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Should You GoPro? Are your hobbies extreme? Do you ever find yourself wishing there was a way to record them after an epic ride but have found video cameras infeasible to operate while doing them, leaving no way to capture your most epic moments. If you are one of these individuals, you can finally let your imagination run wild of all the amazing footage you are going to capture because now there is finally a convenient solution. GoPro cameras, located in California, has finally developed a series of wearable and mountable action sport cameras called the GoPro HD Hero2, and they shoot in outstanding 1080p high definition so you can see yourself in action. The All-New GoPro HD Hero2 Camera GoPro HD Hero2 cameras are the most technologically advanced and compact sports actions camera ever developed. It utilizes a extremely powerful image sensor in a small body smaller than the size of a flashcard. People who use this camera are mainly sport enthusiasts that want to capture their life's most exhilarating moments. Enthusiasts include race car drivers, surfers, skiers, kayakers, snowboarders, mountain bikers, and even airplane pilots. What is great about this camera is that you don't have to be a sport athlete to enjoy the GoPro HD Hero2. All types of consumers can enjoy using a GoPro as a normal video camera since it records high definition videos. Document a hike or even a family moment like a birthday with a GoPro. GoPro released its revolutionary HD Hero2 camera November 30, 2011. Improvements that has made this camera twice as powerful include a brand new lens developed out of twice as sharp professional class. Improving the glass on lens allows the camera to record sharper and higher quality colors in video recordings. The lens isn't the only big upgrade, the new GoPro HD Hero2 has upped the camera to shoot 11 megapixel pictures. The previous GoPro HD Hero only shot 5 megapixel photos! On top of upping the megapixels, you can utilize the new photo burst mode to take ten eleven megapixels pictures per one second! This makes capturing sequences a breeze with your GoPro. There has also been small cosmetic changes, the user interface now incorporates an even more user-friendly LCD screen. The last big upgrade to know about is that GoPro has introduced wi-fi capability and a user friendly auto time-lapse setting that makes this camera an even more powerful video recording device. Pros • 2X Sharper camera lens has improved image quality • 11 Megapixel photos and new photo features make this camera even more versatile

• Currently the best wearable high-definition action camera in the world • Wi-Fi capabilities to control up to control 50 GoPro cameras at once • LCD interface makes changing user modes easier Cons • Still 1080p footage • Camera could use some improvement in low-light environments • Memory card not included What makes the camcorder so versatile is the polycarbonate housing the GoPro HD Hero2 is enclosed it. This makes the GoPro camera waterproof, bombproof, and even shockproof. For this reason, you can use them in just about any kind of setting or environment. Videos on YouTube document one falling off a motorcycle on a freeway! After looking for it on the side of the road, the driver finds it and reveals a few minor cosmetic scratches to the polycarbonate housing. Summary: In review, the GoPro HD Hero2 is the leading consumer wearable point of view action camera currently on the market. It records amazing 1080p video footage and due to its high-ease of use, limitless options mounting it, and compact size, it is quickly becoming one of the most sought after electronic gadgets. All of this technology is all within the consumer budget. Movie producers on HBO to the producers of Shark Week are learning that GoPro camera's make it possible to document amazing video footage that traditional video cameras haven't been capable of shooting. Finally, you can use this exciting technology to document all your life's most exhilarating moments in high definition, and it's hand free. The best part to note is that the GoPro HD Hero2 camera enables you to do it for less than a few hundred dollars.

Jon Russel is a fan of small HD video camcorders like the GoPro HD Hero2 and has been making sport action videos for over 10 years. The ability to attach them to your helmet, surfboard, or just about anything make them incredibly versatile gadgets even outside of action sports. A GoPro camera review can assist you in researching wearable point of view camera

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