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There's a GoPro for sale and you want to know all about them. Could there be one for you? We'll talk a little about the history of GoPro Cameras, look at different models and product bundles. I'll showcase some of the functionality and highlight the differences in each version. In 2005 some Silicon Valley Extremists (the sporting type) launched the GoPro Hero line of helmet cameras with a mission to enable other extreme sports participants and fans to capture what they have experienced as being some of the most exciting moments of a person's life. This is a moniker they take pride in. The result is that the company has grown to become the world's leading activity image capture company. The company has evolved and expanded to cover many different niche sport venues. According to your sport of choice you can select a variety of models and packages. They come in a variety of prices as well and so it can take some shopping to recognize what type is most ideal in your case. The Original GoPro For Sale The GoPro Hero has the distinction of being the egg that hatched a golden hen. Its popularity was overcome in no time at all when the GoPro Hero Wide was released. Its favored feature was the 170 degree wide angle lens. Wide as its name indicated the model carried the function of shooting in standard definition. The first fullHigh Definition (HD) The first full High Definition 1080p helmet camera, the GoPro HD Hero, was released in November 2009.There is a GoPro HD for sale in four different models now; the GoPro 960 is now an HD HERO model. Also for sale is the GoPro Motorsport Hero which you can attach to a variety of vehicles. The HD Surf HERO GoPro is a model for sale that easily attaches to surf boards as you would expect but and other water vessel will do. Where ever and whenever you wear a helmet, whatever you do attach an HD Helmet HERO to it. You'll get a great poster for your wall. There Are Similarities Let me list what is common among these versions then I'll point out the differences. Functionally all of these choices provide a large selection of attributes, and all may be personalized. The extra features available are:

5 mega-pixels still photo mode 170degreeangled lens slow motion replays at 60 frames per second waterproof up to 60 meters in a waterproof housing 1920x1080p HD recording ability.

GoPro has gained a reputation esteemed for sound quality. Even mounted on the front of the car the wind noise will not over - This is one of the best sound recording systems in the market, optimized to capture the most important audio and minimal wind noise. What's different about them? Mostly the basic distinctions are merely the mounts offered inside the bundles. The variety of GoPro camera packages for sale just allows you to be more sport specific in your camera choice. You wouldn't need a surfboard mount for your 2012 Honda CRF450R. You can get straps and mounting for just about any sport, endeavor, or vessel. Attachments for a helmet, for skiing, skydiving, biking, climbing, even just a hike if you like. There are GoPro head lamp style straps for sale, straps for vented helmets and buckles that are a one snap quick release. For vehicles there are a variety of Go Pro mounts for sale, suction mounts, body mounts for curved and flat surfaces, adhesive mounts, you can mount on dashboards or outside the vehicle easily. Not sure which camera or which sport you would want to concentrate on? No problem, GoPro has got you covered there to with the basic Naked HD model for sale that includes only the camera and the waterproofing, as you go along you can add options as you like. So where ever you go there is a GoPro for sale to go with you.

The author is a world traveler and an amateur photographer. If you are looking for a GoPro For Sale you can get comparison charts, feature lists and more reviews at

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==== ==== To find exciting new products from GoPro please visit: ==== ====

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