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The Keys to Shalom Bayis

Song and Dance at HAFTR in Celebration of Israel’s 65th Birthday

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Michael Fragin Interviews Rabbi Yosef Zaklos of Chabad of Downtown Boston, Eyewitness to the Boston Bombings

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Lag B’Omer Celebration

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>>Parsha The Shmuz. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 66

Dear Readers, Over Shabbos, the city of Boston sighed a collective sigh of relief when investigators found the remaining armed fugitive who planted the two bombs at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. When I heard of the lockdown that Boston was put under and saw the pictures of citizens being led from their houses, I tried to put myself into their shoes. As I opened the window one morning, I thought to myself that if I were living in Boston, I would be living with the windows and doors of my house locked, my shades drawn and my children near me. I can only imagine the terror they were feeling with the uncertainty of a terrorist at large in their quiet neighborhoods. This week, Michael Fragin interviewed Rabbi Yossi Zaklos of Chabad of Downtown Boston. Rabbi Zaklos was actually at the site of the bombing; he went there to connect with Jews who would be watching and running in the race. When the explosions occurred, Rabbi Zaklos had the opposite reaction of many others: he did not flee. He stayed to help, even putting tefillin on other Jews there. He told Michael that he actually became stronger from the tragedy. We don’t want disaster to strike, he told his congregants, but when it does, and we are there, it gives us the power to do good and unite with others to help those in need. I found his message profound and powerful. It was uplifting in the wake of such disaster. This week, we will be celebrating Lag B’Omer. There’s a gemara that talks about Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai and what happened during and after his stay in the cave. I knew the story—I learned it many times—but I was unclear about the details. Like any child, I knew that my father would know the answer. When I called him for the details, he told me that he was not at home and would call me back when he was near his seforim. It’s OK, I told him, I will ask someone else. Just a half hour later, my father called me. “Rivky,” he said (my father calls me that—it’s a long story), “I have the gemara.” And then we learned the story of Rabbi Shimon and Rabbi Elazar together. It was nice, to be able to learn with my father. I remember doing homework when I was young and asking him questions. Instead of a one minute answer, my father would take out a sefer and read with me from the beginning so I could understand. It struck me that Lag B’Omer is about the celebration of Torah. We see the joy in the secrets of the Torah and kabbalah. But it is also a celebration of our mesorah. Rabbi Akiva gave his five talmidim, including Rabbi Shimon, semicha on Lag B’Omer. Semicha is the absolute mesorah. It’s given from rebbe to talmid and it’s proof of the authenticity and beauty of our Torah. Learning Torah father to child is also our mesorah and it was fitting that that was what my father taught to me this week.

Me and My Shadow, by Rabbi Jonathan Gewirtz. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 65

There are many celebrations for Lag B’Omer this week. I hope that you and your family will be able to enjoy some Lag B’Omer fun. Check out our “fiery” recipes in honor of Lag B’Omer. And if you’re planning on celebrating an upsherin in the near future, make sure to save Esther Ottenssoser’s feature called, “Snipping with Sophistication.”

Ask the Rabbi. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 67

As always, we love to hear from our readers—feel free to reach out me at

The Secrets of Lag B’Omer. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 74

Wishing you a wonderful week,

>> Jewish Thought

Whispering Flames: The Fire of Lag B’Omer . . . . . 75



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The Keys to Shalom Bayis, by Deb Hirschhorn, PhD. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 89

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Dear Editor, As an educator, I was most impressed with the article you recently featured on North Korea. I find that my high school students know far less than what they should about what’s going on around in the world. Many American students are cocooned in the comfort of living in a country where hardly anything is lacking. There are many countries around the world where people are starving, malnourished, oppressed and abused. I thank you for highlighting the situation in North Korea. I would suggest that everyone read about what goes on there. It’s hard to imagine that this can be happening in the twenty-first century. All the best, Harry V. Adler Hempstead, NY

Dear Editor, For those of your readers who are interested in learning more about the tyranny and oppression that goes on in North Korea, Under the Loving Care of the Fatherly Leader: North Korea and the Kim Dynasty by Bradley K. Martin is informative and reveals a huge amount of what goes on in the country. It is worth the read. Brian K.

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Dear Editor, When I first heard about the bombings in Boston, I thought it was an overreaction. Maybe something exploded, maybe there was a mistake. But after a few minutes it was obvious—horror once again happened on our shores. At first, no one knew who had done it. No group claimed responsibility; it almost seemed like investigators were floundering and had no leads. People were wondering: was it al-Qaeda? Was it an American extremist determined to get even with the establishment? And then it came out. Two men, some would even call them boys, who converted to Islam, heartlessly planted these bombs. They used nails and shrapnel to maximize injuries. They placed them near children at the finish line. In surveillance videos, the perpetrators seem to be sauntering, yes sauntering, to the finish line, almost without a care in the world. How could they do something so evil? Killing to them was so effortless. They needed a gun, so they killed a security officer. They were cornered by police, so they let loose a stream of bullets. Where is their value for life? We may never know what made them commit this heinous act and truthfully, there is no explanation that can justify this horror. For me, it comes down to this: this was evil, they are evil and we must do our best to eliminate evil from our shores. H. Gross To Our Elected Officials, There are many obvious lessons to be learned from the Boston bombing, but there is one lesson which may be lost in the chaos, and I think it is the most important lesson. The lesson is that the most useful tool to solving crimes is street video cameras.

the Editor With all of their technologies and investigative techniques, the FBI was clueless about who did this horrible crime until they obtained video footage of the bombers. In a similar vein, when Leiby Kletzky a”h was murdered, the Shomrim in Boro Park pieced together video footage and were able to figure out who the kidnapper was. (Unfortunately, it was too late and Hashem obviously wanted Leiby to pass on, but according to reports, if they would have pieced the information a few hours quicker they may have been able to rescue him alive.) The point is that the most powerful tool in resolving crimes and stopping crimes in our midst is through outdoor street video cameras. In Nassau County, we pay our police officers hundreds of thousands of dollars, yet you hardly see a video camera on the street. Thank G-d our neighborhoods are relatively safe, but we shouldn’t wait for a crisis to demand that our villages and towns spend the several thousand dollars that it would cost to put video cameras up in key locations. (If they can do it for traffic lights, then why can’t they do it for our other safety needs?) They

Readers Poll Compiled by Jannah Eichenbaum

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spends oodles of money on so much unnecessary garbage, why not spend it on something that is guaranteed to make our kids safer? And, by the way, video cameras may not only prevent major crimes, but they would also prevent the petty thefts that have taken place in our neighborhoods over the past summers. So they would surely improve our quality of life. So I implore our local politicians to take action. Every election cycle they bombard us with these beautiful glossy posters touting their accomplishments (which are usually the same old political platitudes). But it’s open for the taking—if you take real action to make our streets safer for our kids, we won’t just throw your card in the trash; we will happily and enthusiastically vote for you. Take the less obvious lesson from the Boston bombing; take the harder road and instead of just talking about how horrible the tragedy is, make our own neighborhood and children safer by installing street video cameras. Baruch K. Lawrence, NY

No 24% Sometimes 9%

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Letters to


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Tumas Kohanim

• Attn: Daf Yomi participants — “‫ ”אוהל זרוק‬on Daf 30b will be discussed Sunday, Lag B’OmeR 18 Iyar/april 28, 10:15 am


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T h e J e w i s h H o m e n A P R I L 2 5 , 2013, 2013


The Week Global Terrorist Rehab in Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia is attempting to wean jailed al-Qaeda terrorists off religious extremism with counseling, spa treatments, and plenty of exercise at a luxury rehabilitation center in Riyadh. Clients engage in sessions with educated counselors to discuss religion and other relevant topics. They can then relax in the center’s state-of-the-art facilities which include an Olympic-size indoor swimming pool, a sauna, a gym and a television hall. During the day, the prisoners attend seminars on religious affairs, aimed at steering them away from thoughts of jihad. The new complex was a project of the Prince Mohammed bin Nayef Center for Counseling and Care, a body set up seven years ago to rehabilitate

In News

extremists jailed during a Saudi crackdown on the local branch of al-Qaeda. “Just under 3,000 [prisoners] will have to go through one of these centers before they can be released,” interior ministry spokesman General Mansur al-Turki said.

Another center has already opened its doors in the western port city of Jeddah, and three more are planned for the


D r . Ta b i c k 15 years experienced

north, east and south of the desert kingdom. The Riyadh center spreads over an area equivalent to around 10 football fields and is designed to accommodate 228 prisoners from the “deviant group,” the term used by Saudi authorities to refer to al-Qaeda. Each of the 12 buildings at the flagship facility will host 19 prisoners, who will have access to special suites where they can spend time with visiting family members. Good behavior could earn them a two-day break with their families. “In order to fight terrorism, we must give them an intellectual and psychological balance...through dialogue and persuasion,” the director of the rehabilitation centers, Said al-Bishi, said. He mentioned that a total of 2,336 al-Qaeda prisoners have now been through Saudi rehabilitation schemes. “The percentage of those who rejoin the deviant minority does not exceed ten percent,” Bishi said, a proportion he described as “encouraging.” What an interesting concept: a spa for suicide bombers.

Rivkah Laufer Rofeh Award Doctor of the year

‘Brainstem Specialist’ will explain on your

first F R E E v i s i t the cause of your h e a lt h c o n c e r n How did this happen to you How can we correct the cause How long will this take to correct

Dr. Tabick, D.C. SpeciÞc Chiropractor


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Islands for Sale

Dmitry Rybolovlev

You can have your own private island…for the right price, of course! Recently, Forbes released a list of islands owned by the super-rich. Aristotle Onassis, a Greek shipping mogul who died in 1975, purchased a private island in the Ionian Sea in Greece. That was where he married former-First Lady Jackie Kennedy in 1968. The island is 74 acres long and its estimated value is Continued on page 14

Migraines ADD/ADHD IBS/Colitis Fatigue/mental Focus Depression/Anxiety Learning weakness Dizziness/Vertigo Weight Problems Sciatica Scoliosis Slipped/Herniated Disc Weak Immune system Ear Infections Menstrual/Ovulation Tremors / Tics Bed wetting Spinal Stenosis Stroke recovery too much to list...

11 T h e J e w i s h H o m e n A P R I L 2 5 , 2013

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be a part of it. For girls going into 6th and 7th grade only. Limited slots. Slots are available on a first come first serve basis.

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D E A D L I N E :


6 ,

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al ixyile wicvl rexf x y n e` dg


l`hqey dgny edil` axd oe`bd

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Bottom Line Marketing Group: 718.377.4567 / Photo: Tzemach Glenn


T h e J e w i s h H o m e n A P R I L 2 5 , 2013, 2013


The Week $200 million. It was recently sold by the sole heir to the Onassis fortune, Athina Onassis. The island was acquired by 24-year-old Russian billionaire heiress Ekaterina Rybolovleva. You may recognize the name from a previous headline. Ekaterina is the daughter of Dmitry Rybolovlev who bought Sandy Weill’s $88 million penthouse on the Upper West Side for her. The apartment was listed as the most expensive apartment in NYC. Sir Richard Branson, an English business magnate best known as the founder and chairman of Virgin Group, purchased Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands in the 70s. The Caribbean island spans across 74 acres and is valued at $100 million. But Branson, the smart businessman, purchased the island for just $180K from the owner who was strapped for cash. In 1984, Branson opened an exclusive resort with only eight suites that can be booked starting at $322,000 a week. In 1989, he married his wife on the island. Last year the resort was heavily damaged by a fire; restoration has begun. Branson has called the purchase of Necker Island, his “best financial move.”

Last year, TJH reported that Larry Ellison, an American business magnate and co-founder of Oracle Corporation, an enterprise software company, bought Hawaii’s sixth-largest island, Lanai Island. It’s just nine miles off the coast of Maui and boasts 140 square miles. It’s estimated to be worth between $500 to $600 million. Other billionaires who own islands include Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen who bought Allan Island in the San Juan Archipelago for $13.5 million in 1992. Actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Mel Gibson also own islands. DiCaprio bought a 104-acre island in Belize in 2005 for just $1.75 million; Gibson spent $15 million on Mago Island in Fiji in 2004. I guess when you have so much money, you just run out of things to buy.

UK Men Jailed for Terrorist Activity Zahid Iqbal, Mohammed Sharfaraz Ahmed, Umar Arshad and Syed Farhan Hussain were stopped just in time.

In News The terrorist foursome used a toy-car to pack in explosives to target British reserve troops.

They were arrested a year ago in the town of Luton, north of London. Britain’s domestic spy agency, the MI5, and police were able to contain the situation before the deadly attack was launched. Last month, the court reached a verdict and Iqbal and Ahmed were given extended sentences of 16 years and 3 months. Arshad was sentenced to more than six years in jail, while Hussain received more than five years. The British men ranged between 22 and 31-years-old. They all pleaded guilty to engaging in conduct in preparation for acts of terrorism. Prosecutors said they downloaded files containing instructions for an attack, bought survival equipment, and collected money for terrorist purposes. They also admitted to “facilitating, planning and encouraging” overseas travel for terrorist purposes. The men were recorded discussing sending a remote-controlled toy car carrying a homemade bomb under the gates of an army reservist center in Luton and speaking of using instructions in an alQaeda manual to make an improvised explosive device. “Using a toy-car as an explosive device may seem childish, but if they had succeeded in pulling this off, the consequences could have resulted in deaths and injuries, much like we have seen in recent days in Boston,” said an anonymous British security official. Supposedly, Iqbal had direct contact with a Pakistani operative and helped Ahmed travel to Pakistan in 2011 for terror training. Prosecutors also said the men gained inspiration from the 2010 first issue of “Inspire,” an online English-language magazine from Yemen’s al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. The online magazine provides step-bystep instructions on how to construct a “pressure cooker” bomb, the same kind of explosive device that was used at the Boston Marathon bombing. If only we can catch more of these terrorists before they hurt more innocent souls.

Musharraf Resists Court Order of Arrest, Flees Court

Former Pakistani military ruler Pervez Musharraf fled court in a speeding car on Thursday to avoid arrest after his bail was revoked in a case involving his decision to fire senior judges. That decision by Musharraf took place over five years ago while he was still in power. The escape was broadcast live on Pakistani TV and marked a new low in Musharraf’s return from exile last month to seek a political comeback in the May 11 parliamentary election. He fled with the help of bodyguards, who physically pushed him past policemen and paramilitary soldiers to get him into a waiting black SUV. The vehicle sped off with a member of his security team hanging onto the side of the vehicle. Lawyers criticized the former military ruler yelling, “Look who is running! Musharraf is running!” as his refuge car plowed through the crowd. The destination of the getaway car was supposedly his luxury farmhouse, which is protected by high walls, razor wire and guard towers. Dozens of police and elite commandos blocked the main road that runs to the compound on the outskirts of Islamabad, keeping a distance between the crowd of journalists and onlookers. About twenty Musharraf supporters held banners and shouted slogans. None of the security forces guarding the compound attempted to arrest Musharraf, probably because they were waiting for direct orders from senior officials. Musharraf’s legal team said they would appeal the arrest warrant in the Supreme Court if necessary. “A lot of people are going to demand to know why he escaped the custody of the security forces,” said Rasul Baksh Rais, a political science professor at Lahore University of Management Sciences. But Pakistan’s government seems reluctant to wade into the controversy surrounding Musharraf, especially given his con-

nection to the army, considered the most powerful institution in the country. The former president of Pakistan seized power in a coup in 1999 when he was serving as army chief and spent nearly a decade in power before being forced to step down in 2008. He returned last month after four years in self-imposed exile in London and Dubai despite legal challenges and Taliban death threats. He has received paltry public support and earlier this week was disqualified from running in the coming election because of his actions while in power. A court has also barred him from leaving the country. If Musharraf is sent to jail, it would be the first time a Pakistani army chief has been put behind bars. A spokeswoman for Musharraf, Aasia Ishaq, said officials in Islamabad planned to declare his house a jail, which is allowed under the country’s law. That would mean Musharraf was effectively under house arrest and could solve the court’s dilemma for now. Thursday’s case before the Islamabad High Court involved Musharraf’s decision to dismiss senior judges, including the chief justice of the Supreme Court, when he declared a state of emergency and suspended the constitution in 2007. He was concerned the judges would challenge his recent re-election as president, and cited the growing Taliban insurgency in the country as justification for the state of emergency. He was also accused of placing the judges under house arrest. An Islamabad High Court judge, Shaukat Aziz Siddiqui, who had extended the bail agreement once on April 12, refused to do so again Thursday and ordered Musharraf’s arrest, according to a copy of the court order. The judge ordered Musharraf to be investigated under an anti-terrorism law, which does not allow bail, the order said. Siddiqui wrote that Musharraf’s “shameful” decision to arrest judges “spread fear in society ... and terror throughout Pakistan.” Musharraf posted a video online late on Thursday bragging that he had done great things for the country and questioning, “Why am I being stopped from taking part in politics?”

Reuters Mistakenly Publishes Obituary Talk about accuracy in reporting. Reuters, the international news

agency, mistakenly published a prewritten obituary for billionaire financier George Soros who is still alive and kickin’ on Thursday night. Within thirty minutes of this major mistake, the obit was taken down (but not before an appropriate Twitter buzz). If you didn’t catch it, here’s what it said:

“George Soros, who died XXX [sic] at age XXX [sic], was a predatory and hugely successful financier and investor, who argued paradoxically for years against the same sort of free-wheeling capitalism that made him billions.” The piece, written by Todd Eastham, carried on in a pointed vein, referring to the 82-year-old’s multibillion-pound currency gambles, including a famed punt against the pound that led to a political watershed for the post-Thatcher Conservative government in the early 1990s. “He was known as ‘the man who broke the Bank of England’ for selling short the British pound in 1992 and helping force the United Kingdom to withdraw from the European Exchange Rate Mechanism, which devalued the pound and earned Soros more than $1bn (£650m). And his Soros Fund Management was widely blamed for helping trigger the Asian financial crisis of 1997, by selling short the Thai baht and Malaysian ringgit,” the obit continued. Reuters responded to the internet buzz with a statement: “Reuters erroneously published an advance obituary of financier and philanthropist George Soros. A spokesman for Soros said that the New York-based financier is alive and well. Reuters regrets the error.” It’s common for obituaries to be written before the death of a prominent politician, businessman or celebrity but it is certainly not common for them to be published while they are still alive. We wish Mr. Soros many more healthy years.

In News North Korea’s New Fighters: Barely Old Enough to Cross the Street

Meet North Korea’s future soldiers: scrawny 11-year-olds with freshly shaved heads. The county is training its preteens and teens in preparation for a future fight. Banners, slogans and artwork have been splashed across the country and focus on fighting “the imperialist Americans and their traitorous

followers,” a reference to South Korea. North Korea has the fourth largest army in the world. Until now, slogans on improving North Korea’s economy have dominated, but anti-American propaganda has taken its place over the past year, particularly following U.S.-led censure of North Korea’s decision to launch a long-range rocket and test a nuclear bomb. Young North Koreans are forced to attend military school, where students work on desktop computers without Internet access to practice their English with chants such as “The respected Marshal Kim Jong Un is our father.” Their classwork is infused with conflict. Last week, TJH reported on life in North Korea. Many North Koreans are malnourished and suffer under tyrannical rule. The Kim family is worshipped in the country; North Koreans believe that they live and die because of the charity of the Kim family. America and South Korea are viewed as imperialistic nations and are seen as the root of all problems in North Korea. “Because of the present situation,

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The Week


T h e J e w i s h H o m e n A P R I L 2 5 , 2013, 2013


The Week I am trying to study harder, because I really think that’s how I can get my revenge on the American imperialists: by getting top marks in class,” one student, Jo Chung Hyok, told The Associated Press. “It’s my revolutionary duty,” he continued. “I’m working extra hard to get top marks in military subjects like tactics and shooting.” For weeks, North Korea has threatened to attack the U.S. and South Korea for holding joint military drills and for supporting U.N. sanctions. Washington and Seoul say they’ve seen no evidence that Pyongyang is actually preparing for a major conflict, though South Korean defense officials say the North appears prepared to test-fire a medium-range missile capable of reaching the American territory of Guam.

U.S. Offers Another $123M to Syrian Rebels Syria’s rebels will be receiving another $123 million in non-lethal assistance from the United States. The rebels’ top supporters vowed to enhance and expand their backing of the

two-year battle to oust President Bashar Assad’s regime. But what the opposition really wanted was weapons and direct military intervention to stop the violence that has killed more than 70,000 people. The Syrian National Coalition sought drone strikes on sites from which the regime has fired missiles, the imposition of no-fly zones and protected humanitarian corridors to ensure the safety of civilians. Instead, the Obama administration pledged to provide an additional $123 million in aid, which may include for the first time armored vehicles, body armor, night vision goggles and other defensive military supplies. It was the only tangible, public offer of new international support as the foreign ministers of the eleven main countries supporting the opposition met in a marathon session in Istanbul. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry announced the new package of assistance in a written statement at the conclusion of the conference that began on Saturday afternoon and stretched into early Sunday. The additional aid, which brings total non-lethal U.S. assistance to the opposition to $250 million since the

In News fighting began, “underscores the United States’ firm support for a political solution to the crisis in Syria and for the opposition’s advancement of an inclusive, tolerant vision for a post-Assad Syria,” he said. Kerry said a portion of the new money would be used to follow through on President Barack Obama’s recent authorization to expand direct supplies to the Free Syrian Army beyond food and medical supplies to include defensive items. Officials said the exact types of supplies would be decided in consultation with allies and the rebels’ Supreme Military Council. Additionally, Kerry announced nearly $25 million in food assistance for Syrians who remain inside the country as well as those who have fled to neighboring countries, bringing the total U.S. humanitarian contribution to the crisis to more than $409 million. Although thankful for the U.S. pledges, the opposition appeared disappointed that it was not offered military assistance. “We appreciate the limited support given by the international community, but it is not sufficient,” it said in a statement released at the end of the conference. “We call on the international community to be more forthcoming and unreserved to fulfill its responsibilities in extending support that is needed by the Syrian people.” Over $400 million in aid seems like a lot of money to me.

88 Billionaires Call Britain Their Home Britain has created their very own “rich list.” Believe it or not, the royal family is not considered the richest in Britain. In 1989, the Queen topped the list with total wealth of £5.2billion. This valuation included all the Crown Estates and the royal art collection. In later years, the Queen has been valued solely on her personal wealth and no longer topped the list after 1993. At the very top of the list this year is Alisher Usmanov who was born in Uzbekistan but later became a British citizen. He owns almost a third of the Arsenal Football Club and is worth an estimated $20.3 billion, making him the richest man in Britain. The 59-year-old owns Sutton Place, the former Surrey home of oil baron J. Paul Getty, and another mansion in London believed to be worth around $73 million. Usmanov previously served six years in a Soviet

jail in the 1980s after being convicted of fraud and extortion. His conviction was later overturned.

Alisher Usmanov, the richest man in Britian

Most of the list is occupied by foreign-born businessmen who later immigrated to Britain. The majority of the wealthiest figures are men. In second place is Russian-born Len Blavatnik, whose rise in wealth from $5.1billion last year to $16.8 billion this year, makes him the highest riser in wealth terms. Blavatnik owns Warner Music and received $3 billion last month for his stake in Russian oil project TNK-BP. Third place goes to Sri and Gopi Hinduja who made their £10.6billion in industry and finance. Steel tycoon Lakshmi Mittal takes the fourth place after eight years in the top spot, with a net worth of $15.2 billion. His financial decline is mostly due to his 40% stake in the steelmaking giant ArcelorMittal which has plunged from $42.8 billion at its peak to its current $9billion. The only British-born person in the top 10 richest people in Britain is the Duke of Westminster, Gerald Grosvenor, at the number eight spot. He earned his $11.9 billion in real estate. The number of billionaires in the UK has increased from nine when it was first published in 1989 to 88 now. Last year, there were 77 billionaires on the list. According to the list, the 1,000 richest people in Britain have wealth totaling almost $688 billion.

Israel Israel Airlines Strike On Sunday morning at 5 a.m., El Al, Arkia and Israir began a strike. They grounded their fleets in protest of the


T h e J e w i s h H o m e n A P R I L 2 5 , 2013

T h e J e w i s h H o m e n A P R I L 2 5 , 2013, 2013







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The Week cabinet’s decision to pass an Open Skies agreement with the European Union. The Israeli air carriers demanded the government table the decision for a later date. If the agreement goes through, it would introduce greater competition, which could theoretically bring down prices and force airlines to make difficult business decisions.


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The Histadrut labor federation announced the strike on Thursday afternoon, calling it “an existential strike for the future of Israeli airlines.” The meaning of the agreement in its current form is the “elimination of Israeli airlines and the direct and indirect firing of tens of thousands of workers,” it said, arguing that the government should take full responsibility for airline security in order to remove the onerous burden on Israeli airlines and level the playing field. “We are not against competition, but we are in favor of equal and fair competition,” said Avi Edry, head of the El Al workers union. “Israeli airlines, and most of all El Al, are the only companies that fly in times of crisis and provide the first response to the State of Israel.” El Al announced on Saturday evening that cancellations and changes would apply to flights departing from 5 a.m. and on. Passengers were advised to check the El Al website for updated information about their specific flight. Many of the flights were pushed ahead so that their departure time would be before 5 a.m. Israir also warned customers that due to the strike, most flights after 5 a.m. on Sunday would be either canceled or changed. As for flights to and from Eilat, Israir said customers would be eligible for refunds and could buy tickets for buses departing from the Sde Dov, Ben-Gurion, Haifa and Eilat airports. Arkia told passengers to stay updated on their flights by checking online statuses, and ensured that the airline would do all in its power to allow for smooth travel. On Friday, over 30 airline workers demonstrated outside the house of Finance Minister, Yair Lapid. He told protesters that the government would

In News not abandon Israel’s workers but it was also unlikely to forego the agreement all together. Transportation Minister Israel Katz told a radio station earlier in the day that there was no avoiding passage of the agreement, the details of which had been finalized in July after three years of negotiation with the EU. Katz argued that the Open Skies Agreement would decrease prices for passengers and create an influx of tourism into Israel. He accused Israel’s monopolies of stifling reforms that could benefit the nation. In a letter to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, Histadrut Chairman Ofer Eini urged the government to reconsider approving the Open Skies agreement. “I am appealing to you at this critical hour in an urgent call to the Israeli government to avoid making difficult and destructive historical decisions, with no substantive discussion on the matter and on the basis of incomplete information,” he said. The strike ended on Tuesday after two days by reaching an overnight agreement with the government that will allow the country’s three airlines to better compete with European ones. The government agreed to cover about 97.5% of the airlines’ security costs, rather than the 80% decided earlier. I’m just hoping this means that ticket prices will get cheaper.

Israel Hopes 10 Million will Visit Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat has announced his goal is to compete for tourists with the world’s most visited cities. “Eight years ago, Jerusalem had just a little over 2 million tourists a year, and today we have 4 million a year. I want to reach 10 million,” said Barkat at the UJA-Federation Mission of New Yorksponsored event at the David Citadel Hotel. The conference, created in part to celebrate the country’s 65th birthday, was attended by senior UJA delegates, 50 mayors from across the nation, ministers and MKs. “When we analyze where we were eight years ago, we can see that we have huge potential to fulfill the vision of reaching the scale of tourists seen by other cities,” continued Barkat. “New York has 50 million tourists, Paris has over 60 million, and Jerusalem had a little over 2 million – far from where we should be.” At the conference, Barkat detailed

the city’s recent achievements, and emphasized the significant increases in cultural events, festivals and new businesses.

are scheduled traverse the city streets as part of Formula 1’s “Peace Road Show,” in a historic debut. If ticket prices truly decrease, then count me in!

Five Terrorists Charged for Plotting Murder

“The more culture and business we create in the city, the more tourists we’ll bring,” he said. “The recent Jerusalem Marathon had 20,000 runners, and in June, for the first time ever, we will host the upcoming Formula 1 race that will take place in the city.” Indeed, between June 13-14, Formula 1 cars and drivers

Five Arab residents of Jerusalem were charged in a Jerusalem court on Thursday. The five men are accused of planning an attack on Jewish worshipers at the Temple Mount and Western Wall. The men, all aged between 20 and 25, had contacted terrorist organizations in Judea, Samaria and Gaza in order to buy weapons and explosives and obtain arms training. The terrorist gang also planned to kidnap a Jewish settler and murder the victim with his or her own weapon, according to the charges. The men went as far as selecting their victim. They captured a hitchhiker north of Jerusalem, but released him after learning the man was unarmed. Media coverage of the court proceedings show the five terrorists smil-

In News ing, laughing and joking with one another as they are led into the courtroom. They all hold Israeli identification. All the terrorists face charges of assisting an enemy in a time of war and for their attempted cooperation with terror groups operating out of Palestinian Authority-controlled territories.

Egypt Promises Not to be a Threatening Neighbor to Israel Just a day after two rockets hit Eilat, the Egypt State Information Service quoted the Egyptian army promising that “Egyptian territories were not and would never be a source of threat to neighboring States.” In the army statement, military spokesman Col. Muhammad Ali added that a technical committee was looking into the attack, which is believed to have come from the Sinai Peninsula. Deputy Defense Minister Danny Danon said on Thursday that there was good cooperation between Jerusalem

and Cairo, and that Israel is determined to maintain the good relationship. On Wednesday, Danon visited the neighborhood where one of the rockets landed, spoke with the residents and met the city’s Mayor Meir Yitzhak Halevi. “We will defend the citizens of Eilat,” he pledged. Maj.-Gen. Alaa Ezzedine, the head of Egypt’s Strategic Center of the Armed Forces, denied that the rockets had been fired from Sinai. “Egypt owns the capabilities required for knowing who fired the rockets and from which point; based on our radar systems, we confirm that no rockets were launched from inside Egyptian territory,” he was quoted as saying. He said that it’s Israel’s responsibility to determine the source of the rocket fire, and claims that the attack proved the Iron Dome anti-missile system is a “failure.” Ezzedine mentioned that the Egyptian army was planning to deal with the lack of security in the Sinai. “The plan includes intensifying the movements of military patrols in sites which jihadists have taken advantage of in the past, along with providing more Continued on page 22

T h e J e w i s h H o m e n A P R I L 2 5 , 2013

The Week


T h e J e w i s h H o m e n A P R I L 2 5 , 2013, 2013


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22 T h e J e w i s h H o m e n A P R I L 2 5 , 2013, 2013

The Week weapons for the existing ambushes,” he said. IDF officials suspect that the rockets were fired from Egypt by jihadist group Magles Shoura al-Mujahddin that claimed on its website that it had targeted Eilat with two Grad missiles. It said the attack was in response to Israel’s attack on protesters demonstrating over the death of a Palestinian prisoner.

WHO Secretary General to Visit Israel

EN P O r NOalW ook you l and b C t today n e m t in appo 0 39 120

Dr. Margaret Chan, secretary-general of the World Health Organization, is scheduled to visit Israel at the end of this week. This will mark her first visit and the first visit by any WHO secretarygeneral in history. Zsuzsanna Jakab, the WHO’s regional director for Europe, and Dr. Ala Alwan, a native of Iraq, will join Chan on her visit. Chan has been WHO secretary-general since 2006; she is now serving her second term, which ends in June 2017. The secretary-general was born in the People’s Republic of China and studied medicine at Canada’s University of Western Ontario. In 1978, she joined the Hong Kong department of health, and in 2003, she joined the UN organization. Early in her first term, Chan told The Jerusalem Post in Geneva that she respected Israelis for their expertise in public health and invited more of them to contribute their professional skills to the WHO.

(516) 2

87 Elderd Lane, Cedarhurst, NY 11516 (Located Behind Jildor Shoes) (516)-239-1200 •

Chan is well-regarded and is known as a strong secretary-general. She has managed outbreaks of avian influenza and of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS). She came under criticism in 2009 for what was claimed to be the WHO’s “failure” to control H1N1 avian flu before it spread from Southeast Asia and killed some 17,000 around the world. After its global spread, she was widely praised for dealing with the epidemic. The WHO, which coordinates UN

In News policy on health, has 190 members. When Chan was invited Israel by Professor Ronni Gamzu, the Health Ministry’s director-general, she quickly agreed but requested a tour of the Palestinian Authority’s health facilities too. Her itinerary includes a visit to ministry officials at Jerusalem headquarters, a tour of community clinics of Clalit Health Services and Maccabi Health Services in Modi’in, a visit to Tel Aviv’s Sourasky Medical Center, a tour of Sheba Medical Center’s medical simulation center (MSR) headed by Prof. Amitai Ziv of Tel Hashomer, a visit to Yad Vashem, and her final destination will be to the Palestinian Authority.

Israel Accused of Discrimination by U.S. Report According to a State Department report on human rights practices around the world, Israel discriminates against women, Arabs, Ethiopians, refugees, asylum seekers, and migrants. The report claims that the most significant human rights problems observed in Israel in 2012 were terrorist attacks against civilians but it also points to some concerning practices by the government. One of the most pressing problems was listed as “the institutional and societal discrimination against Arab citizens, in particular in access to equal education and employment opportunities.” “Other human rights problems included institutional and societal discrimination against non-Orthodox Jews and some minority religious groups; societal discrimination against persons with disabilities and Ethiopian Jews; and serious labor rights abuses against foreign workers,” the report said. Referring to Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians, the report accuses Israel of “excessive use of force against civilians, including killings; abuse of Palestinian detainees, particularly during arrest and interrogation; austere and overcrowded detention facilities; improper use of security detention procedures; demolition and confiscation of Palestinian property.” The State Department further criticized Israel for “limitations on freedom of expression, assembly, and association and severe restrictions on Palestinians’ internal and external freedom of movement.” Continued on page 26


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T h e J e w i s h H o m e n A P R I L 2 5 , 2013, 2013





691 Burnside Lawrence, NY

516.371.1137 AUTO BODY



T h e J e w i s h H o m e n A P R I L 2 5 , 2013

T h e J e w i s h H o m e n A P R I L 2 5 , 2013, 2013


The Week It seems that this report states that Israel is plagued by terrorist attacks, but condemns Israel from trying to prevent these attacks from happening.

Israeli Exports: From $6M to $91B Israel’s economy is soaring. The volume of exports of goods and services since its birth 65 years ago has grown 15,000 times. It jumped from 6 million in 1948 to $91 billion in 2012, according to the Israel Export and International Cooperation Institute (IEICI). The report was released on Tuesday in honor of Israel’s Independence Day. According to IEICI calculations, this is the sixth highest growth rate in the world during that period, putting the Israeli economy in the 38th place in terms of export volumes and 29th in terms of exports per capita, after South Korea and Britain, and before France, Spain, Italy, Japan and the United States. The majority of the countries preceding Israel in export growth rates

are the Gulf states. That growth can directly be attributed to oil production. “In its 65 years of existence, Israel has reached significant export achievements and enjoyed fast growth based, among other things, on the fast and significant increase in exports,” said IEICI Chairman Ramzi Gabbay. The figures are encouraging but some see it as a bit concerning too. They show that Israel’s economy depends heavily on exports as a source of growth, meaning that a slowdown in the volume of global trade following a financial crisis would greatly affect Israel. Keep buying that Ahava hand cream!

National Timeline of Terror The riveting manhunt last week for the Tsarnaev brothers captivated the American public as it played out like a

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In News work of fiction. Here is a list of what occurred during those frightening few days as events played out that led to the death of Tamerlan Tsarnaev, 26, and the eventual capture of his younger brother, Dzhokhar, 19.

Thursday, April 18, 5 p.m. – The FBI releases photos and a surveillance video that show two men, one wearing a white baseball cap and the second wearing a black cap. Each man was carrying a backpack in the footage. The FBI said they should be considered “armed and extremely dangerous.” 7 p.m. – Names start pouring into the FBI in response to their release of photos. At 10:20 p.m. gunshots are heard on the MIT campus and at 10:30 p.m., MIT police officer Sean Collier, 26, is found shot in his vehicle. He is taken to Massachusetts General Hospital and pronounced dead. Shortly after the shooting, the suspects carjack a Mercedes SUV in Cambridge. The suspects held the carjacking victim at gunpoint for a half hour before releasing him unharmed at a gas station, according to the Middlesex District Attorney. 11:20 p.m. – Authorities tell the public to stay indoors. Around this time, the suspects try to use a debit card stolen from the man whose car they stole to withdraw money from three ATMs. The first attempt was unsuccessful, but they allegedly withdrew $800 on the second attempt. At the third ATM, the withdrawal attempt was denied for exceeding the man’s daily limit. Shortly after, police  pursued the suspects into Watertown, west of Cambridge, in the carjacked vehicle. The suspects toss explosive devices from the SUV, seriously injuring a public transit police officer, Richard Donohue. Friday, April 19, 1:15 a.m. – A massive police presence, including state troopers and police cruisers with lights and sirens blaring, fill the Boston suburb of Watertown. Several ambulances were also on the scene. At 2 a.m., the FBI releases four new photos of the two

men, one in a white hat and one in a black hat, at the Boston Marathon. 2:20 a.m. – The suspects, hiding behind the black Mercedes SUV in Watertown, engage in a shootout with a large number of police officers. The men, about 200 feet apart, exchanged constant gunfire, and the two shooters light an explosive that lands in the space between themselves and the police, and then exploded. One of the two men then ran toward police and was tackled, an eyewitness says. It is later revealed that he had an explosive devise strapped to his chest. 4:16 a.m. – Law enforcement sources confirm that the suspect pictured in the black hat is dead, and the suspect in the white hat is at-large and considered armed and dangerous. Residents of Watertown are put on lockdown while police patrol the neighborhood on foot and in patrol cars. 5:20 a.m. – Local universities and colleges including Harvard, Boston University, Emerson College, Boston College, and MIT cancel classes and tell students to remain in place. Boston Public Schools suspended all activities. Public transportation is suspended and Amtrak activity is suspended as well. 8 a.m. – Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick urges all residents in Boston and the surrounding area to remain indoors as authorities engage in a “massive manhunt.” Officials extend the shelterin-place order across the city. 6 p.m. – Authorities lift the order for people stay in their homes and reopen Boston transit. Gov. Deval Patrick says people must remain vigilant because “there is still a very, very dangerous individual at large.” Col. Timothy Alben of Massachusetts State Police says the suspect has not been apprehended but vows that he will be. 7:35 p.m. – A resident spots a person in a boat in the backyard of Watertown home. Authorities say the resident saw blood leading to the boat and thermal imaging then showed a person inside it. 8:05 p.m. – Police move in on the boat and believe the suspect is hiding there. At 8:45, suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 19, is captured alive. Upon hearing that the second suspect has been caught, residents in the neighborhood break out in spontaneous applause as a week of terror concludes.  Tsarnaev, bleeding and in serious condition, is taken to Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, according to a Massachusetts State Police spokesman. A federal team will question him once he is well enough to be interro-

gated, but under a special legal exception designed to protect public safety, he will not get a Miranda warning or be offered a lawyer for up to 48 hours.

Who Were these Murderers? The bombings in Boston last week have brought about many questions. Since the explosions and the manhunt that followed, many more details have arisen and some answers to the questions that were asked, especially regarding the history of the attackers Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, have emerged. As of now, the motive of these murderers is still unknown. The Tsarnaev family arrived in the United States seeking refuge from strife in their homeland, Kyrgyzstan. They are ethnically Chechen. “Why people go to America? You know why,” the father, Anzor Tsarnaev, said in an interview from Russia, where he lives now. “Our political system in Russia…Chechens were persecuted in Kyrgyzstan, they were problems.” The family had moved from Kyrgyzstan to Dagestan, a predominantly Muslim republic in Russia’s North Caucasus that has become an epicenter of the Islamic insurgency that spilled over from Chechnya. The father set up as an auto mechanic, and the two boys along with their two sisters, went to school in America. Dzhokhar attended the Cambridge Rindge and Latin school, a prestigious public school just a few blocks from Harvard Yard. He joined a boxing league and in 2003, after winning a boxing tournament, said, “I like the USA ... America has a lot of jobs. That’s something Russia doesn’t have. You have a chance to make money here if you are willing to work.” Tamerlan dropped out after studying accounting at Bunker Hill Community College for just three semesters. “I don’t have a single American friend. I don’t understand them,” he was quoted as saying in a Boston University student magazine. He identified himself then as a Muslim and said he did not drink or smoke: “G-d said no alcohol.” His mother said, “[Tamerlan] started following his own religion, never told me he could be on [the] side of jihad.” His uncle said that he found Islam not in Chechnya but in a mosque in Cambridge. He said Tamerlan hoped to fight for the U.S. Olympic team and become a naturalized American.

More recently, Tamerlan, who was married with a young daughter, had become a more devout Muslim, according to his aunt, Maret Tsarnaeva. She told reporters outside her Toronto home that the older brother had taken to praying five times a day. Tamerlan was married to Katherine Russell, 24, who seemed to be an all-American girl from Rhode Island until she converted to Islam under Tamerlan’s demands. She worked full-time as a home healthcare aide and Tamerlan was supposed to have been watching their two-year-old daughter at home. Neighbors said they would hear fighting and yelling and friends said that Tamerlan would throw furniture and call his wife derogatory names. According to law enforcement records, he was arrested in 2009 for assault and battery, but the charges were dismissed. In 2011, the FBI interviewed Tamerlan at the behest of a foreign government, a federal law enforcement official said. The officials would not say what country made the request or why, but said that nothing derogatory was found. It’s evident that he became a more radical follower of Islam as time progressed. In November of 2012, Tamerlan challenged a preacher at a mosque when the preacher stated that it is appropriate to celebrate national holidays such as July 4 and Thanksgiving. Tamerlan insisted that those holidays are “not allowed in the faith.” In January of this year, he called a preacher a “nonbeliever,” hypocrite and accused him of “contaminating people’s minds” when the preacher called Martin Luther King Jr. a great person. Other members of the mosque told Tamerlan he would no longer be welcome at the mosque if he continued to interrupt the sermon. He remained quiet at future sermons. Dzhokhar was described by friends as well adjusted and well liked in both high school and college, though at some point in college, his academic work reportedly suffered greatly. “I’m in complete shock,” said Rose Schutzberg, 19, who graduated high school with Dzhokhar. “He was a very studious person. He was really popular. He wrestled. People loved him.” Dzhokhar was on the school’s wrestling team. And in May 2011, his senior year, he was awarded a $2,500 scholarship from the city to pursue higher education. Dzhokhar went on to attend UMass-Dartmouth. The school would not say what he was studying. The father of the suspects, Anzor Tsarnaev, told reporters his younger

In News son was “a second-year medical student,” though he graduated high school in 2011. A college transcript revealed that he was failing many of his college classes. In two semesters in 2012 and 2013, he got seven failing grades, including F’s in Principles of Modern Chemistry, Intro American Politics, and Chemistry and the Environment. Dzhokhar’s page on the Russian social networking site, Vkontakte, says that before moving to the United States, he attended School No. 1 in Makhachkala, the capital of Dagestan, and he describes himself as speaking Chechen as well as English and Russian. His worldview is described as “Islam” and he says his personal goal is “career and money.” Dzhokhar’s uncle was surprised by his involvement in the attack, much more, he said, than by his brother’s. “It’s not a surprise about him,” Ruslan Tsarni, who lives in Maryland, said of Tamerlan. “The younger one, that’s something else.” He said the family had placed all its hopes with Dzhokhar, hoping he would be a doctor.

Your Bagel Will Cost You Extra in New York

If I mention the word taxes in the first sentence of this article, I bet most of you will flip the page but WAIT, this is actually interesting! I promise I won’t mention Obama, the IRS, or the Senate. State governments can be remarkably creative when it comes to findings ways to pick up some extra tax dollars. This lists some of the strangest and surprising taxes across our 50 states. Before you order your toasted bagel with two eggs and cheese tomorrow morning, realize that it’s going to cost you about an extra 8 cents. In New York, sliced or toasted sandwiches are

T h e J e w i s h H o m e n A P R I L 2 5 , 2013

The Week


T h e J e w i s h H o m e n A P R I L 2 5 , 2013, 2013


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The Week subjected to an extra tax. The reasoning behind this peculiar tax is that when one orders sliced bagels, they generally intend to eat it at the restaurant and restaurant meals are taxed in New York, whereas if you purchase sliced bagels at the supermarket, this tax would not be applied. Blueberries—they are blue and delicious and a favorite snack in my family but they can cost a couple of extra pennies. Maine, the Vacationland State, produces 99 percent of our nation’s blueberries, averaging 80 to 85 million pounds per year. Anyone “growing, handling, processing, selling, or purchasing” the famous export must pay up, according to Maine’s state legislature. While most states tax gambling, Alabama takes it to another level. If you buy a deck of playing cards in this state, even if it’s to entertain your 7-year-old while waiting at the doctor, you will be taxed 10 cents per pack California is famous for its farmer’s markets and juicy produce. Fresh fruit is tax-free across the state but the presliced variety sold in vending machines is not. If you press the button, you will pay 33 percent tax. A fruit vending machine? Only in California! The only ones I see have chocolate and soda. Do you buy coffee on the go? If you lived in Colorado then you would pay extra for it. Coffee lids are taxed in the Midwestern state. Colorado deems coffee lids and napkins to be “nonessential” packaging, which makes them subject to the state’s 2.9 percent tax. They seem to essential to me when I want to keep my skirt dry. If you’re driving through Pennsylvania be sure to vacuum your car before you get on the road. In the Keystone State, coin-operated vacuum vending machines are indeed subject to a “use” tax. No Cheerios until Maryland! Glad you didn’t turn the page?

Devil in Disguise: Elvis Impersonator Sends Poisonous Letter to President Obama... or Maybe Not Perhaps those handling mail for the White House had suspicious minds when they received a letter addressed to President Obama. The letter certainly

In News made them all shook up as it contained the deadly poison ricin. (No wonder it didn’t say return to sender.) The original suspect was Elvis impersonator Paul Kevin Curtis. The Memphis native was also alleged to have sent similar letters to U.S. Senator Roger Wicker of Mississippi and Justice Court Judge Sadie Holland of Lee County, Mississippi. The letters, which were postmarked April 8, 2013 out of Memphis, Tenn., ended with the phrase, “to see a wrong and not expose it, is to become a silent partner to its continuance.” The letters concluded with “I am KC and I approve this message.” Curtis, who seemingly did not take to heart the “don’t be cruel”  admonishment of his hero, was arrested and appeared to be facing  today, tomorrow and the next  15 years in prison and $500,000 in fines. He remained in prison for a week and it seemed like the  only Elvis song he’d ever  sing again was  “Jailhouse Rock.”   But then everything changed and he is goin’ home.  Federal prosecutors asked the judge to release Mr. Curtis after the case began crumpling and it became clear that the person who actually committed the crimes intentionally made it look like Mr. Curtis committed them. Essentially, the person who committed the crimes impersonated the Elvis impersonator. Mr. Curtis, who has a right to be angry at the authorities, may now rightly sing, “Wise men say only fools arrest when the evidence is shoddy.”

NFL Announcer Dies at 82 Pat Summerall, a former NFL player, died at the age of 82 last week. Summerall was most recognized for playing kicker for the New York Giants. He played in the legendary 1958 title game against the Colts, and before that he kicked for the Detroit Lions and Chicago Cardinals. After his time on the field from 1952 to 1961, he became an announcer. He was one of the NFL’s distinctive voices as the league grew by leaps and bounds. He was the soundtrack of every big


T h e J e w i s h H o m e n A P R I L 2 5 , 2013

T h e J e w i s h H o m e n A P R I L 2 5 , 2013, 2013


The Week Sunday game in the NFL for decades until 2002.

In News

broke his foot and turned it around. His foot was placed in a cast for six weeks but his mother was told that her child would probably only be able to walk with a limp. He defied doctors’ predictions and went on to use his feet for great things.

Explosion Kills 12 in Texas

Pat was born George Allen Summerall and was nicknamed Pat as a child by the aunt and uncle who raised him. His parents were separated and wanted to send him to an orphanage before he was taken in by his loving relatives. Interestingly, the man who made his career playing football was thought to never be able to walk straight. When he was born, Pat’s right foot faced backwards—his toes were in the back of the foot and his heel was in the front. When he was just two weeks old, doctors

An explosion in a fertilizer plant brought a huge amount of carnage to the small town of West, Texas, last week. The evening explosion was strong enough to register as a small earthquake and could be heard for many miles. It demolished nearly everything for several blocks around the plant. More than 200 people were hurt, and 12 people have been confirmed dead. Officials did not identify those killed, but the dead were believed to include a small group of firefighters and other first-responders who rushed toward the West Fertilizer Co. to battle a fire that set off the blast.

The only fatality that has been publicly identified is Kenny Harris, a 52-year-old captain in the Dallas Fire Department who lived south of West. He was off-duty at the time but responded to the fire to help, according to a statement from the city of Dallas. Even before investigators disclosed the fatalities, the names of the dead were becoming known throughout the community of 2,800. The many injuries included broken bones, cuts and bruises, respiratory problems and minor burns. A few people were reported in intensive care and several more in critical condition. First-responders evacuated 133 patients from the nursing home, some in wheelchairs. Many were dazed and panicked and did not know what happened. Federal investigators and the state fire marshal’s office plan to begin inspecting the blast site to collect evidence that may point to a cause. Franceska Perot, a spokeswoman for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, said investigators would begin at the perimeter of the explosion and work inward toward the destroyed fertilizer company. As investigators move inward, residents will gradually be allowed to return to their homes, authorities said.  It is clear that the town’s landscape will never be the same. An apartment complex was badly shattered, a school was set ablaze and a nursing home was left in ruins. Garage doors were ripped off homes. Fans hung askew from twisted porches. At West Intermediate School, which was close to the blast site, all of the building’s windows were blown out. The fertilizer facility stores and distributes anhydrous ammonia, a fertilizer that can be directly injected into soil. It also mixes other fertilizers. Records reviewed by The Associated Press show the U.S. Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration fined West Fertilizer $10,000

last summer for safety violations that included planning to transport anhydrous ammonia without a security plan. An inspector also found the plant’s ammonia tanks weren’t properly labeled. In a risk-management plan filed with the Environmental Protection Agency about a year earlier, the company said it was not handling flammable materials and did not have sprinklers, waterdeluge systems, blast walls, fire walls or other safety mechanisms in place at the plant. State officials require all facilities that handle anhydrous ammonia to have sprinklers and other safety measures because it is a flammable substance, according to Mike Wilson, head of air permitting for the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. But inspectors would not necessarily check for such mechanisms, and it’s not known whether they did when the West plant was last inspected in 2006, said Ramiro Garcia, head of enforcement and compliance. That inspection followed a complaint about a strong ammonia smell, which the company resolved by obtaining a new permit, said the commission’s executive director Zak Covar. He said no other complaints had been filed with the state since then, so there haven’t been additional inspections.

Fattest Cities in America

Think of your friends, family, and neighbors….how many of them don’t want to lose a couple of pounds? (Especially post-Pesach!) Well, in cities across America there are thousands and thousands of people who are seriously obese. In fact, the rate of obesity in the U.S. has increased dramatically in the past two decades. (Most of your acquaintances are thankfully not included in this number.) The escalation of this health condition has prompted health officials, public figures, and legislators to characterize it

proximately 35.6% of the population was told they had high blood pressure, while 14.1% of the population were diagnosed with diabetes. Residents of Little Rock, North Little Rock, and Conway, Arkansas, claim they don’t have access to healthy, affordable food. With an obesity rate of 34.7%, high blood pressure rate of 37.3% and poverty rate of 14.7%, they earned themselves the third spot on the obesity list. Huntington, West Virginia, and Ashland, Kentucky, both have an obesity rate of 37.7%. (This is the state where Morgan Spurlock, the director of Super Size Me, a documentary about the American culture and obesity, grew up.) With the highest report of high blood pressure of 43.3% and a high poverty rate of 19.9%, it marks the second-most obese city. Only 67% of those surveyed in the Huntington area stated they had no health problems. Now for the fattest of the fat… McAllen, Edinburg, and Mission, Texas! With the highest obesity rate of 38.5%, this area ranked the heaviest metropolitan area in the country. It also had the highest poverty rate of 37.7%. More than 21% of the population has been diagnosed with diabetes. The vast majority of the McAllen metro area is located in a food desert, indicating a severe lack of access to healthy foods for residents. Now that it’s spring, time to put on those running shoes and hit the boardwalk!

Service employees in Tennessee were stealing unemployment and other benefits while fully employed. Thirteen of those employees were indicted on federal charges that they lied to get unemployment, food stamps, welfare and housing vouchers. An additional eleven have been indicted on state charges of theft greater than $1,000. In all, authorities say the workers improperly received more than $250,000 in government benefits. “You’ve got these employees that are taking advantage of the system that they are so intimate with by virtue of their jobs,” said Shelby County District Attorney General Amy Weirech, whose office is handling the state prosecutions. “It’s doubly frustrating.” The investigation originated with the U.S. Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration, a Treasury Department agency that is responsible for oversight of the IRS. The agency in recent years has been focusing on IRS employees who illegally draw government benefits as part of what they call “Operation Double Dip.” Recently, for example, federal prosecutors in Indianapolis announced con-



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The Chai Traditions Program

IRS Employees Commit Fraud

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For everyone who has ever thought that the “Tax Man” has been stealing money, this story will finally justify all the negative things you’ve ever thought about the IRS. Authorities say Internal Revenue

victions of four former IRS employees in a similar scheme. In that case, employees would properly collect unemployment while furloughed, but they failed to report when they returned to work, which should have cut off benefits. The Tennessee indictments accuse the 24 employees of fraudulently obtaining those benefits going as far back as 2006 and as recently as Dec. 31, 2012. “According to the allegations in the indictment, while these IRS employees were supposed to be serving the public, they were instead brazenly stealing from law-abiding American taxpayers,” U.S. Attorney Edward L. Stanton III, who oversees federal prosecutions in West Tennessee, said in a prepared statement. The indictments come just weeks after a state audit found more than $73 million in overpayments were made by the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development over the past several years. That audit turned up 24 active state employees who received more than $126,000 in unemployment benefits and seven dead people who were paid out $12,387. The state said

A place where tradition is home.


dena.graphix 718.701.1125

as an epidemic. Obesity is characterized by a body-mass index of 30 or higher. Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index has listed the fattest cities in the US. Eight of the eleven metropolitan areas with the highest obesity rates have a higher poverty rate than the national rate of 15.9%. Poverty and educational attainment are among the greatest predictors and have a direct effect on the incidence of obesity. Erie, Pennsylvania, and BeaumontPort Arthur, Texas, tied for the tenth spot on the “obesity list” with a 32.5% obesity rate. Erie has a poverty rate of 16.4% and 28.5% of its residents have high blood pressure. Beaumont-Port Arthur has a poverty rate of 17.6% and 33.3% percentage with high blood pressure. Next up is Reading, Pennsylvania, where 6% of residents surveyed reported that they suffered a heart attack. The obesity rate is 32.8%, high blood pressure is found in 31.2% of the population, and the poverty rate is 13.7%. At number eight is Charleston, West Virginia, with an obesity rate of 32.9% and 41.4% of residents suffer from high blood pressure. More than 32% of the population smoked as of 2012 and the poverty rate is 18.2%. Toledo, Ohio, is the seventh fattest city in America with an obesity rate of 33.0%, high blood pressure at 29.1%, and poverty rate of 20.2%. Toledo residents are more likely than most other metropolises to have high cholesterol, diabetes, or to have suffered a heart attack. With an obesity rate of 33.1%, Myrtle Beach, North Myrtle Beach and Conway, South Carolina, is the sixth highest rate in the nation. About 40% of residents surveyed reported high blood pressure and 18.9% of the city suffers from poverty. As many as 21.7% of residents didn’t have proper health insurance in 2011, the second worst rate in the country and almost triple the national average. Access to affordable, healthy food is limited in some areas. Hagerstown, Maryland, and Martinsburg, West Virginia, hold down the fifth spot on the list with a rate of 33.4% and a high percentage of high blood pressure of 33.8%. Hagerstown residents rated poorly for practicing healthy behaviors; less than half exercise regularly. At number four is Mobile, Alabama, with an obesity rate of 33.7%. The city is poorer than most with a poverty rate of 19.4%. The median household income is $42,372 which is more than $8K less than the national median. Ap-

In News

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The Week


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T h e J e w i s h H o m e n A P R I L 2 5 , 2013, 2013



33 T h e J e w i s h H o m e n A P R I L 2 5 , 2013

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The Week the majority of those cases involved fraud. Who does the audits on people working for the IRS? Sure gets you thinking…

USA TODAY Founder Dies at 89 Allen H. Neuharth, the newspaper visionary and former Gannett chairman who founded USA TODAY, helped create a museum dedicated to news and became one of the industry’s most influential and sometimes controversial figures.

He died on Friday at his home in Cocoa Beach, Florida, at the age of 89. “As a journalist, I had a wonderful window on the world,’’ Neuharth wrote in “Plain Talk,” a final column he requested to be published in USA TODAY after his death. “For nearly 50 years as a reporter and editor, I tried to tell stories accurately and fairly, without opinion.” Neuharth was a self-described “dreamer and schemer” which was clearly reflected in his work. That insatiable drive helped him build Gannett into one of America’s largest media companies. He wasn’t afraid of anyone and daringly started up with Donald Trump and others. He invited himself

In News to palaces and boardrooms to meet with world and business leaders such as Margaret Thatcher. Neuharth was not afraid to flout the system. He insisted on hiring women and minorities and by 1988, the proportion of those minorities in his newsrooms was 47 percent higher than the national average. Women accounted for nearly 40 percent of the company’s managers, professionals and sales agents. The newsman was known for his flamboyant style and gestures. He lived royally, despite tough years at the paper. He maintained luxurious suites in New York and Washington and owned five homes in the U.S. He was even known to ride

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his limo for just a few blocks. Neuharth was proud of his dapper style. He wore designer suits and favored martinis. He also installed bronze busts of himself in two lobbies of his newspapers.

Neuharth was not always living in wealth, but he was born with drive and the ambition to succeed. Born in South Dakota in 1924, Neuharth lost his father at the age of two. At ten-years-old, he became a newsboy to help support his family. After graduating from the University of South Dakota in 1950, he and a classmate founded a weekly sports newspaper which went bankrupt after only two years. But that did not get him down. He became a reporter for The Miami Herald in 1954, and ultimately was hired by Gannett as a general manager in 1963. He became president in 1970 and chief executive in 1973. “Al’s passing is a great loss for all of us in the Gannett family,” said Gannett CEO Gracia Martore. “Al was many things — a journalist, a leader, a serial entrepreneur, and a pioneer in advancing opportunities for women and minorities. But above all, he was an innovator with a unique sense of the public taste…As with all great people, what Al built will live on.” “Al Neuharth reinvented news,’’ said USA TODAY publisher Larry Kramer. “Even in our recent efforts to translate his vision into the modern world of digital journalism, we relied on him to tell us if we were going in the right direction. His advice was, not surprisingly, the best and most practical we heard.’’ It sounds like his legacy is going strong.

Error May Have Led to Flawed Economic Policy “Austerity” economic policies have been the topic of many debates in the past couple of years. Austerity is used to describe policies meant to reduce government spending and debt Continued on page 38













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T h e J e w i s h H o m e n A P R I L 2 5 , 2013



T h e J e w i s h H o m e n A P R I L 2 5 , 2013, 2013



T h e J e w i s h H o m e n A P R I L 2 5 , 2013

T h e J e w i s h H o m e n A P R I L 2 5 , 2013, 2013


The Week that may be painful in the short term, such as cuts to social services, or that lead to job losses. A key piece of empirical research policymakers have used to justify “austerity measures” has been a 2010 study by two Harvard economists, Carmen M. Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff, about the downside of high debt.

Well, now another set of academics at University of Massachusetts at Amherst have replicated the study. They discovered that the Harvard professors made an Excel coding error in their research that inflated their results. In their original study, Reinhart and Rogoff found countries with government debt loads equivalent to or greater than 90 percent of economic output saw their median growth rates fall by 1%. Their average growth rates

fell considerably more. In other words, high government debt was bad for economies. Mike Konczal, fellow at the Roosevelt Institute, writes, “This has been one of the most cited stats in the public debate during the Great Recession.” He cites Paul Ryan’s Path to Prosperity budget as relying on this “empirical evidence.” In addition to the Excel error, the researchers argue that Reinhart and Rogoff used a debatable method to weight the countries in their research and selectively excluded years of high debt and average growth. Konczal writes, “All three bias in favor their result, and without them you don’t get their controversial result.” One of the study’s authors, Michael Ash, agreed with that conclusion in a phone interview. In a written statement, Reinhart and Rogoff admitted that the UMass researchers accurately point out a coding error that omits several countries from the averages they looked at (in other words, there really was an Excel

In News error), however, they “do not believe this regrettable slip affects in any significant way the central message of the paper or that in our subsequent work.” The economists point out the UMass researchers also find lower growth associated with periods when debt is over 90%. While Ash concedes that fact, he asserts that the UMass study’s finding of average growth of countries with high debt loads at 2.2% is significantly different from the -0.1% Reinhart and Rogoff identified. And Ash argues it’s this average that has become the central focus of policy. The researcher’s takeaway is that there’s “no threshold or cliff at 90%” debt-to-GDP, saying this shows it is “important to operate on a case by case basis” when it comes to countries and their debts. I guess no one has the real answer to our economic dilemma.

learning and savings. The county executive said it will be a model for other public places. “We’ll be rolling this out and asking large facilities like hospitals and places of worship and large places of assembly that have floor plans to participate,” Ed Mangano said. Superintendent Dan Brenner says parents are okay with a little “big brother” watching their kids. “They understand we are not looking over their shoulder. We put cameras in place to protect their kids,” Brenner said. Nassau Police also hope that the system has a deterrent effect.

Late Artist’s Home for Sale

Long Island Schools Propose Innovative Security Measure In the aftermath of the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy, schools throughout the nation are brainstorming for solutions to campus security. A new high-tech system was unveiled at Roslyn High School in Westbury, Long Island, last Thursday. The surveillance cameras placed around the school can be viewed at a command center which during a crisis can be viewed and heard by law enforcement. Police will have a live view of the happenings inside the school. “We can hear if someone is making a threat. We can hear if people are screaming, so whatever is happening in that environment we can bring back here,” said Clifford Steinberg of Nassau BOCES. Three school districts are on board and Nassau BOCES, the agency that coordinates services for Long Island school districts, is hoping all will sign on. Districts will not only save money but if necessary, police can see and hear what happening inside school walls. “Only in the event of an emergency police will be able to bring up camera feeds so they know what the need is before they enter a building,” said Dr. Tom Rogers, the CEO of Nassau BOCES. All of it has been made possible by BOCES’ new fiber optic system connecting Nassau’s school districts for

Looking for a home that has been searched many times on Google Maps? The former home of Andy Warhol, the famous contemporary American artist, is for sale. The home, located at 1342 Lexington Ave in New York City, is priced at $5.795 million. For avid Warhol fans and art collectors, this may be the dream home. According to the New York Times, the artist bought the Carnegie Hill-area home in 1959 for $60,000 and lived there for fifteen years with his mom. It was during that time period that Warhol created some of his most iconic works, including the colorful renditions of Campbell’s soup cans, dollar bills, and comic strips. The main floor served as his studio. In 1974, Warhol leased the home to his business manager, Frederick W. Hughes. In 1989, Hughes purchased the home for $593,000 from the Warhol estate. Since then, the home has passed through two owners and has had some minor renovations, mostly cosmetic. Parts of the interior were refinished, fixtures were updated, and a brand-new garden-level kitchen was installed. Originally built in 1889, the 3,072square-foot Manhattan townhouse has four bedrooms, each with wood-burning fireplaces, 4.5 baths, and a festive wood-paneled dining room.

Andy Warhol once said, “In the future everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.” This can be your time.

That’s Odd Bread for the Bride You know some people say that when you’re getting married you should wear “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”? Well, one bride in Australia decided to combine the “something old” and “something new” to make a truly one-of-a-kind dress. Stephanie Watson used 10,000 bread tags to create the dress of her dreams. The Australian bride spent months collecting the plastic tags used to hold bags of bread and pastries together. Using hand-me-down fabrics and these plastic thingamabobs, Stephanie created a dress that cost her only $38! “I always liked the idea of a design challenge and thought a wedding dress would be the ultimate test! Besides, when Will [my husband] and I started seeing each other we started collecting bread tags. We decided that when we had enough tags to make a wedding dress we would get married. Ten years later I felt it was time to give it a go,” Watson wrote. She and Will met in a high school geography class. Ten years later, they are tying the knot. Stephanie spent hours constructing her gown. She also named the ensemble “Nadine” when she saw that one of the tags had the name “Nadine” on it. This way friends would be able to ask her, “How is Nadine?” instead of asking, “How is the dress going?” Only later did she find out that Nadine is a type of potato and that the tag probably held together a bag of potatoes in another life. Finally, in January, Stephanie and Will walked down the aisle. Watson said wearing the dress would be a oncein-a-lifetime experience. “The dress was very uncomfortable and I would not recommend anyone making a dress out of hard bits of plastic! It was almost impossible to sit down in and weighed about 7 kilos. I don’t intend on wearing it again! It was also rather noisy,

the tags clicked against each other as I walked.” I guess it’s time to start collecting something else. How about something ordinary, like pennies? I heard they make a great scarf.

Unknowing Mule An unusual story surfaced from San Diego this week. A woman who lives in Mexico and works in San Diego called the cops on herself when she found that she transported thirty pounds of marijuana across the border. Apparently, she did not intend to traffic the drugs. When the 33-year-old woman showed up early to work on Friday morning, she was sitting in her car at 4am when two men came over to her car and started removing packages from underneath it. When she approached these men, they took off in their car. The woman called the police and was stunned when she was told that thirty pounds of marijuana was attached with heavy-duty magnets to the undercarriage of her car. The woman insists that she knew nothing of the incident and was not involved in any way. Last year, a similar incident took place in El Paso, Texas. In that case, the man was sentenced to six months in prison, even though he insisted that the drugs were placed on his vehicle without his knowledge.

Employee’s Resignation is Icing on the Cake

Anyone who has had to quit a job before can agree that if you have a good relationship with your boss it can get pretty awkward (although not as awkward as being fired). Chris Holmes thought of a graceful way to make his big exit. Holmes was working at London’s Stansted Airport as a Border Agency official but his real dream was to make personalized cakes. Instead of a traditional resignation letter, Holmes decided to present his note on a cake! What a brilliant way to jump-start

In News your cake business, Mr. Cake. His brother-in-law tweeted a picture of it to the world and got lots of attention for Holmes’ new business venture. “Having set up a cake company, I thought I would leave them with a memento that would be a nice way of remembering me. I had the idea six months ago so I’ve kept it to myself since then,” Holmes said. “I think [my boss] was pleasantly surprised, of all the resignations businesses get, I think that’s probably a nice way for an employee to leave and I hope they enjoyed the cake as well as the resignation.” Holmes’ employers wished him “all the best” in his new business venture. That’s one way to throw yourself a goodbye party.

Cat Lives off McDonald’s for Over a Year Frankie has been living off McDonald’s for a year now, like many Americans, except he is a black-and-white tomcat.

After being abandoned by his owners, McDonald’s staff and customers nicknamed their furry friend, Frankie. The parking lot became his home and he would beg for chicken nuggets and fries from cars as they exited the drivethrough lane. Eventually, staff noticed that this diet was not doing the cat any good and they became concerned for his health. One day, Jessica Watson, a field officer with the Waikato SPCA and regular McDonald’s customer, spotted Frankie. After noting his swollen face, eyelids that wouldn’t properly close, and matted coat, she brought him into her care and launched a search for his permanent owners. “I estimate he has lived in the McDonald’s carpark for 12 to 18 months,” Watson said. “Everyone knew to keep an eye out for him. You would go through the drive-through and ask for a burger for you and an extra patty for Frankie. He would watch you and trot after the car, wait until you stopped the car and then you would toss him the meat. It was his little routine.” After several weeks of living inside

T h e J e w i s h H o m e n A P R I L 2 5 , 2013

The Week


T h e J e w i s h H o m e n A P R I L 2 5 , 2013, 2013


The Week and eating nutritious food, Frankie’s eyes are clear and his coat is shiny. “He wasn’t overweight,” said Watson, “but McDonald’s wouldn’t meet the nutritional requirements for a cat. They need very high levels of protein and I wouldn’t think takeaways would provide that.” But weaning Frankie off burgers and fries wasn’t easy. “When I first took him home he refused to eat anything because it wasn’t McDonald’s,” said Watson. “I seriously considered going back there to get him a burger. I would put pet food down and he would give me a look like, ‘What is that?’” After several days of withdrawal, Frankie has quit his fast food habit and consumes water and cat biscuits and always asks for seconds while singing “I’m lovin’ it.” (Yes, that last part is a joke.)

making them physically sick. Dozens of so-called “Wi-Fi refugees” suffering from a controversial malady called electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) have moved to Green Bank, West Virginia, where cell phone and Wi-Fi signals are banned.

Phones Banned in This Town

The remote West Virginia town has no cell service, Wi-Fi hotspots, or TV. It has become a refuge for people who say they suffer from EHS. Green Bank is located in the US National Radio Quiet Zone, a 13,000-square mile area where electro-

There’s a group of hypochondriacs out there who claim that technology is

In News magnetic radiation on the radio spectrum is outlawed to prevent transmissions from interfering with a local radio telescope and a nearby military radio installation. Diane Schou and her husband moved to the Appalachian town in 2007 to escape symptoms she believes are triggered by cell phone radiation. “My face turns red, I get a headache, my vision changes, and it hurts to think. Last time [I was exposed], I started getting chest pains—and to me that’s becoming life-threatening,” she said. To block cell phone signals and relieve the pain, Schou’s husband built an insulated living space known as a Faraday cage on their Iowa farm. “It’s a horrible thing to have to be a prisoner,” she recalled. “You become a technological leper because you can’t be around people.” Now, Schou says she lives a relatively normal life in Green Bank (population 147) that includes going to church and socializing with friends. “There’s no grocery store, no restaurants, no hospital nearby,” she said. “But here, at least, I’m healthy. I can do things. I’m

not in bed with a headache all the time.” An estimated five percent of Americans claim to have EHS, a condition not recognized by the scientific community. EHS sufferers contend that exposure to electromagnetic radiation sparks a wide range of symptoms, including facial flushing, twitchy muscles, burning or itchy skin, chest pain, headaches, sleep problems, mental fog, rapid heartbeat, ringing in the ears or hearing problems, nerve or muscle pain, nausea, and chronic fatigue. More than 30 studies have been conducted to see if electromagnetic fields (EMF) can spark these symptoms or other health problems. So far, scientists remain skeptical. When the World Health Organization (WHO) reviewed the research in a 2004 workshop, it reported, “There are also some indications that these symptoms may be due to pre-existing psychiatric conditions as well as stress reactions as a result of worrying about believed EMF health effects, rather than the EMF exposure itself.” In a recent report, WHO added, “The symptoms are certainly real and


Just what you had in mind.


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s l a v i r r A w e N Daily!

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T h e J e w i s h H o m e n A P R I L 2 5 , 2013, 2013


The Week can vary widely in their severity … EHS has no clear diagnostic criteria and there is no scientific basis to link EHS symptoms to EMF exposure. Further, EHS is not a medical diagnosis, nor is it clear that it represents a single medical problem.” Currently, Sweden is the only country that recognizes EHS as a legitimate impairing condition. Citizens with EHS are entitled to the same legal rights and social services as those who are deaf or blind. The government will even sponsor electronic “sanitization” of homes of people with EHS and install metal shielding to block electromagnetic radiation. I’m wondering if all the symptoms are cured once suffers enter the “bubble.”

his apartment building for 35 years, and when developers moved into the area seeking to tear down the building and turn the area into a shopping center, he was the only tenant who held out on selling. Hsu, 58, would not budge, because he said the developers were not offering him enough money to allow him to get another place.

Building in China has Frozen Waterfall A man in Jilin City, China, has shown the world what can happen if you leave the water running too long. Wen Hsu lives on the seventh floor of

With temperatures dropping and being the sole person remaining in the building, he was worried that with no one else living in the building running their water or heating devices, the un-

In News insulated pipes might freeze, and then he would be left without running water. So he came up with a plan to keep the pipes in the building from freezing. He diverted a stream of warm water to run down the side of the structure, unintentionally creating a frozen waterfall. Recently, Hsu said, “The weather is warmer now, so there is no danger of the pipes freezing – although I think it might take a while for the waterfall to melt.” His mission accomplished more than he initially intended. This dramatic effect has earned the attention of many people including the local government and the developers. The government has urged the developers to offer him more money to resolve this dispute. Hsu’s is ready to negotiate, “I hope so. It is very lonely here in my apartment with nobody else around.”

Six-Year-Old Punished for Being Late to School After Brooke Loeffler was late to preschool several times, she was forced to spend several days at lunch detention, where she sat alone staring at a wall. Detention serves a purpose for many children but Brooke is only six-years-old and has no control over her tardiness. Her parents are understandably livid at the teachers and administration at the San Antonio, Texas, area school that Brooke attends. Obviously being late is not the six-year-old child’s fault, her parents take full responsibility. Olympia Elementary School rules dictate that students who are late multiple times will be punished by spending lunch in the classroom. The sweet innocent girl received the punishment and her dad came to sit with her during one of her lunchtime detentions. “It was my responsibility to get her ready and get her to school,” her father admitted. He added, “I failed that responsibility a couple of times.” Brooke’s parents explain that the family is still adjusting after the arrival of a baby. Right now, Brooke’s family would like to see Olympia’s policy changed to punish the parents, not the kids. The school district maintains its policy is tough but effective. Since instituted, tardiness has gone down as much as 90

percent. And so has this little girl’s innocence.

Thanking Her Savior 50 Years Later When Eady Rothstein was 5-years-

old, she almost drowned in a pool. In 1964, she was sitting on the edge of the pool at a beach club in Lido Beach, New York, when she suddenly fell in. “I can picture being underwater, screaming,” recalls Rothstein. A young, male lifeguard jumped in and gave the little girl mouth-to-mouth resuscitation for several minutes. He persisted until she regained consciousness, saving her life. “I’ve always said I wanted to thank him, and I should do it,” said Rothstein. So she tracked down Larry Brickman, who now lives in Florida. Back then, he was a 21-year-old medical student living in Long Beach for the summer, working as a lifeguard to pay for school. Fortunately he knew CPR, training that most lifeguards did not get back in the 1960s.  “If no one was there to do this, I’m afraid she would have succumbed,” Brickman said from his Boca Raton office Wednesday.  Rothstein and Brickman did not meet in person but Rothstein was able to say “thank you” to her guardian angel. The reason Rothstein finally reached out was because she was recently looking through a family scrapbook that detailed the encounter. She googled his information and, “I got his phone number. I got his answering machine, and I left a message,” said Rothstein.  Brickman returned her call. “My final words to her when I hung up that day, after I called her back, were, ‘You know, I guess we just got very lucky, you and I both,’” said Brickman.  “I owe my life, and it’s a very nice feeling to finally be able to say, ‘Thank you,’” said Rothstein.  It’s never too late to show your gratitude.



At the Hatzalah of the Rockaways and Nassau County BBQ Dinner This Past Sunday Photos by Eran Abromovich Photography

Coordinators of Hatzalah presenting the Member of the Year Award to RL-80 Avi Davies

Rabbi Dovid Weinberger, Posek for Rockaway Lawrence Hatzalah and Morah D’asrah of Shaari Tefilah

Mr. Mark Gross, Rabbi S.L. Wolcowitz, Rabbi Elozer Kanner (coordinators), Rabbi Dovid Weinberger, Rabbi Yaakov Salomon

Rabbi Yaakov Salomon addressing the audience

Rabbi Kanner addressing a crowd of close to 2000 people

43 T h e J e w i s h H o m e n A P R I L 2 5 , 2013

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T h e J e w i s h H o m e n A P R I L 2 5 , 2013, 2013



T h e J e w i s h H o m e n A P R I L 2 5 , 2013

T h e J e w i s h H o m e n A P R I L 2 5 , 2013, 2013


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18th Annual Lag B’Omer Fun with Chabad of the Five Towns

Fun is in the forecast for Lag B’Omer with Chabad’s 18th annual festivities in the Andrew J. Parise Park (formerly Cedarhurst Park), corner of Cedarhurst and Summit Avenues. On Sunday, April 28, from 5:308:00 pm, celebrate the break from Omer restrictions as a community. But Lag B’Omer is more than an end of restrictions—it’s the beginning of a deeper period of spirituality and a day of rejoicing. Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, author

of the Zohar (source of mystical teachings), requested that this day be one of joy and celebration for years to come. And of course, it represents the final stretch of the countdown to receive the Torah on Shavuos. Chabad brings out all the stops each year to bring everyone together for a day of unity. Archery, bonfire, races, and the bubble bonanza will all surely delight young and old. Meanwhile, they have added more attractions. The

Amazing Skywriters Trampoline Show will amaze and delight audiences of all ages with their mind-boggling artistry and athleticism. This show will have you sitting on the edge of your seat. Food will be available for purchase. There will be a recitation of Torah verses by the children and a prayer dedicated to peace and harmony in Israel and the world at large. Thank you to our sponsors Azamra DJ, Carlos and Gabby’s, Gourmet Glatt,

Haskel Trading (in the merit of a speedy recovery for Binyomin Zeev HaKohen ben Sharrone Rivka) and Party Source for sponsoring this year’s extravaganza. Additional sponsorship opportunities are available. Please call (516) 2952478 Thank you to the Lawrence-Cedarhurst volunteer firefighters, the auxiliary police, the Village of Cedarhurst and Mayor Andrew J. Parise for all their help with the Lag B’Omer festivities.

47 T h e J e w i s h H o m e n A P R I L 2 5 , 2013


Full-service Salon with Sheitel Macher on premises



Large selection of Precuts! 100 Cedarhurst Ave. Suite 202, on top of TD Bank 516.791.2020 • 718.773.7878 •

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Morning of Learning • Experienced Caring Rabbeim • Special Erev Shabbos Program • Free Hot Lunches & Daily Snacks • Transportation Available

Afternoon of Activities • Sports Leagues • Daily Swimming • Professional Grounds • Full Size Gym with Bleachers • Late Nights • Exciting Trip Each Week




Directors: Rabbi Eliezer Ament, Rabbi Eliezer Selengut • Sports Director: Rabbi Eliezer Post


T h e J e w i s h H o m e n A P R I L 2 5 , 2013


T h e J e w i s h H o m e n A P R I L 2 5 , 2013, 2013


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Yours Forever: A Bnos Melochim Program Like None Other By: Chaya Silber Follow the longing gaze of the dove as she searches for her young. Feel the fluttering hearts of her birds, yearning for the embrace of home. Awaken the stirrings of connection inside your soul. Feel the peace and comfort of basking beneath the Wings of the Shechina.

Following the rousing success of their riveting, cutting-edge productions, which were shown around the globe to rave reviews, Melochim makes another winning debut with the 8th soul-stirring presentation entitled “Yours Forever.” As in the past, Bnos Melochim has tapped into some of the most talented, effervescent and soul-stirring speakers, to create an unforgettable evening of drama and emotion. Yours Forever. What a powerful expression of our personal and everlasting relationship with our Heavenly Father! We are His, and He is ours—forever. And no force on earth can take that away. True, we are struggling in golus, bent under our unique burdens, but our hearts yearn for the closeness that is ours, for the special relationship we were promised with Hakodosh Boruch Hu. Yours Forever, which will be simultaneously shown in locations around the globe, will change the way you view your relationship with Hakodosh Boruch Hu, and your unique role in this world—guaranteed. Rebbetzin Aviva Feiner, Rebbetzin Rina Tarshish, Mrs. Baila Friedman, each of these “brand name” and mesmerizing speakers will present an eye-opening, awe-

inspiring view on this special relationship. Mrs. Baila Friedman, beloved kallah educator, will use powerful imagery to compare our beloved Father’s love and caring for us to the tender ministrations of the eagle, hovering over its young. Oh, to maintain that serene and loving relationship despite the turbulence of our golus! Rebbetzin Rena Tarshish, principal of Mesoras Rochel Seminary in Eretz Yisroel and renowned inspirational tour leader, will delight and mesmerize us with her fountain of knowledge, her brilliant grasp of world events, as related to the nisyonos of our era. Rebbetzin Aviva Feiner, Rebbetzin of the White Shul of Far Rockaway, menaheles of Machon Basya Rochel, and popular Mishpacha columnist, will depict our generation’s “Ultimate Test,” and impart empowering boosts of real pride in our status and joy in our roles. Let our hearts expand with the knowledge of the all-abiding love that Hashem expresses to us, His dear daughters, as He hopes and waits for us to return. Let us gain clarity as to what is expected of us in return. In Yours Forever, we will balance clarity, inspiration and readiness to act. These unforgettable messages, relayed in a series of pithy five minute interludes, will be followed by a special production, “My Dove in Flight,” a soul-stirring medley of poetry and song, combined with stunning imagery, rousing our souls to long for our Father’s embrace. On a lighter note, “Rolling with the Times,” will give us some comic relief, allowing us a good, hard look—and laugh—at the irony of our lives. The highly popular columnist of Binah Magazine, Etka Gittel Schwartz, will conclude the program with her own miraculous story of salvation, aptly entitled “In Protective Wings.” Yours Forever. It’s an evening of poignant beauty and hope, interspersed with practical halacha and tips on how to make the inspiration last. It’s an evening you owe to yourself, to your daughters, to every Bas Yisroel. Yours Forever. Coming to your community. Check this paper for your local information or call Bnos Melochim at 845- 425-9222. Don’t miss it.



Festivities at HAFTR for Israel’s 65th Birthday Israel at 65 was celebrated in a spectacular and festive way. “If you were not in Israel on this day, you should have been at HAFTR,” were the sentiments of fifth grade students Ashley Kanarek, Ariel Alboher and Nechama Hillel when speaking about Yom HaAtzmaut. It began in the evening with the HAFTR family coming together “under the stars,” surrounded by lights and embraced by the spirit of Israel. Ms. Joy Hammer, Lower School Principal, welcomed everyone warmly. Two flags from Gush Katif were presented by fifth grade student Dani Satran. The flag came from our very own Bnot Sherut who lived in Gush Katif. The flag was

hoisted onto our flagpole as we all sang the Hatikva. The gorgeous opening ceremony depicted our theme of Shalom, “Rak B’Yachad.” The audience was inspired by the costumes, music and art-

work. Once again, everyone cheered as students in Daglanut created synchronized formations. Our dancers demonstrated tremendous grace. The fourth grade students sang beautifully. Fifth grade student Ilana Socolick mesmerized the audience as she played “Eretz, Eretz” on the violin while her father, Dr. Daniel, accompanied her on keyboard. The art M.I. Time displayed their impressive mix media collages, “Israel at 65,” inspired by artists Jasper John and Peter Max. Everyone joined in singing and dancing to the song, “Oleh Oleh.” The next day, the Lower School joined with the Early Childhood and Middle School for a joint assembly. Over 800 students and staff members sang the “Hatikvah,” said tehillim and sang “Yom Huledet Sameach” to Israel. Faculty members who served in the IDF and our Bnot Sherut were acknowledged for their service. They were called to the podium, given a flower and escorted our flags to the flagpole. Then, students of the Lower School and guests enjoyed the fifth grade performances. With passports in hand, students had an opportunity to take a tour of our own mini-Israel. Visitors gave tzedakah in

Meron, went skiing in the Chermon and went fishing in Eilat. Kindergarten students visited their own mini-Israel. They shopped at the shuk, smeared mud from Yam Hamelech on their hands, welcomed the Shabbat in Tsfat, participated in an excavation dig and prepared food on a kibbutz which they ate at their culminating Tekes. The entire Lower School assembled for a fifth grade play, a take-off on the popular movie, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The play, per-

formed in Hebrew, captivated the entire school. The audience was engaged throughout the performance, and impressed by the actors, scenery, props, dancing and especially the Israeli Oompa Loompas. Everyone had a great time joining in the grand finale, Oleh Oleh.

Yom Ha’atzmaut at Yeshiva Har Torah In celebration of 65 years since Israel’s independence, Yeshiva Har Torah presented a number of exciting programs and events for both students and parents. The day began with a spirited tefillah, followed by a school-wide mifkad in the school parking lot. Waving the

Israeli flag and singing and dancing together created a beautiful scene of great pride for the Jewish homeland. The activities of the day included decorating the lobby with blue and white chains, kumzitses, a special presentation by Bnai Akiva and of course, a special Israeli lunch of falafel!

The day ended for with a Middle school kumzits along with a special Q&A with the beloved 8th grade Mechanechet, Morah Aviva Stern, who will be making aliyah with her family this summer. The students had an opportunity to ask questions about making aliyah and her family’s decision to

move to Israel. It was a very moving and inspiring discussion. Later that evening, the YHT family joined together in the school Beit Midrash enjoying a performance by the school choir. It was a fitting end to a wonderful day of celebration for medinat Yisrael.

51 T h e J e w i s h H o m e n A P R I L 2 5 , 2013

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T h e J e w i s h H o m e n A P R I L 2 5 , 2013, 2013


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Community Photos by Ira Thomas Creations

At the Annual Breakfast Reception for Reb Meir Baal Hanes Kollel Shomre Hachomos at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Alex Edelman this past Sunday.

Wheels To Lease Joins Hatzolah for May “Moments Auction” in Boro Park Wheels to Lease, a car leasing company in Brooklyn that’s available online at, has announced that it will sponsor the Hatzolah auction in May by providing a grand prize car lease to one lucky winner. The auction, which takes place every year, will also include prizes from other sponsors, like iPods, magazines, scooters, rollerblades, and more. “We are proud to announce our sponsorship of Hatzolah for their yearly auction event. We’ve decided to offer a car lease as a grand prize to support the Hatzolah ambulance services and the dedicated employees who devote their time to saving peoples’ lives every day. Raffle tickets are now available for purchase in three convenient packages, so get them before they’re gone,” said Shlomie Hershkop, owner of Wheels to Lease. The three-day spectacular, called “Moments,” will be held at the Ateres Golda Ballrooms at 1362 50th Street in Brooklyn, N.Y. from May 4-6. Over $350,000 worth of prizes will be auctioned over the course of the three days, including the car lease deal from Wheels to Lease, one of three grand prizes. In addition to the auctions, a men’s gala and Melava Malka dinner will be held on May 4, a family program will take place on May 5, and the women’s evening of inspiration will close out the event on May 6. As a sponsor of the event, Wheels to Lease is generously providing a twoyear car lease of a desirable Honda vehicle. The prize is worth up to $6,000, and

Fully Interactive, Revolutionary App Targets Jewish Youngsters

iShtick, a developer of Jewish educational apps for children, has announced the release of its inaugural app, a ground-breaking, fully interactive, musical siddur, designed for children ranging in age from two through nine. Kids Siddur, which is available for all iOS and Android devices, including smart phones and tablets, is a full-featured app designed to appeal to young children with state of the art graphics, interactive features, quality music, over twelve minutes of original, animated content that teaches them to embrace tefila with open arms. “While there are many very nice Jewish apps out there for adults, there are no apps that are really entertaining for our children, that can stand up next to the higher quality games that are available,” said Netanel Hershtik, creator of iShtik. The father of three young children under the age of seven, Hershtik saw the need for a line of Jewish educational apps firsthand, as his own children would often commandeer his phone. For more information about Wheels “Everyone uses smart phones,” reflectTo Lease, curious individuals can visit ed Hershtik.  “But there is nothing out the company’s website at http://www. or reach a customer service representative at 718871-8181. The dealership can also be found across several social media sites, including Facebook at and Twitter at, and it manages a Brooklyn cars blog at

should afford the winner both convenience and pleasure. The popular Honda that one lucky grand prize winner will drive away in is only one of the many coveted New York lease deals that the company offers, however. In addition to Honda models, the dealership also lets customers buy a new Toyota or Acura model from its wide inventory, and its competitive deals are sure to save individuals money. Auction tickets are now available for purchase at http://www.BPHatzolah. org/auction in three different packages, all of which provide the chance to win the Wheels to Lease grand prize, which can be viewed and purchased here http:// prize/173. One ticket can be purchased for just $20, three tickets are available for $50, and it only costs $100 for eight tickets. Guests can increase the probability of winning the car lease prize – a $6,000 deal – by purchasing more tickets, and a winner will be chosen during the event between May 4-6.

there with educational content designed specifically for Jewish children.” Kids Siddur features the entire davening typically said by the younger set, along with fun activities designed to delight and entertain. As the cantor of the prestigious Hamptons Synagogue, with two albums to his credit and a fourteenth generation chazan, Hershtik refused to compromise on the musical quality of the app, enlisting the services of his nephew, Shlomo Zichel, an eleven-year-old finalist on the renowned Israeli prime time reality show, “School of Music.”  Kids Siddur also allows users to toggle between Hebrew and English modes with just the touch of a finger. “This app brings the traditional daily prayer to life, with fresh new arrangements,” explained Hershtik.” It is a fun, cool and entertaining Jewish animated app that teaches little ones Jewish values and prayers.  There is no other app on the market that does that.” Kids Siddur is available from both iTunes and Google Play for $2.99 and is just one of several apps being developed by iShtik.



Assemblymembers Goldfeder and Rozic Sponsor Bill to Enhance Iran Divestment Act This week, Assemblyman Phil Goldfeder (D-Rockaway) and Assemblywoman Nily Rozic (D-Fresh Meadows) announced co-sponsorship of a bill (A.6855) introduced by Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, that enhances the New York State Iran Divestment Act and prohibits insurance companies from investing in Iran or Iranian companies. ”I am proud to co-sponsor a bill that will not only strengthen our domestic insurance companies, but help protect our citizens against an Iranian regime from achieving nuclear weapons,” said Assemblyman Phil Goldfeder. “We must protect our families and make sure they are not unintentionally put in harm’s way by ensuring our investments overseas are financially sound.” Currently, domestic insurance companies are allowed to have shares in certain companies that invest in Iran. This bill would protect citizens by regulating the investments of insurance companies in New York that conduct business with Iran. “It is unacceptable for insurance companies to be making investments and profiting from business partnerships that support a nuclear Iran,” said Assemblywoman Nily Rozic, the first Israeli-born member of the New York State Legislature. “This legislation

would ensure that investments made by companies are sound public policy that will protect our families in Queens, and improve national security for all Americans and all New Yorkers.” Additionally, this bill would guarantee that investments made by domestic insurance companies in the Iranian energy sector are non-admitted assets. Meaning, insurers would be required to determine what investments, transfers, or other transactions have been made with companies that invest in the Iranian energy sector. As of March 1, 2014, insurers would be required to provide the Department of Financial Services with the list of such investments and transactions. “While I hope this legislation further encourages divestment in Iran, it is my primary purpose to protect policyholders by making certain that the investments of our domestic insurers are financially sound,” said Sheldon Silver, Speaker of the Assembly. “Investments in a nation as volatile as Iran, a nation that is developing nuclear weapons and has threatened to use them against Israel and the West, a nation that brutally oppresses its own people, a nation that sponsors terrorism worldwide, should never be considered a sound investment.”

Assemblyman Phil Goldfeder (fourth from right) and Assemblywoman Nily Rozic (far left) with Speaker Sheldon Silver and colleagues stand together in support of bill A.6855, the Iran Divestment Act.

The Iran Divestment Act, sponsored by Speaker Silver and signed into law last year, authorizes New York State to procure practices of the federal government and slow down the development of nuclear weapons in Iran. The State Office of General Services (OGS) will be required to create a public list of individuals or companies that invest an excess of $20 million in goods, services or credit in the Iranian energy sector.

Further, entities on the list are prohibited from entering into or renewing contracts with New York State and local governments. The Iran Divestment Act is similar to legislation in California. Laws with the same purpose are in effect in Florida, Maryland, and Indiana and have been introduced in several other neighboring states, including Connecticut and New Jersey.

Fathers and Sons Join Together for Learning and Fun at Yeshiva Tifereth Moshe

This past Sunday, Yeshiva Tifereth Moshe celebrated a morning of family fun and learning. Third grade students and their fathers joined together in ye-

shiva to daven, learn with each other, eat breakfast, and play sports. It was an opportunity for the students to bond with their fathers within the yeshiva

setting. Tifereth Moshe exemplifies the ideal educational model of the whole child approach. The students are not isolated and separated from their roots,

but rather embraced as the product of homes and communities that are welcomed and respected by their yeshiva.

53 T h e J e w i s h H o m e n A P R I L 2 5 , 2013

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T h e J e w i s h H o m e n A P R I L 2 5 , 2013, 2013


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The Power Behind the Scenes: Achiezer Hosts Volunteer Evening of Appreciation photos by Ira Thomas Creations

They are not famous, rarely get recognition, and don’t consider themselves extraordinary in any way—but

they are the power behind a towering empire of chesed in our community. They are homemakers, retailers, and

professionals; students, middle-agers and retirees; Chassidish, Litvish, and Modern Orthodox. They are Achiezer’s incredible volunteers. Achiezer paid tribute to its outstanding volunteers at a packed Evening of Appreciation on Monday evening, April 22. More than 150 Achiezer volunteers filled the home of Yair and Milka Keilson to enjoy a well-deserved interlude of camaraderie, inspiration and entertainment. Following a brief welcome by Rabbi Boruch Ber Bender, Development Coordinator Eli Weiss shared some powerful impressions of the remarkable personal dedication and impact of each and every volunteer. Rabbi Zvi Ralbag of Congregation Bais Ephraim Yitzchok inspired the audience with divrei bracha, remarking, “Your volunteerism breeds a feeling of caring which is contagious, leading others to care as well...And while people may

eventually forget the hard times, they will never forget the chesed that was done for them during those hard times.” The evening closed with an uproarious presentation by hypnotist Moshe Tawil, with hilarious antics performed by willing members of the crowd under the effects of hypnosis. Achiezer extends a tremendous vote of appreciation to Scott Fagan of Traditions for graciously sponsoring the sumptuous spread, as well as many thanks to Simply Sushi for providing the gourmet sushi rolls. Most of all, Achiezer offers its overwhelming gratitude to each and every volunteer—the quiet heroes and heroines whose unassuming, all-encompassing dedication make chesed in our community a reality. You can become an Achiezer volunteer and make a real difference in someone’s life. Contact Achiezer at (516) 791- 4444 or email

Photo by Naomi Cohen Photography



Assemblyman Phil Goldfeder Inspires Students at SKA High School for Girls

The annual Dinner for The Young Israel of Cedarhurst-Lawrence was held at Congregation Beth Shalom on April 14, 2013. Pictured are the Guests of Honor Naomi and David Kaszovitz, County Legislator Howard Kopel, Rabbi Moshe Teitelbaum of The Young Israel of Cedarhurst-Lawrence, and the Community Service Honorees Cindy and Jeremy Merrill.

HANC Plainview Celebrates Israel’s 65th Birthday

Assemblyman Phil Goldfeder delivered an inspiring message to over 100 students at Stella K. Abraham (SKA) High School for Girls about the importance of being in involved in government and public service and the best way to communicate with elected leaders.

The Feeling of Freedom

Hebrew Academy of Nassau County-Plainview Campus began Israel’s 65th birthday celebration Monday evening, April 15th with the Yeshiva University a capella group, the Y-Studs, entertaining the community with their smooth rendition of favorite Jewish songs. The festivities continued the next morning with the Early Childhood Center’s annual pa-

rade led by ECC director Sheryl Hecht. Our young students danced in front of the school waving Israeli flags and marching to Israeli tunes performed by Yoel Hecht. The fun didn’t stop there!  Our students in grade 1 through grade 6 sang and danced in our yard to honor the State of Israel on this memorable occasion.

Pesach, while just having ended a short while ago, seems as in the distant past, but now is the time to grab hold of its message before it becomes a dim memory of the past. One of the strongest ideas that we learn from Pesach is the idea of freedom. Countless times throughout the hagada the concept of freedom is mentioned, how Hashem took us out and freed us, and otherwise we might still have been enslaved, how even if we just came out of Egypt it would have been enough, etc. Freedom is great, but to what end? Our Sages teach us that the ultimate free person is someone who can engage in the study and practice of Torah. In fact, the exodus from Egypt led directly to the culmination at Mount Sinai, where the Torah was given. This time period of counting Sefira commemorates that process of going from being free in body to being free in spirit as well. Learning Torah connects man with his Creator, as the Torah is the word of G-d. This connection with the Creator is what makes us free, when we rely on Him and trust Him alone, as no one else can ultimately help us as He can. On a more specific level, there is another way to understand this kind of ultimate freedom, that of being involved in Torah. The Torah teaches us how to be a mensch. When a person is angry he is out of control. When a person eats to the point of gluttony, he might be an unhappy person in fact, since he might

have intended to lose weight and not gain by overeating. Satisfying passions in uncontrolled manners is not freedom; as such actions often run counter to the actual will of the one that is out of control. Yet through practicing the laws of the Torah, one is obligated to live a life of measure and focus. A person has full control over their actions, and there are stories of great sages who were able to prevent a yawn, a hiccup and other uncontrollable actions, because they had spent so much time perfecting the trait of self-control, that they were experts on it even in physical arenas. Besides the fact that exercising selfcontrol can lead one to a great sense of freedom, there is an added benefit as well. Your spouse will surely be happy to have a more controlled individual around, and the benefits to your marriage are inestimable. So as  Pesach fades away, grab this lesson of freedom, and you will be able to work towards receiving the Torah anew as a greater person and a better spouse. Five Towns Marriage Initiative provides educational programs, workshops and referrals to top marriage therapists. FTMI will help offset counseling costs when necessary and also runs an anonymous shalom bayis hotline for the entire community Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings, 10:00-11:00 p.m. For the hotline or more information, call 516-430-5280 or email dsgarry@

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T h e J e w i s h H o m e n A P R I L 2 5 , 2013, 2013


Are we

there yet?

R. GROSSMAN 917.310.9481

718. 868.2300 ext.233



RABBI SHIMON DACHS Camp Director RABBI MOSHE LEFF Asst. Director MRS. ADINA KATZ Pre-school Director

SDC 2013





Air Conditioned Buses

Swimming on Grounds

Lunch and Snack Served

Instructional Swim y aily a Daily Daily Arts & Crafts Special Activities

Location:Bnos Malka Campus in Forest Hills


T h e J e w i s h H o m e n A P R I L 2 5 , 2013


Weekly Visiting Entertainment




T h e J e w i s h H o m e n A P R I L 2 5 , 2013, 2013



T h e J e w i s h H o m e n A P R I L 2 5 , 2013

Around the Community

T h e J e w i s h H o m e n A P R I L 2 5 , 2013, 2013


SKA Newspaper Wins Gold Medal Mazel tov to the 20112012 editors of The Looking Glass! For the first time in SKA history, the school newspaper of the Stella K. Leeza Hirt, Jessica Rogelberg, Mrs. Brenda Mirsky, Esti Hirt, Mikki Weinstein, Dana Frenkel, and Raquel Glickman. Rivkie Zeidman not shown. Abraham High School for Girls has won the Gold Medalist award Jessica Rogelberg, Mikki Weinstein, from the Columbia Scholastic Press and Rivkie Zeidman and their faculty Association.  Kudos to Dana Frenkel, advisor, Mrs. Brenda Mirsky, for their Raquel Glickman, Esti Hirt, Leeza Hirt, award winning work!

Early Intervention Services For children birth - 3 years with special needs.

Services Provided l



Feeding Therapy


Special Education


Nutrition Counseling


Service Coordination


Family Support/Counseling


Speech/Language Therapy


Physical & Occupational Therapy

SKA Torah Bowl Champions For the third year in a row, the Torah Bowl Team of the Stella K. Abraham High School for Girls has won the championship! The team faced off against Bruriah, Maayanot and Central in an intense 100 question game that covered all of Sefer Bamidbar. All of the team members enjoyed learning lishma and are proud of the hard work they’ve put in all season. A spe-

ABA Program – Center & Home Services Routines Based Interventions & Collaborative Coaching l

cial thanks goes to coach Mrs. Beatrice Menchel for her dedication to the team.

Connect-to-Care of the Samuel Field Y Annual Job Fair in Queens


Ser Roc




TO REFER YOUR CHILD TO THE EARLY INTERVENTION PROGRAM CALL 311. This Early Intervention Program (EIP) is a public program for children under the age of three who are either suspected of having or at risk for developmental delays or disabilities. EIP is funded by NYS and NYC. All EIP services are provided at no cost to parents. Health insurance may be used for approved services. A child’s eligibility for the program can be determined only by state-approved evaluators under contract, and all services must be authorized by the NYC Early Intervention Program.

For more information about CHALLENGE call:


Join the Samuel Field Y’s Connect to Care program for a Job Fair and Expert Human Resources Panel on May 8, 2013, at the Central Queens Y, 67-09 108th Street, Forest Hills, NY 11375. A panel of experts representing various Human Resource departments from a variety of businesses backgrounds will discuss strategies on how to maximize your job fair experience and have a question and answer session following. The panel will provide individuals with the opportunities to refine and enhance their networking abilities, interview skills and feel more confident when approaching prospective employers (10:00am11:00am). The Job Fair will take place from 11:00am – 2:00pm. Bring multiple copies of your resume and dress for success! To register for either event or for more information, phone (718)2240566 or email

or register online at Connect to Care is hosting several workshops throughout the month of April and early May to prepare you best for the job fair. On April 25, 2013, learn how to enhance your elevator pitch to talk to future employers or network your way to a job by attending “Perfect Pitch,”, located at the Samuel Field Y at 58-20 Little Neck Parkway, Little Neck from 10:00am-11:30am. On May 1, 2013 enhance your resume, with “Resume Tune-Up,” located at the Central Queens Y located at 67-09 108th Street in Forest Hills from 6:00pm-8:00pm. Have an expert review your resume and watch as the changes can assist you with finding employment. To register for either event or for more information, phone (718)2240566 or email


T h e J e w i s h H o m e n A P R I L 2 5 , 2013

T h e J e w i s h H o m e n A P R I L 2 5 , 2013, 2013


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Nassau County Presents a Powerful Response to the Boston Tragedy No one is impervious to the recent national, international and local occurrences that have either directly or peripherally affected the Five Towns and adjacent Jewish communities. And certainly, in no way, are the top law enforcement personnel in Nassau County disregarding the recent events. On Thursday, April 18th, only a few days after the horrific Boston bombings and only days before the newest revelations about a plot to bomb Canadian rail lines, Nassau County Executive, Ed Mangano, Nassau County Police Department (NCPD), together with Town of Hempstead, Senior Councilman Anthony J. Santino, and Nassau County Legislator Howard Kopel arranged a precautionary security briefing for rabbis and lay community leaders in the Five Towns which was hosted by Yeshiva of South Shore. After a brief introduction by the County Executive, Edward Mangano and Nassau County Legislator, Howard Kopel, a team of top Nassau County Law Enforcement leaders brought their expertise and insights to the forefront, in explaining, how community Congregational Rabbis, Heads of Schools, Teachers and Lay Leaders can and should react to perceived threats and how to respond to an actual attack or threat that may be either within their community or even within the greater periphery of the community. Nassau County Police Commissioner, Thomas V. Dale, opened the presentation entitled, “Preparation And

Protest In Front Of Great Neck Record This Sunday, April 28 A protest will be made in front of the Great Neck Record offices on Sunday April 28 at 10:00 am. The community of Great Neck seems to be tired of the steady pattern of false reporting to suit the Great Neck Record’s one-sided editorial agenda. They will be out in force to protest Wendy Kreitzman’s stewardship of the newspaper. Concerned residents of Great Neck and neighboring areas will hold a press conference at the site. 

ers for a very meaningful colloquium. The strong showing of civil servants, political leaders and law enforcement officials, among them, First Deputy Police Commissioner Thomas Krumpter, Inspector Christopher J. Cleary, Commanding Officer of the 4th Precinct, Chief of Detectives John R. Capece, Sgt. Leslie Moulds, Administrative Sgt., 4th

Response To Threats” and introduced Detective Lieutenant Gary S. Shapiro, Commanding Officer, Community Affairs, Department Bias Crime Coordinator who chaired the program. Through extensive, visual displays, and practical applications, Detective Shapiro, along with other presenters, including Detective Sergeant Patrick Ryder, and Steven Skrynecki; Chief of Department of the Yeshiva’s local 4th Precinct, brought practical applications and situations to life. A powerful emphasis was placed on the concept of “If you see something, say something,” as the police implored the community leaders to make that the mindset of our community, from old to young alike. Material was provided for dissemination and was immediate put to use in many shuls and schools in the area. The Yeshiva thanks County Executive Mangano, the insightful organizers of this event, along with the present-

Precinct, Captain Danny Gluck, CO 4th Pct. Nassau County Auxiliary Police, and the representative Town of Hempstead Senior Councilman Anthony J. Santino, Special Assistant to the Hempstead Town Board, Avi Fertig, for their arduous and constant support of the safety and quality of life of our community.

Kulanu and Shulamith Celebrate Autism Awareness Month Side By Side

In honor of Autism Awareness Month, on April 17th, Kulanu hosted Shulamith’s seventh grade girls for an autism awareness program. The girls learned about autism and what it means to have special needs from Kulanu’s Jonathan Cooper, Director of Inclusion and Community Support Services. They took part in sensitivity exercises that helped them understand the stigma and difficulties that come along with having autism or other special needs. The awareness program continued with an activity where Kulanu and Sh-

ulamith students made their own unique puzzle piece connecting them to complete the puzzle which spelled Kulanu. Kulanu’s clinical staff: Beth Bennett, occupational therapist, Arielle Feldman, speech therapist, and psychologist, Sally Bruhim, lead this moving activity which signified the importance of inclusion and tolerance of all individual’s abilities. Kulanu looks forward to having more programs with Shulamith and other local schools that educate us, bring us together and help us to truly feel that we are Kulanu!


Focus on People Sandy Eller

n u F e h t g n y i r t t t s u i t P n e D o t n i k c Ba Prize area Play Area (Basketball, Hopscotch, Ipads, Tire Swing, Finger Skateboard Ramp, Books)


f Dr. Joel Preminger has his way, going to the dentist is about to evolve from a dreaded necessity to the highlight of your child’s day. With the opening of his new pediatric dental office in Cedarhurst, Dr. Preminger has totally reinvented the concept of pediatric dentistry. Filled with enticing activities, prizes and healthy snacks, Preminger Pediatric Dentistry is the kind of place that draws children in and Dr. Preminger reports that the complaint he hears most often from his patients is that they don’t want to go home. “I wanted to create an exciting and enjoyable environment for children,” explains the 30-year-old father of young children. Dr. Preminger is a graduate of Tufts University School of Dental Medicine in Boston, Massachusetts, and completed a specialty residency in Pediatric Dentistry at Maimonides Medical Center and Kings County Medical Center where he served as Chief Resident. Dr. Preminger currently resides in Lawrence and is a lifelong Five Towns resident. Dr. Preminger designed his handicapped accessible office with an eye towards appealing to his clientele: children, adolescents, and special needs patients. The glass walls of his office allow even the casual passerby to take note of the bright colors and colorful murals as well as the staggering array of activities, including iPads, hopscotch, basketball, a tire swing, a skateboard and race car ramp, books, and more. A beverage area features a coffee maker, beverages, and healthy snacks. The spotless and modern bathrooms offer a Koala Care changing table stocked with disposable changing pads and baby wipes. It goes without saying that Dr. Preminger’s eye for detail extends beyond his incredibly appealing waiting area and into his treatment rooms.

Waiting Room

Open Bay Hygiene Area

“I wanted to create a one-of-a-kind office, the kind you see in Manhattan, and bring that level of service here.”

T h e J e w i s h H o m e n A P R I L 2 5 , 2013

T H E J E W I S H H O M E n M AY 2 4 , 2012


“I love it when kids are here and they don’t want to leave.” “Everything about the treatment rooms is open, so it isn’t claustrophobic or intimidating,” reports Dr. Preminger. “The chair has an arm that keeps the drill hidden and doesn’t even look like the conventional dentist’s chair. My drills are electric so they don’t produce that high-pitched noise that can be so disturbing or frightening to young patients. I use LED lighting so that it is less intrusive and can be dimmed as needed.” While mint may be the most requested toothpaste flavor among Dr. Preminger’s teenage patients, the options include chocolate, ice cream cake, grape, bubble gum, and watermelon. For patients who elect to use laughing gas, masks come in bubble gum, grape, and watermelon scents. Each chair comes equipped with Apple TV and a remote, allowing patients to watch age-appropriate programs, videos, or just listen to music. Dr. Preminger believes strongly in using behavior modification in his treatment so that a visit to the dentist is not intimidating, but actually fun. “I like to use the ‘tell-show-do’ method with kids,” says Dr. Preminger. “I show them everything and explain what I am doing. This allows me to calm each patient and prepare them for any dental work needed.” For cases that are more complicated and require sedation beyond laughing gas, Dr. Preminger is licensed in New York State for oral conscious sedation. In very complicated cases, dental work can be performed as an ambulatory outpa-

tient procedure. Dr. Preminger is a firm believer in the use of digital panoramic xrays, particularly in children aged six and above. “It allows the dentist to visualize the entire oral cavity for any dental abnormalities or malpositions with minimal radiation. The panoramic x-ray affords me the ability to diagnose and intervene early on to correct any dental issues,” explains Dr. Preminger. Dr. Preminger believes strongly in preventive care. “The earlier children come in for dental check-ups, the sooner we can implement preventative care, which includes fluoride, dental sealants, and proper dental hygiene education,” explains Dr. Preminger. Dr. Preminger takes his responsibilities to his patients very seriously. “If there is an emergency after hours, I am always available. I am happy to accommodate everyone. I don’t ever want a child to be in pain.” Dr. Preminger’s office is conveniently located off of Central Ave on Elderd Lane in Cedarhurst behind Jildor Shoes. Ample parking is available. “There are so many children in this area b”H and I wanted to create a one-of-a-kind office, the kind you see in Manhattan, and bring that level of service here,” says Dr. Preminger. “I love it when kids are here and they don’t want to leave. I want the children to have a positive association with going to the dentist.”

Treatment Area

For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact Preminger Pediatric Dentistry at 516-239-1200 or visit them online at www.

95 T H E J E W I S H H O M E n M AY 2 4 , 2012

T h e J e w i s h H o m e n A P R I L 2 5 , 2013, 2013


65 Rabbi Jonathan Gewirtz

Me and My Shadow


ometimes, people get spooked by things or are easily frightened, and we’ll say they’re afraid of their own shadow. Well, I’m not generally a fraidy-cat (no offense if your name is actually Fraidy Katz) and usually I investigate first. Then I might get scared. One day I was in my kitchen and I glanced out the glass patio door. That’s when I saw it. A huge monster was on my deck, just a few feet away from my table. I couldn’t actually see the monster; I could just see his shadow. Now, I’m not one to be afraid of a shadow, so I went to check it out. And that’s when I saw it: an eensy-weensy spider who probably couldn’t have climbed up a… up a … well, let’s just say it was tiny. He was climbing up his web, or maybe going down it, I don’t know, I’m not an expert in things arachnid, and though he was physically barely larger than a speck of dust, the afternoon sun made him cast a huge shadow. Like most things, it got me to thinking. I thought about the fact that though he was a tiny spider, he was able to make a much bigger impact on me. Though physically small, the shadow he cast was many times larger than he was. How many times have we walked with children who point with glee to their shadows and say, “Look! I’m taller than you!” Now, in my case, at a whopping five feet, seven inches tall, that isn’t a big deal, but for a five-year old, that’s huge. It would seem, then, that shadows can teach us a lesson about physical limitations. The truth, it turns out, is that empirical evidence is not generally a determining factor in environmental impact. I may be just one person, in a specific locale (currently at my computer with no one else around) but I can still reach others and my shadowlike sphere of influence is many times greater than my physical sphere would be, for example, if I tried speaking or calling out to whoever could hear me. R’ Moshe Feinstein z”l was a giant, even though I don’t think he broke the

five-foot mark. He said he feared that when he got to Heaven they would ask him if he had spread enough Torah, so he began writing seforim. A book can travel much farther than he could, can be in multiple places at one time, and can last for years, reaching people he couldn’t physically have reached. That’s the shadow effect, helping

between you and the light source is. It’s the effect that object has in blocking the light and casting its shade on other things. Throughout the Torah, shade is construed as a form of protection and a sign of closeness. Lot said the visitors had come to the shade of his roof beam and so he was bound to protect

The closer to Him you get, the bigger your shadow, and the bigger your potential influence on others. someone to be larger than life and greater than their physical dimensions. Say you had to go to the hospital with someone on Shabbos. You might find kosher food and drink there because someone thought about setting up a hospitality room for such circumstances, even when they couldn’t be there in person. If you compliment someone, or teach them something, your words could live on in their memories for years or decades, maybe even a lifetime, affecting their behavior, and even what they pass on to others. That largerthan-life result can be attributed, once again, to the shadow effect. That also got me to thinking about how shadows are made. We don’t have shadows in the dark. That’s because in order to cast a shadow you need a light source. I remember one night when I went to pick my daughter up and left the car running as I walked to her friend’s home. The headlights made my shadow HUGE and I looked taller than the house. It seems that the closer you are to the light source, the bigger a shadow you will cast. And that fits in exactly with my lesson from the spider and R’ Moshe. Have you ever tried to catch a shadow? You can’t do it because a shadow isn’t tangible. In essence, a shadow is just a measure of how great the object

them. Moshe said that Betzalel must have been “in the shadow of Hashem,” i.e. very close to Him, to have such a deep understanding of how to build the Mishkan. In Tehillim, Dovid HaMelech says, “Hashem is your guard; Hashem is your shadow upon your right side.” The greatest light source in the world isn’t the headlights of a car, it’s not the spotlight on a stage, and it’s not even the sun. In truth, the greatest source of light is Hashem, Himself. And, the closer to Him you get, the bigger your shadow, the bigger your potential influence on others. Sometimes this influence is misused, when people in leadership positions take their opportunities for guiding people and use them for personal gain either financially, emotionally, or otherwise. You may have people coming to a Rebbe, a rabbi, or even an entire movement of Judaism seek-

ing enlightenment but simply being put more in the dark than they were before. Those are the people in front of an artificial light source. The truly great people are the ones who are close to Hashem. The closer they get to the real source of enlightenment, the bigger shadow they cast. Like R’ Moshe, they use their shadow to comfort people, protect them, and guide them. They don’t block the light. They reflect it themselves so it spreads even further and we who see them get a sense of their greatness by how far the shade of their protection spreads. We all have the ability to cast a shadow, and we all have the ability to make it spread as far as possible by coming closer to the Light Source. We have a responsibility to go beyond our perceived limitations and realize that we can influence more people than we imagined by recognizing how our shadows work. So, am I afraid of my own shadow? Not at all. I’m in awe of it.

Jonathan Gewirtz is a freelance writer whose work has appeared in publications around the world. He also operates, where you can order a custom-made speech for your next special occasion. For more information, or to sign up for the Migdal Ohr, his weekly PDF Dvar Torah in English, e-mail and put Subscribe in the subject. © 2013 by Jonathan Gewirtz. All rights reserved.

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The Observant Jew

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The Shmuz

R’ Ben Tzion Shafier

Parshas Emor

Sefiras Ha’Omer- Why We Count, What We Count “And you shall count for yourselves from the day after the rest day, from the day when you bring the Omer of the waving — seven weeks, they shall be complete.” — Vayikra 23:15 Sefer HaChinuch: The Torah commands us to count the Omer so we can relive the Exodus from Mitzrayim. Just as the Jews back then anxiously anticipated the great day when they were to receive the Torah, so too we count the days until Shavuos, the Yom Tov that commemorates the giving of the Torah. To the Jews then, accepting the Torah on Har Sinai was even greater than their redemption from slavery. So we count each day to bring ourselves to that sense of great enthusiasm, as if to say, “When will that day come?” With these words the Sefer HaChinuch defines the mitzvah of Sefiras HaOmer. The difficulty with this is the statement that “to the Jews then, receiv-

They recognized that everything that we humans value as important pales in comparison to the opportunity to grow close to Hashem ing of the Torah was even greater than being freed from slavery.” It seems hard to imagine that anything would be greater to a slave than being freed. This concept is even more perplexing when we envision what it was like to be a slave in Mitzrayim. A Life of Suffering and Bloodshed The life of a Jew in Mitzrayim was one of misery and suffering. They had no rights. They had no life. They couldn’t own property, choose their own destiny, or protect their own children. They didn’t even have the right to their own time. A Mitzri could at any moment demand

a Jew’s utter and complete compliance to do his bidding. If a Jew walked in the streets, it was every Mitzri’s right to whisk him away, without question and without recourse, and force him into slave labor for whatever he saw fit. Waking in the early morning to the crack of the Mitzri’s whip, the Jews were pushed to the limit of human endurance until late at night when they fell asleep in the fields. Without rest, without breaks, the Jews lugged heavy loads and lifted huge rocks. Sweat, tears, and bloodshed were their lot. In the heat of the sweltering sun and in the cold of the desert night, at the risk of life and limb, the Jew was oppressed with a demon-like fury. A beast of burden is treated wisely to ensure its well-being, but not the Jew. He was pushed beyond all limits. Finally, when Pharaoh was asked to let the Jewish people go, he increased their load, taking it from the impossible to the unimaginable. How could anything in the world be more desirable to the Jews than freedom? How could it be that anything, even something as great as receiving the Torah, could mean more to them than being redeemed from slavery? Living Through the Makkos The answer to this question lies in understanding the great level of clarity that the Jews reached by living through the makkos and the splitting of the sea. For ten months, each Jew saw with ever-increasing clarity that Hashem created, maintains, and orchestrates this world. With absolute certainty, they experienced Hashem’s presence in their lives. This understanding brought to them to recognize certain core cognitions. Every human has inborn understandings. Oftentimes they are masked and subdued. Whether by environment or by desire, the human spends much of his life running from the truths that he deeply knows. When the Jews in Mitzrayim experienced Hashem’s power and goodness, they understood the purpose of Creation. They knew that we are creations, put on this planet for a reason. We were

given a great opportunity to grow, to accomplish, to mold ourselves into who we will be for eternity. We have a few short, precious years here, and then forever we will enjoy that which we have accomplished. Because they so clearly experienced Hashem, their view of existence was changed. They “got it.” Because of this, the currency with which they measured all good changed. They recognized that the greatest good ever bestowed upon man is the ability to change, to mold himself into something different so that he will merit to cling to Hashem. They recognized that everything that we humans value as important pales in comparison to the opportunity to grow close to Hashem. Because they understood this point so vividly, to them the greatest good possible was the receiving of the Torah — G-d’s word, the ultimate spiritual experience. And so, while they anxiously anticipated the redemption from slavery as a great good that would free them from physical oppression, they valued the reason they were being freed even more. They were to receive the Torah. Talking to Hashem This concept has great relevance in our lives, as we have the ability to tap into this instinctive knowledge of the importance of learning. When a person gets caught up in the temporal nature of this world, the currency with which he rates things changes. The value system now becomes honor, power, career, or creature comforts. That is what he views as good, and that is what he desires. The more a person involves himself in these, the more important they become, and the less precious the Torah becomes. Our natural appreciation of Torah becomes clouded over by other desires and an ever-changing value system. However, the more a person focuses on his purpose in the world, the more he values the Torah. He recognizes it as the formula for human perfection. He now sees the Torah as the ultimate gift given to man because it is both the guide and the fuel to propel his growth. With this changed perspective, the very value system with which he measures things changes, and now his appreciation, love, and desire to learn increase until finally he becomes aligned with that which Hashem created him for — perfection and closeness to Hashem.

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modified at all or listening to a choir is permissible. (It is interesting to note that the word a cappella literally means, a — in the style of, capella — a chapel— where they have only a choir singing with no musical instruments other than a pipe organ). The Rabbi Responds: There are many rabbis who permit When posed with this question, Rab- turning on music for children, especially bi Yisroel Belsky responded as follows: albums that were produced for children, There is a common misconception that even if adults will also be listening. music is forbidden during Sefirah. NoThis column is usually a forum for where in the Jewish Code of Law does it questions regarding Jewish outlook. I mention that during usually don’t pubthis time of the year lish questions and we should from lisanswers regarding tening to music. All halachah, especialthat is mentioned by ly where there are earlier authorities is differences of opinthat we refrain from ion among contemdancing and celporary authorities. ebrating. It appears This time, however, that the custom I chose to publish was to abstain from my response bethings that bring cause I believe that about an excessive there is an imporamount of enjoyment, which could in- tant issue here that goes beyond the letclude music. The reason why music is ter of the law. For some observant Jews, not specifically mentioned could possi- Torah and Jewish law is a way of life. bly be because, due to the destruction of For others, halacha is no more than an the Holy Temple, music should techni- obstacle course. Some people constantly cally be forbidden all year round. There try to find ways to feed their desires for are, however, certain leniencies which the forbidden in a technically permissiwe rely upon. It is ble way. Observing during Sefirah (and the spirit of the law The Three Weeks is critical to genuine Music has the preceding the 9th Judaism. While I of Av) that we have confess to occasionpower to uplift accepted upon ourally eating mock a person to the selves to be more crab (I wonder if stringent, and pracit really tastes like point that he tice the laws of the real thing), if I forgets about all mourning in this also dined on mock regard. The reason lobster, listened to his worries and for this is because mock music, and music has the powate mock chometz problems. er to uplift a person on Pesach, I might to the point that he turn into a mockforgets about all his observant Jew. worries and problems (at least temporarAll the best, ily). Thus, whether the music is live or Yehoshua Levy recorded, it can have this effect, which is contrary to the custom. A cappella that sounds very similar to music would also Please note, the information written above is be included in this custom. When a hu- not meant as a rabbinic ruling. If you have man voices are manipulated with digital any questions, please consult your rabbinic modification software to attain quality authority for clarification. Yehoshua Levy, a teacher of Torah, is a of sound that is not humanly possible, or the rhythmic structure of the voices are writer and lecturer who dares to think outaltered when being charted on the grid side the box to bring his thought-provoking (quantization), the product is considered insights and facts to his readers. He welno different than any other recorded comes your comments and can be reached at music. A cappella music that was not A cappella albums are becoming more and more common, especially during Sefirah when we aren’t supposed to listen to music. Is it permissible to listen to a cappella music during these times of the year?

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Ask the Rabbi

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Lag B’Omer

Esther Ottensoser

Snipping with Sophistication

Ideas to Grace your Upsherin Table

Few things can compare with the excitement of a three-year-old as he awaits his Upsherin (at least until he sees the scissors!). With the big “Upsherin Day” just around the corner, here are a couple of fun and easy ideas that will add to this memorable occasion.

71 87

Supplies Mini white cupcakes Yellow candy melts or icing Black fondant Cupcake wrappers Yarmulke cupcake template

Directions Copy template (right) onto hard stock paper. (The template given is for a mini cupcake.) Wrap the cupcake wrapper around the cupcake. Secure with scotch tape. Cover the top of the cupcake with the melted candy melts/icing. Dip a toothpick into the candy melts/ icing and draw the payos. Make a yarmulke out of the fondant and place on top of the cupcake. Use some of the icing as “glue.” Using a knife, make a mark on the yarmulka in both directions to create four sections. Draw an initial on the yarmulka using a toothpick dipped in the candy melts/icing. Arrange on a tray to be used as a centerpiece for your upsherin table.

Scissor Cookies Supplies Cookie dough Scissor cookie cutter Edible silver spray (I used the one by Chefmaster) available at baking supply stores Candy melts Directions Roll out your cookie dough. Use your scissor cookie cutter to cut out the “scissors.” Use a straw to cut a hole in both scissor handles. Bake the cookies according to your recipe directions. Once cooled, place cookies on a piece of parchment paper and spray the cookies. Melt the candy melts according to the package directions and dip the handles into the candy melts. Once the scissors are dry, they can be arranged on a tray, scattered across the table, hung from the branches as an extra centerpiece.

Sweet Torah Treats Though this isn’t the most sophisticated idea, this simple, neat treat can be color coordinated and easily fill that extra cookie jar on your sweet table. Simply wrap a 2 ½”x2 ¾” piece of scrapbooking paper around two packages of winkies and tie with a ribbon.

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Yarmulka Cupcakes

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Lag B’Omer The Power of Lag B’Omer and the Joy of our Celebration

The period of mourning between Pesach and Shavuos is halted on Lag B’Omer, the eighteenth day of Iyar. It is on this day that celebration and song and dance are felt throughout our nation. Children go on outings with their bows and arrows, bonfires are lit, weddings are held and young boys receive their first haircuts. It is a day of unity where all of the Jewish nation join as one in celebration of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai and the Torah that he revealed. Rabbi Akiva During the time of Rabbi Akiva, 24,000 of his students died from a plague during the days of sefira because they did not accord honor to each other. On Lag B’Omer, the plague stopped and Rabbi Akiva gave semicha to five talmidim on that day. One of those five was Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai. Rabbi Shimon grew in Torah and became a luminary for the future generation. It’s interesting to note that some say that the celebration on Lag B’Omer is for the five leaders of Klal Yisroel that Rabbi Akiva was able to ordain. If we are celebrating with such simcha for the five that Rabbi Akiva was able to transmit the Torah to, we can understand that sadness that we experience during sefira, for the 24,000 talmidim who were lost. Torah in a Cave After criticizing the Romans by stating that they built the bridges, bathhouses and marketplaces for their own benefit, Rabbi Shimon feared for his life, and he and his son, Rabbi Elazar, fled to a cave to hide from the enemy. Miraculously, a carob tree grew near the mouth of the cave and a spring with fresh water gave them the sustenance they would need throughout the twelve years they spent in hiding. All those years, Rabbi Shimon and his son delved into the Torah and learned the mystical secrets of kabbalah. When the Romans lost power, Eliyahu HaNavi came to the mouth of the

cave and announced, “Who will notify Bar Yochai that the Caesar has died and the decree is nullified?” Rabbi Shimon and his son then understood that it was time for them to return home. But after learning all day without distractions, it was hard for Rabbi Shimon to acclimate to the world. He saw people working in the fields and his holy eyes burned up what his saw as mundane. A voice came down from the Heavens: “Have you emerged to destroy my world?” At that point, Rabbi Shimon and Rabbi Elazar returned to the cave for another year. When they emerged, Rabbi Shimon was able to reconcile the mundane with his holy perception. (Rabbi Elazar, though, still burned things with this holy eyes and Rabbi Shimon would follow him to repair all that he burned.) One erev Shabbos, they saw a man hurrying with two myrtle branches in honor of Shabbos— one for zachor and one for shamor—and they were appeased at how to connect the mundane with the spiritual. “See how beloved the mitzvos are to Yisroel,” Rabbi Shimon said to his son. Yom Simchato Lag B’Omer is the yahrtzeit of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai. Generally, we commemorate the death of a tzaddik with prayer and fasting. But on Rabbi Shimon’s yahrtzeit, we celebrate with song and dance. The Arizal calls Lag B’Omer “yom simchato,” the day of his happiness, because it is on Lag B’Omer that Rabbi Akiva gave semicha to Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai. Some say that it is for this reason that one should visit the kevarim of all the five talmidim of Rabbi Akiva on Lag B’Omer because all five of them received their semicha on that day. Hillulah of Rabbi Shimon Before Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai left this world, he gathered his students around him and revealed the deep secrets of kabbalah to them. The day of his demise was filled with great light for

he taught them the beautiful and mystical secrets of the Torah. Additionally, daylight was extended for Rabbi Shimon until he revealed all that he had been permitted to reveal. As such, bonfires and candles are lit on Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai’s yahrtzeit, a symbol of the powerful light he left in this world. Meron The tradition of visiting Meron on Lag B’Omer goes back for many generations. In fact, the Ari Hakadosh visited Meron on Lag B’Omer and commanded Rabbi Yosef Caro to allow the celebrations of Lag B’Omer to take place. At that time, the rabbanim were concerned that proper decorum was not maintained during the celebrations, and they wanted to forbid Lag B’Omer celebrations in Meron. But the Ari directed them to allow the celebrations; he stated that Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai was happy with the celebrations of Lag B’Omer in Meron. Indeed, this is a custom that started from the gedolei Yisroel and there is much loftiness in the celebration. Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai and his son are buried in Meron. Rabbi Yaakov Hillel shlita writes that the greater part of a person’s soul comes down to the grave on a person’s yahrtzeit. He explains that the presence found at that time is like a ladder, connected to the world up high. Essentially, when we visit and daven at a tzaddik’s grave on his yahrtzeit, our prayers are lifted up to the heavens by the tzaddik’s soul. It is for this reason that so many come to Meron on Lag B’Omer to daven by Rabbi Shimon’s kever and beg for Hashem’s mercy. Many have felt that miracles have been performed after davening to Hashem in Meron on Lag B’Omer. Upsherin Traditionally, many children celebrate their upsherins on Lag B’Omer. The Arizal made the trip to Meron on Lag B’Omer to cut his three-year-old

son’s hair. There is much singing and dancing and some throw the hair of the upsherin into the fire. When a child is three, it is their time of maturation from a small baby to a child ready to learn Torah. The upsherin is the third in a series of “cuts”—the first of the umbilical cord when they are born, the second of the bris and the third of the haircut. A child is now independent and ready to move into society and Torah learning. Many teach their child the aleph bais on the day of their upsherin and give them honey and sweets to lick so they should taste the sweetness of Torah. Chai Rotel Some have the tradition of giving chai rotel at the kever of Rabbi Shimon on Lag B’Omer. A rotel is a liquid measure of approximately three liters; eighteen times that amount is the equivalent of about 54 liters. It is believed that if one offers a drink of that amount to those attending the celebrations on Lag B’Omer, the giver will be granted miraculous salvation. Many couples who were childless have had children after giving chai rotel. Indeed, Rav Ovadia MiBartenura and the Shelah HaKadosh have written about this practice. Bows and Arrows The bow and arrow symbolizes a rainbow, a keshet. In the time of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, a rainbow was not seen in the sky. The merit of the holy tzaddik was enough to protect the world from calamity and there was no need for the sign of the rainbow representing Hashem’s promise He made to us after the mabul. Now that Rabbi Shimon is no longer alive, we have reason to fear that if not for Hashem’s promise, represented by the rainbow, the sins of the world would cause Hashem to bring another mabul. It is for this reason, some say, that children play with bows and arrows on Lag B’Omer. Photo credits: Kuvien Images

Rabbi Doniel Baron

Whispering F la mes

The F ire of Lag B’Omer

Tapping into the fiery, spiritual energy that is embedded in every iota of creation.


ire. With dancing, leaping, flashing tongues of flame, fire lights up the Lag B’Omer night sky. Jews light bonfires to commemorate the holiday, continuing a tradition that dates back hundreds of years. Lag B’Omer is the day on which Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai revealed the chief mystical work, the Zohar, through an explosion of fire, and it is the day on which he died. The tongues of flame whisper a message. What is the mysterious, inner meaning of all the fire? To unravel the mystery, we need to go 3,500 years back in time to young Abraham, left to mind his father’s idol shop. He looked at the sun, the moon, the stars and heavenly bodies and concluded that it would be ridiculous to think that inanimate, man-made idols had control over these things. As he contemplated more and more evidence of design in the world, he concluded that there must be a Creator who controls all. The world around him thought otherwise, and even united to build a tower to “fight” their conception of G-d. But the more Abraham saw in the world, the more he realized that everything is guided by the hand of the Creator. Abraham’s discovery is expressed through a metaphor that sheds light on the deeper meaning of fire. Abraham coming to recognize G-d is compared to a wanderer who sees a mansion engulfed in flames and subsequently concludes that the mansion must have an owner. The master of the house then sees the wanderer and introduces himself. Abraham similarly looked at the world and concluded that it must have a Master, and merited the Master’s acknowledgement (Bereishit Rabba 39:1). This is a difficult parable to understand. A burning mansion is more a sign of neglect than of ownership. What did Abraham, the wanderer of the parable, see that pointed to a Master? The Hebrew language, the language of creation according to Jewish tradition, provides us with the key to unlocking the metaphor. The Hebrew word for “thing,” the generic word that captures all physical objects, is “davar.” Davar derives from the Hebrew root “dibur” which means “to speak.” This is no coincidence. It teaches us that every davar expresses a dibur – a spoken message. Every physical object or phenomenon, in addition to its physical reality, conveys a spiritual comment on existence.

For example, a rose, on the surface level, is aesethetically pleasing and fragrant. But the rose also conveys a deeper message: intricacy and symmetry that points to intelligent design and a Designer. The external message is readily apparent. However, the inner meaning of an object can be elusive, and sometimes one needs to develop a sensitivity before one can understand the dibur – the message, that lies hidden within every davar – thing.

To Rabbi Shimon, the world was ablaze with spiritual energy, abounding with tongues of fire whispering messages about the Creator. The fire of the mansion was an allusion to the dibur in every object in the world. Abraham saw the mansion – the world – on fire. Fire is a unique phenomenon. It has the power to transform anything that comes into contact with it into fire itself. The release of the latent energy in the object cast into the flames gives rise to a more powerful fire. Fire reveals that within everything, in addition to the practical function of a davar, a thing, there lies hidden energy that, when tapped, gives off light that was not apparent to one looking only at the practical function of the object. That energy is the metaphor for the dibur – the message embedded in everything in the world. Abraham was able to look at the world and see the fire burning. As a child, he contemplated the sun, the moon and the stars and concluded that they were too sophisticated to be the product of chance. There had to have been a Creator, a Designer who fashioned everything in the world, and continues to control it all. For Abraham, the sun served more than its practical external functions of giving off warmth and light. It

broadcasted the message that something so awesome could not have come about by itself. Physics teaches the laws of entropy. Left alone, things in nature move from a state of higher order to lower order, marching toward chaos. Abraham realized that it is impossible to understand the world as the product of chance. To Abraham, everything in the world expressed a deeper meaning, intelligent design and a Designer who continues to guide his creation. Abraham saw the mansion burning. The flames, however, were not the fire of destruction. Instead, they represented the hidden energy in the mansion of the world, the inner message, the dibur, that points to the greatness of the Creator who could form such a place. The figurative flames whisper that in addition to the simple function of every davar in the word, there lies a deeper meaning that points to G-d for those like Abraham who had the eyes to see it. It is no wonder that we commemorate Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai with fire. Rabbi Shimon lived in both realms at the same time; in the world of the physical as we know it, and in the realm where the spirituality in everything physical, the dibur in everything, was apparent. To Rabbi Shimon, the world was ablaze with spiritual energy, abounding with tongues of fire whispering messages about the Creator. Not surprisingly, Rabbi Shimon gave us the Zohar, the book of the mystical inner meaning that belies everything. The ancient, the mystical and the spiritual have applications in modern times. The practical challenge of Lag B’Omer is to see the potential energy in every object and every person, instead of being fooled by the facade of the external. Spirituality and providence are everywhere, even for those of us who are not Rabbi Shimon. However, we can easily smother the flames of inner meaning by covering over any sparks of life and attributing everything to chance. Lag B’Omer invites us to look deeper and to hear the ever-present broadcast throughout creation. The flames of Lag B’Omer call to us and whisper that there is more to every person and every object than meets the eye—that one should never give up even if a situation looks hopeless. Look beyond the superficial and acknowledge deeper realms of existence; embrace worlds that we cannot see or touch, but which are every bit as real as the one in which we live. Reprinted with permission from

TThHeE JJeEw p r i2l 42, 52012 , 2013 WiIsShH HHoOmMeE nn MaAY

Lag B’Omer

75 93

T h e J e w i s h H o m e n a p r i l 2 5 , 2013 T H E J E W I S H H O M E n M AY 2 4 , 2012

76 78

You Gotta be



Submitted by Naftali and Chani Kraus The captain of an Iranian airliner announces, “This is Iranian Airliner 022. We have an emergency! We have lost an engine and want to land at any airport in the Mideast OTHER than Israel.” No answer. A short while later, things get worse, “This is Iranian Airliner 022 again. We have lost BOTH engines and ask permission to land at any airport in the Mideast OTHER than Israel.” Again, no answer from anyone. A little later, the pilot in desperation says, “This is Iranian Airliner 022. We are in need of help. We have lost three engines and need permission to land at any airport in the Mideast OTHER than Israel.” Still no answer from anyone. Finally, the Captain calls, “Help! This is Iranian Airliner 022, we have only one engine left and it is rapidly failing. Unless we can land we are going to crash. We need permission to land at ANY airport in the Mideast, INCLUDING Israel.” Shortly thereafter, a voice is heard in the Iranian airplane cockpit: “This is Tel Aviv airport calling Iranian Airliner 022. We would like to help.” “G-d bless you,” says the Iranian pilot. “What should we do?” Tel Aviv airport responds: “Repeat after me: Yitgadal, v’yitgadash...”

Hebonics questions are always answered with questions: Question: “How do you feel?” Hebonics response: “How should I feel?” The subject is often placed at the end of a sentence after a pronoun has been used at the beginning: “He speaks okay, the Rabbi.”

Submitted by Chaim Levinson Deeny’s address has three digits. When she challenged her friends to guess it, they guessed: 135, 780, 785, and 732. Deeny said, “You’ve each guessed exactly one digit correctly and in its right place!” What is Deeny’s address? Answer on next page

English: “You look great.” Hebonics: “You could stand to gain a few pounds.” English: “May I take your plate, sir?” Hebonics: “You’ve hardly touched your food. What’s the matter, something’s wrong with it?” English: “It’s been so long since you’ve called.” Hebonics: “You didn’t wonder if I’m dead yet?”

These common phrases were translated from “Standard English” to Hebonics: English: “Sorry, I don’t know the time.” Hebonics: “What do I look like, a clock?”

English: “It’s a nice day.” Hebonics: “At least it’s not raining.”

English: “I hope things turn out okay.” Hebonics: “You should BE so lucky!”

English: “I feel good.” Hebonics: “Things could be a lot worse.”

English: “I see you’re wearing one of the ties I gave you.” Hebonics: “What’s the matter, the other tie you didn’t like?

English: “Happy birthday.” Hebonics: “You should only become a year smarter.”

English: “Happy New Year!” Hebonics: “Another year, G-d willing!”

77 79

2. Patrick Ewing missed a finger roll in Game 7 at Madison Square Garden that eliminated the Knicks in the 19951996 season. Who beat them? a. Pistons b. Heat c. Pacers d. Bulls 3. In Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals between the Knicks and the Pacers in 1995, how many points did Reggie Miller score in 8.9 seconds? a. 5 b. 7 c. 8 d. 9

Answers 1. C 2. A 3. C-With 18.7 seconds remaining and the Pacers trailing 105–99, Miller took the inbounds pass from Mark Jackson, made a 3-pointer, stole the inbounds pass from Anthony Mason, dribbled back behind the arc and tied the game with another 3, stunning the crowd at Madison Square Garden. On the ensuing possession, Knicks guard John Starks was fouled by Sam Mitchell. Starks missed both free throws, and although Patrick Ewing managed to get the offensive rebound, his shot was just a bit long and hit the back rim. Miller got the rebound and was fouled with 7.5 seconds left. He made both free throws. 4. C- Starks, who scored 27 points in Game 6, shot 2-for-18 from the field, including 0-for-11 from three-point range in Game 7. Knicks coach Pat Riley famously said after the loss: “You go with your players; you go up with them, and you go down with them.” 5. D 6. A 7. B 8. A

4. How many 3-pointers did John Starks miss in Game 7 of the 1994 NBA Finals? a. 6 b. 7 c. 11 d. 13 5. Which Knicks player missed four straight layup attempts in the final seconds of Game 5 of the Eastern Conference finals between the Knicks and Bulls, giving the Bulls a 3-2 lead in the series, after the Knicks has originally been up 2-0? a. Charles Oakley b. Anthony Mason c. Greg Anthony d. Charles Smith 6. In which years did the Knicks win the NBA Championship? a. 1970, 1973 b. 1973, 1978 c. 1970, 1978, 1984 d. 1976, 1979, 1985

7. Which New York Knicks player won the NBA Finals MVP award in 1970 and 1973, then went on to coach the team in 1977-78? a. Phil Jackson b. Willis Reed c. Earl Monroe d. Bill Bradley 8. Who did the Knicks lose to in the 1999 NBA Finals? a. Spurs b. Jazz c. Lakers d. Suns

GOT FUNNY? Let the Commissioner decide. Send your stuff to

Scorecard 7-8 correct: You are like John Starks in Game 6 of the 1994 Finals! 4-6 correct: You are not a bad sixth man. 0-3 correct: You are a like John Starks in Game 7 of the 1994 Finals!

Answer to riddle: 182 The first digit must be 1 or 7. It can’t be 7 as only one digit is correct in each guess. So it’s 1. The other digits in guess #1 (i.e. 3 and 5) must be incorrect. Therefore, from guess #3, the second digit is 8. Guess #4 has a correct digit which must be its third – 2.

1. The Knicks and Celtics have matched up in the playoffs on fourteen prior occasions. How many times has each team won? a. 10 (Knicks) / 4 (Celtics) b. 8 (Knicks) / 7 (Celtics) (good job with the math there) c. 7 (Knicks) / 7 (Celtics) d. 8 (Celtics) / 6 (Knicks)

T h e TJHeEwJ iEsWhI SH oHmHeO M n E na p Mr iAY l 2254, ,2013 2012

Knicks Playoff Trivia

T h eT HJEe w s hI SHHo HmOeMnE na M p rAY i l 2245,, 2012 2013 J EiW

78 88



Compiled by Nate Davis

“Say What?” Until we fully understand what turned two brothers who allegedly perpetrated the Boston Marathon bombings into murderers, it is hard to make any policy recommendation other than this: We need to redouble our efforts to make America stronger and healthier so it remains a vibrant counterexample to whatever bigoted ideology may have gripped these young men... Rebuilding our strength has to start with healing our economy.. … And the best place to start is with a carbon tax. - Thomas Friedman’s Op-ed in the New York Times It’s a terrible situation in Boston. And, unfortunately... one gets the sense that this is more reflective of the “new normal,” if you will. So much of society is changing so rapidly. We talk about a “new normal” when it comes to climate change and adjusting to a change in the weather patterns. “New normal” when it comes to public security in a post-9/11 world, where these random acts of violence, which at one time were implausible, now seem all too frequent. - New York Governor Andrew Cuomo [Pressure cookers] are not intended to be used for any other purpose other than cooking. - Statement released by Fagor America, Inc., which manufactured the pressure cookers used in the bombing

Happy birthday to Israel. The country of Israel turned 65. Now that it’s 65, Israel plans to retire and move to Florida. - Conan O’Brien A man in New York City is convicted of stealing more than $376,000 worth of copy machine toner from the law firm he worked for. They’re known for their work with big corporations and investment banks, and also for not ever having any toner in their copier. - Jimmy Kimmel

As long as Tel Aviv has the compliant ear of the American political establishment, those who wish for peace and justice in the world should not rest easy...The American global domination project is bound to generate all kinds of resistance in the post-colonial world...In some respects, the United States has been fortunate not to experience worse blowbacks, and these may yet happen, especially if there is no disposition to rethink US relations to others in the world, starting with the Middle East... Should we not all be meditating on W.H. Auden’s haunting line: “Those to whom evil is done/ Do evil in return.” - UN Human Rights Council’s Palestine monitor Richard Falk in an article titled, “A Commentary on the Marathon Murders”

I didn’t kill him; he killed himself. - Smail Gueddari after shooting a would-berobber who entered his Ohio store and fired a bullet in his direction Do you know my name? You’re about to find out who I am. You’re about to be on national news. - What a famous Hollywood actress said to an Atlanta state trooper when he pulled over her vehicle because her husband was drunk driving

It was revealed today that someone sent President Obama a suspicious letter containing the poison ricin. It’s a deadly poison made from beans. They said it’s the third worst substance you can send in the mail behind anthrax and packing peanuts. - Jimmy Kimmel Federal law enforcement agencies say they believe it’s from the same person who sent ricin to a Republican senator yesterday. At least he’s bipartisan. - Ibid

A new study came out that shows that the germiest place in your kitchen is the refrigerator’s vegetable drawer. After hearing this, most Americans said, “We have a vegetable drawer?” - Conan O’Brien

What? I had a few drinks...I drink every day. - 88-year-old Werner Sonn, chairman of the board of the famed Henri Stern Watch Agency, to cops after driving drunk and smashing his Cadillac into another car at Rockefeller Center I don’t know about that, but I was definitely drinking. - ibid, when cops asked him if he was drinking and driving

I know it’s an emotional issue with some people. I particularly say to the families of people who were lost in the incident [referring to 2010 Gaza flotilla raid, where Israeli naval commandos boarded the “Gaza Freedom Flotilla” that attempted to break the blockade of the Gaza Strip and killed 9 activists who fought them], we understand these tragedies completely and we sympathize with them. And nobody – I mean, I have just been through the week of Boston and I have deep feelings for what happens when you have violence and something happens and you lose people that are near and dear to you. It affects a community, it affects a country. We’re very sensitive to that. - Secretary of State Kerry during a press conference in Istanbul, Turkey It is never helpful when a moral equivalency is made confusing terrorists with their victims. - Israeli Deputy Defense Minister Danny Danon berating Secretary of State John Kerry for his comments

There were no coherent arguments as to why we wouldn’t do this. It came down to politics — the worry that that vocal minority of gun owners would come after them in future elections. They worried that the gun lobby would spend a lot of money and paint them as anti-Second Amendment...This was a pretty shameful day for Washington. - President Obama flanked by family members of the Newtown victims, after the Senate voted down a bill to expand background checks for gun sales

When you’re going after the Mafia you go to Italian communities… If you’re looking for Islamic terrorism, you focus on Muslim communities. We’re at war with Islamic terrorism. It’s coming from people within the Muslim community. - Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.)

What [President Obama] learned is that he bit off a lot more than he can chew and that you can’t just talk your way to a victory. You have to have something that makes some sense and what he was proposing just didn’t make much sense. It was the biggest legislative defeat he suffered but that does not justify the unseemly picture of a president of the United States throwing a public tantrum. - NRA President David Keene responding to President Obama’s statement

Here’s a question for you, Bill. ‘Coexist’ bumper sticker on your car or ‘This car insured by Smith & Wesson?’ Which car would be more likely to be jacked? - Adam Carolla on Bill O’Reilly discussing the fact that the Boston bombers carjacked a car with a “Coexist” bumper sticker

Breaking: Two explosions at the White House and Barack Obama is injured. - Tweet sent out to 1.9 million people by the Associated Press Twitter account which was hacked on Wednesday, causing markets to temporarily nosedive Dennis Rodman claims the FBI wants to hire him as an informant. That makes sense because the first thing you want to do is to tell everyone you’re an FBI informant. - Conan O’Brien

There’s no need to defend myself. I did what I did and ultimately history will judge. - George W. Bush in an interview with USA Today, when asked about his record as president [Senator] Ted Cruz is, just violates my sense and I think if you mention the name Ted Cruz to other senators, you just get titanic oceans of eye-rolling. Because you’re a freshman, you don’t go in and take over hearings. You, like, hang around, learn how it’s done. It’s like the most un-conservative act to come in two weeks into the job and decide the Senate exists for you to take it over. So I think he’s made a lot of enemies. It doesn’t help that he has a face that looks a little like Joe McCarthy, actually. So, you know, I find him a little off-putting. - New York Times columnist David Brooks

Running for mayor is not a substitute for therapy. - A senior White House official discussing a possible Anthony Weiner mayoral run

The lengths to which [President Obama] will go to avoid telling us the truth about the enemy is becoming comical, it’s certainly embarrassing. For example, he will never –forget about the word jihadist, he’ll never use that. But he refuses to use the word Islamist which is used throughout the Muslim world. It’s used by journalists, authors, on the street, in the parliament, everywhere, in Egypt, it’s used in Lebanon, it’s used everywhere by Muslims. And yet, Obama won’t touch it because he refuses to use any words that might imply a connection between radical Islam and terrorism, which, as anybody who is over the age of nine knows, is the single greatest cause of terror in the world today. - Charles Krauthammer

Maybe Stalin took in stray cats and maybe Saddam Hussein slept with a stuffed rabbit. We know Lee Harvey Oswald and Timothy McVeigh felt out of place, and that Jeffrey Dahmer was lonely. And now we know that, like millions of American men their age, Tamerlan (26) and Dzohokhar (19) Tsarnaev had all kinds of crybaby problems. - John Nolte, on Breitbart online

Last night NPR was hacked by a group called the Syrian Electronic Army. Which explains why for five seconds last night, NPR was exciting. - Conan O’Brien

Being in Watertown right now the streets are empty. It’s eerie. It’s as though a bomb had dropped somewhere. - CNN reporter Susan Candiotti describing Watertown during the manhunt for the remaining terrorist To see a wrong and not expose it is to become a silent partner. I am KC and I approve this message. - Part of a letter to President Obama containing the poison ricin

A Chinese businessman just purchased a $15 million iPhone...You can get the phone for $14,999,950 if you sign a two-year contract. - Jimmy Kimmel

Judges are humans. They’re not above the rules. I broke the rule and I have to live by it. - Michigan Judge Raymond Voet, holding himself in contempt and fining himself $25 after his cell phone rang in his courtroom

T ThHe EJ JeEwWi sI ShHHHoOmMe E nn Ma pAYr i l2 42,52012 , 2013

President Obama offered to wash senators’ car if it would lead to an immigration bill. Senators then told Obama, “If you’re going to wash our cars, why do we need immigrants?” - Conan O’Brien

79 89

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echoed through the Terrifying screams 9 Tammuz 5002 (1242). shouted the mob. Over the Jewish books!” ipts streets of Paris. “Bring handwritten manuscr with about 12,000 in twenty wagons filled carts to a large square taken by wooden of the Talmud were before the printing Remember, this was Seine. River the Paris, on weeks, months, . It had taken scribes ipts. manuscr press had been invented precious of the to write every one even years of work Priests and square. public been set in the A gigantic fire had Royal guards lifted held front-row seats. other important officials them into the flames. the wagons and threw the holy sefarim from with a debate act happen? It began of How did such a terrible rabbis. The rabbis, scholars and Jewish between Christian the priests, but with to argue about religion course, did not want they were forced to.

A life of growth and achievement

by Rabbi Shimon Finkelman

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5. St. Pancras Railway Station, known for its Victorian architecture, has tracks to France and Belgium. Happy traveling! 6. The tallest Ferris wheel in Europe, the London Eye is 443 feet tall and almost 400 feet in diameter! Don’t get dizzy! 7. The ancient Romans built the Pont du Gard aqueduct in France to bring water across 31 miles to the city of Nimes. After the aqueduct was no longer used to carry water, it was a toll bridge for hundreds of years. Now it is a tourist attraction—but don’t try to drive your car over it! 8. The Chateau Fontainebleau, near Paris, France, has been a royal residence for over 700 years! It has more than 1500 rooms and is surrounded by parks and gardens.

You’ll find yourself saying 7 8


Courtesy of Carolus, used under the Creative Commons license

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In the Kitchen Celebrating Lag B’Omer with Fiery Foods This week is Lag B’Omer, a time of celebration with campfires, singing and of course, food. Why not combine some of these traditions by offering your family some foods that will surely make their mouths go on fire? Make sure to serve lots of water!

Spicy Chicken Ingredients 1 ½ tablespoons paprika 1 ½ tablespoons ground cumin ½ teaspoon dried oregano 1 teaspoon ground coriander ½ to 1 teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes 1 ½ teaspoons kosher salt 4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts split into eight pieces

Preparation Combine paprika, cumin, oregano, coriander, crushed red pepper flakes, and kosher salt in a bowl. Place chicken in a shallow dish or Ziploc bag. Add a little olive oil to the bowl to just barely coat the chicken. Rub chicken generously with 4 tablespoons of the spice blend. Let stand 10 minutes. Grill chicken 6 or 7 minutes on each side or until juices run clear. This chicken tastes delicious with techina or chumus and toasted pitas.

Hot and Sour Chicken Soup Ingredients 1/2 pound chicken breast, preferably skin on 1 handful shiitake mushrooms, stems discarded, sliced 2 medium-sized shallots, thinly sliced 1 tsp grated ginger 1 large clove garlic, minced 2 quarts chicken stock

3 tablespoons soy sauce 1 1/2 tablespoons cider vinegar 2 tsp hot pepper sesame oil Salt and pepper 2 ounces dried vermicelli or thin egg noodles 2 or 3 scallion stalks, chopped Preparation Heat 1 ounce olive oil a wok or sauté pan over medium-high heat. Sauté the chicken breast skin-side down until golden brown, about 5 to 6 minutes. Turn the chicken over and sauté the other side until fully cooked, another 5 to 6 minutes. You can also put a quarter cup of water in the pan to steam the meat through. Remove the chicken from the skillet and set aside to let cool. Meanwhile, heat 1 ounce olive oil in a mediumsized pot over high heat. Cook the shiitake mushrooms, shallots, and ginger, stirring occasionally, for 3 minutes. Add the garlic and cook for another minute. Pour in the chicken stock and bring to boil. Reduce to simmer and add soy sauce, vinegar, and chili sesame oil. Season with salt and pepper to taste. (White pepper will give it an extra kick) Meanwhile, once cooled, slice the chicken into pieces ½ inch thick. Add the vermicelli or egg noodles and cook for 5 to 6 minutes. Stir in chicken at the last minute to reheat. Ladle into soup bowls, garnish with scallions, and serve.

Tilapia with a Kick Ingredients 1/4 cup olive oil 2 pounds tilapia 1/2 cup chopped fresh parsley 1/2 teaspoon dried crushed red pepper 4 cups cherry tomatoes, halved 1 cup Kalamata olives or other brine-cured black olives, chopped 6 garlic cloves, minced Preparation Heat olive oil in heavy large skillet over medium-

high heat. Sprinkle fish with salt and pepper. Add half of fish to skillet and sauté until just opaque in center, about 3 minutes per side. Transfer fish to platter. Repeat with remaining fish. Add parsley and crushed red pepper to same skillet; sauté 1 minute. Add tomatoes, olives, and garlic; sauté until tomatoes are soft and juicy, about 2 minutes. Season sauce with salt and pepper; spoon over fish.

Spicy Baked Fries Ingredients 3 medium russet potatoes 2 tablespoons olive oil 1 teaspoon garlic powder 1 teaspoon chili powder 1 teaspoon onion powder ½ teaspoon paprika ½ teaspoon salt Preparation Preheat oven to 425°. Slice potatoes into strips, 1/8 inch thick. Place the remaining ingredients in a Ziploc bag and shake to mix. Then place the potatoes in the bag and coat the potatoes with the oil and spices by shaking the bag well. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and spread potatoes out in a single layer. Bake 20 minutes. Flip the fries over and crank oven up to 450°. Cook 10 minutes, flip again and cook 10 more minutes or until potatoes are crisp and not burnt. Watch carefully during the last 10 minutes.

T H E J E W I S H H O M E n M AY 2 4 , 2012

a p r i l 2 5 , 2013



The Jewish Home n a p r i l 2 5 , 2013

74 84 T h eT HJ eE w s hI SHHo mH Oe MnE na pMrAY i l 2 54, 2013 J Ei W 2012

In the Kitchen Chef Shaul Silverstein

Moussaka Roll with a Bécha mel Sauce Topping This recipe is Greek in origin, and is unique as it mixes sweet and savory. Contrary to the method in this recipe, it is usually layered in a casserole dish. Though this recipe can be modified to serve in a casserole dish, this is great as a hors d’oeuvre or as an appetizer.

Current production is YOSHON. For more information, please see The Guide to Chodosh, section 8.1

Moussaka Roll Ingredients 1 large eggplant 1 tablespoon currants or raisins 2 1/2 teaspoons pumpkin spice mix 2 large medjool dates, chopped 1 tablespoon chopped walnuts 3 tablespoons Manwich sauce or tomato sauce of choice 6 oz ground lamb (or beef) 1 large russet potato, sliced very thinly Pinch of salt and pepper Béchamel Sauce Ingredients 1 16 fl oz. milk substitute 1 oz flour, approximately 3 tablespoons 2 tablespoons margarine (or extra virgin olive oil) 1/2 teaspoon onion powder Pinch of nutmeg Salt and pepper to taste Preparation To Prepare the Moussaka Roll: Preheat oven to 400°. Slice eggplant lengthwise to 1/4 inch thickness. Sautee 4 slices of eggplant until more pliable. Mix pumpkin spice mix, ManwichsSauce, currants or raisins, chopped dates, ground meat, chopped walnuts. Spread mixture 1/4 inch thick upon entire length of eggplant, leaving a third of an inch perimeter on each side, until the last inch, which should be left empty. Roll eggplant and place in casserole on top of a few sliced potatoes (The potatoes help elevate the moussaka roll so they do not cook in the juice that is rendered during cooking.) To prepare the Béchamel Sauce: Bring milk substitute to a boil, add pinch of nutmeg. Heat margarine or oil over moderate

heat. When hot, whisk in flour (this mix is also known as a roux). Cook roux for a few minutes over medium heat while constantly whisking mixture, making sure that it does not burn. Once properly combined and cooked for a few minutes (this will make sure the sauce does not have a grainy taste), remove roux from fire for one minute. While whisking, slowly add hot milk substitute to the roux (if roux is too hot or milk substitute is too cold the roux will splatter). Return to heat and whisk removing any lumps. After being a short time on the fire, the sauce (now a bechamel) will begin to thicken. Once whisked thoroughly and all lumps are removed, add salt pepper and onion powder to taste. Run through fine strainer. Spread a nice coating of the sauce on top of each roll. Cook rolls for approximately 3540 minutes until fully cooked. Internal temperature should be 155 degrees. Enjoy! Chef Shaul

If there is any category of recipes that you would like to see in this column or if you have any questions please feel free to contact me at

mazdesign 718.471.6470

ips Awesome Tr In-Ground Olympic Size Pool And onal Daily/ Instructi Swim Staff Experienced



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86 90

Politics Today


Politics with Michael Fragin

Lobbying in Washington >>> Emergency Management >>> How the City Prepares for the Marathon >>> Eyewitness Account of the Boston Bombing >>> Putting on Tefillin after the Bombing >>> Seeing the Goodness in Tragedy

The following are excerpts from the weekly on-line show, Spin Class: Politics with Michael Fragin. Listen weekly on Thursday nights on Michael Fragin: Good evening everyone. Welcome to Spin Class. We’re talking politics. Judith is joining me once again. Judith, where were you last week? Judith: Last week I was in Washington, DC, with the 165 Yeshiva University students. Michael Fragin: Tell us more about that. Judith: Well, we took 165 students to lobby on Capitol Hill with their member of Congress or their senator or both so they could talk about the US-Israel relationship and the important of America supporting Israel at this critical time. And actually a lot of the legislation that we worked on passed, and we got a lot of successful feedback. Michael Fragin: That was pretty quick work. Judith: Well, you know we work fast, we’re effective; we’re practically pros. Michael Fragin: There’s nothing like college students. Judith: That’s why we’re here. You know, getting those lobby appointments, it wasn’t as difficult as we thought; people really enjoy hearing from students. Turns out we have some charm. Michael Fragin: There’s no question that there’s strength in numbers and 165 is not bad for the people. So, who did you hear from, who did you speak to? Judith: We first spent time in the AIPAC Headquarters and we heard from Jonathan Kessler, the Leadership Director, and we heard from Esther Kurtz, she’s a lobbyist there. And then we

heard from Josh Joseph who is actually the Vice President of Yeshiva University. Michael Fragin: Lawrence resident Josh Joseph. Judith: Yes. Last year we went on this lobby mission but unfortunately I think that the school’s encouragement was missing and this year I wanted to make sure that all the students felt that Yeshiva University was really behind them and proud of them and excited for what they are about to do. And so I wanted to integrate them as much as I could. We heard from Rabbi Brander; he did our opening remarks at the lobbying training on Tuesday night, and then we heard from Josh Joseph and he spoke beautifully about the importance of being involved and the importance of representing Yeshiva University. And then we heard from representative leader Eric Cantor and that was awesome. It was really phenomenal experience for all of us. Michael Fragin: Judith, did you just say that a Republican was awesome? Judith: Yeah, well, you know… Michael Fragin: This is a new step for somebody from California. Judith: He was very wonderful and polite and was exciting regardless of how much we agree or disagree on issues. I think when it comes to Israel, we’re on the same page and so I can respect him and I can be excited about that. We had over 37 lobby appointments. A lobbying appointment is probably one of the most unique and unbelievably American things you can do. You get to go in and you speak to either your representative themselves or staff member and you get to tell them exactly what’s on your mind. And so in this instance, we had the specific talking points and pieces of legislations that we are trying to push. We had trained everyone on Tuesday night so they knew exactly

what they were talking about, exactly how to approach it, and how to make a convincing and compelling argument. And then they want to present this information to the representative or the staff member. It’s a little known fact but representing to the staff members is just as effective, if not even more effective, than speaking to the representative themselves, because a lot of times the representatives are busy and when it comes to vote, whatever the staff member says that’s what they’ll do. They trust them, and they turn to them for advice, and they turn to them to know which way to vote. This was my first time ever leading a lobby mission and it was incredibly successful. Within 24 hours we had four senators sign onto bill and we had five representatives say that they were going to commit to signing onto something as well. It got me excited to know that we have this little part in a very important part in the US-Israel relationship. It’s exciting and I think it’s something that everyone should be a part of. Michael Fragin: So I think what you’re trying to say is that anybody out there can do it too. And it doesn’t really take that much; you make an appointment with your elected official, you go down to Washington if there is something you really, really care about or something that really bothers you. Judith: Well, I don’t think that they take everyone; I don’t think that they take everyone just willy-nilly off the street. But I do know that there was a specific piece of legislation that we wanted Congressman Charlie Rangel to sign on to, and we didn’t have an appointment with him, but we actually had a few students show up in his office and badger his foreign affairs staff member, the person who deals with that, and tell them how important it was even though they didn’t have an appointment. They went there and they said this is so im-

portant to us; we’re not leaving this office until we talk to your foreign affairs staffer. Michael Fragin: He represents Washington Heights, right? Judith: Exactly. And we’re not going to be falsely represented. [Yeshiva University is in Washington Heights.] He wasn’t signing onto a specific bill regarding Iran and we wanted him to sign and so we weren’t leaving until he did. So thankfully I was with a bunch of students who care, who are interested and who are willing to sacrifice for a greater experience. When I was advertising it, I told them, you can’t learn everything in the classroom. You can’t learn about being an activist in a classroom, it really needs to be something that you experienced hands-on. It needs to be something that you go up to Capitol Hill and you talk to the people who are making new decisions, it’s not enough to just go to a rally. Michael Fragin: Thank you Judith. We have quite a today and we are going to get into a couple of different topics. We have an expert from New York City Office of Emergency Management, Mordy Goldfeder. Mordy Goldfeder is the head of emergency medical planning for New York City Office of Emergency Management. And he specializes in the planning for any type of big event, like the Boston marathon would come under his purview. Mordy really has a unique perspective. He’s a longtime Hatzoloh member. So tell us about OEM. What is emergency management and what is it that you do? Mordy Goldfeder: So emergency management is really coordinating all the different city agencies. We have a fire department, a police department, a health department, and buildings department plus a lot of non-for-profit groups

Michael Fragin: I hate to use the word “fortunate,” but everybody in the media seems to say that it was fortunate in a way that the bombs [in Boston] went off at the finish line, where the medical tent was, with the medical personnel already there. Mordy Goldfeder: As you can imagine, when you run a long marathon, at the end, many of the runners get fatigued no matter how much they trained. And even if you get a little injured along the route, you want to keep pushing because you train so long to be in that marathon. When you get to the end, many of the runners who are normally in great shape all of the sudden start becoming ill and there’s a lot that is hurting them now that their adrenaline has calmed down. At the end of the race, the medical tent has extra medical personnel, they have more ambulances standing by, more doctors standing by. Michael Fragin: So these medical personnel were able to swing into action. Mordy Goldfeder: Absolutely, right away. These are your regular emergency first responders. They already have the specialized equipment and gear. Their helmets were probably close by. Michael Fragin: Why would they have the helmets there if it was just a marathon? Mordy Goldfeder: Because you always have to be ready, and that’s one of the things we always prepare for, especially in this business, you never know what’s going to happen. You know, we look at some of the parades over the years and the different things that happen at parades. One year, the balloons at the Thanksgiving Day parade knocked into a telephone pole and created a lot of injuries. So you never really what’s going to happen and you always have to be prepared. Michael Fragin: So tell us about what you would imagine the first couple of seconds were like in Boston. I know you don’t want to share anything

sensitive about what happened, but give us a scenario hypothetically about what they might be thinking. Mordy Goldfeder: One of the things that we learn in this business is what we call control chaos, and I’ll tell you, the first few seconds you probably heard nothing; everyone is probably still in shock. It takes a few seconds and then people start kicking into first gear. The first people close by are going to start to take a quick look at who’s laying on the ground, who’s still walking, who’s limping around. The first few scenes are going to be chaotic, no matter where you go, there’s no way to really get that control, and it usually takes a few minutes. The good dispatchers will put a tone on a radio to try to get some silence and try to get one person to give a scene size-up of what happened so we can get the right resources there at the right time. Michael Fragin:

Right, the dis-

New York City and they have the same. So they all operate under the same protocols, and they all operate and they train together for when they have to deal with these mass casualty incidents.

share what we call the command of it. But as long as it’s a terrorist incident, they want to come into secure the evidence and they don’t want anyone who’s not supposed to be there to interfere.

Michael Fragin: It’s kind of what happened in Texas last night. If you think about it, this has just been an incredible week because you had two massive scale tragedies in both Boston and Texas. In Texas, this was a small town which is basically leveled and they don’t have enough of their resources to tackle that issue. Mordy Goldfeder: That’s right. They need to get more resources into that area and it’s quite difficult. When I came on the job working for the fire department many years ago, we came up with a lot of situations where there are crime scenes, not necessarily terrorist acts like this. The police department there, they have to do their job and everyone has to do their job, but the

Michael Fragin: A marathon goes over 26 miles. Tell us about providing the appropriate planning for 26 miles. Mordy Goldfeder: The planning for the marathon starts months and months beforehand. First they get an accurate count of how many runners there are going to be so they’ll know the proportion of approximately how many EMS to have on hand. And then we know for some degree if the temperature’s going to be a certain type how many people may start falling down at the first mile mark or second mile mark and so on. And they put medical teams across that whole spectrum, all 26 miles. Every 250 to 300 feet, they’ll be stationed with an ambulance.


patcher in Boston kept saying, “Delta 894” and I assume that’s somebody’s call sign. Mordy Goldfeder: That probably is and they just want to get that person’s attention to keep everybody else off. It’s hard to get the one dispatcher to get a lot of information at one time. Michael Fragin: The injuries suffered seem to be particularly horrific because of the nature of the bomb and how they were packed. They were loaded with shrapnel specifically to injure. It’s pretty awful. Mordy Goldfeder: People will say, “Oh, you know, I may not be ready for it” but when that incident happens and that patient’s in front of you and that patient needs help, everyone just jumps into action, and they don’t think about it. They really just continue going. And you don’t even think about it, because that’s what happens. You just get into the action. You know your job is there to save lives whether you’re a volunteer or paid, that’s what you’re there for and you just do it. Boston has a phenomenal police and fire department. Their EMS structure is very similar to what we have here in New York City. It’s pretty much run by the city of Boston so they have a good control. We have one central dispatch office where they dispatch all the units in

most important thing is life safety and as long as there’s a chance to save lives... We try to be mindful that it’s a crime scene but we have to do our job and if it means taking out the patient, then we take out the patient. Michael Fragin: So who is in charge? Fire department is in charge, EMS is in charge, police department always wants to be in charge; everybody wants to be in charge. How does that work? There’s something called incident command, tell us about that. Mordy Goldfeder: In New York City, we’re a little bit different. We have a document called CIMS, the Citywide Incident Management System, and it really dictates who’s in charge of what type of scene. But when you’re talking about a medical call, as long as that patient’s a medical patient, the EMS people have to do their job. Michael Fragin: At what point does the nature of the incident change? In Boston this was obviously was a mass casualty incident immediately. Mordy Goldfeder: It’s not the EMS’s job to call it a terrorist act; that’s really the police department’s job. In New York City, until an incident is designated something the police department’s in charge and then once they determine what it is, then they’ll give it over and

Michael Fragin: Every 250 to 300 feet. Are there any other ambulances left in the city of New York during the marathon? Mordy Goldfeder: These are a combination of what we called mutual aid resources volunteers. We don’t want to use the 911 resources; we want to save those for other emergencies happening around the city. So we ask volunteers to help. Michael Fragin: So if nothing were to happen, how many people would have go to the hospital on the average marathon? Mordy Goldfeder: It is quite a bit—I don’t know what the number is off the top of my head. Michael Fragin: So you would also think that the hospitals are also going to be fully staffed in many areas that are close to the marathon. Mordy Goldfeder: EMS folks are always trained that if the patient’s not so critical, you can take them to a further hospital. There’s no reason to clog up the closest hospital -- and different places do triage and transport a little differently. Look at Israel, where they do mass casualties quite often, unfortunately. They’ll bring every patient to the closest hospital and then from there, re-triage them and send them out to further hospitals. Here we feel that we have enough resources that we can take them to to further hospitals, and bring in other ambulances to continue the transportation. Michael Fragin: What do you as an agency learn from the Israeli experience? Mordy Goldfeder: We learn many things. What type of medical devices

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that deal with hospitals and nursing homes. There’s a lot of groups that have to get together in emergencies. When you think of a simple fire in a house, many different services have to come to deal with that issue. Besides the fire department, you have the DEP to deal with the water and the hydrant. You have the buildings department to check the building if it’s compromised. So OEM is the one agency that gets together and brings all these agencies to the table to get them to work out whatever the issues are and to have the problem solved so people can move on.

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work best to control bleeding, how best to transfer patients, what they look for when they come to a scene. Now when EMS providers come to a scene, they are looking for a secondary device. That device is really just to go after those emergency first responders. We learn to move a little bit quicker getting that patient off the scene as quickly as possible but again as safely as possible. Michael Fragin: Well, Mordy, I want to thank you for joining us here and hopefully we won’t have to discuss something like this anytime in the near future. Mordy Goldfeder: It’s not just for the emergency folks to plan; it’s also for all people. You should always have an emergency plan with your family to practice regular fire drills at home. What happens if there’s a fire at night? Do your children know the safe places to go? If something happens and parents gets separated from children, do they know which relatives to go to, do they know which neighbor they can go to? Any type of simple plan you can do at home will always have a better outcome at the end. Michael Fragin: This is Spin Class. We’re talking politics. I like to start from the top, the top being el presidente President Obama. He suffered a significant loss with the Senate’s failure of the Senate’s gun control bill. That would have called for universal background checks and a couple of other things. I was little bit taken aback at the snub by the president of the funeral of Margaret Thatcher. I didn’t really see it anywhere that anybody was criticizing him for snubbing her funeral. Margaret Thatcher was the American ally throughout the 80s; she stood with the American government against the Soviet Union. She helped bring down Communism and stood with America. She was a conservative and she stood for the free market, but in the end, I think largely history will judge her as a great prime minister and truthfully, I think that the president of the United State should have been at the funeral, but that’s just me. We have on the line Rabbi Zaklos from Chabad of Boston. Rabbi Zaklos, thank you for joining us here on Spin Class. I understand that you were present at the finish line of the marathon. I was hoping you could tell us what was going on there. Rabbi Zaklos: I arrived at the marathon. Everybody was upbeat, everybody was happy. It was a nice day. I came with a clear goal. I wanted to engage the Jewish participants, some of the Jewish spectators. I had my children with me.

And you know, I was going to use a wonderful opportunity to do a wonderful mitzvah. I was standing about a half a block from the finish line, speaking and engaging with people when some 25 minutes into my arrival, we heard a very loud boom towards the finish line that was on my left side. You can understand the shock, the horror that goes through people’s minds. It’s unimaginable and people started drifting further away from the finish line and as I turn my head towards the right, boom! The second bomb goes off and you know, you see that the fire ball, the top of the smoke. It couldn’t have been a worse scenario. People feeling trapped, nowhere to go. Panic, crying—it’s hysteria. Their families are separated. There’s the runners, there’s the spectators and people don’t know where their family members are, if they’re safe. There’s hardly any way to contact them. Michael Fragin: It’s chaos. Rabbi Zaklos: All those components really equal disaster. It’s pandemonium—no question about it—and

by the events of the day to reflect on his Jewishness in a new and a profound manner. Michael Fragin: That’s incredible. We’re here with Rabbi Yosef Zaklos of Chabad of Boston who was an immediate eyewitness to the carnage at the Boston marathon. Were people in your immediate vicinity wounded or were you a little further away? Rabbi Zaklos: I did see people who were wounded by the blast but thank G-d, it didn’t reach our immediate vicinity. That was the little miracle in my personal miracle. Michael Fragin: You were on Boylston Street, correct? Rabbi Zaklos: I was on Boylston and Exodus. Exodus was the first street after the finish line. I was in Israel about ten years ago and I lived in the Chabad Yeshiva and that year was sadly a bloody year in Israel. There were a bunch of bombs and you immediately reflect back. The next morning, early on Tuesday morning, I


the response is starting to take an effect. There’s a lot of police on the scene to begin with but there is a lot of confusion. You kind of realize that you’re put here for a reason and that you must try to see how you can be of assistance and how you can possibly help others. I went immediately over to a number of officers and said, “I’m a rabbi if there is anything I can assist with please, don’t hesitate for a moment.” I was actually standing on one of the corners and someone asked me, “Why are you standing? Everybody’s running.” I was just trying to help people move along. I stayed in the area for quite sometime until about six in the evening, just helping people with very basic necessities: how do I get out of here, where do I go, how do I get home, here’s a phone, here’s a sympathetic ear, putting on tefillin with people. I actually had someone who never put on tefillin in his life. Michael Fragin: At that point, even after all the carnage, people were coming over to you and saying, “I’d like to put on tefillin.” That’s incredible. Did they know the significance? Rabbi Zaklos: One person I’m thinking of in particular never put on tefillin in his life. But he was moved

was reflecting on the world at large. If you’re speaking about Baghdad or if you’re speaking about Islamabad where these bombs go off, clearly a lot of innocent people’s lives are shattered. Just being witness to it kind of changes the entire perspective and obviously it just draws us closer to home. I went to the hospital after I came back. MGH, Massachusetts General Hospital, is in close proximity to my home, about a three or four minute walk in downtown Boston. And I went there to check and see what we can do to help and be of assistance to those who are wounded and the family members of the wounded who were transported here. And later at night I wanted to speak to the people of our community here in downtown. I was trying to convey that when we’re given a terrible situation, it’s not our choice that we’re here. But once we’re here, there’s no question about it that we have the ability not only to survive it but to grow from it in a personal sense and a communal sense. And that’s what my personal reflection was. I was put in a situation; there was something in me that gave me the strength to do things and to try to do as much as I could for others. And so I think that’s a lesson that all can share and then ultimately good-

ness will prevail. On Tuesday, I went to the disaster area and I gave out kosher food and I went to thank them. And one National Guard asked me, “Why are you doing this?” I told him, in Judaism there’s something called hakaras hatov, recognition for the good that others do. And he said, yes, the chaplain in my unit says the same thing. So they see this is an authentic theme in Judaism. Michael Fragin: He knew you are telling the truth because he heard it before. Rabbi Zaklos: Exactly he has of this theme before and he has witnessed it. Michael Fragin: Rabbi, I think you brought out something very important. You mentioned that a decade ago, it was a very difficult matzav in in Israel and I was living there during the time of bus bombings as well in the 90s. And, you know, we have to think about the fact of how difficult it is. And we have to commiserate and feel the pain of people who are going through the aftermath of the bombing here. That’s a very important concept. Rabbi Zaklos: Definitely. I have a good friend, together we were part of the Chabad tsunami relief in 2004 and he had an interesting thought which I think is very appropriate. In Ki Sisa, Moshe asks to see Hashem’s and Hashem says, no one can see me and then live. We can only see His back, so to speak. And one of the explanations to that is that we want to see the explanations and reasons for tragedy. And G-d says that that’s impossible. It’s beyond the individual to be able to see it and comprehend. But in aftermath of the disaster and the aftermath of all these difficult events, you can see godliness, you can see unity, you can see people getting together. The idea here is to be able to perpetuate the unity that remains after a tragedy like this. My friend’s name is Zalman Shneur, he is the one who said this, and I want to give him the credit for that. Michael Fragin: Rabbi Yosef Zaklos from Chabad of Boston, thank you for joining us, and really for all the good work that you’re doing there. Hopefully, everything will get back to normal in Boston and thank you for all that great work. Rabbi Zaklos: Thank you for all the support and shalom al Yisroel for all Yidden and for all inhabitants of the world. Michael Fragin: Amen, thank you very much. This is Spin Class, we’re talking politics and we will speak to you again next week.

Deb Hirschhorn, Ph.D.

TJH Staff

Are there times when you couldn’t help but think the worst of someone only to learn something that completely reversed your opinion?


n 1974, Dr. Murray Straus of the University of New Hampshire was interested in testing the prevalent theory of the time which indicated that “venting” works to let off emotional steam when someone is angry. Surveying over 300 college students about aggression in their homes, he found that as couples were more verbally aggressive, the amount of domestic violence increased. Surprised, he went ahead with the first national survey on this topic, interviewing 2,143 couples. Again, he got the astonishing conclusion that the higher the verbal aggression, the higher the physical aggression. Dr. Straus then thought that perhaps this was because when people argue, they don’t really listen and are not trying to reason. In such an atmosphere, it really is no surprise after all, that physical aggression increases: People are frustrated and their arguments get nowhere, so they escalate. He therefore wanted to explore the idea that people who try to reason and negotiate might reduce the physical violence. Nevertheless, in analyzing the data, he found the high reasoners “are the most violent couples in the sample.” The least violent people, it turned out, took a breather when they were upset and then went and calmed down. There is a reason why the Torah pleads with us for darchei shalom. That’s all very good, you might want to say, but how do you get there? How do you get to shalom when you and your beloved are in the middle of something far from it? The answer has several components. Attitude If you know you’re right and your spouse is wrong, just forget the whole thing; don’t try to discuss it or expect shalom because shalom cannot blossom in soil like that. An attitude that is open to hearing what your spouse didn’t like about your behavior, on the other hand, is a great starting point. You can see that the key here is the difference between being listened to and listening. We all want to be listened to, but, paradoxically, to get listened to, we’ve got to become listeners. And to become listeners, we’ve got to get it out of our heads that we are the one that is right and our partner is wrong. That’s arrogant, shortsighted, and doomed to cause the kind of fight that Straus was researching, the ones that get worse, not better.

What if you already are a willing listener but your spouse is not? Then what? That’s when the next component comes in. Setting Boundaries This one is difficult but necessary. No matter how nice you are and want to be, you need to be able to – nicely – say, “I can’t continue this” when your spouse wants to argue rather than pursue shalom. It takes a huge amount of strength to stop an argument that seems to be gaining momentum but it will be easier in the end than to deal with the aftermath of one that got out of hand. One way to handle this is to let your partner know, at a time when you are not having an awful discussion, that you really want darchei shalom and will ask him or her next time to stop engaging in something that is going awry. If it is said in an agreeable and pleasant way, you might even get consent that that is the way to go. This way, when something starts to go wrong and you say, “I can’t continue this; it’s turning into an argument,” your spouse just might agree. The two of you can then go cool off for a while. So perhaps the first person you must set clear boundaries with is yourself, no matter how much of a boundary violator you think your spouse is. Make a commitment to yourself that you will not “lose it” in anger or tears. Recognize that there is a problem and it can only be addressed from a place of inner calm. Take a time out before you lose it. Learning Dan L’ chaf Zchus This is a key attitude piece that is hardest to grasp for many people but will make the difference between achieving shalom or not. Even if you do believe you are right and the other person is wrong, make a real effort to figure out a positive reason for your spouse’s behavior or actions. This step applies to any relationship. Let me tell you a story that just happened to me two days ago. I had the pleasure to be interviewed on the radio a few months ago by a host in Washington, D. C. And it was during the afternoon drive, no less. What was really terrific was that we both seemed to enjoy the back-and-forth and she phoned me after the show, suggesting that perhaps I could be a monthly regular on her show. I was so excited! I was going away for Pesach but she just told me to contact her when I returned. I emailed her immediately when I got back – and I heard noth-

ing. I waited almost a week with no answer. Finally I emailed her again and gave her my cell number, praising her show, and hoped I would hear from her. Indeed I got an odd response: It was an email with just a phone number in it. Where was the warmth of our initial contact? Had she lost interest? Should I feel rejected? How would you feel if this happened to you? Being dan l’chaf zchus says to figure out positive explanations for this. Maybe she was super busy. Maybe my email got lost the first time. If you have a lot of trouble coming up with positive explanations, you can at least keep an open mind and go into the situation with curiosity. I immediately called her and here is what she said: “I can’t talk; I’m in too much pain. I was in a car accident.” Are there times when you couldn’t help but think the worst of someone only to learn something that completely reversed your opinion? I would love to hear your dan l’chaf zchus stories. Things to Do to Keep Your Conversation Peaceful In addition to the attitudes of not assuming you’re right, being a listener, and being dan l’chaf zchus as well as keeping boundaries, there are some other guidelines which will make conversations pleasant: Never, ever interrupt. Take some deep breaths when you feel yourself getting tense. Usually, when people are stressed, they speak rapidly and say too much. Do the opposite: Slow down and say less. Make positive comments to the person to whom you’re speaking. Find something to agree about – it will go a long way toward creating shalom. My father a”h used to say that the effort put out in a marriage is not 50/50; it’s 100/100. Each person must give 100%. It’s lots of work, but the results are worth it. Dr. Deb Hirschhorn has had over 35 years clinical experience. She has been in numerous publications, both professional and for the public, and has appeared on TV and has been featured on radio. She practices Marriage-Friendly Therapy. She has a local practice in Woodmere, N.Y. See her website,, or call her at 646-54-DRDEB.

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The Keys to Shalom Bayis

The Jewish Home n




The Jewish Home n

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Health & Fitness

David Elazar Simai, MD

Neonatal Jaundice and Nursing Your Baby


azal Tov! A young couple just had their first baby. Along with all the physical pain and the emotional joy, comes a new challenge – neonatal jaundice. (Neonate refers to an infant in the first 28 days after birth.) What is Jaundice? Jaundice is a term that describes patients that appear yellow due to an elevated blood level of bilirubin. In adults, jaundice could signal liver failure, gallstones, hemolytic diseases and rarely, pancreatic cancer. In the neonatal period, mild jaundice is considered “physiologic” – part of a normal pattern of life. But often, if the jaundice is not addressed, it could put the joyous atmosphere at home on hold for a few days. Why Jaundice is so Common in Neonates? 1. Normal breakdown of our red blood cells releases bilirubin into the blood stream. Red blood cells live for 120 days. On the last day, they break and release their content into the blood stream. Normally, the liver is able to change the bilirubin into a form that can be easily filtered via our kidneys out of the blood. Infants’ livers are very weak in the first five days and thus are unable to filter out enough bilirubin from their blood stream. Bilirubin is a yellow substance that gives babies their yellow complexion. 2. Maternal antibodies – If the

baby’s blood type is different than the mother’s, antibodies are formed by the mother’s blood against the baby’s red blood cells. These antibodies lyse more red blood cells and cause fur-

test is performed by many hospitals to detect these antibodies, known as “the Coombs test.” While this test may predict trouble, many babies with these antibodies do just fine if they are well fed.

Mothers who are prepared, have emotional support from a spouse, and are well rested and nourished have a very high success rate in nursing.

ther build-up of bilirubin. This is the reason that often babies born to blood type O mothers, tend to be more yellow than others. A common, routine

3. Dehydration – This is one of the most common stresses that exacerbate jaundice. The added stress of dehydration causes a quick surge of bilirubin. 4. Infection – As you may already know, babies have an extremely weak immune system. Any infection in the neonatal period can cause severe jaundice. 5. Breast Milk Jaundice – Mother’s milk increases the absorption of bilirubin from the gut back into the blood stream. Additionally, mother’s milk contains hormones and enzymes that slow down the liver’s ability to filter bilirubin. What Can You do to Prevent Jaundice in your New Baby? The answer is tricky, because mild jaundice is physiologic – it is a perfectly normal phenomenon. For precisely this reason, I try to re-assure and relax

post-partum mothers at every opportunity I have. Re-assurance is sometimes the cure for jaundice, especially for nursing mothers, and here is why: As I mentioned earlier, dehydration is a major cause of jaundice. A “Coombs positive” baby that is well fed in most cases will not reach dangerous levels of jaundice. But if you now take the same baby, and scare his mother in regards to his jaundice, the stressed mother that was until now struggling to deal with her physical pain of giving birth, hormonal changes, various family tensions, preparations for a Bris (and Shalom Zachor, Vach Nach or Brit Yitzchak) may very well have diminished milk supply for her baby. As I mention to young mothers again and again, the recipe to nurse successfully is rest a lot, eat well and most importantly, stay emotionally relaxed. Should You Supplement with Formula? Unlike some of my colleagues who routinely recommend supplementation, I reserve this option to situations when the baby is clearly not nursing well. Before I recommend supplementation, I review the baby’s chart and ask the mother questions to gain as much knowledge as I can as to whether the baby is losing too much weight or is at risk of hyperbilirubinemia (dangerous level of jaundice). Supplementation with formula is a simple idea and when is done properly, it should only benefit the infant and the mother. Supplementing works on a few ends: 1. It allows the baby to grow stronger - and counteracts the weakening effect of the jaundice. Infants that are “starved” quickly become more jaundice and are typically very tired. They do not have enough strength to latch well and stimulate the mother to produce more milk. When the jaundice reaches worrisome levels, these babies sleep through their expected feedings. 2. It allows the mother to rest thus helping her produce more milk. 3. When the jaundice is due to the mother’s milk (Breast Milk Jaundice) – supplementing with formula allows the liver to mature and filter the

bilirubin out of the system effectively.

What Else Can You do to Increase Your Chances of Nursing Well? As I mention to expecting mothers (based on numerous medical studies), educate yourself prior to giving birth. Organizations such as “La Leche” offer free help to expecting mothers. Most hospitals in the area have nursing courses for expecting mothers as well. Alternatively, you can read up on nursing, watch an informative video or ask for advice from a nursing sibling, relative or friend. A few kind mothers in my practice routinely assist and guide nursing mothers as well. For the most part, mothers who are prepared, have emotional support from a spouse and are well rested and nourished have a very high success rate in nursing. Your

The Husband’s Role in Nursing While all husbands want the best for their baby, in many cases over-involvement may lead to added, unnecessary stress for the mother and subsequently the baby. When fathers sometimes ask me what the mothers should do to nurse better, I routinely reply that the husbands can do a lot to help the baby as well. Serving the tired wife (who frequently was up for the better part of the night) breakfast in bed for a week or two, and making sure that someone arranges for the wife to eat a decent lunch and snack before you come from work will go very far. This will ensure that your wife will return to herself, and I can say under oath, it will catapult you, the husband, to new heights in your baby’s growth. Wishing you many peaceful days and restful nights, David Elazar Simai, M.D.

Dr. David Simai is a Board Certified Pediatrician from the Five Towns. He is a full time attending in his own private practice since 2007 in Cedarhurst, New York. In addition, he is an Attending Physician at LIJCohen Children’s Hospital, North-Shore Manhasset University Hospital and South Nassau Communities Hospital. He can be contacted for consultation at 516 374-2228 or via email at NOTE: name, gender, geographical area and other identifying information where deliberately altered in this article in order to protect the patient’s privacy. This article is not intended to help diagnose or treat any specific disease. Always consult your personal physician before diagnosing or treating yourself or your child for any of the above mentioned illnesses.

a p r i l 2 5 , 2013

Which Formula Should you Use? The choice of which formula to use is a whole different subject. For most babies, we suggest a milk-based formula. However, if you have a strong family history of milk allergies, please discuss your situation with your doctor.

How Long Should You Exclusively Nurse? Recently, there has been a debate whether nursing mothers should nurse exclusively for four or six months before adding solids. While nursing allows a chance to bond with your baby, offers protective antibodies and easy digestion, some babies will start depleting their iron and zinc stores between four and six months. For this reason, starting to feed iron rich foods is an important new recommendation by the American Academy of Pediatrics. (Many pediatricians, including myself, have been advocating for several years to delay the introduction of rice cereal and in its place, start with iron and zinc rich foods.)

91 The Jewish Home n

Nipple Confusion Many of you may have heard this term. The theory behind this is that babies that are introduced to bottles early on will refuse to latch onto their mothers. Based on my experience, I think that for the most part, if a baby starts off latching well, supplementing will not ruin the latch. Recently, a mother recalled to me at the hospital that she exclusively bottle fed her first two children for the first two weeks of their life and only then started nursing. But during these two weeks she stayed calm. With her third baby, she chose to supplement at nights in order to get some rest at the hospital. She is doing a great job nursing exclusively for over six months. Amazing, I thought, what happened to the theory of “nipple confusion”? I notice that many mothers that are worried about this confusion are nervous by nature, and that alone will reduce their chances of nursing well. So my advice is: if you have trust in your doctor, follow your doctor’s advice. Of course, when a baby is doing a fine job nursing and the mother is not overwhelmed by physical pain or emotional stress, there is clearly no need to supplement, there is no reason to “rock the boat.” But offering two or three bottles a day, after nursing to keep your baby going in the first few days, or just letting the baby drink a bottle at midnight in the nursery so you could get some rest and recover from your painful labor – is by all means not a problem, it’s a blessing.

OB/GYN and your pediatrician will be glad to offer more specific advice as well.

Don’t play the odds with your child’s future Keeping a child with learning disabilities in a mainstream class, when he or she needs the support of a professional special education program, greatly increases the risks of failure and isolation with the potential for at-risk behavior in the later grades. Since 1992, CAHAL has helped hundreds of children in the Five Towns, Far Rockaway, Queens and greater Nassau County overcome their learning disabilities. CAHAL has a proven success rate of helping children rejoin mainstream classes and reach their full potential, while avoiding the shame and stigma of being singled out. CAHAL’s success in the classroom adds up to a brighter future for our children! To discuss placement of a child with learning disabilities contact CAHAL today at 516-295-3666 or visit us online at WWW.CAHAL.ORG.

Bottom Line Marketing Group: 718.377.4567

The Jewish Home n

a p r i l 2 5 , 2013


93 The Jewish Home n a p r i l 2 5 , 2013

For Sale by Owner Huge 2 Family House In heart of Far Rockaway Completely renovated Large 4 bedroom apt. Over very spacious

3 bedroom apt.

Lots of children on block

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3,158 Sq. feet

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T h eT HJEe w sh p rAYi l 2245,, 2012 2013 J E iW I S HHoHmOeMnE naM

94 70

In the Kitchen Naomi Nachman


The Best Fish in the Sea

ver the last few years, I have been doing cooking demonstrations for Ossie’s Fish in Gourmet Glatt Emporium in Cedarhurst. I develop and test many recipes for different kinds of fish to educate the consumer on how delicious certain fish recipes can be. As Orthodox Jews, we tend to eat mostly salmon, carp or flounder. Our goal is to get people to try different kinds of fish – some of which many have us have never tried – and we provide delicious recipes for you to experiment with at home. My next free Ossie’s Fish demonstration will be on Tuesday, May 7th from noon to 3 pm at the fish counter inside of Gourmet Glatt in Cedarhurst. Please stop by for a recipe and a free tasting of some delicious brand-new recipes. Eating fish is so healthy, especially for children. My recipes are family-friendly. In fact, some of my testers are my own children as well as my neighbors’ kids. I did some research and found the following information on the Mayo Clinic website: “If you’re worried about heart disease, eating one to two servings of fish a week could reduce your risk of dying of a heart attack by a third or more. Doctors have long recognized that the unsaturated fats in fish, called omega-3 fatty acids, appear to reduce the risk of dying of heart disease. For many years, the American Heart Association has recommended that people eat fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids at least twice a week. But some people are still concerned about mercury or other contaminants in fish outweighing its heart-health benefits. However, when it comes to a healthier heart, the benefits of eating fish usually outweigh the possible risks of exposure to contaminants. Fish contain unsaturated fatty acids, which, when substituted for saturated fatty acids such as those in meat, may lower your cholesterol. But the main beneficial nutrient appears to be omega-3 fatty acids in fatty fish. Omega-3 fatty acids are a

type of unsaturated fatty acid that’s thought to reduce inflammation throughout the body. Inflammation in the body can damage your blood vessels and lead to heart disease. Omega-3 fatty acids may decrease triglycerides, lower blood pressure, reduce blood clotting, boost immunity and improve arthritis symptoms, and in children may improve learning ability. Eating one to two servings a week of fish, particularly fish that’s rich in omega-3 fatty acids, appears to reduce the risk of heart disease, particularly sudden cardiac death. Fatty fish, such as salmon, herring and to a lesser extent tuna, contain the most omega-3 fatty acids and therefore the most benefit. Most freshwater fish have less omega-3 fatty acids than do fatty saltwater fish. Some varieties of freshwater trout have relatively high levels of omega-3 fatty acids.” Below are some of my recipes that I have demonstrated for Ossie’s Fish over the last several years.

Miso Glazed Sea Bass Ingredients 1/3 cup sake 1/3 cup Mirin 1/3 cup light yellow miso ¼ cup toasted sesame oil 3 tablespoons packed brown sugar 2 tablespoons teriyaki sauce 4 6-ounce sea bass fillets (each about 3/4 inch thick) 2 tablespoons scallions for garnish 1 tablespoon black sesame for garnish Preparation Mix first six ingredients in shallow glass baking dish. Add fish and turn to coat. Cover and refrigerate at least 2 hours and up to 6 hours. Preheat broiler. Remove fish from marinade. With broiler door slightly open, broil fish 6 inches from heat source until just opaque in center, about 6 minutes. Garnish with scallions and sprinkle with sesame seeds.

Naomi Nachman, the owner of The Aussie Gourmet, caters weekly and Shabbat/ Yom Tov meals for families and individuals within The Five Towns and neighboring communities, with a specialty in Pesach catering. Naomi is a contributing editor to this paper and also produces and hosts her own weekly radio show on the Nachum Segal Network stream called “A Table for Two with Naomi Nachman.” Naomi gives cooking presentations for organizations and private groups throughout the New York/New Jersey Metropolitan area. In addition, Naomi has been a guest host on the QVC TV network and has been featured in cookbooks, magazines as well as other media covering topics related to cuisine preparation and personal chefs. To obtain additional recipes, join The Aussie Gourmet on Facebook or visit Naomi’s blog. Naomi can be reached through her website, or at (516) 295-9669.


I couldn’t do a fish series without my famous nut-crusted salmon recipe. Salmon is always a top pick for fish that is high in Omega 3. Ingredients 1/8 cup red horseradish 1/8 cup mayonnaise 1 cup shelled salted pistachios ½ cup brown sugar 2 tablespoon lemon juice 2 pounds salmon fillet (one whole side of a salmon)

— Presents — A BRAND NEW

Shalom bayis hotline beginning thursday, august 2nd and then every sunday, tuesday and thursday night phone lines open from 10-11pm all calls are anonymous


• Completely Anonymous • Desgined around your schedule • Use the service as a sounding board for even small issues you feel you may want to discuss further

• Discuss current Shalom Bayis issues • Get a referral to a local therapist to further discuss problems • Hear ideas how to make your current marriage better



Preparation Mix the horseradish and mayonnaise together in a small bowl. Place the salmon on a large baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Spread the mixture over the fish and set aside. In a food processor, crush the nuts until they are coarsely ground but not too fine. Add in the brown sugar and lemon juice and mix until it looks like wet sand. Pat nut mixture on top of salmon and bake for 25 minutes at 350°.

Sesa me Crusted Tuna This recipe is a family favorite. We prefer to eat this very rare, only searing it about 1-2 minutes per side. Ingredients 4 slices of tuna, ¾ inch thick ½ cup teriyaki sauce ½ cup white sesame seeds Preparation Pour the teriyaki sauce into a shallow bowl. Pour the white sesame seeds into another shallow bowl. Dip slices of tuna in teriyaki sauce then coat with sesame seeds Place tuna in hot oiled pan and sear on both sides. Once cooled, thinly slice tuna Optional: garnish with black sesame seeds and serve with a drizzle of teriyaki sauce.

Sunday/Tuesday/thursday 10-11pm

W iI sS h H H oO m M eE n MaAY T hH eE J eE w p r 2i l4 ,2 2012 5 , 2013

Nut Crusted Salmon with Crea my Chrain Sauce

95 71

The Jewish Home n

a p r i l 2 5 , 2013


Health & Fitness Devorah Gerber Schmeltz

Sensory Issues and Carpool Dear Devorah, I’m hoping you can help me. I have a seven-year-old son with sensory issues. Unfortunately, he is no longer receiving occupational therapy for various reasons. Right now, our biggest issue is getting him into carpool in the morning. He puts up an entire tantrum. I know it is wrong, but sometimes I give in and just drive him to school. Of course, doing so throws off the whole day including me getting to work rushed and stressed. Avi is a very sensitive child; it doesn’t take much to set him off. I’ve tried using behavior charts and prizes but they don’t seem to have a lasting effect. Do you have any suggestions to make our morning go smoothly? Rivka Dear Rivka, Mornings can be very hectic, dealing with a child with sensory needs can make you and your family dread mornings and feel that they are impossible to deal with. There is hope to make your and your son’s morning more manageable. You mention your son is very “sensitive.” My understanding is that he becomes disturbed by just a low level of stimulation. Children who are over-aroused process non-threatening stimuli as threatening, they may react by what therapists call a “fight or flight” reaction. (For clarity, imagine a person being confronted with a robber, some will fight the robber, others will take off and run; both are almost instinctive.) Without more details or observing him, I’m not sure if it is some or all his senses that may be over-aroused. I will list some with corresponding tips. Auditory. Carpools with many children can be noisy. In addition, the driver may have the radio on which can only add to the fuel of an overabundance of auditory stimulation. Tip: Provide your child with headphones in which he can listen to calm-

ing music or one of his favorite CDs. Tactile. With many children, coats and backpacks loaded in the van/car, your son may be inundated with too much touch.

Tip: Request if he can be seated towards the front of the van or in the aisle. Smell. The various scents of shampoos, detergents used on clothing and the odor of snacks that others may be munching on, may be repulsive or intolerable to your son. Tip: Provide your son with his favorite snack or flavored chewing gum to munch on during the ride, that way the smell of the snack/gum that is “safe” to him is what he will be primarily smelling. Another suggestion is to provide him with a travel activity to busy himself with and help distract him from the stimulation in his environment. Wishing you much hatzlacha! -Devorah Devorah (Gerber) Schmeltz, MS OTR/L is a 2003 alumnus of Downstate Medical Center’s OT Program. She is a senior occupational therapist at United Cerebral Palsy’s Brooklyn Children’s Program. Devorah maintains a private practice, Bumble & Tumble Occupational Therapy P.C., in Far Rockaway, NY providing pediatric occupational and physical therapy. Department of Education vouchers/RSAs are gladly accepted. Your questions and comments are welcome. She can be reached at BumbleTumble or 917-971-5327.


The Jewish Home n a p r i l 2 5 , 2013

The Jewish Home n

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Social Smarts Rifka Schonfeld


haya can’t memorize dates for her test, but she can create a beautiful painting. Dovid hates doing homework but he’s a whiz at playing piano. Hadassah freezes up when she has to write an essay, but her friendly manner earned her the title of Miss Popularity. All of these children are not academically gifted. But who’s to say which children are really intelligent, anyway? And how are we to know which “intelligence” helps our children achieve success in life? In his masterful work, Frames of Mind, Howard Gardner develops the concept of “Multiple Intelligences.” He urges us to redefine the way we’ve been thinking about intelligence until now and consider a totally new approach. “Try to forget,” he says, “that you have ever heard of the concept of intelligence as a single property of the human mind. In my view, if we are to encompass adequately the realm of human cognition, it is necessary to include a far wider and more universal set of competences than we have ordinarily considered.” In other words, he’s asking us to think out of the box. Professor Gardner’s definition of intelligence is “the ability to solve problems or to create products that are valued within one or more cultural settings.” If we value beautiful music, art, agility, or excellent social skills then those who excel in these “talents” are, in fact, quite intelligent. Gardner identified seven distinct areas of intelligence. They are visual/ spatial, verbal/linguistic, logical/mathematical, bodily/kinesthetic, musical/ rhythmic, interpersonal, and intrapersonal. Did I lose you somewhere along the way? While these may sound complex and confusing, they really aren’t. Let’s go through them one by one. Visual/Spatial Intelligence. Children with spatial intelligence are more artistic than most. From an early age, they draw well, doodle with markers, paint, or sculpt with clay. As they grow up, they are more inclined to read maps accurately, have a good sense of direction, enjoy building models or creating things, and they use colors in unusual ways. As adults they will make excellent architects, artists, draftsmen, and of course, graphic artists. Verbal/Linguistic Intelligence. These children love language. They like to read or write stories and poems. They are early readers, avid talkers and sto-

The Intelligence Within You rytellers. They like word games, speak persuasively, and spell accurately. When they grow up, they can become talented writers, storytellers, and public speakers. Logical/Mathematical Intelligence. These are the good problem solvers. They are logical and think clearly. They have an aptitude for abstract thought and deductive reasoning. They enjoy math and can do their math homework quickly. They love challenging games of strategy like chess, checkers, and the Rubik’s Cube. Of course, they are also quite computer savvy. This intelligence is useful for scientists, accountants, bankers, and computer programmers. Musical Intelligence. We’ve all met children (and adults, of course) who are musically inclined. They enjoy listening to music, singing, dancing, or playing an instrument. They remember melodies and have a good sense of rhythm. They are sensitive to sound and know when notes are off key. These children will grow up to be talented musicians, vocalists, composers, and music teachers. Bodily/Kinesthetic Intelligence. Some children are just more physically agile than others. They enjoy sports and physical activities, like working with their hands, mimic others well, handle tools skillfully, are good at crafts and at manipulating objects. There are many varied career opportunities available to those who belong to this group. They can become excellent athletes, dancers, surgeons, craftsmen, and construction workers. Interpersonal Intelligence. I call these social skills. These children are gifted in an interesting way. They are able to understand others, to work well with others, to communicate well with others, and are socially savvy. They have excellent leadership skills and are sensi-

tive to the moods and temperaments of those around them. Typically, they have many friends. This type of intelligence is perfect for politicians, social workers, counselors, salespeople, and of course, teachers and parents. Intrapersonal Intelligence. These individuals are totally in tune with themselves. They understand their own strengths and weaknesses. They are selfconfident and selfmotivated. They are totally aware of their own feelings. They know where they come from and they know where they’re headed. These children often grow up to be philosophers, poets, and religious leaders. It’s easy to see why Gardner’s theory has become so popular among educators. After decades of judging children’s intelligence strictly by their test marks or their IQ “intelligence quotient,” we are changing our perception of who’s really smart. This revolutionary concept is doing wonders for all those struggling students who are finally getting recognized for their personal strengths and talents. How does a parent help a child develop his particular strengths? First, you have to be a detective. Watch your child closely and see in which areas he or she shines. This is not as difficult as it seems. Most children enjoy doing what they’re good at so consider how they spend their free time. Is he strumming the guitar? Is she sitting in a corner and reading? Does he love playing logic games? Is she a whiz at Scrabble? Does he always get chosen first at basketball? Is she the school’s favorite candidate for GO President? Children have varied interests, and most will not stick with a hobby or activity unless they truly enjoy it. Your mission is to see what they like to do, what motivates them, excites them, and brings them a sense of serenity and joy.

Now that you know where your child shines, encourage him to grow and develop that form of intelligence. Whether it’s a visit to a museum, a game of catch with Tatty, a book of brainteasers, frequent visits to the library or a computer program, do your best to ensure that his intelligence in that area is allowed to blossom. Be careful to encourage, but not to pressure your child. Do not force him. If he’s not ready or unwilling to cooperate, it could be that he’s feeling intimidated or is just not ready yet. Forcing him may be counterproductive. Be patient. If the intelligence is there, he will eventually discover it and nurture it all by himself. Hakodosh Boruch Hu knows what He’s doing and has bestowed an assortment of different intelligences to different individuals for a reason. Our job is to encourage our children and praise them even if their gifts are not necessarily the ones we value most. The theory of Multiple Intelligences appeals to me because it evens the playing field. Never again will there be the “smart” kids vs. the “dumb” kids. Who’s to say who’s smarter when the class genius is a total klutz on the baseball field? How do we know who will be the successful parent and adult – the child who got all A’s or the one who listened sympathetically to her friends whenever they had problems to solve? I invite parents to consult with me if they have questions about this fascinating theory or if they feel that they can’t quite pinpoint their own kids’ hidden strengths. There are a variety of ways to bring these out. May we all see tremendous nachas from our children, no matter which of the many intelligences they are fortunate to have! An acclaimed educator and education consultant, Mrs. Rifka Schonfeld has served the Jewish community for close to thirty years. She founded and directs the widely acclaimed educational program, SOS, servicing all grade levels in secular as well as Hebrew studies. A kriah and reading specialist, she has given dynamic workshops and has set up reading labs in many schools. In addition, she offers evaluations G.E.D. preparation, social skills training and shidduch coaching, focusing on building self-esteem and selfawareness. She can be reached at 718-3825437 or at You can view her website at rifkaschonfeldsos. com.

99 By Sol Z. Sokol, Esq

School Sports Injuries Is the School Responsible?

The Attorney Responds: Addressing your middle question first, your gut feeling that the school is not responsible for your son’s injury seems to be accurate. If your son was reasonably “aware of the risks; had an appreciation of the nature of the risks; and voluntarily assumed the risks” associated with participation in the game,1 the law provides that he is responsible for his own injury. The recognition of these risks is known as the “primary assumption of the risk” doctrine, which is generally unique to sports. A person who chooses to engage in such activities “consents to those commonly appreciated risks which are inherent in and arise out of the nature of the sport generally and flow from such participation.” 2 It is significant that the highest court in the State of New York, the Court of Appeals, addressed this issue in a case that is very similar to yours. In the case of Benitez v. NYC Board of Ed.,3 a student broke his neck in a football game after the athletic league placed the school in a more competitive division despite protests and the coach’s request to the principal to prevent it. For reasons similar to my explanation above, in part, the Court dismissed the case, holding that the school and Board of Education could not be found responsible when the student’s involvement was a “primary assumption of the risk” in playing the sport. Similar results were found in other

cases addressed by the Court of Appeals. The Court dismissed claims by those who suffered injuries while playing college baseball,4 pickup basketball,5  horse racing,6 speedskating,7 and golf.8 But please do not despair; kindly accept the cases which I cited above as a likely dose of reality, which is too often absent when other lawyers lead an innocently injured person to believe that a pot of gold exists at the end of their lawsuit, when it is too often not the case. That being stated, you can be relieved, perhaps, to learn about a recent case, Custodi v Town of Amherst,9 in which the Court of Appeals found in favor of the plaintiff and did not dismiss the case. Under those particular set of facts, the plaintiff was roller blading and was injured when she fell as the result of her wheels getting caught on a drain. The Court of Appeals declined to dismiss the case, holding that the “primary assumption of the risk” doctrine did not apply to the particular set of facts. In sum, it is clear that every situation has its own nuances and that every set of facts must be evaluated on a caseby-case basis. At this point, it seems that you could bring a lawsuit, but the case may very well get dismissed, rendering it worthless. If your case happens to be more similar to the recent case of Custodi v Town of Amherst, certainly that would add value to your case. Nevertheless, with regard to the basis of the Court of Appeals’ finding in favor of the plaintiff in Custodi v Town of Amherst, it is currently being debated in the legal community. When you speak to your lawyer, make sure that he or she is current on these issues, which is the obligation of every proficient, experienced and knowledgeable personal injury lawyer. Sol Z. Sokel, Esq. (a/k/a Shlomo) is associated with the AV rated law firm, Kelly, Rode

& Kelly LLP based out of Mineola & Riverhead and lives in Cedarhurst with his wife and their five children. He can be reached at and (516)739-0400. CNG Networking Group is an Orthodox Jewish networking group which meets in Queens and Long Island. The attorney subgroup of CNG has 8 members with various specialties: Trusts & Estates, Real Estate, Matrimonial, Criminal, Personal Injury, Tr a d e m a r k s / Copyright, Tax, Non-profits, Litigation. We welcome questions from readers on a wide range of legal matters. Please submit your legal questions

to While we do not provide specific legal advice, we hope to present readers with a greater understanding of the issues presented and potential means of resolving difficulties. No column is a substitute for competent legal advice. Please consult with the attorney of your choice concerning specific legal questions you may have.

(Endnotes) 1 Morgan v. State, 90 N.Y.2d 471. 2 Id. 3 73 N.Y.2d 650 4 Bukowski v. Clarkson Un, 19 NY3d at 358 5 Sykes v. County of Erie, 94 NY2d 912 6 Turcotte v. Fell, 68 NY2d at 437 7 Ziegelmeyer v. U.S. Olympic, 7 NY3d 893 8 Anand v Kapoor, 15 NY3d 946. 9 20 N.Y.3d 83.


• • • •

• • •

Cindy Becker

Physical Therapist Certified Hand Therapist


Fractures/Dislocations Of The Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist, And Hand Wounds/Lacerations Including Tendon And Nerve Injuries, Amputations And Burns Carpal Tunnel Syndrome/Carpal Tunnel Release Repetitive Strain Injuries Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Ligamentous Injuries Including Sprains, Tears And Reconstructions Tendinitis/Tenosynovitis Including Trigger Fingers, De Quervains, Golf And Tennis Elbow Ganglion Cysts Arthritis/Joint Replacements Athletic Injuries/Performing Arts Injuries Shoulder Impingement, Replacements And Rotator Cuff Repairs

• 833 Central Ave Far Rockaway, New York 11691

We accept Medicare and most major insurance plans.

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My son is a great athlete. When he entered the 10th grade this past year, despite being young, he was asked to play on his high school’s varsity basketball team. I was against it since he was not as big as the regular players and it was dangerous. I mentioned this to the coach and principal. Nevertheless, my son really wanted to play and the school did not discourage it. Considering all the peer pressure, my son could not decline the invitation to play either, and so I let him join the team. Then, during the second game, he broke his arm and his season was basically over. Can I sue the school? Can the school be responsible if I let him join the team? How much is the case worth?

The Jewish Home n

Ask the Attorney


The Jewish Home n

a p r i l 2 5 , 2013

Forgotten Heroes

Avi Heiligman

Uzi Narkiss

Uniting the Kosel with Her People


he history of Israel and their land the State of Israel was established, acquisitions are based on the many Palmach members were immebattles that they fought for their diately placed in command positions survival. The holiest site, the Kosel in an army that badly needed experiand the entire city enced soldiers. of Yerushalayim, The country was were under Arab being attacked rule in two of from all sides and these wars. The Narkiss was ascommander of signed as a batthe Israelis in talion commander the 1948 War of in the south. Then Independence had orders came to the opportunity break through the to correct the siege in Yerushamistakes nineteen layim. He was a years later during deputy battalion the Six Day War. commander under For Uzi Narkiss, Yitzchak Rabin. the recapture of Narkiss headthe Kosel wasn’t ed the operation just a national or to liberate key a religious duty, positions at Katit was a personal amon before the one as well. state was actually General Uzi Narkiss Uzi Narkiss formed in April was born to Polish 1948. His military parents in 1925 in Yerushalayim under leadership already established, he was the British mandate. His first memory appointed as commander of the Israeli was going into hiding during the Arab forces sent to liberate the Old City. riots in 1929. In 1941, he enlisted in The unit succeeded in blowing a hole the Palmach—the commando service in the Zion’s Gate and linking up with of the Haganah—and fought with the besieged defenders but were unthem against the mandate. He first able to force the Arabs out of the city. saw action in 1946 when the Palmach They badly needed reinforcements but demolished bridges over the Jordan so did the rest of the Israeli units at the front and so Narkiss was forced to pull River that were being used by Arabs. When the British left in 1948 and his hard-pressed unit out of the city

which subsequently came under Jordanian control. By the time the war ended, Narkiss was a battalion commander in the Negev division. He went to study in France at its military academy and was appointed as Israel’s military attaché to France. Returning to Israel in 1965, he established the National Security

politics got in the way and the command was getting frustrated by each passing hour that they couldn’t regain the land that they lost nineteen years earlier. The UN, which conveniently came to Israel’s “aid” just when they had turned the tide and were winning the war, had brokered a ceasefire between the two sides. Time was running out if they were to capture the Old City. Finally, on June 7, Minister of Defense Moshe Dayan gave the green light to Narkiss to recapture the Old City and the Kosel. Within hours, Israeli troops had entered the city and were on the way to reunifying the holiest place in Judaism with the rest At IDF field headquarters in 1968, Chief of Staff Haim Bar-Lev, of the Jewish country. The Prime Minister Levi Eshkol and General Uzi Narkiss capture of the Kosel, one of the most electrifying College and had a high position in the moments of Israel’s existence, was rearmy when the Six Day War broke out corded on Israeli radio by Mordechai in 1967. Twersky. The following is a translaIn the wars that Israel fought from tion of that historic moment. 1948 to 1973, her main enemies were What you are now about to hear Egypt to the south and Syria (and is perhaps one of the most riveting sometimes Lebanon) to the north. To recordings in the modern-day history of Israel. I refer to the east, the Jordathe dramatic sounds nians only posed a of Israeli Defense minor threat and Israel only kept miniForces entering and mal troops in the liberating Jerusacentral command lem’s Old City and area. In 1967, Uzi the Western Wall Narkiss was given on June 7th, 1967. this command and You hear the sounds had only had conof gunfire. You hear trol over seven the footsteps of Isbrigades that were raeli soldiers, as to protect the area they draw closer from any Jordanian and closer and threat. At first, they as General Uzi were told by high Narkiss instructs command to only them and asks to occupy parts of be shown where Yerushalayim and the Western Wall The iconic picture of Narkiss (L), Dayan (C) and Rabin not enter the Old stands. We hear a City under any cirtriumphant Brigacumstances. The brigades then fought dier General Shlomo Goren, later to a pitched battle at Ammunition Hill— become the Chief Rabbi of Israel, as a key point that would be critical for he recites the memorial prayer and any attack on the Old City. However, sound the shofar, as Israeli soldiers

the stone walls. They’re still shooting at us. The Israeli tanks are at the entrance to the Old City, and ahead we go, through the Lion’s Gate. I’m with the first unit to break through into the Old City. There is a Jordanian bus next to me, totally burnt; it is very hot here. We’re about to enter the Old City itself. We’re standing below the Lion’s Gate, the Gate is about

An iconic photo was taken of Narkiss going through the Lion’s Gate with Rabin and Dayan. It was a happy yet somber day for them all especially Narkiss who had childhood memories of going to the Kosel with his parents. Now they were finally able to daven at Judaism’s last remnant of the Bais Hamakidash after nineteen long years under Arab control. He later said of that moment, “The Wall was before us. I trembled. There it was as I had known it—immense, mighty, in all its splendor...overcome, I bowed my head in silence.” After the war, Uzi Narkiss retired from the army and was instrumental in dedicating the memorial at Ammunition Hill. He died in 1997 at the age of 72 after holding key positions in the Jewish Agency and the World Zionist Organizations. For Uzi, the leading of the IDF troops to capture the Old City and the Kosel was the high watermark of his career and life that was dedicated to his country and people.

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All forces,  stop firing! This is the David Operations Room. All  forces, stop firing! I repeat, all forces, stop firing! Over. Uzi Narkiss:  Motta, there isn’t anybody like you. You’re next to the Mosque of Omar. Yossi Ronen:  I’m driving fast through the Lion’s Gate all the way inside the Old City. Command on the army wireless: Comb the area, discover the source of the firing. Protect every building, in every way. Do not touch anything, especially in the holy places. [Lt.- Col. Uzi Eilam  blows the Shofar.  Soldiers are singing “Yerushalayim Shel Zehav.”] Uzi Narkiss: Tell me, where is the Western Wall? How do we get IDF Chief Rabbi Shlomo Goren with Major General there? Uzi Narkiss (left) on June 7, 1967 Yossi Ronen:  I’m walking to come crashing down, probably be- right now down the steps towards the cause of the previous shelling. Sol- Western Wall. I’m not a religious man, diers are taking cover next to the palm I never have been, but this is the Westtrees; I’m also staying close to one of ern Wall and I’m touching the stones the trees. We’re getting further and of the Western Wall. further into the City. Soldiers: [reciting the “ShehechiaColonel Motta Gur announces nu” blessing] on the army wireless:  The  TemRabbi Shlomo Goren:  Baple  Mount  is in our hands! I re- ruch ata Hashem, menachem tsion upeat,  the  Temple  Mount  is in our voneh Yerushalayim.  hands! Soldiers: Amen!

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weep with sorrow over their comrades killed in combat. Colonel Motta Gur [on loudspeaker]: All company commanders, we’re sitting right now on the ridge and we’re seeing the Old City. Shortly we’re going to go in to the Old City of Jerusalem, that all generations have dreamed about. We will be the first to enter the Old City. Eitan’s tanks will advance on the left and will enter the Lion’s Gate. The final rendezvous will be on the open square above. [Sound of applause by the soldiers.] Yossi Ronen: We are now walking on one of the main streets of Jerusalem towards the Old City. The head of the force is about to enter the Old City. Yossi Ronen: There is still shooting from all directions; we’re advancing towards the entrance of the Old City. The soldiers are keeping a distance of approximately 5 meters between them. It’s still dangerous to walk around here; there is still sniper shooting here and there. We’re all told to stop; we’re advancing towards the mountainside; on our left is the Mount of Olives; we’re now in the Old City opposite the Russian church. I’m right now lowering my head; we’re running next to the mountainside. We can see


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Lola's Story

Lola Lieber Schwartz

A World After This

A Memoir of Loss and Redemption Lola Lieber Schwartz is a world-renowned artist whose paintings have been exhibited in art galleries throughout the United States and are part of the Yad Vashem archives in Jerusalem. Most importantly, Lola is a mother, grandmother and great-grandmother to many. She has myriad friends and sees life in all its vibrancy and vitality. But life was not always easy. Lola was only sixteen-yearsold when Hitler ym”sh invaded Poland, and Lola was forced into hiding and spent years on the run with her husband, Mechel. Through six years of trying times, near

Chapter 12: A Modern-day Queen Esther A day or so after experiencing such horror and loss, I was standing outside of our shack and looked up to see my father walking toward me. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Tattiko and Mammiko had heard the rumors of the Aktion in the ghetto and made their way as quickly as they could to Bochnia, bringing with them Moishe and Rosie and Rosie’s parents. Words cannot convey the immense relief and gratitude I felt to be reunited with part of my family. It was Sunday and we had started to move around outdoors – but with extreme trepidation. Except for the joy of being with my own family, however, we continued to feel depressed and filled with anxiety. There were ominous warning signs of worse to come – new posters were pasted up everywhere. Everyone had to report to the Judenrat building on Monday. The reason was clear. The Nazis wanted to know how many of us had survived. We did exactly as instructed – everyone did. It was far too risky to disobey such orders. When we arrived at the building that housed the Judenrat, an official told us 

it had been decreed that Bochnia would become a labor camp. A high-ranking Gestapo officer by the name of Schomburg had arrived to supervise the census and to issue identification cards. We were still unregistered, a fact that so far had kept us from being taken to the labor camps or the day slave labor jobs. We had somehow gotten by with bartering our Judenrat rations. Whatever few possessions we still owned had already been used for this purpose. Our life now consistedwholly of the struggle to find something to eat and the continu-

starvation and brutality, Lola and her husband held onto their faith and values. It was Mechel’s words of encouragement, “There will be a world after this,” that helped them cling to the hope that there will be a life of light and joy waiting for them at the end. This is the story of Lola’s life—from her grandparents’ “enchanted garden” to meeting Eichmann ym”sh to making the Pesach seder for the Bobover Rebbe during the war—her words will take you back to a different world. and defeated as we were. “It is starting all over again,” one weary woman said to me. I thought she was ancient. I realize now she was probably only in her forties. Another woman said, “This is what they do. Today they will register only the ones they want to keep. They will take the rest of us away.” She paused for a few seconds, and then said, “But you might as well know now that sooner rather than later they come back for everyone, whether you are registered or not. It is only a matter of time. This is a

The Bobover Rebbe said to me, “The Ribbono Shel Olam has chosen you to be a modern-day Queen Esther.”

ing battle of wits with the authorities to avoid being picked up for labor or killed. We lined up in front of a tiny window at the Judenrat. We noticed that the other ghetto residents who had survived the August Aktion seemed as depressed



  

waiting game and they are the winners.” Everyone in my family heard what the woman said. We were shaken by the specter of what would happen to us. I was the first in the line for our family. I approached the window, which was little more than a slot. Looking through it I saw two Gestapo officers sitting inside. The older man was seated in the rear and the younger was attending to the window. He asked me for my name and place of birth. I stated my full legal name and my date of birth. “I was born in Munkach, Czechoslovakia.” The word Munkach came out louder than I had intended. I guess it was a memory I unconsciously needed to cling to in that moment. The older Gestapo agent came forward and asked me to state again my place of birth, and I did. I watched him coming toward the window and I realized he must be Schomburg. He stared at me for a moment. He did not frighten me. He said to his deputy, “That girl does not get a

Kennkarte.” Still looking at me, he ordered two Jewish policemen to come over to the window. He said to them, “Bring this young girl to me tomorrow at 9:00 a.m.” I quickly stepped out of line. Mechel and the rest of my family had the wisdom to do the same. We moved swiftly out of the building in the hope that they did not apprehend the others. We went back to our quarters. Mechel and I were as agitated as we had been before the Aktion. Tattiko and Mammiko kept asking each other, “What does he want with her?” Mechel looked knowingly at them each time they asked the question. It was well known what high-ranking Nazi officers did with young and pretty Jewish girls and women. I did not let the family know that I too knew exactly what this meant. I assumed that the worst would be demanded of me. And I had already made up my mind that I would rather die than submit to a Nazi officer’s demands. Nobody slept that night. Before 9 a.m. two Jewish policemen picked me up to deliver me to Schomburg’s temporary place of residence outside the ghetto. Mechel was told to stay behind. We all assumed that this meant that they were aware of how the situation would shape up – I would be “requested” to become a friend or companion to this high-ranking Nazi. What other reason was there for him to want to see me? Father ran after me and, putting his hands on my shoulders, whispered to me something that froze my blood, even though in my mind I was already prepared: “Remember Leiku, Kiddush Hashem! – It is better to die for the sake of Hashem than to allow the Nazis to molest you.” Tattiko was crying. Mammiko was crying. Mechel was paralyzed by his inability to protect me. Although Mechel knew I would never give in or surrender, he surmised what they were likely to do to me when I refused to cooperate.

Auslaenders, aliens. They are, by law, exempt from the laws we have enacted here in Poland. They are not under any of the restrictions, including the ghetto and all the rest.” “All the rest” was the Aktionen and the murders and the bunkers and the filth and the squalor of the ghetto. It was the constant fear of death and torture and loss upon loss. I had been declared a Jewish foreigner out of the control of the treacherous arms of the Reich. I was overcome with gratitude and I kept saying thank you in German, “Danke schoen, danke schoen, danke schoen.” I got up and I kissed his hand. I staggered to the door and the policemen helped me out. As we were leaving he reminded them, “Bring this young woman’s relatives to the Judenrat tomorrow morning at 9 a.m.” The Jewish policemen and I approached the gate of the ghetto and saw people clustered around it awaiting my return. Mechel and my family reached my side first and we embraced and wept. Many had been praying and hoping for my safe return. One of the policemen made a statement to the crowd, which had grown rather sizable. He explained that I had not been harmed, that because of my birth, I was a Jewish foreigner and entitled to official cer-

I had already made up my mind that I would rather die than submit to a Nazi officer’s demands. am not alone. I am married. I can’t be free unless my husband can join me.” “You are married? How old are you?” I made myself older. “I am twenty,” I said. It was a fairly dumb lie because my age was on my birth certificate, but I was by now sure that he intended me no harm. “Where is your husband now?” “He is at home in the ghetto with the rest of our family. We are all from Munkach.” What a total lie that was! Mammiko and I were the only ones from Munkach, although Frieda was born in Slovakia and Mechel was officially of Czech birth. I dared not think of the repercussions if he found out the whole truth about everyone. I didn’t know what we were going to do, but he said that we should all come back and get our papers and then we would all be free to leave the ghetto. His deputy was confused, so Schomburg explained it to him. “Czechoslovakia is not under the control of the Reich. All Czech citizens in Poland are

tification as such. The Bobover Rebbe walked home with us. He stayed at my side and said to me, “The Ribboino shel Oilam [Ruler of the World] has chosen you to be a modern-day Queen Esther. Mechel told him my Hebrew name was Esther. It would turn out to be more prophetic than Mammiko and Tattiko could have known when I was born. I didn’t understand the reason for such joy on the Bobover Rebbe’s face. I was not Esther. She had saved her entire nation. If we were lucky the next day, I would save my immediate family. However, later in the day, the Rebbe came back with his brother-in-law, who was the Limanover Rebbe. Again, they said, “You have been selected by Hashem to become a modernday Queen Esther.” I told them I appreciated their compliment but I was hardly on the level of Queen Esther. They explained why I was wrong. The Bobover Rebbe did most of the talking. One of his Chassidim was a young man who could carve letters into small rubber balls and make rubber stamps to use on inkpads to make false papers. With my new status,

we would have a model to use to make counterfeit documents that the Nazis would believe were authentic. Without my knowing it, my conversation with Schomburg had opened the doors to liberation for many others. We worked that night for hours. Together we produced thirteen false documents in one night. We only had two legitimate documents to copy – Mammiko’s and mine. Mammiko’s papers were truly Hungarian, and mine were Czech. Both Mammiko and I were multilingual so we inserted officialsounding phrases here and there on the other fake birth certificates. Mammiko was very clever at wrinkling them and pouring a little tea here and there to stain the papers so they looked old. We worked on through the night in the cellar with no concern about rest or sleep or food. As a highranking Judenrat official, the Bobover Rebbe had the use of a typewriter and a large supply of goodquality paper. We made Hungarian birth certificates for the older people including my father. We made Czech ones for younger people. We also forged documents for members of the Bobover Rebbe’s family. This is what the Rebbe had meant when he said I was a modern-day Queen Esther. I was helping to save part of the Bobover dynasty and others. I was humbled by the experience of the forged papers. From the hopelessness of the cemetery a few days before I had progressed to the miracle of my encounter with a Nazi officer named Schomburg. Mammiko was the final judge of what passed muster and what did not. Some of the papers looked pretty terrible, but Mammiko had an eye for this. She added little stains or smudges, and put extra fake stamps from the collection of rubber balls. She was a terrific forger. It was hardly a joyful time, but at last we felt we were gaining some control of our destiny. And so, yes, in a small way, we took some joy in what we were doing. Maybe these Nazis were not as smart as they thought they were. Mammiko did not have to go to the Gestapo office the next day because she had her papers and now we knew that was all she needed. Everyone else went with their totally false and freshly produced Czech and Hungarian identity papers and gave them to the Gestapo agent in charge. They passed without comment or even a close inspection. Continued next week Lola wrote this book with the help of Alida Brill. A World After This was published in 2010 by Devora Publishing.


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His eyes suggested that he might actually be a decent man, although that sounds strange. Was he a righteous gentile? It is a claim I can’t substantiate, but he was very gentle with me and I could see his intentions were honorable. Schomberg came a bit closer to me, and he tore the Star of David off my clothing and threw it away in disgust. “You are a very lucky young lady,” he said to my confusion. He asked his deputy to approach. “She should have an Auslaender (foreigner’s) certificate.” I wasn’t sure exactly what that entailed, but I knew it signified that I was a foreigner, not a Pole, and that could only be good. “This young woman need not wear identification as a Jew. She may move around and travel as she chooses from town to town. She does not need to live inside the ghetto.” He turned, “You are free, and you may leave this place with your new Auslaender papers.” Free? I was free to travel around Poland and I could leave the ghetto? What about my husband, my parents, my brothers, my sister-in-law Frieda? To leave them behind was not something I would do. His generosity and the accident of my birth would be worthless unless I was brave enough to take the next step. Before I lost all courage, I said, “I

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Mechel knew my strength of character and unshakable moral code from that dreadful night at Sommerglick’s house in Krakow. Mechel also knew how I had kicked the Nazi soldier when they invaded our family’s apartment. He feared that I would not come back at all if Schomburg wanted the usual favors from me. He was distraught he could do nothing to help me. Mechel and I could not force our eyes to meet. I asked the Jewish policemen if they would stay with me. They said they would, if permitted, and would do anything to help me that was in their power. But they had no power over such things and I could see they were also distressed. As we set out, the people of the ghetto came over and wished me well. They were praying for me. Word spread overnight that I had been summoned to Schomburg’s residence. He was occupying a confiscated house. We knocked on the door and the young Gestapo man from the day before escorted us inside. Schomburg appeared in the parlor. In elegant and refined German he asked me to sit down. His voice was gentle and soothing. This made me even more suspicious. I looked directly at him and saw he had a paternal expression on his face. He did not look at all like a predator. “Tell me, were you really born in Czechoslovakia?” I said yes, and I mentioned Munkach again. He asked if I spoke Hungarian… I nodded…and Czech…I nodded. He kept looking at my yellow armband with the Star of David. I spoke to him in Hungarian and then in Czech. He complimented my language skills and also said that I spoke a particularly fine German. Mammiko had been right, after all, about learning German. For all the wrong reasons, my ease with his language was paying off for me. I knew it was the language of Goethe and Schiller, but German had also become the language of these killers. Schomburg knew many things about Hungary and Hungarian customs. Because of Mammiko’s background I was fortunate in my knowledge of Hungarian. He was well acquainted with the Hungary of Mammiko’s youth and not the Czechoslovakia of my childhood. It didn’t matter. He asked if I liked Hungarian goulash, and certain Hungarian pastries. I knew all of these things, of course, and we chatted about them. He was completely at ease with me and I began to relax, although I never took my eyes off the swastikas on his uniform. He was acting in a kind and fatherly manner toward me but still, he was my mortal enemy. He asked me if I knew a certain Hungarian song and I did. He pointed to the Star of David with contempt. “You should not wear this.”

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Achiezer and Hatzalah present a free community-wide training series.

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Learn CPR


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Leisure & Travel

From Sea to Shining Sea: Nebraska


nce called “The Great American Desert,” Nebraska currently has more miles of river than any other state. It has more underground water reserves than any other state in the U.S. and the Lied Jungle in Omaha is the world’s largest indoor rainforest. So the state is far from dry. Many visitors pass through Nebraska every year. Perhaps they are going to check out one of the richest men in America, Mr. Buffett, or perhaps they are looking for a really good sandwich (the Reuben sandwich was invented here). In any case, visitors have been coming to Nebraska for many years. In fact, Nebraska’s Chimney rock was the most often mentioned landmark in journal entries by travelers on the Oregon Trail. Before visiting, make sure to check the weather reports. Nebraska is in Tornado Alley—thunderstorms and tornadoes primarily occur in the spring and summer months, although they have occurred in the autumn as well. So, grab your raincoat and family and head out to Nebraska, the state with so much to enjoy! Things You Won’t Want to Miss Oh, My Omaha! Nebraska’s largest city is home to America’s most beloved billionaire, Warren Buffett. Don’t expect to spend time with the fourth richest man in the world. He’s pretty busy, and d the “Oracle of Omaha” may not have time to share his cheeseburger and Cherry Coke with visitors. But Omaha is also home to other wonderful attractions. The Heartland of America Park and Fountain features a 300-foot fountain and colored light show in the warmer months. Children will delight in the lights and enjoy the park

nearby. Perhaps you’d be interested in spending time on the Missouri River. The River City Star Riverboat offers a wide variety of cruises. Or you can enjoy the Missouri River like a true Italian—in a gondola! Pioneers of the West When the Homestead Act was declared, more than 270 million acres of land were turned over to individuals. Those hardworking men and women built up America’s heartland. The Homestead National Monument of America celebrates the accomplishments and lives of those who built up the American frontier. Museum exhibits, hiking trails, historic structures and videos about the good men and women of America bring that era back to life. Trains All Around If you’re traveling with children, I am sure that some of those kiddies are Thomas the Tank Engine-lovers. Well, they don’t have to be without their beloved locomotives for long. Spend some time at the Golden Spike Tower, where you can take in all the sights of Bailey Yard, the world’s largest rail classification yard. More than 150 trains and 10,000 railcars pass through here daily. In the autumn, there’s a corn maze to enjoy as well. So take out your conductor’s cap and shout, “All aboard!”

Happy Jack Peak and Chalk Mine You’ll make your family happy when you explore the only chalk mine in America that is open to the public. More than 6,000 feet of honeycombed caverns are available to explore. But don’t just spend your day underground. Take your time to hike and picnic around the mines and enjoy a breathtaking view of North Loup Valley. Go Back in Time Although there’s not much to see here now, if you’re planning on visiting Nebraska in 2025, there’ll be something really big to check out. On July 4, 1975, Harold Davisson, a Seward writer and historian, filled a 45-ton, 20 x 8 x 6-foot concrete vault with 5,000 relics, remembrances and reminders. In 2025, the town of Seward will be opening up the world’s largest time capsule. How many pairs of bellbottom pants do you think he was able to cram inside? Swinging in the Breeze Sometimes you wish you can fit more people on your front porch bench so that you can all enjoy the warm summer evening together. In Hebron, Nebraska, they took care of that problem by building the world’s largest porch swing. There’s room for at least 18 adults or 24 children—so invite all the neighbors you want!

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Room for Design Naftali Landau

Custom Bookcases I am currently looking to build a custom bookcase in my living room. What are some important aspects of the project that I should keep in mind when designing a custom bookcase? C.E. When designing your custom bookcase, you want to be sure that your project will meet both your functional needs as well as your stylistic requirements. That requires you to determine your functional needs, followed by choosing an overall style which will achieve your personal look and feel. It is important to combine all these elements with your space to determine the physical layout of your project and to give you the perfect look, feel and function for your home. The first and most important aspect in designing your custom bookcase is determining your functional needs and how you plan to use your new bookcases beyond beautifying your home. There are many options nowadays that you can incorporate into your bookcases. You can add cabinets that can hold files or media or even to display or hide a TV. You can also have an area in the bookcase that can be made to display something nice and in the open or behind glass and you can also have enclosed storage for things you may want to hide. There are a multitude of options out there and deciding on what best suits your needs will determine you incorporate those functional needs into the design. Once you know what purpose your custom bookcase project will serve, you want to determine the general look and feel, or style, of your project. This is influenced primarily by your tastes and the general style you have, or are looking to achieve, in the space in your home. You can go more traditional with a few more details, such as fluted or beaded columns and an arch or valance, along with traditional styled moldings; this style works well with nearly any traditionally styled space. You can go with a more contemporary style which is defined by clean lines and smooth surfaces. There are no carvings or adornment, and the doors and moldings are very clean and modern. Light, clear-grained, naturally finished wood or a clean paint color finish this style off.

Lastly, you will want to meet with an experienced designer and go over the exact layout of the bookcases. With the function and style in mind, you have to design your space to determine the best layout. How many walls, or how much of the wall, will your bookcase

project cover? How wide do you want your shelves to be and how deep? How many bookcase units can fit and which option is best? Where might you want a workstation to be, or where are your files best stored? Designing the bookcases correctly will create the perfect combination of form and function for your project. In summary, when designing a custom bookcase, there is a few important aspects to keep in mind to make sure you create the perfect bookcase for your space. It includes deciding on what function you want in your space, the style you want to achieve, and the proper layout of the cabinets. By incorporating these design ideas you will be able to create the perfect bookcase for your home. Good luck! Just a reminder: I am offering 20% off on all orders to anyone unfortunately affected by the storm. Naftali Landau is owner and chief designer of Exclusive Cabinetry and Design and has been designing kitchens for the past 12 years. For questions or ideas for future articles, he can be reached at 917-468-7693 or at



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classifieds Services Swim Lessons WSI certified lifeguard with seven years’ experience. Private indoor pool and outdoor pool available All ages from infants to adults Call Shoshana: 516-776-2229 Got Math? Math Tutor - Experienced High School, Regents, SAT, AP, Geometry College, Calculus, Algebra, Trig, Stats, Excel Call Hillel @ (718)-471-9337 Email: Learning Skills Specialist Will provide academic support for all subjects Remediation in reading, writing and math Test preparation, study and organizational skills, and homework assistance Call 212-592-3129 A Day Camp For Women? Yes! For more info or to register Please email Only 10 spots per week, so reserve early Exercise Certified personal trainer with years of experience, giving a privet sessions at her studio. $40 for full hour. (availability at client home. lady's only) Please call Ruchi at 917-847-3888. I buy cars, real estate and any valuable items For quick cash contact me 718-749-2672 or email Home Improvements General Contractor Entire renovations of bathrooms, kitchens and basements Tiles, floors, expert Roof repair available Free estimates and reasonable rates Call 718-907-0618 or 917-865-5033 Experience Math Teacher Available To tutor all subjects, algebra, geometry, Math A, Math B, Calculus etc. Guaranteed improvement, first hour free Shomer Shabbat Call Yossi at 516-581-3930 Yiddish Home Study Program: The new book Yiddish in 10 Lessons along with 2 CD's has just been released to easily learn to read, write and speak the Yiddish language. Call Chaim at 516 924 7694 or www.conversationalyiddish,com You can also sign up to receive a Free Weekly Taste of Yiddish

LEARN TO LEAD A BEAUTIFUL DAVENING Do you love davening for the amud? Do you sometimes wish you could lead the Tsibbur but lack the knowledge and confidence to pull it off? Call Yaakov 516-229-1948 Voice Coach Now Available In Five Towns Do you love singing? Do you wish you could reach higher notes? Not get tired? Not get hoarse? Do you wish you had more power, depth and ring in your voice? The answer is Voice Coaching – You can develop and maintain your true vocal potential. Yaakov 516-229-1948 Flordia Reliable Drivers Car and Van Service From Ft. Lauderdale and Miami airports, shopping malls By the hour, best price Call Ermiya 305-896-9717 Counseling 4 Success! Relationships, school, work, parenting. Solution-Focused. Teens, adults, children. 20 yrs experience. Warm, understanding, supportive. Confidential. Affordable. Rabbi Perry Schafler LCSW-R (516) 428-8525 Mobile Websites Today 1 in 7 searches are from a mobile phone device Want your website especially designed for Smart Phones? Contact Alex, Jewish Lower East Side Walking Tours given by licensed NYC tour guide specializing in the area. Once a bustling Jewish neighborhood with struggling immigrants. Come connect to your heritage and experience the gateway to “Di Goldneh Medinah”. Private, Group, School tours booking now. Appropriate for ages 10 and up. Call 516-652-4527 Skin Brilliance Laser Spa Professional sanitary and experienced laser hair removal services Right in the heart of KGH Affordable packages to meet your needs. By appointment only Call 718-801-3583 Bubby babysitter available

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Photos 4 your Simcha Professional Photography and Video We love what we do and it shows in our work! Competitively priced! Check out our website & specials. or call Yaakov 718-868-1800

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Mon-Thurs 9:30-2:00

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more info please call Want Home cooked food for Shabbos Rochelwithout Cohen the516-456-7184 Hassle????

Call Alex Idov, personal chef- serving Far Rockaway & Lawrence (678)644-6168 Reasonable rates- Extensive menu options-References available Drop off Babysitting Available in Woodmere Mon-Thurs 9:30-2:00 For more info please call Rochel Cohen 516-456-7184 Struggling with Shalom Bayis? The Shalom Bayis Hotline 732-523-1112 Caring rabbanim answering your questions for free So far very positive results BS’D!

Real Estate for Sale

For Sale by Owner

Huge 2 Family House In heart of Far Rockaway Features: Completely renovated Large 4 bedroom apt. over very spacious 3 bedroom apt., 3,158 sq. feet plus full basement, Oversized property with beautiful backyard, Lots of children on block, Lots of parking, Near shuls and schools, For inquiries please call 917-929- 3241

Lawrence - For sale by owner Co-op, large one bedroom, 1 1/2 bath, eat in kitchen, cent. A/C, double terrace, top floor, doorman, pool, garage, walk to town, temples, train. (516) 791-7000 For Sale / North Miami Beach Apt. One Bedroom Deluxe, First Floor, Gym, 2 Pools... Gated Community, Walking to all Shuls & Shopping Low Maintenance, Must be 55 or Older Call - 305-761-9323 Commercial R/E for Sale Would you rather PAY rent or COLLECT rent? Several 5T & vicinity properties available

($200-$300K range & RE taxes starting $7K/yr)

Ideal for S-M business owner/investor C. Slansky, MBA, Broker: 516-655-3636

Far Rockaway. brand New Construction, 2fam house, Lrg 3BR, 2baths over 6BR, 3baths, Lrg LV/DR, C/A, drvway, huge bsmt. Walk to the beach. Only $765K. Call 718-643-7700

TJH TJH CLASSIFIEDS CLASSIFIEDS Post your Real Estate, Help Wanted, Services, Misc. Ads here every Thurs.

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Call or Text 443-929-4003 Or email ads to: Include valid credit card info

Deadline Monday 5:00pm

Bayswater- massive 2 family home in a great area, close to all the shuls, beautiful cabinets & granite counter tops, lots of bedrooms, all tiled bathrooms, hardwood flooring all through the house, fireplace, etc., needs tlc, very motivated seller, Asking 449k, Call Yitzchok 847-691-6397.

Real Estate For Rent Great Kosher Summer House Rental Long Beach NY 4b 3b CAC EIK LR DR W/D WiFi, enclosed yard, parking. Near beach, shuls LIRR, 5T 516-428- 8525 For rent 2 bedroom apartment Far rockaway near BBY - Available NOW Kosher Kitchen New appliances Call 516-225-4558 Queens-Upper Ridgewood. Fresh Pond Rd./Forest Ave area. Professional space for rent. Ideal for medical office. 1st floor handicapped access, around 1000 sqf. Call R.E. Agent for more info @347-8065414/Edyta - Grimaldi Realty Office space available for rent in Lawrence by owner. Shared waiting room with other health related professionals. Utilities covered and internet access available. Position Available: Front desk/Receptionist/Office Manager Challenge Early Intervention Center F/T for Queens Office, mature, energetic, organized person with good computer skills and ability to multitask. Good compensation pkg. Applicant living in close proximity to office preferred. Fax Resume 718-261-3702 or email

Business Opportunity HOME BASED BUSINESS Looking for a reputable online business? Flexible hours, free training, great income and incentives, real support. Please visit to apply

Job Available P.M. general studies positions, lower elementary grades, all girls Queens school,licensed and experienced with best practices Forward resume to: Due to expansion, Torah Academy for Girls in Far Rockaway, is seeking qualified, experienced and successful moros for our lower elementary school division for the September school term. Please fax resume, 718-868-4612, att: Morah Levin Teachers F/T General Studies PreK, 1st, 3rd, 4th Grades Co-ed progressive Brooklyn Day School Inspire students' hearts, minds & souls! Email call 718-368-4490 Growing shul in Inwood, NY seeking responsible, dynamic male to spearhead youth dept activites with an emphasis on geshmak. Starting with Shabbos morning groups, the leader will organize and spearhead davening, learning, and play for children in the Shul with plenty of room for growth. Experience preferred and references required. Kindly submit qualified resumes in confidence to or fax to 516-813-4222.

Sales position available. Flexible hours, great commission, excellent communication skills needed, must have car. Please call 732-503-3760 if no answer leave message. Boys Elementary School in the Far Rockaway / 5 Towns area seeks experienced and dynamic General Studies teachers for grades 1-5 and Junior High School SS, Sc, ELA and Math positions. Please email resume to


A wig salon in cedarhurst is looking to hire a full time shaitel macher with followers. (future potential partner ship) Please send resume by email Seeking a full time administrative assistant for a busy roofing company. Hours are M-Th 9am - 4pm & Fri 9am - 1pm. Skills must include: - The ability to multitask - Good phone skills -Basic bookkeeping - Proficient in MS Office - Proficient in Quickbooks Please email resume and salary requirements to or fax to 516 303 7664. Local restaurant looking for responsible experienced shomer shabbos night time manager email Leaders in Online Jewish Marketing are hiring Sales Superstars. Do you fit the bill? Send your resume to or call us @ 646-351-1808 x 111

Seeking Job Experienced P-3 Provider, with M.S. in Education and Permanent N.Y. State Teacher Certification- Available to work with students in all grades Mondays through Thursdays- mornings until 11 A.M. and anytime after 5:30 P.M.; and Sundays anytime

Please call Tsivia: 516-526-2385

Can you spare it? Donate it. Clear out a closet and help a needy Heimishe family today. Tax deductible receipts available upon request. Call (866) GIVE2LIVE(448-3254)

Simone's Bridal located at 71-05 Main Street has many elegant wedding gowns by designers Maggie Sottero , Enzoani , Morilee and Allure Bridal look on their site to see if u like the gowns we carry most samples . Custom made gowns and mother of bride and sisters are all welcome. Please call for appt. 718-793-5989 Shaital gmach in Eretz Yisroel desperately needs shaitels. To be a part of this great mitzvah please call Peninia @ 347-6756526 Tizku L’mitzvos

Lost white gold diamond bracelet/covered watch either at Kennedy Airport or in Boro Park. If found please call 347.578.4165

For Sale by Owner

Huge 2 Family House In heart of Far Rockaway Features:  Completely renovated Large 4 bedroom apt. over very spacious 3 bedroom apt.  3,158 sq. feet plus full basement  Oversized property with beautiful backyard  Lots of children on block  Lots of parking (massive driveway)  Near shuls and schools

For inquiries please call 917-929- 3241�

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Cedarhurst – For sale by owner. 5 BR, 3.5 bath. Colonial on oversize lot. Hardwood flooring throughout. Beautiful Eat-in Chef’s Kitchen (Viking/Sub-Zero/Granite). Lrg LR & DR. Finished Basement. Central A/C. Walk to all. Move in Condition….$799k….917-685-0247

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From My Private Art Collection

Rebbetzin Naomi N. Herzberg

A Creative Message from A-Z


To the Aspiring Artist…in Pursuit of her Dreams

n aspiring artist is one that has a yearning for all that is creative. The brilliance that is portrayed in an artistic work is just a small sample of the artist’s creative spirit. The daring nature that steps out of each and every unique piece is a measure of excellence. Only flowery language can be used to describe the gorgeous and harmonious style of the particular artist. Intelligence and insightfulness are required when describing art. The joy and sense of fulfillment that is derived from the creative experience is boundless. The kindred spirit present amongst artists is heartwarming. The appreciation for each other’s works is especially present and noted in the learned and scholarly artistic arenas. The unofficial club that creative and artistic people belong to offers a breath of fresh air in its accepting approach. All are welcome to join. There are many people that are multi-faceted and enjoy the study of art.

The natural tendency of people is to shy away from the unknown. In the art world, there exists an openness and flexibility that helps one overcome this state of mind. It is not necessary to have studied professionally or to produce a piece of work of perfection when dabbling in art. Familiarize yourself with the works of well-known artists. Start your journey by going on trips to museums or art galleries where you will have a chance to analyze, critique and learn interesting points about a particular style of painting. This information will add to your understanding and appreciation of the beauty in a particular piece of art. It is most important to leave avenues open for questions to be asked and answered.

There is no need to agree with the likes or dislikes of others. The radiance that exudes from the smile on your face will allude to the real feelings that you have about a particular piece of art. It is so important to have an opportunity to share your appreciation of art with others. Make sure to gather enough knowledge by reading and taking notes on key points that can be shared in discussions with other interested parties. The original talent that you may or may not have perfected is worth developing. Art is a universal language where the finished piece is like a victory for the wandering artist with potential. Develop your own style and x-ray visions which will help you grow in your artistic pursuits, as well

as help you reach a sense of fulfillment. The yearning feeling will disappear and leave you with a feeling of accomplishment with each baby step that you take towards the pursuit of your dreams. In conclusion, as a mother, grandmother and educator myself, I highly recommend that you zero in on the individual needs of your children and students, encouraging and leading them on a path in pursuit of developing their talents, and to follow their dreams towards creative and artistic expression. Rebbetzin Naomi N. Herzberg is a professional art educator, artist and designer. Among her known artwork is a floral sculpture presented to Tipper Gore, Blair House, Washington, D.C. Presently she is the Director of Operations at Shulamith School for Girls. Please feel free to email her at with questions and suggestions for future columns.

Life Coach Rivki D. Rosenwald Esq., CLC, SDS


nd the beat goes on… We may be approaching a break in the mourning cycle, but the counting goes on. Why? Because we count! Strange, isn’t it? One would think as we anticipate an event we would be counting down toward it as we do with a wedding, or the arrival of a loved one: 10 more days, 9, 8,7, etc…Why are we adding the days up? 1 day, 2 days, 3 days? Classic answer: we are climbing up levels to be worthy of getting the Torah. So how come some of us get kicked out of the running. Like if you miss one complete day of counting, you are out? What’s that all about?! Are we no longer worthy of receiving the Torah? Can’t we keep improving anyway? Remember it says, “And Abraham was old and he came with his days” and the Sages say he came with all his days fulfilled; he was living each day to its

Who’s Counting Anyway?

fullest. When we miss counting one day, we are forgetting to make that day count! We are literally changing the cosmic power of the entire universe. One action or inaction has a universal effect for all

time. Now, did you think you were that powerful? So by not letting us continue to count out the days we are given a clear message. You, yes you, have lost that day forever! The only way to get that

One action or inaction has a universal effect for all time. Now, did you think you were that powerful?

message across to us is to give us a clear loss. “You are out of the counting!” Come on, we know if we were allowed to get right back into the counting we’d forget that message right away. So can we still work on improving our behavior? Of course. Who said anything about that? In fact, we are more attuned to tuning in, since we realized by having tuned out we lost the right to keep counting. Get it? I know it’s confusing. But bottom line is this: If you are counting, that’s great! If you are not counting, you still count but you can’t count! And the ultimate message is, either way, make every day count! Rivki Rosenwald is a certified life coach and couples counselor. She can be contacted at 917-705-2004 or at

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‫ע”פ‬ ‫בית יוסף‬





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Deli Dept.


2/ 5 Marinara Sauce

Hamburger Buns









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Special • BBQ Chicken • Chicken Soup • 1lb Cholent • 3 Knaidel or Noodles • 4 Slices Gefilte Fish • 1lb Salad




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Cherry Pie Filling

9’’ Round

Bakery Department

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Grocery Section

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Five Towns Jewish Home 4-25-13  

Five Towns Jewish Home 4-25-13