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ocated on the wild Eastern Coast of Mauritius, Long Beach is the epicentre of an energetic locale. A lifestyle resort for active relaxation; footsteps away from all the action and excitement – full of fantastic restaurants, bars and high-spirited entertainment. It offers the perfect vantage point over the Indian Ocean. We let our personality shine through – friendly, energetic, professional and always going above and beyond. A must-visit destination. Stop dreaming. Start living. A tropical playground sets the scene for a bold island experience and a point of access to global cultures. Whatever your hotel fantasy, let us make it real. Contemporary by design, Long Beach is a playground resort by day and night. A space to play, eat, drink and help you focus on active relaxation. We exist to create experiences where passion and purpose come together.


Editor’s Letter I am often asked what makes Long Beach so special, on a tropical island that is home to so many luxury resorts! And, although, I feel that it is unfair to our own magnificent resort of Long Beach to pick just one element out of so many, I truly cannot commend our constant desire to improve and reinvent this little spot of paradise more! At Long Beach, we our constantly redesigning and improving areas of the resort to fit in with the guests’ needs and wishes, often surprising them with little luxuries they had not previously imagined! During the course of September 2017, Long Beach redesigned, repositioned and rebranded the resort to create a Lifestyle theme, where couples and families can enjoy a tropical playground that encompasses four areas that are close to all of our hearts: art, music, culinary delights and well-being. We have also designed and launched an endemic nature trail, allowing you to witness the plant and animal life that make up Mauritius and launched an incredible once-in-a-lifetime sunset kayak experience. Our newly released Sleep Therapy Program is yet another illustration of our aspiration to create the most luxurious experience for all of our guests. It has been designed to enhance your night’s sleep, with luxurious 400-thread count Egyptian Cotton sheets, a Digital Detox Box and an Eau Egyptienne body and pillow mist, designed by Cinq Mondes (our sensational Spa), to relax the mind and body and brighten your dreams! Cinq Mondes, a renowned French spa brand, will not just take care of a peaceful night’s sleep but has also introduced a unique wellness retreat concept to Long Beach, helping you to truly relax and rejuvenate during your holiday! Continuing along the line of these four pillars, we are now working with Michelin Starred Chefs, Celebrity Fitness Coaches, including Olivia Cooney and Julie Ferrez, Celebrity Spa Specialists, such as Su Man Hsu and an Olympic Swimming Coach, who was previously a French Olympian, Cecile Jeanson.


The renovation of our guests’ rooms is another perfect example of our dedication to creating a flawless resort for our guests. This will be completed in 2019 and will add a touch of glamour and exceptional elegance to this sophisticated resort. The renovations do not stop at the rooms. Our Lobby will be finished at the beginning of 2019 with a comfortable and stylish departure lounge area and an academy check-in section. This will be fitted in a classically Mauritian style, allowing you to experience the culture of a beautiful island, in an otherwise contemporary resort. With all this in mind, we look forward to welcoming you to our constantly changing and truly stunning resort.

Why is this Hotel Worth a Visit? Modern and wonderfully chic, the gorgeous and luxurious five-star Long Beach Mauritius is the ultimate place for holidaymakers looking for a sensational hotel that perfectly balances exceptional activities and experiences with blissful relaxation. This sublime resort is surrounded by vibrant tropical gardens and offers its guests a host of marvellous activities that range from wall


climbing and archery to indulging in out of-this-world spa treatments and fine cuisine. Long Beach Mauritius pulses with an energy that is almost tangible making it the perfect retreat for active couples and families looking for a special hotel to enjoy their holiday alongside the mesmerising tropical waters of Mauritius.

1.3 Km Beach Without question, something that makes Mauritius unbelievably special, is its unadulterated coastline. Long Beach has a stunning turquoise lagoon, pure white sand and gorgeous palm trees dotted along the beach. It offers a range of activities to suit all tastes! Reflecting its name, the hotel boasts an incredible 1.3Â km beach, perfect for sunset strolls. The white sand leads down to a vibrant and unspoilt coral reef lagoon, ideal for a snorkel! Perhaps the ultimate holiday experience for you is to revel and relax in the rays of the tropical sun all day long, watching the waves gently lap the shore. Or you might be more active, enjoying our varied array of water sports activities, many of which are complimentary. Whatever your favourite way to enjoy the coastline, we recommend waking up early enough to see the magnificient sunrise rise over the Indian Ocean, at least once during your stay!

5 Restaurants and 3 Bars At the magnificent Long Beach Mauritius, guests are able to indulge in phenomenal cuisine and sublime drinks and tropical cocktails at any of the five on-site restaurants and three bars. Sumptuous international and local delights are beautifully prepared and presented and make for an exceptional dining experience you are sure to remember for a long time. Those who love variety will certainly be thrilled to hear that there is a plethora of options at each of the five restaurants. 7

Unique Activities Long Beach Mauritius is known for its outstanding selection of wonderful activities – those that are included in the daily programme and others that you can opt to do any time you wish. Whether you are interested in a Pilates class and Qi-Gong, would like to try your hand at wall climbing, have always wanted to indulge in a day of water sports or would love to experience a glass-bottom boat trip, then Long Beach Mauritius is the place to be. Apart from a huge array of activities, there is also the option to make the most of the beach, the state-of-the-art gym as well as the gorgeous (and secluded) spa.

Cinq Mondes Spa and wellness Retreat The spa at Long Beach is certainly no ordinary spa; it’s a Cinq Mondes Spa and Wellness Retreat. This renowned Parisian brand is known for its luxurious treatments and stellar products which draw on powerful healing traditions and beauty rituals from around the world. The Cinq Mondes products are of the highest quality and sensorial appeal and are used liberally for the ultimate pamper experience during treatments influenced by ancient civilisations and modern techniques to ensure guests are able to fully embrace the healing and calming benefits of each treatment. 8

4 Swimming Pools What tropical paradise would be complete without a swimming pool or two, or in our case four! Our main swimming pool, which is a comfortable 1,400Â m2, situated close to a bar, the perfect area to relax and play with the whole family! There is also a stunning infinity pool overlooking the beach, which is dedicated to adult use only. If you are hoping to workout whilst away, our training pool situated just in front of our airy gym is the perfect place to get in a few lengths and keep up the fitness regime! We also have a kids-only pool that allows your little ones to take their first swimming strokes in a safe and comfortable environment!

Family-Friendly Resort If you are looking for the ultimate family hotel with a little something for everyone, then you can’t go wrong with Long Beach. The hotel is bound to be the perfect playground for your sublime family vacation in paradise.


PEOPLE OF THE SUN To make sure that guests have remarkable moments on their holidays in Mauritius, Sun Resorts has many unique offers, one of the latest being “People of the Sun”; extraordinary live local music events at sunset, created to ensure guests enjoy truly memorable afternoons and evenings. The concept of People of the Sun was created by Sun Resorts to ensure that the aweinspiring island sunsets (and the island lifestyle) are enjoyed to the absolute maximum. But there is another reason for these spectacular events; to promote the unbelievably brilliant local musicians, with a focus on phenomenal Mauritian-inspired songs that help to build a strong DNA of Mauritian musical integrity. Sensational local artists and live music set the tone for absolutely sublime afternoons and evenings characterised by fine, islandinspired tropical cocktails and uninhibited views of one of nature’s finest spectacles. These are the types of holiday experiences that stay with you for the rest of time.



People of The Sun and House of The Sun : People of the Sun promotes the best local artists of the Mauritian scene. This weekly musical event is : LIVE concerts on the beach in front of the most beautiful sunsets of the west and east coast every weekend from 18h00 to 20h00 from Friday to Sunday at Sugar Beach and Long Beach. 10

People of the Sun and House of the Sun HOUSE OF THE SUN There’s something about the island lifestyle that is highly alluring; the very thought of gorgeous sunsets over the ocean and beautiful warm evenings makes many people want to pack their bags immediately. This is why Sun Resorts has decided to launch a new offer; “House of the Sun”, allowing guests to embrace the

phenomenal tropical Mauritian weekend evenings like never before. The House of the Sun concept was designed to kick off the weekend festivities with Sun Resorts in style, with incredible island-inspired music played by some of the best DJs in Mauritius. Spearheaded by the legendary Mauritian electronic music

pioneer David Jay, House of the Sun centres on promoting excellent local DJs along with a number of international house celebrities who provide the outstanding music to set the ultimate beach party scene. The songs played vary from smooth classic house tracks to more downtempo lounge tunes inspired by Balearic house music to set the mood for your magical evening in Mauritius.


FROM 20:30 TO 23:00


House of the Sun promotes the hottest DJs of the moment. Under the direction of Mauritian electronic music pioneer David Jay, House of the Sun is designed to focus on the best of Balearic songs. These music pieces range from classic and traditional house to more “down tempo” and “lounge” interpretations. The DJs will be accompanied by the best saxophonists, drummers, violinists or even singers of the island. The goal is to promote a tropical version of house music in a refined environment. 11

The Bucket List: Mauritius Edition Activities and Sites You Shouldn’t Miss


ark Twain once said “Mauritius was made first, and then heaven, and that heaven was copied after Mauritius”—and over a century later, this emerald green gem that rises dramatically out of the crystal-clear cerulean waters is as idyllic as ever. This outstanding destination is hugely popular with celebs looking for a luxury retreat, couples looking for a romantic getaway—it’s a sublime honeymoon destination—and wonderfully memorable family holidays. Here you will feel as if you have entered a dreamworld where power-white beaches melt into azure waters and are lined by coconut palm trees and luxury resorts—there’s no wonder Mark Twain considered this to be paradise on earth. Beyond the beach and glistening waters, you will find jungle-like interiors, eclectic and interesting cities and wonderful historic sights just waiting to be discovered. Not sure where to start? Here are six of our favourite activities in Mauritius that deserve to be on your bucket list:

Ile aux Cerfs Mauritius has a huge variety of remarkable beaches and places from which to soak up the phenomenal African sun and marvel at the sheer beauty of the Indian Ocean. But one of the most exceptional places to enjoy the beach during a memorable day trip is undoubtedly the outstanding Ile aux Cerfs Leisure Island or if you are a keen golfer, then a trip to the Ile aux Cerfs Golf Club. This magnificent island just off the east coast of Mauritius has everything you could want for a fun-filled day in the sun; a choice of excellent and varied restaurants, ample land- and water-based activities for the whole family, phenomenal beaches (and all the creature

comforts you could need for a great beach session, such as sun loungers and clean beach towels which are available to rent), an amazing lagoon and an outstanding beachside bar—this is the ultimate day trip destination. Golfers can enjoy the world-renowned par 72, 18-hole golf course designed by Bernhard Langer, which is technically challenging but incredibly worth the visit for the experience on playing on such a breathtakingly beautiful course where everyone is treated like a VIP. Whatever you do, set aside some time to take in the wonders of Ile aux Cerfs.

Grand Bassin Ganga Taloa, Mauritius Well worth a visit while on a magical trip to Mauritius, is Grand Bassin. This lake is set amongst the mountains of Mauritius, approximately 1800 feet above sea level, and is the most important and sacred Hindu place on the entire island. The sacred lake (also called Ganga Talao) is believed to contain holy water from the River Ganges in India, and it is home to a temple that has been dedicated to Lord Shiva. This incredible lake was discovered by Pandit Jhummon Giri Gossagne Nepal. This Hindu priest lived in a small village in the north of the island and one day had a dream about a holy lake in Mauritius, which he believed 12

was connected to the sacred Ganges river. He went in search of the lake he had seen in his dreams and when he came to Grand Bassin, he knew it was the one. The news of his dream and the sacred lake spread quickly and so pilgrims started walking to the lake. Today, during the Hindu festival Maha Shivaratri, many locals embark on this pilgrimage from their homes to the lake on foot and it’s become one of the most important pilgrimage sites outside of India. In 2007, to add to this remarkable site and in homage to Shiva and Durga, two 108 feet statues of the deities have been created to welcome those who journey to this spiritual site.

Bois Chéri Tea Plantation and Factory

Maison Eureka, Moka, Mauritius Stunning colonial houses dotted around Mauritius stand as a reminder of the island’s interesting past, but if you only have time to see one, then it should definitely be the Maison Eureka. This unbelievable wooden colonial mansion is situated in the cooler interior of the island. From here you can take in the amazing vistas of the Moka mountains, marvel at the lavish interiors and luxury of the mansion on a tour of the house and savour a drink surrounded by absolute opulence in the tea room. The lush gardens of the property are open to keen explorers and the house itself boasts elegant architecture, antique furniture and fascinating photographs which give you a glimpse into a bygone era.

The first tea plantation in Mauritius (it was originated in 1892), the Bois Chéri Tea Plantation is also found in the south of Mauritius and is certainly worth a trip. Generally, the second stop on the tea route, this unbelievable and picturesque tea plantation offers guided tours which allows you to uncover the plantation’s fascinating past as well as how valuable tea and the production thereof become in Mauritius. The museum gives wonderful insight into the history of tea production on the island (it was brought to Mauritius by the British) and you will be able to enjoy panoramic views from the plantation as well as be able to sample some of the wonderful teas from the property.

Rhumerie de Chamarel Mauritius is hugely famous for many diverse reasons such as textiles, the dodo bird, immaculate beaches, world-class luxury resorts and of course, sugarcane plantations. But export-grade sugar was not the only product that came from these plantations. Rum has been produced in Mauritius from molasses for some time. But in 2006, when the Mauritian government lifted a ban on distilling sugar cane juice, the rum industry really got the sugar rush it was looking for and the market was introduced to Agricole rum. Making the Rhumerie de Chamarel one of the best points of interest in Mauritius. While the Rhumerie de Chamarel is the newest addition to the rum distilleries on the island, it’s one of the best to visit in order to learn more about the manufacturing process and the importance of Mauritian rum. More importantly, you will be afforded the opportunity of sampling the rums and so discovering which of the various offerings infused with local flavours is your favourite.

Domaine de L’Etoile The perfect reserve for those who like a little excitement in their adventures; here you can explore the forested terrain by hiking, bicycle, quad bike, or on horseback. You can also indulge in the wonderful gastronomic offerings at their restaurant or try your hand at archery. Keep your eyes open for some of Mauritius’ rare birds or Java deer that were introduced to Mauritius by the Dutch, and which still thrive here today. 13

Rooms and Suites Every room at Long Beach enjoys close access to its immediate stretch of beach, garden or pool. There are 255 contemporary rooms facing the sea, all featuring a private balcony or terrace. Sleek and stylish furniture, natural mid-toned colours, air and light enhance the spacious and generous interiors and set an intimate and restful ambience. King-size beds, free Wi-Fi internet access, and individual air-conditioning add to an ultimate personal comfort in our luxury hotel rooms.


Junior Suite Ocean Front



Junior Suite

WHAT’S NEW? Unwind and relax in 8 layers of pure comfort with a memory foam mattress topper, down duvets and pillow, our signature pillow menu and wrap yourself in pure luxury in our 400 thread Count Egyptian cotton sheets. Long Beach introduced its signature scent, GINGER 41, a clean invigorating aroma with notes of green tea and the spicy notes of ginger along with a new set of all bathroom amenities sprinkled with hints of Ginger.

JUNIOR SUITES (60 M2) Rooms with king-size or double beds in an elegant tropical flair, facing the sea in an elevated location with beautiful garden view, including a spacious furnished private terrace.

Junior Suite Pool Access

JUNIOR SUITES POOL-ACCESS (64 M2) Rooms with king-size beds in bungalow style with an elegant tropical flair including a spacious private furnished terrace with direct garden access. Calm location nestled in the lush tropical gardens in the heart of the resort offering short and comfortable access to the main pool area and the hotel Piazza with all its restaurants and facilities. Junior Suite Pool Access


JUNIOR SUITE SEA-VIEW (60 M2)  Upper floor with king-size or double beds in an elegant tropical flair with stunning sea view including a spacious private furnished terrace.

Junior Suite Sea View


Junior Suite Sea View

Junior Suite Beach Access

JUNIOR SUITE BEACH-ACCESS (64 M2) Ground floor rooms with king-size or double beds in bungalow style with an elegant tropical flair including a spacious private furnished terrace with direct access to the beach and garden, overlooking the sea, beach and the turquoise lagoon.

Junior Suite Beach Access


JUNIOR SUITE OCEAN-FRONT (64 M2) Contemporary deluxe rooms with king-size or double beds on ground floor/ first floor with an elegant tropical flair including a spacious private terrace or balcony directly located at a serene beach front overlooking the exclusive beach with butler service, private creek and turquoise lagoon.

Executive Suite

Junior Suite Ocean front 20

Family Suite

EXECUTIVE SUITES (132 M2) Enjoy tailor-made butler service upon request in our elegant suites on the ground floor with warm and elegant tropical flair including generous living area, king-size beds, walk-in wardrobe, guest toilet and spacious private furnished terrace offering a blend of open-air and indoor living directly located at a serene beach front overlooking the exclusive beach, private creek & free access to Sun Beach with butler service and turquoise lagoon.

FAMILY SUITES (86 M2) Spacious Family Suites with king-size beds on the ground floor/ first floor with private furnished terrace or balcony in an elegant tropical flair including a spacious separate kids’ part with sofa beds and a separate kids’ bathroom/ toilet. Ideal location for the family in the tropical garden close to theKids club area.


UPCOMING PROJECTS NEW ROOMS LAYOUT AS FROM 2019 An environment encapsulated with the upmost elegance and beauty defines the overall interior styling. Subtle connections are made between the interior and its external backdrop through the refreshing applications; reflective of the surrounding ocean, movement of the water and more specifically, the reflections of light as the mirror off the waves.


This narrative then naturally evolves through the colours of accessories and the decal within the bathrooms, whilst the materials and fabrics maintain light grey tonal shades. Understated sting ray patterns and textures are elevated through the wallpaper in the creation of a statement feature, remaining true to the interior’s subtle ocean narrative.

The interior identity is a beautiful connection to the ocean and its inherent sea life, exuding elegance and luxury, yet remains humble to its operational aspirations, without ever appearing faux of thematic.


RHUM ACADEMY & ART GALLERY AS FROM MARCH 2019 A seamless check-in and bar experience could set the Long Beach Resort property apart from its competitors. Serving a cocktail of local Mauritian Rum or sweet sugarcane could be the unexpected welcome that guests remember. Or perhaps the cocktail class, hosted right in the Lobby’s Rum Academy where guests have the opportunity to work one-on-one with the bartender to create their own mix, will be the experience that keeps them coming back for their next Mauritian holiday. The important first impression of striking architecture, comfortable lounge seating, and a seamless check-in and bar counter is sure to leave a lasting impression on returning and new guests. The welcoming bar serves up fresh cocktails inspired by bold flavours and only the best local rums. A live DJ gives the Rum Academy bar a lively atmosphere as guests return in the evening to learn how to make a delicious cocktail of their own. Standing side by side with the resort’s bartenders, guests can create a new take on a classic favourite. The Art Gallery offers an experience like never before. Starting from the ever-evolving “guestbook” of sticky notes, all the way to the live-feed “insta” screen, where guests can hashtag their favourite resort vacation pictures to be featured on the live display. This space is surrounded by a continually cycling art display featuring pieces by local talents, from sculptures and paintings to photography and interactive displays.



DEPARTURE LOUNGE AS FROM NOVEMBER 2018 The departure is a new space where guests can relax and refresh before their busy days of sport or travel. The Departure Lounge is just that. A new, comfortable lounge greets guests looking for a quiet place to relax before their next outing. The space’s midcentury inspired design effortlessly flows from the Lobby. However, the Departure Lounge has a character all its own. With light architectural finishes, soft tones, and plenty of seating, visitors will always feel welcome to take a seat and unwind. The fully stocked drinks counter, contemporary shower and changing room, and mix of indoor and outdoor seating ensure that the needs of every guest are filled. So, whether it be before tee time or a journey home, the Departure Lounge is an important part of the guest experience and the resort’s final opportunity to make a lasting impression. The space also offers guests the chance to shower and change before their upcoming journeys. A contemporary-styled bathroom with touches of mid-century design complements the rest of the Departure Lounge. Its understated and streamlined fixtures give the space a clean, easy look. Finally, simple materials, textures, and soft tones allow guests to relax and refresh. The experience wouldn’t be complete without a refreshment. Infused waters, brewed coffees, and soft drinks are available to cater to each guest’s preference. A styled counter elegantly displays the coffee and espresso machines and houses an under-counter refrigerator for visitors to grab their own drink. The Departure Lounge is now the place to unwind before starting a busy day.






Restaurants and Bars Treat your taste buds to a fine dining experience within our five restaurants. Experience the signature delights of Japanese gastronomic restaurant Hasu or indulge on a Mediterranean feast at Le MarchĂŠ. As the evening draws to a close, indulge on signature sips at Shores Bar complete with a sensational beach backdrop reaffirming the property as an iconic escape.




Sapori 30

Gastronomy at Long Beach’s Sublime Restaurants Just when you thought it couldn’t get better, it has another amazing facet; it’s an outstanding destination for gourmets who, with five spectacular restaurants at the resort itself, would be hard-pressed to find a superior gastronomic destination. If you are looking to find a resort that offers everything a bon vivant could possibly dream of, this is certainly it.

HASU The crown jewel of Long Beach’s restaurants, the authentic Japanese fine dining restaurant, Hasu, offers discerning guests a sensory gastronomic experience like no other. Steeped in ancient Japanese traditions and flavours, this exceptional establishment is the quintessential venue to celebrate special occasions or just to spoil your beloved to an unforgettable romantic dinner with sensational, worldclass cuisine. With a central sushi station, grill centre and yakitori bar, or the option of semi-private and à la carte dining areas, it offers everything you could want for an exceptional gastronomic experience. TIDES This wonderful, beach-chic restaurant, ideally situated between the main pool at Long Beach and the pristine beach, offers sumptuous seaside fare. Beautifully presented dishes are created using the freshest ingredients enhanced by aromatic spices to please even the most discerning palates. The menu offers a variety of both Mauritian and international dishes; from outstanding salads and sandwiches to delicious local fish, shellfish and tantalising desserts. It’s a prime establishment to relish a delectable casual meal during the day  –  mere metres from your sun lounger – allowing you to maximise your time in the warm Mauritian sun, and a magnificent setting for a romantic, candlelit dinner with your beloved. SAPORI This elegant Italian restaurant is ideally situated on the hotel’s piazza and offers guests the opportunity to indulge in ever popular, familiar and fabulously comforting Italian dishes – from rich pastas to wonderfully prepared salads and

delicious desserts. This wonderful restaurant is perfect for couples and families craving their favourite Italian flavours, each dish created with care and made with the highest-quality ingredients. CHOPSTICKS Located centrally on Long Beach’s piazza, this a la carte restaurant offers diners a casual Asian-inspired restaurant that has been designed with a modern flair. Across Asia, unique culinary experiences tantalise the taste buds. Many well-known dishes like tandoori, noodles, and rice represent the world’s understanding of Asian dishes. However, with a departure from the expected, an Asian dining experience can become a true journey. Bringing classic flavours with a modern twist, using new techniques to reinterpret favourites and engaging guests in the food presentation will spark a new culinary appreciation for these styles. The popularity of Indian, Thai, and Chinese cuisines needs no introduction. These tastes, flavours, and iconic dishes are a familiar sight to many. It is therefore a challenge to stand out as an Indian, Thai, or Chinese restaurant when guests know what to expect from the menu. That is unless one has the ability to reinvent these cuisines without taking away their essence and soul. The taste is pure and simple cuisines needs no introduction. These tastes, flavors, and iconic dishes are a familiar sight to many. It is therefore a challenge to stand out as an Indian, Thai, or Chinese restaurant when guests know what to expect from the menu. That is unless one has the ability to re-invent these cuisines without taking away their essence and soul. The taste is pure and simple form.



One of the most remarkable things about Long Beach Mauritius is the array of unique offerings that only happen for a limited period—something that very much sets it apart from any other hotel on the island. These unique offerings almost always involve incredible Chefs who are able to bring something special to the Long Beach and offers the guests extraordinary “limited edition” opportunities and culinary experiences.

CHEF JEAN-PIERRE VIGATO 2 Michelin-Starred Chef Holding the memories of his mother’s home-cooking, his father’s Italian heritage and the French market produce in his home town, Île-de-France, in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine, Chef Vigato brings his culinary philosophy alive: simplicity, flavour and honesty. Chef Vigato began his culinary career as an apprentice at the hotel Le Moulin d’Orgeval, located a half-hour outside of Paris. After taking a year out for military service, he began working at the Two MichelinStarred Chez Albert restaurant on the city’s left bank. His hands-on experience with owning and running a restaurant began in 1978, with the purchase of Les Roches Gourmandes. He sold that restaurant within months and, the following year, opened Grandgousier, which earned him his first Michelin star in 1981. He opened Restaurant Apicius in 1984. The restaurant earned its first Michelin star after just one year of operations and its second Michelin star three years later.

AWARDS AND RECOGNITIONS · Elected Cook of the Year by the guide Hachette (1988). · His restaurant, Apicius, has had two Michelin stars since 1986. It has only one since 2014. · Jean-Pierre Vigato has just been chosen as culinary adviser of the French restaurant of the La Mamounia palace in Marrakech. DISTINCTION Knight in the Order of the Legion of Honour (2010) Chef Vigato will accompany Long Beach at the Golf & Gourmet Trophy.

CHEF MORENO CEDRONI Two Michelin-Starred Chef Moreno Cedroni. In 1984, he opened the “La Madonnina del Pescatore” restaurant. The acclaimed chef won his first Michelin Star in 1996 and a second Michelin Star in November 2006. Moreno Cedroni brought a spirit of avant-garde in Italian cooking. He is considered as one of the most innovative Italian chefs, a true “enfant terrible” of international cuisine; perfectly blending Italian and Japanese cuisines. One of his most famous dishes “the rhombus rib”. Chef Moreno hosted an exclusive tasting dinner in our Signature Restaurant Hasu in December 2017.


CHEF BRUNO DOUCET Chef Doucet is a native of the Touraine and was born into a family of hunters. At fifteen, he started as an apprentice at Charles Barrier in Tours. Two years later, he went to train with Andr. Lenormand (MOF) in Orléans. Two more years on and he joined Fouquet’s in Paris under Guy Kreuzer, then Prunier’s with Gabriel Biscaye, where he worked his way up from kitchen assistant to sous-chef, before moving to Pierre Gagnaire for a year. In 1998, he became Jean-Pierre Vigato’s second at Apicius until 2001. Chef Doucet took over La Regalade from Yves Camdeborde, known for his concept of “Bistronomie” restaurant in 2004. He now owns and operates 3 branches in Paris. The famous French Chef Bruno Doucet took over the Sapori Kitchen from the 17th to the 19th November, for an exceptional gastronomic journey.

CHEF MICHEL PORTOS Two Michelin Stars. Beginning his career in Bordeaux, France, and training alongside esteemed chefs, Portos honed his talent for culinary technique, execution and creativity. His menu combines the art of simplicity with basic ingredients at the core of his dishes, with a twist of modern cooking methods – creating a fusion of unique and distinctive flavours. He currently is the Chef Owner of the brasserie Le Malthazar in Marseille. Chef Michel Portos has embarked our guests on a gastronomic journey at Sapori in April 2018.


CHEF LIONEL LEVY One Michelin Star. Rightfully seen as the leader of the new Mediterranean cuisine, Lionel Levy learned his trade from internationally acclaimed chefs such as Eric Fréchon and Alain Ducasse. Having moved to Marseille in 1999 the city has become his adopted home and it is there that he gained mastery of the local cuisine, the result being a Michelin-star holder since 2005. Inventive, inquisitive and always eager to discover new recipes best sums up this chef. In October 2017, Chef Levy took over the Tides kitchen at Long Beach to showcase his creativity with an exclusive menu to delight our guests.

CHEF ANTOINE HEERAH Antoine Heerah, a one Michelin-Starred Chef. Native to Mauritius, Antoine Heerah has maintained a cheeky “joie de vivre”, which manifests itself in his huge smile. From his apprenticeships in Paris  –  including L’Arpège with three-starred chef Alain Passard – he has garnered a detailed knowledge of the best French products. Combining his Mauritian and French cultures, the chef offers an inventive, unique and personal cuisine. He was awarded a Michelin star in 2003. He led the Tides Kitchen in January 2018 for a couple of days for a creative culinary journey with a perfect blend of his influences.


CHEF CARL MARLETTI Inspired by his grandfather pastry baker Carl Marletti, diploma pastry chocolate confectioner in his pocket, began his career as an intern at Lenôtre and became an apprentice at Potel and Chabot. He joined the Grand Hotel Intercontinental as chef de partie and pastry chef of the hotel and its famous restaurant Café de La Paix Opera House. In 2005 he renamed the Famous Thousand Leaves. Now it will be the Five Hundred Leaves designed by big names in fashion: Agatha Ruiz, Stella Cadente, Agnes. B, Chantal Thomas. A success! In love with a pastry that knows how to combine flavours and textures, crispy and soft, he opened his shop in 2007 in a district called “de bouche”, the district Mouffetard / Saint M.dard in the 5th arrondissement of Paris, to meet the demand of its customers in search of real flavours. Carl Marletti revisits the recipes of the great classics of the Maison Boissier. Carl Marletti will create two pastries for the Long Beach.

THE TRAVELING BARTENDERS With a background in the UKs best rum bars, The Travelling Bartenders have the enviable ability to withhold information about spirits categories, ingredients, methods, regions and more which makes them an inspiring trainer and mentor. As an internationally known bar manager and bar consultant, The Travelling Bartenders have worked in some of Asia and Europe’s most prestigious hotels and cocktail bars. Together over 5 years the Travelling Bartenders have worked in 10 different countries, inspiring and training many bartenders, creating cocktail menus, designing bars and serving wholehearted hospitality to guests from all over the world. The Travelling Bartenders created the new signature cocktail menu for Long Beach and have activated mixology master classes for our guests.



Recipe by LB LOCAL SPINY LOBSTER SALAD Ingredients: The Lobster Salad 1 Whole Lobster, approximately 1 lb 1 Red Leaf Lettuce A Few Sprigs of Watercress, Leaves removed if the stalk is thick ¼ of a Cup of Tomatoes ½ of a Small Red Onion 1 Palm Heart, Cleaned 1 Small English Cucumber, The Avocado-Coconut Milk Dressing 1 Medium, Firm-to-Ripe Avocado 2/3 of a Cup of Coconut Milk ¼ of a Cup of Sour Cream 2 TBSP of chopped Red Onion 2.5 TBSP of Fresh Lime Juice ½ of a TSP of Minced Garlic ½ of a TSP of Salt 1/8 of a TSP of Cayenne Pepper 2 TBSP of Olive Oil 1 TSP of Finely Chopped Dill Recipe: Bring a pan of salted water to the boil and add the lobster, cook for 9 minutes. Whilst the Lobster is cooking, thinly slice the ½ of a red onion, thinly slice and de-seed the ¼ of a cup of tomatoes. Cut the Red Leaf Lettuce into chiffonade. Thinly slice the Palm Hearts. After 9 minutes place the Lobster in cooled ice water. Then remove the meat, you may want to check online for the easiest way to do this, as it can get a little messy! Cut the flesh into rondels. Make the dressing by blending all of the dressing ingredients, except the Olive Oil and the Dill. Blend on a high speed, until smooth, scraping down the sides if needed. Once blended, drizzle in the Olive Oil and the chopped Dill. Add seasoning to taste. Arrange the lettuce on a plate, using a round ring or as desired. Mix the tomatoes, red onion and thinly sliced Palm Heart and toss in the Avocado and Coconut Dressing. Place the Palm Heart mixture on top of the lettuce. Lightly dress the cut Lobster. Arrange the rondels of Lobster on top of the Palm Heart mix. Garnish the plate with the cucumber and the fried head of the Lobster (optional).


Spice & Spoon FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE CULINARY ENTHUSIASTS THIS IS CERTAINLY AN EXPERIENCE NOT TO BE MISSED! Each Wednesday, a member of our team will guide you through Flacq Market, where you will be able to witness the vast array of local produce from fresh litchis (depending upon the season) to dried octopus to the actual root of turmeric, before it is made into the powder that you may be familiar with. A superb opportunity to hear the local language of Mauritian Creole and meet the locals themselves! We will stop at the fish monger, to collect the freshest and tastiest of local fish and stop at the vegetable market, picking up the perfect produce to accompany our fish. Once, we have returned to Long Beach, our Chef will take you on a tour of The Chef’s Herb Garden, where you will be able to create a bouquet of flavour that will complement your market produce. After this, the Chef will hand the power over to you! Giving you the chance to don the Chef’s Apron and hat! You will be provided with the contents of our market adventure and a recipe. Our Chef will help you with the preparation and cooking of your chosen produce, sharing with you his knowledge, experience and, of course, his cooking skills! After you have prepared your Mauritian delicacy, you will be able to enjoy the fruits of your labour at the Chef’s Table for lunch. (Pick up is at 8:45 am, every Wednesday)


THE TRAVELLING BARTENDERS The Travelling Bartenders created the three signature cocktail menu for Long Beach and have animated mixology master classes for our guests.

HIBISCUS TI-PUNCH Island Favourite Agricultural Rum, Lime,Homemade Lime, Hibiscus Flower Tea Cordial

TIKI-TIVO Light, Dry, Aperitif Gin Campari, Grapefruit, Homemade Passion Fruit Sugar

CARIBBEAN JAVA Eye Opener Roasted Spiced Infused Vodka, Coffee Liqueur, Espresso, Orgeat Syrup




ong Beach has partnered with Cinq Mondes Spa, Paris, and is pioneering this unique “Spa & Wellness Retreat� Concept.

Cinq Mondes was born from a global and harmonious vision of beauty, inspired by traditional medicines and pharmacopoeia around the world. Millennium traditions which we adapted to the needs of contemporary life requirements, to invent the well-being of the future. Beyond the exceptional technique of Dermapuncture (acupuncture without needles developed by Cinq Mondes), that regenerates the body and the face to cellular level, Cinq Mondes promotes a new art of living where beauty, health, well-being and a stress-free life mix up. The three cures, Ayurveda, Taoist and Detox, are holistic retreats: a deep regeneration interlude which goes well beyond the Spa experience. A precious time for yourself where treatments, nutrition, good-sleep, Yoga and Qi Gong courses, enable you to reconnect and be reborn to the world, feeling light and charged with a new energy. Rituals and expert gestures, divine textures and fragrances: live the art of Happiness in the Skin. Welcome to the most regenerating trip.


To help you disconnect from your busy life we have created a Digital Detox Box. It hosts your phone to offer you a disconnection break. Use our sleep potion before going to bed: a soothing skincare mist combining Lotus Flower extract with ten essential oils with well-known benefits (Papyrus, Rose, Cypress, Jasmine, Incense). L’Eau Egyptienne was created for Queen-Pharaoh Hatshepsut. Qualified by Plutarch as “a philter of sleep that soothes the mind and enlivens dreams”, it has been reinterpreted by Cinq Mondes Laboratories. Spray on the body, hair and pillow to accompany you to the land of dreams.


WELLNESS RETREAT Long beach Cinq Mondes Spa & Wellness Retreat is a place of revival and prevention. Beyond the exceptional care of Dermapuncture (acupuncture without needles developed by Cinq Mondes), that regenerates the body and the face to cellular level, we promote a new art of living where beauty, health, well-being and a stress-free life mix up. Our three cures, Ayurveda, Taoist and Detox, are holistic retreats: a deep regeneration interlude which goes well beyond the Spa experience. A precious time for yourself where personalised consultation, treatments, nutrition, good-sleep, Yoga and Qi Gong courses, enable you to reconnect and be reborn to the world, feeling light and charged with a new energy. Rituals and experts’ gestures, divine textures and fragrances: live the art of Happiness in the Skin. Welcome to the most regenerating trip in Long Beach.


The Cinq Mondes wellness retreat at Long Beach is based on our five pillars of health: nutrition, sleep, yoga and meditation, therapeutic treatments and aqua-sensorial hydrotherapy. We want to care for our clients’ health by providing preventive treatments while setting new patterns for life. We are very proud to be partnering with a leading hospitality brand like SUN RESORTS and committed to provide at the Long Beach Resort this new comprehensive approach to Wellness.



Jean-Louis Poiroux

1 BODY AND MIND CARE Our ancestors knew it through practice. It has been scientifically proved that the body and the mind function in a close synergy. Taking care of yourself, of your body, through body rituals, is also a factor of serenity. In the Spa Cinq Mondes, our gestures come from the sources of traditions which have, for thousands of years, explored the art of massage and touch. An art that has a double therapeutic use: on one hand, it cures the body, this complex entity that is much more than a simple tool. On the other hand, it treats the mind by giving appeasement through the senses. Our products also come from this millennium knowledge. They treat and grant wellbeing to body and soul.

2 DETOX AND SLOW EATING Gluttony is authorized! Gluttony is not a sin! Eating nourishes our body energy, therefore the energy of our mind. But in our fast-moving world, we have lost the rules of healthy eating which multiply our energy and provide us with a deep feeling of lightness. Our retreats are also an initiation to Slow Eating, the art of making time for an essential activity: eating. A hymn to the joy of life, a relearning of taste, colours, flavours, happiness of eating. A royal path towards a real physical and mental balance. Slow Eating eliminates digestion problems (the stomach has time to produce the essential juices), allows a better hydration and helps us to eat less. It is also a Mindfulness meditation exercise: concentrating on the here and now, we taste every bite, we savour instead of swallowing. 43

3 RELEARN THE GOOD SLEEP Sleeping well is not a luxury: it is a necessity. Cut off from the external stimuli, our brain sorts and stores our learning for the day. It produces growth hormones that regenerate our cells (the skin heals three times faster when we are sleeping), stimulates our immunity defences and regulates our appetite. It is well known that lack of sleep results in gloom, irritability, depression or hyperactivity. Relearning good sleep just to get all the benefits of sleeping: it is one of the pillars of Long beach Spa Cinq Mondes & Wellness Retreats. Our experts have put forward rituals which can be used for a long time. • The Digital Detox Box disconnects to reconnect. It hosts your phone to offer you a disconnection break. And why not choose, to take advantage of this moment, a contemplative walk in peace? • Yoga Nidra or Yoga of sleep. It is practised lying down or sitting up and leads to a state of deep relaxation, whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. Its practice greatly improves the quality of sleep. • Meditation. Relax, concentrate on your breathing and your body to calm stress and soothe mental ruminations. Meditation is a tool to fall asleep. To be practised with the applications Petit Bambou (in French) or Sattva (in English). • A vesperal ritual at the Spa: the Royal Sirodhara Ayurvedic Treatment. •Adapted comfort bedding.

4 YOGA & QI GONG: Belong to the world Act through the body to soothe the mind. Use the powers of the mind to prevent, cure, and maintain the body in good shape. For millennia, the different wisdoms of the East have known that the living being is more than a body, more than a spirit: it is One, a harmony, with a subtle balance. Maintaining this harmony is a lifetime affair. • Yoga. In Sanskrit, this word means union and method. Union of body and mind, method of maintaining the body, appeasing the spirit and controlling the Prana, the life force. More than one thousand postures and breathing techniques, from the simplest to the most complex, support the practitioner in his progression on the path. The benefits of Yoga, which is integrated in the Ayurvedic medicine, are experienced from the first session. • Qi Gong. Qi is the vital energy that animates the universe and circulates in the body through the meridians. The Qi Gong is an “energetic training” aimed at reinforcing and purifying the Qi and facilitating its harmonious circulation for a long and healthy life, whether physical or mental. Pillar of the Chinese medicine, this soft gymnastics has curative virtues. It promotes letting go, serenity and creativity. Professional classes of Yoga and Qi Gong are offered in our 3 day or 5 day cures. 44

5 AQUASENSORIAL CARES Water is energy, it is life. We spend the first months of our existence in this beneficent matrix. We then spontaneously seek refuge there to clean our body and our mind. Manifestation of the feminine principle, water envelops us in its purity. Let us take the time to feel it in Mindfulness, to listen to its regenerating power. Let the water absorb our troubles, our stress, our negative emotions. Let ourselves go to marvelling. THE ART OF WATER PURIFICATION Beyond the punctual well-being of washing, water is endowed by all the world’s traditions with an essential virtue: the purification and regeneration of the body and the spirit. An experience we invite you to live in Longbeach Cinq Mondes Spa & Wellness Retreat. It is the art of the Japanese bath, the O Furo, in our Bains d’Aròmes et de Fleurs, a ritual to wash up the heart and to evacuate the daily miasmas through the pores of the skin, in a warm and perfumed water. It is the abandonment in the Hammam where the vapours blur worries and prepare the skin to be reborn. Water is a sensorial experience. An experience of pleasure…


Trekking & Hiking in Mauritius Whether you enjoy lazing on the beach sipping a refreshing cocktail, exploring a destination to its fullest or embarking on breathtaking day excursions, Mauritius is a fantastic destination for every type of traveller. Adventurous types can indulge in an array of land- and water-based sports or navigate the gorgeous undulating volcanic terrain while observing the staggeringly beautiful flora and fauna of this island up-close—it’s truly a nature enthusiasts paradise. And if you enjoy hiking and trekking, then there is a host of trails to discover in Mauritius (of varying degrees of length and difficulty) that snake through national parks, gorgeous tropical forests and take you to some of the most iconic peaks on the island. If hiking and trekking in Mauritius sounds like your idea of fun, then here are few places and trails to explore on your holiday on the island:

BLACK RIVER GORGES NATIONAL PARK By far one of the most gorgeous places to explore on foot, Black River Gorges National Park is located in the southwest of Mauritius. The park, which spans about 2% of the island, is home to rare, endemic birds, monkeys, an array of other smaller animals and unique flora (making the forest itself one of the rarest in the world). For adventurers looking to go trekking and hiking in Mauritius, it’s a great place to start. Several hiking paths of varying lengths and difficulties take hikers through the park, many of which allow for stunning vistas. It’s highly recommended to go with a guide to ensure that you are taking the best route for your fitness and ability level and to ensure you are experiencing the parts of the forest that you most desire to see. On hot days, opt for a trail that takes you to the phenomenal river in the heart of the park where you can even stop and have a refreshing swim. One of the most popular trails in and around Black River Gorges National Park is the Maccabée Forest trail. This stunning 10km hike is perfect for hikers of all abilities and takes approximately 2-3 hours depending on how quickly you walk. The trail, the highest point of which is 652m, starts at Le Pétrin Information Centre and takes hikers all the way to the Black River Visitors Centre, passing the picturesque Macchabée Viewpoint on the way. The viewpoint makes for a stunning stop and 46

for those who like to come prepared, it’s an excellent place for a picturesque picnic. Keep your eyes open on this trail as you could spot the rare Mauritian pink pigeon if you are very lucky. LA NICOLIERE RESERVE This impressive water reserve located towards the east of the island is surrounded by unusual vegetation, quite different to that found near the coast thanks to the hills that surround the area. Here you can embark on trails of this magical area where you stand a chance to spot wild boars (which can be very dangerous and should be given some distance) as well as monkeys while making the most of the fresh air and absolutely stunning views of the lake. On a good day you might even be able to spot the small islands in the north. Incredible bats can sometimes also be seen in the late afternoon and there are ample viewpoints to enjoy while hiking and trekking in this reserve. LE POUCE An absolutely sublime trail when hiking and trekking in Mauritius is one that takes you to Le Pouce (or ‘the Thumb’ due to its appearance), the third highest mountain in Mauritius. This stunning trail oscillates between easy and slightly more difficult parts, so it’s good to have a little bit of hiking experience behind you before you tackle this route. The route, which covers 4.3km, should take you between 2-3 hours and peaks at approximately 812m. Don’t worry, it’s

definitely well worth the effort once you see the unbelievable 360-degree views which showcase the Moka Range, smaller islands to the north as well as huge expanses of forests and sugarcane fields in the distance. Situated in the northwest, close to Mauritius’ capital city Port Louis, the first person who was said to have hiked up Le Pouce was Charles Darwin who documented this very experience. THE TROIS MAMELLES This wondrous collection of three peaks in the west of Mauritius is a fabulous place to go trekking and hiking. The middle peak is the one most commonly tackled, (with a maximum height of 500m). This trail is technically split into two parts. The first half of the trail meanders through bush-like vegetation and the second part of the trail is far more exposed, with steep drops giving that extra surge of adrenaline, specifically towards the top of the mountain. Some experience is needed for this hike which takes approximately 3 hours to complete and again, the panoramic views from the top are certainly well worth the effort. PITON DE LA PETITE RIVIÈRE NOIRE One of the ultimate hikes, Piton de la Petite Rivière Noire allows those looking to go hiking and trekking in Mauritius the opportunity to scale the highest mountain on the island. This hiking trail, which peaks at 828m, is 7km long and usually takes between 3-4 hours to complete, but can be a little difficult at times, so it’s definitely for hikers with experience.

This popular path is well kept and sufficiently signposted but after rainfall, it can become slippery and quite muddy so it’s good to take care. The trail starts at the Black River Gorges viewpoint and thankfully, is largely shaded. The most challenging part of the trail happens just before the summit but hikers who persevere are rewarding with outstanding views of the southwestern peninsula, specifically Le Morne Brabant and the surrounding areas. LE MORNE BRABANT One of the most famous and important natural sites on the island, Le Morne Brabant, located in the southwest, is definitely worth discovering while trekking and hiking in Mauritius. While the mountain itself is not all that high (it peaks at approximately 490m), it provides more challenge than meets the eye. The 7km hike generally takes avid hikers between 3-4 hours with a ‘medium’ difficulty rating—which means that it’s not ideal for beginners. This iconic mountain rises majestically above Le Morne beach (which attracts droves of swimmers, holidaymakers, kitesurfers and surfers from around the world) as well as the ‘underwater waterfall’, and was once a place of refuge for escaped slaves in Mauritius. While the history of the mountain is somewhat chequered, it now stands as a symbol of freedom a reminder of the heroism and the struggle of the slaves, all of which makes it a particularly special hike. Naturally, it affords hikers some absolutely remarkable views.


Success for Cecile Jeanson’s water method for muscle strengthening

Cecile has been animating muscle strengthening water classes at Long Beach since a few weeks and has encountered great success. Many guests from the hotel and locals have come to her sessions and are asking for more. Why? Because Cecile’s method really makes you feel better! It is easy to learn and the difficulty level can easily be adjusted. Cecile will stay at Long Beach for now and will continue her classes, due to popular demand. In her sessions, Cecile strives in helping your brain connect to the element – water – creating awareness of the way this element can benefit our muscles. Ideal for people who suffer from chronic pains in the neck, back or for those who just want to feel better in their body. Cecile is a swimming champion (has won numerous titles, Olympian). She suffered a terrible back injury and managed to avoid handicap by teaching herself to feel better, using her favorite element – water. Cecile teaches her method that uses water as the main element, her method does not require any swimming, so it is open to all. Her dearest wish is to transmit what she knows in order to make people feel better and it works. Many guests have 48

been positively transformed with just a few sessions: Tom: “I have a terrible shoulder problem. I regularly see a physiotherapist. I tried Cecile’s classes and in just 3 lessons, I have seen a great progress. As an example, I could not take off my t-shirt easily, now I can!”

Agnes: “I suffer from a ‘frozen shoulder’, it got so bad to the point that I cannot tie alone my hair or apply sun cream. In 7 sessions, I managed to tie my hair and apply sun cream, I feel wonderful!” Julia: “I have neck and back problems, as a consequence, I stopped sleeping with a pillow since 5 years. After a few sessions with the super-kind Cecile, I feel much better, so much better that I can now sleep again with a pillow, a real pleasure. I even feel more confidence and went zip lining with my kids!” Anne-Lyse: “I really hesitated to go on holidays. It may sound strange but last time I went on holidays, my body relaxed completely, but too much. It went to a point where I became sore all over and could not move at all. I meant Cecile in Long Beach, well actually, Cecile came to me and spoke to me. I decided to try one of

her sessions, encouraged by my husband. I did 1 session a day and I came back from my holidays with the feeling of having spent the best holidays of my life. My husband tells me that I am now smiling all the time, Cecile really helped me to positively relax and strengthen my tired muscles. I strongly recommend her sessions, they just make you enjoy your holidays more…” More reviews concerning Cecile on TripAdvisor: “My daughter’s wedding.” Oct 31, 2017 adelaide62, Esch-surAlzette, Luxembourg We had a memorable stay. The marriage of my daughter with the children. It was magical, sublime. Thank you all again for the good times. A beautiful also met Cécile the swimming coach. During my stay all my pain disappeared thanks to these courses. I have a disease called fibromyalgia with course Cecile I hardly had more pain. Again many thanks. Also thank you to the staff who is fussing over us. Tony Cécile remained as you are. This review is the subjective opinion of a TripAdvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC. Translated by GoogleTM

Julie Ferrez Well being coach for Stars and VIPs

JULIE FERREZ TThe coach for Stars and VIPs will be at Long Beach from 3 to 10 February for fitness, diet and well-being to make you live a unique experience! Julie Ferrez is the French reference for Well – Being, Slimming and Fitness. Revealed in 2008 under the name of Julie Imperiali, coach of President Nicolas Sarkozy and Carla Bruni, Julie Ferrez became in 10 years the coach of the stars. Passionate about sports and nutrition, she develops her own method of fitness: The Rehab Method that allows a real return to the fundamentals of well-being and optimise your health. After having quit sports, it is at the Ritz Health Club’s Spa in Paris in 2003 and then during her travels and her demanding international clientele that Julie Ferrez develops her working method.

Focusing on posture, deep muscles and dexterity, her method Rehab is a global program based on 3 main axes: - A balanced diet respecting the main logical physiological principles and adapted to all - A working method inspired by her practice of gymnastics, yoga, classical dance and running. - Work on mental strength through the practice of yoga and breathing techniques. - Weight loss, stress management, fitness, or a boost of energy, Julie Ferrez’s method is a way of life, a state of mind that allows you to refocus and gain self-confidence. - It’s more than a method, it’s a way of life! A program AGAINST diets but FOR a lasting personal fulfilment. Just choose your way to start, and Julie Ferrez, take care of yourself! 49

Olivia Cooney

Celebrity Fitness Coach founder of POP-UP Fitness “Women feel sexy when they feel strong and confident”

Olivia Cooney, 26 years old, has been to

nearly ten different countries with Pop-Up Fitness, “Mauritius, thanks to Long Beach Golf and Spa Resort, is definitely my favourite destination”. For Olivia Cooney, Long Beach Golf and Spa Resort is the most forward thinking hotel in the world right now. “Health and fitness are nowadays a priority for many and Long Beach Golf and Spa Resort has understood that need. It is offering fitness retreats to its clients during their stay in Mauritius. Besides, the island is known to be the most luxurious holiday destination. With Pop-Up Fitness Retreats at Long Beach, Mauritius has now more to offer other than its cultural diversity and beautiful sceneries” says the Personal Trainer. 50

She finds the team at Long Beach Mauritius absolutely phenomenal. The first time she was invited was in September 2017. She came back in January this year. “The team is truly the reason why I enjoy working at the hotel so much. Benito, Sports Organizer, works along side with me to create the workouts on site for the guests. Jennifer Glannes Executive Assistant Manager and Ruben, Security Manager are always joining in as many workouts as possible to support the activation. I am very lucky to be able to work with them” she adds. Olivia comes from a small Island near France called Guernsey in the Channel Islands. She did the early part of her schooling in the Channel Islands before

But I have also been a model agency and celebrity personal trainer and concept designer for gyms” says Olivia. They are due to be married in July after a five year relationship. She explains that all of her clients are in complete control of how much or little they do from her fitness schedules. “Our main focus is also not about weight loss. It is about starting a new healthy lifestyle that is enjoyable. By no means are you locked in at our retreats, we encourage you to go out and explore whatever location we are at,  especially somewhere as beautiful as Mauritius” she says. Amongst her clients, there are also some celebrities namely : Katherine Jenkins, Little Mix and Millie Macintosh. Olivia Cooney says there is  absolutely no difference between working with celebrities and common people. “Everyone who I have worked with treats each other with respect and kindness. You would never know they were so talented and world wide known if you  didn’t know otherwise.  Everybody has the same goals which is to be happy and healthy and I enjoy working with these kinds of people” she says. Fitness is an essential part of everyday life! “You only have one life and one body. So we must look after it and make the most of it! As long as you are healthy and fit you can  enjoy life to the full with enough energy to do the important things! It is incredibly important to enjoy the fitness that you do though, if you enjoy your workouts and can look forward to them then you are doing a brilliant thing for yourself and the results will come fast” she explains. heading to Millfield - a sporting excellence school in England. After her studies, she did an internship with Jimmy Choo PR department. She progressed on to working within the PR and events at some of the most well known restaurants and clubs in London. “After a wonderful time attending fantastic parties and fashion events I decided to make the change into becoming a personal trainer. I have not looked back since” she remembers. It has been six years now since Olivia Cooney is in the fitness field, “I didn’t feel as energised and healthy as I would  like to have been whilst I was in my other job. I decided to get my health and fitness on track and once that task was completed I wasn’t

going to give it up”. She was looking for a retreat that she would be pleased to go on with her partner or even by herself. She just couldn’t find it. “I wanted a holiday at the same time as getting super fit and healthy. I didn’t want a military style fitness camp for accommodation even though I do like that style of training. There wasn’t a luxury but intense retreat available so I decided to create it myself for my clients. It became my career and I help others to make the same journey. I love working with people and helping them to feel great even if it is for a couple of hours per day” she remembers. Olivia and her fiancé, Bart, who is a full time international model, created Pop-Up Fitness together. “Retreats are our main focus and we pop up in different locations.

If you are incorporating fitness into your daily routine you will feel strong and confident. “I love to  work out with women who can beat the boys. I think it is more difficult for the boys to work in the fitness field as the women are not afraid to speak out and they also know what women want better. Women feel sexy when they feel strong and confident and this is empowering. Posture is improved with fitness so the way women may learn to carry themselves better may well be a bit contributor to the sexy powerful feeling they show. I think there is massive positivity to this and is shouldn’t be seen in a negative way. Saying fit and healthy is the best thing anyone can do for themselves” concludes Olivia Cooney. 51

Sun Kids The fun never stops under the sun! Our Sun Kids Club will entertain your little ones from dawn to dusk. Your child will have a lot of activities available only at Long Beach, including yoga classes, archery, wall climbing and much more. Once a week, your child can be a little Chef at Long Beach with a fun cooking demonstration and pizza making where they will even be given a certificate by our Executive Chef. Enjoy special DJ classes and painting classes designed for your little ones. THE LONG BEACH KIDS CLUB: THE ULTIMATE PLACE FOR ACTIVE KIDS Travelling with your family is incredibly fulfilling—spending some quality time with your most precious people in an incredible location is an unbeatable experience and is sure to create memories which will last a lifetime. It can also be challenging, constantly trying to make sure everyone is happy and trying to do a little bit of what everyone wants to do—but how can your partner play golf, your teen indulge in the water sports, you make the most of the beach while constantly supervising and entertaining your youngest child? At the gorgeous and contemporary Long Beach Golf Resort and Spa, we make it easy for you to make sure everyone is happy with help from our Sun Kids Club—the Angels Club. Here’s what you need to know about it: It’s open every day The Long Beach kids club is available to children between the ages of 2-11 all day, every day, as long as the children are toilet trained. Younger children and those that are not toilet trained are still welcome, but will need to be accompanied by a parent or a babysitter (it’s important to note that the babysitter needs to be booked 24 hours in advance). The opening hours are daily from 10:00 to 22:00, with activity programmes kicking off at 10:30 till 17:00 and again from 18:00 (for dinner) to 21:30 (with the evening entertainment officially starting at 20:00). Your kids are put into ageappropriate groups The children at the kids club are broken up into different age categories so that they can enjoy specific activities suitable specifically for their age group. The three activity age groups are 2-4, 5-7 and 8-11. This way, you can rest assured that your tiny tots won’t be engaging in activities that are above their ability level. The two top priorities for the Sun Kids Club is to ensure that your kids are both safe and having the best possible time while with us and by putting them into their age-appropriate groups, we are better able to do so. It’s free of charge Another wonderful thing about the kids club is that it’s totally free of charge. All you have to do is register your child for the activities or day(s) that they would like to partake in and voila. There are the occasional activities or options that are come with an additional fee, such as parasailing, but if you would rather your child 52

didn’t join in on that activity, we can ensure that there is a wonderful, complimentary alternative for them. It’s perfectly located Wonderfully located close to the fitness centre and teens club, the kids club is also close to some of the incredible contemporary hotel accommodation at Long Beach, perfect for families. A short walk from the kids club takes you to the remarkable Cinq Mondes Spa and the hotel’s main piazza, making the kids club easily accessible when you want to enjoy a spa treatment or meal in the piazza. Your kids are in good hands Our exceptional and highly-skilled kids club staff have been very carefully selected for their role as kids club counsellors. They have your children’s best interests, safety and happiness as their main priorities and are there to constantly supervise the children during any and all activities. They also all have been trained in first aid as well as lifesaving (and it should be noted that if your kids partake in any water-based activities they are required to wear a lifejacket), so you can rest assured, your kids are in good hands at our kids club. It has everything your kids could want From nap areas to games rooms and a kiddies pool, our incredible kids club has everything your children could want and more. Created with the aim to create a special world for kids, it has an indoor and outdoor play area, nap rooms, a special space for toddlers and special kids amenities. It’s the perfect little slice of paradise that allows kids to be kids. Meals are catered for In need of a romantic dinner with your spouse or interested in spending the day at the spa? Then we have you covered. At the Long Beach kids club, you have the option to fetch your kids for meals or let them enjoy their food with their new friends at the kids club. Our little guests are treated to a special lunch (on request) of their choosing (and with your permission) at the club itself and they can join the kids club for dinner which will be at the buffet with the other kids and the kids club counsellors after which they can enjoy the evening kiddies entertainment.

THERE IS A PLETHORA OF ACTIVITIES FOR KIDS TO ENJOY At Long Beach’s kids club, the fun never ends. Daily programmes jampacked with incredible activities (which differ from age group to age group) range from lessons in water sports, mini golf and archery to DJ classes, karaoke nights, painting classes and sega nights. Kids can also enjoy gastronomic classes where they will be taught to make their own pizzas, fruit salads, cookies and even learn the ‘art’ of cocktail mixology (a kid-friendly version, of course!). They can enjoy spectacular excursions One of the best things about the kids club? The activities are not only based at the club itself. We plan excellent excursions for our young, curious fans so they can enjoy the wonders of the Indian Ocean on a glass bottom boat, catch crabs on a crab hunt adventure or learn about the endemic plants on our unique nature walk. The teens club is nearby For parents who have children of different ages, it will be good to know that the teens club happens to be conveniently placed right next door to the kids club. Here teens can exercise their independence (while still being supervised) and enjoy the wealth of activities that are available to them. From outdoor activities to indoor games (such as table tennis and games that require tokens), you can be sure that your teens will have a huge choice of exhilarating activities they can enjoy with other kids their age. If you are looking for the ultimate holiday in Mauritius with your family, then a trip to Long Beach is an absolute must. We have everything each member of your family could want to ensure that everyone has their idea of a dream holiday in Mauritius. And the best part is that with the help of the kids and teens clubs, you get to have the perfect family holiday while being able to carve some much needed “me time” (and simultaneously keeping your kids entertained and happy).


Kids Massage Wellness is an Art of living, the Long Beach Cinq Mondes Spa wants to provide youngsters with an opportunity to discover the world of wellness. A selection of treatments is available for children and teenagers aged between 6 and 17 that will enable them to unwind and relax.

Teens Club Also free, the Teens club is a welcoming space ideally situated in the Sports Centre. A special programme offers sporting activities, all kinds of entertainment and “adventure� trips and excursions. Your teenagers will be able to enjoy our signature barbecues around a camp fire or even pizza evenings at the Italian restaurant. The Teens Club has its own disco with its very own DJ, video games, table football, pool and table tennis tables. 54

Kids stay, play & eat for free Book now and your kids stay and eat for free. Plus they receive free access to the kids and the exclusive Teens club! Family Offer Benefits include: • Free accommodation and meals offered for two children under 12 years sharing • Their parents’ room (two adults) as per meal plan booked. • Free access to the kids and the exclusive Teens club. • Special kids menu or dishes available on request. • Exclusive activities at the Sun Kids and Teens Club for a fee.


Why You Should Choose the Indian Ocean for Your Beach Holidays Planning a holiday for you and your loved ones is an exciting endeavour. But that’s not to say that it’s always a seamless, stress-free process. One of the most difficult aspects of planning a holiday—that of course, everyone wants to be absolutely spectacular and memorable—is deciding where to go! And it’s not only one of the most difficult aspects, it’s one of the most crucial because your actual destination (as well as the area and hotel you stay at) can literally make or break your trip. There’s one type of trip you can’t go wrong with and that’s an island holiday, where there is bound to be something special for your whole family (or both you and your partner). If you are dreaming of white sandy beaches, azure waters, a phenomenal culture and exotic dishes in an outstanding tropical paradise, then forget Bora Bora or the Bahamas— we recommend setting your sights on one of the absolutely stunning islands set in the Indian Ocean. From the Maldives to Reunion, Zanzibar and Mauritius, the Indian Ocean holds many outstanding holiday destination gems, any of which would make for the most sensational getaway. Here’s why we think you should choose one of these stunning destinations for your beach holiday in the Indian Ocean:

INCREDIBLE YEAR-ROUND WEATHER Enjoying your beach holidays in the Indian Ocean is practically a no-brainer. Why? Honestly, there is a myriad of reasons (many of which we touch on below). But arguably the ultimate reason to holiday on one of the many Indian Ocean islands, is that generally, this part of the world enjoys unbelievable weather throughout the year. This means that you don’t need to be too bogged down by the fact that the school holidays may not fall over the destination’s summer period or about adhering to any strict dates. And actually it means that you might be able to sidestep the inflated tourist prices during peak seasons if you so wish, knowing that you are still likely to have great weather. The mild Mediterranean climate typical of the Indian Ocean island destinations makes for excellent beach holidays practically no matter when you travel. WARM TROPICAL WATER Much like the point above about excellent weather year-round, planning your beach holidays in the Indian Ocean means you can make the most of the gorgeously warm tropical waters throughout the year. While in the ‘winter months’ the temperature of the water does tend to drop, it’s usually only by a few degrees and the water is still pleasant. Even when the sea temperatures are slightly lower, the sea is also still perfect for the huge array of water sports offered at these destinations, refreshing swims as well as snorkelling and diving (which is actually wonderful throughout the year, each season offering a different experience). Again, this means that the dates that you can or would like to travel, don’t need to impact your island experience. PRISTINE BEACHES Another of the wonderful reasons to spend your beach holidays in the Indian Ocean is the unbelievable and amazingly pristine beaches that the islands here are renowned


for. Kilometres of picture-perfect beaches are typically lined with coconut palm trees and gently lapped by cerulean waters that teem with an exotic array of stunning marine life. At any of the islands in the Indian Ocean, you can enjoy languid days soaking up the sun or a huge array of water sports. You can also merely enjoy the tropical waters by swimming, snorkelling or diving, the options are practically endless. THE UNUSUAL FLORA AND FAUNA The gorgeous islands in the Indian Ocean have the most breathtaking tropical surrounds, with lush interiors and rainforests made up of a myriad of different plants, many of which are endemic to these islands, making them some of the rarest plants in the world. The animals and birds that call these islands their home, are equally fascinating and oftentimes rare. Let’s take a look at the volcanic island of Mauritius as an example. Mauritius has a huge variety of incredibly endemic flora and fauna, including nine endemic bird species, some of which are among the rarest birds in the world—the pink pigeon and the echo parakeet being two prime examples. Each island has their own special something, which makes these destinations some of the best in the world for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts looking to glimpse some unusual and rare island species. LUXURY ACCOMMODATION OPTIONS If you are looking to travel in style than you can rest assured that choosing to enjoy your beach holidays in the Indian Ocean is a fabulous idea. Because of their paradisiacal appeal, many of the islands in the Indian Ocean have become highlycoveted holiday destinations and offer a plethora of choices when it comes to luxury hotels and resorts. From absolutely stunning water villas (which have been built in the ocean itself) in the Maldives to sublime and elegantly decorated beachside villas in Mauritius, the accommodation offered in

these tropical paradises is absolutely outof-this-world. THE COST-EFFECTIVE LOCAL CURRENCIES Another absolutely fabulous element about travelling to one of the many sensational Indian Ocean beach destinations is that the costs on the ground are usually very reasonable. While prices in the resorts are often in dollars (particularly in the Maldives), local businesses, restaurants, services and shops are wonderfully costeffective which means you can really make the most of the local products and offerings as well as get a taste for the unbelievable local food in the most cost-effective way. Often, you can also find reasonable day trips and attractions which, while they are aimed at tourists, are still much more reasonable than the equivalent experience may cost in your home country. To put it in perspective, one pound is equal to just under 50 Mauritian rupees which make for an incredible rate of exchange!* RICH, DIVERSE HISTORIES AND CULTURES If you book your beach holidays in the Indian Ocean, you will soon realise how wonderfully diverse each destination is. The history and culture of Zanzibar differ hugely to that of the Seychelles which is again very different to the Maldives and Mauritius. Each of these countries has wonderfully fascinating histories that have shaped these magical destinations into the places they are today. This collection of unique destinations are made up of colourful cultures, interesting languages and beautiful people. At any of these places, you will have the opportunity to indulge in gorgeous local culinary delights (palm heart salad anybody?), embrace immersive and unique cultural experiences, partake in phenomenal and vibrant festivals and much so much more. These are the types of things that ensure that your holiday is not just a “nice”, but that it’s absolutely amazing and totally unforgettable. 57

Recreational Activities Fitness classes such as aqua-gym classes, water polo, volley polo and basket polo are offered at Long Beach, Mauritius. A wide variety of free water sports including glassbottom boat trips, waterski, snorkeling and many others are proposed. There are 3 floodlit tennis courts and a 216m gym equipped with the latest Technogym equipment. QI GONG Qi Gong practice typically involves moving meditation, coordinating slow flowing movement, deep rhythmic breathing, and calm meditative state of mind. Qi Gong is now practiced worldwide for recreation, exercise and relaxation, preventive medicine and selfhealing, alternative medicine, meditation and self-cultivation, and training for martial arts. Long Beach offers 3 floodlit artificial grass courts and 1 hard court. This facility will satisfy tennis enthusiasts at all levels. The tennis program is managed by S-tennis Academy; a professional team of multilingual international tennis coaches based in Mauritius and servicing some of the island’s most prestigious hotels. Individual and group tennis lessons as well as initiation for kids are offered daily. The coach at Long Beach organises free tennis tournaments every week. ART Long Beach presents the introduction of an atypical curation as a “contemporary art boutique”, showcasing the up and coming Mauritian contemporary art scene. Future collaboration includes Local and Regional residences from artists creating outdoor ateliers and workshops for guests. This collaboration is all year round, activating different areas of the Resort. Open to guests throughout the year, Long Beach accommodates an artist-inresidence programme. Guests, inspired by the local scenery on show can arrange painting lessons during their stay at our Resort. This is a fantastic activity for adults and children alike. Let your creativity flow and take your holiday canvas back home with you.


ENDEMIC NATURE TRAIL Explore our local Flora and Fauna. Long Beach is Ultra Green and for those who like statistics, our 2 hectares land area includes 21,000 sqm of grass and 60,000 sqm of bushes and shrubs. There are around 5,000 trees and palms, and 507,430 shrubs, including 26 endemic species. Long Beach has launched a tradition in offering guests an exceptional natural setting to discover our endemic trees. Twice a week you can join our inhouse biologist for a 45-minutes nature walk that will take you through our natural surroundings.

GYM World-class cardio and strength training facilities allow fitness fans to constantly strive towards their goals at our hotel with a gym. Guests looking to stay active, and have an exceptionally good time while doing so, have ample options. Guests can partake in a number of classes that range from Qi Gong and Tae Bo to leg workouts, triceps and trapezius sessions and more. And to jazz up your fitness routine, you will also have access to our climbing wall, lap pool, archery or tag archery, and tennis courts. Personal trainers are also available, but as with some of our activities, incur a nominal fee.

SNORKELLING Mauritius is a stunning holiday destination with dramatic volcanic scenery, stretches of lime-green sugar cane plantations, lush tropical interiors and dazzling topaz-blue waters; it’s literally what dream holidays are made of. It’s the perfect place for families and couples looking for the ultimate getaway, for celebrities in need of an idyllic escape and for nature and wildlife enthusiasts in search of an array of unbelievable endemic flora and fauna— both on land and in the water!


Endemic Plants, Nature Trails and Sustainable Practices at Long Beach

ENDEMIC PLANTS The wonderfully unique Long Beach boasts a prime location; unfurled along the gorgeous east coast of Mauritius, this five-star resort is the ultimate place from which to watch one of nature’s most impressive spectacles at sunrise (a sight that can even be enjoyed during a session of sunrise kayaking). Guests can bask in the sun along the incredible beaches, indulge in the finest culinary delights at one of the restaurants, sip on expertly created cocktails at one of the bars, partake in one of the many resort activities or even go for a little shopping spree at one of the boutiques— there’s sure to be the perfect activity for every type of guest. With incredible surrounds and the ultimate tropical climate, there’s no doubt that this is a dream destination for intrepid travellers and active adventurers. In fact, there’s even something novel in store for nature lovers and flora aficionados. What you might not know is that this entire resort—which lies on a 59acre site along the Belle Mare Peninsula— has been created with the environment in mind and made with nature at its core. When the contemporary Long Beach replaced the Coco Beach, it was constructed with natural, locally-sourced materials and with a design that embraces the surrounds and allows for an unbelievable amount of natural light. Inspired by charming Italian towns, this gorgeous resort boasts a central piazza, 60

surrounded by restaurants, shops and bars and has managed to perfectly marry urban elegance with a seaside atmosphere along it’s 700-metre long and 40-metre wide beach, which is fringed by a cyan-blue lagoon full of rare coral and an abundance of colourful fish. Nature lovers eager to explore the gorgeous property to its full are truly in for a treat. Here are the reasons why this remarkable hotel is so unique: THE OUTSTANDING TROPICAL GARDENS Nature enthusiasts will be thrilled to hear that the exotic and expansive Long Beach gardens that surround the stunning hotel are home to more than 500,000 different types of plants with 26 endemic species. For those who love to know the actual numbers (and who would like to know just how much incredible nature surrounds the property), here are some interesting figures; there is 21,000m2 of grass, 60,000m2 of bushes and shrubs, 4,530 trees and palms, over 500,000 shrubs, many of which are endemic. For those that really know their plants, a few of the endemic species that can be found at Long Beach include Dictyosperma, Diospyrostessellaria, Polysciasmaraisiana, Tambourissaquadrifida, Cyphostemmamappia & Delonixregia. In celebration of their incredible gardens, Long Beach offers guests the chance

to immerse themselves in the beauty of nature with their guided endemic plant trail (offered in their activity programme) which they inherited from Coco Beach and are committed to make it an extraordinary experience for guests. This is an activity not to be missed. BRIDAL COUPLES CAN PLANT THEIR OWN SPECIAL TREE AT LONG BEACH Long Beach offers couples who plan on getting married at the hotel an exceptional and unique experience; to plant their very own tree on the property to symbolise their special day celebrated in paradise. If you are planning to get married at Long Beach, then your tree will form part of the nature walk and you will be able to visit it often and observe its growth. The symbolism of the tree is a beautiful one: deep-rooted and strong, you can watch it grow and strengthen each year just like your relationship. This is an incredible way to ensure your wedding is a little “greener” and allows you to offset your carbon footprint while travelling. THEY HAVE THEIR OWN NURSERY AND HERB GARDEN Another incredible aspect of Long Beach is that they have their very own nursery and herb garden. The expansive nursery adjoins the hotel and was created with a desire to grow and nurture more plants on the properly and seeing as the huge nursery

is home to approximately 3,400 incredible plants, it’s definitely already serving its purpose. There is also a fantastic herb and vegetable garden which is used by the chefs in many of the gorgeous dishes served up in Long Beach’s restaurants. What’s more is that the sublime produce in the ‘Chef Garden’ is grown organically, free of any herbicides and pesticides. And if that isn’t impressive enough, the Long Beach chefs have also brought in beehives from which they harvest their own organic honey. THEY STRIVE TO BE AS GREEN AND SUSTAINABLE AS POSSIBLE On top of the green efforts already mentioned, Long Beach constantly strives to be greener and more sustainable, and they have tried to do this from the very beginning. The materials used to create this majestic resort, apart from being locally-sourced, include some that were reused from Coco Beach. When Coco Beach was demolished, the company contracted to do the demolition had a special crusher which was able to crush and reuse some 20,000m3 of rubble from Coco Beach to use as infill on the site. This lead to a reduced need for certain materials as well as reduced time and a lessened need for certain machinery and equipment. Throughout the hotel, energy-efficient light bulbs, compact fluorescent light bulbs and spots or LED lighting (which altogether mean

some 6,000 odd light bulbs) are used as part of Long Beach’s energy-saving measures. These bulbs ensure that the hotel uses ten times less energy than traditional types of lighting, and can be used for far longer (with some being able to last two and a half times longer than conventional light bulbs). Due to the incredible size of the resort, the annual savings in electricity usage is equal to the annual electricity consumption of 500 households. In line with their efforts to cut down on conventional energy sources, Long Beach also has a set of solar panels over a 700m2 site. This helps to lessen energy use for hot water needed in the rooms. There is also a gas boiler to back up supplies of hot water. Those worried about Legionnaires disease in water boilers can rest assured that the equipment has an automatic thermal shock system to cut out the risk of the disease. Pipes carrying water (both hot and cold) are insulated to avoid wasting energy which leads to incredible energy savings of up to 20%. Long Beach also decided to eliminate the use of plastic bottles (as much as possible) by implementing their own in-house water bottling plant which is part of the SWITCH GREEN AFRICA programme. And as in another effort to reduce the hotel’s dependency and use of landfills,

Long Beach has partnered with Don’t Waste to ensure they have a sustainable environmentally-conscious solution in place for their trash. Long Beach recycles all of the waste collected at the hotel and reuse what they can. It’s little wonder that Long Beach was one of the first hotels to be EarthCheck Silver Certified in Mauritius. THEY ARE COMMITTED TO MARINE CONSERVATION The conservation of the magical Indian Ocean and all of its outstanding marine life is of utmost importance to Long Beach. Which is why they have two in-house marine biologists working hard to ensure the ocean is protected. The Sun Group also works closely with the University of Mauritius and UNEP on the challenges faced by Small Island Developing States (SIDS) and maritime countries. If you are looking for a hotel that has taken solid steps toward reducing its environmental impact while providing facilities and offerings of the highest standard possible, then look no further than a stay at Long Beach. This gorgeous contemporary resort is constantly looking for ways to positively impact the planet while affording guests a phenomenal, five-star experience in paradise.



Sun Group through its SUNCARE Programmes strongly believes that “caring for the people and the planet” is not only a company responsibility but also a condition for long-term business success. Based on the triple bottom line approach (Social equity, environmental stewardship, economic prosperity) SUNCARE Association addresses sustainability objectives by finding Innovative ways to do more with less. As a responsible operator, we are committed to adhering to our legal obligations, sustained environmental protection, social responsibility, health and safety and conduct that reflect highest ethical values through continual improvement by ways of annual benchmarking assessment. Long Beach’s architecture allies light, tropical touches to contemporary elegance, softened by natural shapes and typical local materials. With regards to material, good to note that the company contracted to demolish the Coco Beach was equipped with a special crusher, which meant some 20,000 m3 of rubble were crushed and partly reused as infill on the site itself. For those who like statistics, there are around 4,530 trees and palms, and 507,430 shrubs, including 26 endemic species. With its 6,000 energy-efficient light bulbs, compact fluorescent light bulbs and spots or LED lighting, Long Beach is investing massively in energy-saving measures. The saving in electricity usage at Long Beach is equivalent to the annual consumption of 500 households.


Using less energy inevitably means thinking about insulation, which reduces energy consumption for air-conditioning, heating and so on. All pipes carrying hot or cold fluids are insulated to avoid wasting energy. This leads to energy savings of as much as 20%. Aiming to reduce its waste to landfill, Long Beach has partnered with Don’t Waste to provide a sustainable environmental solution. Waste collected at our resort is recycled and reused and irrigation at Long Beach is 100% from recycled water. Long Beach implemented in-house water bottling plant with as objective to eliminate plastic bottles and reduce our dependency on landfill. There is also part of the SWITCH GREEN AFRICA Program.


Wedding and Honeymoon There are few things in the world as special as a wedding or honeymoon. It’s a time of love and celebration. It’s a time to share with people who have witnessed this profound love on their wedding day or for them to whisk away on their “romantic getaway”. 64


Long Beach: The Perfect Backdrop for Your Destination Wedding Long Beach’s extensive property provides couples looking to plan their perfect wedding day ample choice of wedding venues to choose from. Whether you want a beautiful, secluded venue near the water’s edge to celebrate your big day or the gorgeous lawns of the hotel facing the sea and folding out onto an immaculate beach, the choice is all yours. Once you have chosen your favorite location for your big day, you can leave it to the Long Beach team to unfold a unique experience creating your Timeless Memories ……. treasured for a lifetime. Planning a destination wedding has innumerable benefits, but it can also be quite challenging. Which resort is truly the best? Where would you find the perfect photographer? Where will you get your makeup done? All important questions that you need to ensure have suitable answers for you and your beloved. If you are looking for a phenomenal wedding venue in a paradisiacal location, where you can rest assured that all the details will be taken care of for you, then you should definitely consider Long Beach in Mauritius, here’s why: IT HAS A SUBLIME LOCATION The magnificent five-star resort Long Beach is situated along the gorgeous, untamed east coast of Mauritius and is by far one of the most glorious spots from which to enjoy one of nature’s most phenomenal moments … the sunrise. As Mauritius enjoys a sublime tropical climate, it is wonderfully warm with the light, refreshing (and totally welcome) breezes that sometimes bless the east coast. There is no doubt that Long Beach makes for a magnificent backdrop for such a special occasion.


THERE ARE PHENOMENAL CEREMONY VENUES TO CHOOSE FROM An expansive and pristine beach borders the entire resort, lapped by crystalline waters — it’s nothing short of breathtaking moments. The property offers couples planning their perfect wedding day, ample choice of wedding venues to choose from. Whether you want a picturesque, secluded venue right on the water’s edge or the gorgeous lawns rolling out onto the white beach in front of the Shores Bar, the choice is yours. Once you have chosen your favorite location for your big day, you can leave it to Long Beach to ensure that it’s suitably prepared to make your day extra special. You can also have peace of mind knowing that there will be a suitable, and equally outstanding, backup venue should the weather not cooperate on the day. THEY OFFER COMPREHENSIVE WEDDING PACKAGES To ensure that your wedding day (and the entire wedding planning process for that matter) is totally stress-free, Long Beach offers couples tailor-made wedding packages appropriate for your intimate ceremony. From your personal Celebration Specialist that will accompany you from the day you arrive, to the perfect photographer, a gorgeous bouquet, our outstanding hairdressers and makeup artists, to the most delicious cake …. you can rest assured that your wedding will not only be absolutely perfect but absolutely stunning too! The basic wedding package includes the absolute essentials (from venue and makeup, to an in-room romantic breakfast the next morning). The “Wedding in Paradise” package includes all that and more. A ‘feet in the sand’ cocktail, a romantic bath with champagne to name a few. Both packages have the option of adding “enhancements” (from different live music entertainment, exotic floral decor

to a champagne breakfast, marking the extraordinary occasion) to ensure that your big day is exactly as you have always dreamed it would be. No matter which package you decide to go with, the services of the in-house Special Events team are included, to make sure that every detail of your day is catered for so that you literally do not have to worry a thing. The Special Events Manager and the Celebration Specialist ensures that you have a streamlined experience from the first pre-arrival contact to the one to one meeting the day after your arrival so that you can be assured that the wedding day itself is wonderful as is everything in between. With Long Beach, creating your fairytale wedding is an absolute reality. THERE IS AN OUTSTANDING SPA Every bride (and groom) deserves to be well pampered before their big day so that they not only look but feel their absolute best before and on one of the biggest days of their lives. The absolutely incredible Cinq Mondes Spa and wellness refuge will definitely have you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and ready for your next exciting chapter. Inspired by ancient traditions and rituals, the phenomenal, Zen-like spa offers a huge variety of spa services from romantic couple massages, body treatments, facials, beauty services and much more. Guests can make use of the state-of-the-art spa facilities. And there is more …… Already exchanged your vows and wondering where to go ….. YOUR HONEYMOON For those who start their journey with a romantic getaway, Long Beach provides the ultimate escape for discerning guests seeking a blissful haven with equal measures of relaxation and activity. The perfect start to your Timeless Memories with exclusive moments at our secluded Sun Beach with beach butlers that offer a state of the art beach experience, or begin your day on a kayak witnessing the sun emerge from the horizon! Embark on a culinary journey for two, with the local Mauritian flavours to the cultural mix of Chinese foods. Try our World Class authentic Japanese restaurant …. A sublime venue for that special moment.

MORNA BERTHELOT SPECIAL EVENTS MANAGER Although I was born and brought up in Kenya, my destiny was Mauritius having married one of its natives. My journey in the hotel industry started in the Comoros Islands where my husband was based. After 3½ years we moved to Mauritius, where I found myself settling in at La Pirogue for 17 years, then onto the Sun Resorts Head Office where I oversaw the MICE sector for our four properties for nearly 3 years. Operations was my calling and I soon found myself at Long Beach Resort in August 2017. With the encouragement of Jean Marc Ma Poon, the General Manager, I took up my current roll as Special Events Manager overseeing the Celebration products of the hotel; intimate weddings, honeymooners, baby-mooners, birthdays and wedding anniversaries. We are moving to the millennials and modernising our features, constantly creating new venues and unique moments, those Timeless Memories together with Isabelle Auffray, our Celebration Specialist. Nothing brings us greater joy than seeing those precious and genuine smiles when bringing wonderful people together and sharing our unique experiences. 67

Your events at Long beach

Long Beach offers the best of both worlds: the upbeat buzz of the city and an escape to the freshness of beach living. The resort faces an extensive seafront along the famous Belle Mare beach, offering a wealth of facilities and activities, providing 68

a real sense of exploration and fulfillment. At Long Beach, there is a special feeling of “breathing & living space” as a result of the resort’s area and architecture. The indoor and outdoor spaces create stimulating environments for small business meetings or

large conferences alike. The flexible setting livens up workshops, incentives or team building events and lends itself easily to post-meeting social events.


Good resaons to choose Long Beach


Spread over 37 hectares of tropical gardens, facing a 1.3 km of white sandy beach, Long Beach’s purposely designed spacious grounds can welcome and stage any types of outdoor events up to 1,500 people.


Fully equipped indoor conference facilities up to 250 people, with professional audio-visual equipment, production facilities and a creative and dedicated team to tend to every detail or customisation of any events.


A choice of 5 restaurants offering worldwide dining experiences featuring live cookingdining, buffets, or à-la-carte options, including Hasu — one of the best authentic, contemporary Japanese restaurants on the island.


A wealth of fun and dynamic land or water activities ideal for onsite team building, including ‘wall climbing’ experience — unique in Mauritius — as well as a fully-equipped Fitness Centre and Sea Spa.


With close proximity to picturesque Ile aux Cerfs Leisure and Golf island, you can plan all types of off site ‘island’ activities, themed events or golf events. Golfers receive free green fees, complimentary bus shuttle and taxi boat to the 18-hole championship golf course (conditions apply). Free green fees also available at nearby Anahita Golf Club.


Complimentary high speed Wi-Fi internet access in guest rooms,conference rooms and in the resort’s social spaces. 69

Golf Courses in Mauritius The magical island paradise of Mauritius is known for its tropical island allure, with glittering cerulean waters, picture-perfect beaches lined with coconut palms and opulent luxury resorts that unfurl along magnificent stretches of this wonderful holiday destination. But over and above being an extraordinary destination for loved-up couples looking for a superb escape or families seeking memorable holidays, Mauritius is an outstanding golfing destination for avid fans. In and amongst the undulating volcanic hills and tropical forests there is a staggering number of sublime golf courses in Mauritius which include anything from 9-hole courses to world-class 18-hole championship courses designed by the likes of Ernie Els and Bernhard Langer. Having been awarded “Golf Destination of the Year” for Africa, the Indian Ocean and the Gulf States in 2016, it’s clear that this island paradise is fast establishing itself as a remarkable golf destination. If you are an avid golfer looking to play on some truly spectacular courses, then here are eight of the wonderful golf courses in Mauritius to make your trip the island particularly special:


Situated along the east coast of Mauritius

on an old sugarcane plantation, this outstanding 18-hole golf course was designed by Ernie Els in 2008 in association with Ciel Properties and was created according to USGA standards. The Anahita Golf Course boasts spectacular surrounds—it’s ideally situated between the scintillating azure ocean and volcanic interior which allows golfers to truly make the most of the gorgeous natural beauty of Mauritius.

The course snakes between trees, along

rivers and offers sea views at many of the holes. Undoubtedly one of the best golf courses in Mauritius, this spectacular course also has a pro shop, golf academy, driving range and clubhouse on the property, as well as lockers and a fitness centre, a restaurant and a bar. Don’t want to lug your golfing equipment to Mauritius? No problem, there is a huge array of golfing gear available to hire along with the golf buggies.


#TAMARINA GOLF CLUB One of the most famous golf courses in Mauritius, the Tamarina Golf Course was unveiled in 2007 and was designed by acclaimed architect Rodney Wright. This magical course, which forms part of what was known as the first residential golf estate on the island, has the perfect balance between being technically challenging and absolutely beautiful, with unparalleled views of Rempart Mountain and Tamarin Bay. This exquisite golf course sits at a point where the Rempart river meets the ocean and has stunning mountainous backdrops—it really is a breathtaking property. A pro shop, an academy and a restaurant form part of the additional services and infrastructure of the Tamarina Golf Course.

ILE AUX CERFS GOLF CLUB Possibly the most iconic of all the golf courses in Mauritius, the stunning Ile aux Cerfs (translated as “island of the deer”) is situated just off the east coast of Mauritius and is wonderfully unique in that it is located on its very own island. The sublime par 72 18-hole golf course was designed by the famous golf player Bernhard Langer and spans 38-hectares in the southern portion of the island. This challenging hole is accessible to players of all levels, with a course that meanders through stunning endemic flora, alongside serene lakes and gullies with many of the holes boasting sea views. This must-play golf course also offers golfers access to a private beach, the clubhouse, the onsite bar and restaurant as well of those on the Leisure Island portion of Ile aux Cerfs. There are also stunning Bubble Lodges located near the course, which make up the only accommodation offering on the island and are seriously incredible. One thing is for sure, if you play on only one golf course in Mauritius, this should be it!



SUN Golf STAY AT LONG BEACH AND PLAY ON 2 MAGNIFICENT GOLF COURSES Prepare yourself for an unparalleled golfing experience when staying at Long Beach. All residents have free access along with free green fees to the mythical île aux Cerfs Golf Club and the unique Anahita Golf Course. A special shuttle service is available every day to take guests to both golf courses and back including a boat shuttle to Pointe Maurice jetty to Ile Aux Cerfs ILE AUX CERFS GOLF CLUB Designed by the famous golf player Bernhard Langer, the course covers 38 hectares on the southern half of the island of Ile aux Cerfs. All 18 holes of this spectacular golfing island golf have views of theocean – some with glimpses across clearings through the trees; others coming close to theshore. The unique island golf course of Ile aux Cerfs is one of the most stupendous golf courses in the world, a “must play” as Colin Montgomerie puts describes it.

ANAHITA GOLF COURSE Designed by Ernie Els, Anahita Golf Course is a 6,828 m (7580 yard), 18- hole, par72 championship course; it has five teeing areas, large fairways and six ocean-front holes and is the first in the Indian Ocean to be built to USGA (United States Golf Association) standards. It is framed by the Bambou mountain and the Indian Ocean. A 320 m (350 yard) grass practice range with putting and chipping greens benefits from an equally impressive setting, with the Mauritian-style Clubhouse and a restaurant & bar offering panoramic 18th-green and lagoon views over Ile Aux Cerfs Anahita.


Golf & Gourmet – 2019 The 5th Edition A Golfing Experience Like No Other! This is an event that is fast becoming an annual tradition at Sun Resorts! Our week-long celebration tees off in late March and combines the incredible game of golf with a decadent gourmet experience. Meet like-minded people for some friendly competition, whilst sampling some of the best golf courses in Mauritius and, of course, enjoying the sumptuous delicacies that a range of Celebrity Chefs will be creating. Our guests can expect indulgent lunches and dinners, unusual and delectable cocktails, combined with verdant golf courses, with views of turquoise lagoons and the endless horizon of the Indian Ocean. Our three Celebrity Chefs, soon to be announced, will be spending the week with all of the participants, both on and off the golf courses. Allowing you the chance to ask your culinary questions and share your passion for golf and food! This year our Chef’s will be coming from France, Germany and South Africa. The Program: Monday 25 March 2019: • Transfer from Airport • Arrive at Long Beach, on the East Coast • Enjoy a delicious Breakfast upon arrival • Welcome Cocktail Reception • Dinner, with a range of soft drinks, beers and red and white wines included Tuesday 26 March 2019: • Arrive at IAC Golf Course, transfer included • Green Fee, Cart Fee & Practice balls Included • On the ninth hole a snack will be provided • Lunch at The Filibustiers • Return to Long Beach • Dinner, with a range of soft drinks, beers and red and white wines included Wednesday 27 March 2019: • Arrive at Anahita Golf Course, transfer included • Green Fee, Cart Fee & Practice balls Included • On the ninth hole a snack will be provided • Return to Long Beach • A Prize-giving Cocktail Reception will be held • Dinner, with a range of soft drinks, beers and red and white wines included Thursday 28 March 2019: • A Culinary Demonstration will take place at Lunch time 74

• Lunch, with a range of soft drinks, beers and red and white wines included • Dinner, with a range of soft drinks, beers and red and white wines included Friday 29 March 2019: • Transfer from Long Beach to Sugar Beach • Welcome Cocktail Reception • Dinner, with a range of soft drinks, beers and red and white wines included Saturday 30 March 2019: • Arrive at Tamarina Golf Course, transfer included • Green Fee, Cart Fee & Practice balls Included • On the ninth hole a snack will be provided • Return to Sugar Beach • A Prize-giving Cocktail Reception will be held • A Gala Dinner, with entertainment, with a range of soft drinks, beers and red and white wines included Sunday 31 March 2019: • Full Day Catamaran Cruise, including lobster lunch, with beverages and onboard musicians • Champagne Cocktail Reception will be held • Dinner, with a range of soft drinks, beers and red and white wines included

With each year, we feel that this competition reaches new heights! And this year is no different‌. For the 5th Edition, we will be including a Sunrise to Sunset concept; starting on the East Coast of Mauritius, staying at Long Beach and finishing on the West Coast of Mauritius, staying at Sugar Beach. This allows you to sample two of our magnificent resorts, play at three golf courses, Ile-Aux-Cerfs Golf Club (IAC), Anahita and Tamarina, whilst enjoying the delights of both sides of our Paradise Island! Another new addition will be our final adventure! We will close the week with a fabulous catamaran cruise, leaving from the West Coast. On the cruise you will be able to witness the wild dolphins that feed and play each morning on the West Coast and enjoy a sumptuous lobster lunch! The Ile-Aux-Cerfs Golf Club is in itself a reason to travel to Mauritius. With 18 holes, this par 72 championship course,

was designed by Bernhard Langer and is located on the small island of Ile Aux Cerfs, just off the East Coast of Mauritius. It is renowned for both its technically challenging course and the absolutely stunning views and outstanding tropical surroundings. The Anahita Golf Course is no less extraordinary. Another 18-hole, par 72 championship golf course, Anahita was designed by Ernie Els and offers views that will take your breath away, with both the mountains of Mauritius and Indian Ocean vistas! Our final golf course will be The Tamarina Golf Club, an 18-hole, par 72 championship golf course, situated on the West Coast of Mauritius and designed by Rodney Wright. Here you will be spoilt with technical challenges, mountain views and a chance to witness one of the few surfing areas of Mauritius, the famous Tamarin Bay.


A Day Trip to Remember: The Magic of Leisure Island at Ile aux Cerfs The gorgeous emerald island of Mauritius rises majestically out of breathtaking cerulean waters and is one of the most coveted holiday destinations in the world. It’s no real surprise; with its impressive natural beauty, world-renowned golf courses, a myriad of adventurous activities to explore (both on land and in the tropical sea), a vibrant culture and exotic culinary scene, it’s quite literally an intrepid traveller’s dream destination. Amongst all the remarkable tourist attractions of Mauritius, one particularly special place stands out; “the island’s island” just off of the east coast of Mauritius—Ile aux Cerfs. Famed for its exquisite 18-hole par 72 championship golf course designed by the esteemed Bernhard Langer this tropical oasis offers so much more than immaculate greens, a phenomenal golf academy and a stellar Pro Shop on one of the most unique golf courses in the world at its Leisure Island. The phenomenal lle aux Cerfs Leisure Island is the perfect destination for a sensational day trip, here’s why: A DAY TRIP TO REMEMBER: THE MAGIC OF LEISURE ISLAND AT ILE AUX CERFS Amongst all the remarkable tourist attractions of Mauritius, one particularly special place stands out; “the island’s island” just off of the east coast of Mauritius—Ile aux Cerfs. Famed for its exquisite 18-hole par 72 championship golf course designed by the esteemed Bernhard Langer, this tropical oasis offers so much more than immaculate greens, a phenomenal golf academy and a stellar Pro Shop on one of the most unique golf courses in the world at its Leisure Island. The phenomenal lle aux Cerfs Leisure Island is the perfect destination for a sensational day trip! A wonderful thing about Ile aux Cerfs is that it’s a mere 20 minutes from mainland Mauritius, making it a hugely accessible day trip destination, especially if you are already saying along the east coast of the island. But there’s no perfect way to get to the Ile aux Cerfs itself; the choice is all yours. If you stay at one of the four marvellous Sun Resorts, you are afforded a complimentary boat shuttle transfer from Pointe Maurice to Ile aux Cerfs Masala Jetty, which operates from 09:30 to 18:00 every day, with the shuttle leaving from Pointe Maurice every 30 minutes. 76

The Ile aux Cerfs Leisure island is the perfect day trip destination for adventurous travellers looking to make the most of the tropical climate and gorgeous crystalline waters. While swimming and snorkelling in the lagoon is an absolute must, there is also a huge array of both land- and water-based activities on offer; from speedboat rides, water skiing, banana boat rides and parasailing in the exquisite turquoise lagoon to Acrobranch and ziplining at the Adventure Park. For those who are looking to kick back and relax, the soft ivory sands of the gorgeous pristine beaches at Ile aux Cerfs are exceptionally inviting and make for the perfect place to get in a solid dose of vitamin D. Place your towel right on the beach or pay a nominal fee for a beach lounger and spend your day taking in the view, lapping up the rays of the sun and delving into your favourite book while enjoying a refreshing cocktail that can be brought to you as you relax in the sun. THERE ARE EXCEPTIONAL DINING OPTIONS ON ILE AUX CERFS Sumptuous fresh seafood, authentic Mauritian delicacies, gorgeous crispy pizzas and

hearty curries—there are ample choices for delectable dishes at Ile aux Cerfs Leisure island. Each of the island’s three restaurants has a comprehensive menu that caters to varying preferences and palates. Here are the options: Sands Grill is the perfect place for barefoot island dining, with menu items that include delicious local fish—cooked to perfection and according to your choice of grilled, fried or steamed. Tasty Mauritian delicacies are also offered along with wood-fired pizzas. The thatched open restaurant has a relaxed ambience and is conveniently close to the beach, boasting incredible views of the azure lagoon. Sands Bar is known for their phenomenal pizzas, with the extensive pizza menu offering everything from classic Italian favourites to novel and inventive creations. Pair your fresh pizza with your favourite tropical cocktail and enjoy your lunch on the beach in the most gorgeous (and laid-back) setting. La Chaumière Masala Restaurant is a unique offering the likes of which you probably won’t find again or at least anytime soon. Set amongst tropical trees, it’s made up of a network of thatched gazebos that are perched on stilts or built on the hillside of Ile aux Cerfs, each gazebo offering gorgeous sea views.

BUBBLE LODGE Ile aux Cerfs - which lies just off east of Mauritius - is a sensational haven for day trip revellers and golfing fans from around the globe. And one of the best things about this island is that it doesn’t have expansive areas covered in accommodation marring the islands natural beauty. In fact, the newly introduced Bubble Lodges are the first and only accommodation on the island itself which means that staying in one of them is a truly unique and exclusive experience. What’s more, there are only three Bubble Lodges in total, meaning that you will practically have the iconic island of Ile aux Cerfs to yourself in the evenings (apart from the other guests and Ile aux Cerfs’ security that is). If you are wondering if this would be a luxury castaway experience unlike any other, the answer is a definitive yes.

This novel restaurant serves up delicious and aromatic dishes inspired by India, Mauritius and Asia, where the traditional cuisines of these countries have been artfully reinvented by the head chef at La Chaumière Masala Restaurant. Exotic, fragrant classics and exciting fusions are expertly created to delight discerning guests in a magical setting—a meal here is sure to be an unforgettable experience. 77

Art at Long Beach

THE THIRD DOT is a consulting and amplification platform that develops and promotes cross-cultural projects in the areas of art and design through its global network of artists, brands and exhibition spaces. THE THIRD DOT is based on the partnership of two art lovers with diverse and complementary backgrounds in art, curation, teaching fine arts, artistic practice, marketing and management. Curator Alicia Maurel and artist Laetitia Lor have partnered up to conceptualise, design, manage and promote projects, to represent and guide artists, to design and curate objects. Their platform has been appointed to collaborate with Long Beach to curate their permanent art space – THE PASSAGE – and to build various artistic programs, including residencies of local and international up-and-coming contemporary artists.

CHLOE IP Chloé Ip is a hybrid between an archivist and a self-taught graphic designer. She is twentyseven years old and incarnates a being who has witnessed a lot. Her spontaneous discipline continues to expand and evolve, and never ceases to innovate. For Chloé Ip, Art is used to contemplate what humans are not used to perceiving, a window that opens onto another world, the power of imagination that ultimately allows each one of us to ascribe a meaning to our existence. The artist searches, cuts, glues and leaves it to the viewer to interpret the finality of her work. Recently discovered by lovers of contemporary art and graphic design, one who, freeing herself from agreed aesthetic standards, shocks scales and proportions and rejects realism. Her work echoes the photomontages of the Surrealism and Dadaism movements, both in its oneiric aspect and advocacy.


For Chloé, the process is essential and represents what is important; the placement, symmetry, or asymmetry chosen, the depth permeating into the image. All of this interlaced with visual harmony, whether coloured or black and white. She undertakes continued research as an image archivist. Her contemporary spirit allows her the freedom to look at Man in all his difference. She often places women at the heart of her creations. Her recognition, her body, her condition, her sensuality and her connection with the earth animate the artist and her art. Just like this digital era in which she evolves so easily, Chloé changes, desensitises, distorts faces to give way to a world of her own making.

DJUNEID DULLOO Born in Mauritius (Pamplemousses, 1983), Djuneid is a nomadic artist. Although he was not exposed to Art in primary and secondary school, from a very young age he developed an autonomous style inspired by textile motifs and textures by visiting canvas shops with his two grandmothers who were both seamstresses. At 7, he spent a year in a pre-primary school in Birmingham, while his father was preparing his doctorate: he would use this experience, upon his return, to develop the idea that reactivity is a subject in its own right, unlike what was present in the Mauritian public education system back then. At 16, his family moved to Kenya where he had the opportunity to discover the fine arts through an International Baccalaureate education at the International School of Kenya. After high school, Djuneid went to the Massachusetts College of Art & Design, and after two years, was awarded a “talent scholarship” from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston (SMFA). In 2006, he exhibited 40 paintings in his first Solo Show at the IBL Gallery in Port Louis. Over the course of his studies, Djuneid established an art program, Unmasking Shadows (2004), with a therapeutic and social dimension in collaboration with street children in Nairobi. Frescoes, drawings, collages and an exhibition in a prestigious commercial gallery of Nairobi. He invites other international artists to contribute to this movement. The programme has grown over the years and is now being led by the children who are now young adults and are rebuilding the Kings of Kibera project. In 2005, he participated in an exchange programme at the Ecole National Superieur des Beaux Arts in Paris, where he exhibited alongside John Galliano and other artists in the Chapelle des Beaux Arts. 2007–2008: He is accepted into the Master of Arts in Education program at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. 2009-present: Trip to Berlin where he settles down. Djuneid teaches visual arts at an international school, the Berlin Cosmopolitan School, where he is also in charge of the institute’s media and visual communication. In 2015, he was among the artists chosen to represent Mauritius at the 56th Venice Biennale.

VAST A universe brimming with colours, tangles of mounds, ladders, prisms, cubes complete Vast’s world. A young artist from Reunion Island, partly trained by l’école des beaux arts and partly self-taught, Vast offers us complex graphic work, where his inspiration sails to the wind of his emotions. A kind of “diving” guides his work. It is difficult to determine from where the artist draws his inspiration. With a passion for surfing since a very young age, one can make the link between

this other passion and the fluidity that characterises his work. Deprived of surfing for a few years for wellknown reasons, Vast found an escape by indulging in the art of creation. A palliative to freedom. One can explore his paintings without limit or direction. The depth that stems from a certain topography brings us into a colourful and optimistic abyss.

CHRISTOPHE REY Christophe’s work, be it painting, sculpture or music, systematically evokes a desire to explore, to make things vibrate, but also to disturb them. An ability to find the essence of an idea and express it in its simplest and most effective form. Using means such as repetition, symbolism, juxtaposition, metaphor, codes, humour and colour, he seeks to engage with the viewer.


JIMMY CADET Born in Saint-Pierre, Reunion Island, Jimmy Cadet has an atypical background. Self-taught, he discovered acrylic in a random manner. When he first started using paint, it helped him kill time; but gradually, he came to realise that this medium was meant for him. After creating the Atelier 84 with his talented friend Eric Raban, he is now part of the WD41 collective, named after the famous multi-purpose detergent. With Rio Palme, Cristof Denmont, Jace or Kid Kreol & Boogie, he helps people discover contemporary art by creating a unified community of people who share the same passion. The works of this collective can be seen in various places throughout the island. His last paintings reveal some kind of artistic maturity. Aligning himself closely with the Figuration Libre movement, he questions the world through mechanical vanities. With a sense of irony similar to the one of Damien Hirst, he explores humanity and its wilderness. But ultimately, Jimmy Cadet is building his masterwork, as a key actor of the upand-coming Reunion Island scene.

CHRISTOPHE DENMONT Born in 1977, Christophe Denmont lives and works in Reunion Island. His painting reveals a succession of ideas and telescopic sensations. The painting must be viewed as a space, a land of transformation where all possible slippages between gesture, whims of matter and other manifestations of the real and the unconscious intersect and overlap. A painting that is at once festive and poetic, at times even insolent, and that finds pleasure in playing with clichĂŠs, in particular, those related to exoticism. An island perspective, a mythology under construction where text, figures, spirits, creatures, are born, melted and merged to form one.


KIM LIP TONG Kim Yip Tong is a multi-disciplinary artist from Mauritius. She did her foundation at Olivier de Serres in Paris and studied in London where she received her MA in Information Experience Design at the Royal College of Art and BA in Textile Design at Central Saint Martins. Fascinated by the living world, Kim likes her art to be in motion, whether through moving images or physical computing. Her curiosity encourages her to seek collaborations and apply analogue and material driven techniques to digital processes, merging craft and tradition with new technologies. Through interactive and immersive audio-visual installations, Kim’s projects bring people together, trigger their imagination and encourage them to learn and wonder. Her current research focuses on the identity and the natural history of her country, Mauritius. She has participated in international festivals including Sonar +D Barcelona, Blue Dot Festival in the UK and Porlwi by Nature in Mauritius. She had 2 solo exhibitions at the Sunbury Embroidery Gallery and Art Panorama in the UK.

CELINE LE VIEUX Céline Le Vieux was born in 1992, in Mauritius. At a young age she was already reproducing comic strips to perfect her stroke. Yet, it is only after a semi-conscious decision to apply to Parsons Paris School of Art and Design that the medium became a certitude and a lifestyle choice. Though she often begins with the figurative, she evolves toward the abstract, an approach that is reminiscent of Joan Mitchell who said that she was incapable of painting the motifs in nature, and would rather paint the emotions that very nature provides. Céline Le Vieux mixes the elements, invents new tools and looks for the utility in the objects surrounding her. What she loves to refer to as an accident is more of an art freed of constraints and a hymn to her perceptions. 81

Timeless Memories At Sun Resorts, we pay homage to the sun and strive to ensure our guests savour every moment possible at our tropical hotels. We aim to surprise and delight at every opportunity in order to turn something that is wonderful into something that is magnificent by offering personalised services and unique activities that create memorable vacations. Whether you’re spending a day blissfully luxuriating on the beach, appreciating the silence and gorgeous views at sunrise, indulging in an expertly created signature cocktail or delighting in a romantic dinner as newlyweds, each of our unique Sun Resorts offer carefully designed signature experiences that transform treasured moments into timeless memories. 82


SUNRISE AND SUNSET RITUAL Kick off your day with a yoga, Qi Gong or sunrise kayak session at sunrise on the green lawn. This place has a stunning view of the ocean and is a unique feature you will ask for in the future. After this peaceful moment, you will want a little boost with our detox juices and blends available. Once a week, you can also participate in our boot camp session with our professional wellness team. Our infinity pool is home to an outdoor cinema at the sunset and once a week, open-air cinemas show films on a wide range of topics. You can also enjoy particular beach entertainment with Sega nights, fire tribe nights and seafood nights. 83

SUN BEACH Enjoy an exclusive beach experience with possibility to rent your Private Cabana and a private butler service. Power banks, magazines, beach towels, refreshing towels will be available for your special day at the beach.

SUN MEMORY LAB We’ll make your timeless memories tangible. Capture the moment with our array of cameras (yes, even the underwater variety), develop them in our Sun Memory Lab, and share them with the help of our social media experts. Everything has been put into place to ensure that your vacation is both imprinted into your mind and physically or digitally inscribed.

SUN MIXOLOGY We take pride in the savoir-faire of our mixologists, in the precise way that they meld local and foreign ingredients, creating sensory experiences that are miles away from the ordinary.


SUN LUXURY MOMENTS Sun Luxury Moments offer you a magical in-room experience that you can enjoy now or later, as you choose. They perfectly set the mood for that particular moment of time: at twilight, during the day, or after dinner. At Long Beach, enjoy a particular arrival experience with the sound of a DJ in the lobby and a mixology session designed just for you. You can also discover a culinary journey with one of your Chefs who will accompany you to the Flacq market and then back to the hotel where you will be having interactive cooking classes.

SUN GOLF Teeing off on exceptional greens is always phenomenal. Teeing off on an iconic course, surrounded by dramatic mountains or azure waters, with access to a private golfer’s beach and golf pros to help you perfect your swing is something else entirely. With four tropical hotels and three golf courses to choose from, you are bound to have a memorable vacation.