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Annual Impact Report


OUR STRATEGIC GOALS AND OBJECTIVES CULTIVATING JEWISH LIFE AND JEWISH EDUCATION _____________________________________________________________________________ From connecting the local Jewish community to the REMEMBER Program for Holocaust Education and Genocide Awareness, Charleston Jewish Federation supports agencies and initiatives to cultivate Jewish life and Jewish education locally and all over the world.

STRENGTHENING OUR CONNECTION TO ISRAEL AND JEWISH PEOPLEHOOD _____________________________________________________________________________ We support thousands of Jewish people in Israel and over 70 countries around the world through our international partners: Jewish Agency for Israel, the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC), and World ORT.

CREATING A COMMUNITY OF SHARED RESPONSIBILITY: VULNERABLE POPULATIONS _____________________________________________________________________________ As Jews, we hold the shared responsibility of taking care of our entire community, including our most vulnerable members. From feeding local Jewish community members through the Kosher Food Pantry, to caring for Jewish refugees in Ukraine, we help ensure that no one is left behind.

ENGAGING THE NEXT GENERATION _____________________________________________________________________________ Investing in the next generation will help create a vibrant, compassionate, and connected Jewish community for the future. From creating connections for young families through PJ Library, to our thriving Young Adult Division (YAD) and leadership development programs, we connect our community to the Jewish world.

CHARLESTON JEWISH FEDERATION GIVING TOGETHER _____________________________________________________________________________ Connecting our generous supporters to the causes they care about and enhancing and deepening our commitment to Jewish philanthropy.


LETTER TO OUR COMMUNITY Dear Friends: We are pleased to share the Charleston Jewish Federation’s 2016 Annual Impact Report and share what together as a community we accomplished. Charleston Jewish Federation works hard to acclimate to challenges facing our Jewish community and Jewish people. Developing strategic solutions includes leveraging local and national resources, convening action-oriented task forces (with full representation from all local Jewish entities), and creating initiatives that address the challenges we face, all while meeting the needs of our growing, thriving, and diverse local Jewish community. Whether it is dealing with the increase in anti-Semitism and mitigating security risks, creating meaningful opportunities for young families to connect and engage Jewishly on their terms, or securing the future financial sustainability of our Jewish community through LIFE & LEGACY, your Charleston Jewish Federation is working for and with you.


Stuart Tessler, President

Judi Corsaro, Chief Executive Officer

Annual Impact Report


Where does my donation to the Annual Community Campaign go?


Nearly PJ Library books distributed to over

335 local children.

Snapshot of the impact of your gift to the Charleston Jewish Federation in 2016 and the power of philanthropy.

74 older adults and their

families benefited from support and assistance through the Senior Outreach Initiative.

14 young Jewish professionals

350 unique connections between

27,000+ pounds of

6 young adults received interest-

participated in NAGID 360, the Charleston Jewish Community’s first leadership institute in more than a decade.

food were distributed to over 1,700 local families through the community Kosher Food Pantry.


Charleston Jewish Federation

young Jewish adults through the Young Adult Division (YAD).

free loans through the Jewish Educational Loan Fund (JELF) to attend college or vocational school.



students are participating in the Israel Education Fellowship Program (IEF), a matching program that helps families save in order to send their children on a meaningful, peer trip to Israel.


new funds set up in the Jewish Endowment Foundation of Greater Charleston, which will help strengthen local Jewish organizations in perpetuity.

Over letters of Intent signed by community members who have committed to leaving a legacy gift to the organizations they care about most through the LIFE & LEGACYTM program.


More than members of the greater Charleston community attended the community-wide Yom HaShoah Holocaust Remembrance Day.

y om hashoah

8 local Holocaust survivors and 35 local teachers, schools,

and volunteers connected through the REMEMBER Program for Holocaust Education and Genocide Awareness, reaching hundreds of students.

9 local women are taking part

in Anita Zucker’s Lion of Judah Challenge, a matching program that encourages women to make a leadership gift to the Annual Community Campaign.

Annual Impact Report


“One look at the world today proves the danger of forgetting the lessons of the Holocaust. My hope in making this gift is to ensure a long, good life for as many survivors as I can.” – Anita Zucker From left: Elie Wiesel (OBM), Rose Goldberg, and Anita Zucker Of the over 100,000 Holocaust survivors living in the U.S., nearly 25% are age 85 or older, and one in four lives in Of the The overJewish 100,000 Holocaust livingCenter in the U.S., 25% are age 85 orSurvivor older, andCare one was in four lives to in poverty. Federations of survivors North America fornearly Advancing Holocaust created poverty. The Jewish Federations of North America Center for Advancing Holocaust Survivor Care was expand person-centered, trauma-informed supportive services for Holocaust survivors. Charleston businesswoman and created to expand person-centered, trauma-informed supportive services for Holocaust survivors. During its first philanthropist Anita Zucker has pledged $1 million to this initiative, in honor of her family of survivors, which includes her six months, this initiative has already touched the lives of 2,014 survivors who now have access to home care, parents, her late husband Jerry’s (OBM) parents, and her partner David’s parents. social, and educational programming and counseling. During its first six months, this initiative has already touched the lives of 2,014 survivors who now have access to home Charleston businesswoman and philanthropist Anita Zucker has donated $1 million to this initiative, in honor of her care, social, and educational programming and counseling. Anita’s gift will help ensure that these survivors and more family of survivors, which includes her parents, her late husband Jerry’s (OBM) parents, and her partner David’s parents. receive the care they need. Anita’s gift will help ensure that these survivors and more receive the care they need.


Charleston Jewish Federation




2016 Annual Community Campaign



Endowment Revenue


Miscellaneous Donations

*includes targeted gifts to programs, Lowcountry Giving Day, Giving Tuesday, gifts to endowments, emergency funds, etc.









Grant Funding

TOTAL: $1,084,692

Annual Impact Report


2016 FINANCIAL RESOURCES DEVELOPMENT Funding for the Charleston Jewish Federation is an investment in the

entire Jewish community: locally, in Israel, and around the world. CJF works through collaborations with local and international partners to

cultivate Jewish life and Jewish education; strengthen our connection to Israel and Jewish peoplehood in 70 countries worldwide; create a

community of shared responsibility in greater Charleston and all over the world; and engage the next generation through leadership development and family connections.



nc ia l

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Charleston Jewish Federation

e nt

ati ie

m velop

c Allo y Initiatives and nc




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% 5 . 13



ativ e

6.9 %


COMMUNITY INITIATIVES AND ALLOCATIONS TO LOCAL AGENCIES TOTAL JEWISH EDUCATION AND JEWISH LIFE CJF-led initiatives: REMEMBER Program for Holocaust Education and Genocide Awareness, community-wide Yom HaShoah Holocaust Remembrance Day, Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Charleston (JCRC-GC), Jewish Education Loan Fund (JELF), Charleston Jewish Voice Online, Max Kirshstein Community Youth Endowment Award

$264,597 28.6%

Supported agencies: Addlestone Hebrew Academy, Pearlstine/Lipov Center for Southern Jewish Culture, Congregation Dor Tikvah, Kahol Kadosh Beth Elohim, Synagogue Emanu-El, JCC WOW, Coming Street Cemetery, National Council of Jewish Women Charleston Section

STRENGHTENING OUR CONNECTION TO ISRAEL AND JEWISH PEOPLEHOOD CJF-led initiatives: Israel Engagement Initiative, Partnership 2gether

$125,421 13.6%

Supported agencies: Jewish Federations of North America, Jewish Agency for Israel, American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC), World ORT, Hiddush, HaMidrasha, Israel Action Network, Birthright Israel

CREATING A COMMUNITY OF SHARED RESPONSIBILITY: VULNERABLE POPULATIONS CJF-led initiatives: Charleston Jewish Family Services, including the Senior Outreach Initiative and the Kosher Food Pantry

$237,535 25.7%

Supported agencies: Baton Rouge Flood Relief Fund, Israel Fire Emergency Fund

ENGAGING THE NEXT GENERATION CJF-led initiatives: NAGID 360 Leadership Institute, Family Engagement, including PJ Library and PJ Our Way, Shalom Baby, Young Adult Division (YAD)

$107,718 11.7%

Supported agencies: BBYO, Hadassah (camp scholarships to Camp Judaea)

COMMUNITY INITIATIVES AND ALLOCATIONS TO LOCAL AGENCIES TOTAL 79.6% of every dollar raised goes to local and global initiatives, including CJF-led programs and community allocations.

ADMINISTRATIVE Administrative and management costs

FINANCIAL RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT Annual Community Campaign, LIFE & LEGACY initiative, Jewish Endowment Foundation of Greater Charleston, grant writing and reporting

$735,271 79.6% $63,572 6.9% $125,116 13.5%

Annual Impact Report


“Leadership 2Gether has made me pause, and remember that being Jewish is a privilege, and I must work to keep Judaism alive in my life.” – Katie Strumpf Leadership 2Gether Participant

The Charleston Jewish Federation’s Young Adult Division (YAD) welcomes anyone looking to connect with the Jewish community and encourages participation of interfaith families, couples, and significant others in all its activities. Those looking for leadership opportunities continue on to join NAGID 360, the leadership institute of the Charleston Jewish community and Leadership 2Gether, which creates meaningful connections between young professionals in Charleston and Hadera-Eiron, our sister region in Israel.


Charleston Jewish Federation


YOUR GENEROSITY IMPACTS THOUSANDS OF LIVES In order to fulfill our mission to build and sustain Jewish life in Charleston, Israel, and around the world, the Charleston Jewish Federation provides resources to Jewish organizations that align with our community priorities. The higher the campaign total, the more money that can be distributed to the community. The Allocations Committee reviews funding requests from organizations and takes into account which organizations demonstrate opportunities to collaborate, target underserved areas, and fill a need in our growing Jewish community.

In addition, the Charleston Jewish Federation supports Jewish people all over the world through Jewish Federations of North America and our international partners, and provides opportunities to link the local Jewish community to the people of Israel. Your generous investment in our community campaign helps CJF and our partners touch more lives than any other Jewish organization can do alone. The following pages show the impact of your dollars in community allocations grants to local, national, and international organizations and congregations.

Annual Impact Report



COMMUNITY ORGANIZATIONS Addlestone Hebrew Academy Support from the Annual Campaign provided tuition assistance to students at Charleston’s only community Jewish day school. BBYO Funding provided safe and reliable transportation for 53 local BBYO teens and 165 regional BBYO teens to attend Jewish leadership workshops and conferences. Coming Street Cemetery Funding was used to repair and restore gravestones and for the safety and landscaping of the grounds. Dedicated volunteers teach hundreds of visitors about Charleston’s Jewish history and share the stories of those who rest there . Charleston Jewish Family Services Resources from the Annual

Jewish Community Center Without Walls

Kahal Kadosh Beth Elohim KKBE’s High Holiday services at

Funding supported JCC WOW

Memminger Auditorium were funded

cultural programming, including

in part by the community campaign,

the Charleston Jewish Film Festival

allowing over 1,200 congregants

and Jewish Bookfest events,

to pray together in one space. In

and helped the JCC WOW reach

addition, the campaign sponsored

new community members in

the Lowcountry Nosh, Charleston’s

Summerville and North Charleston.

Jewish Food & Heritage Festival.

National Council of Jewish Women

Synagogue Emanu-El

Resources funded an event with

Annual Community Campaign

68 attendees for National Council

funding allowed more than 160

of Jewish Women Charleston

kids, adults, and seniors to attend

Section to partner with KKBE

Synagogue Emanu-El’s Purim

Sisterhood to raise awareness for

party free of charge.

human trafficking. Pearlstine/Lipov Center for Southern Jewish Culture

Funding from the Annual Community


Campaign supported the Center’s


“Mapping Jewish Charleston” project,

Funding was used to support

which will create a digital interactive

an educational center in Israel

map of the Jewish Charleston

for HaMidrasha, a non-profit

community over the centuries.

organization that assists Jewish

Campaign supported the Senior

Israelis with issues of personal

Outreach Initiative, assisting 74

and collective Jewish identity and

older seniors at high risk and in need of support from the community and provided support to 8 local Holocaust survivors. In addition, 27 families benefited from direct


CONGREGATIONS Congregation Dor Tikvah

heritage. Because of this support, HaMidrasha brought together 35 women leaders in 6 workshops throughout the year.

Funding from the Annual Community


Campaign supports youth

The Annual Community Campaign

programming and education at CDT

supported a video project for

to over 75 local children, including

Hiddush, a non-profit organization

the support of Camp Noam, which

in Israel which promotes religious

The Charleston Chapter of Hadassah

provided an educational camp

freedom and equality. Hiddush is

provided scholarships to local

experience for young campers

led by Rabbi Uri Regev, former

children to attend Camp Judaea in

during the summer of 2016.

president of the World Union for

emergency financial assistance, including medical bills, utility bills, and transportation costs. Hadassah

Hendersonville, North Carolina.

10 |

Charleston Jewish Federation

Progressive Judaism.

World ORT - Hadera-Eiron

Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI)

The Annual Community Campaign

JAFI is a humanitarian organization

helped fund the computer lab and

that strives to build a connected and

distance learning center in Hadera,

committed global Jewish community.

our sister region in Israel. Over 400

It has been pivotal to Israel’s

Orthodox girls are able to use this lab at

remarkable story of immigration,

Ulpanit Mevaseret Baruch High School.

renewal, and growth. JAFI helps tens of thousands of people each


AND INTERNATIONAL PARTNERS The Charleston Jewish Federation expresses solidarity with Jewish people all over the world through partnerships with organizations dedicated to caring for the needs of the Jewish community, in Israel

year connect with their spiritual and cultural heritage through a multitude of programs. Charleston’s longstanding relationship with JAFI is personified through Partnership2gether with our sister region in Israel, Hadera-Eiron and other Southeastern communities. American Jewish Joint

and over 70 countries. Through

Distribution Committee (JDC)

relationships with Jewish Federations

The JDC provides aid to millions of

of North America (JFNA), the

Jews around the world, reaching out

Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI), the

to Jews in distress, offering relief

American Jewish Joint Distribution

for Jews in need, and restoring and

Committee (JDC), and World ORT, we

strengthening Jewish community life.

demonstrate our obligation to never

The JDC helps Israel address the social

leave anyone behind.

service needs of its most vulnerable

Jewish Federation of North America (JFNA)

JFNA is the umbrella organization for the Charleston Jewish Federation.

populations. Programs in 70 countries touch all segments of the Jewish population from infants to elderly, secular to religious, healthy to disabled.

JFNA raises and distributes over $3

World ORT

billion each year for social welfare,

World ORT works for the

social services, and educational

advancement of Jews and others

needs. The Federation movement

through training and education.

protects and enhances the well-

Through international cooperation

being of Jews worldwide through the

programs, ORT supports non-

values of tikkun olam (repairing the

sectarian economic and social

world), tzedakah (charity and social

development in under-developed

justice) and Torah (Jewish learning).

parts of the world by providing


We can’t wait to see the impact of your campaign dollars next year! All local synagogues and Jewish community organizations are invited to apply for funding from the Annual Community Campaign.

vocational training and technical assistance.

Annual Impact Report

| 11

COMMUNITY STRATEGIC PLANNING Greater Charleston is among the fastest growing areas in the country, and our local Jewish population is growing along with it. In order to adapt to these changes and gauge the needs of a growing and diverse Jewish community, the Charleston Jewish Federation spearheaded a Community Strategic Planning process in 2016. The process concluded with three main priorities:

• Welcome newcomers and encourage them to become part of our community; • Attract and retain more Jewish individuals through jobs, networking, recruiting and mentoring; and • Engage individuals and families in outlying areas.


 hese conclusions reinforced CJF’s organizational priorities and highlighted ways to improve and do things differently. CJF’s core priorities support our shared community priorities, promote growth, and plan for a strong community:

• Enhancing and Deepening our Commitment to Jewish Philanthropy • Cultivating Jewish Life & Jewish Education

• Strengthening our Connection to Israel & Jewish Peoplehood • Creating a Community of Shared Responsibility: Vulnerable Populations

• Engaging the Next Generation in Jewish Life: Engagement & Leadership Development

12 |

Charleston Jewish Federation

IN ORDER TO SUPPORT THESE CORE PRIORITIES, THE CJF HAS FOCUSED ON SECURING RESOURCES FOR THE FOLLOWING PROGRAMS AND INITIATIVES FOR THE BENEFIT OF OUR COMMUNITY OVER THE LAST YEAR: LIFE AND LEGACY: To address the need to plan for a sustainable financial future for our Jewish community, the Charleston Jewish Federation secured a place in the Harold Grinspoon Foundation’s LIFE & LEGACY program. Eight local community organizations are participating in a 4-year program to learn how to promote planned giving and secure legacy gifts.

ONE HAPPY CAMPER/OVERNIGHT JEWISH CAMPING: Recognizing that Jewish overnight camp is one of the most transformative experiences a child can have, CJF believes that investing in Jewish overnight camp is investing in the Jewish future. CJF was accepted as a ONE HAPPY CAMPER community, and is now able to offer incentives to families to send their children to Jewish overnight camp for the first time.

SENIOR OUTREACH INITIATIVE: To address the growing population of aging seniors and the unique challenges that they and their families face, Jewish Family Services created the Senior Outreach Initiative. In the first ten months of this program, more than 74 members of our Jewish community benefited from services including in-home assessments, assistance in locating housing alternatives, and assistance applying for government or other programs to help pay for services. Most importantly, this program has helped to address the void in services and create opportunities to enhance the lives of our aging community members, including Holocaust survivors.

SECURITY TASK FORCE: A security task force has been created and all our local Jewish community organizations are are meeting regularly with the intent to mitigate our security risk through information sharing, security awareness, and trainings to establish a culture of security, situational awareness, preparedness, and resiliency. THESE ARE EXCITING TIMES FOR OUR GREATER CHARLESTON JEWISH COMMUNITY. WE LOOK FORWARD TO WORKING WITH YOU, AND ON YOUR BEHALF, TO CONTINUE TO CREATE A VIBRANT, SUPPORTIVE, AND INCLUSIVE JEWISH COMMUNITY.

Annual Impact Report

| 13

Anonymous Shera Lee Berlin Jaclyn S. Berlinsky Eileen and Stanley Chepenik Mr. and Mrs. David L. Cohen Judi and Ted Corsaro Aaron and Rebecca Engel Ruth and Harry Goldberg Marsha and Bill Golod Ellen Joy Hoffman Marilyn Hoffman Alan and Lisa Isaacson Ellis I. Kahn Ava and Bruce Kleinman Rose and Ted Levin Jan and Larry Lipov Spencer and Elisabeth Lynch

Mike S. and Shirley J. Mills Abigail Leibowitz Pearson The Rosners Freida and Joseph H. Sokol Shara S. Star Kelly Stellrecht Elaine and Stuart Tessler Ilene Turbow Jerry (OBM) and Anita Zucker Endowment for CJF Lion of Judah Endowment (LOJE) Linda Cohen Wendy Marcus Goer Sharon Toporek Anita Zucker

Each one of us has the power to create a legacy gift that will benefit the organizations that are most impor tant to us. Join the Charleston Jewish Federation’s Legacy Society by committing to a legacy gift today.

Learn more at: 14 |

843-614-6600 |

Charleston Jewish Federation

LIFE & LEGACY The LIFE & LEGACYTM program is a national resource the Charleston Jewish Federation brought to greater Charleston in 2016. LIFE & LEGACY is a collaboration between between the Harold Grinspoon Foundation and local Jewish community organizations. The goal of this program is to encourage legacy giving and to grow endowments at the Jewish Endowment Foundation of Greater Charleston. A legacy gift is an after-lifetime gift, included as part of a will or estate plan, or by beneficiary designation of a retirement plan or life insurance policy. This gift goes into a permanent endowment fund

in the Jewish Endowment Foundation for the benefit of the donor’s designated organization(s). The power of legacy giving is that one gift will help the organization every year in perpetuity. Giving once means giving forever. Each one of us, regardless of our age, wealth or affiliation has the power to create a legacy gift that will live on long after we are gone. More than 150 letters of intent have already been signed by community members who have committed to making a legacy gift. Will you join us?

LIFE & LEGACY LOCAL PARTNERS ORGANIZATIONS Working together to ensure the future of Jewish Charleston for generations to come


Annual Impact Report

| 15

THE JEWISH ENDOWMENT FOUNDATION OF GREATER CHARLESTON The Jewish Endowment Foundation of Greater Charleston (formerly the Jewish Endowment Fund) is a supporting organization of two partnering organizations: Charleston Jewish Federation and Coastal Community Foundation of SC. The Jewish Endowment Foundation of Greater Charleston was established in 1996 as a collection of “composite funds,” each created by a different donor for a distinct charitable purpose addressing the Jewish Endowment Foundation’s mission to encourage donors to endow their support of Jewish and other charitable causes in the Charleston area. In 2016, five new funds were set up in the Jewish Endowment Foundation of Greater Charleston

16 |

Charleston Jewish Federation

for the benefit of local Jewish organizations every year in perpetuity. The LIFE & LEGACYTM program encourages local donors to leave legacy gifts to the organizations they care most about in their lifetime. These legacy gifts will be added to the organization’s endowment funds, housed in the Jewish Endowment Foundation, for the benefit of their organization. The total endowment at the end of 2016 was $11,660,128. The Harold Fox Endowment for Jewish Family Services was created in 2016. This fund will benefit Charleston Jewish Family Services and its mission to provide financial and emotional support and assistance to those in need of help in the community in perpetuity.

The Marilyn Hoffman Charleston Jewish Federation Endowment is the newest fund created for the benefit of the Jewish Federation. This fund will be a perpetual source of support for the mission of the Federation to build and sustain Jewish life in Charleston, Israel, and around the world. Anyone can honor Marilyn Hoffman and Harold Fox through contributions directly to these funds. The endowments will grow and support these organizations every year in perpetuity. In 2016, the following endowment funds in the Jewish Endowment Foundation of Greater Charleston supported Charleston Jewish Federation and Charleston Jewish Family Services:

u Charleston Jewish Federation “Good

Deeds� Endowment

u Jerry and Anita Zucker Endowment for

the Charleston Jewish Federation

u Max Kirshstein Community Youth


u Morris Kalinsky Jewish Federation

Campaign Continuity Fund

u Nat Shulman Jewish Community

Services Endowment

u REMEMBER Program for Holocaust &

Genocide Awareness Endowment

Annual Impact Report

| 17


The Bill, Jennie, Conni & Harry Ackerman Foundation Trust: General support BJH Foundation for Senior Services: Jewish Family Services, Kosher Food Pantry The Exchange Club of Charleston: Kosher Food Pantry Food Lion Feeds Charitable Foundation: Kosher Food Pantry Harold Grinspoon Foundation: PJ LibraryTM Hebrew Benevolent Society: Jewish Family Services Hebrew Orphan Society: Jewish Family Services Henry and Sylvia Yaschik Foundation: Jewish Family Services, NAGID 360 Jerry and Anita Zucker Family Endowment Fund: Jewish Family Services, NAGID 360, Shalom Baby, REMEMBER Program for Holocaust Education and Genocide Awareness, PJ Library

18 |

Charleston Jewish Federation

Joanna Foundation: Kosher Food Pantry Morris, Max and Sarah Altman Memorial Fund: General support The Oscar and Mona Sokol Foundation: NAGID 360, Young Adult Division (YAD), PJ Library, REMEMBER Program for Holocaust Education and Genocide Awareness, Israel Engagement Saul Alexander Foundation: Jewish Family Services, REMEMBER Program for Holocaust Education and Genocide Awareness S.C. Council on the Holocaust: REMEMBER Program for Holocaust Education and Genocide Awareness Sisters of Charity Foundation: Jewish Family Services Sol and Celia Cohen Endowment Fund: Jewish Family Services, PJ Library Tbonz Foundation: REMEMBER Program for Holocaust Education and Genocide Awareness

“Jewish books make me smile and help me begin my Jewish journey.” – Thea Pearson PJ Library Recipient

From cradle to college, the Charleston Jewish Federation provides resources toresources help families Jewishly, engage on From cradle to college, the Charleston Jewish Federation provides toengage help families their terms. From connecting new parents, to sharing PJ Library books and music with Jewish content, to scholarships Jewishly, on their terms. From connecting new parents, to sharing PJ Library books and music with for Jewish summer camps, Federation is dedicated to nurturing a strong and vibrant Jewish future.

Jewish content, to scholarships for Jewish summer camps, Federation is dedicated to nurturing a PJstrong Libraryand is anvibrant investment in our Jewish future. We are so grateful for the generous support of local donors: Jewish future. Linda and David Cohen Ellen and Harry Nadler Herb Rosner Gina and Sam Shapiro, in honor of Freddie and Milton Kronsberg (OBM) Julie and Stephen Ziff Anita Zucker VISIT US AT

Annual Impact Report

| 19

“Only through active engagement can we hope to make Israel a land of promise and not just a promised land.” – Ben Brams on his internship experience at Hiddush in Israel

Israel is one of the most impactful ways to connect Jews of all ages to their heritage. From the Israel Education Fellowship matching program designed for teens to participate in immersive Israel programs, to the living bridges created with our Partnership 2Gether sister region HaderaEiron, to connecting young leaders like Ben to internships, the future of Charleston’s relationship with the Jewish people in Israel and around the world is stronger than ever. Visit Hadera-Eiron next time you’re in Israel - you’ll feel right at home.

20 |

Charleston Jewish Federation


Annual Impact Report

| 17



The mission of Charleston Jewish Family Services (CJFS), a division of the Charleston Jewish Federation, is to provide financial and emotional support and assistance to those in need of help in our community. CJFS is guided by the fundamental Jewish values of tzedakah (charity) and tikkun olam (repair of the world). The goal of CJFS is to treat each client and each case in a holistic way. Thanks to your generous support from donors and the work of dedicated volunteers, CJFS was able to assist the following clients with services in 2016: CJFS Mental Health Counseling Services

Emergency Financial Assistance

• Counseling services held free of charge: 71 counseling sessions

• Housing and utility assistance: 48 times

Jewish Educational Loan Fund (JELF)

• Transportation assistance: 31 times

• Charleston area Jewish students receiving assistance to attend college: $36,162 in interest-free loans

• Other emergency assistance (furniture, food, disaster relief): 17 times

Kosher Food Pantry (KFP) • Number of families reached: 1,825 families • Pounds of nutritious food distributed: 28,675 pounds • Pounds of fresh crops from Rosebank Farms on Johns Island distributed to KFP clients, local nonprofit partner organizations, and senior housing facilities: 1,300 pounds

• Medical assistance: 41 times

• Total number of families served: 39 families Firefighter Appreciation Project • Number of first responder stations (firefighters, EMS, police) visited by volunteers on Christmas day to show our community’s appreciation of their service: 43 stations

Annual Impact Report

| 21

“Thanks to Jewish Family Services, I have someone to give me a little help.” – Sylvia Zealberg Senior Outreach Initiative Client

Holocaust survivors face unique struggles as they age. The loss of independence and control that occurs later in life can be jarring for people who once had their autonomy taken from them. Sylvia Zealberg is a 97-year-old Holocaust survivor living in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. Charleston Jewish Family Services guides and assists survivors and other seniors as they face the challenges of aging to assure that their needs are met and that they can live their lives with dignity.

22 |

Charleston Jewish Federation


SENIOR OUTREACH INITIATIVE Charleston Jewish Family Services offers services and resource referrals through the Senior Outreach Initiative for older adults in greater Charleston. CJFS seeks to maintain the independence and dignity of senior adults while keeping them connected to Jewish traditions and community. Since the program began in the spring of 2016, it has assisted seniors and their families in the following ways:

74 seniors impacted by the Senior

4 served assisted in applying for

3 served collaborated with Trident

15 served visitations to Jewish

4 served assisted clients in transferring to

8 served hospital visitations with

Outreach Initiative in the first 9 months of the program

Area Agency on Aging to enroll seniors in Senior Companion Program, allowing them to remain in their homes

transportation services with Senior Ride Charleston and LogistiCare

seniors in retirement homes and nursing facilities with updates to family members out of town

alternative levels of care

reports to family members out of town

23 served in-home assessments

conducted by Senior Outreach Coordinator to identify problems and eligibility for assistance for services

This program is funded (in part) with a grant from BJH Foundation whose aim is to enhance the lives of older Jewish adults in North and South Carolina.

Annual Impact Report

| 23

DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO RETIRE? We have what it takes to tell you.



Managing Director

Managing Director

With our retirement income expertise, we can help bring your future into focus. A P R E M I E R W E A LT H M A N A G E M E N T T E A M I N C H A R L E S T O N S I N C E 1 9 9 3

360 Concord Street, Suite 210 // Charleston, SC 29401 // 843.720.3500 // 866.384.9891 // ©2015 Raymond James & Associates, Inc., member New York Stock Exchange/SIPC. 15-BR3KP-0071 AL 3/15

The Jewels of Spring are in Bloom

24 |

Charleston Jewish Federation

2016 ANNUAL COMMUNITY CAMPAIGN – WOMEN’S DIVISION PRIME MINISTER’S COUNCIL LION OF JUDAH $100,000+ Anita Zucker EMERALD LION OF JUDAH $25,000-$99,999 Jean Rosner, OBM RUBY LION OF JUDAH $10,000-$24,999 Marilyn Hoffman Jan Pearlstine Lipov LION OF JUDAH $5,000-$9,999 Nancy Banov Jackie Berlinsky Sandra Brett Elinor Cohen Linda Cohen Judi Corsaro Kim Dye Marissa Dye Rebecca Engel Lisa Freedman Ruth Goldberg Ellen Hoffman Pam Kaplan Ava Kleinman Elaine Krell Rachel Landis Liz Lynch Suzanne Lynch Leslie Miller Shirley Mills Ellen Nadler Rebecca Nirenblatt Susan Pearlstine Abby Pearson Sandra Peskin Amy Salzhauer McMarlin Mindelle Seltzer Freida Sokol

Roxann Spandorfer Elaine Tessler Sharon Toporek Andrea Zucker Barbara Zucker Jessica Zucker Laura Zucker

Sandra Lipton Gale Messerman Carol Mysel Karen Pinosky Amanda Reeves Sara Snyder Ellen Yampolsky Julie Ziff

POMEGRANATE SOCIETY $1,800-$4,999 Anonymous (1) Marlene Addlestone Susan Addlestone Berlijn Shera Lee (Mrs. Alwyn) Berlin Cindy Brams Debra Engel Sally Fischbein Terry Fisher Lisa Isaacson Rose Levin Rachel Lipton Shara Star Ilene Turbow

$500-$999 Anonymous (3) Janna Baker Marilyn Barron Linda Bergman Shannon Berlinsky Sherry Bryson Barbara Cohn Jane Douglas Carolyn Draisin Evelyn Engel Johanna Feldman Janet Friedman Vivian Friedman Susan Garfinkel Janet Gilston, OBM Charlot Karesh Miriam Leib Jeanne Lieberman Judy Lutz Ann Mandel Maria Markowitz Nancy Mendelson Evelyn Needle Neda Nussbaum Hilary Rieck Sheralyn Rosenblum Edie Rubin Carla Seitz Carol Seltzer Debra Sistino Theresa Solomon Karen Stark Sharon Stricker

$1,000-$1,799 Anonymous (1) Susan Altman Janet Berg Ettaleah Bluestein Marilyn Brilliant Eileen Chepenik Edie Edelson Barbara Ellison Julie Ellison Debra Engel Barbara Epstein Debbie Fisher Marsha Golod Judy Grossman Sylvia Hyman Sybil Kalinsky Linda Krawcheck

Annual Impact Report

| 25

2016 ANNUAL COMMUNITY CAMPAIGN – WOMEN’S DIVISION Ijo Toporek Ann Walsh Blanche Weintraub Wine $100–$499 Anonymous (2) Shari Allen Barbara Backer Robyn Bagg Elizabeth Baker Roslyn Barkowitz Jo Ellen Basile Michelle Bayme Margaret Bender Andrea Berendt Carol Berlin Katie Bielsky Traci Black Leah Chase Nadine Chavin Sara Sharnoff Chesley Jody Cohen Phyllis Cohen Rosemary (Binky) Cohen Amy Davis Sarajane Dolinsky Michelle Duenas Patricia Ellison Sharon Feinberg Debby Feldman Shirley Feldman Lorraine Finkelstein Audrey Fleishman Sharon Forman Janet Fox Laurel Fox Ruth Freedenberg Maya Gabriel Ibis Glass Missy Gold Claire Goldberg Harriet Goldberg Marion Goodman Naomi Gorstein

26 |

Charleston Jewish Federation

Josine Gosschalk-Reavis Adina Gross Gretchen Gross Marylyn Haspel Elaine Heckelman Mordenai (Mrs. Willard) Hirsch Toby (Mrs. Danny) Hirsch Elisheva Holub Susan Jacoby Renee Kahn Ivy Kalik Ellen Kay Harriet Keith Gloria Kern Nanci Kestenbaum Annie Klapper Peggy Krawcheck Townie Krawcheck Amy Kronsberg Cynthia Kupferman Rita Kurtz Betty Lancer Dorothy Lancer Debbie Lash Teri Lash Adel Lazarus Lara LeRoy Hannah Levanon Ellen Levin Abby Levine Heather Levy Jeanne Lichtman Terry Linker Linda Lombard Marjorie Lynch Diana Manaker Carol Manheim Judy Markowitz Sharon Martin Janet Masonberg Rhetta Mendelsohn Doris Meyers Jane Meyerson Margalit Neiman

Teri New Mindy Odle Christine Olasov Ruth Oser Rory Parsley Betty Pearlman Janet Pearlman Leah Pinosky Claudia Pollack Rachel Raisin Lynn Reichlyn Yvonne Rephan Deborah Rodriguez Patricia Rones Sykes Brenda Rosen Anita Rosenberg Marcelle Rosenberg Mickey Rosenblum Sandra Rosenblum Joan Roth Debbie Rothschild Sonia Rothschild Arlene Rovick Cathy Rovick Michelle Rovner Raina Rubin Lynn Rundbaken Rochelle Rutledge Bonnie Sabia Shari Saffer Vicki Schmidt Terry Schuyler Barbara Schwartz Lucy Segal Faye Seigel Mindy Shanfeld Joann Sherman Beth Sherr Phyllis Shorago Ruth Silverman Pam Snyder Eve Sokol Appel Cindi Solomon Rita Solomon

Robin Solomon Jane Steele Ann Stein Kelly Stellrecht Tamar Sternfeld Kate Stillman Karen Ullian Judy Volkman Michelle Waters Trudi Weiner Miriam Weinstein Dorothy Weiss Paige Williams Ruth Wurtzel Linda Wyland Mindelle Ziff $1–$99 Anonymous (1) Ami Abramson Caitlin Adelson Stephanie Alexander Susan Altman Sharon Applebaum-Hess Melanie Archer Delphine Barnett Sharon Becker Frieda Bernstein Sharyn Bluestein Jane Borks Hirsch Gail Bosworth Helen Brandenburg H. Sandra Bregman Flo Breibart Philippa Brock Harriett Brown Heidi Brown Julia Brown Archie Burkel Rita Busman Judy Carle Diane Chard Michelle Chesny Blanche Cohen

Caroline Cohen Julie Cohen Pam Coyle Judith Dandridge Ann Epstein Linda Epstein Joan Feldman Linda Finkelstein Susan Firetag Missee Fox Marcelle Furchgott Roberta Gifford Alberta Glassman Kathy Glick Judith Goldsmith Carmela Gottesman Reggie Guigui Harriett Hall Barbara Hankin Mindy Hawkins Flo Herman Joan Herrman Madeline Hershenson Sharon Hox Daphne Hubara Pearl Hyman Marty Jackson Jan Jacobson Judy Kaiser Diane Katz Phyllis Katzen Susan Kaufman Sonya Knee Lora Kratzok Marsha Kronick Marilyn Larach Brenda Lederman Aasta Lefcourt Evie Lenoff Pam Leonard Alice Levkoff Millie Maier Dianne Mandel Jaffa Miller

Marcia Miller Natanya Miller Julie Moody Samantha Moody Catherine Morris Sarita Ogretmen Lucinda Olasov Jeri Perlmutter Jacki Powell Betty Quiat Rhonda Richards Leanne Rose Sara Beth Rosen LuAnn Rosenzweig Susan Rothberg MaryJo Rotstein Judith Rubin Gail Rubinstein Jean Rudich Jennifer Schager Linda Scheer Lynda Schwartz Katherine Shapiro Marlene Shulman Mira Shulmanovitch Carole Slotchiver Vicki Spiotta Hadassah Sternfeld Cynthia Stetzer Irene Taradash Jac Teppersmith Christine Toporek Lila Trussler Rachel Turbow Miriam Wilchanovsky Marian Yarus Shelley Yonas

Annual Impact Report

| 27

2016 ANNUAL COMMUNITY CAMPAIGN – MEN’S DIVISION $100,000+ Manuel Cohen $25,000-$99,999 Hyman Bielsky $10,000-17,999 Anonymous (1) Jack Brickman, OBM David Cohen Randy Friedman Sam Shapiro Jonathan Zucker $5,000-9,999 Charles Banov David Ellison Aaron Engel Louis Kirshtein Larry Lipov Spencer Lynch Harry Nadler Herb Rosner Howard Sherman Joseph Sokol $1,800-$4,999 Jonathan Altman Samuel Altman David Bachman Edward Berlin Stephen Bielsky Michael Brickman David Dumas Joseph Engel Michael Engel Harold Fox Richard Friedman Harry Goldberg William Grossman Carl Jacobson Ellis Kahn Lawrence Kobrovsky

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Charleston Jewish Federation

Barry Krell Jonathan Krell A. Lawrence Lemel, OBM Allan Levin Theodore Levin Michae Mills Howard Peskin Thomas Ratner Samuel Rosen Mitchell Sherman Mark Tanenbaum Stuart Tessler Alan Toporek C. Leonard Zucker $1,000-$1,799 Anonymous (1) Edmund Barron Norman Berlinsky Nathan Bluestein Ben Chase Neil Draisin Haskell Ellison Lowell Epstein Joseph Fischbein Mitchell Fischbein Neil Fisher David Gilston William Golod Aaron Hyman Gerald Kaynard Bruce Kleinman Eric Krawcheck Maurice Krawcheck Edward Kronsberg Allan Lieberman Paul Lynch Bernard Mendelson Gerald Messerman Norman Nirenblatt Alan Nussbaum David Pearlman Mark Pinosky

Michael Rabin Josh Reeves Charles Rittenberg Richard Silver A. Bernard Solomon Michael Stricker Mark Yampolsky Stephen Ziff $500-$999 Anonymous (2) Mark Antman Steven Berlin Philip Berlinsky Charles Bernstein Scott Bluestein Adam Brown Armand Derfner Jacques Deutsch Dennis Feinberg Stuart Feldman Harvey Friedman Neil Gewirtzman Charles Goldberg Barry Hoffman Ram Kalus Buddy Karesh Newt Klements James Leib Myron Lutz Roger Markowitz Owen Meislin Burnet Mendelsohn Robert Miller Robert New Carl Novit Wilfred Novit Michael Prystowsky Jeffrey Rieder Arthur Rosenblum Adam Rosner Joseph Rubin Dean Schuyler

Mark Segal Stephen Slotchiver Gary Snyder Walter Solomon Bernard Stark Lyle Walsh Victor Weinstein Mark Wine Marty Yonas $100- $499 Anonymous (3) Gary Allen Martin Appel Ross Appel Moshe Arfa Donald Backer Seymour Baron Kenneth Barrack Jan Basile Stephen Baumrind Jeffrey Bayme David Beckmann Ira Berendt Stephen Berman Brett Bluestein Wayne Braverman Jeffrey Buncher Kenneth Chavin Stanley Chepenik Glenn Cohen Jeffrey Cohen Michael Cohen Alan Coleman Ted Corsaro Mark Deitch Sam Dolinsky Malcolm Fages Fred Feldman Seth Fisher Kenneth Fox Paul Garfinkel Richard Glass

Martin Gold Benjamin Goldberg Herbert Goldberg Paul Goldberg Sanford Goldberg William Greenhill David Grossman Marc Haspel Joseph Heckelman Stanley Hoffman Warren Hyman Sewell Kahn David Kalik Charles Karesh Ian Kay Daulton Keith Stuart Kestenbaum Leonard Krawcheck Richard Kronick Seth Kupferman Murray Lancer Barry Lash Ira Lash Martin Lazarus Terrill Leff Scott LeRoy Elliott Lessen Yosef Levanon Arnold Levin Norman Levine Elliott Levy Lawrence Libater Meyer Lipman Allan Livingstain Wade Manaker Carl Masonberg Richard McEntee Joseph Mendelsohn Gary Neiman David Odle William Olasov Steven Ornstein Durward Parsley

Aaron Pinosky Herbert Rephan Adrian Reuben Jerry Robinson Harry Roggen David Rosenberg Ira Rosenberg Jeffrey Rosenblum Jerry Rothschild Alan Rovick Herbert Rovick Jay Rovick Eric Rovner Phillip Rubin Paul Rundbaken Patrick Rutledge Andrew Saffer Phil Saul Robert Seigel, OBM Robert Siegel Stephen Silver Jeffrey Simon Daniel Slotchiver Philip Slotin Scott Sternfeld Stanley Stewart Paul Sykes Igor Tsveyer Michael Ullian Fred Volkman Julius (Skippy) Weil Gary Weinstein Edgar Weiss Melvin Wyland Loren Ziff $1-$99 Anonymous (1) Jordan Adelson Charles Altman Dick Asher Stephen Bagg Jack Bass

Annual Impact Report

| 29

2016 ANNUAL COMMUNITY CAMPAIGN – MEN’S DIVISION Howard Becker Kent Bosworth Barry Breibart Clive Brock John Burkel Tim Carle Maurice Cohen Ronald Cohen Ed Coyle Mark Epstein Gerald Firetag Armand Glassman Myles Glick Leonard Goldberg Gabriel Guigui Raphael Haller Morton Hankin Al Hawkins Stuart Hirsch Charles Jackson Charles Kaiser Allen Kaplan

Our family has been honored to have served the Charleston Jewish community with trust and integrity for the past five generations. ~ Since 1865 ~

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Charleston Jewish Federation

Marvin Katzen Stuart Knee David Kratzok David Larach Sid Lederman, OBM Harold Lenoff Herbert Maier Jerold Martin Stewart Miller Brantley Moody Steven Moody Zachary Moody Nathan Olasov Eric Oser Martin Perlmutter Charles Richards Joel Ronner Phillip Rose Ira Rosenshein Steven Rosenzweig Joseph Rotstein Scott Saul

John Seaman Michael Segal Steven Shapiro Aaron Sherman Mitchell Sherr David Shulman Alex Shulmanovitch Irvin Slotchiver Andrew Sohor P. Andrew Solomon Daniel Stern David Sternfeld Noam Sternfeld Lawrence Swillinger Craig Toporek Martin Toporek Bob Trussler Nathaniel Wallace Greg Yarus Mark Young



to the Charleston Jewish Community!

Annual Campaign Chairperson Award

Jewish Family Services Volunteer of the Year Award



William Ackerman Volunteer of the Year Award

Max Kirshstein Community Youth Endowment Award



Leadership Award MIKE MILLS

2017 CJF ANNUAL CAMPAIGN Please join us by submitting your pledge to the Annual Community Campaign in 2017. Fill out and submit this pledge card to be part of our community campaign. Pledges are not due until December 31, 2017. Your generous contribution is an investment in our local and global Jewish community. I pledge $






o Enclosed is my check o Please invoice o Mastercard o Visa o AMEX Exp. Date


Telephone #

Security Code

Charleston Jewish Federation

176 Croghan Spur Rd, Ste 100 Billing Zip

Charleston, SC 29407

Annual Impact Report

| 31

BOARD AND STAFF MEMBERS 2017 BOARD OF DIRECTORS Stuart Tessler, President Eileen Chepenik, President-elect Ava Kleinman, Vice President Mike Mills, Vice President Ilene Turbow, Treasurer Hilary Rieck, Secretary Jan Pearlstine Lipov, Jewish Endowment Foundation President Harry Goldberg, Immediate Past President Ami Abramson David Beckmann Debbie Engel Harold Fox* Ellen Hoffman Marilyn Hoffman* Sharon Hox Ed Kronsberg Amanda Reeves Hilary Rieck Debbie Rothschild

CHARLESTON JEWISH FEDERATION AND JEWISH FAMILY SERVICES STAFF Judi Corsaro, Chief Executive Officer Sharyn Bluestein, PJ Library Connector (part-time) Sara Sharnoff Chesley, Director of Charleston Jewish Family Services Rebecca Engel, Director of Strategic Initiatives Judy Hinman, Senior Outreach Coordinator Vicki Schmidt, Accountant (part-time) Kelly Stellrecht, Director of Development and LIFE & LEGACYTM Coordinator

*Emeritus Lifetime Board Member

THE CHARLESTON JEWISH VOICE HAS Formerly a quarterly printed publication, the new online Voice is your resource for Jewish Charleston. Delivered regularly to your virtual mailbox and highlighting stories relevant to our community, we provide news on Jewish life in greater Charleston.

We can’t wait to connect with you. Visit to add yourself to our mailing list. Contact with questions. 32 |

Charleston Jewish Federation


THE WORLD IS AN UNSTABLE PLACE. WE BRING STABILITY. But we can’t do it without your help. Please join us by giving to our Annual Community Campaign. Give online at

Annual Impact Report

| 33

Charleston Jewish Federation Albemarle Pointe Center 176 Croghan Spur Road, Suite 100 Charleston, SC 29407


2 16 2 0 1 6 A N N UA L I M PAC T R E P O R T


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Charleston Jewish Federation

Charleston Jewish Federation 2016 Annual Impact Report  

We are pleased to share our Annual Impact report about how your investment strengthens Jewish life in greater Charleston, Israel, and around...

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