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Letter from Event Chairman is a unique avenue to raise awareness about cancer. The purpose of the event is to repreCan you imagine a world with more birth- sent that cancer doesn’t sleep. It also represents days? A world where the conscious effort – cancer is scarce? The day or night – that famAmerican Cancer Society does and as the ily and friends are right alongside them, every chair(s) of this year’s step of the way through Relay For Life of Cullman County, so do their personal journey facing cancer. we. For those of you not We participate in familiar with Relay For Relay For Life because Life, let me briefly tell we know that the funds you about it. Relay For and awareness raised Life is the biggest help the American fundraiser worldwide Cancer Society save and is a huge part of lives and create more what makes the birthdays by helping American Cancer people stay well, by Society successful. It is helping people get well, made up of teams from by finding cures and by churches, businesses, fighting back. families, schools, etc. For nearly a century, that raise money the American Cancer through efforts such as Society has fought for car washes, bake sales, every birthday threatfish-fry’s, etc. All of this ened by every cancer in money that is raised every community…and goes towards the we couldn’t do it with- Society’s mission…savout you. For those who ing lives. participate in Relay For The American Cancer Life, spending a night Society saves lives by walking around a track helping people stay


ear Readers,

well through taking steps to prevent cancer or detect it early; helping people get well by guiding them through every step of the cancer experience; by finding cures through funding and conducting groundbreaking research; and by fighting back by encouraging lawmakers to do their part to defeat cancer and by rallying communities to join the fight. The theme of our Relay For Life this year is The Power of PurpleSimply the Best. We ask that each team decorate their campsite in accordance with the themeincorporating educational information on Cancer- and let’s all have one big Celebration. There are many people who we’d like to thank for their support and extreme hard work. Thank you first and foremost to all of our cancer survivors and their caregivers. You

make us very proud! Thank you to our sponsors, our teams, Cullman County Fairgrounds and any others that are a part of Relay For Life that we didn’t mention. And lastly, thank you to our Relay For Life Committee for your tireless devotion! We urge you to come join us on Friday, May 4 and Saturday, May 5, starting at noon at the Cullman County Fairgrounds. If you’ve never been to Relay For Life, it’s a community event that may change you forever. We will have plenty of entertainment, games, food and many, many more things to enjoy. So come help us save lives and create more birthdays! Let’s Relay!



Mavis Martin & Tim Kelly, Event Chairs



1-800-227-2345 and

The American Cancer Society’s National Cancer Information Center is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by calling toll-free 1800-227-2345. Trained cancer information specialists are on hand to answer questions and connect callers to local resources. Information is also available online at The site provides information about cancer, local resources, events and more.

Cancer Survivors Network®

The Cancer Survivors Network is a virtual community created by and for survivors where they can share experiences and provide support. The site is available at

Celebration of Survivorship

The American Cancer Society holds an annual Celebration of Survivorship during its Relay For Life events across the state. Cancer survivors are invited to lead the Victory Lap that begins the overnight Relay. To join this year’s celebration, please call the American Cancer Society at 1-800-2272345.

College Scholarships

The American Cancer Society’s Mid-South Division awards scholarships in the amount of $1,000 each to young cancer survivors. Eligible students must have had a cancer diagnosis before age 19, maintain a 2.5 GPA, be under the age of 25, and been accepted to an accredited college, university or vocational school.

Gift Items

Wigs, turbans, breast prostheses, prosthetic bras, and limited durable medical equipment are some of the items available free of charge to cancer patients.

Hope Lodge®

Sometimes patients need to travel away from home for cancer treatment, often for weeks or months at a time. In the Mid-South, the American Cancer Society has Hope Lodges in Birmingham, Lexington, Ky., Nashville, Memphis and New Orleans to provide free temporary housing so patients can focus on fighting their disease without worrying about lodging expenses.

I Can Cope®

I Can Cope helps patients and families meet the challenges of a cancer diagnosis through a series of educational classroom-style sessions or online at Topics include pain management, money matters, nutrition and more.

Look Good...Feel Better®

Look Good...Feel Better helps women undergoing cancer treatment cope with the appearance-related side effects of treatment and regain their self-confidence. The program is offered in group sessions by volunteer cosmetologists. Self-help materials are also available by calling 1-800-395-LOOK (5665).

Man To Man®

Man to Man is an information and support program to help men and their families cope with prostate cancer

HERE TO HELP through educational seminars, discussion groups and visitation programs.

Reach To Recovery®

This volunteer visitation program provides information and one-on-one peer support for those concerned about breast cancer. All volunteers are breast cancer survivors and are trained and certified.

Smoking Cessation

Patients can be connected with local resources to assist them in quitting by calling 1800-227-2345 or visiting

Support, Self Help Groups

These groups help cancer patients and their families deal with the physical and emotional stress of coping with cancer.


Cancer patients sometimes have significant transportation needs during treatment. The American Cancer Society has provided grant funds to qualifying hospitals or treatment centers to assist cancer patients with recurring and chronic transportation needs when no other assistance is available.

Who We Are

The American Cancer Society is working to create a world with more birthdays – a world where cancer never steals another year from anyone’s life. And we’re getting results. Eleven million people in America who are surviving cancer – and countless others who have avoided it – will celebrate another birthday this year, thanks in part to our work.

Helping People Stay Well

We help you celebrate more birthdays by showing you how to stay well. We save lives by encouraging people to take steps to prevent cancer or detect it early and provide you with screening recommendations and simple tips to live a healthier lifestyle.

Helping People Get Well

We help you fight for more birthdays by guiding you through every step of a cancer experience if you or someone you love is faced with a diagnosis. We provide information to help you make decisions and offer free services like transportation to and from cancer treatment or a free place to stay while receiving treatment far from home.

Finding Cures

Whether it’s discovering medications that help people live longer, or pioneering and promoting the most promising cancer prevention or screening tests, we’ve been involved in nearly every major cancer breakthrough in the last century. We’ve directed more than $4 billion into research efforts, including grants to 44 Nobel Prize winners.

Fighting Back

Whether it’s passing smoke-free laws, increasing funding for cancer research, improving access to quality health care, or inspiring communities to take up the fight through Relay For Life and other events, we fight on all fronts, because the lessons we learn from one battlefield can mean victory on another.

Your Life. Your Treatment.

Taking part in a clinical trial is one of your options for

cancer treatment. Each year, thousands of people at all stages of cancer are helped by clinical trials, and many more benefit from the positive results of clinical trials in the long term. When you are making important decisions about your cancer treatment, shouldn’t you consider every option? The American Cancer Society Clinical Trials Matching Service helps patients, their families, and health care workers find cancer clinical trials most appropriate to a patient's medical and personal situation, thereby increasing enrollment. We are also able to identify and help remove barriers that prevent patients from participating in clinical trials. Clinical trial information is tailored based on the diagnosis and treatment history, and helps patients avoid sorting through information about irrelevant or inactive research studies. We also help navigate through the clinical trial system by putting patients in contact with the study coordinators. Through a partnership with the Coalition of Cancer Cooperative Groups, the American Cancer Society Clinical Trials Matching Service helps patients find treatment, supportive care, and prevention and detection clinical trials for which they might be eligible. For more information on this free, confidential matching service that can find cancer clinical trials to fit your medical and personal situation, call 800303-5691.



Action Resources Environmental Services, Hazardous & Special Waste TRANSPORTATION

In Memory of Doug Smith

Doug lost his battle to Pancreatic cancer in April 2011.

We miss you Doug!!!




RULES FOR RELAY NIGHT The track must be Generators will also clear to allow for walking need to be turned off during this time. — do not loiter on the track. No use of vulgar, abusive or threatening lanOpening guage. Ceremony/Survivors Walk are “the reason” we have Relay For Life. Be No Smoking tobacco, drugs or alcohol respectful, get off the allowed-anywhere durtrack, and support the survivors and/or family ing event. and friends. No fighting/no No activity should be weapons. going on during the Do not throw trash on Luminaria Ceremony.

the ground; find a trash container.

No “boom boxes” allowed.

Be respectful to others participating in Relay No “bands” (noise) at For Life. individual campsites; no interference with stage Keep bathrooms clean activities. (no business soliciting allowed!). No horseplay. Gators/golf carts are for use by authorized persons only. No immoral conduct or indecency.

No bikes, skates, or ANIMALS! Small children should not be allowed to roam the park without proper

supervision. Age 14 years and under should be supervised by parent/guardian. And please remember to have fun! We are celebrating, remembering and fighting back during this 24 hour event. Please find a committee member (yellow shirts) with any concerns or positive comments.

EVENT SCHEDULE Power of the Purple/ Simply the Best May 4-5, 2012 Heritage Park in Cullman ➤ 6:30 p.m. Opening Ceremony: Prayer, silence, Temple Sign Team Performs, National Anthem ➤ 7 p.m. Survivor/Caregiver Walk: The Survivors will start the night on the track with the first lap and the Caregivers will continue with the next lap. Then each team (as a group with lots of energy) will follow the Caregivers. ➤ 8 p.m. Bra Modeling Donation Lap: Under the pavilion each participating team will dress up their male model in their designer bra with heels and a purse. After all the contestants are introduced they must take their purse and do one lap around the track collecting donations as they go.

The one that collects the most donations wins. ➤ 9 p.m. Luminary Ceremony ➤ 10 p.m. Parade of Teams: Under the pavilion a representative from each team will be introduced to explain their teams theme, T-shirt, and spirit stick. ➤ 11 p.m. Continue with Parade of Teams ➤ Midnight Celebrity Idol Variety Show: Under the pavilion each participating team will bring to the stage their favorite variety act. This could be anything from singing, dancing, magic show, cooking demo, etc... Lets go over the top with this one. ➤ 1 a.m. Relay's Hot Dog Cook-Off: Each participating team will have one hour to create their most tastiest hot dog creation to be judged at 2:00

am. All items must be prepared onsite. ➤ 2 a.m. Relay's Hot Dog Cook-Off Judging: All participating teams will have their hot dog creations judged, and any teams that want to can sell their hot dog creations at their tents at this time ➤ 3 a.m. Musical Chairs Scavenger Hunt: Under the pavilion each participating team representative starts out sitting in a chair lined up like musical chairs, the DJ will call out an item then everyone must run to find that item, BUT they can NOT get it from their team they must find it at one of the other tents, and then run back to find an empty chair. Just like musical chairs the last person still sitting wins. ➤ 4 a.m. Wet T-Shirt Contest: Beside the pavilion each team representative has 2 minutes to

run to a kiddy pool and put on as many wet T-shirts as possible and make one lap around the track. The first one to finish wins. ➤ 5 a.m. Mystery Bag Outfit: Under the pavilion each participating team will have 15 minutes to create an outfit for someone on their team from the bag of items given to them and make one lap around the track. The first to finish their lap wins. ➤ 6 a.m. Zumba Class ➤ 7:30 a.m. Breakfast ➤ 9 a.m. Awards ➤ 10 a.m. Closing Lap ➤ 10:30-noon Tear down & Cleanup Theme Laps: Mardi Gras, Hillbilly, Cardboard Box, Duct Tape, Decades Dance (’50s, ‘60s, etc.), Limbo, Crazy Hat, School Pride, Super Hero



Hopper Building Supply Hoppers Family Market 5530 Hwy 55 East Eva, AL 35621 256-796-7630 or 256-796-2862

7467 AL Hwy 69 North Cullman, AL 35058 256-796-6500 or 256-796-6600

Hours of Operation: Mon.-Fri.: 7-5; Sat.: 7-12; Sun: Closed

Hours of Operation: Mon.-Sat.: 7-9; Sun: 7-7



CULLMAN COUNTY FACING THE CANCER CHALLENGE How does the American Cancer Society work to reduce the burden of cancer? Here are some of the ways you can get involved: • Educate your peers about the importance of cancer early detection • Provide support and hope to newly diagnosed cancer patients and their families • Help children adopt healthy lifestyles • Contact legislators regarding cancer related legislation • Raise funds to support cancer research, services, and programs • Help identify needs, assets, and solutions as a community assessment team member • Distribute information about the American Cancer Society 800 number, services, and programs • Since opening in January of 2000, 35 Cullman County cancer patients and their caregivers have stayed free of charge at the American Cancer Society’s Hope Lodge in Birmingham. Collectively these guests have stayed a total of 898 nights saving them approximately $76,330.00 in lodging costs. • Over 60 Cullman County Cancer patients received help through the American Cancer Society’s Reach to Recovery, Look Good…Feel Better, and Transportation grants programs. • 182 patients have been provided financial assistance for more than 1523 round trips of transportation to and from their local treatment facilities through the American Cancer Society’s Transportation Grant Program. Information: The American Cancer Society is the most trust-

ed source of cancer information in the country. Through our tollfree line, 800-ACS-2345, over 1.5 million callers including patients, family members, medical providers and the general public are served annually. This service and our website are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Research: The American Cancer Society is the largest source of private, not-for-profit cancer research funds in the United States, second only to the U.S. government in total dollars spent. To date, we have invested more than $2 billion in cancer research and have provided grant support to 40 Nobel Prize winners early in their careers. Quality of Life: The American Cancer Society provides community based services and programs to enhance the quality of life of cancer patients and their families. Prevention and Detection: The American Cancer Society offers programs that educate and encourage adults to be screened for cancer and that educate adults and youth about how to adopt healthy lifestyles. Advocacy: Through its advocacy programs, the American Cancer Society educates policy makers about cancer and how it affects the individuals and families they represent. ACS Mission: The American Cancer Society (ACS) is the nationwide community-based voluntary health organization dedicated to eliminating cancer as a major health problem by preventing cancer, saving lives and diminishing suffering from cancer, through research, education, advocacy, and service.




1809 Dahlke Drive NE • Cullman,AL 35058 256-255-6736 • Toll Free: 866-670-6736


If you need an MRI Scan, Choose Cullman Open MRI. It’s a Patients Right to Choose!







Communities unite to fight for world with less cancer, more birthdays words “you have cancer”. Allen says, “I feel it has helped me becomes a cancer diagnosis doesn’t affect better person working on something just one. The three little words that is so much bigger than myself. “you have cancer” are heard Being able to see the strides we are and felt by families, by friends and making over the years with many even by communities. That’s why diagnostic tests available today as communities all across the nation well as much better treatment unite to fight the battle against can- options than even a few years ago. I cer. They’re fighting for a world with am happy to be a small part in such less cancer and more birthdays. a big picture and knowing, together The American Cancer Society every penny we raise — while workRelay For Life is more than just a ing together — is making a differfundraiser. It’s a life-changing event ence!” that gives everyone a chance to celeNo matter why you take part in brate the lives of people who have Relay For Life, one thing is clear: battled cancer, remember loved ones with every step you take, you are lost, and fight back against the dishelping the American Cancer Society ease. At Relay For Life, teams of peo- save lives. With your help, we aren’t ple camp out at a local high school, just fighting one type of cancer – park, or fairground and take turns we’re fighting for every birthday walking or running around a track or threatened by every cancer in every path. Each team is asked to have a community. Each person who shares representative on the track at all the Relay experience can take pride times during the event. Because in knowing that they are working to cancer never sleeps, Relays are create a world where this disease overnight events up to 24 hours in will no longer threaten the lives of length. our loved ones or claim another year Everyone's reason to Relay is as of anyone’s life. unique as their own personal story. For more information or to sign At Relay For Life, you can find healup your Relay For Life team, call ing, comfort, and support from oth800-227-2345 or visit www.relayforers who have faced cancer or who For your local information have lost a loved one to the disease. call Helen Allen at 256-709-4019 or You have a chance to meet people in visit the community who are equally as passionate about finding an end to Form a Relay For cancer in our lifetime. You can thank Life Team Online all the people who have done so Can’t make Relay for Life in much to support you through your personal cancer experience. And you Cullman this year? Form a team online! The American Cancer Society can gather together with friends, is bringing the power of the Internet family, and colleagues to laugh, cry, to Relay For Life, making it easier to and create lasting memories. participate without attending the Helen Allen, Team Development event. Chair, says “I became involved in Relay For Life is the American Relay in 1995 while working for the Cancer Society’s signature activity. It company you know as Axsys, then offers everyone in a community an became involved in the planning of this exciting event with the commit- opportunity to participate in the tee in 1997. I Relay in memory of my fight against cancer. Teams of people camp out at a local high school, dad and brother and in hopes that others will never have to hear the park, or fairground and take turns THE AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY,


walking or running around a track or path. Each team is asked to have a representative on the track at all times during the event. Relays are an overnight event, from 12-24 hours in length. Setting up a team online is easy. Just go to to create your own personal team page and send e-mails to friends and family members inviting them to join your online team or to support the fight against cancer by making a donation. For more information about Relay For Life in Cullman, call the American Cancer Society at 800-2272345 or visit

Relay For Life Fundraising Tips Raising money to support the American Cancer Society’s efforts to create a world with more birthdays is easy. Below are a few tips to help you get started and be successful with your Relay For Life efforts. Sign up to use the Relay For Life online fundraising Web site at and create your personal Web page. Start by clicking on “Sign Up Here” and select “Start a Team,” “Join a Team,” or “Join as an individual.” Send emails to everyone you know using our easy and fun-to-use email tool. Import your address book and send one of our sample emails, or create your own. You can also track your progress and send thank-you emails. Double Your Money: Many employers offer matching gifts programs, which means your $50 donation could turn into $100 just like that! Ask your personnel or human resource department to complete the paperwork required to get your gift matched. The Mighty Pen: Send a letter in the mail to friends, family, and coworkers asking for their support. Let them know if you are walking in honor of someone. Explain why the

cause is important to you; heartfelt messages get the best response. Don’t forget to send a thank-you note to people who donate. Talk it Up: Ask for a few minutes on the agenda of any meetings you will be attending. Explain why you are participating in Relay and ask for everyone’s support. If you are dedicating your efforts to someone who has been affected by the disease, tell that person’s story. Clean House: Hold a Relay For Life garage sale with all proceeds benefiting the American Cancer Society. Ask your friends and neighbors to donate items they no longer use. Celebrate: If a birthday or holiday is coming up, tell your family and friends that instead of a gift, you would like them to make a donation to the American Cancer Society for your Relay For Life team. Pin it Up: Post a flier talking about your Relay fundraising efforts on the bulletin board at your church or temple, in the office, at the gym, or at school. Make sure to highlight your name, phone number, email address, and your personal or team fundraising Web page address. Send the Message: Change the recording on your voicemail or answering machine to mention Relay for Life and talk about how callers can make a donation. Then, when you call people back, ask them to support your fundraising efforts. When emailing friends, add a “P.S.” asking for their support. Call Us: Call your local American Cancer Society office at 800-2272345 for more helpful hints on raising money. We can help you make this the most successful Relay For Life yet! ➤ The American Cancer Society, Inc. adheres to the Better Business Bureau’s strong standards for charitable giving.




300 4th Avenue SE Cullman, AL 35055 256-734-2131 04150183652dsv


Light a candle, spread hope

Join your community in the fight against cancer! At Relay For Life, teams take turns walking or running around the track. Teams consist of people representing companies, churches, clubs, organizations and families. During Relay For Life, team members enjoy games, food, music and camaraderie while camping out on the surrounding grounds. Participants also share in a special luminaria ceremony to remember those individuals who have been affected by cancer. Candles are lit in honor or memory of those touched by cancer and placed around the track. You are invited to support this effort by making a luminaria donation and having a candle lit in honor of a loved one who has been touched by cancer. Simply fill out the back of this form and return to a team member, team captain or mail your order to the address listed on the reverse side. Thank you for your support. For more information, call 1-800-2272345 or visit

American Cancer Society Lights the Way

Each year, American Cancer Society Relay For Life events hold luminaria ceremonies to remember those who have lost their cancer battle and honor those who have triumphed. After sunset, luminaria bags decorated with the names of those who have been touched by cancer are lit and left glowing throughout the night to remind everyone of the incredible importance of their participation. In addition to the luminaria bags at the Relay For Life of Cullman there is also the opportunity to make a donation for a “Torch of Hope� to be placed around the fairgrounds and lit in memory, honor, or appreciation of a loved one. Each Torch of Hope will include a name plate listing the name of the individual that the Torch is in honor, in memory, or in appreciation of. Individuals who make a donation for a Torch of Hope have the opportunity to keep them as a memento after the event. For more information on how to make a donation for a luminaria bag, contact the American Cancer Society at 800-227-2345 or Locally contact Mitzi Walker at 256339-4809, Helen Allen at 256-7094019, or any RFL Team.





215 Compass Way SW • Cullman, AL 35055 (256) 734-7883 (256) 734-7883






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YOUR LOCATION FOR JODEE POST-MASTECTOMY FASHIONS • Confidential, Competent, Caring Service Provided By Certified Fitters • Products Covered By Most Insurances • Annual Replenishment Of Products



2701 6TH Ave. South Birmingham, AL

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1871 Alabama Highway 157 Cullman, AL



When Experience Counts...


BROWN Probate Judge Proud er t r o p p u S


r o f y Rela

! e f i L

PD by Tammy Brown PO Box 177 Cullman, AL 35056


Telephone 256-531-8347 or Email:

Relay for Life  

Relay for Life 2012

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