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12-15 AUGUST 2010

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Fashion portraits It has come to an end with grand luxurious consumption. Now we show careful consideration when we go shopping for clothes. It has nothing to do with headlong impuls shopping or chasing designer items. We now carefully consider our purchases or long term investments. There is a thought behind, on where to spend the money. It is no longer called ”going shopping”, you purchase or invest. And the ostentatious ”must have”-bags are being exchanged for eco linen or canvas nets, as ethical moral/ responsibility has become the new symbol of glamour. Therefore, you could actually be an elegant eco activist, as quality and good design belong to the new values. After a long period in the sign of materialism, where the consumption has been the driving force in society, we have become much more aware of which choices we make in life and how our consumption patterns influence on the state of the world. The new decade has just only begun and we are on our way from being a consumer society to become a consideration society. We are in the process of changing lifestyle, values and habits in a distinctive settlement with the useand-throw-away culture. The development happens in a

breathtaking speed, with the good support of social medias like Facebook, Twitter and historical events like the financial crisis. Experience CIFFKIDS trend universe CIFF’s trend team invites you to the new season. We introduce the season’s four CIFFKIDS themes, Animalistic, Working on it, Little Activists and Monsters here in the catalogue and on the CIFFKIDS trend show every day at 12.00h and 15.00h in hall H. Welcome and please enjoy fashion in a new way. Ulla Skjødt Head of Trends Dansk Mode & Textil

ciff kids

Garden The focus on saving the planet is present in this theme. In a dreamworld of ones own, an imaginary paradise garden between earth and sea, inventing a new kind of aesthetic. Flora and fauna, oceans and rivers are present everywhere. Gardens provide a new kind of camouflage blending exotic flowers and animals with tiny flowers and greens. Bare legs in the do-it-your-self herb garden. Nature offers us a poetic plantlike palette. Liberty print, persian flowers adds to the charm of cool cotton. Taking flight in the rustle of kites, weightless materials in vibrant shadows adds to urban sportswear.

ciff tiny

Preppys A ludicrous and whimsical universe with flashbacks to innocent times of childhood nostalgia. Like the Astrid Lindgren universe around Pippi Longstocking and her friends Tommy and Annika. With this wave of good humor stress and worries all disapear into rainbow colors in a universe looking like a sixties’ musical. Colors are concentratet on essentials and the focus is on simple motifs, polka dots, gingham and schoolboy checks. The idea of getting back to pretty basics inventing a new casual chic displaying respectable simplicity.


ciff little

Pioneers Going west and rediscovering the Americas. Little adventurers are sporting a gold digger look in a universe of graphic folklore and workwear inspired by Mexican, Peruvian an Indian style. In a mix with dip dye, naive embroidery, cross stitching and rough trims. Cowboys and cowgirls create a refined look playing the harmonica in an original denim mode. Warm colors are contrasted with ink blue and illuminated with bronze.



ciff small

Dockers A fresh respectful kind of design for daily life sets the scene at the crossroads of Asian refinement and Nordic humanist spirit. Looking out into the world from the docks – you see sailor stripes and bold styling with a hint of French seaside. Little urban nomads are ready for summer by borrowing and gathering from all over the world. Recycle uniforms, energize basics and go for stripes. Denim provides a friendly rebel look fitted, faded, going for contrasts with punchy graphics. With a hint of nostalgia ribbons are tied casually. Beautiful shirting, crepon and twills create harmonies of clean neutrals.


Catalog for Copenhagen International Fashion Fair descriebing the 4 trends for Spring/Summer 2011

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