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What’s the best song to sing when preparing your Thanksgiving turkey?

A: All About That Baste!

SUBMITTING Articles For those who have never written an article before, here’s how (1 paragraph = 1 hr): 1)

2) 3) 4) 5)

Write an article on the month’s prompt on Google Docs or Micro Word Include a header with your name and grade Make sure your article is at least 1 paragraph of 4-5 sentences Include at least 1 relevant picture at the bottom Submit or share it to me at

Make sure you’ve signed up beforehand to write an article, found on our website!


“Key Club is a club that makes keys. Keys to success and happiness.” -Amanda Wong, KCI Alumni

NOTES FROM THE Editor Happy Thanksgiving, Key Club! Thanksgiving is definitely my favorite holiday since I can eat my heart out and no one can judge me (hehehe). I hope all of you were able to relax during the break and spent time with your friends and family while catching the best Black Friday deals!

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I also wanted to thank all of you for being such amazing members of our club. Without all of you, we would not have been able to leave such a large impact in our community and shape Key Club to what it is currently. Thank you for being engaged and attending meetings, socials, and events. I would not be in the position I am right now if it weren’t for our members.

Keep up the good work, Key Clubbers, and thanks for reading! Yours In Service,

Amy Phan

KEY CLUB Pledge Pledge I pledge, on my honor, to uphold the objects of Key Club International;

MY CHALLENGE TO You You Try to memorize our Key Club Pledge by December to show your true key pride!

to build my home, school and community; to serve my nation and God; and combat all forces which tend to undermine these institutions.



Hey Key Club Members! We’re so close to the end of the semester, and it really feels like this semester has gone by so fast! I love that all of our members have been super dedicated and everyone has been able to make a strong impact in their community. With the holiday season now here, we should be able to have lots of fun holiday events and volunteering opportunities to enjoy along with everybody else. I hope everyone stays warm and cozy this fall and I look forward to seeing you out there representing Taylor High and Kiwanis.

Happy Volunteering!

Yours in Service, Saachi Singal


UPCOMING Events December 2019

Can Tab Drive

12 Meeting

If you are needing to complete your required hours for the year, our can tab drive is open all throughout the year and it’s one of the easiest ways to get hours. 10 tabs will give you an hour (for a max of 5 hours) and give them to Ms. Bennett with your name and grade on a ziploc bag.

Movie Night

We will be holding our last meeting of the semester in December where we will recap on everything in the year and celebrate the holiday season!

We plan on holding a movie/game social before the break where we will be watching a Christmas-themed movie, play classic board games, and eat festive snacks! Feel free to bring your friends along as well!


MOMENTS: Meeting

11.7.19 Our third meeting of the year was exciting as we played Birdy On the Perch with our members and introduced our new officer, Parth Singal!


Photo Credits: Bianca Hettiarachchi

MOMENTS: Cocohodo Cocohodo


This month’s social was held at Cocohodo cafe. Members ate and studied while at the event and hung out with friends right before Thanksgiving break!

Photo Credits: Bianca Hettiarachchi


Why is it so Important to Volunteer? I think it is very important to volunteer because without volunteers the community wouldn’t be able to function as smoothly. I was able to volunteer at the junior high debate tournament this past month and it was really fun being able to see all the junior high kids debate with each other. I had never seen any middle school students be so competitive and well prepared when competing with one another before. I also learned that debate isn’t just about debating, but that there are other competitions that go with debate such as giving a speech or performing. Through that volunteering experience, I was able to learn a lot about what debate is and how it works. Although volunteering was fun, it was also very tiresome. There was a shortage of judges so I was running around to different competitions. As a result, some kids had to wait nervously for their competition. This also made me realize how important it is for more people to volunteer in the community. Not only is it really fun, it also benefits the younger generation such as those junior high kids at the debate tournament. These kids will easily be influenced when they see older kids volunteering, and when they are older they will follow these examples and want to volunteer too, creating a happier and more functional community.

-Nicole Park, 11th Grade


Why is it so Important to Volunteer? Volunteering is important for numerous reasons that benefit both the community and the volunteer, themselves. When someone donates a handful of time, the difference made is tremendous and it shapes a community for the better while the experience improves the person who donated that time. Volunteering is what makes a community because it brings people together to work on a goal. Whether it is a fundraiser for the research to cure a disease that affects the whole world, or to help a local family who has fallen in a time of calamity, volunteers make it happen. Community life is improved by aiding others and lending a helping hand to get a job done more effectively. More people working equals less work for each person and less time for the project. So, when it comes to getting the job done, like a community clean up, the more the merrier. When a person donates their time, they give hope to someone who needs it. A volunteer also benefits themselves because they get to see how their contribution has made a difference. This experience contributes to personal development especially in areas such as self-fulfillment, self-confidence, and self-esteem which often flourishes in the midst of volunteering experiences. The selfless act of volunteering provides a spiritual enhancement as well. Donating time now will also aid in the future. Volunteering strengthens present skills and also shows an employer that an effort has been made to make an improvement. Such skills include communication skills, the ability to work with others, the ability to take direction and lead people, dedication, and time management. Knowing that you made a positive impact on someone is an emotionally uplifting experience that can never be matched by money or fame. These are just a few reasons why volunteering is important. Not only does it bring hope and happiness to people, but it also leads to spiritual and personal growth. It is an experience that cannot be bought with any amount of money.

-Yugam Modi, 11th Grade


MEET THE Officers Hi I’m Saachi Singal! I’m a Senior and have been volunteering since elementary school. I have also played many sports including basketball, soccer, tennis, swim team, and dance. I love to cook and bake yummy treats for my friends and even have a baking company where I gives classes and sell baked goods online!

Hi my name is Lauren Nguyen and I’m an upcoming junior at THS. I have an addiction to criminal minds to the point where I think I can be apart of the FBI. I also love traveling and it’s my goal to be able to travel literally everywhere in the world! I’m so excited to be serving you guys next year as your vice president!

Yo Dogs, I’m Amy Phan. This is take 2 of me being both an officer and the editor. I cook a lot, read a lot, and binge Youtube a lot when I’m not busy (which is never but whatever). I can’t wait for you guys to see what’s in store for our 2019-2020 Key Club year and don’t forget to read my newsletters and submit articles!

Hey guys! My name is Lynn Nie and I’m going to be an upcoming junior next year. I like to make dumb jokes to my friends and read in my spare time. I’m excited to be apart of the officer team and to serve as one of your new secretaries for the 2019-2020 year!

Hi everyone, my name’s Zoe Peyton. I really enjoy art, I've tested many different media, but my favorites have been drawing and painting. I've got a 9 year old bearded dragon named Bea, and love gardening. I can’t wait to serve you guys as one of the secretaries for 2019-2020!


MEET THE Officers Hello everyone, my name is Sophie Yang! I am very energetic, social, and loving. I love when people reach out to me and start a conversation with me! Also, I love DANCING! I’m so excited to be your Treasurer this year!

Hi, my name’s Bianca and I’m your 2019-2020 Historian! I love to read, listen to music, and spend most of my spare time taking photos (obviously). I’m excited to get to know you all next year and capture moments you’ll be able to look back on in the future!

Hey Everyone! My name is Jean Paul Fuentes, y’all can call me JP. I am your 2019-2020 webmaster. I enjoy oil painting, wrestling, soccer, and physics. I’m quite busy, but Key Club is indeed exciting and I can’t wait for what’s to come this year!

I am Seoyoung Chung, and I am your 2019~2020 grade representative. My hobbies are watching youtube and meditating (doing nothing ^^). I am also interested in resin art and learning new cultures. Even though I do like procrastinating, once I am given a task, I work quickly to create the best results.

Hey guys, my name is Luke Yun. I’m a very bipolar person who can be extremely lazy at times but can also be very active and productive. I like both playing soccer and sleeping but I might like sleeping a bit more so maybe I am a lazy person.




“What is up TO? I am your District Governor, Ashna Patel! A few of my goals are to initiate new clubs, inspire board members, and involve the club members to participate in District-wide events! I’m super excited to see what this amazing year hold for me and my amazing board!”

“Hey Key Clubbers! My name is Kareena Patel and I’m the 2019-2020 District Secretary! My goals for this year are to increase district wide reporting, provide secretaries with a strong foundation, and facilitate clear communication between clubs and the district board!.”

“Hey Key Clubbers! I’m Katherine Chao and I’m your 2019-20 District Treasurer. My goals for the upcoming year are to prepare clubs to turn in dues on time, optimize club achievements, and encourage clubs to pursue the YOF grant.”

“Hey Key Clubbers! My name is Vivian Thai and I am your District Editor for 2019-2020. Some goals that I have for the following chapter include increasing submission participations, making resources readily available, and facilitating communication.”

“Hello fellow Key Clubbers! My name is Dillion Grisham and i’m your Convention Liaison for the 2019-20 Key Club year. My goals for this year are: increasing membership, promoting DCON, making DCON Better Than Good, and many more.”

“Hey Key Clubbers! I’m Lacy and I’m your district Tech Producer for 2019-2020. Some of my goals are to create visually appealing graphics, promote Key Club more, and help assist clubs improve their computer literacy skills.”

WELCOMING Parth Singal

Parth is our newest member to the THS officer team, being the first Underclassmen Ambassador! He will be our direct connection to the Freshmen and and will help us understand how to attract more younger members. We can’t wait to see what he’ll bring to the club!


What Is LEDCON? The Leadership and Education Conference is our annual convention within the Texas Oklahoma District where different Key Clubs gather to celebrate our members’ year of service.

Where Is LEDCON? LEDCON is held in Dallas, Texas every year since it is the center of our district (between OK and TX). The Conference is in the heart of Downtown in the Sheraton Hotel and the state’s largest Convention Center.

What’s The Theme?

What’s in it for Me? LEDCON allows you to truly see the how huge Key Club really is, attend forums to learn about roles in district and officer positions, elect new board members, and have fun! You’ll get to explore Downtown Dallas with your friends and party with hundreds of other Key Club members!

This year’s theme is Hollywood! All of the events will be centered around films and Hollywood so feel free to wear your best made for the red carpet outfit!

What’s The Price? The cost always varies from year to year, but it ultimately depends on the amount of money we raise throughout the year and how many people attend. Your payment will include your hotel room with all its amenities, food, entry to all events and forums, and transportation.


“For 80 years, March of Dimes has helped millions of babies survive and thrive. Now we’re building on that legacy to level the playing field for all moms and babies, no matter their age, socio-economic background or demographics. We support moms throughout their pregnancy, even when everything doesn’t go according to plan. We advocate for policies that prioritize their health. We support radical improvements to the care they receive. And we pioneer research to find solutions to the biggest health threats to moms and babies.”



“Thirst Project is a nonprofit organization that works with the support of young people to END the global water crisis by building freshwater wells in developing communities that need safe, clean drinking water. Why Water? Health and Sanitation: Waterborne diseases kill more children every single year than HIV, Malaria, and all world violence combined. Small children typically do not have strong enough immune systems to fight diseases like cholera, dysentery, or schistosomiasis.� Source:


“Unicef works in over 190 countries and territories to save children’s lives, to defend their rights, and to help them fulfill their potential, from an early childhood through adolescence. And we never give up.”



CONTACT THE Team Blaire Bennett ~ Club Advisor Saachi Singal ~ President

Ashna Patel ~ District Governor

Kareena Patel ~ District Secretary

Lauren Nguyen ~ Vice President Lynn Nie ~ Secretary

Zoe Peyton ~ Secretary

Amy Phan ~ Editor

Sophie Yang ~ Treasurer

Katherine Chao ~ District Treasure

Vivian Thai ~ District Editor

Dillion Grisham ~ Convention Liaison

Lacy Thomas ~ District Tech Producer

Bianca Hettiarachchi ~ Historian Judy Pomorski ~ Region 12 Advisor JP Fuentes ~ Webmaster


Seoyoung Chung ~ Upper Class Gr Rep

Megan Iselin ~ Region 12 Assistant Advisor

Luke Yun ~ Under class Gr Rep

Rosie Park ~ 3W LTG


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THS Key Club 2019-20


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James Taylor 3W November 2019 Newsletter  

Key Club Newsletter by Amy Phan

James Taylor 3W November 2019 Newsletter  

Key Club Newsletter by Amy Phan