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Ways to Rebuild the Nation

by: Jeung Yun Ge

As now, Philippine Society is in chaos. The MNLF is now attacking the western part of Mindanao. Because of that, the Philippine is breaking down in a way of politics and society. As a people living here and students, what can we do to prevent the division and how to rebuild the nation?

To start, we should know what can the most influencial person can do to stop this, the government. How can government solve this problem? The keyword to this is Speed and Safety. Government should solve this quickly and safely as possible. War can't be the solution if we consider the people and properties. As well as peace talk, it won't be that successful if we don't consider their requests. Government should consider something that is considerable and reject something that is not considerable. Also, government should use a simple method called, a Carrot and a Knife. Carrot stand for understanding and considering. Government should understand them and try to consider their ideas. But if the MNLF still try to fight back, we should use knife, which is somehow threatening them.

As a student, we can help to re-unify and rebuild the nation. But first, we should be aware and know the danger of a war and its effect. This can help us to prevent war and solve the problem peacefully. We should also be open to others. We should be opened and consider different thoughts and ideas of others so there can be harmony between them and us.

As a person living here and Filipinos, we should know that there is only one government and one nation. We should believe that Philippine is one and tere is no another Philippine.We should also not divide ourselves into different groups. We should not hate others.

These are some of the ways to rebuild. People,a factor of a nationstate, should be united and believe each others. If people starts to divide, the government and even nation cannot stand. People should be the basis of the nation. To stop this problem, every each person should be aware and try to prevent problems.

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