s only response has been to post a notice that insisted that this was not propaganda and quoted the artist insisting that she was “not a militant, not judgmental.” French Jews have held demonstrations over the government-funded museum exhibit. So far, there has been no official comment from the French government.

National Thieves Seek Copper

French Museum Glorifies Suicide Bombers

A new display of anti-Semitism is being shown in the French National Museum, the Jeu de Paume. Phantom House, a photography exhibit, is portraying photographs by Palestinian Authority Arab photographer Ahlam Shibli, which depict a number of different groups whose “homes are really not theirs,” and people who “live under oppression.” These categories include Palestinians living in the Galilee and Jordan, Polish children in orphanages, and, in by far the most elaborate of the exhibits, the Palestinian families of “martyrs” who “resisted” the “occupation,” standing with the pictures, posters, and graves

Copper is the newest hot commodity. Thieves are hunting for the metal anywhere they can find it. Recently, an electrical power station in Wichita, Kansas, was robbed, and a half a dozen middle-class homes in Morris Township, N.J, were stripped of their copper. At a Utah highway construction site, thieves managed to escape with six miles of copper wire. “There’s no question the theft has gotten much, much worse,” said Mike Adelizzi, president of the American Supply Association, a nonprofit group representing distributors and suppliers in the plumbing, heating, cooling and industrial pipe industries. “There was a perception that copper theft slowed down after the recession, and the rise in commodity prices seemed to ease off,” he said. “But that’s not the case. The theft has only been growing.” Now the “business” of copper theft is estimated at $1 billion. According to the latest statistics from the National Insurance Crime Bureau, which tracks incidents of metal theft, 25,083 claims were filed from 2009 to 2012, compared

with 13,861 from 2006 to 2008. Nearly 96 percent of the claims in the more recent period were for copper theft. Stolen copper is valuable as scrap because the metal is used for so many items—from fiber optics to plumbing to anything electrical. Michael Gurka, managing director of Spectrum Asset Management, a Chicago investment firm, said, “It’s also a very tangible asset and hard to trace, and reselling it can bring in lots of money.” Hide your pennies!

Top 20 Party Colleges For the average American kid, the college they select is one of the biggest decisions they make as a teenager. Many students focus on their college goals throughout their high school years. Most parents and students alike see their undergraduate studies as the stepping stone for their future careers. While many students consider academics, location, and sports teams, there are a whole bunch who consider the fun factor. The Princeton Review released its

annual college rankings on Monday, including the 2014 edition of the top 20 “party schools” in the country. The following colleges are where you may not want to send your 18 year old… 1. University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa 2. University of California, Santa Barbara, Calif. 3. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Urbana, Ill. 4. West Virginia University, Morgantown, W. Va. 5. Syracuse University, Syracuse, N.Y. 6. University of Florida, Gainesville, Fla. 7. Ohio University, Athens, Ohio 8. University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, Wis. 9. Penn State University, University Park, Pa. 10. Lehigh University, Bethlehem, Pa. 11. University of Georgia, Athens, Ga. 12. Florida State University, Tallahassee, Fla. 13. DePauw University, Greencastle, Ind. 14. University of Mississippi, University, Miss. 15. University of Texas at Austin, Austin, Texas

In News 16. Miami University of Ohio, Oxford, Ohio 17. University of Maryland, College Park, Md. 18. Tulane University, New Orleans, La. 19. University of Vermont, Burlington, Vt. 20. University of Oregon, Eugene, Ore.

Student Abandoned in Cell Gets $4M

Daniel Chong claims he was abandoned in a windowless Drug Enforcement Administration cell for more than four days without food or water.

The 25-year-old was arrested during a drug raid in April 2012 and placed in a 5-by-10 foot cell by a San Diego police officer. The officer told Chong he would not be charged and said, “Hang tight, we’ll come get you in a minute,” Eugene Iredale, an attorney for Chong, said. But “a minute” turned into hours, which turned into 4 and half days. When Chong was finally discovered, he was hospitalized for five days for dehydration, kidney failure, cramps, and a perforated esophagus. He lost 15 pounds. There are no details of how this mistake happened, and no specific officials have been disciplined. The Justice Department’s inspector general is still investigating the case. The DEA issued a rare public apology at the time. At the time of the incident, Chong was a 23-years-old and studying engineering. He was at a friend’s house when the DEA found 18,000 pills, other drugs, and weapons. Chong and eight other people were taken into custody, but authorities decided against pursing charges against him after questioning. Chong was offered a $4.1 million settlement with the federal government

T h e J e w i s h H o m e n a U G U S T 8 , 2013

The Week


T h e J e w i s h H o m e n A U G U S T 8 , 2013


The Week as compensation for the situation. The DEA introduced national detention standards as a result of the ordeal involving Chong, including daily inspections and a requirement for cameras in cells, said Julia Yoo, another one of Chong’s attorneys. “It sounded like it was an accident — a really, really bad, horrible accident,” Chong said. Justice Department spokeswoman Allison Price confirmed the settlement was reached for $4.1 million but declined to comment on any other details of the case. Chong now studies economics at the University of California in San Diego. He said he plans to use the settlement money to buy his parents a house.

Bush 43 Has Stent Put In

On Tuesday, former President George W. Bush underwent a procedure to have a stent inserted into his artery after a blockage was discovered there. It was found during his annual physical exam. The procedure was successful and according to his office, “President Bush is in high spirits, eager to return home tomorrow and resume his normal schedule on Thursday…he encourages us all to get our regular check-ups.”

Cleveland Kidnapper Sentenced to Life in Prison It seems as if no sentence is harsh enough for Ariel Castro, the man who kidnapped three young teenage girls in Cleveland and held them captive and tortured them for over a decade. On Thursday, the monster was sentenced to life without parole on the charge of aggravated murder plus multiple years on various other charges related to kidnapping and other crimes he committed against the women. His totally sentence is 1,000 years.

Cuyahoga Common Pleas Judge Michael Russo emphasized that Castro would never leave prison and that the multiple sentences would be consecutive because of the severity of his crimes. Russo told Castro that the extreme sentence is meant “to punish you.” “You don’t deserve to be out in our community,” the judge told Castro. Castro was also instructed to never attempt to contact his victims, Michelle Knight, Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus, or Berry’s daughter, whom Castro fathered. Castro confessed to kidnapping all three women. Michelle Knight spoke to her abductor in court on Thursday. She said to him in an emotional voice, “You took 11 years of my life away. I went through 11 years of [torture], and now your [pain] is just beginning. You will face [purgatory] for an eternity. You will die a little every day. ... You deserve to spend life in prison.” “I cried every night. I was so alone,” Knight told the court. She spoke about the heartache of being torn away from her son, who was 2-years-old at the time. As Knight entered the courtroom at the end of a late-morning recess, Castro kept looking over his shoulder at her. Three deputies standing behind Castro told him to look toward the front of the courtroom and away from Knight. In an attempt to save his image, Castro told the court in a rambling statement, “I am not a monster. I am just sick. I have an addiction, just like an alcoholic has an addiction.” He also said, “I am not a violent person, and I do have value for human life.” “As G-d is my witness, I never beat these women as they say I did,” Castro said. He claimed he lived in “harmony” with the three women and the daughter he had with Berry. Judge Russo thanked Knight for her restraint during Castro’s offensive statement. Knight was the only one of the vic-

In News tims to speak in court. DeJesus was represented by her cousin, Sylvia Colon, and Berry by her sister Beth Serrano. “We will close this chapter of our lives,” Colon told Russo. She expressed appreciation to the police, prosecutors and community. To Castro’s family members, who were not present, she said, “We do not hold you accountable.” She turned to Castro, and told him in Spanish: “May G-d have mercy on your soul,” and walked to her seat. After the hearing, Craig Weintraub, one of Castro’s defense attorneys, said he believes Castro has a serious mental illness. He even labeled him a sociopath.

denied pursuing the garment via Twitter. While acknowledging the potential historical value of items from the Zimmerman trial, it claimed that as of now they have no plans of adding the hoodie to their collections. Before the sweatshirt will be offered to anyone, Trayvon Martin’s family will be given a chance to claim it.

Times Sells the Globe; Bezos Buys the Washington Post

Where Will Trayvon’s Hoodie Go? During the aftermath of the Trayvon Martin case, many have been wondering what will become of his iconic hoodie worn the night he was shot by George Zimmerman. For now, Trayvon’s sweatshirt is being held by the Sanford Police Department in case it is needed for further legislation, but many museums and organizations have expressed interest in acquiring the symbolic piece of evidence.

Lonnie Bunch, the director of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture, in Washington, D.C., said that the hoodie “became the symbolic way to talk [about] the Trayvon Martin case.” She added, “It’s rare that you get one artifact that really becomes the symbol.” After the incident, protesters donned similar clothing to show support for Martin and his family. On Thursday, Bunch expressed interest in obtaining the garment, saying she feels it’s a piece of recent American history. But by Friday, the Smithsonian

The Boston Globe was founded in 1872 and sold in 1993 for $1.1 billion to the New York Times. But times have changed and the financially troubled publication just announced that it sold the 141-year-old paper to Boston Red Sox owner John Henry for a measly $70 million. Aside from inflation in the last two decades, that’s a 93% loss. It gets worse for the Times; as part of the deal, they agreed to retain the Globe’s pension liabilities, estimated at over $100 million. The Times put the Globe up for sale back in February. Some media outlets claimed that bids had been as high as $100 million. Now many are speculating that Henry offered a straight cash deal, prompting the Times to choose his lower offer instead. The deal is expected to close this fall. Rumor has it that in 2011, the Times turned down a $300 million offer from Aaron Kushner, CEO of Freedom Communications, Inc., publisher of the Orange County Register and other newspapers in California. This offer included the assumption of pension liabilities. The Globe is not what it used to be. Back in September 2002 it reported a circulation rate of 413,000 a day. Currently, the average weekday circulation rate is 230,351. Of course, the declining circulation is partially caused by online competition. In related news, on August 5, it was

announced that founder Jeff Bezos will buy the Washington Post newspaper for $250 million in a surprise deal that ends the Graham family’s 80 years of ownership and hands one of the country’s most influential publications to the businessman whose Internet company has transformed retailing. Bezos called this acquisition a personal endeavor and pledged to preserve the journalistic tradition of the 135-yearold paper while driving innovation. Donald Graham, the chairman and CEO of the Washington Post Co, said in an interview that he and his niece Katharine Weymouth, the Post’s publisher, made the decision to put the newspaper up for sale earlier this year after looking at its financial forecasts. “For the first time in either of our lives we said to each other: is ownership by the Washington Post Co the best thing for the newspaper? We could keep it alive, that wasn’t the issue. The issue was could we make it strong?” He added, “I asked [Bezos] why he wanted to do it and his reasons are the best ones: he believes in what newspapers do and what the Post does and that it’s important to the country.” The Washington Post is the seventh largest daily in the United States. Bezos, who has built Seattle-based Amazon. com into a shopping and online technology force over the last two decades, made a small foray into media earlier this year with an investment in Internet news site Business Insider. Don’t worry, readers. Despite Mr. Bezos’ interest in The Jewish Home, it is not for sale.

In News percentile or higher on the standardized intelligence test. Anala is in the 99th percentile. She has an IQ over 145. The little tot loves geography and knows the location of every U.S. state and the names of their capitals. She carries a map of America everywhere she goes. “She needs a reality show,” her father, Landon Beevers, said. “She keeps us on our toes.” Her mother, Sabrina Beevers, says Anala is constantly correcting the family’s grammar. “She’s a handful,” Landon Beevers said. “I’ll tell you, she’s a handful.” Anala describes herself as “really smart.” Believe it or not, Anala is not the youngest Mensa member. In June, Adam Kirby, a 2-year-old from London, became the youngest boy ever to join Mensa, according to the Digital Journal. Emmelyn Roettger, a 2-year-old from Washington, D.C., joined last year, becoming the youngest U.S. member.

Biggest Hair Around Aevin Dugas’ hair has a personality of its own. That could be because it’s as big as a person. The afro has a 4-foot, 4-inch circumference and according to the Guinness Book of World Records, it’s the biggest hair around.

That’s Odd Toddler Joins Mensa

Anala Beevers is only 4-years-old but she’s real smart. Anala’s parents claim that the little genius learned the alphabet when she was only 4 months old. The New Orleans toddler recently was invited to join Mensa, the high-IQ society for people who score at the 98th

T h e J e w i s h H o m e n a U G U S T 8 , 2013

The Week


The New Orleans native has grown her hair for 14 years and says she was inspired by the afro she saw in pictures of her mother in her younger years. “I thought it was such a cute picture. I was like, ‘Ooh, when I go natural, I want to wear my hair like my mom,’” she related. But it’s not always easy to take care of her tresses. It takes her hair two days to dry, and she can’t drive when she’s wearing her afro hairstyle. It also interferes when she’s sitting next to people. “I’ve had somebody want to beat me up at a concert,” she said. “So it can be kind of problematic, but I still wouldn’t change a thing about it.”

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T h e J e w i s h H o m e n A U G U S T 8 , 2013


The Week Marine Helps Child Finish Race

Last weekend, Charlevoix, Michigan, hosted the Jeff Drenth Memorial 5K Footrace. Lance Cpl. Myles Kerr, 19, lost the race but won the attention of thousands of admirers for doing a selfless deed. The Marine noticed Boden Fuchs, 9, struggling to complete the race. The boy had become separated from his group. So the young boy asked Kerr, “Sir, will

you please run with me?” Kerr, wearing boots and fatigues and carrying a full backpack, stayed with the boy, encouraged him to complete the race, and helped him reunite with his party at the end of the course. His kindness caused him to be the biggest loser, clocking in at 35:43 minutes. A photo of the pair jogging sideby-side got thousands and thousands of likes on Facebook as people admired the Marine’s patience and kindness. The photo was posted on The Seal of Honor page which was established in the memory of Lt. Michael Murphy, who served as a Navy SEAL in Afghanistan. They praised Kerr by saying, “By his unwavering commitment to help those in need through his ability to inspire others by his unequivocal level of motivation, Lcpl Kerr reflected great credit upon himself and was keeping in the highest traditions of the United States Marine Corps.” The Boden’s family presented Kerr with a $100 gift card to the Grey Gables Inn restaurant in Charlevoix to show their appreciation. He may have finished last, but he’s a true winner in our eyes.

In News Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster Follower Wears Utensil on Head for License Photo

Ever wonder what to do with your spaghetti strainer instead of putting it in the cupboard? How about wearing it on your head? Lukas Novy from Brno in the Czech Republic claims that his Pastafarian faith dictates that he has to wear a sieve on his head at all times. A sieve

is a kitchen utensil that one would use to strain pasta. Apparently, he cannot take it off for any reason and Novy insisted that he keep his sieve on his head for his license photo. Officials ruled that rejecting Novy’s request would be a breach of the country’s religious equality laws. Brno City Hall spokesman Pavel Zara explained, “The application complies with the laws of the Czech Republic where headgear for religious or medical reasons is permitted if it does not hide the face.” Novy considers himself a member of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, a spoof on organized religion. Members claim to believe that an invisible alien made of spaghetti and meatballs created the universe after “drinking heavily.” The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster (CFSM) has thousands of followers, mainly on college campuses and in Europe. Pastafarians celebrate every Friday as a holy day – and consider pirates “absolute divine beings.” Hey, fellow Pastafarians, pass the ketchup.


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T h e J e w i s h H o m e n A U G U S T 8 , 2013


The Week Drunken Driver Drives Truck on Fire A southern New Jersey man was so drunk that he kept on driving his box truck, despite it being on fire and missing two front tires. Authorities are as-

tutely charging him with drunk driving. Lakehurst police tell the Asbury Park Press that Michael Newmon, 36, of Manchester was hanging out of the window because of a shattered windshield. He was stopped by police at around 3 a.m. on Saturday. Authorities say the truck had tree branches caught in it, and there was fire

In News and smoke coming from underneath the car. Newmon drove the truck without tires on its rims so police were able to follow the marks left in the road. They retraced it about 15 miles. I guess you can say he was DUI— driving while ignited.

Woman Gives Birth at Metro Stop Thursday was a joyous day for riders of the Washington Metro. A woman gave birth to a baby boy on the platform of a busy downtown metro stop. The mother and infant were helped by a female off-duty emergency medical technician, who happened to be on the same train as them, according to a Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority spokesman, Philip Stewart. WMATA General Manager and Chief Executive Officer Richard Sarles handwrote a note to the young new mother. It said, “Congratulations on the birth of your son! I am sure that the delivery did not go exactly as you had imagined, but I hope that our employees and customers who assisted you were a source of support and comfort. Please accept the enclosed SmarTrip card worth $100 in Metro fare preloaded as our gift. Sincerely, Richard Sarles.” I guess this kid wanted to get an early start on his commute.

$500K in Quarters Delivered To their Doorstep $


Dr. Roger Herrin, 76, a retired surgeon from Illinois whose son was tragically killed in a car accident, was livid when an appellate court ruled that the family had over-collected insurance benefits and needed to pay the other passengers who survived the accident $500K. In 2001, Dr. Herrin’s beloved son, Michael, and two teenage friends were riding in a Jeep Cherokee driven by one of the boys’ mothers when a farm truck failed to stop at an intersection and crashed into the Jeep. Michael was killed, and the other passengers suffered injuries.

Dr. Herrin settled a wrongful-death claim with two insurance companies, which paid his family $1.65 million, according to court documents. The other passengers had no claim on that money. There was also a pool of $800,000 in aggregated under-insured-motorist coverage from the crash vehicle for claims by all the passengers, but a trial court came up with a formula that gave the son’s estate most of that money. On Wednesday, Herrin delivered the money to the other parties, complying with a court-ordered settlement. But to their bewilderment, he paid $150,000 of it in shiny quarters. An armored Brink’s truck drove 150 bags of loose quarters from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis to a Marion, Illinois, bank. The doctor borrowed pickup trucks from his friends and loaded the bags. The trucks delivered the money to two law firms and dumped the bags in the lobby. Herrin calls his quarter trick a “protest against the ruling.” The coins weighed close to four tons or about as much as 70 regular-sized couches. If you lined up the quarters, they’d stretch across more than 11 football fields, or more than a kilometer. “They were not happy. They didn’t know what they were going to do with it. And I wasn’t real congenial,” Dr. Herrin said. “We have cash and checks. Which part don’t you want?” his attorney told the nonplussed lawyers and receptionists who gathered around the bags, according to Dr. Herrin. “They decided they wanted it all,” said the doctor. “If he wants to pay in quarters, that’s his business,” said Mark Prince, a lawyer representing two of the other passengers. Unfortunately, all the quarters in the world won’t bring back his beloved son.

Boy Finds Mummy in Attic

Alexander Kettler of Diepholz in northern Germany says he discovered a mummy hidden in his grandmother’s attic. The mummy was inside a sar-

In News cophagus complete with hieroglyphic adornments, packed in a wooden crate. It definitely resembled a genuine relic from ancient Egypt. Alexander’s father, Lutz Wolfgang Kettler, a dentist, said he had not X-rayed the mysterious find to determine its authenticity. Instead he will drive the unusual find to Berlin to be examined by experts. The young boy’s grandfather travelled to North Africa in the 1950s and at that time, there was still a trade in genuine mummies. This sounds like every 10-year-old boy’s dream…or nightmare.

Woman Fashions Paper Dress In an interesting attempt to get people into reading, a young woman has fashioned a dress entirely out of the pages of an old thesaurus. Jori Phillips, 21, explained that she loves “to read and I had this idea that books are so versatile and the pages are so light that you could make something cool out of it.” It took Phillips about six months to take the individual pages from a thesaurus and hot glue them together in intricate designs and patterns, giving a whole new meaning to the word, “textile.” Some critics have expressed concern that Phillips would deface a book, but her reasoning for doing so, and for specifically choosing a thesaurus, was actually quite thoughtful. “I did get a lot of people saying they had a problem with me taking pages out of a book to make something out of it,” she said. “But I specifically chose a thesaurus to make the dress because a thesaurus is a reference book and what authors use to take words out of the book to create something with it, and I thought it would be appropriate that I could do the same.” “I would feel really bad taking a story, something that people put their heart and soul into, and ripping it up. I would never do that,” she said. Since the dress was made out of old, yellowing thesaurus pages, which Phillips had chose because the coloring gave the dress a more vintage look, she’s only been able to wear it five or six times. There are issues with wearing something made out of old paper, obviously. Phillips admits, “There are a little parts that are ripping, and I have to make little fixes. But that’s easy enough. I just use my hot glue gun.” It’s easier than walking around with a sewing machine.

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Many Attend Ribbon Cutting Ceremony of QJCC’s New Headquarters

Gourmet Glatt Sponsors Jewish Night Concert at Cedarhurst Park

Dr. Eli Adler DDS PC

249 Broadway, Lynbrook, NY 11563 • 516.255.1988

Root Canals • Implants • Family Dentistry Sunday & Evening appointments available Only 5 Minutes From Cedarhurst PPO Plans Accepted As FULL payment

On July 31st, community leaders, elected officials and residents of Queens gathered for the official ribbon cutting to celebrate the commencement of Queens Jewish Community Council’s new headquarters. The new facilities will greatly expand QJCC’s capacity to serve the community. The new site was chosen because of its convenient location to best provide safety net services to the increasingly expanding numbers of near-poor in Flushing area. As a proud affiliate of Met Council, QJCC provides social services to those in need in Queens. QJCC serves 15,000 clients annually. The new site will allow QJCC to double its capacity to help the residents of Queens. The future QJCC facilities will be 3,250 square feet, an additional 560 square feet. The renovation will include additional space for community outreach and intake; discreet one-onone community interview areas; meeting

room for presentations and social service support; a temperature controlled pantry for food distribution; and staging areas for Project Chaim the QJCC’s Meals on Wheels program. In attendance was NYC Council Members: Peter Koo, Karen Koslowitz, Peter Vallone Jr., Mark Weprin, Leroy Comrie, James Gennaro, Eric Ulrich, NYS Senators Toby Stavisky, Joseph Addabbo, Jr., Tony Avella. NYS Assembly Members: David Weprin, Edward Braunstein, Nily Rozic, David Weprin, Ron Kim, Andrew Hevesi, Michael Simanowitz. And from Met Council: CEO/ Executive Director William E. Rapfogel, Chief Strategy Officer / Chief of Staff Ilene Marcus, and Chief Advancement Officer Linda Scaletter. The new headquarters, which are set to open in December 2015, are located on 69-69 Main St, Flushing, NY 11367.


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Around the Community

Early Intervention Services For children birth - 3 years with special needs.

Services Provided l



Feeding Therapy


Special Education


Nutrition Counseling


Service Coordination


Family Support/Counseling


Speech/Language Therapy


Physical & Occupational Therapy

Touro Presented with Mets’ Spirit Award at Citi Field (L-R) Dr. Eric Levine, Touro’s vice president of institutional advancement, Eva Spinelli-Sexter, dean of the New York School of Career and Applied Studies, and (far right) Dr. Jerry Cammarata, dean of student affairs at the Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine, stand with six-time All-Star and former New York Met Rusty Staub at Citi Field. Before the first pitch of a recent matchup between the Mets and the Atlanta Braves, Dr. Levine, Dean Spinelli-Sexter and Dean Cammarata were presented with the Mets’ Spirit Award, which they accepted on behalf of Touro College. Nearly 150 students, alumni, faculty, members of the administration and friends, representing all Touro schools and programs, cheered on the home team as part of Touro Night with the Mets.

Orah Day Camp to the Rescue with Days Filled with Fun

ABA Program – Center & Home Services Routines Based Interventions & Collaborative Coaching l


Ser Roc




TO REFER YOUR CHILD TO THE EARLY INTERVENTION PROGRAM CALL 311. This Early Intervention Program (EIP) is a public program for children under the age of three who are either suspected of having or at risk for developmental delays or disabilities. EIP is funded by NYS and NYC. All EIP services are provided at no cost to parents. Health insurance may be used for approved services. A child’s eligibility for the program can be determined only by state-approved evaluators under contract, and all services must be authorized by the NYC Early Intervention Program.

For more information about CHALLENGE call:


Red alert! Calling all first responders! You have got to see what’s going on in Orah Day Camp. Everywhere you look there are girls having fun. There is singing in the hallways, dancing in the lunchroom and cheering in the stairwells. If I could spell “waddle-e-atche,” I would be able to describe how entertaining it is to see the girls trying to sing the song, while simultaneously doing the hand motions—it really “revives” lunch ruach. There is no emergency (b”H) but we did have the local Hatzalah ambulance travel all the way over to camp so the kids could get an up close look at what is inside, then the campers received stickers with Hatzalah’s phone numbers on them to take home. The ambulances that are decorating the building look just like the real ones. We also have police cars and fire trucks hanging up and that funny doctor symbol with the entwined snakes that has a real name. (There’s a Laffy Taffy for any camper who comes in with its proper name.) Continuing with the theme, the entire younger division went to the firefighters’ museum and from the nursery on up, everyone had an alarmingly good time. The 3rd grades went bowling and if I had more time I could figure out how that connected to the theme but I’ll “spare” you. The highlight of this week was easily the annual Orah D Camp carnival. There were games and challenges

for every age; we had the classics like pickles on a stick, fluff and chips, face painting, can toss, and find the pennies in the flour. We also had inflatable slides and bouncers, snow cones, black and white cookies, and soda to keep the campers cool and energized. It is easy to see why everyone eagerly waits for the carnival, no matter the weather! Yasher koach to our older bunks for running the booths and making sure that everyone enjoyed. Code one—there aren’t enough hours in the day for all the fun we have planned, so we extended our hours into the evening. First we had a staff swim just for our out-of-this-world staff, counselors, specialties, and assistants— you name it, they were in the fabulous Orah pool. The 7th grade also got to have extra hours of fun at an exclusive late night swim and bbq dinner just for them. We also had to use the weekends and we held another smashingly successful Sunday swim for our current campers and their lucky mothers—again, don’t worry, there are more still to come, just remember to sign up! It’s hard to believe that we are already up to the seventh (!!) week of camp but we are having such a good time, and there is so much more to do that we hardly notice the time whizzing by. It’s easy to see that here at Orah we get the job done.




Reg. $40.00

$19. 99







Drinking Glasses

Reg. $20.00

$9. 99

Set of 6

Jaquard, White

134 Washington Ave. CEDARHUST, NY 11516

Challah Covers

Next door to CVS, in the Gourmet Glatt parking lot

Small or Large

Reg. $35.00-$50.00

$9. 99 or

$14. 99

Mikasa Dinnerware Geometric Square 5 Piece Place Setting

M.-W. 10:00-8:00 Th. 10:00-9:00 F. 10:00-4:00 S. 10:00-7:00

Reg. $50.00


Scrabble TurboSlam Reg. $15.00

$5. 99


Visit us at our other locations 4518 13th Ave. Brooklyn, NY 718.854.2595

Crayola Wonder Markers with Pad

Reg. $8.00

$2. 99

50 Court St. Brooklyn, NY 718.625.6677 1091 River Ave. Lakewood, NJ 732.364.8822

Quantities may vary according to store location • No rainchecks • Not responsible for typographical errors

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Beveled Stone Mirror Tray

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we get you where you need to go!

we review your options to find the best travel deal for you we specialize in using your credit card points and

frequent flyer miles we specialize in last-minute bookings For more details contact us at: 516-939-4MAS




Wheels to Lease Announces iPad Raffle Winner better time because I am sending my daughter to camp and she has been asking for an iPad for weeks,” Stephen went on to say. Mr. Henesch joined the Wheels to Lease email list in December of 2012, and recently purchased a brand new 2013 Infiniti G37 through Wheels to Lease. “At Wheels to Lease, whether you are looking to lease a car or buy a car, we take pride in the vehicles we sell and strive to succeed in great customer experience and satisfaction,” said proud owner, Shlomie Hershkop. “That is why it is personally important to me to be able to show our appreciation and give back to our customers – this has been the best year of giveaway givebacks that we have ever held!” This is the 9th iPad given away this year – in addition to Amex gift cards, comedy show and Mets ticket, not to mention FREE cars. Wheels to Lease is currently running another iPad contest, scheduled to be raffled off on September 4, 2013. “Giv-

Wheels to Lease, the Brooklyn leader in the leasing and sales of new and used cars, trucks and SUVs, celebrates over 24 years serving the Jewish community with unbeatable prices and exceptional customer service. Offering the widest selection of new cars in Brooklyn, Wheels to Lease has quickly become Brooklyn’s favorite new car dealership. To thank their loyal customers, future prospective car buyers and fans, Wheels to Lease offers monthly giveaways, such as an iPad3, simply for subscribing to their email list (www. The ninth iPad3 installment winner, Stephen Henesch, could not believe what he read when he first opened his email which stated that he was this month’s winner. “At first I thought that it was some gimmick, but after receiving a phone call from Wheels to Lease Marketing Director, Josh Brownfeld, I knew that this was legit,” said excited winner Stephen. “This could not have come at a

Low Cost Quality Insurance

Our Specialty     Free Consultation    

Free Policy Evaluation 

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Large Commercial Insurance Policies  Life Insurance  Disability Insurance  Self Employed Health Insurance  Long Term Care insurance  Rabbi S. M. Leiner, CLTC 

Licensed Independent Broker for All Types of Insurance 

Call: 917‐543‐0497 – Leave a message   

Mail:  Rabbi S. M. Leiner, CLTC  P.O. Box # 7655  600 Franklin Ave  Garden City, NY 11530 

Premier clients receive a copy of my book (sefer)  “Sweeter Than Honey” as a gift

matically entered into the next contest. Join Wheels to Lease on Facebook to be the first to know about other great giveaways at wheels2lease. With a huge selection of top quality, bestselling cars, trucks and SUVs priced to fit any budget, Wheels to Lease is one of the top Brooklyn car dealers and car leasing companies proudly serving car buyers in Manhattan, the Bronx, Jamaica, Queens, Hempstead NY, Jersey City and Union City in New Jersey, as well as all of Connecticut and Maryland.

Left to right: Moshe Hershkop of Wheels to Lease, Stephen Henesch and his daughter

ing away prizes for simply staying connected is our way of saying thank you,” said Hershkop. To enter the contest, simply click over to the Wheels to Lease website at joinemaillist. Already on the Wheels to Lease email list? Great! You’ll be auto-

Wheels to Lease has been serving the Jewish community for over two decades, providing top of the line cars at the best possible prices. With their exceptional customer service, they are proud to call 30,000 families their loyal customers. For more info on Wheels to Lease, visit  or call (718) 871–7749.

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An Incredible Stop on the Giving Tour

Girls from NCSY Give USA volunteering at Chesed 24/7, packing cereal and Shabbos boxes for kosher hospitality rooms

In late July, 40 girls from across the United States stopped by Chesed 24/7’s offices to participate in another one of their “Giving” missions. These girls, participants of NCSY’s Give USA program, spend 4½ weeks travelling around the country participating in a variety of volunteering activities that will give them a greater understanding of the impact they can make on the lives of others. It was only fitting that Give USA would make a stop at Chesed 24/7’s headquarters in Spring Valley, NY, to volunteer and help do a chesed for those in need. Chesed 24/7’s overall mission is to provide comfort and support for hospitalized patients and their families.

Chesed 24/7 has Chesed Hospitality Rooms in 15 hospitals throughout the New York Tri State area which are stocked with kosher food, snacks, cake, coffee and drinks. Open 24/7 to Jews from all walks of life and religious affiliations, these rooms have everything one might need while staying in the hospital. Chesed 24/7 also provides patients with fresh hot meals during the week and on Shabbos. Every week, Chesed’s volunteers distribute “Shabbos in a Box” to patients who will have to spend Shabbos in the hospital. Upon visiting Chesed 24/7, the Give USA girls first listened to Chesed’s Volunteer Coordinator explain the impact

Chesed 24/7’s services have on hospitalized patients. Often, just knowing someone truly cares for them in their time of need makes all the difference in their recovery. The group watched two moving videos which drove home the point that as Jews, we have a responsibility to help others in need. Half the Give USA group put this lesson into practice by assembling “Shabbos in a Box” packages with customized tablecloths, challah covers, kiddush cups, electric candles, havdalah spices and treats such as mints and chocolates for patients in hospital over Shabbos. The girls quickly prepared 200 Shabbos in a Box packages that were

then distributed to hospitalized patients by devoted Chesed 24/7 volunteers. The other half of the group packed cereals to be placed in one of Chesed 24/7’s Hospitality Rooms. Dozens of boxes of Cheerios and Cornflakes quickly turned into hundreds of containers filled with cereal, neatly labeled, and stacked for delivery to one of the Hospitality Rooms. The energy in the room was electric as everyone felt a part of something bigger than themselves. Each girl realized that volunteering for an organization and helping fellow Jews really connected them to their Jewish heritage. The group was truly inspired and inspiring, taking the time to learn about how to help their community and volunteering for Chesed 24/7’s programs. It is hard to calculate who gained more from this experience. Every girl realized they could make a big difference to the Jewish community by volunteering even a small chunk of time. They were richer from the experience, benefitting from giving almost as much as the recipient of Chesed 24/7’s services benefit from receiving. To learn more about Chesed 24/7’s volunteer opportunities, please call 845354-3233 x1123 or e-mail elibraty@



With New Show, Sy Syms Professor Charlie Harary Brings Classroom Lessons to TV What is the secret to success? Charlie Harary, assistant clinical professor of management and entrepreneurship at Yeshiva University’s Sy Syms School of Business, is on a mission to find out. On a recent July afternoon in a 34th floor conference room overlooking midtown Manhattan, with video cameras rolling, Harary was interviewing Michael Steinhardt—one of the country’s most prominent hedge fund moguls, president of investment fund company Steinhardt Management Co. Inc. and co-founder of Taglit-Birthright Israel—trying to pinpoint how Steinhardt became the thriving businessman he is today. The Jewish Channel, popularly known as “the Jewish HBO,” was on hand to film the riveting conversation, which will air as part of a segment in Harary’s upcoming TV show, “Elements of Success.” “The show is based on my class at Sy Syms, ‘Principles of Success,’ where we try to identify various principles, values and strategies present in different types of success and bring to life those values that we learn in the classroom,” said Harary. “We want to be able to articulate certain principles from our classroom, show their application to the world and connect them back to the classroom again.” The show, which will debut on The Jewish Channel in the fall, tries to identify the traits of successful leaders and explore how their strategies are implemented in daily practice. In Steinhardt’s case, his success can be traced back to his early exposure to the market. When he celebrated his Bar Mitzvah in 1953, his father gifted him with 100 shares of two different stocks. “That genuinely changed my life,” Steinhardt said. “From that point on, the stock market became my vocation and I loved it—the chance to make money, the diversity and the unpredictability. Back then, the market was new and it intrigued me. The fact that you could make a lot of money was tertiary. What I really cared about was being right and being the best. Stocks appealed to me for the elements of speculation and competition, and the fact that I had the greater ability to predict the future than somebody else.” But success did not always come easily. Like many others, Steinhardt achieved it after experiencing struggles and failure, because of his willingness to dive back in and take chances. “I was

a contrarian, and so I was more inured to risk than most people. I went against conventional wisdom and I was prepared to suffer,” he said. “But I wanted to be the best money manager in America and with those unrealistic high standards, I did not allow myself the cushions of reason.” Steinhardt’s quest to be the best extended beyond his professional career and eventually propelled him to donate much of his talents and financial resources to support Jewish and other communal causes that he felt could benefit from his backing, including Birthright, the Wildlife Conservation Society, the American Hebrew Academy, the Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development at New York University and the Steinhardt Foundation for Jewish Life. “We met with Charlie and wanted to work with him to look for talented people like Steinhardt, luminaries in different fields that we could tap into and find out what makes them successful,” said Elie Singer, CEO of The Jewish Channel, explaining how the show came about. “We enjoyed the process of shooting the pilot and wanted to make it into a bigger production that worked and that people would be interested in watching.” The pilot episode explored the concept of “Vision,” with Harary interviewing real estate tycoon Scott Rechler of RXR Realty, renowned chef Moshe Wendel of Brooklyn’s Pardes restaurant, therapist and confidence expert Karol Ward and preschoolers at the Educational Alliance in Manhattan. When filming future episodes, Harary plans to enlist the help of his Sy Syms students to assist with the filming and production aspects of the project. “They will be invited to the set to see the whole process, from soup to nuts,” he said. For Willie Balk, a 2012 graduate of Sy Syms currently studying at YU-affiliated Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary, Harary’s class provided a chance to learn about the industry from an expert that he could connect with. “Professor Harary is a powerhouse in the business community and at the same time, a giant in the Torah world,” said Balk, who also served as Harary’s teacher’s assistant last year. “To have this relationship with someone who not only shares my passion for Judaism but also has keen insight into the mind of real estate executives and Wall Street gurus was an amazing opportunity.”

In addition to teaching “Principles of Success” this fall, Harary will teach a social innovation course for women on

Charlie Harary interviews Michael Steinhardt

the Israel Henry Beren Campus in the spring semester. He is also the director of the “Leading with Meaning” initiative at Sy Syms, “which tries to bring a unique Jewish perspective to business,” said Harary. “Business leaders should be working toward some greater purpose, and not just for financial profitability.” “Professor Harary is an expert at social networking in all of its forms and he has an important message to communicate about the importance of finding the right balance between work and life,”

said Sy Syms Dean Dr. Moses Pava. Harary, who earned his J.D. from Columbia Law School, is quite a success in his own right. In addition to his role at Sy Syms, he is the founder and partner of H3 & Company, an advisory and investment company. Harary is a prolific speaker who travels across the country to address schools, camps and organizations on a variety of topics and is a lecturer for the Orthodox Union, Aish Hatorah and NCSY. He also hosts his own radio show on the Nachum Segal Network titled “The Book of Life.” Prior to founding H3 & Company, he served as first vice president of residential operations and legal council of RXR Realty, and worked as an associate at the law firm of Paul, Weiss, Rifkin, Wharton & Garrison and Davis Polk & Wardell. So what is the key to Harary’s personal and professional success? “In truth,” he said, “God is driving the bus. I’m just trying to enjoy the ride and do my best at every stop.”

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85 Elderd Lane Cedarhurst NY 11516 516.812.9052 • (718)327-give(4483) • Store Hours: Sun. 11-5, Mon. & Tues. 11-5:30 Wed. 11-7, Thurs. 11-5:30, Fri. 11-1 Daily accepting donations of upscale and designer apparel and accessories as well as free pick-up for furniture donations! Get a tax-deductable receipt while helping others! PLUM benefits The Rabenstein Learning Center and Weiss Vocational Program.



Community Leaders from Across North America Share Ideas and Inspiration at YU’s Annual ChampionsGate Conference More than 350 rabbinic, educational and lay leaders from 73 communities across North America and around the globe came together for Yeshiva University’s Eighth Annual ChampionsGate National Leadership Conference held in Orlando, Fla., July 25-28.

leaders in 2005 into a major event involving dozens or prominent leaders from the Orthodox world. Its creation and growth were made possible by the vision and support of Mindy and Ira Mitzner, vice chair of the University Board of Trustees and chair of the CJF advisory council. “Bringing together faculty, roshei yeshiva, senior administrators and YU trustees to engage with lay leaders and rabbis from across North America allows us to convene the resources and energies of Yeshiva University to help strengthen communities around the Jewish world,” said Rabbi Kenneth Brander, David Mitzner Dean of the CJF and vice president of university and community life. “The ChampionsGate L to R, Joshua Joseph, Ira Mitzner, Rona Novick, Rabbi Jacob J. Schacter, YU President Richard M. Joel conference is a transformational experience for all involved.” sation on Shabbat, “Kehilla: What We thor of 12 books. This year’s conference offered in- Bring to It,” wove the conference’s This year, for the first time, confersightful sessions and group discussions diverse strands together into a unified ence participants won’t be the only ones about how to incorporate Skills, Knowl- theme, with participants including Pres- to benefit from the breadth of experiZahava Farbman of Woodmere at ChampionsGate edge, Inspiration and Networking to ident Joel; Rabbi Leonard Matanky, ence and expertise shared at ChampiThis year’s theme, “Kehilla: What become more effective comonsGate. Select preWe Bring to It,” explored the broader munity leaders—how to have sentations shared at narrative of community, inviting partic- “SKIN” in the game. The the conference were ipants to journey through four separate Knowledge category includfilmed and will be realms of communal leadership as they ed “The Intersection of Earnmade available pubgained practical tools and fostered new ing and Giving: A Roundtalicly as the next round collaborative partnerships to address ble Discussion on Economic of ELI Talks, 12-minpressing issues facing their communi- Trends and the Dynamic of ute TED-style presenties at home and Orthodox Judaism as Philanthropy,” a panel distations that seek to a whole. cussion by Dr. David Magershare innovative and “The future of our community is man, founder of the Kohelet thought-provoking dependent on our commitment to Torah Foundation; Evelyn Stavsky, Jewish content, prevalues and gifted leadership who sup- a managing director and globsented in partnership port those values throughout our com- al head of structured lendwith the AVI CHAI munity,” said YU President Richard M. ing at Citigroup; and Morry Foundation. Joel. Weiss, a past Chairman of It was the third Presented by YU’s Center for the YU’s Board of Trustees and year at ChampionsRabbi Jacob J. Schachter and Deena and Benzion Fuchs of Woodmere at ChampionsGate Jewish Future (CJF), ChampionsGate CEO at American Greetings. Gate for Rabbi Barry has grown from a gathering of 40 lay The panel was moderated by Kislowicz, head of the Dr. James Kahn, dean of Chicago’s Ida Crown Jewish Fuchs Mizrachi School in Cleveland, the Henry and Academy, spiritual leader of Congrega- OH, who has found that he takes not Bertha Kressel tion K.I.N.S. of West Rogers Park and only inspiration and new ideas from the Professor of president of the Rabbinical Council of conference home to his community, but Economics and America; Barry Shrage, president of often people he has met there as well. chair of the Eco- Boston’s Combined Jewish Philanthro- “Rabbi Meir Solovechik, Dr. David Pelnomics Depart- pies; Laura Goldman, of counsel at Bar- covitz—I heard these people speak at ment at YU and nett Sivon and Natter; and Debbie Isaac, ChampionsGate in past years and knew featured closing president of AMIT. my community had to hear them too, so Other sessions ranged in topic from we brought them in for a shabbaton,” he remarks from Dan Forman, “Current Trends in Keeping Our Schools said. “YU is taking on this role as the YU’s Vice Pres- and Shuls Safe,” by Leora Joseph, chief keystone of modern Orthodox commuident for Institu- deputy district attorney handing the spe- nities across America and bringing them tional Advance- cial victims unit in Denver, Colorado, to together in a way that no else can.” “60 Ideas in 60 Minutes” from Dr. Jim ment. A conver- Cain, a team-building guru and the auStewart Greenberg and Aryeh Lightstone of Woodmere at ChampionsGate

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OHEL and Gourmet Glatt Present Healthy Body, Health Mind

Mayoral Candidate Bill Thompson Visits the JCCRP

Special Senior Shopping Hours for Seniors

By: Shani Gluck

Democratic Mayoral candidate Bill Thompson, Assemblyman Phil Goldfeder, and Pesach Osina meet with JCCRP Executive Director, Nathan Krasnovsky, and members of the board, Chaim Rapfogel, Hillel Adelman, Michael Walfish and Yoni Dembitzer

OHEL Children’s Home and Family Services and Gourmet Glatt have teamed to together to provide the Five Towns community with a new health series to help steer a path of individual and family wellness. These “Special Senior Shopping Hours” will take place on selected Tuesday’s between 10am - 1pm, and by stopping by the OHEL booth in the store, seniors will receive 10% OFF their order excluding sale & vendor items. OHEL’s latest expansion – the Cedarhurst Community Services office which opened at 125B Spruce Street, Cedarhurst – provides a number of services that meet the ever-increasing and diverse needs of the community. The first initiative is a “Special Senior Shopping Hours for Seniors.” Gourmet Glatt’s Yoeli Steinberg explains, “We are always looking to enhance the customers’ experience in our store and

have observed that many seniors need additional help in their weekly shopping trips. This new initiative will not only provide seniors with more attention and help during their shopping, but valuable senior care information from OHEL.” Eldercare Specialists from OHEL’s local Five Towns Spruce Street office will be on hand to answer any questions relating to caring for seniors as well as information about the breadth of geriatric services that help secure quality of life and peace of mind for caregivers. David Mandel, CEO of OHEL, says, “This is a perfect shidduch as we both wish to help seniors – in different ways. This joint program helps raise important awareness of the many eldercare services available right on the doorstep of Five Towns residents – that can help both secure the well-being of seniors and the peace of mind of family caregivers.”

Agudath Israel of West Hempstead Open for Yomim Nora’im Agudath Israel of West Hempstead is pleased to announce that it will be conducting its first minyanim for the upcoming Yomim Nora’im. Seating is limited, so if you are interested in attending or would like fur-

ther information, please contact Rabbi Moshe Finkelstein at (516) 489-1913 or at your earliest opportunity. Hospitality arrangements can also be discussed with Rabbi Finkelstein.

On Monday, August 5th, Bill Thompson, Democratic candidate for New York City mayor, toured the Jewish Community Council of the Rockaway Peninsula (JCCRP). Mr. Thompson met with Nathan Krasnovsky, Executive Director of the JCCRP, and the esteemed JCCRP board members, where he received a full tour of the premises and was introduced to the staff and the many services the

dedication to his campaign and to New Yorkers, as well. Mr. Thompson’s stop at the JCCRP elucidates his devotion to the needs of the Jewish community and his enthusiasm to include frontline providers, like the JCCRP, in his plans to improve our city. Mr. Thompson expressed, “It was an honor to spend time with the staff at the JCC of Rockaway. The services they are providing to the Rockaway community are invaluable. As mayor, I will never turn my back on the Rockaway community. I will work to provide equal access to transportation so that seniors can get to their centers, students to their schools, and so that small business owners can do their jobs.”

Nathan Krasnovsky, Executive Director of the JCCR, with Democratic Mayoral candidate, Bill Thompson

JCCRP has to offer the community. Assemblyman Phil Goldfeder was in attendance and shared with Mr. Thompson his concerns and vision for the Rockaways as well as pointing out the JCCRP’s extraordinary efforts during the storm that are still continuing to this day. It was a pleasure discussing with Mr. Thompson his plan for the Rockaways and New York City, noted Nathan Krasnovsky. As a former City Comptroller, Mr. Thompson has been noted for his “maturity” as well as his “superior experience” and capability. Born and raised in New York himself, Bill Thompson’s recent 24-hour Five Borough Tour shows his

The JCCRP is a proud affiliate of Met Council and a beneficiary agency of UJA Federation of NY. For any clients who need assistance in social services or resource directing within the community, the JCCRP provides a range of services. Please contact the JCCRP for further information; they are located at 1525 Central Avenue (entrance on Foam Place), Far Rockaway, NY, 11691— (718) 3277755 – or visit them on the web at www. .



Israel Rock Guitarist Lazer Lloyd to Perform in New York Israeli blues, rock guitarist, singer/ songwriter Lazer Lloyd and exciting musical guests will perform on Thursday, August 15th at 8PM at the famous Millinery Center Synagogue in midtown Manhattan. Nineteen years ago, Rabbi Hayam Wahrman, the pillar of Millinery, invited Lazer to play with Rav Shlomo Carlebach at the synagogue. The experience moved the young guitarist to change direction from his budding mainstream music success to make aliyah to Israel. Lazer played with psychedelic Jewish rock band Reva L’Sheva as lead guitarist and second singer for seven years; he then formed the rock power trio Yood, touring and putting out solo albums along the way. He is now playing nightly with the Lazer Lloyd Blues Band across Isra-

el from Jerusalem to Haifa and touring Russia, the USA, and beyond. Lazer’s musical dream “is to find a style of music and song that the whole world can relate to. I think the niggun (traditional Jewish tune) is the form; it’s a spiritual blues without words and can be very meditative and joyful at the same time. I compose many of these and play them for many different audiences around the world in the show and I see it reaches everyone.” Lazer’s live performances have become popular across the Jewish spectrum in Israel from rock and blues clubs to mainstream Jewish venues.  Popular Israeli rock radio DJ Ben Red from 88FM says , “This is the best rock ‘n roll blues that I have seen in Israel. It’s right under our nose and we don’t know

Camp Discovery Swings Out

On Friday, August 2, Camp Discovery was treated to a special musical entertainment program by the band ensemble, “Beyond Control,” led by their music teacher and mentor Al Pennachio. This 12-piece middle school age group played, sang and had the whole camp rocking out on oldies, current popular songs as well as some jazz arrangements. The campers could not be contained in their seats and danced about freely during the one hour concert. As Al Pennachio described the group’s purpose, “This isn’t just for the music that they do this. I want them to give back to the community.” Mr. Pennachio says that band members have done benefits

for cancer victims, have helped out with “Toys for Tots” and now played for Camp Discovery. Camp Discovery is an inclusion camp located in Cedarhurst and dedicated to providing a camp experience for everyone no matter what their level. We offer daily trips, engineering design with Kinects, Legos, music, swim, cinematography, cooking, nature, science, good sports program, art, drama and much more. For more information please contact Jonathan Cooper LCSW, Camp Director at 516-569-3083 ext. 135 or jonathanc

about it. Amazing, you have to see Lazer live.” Jerusalem Post’s David Brinn describes the experience of seeing Lazer live, “When Lazer Lloyd enters the zone onstage, his eyes close tightly and he begins a peculiar dance – partly Tevye in the shtetl, partly psychedelic free-form shuffle. He handles his guitar like it was an extension of his lanky but sturdy body, and the glorious noise that it emits sounds like wails and squeals emerging directly from his soul. He’s lost in the moment. He’s the best guitarist in Israel.” His new CD, “Lost on the Highway” will be released by BluesLeaf Re-

cords based in the USA on August 13th. The Millinery Shul concert will feature a variety of special musical guests joining Lazer to celebrate his return to Millinery where the story of “Israel’s Blues Master” all began. Tickets are $15 at the door, 1025 Avenue of the Americas (6th Avenue between 38th & 39th St). For more information, please contact: yocheved@lazerlloyd. com or call 773-5977690 or contant Millinery (646) 262 5061. For the full schedule of Lazer Lloyd’s USA Summer 2013 CD release tour (8/10-8/18) visit Tour management by Kumah Inc.

47 T h e J e w i s h H o m e n a U G U S T 8 , 2013

Around the


T h e J e w i s h H o m e n A U G U S T 8 , 2013


Around the



NBA Star John Starks Visits Hillel Day Camp This past Friday, the already exciting summer became even more exciting for the campers at Hillel Day Camp. The daily schedule for Hillel campers always includes fun and exhilarating activities. Campers get to swim twice a day in heated pools, participate in cooking and baking, do arts and crafts, ceramics, woodworking, cooking, bak-

ing, karate and other martial arts. They have been on fantastic trips to ropes courses, amusement parks, arcades and performances. The great chinuch staff has made learning one of the camper’s favorite activities. Of course, the newly enhanced sports program has campers participating in leagues, tournaments and weekly clinics.

This past Friday, August 2, Hillel campers were treated to a visit by former NBA star, New York Knick John Starks. He spent time at clinics teaching campers to shoot, dribble and inspiring them to work hard at whatever they

want to accomplish both on and off the basketball court. The encouragement he gave, the skills he taught, and the positive attitude he brought with him is still felt in the air days later and is likely to remain in the air for some time to come.

Chanukas Habayis for Belle Harbor Mikvah This Sunday On Sunday, August 11, 2013, ( 5th of Elul) , The Belle Harbor Mikvah will be having a Chanukas Habayis to celebrate the completion of its newly rebuilt mikvah. The event will take place at 5:00PM, at 511 Beach 129th Street, Belle Harbor, NY 11694, in a tent, with a buffet reception catered by Michael Schick, followed by tours of the mikvah. Valet parking will be provided, as well as special permit parking on Cronston Avenue between Beach 126th -133rd

streets for those who wish to self-park. Belle Harbor, a beautiful and serene community located ten minutes from Flatbush, Marine Park and Mill Basin and less than thirty minutes from Boro Park and the Five Towns, was severely impacted by Hurricane Sandy. Over ninety percent of residents suffered severe damage to their homes, with some homes as well as many portions of community’s eruv being completely destroyed. The synagogues, yeshivos .and

mikvah each suffered hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage. Today, nine months later, the eruv is operational in over eighty percent of the neighborhood, the mesivta and its Bais Medrash are fully operational, and the shuls are up and running despite still requiring additional funds to complete needed repairs. We are grateful to Hashem and to the many generous and hardworking individuals who have made these things happen. Since it is a mikvah that is the

foundation of every Jewish community, it is most significant that the mikvah has been completely rebuilt and refurbished to a magnificent spa-like atmosphere, a place where the mitzvah of taharas Hamishpacha is elevated to new heights. The fundraising campaign was led by MikvahUSA, and is nearly complete. All design services were donated by Shifra Mendelowitz of Act ll Interiors, Brooklyn, NY.


Is your child struggling with reading and learning? Have traditional teaching methods not worked? Are you spending for tutors without success? At Ohr HaLimud’s transitional Bais Yaakov School, our teaching methods and trained staff assess and evaluate individual learning difficulties. And through our multi-sensory Orton-Gillingham Approach we work to increase basic skills and build a strong learning foundation in reading, spelling, writing, comprehension, math, kriah, and all Limudei Kodesh subjects. We specialize in the remediation of dyslexia and other language-based processing difficulties. Our goal is to return your child to their regular classrooms with all the independence and confidence to succeed as quickly as possible. Don’t let another year pass. Call today to find out how an Educational Cycle ProgramTM at Ohr HaLimud will turn a child’s academic failure into life-long success. Our program works!

Beginning Our 11th School Year

Now accepting applications for girls, ages 6-14. Our boys & girls after school reading program is now accepting applications for the fall semester.

1681 42nd St • Bklyn, NY 11204 •718-972-0170 •

T h e J e w i s h H o m e n a U G U S T 8 , 2013

Let’s have a private talk about your child’s ability to learn.

T h e J e w i s h H o m e n A U G U S T 8 , 2013



T h e J e w i s h H o m e n a U G U S T 8 , 2013

T h e J e w i s h H o m e n A U G U S T 8 , 2013


Around the Community Personal Development Chaburas

It’s n 2 New Chaburas for Women

ot too

late t

3-Class No-Obligation Trial Tools for Today’s Busy Jewish Woman



August 5th & 6th Mondays: 12pm ET, 7pm in Israel Tuesdays: 9pm ET

646-863-4123 (USA) (02) 580-6406 (IL)

o join

Our Actions Will Influence Those Around Us !

The Torah commands anyone who is afraid of going to war to leave the battlefield because of the negative influence his behavior will have on his fellow soldiers. “Mi ha’ish hayarei v’rach haleivav, yeilech v’yashov l’beisoh v’lo yimos es levav echav kilvavoh” (Shoftim 20:8). Who is the man who is fearful and faint-hearted? Let him go and return to his house, and let him not melt the heart of his fellows to be like his heart.  Otherwise they will be affected by his fear and as a result will become more fearful, too. This idea is a very insightful one; rather than have a soldier spread a feeling of fear to the other soldiers, he is sent home from the battlefront.  This is because our feelings and actions and attitudes affect those around us. This takes place regardless of whether we intend to influence or not. In marriage, this is a crucial idea to remember. Everyone has a sphere of influence, a group of people who are influenced by his actions. Obviously, high up on the list is a person’s family, his spouse and his children. There are many situations in life where a person’s actions have a direct influence on his spouse.  The way a person deals with challenges can directly affect the way the spouse handles challenges. The mood a person has can directly affect the mood of the spouse. The way they view and handle mitzvos such as inviting guests and charity

can directly affect the way the spouse views and handles those mitzvos.   While it is important to be aware that every person has free choice and can decide how to react to any situation, the natural reaction is to be influenced by one’s spouse in such areas. Therefore, we must constantly be aware of the possible effect we can have on those around us. This can work both for the positive and the negative. On the one hand, our bad mood has the power to drag down the mood of our spouse and children.  On the other hand, our strength at the time of a challenge has the power to give strength to our spouse and children as well. Let us remember the lesson of the soldier who leaves the battlefront and be aware that our actions are constantly influencing those around us. May Hashem help us to influence those around us for the good.  Five Towns Marriage Initiative provides educational programs, workshops and referrals to top marriage therapists. FTMI will help offset counseling costs when necessary and also runs an anonymous shalom bayis hotline for the entire community Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings, 10:00-11:00 p.m. For the hotline or more information, call 516-430-5280 or email dsgarry@

Volunteers to Pack School Supplies for Hundreds of Children in Need This Sunday School-aged youth and parent volunteers will sort through donated supplies and assemble backpacks for children in need – from families still struggling economically and those still affected in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy – during UJA-Federation of New York’s Annual Tov B’Yachad Supplies for Success on Sunday, August 11, 2013 from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m at the Yeshiva of South Shore, located at 1170 William Street, Hewlett, New York. Since 2002, the Supplies for Success program has worked to ensure that children in need on Long Island return to school with the tools they need to succeed. Last year, the program provided filled backpacks to more than 3,800 dis-

advantaged children through UJA-Federation beneficiary agencies, schools, and other local organizations. Participating shuls and schools include Young Israel of Hewlett, Eitz Chayim of Dogwood Park, Anshei Chesed, Young Israel of North Woodmere, Bais Knesset of North Woodmere, Congrega-tion Beth Sholom, Young Israel of Oceanside, Congregation Bais Tefilah of Woodmere, Young Israel of West Hempstead, Hebrew Academy of Long Beach, Irving Place Minyan, Hebrew Academy of the Five Towns and Rockaway, Rambam Mesivta, Congregation Kneseth Israel, and National Conference of Synagogue Youth                              

R’ Ben Tzion Shafier

Parshas Shoftim If I Were a Rich Man

The Torah commands us to appoint a king to rule over the Jewish people. However, there are various warnings given to the king. He should not acquire too many horses, he should not take too many wives, and he should not amass too much gold and silver. The Daas Zakainim explains that each of these excesses is singled out to protect the king from a particular danger. The danger of amassing too much wealth is that it leads to arrogance. This Daas Zakainim is difficult to understand because, as the Rambam explains, we are obligated to treat a king with great honor; it is vital for his effectiveness as a ruler. As a result, any individual, even the greatest talmid chacham or Navi who walks into the chambers of a king must bow down full face to the ground. No person is allowed to sit down in his presence. Additionally, the king himself must guard his kavod. He isn’t allowed to stand up for any man in public. He isn’t allowed to use titles of honor for anyone else. If he commands a person to leave the room and that man refuses, the king has the right to have him killed. At the same time, a king is expected to remain humble. The Torah isn’t afraid that the great honor accorded to him will bring him to arrogance. He is capable of maintaining his sense of balance by understanding that honor isn’t due to him, but rather his position. He is still a mortal human. As a servant of Hashem, he plays his role as everyone else does. The question then becomes obvious. If the king is capable of maintaining his humility despite the extraordinary honor accorded to him, why is the Torah so fearful that he will become arrogant if he amasses wealth? It’s as if the Torah is saying, “Honor he can handle, but wealth? Impossible!” Why would it be so difficult for him not to be conceited if he acquired wealth? The answer to this question is based on a deeper understanding of the human personality.

The Antidote to Honor Honor is a difficult life test. When a person is given status and accord, it is natural for him to feel different, apart and above the rest of the human race. Power, too, is a grave test. When a person feels that he can control the destiny of other people, he runs the risk of

In that sense, honor and power are potentially dangerous, but a person can be humble despite them. The Danger of Wealth Great wealth is different. Wealth brings a person to a much more dangerous sense of himself — a sense of

Wealth will almost certainly lead to arrogance, and it is something that even a man as great as a king in Israel will not be able to resist.

feeling self-important, significant, and mighty. However, these are situations that a person can deal with. The antidote to honor is to remember where I came from and where I am going. I must understand that today I am being given great honor, but it will pass quickly. Very quickly. Today they sing my praises; tomorrow they will forget my name. That is the way of the world. Power is also something that a person can learn to deal with. As I stand here now, I control the destiny of others. But do I? Do I really have power? I can’t even control whether I will be alive tomorrow or not. When I lay my head on the pillow this evening, it is not in my control to will myself alive tomorrow. When my time is up, it’ll be over, and there is nothing that I can do to change that. The big, powerful, mighty me can’t even control whether I exist or not.

independence. “I am rich! I don’t need anyone! I don’t need my wife. I don’t need my children. I don’t even need Hashem! I can buy and sell the whole world!” This seems to be the answer to the Daas Zakainim. Because this sense of independence is almost a natural outgrowth of wealth, the Torah warns a king of Israel not amass too much of it. He may be a great man, and he might be able to keep his sense of balance despite many temptations, but wealth will almost certainly lead to arrogance, and it is something that even a man as great as a king in Israel will not be able to resist. This concept has great relevance to us. Whether we are wealthy as compared to others or not, the reality is that we enjoy great bracha living in the 21st century. Today, we all enjoy material possessions, luxuries, and opportuni-

ties that were unheard of in previous generations. One of the great dangers of living in these times is the sense of independence. “I am young, strong, and healthy. I can forge my own way. I don’t need anyone; I can make it on my own. I am independent.” While on one level, this sense is central to being an effective human being, it is also fraught with danger. A person must remain clear-headed in his understanding of Who is really in charge here. I am not the Master of the universe, nor even the master of my destiny. I am dependent. I depend on my Creator for my daily bread, my health, my success, and my existence. With this understanding, a man can enjoy great bracha and still remain humble. When a person is humble, the rest of his character traits naturally fall into place. But when a person is arrogant, the rest of his middos are out of balance as well. An arrogant person becomes angry easily. A humble man doesn’t. An arrogant individual doesn’t feel the pain of others, but a humble man does. The pivot point of all good middos is humility. Just as humility is the center of a person’s character development, so too is it the cornerstone of his avodas Hashem. The Chovos Ha’Levovos explains that just as a master needs a servant, a servant needs a master. One cannot exist without the other. Any sense of arrogance is a denial of my dependence upon Hashem. It revokes my status of a servant of my Master. This sense of dependence upon my Creator brings a person balance and internal happiness because he is in synch with his himself. He doesn’t need to self-inflate and create illusions about his worth. Ultimately, it leads a person to success in this world and the World to Come.

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a u g u s t 8 , 2013

“Place upon yourself a king…He shall not greatly increase silver and gold for himself.” — Devarim 17:1620

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Jewish Thought Rabbi Aryeh Nivin

Personal Redemption Finding Your Unique Life’s Purpose Part IV: Preparing for Rosh HaShanah

In parts I-III of our series we explored the importance of self-knowledge and finding your life’s purpose. This week we are exploring how these concepts relate to the months of Elul and Tishrei. If you’re like some people, you may not be looking forward to the upcoming “holiday spirit.” A month of self deprecation, followed by two weeks of waking up early to confess your sins, concluding with a full day of beating yourself up before G-d – this is enough to scare off even the most devoted person! How can we relate to Elul from a more positive direction? Take a look at the following quote from the Kitzur Shulchan Aruch: The period from Rosh Chodesh of the month of Elul onward is a time of Divine favor. Al­ though G-d accepts the teshuva of those who turn to Him wholeheartedly all year, these days are more appropriate and suitable for teshuva, inasmuch as they are days of mercy and Divine favor. For in the month of Elul, Moshe ascended Mount

Sinai to receive the second tablets, waited there 40 days, and descended on the tenth day of the month of Tishrei, when the atonement was completed. From that time on, these days have been set aside as days of Divine favor, and the tenth day of Tishrei as the Day of Atonement. (128:1) The disempowering fear one may have cannot be further from the truth.

We see from the Kitzur that these are really days of tremendous positive energy and growth. Furthermore, for those who truly understand the month of Elul, it is a most exciting and empowering month of self-discovery and self knowledge. Let’s try to understand this a little deeper. We all know that Adam HaRishon, the first man, was created on

with the following story: After six months of working for the company, it’s time for your evaluation. You walk into the boardroom, where your stone faced manager is sitting behind a mahogany desk. After scanning your file, he looks up at you accusingly, and says, “I see here that you did not report for work at 9 am one time during this entire period.” You shift uncom-

Elul is a time of introspection to come up with a desire and a plan to create a new world for ourselves in the upcoming year. Rosh HaShanah. What was Hashem doing during the time before Rosh HaShanah? Hashem was “busy,” so to speak, planning to create a world. Therefore, Elul, the month before Rosh HaShanah, was set aside as a time of desire to create a new world. It comes out that Elul is a time of introspection to come up with a desire and a plan to create a new world for ourselves in the upcoming year. That new world is our life. Imbedded in the month of Elul is the opportunity to learn and integrate what life is all about. As opposed to this being negative and depressing, it is a fun, exciting and meaningful exploration of self. There is nothing as deeply pleasurable and satisfying as finding yourself. Your Annual Job Evaluation All the work of Elul is ultimately leading up to Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur. Let’s see how Rosh HaShanah fits into finding your life’s purpose

fortably in your chair. “Not only that,” he continues, “but I’m sure you understand that this is a reputable company. Instead of a jacket and tie, you report for work wearing jeans!” The sweat begins to drip down your forehead. He continues to stare at the papers in his hand and finally says grimly, “Our surveillance cameras show that you spend less than 10% of your working hours at your desk. The rest of the time you’re walking around the building. Do you have anything to say for yourself?” “Yes,” you reply, regaining your confidence. “I was hired as the night watchman.”* Elul and the Yomim Nora’im are days of evaluation. But to accurately assess your performance this year, you have to know your job description. Your unique life’s purpose is your job description in this world. On Rosh HaShanah Hashem apportions to each of us life, health, livelihood, and all that we need. What is your plan for how you propose to use the life G-d gives you? The “CEO” is not going to dole out a million-dollar budget to an employee who doesn’t have a carefully worked out proposal. Knowing your unique purpose in this world is the rocket fuel to drive you to a life of both spiritual and material success.

The great Chassidic master, Rabbi Zushe of Anipoli, often said, “When I come to the Next World and stand before the Heavenly Court, I do not fear the question: ‘Why weren’t you like Avraham Avinu or Moshe Rebbeinu?’ I was not equipped to be Avraham or Moshe. But I tremble for the day when I will be asked: ‘Why weren’t you like Zushe?’ There’s no excuse for not being yourself.” This Elul, let’s make an effort to discover our unique purpose in this world so that we can go through life with confidence knowing that we are fulfilling our potential to its fullest. Now that we have the introductory tools to begin finding our purpose, let’s set aside a half hour each week during the month of Elul to start thinking about our unique mission in life. On Rosh HaShanah we can say before the Great Judge, “This is my job and I’m trying my best to fulfill it!” May we all have a pleasurable journey and may it pave the way for a beautiful new year! Learning about your life purpose is only beginning. Now it’s time to start living it! *Excerpted from Sara Yoheved Rigler’s book, G-d Winked.

Rabbi Aryeh Nivin is the founder and director of Machon Ha’adam Hashalem – a personal development Torah network which helps thousands of people around the world find their unique life’s purpose. A new cycle of Rabbi Nivin’s personal development phone Chaburas for women is starting in Elul (Aug 5th and 6th). Register now for the 3-Class No-Obligation Trial and for a limited time receive a bonus 3 CD Series, “The Jewish Woman’s Introductory Guide to Achieving Vitality” for just $1.00. For more information go to www.newchabura. com, call (646) 863-4123, or email If you’re traveling this summer, there will be a special review session after the Yomim Tovim so that you can make up any missed classes.

55 Rabbi Jonathan Gewirtz

Think Outside the Bag

they’re truly not there, why is she calling? Does she expect me to help her find them through the airwaves of my cellphone? I tried again. “Go to the big freezer. Open it up and look for a Ziploc bag of chicken nuggets in the shelf on the door. I know it’s there because I just put it there last week.” There was a brief silence then a plaintive question, “Is it in the chicken nuggets bag?” “No, sweetheart,” I replied, “It’s in a Ziploc bag.” “OK, I found it, bye.” Click. (Or beep, I’m not really sure what you call it when someone hangs up when you’re on a cellphone.) Though it was there all along, she couldn’t find it because it didn’t look like she expected it to. She was looking for the packaging, not for the item, so she couldn’t see it.

There’s an old expression, “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” meaning that you shouldn’t decide what something is like by its outward appearance. An even older expression (from Pirkei Avos) states, “Don’t look at the vessel, but what’s inside it.” In both cases it means that if you see something that doesn’t look appealing at first glance, don’t pass judgment until you discover

get to the goal, I can better help them reach it. This mistake can affect us negatively in a big way. When we try to fit in, when we try to compare ourselves to others, we only see their “bag,” not the true contents. If we feel we don’t look like the others do, then our value must be less than theirs. They are prettier, taller, thinner, stronger, more

When I understand the goal, not the way they think they can get to the goal, I can better help them reach it.

the whole story. Similarly, if you see something that looks appealing, it may not actually be so. The exchange with my daughter gave me a new insight into those axioms. You see, my daughter wasn’t looking for chicken nuggets at all. She was looking for a chicken nugget bag. She was trying to find the familiar characteristics of something that normally would contain what she wanted so her search was flawed. I recall once when I told the programmers at work that I needed a “mailmerge” done. I insisted that they drop everything else they were working on and get this for me because I couldn’t work without it and it was very important to the company. When they gave me the mail-merge I requested, I told them it wouldn’t do what I needed done. They told me, “But you asked for a mail-merge, and that’s what we gave you. If you have told us what you wanted to accomplish, we would have told you that you really needed something different.” This was an important lesson that I still remember and implement years later. When people say they want “X,” I ask, “What are you trying to accomplish with X?” Often it turns out that X won’t help them achieve their goals, and they need Y. When I understand the goal, not the way they think they can

proportionate, cooler, more talented, or whatever else we think about them that makes us feel insignificant. Even if we look like the others on the surface, we can find minute differences and base our insecurities on those. I sometimes read the words of other writers and say, “Wow, those people are professional, witty, talented, literary, knowledgeable, etc. and I’m just a hack. Why do I bother writing anyway?” Then I remind myself that I’m not competing with anyone but myself. I have something to give to the world and it doesn’t have to compare to anyone else. I am unique and even if I think someone is better than me, I have no way of knowing what lies deep in their hearts. They may just as well be envious of me, thinking my “bag” is nicer than theirs. 

In kaparos, we say, “Even if there is one [defender] in a thousand [prosecutors] a person will be judged for life.” That means that if nine-hundred and ninety-nine people can’t find a good thing to say about someone, he’s still important and valuable if one person can. I’d like to suggest that it works even if that one defender is the person himself. Hashem knows each of us better than we know ourselves, and He has given us abilities that may be unlike those of anyone else. As long as we use those for the greater good, we are valuable and making a contribution to society. Perhaps that’s why it’s called “finding yourself.” We don’t have to be like everyone else on the surface because we’re not like them deep down. Our aspirations must come from within us, not from how we perceive others. That’s when we can find the real nuggets inside. So never judge a book by its cover – even when it’s an autobiography. Jonathan Gewirtz is a freelance writer whose work has appeared in publications around the world. He also operates, where you can order a custom-made speech for your next special occasion. For more information, or to sign up for the Migdal Ohr, his weekly PDF Dvar Torah in English, e-mail and put Publication Sponsorship or Subscribe in the subject. © 2013 by Jonathan Gewirtz. All rights reserved.



  

a u g u s t 8 , 2013


ne day I got a call from my darling daughter who is quite intelligent, yet, because of her youth, seems to forget that her parents just might be intelligent as well. She was trying to find chicken nuggets in our freezer. I told her she could find them in the door of our second freezer, whereupon she immediately located them and thanked me profusely for the help – not. What actually happened was that in a fraction of a second, she had informed me in a slightly exasperated voice that, “They’re not there!” I knew there was no way she could have gone to the freezer that quickly, so I asked half-rhetorically, “Did you look?” “Yes, but they’re not there!” Obviously, she had looked already, without the benefit of my actual knowledge of their placement or even their actual existence, and assumed there was no way she could have missed them. Now, this is a logic I can’t really argue with, but if

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The Observant Jew

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You Gotta be



A man goes skydiving for the first time. After listening to the instructor for what seems like days, he is ready to go. Excited, he jumps out of the airplane. After a bit, he pulls the ripcord. Nothing happens. He tries again. Still nothing. He starts to panic, but remembers his backup chute. He pulls that cord. Nothing happens... He frantically begins pulling both cords, but to no avail. Suddenly, he looks down and he can’t believe his eyes. Another man is in the air with him, but this guy is going up! Just as the other guy passes by, the skydiver—by this time scared out of his wits—yells, “Hey, do you know anything about skydiving?” The other guy yells back, “No! Do you know anything about gas stoves?”

One day, a rich man is sitting at his desk counting his money, preparing to deposit it at the bank. When he is done, he goes to the bank, but when he arrives, he realizes he left a $100 bill on the desk. So he quickly calls the house and tells the butler that he forgot the $100 bill on the desk, and he will come home to pick it up. When he arrives home, he asks the butler what he did with the bill. The butler said he put it in the top drawer of the rich man’s desk. When the rich man looks in the desk, the money wasn’t there. He asked the maid if she saw the $100 dollar bill. She said she saw the $100 bill when she was dusting and put it between pages 5 and 6 of the green book. When the rich man looked in the book, the money was not there. Who stole the money? Answer below

n a n i d a e R e s Plea n o i t i s o P t h g i r Up Supposedly, these are real life announcements made onboard airline flights: “Welcome aboard Southwest Airlines. To operate your seatbelt, insert the metal tab into the buckle, and pull tight. It works just like every other seatbelt, and if you don’t know how to operate one, you probably shouldn’t be out in public unsupervised.” “Your seat cushions can be used for flotation, and in the event of an emergency water landing, please take them with our compliments.”

of them are on this flight!” “Weather at our destination is 50 degrees with some broken clouds, but we’ll try to have them fixed before we arrive. Thank you, and remember, nobody loves you, or your money, more than Southwest Airlines.” Announcement made after hard landing: “That was quite a bump and I know what ya’ll are thinking. I’m here to tell you it wasn’t the airline’s fault, it wasn’t the pilot’s fault, it wasn’t the flight attendants’ was the asphalt!”

“As you exit the plane, make sure to gather all of your belongings. Anything left behind will be distributed evenly among the flight attendants. Please do not leave children or spouses.”

After a particularly turbulent flight through a wind storm: “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Amarillo. Please remain in your seats with your seatbelts fastened while the captain taxis what’s left of our airplane to the gate!”

“We are pleased to have some of the best flight attendants in the industry... Unfortunately, none

Another flight attendant’s comment after a bumpy landing: “We ask you to please remain

Got funny? Let the Commissioner decide. Send your stuff to

seated as Captain Kangaroo bounces us to the terminal.” After a real crusher of a landing: “Ladies and gentlemen, please remain in your seats until Capt. Crash and the Crew have brought the aircraft to a screeching halt against the gate. And, once the tire smoke has cleared and the warning bells are silenced, we’ll open the door and you can pick your way through the wreckage to the terminal.” “We’d like to thank you folks for flying with us today. And the next time you get the insane urge to go zipping through the skies in a pressurized metal tube, we hope you’ll think of us here at US Airways.”

Answer to riddle: The maid stole the money. You cannot put anything between pages five and six of a book!

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1. How many home runs did Mark McGuire hit in 1997 to break Roger Maris’ record? a. 51 b. 63 c. 70 d. 81

3. When did the MLB ban the use of steroids in baseball? a. 1938 b. 1963 c. 1991 d. 2003 4. What was Roger Clemens’ excuse for throwing a sharp piece of a broken bat at Mike Piazza as he ran to first base in the 2000 World Series? a. “I thought it was the ball.” b. “I picked it up and it slipped out of my hands.” c. “I was just trying to get the piece of bat off of the field.” d. “The adrenalin of the moment got to me.” 5. When Barry Bonds hit his steroid-tainted 756th home run, whose record did he beat? a. Babe Ruth b. Hank Aaron c. Willie Mays d. Ken Griffey 6. According to Sports Illustrated, when was the first time A-Rod tested positive for steroid use? a. 2003

Change just one letter in the word on either side of the parentheses to form a word that fits the definition within the parentheses. (The letter you use will not necessarily be the same for each word.) For example, the answer to MATCH (month) DAY would be MARCH and MAY.

1. BENT (coin) DICE 2. BENCH (tree) LATCH 3. DITCH (language) CREEK b. 2007 c. 2009 d. 2013 7. Why was Pete Rose permanently suspended from Major League Baseball? a. He corked a bat in game 7 of the 1976 World Series b. He was caught reading a TJH Centerfold in the dugout while he was supposed to be managing c. He distributed steroids to his players d. He bet on games while managing the Reds Answers: 1. C- Roger Maris’ held the record of 61 homers in a season until 1997, when both Mark McGuire and Sammy Sosa battled it out to the finish, with McGwire hitting 70 homers and Sosa hitting 66 homers. 2. D 3. C-MBL banned steroids in 1991, but did not implement testing until 2003. 4. A- Clemens’ excuse that he thought it was the ball made no sense because baseball is not dodge ball; you are not supposed to throw the ball at the player as he runs to first. This incident has become one of the highlight reels of the “roid-rage” era. 5. B 6. B- According to Sports Illustrated, in 2003, the MLB conducted a drug-test survey to see if mandatory, random drug-testing was needed for the MLB. 104 players, including A-Rod, tested positive but there were no penalties for a positive result. 7. D

4. FELL (material)SICK 5. FILE (measure)ITCH 6. TOWN (garment)RODE 7. CAMP (fish)BIKE 8. DULL (herb)MIST 9. FIRE (tool) PINK 10. CALL (toy) BAR 11. REAR (fruit) REACH Answers: 1. CENT, DIME 2. BEECH, LARCH 3. DUTCH, GREEK 4. FELT, SILK 5. MILE, INCH 6. GOWN, ROBE 7. CARP, PIKE 8. DILL, MINT 9. FILE, PICK 10. BALL, BAT 11. PEAR, PEACH

2. Which player made this statement in 2005: “I don’t know if steroids are going to help you in baseball. I just don’t believe it. I don’t believe steroids can help eye-hand coordination [and] technically hit a baseball.” a. Derek Jeter b. Bernie Williams c. Cal Ripkin Jr. d. Barry Bonds

Mind Stretch

Scorecard: 6-7 correct: Great job, but why are your brain muscles bulging? 3-5 correct: You may be taking the ‘roids, but you are taking the wrong amount. 0-2 correct: You are clean as a whistle—you definitely didn’t take any brainroids. Whoever said that “it ain’t worth cheating” didn’t play the game.

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Baseball Steroids Trivia

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Forgotten Heroes

Avi Heiligman

Meir Amit

Heading the Fearless Mossad


0th century warfare was much more than men on the front lines with guns. Many factors were required to keep them in the fight. One of these factors was intelligence that many times defines the outcome of a battle. A first world country needs spy and intelligence organizations, and when Israel was created in 1948, it was no exception. The Mossad was formed during the War of Independence to gather intelligence. After the hostilities ended, the organization started taking on many tasks—most of which are unknown to the general public. In 1963, a new director took it to a whole new level. Meir Amit was responsible for making the Mossad a fearful word in the terrorist lingo. Meir Amit was born in 1921 in Tiveria which at the time was under British control. His original name was Meir Slutsky and he added the name Amit because he wanted to be seen as a friend of everyone. Like many of the great spy chiefs, he started his career as a soldier and in this case it was in the 1948 Israeli War of Independence as a member of the Haganah. He joined the underground organization in 1936 and rose up in rank when they fought Arabs in battles the year before independence. During the war, he served as a company commander in campaigns to gain territory

and became a protégé of Moshe Dayan. After the war, he traveled to the U.S. to study in Columbia University and earned a business degree. Returning to Israel in 1961, he served as head of Military Intelligence for two years until he was appointed to head the Mossad. Mossad is short for the words HaMossad leModiʿin uleTafkidim Meyucḥadim which translates to Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations. Their main tasks include intelligence gathering, HUMINT (Human Intelligence as opposed to information gathered from technology like radar and satellites), covert operations and counterterrorism. They report directly to the prime minister and are one of the main pieces in the Israeli intelligence community. Most of the Mossad’s missions are kept secret from the public and only some of their biggest and most important operations make the papers. One of their most famous operations was the 1960 capture of the Nazi beast Adolf Eichmann in Argentina. By the time Amit came to the Mossad in 1963, they were ready for operations against their most dangerous enemies— their Arab neighbors. He began searching through files of potential agents to send to spy on Arab countries. One name that particularly interested Amit was that of Eli Cohen.

Born in Alexandria, Egypt, Cohen had for making the operation work. HUMINT was a very important served in the Egyptian Army but was booted out after his loyalty was ques- factor in the defeat of the Egyptian tioned. He moved to Israel and soon Air Force in the opening hours of the became involved with underground Six Day War. Amit set up a network of work and espionage activities. When spies and informants that relayed vital Amit was looking for an agent to infil- information of the planning, buildup trate the Syrian government, Cohen’s and disposition of the Egyptian forces name was on top of the list. After un- prior to the start of hostilities. The Isdergoing an intense six month training raelis were able to make a preemptive period, he was sent to Syria. Cohen strike on the air bases and land targets established working relationships with opportunity before the Egyptians realhigh level government officials and ized what was happening. After his military and espionage started sending vital information back to Israel. Even though he knew that the career ended, Amit turned to politics, new Syrian head of intelligence was on serving in the Knesset. He was aphis trail, he was sent back to Syria for pointed Minister of Transportation and a third time. In the middle of a trans- Minister of Communications under Menachem Begin but mission over a secret had to resign from radio, Eli Cohen was those posts when his finally caught and party broke up. executed in a public During Amit’s cahanging in 1965. He reer, he strengthened was one of Mossad’s the Mossad’s bond best agents in their with the CIA. Afshort but colorful hister his time with the tory. CIA and involvement Amit’s next misin Israeli politics, he sion that went public personally used his helped the Israeli Air many friends within Force combat the new the agency to recruit Russian-built MiG-21 a nineteen-year-old fighter jet. His soluAmerican as a team tion was to steal one leader in a very secret from the Iraqis. The intelligence unit. first two tries were During the War Meir Amit died unsuccessful, and three Mossad agents were caught and in July 2009 and upon hearing of his executed. Then, in 1964, an Iraqi Jew death, Shimon Peres stated, “Entire contacted the Israeli embassy stating generations of Israelis owe Meir Amit that he had a Christian pilot who was Slutsky a debt of gratitude for his imdoubting his loyalty to the country. mense contribution to Mossad and the The pilot, Munir Redfa, had admira- defense community, a large part which tion for the Israelis because they were remains secret now in building the so few and fought against so many. strength … of Israel. He was a natural After many discussions and complex leader, whom people trusted, and at the plans to get his family to Israel, Redfa same time he was a visionary for the flew his MiG-21 to the Holy Land on state. We are proud to have a personalAugust 16, 1966. The plane was stud- ity of his stature born in our country.” ied and analyzed by the air force for its strengths and weaknesses so that during battle, Israeli pilots would be able to master it in aerial dogfights. The Six Day War took place a year lat- Avi Heiligman is a weekly contributor to er, and the MiG-21 was a mystery no The Jewish Home. He welcomes your commore for the Israeli pilots. In 1968, the ments and suggestions.for future columns U.S. borrowed the plane to inspect it, and can be reached at aviheiligman@ and the CIA was grateful to the Mossad

59 Rozi Davis Davidowitz

Hello, I’m Here! Goodbye!

I’m starving to death so just keep bring me lots of food. I don’t care if there’s nothing in it. I just like opening packages…but don’t forget to put in snacks! Oh, I ran out of socks and underwear, soap and shampoo…” Ok, let me see if I have everything. I have the underwear with the snacks, and the homemade challah with the socks. Whoops, I forgot the soap and shampoo –so they’ll use conditioner instead. Great! Only 5,000 more exits to go and four more gas station stops for the bathroom, snacks and a little extra gas just in case. We finally arrive at camp. After a half-hour wait in our car in line with other exasperated visitors, we are directed to park a half mile down the road on a field with a bunch of cows,

almost in view of camp. At this point the cows have more energy than we do. We should call a cab to take us from here to the camp entrance! We’re one of the many soldiers – worn out, sweating, schlepping, and dragging goodies for our starving children, while the upbeat heads of the camp zip by us waving happily on their state-of-the-art golf carts. Ugh! Only another 12 mile hike to their bunks.

counselors, junior counselors, waiters, (another relaxing aspect of Visiting Day), and admire their beautifully organized cubbies that they stayed up till 2am to organize (because the rest of the summer it’s a total mess!). We sit on their bunk beds by their little fans that don’t help the heat and eat half the junk food we bought. Now that we’ve eaten for a good fifteen minutes, we’re off to the canteen!

We are directed to park a half mile down the road on a field with a bunch of cows. At this point, the cows have more energy than we do.

Are the kids going to be as excited to see us, as we are to see them? The anticipation is heightened each time I see one of my grandchildren in the distance. And then suddenly, there’s this handsome blond guy…He rushes towards me on roller blades with his hands outstretched! It’s one of my grandsons! I drop all my “shmattas” and reach out to receive the engulfing hug. He gives a hug and kiss, and says, “Did you bring me something good?” and he’s off! “See you soon Ema, I’m in a skating race.” So much for long, heartfelt reunions. Well-worth the 14 hours of round-trip travel! Now we start schlepping more of the boxes. Two peaches are rolling down the road, the chocolate is melting all over my blouse, but I’m so excited to see the rest of my grandchildren. I can’t wait! They’re probably sitting on the steps of their bunk holding their breath waiting to see us. And then I see the most beautiful sight in the world, the most engaging, the most delicious sight an Ema can see. All my grandchildren (except the ones in the other camp I will have the pleasure to visit next week) are sitting in the grass and laughing, all suntanned and radiant. We kiss and we hug and we take about 34 pictures. The older boys pick me up, and the younger kids pull me down to them. We visit their bunks, tip their 16

We buy up virtually everything they sell—pizza, French fries, spicy fries, knishes, tuna wraps, frozen yogurt, Snapple. We charge it to their canteen accounts so they pleasantly remind us to put more money into their accounts. While we devour the dairy food, we look over at the sumptuous barbecue on the other side of the canteen. We consider grabbing a quick hot dog and onion rings, but alas, Hoppies, the incomparable local ice cream store, beckons us and wins out. After the ice cream delight, we’re off to Walmart to restock up on more snacks. We try to rush as the day is quickly passing by. We pay at the “Self Check Out” machine that stops at every third item. Then the friendly, patient lady comes with her special ID card, types in her secret code, and gets

the conveyer belt moving again. On our way out, we pass other campers getting their first haircut in a month at the Walmart’s “Supercuts.” Their relieved mothers are standing by delighted, as they watch their son’s face reemerge from under their cropped hair. Finally, we come back to the bunks to dump all the replenished junk food on their beds. As they organize their snacks and share it with their fellow campers, they begin listing the snacks and other items they need us to send up in the next package. “Doesn’t this camp serve any meals?” we ask. “The dining room is too far and we can only order one snack from the canteen twice a week.” I had mistakenly thought camp fees included a morsel of food! It’s all been wonderful! It’s worth everything! All the schlepping, the coming and going. But then there is the big announcement over the loudspeaker: “Thank you so much. We hope you enjoyed Visiting Day. Now it is time for the parents to leave. Have a safe trip home.” And it ends. The time goes by so quickly. Well, we had one amazing day. “I’ll write to you!” “You write to me!” “We’ll see each other at the end of the summer!” “Don’t forget the packages!” We get back into the car and take off as quickly as possible so we can catch up to the traffic ahead! It has been worth every minute of the travel time. The day has passed so quickly. Everything passes so quickly. Take advantage of the time you have with your loved ones. And take the time to enjoy the good times.

a u g u s t 8 , 2013


ast Sunday was Visiting Day and it only took four hours to get to the camp and another eight hours in “bumper to bumper” traffic to get home. We made record time this year! Ah…Visiting Day, always a pleasure! We were so excited; we hadn’t seen our grandchildren in weeks and we missed them like crazy. We accumulated different pieces of junk – assorted food, candies, toys and extra clothing. So we’re speeding up to camp because we don’t know if we’re on time, if we’re an hour early or an hour late – we just don’t know! You see, there’s this thing called “Camp Time.” Our children and grandchildren have been going to camp practically all their lives and we still haven’t figured out if it’s earlier or later up there. Wait! I take out one of the letters my granddaughter wrote me to check that I have everything she needs. I read a little: “I’m starving!!! Bring me lots of food! Bring Shabbos food, day food, night food, junk food… OMG! I have to go on a diet – I’m getting so fat I can’t fit into anything anymore! But

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The Jewish Home n

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Health & Fitness

Aliza Beer

The Green Coffee Bean Diet Fact or Fiction?


any “miracle drugs” and “fad diets” enter the proverbial weight loss spotlight, especially now that an ever-increasing amount of Americans are becoming more health conscious leading to an expanded consumer market for ways to lose weight. The single biggest mistake someone looking to lose weight could make is buying into a popular fad diet and thinking it replaces a traditional weight loss diet. There is no such thing as a “miracle diet.” Thus, all these alternative methods for weight loss are false, dangerous, or only temporary. This brings us to the newest popular diet: The Green Coffee Bean.

The Claim Green coffee beans are raw or unroasted coffee seeds. The difference between these raw seeds and normal coffee beans is chlorogenic acid. When a coffee bean is roasted, its chlorogenic acid is greatly depleted. As recently publicized nationally, this chlorogenic acid supposedly has health benefits including weight loss. All the companies selling these beans point to one study in the journal, Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity, which claims that based on research, green coffee beans cause weight loss without dieting or exercising.

The Issues Starting at the very core of this, the study is not reliable whatsoever. First off, this grand study was only done on sixteen people, which is too small of a sample size to produce accurate results. Secondly, even the control group which

took a placebo showed weight loss. The group that took the green coffee beans supposedly lost two pounds over three separate six-week experiments while participants in the control group lost one pound. Also, all studies use a mechanism called a trial parameter, which sets the specific conditions and procedures unique to the study. In order to ensure that trial parameters aren’t manipulated or changed in middle of the study to produce better results, all legitimate studies first register with However, this study was never registered with that site. Lastly, even roasted coffee beans have a significant amount of chlorgenic acid and green coffee beans aren’t that much better since they still maintain high levels of caffeine, which causes nervousness, restlessness, and a higher heart rate. There are no quick shortcuts and miracle diets when it comes to weight loss. WebMD concludes, “The research [of green coffee beans] so far is preliminary and poor quality.” No conclusive research shows anything significant about coffee beans in relation to weight loss. Therefore, since the only proven active ingredient is the high caffeine content, I would urge people to avoid these beans. Weight loss is a lifestyle change, which includes healthier food selection and a real personalized diet in order to be successful and to maintain that success. Researcher Scott Gavura commented that people seeking to lose weight should avoid “unproven products instead of … credible, science-based information. In the real world, permanent weight loss is difficult, and there are no quick fixes.” Aliza Beer is a registered dietician with a Master’s degree in nutrition. She has a private practice in Cedarhurst, NY. Patients’ success has been featured on the Dr. Oz Show. Aliza’s new line of prepared, healthy meals-to-go are available at Gourmet Glatt. Aliza can be reached at


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T h eT HJ Ee w s hI SHHo m u s2t 48, ,2012 2013 J EiW H Oe MnE na uMgAY

62 94

Cover Story Matt Solomon

The Mideast Peace Talks


To the Loser Goes the Spoils

ld joke: “How does a certain European nation (as they are a putative ally, they will remain nameless, though if you wanted to see the Eiffel Tower that would be the place) go into battle?” The answer: “With its hands up in surrender.” I was reminded of the joke when I was thinking of the recent renewal of peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians. Israel seems to have taken the punch-line of this joke as a strategy. Israel, winner of every war and battle with its neighbors (some victories decisive; others with small margins), consistently has come to negotiating tables, hat-in-hand, evincing the persona of the losing side. Abbas’ Demands This recent exercise in “statesmanship” is no different. Prior to agreeing to engage in peace talks with Israel, the president of the Palestinian Authority (PA), Mahmoud Abbas, played the victor, presenting three demands that Israel would need to meet before the talks would commence: Israel must commit to negotiate the borders of a Palestinian state on the basis of the pre-1967 borders; a halt to all building in the settlements; Israel must release 104 prisoners being held since before the Oslo Accords in 1993, all of whom have blood on their hands; many are mass murderers involved in the most brutal terrorist attacks against Israelis. Israel acquiesced to the last condition, adding its own condition that the release occur in four stages throughout the nine month negotiation period, if the negotiations proceed. David Horovitz, editor of Times of Israel, wrote

a superb editorial evaluating the three conditions. He opined that the release of the prisoners was the worst and least remediable of all options. He argued that by definition, the talks on Palestinian statehood would take place on the basis of the pre-1967 lines since these are the limits of what the international community considers to be legitimate Israeli sovereign territory and a settlement freeze is instantly reversible if negotiations collapse. So in effect either of these would come at no real expense. That is not, however, the case with a prisoner release. The damage to Israel’s rule of law by setting free terrorists, all of whom were tried in Israeli courts and convicted to life sentences, is incalculable and enduring. Once a terrorist is released, there is no returning him until he once again violates the law which is a most likely scenario as proven with previous prisoner releases, most recently in the Shalit exchange. So why would Israel choose this point to concede to the Palestinians? It may be that Netanyahu is betting that the talks will collapse before the phases of the prisoner releases are completed and that other than the initial release of 26 terrorists, no other release will come to pass before the worst of the offenders are set free. That would seem to be an improbable gamble as the pressure on Israel by the United States will be extraordinary, most of which will occur in private arm-twisting sessions. It may be that Abbas independently realized the points made by Horovitz above and wanted something concrete for returning to negotiations. Remember, a jail-bird in the hand is worth 2 nebulous points. Analysts have suggested Israel acceded to this

point for two other reasons: raising Abbas’ stature in PA controlled territories and gaining support from the Obama administration for an anticipated strike against Iran. Let’s examine these points. On first glance it would seem that the release of Palestinian prisoners boosts the standing of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and “moderate” Palestinians and facilitates the resumption of peace talks. The Palestinian School of Thought There seems to be several schools of thought amongst the Palestinians as to why this is not necessarily the case. There is the “You Owed it to Me Anyway” school of thought in which many Palestinians do not see Israel’s decision to the 104 Palestinian terrorists who were imprisoned before the signing of the Oslo Accords two decades ago as a gesture on the part of Israel. Rather, they regard the Israeli move as something that Israel was supposed to have done anyway, many, many years ago. As Saeb Erekat, the chief PLO negotiator, explained: “This Israeli cabinet decision is an overdue step towards the implementation of the Sharm el Sheikh agreement of 1999, whereby Israel committed to release all the pre-Oslo prisoners. We welcome this decision fourteen years later.” Erekat’s statement exposes the PA position that the prisoner release was not a goodwill gesture but rather an overdue bill finally paid. Then there is the “Drop in the Bucket” school of Palestinian thought who see the release of the 104 prisoners as a negligible achievement for Abbas because it constitutes barely 10% of the haul Hamas secured in return for releasing kidnapped Israel Defense

Israel, winner of every war and battle with its neighbors, consistently has come to negotiating tables hat-in-hand, evincing the persona of the losing side. America wants to say that it brought both sides to the table and kept them there

The Likelihood of Success The Palestinians are not the only side of the table expressing doubts about the outcome of negotiations. Numerous prominent members of the ruling coalition are skeptical as to a fully viable peace accord being born in nine months. One source said, “We know that the PA accepts any Israeli offer as a fait accompli, even if they themselves reject those offers. It’s a fact that the PA has demanded the concessions made by Israel in previous negotiations as a starting point for new ones, even if they themselves rejected those concessions.” If this is the case, as history supports, then it actually discourages the Palestinians from achieving a concluded peace agreement, permitting them instead to make incremental gains while sacrificing nothing during negotiations. Knesset Speaker MK Yuli Edelstein of the ruling Likud Party said that attempting to reach a comprehensive “peace deal” with the Palestinian Authority

Is Bibi hoping the talks will fall apart before all the terrorists are released?

could wind up causing more violence rather than reducing it. “If the idea is to reach a permanent accord in nine months,” he said in an interview, “then I still haven’t found anyone with a convincing answer, who can tell me if [Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas] represents Judea and Samaria, or Gaza as well. I have yet to hear anyone give a commitment that he is also speaking for Gaza. There is a different government there. So the chances are very slim.” Edelstein recommended narrowing the scope of the talks. “If the negotiations concentrate on cooperation in different areas like the economy, water, environment, etc., I think we can gain from the talks. If we are dragged into gestures like releasing prisoners and perhaps other things, all the Palestinians will be interested in will be to take as much as they can and leave. If we discuss cooperation agreements out of an understanding that the time is not ripe for agreements, we will be better off.” Edelstein added, “It seems that with the fervor of some elements in Washington and the international community to achieve an instant peace, it is hard to convince them that this road leads nowhere.” Edelstein noted that failing in an attempt to resolve all of the problems, as was attempted in previous rounds of negotiation, would result in a wave of violence and intensify international activity to boycott Israel on the perceived truism that Israel is the party at fault. Edelstein does not have a crystal ball, just a good grasp of history. The head of Israel Beyteinu, ex-Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, recently said that there is no chance that “peace talks” between Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA) will lead to a peace deal. “Nine months from now, even the respectable people leading the process will understand that it is impossible to reach a comprehensive diplomatic agreement,” Lieberman stated. “We need to make do with what we have – security and economic cooperation, and building a common path.” Results of the Israel Democracy Institute (IDI) and Tel Aviv University monthly Peace Index poll were released on the 6th of August and it seems the Israeli public agrees with the assessments of ministers Edelstein and Lieberman. The poll found that 79% of Israeli Jews think the new round of negotiations have a low chance of success of yielding a peace agreement, while 18% believe they have a high chance of succeeding. The perception amongst 63% of Israeli Jews is that the Israeli government is truly interested in returning to the negotiating table while just 29% believe

the Palestinian Authority wants the negotiations. The Palestinians are considerably more optimistic, with 41% thinking there is a low chance of success while 47% believe there is a high chance. Amongst Arabs, surprisingly, 58% feel that the Israelis are sincere about the talks while a whopping 85% believe that the Palestinian Authority are genuinely committed to the negotiations. A Page in History And finally, from a most unlikely source, the pundit I believe with the most accurate and succinct assessment of the fledgling peace talks: Ghassan Khattib. Khattib, a former minister in the Palestinian Authority,

The damage to Israel’s rule of law by setting free terrorists, all of whom were tried in Israeli courts and convicted to life sentences, is incalculable and enduring. believes that the negotiations will in practice continue for some time, albeit without a peace deal. “Endless negotiation is good for the Americans. They can point to success in bringing the sides to the table and keeping them there. Netanyahu can avoid U.S. pressure, and it shows he’s engaged in the peace process. Abbas can continue to be fed with money, prisoner releases and other things and maintain the survival of the PA.” It seems Mr. Khattib, like Mr. Edelstein, is not reading from a crystal ball, just from a page in history.

Matt Solomon is a writer, analyst and commentator living in Alon Shvut, Israel, with his wife and two children. He can be contacted at

Abbas played the victor by demanding three conditions prior to negotiations

63 95 T ThHeEJJeEwWi IsShHHHoOmMeE nn Ma AY u g u2s4t, 2012 8 , 2013

Forces soldier Gilad Shalit. “Israel is not doing anyone a favor by releasing 100 prisoners,” said a Fatah official in Ramallah. “While we welcome this decision, we do not see how it could help the peace process, particularly in light of the fact that there are more than 5,000 Palestinians who are still in prison.” According to this school, the “bucket” is not proverbially half-full but rather 99% empty with the balance of the detritus remaining in Israeli prisons. And finally there is the “A Bribe? You Offend Me” school of thought as they accept the release of the prisoners and plan celebrations in their honor. Palestinians will continue to criticize Abbas for “succumbing” to U.S. pressure and going to the peace talks against the recommendation of the PLO leadership. Some Palestinians, including Abbas loyalists, see the release of a few dozen prisoners as a “bribe” offered by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry to the Palestinian Authority president to entice him to return to the talks. These Palestinians point out that in return for this “bribe,” Abbas was forced to drop his two other preconditions for resuming the peace talks: a full cessation of settlement construction and Israeli acceptance of the pre1967 lines as the basis for a two-state solution. The only point of unanimity amongst the schools of thought will be to attack Israel in the media for not fulfilling all of their demands, including the additional demands of a settlement freeze, the talks on Palestinian statehood starting at the pre-1967 lines, and the release of the rest of the prisoners.

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cross river bank GOLF AND TENNIS OUTING to benefit MADRAIGOS

August 19 th 2013 Trump National Golf Club Westchester


• 12 custom made Zille ties $3,000 value • 2 Islanders tickets Section 118 “High 5 Section” • TaylorMade gift set: Driver, Rescue, Wedge, Putter, Bag • Trump Westchester foursome • Trump Bedminster foursome • Case of wine or magnum • 5-day/4-night 2 in a golf lodge room/golf cart at Casa De Campo Resort & Spa in La Romana, Dominican Republic • $500 Jet Blue gift card, no blackout dates

• 2 Nets tickets floor seats • 2 Knicks tickets (premium seating) w/ autographed John Starks ball • $500 Gift Coin to London Jewelers • Invicta 0509 Reserve Chronograph Stainless Steel Men’s Watch •The New IPAD • 43 inch Samsung Plasma Flat Screen with mount • 2 Jets tickets with an autographed football

CONTESTS Beat the Pro • Closest to the Line • Closest to the Pin • Jet Blue Challenge • Longest Drive

Be a part of this exclusive event! Join us for Cocktails & Dinner or Purchase Raffle Tickets Cocktails and Dinner $150 Raffle Tickets 1 for $25, 5 for $100, 10 for $180

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For more information or to become a sponsor 516-371-3250 ext. 5

Madraigos, a 501c-3 not-for-profit organization, offers a wide array of innovative services and programs geared towards helping teens and young adults overcome life’s everyday challenges one step at a time. Our goal is to provide all of our members with the necessary tools and skills to empower them to live a healthy and productive lifestyle and become the leaders of tomorrow.

65 The Jewish Home n

raBBi naftali & rivKy reiCh taKe pleasure in inviting you to ora v'siMCha's h i g h ly aC C l a i M e d w e e K e n d fa M i ly r e t r e at

“Parenting on

Purpose ”

Exceptional service, luxurious accommodations, gourmet meals and our professional child care program combine to provide the perfect backdrop for your well earned break while you immerse yourself in the informative and engaging workshops of our parenting retreat. At the Luxurious

B eit s hvidler C onferenCe C enter monsey, ny


Shabbos Parshas Ki Savo special guest presenter

P ro f ess Chi ional ldr P ro g e n ' s with ram Su C a r n d ay niva l

Rebbetzin Jill Kaisman presenters include:

r ' jonathan rietti

r ' laBel laM

r ' naftali reiCh

Mrs . Chani juravel

Mrs. MiriaM shira swiatyCKi

M rs . s hoshanna K irshner Program Coordinator

845-216-3970 or email: Special dietary requests welcome


$695 per Couple $175 per child over 1 year of age (all taxes and gratuities included)

Ora V'Simcha's Exclusive Guarantee: If you are unsatisfied at the conclusion of the retreat, you will receive a refund voucher for your full cost.

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the family division of ohr somayach monsey, ny

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“Say What?” Calm down man, you’re good…Why don’t you slow down a little bit for me. We’ll let you off with a warning. Just take it easy. Go ahead and shut your glove compartment. Don’t play with your firearm. - A Dallas police officer to George Zimmerman after he pulled him over for speeding in Dallas last week. (Zimmerman, following procedure, opened his glove compartment to disclose his firearm to the police officer) Major League Baseball has suspended Alex Rodriguez for 211 games, but A-Rod is still fighting. He’s vowing to come back 10 times bigger and 10 times stronger. I don’t know if that’s a good sign or not. - Jay Leno It’s not just A-Rod. Baseball gave 12 players 50-game suspensions. The rules are clear. If you’re going to do drugs and still expect to play, you’d better be a musician. That’s the only way you can do drugs and still play. - Jay Leno

President Putin’s behaving like a schoolyard bully, and in my experience, I’ve learned, unless you stand up to that bully, they ask for more and more and more. And he’s always going out of his way, President Putin is, to seem to poke us in the eye, whether it’s in Iran, in Syria, now with Snowden. - New York Senator Chuck Schumer on Face the Nation

Baseball suspended 13 players for alleged use of performance-enhancing drugs, most notably baseball’s highest paid player, Alex Rodriguez of the Yankees. A-Rod is suspended for 211 games. That is an odd number, but .211 is what they calculated his batting average would have been without the drug. - Jimmy Kimmel

Alex Rodriguez has been suspended from baseball for 211 games, but he said he’ll appeal the decision and keep playing. Yeah, even Anthony Weiner was like, “Man, some people just don’t know when to quit.” - Jimmy Fallon

The odds of dying in a terrorist attack are a lot lower than they are of dying in a car accident. - President Obama on the Jay Leno Show, urging people not to panic over the heightened threat of a terrorist attack President Obama celebrated his 52nd birthday yesterday. You can tell he’s getting older because he no longer supports President Obama. - Jimmy Fallon The Boston Globe newspaper has been sold for $70 million, even though 20 years ago it went for $1.1 billion. I couldn’t believe that story when I saw it for free on the Internet. - Jimmy Fallon

Quotes The Zionist regime has been a wound on the body of the Islamic world for years and the wound should be removed. - Newly installed Iranian President Hassan Rouhani

Al-Qaeda announced that they will try to free the inmates at Guantanamo Bay. Yeah, because nothing helps you pull off a prison break like announcing it ahead of time. - Conan O’Brien

We Mujahedeen are imperfect soldiers trying to form a perfect religion. - Maj. Nidal Hasan, who murdered 13 U.S. Soldiers in Ft. Hood in Texas while screaming “Allah Akbar,” during opening statements at his trial, in which he is representing himself A year ago, the president said al-Qaeda is on the run. And now we seem to be on the run. - Bill Kristol on Fox News Sunday, discussing the closure of 22 U.S embassies due to a pending alQaeda threat

Nevada’s parole board said O.J. Simpson could be granted early parole. O.J. said he’s looking forward to getting out and showing today’s NFL players how to really murder someone. - Conan O’Brien

It’s gonna be a tough choice. - Sen. John McCain (R-AR), when asked who he would vote for in a 2016 presidential match-up between Hillary Clinton and Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY)

Compiled by Nate Davis We were here before you and we will be here after you. - MK Zahalka, who is an Arab, addressing the Israeli Knesset I did not plan to speak, but I heard Member of Knesset Zahalka’s statement. You said, “We were here before you and we’ll be here after you’re gone.” The first part is not true and the second part will never happen. - Prime Minister Netanyahu responding to MK Zahalka,

I will say he’s a terrorist. -MSNBC host Chris Matthews, discussing Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas)

House Republicans have done more damage to American competitiveness than al Qaeda ever could. What is happening is sabotage. Terrorists couldn’t do a better job than the Republicans are doing. - Rep Charles Rangel [D-NY] in an interview with the Daily Beast For a federal employee, I think it is more likely — and I can speak for myself — I prefer to stay with the current policy, that I’m pleased with, rather than go through a change, if I don’t need to go through that change. - IRS Commissioner Daniel Werfel when asked during a Congressional hearing why employees of the IRS are circulating petitions that they be exempt from Obamacare This weekend President Obama celebrated his 52nd birthday. For his birthday, Michelle Obama jumped out of a cake and told him he’s not allowed to have any. - Conan O’Brien

Reflecting the strong standing we’ve seen for him a lot of places lately, Rand Paul is the top choice of GOP voters in Alaska with 18% to 14% for Sarah Palin, 13% for Chris Christie, 11% for Jeb Bush, 9% for Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan, 8% for Ted Cruz, 5% for Rick Santorum, and 2% for George Zimmerman. -From a poll conducted by a Democrat polling company. (George Zimmerman has been a registered Democrat since turning 18) We say get out or you are dead. We give them two minutes and then we start shooting and that’s the only way they will understand. - A Palestinian community leader speaking at Toronto’s annual AlQuds Day rally

They throw because there is little else to do in Beit Ommar — no pool or cinema, no music lessons after school, no part-time jobs other than peddling produce along the road. They do it because their brothers and fathers did. - The New York Times in a perspectives article, explaining why Palestinians throw stones at Israelis

Luckily, we’ve got options. For “citizens,” how about “residents”? - Memo by the Seattle Office for Civil Rights, explaining that the term “citizen” is offensive to illegals

These people are trying to paint me as a monster and I’m not a monster. I’m sick. - Ariel Castro at his sentencing for holding three woman in Cleveland captive for 10 years There was a tiny, slight pinprick of empathy in me. - MSNBC host Chris Hayes, discussing Ariel Castro’s delusional statement at his sentencing I was told in the last summer that there’d been a [Romney] family vote in late 2010. There were twelve votes, 10 votes saying [Mitt] shouldn’t run, 2 saying he should. [Mitt] was one of the 10 who said no. - Dan Balz, author of Collision 2012, talking about Mitt Romney’s ambivalence about running for president

This is typical Alex--Instead of taking responsibility for his actions, he blames everybody else. - A Yankee official to the Daily News, in response to Alex Rodriguez’ comments “I know we’re not supposed to say anything unkind about Islam, I mean, it’s politically incorrect. I get that. But can someone explain to me why it is that we tiptoe around a religion that promotes the most murderous mayhem on the planet in their so-called ‘holiest days.’ You know, if you’ve kept up with the Middle East, you know that the most likely time to have an uprising of rock throwing and rioting comes on the day of prayer on Friday. So the Muslims will go to the mosque, and they will have their day of prayer, and they come out of there like uncorked animals — throwing rocks and burning cars. You know, I’m just pointing out that for all of the demands that we’re supposed to be so very polite, and I’m not saying all Muslims are radical and I am not saying that all Muslims are violent. I’m not. But we as a government recognize that the most likely times for them to erupt in some type of terrorist activity, violent storming of an embassy, is on their holy days. - Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee on his radio program

I’m inviting him to a beer – anytime he would like to come down and sit down at the pub right around the corner from the Senate. - Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) proposing a truce with Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ)

I’m running for reelection in New Jersey, I don’t really have time for that at the moment... At the end of the day, I never called him any names, yet he called me names. I didn’t use any childish-type phrases like “gimme, gimme, gimme”; he did. And I just have to assume from that he’s just trying to get attention. And that’s fine. He’s not the first politician who’s used me to get attention in the national media, and I’m sure he won’t be the last. - Gov. Christie, responding to Sen. Paul’s offer

The gap between the have and have-nots is getting wider and wider... It’s gonna be a problem that no amount of police can solve, because once you have that sort of oppression and that gap is widening, it’s inevitable that something is going to happen. - A rap-mogul who formerly was a minority owner of the Nets and currently has a sports agency talking with Bill Maher

Gov. Rick Perry speaking in New Orleans last weekend: Gov. Rick Perry: There are many

other states that embrace those conservative values, the approach that we’ve taken over the years. I’m in one today in Florida. You look at South Carolina, you look at Florida.” Audience Member: You’re in Louisiana!


a u g u s t 8 , 2013

It is interesting. The FBI has put some photos up on its website of people of interest, but they haven’t arrested anybody. And I’ll tell you this: We’ve been working on a project here at CNN for a special due out later ... And Arwa Damon, our great correspondent, went back to Benghazi. She sat down with one of the people the FBI says is a lead suspect for 2 hours. He says he’s never been contacted by the Libyan government, never been contacted by the FBI, so that is why you have this exasperation among some leading Republicans in the Congress. - CNN’s John King, discussing Benghazi

I think we all agree that we want to get rid of PEDs; that’s a must. All the players, we feel that way. But when all this stuff is going on in the background, and people are finding creative ways to cancel your contract, that’s concerning for present and I think it should be concerning for future players, as well. - Alex Rodriguez insinuating that the Yankees are colluding with the MLB so that they shouldn’t have to pay him the $100 million remaining on his contract

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Rand Paul and Chris Christie, I hate to see Fat Man and Little Boy quibble like this. I mean, as Roger Ailes says, you cannot shoot inside the tent. And when the 400 pound guy is telling you you bring home too much bacon, you know it’s gone absolutely mad. And yeah, if they’re going to keep shooting inside the tent like this, you ought to just get the fur-like pantsuit ready for Hillary, because Big Mama is going to be in that inaugural parade, and Huma Abedin is going to be the next chief of staff. - Dennis Miller


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Deb Hirschhorn, Ph.D.

TJH Staff

What’s Chazak, Chazak For?


’m a therapist, not a rabbi. But if there are 70 levels of interpretation to Torah, then I may as well contribute an idea. I have been telling clients for years to recite “chazak, chazak v’nischazek” [Strength! Strength! Let us make ourselves strong] to remind themselves to be strong. People have reported to me that it has gotten them through all sorts of crises in their lives and is really part of their healing. It doesn’t surprise me: Hashem has given us this wonderful chant as we conclude each sefer of the Torah, so He must have known how powerful it is. You’d think, “What does being strong have to do with going on in Torah?” The immediate thought is that we need strength just to learn Torah because our lives are so busy and can take us away. Also, being strong is what we need in order to live. We Jews have survived because of it. But I see more there than that: I’m now thinking that it is a mitzvah, an actual commandment. That is, we not only “should” be strong; we don’t have a choice: We must. Another way of putting it is that we can’t wiggle out of our responsibilities to be strong. Let me give you one example: parenting. It is a whole lot easier for beleaguered parents to throw up their hands and cry as their children run roughshod over them than to dole out discipline. But if you take this “chazak” statement as a requirement, then you simply can’t give in to that temptation. You’ve got to say, “No” to your kid. I

realize that is difficult – he might yell at you, and you’re afraid. The fact that you have come so far down this awful road that your child could actually yell at you (or swear or slam doors or walk out; take your pick) shows that you lacked that “chizuk”

not hers. It is yours because you are required to be strong. You don’t have the choice to skirt the issue. So you need to set boundaries. And you need to do it now. Here is how to begin – and it is never too late:

When we are strong, we provide our children a calm, happy, secure environment. (strength) in the first place. But you surely need it now! True, it shouldn’t have come this far, but it can get worse. You have not reached rock bottom. Your child is 15 and you are 40. Imagine a day 40 years hence – it will come, I assure you – when your child will be 55 and capable of elder abuse. It happens, trust me. And the people it happens to are the ones who lacked that “chizuk” to set limits on their children’s behavior 40 and 50 years earlier. If you check out the news, you will often see the sad stories of families torn apart by squabbling and even violence in their adult years. Not only that, even if an adult child does not become so over-the-line that she abuses her elderly parent, when she is still an irritating teenager, she can lose her arichas yamim [long life]. Being rude and disrespectful on her part earns a person a potential loss of years of life. And whose fault is that? Yours,

First, be sure to look for a time when there are no arguments and no high drama. Explain that you have been remiss in your job as parent and apologize for that. Next, explain that from now on there will be clear rules and one of them is not to be rude. Rudeness will need a quick apology, possibly in writing. Third, the apology will have to include a set of plans for the child to overcome her behavior. Finally, there have to be clear consequences. One thing I’ve consistently found is that children of any age respect and appreciate fairness. Fairness means punishing them when it is appropriate. So I might have the following conversation in session with a child, say, Andrea. Me: So, Andrea, you don’t like your father screaming at you. Andrea: I hate it! Me: Of course. Who’d like that? So, seriously, if your father absolutely stopped screaming, like completely, 100%, but instead took away your computer privileges for being rude, for say, even a whole week, which would be better? Andrea: If he didn’t scream, I’d live with it. But I’d be good! He wouldn’t

have to take away the privileges. I mean it! This is a typical, real conversation. Children are far more reasonable than we give them credit for. The reason they are not – yet – reasonable with you is because they always will push their limits. They do that to gain security – and when they can push too far, they lose security. They don’t actually want to be able to push so far. They want you to stop them! That provides security. An analogy would be if you wanted to sit down on a rickety seat, maybe you’d poke it and press down just to make sure it would hold you. Maybe you would exert considerable force. Parents whose limits were set from infancy and clearly communicated don’t have such a difficult time with limits as the kids get older. When you see easygoing, well-behaved children, you’re looking at limits in action. You’re looking at chizuk. When we are strong, we provide our children a calm, happy, secure environment. In that process, we assure them length of days because they will not lose their arichas yamim due to disrespect. We also assure ourselves a happy old age because we will have raised a child who has learned self-control. And we’re performing a mitzvah.

Dr. Deb Hirschhorn, a Marriage & Family Therapist and best-selling author of The Healing Is Mutual--Marriage Empowerment Tools to Rebuild Trust and Respect--Together, is proud to announce that readers of The Jewish Home will receive a $50 discount on every visit to her Woodmere office. For more information, call 646-54-DRDEB or check out her website at

Moshe A. Yachnes, LMSW

Does Marinated Meat Taste Better? The Psychological Advantage of Time Giving ourselves time to “marinate” our thoughts will actually help us create alternative and healthier responses to the challenges we face.

in judgment that leads us to make unproductive choices. We might not even be aware that our natural intuition is based on false or misleading information. In fact, successful choices in the past do not necessarily prove that in a new setting with different variables the outcome will be positive. It is largely due to this rushed or lazy way of thinking that we find ourselves consistently making poor decisions. In his bestselling book, Thinking Fast and Slow, Dr. Kahneman explains that we all adapt a particular style or approach to decision-making. He divides an individual’s thinking patterns into two distinct categories. System One is an initial or intuitive thought process and System Two is an analytical, slow thought process. System One happens instantaneously as well as subconsciously. Our thought process works quickly to observe a new situation and integrate it to an already established belief network. We combine new and old information within the first few moments we are presented with an option. Often, we look for similarities rather than examine the probability of a different outcome. System Two, however, the slow way of thinking, is our cognitive ability to investigate in detail the specifics of the question and establish a new outcome. It is a deliberate and careful process full of detailed analysis. The ultimate goal according to Dr. Kahneman, is to incorporate System Two or slower thoughts, thereby enabling us to formulate healthier decisions and accurate

choices. The challenge is taking the time to actually implement analytical, slow thinking. It is more difficult and takes much more psychological energy to accomplish this on a consistent basis. All too often we feel forced to make instant decisions. We feel pressured to answer questions about ourselves and about our interactions with others immediately. We do not actually allow ourselves time to think through the entirety of a situation. We don’t give our psyche the chance to formulate and explore options fully. Giving ourselves time to “marinate” our thoughts will actually help us create alternative and healthier responses to the challenges we face. Madraigos’ newest initiative, The Breakfast Café, was designed for young adults who are at a unique stage of development. The main focus of this group is to help our youth appreciate the importance of time when evaluating life’s many opportunities. The group, which meets every Wednesday morning, consists of young men ages 18 to 21 who are in the process of making major life decisions. These choices are extremely

critical in determining their future. For the first time, these young adults have the freedom and responsibility to make their own decisions. They are faced with questions such as “How do I spend my time now that I’m finished with high school?”, “How do I know which career would make me happy ?”, or “Should I start dating?” With the help of licensed therapists who facilitate structured group discussion in a safe, non-judgmental environment, our members have the opportunity to learn and implement System Two analyses or slow thinking skills to ensure qualitative thought and productive decision making as well as other cognitive strengths We all face a dilemma from time to time. Our society demands instant results and we assume, therefore, we need to have answers immediately. If we think slowly and work towards incorporating the psychological “marinating process,” we give ourselves a new outlook and discover new opportunities for better decision-making. Moshe A. Yachnes, LMSW, is the clinical director of Madraigos. Madraigos, a 501c3 not-for-profit organization, offers a wide array of innovative services and programs geared towards helping teens and young adults overcome life’s everyday challenges one step at a time. Its goal is to provide all of their members with the necessary tools and skills to empower them to live a healthy lifestyle and become the leaders of tomorrow.

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he ongoing summer debate about how to create the perfect summer BBQ continues. Many of us look forward to this time of year when we can spend an evening outdoors enjoying a barbeque. There are several reasons to support the idea that meat, fish, and poultry will be healthier and taste better once they have been marinated for a period of time. Marinades kill ninety-nine percent of carcinogenic heterocyclic amines (CHA’s), an unhealthy bacteria produced when meat is cooked directly over a flame. Marinades often work to break down protein chains creating a tenderizing effect which increases natural flavors. The choice about what marinade to use and how long will depend on the amount of time we have as well as individual taste. However, everyone agrees that the marinating process is a critical part of food preparation and adds a valuable component to a delicious meal. There is another situation where the concept of the marinating process is helpful. Throughout the day we are constantly bombarded with numerous options, choices, and opportunities. Problem-solving and decision-making is the cognitive process of selection from various options producing a final choice. These are important psychological skills that affect our daily lives and determine our future success. Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahneman, PhD, describes our thought process as automatic. He explains, “Intuitive thinking refers to ideas that come to mind quickly and without any reflection.” Most of the time, intuition is accurate, being reinforced in many different circumstances throughout our development. Automatic thinking or natural intuition is a normal and healthy approach in this selection process. There are times, however, when our intuitive thought pattern is based on false information, resulting

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71 Shmuel Dovid Rosansky

Jewish App Roundup Android Edition

First, we have a new favorite of mine, Shabbos Zmanim by Orbit Design. This free app stands out from the other candle lighting apps with its beautiful design, accurate zmanim, and additional features. You can have a notification to remind you on Friday morning about the times for candle lighting, havdalah, and the name of the parsha. You can even set an alarm to remind you before candle lighting. Another useful feature is the shortcut to learn about the parsha. Pressing the sefer icon opens up,, or to this week’s parsha for a quick dvar Torah. EveryShabbos Zmanim thing is packaged in a clean and simple interface that is pleasing to look at. The app can use either your GPS to auto-locate you or you can set the location to anywhere in the world. The interface scales according to your screen size, fitting each device perfectly. Finally, the developer is responsive and easy to contact. Users often request features and collaborate with the developer to improve the app. This app is an example of an Android app done correctly.


For the music lovers out there, the next app is for you. JStream, a free app by Yossi, is a well-designed internet radio player. This app aggregates Jewish radio streams from the web and presents them to you in an easy to use format. Simply press the radio icon on the bottom and choose a station. That is it. With over 10,000 downloads, it is pretty popular, and rightfully so. Because the app follows the Android Design Guidelines, it will look good on any device. Additionally, the developer encourages the users to submit new stations that he missed so the app can grow. I really enjoyed listening to the JRoot radio station while writing this article. It is amazing how much good Jewish music there was in the 80’s.

Sefira Reminders, another app by developer Yossi, is a great Sefira reminder app. This app will help you finish the entire sefira with a bracha each night. It has a wonderful reminder system with the option to nag you until the notification is dismissed. The app has a nice layout that fits any screen size. The app shows you the full sefiras haomer text in Nusach Ashkenaz, Sefard, Sephardic (Edut Mizrach), Chabad (Ari), or Teimani.

Next, we have a couple of apps by developer OKtm Websites. This developer has a plethSefira Reminders ora of Jewish Book apps that deserve recognition. Pirkei Avot, Tanya, and Mesilat Yesharim are of the books offered. Although the apps are not especially beautiful, they are useful for quick learning on the go. Just install one of them on your phone and you can easily learn during your commute.


There are a number of siddur apps on the market, but my favorite is AndDaven by S Popper. This free app is simple, concise, and lightweight. It does what it says, and does it well. Though the design layout will not win any awards, it is functional and clean. The app is a siddur, and nothing more. It has no extraneous features to bog you down. Simply open it up and daven. Coming in at only 820 Kilobytes, it takes up less space than a picture would.

Lastly, I would like to point out a new app I just found, Easy Tefillin Mirror by Orbit Design. This free app is described completely by its name. It helps you line up your Shel Rosh using the front camera and a grid overlay. It is simple and very lightweight (only 185 Kilobytes). Even though there are 800,000 apps in the Google Play Store, sometimes you have to sift through the chaff to find the gems. With time, the ratio of good to bad apps will improve, and you will not have to dig deep to find a good app. These are apps that are beautiful and functional. They have earned their place on every Jewish person’s phone.

a u g u s t 8 , 2013


martphones live and die by their apps. Apple’s success with its App Store fuels the iPhone’s demand worldwide, while Blackberry’s failure with its App World is slowly destroying their platform. Android’s Play Store, despite being released 2 years after Apple’s App Store, has recently caught up with the number of apps in iOS and now both app stores boast approximately 800,000 apps. There is one caveat though. Android apps are often less polished than their iOS counterparts. Many developers invest more time designing the iOS apps, leaving Android users with a rough copy of the iOS version. Nevertheless, there is a significant number of well- made Android apps. I want to take a moment to highlight some exemplary Jewish Apps for Android that are worthy of your time.

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Today's Tech

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Ask the Attorney Solomon Steiman, Esq.

Tax and Estate Planning For Foreigners My uncle, a Holocaust survivor living in South America, has an interest in some commercial real estate in New York that has appreciated in value. He would like to ensure that either the property or its value passes to his children. What is the best way to ensure that the largest amount could pass to his children? The Attorney Responds: Your question, although appearing simple on its surface, raises many issues. It reaches the cusp of where business, taxation and estate planning converge. An appropriate response would vary based on the details, many of which you have not provided. As such, I will attempt to describe the typical structure for such a transaction from a business perspective, detailing afterwards some income tax considerations, and finally addressing some estate planning and estate tax considerations. I will also attempt to touch on some of the vehicles which may be used by attorneys in fur-

thering their clients’ interests, whether by themselves or in conjunction with other devices. Commercial real estate is rarely owned directly in one’s name, and I will therefore assume that your uncle owns his interest in the property as a share in a limited liability company (“LLC”) or as stock in a corporation. These entities usually have their own rules that were set out in the initial (operating) agreement and set out how and if one may sell or give over their interest and what happens after death. Since your uncle is not a U.S. citizen or resident alien, by virtue of him having a real property interest in the United States (and specifically New York), he would be subject to significant income taxation in the United States (and New York) resulting from that interest, and after his life to significant estate taxation on the value of that property interest (but not on any non-U.S. property). It would not be an exaggeration to

state that the combined tax burden may be so extensive as to virtually consume the value of the U.S. properties. To make our scenario even more troubling for your uncle, you should realize that this estate, which may have yielded the descendants relatively little after taxes, would be subject to the delays, inconvenience and lack of privacy arising from probate, since it would require the Court to authorize and approve the administration and distribution of these assets, which would of course become official legal records in the U.S., if your uncle was fortunate enough to have made a will; otherwise, besides for any delays, the distribution itself could be subject to the intestacy statutes, which very likely may differ from your uncle’s wishes. Although as U.S. citizens we often don’t question having an estate probated, foreigners desiring privacy as to their possessions often find this disconcerting since their assets and to whom they are distributed becomes part of the public record. In addition, foreigners are likely to also be subject to taxation on these assets in their home country, a matter beyond the scope of this article. U.S. Property Owned by Non-Resident Aliens U.S. income earned by non-resident foreigners is generally taxed at a flat 30%, without any deductions being allowed against that income. However, if that income is connected to a U.S. trade or business or earned from the sale of U.S. real property, it is generally taxed in the same manner as if it was owned by U.S. persons, provided that the U.S. non-residents obtained a U.S. social security number (if eligible) or an individual taxpayer identification number (ITIN). That social security number or ITIN would then be included on U.S. tax returns, which would then be filed in order for the foreign individual to minimize his U.S. tax obligation. When acquiring commercial real estate, the owners of the property will often borrow against the value of the property, and in subsequent years lessen their income tax burden by taking a depreciation deduction based on the full value of the property, including the value of money borrowed. This works nicely in providing an annual tax savings. However, when the owner later desires to sell the property, he will be required to recognize a gain/income not only for

the difference between what he paid for the property and for what he’s selling it, but also for all depreciation that was previously taken, including the value of money borrowed. This might cause the owner to have to recognize an income tax gain virtually equal to the sale price. Thus, before taking into account estate taxes, more than a third (and sometimes over half) of the value of the property has already been consumed by income taxes. Basic U.S. Estate Planning for Non-U.S. Persons After someone’s life, what happens to his U.S. assets, to whom they are distributed, and in what manner it is reported to the court and/or other government entity depends on the parties involved and the planning that was done beforehand. If someone has not engaged in even minimal U.S. estate planning, the distribution after his life would be totally dependent on the intestacy rules of the state where his assets were located. This could potentially require approvals during administration and a complete report upon distribution, all of which are a part of the public record, despite the fact that the assets would be distributed per that state’s statute rather than in the manner the person who owned them would have desired. The estate would then be subject to U.S. federal and possibly state estate taxes, since non-U.S. persons receive virtually no estate tax exemption. This may differ if one of the parties involved is not considered a “non-resident alien.” If one engages in minimal estate planning through the creation of a will, this would ensure that the distributions would be administered by the attorney or other party whom he trusts and designates and would be distributed to the parties he desires. A will, however, does not provide any privacy, since like by intestacy, it requires a level of court approval and reporting. It also does not minimize or shift any taxes. More Sophisticated Planning Through the Creation of Trusts In order to hopefully avoid probate, reporting with the courts, and possibly to save or shift taxes, individuals often create trusts. Trusts are usually created in the state in which the property is situated. They vary in type and features, and may be revocable or permanent. Even when permanent, they may have features that allow them to not be considered permanent from an income tax perspective.

The trust may also be considered its own entity separate from the individual(s) who funded it and placed their assets inside of it. Depending on the type of trust and the specifics involved, this may take the property out of the estate, thereby leaving no estate and nothing that could be subject to probate or reporting. Trusts may be used as instruments that, if done properly, fully take advantage of the leeway afforded by the U.S. tax code, for example, enabling one to essentially transfer his assets to his descendants while still paying the income tax on that property, if he so desires. Trusts, when revocable, can also be used as a probate avoidance mechanism by foreigners who are planning on selling their property and bringing the proceeds back to their country of residence and out of the realm of U.S. estate taxation. If the sale occurs within their lifetime and they bring the proceeds home, the property would not be subject to U.S. estate taxation. Even if the sale only occurs after their life, although it will be part of their U.S. estate, it will nevertheless not be subject to probate. This article has just touched the surface of issues that may be encountered and means and devices that may be employed to ensure that your uncle may maintain maximum privacy, while managing his U.S. assets in the manner that suits him best. For brevity’s sake, I have not touched on either the issue as to whether a foreigner’s (nonresident alien’s) ownership of a U.S. LLC interest is subject to U.S. estate taxation nor on the matter of gift taxation. I’d be glad to speak with either of you to see how I could be of assistance. This article is published for informational purposes only. It is not intended or written to be used, and cannot be used, for the purpose of (i) avoiding penalties under the Internal Revenue Code or (ii) promoting, marketing or recommending to another party any transaction or matter addressed herein. Shlomo Steiman, a former Justice Department Auditor, is a Queens attorney with an office in Manhattan. His practice focuses on taxation, businesses and non-profit organizations. He can be reached by phone at 917-838-5923 or by email at ssteiman@ No column is a substitute for competent legal advice. Please consult with the attorney of your choice concerning specific legal questions you may have.


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74 92 T h e TJHeEwJ iEsWhI SH H o mHeO M n E na uMg AY u s t2 48 , 2012 2013

Summer Fun

Susan Schwamm

Every year, we prepare a mental “to-do” list for our summers. We want to empty out our closets, lose a few pounds, eat healthier, and spend more time with the family. But summer is about relaxation and fun. Don’t spend your August checking off your list of tasks; spend the rest of your summer ticking off the fun things that will make your summer memorable. Better dive in soon—the summer is just flying by!


… Grill pineapples on the BBQ

… Wear a tie-dye T-shirt

… Go on a picnic

… Take the kids biking on the boardwalk

… Read at least one book

… Learn to rollerblade

… Catch a butterfly and then let it go free

… Jog a mile

… Go hiking

… Have a charcoal BBQ

… Take family photos outdoors wearing funny glasses

… Fly a kite

… Go sail boating on the Hudson

… Stay up all night

… Eat an ice cream sundae with the works—just because!

… Learn to play one song on the harmonica

… Go for a drive without any destination

… Watch the sun rise

… Go zip-lining

… Go for a night swim

… Make a lemonade stand

… Put your pictures into photo albums

… Play mini golf

… Eat breakfast for dinner

… Rent a convertible and drive with huge sunglasses and a scarf in your hair, Jackie Onassis style

… Do the New York Times crossword puzzle

… Go to a fair … Sleep in a tent

… Watch your wedding video

… Braid your hair … Go to a water park

75 93 WiIsShH HHoOmMeE nn MaAY TThHeE JJeEw u g 2u 4s ,t 2012 8 , 2013

… Smile—all day!

… Watch fireworks

… Lie on the grass

… Play monkey in the middle

… Count the seeds in a watermelon

… Put together a 1,000 piece puzzle

… Write a real letter with a stamp and mail it at the post office

… Go on a Ferris wheel in Coney Island

… Go to a state park

… Make homemade Slurpees

… Take a walk in the rain

… Go bird watching

… Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge

… Get a tan

… Canoe

… Build a sandcastle

… Sleep late

… Run with the kids on the beach barefoot

… Pick berries and make a pie

… Learn to juggle

… Go to a baseball game

… Go fishing

… Blow bubbles

… Play flashlight tag

… Spend the whole day barefoot

… Call your grandmother

… Skip rocks in a river

… Learn how to play tennis

… Take a nap in a hammock

… Make real s’mores on the BBQ

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a u g u s t 8 , 2013

Lola's Story

Lola Lieber Schwartz

A World After This

A Memoir of Loss and Redemption Lola Lieber Schwartz is a world-renowned artist whose paintings have been exhibited in art galleries throughout the United States and are part of the Yad Vashem archives in Jerusalem. Most importantly, Lola is a mother, grandmother and great-grandmother to many. She has myriad friends and sees life in all its vibrancy and vitality. But life was not always easy. Lola was only sixteen-yearsold when Hitler ym”sh invaded Poland, and Lola was forced into hiding and spent years on the run with her husband, Mechel. Through six years of trying times, near


Chapter 18 Appointment with the Devil


y dejection turned into the deepest depression. I was returning to the same place I had been Pesach night when they had taken Mechel away. I was living in a personal abyss and I couldn’t scratch my way to the top of it. I had let Mechel down and I had used Rosie’s money, all for nothing. One day when I was probably at my lowest point, one of the people I trusted in the “shoemaker’s” circle of confidants said something that caught my attention. One of the most important members of the Reich had been dispatched to Buda (the nicer half of Budapest) and had set up a command headquarters. He was said to be one of the most powerful and most evil of all of Hitler’s close advisors and accomplices. His name was Adolf Eichmann. Everybody knew he had taken over a palatial villa in Buda, but nobody knew exactly where he himself was. It is likely that nobody wanted to know where he was; his name was synonymous with death. Eichmann was the Devil on earth. He was the logician and tactician behind the Final Solution. He had engineered the efficient transfer of millions of Jews in trainloads to their end. He was proud of his work and boasted about it. In two years of committed, zealous hatred, five million people had been transported to their deaths in a complicated railroad operation run according to Eichmann’s plan and design. Hitler had now sent him to Hungary to carry out the efficient deportation of Hungary’s remaining Jews to Aus-

chwitz. Without Eichmann Hitler might not have achieved his horrific feats to such an extent. He was more than Hitler’s loyal comrade in arms – he was a part of Hitler’s very brain. With great difficulty, I was able to find out exactly where Eichmann was staying and headed there. I had gentile papers and could speak a superb German. There was nothing Rosie could do to stop me; I would seek and obtain an appointment with one of the major devils of the Reich. Dressed beautifully, I

starvation and brutality, Lola and her husband held onto their faith and values. It was Mechel’s words of encouragement, “There will be a world after this,” that helped them cling to the hope that there will be a life of light and joy waiting for them at the end. This is the story of Lola’s life—from her grandparents’ “enchanted garden” to meeting Eichmann ym”sh to making the Pesach seder for the Bobover Rebbe during the war—her words will take you back to a different world. office. He was smoking a cigarette and motioned to me, as if I might well have had an appointment with him. I looked at him and nodded. Eichmann was elegant, tall, and handsome, dressed in a formal SS uniform. He gave no outward sign that he was responsible for the mass murder of an entire population and culture of Europe. In a civilian suit, he would have been mistaken for an upper class European gentleman of fine breeding. A young officer was seated at a desk

While everyone else was trying to stay as far away from Eichmann as possible, I marched into his path.

arrived at Eichmann’s headquarters in Buda and gave my name and said without hesitation that I already had an appointment. Was I afraid? I do not think I knew any longer what fear felt like. I was always afraid, so this sense of being in peril or danger had become a part of me. The main thing was that I was not paralyzed and that is what counted. While everyone else was trying to stay as far away from Eichmann as possible, I marched into his path. The soldier on guard took me at my word and escorted me upstairs. I heard the soldier say to Eichmann’s assistant, “A Miss Nowakowska is here and says she has an appointment.” I waited only a few minutes when the soldier returned and said, “Please come this way,” and he took me into Eichmann’s private office. A surreal, calm confidence came over me. My heart was not racing; I was totally at peace with my decision to speak to Eichmann himself. Eichmann was standing on the terrace outside his villa

inside. Eichmann stayed on the terrace, standing with his profile toward me, smoking a cigarette, and looking out over the city he would soon decimate. The officer functioning as Eichmann’s private secretary told me to give him the details of what brought me to see his commander. He took out a fresh pad of paper and opened his expensive fountain pen. I mentally reviewed the “facts” I was about to present to the Devil’s private secretary. “My husband is Michael Nowakowski and he is being held on suspicion of having engaged in political agitation in Debrecen. This is not true.” When I said those words I said them emphatically and with emphasis, enough so that Eichmann looked right at me from his perch on the terrace. “He was swept up in a dragnet, but he is not a subversive. Michael is an intellectual who did not want to fight against the Reich.” I knew the Nazis hated all intellectuals, and suspected them all, but I had to come up with some plausible reason

why Mechel might have been arrested. Certainly it was better for Eichmann to think he was a Polish intellectual in jail with other gentile agitators rather than another piece of Jewish “rubbish.” My reasoning was that if Michael were not a Jew, and I made the case he had not been a political agitator against Hitler, perhaps he would not be killed. Perhaps my courage to plead his case before Eichmann would soften him enough to release this Christian Pole with the loyal and beautifully attired wife. The private secretary’s face was impassive. I could not read his thoughts. Eichmann remained glued to his spot on the terrace. I thought I had made no impression on either of them, so I went for a dramatic flourish. I looked down, straightened my skirt, and touched my face as though I were about to cry. “I am just so bewildered because I don’t understand what has happened to my husband.” I used my little-girl voice and whimpered slightly, “Why? Why would a man not mixed up in any of this…this politics between countries be taken away as a criminal? It’s just so unfair.” My voice cracked with emotion at the word unfair. I stopped speaking because I had nothing left to say and because I had stepped over a line. How had I, an insignificant and lowly woman, dared accuse Eichmann of being unfair? It was not part of my original mental script and now I was going to be hauled away too. He heard the word unfair and stepped inside. Perhaps even the Devil wants to be considered fair. “What exactly is going on?” He did not have a sharp tone to his voice and he sized me up with his piercing eyes. I have often reflected on the fact that I was face to face with this monster but he did not look like the personification of malevolent wickedness. He looked normal. It was a lesson I have never forgotten.

time hung suspended like heavy lead and I felt years passing in front of me. My knees knocked against one another but I willed them to stop. The secretary finished his call, and when he looked at me I knew my game was over. He had reached someone in charge of

the phone call. It was thus likely that just as I had lied about my husband’s heritage, I had been deceiving them about my own. I had failed totally. Perhaps I would and I might not even reach the front door of the villa without a group of Gestapo thugs waiting to es-

the prison. I read his eyes as if he were shouting at me: “You dirty Jew with the Jew-husband. Get out of here.” But I stood my ground, silent and still. The secretary went to the terrace and put his head close to Eichmann, who now looked at me with eyes that betrayed the true man he was and raised his voice just enough for me to hear him speak to his secretary. “Well, that is a fact that is very easy to find out.” Then Eichmann’s face returned to an expressionless mask. Mechel had been identified as a Jewish prisoner in

cort me out for immediate deportation. I put on my coat extremely slowly, and with a gracious soft voice, I thanked the secretary for all his efforts. I even nodded good bye to Adolf Eichmann. I walked down the stairs assuming that I had just arranged the dual executions of a wife and her husband. However, I left the building without anyone saying a word to me. All the way back to our room I thanked Hashem for saving my life. For days and days I could think only about how close I had come to arrest. Rosie and I went over everything

Continued next week

Lola wrote this book with the help of Alida Brill. A World After This was published in 2010 by Devora Publishing.


a u g u s t 8 , 2013

I have often reflected on the fact that I was face to face with this monster but he did not look like the personification of malevolent wickedness. He looked normal.

in minute detail. When I finished we were aghast at what had transpired. I had failed in my mission and I had exposed my husband as a Jew in prison to none other than the Devil in charge of Budapest. We assumed that the report of my visit to Adolf Eichmann would be used against Mechel in the prison. The guards there would not believe that the wife of a prisoner would come up with the idea to appear before Eichmann on her own. Surely they would assume that Mechel had given me a smuggled or clandestine command to attempt such an audacious stunt. Mechel was punished severely. My deceptions and fanciful tales in the Devil’s inner sanctum had reached the ears of the guards in charge of Mechel’s group of inmates. My husband was beaten – almost to death – as a return favor for my afternoon “appointment” with Adolf Eichmann.

The Jewish Home n

The private secretary gave him the summary of the details I had recited in monotone, short sentences. I was fairly sure Eichmann had already heard much of what I had said, and it seemed as if they were putting on a performance for my benefit. The private secretary concluded in a dry and remote tone, “The woman is here to seek information about her husband.” I looked directly into Adolf Eichmann’s face. “My father-in-law was an important conductor with the Polish railroad. My husband, Michael, was never in the Polish army. We escaped here, to Hungary, and we are refugees, but we are not mixed up in anything, not in anything at all.” Eichmann listened and nodded, and when I finished he invited me to sit down. I said, “Thank you, sir.” However, as he turned to walk out onto the terrace with the secretary I remained standing. The secretary returned from the terrace with a list in his hand. Eichmann had given him instructions. Eichmann resumed his original stance; he took out another cigarette, lit it, and looked into the near distance. One could only imagine what he was plotting for the ghetto and its Jews. The secretary started making phone calls. He must have been on the phone for half an hour, maybe less, but for me the

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The Jewish Home n a u g u s t 8 , 2013

T h e TJ He EwJiEsW h IHSoHmHe OnM E anu gMuAY s t 284,, 2013 2012

98 82

In the Kitchen

The Sweet Fruit of Su mmer Grilled Peaches with a Honey Balsa mic Glaze Ingredients ½ cup plus 2 tablespoons honey 3 tablespoon balsamic vinegar 1 tsp vanilla extract ¼ cup water 6 firm but ripe peaches or nectarines (halved, pitted) Lemon/lime zest or mint leaves Preparation Whisk ½ cup honey, vinegar, water and vanilla in small bowl. Prepare barbecue (medium-high heat). Brush fruit generously with half of glaze. Grill until heated through, turning occasionally, about 4 minutes on each side. Arrange 2 grilled fruit halves, cut side up, on each plate. Drizzle with remaining glaze. Top with pareve or dairy ice cream. Grate lemon/lime zest or garnish with mint leaves for extra flavor.

Peach Salsa Ingredients 1 large sweet onion, chopped 1 jalapeño pepper, seeded and minced ¼ cup sugar 2 tablespoons grated fresh ginger 2 tablespoons olive oil 6 large firm peaches, peeled and chopped ¼ cup fresh lemon juice ¼ tsp salt 2 tablespoons fresh cilantro, chopped Preparation Sauté first four ingredients in hot oil in a large skillet over medium until onions are tender. Stir in peaches and remaining ingredients, and cook, stirring gently, for five minutes. Serve warm or at room temperature.

Sweet as Pie Peach Cobbler Ingredients For the filling: 3 pounds sliced peaches ¼ cup honey 3 tsp cornstarch 1 tsp cinnamon 1/8 teaspoon salt additional sugar, if needed For the dough: 1 ½ cups flour ½ cup sugar 1 ½ tsp baking powder ½ tsp salt ½ tsp cinnamon 9 tablespoon cold butter or margarine, cut into small chunks 1/3 cup boiling water Preparation Preheat oven to 350°. Spray a 9x13 baking dish with nonstick spray. In a large bowl, toss together the peaches, honey, cornstarch, cinnamon, and salt until well combined. Taste and sprinkle in additional sugar if needed, depending on how sweet your fruit is. Pour the filling into the prepared dish. In a medium bowl, stir together the flour, sugar, baking powder, salt, and cinnamon. Cut in the butter or margarine to coarse crumbs. Add the boiling water and stir to form dough. Drop small chunks of the dough on top of the fruit filling. Bake for 40 minutes or until golden brown and bubbly. Cool before serving.

Cool ‘n Refreshing Ingredients 4 peaches, peeled and cut into slices 2 ½ cups water Fresh juice of 1 lemon 5 tablespoons sugar Ice cubes Peach slices and mint leaves for garnish Preparation Place the peach slices in the bowl of a food processor or blender. Add lemon juice, sugar, water and ice cubes. Puree until smooth. Add ice to serving glasses and fill each glass with peach juice. Garnish with peach slice and mint leaves.


the bobker family is honored to host a breakfast for the benefit of ktrah rb ,chah

Divrei Brocho

Guest Speaker

Rabbi Sheftel NeubeRgeR t’’yhka menahel, yeshivas ner yisroel

Rabbi tzvi beRkowitz t’’yhka rosh yeshiva, yeshivas ner yisroel

sunday, august 25 , 2013 • 9:30 am dwwga, kukt ywwh th

At the home of

Joe and miriam bobker 189 Wildacre avenue laWrence, neW york

We look forward to greeting you personally Joe and miriam bobker

eli and hadassa

avi and baylie

benny and layella

dovi and devorah

a u g u s t 8 , 2013

Ner Israel rabbINIcal college baltimore, maryland

The Jewish Home n

Please join us for a breakfast


The Jewish Home n

a u g u s t 8 , 2013


Shalom bayis hotline beginning thursday, august 2nd and then every sunday, tuesday and thursday night phone lines open from 10-11pm all calls are anonymous


• Completely Anonymous • Desgined around your schedule • Use the service as a sounding board for even small issues you feel you may want to discuss further

• Discuss current Shalom Bayis issues • Get a referral to a local therapist to further discuss problems • Hear ideas how to make your current marriage better



Sunday/Tuesday/thursday 10-11pm


2750 Nostrand Ave Corner of Ave N Brooklyn NY 11210







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Acura RDX , Honda Odyssey, Toyota RAV 4 - 36 months/7500 miles per year. Honda Civic 36 months/12k miles per year. Due at signing: First month, bank fee, applicable taxes, registration fees. DCA # 1312589 DMV #7084665

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The Jewish Home n


Plaza PAL Auto Leasing


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From My Private Art Collection Rebbetzin Naomi N. Herzberg

The History of Creative Beading *In Victorian times, beading was an extremely popular craft that was highly admired. *For centuries, beading was part of the fashion statement of the times. *Beautifully shaped beads, formed from materials such as glass from ancient eras, have surfaced throughout history and served as decorations. *Ornaments for the hair made with beads were popular during medieval times. *A major form of art created from beads was influenced by the Indians. *Beads are very popular today in the form of jewelry. *Beads make a statement as when decorating a collar and as buttons. They act as an accessory, which is timeless. *Beads come in almost every price range. Some are genuine, such as cultured pearls. Others are made from semi-precious stones, precious stones, and simulated materials such as resins, minerals or plastics. Beads are often created from shells, leather, wood, crystal, glass, clay and porcelain. *To create a necklace, earrings, and ring or belts there might be a need for holes to be drilled into the materials. Sometimes, one large bead used alone to create the look of an ancient piece of art is done. *The art of macramĂŠ made from white macramĂŠ twine can be used in conjunction with beading in order to produce a magnificent look. This com-

bination may be used in the creation of necklaces, belts and even pocketbooks. *Consideration must be given to the threading process, which includes the use of bead knotting, jewelry findings, mosaic work, working with wires, needles, clasps, and working pads made from cork or felt. *Technique is important, and it takes time and patience. Artists enjoy the collection process, which includes colorful, intriguing and unusual finds as well as beautiful and practical threads and string materials. Various length needles and pliers will help in the handling and actual workmanship and are important additions. *Acrylic paints, enamel paints, nail polish and glues of all sorts may be used in conjunction with the beads for added charm. *Now that I have whet your appetites, please do your research at art supply stores, public libraries and online. There is so much out there on beading, as it is a popular art right now. Rebbetzin Naomi N. Herzberg is a professional art educator, artist and designer. Among her known artwork is a floral sculpture presented to Tipper Gore, Blair House, Washington, D.C. Presently she is the Director of Operations at Shulamith School for Girls. Please feel free to email with questions and suggestions for future columns.

The Jewish Home n

a u g u s t 8 , 2013




Wining dining in the heartland A u g u s t 20 2013 / e l u l 14 5773

At the peAk of IsrAel’s grApe hArvest, let’s revel In the mIrAculous renewAl of wInemAkIng In the lAnds of efrAIm, menAshe And BInyAmIn, wIth the hAlAchot unIque to the lAnd of IsrAel And the tAngIBle remAIns of our forefAthers Industry At our feet.

At Maale Shomron see the storage hut from Bayit sheini and taste homemade honey from, well, preBayit shlishi times in Karnei Shomron. then a tour of Kedumim on the way to the Ofra of gideon the Judge -on har gerizim? At Rachelim imbibe at the award winning tura winery along with a delicious dairy lunch. the town of Barkan is home to Eynavi’s Boutique chocolate, a great place for dessert. now thirsty again, we make our way to Givat Harel and the unique blends of Gvaot Winery. At sunset we will go the verdant vineyards in modern Ofra and end our day at the Tanya Winery with a delectable gourmet lamb and steak dinner accompanied by, natch, award winning wines.

unIque dAy led By EvE HaROW, lIcensed IsrAelI tour guIde we leAve from the lIBerty Bell pArkIng lot promptly At 8:30Am, return ApproxImAtely 9:30pm. COST fOR THE day inCludinG lunCH and dinnER: $175/Adult $335/couple for reservAtIons & further InformAtIon vIsIt WWW.OnEiSRaElfund.ORG/dayTRipS or emAIl dAytrIps @ iSRaEl: rIvkAh ryBAk 054-803-4853 rIvkAh @ in uS: ruthIe kohn 516.239.9202 x10


The Jewish Home n a u g u s t 8 , 2013


The Jewish Home n

a u g u s t 8 , 2013

Leisure & Travel TJH Trip of the Week - Touring North America Destination: Loon Mountain (Lincoln), New Hampshire (GPS Coordinates N 44 327.80, W 71 383.74) Travel time (from Far Rockaway/Five Towns)

Approx. 6 hours


Daily and Shabbos

Kosher food


Rest stops along the way

Waterbury, Hartford, Sturbridge Village, Boston


Variety of home rentals, townhouses, villas, hotels


ocated in the White Mountain region of New Hampshire, Loon Mountain, New Hampshire, is approximately 330 miles from the Far Rockaway/Five Towns area, but well worth the trip. You will be amazed at the mountain views, the clean, crisp air, rushing streams, the night sky, and even the wildlife, plus there are many activities you can do there to satisfy children and adults of all ages. Travel Time: From the Far Rockaway/Five Towns area, it takes about six hours to get there. Although there are not many attractions along the route, you can stop in Waterbury or Hartford, Connecticut. There is a popular rest area along Interstate 84 in Connecticut (near the MA border) where you can stop and eat lunch outdoors on picnic tables while you enjoy the fresh air and a few minutes to stretch your legs! If you’d like a taste of colonial life, you can also spend a few hours at Sturbridge Village as you enter Massachusetts. If you would like to break up your trip, take a detour to Boston and spend the evening or night there before making the approximately two hour trip to Loon. Minyan: During the summer, you have a number of options for a minyan. There is generally a minyan during the week and on Shabbos at the foot of Loon Mountain (in the “Slopeside Deli”). About 30 minutes north of Loon is the town of Bethlehem, NH. In Bethlehem, minyanim can be found daily throughout the year. Every July and August, the little town of Bethlehem becomes the “Chassidic capital” of New Hampshire. Another option for minyanim during the summer is Waterville Valley, which is approximately 30 minutes southeast of Loon. Kosher Food: There are many grocery chains in the Loon area such as Price Chopper, Shaws, and Walmart. They carry many kosher products and fresh produce. They do not carry cholov Yisroel or glatt kosher meat products. However, during the summer months, the 3 Cultures Deli stocks a range of cholov Yisroel milk, cheese, yogurt, pas Yisroel cakes and cookies and glatt kosher deli. They also bring in sealed sandwiches, challah and many other items – even Klein’s Cholov Yisroel ice creams – from New York. There is also a bakery approximately 25 minutes south of Lincoln that carries kosher challah. The only place with ready-made meals is the Arliington Hotel in Bethlehem. There, you can eat in or take out. It isn’t a restaurant, but whatever is on the menu is available for purchase. The shul in Bethlehem also has a small grocery. Family-Friendly Attractions and Activities: There are so many wonderful things you can do with your family in the area. Loon is filled with activities enabling your family to appreciate nature and the outdoors. The Loon Mountain Adventure Center is one area which has a rock climbing wall, ziplining across the river, and a bungee trampoline. You can also rent a bike and either ride through the forest and backcountry trails or take a leisurely ride down the paved bike path. For more serious adventure seekers, there is ziplining 700 feet across the Pemigewasset River, climbing through the Aerial Forest Adventure Park, riding above it in a scenic gondola to the 3,050 foot summit of Loon Mountain, or hopping on a Segway®PT or ATV and going on an off-road adventure. You can also play mini-golf, look for moose, or go to Whale’s Tale Water Park. A favorite attraction for most frum families is Clark’s Trading Post. They have fantastic bear and acrobat shows as well as a train ride and bumper boats. They also carry Klein’s cholov Yisroel ice cream. There are caves to crawl into and your children could

“hunt” for gold at Lost River or you could relax and take a train ride on the Hobo Railroad which travels along the beautiful Pemigewasset River Valley. On a rainy day, you could also paint your own pottery at a store in town. National Parks and Recreation: Franconia Notch State Park is well worth a half or full day tour. At the Flume Visitor Center, you can watch a 15 minute introductory video and then tour the Flume Gorge. There, you can enjoy New Hampshire’s most celebrated natural attractions, including The Basin, a natural granite pothole, Profile and Echo Lakes and visit the New England Ski and Old Man of the Mountain Museums. At the base of Cannon Mountain you can ride the Ariel Tramway to the summit where there are walking trails, an observation platform, and hiking trails. The Franconia Notch Bike Path is also amazing. You can rent bikes and enjoy the scenic views. Bring a picnic lunch and enjoy your day celebrating nature’s beauty. During the winter months, Loon Mountain is the largest ski resort in New Hampshire. Enjoy skiing, snowboarding, ice skating and tubing in the diverse terrain of Loon Mountain. Accommodations: There are a variety of excellent lodging choices close to Loon Mountain. There is a full selection of motels, inns, hotels, condo and home rentals available in the area. The Mountain Club on Loon is the only slopeside hotel on Loon Mountain. The shul, at the Slopeside Deli, is housed on its grounds. Village of Loon Mountain Resort offers one, two and three bedroom vacation home rentals. They are complete with fully-equipped kitchens and fireplaces. The Village also offers amenities such as swimming pools, tennis courts, basketball, an exercise room, game rooms and a conference facility. There are also one, two and three-bedroom condominiums available. Eruv: There is no eruv in the area. Some home rentals are quite a distance from the minyan at the Slopeside Deli so please be mindful of a potential techum Shabbos issue. There are sometimes minyanim in private rental homes setup by individual renters – but there are no guarantees. Mikvah: There is no mikvah in Loon, but, during the summer months, Bethlehem (30 minutes north) has a mikvah at Congregation Machzikei Hadath. Helpful Websites:;; www.home;;; www. Brought to you by, a website designed for the frum family traveling in North America. If you would like more information, have questions or would like to add your suggestions for a frum family vacation to Loon Mountain, feel free to email contact@ or follow us @frumvacations on Twitter.


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TJH Trip of the Week Summer and the City

New York City’s unique mix of energy, creativity, influence and street smarts makes it one of the greatest cities in the world. In New York, possible thrilling and unexpected encounters seem to be hiding just around every corner. To ensure that your trip to NYC is lived to its fullest, I created a day of fun that your family can enjoy and take advantage of the beautiful summer weather. With the summer’s heat in full swing, it’s time to think of ways to keep you cool. NYC’s The Beast is a fantastic boat ride that will cool you off while teaching you the history of Manhattan. This 70-ft speed boat will take you and your family on an amazing 30-minute ride around the city up to the Statue of Liberty. The Beast is open daily from 10am to 6pm and it departs from the Hudson River in downtown Manhattan. Each boat ride has an amusing surprise! Don’t miss out on the fun and be sure to check out to purchase tickets. Be prepared for a splash and to get wet. Enjoy the ride! Are your kids creative, imaginative, and talented? Then Make Meaning is the perfect place for your family. There, you and your family can get creative and get dirty. There are a variety of activities you may choose from. Form candles, soap, glass, ceramics, and much more. The average cost ranges from $20-$25 per creation. Make Meaning is located in the Upper West side on 3rd Avenue (between 84th and 85th street). It is open daily from 11am-7pm. Visit to find out more information and to make reservations. I’m sure after all this fun, your family is ready to sit down for a delicious meal in a beautiful New York City restaurant. There are many to choose from including Jerusalem Café (dairy, $) located on 36th street between 5th and 6th. They serve delicious soups, pizza, wraps, sushi, fish, salads, and more. If you are in the mood for an excellent fleishig meal, Mikes Bistro has great steaks, ribs, and a large variety of appetizers. It is located on 228 west 72nd street ($$$). Another fantastic fleishig restaurant is Eden Wok; they serve a great array of Chinese food. It is located on 34th street between Park and Madison ($). Lastly, NoiDue, a milchig Italian restaurant, serves yummy pizza, special soups, and tons of cheesy delicious dishes. NoiDue is located on 143 west 69th street ($$$). When your family is full and satisfied, it is time to go on with your full day of fun. Another exciting water activity is row boating in Central Park. You can rent boats at Loeb Bathhouse; it is open daily from 10am-5:30pm. Rental costs are $12 an hour plus $3 each additional 15 minutes and there is a $30 deposit. Four people are allowed per boat and all children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult. Enjoy this amazing experience of row boating with your family in the famous Central Park as the Manhattan skyline towers over the trees. To end off this incredible day, let your children create something they can enjoy night after night—a bear at Build a Bear Workshop! There they can choose an unstuffed animal and can listen to the little voice message left inside. Walk over to the stuffer machine where someone will stuff your special animal and then stitch it for you. Enjoy shopping for your animal; there is so much clothing you can choose from—they can become a character or an entertainer whatever you would like. Pick a name for your new “pride and joy” and then you can take it home! Build a Bear is located on 5th Avenue at 46th street. It is open daily from 10-7. Hope you had a wonderful day!

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The Beast

Make Meaning

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Row Boating

Build a Bear Workshop


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"Kosher" Yoga & Licensed Massage Therapy The Peaceful Presence Yoga & Massage Studio 436 Central Avenue, Cedarhurst NY Separate for men & women Now women's aerobic, cardio-strength training and Tai Chi. 516-371-3715 Need your book written? Consider it done Call for details C.D. Urbach 718-755-7224

Reliable Shomer Shabbat Driver Available for trips upstate, out of town, airport or local errands Brand new minivan. Very reasonable rates Call Shlomo at 917-385-9043 Experienced Rebbe available for tutoring All ages all Limudei Kodesh subjects Bar Mitzvah lessons 718-868-0246 or 617-875-8838

Looking to design/redecorate your home? Call Tami Rosenbaum Interiors for a free consultation! 718-734-7452 or email: Affordable design without having to compromise

Children's Way Learning Center After School Homework Group Orton Gillingham: Reading,Writing,Math & Hebrew HomeSchool Education! Register Now! way 516-847-2047 Is your child home this summer? Want to treat yourself to some fun? Enjoy some of our creative lessons given by qualified and experienced instructors. Centrally located at the Young Israel of Wavecrest & Bayswater 2716 Healy Ave. Arts & Crafts, Jewelry (Beading),Mosaics, Papercutting* All Classes are $120 for 6 lessons. All materials included. Lessons are based upon registration. Beginning July thru Aug. For more information or to register: Chana Yurman 347 729-3102

Girls voice lessons- and recording studio. Group or private available. Girls will learn proper breathing, extend their range and agility through vocal exercises. Coaching and different techniques taught. Recording studio-record and come home with your own cd as part of the voice lessons. Shira call or text 516-506-1732 or email

HOME SERVICES & MAINTENANCE Plumbing Electricity repaired- replacedrelocated. We do asssemblies- House problems solved. so put togeter your repair to do list and call Avrohom 917.744.1962

Reliable Shomer Shabbat Driver Available for trips upstate, out of town, airport or local errands Brand new minivan. Very reasonable rates Call Shlomo at 917-385-9043 Counseling 4 Success! Relationships, school, work, parenting. Solution-Focused. Teens, adults, children. 20 yrs experience. Warm, understanding, supportive. Confidential. Affordable. Rabbi Perry Schafler LCSW-R (516) 4288525 Children's Way Learning Center After School Homework Group Orton Gillingham: Reading, Writing, Math & Hebrew HomeSchool Education! Register Now! 516-847-2047 Available to rent or made to order Visit for pictures and deals Locations in Far Rockaway and Brooklyn Email: Certified Nurses Aid is available to care for your loved ones in your home Day or night. Very caring and loving. Reliable - Excellent references Call Pat or Carmen at 516-661-8068 Certified Male Personal Trainer for men and boys only Available in your home or mine One on one training - Special packages and rates - Nutritional guidance also available Call Morde Gable 845-596-0350

Got Math? Math Tutor - Experienced High School, Regents, SAT, AP, Geometry College, Calculus, Algebra, Trig, Stats, Excel Call Hillel @ (718)-471-9337 Email:

Guaranteed cheapest prices on strollers and baby gear! Babyjogger, Uppa, Stokke, Britax, Bugaboo and more! Free next day shipping and no tax Call or text 443-208-8532,

Yiddish Home Study Program: The new book

Struggling with Shalom Bayis? The Shalom Bayis Hotline 732-523-1112 Caring rabbanim answering your questions for free So far very positive results BS’D!

Yiddish in 10 Lessons along with 2 CD's has just been released to easily learn to read, write and speak the Yiddish language. Call Chaim at 516 924 7694 or www.conversationalyiddish,com You can also sign up to receive a Free Weekly Taste of Yiddish

Swim Lessons WSI certified lifeguard with seven years’ experience. Private indoor pool and outdoor pool available All ages from infants to adults Call Shoshana: 516-776-2229 LEARN TO LEAD A BEAUTIFUL DAVENING Do you love davening for the amud? Do you sometimes wish you could lead the Tsibbur but lack the knowledge and confidence to pull it off? Call Yaakov 516-229-1948 Exercise - Certified personal trainer with years of experience, giving a privet sessions at her studio. $40 for full hour. (availability at client home. lady's only) Please call Ruchi at 917-847-3888.

Queens, Bayswater House for sale Amazing 1 family home, Great friendly Block, 4 bedrooms Formal dining room, Eat in Kitchen 4 full bath Finished Basement, closets, Water View won't last call 212-470-3856 WinZone Realty EZ showing. Other listing available. House for Sale Flushing/Kew Garden Hills 3 Family brick home, 2 car garage $825k 718-261-9430

Voice Coach Now Available In Five Towns Do you love singing? Do you wish you could reach higher notes? Not get tired? Not get hoarse? Do you wish you had more power, depth and ring in your voice? The answer is Voice Coaching – You can develop and maintain your true vocal potential. Yaakov 516-229-1948 Bubby babysitter available Newborn and up Excellent references - Long hours Centrally located in Far Rockaway TLC 718-327-1932

Lifeguarding Courses available for Women and Girls ages 16 and up this summer (also right before the summer). Learn CPR and First aid as well. Shira LGI and WSI certified. Call or text 516-506-1732 or email

Photos 4 your Simcha Professional Photography and Video We love what we do and it shows in our work! Competitively priced! Check out our website & specials. or call Yaakov 718-868-1800

Home Improvements General Contractor Entire renovations of bathrooms, kitchens and basements Tiles, floors, expert Roof repair available Free estimates and reasonable rates Call 718-907-0618 or 917-865-5033

CUSTOM SUITS Expertly tailored hand made custom suits for men Hundreds of fabrics and styles We will come to your home or office day or night Design the suit you've always wanted From $649 Call 516-619-6264

Jewish Lower East Side Walking Tours given by licensed NYC tour guide specializing in the area. Once a bustling Jewish neighborhood with struggling immigrants. Come connect to your heritage and experience the gateway to “Di Goldneh Medinah”. Private, Group, School tours booking now. Appropriate for ages 10 and up. Call 516-652-4527

Real Estate for Sale

Hair Course Babysittin Learn how to wash and style hair and wigs Hair and wig cutting, wedding styling g Private lessons or in a group Call Chaya 718-715-9009 Available Experienced Certified Life Coach for Men only in Call Chaim 516 924 7694 Woodmer

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For Sale / North Miami Beach Apt. One Bedroom Deluxe, First Floor, Gym, 2 Pools... Gated Community, Walking to all Shuls & Shopping Low Maintenance, Must be 55 or Older Call - 305-761-9323 Cedarhurst – For sale by owner. 5 BR, 3.5 bath. Colonial on oversize lot. Hardwood flooring throughout. Beautiful Eat-in Chef’s Kitchen (Viking/Sub-Zero/Granite). Lrg LR & DR. Finished Basement. Central A/C. Walk to all. Move in Condition….$799k….917-685-0247 Bayswater- massive 2 family home in a great area, close to all the shuls, beautiful cabinets & granite counter tops, lots of bedrooms, all tiled bathrooms, hardwood flooring all through the house, fireplace, etc., needs tlc, very motivated seller, Asking 449k, Call Yitzchok 847-691-6397.

Queens-Upper Ridgewood. Fresh Pond Rd./Forest Ave area. Professional space for rent. Ideal for medical office. 1st floor handicapped access, around 1000 sqf. Call R.E. Agent for more info @347-8065414/Edyta - Grimaldi Realty

Job Available Special Ed Preschool in Far Rockaway Warm and supportive environment 1) Special Ed Teacher Masters degree and Certification required Experience preferred 11:45-3:00, M-F 2) Special Ed Assistant Teacher 8:20-3:00 M-F E mail resume to: No phone calls please. Bais Yaakov of Queens seeks full time secretary, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Mon. Thurs., Fri. 8:00 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. Necessary skills include knowledge of Hebrew and English, Davka, Word and Excel. Warm, nurturing, personable and excellent communication skills along with flexibility to multi task a must. Please contact Due to expansion, Torah Academy for Girls in Far Rockaway is seeking a qualified and experienced 1st grade Morah . Please fax resume to 718-8684612 attention Morah Levin.

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Sales position available. Flexible hours, great commission, excellent communication skills needed, must have car. Please call 732-503-3760 if no answer leave message. Due to expansion, Torah Academy for Girls in Far Rockaway, is seeking qualified, experienced and successful moros for our lower elementary and junion high school divisions for the September school term. Please fax resume to: 718-868-4612, att: Morah Drillman Teachers F/T General Studies PreK, 1st, 3rd, 4th Grades Co-ed progressive Brooklyn Day School Inspire students' hearts, minds & souls! Email call 718-368-4490

Seeking a full time administrative assistant for a busy roofing company. Hours are M-Th 9am - 4pm & Fri 9am - 1pm. Skills must include: - The ability to multitask - Good phone skills -Basic bookkeeping - Proficient in MS Office - Proficient in Quickbooks Please email resume and salary requirements to or fax to 516 303 7664. Local restaurant looking for responsible experienced shomer shabbos night time manager email Boys Elementary School in the Far Rockaway / 5 Towns area seeks experienced and dynamic General Studies teachers for grades 1-5 and Junior High School SS, Sc, ELA and Math positions. Please email resume to

2 Bedroom Co-op for Sale/Rent in Lawrence Ready to move in immediately, Low maintenance fee $1600 to rent or $180,000 for sale Call 516-456-4238

An embroidery store in New Hyde Park is seeking a, front desk operator. Needs to be bright, energetic and very responsible. Required to deal with customer service and prepare work tasks for embroidery operations. Will train fully embroidery program. For more info please call 516-355-0362

Leaders in Online Jewish Marketing are hiring Sales Superstars. Do you fit the bill? Send your resume to or call us @ 646-351-1808 x 111

House for rent in Bayswater, weekly or weekend, starting June 23 to Aug. 25. 4 BR, 3 BA, finished basement, enclosed yard. Close to all shuls. Please call 646-932-1763*

A highly successful organization is seeking amotivated fundraiser. "Very well paid" Fax your resume to: 718-506-1051 or email to jobs

Experienced P-3 Provider, with M.S. in Education and Permanent N.Y. State Teacher Certification- Available to work with students in all grades Mondays through Thursdays- mornings until 11 A.M. and anytime after 5:30 P.M.; and Sundays anytime Please call Tsivia: 516-526-2385

Shared Office Space Available Affordable shared office space available with a chiropractor on the Far Rockaway / Lawrence Border. ~$600 a month, utilities included, no broker fee. If you are interested and in a similar profession, please email for more details.

Warm, loving and responsible assistants needed for a girls preschool - elementary school grades 1-4 Full day or part time available. Please send resumes to We are seeking, friendly female to work in our newly renovated high end wig salon, located in the heart of Cedarhurst Experience in cutting and styling required please send resume to

New to market. 2 bedroom apt 1st floor.

Neilsen and Dinsmore area. Kosher kitchen $1,400 available July 1st. Call 516-569-1150

Seeking Job

Misc. Looking for donation of car or minivan in good running condition. Tax exempt receipt available for full market value. Please call 347-342-8196

Can You Sell? Looking to make some extra cash?

On-The-Marc is hiring motivated part time sales people. Six to 8 hours a week with unlimited income potential. Must have/own car. For more information call Marc at 917-612-2300

Looking to rent an apt. or studio in Far Rockaway, Lawrence or Inwood $1,000 to 1,200 per month Call Robert 917-922-8426

Get CA$H Today! For your junk car Free tow included Call now 845-661-1109

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Great Kosher Summer House Rental Long Beach NY- 4b 3b CAC EIK LR DR W/D WiFi, enclosed yard, parking. Near beach, shuls LIRR, 5T 516-428- 8525

Lawrence - For sale by owner Co-op, large one bedroom, 1 1/2 bath, eat in kitchen, cent. A/C, double terrace, top floor, doorman, pool, garage, walk to town, temples, train. (516) 791-7000

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Love your car?…Give it life Donate it to Yeshiva Fast, Free pick-up and towing Easy donation steps Maximum charitable tax deduction Free Vacation Voucher, 2 days/3nights CALL NOW! (718) 778-4766 Looking to rent a garage for storage No food will be stored Call 646-657-3131

Simone's Bridal located at 71-05 Main Street has many elegant wedding gowns by designers Maggie Sottero , Enzoani , Morilee and Allure Bridal look on their site to see if u like the gowns we carry most samples . Custom made gowns and mother of bride and sisters are all welcome. Please call for appt. 718-793-5989 Shaital gmach in Eretz Yisroel desperately needs shaitels. To be a part of this great mitzvah please call Peninia @ 347-6756526 Tizku L’mitzvos Lost white gold diamond bracelet/covered watch either at Kennedy Airport or in Boro Park. If found please call 347.578.4165 Notice of Nondiscriminatory Policy as to Students The Mesivta/ Torah High School of Long Beach and Rabbinical Collage of Long Beach admits students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national and ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, scholarship and loan programs, and athletic and other schooladministered programs.

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Last year, Chai Lifeline brought joy and hope to

4,297 lives impacted by pediatric illness.

a u g u s t 8 , 2013

365 days a year 24 hours a day, through good days and sad times, Chai Lifeline makes living with pediatric illness easier. 45,621

Meals to hospitals and homes


Visits to sick children by trained volunteers


Rides to hospitals and medical centers


Opportunities for fun and support


Hours of professional tutoring


Hours of counseling


Trained, compassionate volunteers


Family days, holiday parties, recreation events and retreats


Crisis intervention workshops in schools, camps, and communities following tragedies


Become a partner.

Weeks in Camp Simcha and Camp Simcha Special, “the happiest place on earth� for children with cancer or chronic illnesses.

See how much more we all can do this year.

Helping the child, the family, and the community 151 West 30th Street, New York, NY 10001

(877) chai-life (212) 465-1300

Regional Offices California | Florida | Illinois | New Jersey | Canada | England | Israel Chai Family Centers Brooklyn | Long Island | New York City | Monsey | Chicago | Ft. Lauderdale Chai House Philadelphia Goldman River Retreat Mahwah

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99 T h e J e w i s h H o m e n august 8, 2013

HONDA ODYSSEY SUPER SALE! 2013 Honda Odyssey EXL 8 Passenger

36 Month Lease 7,500 Miles Per Year Up to $5,000 Damage Waiver Available



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Features: Leather/Back-Up Camera/Bluetooth/Power Liftgate/Heated Seats/Heated Mirrors/Sunroof

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Expires 8/15/13

*Valid while supplies last Residency restrictions may apply

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Five Towns Jewish Home 8-8-13  

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