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Welcome to the second edition of FACETS: A Color Forecast! We’re delighted to share with you the colors the #JTIgems have seen trending for 2023. Globally speaking, our culture has been normalizing emotions, and it’s about damn time. I mean, we are human and the human condition is an emotional one. Mental wellness is at the forefront of conversations from budding children to aging adults and everyone in between.

Why am I writing so much about emotion? Because color is emotional. Do you know what else evokes emotions?

Textures. That’s what we landed on when we reviewed the many colors trending these days. Not only were certain colors trending but they were showing up within the context of texture. Think leafy greens and sandy wovens, two biophilic elements popping up all over your Instagram feed.

When we met to discover what each other found in our research of color, it was amazing to see the various buzzwords that came to people’s minds when they thought of certain colors. For instance, people offered “pure” for January’s green and “smooth” for June’s yellow. But that’s the wonderful thing about collaboration, we all come from different stories and backgrounds. If we worked on a challenge solo, the solution would have our input based on our narrative. However, working in conjunction with others creates discovery not only in the end product but during the process. My desire is for the following pages to push the boundaries of your current way of thinking and inspire you along the way!

2023 Facets


Fresh and vibrant, our hue to kick off 2023 is inspired by abundance. Lush, greenery surrounds Floridians year round and the biophilic trend in the interior design industry seems to be firmly rooted and here to stay. A symbol of new life, PMS 2406C represents pure, unadulterated growth. What better way to begin a new year?

Alligator Fact:

Three of the #JTIgems have an alligator as the mascot of their alma mater!



Flamingo Fact:

The pink color of a flamingo’s feathers comes from the food they consume. They mostly eat algae and shrimp. Did you know that the Flamingo is Jaclyn’s favorite bird?


Our March color is happiness personified and we can all use more positivity. In much of our nation, the sun starts taking over the sky more this month. PMS 3596C is a color we see often in Florida from evening sunsets to sandy beaches.

Parakeet Fact: Joy once had a parakeet named Lucy, after her Nana, her grandmother on her dad’s side.

PMS 2455C



Royal and luscious, PMS 667C is a purple containing enough gray to read as a soft neutral. It pairs with a wide range of colors from bright neons to other sultry jewel tones. We highlighted this color in great proportions in our collaboration with the

Suzette has held and taken a photo with a PMS



Bee Fact: In her free time, Cindy enjoys cooking for friends and family. She loves using local ingredients as often as possible, including Keez Beez honey from the Florida Keys in her recipes.

Sporty and confident, this bright yellow immediately lifts your spirit! This lemony color is represented by PMS 115C. You would be bold to use it within an interior, yet you won’t regret it! It adds zest to any space with a powerful burst, no matter how sparingly you use it. Limoncello, anyone?

PMS 115C


Have you ever taken in the beauty of oxidized copper? PMS 3268C captures its essence. Organic and raw, this patina is seen in natural copper that has been exposed to oxygen over time. Patina refers to any aging process that causes a material to change colors. Can you imagine if Lady Liberty was a warm metallic shade of copper vs. the glorious aqua color she is now?

Chameleons change their colors based on their surroundings, mood, light or temperature changes.
Chameleon Fact:
PMS 3268C



If you know JTI you know we love the steely blue nature of PMS 277C! We don’t see it going anywhere in both fashion and interiors. It is the medium tone of denim and that texture is a staple in American wardrobes. Regionally, we recognize this hue in the reflective quality of our iconic Hollywood Hard

Jellyfish Fact: Megan loves to snorkel in the bright blue waters of the Florida Keys, as often as possible. During one of her snorkels in John Pennekamp State Park, she was stung by hundreds of jellyfish.


October marks Breast Cancer Awareness month which is represented by the color pink. Light pink has been trendy for years now but this year we’re seeing a shift towards a more striking, bright pink often referred to as fuchsia paired with a lime green. PMS 240C and PMS 3570C represent the exact hues we have in mind. This combination is playful and sweet, yet packs a powerful punch!

PMS 240C PMS 3570C
Fact: Hummingbirds are the only bird in the animal kingdom able to fly backwards.


Siamese Fighting Fish Fact: Karissa loves painting animals. As a new Florida resident, she is working through a list of animals that are local to South Florida waters and the Everglades.

Velvety and mysterious, November’s color is PMS 7622C. It’s the color of Chicago brick and terracotta roof tiles. It also shows up in apparel and interior design. This color possesses the confidence of red but with a slight bend towards yellow, making it suitable for a variety of interior applications.



Matte black has been all the rage for a little while now but we don’t see it going anywhere anytime soon! From luxury automobile wraps to residential plumbing fixtures, PMS BLACK C is hot right now. It’s a go-to tone for holiday attire. What’s more suitable than a little black dress (LBD?)