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Summer / Pre fall 2010

EXPLORE THE QUIRKY STØJ UNIVERSE AT In the Styling Space you can style and create your own fashionable outfits and even buy your favorite items online. On the Fashion Blog SONJA STØJ will be sharing fashion tips and inspiration for the collections. Furthermore small videos from photo shoots etc. will be displayed. STØJ is the new sister brand of Second Female and Just Female. The universe of STØJ is based on the fictitious character SONJA STØJ who is designing the cool, colorful and humoristic STØJ collections. SONJA finds her inspiration in anything from animals in the circus and colorful cupcakes to graffiti while exploring trendy metropoles all over the world. STØJ releases 6 annual collections plus small express deliveries in between.

ce s es ckla r d ne ce rd Bi itar ckla Gu y ne Ke

Carl a Karm cardi ga en d ress n

ralls e v o Pixnieja tee So

Granny knit Sigrid knickers

Zig Sig ga t ee Boo rid leg t Car n g la eckl ings sca ace rf

Karmen dress Agyness leggings Eagle necklace

Bjørk dress

Tiger blouse

Malin kn Isa pa it nts Eagle neckla ce

p Zenia tankt to ir Pixie sk

shicret t a e w Isaeys neckla K

Edit dress

Main office & showroom Hesseløgade 16 DK-2100 Copenhagen Ă˜ phone +45 70271007 Showroom Aarhus Balticagade 11 DK-8000 Aarhus phone +45 28260240 Sales / Louise Daugaard Hartmann phone +45 22451402 Design / Tina Westergaard Photography / Anne-Mie Dreves Hair/makeup / Marianne Jensen AD+grapich design / JE:SU+MOM / gul stue Thanks to DERES / Converse & Ronald

Sonja Støj  

Catalog for fashion brand "Sonja Støj" together with Maria Bramsen.

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