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Anna Fascitelli Fitness and Wellness Center - University of Rhode Island North Kingston, Rhode Island 2010 - 2014 The Anna Fascitelli Fitness and Wellness Center for the University of Rhode Island is a state of the art introductory fitness center for the students of the university. Originally the dining commons, designed by Pietro Bellischi in 1965, the project won the first Progressive Architecture award, the modenist cast in place concerte structure, impressive in it’s own right, fell into disrepair after the constrcution of the new dinining commons, which was adjacent to the historic structure. The design for the new wellness center was to restore and reinvigorate the exsinting modern structure instead of razing and demolishing the building and replacing it with a new one in its place. The new design called for removing the existing loading dock portion of the building and creating a new entry, whose dramitic 30 foot cantaliever announce to the univeristy it’s importance and the start of it’s architectural procession. The existing building already provided lasrge area of open light filler rooms with concrete balconies connecting the rooms to the elevated main floor of the building. Seeking to keep that connection, the existing large portals were capped with a new , large module curtainwall structure to frame the modular nature of the building forms and to provide the new work out spaces a large uninteruppted view to the trees on the outside. The large, custom brick masonry was to be reparied and replaced, while in the areas of new construction and cladding was to be expressed in terra cotta and large format metal panels, whose joints echoed the modular nature of the building. The interior was gutted of the existing framed construction and openined up to express the sectional quality of the space and to express it’s construction. The cauffered cast in-place concrete construction was accented by clean ceiling plane forms that flowed through the space and provided visual connection to the circulation through the building. New architectural staris were created to provided vertical circulation needs within the structure and thier materiality was reminscent of the miniamal structure of the existing building. My roles on the project were numerous, from initial documentation for the RFP involving research and photography to generating the neccacary promotional renderings for the project and designing and generating numerous design concepts for the project. As documentation progressed, I was tasked with material and finish research for the overall volume of the project, as well as detailing and developing documentation systems to ease and streamline the construction process once construction was underway.

Site Plan

Existing Building

interior rendering - center stair

Exterior Rendering

Exterior Photograph of Entry

Exterior Photograph - Opening Day

Exterior Photograph New facade - New + Existing

Interior Photograph - Lower Level - Weights

Interior Photograph - Upper Level - Cycling

Interior Photograph - Lower Level - Cardio

Interior Rendering - Lobby

Interior Photograph - Lobby

Millwork Details

James evrard portoflio 2014 wellness web  
James evrard portoflio 2014 wellness web