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Michaela Reysenn founded the company over a decade ago and has worked with some of the industry’s leading hospitality businesses. With her background in running F&B venues herself this transfers to her design work and ensures practicality and aesthetic beauty is achieved in everything she creates. She has built a strong team of designers which are conceptually driven and constantly exploring new materials and design avenues.

Kai Interiors would guide you through the process ensuring that you enjoy the design journey from start to finish. Their approach of thinking outside the box has led to successful sites across the globe. Kai Interiors work with a range of unique small independent F&B clients through to larger scale specialist fine dining projects, private members clubs and boutique hotels.

Their bespoke detailed approach and individual style has impressed from the

outset and garnered them awards like the: Restaurant & Bar Design Awards.

The studio prides themselves on excellent client relations, working with a range of budgets and exceeding expectations with fresh ideas and strong concepts. Their expertise allows them to create beautiful, durable solutions that work.

Each client enjoys a fully customised service that ensures their interior enriches their brand and customer experience, truly listening to clients to ensure their needs are met.

Kai Interiors has the ability to deeply understand how considered-creativity, creates a buzz about spaces, maximizing social media presence and allowing your business to thrive. Your immersive space would encourage higher footfall and in turn increase revenue and your PR opportunities.

One of the latest projects that Kai Interiors have been working on is Clays, as the first of its kind, the interactive clay target shooting experience, a digital clay pigeon shooting venue. Following the launch of their first site in Moorgate the team got to work on site two which is based in Canary Wharf.

Using cutting-edge technology that fully simulates Olympic Clay Shooting on their mammoth 4k screens, visit Clays Moorgate and enjoy the insanely good food produced by Roger Olson, former head chef of The Dorchester and The Ritz, and drink signature Clays cocktails in a sociable atmosphere.

At Canary Wharf you can expect the DJ to be housed in a treehouse, clay pull chandeliers and exploding clays embedded into the bar top.

Much of the interior space is inspired by the material of clay, with soft, rounded edges

Curve Club, Old Street

Kai Interiors are a female led award-winning interior design studio based in East London. Working with passionate clients who want to create unique hospitality spaces and push the boundaries of design.

throughout, including the curved seating features, and curved brass along the back bar.

We love being challenged creatively and operationally, Tom and the Clays team are just wonderful to work with, super passionate about the concept and open to pushing the design forward to create interesting interiors.

‘Michaela and the team at KAI Interiors are positive and hard working with an uncompromising design approach, strong technical skills and willingness to work with contractors and Project Manager’

Alongside this exciting project is Curve Club, a private members club which focuses on the digital world meeting the physical. Thinking ahead and pushing the boundaries of reality this is certainly

an interesting and unique concept which has just opened its doors. The interior here is full of futuristic curves with a classic timeless feel. Water is a key influence here and fluidity. We wanted to make the customer look twice and question what they are experiencing within the space. On arrival you walk through the glass door which is printed with a wireframe portal effect, then through a tunnel with rippled water effect on the curved ceiling. Leading through the space you feel luxurious

velvets and rough textured wall finishes. A gradient of colour leads you down to the basement where you will find yourself enveloped in ripples of liquid lighting.

Each and every project we work on is a new opportunity for us to explore new design ideas and we welcome any enthusiastic clients out there with projects that are unique in their approach to get in touch.

Curve Club, Old Street Clays, Canary Wharf Curve Club, Old Street


Efficient and helpful service from start to finish. Superlative product quality. The process of choosing an awning suitable to our needs and budget was helped by the expert knowledge of the team. We needed a fast turnaround and that’s what we got. From placing the order to fitting, took less than two weeks. We had a choice from hundreds of fabric patterns which we simply would not have had if we had gone elsewhere. The installation team worked tidily and completed the job in a timely manner. Based on our experience of Indigo Awnings, we would have no hesitation in recommending them to others.

some benefits of sheltered outdoor areas:

• increased revenue

• increased capacity

• improved curb appeal

• enhanced atmosphere

• multiple dining experiences

• wider audience reach

• ability to book private events

• no need for costly extensions

• better competitive advantage

• free promotion with branding

• year round weather protection

• improved customer satisfaction

• space to host functions/events

• improved reviews / / 01352 751 889
• more aesthetically pleasing awnings • retractable roofs • parasols
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Il Maremmano opens on Tulse Hill in Brixton

The team behind Maremma restaurant have opened an apericena bar, Il Maremmano, on Tulse Hill in Brixton.

Apericena is a new take on aperitivo in Italy. Formed by adding the word cena, meaning dinner, onto aperitivo, dishes are more substantial than aperitivo, but more casual than dinner.

The bar is an extension of restaurant owners Alice Staple and Dickie Bielenberg’s love of the Maremma region, the wild coastal area in southern Tuscany known for its wild boar, seafood and vineyards.

The bar, just around the corner from the restaurant, is serving up small plates and taglieri for guests to share, whilst enjoying a cocktail, Tuscan wine or locally brewed beer. Small plates include crostini, a large crostini, with toppings such as chicken liver and truffle or ricotta and cardoncelli mushrooms.

Also on the menu is schiacciate, one of Tuscany’s greatest gifts to the world, a glorious flat bread, similar to focaccia, with toppings that will change regularly. Currently guests can choose between Tuscan sausage,

lardo and red onion or fresh buffalo mozzarella, tomato and rocket.

Warming Maremman specialities include stuffed squid with tomato sauce and pork and lemon meatballs served with a pork jus.

Alice and Dickie have started producing their own wine and salumi on their farm in the Maremma. The wine, Nelly Volpaiole 2018, is a white Sangiovese, a grape normally used in red wine, produced by Fuori Mondo and is the first white wine Fuori Mondo have produced. Nelly has been aged in amphora clay urns and draws on the wild herbs and Tuscan fields to create an exciting, natural, biodynamic addition to the wine list. Only 1078 bottles were produced last year (the first batch) and you’ll find it exclusively at Il Maremmano and Maremma in the UK. The wine is available alongside other Tuscan wines from small independent producers in the region and all hand-picked by the restaurant owners.

Dishes will be accompanied by a selection of classic cocktails including the ever essential Spritz, a mainstay of Italian aperitivo culture, Negronis and Maremma Bellinis, and signature cocktails such as an Aperi Sour mixed with Del Professore Aperitivo, Crocodile gin, lemon juice, sugar syrup, egg white or Buttero with El Jimador tequila, Pampelle, Prosecco, fresh lime, orange and hibiscus.

Housed in a former café on Tulse Hill, the bar draws on the wild Maremman landscape, iron rich clay and fertile volcanic soil central to viniculture and winemaking since the Etruscans.

The soil, the forests, hills, olive groves and Tyrrhenian sea have inspired the colour scheme of terracotta red with notes of deep blue and sage green.

Dickie, a Brixton resident for almost 50 years, has also included his personal collection of local gig posters of as part of the décor.


Fair Shot Café opens within The Yards, Covent Garden

Longmartin Properties, a joint venture between Shaftesbury and the Mercers’ Company, has announced Fair Shot Café, the social enterprise, not-for-profit operator, has opened within The Yards, Covent Garden.

Located at 3 Slingsby Place, Fair Shot Café has opened within The Yards, Covent Garden, and focuses on tackling the unemployment rate amongst adults with learning disabilities via the café.

Each year the enterprise enrols 12 young adults into their hospitality training programme, placing their trainees once they graduate in organisations across London, from hospitality groups to corporate offices.

At Fair Shot The Yards, trainees will spend four days a week working at the café with a mentor, and one day a week at their partner college to carry out the educational side of the programme. The cafe itself delivers seasonal allday dining options with a particular focus on inclusive eating for all dietary requirements, with menu stables including fresh salads, Focaccias and toasties, as well as pastries and sweet treats.

Fair Shot The Yards spans across two floors, the ground floor café boasting a mid-century Bohemian feel, with rattan banquette seating for up to 30 covers, a communal table and hanging plants, creating a light, warm and relaxed ambiance.

The first floor hosts Fair Shot’s main office, where the social enterprise will run its operations, and a sizeable sensory blackout room, designed especially with the trainees in mind. Fair Shot Café represents creating positive change and acceptance, and advocates for competitive and integrated employment for those with learning disabilities.

Bianca Tavella, Founder & CEO of Fair Shot, commented: “We’re really

excited about what The Yards will be able to deliver for us, being such a well-established and popular location, with a blend of innovative concepts and operators based there.

“We’re excited to embed ourselves within the West End and are confident Fair Shot will thrive here, enabling us to create a wider community of togetherness, awareness, and inclusivity and ultimately, continue to make employment for those with learning disabilities far more accessible.”

On behalf of Longmartin Properties Ltd, Abi Labbett, Senior Director at CBRE, also said: “The opening of Fair Shot Café marks another exciting addition to The Yards’ myriad of distinctive F&B concepts and strengthens

the destination’s positioning as a go-to for visitors, residents, and office workers, come day or night. Fair Shot spreads a positive message about inclusivity and equality, which echoes the values of the destination on every level. At The Yards, we’ve been able to create a hub of concepts which embody difference and authenticity, and we’re proud to have Fair Shot as part the destination.”

Fair Shot Café joins The Yards’ diverse F&B offering, including brands such as Dishoom, the renowned Bombay café, Lahpet, the Burmese restaurant, Miscusi, the fresh Italian pasta brand, Buns From Home, the independent bakery brand and newly opened Gura Gura, the Pan-Asian concept developed by experienced restauranteur, Gobind Chona.

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Can classical music really stop late-night antisocial behaviour?

Antisocial behaviour is an issue across the country. But could music hold the key to curbing it?

A McDonald’s branch in Wrexham has experienced disruption, intimidation and assaults on staff and other customers. Its solution is to belt out classical music from 5pm.

Studies show that in more up-market venues, classical music primes product-relevant knowledge, which leads to more fluent cognitive processing of the experience. When elements of the environment are aligned, we’re more likely to have a liking for that venue.

But McDonald’s doesn’t exactly fit the mould and that’s the point. By playing classical music in a fast-food chain, it may deter people due to the seemingly inappropriateness of what we’re hearing. It’s also worked on the London Underground. Set up in 2007, the initiative showed results within 18 months; robberies dropped by 33%, assaults on staff were down 25%, and vandalism was down by 37%.

When surveyed, 700 commuters “overwhelmingly agreed that hearing classical music made them feel happy, less stressed and relaxed”, so the impact isn’t just on crime.

We’re used to hearing classical music in relaxing situations, like being at the symphony, or in a

meditative video. So, when we hear it, we’re taken to those spaces in our head, and it changes our behaviour

Music can also have the opposite effect. As a form of ‘hostile architecture’, a luxury venue in Florida began playing a playlist of annoyingly catchy children’s songs - including “Baby Shark” on loop all night to deter homeless people.

It’s clear that music is being used to tackle unwanted behaviour. Its real-life application and results show that when used correctly it can encourage specific behaviours

Rather than inherent qualities of a style of music, the differing perceptions - repellent or soothing - is based strongly on the individual. And the same is true for brands and their customers.

Startle works with hospitality brands that understand the importance of a great customer experience, using music, data and behavioural science to create atmospheres uniquely designed around their business and brand objectives. With our specialist expertise, technical know-how, and bestin-class support, our customers are able to scale their perfected atmospheres to achieve consistency across all of their locations. In doing so, they are optimising their customer experience for immediate commercial gain and valuable long-term impact.



International Women’s Day on 8th March Mothers’ Day on 22nd March

Many women are becoming beer connoisseurs and partial to the unrivalled flavour spectrum of beer and its natural affinity with food. But with a plethora of beer styles on the market how do you choose beers that both your male and female customers will enjoy and keep coming back for more?

In America, the Brewers Association, the not-for-profit trade association representing small and independent American craft brewers, conducts an annual survey looking at trends within the American craft beer industry. Respondents were asked which beer flavours they were interested in and these included crisp, juicy/

hazy, dark, malty, hoppy, spicy (yeasty) and tart. Crisp is trending as the dominant flavour with steady growth over the last five years.

Crisp holds interest among all beer drinkers, both male and female, from those who drink daily to those who only indulge several times a year. Crisp is also the most popular flavour among all age groups.

Crisp encompasses beers that are light-bodied, usually golden in colour with little bitterness and a clean, snappy finish such as Helles lagers, or pilsners. They offer the perfect partner for a food dish such as fish and chips. The high level of carbonation will

cut through the high fat content of the batter and scrub the palate clean leaving the mouth refreshed and ready for the next bite.

However, IPAs remain the dominant beer style in America accounting for approximately one third of the craft beer market. A category formerly marked by high bitterness is now inviting a new and growing segment of beer drinkers seeking less bitter, juicier, and hazy profiles in addition to the classic American IPA. The wide flavour spectrum of IPAs make them ideal for pairing with many different food dishes from burgers, ribs and sausages to Sunday roasts, apple pie and a cheeseboard.

Whether your Mothers’ Day customers are ardent hop-heads or have never touched a drop of beer in their lives, there’s an opportunity for incremental sales from new beer and food pairing experiences.

American craft beer is available through national wholesalers or on line from Athletic Brewing, or the Cascade Club Chefs and restauranteurs are invited to make use of the free resources available on or

This month we shine the spotlight on two important female-focused events that offer incremental entertaining occasions to help boost trade:

reveals a 55% surge in Paris hotel searches during the NBA Paris Game 2023 Presented by Nike

• French NBA up-and-coming star and Detroit Pistons guard Killian Hayes reveals his top Paris travel tips and his perfect Paris hotel collection, so fans can enjoy a breakfast with a view and stay close to the coolest basketball court in the city

• Travelling Hoops study uncovers that basketball fans would travel on average over 750 miles to watch their favourite team, with 78% of British basketball fans having already travelled to watch a game

2023 is tipping off with a bang, as

The NBA Paris Game 2023 presented by Nike between the Chicago Bulls and the Detroit Pistons will take place at the Accor Arena on 19 January., an official travel partner of the NBA, has found that 78%1 of British residents have travelled outside their city before to watch a basketball game, showing the dedication from basketball fans. This year, as fans hunt out their “perfect somewhere” while on the road, found that there had been a 55%2 spike in hotel searches in Paris for the night of the big game (19th January) compared to the same date the following week. Americans and Koreans lead the international nations booking out the city hotels3.

Those fans who travel for sport

According to the new Travelling Hoops study, basketball fans say they would travel on average over 750 miles to watch their favourite NBA team, with 8%

even saying they would travel over 2,000 miles.

Les Bulls, favourite to win?

When it comes to the on-court matchup, British fans are nearly unanimous as almost 80% of fans surveyed think the Bulls will come away with the win. The Bulls also rank as the top NBA team that fans in the UK would travel for to watch, followed by the Los Angeles Lakers and the New York Knicks.

When asked what fans would do at a hotel if they met their favourite player, having dinner together (48%), playing a basketball video game in the room (29%), a workout in the hotel gym (26%) and having a sportsman’s breakfast together (26%) topped the list.

Killian Hayes’ perfect Paris Hotel Collection:

Who better than Killian Hayes, the NBA up-and-coming star who grew up in France, to share his best tips

• The survey states NBA fans visiting Paris intend to visit the Eiffel Tower, enjoy some French pastries and head to the Parc des Princes stadium Continue reading on

with fans who want to (re)discover Paris.

Killian Hayes said: “France is where my career began, and Paris is one of my favourite cities in the world. It really is my perfect somewhere filled with culture, arts, food and history. I have been to Paris too many times to count over the years, but with so much to explore and see, you can just never see it all.

“One of my favourite memories is coming to watch the Christmas lights switch on along the Champs-Élysées — it was magical. My top tip when visiting this spectacular city is to bring a pair of trainers and walk everywhere. There is no better way to get a feel for a city than spending a day walking through the streets and taking in the atmosphere. If you can, take a trip down to the court in Pigalle, it really is a special place. I also love fashion, so I often head to the ‘le Triangle d’Or’ to shop when I visit Paris.

The fusion of style, technology & contemporary design. | | 0121 328 5757 R Beauty, we appreciate, is in the eye of the beholder. Craftsmanship, we sense, is in the hand of the maker. Perfection, we experience, is in the Fracino bespoke studio. British pedigree in every detail – even to the choice of colour nish and trim.



Easy to build buffet essentials

Designed in Miami, all products are stocked and exclusively distributed in the United Kingdom by Lockhart Catering Equipment.

Scan to learn more

Gong's eye-catching pendants make a stylish addition to the award-winning boutique hotel, The Gallivant

Lighting can make or break an interior design scheme and as The Gallivant select Gong's beautiful designs, Jo Plismy of Gong, considers the part lighting has to play in boutique hotels.

Lighting can be used to pull all the elements of an interior scheme together and in a boutique hotel, it can be used to really set the hotel apart from others. As Jo Plismy from Gong explains, "Lighting is vital to the atmosphere of a space and provides much more than practical illumination. Different rooms of the hotel will require different lighting schemes and there is much to consider. Hotel bedrooms for example, will require many different layers of lighting from brighter lighting for dressing areas, to wall or table lamps for reading and relaxing. Hotel bedrooms have many different roles so lighting may also be used to zone the space and bolder pendants may be used to give added personality that boutique hotels tend to offer. The Gallivant is a beautiful example of a boutique English hotel and we are thrilled to be able to help them to create such stunning interiors."

The Gallivant is an award-winning boutique hotel in Camber Sands. Priding itself on beautifully thoughtout rooms, wonderful food and daily yoga and wellness classes, their aim is to ensure guests leave revived, relaxed and happy. Sigrid Cragoe, Interior Stylist and Designer at The Gallivant comments, "I love Gong's designs because they are so unique. I find the styles are versatile enough to work with every interior style or period and I have used them in my projects in bathrooms, bedrooms and communal spaces. We get so many comments about them from our

guests, they really are a fabulous addition to a room".

The Gallivant offers guests a cosy 'snug' area to relax in, perhaps read a newspaper or curl up with a good book and it was here that they chose Gong's charming Benitier Silk Ceiling pendant. The inspiration for this particular light was taken from the sea, with the shape mirroring that of a clam, perfectly in-keeping with The Gallivants coastal location. The Benitier radiates beauty and style providing the snug with a general level of ambient light, whilst it's silk shade retains a relaxed softness to the room.

The Silk Lighting Collection from Gong is full of elegant, stylish designs, so it's easy to see why they fitted in perfectly with the tasteful décor at The Gallivant. As Jo Plismy comments, "These timeless designs are ideally suited to boutique hotels, where they want to inject a little bit of personality into a space by using a different material or texture for the lighting, without going too bold. The silk adds a softness and elegance even when the light is switched off and the interesting shapes provide eye-catching features."

The Gallivant also selected another of Gong's designs for the en-suites of their Luxury Garden Rooms. The largest of their rooms, these well thought-out suites feature a relaxed yet luxurious coastal vibe with roll top baths, wood panelling, enormous beds and highest quality linens. Most impressively they also open straight out into the coastal garden and hence the natural looking Bud Pendant light fits the scheme perfectly, providing a statement fixture in the en-suite. Made from rattan, it's organic colour and spacious design allows for a subtle warm glow to emanate through, without sacrificing any light, creating the perfect atmosphere for a relaxing soak.

See Gong at Maison & Objet Paris

19-23 January 2023

Hall 5A - Stand R87

Jo Plismy comments, "Hotel bathroom lighting needs to fulfil many roles from providing practical lighting for personal grooming and close up tasks, to creating a tranquil atmosphere in which to wind down. At The Gallivant these particular bedrooms include the ensuite as part of the overall space, hence it was also important that the décor created a cohesive look. The large pendant is not a typical bathroom light and therefore helped to blend the two spaces seamlessly."

Jo Plismy works with architects, interior designers, hotels, restaurants and decoration shops throughout the world. Passionate about timeless designs, combined with high quality materials and expert craftsmanship, Gong's focus is style with atmosphere. Custom orders are accepted.

Images courtesy of The Gallivant PAGE 14 RESTAURANT UPDATE



Wobbly tables can be a thing of the past thanks to the patented StableTable technology.

StableTable is a unique patented fully automated solution which is hidden with the pillar of the table base allowing the legs to adjust to uneven surfaces.

Available for both indoor and outdoor use in a range of heights, shapes and sizes. Can be supplied as base only or complete with a stylish OnTop 12mm Compact Laminate top.

Addison Clipsham Stowmarket Wilby Bohemia Brandon

Black Bull Sedbergh to build new luxury guest suites

Work is set to start this March on the creation of two new luxury guests suites at the Black Bull, Sedbergh, which was recently listed as one of the UK’s top 50 gastropubs, located in the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

The next phase of the Black Bull development will see an existing stone cottage located in the 17th century Inn’s stable yard be sensitively restored and transformed.

The Cottage, a £250,000 project, will see the creation of a ground floor garden suite, sleeping up to four people, with a separate seating area, sunken bath in the contemporary ensuite, as well as providing new external spaces and a ‘wildflower garden’ for guests to enjoy.

While the upper floor’s suite, with its double height roof space will reveal and celebrate a unique existing roof structure constructed from ancient ship’s timbers. Externally the suite

will lead onto a new external wrap around terrace complete with seating area for those wishing to take in the views of Winder and the Howgill Fells.

The Cottage suites design will see the contemporary concepts taking their inspiration from aspects of ‘Ryokan’, traditional Japanese inns. Though now more often frequented by walkers and visitors ‘Ryokan’ are still feted for their impeccable hospitality ‘omotenashi’ and multicourse seasonal ‘kaiseki’ dining and hearty breakfast spreads, which are philosophies that guests staying at the Black Bull will most certainly recognise and attest to.

Head Chef Nina Matsunaga has taken ‘kaiseki’, to new heights. At the heart of this simple multisensory dining experience is the fact that ingredients are at their tastiest, most vibrant, most flavourful and most nutritious when they are in season.

Alongside this Nina has taken the ethos of regional German cooking centred around wholesome hearty dishes made with vegetables to develop a very distinctive and innovative culinary style.

Nina is producing food that makes you sit up and take notice. Using the very best fresh produce available from the landscape surrounding the Inn, she creates dishes with a twist, inspired by the fusion of two very different cultures, her rich Japanese and German heritage.

Image credit Rob Whitrow Photography Image credit Phil Rigby Photography

Established in 2002, FOH® is a global design and manufacturing leader in the foodservice and hospitality industry with two leading brands, Front of the House® and room360®.

Front of the House® provides innovative, award-winning, and eco-friendly collections that are as practical as they are aesthetic. With an exclusive focus on buffet setups, Front of the House® allows you to optimize your serving solutions with commercial-grade pieces. Explore your options amongst a variety of setups with a large selection of risers, boards, and serving solutions available in a variety of materials, colors, and sizes. All buffet collections are easily scalable for any sized event ranging from small to high-volume settings, and pair with any décor.

Throughout the past 21 years, each season, FOH ® continues to introduce hundreds of new products, surpassing market and industry trends. All collections are intended to provide access to chic, multifunctional, and well-priced collections that are uniquely expressive of the Front of the House® brand.

Delivering more than products, FOH ®’s commitment to sustainability is at the heartbeat of their corporate culture. From their eco-chic product designs to their in-office practices, FOH® has successfully

replaced all plastic materials across all offices and distribution centers with their very own sustainable collections. In addition, their energy-efficient workspaces are outfitted with LED motion sensor lighting, Nest programmable thermostats, and energy-saving appliances.

FOH ® continues to strengthen their commitment to sustainability by partnering with organizations such as One Tree Planted and The Ocean Society. Through community service and outreach all FOH® team members are encouraged to support and contribute to the overall longevity of our environment’s health. Additionally, their team of Product Development experts continuously introduce innovative, eco-friendly options that improve existing product lines that work towards minimizing the company’s overall carbon footprint. Currently, Front of the House ® has 10 sustainable collections available, including their “Wise Collections”, Servewise ® , Platewise®, and Drinkwise®

Designed in Miami, all products are stocked and exclusively distributed in the United Kingdom by Lockhart Catering Equipment.


Hotel Bathroom Trends for 2023

Sustainable Design

Global warming can no longer be ignored and this is  predicted to continue to impact on purchasing habits for 2023.  In general, the world is more concerned than ever before about sustainability and protecting the planet, which will no doubt play a big part in hotel bathroom design, whether it’s for large chains or small boutique establishments.  This may include choosing only to work with companies who act in an environmentally-conscious way or by choosing products which are made from recycled materials, include sustainable features or are built to last - and of course they still have to look good too.

Nick Duggan, MD of The Radiator Centre comments, “The incentive for hotels to embrace sustainable design isn’t just from lower energy costs, hotels are also recognising that choosing this route may also attract new customers, who consider sustainability very important.  From water-saving showers and taps to energy efficient towel rails, there are many ways in which a hotel bathroom can be designed to be more sustainable.  Of course, many of these already innovative products now also include Smart technologies which can help further with efficiencies by making it easier to regulate water and energy consumption, for  busier and quieter times in the hotel.”

In terms of radiators, Nick explains, “Energy efficient radiators and towel rails work by using a much lower volume of water, thanks to LowH2O technology.  Less water means less energy is needed to heat the radiator up which in turn results in savings both for the hotel and the environment.  Aluminium radiators have less water content and faster reaction times than their steel equivalents and hence are a good choice for sustainable hotel bathrooms.”

Pastel Dreams

Whilst the black and white luxury, marbled look is never likely to go out of fashion, 2023 is predicted to see more colour being introduced in hotel bathroom design.  From bathroom products and displays at Salone del Mobile Milano earlier this year, this is expected to be in the form of pastel shades such as sage green, seasalt blue and softer palettes of coral and terracotta.  These restful colours can help a hotel bathroom to feel more personal and homely, and may be introduced in a wide variety of ways from tiling and wall colours to radiators and cabinetry.  These beautiful colours also give a nod to Mediterranean style, helping to create a relaxed holiday vibe for guests.

Research has shown that the hotel bathroom is becoming as important as the sleeping space in creating an enjoyable guest experience. We take a look at what 2023 has in store for these often spa-like but hard-working spaces.
Traditional Cast Iron Spartan 4 Column Radiator NEW DESIGN. Sebino Radiator with low water content


The trend of wellness came to the fore-front post pandemic but is showing no signs of going anywhere.  Indeed, hotel guests now view it as a holistic expectation from their hotel experience and the hotel bathroom plays a huge part in this.  From luxury resorts to family hotels, guest expectations of the hotel bathroom have become a lot higher, with guests seeing it as somewhere to relax and recharge.  It is no longer just a practical space, it needs to deliver in terms of looks and experience too.

While a wellness bathroom may feature functional elements such as the latest Rain-spray showerheads and jacuzzi baths, the look and feel of the room is of equal importance for guests to achieve that relaxed spa-like feel.  Lighting plays a big part in this as do biophilic elements, with connection to nature widely understood to help reduce stress and improve health.

Also key to a wellness space is a clutter-free environment, hence storage elements are key in order to achieve this.  Nick comments, “Hotel towel rails play an important part in not just warming and drying

towels but also storing them.  Many of the latest designs include options for hooks, shelves or rails, and the way the towels are stored and displayed becomes part of the overall look.  As with every aspect of the room, it needs to not only be functional but fit with the interior style too.”

A Cohesive space

With wellness being seen as such an important part of the guest experience, the lines are becoming more blurred between the hotel bathroom and the suite or sleeping space itself.  The bathroom is starting to be prioritised more, with more of the total space allocated to it. There is a shift towards a more cohesive design between the two spaces, which in turn creates the illusion of a bigger space overall.

As Nick comments, “Bathrooms need to live up to the design and quality of the sleeping space and the use of colours, texture, lighting and accessories can help to achieve this.  Bathroom towel rails don’t have to conform to the traditional ladder style and the latest designs look sleek and stylish, helping to create a feeling of luxury and cohesion between the two spaces.”

Soho Radiator featuring approx. 80% less water than
Arianna Radiator Fender Towel Rail with useful shelving for storage I-Ching towel rail (electric only)


compared with 29% of masks when using paper towels.

New Mask Study Shows That The Method of Hand Drying Can Affect The Spread Of Viruses Through The Air


When using jet air dryers, 89% of masks were contaminated by viruses

More details about the results of the study, can be found here

Virus load significantly higher with jet air dryer use than with paper towels

Scientists have found that contamination of hand dryer users by splattering was found to be 10-fold higher when using jet air dryers than when using paper towels and contamination of other washroom users was also significantly greater.

ETS is the European Tissue Paper Industry Association. The members of ETS represent the majority of tissue paper producers throughout Europe and around 90% of the total European tissue production. ETS was founded in 1971 and is based in Brussels. For more information:

Havwoods Launches NEW Woodbook Design For 2023

Leading wood floor specialists, Havwoods, is excited to reveal its latest Woodbook – in a brand-new format. Created for homeowners, interior designers and architects, the new design offers a fresh take on the brand’s vast collection of inspiring products and case studies.

Leading wood floor specialists, Havwoods, is excited to reveal its latest Woodbook – in a brand-new format. Created for homeowners, interior designers and architects, the new design offers a fresh take on the brand’s vast collection of inspiring products and case studies.

“We are always looking for new ways to be innovative and keep our customers engaged. Our latest Woodbook design has been created to better display our ever-evolving collection of flooring and cladding, with new products, insights and projects to be discovered and enjoyed.”

Sustainability remains at the forefront of interior design in 2023 and is a key pillar for the brand, highlighted in the first few pages of the new Woodbook. Sourcing materials from sustainably responsible sources has

never been more important, and for Havwoods, sustainability affects everything they do - from offering FCS and PEFC-certified timber to their HavSeal seal of approval.

From the bespoke Hand Grade collection to the affordable V Collection range, the Woodbook is now organised ranging from the highest price to the lowest, with products grouped within each section into colour categories. Whether customers are looking for paler shades such as Platinum and Ash, or darker tones like Chestnut and Brunette, products are now easier to navigate.

Showcasing the ever-evolving portfolio of commercial and residential projects, new case studies are now peppered throughout the Woodbook, paired beautifully within each collection to showcase the range of flooring in situ against the samples. In addition, Havwoods has added new QR codes throughout, allowing customers to be easily directed to more information about each product and case study - resulting in a cleaner, more streamlined design.

The brand has built upon its existing products with new patterns and colours within the Venture Plank and V Collections. Within the Venture Plank collection, three new patterns have been introduced in the new Abrego colourway including Herringbone, Chevron and Mansion

Weave, alongside four new Brushed and Smoked 1-Strip board colours in Cantal, Vosges, d’Or and Alpes tones.

In the V Collection, two new 1-Strip colours in Toulouse and Orleans, plus two new Herringbone patterns in Narbonne and Chambery, have been added – expanding this brilliant and varied range of flooring. Adding a luxurious finishing touch to projects, Havwoods now also offer LED nosing as an ideal edition to contemporary homes.

Continually developing its product offering, Havwoods’ offers an unparalleled service for its customers from free next day sample service, to its online room visualiser, virtual appointments and showroom experts on hand across five showrooms around the country.

HAVWOODS +44(0)1524 737000
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