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December 2018


Caring―Our Way Of Life. Leadership, Character Values, Caring, Inclusiveness.

With great power, comes great responsibility. -Stan Lee

Key Club Pledge I pledge, on my honor, to uphold the Objects of Key Club International; to build my home, school and community; to serve my nation and God; and combat all forces which tend to undermine these

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Happy winter break everyone! Finals week is finally over and now we can chill out for the holidays. Our largest event this month was our first ever movie night and and I’m happy to say that it was a major success! I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the year to come and I hope to see you guys next year. I had a little fun while making this newsletter so enjoy the really festive look. See you in 2019! -Amy Phan 2

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Please check out our website for upcoming events! http://taylorkeyclub.weebly. com/ 3

PRESIDENT’S CORNER Hey Key Clubbers, Welcome to the new year of 2019! I hope your winter break has been amazing so far and that your journey will continue to lead you down the right path. Winter break is coming to an end which means school is starting again. We will be going into a new semester which means new events, activities, socials, and volunteering events. Although we have lost some members, I hope that your passion for Key Club still remains to make our club stronger and closer. I really enjoy this club so I hope you do as well. Never forget that key club can benefit your life in many different ways if you are active and social. The connections you make now will help you a ton in the future so don’t look at this club as only some school club for your college apps but an opportunity to make friends and have fun while helping out the community. Have a great day and year! Yours in Service, Dena Do

James E Taylor 2018-2019 Key Club President


James E. Taylor Key Club has already paid our dues. We paid the dues on November 28th of 2018 and we didn’t get the early bird. This year, our Key Club had a lot of confusions since all of our officers, except our president, are all new officers. Next year, we are going to try to get the early bird. When next year arrives, every officer will also know what the other officers’ jobs are. Everyone will be able to take care of every single one of the jobs. If we get any new officers next year, remaining officers will try to guide them in order to help them fit in more easily. In the beginning of the school year, I wasn’t even sure on what to do with my position; however, I now know for sure what my job is and who takes care of which jobs. I am hoping that as the year goes on, I am able to realize what I can do in order to develop our club. For now, I will at least try to complete all of my duties on time and with all of my effort. Also, I will make sure not only we pay our dues before the deadline, but also before the early bird deadline next year.



-Sophie Ryoung



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Moment of Key Club The first moment of Key Club that made me fell in love was the first meeting I ever went to. Even though the first meeting I went to is when I fell in love with Key Club, it was not the only moment I fell in love with it.The reason why I chose the first meeting was because in 8th grade, I developed an interest in Key Club. Moving on to high school, I was absolutely ecstatic to join the club. At first, I was scared to join because I did not know if any of my friends were going to join the club. As I walked into the room it was filled with people I knew and more people I did not. Although I did not know some people, I realized it was a chance to become friends with others I have not met as of yet. The first meeting was very informative, allowing me to leave the room with more interest. Not only was that was a special moment, but I was able to meet one of my closest friends through Key Club. During freshman year of high school, Key Club was hosting a social at Panera Bread. I definitely wanted to go experience how socials work and plus I wanted to hang out with my friends while doing my homework. I believe I went to every social freshman year just because I was so dedicated to the club. Around the third time I went I was working on my homework while hanging out with my best friend Stephanie, then all of sudden an officer went up to both of us. Her name was Shawna Chen, the president. I am very shy and she went up to me asking how I was and how I was enjoying the social so far. I told her that I loved being here and that I loved Key Club as well. She made it very comfortable to talk to her and that’s when we clicked. Shawna and I continued to talk more often and got to become a lot closer. It made me so happy that I was able to become friends with a person like her. She was the sweetest and the best thing that happened to me during Key Club freshman year. Now because of Key Club, Shawna and I are still good friends and keep in contact although she is busy with college for the most part. I believe that without Key Club, it would not make me as social as I am today. Also, I would not be able to meet the people I am now close with today. -Dena Do, President


December Movie Night Because of December being an extremely busy month for us, school wise, there wasn’t much we could do this month that would be compatible for all of our officers and members. But, we did manage to fit in one last event before our year ended and I’m happy to say it was surely one of my favorite events that we’ve ever done. Introducing a simple idea but one that we’ve never done in our club, and that was to host a movie night. Our initial plans were to host this event in the month of October and have it as an outdoor event in the football fields and watch a horror movie under the stars, sitting on blankets, and dressed in pajamas. But, October was definitely our busiest month this year and to have another large event on top of the other ones we already had would be much too overwhelming for us officers to plan properly. Instead, we decided it would be nice to end off our hectic year with a nice relaxing movie night and watch some classic Christmas movies. The event was a much more laid back event, which I think both the members and the officers appreciated. Minimal planning was required but the execution of it all was quite stressful. We struggled with how to choose and showcase the movie, what food to sell and how much to order, and when was the most appropriate time to host the event. Because there are so many Christmas classics, we ultimately decided that the best way to figure out what movie to show was by creating a survey for all of our members to take during one of our meetings. The final results decided The NIghtmare Before Christmas, one of my favorites, as victorious to the rest. Figuring out how we were going to showcase the movie was also a struggle. We didn’t know whether or not we should purchase the movie online or rent a disc outside; our final decision was to rent the disc as it seemed to be the easiest option. We also debated for a long time on what food to serve. I wanted to buy bags of popcorn and have guests fill the bags with whatever other snacks and toppings they wanted but the rest of the members didn’t like that idea. Instead, because one of our members is an employee at Chick-fil-A, we ordered sandwiches and boba drinks to sell at the event. Unfortunately, too many were ordered for such a small event and we ended spending more money on the food than we should have. Our biggest issue to deal with was when to have the event. Because we are only in school for half of December and most of it is consumed with midterms, it was difficult to mold our schedule to hold the event. We didn’t want it too early nor did we want it so late in the year. We initially planned to have the event a week earlier than when the movie night was actually held but the Freshmen Commons at our school was already booked and another club was hosting an event similar to ours. We were worried that by having the event a week later, not as many members would come, but in actuality many people did. Some brought their own blankets and pillows to sit on the ground and one of my other officers brought board games to play after the movie. I had a truly exceptional time at Movie Night as I preferred this event to the many others we’ve had because of the laid-back atmosphere and I think this event was a great way to end 2018 and welcome in 2019. -Amy Phan, Editor


The Highs and Lows of My Key Club As the Vice President of the Taylor high School Key Club, I get to experience an in-depth view of the difficulties and the successes we go through. When I took this position, I didn’t realize how invested I would become into the club and how much any issue would affect my daily life due to my constant worrying. However we, as an officer team, are all able to work through our lows and celebrate the highs together and come out as a better officer team. The lows of my Key Club experience mainly surfaced due to the newness of a officer position, as this was my first, and the immediate responsibility that came with being the Vice President of such a large and influential organization. Starting from the beginning of my junior year, I came to the realization that I had an officer team relying on me to aid them in their needs and the President also relying on me to help her figure out our issues and come out with solutions that would benefit our club. Working together with a team of all new officers, as well as a new sponsor, immediately raised many difficulties for all of us. The main issue was trying to understand what our positions, especially me since a Vice President doesn’t really have any specific jobs other than working with the President in multiple tasks. These issues became a reality check for me and I was forced to comprehend the fact that I would need to put much more time and effort to make sure our Key Club stayed as a relevant organization. This was my low, this sudden reality check that showed me that I would have to improve in communication, keep our officer team afloat, and maintain a large organization all brought me down and led me to fall into that spiral of stress that we experience in high school. However, I decided that I would overcome this situation and attempt to improve it to the best of my abilities. With this major low in mind, my highs with my Key Club experience came when I was able to overcome the issues within the officer team and create events that were relevant and appealing to members. One specific high was the social we organized at a local café. The success we had with the turnout of people and the bonding we were able to do as an officer team really helped me realize that by working together and with strong communication, we could accomplish our goals and overcome any obstacles that I ,or any of the officers, face. -Saachi Singal, Vice President




WHAT IS DCON? DCON is our annual Dallas convention that combines all Key Clubs in our T-O District to eat, play, party, and learn more about our club. HOW MUCH IS DCON? DCON can be quite expensive, but we can reduce the price by attending profit socials to support our club and bring more people to DCON.

WHAT ABOUT SCHOOL? Because we will be missing one day of school, you will have an excused absence that day because it is a school event you are attending.

WANT MORE INFO? http://tokeyclub.com/ http://taylorkeyclub.weebly.c om/

WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME? DCON is a great way for you to learn more about your club and how it came to be, meet other schools across T-O, learn how to become an officer, and most importantly…...HAVE LOTS OF FUN! 13

CONTACT INFORMATION D R A O B T C DISTRI or District Edit e rk r u o B rn e v ra Ky - District Go eyclub.com k n se to rk r@ e o u it D i d d e Ad .com Email: or@tokeyclub Email: govern tion z - Conven e u g ri d o R tary Nadia District Secre m Bunsri Patel o Liaison m @tokeyclub.c ry ta re keyclub.co c se to il: l@ c : Ema il a m E r re su a e ernor Tr - District tenant Gov u ie L m Addie Flores o in L .c b Ivana il.com rer@tokeyclu yl.kc@gma a n Email: treasu a iv : il a Em ology n h c Te t ic tr is n-D Aina Sebastia Producer lub.com istant@tokeyc ss a h c te il: a Em

CLUB BOAR D Dena Do President Amy Phan Email: den - Editor ado2001@ E mail: amy5 yahoo.com 06phan@g mail.com Saachi Sin gal - Vice JP Lara - Tre Pre Email: saa asurer chipanda@ sident Email: jpla gmail.com ra313@gm ail.com Lauren Ng uyen & So Alyssa Riva phie Yang Secretarie s - Webma s ster E mail: ar.aly Emails: lau ssarivas@g renBLnguy mail.com seoyang07 en@gmail.com C 19@gmail.c hristina Gri Emily Gue mes - Uppe om rrero - Histo rclassmen E m ail: christin rian Email: Emil Rep a.grimes@h y.J.Guerre otmail.com ro@gmail.c om Z oe Payton - Undercla ssman Rep Email: gon 242076862 3@yahoo.c om



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