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Vehicle Journey’s

Although private vehicles offer unparraleled convinience for the most part they are a huge drain on resources as they spend a large portion of there lives stationary requiring large parking areas to accomodate them while not in use.

Drive own car Car gets driven

park car

Car sits unused and empty for 8 or more hours

Public transport when full is highly efficient as the energy needed to move a large number of passengers doesnt increase the total mass being moved significantly. however the stop start nature and often empty return journeys

Public Transpot

Full bus

Automous car Car takes you to destination

Stop and go to pick up/ drop off passengers

return journey with less passengers

An autonomous car has the potential to need to make empty return journeys which unless it is very lightweight will be in use for a much larger portion of still require a fair amount of energy. its life as it can be put to work after it has dropped its passenger off. It has the ability to continually move passengers on demand. However it will still often

Car makes return journey empty to pick up new passenger

Automous car + PT Car makes short trip to closest mass transport station

Passenger waits for PT

Full bus makes the rest of journey

Automous transport system single occupant vehicle picks up passenger

docks with multiple occupant vehicle en route, passenger disembarks

are downfall in terms of effeciency. the large mass of a train or bus requires a large amount of energy to stop and start and an unladen vehicle still requires a huge amount of energy to move it back to the beggining of its line.

Car makes short return journey empty to pick up new passenger

stays docked until passenger onboard needs to disembark

drops passenger at final destination

Combining an autonomous car with public transport would take advantage of existing infrastructure, add flexibility and convinience to the user and allow the autonomous car to make multiple short journeys to and from main transport

hubs. The passenger is still subject to the downfalls of public transport which include inconsistent timetables, transport not running on schedule and overcrowding during peak travel times.

A fully autonomous transport system that combines the benefits of all the above could be a highly energy effecient, fast, and convinient method of transport. A single occupant vehicle would pick up a passenger, it would

then make a short journey to the closest multiple occupant vehicle, docking with it and allowing the passenger to move onto the larger vehicle. It could then either take an onboard passenger or return empty to pick up another pas-

senger. The larger vehicle would stay in continous movement untill it reaches a major transport hub.

Wk4 Vehicle journeys  
Wk4 Vehicle journeys  

senger. The larger vehicle would stay in continous movement untill it reaches a major transport hub. Full bus Stop and go to pick up/ drop o...