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Nothing is more true and enduring than a mother’s love.

This Gift Set celebrates all the sweetness of a little girl

Everlasting Love Gift Set #GIFTSET13 $80

Sugar and Spice Gift Set #GIFTSET16 $150

Call us at (866) 700-6016 or visit us online at 2


Boy #79360 $25

Angel of Hope #79337 $25

Girl #79375 $25

Baby Carriage #79346 $25

also available in Blue

Dangling Heart #79173 $85

Pink Oval Lights #79311PCZ $65

Silver Heart with Pink CZ #79134PCZ $45

Baby Booty - Pink #79403PCZ $45

The little gold crown says it all - when you rule the hive, it’s good to show it! Queen Bee ... #79227 ... $55 Queen Bee - 14k ... #75432 ... $330


FAMILY BEADS This is an unusual shape for a Pandora charm - oval - which shows the design off specially well ... the hearts and Os picked out in gold and silver send the message! Love and Hugs ... #79430 ... $55

Rose #79394 $25

Love Bouquet #79441 $45

Oh My! #79431CZ $90


Rose Bouquet #79414 $85


January Garnet #79166GR $35

February Amethyst #79166AM $35

March Aquamarine #79166AQ $35

April Quartz #79166BK $35

May Chrysoprase #79166CH $35

June Pearl #79166P $35

July Carneol #79166K $35

August Peridot #79166PE $35

September Sapphire #79166SA $35

October Tourmaline #79166TU $35

November Amber #79166R $35

December Lapis #79166L $35

The name says it - the 14k golden hearts framed by the square charm speak of love and steadfast affection. Heart of Gold ... #79305 ... $85

This Gift Set features five spectacular ways to show your love

Pandora’s most memorable symbols of being the Queen of Your World

All You Need is Love Gift Set #GIFTSET18 $195

The Queen Rules Gift Set #GIFTSET19 $490




Dangle Earrings #29154E12 $80

Dangle Earrings #29154E11 $80

Necklace #39133E11-55 $75

Ring #19152E11 $70

Necklace #39133E12-55 $75

Ring #19152E12 $70


Ring #19153E12 $80

Ring #19153E11 $80

Ring #15115D $615

Necklace #35124D-45 $490

Earrings #25103D $375

Earrings #29163D $160

Pendant on Silk Cord not shown #39134D-60 $95 Leather Necklace with Perfect Posey Bead shown here $255


Ring #19154D $260


When you buy a charm, your efforts are helping poor children around the world gain access to lifesaving medicines. That means healthier children all over the globe and peace of mind for their mothers. It’s a beautiful way to look good and do good this Mother’s Day. Pandora is proud to partner with OneWorld Health, a nonprofit pharmaceutical company that develops safe, effective and affordable new medicines for the world’s most impoverished communities. For each charm sold, Pandora will donate $20 to OneWorld Health. OneWorld Health #79472CZ $80

In 2008 Pandora was able to make a $167,420 contribution to the Institute for OneWorld Health 7


also available in Blue & Red

Four Petal Flower - Pink #79260PCZ $55

Light Pink Flower #79619 $30

Flower for You - Blue #79644 $30

also available in Green, Orange & Teal

also available in Blue, Green, Orange, Violet & Yellow

Sea Green Zig Zag #79616 $30

Daisy White Enamel #79433EW $40

4 Petal Flower - Pink #79437E05 $45

Butterfly - Purple #79438E07 $45

Flower for You - Lime #79648 $30

Gold and silver leaves flutter on an oxidized silver charm, a striking tribute to Mother Earth and the beauties of the world around us. Tree of Life ... #79429 ... $80

GIFT SETS All Gift Sets include premium packaging, complimentary gift wrap and a Pandora Catalog. For the gardener there is nothing more perfect than tending to the flowers with your basket of tools while a happy little bird looks over your shoulder In The Garden Gift Set #GIFTSET15 $95


Purple Oval Lights #79311ACZ $65

Trinity Purple CZ Spacer #79368ACZ $45

4 Petal Flower - Violet #79437E02 $45


Lavender Promise #79482E11 $70


Everlasting Love #79448 $25

Love You #79200 $65

Key To My Heart #79288 $65

Wedding Cake #79347 $60

A very special gift set for a very special day. To be celebrated and remembered. I Do Gift Set #GIFTSET14 $205

Pandora makes the ultimate Bridesmaid gift. This special gift can be tailored to your price range be it a bracelet, a bead, or your very own special gift set. 10

Contact us for more details.

Softly gleaming white hearts adorn this charm, adding a wonderful accent to your bracelet. Love Me with White Mother of Pearl ... #79398MPW ... $45 Love Me with Black Mother of Pearl ... #79398MPB ... $45

Love Birds #79415 $80

Forget Me Nots Gift Set #GIFTSET10 $130

White Mystic #75406 $180

also available in Onyx

Forget Me Not - White Agate #79470AGW $45 11

Bible Dangle #79409 $45

NEW BEADS FOR SPRING 2009 A reminder that balance in life is so important ... and you don’t have to practice yoga to appreciate that! Black and white enamel create the yin and yang symbol on this gorgeous new charm. Yin Yang ... #79488CZ ... $70

Bow Purse with 14k #79474 $60

Clutch Purse with 14k #79475 $75

Horse #79479 $25

Elephant #79480 $25

Lavender Promise #79482E11 $70

White Promise #79482E12 $70

Forget Me Not #79484 $25

Perfect Posey with 14k #79485D $220

Scalloped Purse - Blue CZ #79473CZB $35

Scalloped Purse - Pink CZ #79473PCZ $35



Gilded Cage - 14k #75458 $200

Precious Memory with Diamonds - 14k #75459D $380

Forget Me Not - 14k #75461 $280

Teddy Bear - 14k #75462 $340

Lotus - Pink #75501 $180

Lotus - Orange #75502 $180

Lotus - Lime #75503 $180

Lotus - Black #75504 $180

All the new Lotus Glass Beads are created with a 14k Gold insert Lotus - Blue #75506 $180

Lotus - Purple #75505 $180


designers: Mads Trolle & Lee Anthony Gray The two goldsmiths have worked as a team for many of Scandinavia’s most prestigious jewelry companies including George Jensen. The inspiration for LovePods is the gentle unfolding of a fresh floral bloom. This exclusive collection has been crafted from 18 carat gold and high quality gemstones.

LovePods Rings are available in sizes 5, 5.5, 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9 and 9.5


1 Pod Ring in 18 carat gold with Peridot #97103PEA $400

Aqua Topaz Earrings in 18 carat gold #27106TPA20 $280

3 Pod Ring in 18 carat gold with amethyst and diamonds #97114MX2 $580

Amethyst Earrings in 18 carat gold #27108AMP $240


Pink Topaz Earrings in 18 carat gold #27106TPK20 $280

6 Pod Ring in 18 carat gold with CIG, TPR, PEA, TPK, TPA and AMP #97116MX3 $480

SUMMER SELECTIONS Golden starfish on a silver scallop shell bead ... memories of summer days and nights at the sea. Sea Shell ... #79249 ... $60

also available in Red CZ

Pineapple #79363 $25

Flip Flop with Amethyst CZ #79428ACZ $45


Ebb and Flow #79306 $60

Blue Pond #79336CZB $50

Clear with Teal Ribbon #79606 $30

Aquamarine Lights - 14k #75295AQ $200

Golf Ball Dangle with White Agate #79440AGW $75

Teal Polka Dots #79605 $30

Diamond Matrix - 14k #75313D $260

Big Aquamarines - 14k #75296AQ $355

Light Blue Mystic - 14k #75403 $180

Blue Ribbon - 14k #75343BTP $200

These two Gift Sets take you to a place where the sun is always shining and the sand is always warm Seaside Memories Gift Set #GIFTSET17 $175


Around the World Gift Set #GIFTSET01 $95


Large Beaded Posts #29600 $20 also available in 14k gold $150

Large Smooth Posts #29601 $20 also available in 14k gold $120

Medium Smooth Posts #29602 $20 also available in 14k gold $120

Medium Flower Posts #29603 $20 also available in 14k gold $120

Medium Heart Posts #29604 $20 also available in 14k gold $120

Onyx Hoop Charms #29625O $65

Mix & Match brings the trademark design and versatility that Pandora is famous for. Choose from five different post designs, which are available in 14k gold or sterling silver. Then choose from over 100 charm designs that can be combined for fabulous results.

Smokey Quartz Oval Rope Charms #29607SQ $30

Brown Pearl Small Beaded Hoop Charms #29618PCO $30 18

White Pearl Large Beaded Drop Charms #29610PDW $30

Moonstone Double Hoop Charms #29606MS $50

White Pearl Hoop Charms #29613P $30

Rose Quartz Flower Charm #29616RQ $50

Brown Pearl Trinity Charms #29609PB $50

Teal Pearl Drop Charms #29614PTL $30

A must-have for storing your Pandora jewelry. Multiple sueded compartments provide safe storage and good organization - and its size is right for storage in a drawer or for taking in your carryon luggage. Pandora Jewelry Box ... #P11430 ... $29.95



Circle of Friends #79445CZ $99

Purse - 14k with Diamonds #75340D $355

Breast Cancer Ribbon #79314PCZ $40

Pink CZ Purse #79309PCZ $35

Star with CZ and 14k #79188CZ $65

High Heel Dangle #79420 $30 also available in silver & gold $120


Cupcake #79417 $35

Life’s Path with Diamonds #79419D $170

You’re Yin ... I’m Yang ... but it’s ok because we’re best friends forever!

Three great beads make this Gift Set a fun surprise for the person who travels life’s journey, feeling groovy and in style.

Balance Gift Set #GIFTSET20 $175

In Style Gift Set #GIFTSET21 $80

Little silver smiles perk up your day on this appealing charm! Feeling Groovy ... #79400 ... $25 Feeling Groovy - 14K ... #75421 ... $355

White Primrose Path #79330CZ $60

Oxy Crown #79221CZ $45

Black with White Polka Dots #79603 $30

Link - 14k #75222 $85


LEATHER A great way to enjoy your Pandora beads! Pandora's leather necklace adds an imaginative and individual touch with a personal twist. Wear it with your favorite motifs or design your own to match the color of your favorite dress, your other jewelry, or just to bring out the color in your eyes.

Lariat Necklace - 14k Gold Tie #35956-100 $135 Lariat Necklace - Silver Tie #39954-100 $20

Leather Necklaces come in two distinct varieties. The Lariat is a full meter long and is designed to be layered and tied. The Lobster Claw Leather Necklace has a sterling silver clasp that can be adjusted to be worn at different lengths depending on your taste.

Silver Lobster Claw Leather Necklace Available in Black, Brown, Lime, Pink, Red & Turquoise $30



Graduation #79270 $30

Graduation - 14k #75273 $200

Apple with 14k Worm #79168 $45

Suitcase #79362 $25

Dangling Horse Shoe #79259 $30

Musical Note #79183 $30

Soccer Ball #79406 $40

Gold Hanging Star #79139 $85

For anyone setting out on a venture - a reminder that any journey begins with a single step. The Journey Bead has great texture and visual appeal, too. Journey ... #79401 ... $25

Congratulations Gift Set #GIFTSET22 $115

Royals Graduate Gift Set #GIFTSET-ROYALS $120

Graduation 2009! Let Pandora put together a bracelet with your school colors, for a beautiful keepsake of your college or high school years! As all the commencement speakers point out, graduation is only the beginning so start your journey wearing Pandora! Call us at (866) 700-6016 or visit us online at 23

Mother’s Day April 26th thu May 10th

In honor of Mother’s Day, you will receive a $25 Gift Card for every $150 of Pandora you purchase.* Gift Cards do not expire and can be applied towards purchases with 1-800 as well as the brands below:

* While supplies last

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Pandora Dream Book Spring 09  

Pandora Jewelry Catalog Dream Book for Spring 2009