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Getting to know the Hawk Totem If you are not familiar with the terms: “Totem,” or “Spirit Animal,” you will find answers in this guide. Both are intended to represent the same thing, a totem or spirit animal born within you. They are thought to teach you lessons, protect over you and often appear to you in your dreams. While you may be visited by more than one totem over the course of your lifetime, the one you are born with will always remain constant. Let’s take a look at the Hawk Totem. Characteristics of the Hawk Totem • Intuitive and visionary • Great Wisdom • Unmatched Sight • Strategic action • Supreme Focus What It Means To Have A Hawk Totem The Hawk Totem is believed to appear to you when you reach a point of purposeful growth. When life begins to make sense and the wool has been shed from your eyes, allowing for you to see and focus upon your true calling in life, the Hawk will have come into your life. It’s intuitive visionary nature and supreme sight allows you to see things that others may not be able to make out. It is thought to give you courage in your times of need and wisdom from an undoubtedly higher vantage point. This deeper vision will enable you to explore and develop your spiritual awareness, explaining why the Hawk is often referred to as the messenger of the spirit world. This particular totem or spirit animal also has the power of strategic action and unbroken focus. Strategic action is born from the acceptance of one’s calling towards that of a leadership role or call to action. Hawk’s are excellent hunters and often know exactly when to strike, a hawk totem will instill this same attitude in you, while preventing urges towards distractions. The combination of strategic action and unbroken focus create a formula for you to rise above any distractions or obstacles and strategically act upon what lays ahead. The Hawk Totem is only one example of the many totem and spirit animal figures that exist. Each totem will bring with them different characteristics that are intended to enrich your life. It is best when you feel yourself being drawn to an animal, look up their totem meaning to understand their impact. This guide was intended to give you an idea of what these totems mean and how they affect you over your lifetime.

Getting to know the hawk totem  

Jethro E Smith

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