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Milan Ramsey Former Model/Entrepreneur/Author turned Real Estate Investor wants to help many prosper in Real Estate Arena Milan Ramsey has parlayed her success in the modeling industry into a successful career in the Real Estate arena; she entered the game as an eager student willing to learn all that was offered. This would seem beneath a successful former model, entrepreneur, & author but not Ms. Ramsey. She wanted to get in the trenches, overseeing 100's of rehabs, learning the ropes of the real estate management business and directly overseeing 200 managed rentals. She has spearheaded the entire new client division of 2 successful Detroit real estate companies, dealing with the international real estate investors. This was learned under the watchful eye of the owners of Metro Detroit Rental Experts and Detroit Wealth. They specialize in the Turn -Key real estate dealing mainly with outof-state and out of the country investors looking to take advantage of the tremendous opportunity to invest in the Detroit real estate market. Ms. Ramsey put her "Type A" personality to good use in this area; she took both companies customer service to the next level. In this area she increased the clients comfort level due to her attention to detail which she learned walking the runways of "Miami". There was never a detail to small for her to devote her full attention. Ms. Ramsey realized was a tremendous void in the market especially in the Michigan. It seemed as if there was not many women that had mastered this arena so after doing her research and learning the ropes, she felt she could fill this void. Specializing in Investment Properties, Rehabbing, Property Management and Section 8 has been the key to her success. Milan Ramsey’s company is dedicated strictly toward the advancement and success of Real Estate Investors in the Entertainment industry and abroad.

A Letter to You from Jetsetters Investment Properties CEO Milan Ramsey

“I ask myself how did I go from working in the Entertainment Industry to becoming a Real

Estate Investor Expert? “ The transition was undeniable! What I love about working in the Entertainment Industry is the fast pace speed of business deals and the art of entertaining. And when I found that the Real Estate Market in Detroit had the same force and energy… I became addicted to it. Being from Detroit I’ve always had a true connection to how we’ve learned how to find ways to make money when many say it is impossible. The past few years Detroit has taken many of big hits, but yet it still thrives. Plenty have walked away from the city…without looking back. But what they don’t know is DETROIT HAS BECOME A GOLDMINE! I personally have witnessed hundreds of real estate investors from all over the world…some as close as California and as far as Australia have invested millions into the Detroit Real Estate Market. This is the Number 1# Reason why I decided that to will be a Real Estate Investor Expert. Why will I let some real estate investor from London who has never ever been to Detroit, let alone a Koney Island on 7 Mile make a ton on money in MY city and I’m not a part of that! No sir! So I decided to indulge in not only the in real estate market but also in Property Management, Rehabbing Homes, Tenant Placement and Section 8 (Properties and Tenant Placement). There are a massive amount of foreclosed homes that are for sale cheap in Detroit. Many out-of-state and country investors purchase those properties because of the price. BUT they don’t have a clue what to do with them afterwards. Who is going to rehab it? How much will insurance be? Where will I get a tenant to rent my property? And the list goes on…What I have discovered is that they will pick some random person from the internet to take care of this costly problem. Now think about this…can you really trust this? You will have a better chance playing Eni Mini Miny Mo then trusting a strange with thousands of your hard earned dollars. But you know who has experience and an excellent team that handles hundreds of rehabs a year? If you guessed it’s me, you are absolutely right. Because I AM AN EXPERT IT ALL! And all of my real estate clients think so too. My job is to make investing in Detroit real estate as simple as possible. As an investor all you would have to do is sit back and enjoy the monthly cash flow. It’s as easy as that. I would like to thank you in advance for your time and I’m looking forward to working with you!

Jetsetters Investment Properties CEO,

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