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The traditions,lifestyle and cultures were shaped by The Zamboangueño courtship and traditions are

the confluents of a lot of countries.Of all these, the

elaborate and regulated by a long list of required

spanish culture had the strongest impact-about 50% of

social graces. An example is the fact that a suitor

zamboangueño culture is anchored on España a d its

could not sit unless permitted to do so by the lady’s parents, or the heavy cross-examination of the suitor who had to answer satisfactorily all questions as to his lineage, credentials, and occupation, or the courtship curfew, the need to cultivate the goodwill of all the members of the lady’s family. The

hermosa festival



“Zamboangueño songs” also show much of culture. The songs of love show the need for the harana or the coutship serenade as well as the limits puts on the expression of love by the norms of culture and tradition. The Chabacano Song Festival, has produced numerous Chabacano pieces. The Chabacano Song