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Your Tradition... Your Legacy... Your grandfather’s Kiddush cup… Your grandmother’s candlesticks… A family’s siddur passed down from generation to generation... All precious items that your family cherishes. While we don’t think of them as heirlooms, our community’s Jewish organizations are no less cherished and valuable. Think of it: the synagogue where you were married… the school where your children and grandchildren learned Hebrew and Jewish values… the dining hall where your neighbor enjoys a hot, kosher meal… can you imagine if these all disappeared? We can all take steps now to ensure the survival of our community’s Jewish institutions, values and traditions. We invite you to create a legacy commitment to benefit a synagogue, school or service agency in Boca Raton, Delray Beach and Highland Beach – the process is easy and rewarding. Please consider making a legacy commitment through the Create a Jewish Legacy initiative to one or more of the Jewish organizations that you hold dear. This brochure will show you how.

My Jewish Legacy “Adding a bequest in my will to benefit my synagogue was easy and does not affect my current finances. It is so satisfying to know that I’m helping to keep Judaism alive in my community for many years to come.”

The benefits of legacy gifts are timeless… When you create your Jewish legacy, you will: • Preserve the foundation of Jewish life in Boca Raton, Delray Beach and Highland Beach • Plan for your family’s philanthropic interests and tax advantages • Perpetuate the Jewish traditions and values you cherish

What is a Legacy Commitment? A legacy commitment is your way to leave financial resources to Jewish organizations that embody your values, ensuring a strong Jewish future for our community. No matter your age, level of wealth, family status or affiliation, legacy commitments will help you realize your philanthropic dreams. Creating a legacy is an individual process, structured to fit your lifestyle, goals, family and financial needs.

Our Jewish Legacy “We enjoyed establishing a Charitable Remainder Trust to receive income and to provide for the future of the programs of special needs organizations.�

How Can I Make a Legacy Commitment? There are many “vehicles� for transferring assets to the organization of your choice. They include: Bequests/Trusts: Name an organization as a

beneficiary for a set amount or percentage of one’s estate, in either a will or trust. Benefits may include: Low cost, retain assets during your life time, avoid estate taxes. Purchase or transfer ownership of a policy to an organization that is named as the beneficiary. Benefits may include: income and estate tax savings, tax deductions on premium, low cost way to make a large gift.

Life Insurance:

Name an organization as the beneficiary of your plan. Benefits may include: the gift avoids both income and estate taxes and generates an estate tax charitable deduction. IRA/Retirement Plan Assets:

Charitable Gift Plans: Custom-tailored plans

include charitable gift annuities, charitable lead trusts, and charitable remainder annuity/uni- trusts. Benefits may include: income during your lifetime for you, your spouse, or another family member. Outright gifts of cash, real estate, stock and other property can be made during your lifetime.

How is the Legacy Commitment used? Unrestricted Endowment Funds are an organization’s “savings account” used in times of emergency or other non-designated needs. Designated Endowment Funds are “special purpose” funds which name a specific programs to which the income and/or principal of the fund is dedicated.

My Jewish Legacy “After speaking to my wife, I decided to buy a life insurance policy naming my daughter’s school as beneficiary. I can’t believe that I am able to make such an affordable planned gift! “

Questions and Answers When should I start to think about leaving a legacy?

Whether you have a will or just getting started the answer is different for each individual. Some people consider charitable planning when they receive an inheritance, liquidate an asset or securities or have a life cycle event. It’s never too early to think about how you wish to support your Jewish values. How do I begin?

First, reflect on your Jewish passions. What is important to you about our faith and people? What organizations in our community do you want to support now and well into the future? Next, talk with your family and trusted financial or legal advisors about your priorities and financial goals. Then contact your Jewish organization of choice for a confidential conversation with a planned giving professional to help you decide which options are appropriate for you. I’m not wealthy – are legacy commitments right for me?

No matter what your income or estate value, your gift is important. Every gift is essential in keeping vital programs alive – now and in the future.

My Jewish Legacy “Creating a Charitable Gift Annuity was easy once I called my financial advisor. I’m fulfilled knowing that I’ve helped ensure Holocaust survivors will have the services they need in the future while, at the same time, I’m maintaing the income I need.”

Create A Jewish Legacy is an initiative of the Jewish Community Foundation in partnership with schools, synagogues and service agencies to build a strong, vibrant community, local and worldwide, now and in the future. This community awareness program is designed to help individuals and families support the Jewish causes they care about. It promotes the message that all of us, regardless of age, wealth, family status or affiliation have the ability to secure our people’s traditions, Jewish values and create a strong Jewish future for generations to come.

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YOUR LOGO & CONTACT INFORMATION HERE The Create a Jewish Legacy initiative is generously sponsored by:

Create a Jewish Legacy  

Create a Jewish Legacy is an initiative of the Jewish Community Foundation in partnership with schools, synagogues and service agencies to b...

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