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The reason why we're all here is because of our mothers. That is why for a sad occasion such as the death of a mother, we want them to feel and let others know how special our mom is. The following pointers will give us an idea in what to say in this special undertaking of making a eulogy for mother: 1.Do not begin with a sad story. If the departed is someone really dear to us like a mother, it is not advisable that you begin a eulogy for mother in a sad note. You should try coming up with a eulogy that cites the happy moments that you had with her. There is a practical reason for this. If you begin the eulogy with the sad parts, there is great probability that you will break down right there and then even before you begin speaking. Instead, you can try your eulogy for mother by talking about the things that you do together while you were younger. That way, you will start to regain composure as you go on with your speech. 2.Organize your thoughts or better yet write it down. In face with a tragedy such as the death of a mother, it is debilitating such that it would be hard for you to speak out what is in your mind. But since it is only proper for you to stand up and honor your mother for the last time by giving a eulogy, it is best that you organize your thoughts or write it down to lessen the burden that you feel inside. Try to compartmentalize or narrate chronologically the things you wanted to say. You will not be able to say all the good things that your mother did but you can cover it all up by giving a general idea or simply citing the memorable ones. 3.Always remember that you are not only addressing an audience but also the departed. By thinking that this will be the last opportunity you have to speak to your mother, it will somehow help you muster up the courage to speak to her in public. You should deliver your eulogy as a proud son or daughter of the departed. 4.Share what you learned from your mother. A eulogy is not complete if you did not state the things you have learned from your deceased mother. These lessons may not oftentimes be expressly told by your mother but you can easily infer these from the things that she did to you and to other people. This is perhaps the part she'd really love to hear if she were alive. The thought that you have left a legacy to someone is always good compliment. 5.Always have a backup speaker. If you think that you feel heavily about the occasion, ask someone to read the remaining parts of your eulogy in case you break down during the speech. This is also the reason why eulogy should be written down. Thats it! By utilizing the tips above, you should have a good start on your eulogy writing process.

Margaret Marquisi is a retired writer and fulltime grandmother. To learn more about writing a eulogy for a mother or a eulogy for mom, visit her website.

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==== ==== For ideas on selecting, or writing the perfect eulogy for your mother please visit: ==== ====

Writing a Eulogy For Mother