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Flight Review By: Jack Evans

The movie Flight is just another one of the most recent hits Denzel Washington has stared in. The movie was directed by Robert Zemeckis who is known for his other hit Castaway back in 2000. Flight is categorized as a Drama/ thriller and the drama side is played out throughout the entire storyline. The movie begins with Denzel, hung over from the night before, getting onto an airplane he is going to be piloting, and before taking off he drinks more. There is an engine failure and the plane is going down but Denzel manages to land in a field and save all but six people. Denzel is considered a hero because other pilots try to land the plains he had in simulations and are not able to. Throughout the movie from the point of the crash Denzel tries to get people on his side to prove his innocence and that he was

in a good state of mind to fly the plane when he was obviously not. Through the movie he seems to not be able to be fully truthful about anything and this continues to just bring more trouble for him as the movie goes on. A member of the flight crew said to Denzel after the plane crash, “The FAA and the NTSB took 10 pilots, placed them in simulators, recreated the

events that led to this plane falling out of the sky. Do you know how many of them were able to safely land the planes? Not one. Every pilot crashed the aircraft, killed everybody on board. You were the only one who could do it!� Does this given Denzel the justification he needs to believe he was able to pilot that plane safely? At the time of the quote in the movie Denzel felt that it did. The movie ends with Denzel at a trial for the investigation into the cause of the plane crash. The two bottles that Denzel had drank

while flying the plane were found and Denzel was asked if he had drank them. He responded no and then was asked if that meant that the flight attendant who died had drank them. This turned out to be the final straw and Denzel at that moment decided he could not tell one more lie. He came clean about everything right then and there in front of the whole courtroom. Prior to this realization and the morality of the movie Denzel makes a lot of bad choices and is a pretty terrible person to just

about everyone. At one point in the movie he helps a lady pay for her rent and lets her live with him. This originally seems like a nice thing he is doing until he is constantly drunk and eventually is so hard to deal with that she leaves. At one point while the investigation is going on he goes drunk to his ex wife’s house and gets into a fight with his son. In addition to these the night before the trial at the end of the movie he gets drunk and falls and breaks his head open. This connects to the next point, alcoholism and drug use. Clearly he has a problem with alcoholism the entire time but he argues whit everyone that he doesn’t throughout the whole move. The point of him drinking is very over expressed throughout the movie to the point that he could not function without it. It is ok though that the movie focus on this because without the alcohol and drugs leading Denzel to rock bottom the ending of the movie would not have been as much of a drastic change.

Denzel finally comes to the realization that he can tell one more lie and be free and clear of all the trouble caused from the crash but he is not able to. If he would have told one more lie he would have looked like a hero and been able to be a pilot again. This was though when morality set in and Denzel finally told the truth in front of everyone. He said, when asked about the days leading up to the flight, if he had been drinking and he originally told them he had not but later in the trial said, “I drank the vodka bottles. I drank the Vodka Bottles on the plane! … I was Drunk, I’m drunk now; I’m drunk right now. Mrs. Black, because I’m an alcoholic.” This Change in Denzel’s character shows the conservative morality we expect to see out of all people. We expect that if anyone is put in that situation that they would do the right thing and tell the truth. Unfortunately a lot of people would not follow this conservative morality view and may decide to

go the other way. The end that the director decided to put in effectively delivered the theme very effectively. This ending shows us that bad people are actually good or truthful in the end. This movie would have had a very different message had Denzel not showed this conventional morality he ended up having all along. Overall, while the focus of the movie was the decline of Denzel, the movie is a great success due to the realization that he comes to at the end and the theme of

morality associated with it. The fact that this movie encompasses the good morality That we like to believe is in everyone, even the bad people Like Denzel, is just another Reason this movie, in my opinion, is a success. The movie utilizes some of these negative issues to really drive home the point of the choices we make. There is a clear development in the movie leading to the end and I feel that there are no unnecessary details added.

Flight review  
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