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Jet Group | Commitment Costumer Service Group Aviation Service is a business unit of Rotstein Capital Limited, born from the experience of its founders and professionals in the aviation industry internationally. Years of working with the best suppliers in the world of Aviation industry, have made our company well known and appreciated in the international aviation community.

Start up Aviation Aviation consulting specialist Thanks to the long experience and knowledge of the issues aeronautical team Rotstein Capital Limited, puts us in a position to offer an important know-how for both the purchase of an aircraft, for the establishment of an airline, developing international airports, expert advice aircraft, aircraft interiors manufacturing, technical management of maintenance, administration, strategic planning & project.

Project Airport Your project will take flight Airports and have been shown to play a decisive role in the economy of an area. So that they are appropriate to the needs of the application and they must be at the center of an organic planning, consistent with the objectives and always updated. The saying "think global, act local" perfectly reflects the approach needed to manage the complexity of an airport. In this sense Rotstein Capital Limited alongside the Airport Management Companies in all phases of planning, development and management.

Technical Advisory Superior maintenance, nothing is left to chance Expert technical advice, legal and administrative specializing in the field of acquisitions and sales. We buy and sell, trade consulting, legal and administrative, technical evaluations, analysis aviation companies, market studies for investment purposes. Fleet management, maintenance support, ground services. Technical management, retrieval and storage of aircraft of all types.

Aircraft Interior Design We will provide you with a five start flying suite Specialists in the design, planning, renovation and modification of the interior of aircraft of all types. The service is aimed at a high-class clientele, with high quality and style that encompasses all phases of flight toward the creation of the environment of the customer to meet their personal needs and taste. Competence and creativity, all the products and artifacts used are tested and certified for aviation use. Manufacturing is strictly Made in Italy so as to provide an exclusive and unmistakable.

Business Aviation Fly to suit your needs The prestige of our company is given by its passengers. Why we've created a society of private flights for you. We offer travel experiences with the most modern fleet in the world today. With Private Jet can fly at any time, thanks to our flexibility that will allow you to get anywhere and get the most out of your day. You can avoid long waits and check-in, to spend time on more important things. While you'll relax on board one of our jet, you can enjoy the pleasure to fly on a private jet with a crew at your disposal. We are present in all continents, in cities like Lugano, Montecarlo, London, Milan, Paris, Monaco, Madrid, Vienna, Moscow, Dubai, New York. Private Jet operates flights of short and medium-long range, with destinations throughout the world.

Our advantages Boarding in 15 minutes. No waiting at the airport Comfort, immediate takeoff, no stress Travelling with us means you have the opportunity to personally decide the flight schedule, avoid long waits and procedures for checkin is not delayed, sudden strikes or loss of luggage, be accompanied by a flight crew discreet and confidential. Safety, maintenance and strict quality Security is the top priority of the company. Continued commitment in the accuracy and efficiency of the controls is a Private Jet for nonnegotiable requirement. In these times of conflict and terrorism, hire a private jet gives you the maximum safety. Catering, first class throughout We have the best suppliers of in-flight catering. You will enjoy menus energizing in the morning, at noon satisfying, tasty and relaxing in the afternoon to evening.

Aircraft Management Private aircraft management activities, interior design and selling aircraft. When you have the need to evaluate an investment in the purchase of an asset so special and technical as an aircraft, the first real investment is done with the selection of a reliable partner and prepared, can provide a serious and professional advice . Because of the methodology of First Club Management, we can assist the customer in order to jointly him to identify the aircraft model that best suits their needs, depending on the budget available for investment. We also guarantee specific advice for technical and administrative management of the aircraft, allowing the customer a proper use of your well.

Light Jet Citation Mustang

Citation CJ2 +

Citation Cj3

Benchmark of super light, the new entrylevel model of the Cessna jet, these aircraft offer competitive rates in quiet, modern cabins. Possibility of taking off and landing on short runways. Luxury cabin in a "club" 4 seats.

This category features a wide range of small business jets for small groups, 5 to 6 passengers. These aircraft are equipped with well-appointed cabins and are a very popular model in the market, but with an eye to the economic factor.

An aircraft contemporary and comfortable, ideal for flights to all European destinations. This aircraft is equipped with the latest technology, provides an absolute level of comfort to its passengers and also more space for their luggage.

Cabin lenght 2.97 mt Cabin heigth 1,37 mt Cabin width 1,40 mt Seat 4 Bagagge volume 1,8 mq3 Maximun range ( distance ) 2.130 km Speed 630 km/h

Cabin lenght 4,14 mt Cabin heigth 1,45 mt Cabin width 1,47 mt Seat 6 Bagagge volume 1,8 mq3 Maximun range ( distance ) 2,987 km Speed 774 km/h

Cabin lenght 4,78 mt Cabin heigth 1,45 mt Cabin width 1,45 mt Seat 7 Bagagge volume 1,8 mq3 Maximun range ( distance ) 3,473 km Speed 770 km/h

Cabin Speakers , Sound System, DVD Player, SAT-phone

Cabin Speakers , Sound System, DVD Player, SAT-phone, Toilette

Cabin Speakers , Sound System, DVD Player, SAT-phone, Toilette

Medium Jet Citation Excel XLS

Lear Jet 45 XR

HS 900 XP

The world's best selling jet in its class, performance, cabin headroom, ample space for luggage and separate toilet are the characteristics of this class, suitable for flights with more passengers but with autonomy for the medium range destinations.

The Lear 45XR has the traditional characteristics of the Lear jet, a jet of excellence with the ability to accommodate eight passengers in maximum comfort than 1,900 nautical miles at an altitude of 51,000 feet.

Separated from the production project of British Aerospace and Raytheon Aircraft Company acquired by the U.S. plane is called Hawker. Stand-up cabin, elegant mix of performance and comfort.

Cabin lenght 5,65 mt Cabin heigth 1,73 mt Cabin width 1,68 mt Seat 8 Bagagge volume 2,5 mq3 Maximun range ( distance) 3,441 km Speed 817 km/h Cabin Speakers , Sound System, DVD Player, SAT-phone, LCD Monitors, Airshow System, Hot Meal, Toilette

Cabin lenght 6,02 mt Cabin height 1,50 mt Cabin width 1,56 mt Seat 8 Bagagge volume 1,84 mq3 Maximun range ( distance ) 3,676 km Speed 860 km/h Cabin Speakers , Sound System, DVD Player, SAT-phone, LCD Monitors, Airshow System, Hot Meal, Toilette

Cabin lenght 6,05 mt Cabin height 1,75 mt Cabin width 1,83 mt Seat 8 Bagagge volume 1,04 mq3 Maximun range ( distance ) 5,463 km Speed 850 km/h Cabin Speakers , Sound System, DVD Player, SAT-phone, LCD Monitors, Airshow System, Hot Meal, Toilette

Heavy Jet Challenger 300

Falcon 2000 LX Easy

Embraer Legacy 600

The Challenger CL-300 is a business jet used for trans-continental flights, version eight seats with reclining seats, equipped with all the amenities on board. Performance optimal speed and distance, operational flexibility at an affordable cost.

A cabin really "large", very good comfort for work on board and fly non-stop from London to New York and from Linate to Dubai. Able to reach 43,000 feet in just 27 minutes is the most suitable aircraft to operate airstrips difficult for other aircraft of the same category.

The Legacy 600 business jet is the largest in its class, is an executive version of the famous Embraer Regional Jet Access to the luggage area from the cab. Refined interiors and reclining chairs, a sleeping area with sofa allows you to rest peacefully.

Cabin lenght 6,05 mt Cabin heigth 1,75 mt Cabin width 1,83 mt Seat 8 Bagagge volume 1,04 mq3 Maximun range ( distance ) 5,463 km Speed 850 km/h Cabin Speakers , Sound System, DVD Player, SAT-phone, LCD Monitors, Airshow System, Hot Meal, Toilette

Cabin lenght 7,98 mt Cabin height 1,87 mt Cabin width 2,33 mt Seat 10 Bagagge volume 3,79 mq3 Maximun range ( distance ) 7.410 km Speed 850 km/h Cabin Speakers , Sound System, DVD Player, SAT-phone, LCD Monitors, Airshow System, Hot Meal, Beds, Seats with bed, Toilette

Cabin lenght 13,10 mt Cagin height 1, 83 mt Cabin width 2,10 mt Seat 13 Bagagge volume 6,8 mq3 Maximun range ( distance ) 6,019 km Speed 850 km/h Cabin Speakers , Sound System, DVD Player, SAT-phone, LCD Monitors, Airshow System, Hot Meal, Beds, Seats with bed, Toilette

Heavy Jet Falcon 7X

Global Express 6000

Gulfstream 550

The flagship of Dassault aircraft with three engines, flies higher than any Falcon jet in its class, plenty of space for resting and sleeping. A real office steering wheel with all the amenities, interior design BMW.

The Global is able to satisfy the desires of even the most sophisticated and demanding, without compromise. E 'was developed by Bombardier to enter the market of longrange business jet (approx. 12,000 km), maximum flight performance, great comfort on board.

Long-range par excellence, the world's best selling aircraft in its class, considered the Rollys the sky. It can fly non-stop from Rome to Panama in 12 hours.

Cabin lenght 11, 91 mt Cabin heigth 1, 88 mt Cabin width 2,34 mt Seat 12 Bagagge volume 4,0 mq3 Maximun range ( distance ) 10.741 km Speed 953 km/h Cabin Speakers , Sound System, DVD Player, SAT-phone, LCD Monitors, Airshow System, Hot Meal, Seats with bed, Toilette, WI-FI Lan

Cabin lenght 14,7 mt Cabin height 1,91 mt Cabin width 2,50 mt Seat 13 Bagagge volume 5,24 mq3 Maximun range ( distance ) 11,390 km Speed 907 km/h Cabin Speakers , Sound System, DVD Player, SAT-phone, LCD Monitors, Airshow System, Hot Meal, Seats with bed, Toilette, WI-FI lan

Cabin lenght 13,39 mt Cabin height 1,88 mt Cabin width 2,24 mt Seat 15 Bagagge volume 6,4 mq3 Maximun range ( distance ) 12,500 km Speed 910 km/h Cabin Speakers , Sound System, DVD Player, SAT-phone, LCD Monitors, Airshow System, Hot Meal, Seats with bed, Toilette,WI-FI Lan

Helicopter service Exectuive Helicopter service - Helitaxi Helicopter Service offers an efficient, comfortable and flexible heli-taxi service. With Helicopter service the advantage is not just going “anywhere anytime�, but also enjoying the unmatched luxury of a private flight. Conceived to satisfy any travel request, such as for example reaching your holiday resort with your family or friends, our pilots are at your disposal. This service is particularly addressed to corporate professionals in search of fast and customized transport solutions to increase the productivity of their working day. Whether travelling to get to an important meeting, attend an event or simply cover multiple locations in a single day, our helicopters will offer them a stress free and exciting journey experience combining costs and performance and effectively solving all problems related to punctuality and distance.

Helicopter management Helipad – consulting management helicopter helipads management, interfacing with the Aeronautical Authority; advice and support on the Statement of the National Aeronautics and European EASA ; support for the identification and selection of the site; preparation and production of the documentation necessary to obtain authorization for use. • has all the experience necessary to help you with the highly specialized business of purchasing a new helicopter. • It is essential therefore to ensure that everything is done correctly from start to finish. Anticipating all of these requirements and ensuring that they are specified during the initial stages of the order can make a dramatic difference to the experience and costs of ownership. • offers all of its helicopter owners, and potential owners, the benefits of its extensive knowledge to help get this vital stage right.

Fly with us

Fly with us

Our team Our experience is the result of years of commitment and dedication, in an industry where safety, efficiency and reliability play an important role and must be addressed with training and competence. Every day our professionals undertake to ensure and maintain the high quality of services offered.

Chief Executive Renzo Pisu

Organization Top Management Specialists Aviation

Renzo Pisu Ceo & Chairman


Strategic Development

Administration Hemervate Ltd

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Legal & Compliance

Cesare Simonetti Commercial Manager Airport & Airlines

Aircraft sales manager

Stefano Maronato

Gianluca Grassini

Maintenance Manager

Quality & Safety Manager

Carlo Montanini Business Jet Aviation Manager

Diego Briani Marketing Manager

Group overview • • • • •

Rotstein Capital Ltd Private company base head quarter in Nicosia ( Cyprus ) Office in Swizerland ( Lugano and Berna ) and Italy. Focus on aviation industry consulting 20 aviation TOP partner world wide Over 50 collaborators ,includes 20 engineers

TOP SERVICES Aircraft Re-marketing Aircraft Appraisal & Experts’ Report Global asset control Legal Services Registration and deregistration aircraft Aircraft Aft re-delivery and re-possession CAMO & Management Aircraft Management Solutions Aircraft trasportation Hangar Services Aircraft Dismantling Aircraft Financing

Business Unit Group Aviation Service Rotstein Capital Ltd

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Camo - Quality Engineering services interior design

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Our focus Our subsidiary services Comprising all areas of the aviation market and cooperating only with reputable partner companies: must fulfill all necessary requirements, possess all relevant licenses, have a clean and long standing reputation. Our partners • Start Up Airline - Aviation Industry - Business Aviation VLJs • Restructuring finance airlines • Financial consulting for purchase aircraft • Analysis and research aircraft ( new or used ) Analysis of the external and internal design aircraft • Internal modernization refit • Management of inspection before the purchase • Leasing loans • Registration and certification aircraft Management - maintenance program Management - personnel and training Crew top management • Marketing research • Branding • MRO (maintenance, repairs & operations) and CAMO specialists • Aviation training organizers, subcontractors, suppliers and service providers • Authorities, regulators, ATCs (Air Traffic Control) and airports • Traders, agents & brokers • Auditing companies and international law firms Our advisory skills • Devising and developing business plans for airlines (both start-ups and existing operators) • Preparing project roadshows and memoranda for investors • Managing and coordinating M&A projects, including post-merger integration. • Establishing companies and SPCs • Tax planning and corporate structuring • Establishing companies and SPCs (Storage Performance)

Reference • Studies Study of complex business plans aviation industry, evaluation and comparative analysis of commercial aircraft and business jet. Rotstein Capital Ltd have relations with international companies industry: Boeing, Airbus, BA Aerospace, ATR, Cessna Aircraft, Embraer executive, Bombardier, Gulfstream, Raytheon Aircraft, General Eletric, CFM power, Honda Jet, Dassault Falcon, Lufthansa Techink, Ruag Aerospace Defence, Honeywell, Rockwell Collins, Universal Avionics, Flight Safety International.

• Special consulting aviation Alitalia, AirOne, Eurofly, Gandalf Airlines, Alpi Eagles, Volare Group, Myair, Ocean Airlines, Cargo Italia, Superjet International (Alenia and Sukhoi Company) , Air Dolomiti, Lauda Air, Airport Brescia, Airport Linate & Malpensa, Six Cargo, Tarom, Cabot Aviation, DHL Aviation, Aliven private jet, AvconJet, Singapore Airlines, Thai Air, Cathay Pacific, Air China, Shenzhen Airlines, Hong Kong Airlines.

Rotstein Capital Ltd Certificate of incorporation

Aero Engineering Team srl Licence Part 145 Base Station Brescia Airport As a maintenance organization in compliance with section A of Annex II ( PART 145 ) of regulation ( EU ).

CAMO Aerospace Engineering Malta

Q.C.M Camo Plus AG Licence CAMO & Quality Management & DOA Base Station Berna Airport The Q.C.M. camo plus AG is approved as a Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO plus) by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) in accordance with Part-M Subpart G requirements.


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Contact : Rotstein Capital Limited Renzo Pisu Ceo & Charmain Phone +39 335 1385526

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