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Chris Goggin reviews the operational and ecological benefits of using BioLPG and DME as an alternative fuel source for off-grid rural domiciles and businesses.


- The Decarbonising High Performers For Off-Grid Sites Rinnai heating and hot water units supplying limitless hot water on demand to all off-grid sites

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BIOLPG & R DME - THE DECARBONISING HIGH PERFORMERS FOR OFF-GRID SITES Rinnai heating and hot water units supplying limitless hot water on demand to all off-grid sites Chris Goggin reviews the operational and ecological benefits of using BioLPG and DME as an alternative fuel source for off-grid rural domiciles and businesses.


innai hot water heating units and systems which are offgrid can be powered by LPG and BioLPG – a lower carbon intensive alternative source of fuel. Alternative energy is currently in demand due to recent developments in Ukraine that have radically altered the global energy landscape. Current energy market conditions could potentially introduce further alternative fuel sources such as renewable biofuel Dimethyl ether (DME). Renewable DME is similar to LPG. R DME is a molecule-based fuel that can be produced through a wide range of renewable feedstocks which allows for quick and long-term sustainable production. R DME combusts cleanly and releases no “soot” emissions. Dimethyl ether has many fuel properties that make it easily used in sites and appliances using heating oil. It has a very high cetane number, which is a measure of the fuel’s ignitibility in compression ignition engines. The energy efficiency and power ratings of DME and heating oil engines are virtually the same. R DME is safe and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 85% better improving local air quality. Prior to this development LPG was the lowest carbon emitting source of fuel for the 15% of UK businesses and domiciles that function off-grid. BioLPG contains an almost identical chemical structure to LPG, meaning that a current Rinnai system is futureproofed and can accept either BioLPG or LPG.

During the refining procedure, a variety of waste gases are produced that contain BioLPG. For every tonne of biodiesel, around 50 kg of BioLPG is produced from this gas stream. This co-product is then purified to make it identical to conventional propane.

BioLPG consists of renewable materials derived from a diverse mix of sustainable biological feedstocks and processes. Supported through cleaner sourced chemical ingredients BioLPG provides huge benefits in carbon reductions and air quality, compared to traditional off-grid fuels such as heating oil. BioLPG carries identical low NOx, SOx and PM as conventional LPG. NOx and SOx are acronyms relating to Nitrogen (NOx) and sulphur (SOx) oxide emissions which result from energy consumption and production that involves combustion. PM relates to particulate matter – solid matter and liquid droplets released by various chemical fluctuations generated through technology. Each unit of energy produced for consumption is responsible for releasing a measurement of harmful carbon dioxide. Coal releases 100 units of carbon dioxide per unit of energy yielded; petrol and diesel produce 70 units - natural gases 50 units. BioLPG releases no harmful emissions at all. DME performs to a higher standard when compared to heating oil, for instance PM emissions are virtually nullified. As well as LPG and BioLPG, additional low carbon fuels are beginning to be produced, tested and approved for future and current use. DME has been tested extensively on vehicle use in Europe and North America. In one instance of testing a customer managed to operate 10 vehicles for 750,000 miles using DME as opposed to traditional vehicle fuels. BioLPG is conceptually renewable and sustainable, as it is made from a blend of waste, residues, and sustainably sourced materials. BioLPG, can be described as an eco-propane, the chemical makeup of this gas is identical to LPG and is therefore compatible with existing in situ LPG products from a combustion perspective. In the BioLPG manufacturing process, feedstocks undergo a series of complex treatments. They are combined with hydrogen in a process called hydrogenolysis which separates and purifies their energy content.

LPG and BioLPG is the ideal solution for rural or off-grid commercial business use. An adaptation to BioLPG is simple and swift. New BioLPG units can be “dropped in.” A drop-in BioLPG is transmissible with existing LPG infrastructure, such as LPG storage tanks, water heating systems or any other existing LPG appliance. No expensive or intricate upgrades on current off-grid gas outlets are required to use BioLPG. The transition to BioLPG will ensure businesses can continue to operate normally and efficiently with limited disruption ensuring minimum stress as no technical adjustments are required to your heating and hot water system. BioLPG can be considered a convenient and non-intrusive minimum-carbon solution for off-grid businesses and homes. BioLPG performance is indistinguishable from that of LPG. BioLPG provides instant on-demand heat and hot water without storage and limited adjustments required for use. Europe and the wider world have entered a new age in many respects, certainly so in terms of energy provision and security. Coupled with global decarbonisation targets and efforts, how separate nations provide domestic power and where this fuel is imported from has become a serious issue. BioLPG and other fuels like DME successfully navigate these ethical issues and deliver all suited power requirements. BioLPG can be considered to maintain equal performance when compared to LPG, as DME can also be when measured against diesel. BioLPG is as easily purchased and utilized as LPG and helps create cleaner local air and helps meet international decarbonisation targets. Rinnai is a global leader in the manufacture of hot water heating units, producing over 2 million units a year. Rinnai hot water units and systems operate on each of the 5 continents and has an established reputation for high performance, robust cost efficiency and extended working lives. Rinnai products offer a limitless supply of instantaneous temperature controlled hot water. Rinnai units are UKCA certified and are A-rated for efficiency. Any unit can be delivered to any UK site within 24 hours. Rinnai units are also 20% blends hydrogen-ready, and the company offers comprehensive training courses and technical support through their “Help Me Choose” webpage.

For more information on the RINNAI product range visit

retr fitting f r net zer There’s an Ecodan for every home Find out more at

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BESPOKE COLOURFUL KITCHENS MADE EASY WITH BRANDT DESIGN Leading interior design specialists, Brandt Design, shine a light on ‘colour in the kitchen’ as style and application are redefined for a new generation of homeowners. Albeit extremely personal, colour in the kitchen is now giving way to a variety of new fashion-favourites and this is providing huge scope for contemporary and classic kitchen schemes where colour is helping to create certain types of atmospheres to suit the space and occupant. To give you the inside track, Julia Steadman, Commercial Director at Brandt Design gives you her advice on the latest must-have kitchen colours, which are defining the UK home in 2022: PALETTE: High pigment colours are proving most popular right now, with greens and blues being used to modernise the classic kitchen and add depth to more modern schemes. Ultra-matt shades of grey and black are the go-to in sophisticated contemporary kitchens whereas deep shades of plum and indigo blue are elevating raw materials like quartz worktops and brass hardware with a strong base colour. Try to work with the natural day light too, as this will help to balance cool and warm colours in the room, as well as alter the mood when the space

is subject to varying stages of light throughout the day and year. I think we live in a visual age with a muchfaster trend cycle than previous generations, which has led to greater interplay between interiors and fashion, and this has definitely led to popular runway colours making a strong impression in the home. FINISH: The painted kitchen is enjoying a renaissance, as homeowners are enjoying the benefits of rich colour in the latest low VOC paints and textural effect that comes with painted wood grain. Our solid wood Heritage Furniture is a natural partner to leading paint specialists like Farrow & Ball, Little Greene and Mylands. You can also introduce colour on your appliances with the addition of a bold range cooker, or how about a striking splashback or worktop that is designed to coordinate with or contrast against the furniture. For the modernist, ultra matt contemporary colours are being used to absorb the light and provide a modern look and feel, as well as introduce and play with different patterns, prints and colour-blocking for maximum effect.

METHOD: With so many options out there, how do you pick a colour? Given that colour is an integral part of our lives, I think that we are often drawn to certain colours in our clothes home décor, so having an expert’s eye can help you establish what colours suit your kitchen and the direction it faces. For example, if you have a North facing kitchen, the colour grey can look bluer or more purple and it will have a completely different feel to a sunnier South facing room. Having a site visit will allow your designer to factor these outside influences and take inspiration f rom the rest of your home to be in keeping with your personal style and taste. Colour has always been a pivotal part of the design conversation, and as the market is increasingly keen to explore how to create the right look and feel at home, it will always come down to the style, layout and finish of furniture when introducing colour in the kitchen. LIGHTING: Colour is contributing to a greater understanding of how all the elements of a kitchen need to work together for optimum effect and kitchen lighting is a tried and tested way of highlighting the beauty of today’s colour palette. It can also be seamlessly integrated within the latest display furniture so that you can choose a warm or cool light to suit your mood. With so many options, materials and colours to choose f rom it has never been easier to create a unique tailormade kitchen which will support your family throughout every stage of life. Brandt Design offer two furniture collections for the UK homeowner: 1) Heritage - a more classical and bespoke range of furniture, which is beautifully crafted in the UK to the highest standards, and 2) Urban - a sleek and contemporary range of furniture that offers a choice of handled or handle-less kitchen designs. Prices for either furniture collection start from £25,000 +vat.



PANASONIC EXHIBITING AT HOUSING 2022 Panasonic Heating & Cooling is thrilled to announce they will be exhibiting at CIH - Housing 2022 this year in Manchester, 28-30 June, Stand E55.


ichard Bishop, UK and Ireland’s Head of Marketing for Panasonic, commented: “With the demand for more low carbon heating solutions for residential properties growing and the new SAP10 regulations coming in force in June 2022, housing providers ne e d to ensure they are fully compliant and ready to switch to more renewable heating systems for their new build projects. Panasonic has developed a range of innovative low carbon he at pump s olution s that are reliable, deliver energy efficient and costef fective for residential and commercial markets. Housing 2022 provides the perfect platform to share with the industry the latest advances in renewable heat pump technology”. On display during the show, Panasonic will be showcasing their Aquarea range of Air to Water Heat Pumps that offers domestic proper ties a more sustainable, energy efficient and cost-effective energy source for not only heating homes but additionally they provide a supply of hot water.

Furthermore, Panasonic experts will be on hand to demonstrate their intelligent range of remote smart controls to show how users can monitor and keep track of their energy usage to help cut costs and be more energy efficient. Renewable professionals from Panasonic will be available each day at the show to discuss the most effective low carbon solutions and to run through how

air source heat pumps can work for residential developments old and new. The team is looking forward to sharing their expertise in the renewable sector during this significant industry event. Please do visit the Panasonic booth for advice on Stand E55 or contact a member of the team beforehand to arrange meeting - email

For more information on Panasonic’s Aquarea solutions, please visit


Leicester City Mayor Visits 350 Unit Housing Development in Leicester National housebuilder Keepmoat Homes welcomed City Mayor, Peter Soulsby, to its latest development in Leicester, Waterside.


uring the visit, the Mayor and accompanying Council members were given an in-depth tour of the 17.2- acre development, located on Frog Island including visiting the new showhome, The Barkby. Alongside the tour, the City Mayor also met with the f irst residents who have already moved into their new homes at the development, gaining an insight into what city living is like in the transformed area. Overlooking the Grand Union Canal, Waterside is an exciting new development featuring a mix of over 350 new one- and two-bedroom apartments and two-, three and four-bedroom homes, aimed at working professionals aspiring for sustainable city living on the waterf ront with an enviable urban design, and including at least 55 affordable units. In addition to the new homes, homebuyers will also benefit from new public green spaces and a new canalside path opening up the waterfront, along with 60,000sqft of Grade A office space. City Mayor Peter Soulsby said: “Leicester’s waterside has for a long time had immense potential for regeneration, and bringing that redevelopment forward for the benefit of the city has been a long-held ambition of mine. “These new homes are a key part of that, and the catalyst for the surrounding waterside developments. The city council’s regeneration strategy for the city has included assembling this brownfield site using £25m of grants and council funds to compulsorily purchase run down and disused areas along the River Soar, as well as securing outline planning consent for these new homes.

“We’ve worked closely with Keepmoat Homes as our development partners to reach this important stage in making Leicester’s waterside a vibrant, attractive area in which to live and work.” Since 2015, around 1,000 new houses and apartments have been delivered in the waterside area, along with around 1,000 student spaces, the Novotel and Adagio (200-beds), new bowling alley and over 75,000sqft of new office space built at Friars Mill, Great Central Square and Northgate Street. Shaun Fielding, Regional Managing Director at Keepmoat Homes said “We’re thrilled to have hosted the City Mayor and members of Leicester City Council, so that they can witness the great progress that we’ve made at Waterside and how the new housing development will provide the people of Leicester a great place to live. “We’ve worked collaboratively with Leicester City Council and the City’s design team to create a development of bespoke houses and apartments, formed within an incredible urban layout which has already attracted potential new homeowners to the area, who will further enhance the city’s economy.” Work at waterside is expected to take f ive years to complete. For more information on Waterside, Leicester, visit: The news comes after Keepmoat Homes’ East Midlands team recently relocated their off ice to Keepmoat Homes East Midlands, Unit 1, Interchange 25 Business Park, Bostocks Lane, Nottingham NG10 5QG

22 Home Design


Why mood-boosting hues are set to reign supreme when it comes to interiors for Spring 2022


ood-boosting hues are having a real moment when it comes to transforming your interiors. From calming blue to sunny yellow, Spring 2022 will introduce some of its dreamiest colours yet when it comes to paint trends. Take Juniper Whorl, for example. This magnif icent fusion of pigments and colours will transform any room into a tranquil haven. The colour blue calls to mind feelings of serenity and peace, making it perfect for those who want to improve their wellbeing at home.

Juniper Whorl Available 1L to 5L £22.50 to £85.50

Evidence has also shown that the colour green has psychological benefits. This new wave of embracing shades of green has come directly from our reinspired love of nature, as more people look to bring the outside in post-lockdown. And of course, there’s nothing more cheerful than golden yellow. All colours are available in Ceramic Matt, Interior Matt and Soft Sheen for walls or Gloss, Satin and Eggshell for woodwork and metal surfaces. Ceramic Matt has added ceramic microsphere technology, making it a washable and highly durable paint. A finish that is perfect for high-traffic places where a matt finish is preferred.

Sweet Caper Available 1L to 5L £22.50 to £85.50

Colourtrend is a leading premium paint brand, available in select stockists across the UK. For more information visit: For product samples or further information please contact:

Furze Lane Available 1L to 5L £22.50 to £85.50

07740 771 109

10 Safety, Security & Fire Prevention Fire safety remains a top priority for all involved in the construction industry, with many manufacturers offering many solutions. GEZE, a leading manufacturer of door and window control systems, offers one more, which they believe is a unique solution for smoke extraction systems in the market place.


he RWA K 600 retractable arm drive can be fitted to emergency exits on escape routes and in the event of a fire it can be used as a fresh air supply which when the fire alarm is sounded the door opens automatically allowing a large amount of air to flow into the building and forcing smoke out.


The powerful drive with­­ high torque opens a door to 90° in less than 60 seconds. Yet the door remains readily accessible due to the freely positioned activation of the lever by means of a pressure roller. The RWA K 600 is perfect for use in supply air systems where large opening angles are required, it is suitable for single and double leaf smoke and heat extraction fresh air doors and can be installed on both the hinge or opposite hinge side. Said Andy Iredale, National Sales Manager for Automatic Doors and Window Control, “The RWA K 600 is a unique solution in the extraction of smoke from a building in the case of f ire. It’s suitability for use in a variety of situations makes it perfect for use on escape routes.” To find out more about the RWA K 600 email or visit

Safety, Security & Fire Prevention 11

THE FIRE GLASS PROMISE. WORKING WITH YOU FROM CONCEPTION TO COMPLETION AND BEYOND. Expectations of any supplier are much higher than they used to be, due to more choice within the market place. Cost and service play a big part in this and although you want the best price available, without good company service to back this up, is it really worth it? With over ten years in business, Fire Glass UK has built up an enviable reputation to become the nation’s leading supplier of fire-rated and specialist safety glass. Having an expert installation team on-hand to make sure any projects glazed to Firas standards. Supplying fire-rated, acoustic, laminated and toughened glass and offering a specialist cut-size service for glass partitions, partnering industry experts to deliver integral blinds in IGUs and supply manifestations for a complete finish.


Fire Glass UK strive towards excellence by building their working principles around SQS The Fire Glass Promise; Safety, Quality and Service and believe this is the formula to building trusted working relationships. Fire Glass UK care about getting it right – every time.

With lots of industry confusion and regulation changes, Fire Glass UK believe their technical support is an essential asset to their customers to ensure safety is met at all times. Working together to interpret project specifications and find the right product for the job, all at the best price. Fire Glass UK’s expert team knows all there is to know about fire-rated glass and if you need support, you can email:


Knowing the importance of meeting project deadlines and limiting unwanted downtime is critical to success. Fire Glass have stillages to



Investing in the right supplier with the same vision on safety, quality,

and service can ensure a project is completed to the best possible standards. If using a fire-resistant glass, it must only be used as part of a previously approved glazing system. There is no second chance with safety. Make sure you get it the right first time. TRUST THE EXPERTS.

0121 667 9089







MANCHESTER 0161 532 8371

DERBY 01773 712 920

COLCHESTER 01206 805 922


EDINBURGH 0131 526 4141

INSTALLATION 0121 667 9089

16 Industry News

Graf UK’s new CPD features a video explaining the new General Binding Rules under which anyone with a septic tank discharging into a w a te r c o u r s e must have plans in place to replace it or upgra de the foul water solution within a reasonable timescale, typically 12 months, or sooner if the property is sold before this date.

NEW WASTEWATER TREATMENT CPD LAUNCHED BY GRAF UK CPD PRESENTATION BY GRAF UK DELIVERS THE ULTIMATE IN WASTEWATER WISDOM. A CPD that explains the issues around wastewater treatment and advises on the options available for specifiers has been launched by Graf UK. The 50-minute presentation d e l i ve r s a m u l t i t u d e o f “Wastewater wisdom”, ranging f rom the fundamentals (what is wastewater treatment and why is it required) to the latest regulations and issues, via a userfriendly mix of “live” presentation and videos. Graf UK’s new CPD explains the differences between cesspools, septic tanks and wastewater treatment plants, then goes on to detail, and demo, advanced wastewater systems for optimum treatment, such as SBR (Sequence Batch Reactor) systems which are capable of cleaning wastewater to 98% in just six hours.

It also explains the pollution strength of sewage and how Graf systems are capable of reducing the average levels of BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand - the amount of oxygen that microorganisms/bacteria require to break down organic matter) f rom 300-400mg/l to just seven, suspended solids from 200-300mg/l to 14mg/l, and ammonia (nitrogen compound) from 60-80mg/l to 0.5mg/l. As well as providing guidance for calculating sewage treatment system sizes depending on the population and type of building, the CPD also explains processes i n cl u d i n g d e - n i t ri f i c a t i o n , disinfection, phosphate removal and carbon dosing. This latter process helps housing developments deal eff iciently with sewage underload as their population increases.

It also explains how the impact of nutrient neutrality is making its way north f rom the southwest of England, where Natural England is clamping down on developments in the Solent area until such time as they can prove they are nutrient neutral. Build-up of nitrates and phosphates produced f rom housing developments increases the production of algae and subsequently reduces oxygen levels in rivers and lakes. The CPD explains that while manufacturers can help specif iers design a solution to redress the balance of nature, only those with European expertise are best placed to do so as the UK does not have the historical data that mainland Europe does in this instance. Graf UK’s new CPD concludes with the case study of a family attraction in a SPA (Special Protection Area) in Scotland that required a new sewage treatment solution that SEPA (the Scottish Environment Protection Agency) required to deliver phosphate levels of 2mg/l, and 0.2mg/l. Click here to sign up to watch the full CPD


Discover the bathroom trends of 2022 at the Salone del Mobile: a warm, organic, and sustainable look and feel creates a harmonious ambience, while resourcesaving materials and functions create a longlasting sense of wellbeing. Unmistakable design provides order and orientation, while exclusive worlds of color and finishes satisfy the highest demands for sophisticated aesthetics. Zencha, Soleil by Starck, Tulum by Starck, White Tulip, SensoWash®, and Happy D.2 Plus – exclusive Duravit design series satisfy the desire for a haven of tranquility within your own four walls. Immerse yourself in the world of Duravit from June 7 to 12, 2022 Pav 22 | Booth E16/E18.

18 Doors & Windows


e s p o n d i n g to market demand for greater transparency, Schüco has built on its second-to-none engineering to develop the ultimate bi-fold door. Seamlessly connecting the outside with the inside in the most stylish and functional way, the new bi-fold door is available with very large pane sizes of up to 3.5m high x 1.5m wide. This means doors can be taller with fewer separate panes per opening, which combined with sightlines of only 90mm offers greater views with minimal obstruction. Increased airtightness enables the AS FD 75/90.HI to achieve U-values as low as 1.0, which is the lowest in the company’s bi-fold door range. This could mean the crucial difference when working towards a warm, energy-eff icient building that also allows the luxury of ample glass.

INTRODUCING THE NEW LARGER, SLIMMER BI-FOLD DOOR FROM SCHÜCO Schüco is launching its new AS FD bi-fold door, delivering its slimmest frames yet, larger pane sizes and improved performance over its predecessor, the ASS 70 FD. The AS FD 75 will launch in May 2022 and the AS FD 90.HI will be available from September. Come September 2022, Schüco will be rolling out the new bi-fold doors in in more opening configurations with additional flush, barrier free threshold options, providing even greater design flexibility.

3-point handle operated lock. The new bi-fold door is tested to burglar resistance PAS24/RC2 and is also covered by Secured by Design, the official police security initiative of which Schüco UK is a member.

Meanwhile, no compromises have been made in terms of security either, ensuring the utmost security while enabling an overall more streamlined look with fewer hinges and the option of a new

Experience the ultimate design freedom to create maximum light with minimum f rames with this pioneering new glazing solution. Find out more by visiting:

Exhibits thoughtful, well-executed design and luxury

1ST FOLDING SLIDING DOORS • 26 Wadsworth Road, Perivale, UB6 7JZ | 141 Hook Road, KT6 5AR • • T: 0208 997 2448 | F: 0208 997 0611

20 Doors & Windows


Arched window: an exterior arched steel window and doors create that wow factor; image courtesy of Squib Photography/Three Spires Glass

The retro look of steel windows, doors and screens is very much ‘in’. Crittall says they don’t have to be just rectangular and white…


nterior designers and home decor influencers say retro naturalistic greens, bright colours, sky-blues, purple-blue hues, vibrant yellows, sultry black will make up the colour palette for chic home-owners this year.

internal screen do not have to be the ubiquitous rectangular shape in white or black.

The trend is for home-owners to be more adventurous in the shapes of windows and door styles too. As the ‘eyes’ of your home they deserve the attention - adding a deft touch of flair highlights your individuality and gives your home a unique characteristic style - that’s you.

You may want to make a style statement or maximise the view from your property with a sweeping panoramic style window or bring the outside in – the solutions are there. For example, floor to ceiling and ‘wide-view’ window options and Sixties-style picture windows are making a come-back.

Shape-up Curves and rounded shapes are back – and authenticity and hand-crafted products are the hip buzz words. So, if you’re considering a new look, a window, external door,

On-trend are steel-framed windows and external doors with arches and sweeping curves. Get inspired – think outside the box

Echo the past with gothic and lancet shape windows or heritage style oriel bay and bow windows, ‘bulls-eye’ panes and rondels. Or capture the essence of the 1920s with Art Deco porthole style windows.

Porthole: an interior steel window with vibrant colours makes a big impact; image courtesy of Metwin

Doors & Windows 21 Go for bigger round, oval or even diamond shape steel windows for impact. Internally, consider a dramatic steel screen set with different sized colour glass panes – reds, greens, blues – clear, opaque, or textured panes – squares, rectangles to create a wonderful talking point. Or introduce a brightly coloured glass motif like a flower in to an interior or external porthole window for elegance.

Show your colours Russell Ager, managing director at Crittall Windows, pioneers of steel frame window manufacture for almost 170 years, says: “These days, you can colour-match almost everything in the home – décor, furnishings, appliances - even your window frames – inside and out. “With the modern take on the ‘retro look’ now very much the vogue, steel windows are

On-trend are stunning steel-framed windows and external doors – arches, sweeping curves; image courtesy of Squib Photography/Three Spires Glass

enjoying a big resurgence in popularity in homes including luxury minimalist warehouse apartments. Adding that savvy splash of colour will ensure an even bigger wow factor.

A welcome sense of airiness and space is created.

“A wide choice of 46 standard – as well as custommade - colours meets individual needs. There’s also a dual colour option.”

Every Crittall window, door and internal screen is made from high grade, recycled steel. Hot dip galvanized, means they are virtually maintenance free. Polyester powder coated, they also have a consistent, even, coating, not requiring redecoration for 25 - 30 years. An extensive range of classic and luxury hardware is available to complement your look.

For impact, try a bold or a darker colour on the outside and a neutral/white finish on the inside to match/blend-in with the interior décor.

They are available in any RAL or BS colour. “Crittall’s legacy of shaping and influencing design and heritage of delivering excellence can be seen worldwide. We have our imitators, but the style and quality of authentic Crittall products are never matched. Tailor-made to meet almost any individual requirement – shape or colour - steel windows, doors and Innervision screens are designed and fabricated to last a lifetime.” The slim ‘timeless’ frames and sight-lines, the graceful elegance offered by steel windows, present a light delicate feel inside and out, giving consistency of design.

While for that minimalist look, there are most attractive grey, white and black options.

A unique blend of precision machining and hand-crafted finishing for every bespoke product ensures style, elegance and value, whether your project is new-build or renovation of an existing property.

More Crittall Windows info; 01376 530800;


Panasonic’s New Etherea Graphite Grey: Designed for the Most Stylish Homes • • • •

Stylish colour to suit any interior nanoe™X built-in for 24/7 protection Highest energy ranking of A+++ Built-in Wi-Fi and voice assistant compatibility

Panasonic Heating & Cooling Solutions is launching its brand new, stylish Graphite Grey units to the Etherea with nanoe™X range of air conditioners, available in capacities 2kW – 3.5kW. Heating and cooling to suit any home Designed to blend seamlessly into the most stylish homes, the latest addition joins the existing silver matt and pure white matt units, allowing for a wider choice to suit more interiors. The high-quality wall mounted air conditioner has an elegant design with a body width of just 870mm and has been meticulously designed to allow for easy installation and maintenance. Additionally, the units also co m e w i t h a n e a s y - to use remote controller with an ergonomic design and tapered rear housing for the most comfortable grip. The minimalist remote controller allows for an aesthetically pleasing design.

nanoe™X: improving protection 24/7 A very welcome addition to any home, the smart Etherea unit comes with nanoe™X technology built-in to improve protection 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Abundant in nature, hydroxyl radicals have the capacity to inhibit 5 types of pollutants, including certain viruses and bacteria as well as odours to clean and deodorise. nanoe™X technology can bring these incredible benefits indoors so that hard surfaces, soft furnishings, and the indoor environment can be a cleaner and pleasant place to be. High-quality performance It’s not just about the looks: not only are the units stylish in design and colour, but they also boast the highest energy rank of A+++ in heating and cooling and a super quiet operation noise of just 19dB(A), providing the greatest level of comfort. The units also utilise Panasonic’s R32 Inverter Compressor for a lower environmental impact.

The range is available in single and multi-split. Single split systems require simply one indoor and outdoor unit, whereas the multi-split range is suitable for applications where air conditioning requirements exceed the ambit of a single room, allowing up to 5 indoor units to be connected to a single outdoor unit. Advanced smart control and voice assistant The Etherea units come with built-in Wi-Fi which enables advanced smart control and voice assistant. The units can pair with Panasonic’s Comfort Cloud app which is specially designed to easily manage all system functions simply via a smart device. Through the Comfort Cloud app, Etherea units can also be connected to some of the leading voice assistants on the market to further optimise air conditioning standards without having to lift a finger. For more information, please click here.

NATIONAL HOUSEBUILDER KEEPMOAT HOMES WELCOMED CITY MAYOR, PETER SOULSBY, TO ITS LATEST DEVELOPMENT IN LEICESTER, WATERSIDE. During the visit, the Mayor and accompanying Council members were given an in-depth tour of the 17.2- acre development, located on Frog Island including visiting the new showhome, The Barkby. Alongside the tour, the City Mayor also met with the f irst residents who have already moved into their new homes at the development, gaining an insight into what city living is like in the transformed area. Overlooking the Grand Union Canal, Waterside is an exciting new development featuring a mix of over 350 new one- and twobedroom apartments and two-, three and four-bedroom homes, aimed at working professionals aspiring for sustainable city living on the waterfront with an enviable urban design, and including at least 55 affordable units. In addition to the new homes, homebuyers will also benefit from new public green spaces and a new canalside path opening up the waterfront, along with 60,000sqft of Grade A office space. City Mayor Peter Soulsby said: “Leicester’s waterside has for a long time had immense potential for regeneration, and bringing that redevelopment forward for the benefit of the city has been a longheld ambition of mine. “These new homes are a key part of that, and the catalyst for the surrounding waterside developments. The city council’s regeneration strategy for the city has included assembling this brownf ield site using £25m of grants and council funds to compulsorily purchase run down and disused areas along the River Soar, as well as securing outline planning consent for these new homes. “ We’ve worked closely with Ke e p m o a t H o m e s a s o u r development partners to reach this important stage in making

Leicester City Mayor Visits 350 Unit Housing Development in Leicester Leicester’s waterside a vibrant, attractive area in which to live and work.” Since 2015, around 1,000 new houses and apartments have been delivered in the waterside area, along with around 1,000 student spaces, the Novotel and Adagio (200beds), new bowling alley and over 75,000sqft of new office space built at Friars Mill, Great Central Square and Northgate Street. Shaun Fielding, Regional Managing Director at Keepmoat Homes said “We’re thrilled to have hosted the City Mayor and members of Leicester City Council, so that they can witness the great progress that we’ve made at Waterside and how the new housing development will provide the people of Leicester a great place to live.

of bespoke houses and apartments, formed within an incredible urban layout which has already attracted potential new homeowners to the area, who will further enhance the city’s economy.” Work at waterside is expected to take five years to complete. For more information on Waterside, Leicester, click here. The news comes after Keepmoat Homes’ East Midlands team recently relocated their off ice to Ke e p m o a t H o m e s Ea s t Midlands, Unit 1, Interchange 25 Business Park, Bostocks Lane, Nottingham NG10 5QG

“We’ve worked collaboratively with Leicester City Council and the City’s design team to create a development

24 Industry News

WORKS COMMENCE ONSITE AT NEW LUXURY DEVELOPMENT IN BRAMCOTE AS FIRST LOOK IS REVEALED Nottingham-based luxury home developer, North Sands Developments, has begun construction on its second prestigious residential scheme on the exclusive and sought-after Cow Lane in Bramcote, Nottingham, with the first look revealed.


he development , which is located in t h e s o u g h t- a f te r Bramcote Village Conser vation area near Beeston, is to be named The Grove and will comprise of three luxurious, large f ivebedroom family homes, each with a white render finish and expansive windows. Priced between £1.5million and £ 1.7million, each exclusive home will boast a c l ea n , c o n te m p o r a r y look and feel with high end functionality, and will offer large open plan living, kitchen and dining areas, ideal for modern family living.

Industry News 25 opportunity to tailor-make their home to meet their exact requirement by working alongside the North Sands Developments design team. The purchasers will be able to select their own bespoke features such as high-quality kitchen and bathroom interiors, floor finishes, internal doors and tiling, to name just a few. The new owners will have the ability to be involved as much or as little as they would like to. James Hartley, director at North Sands Developments, said: “Following the success of our first Cow Lane development, we are extremely excited to be building more exclusive, executive style homes once again in such a stunning, leafy, sought-after location. We always ensure to design and build our homes to a high specification and ensure they seamlessly fit in with their surroundings. “What I love most about this site is that it sits in such a peaceful, breath-taking, mature woodland setting on Cow Lane – each home will feature large windows that will f rame these surroundings and prospective buyers can get a real feel for what this will look like in the new imagery we’ve released.

The development is surrounded by a protected woodland and two of the homes feature their own private share of the woodland, offering a countryside oasis that reaps the benef its of having an address associated with the popular area of Bramcote; just 4.5 miles from Nottingham City Centre.

“We already have one of the homes under offer prior to any formal marketing through our new ‘Nor thsands Bespoke’ offering; this means that early purchasers will be able to design and choose the internal finishes themselves and have the North Sands team there to hold their hand through what is such a unique and special experience of having their dream home built for them.

Having already cleared the site, Nor th Sands Developments has started works on these dream homes, due to complete in Spring 2023.

“Interiors and finishes play a huge part in purchasing decisions; in short, the purchasers don’t have to compromise as everything can be bespoke to them, which is not something you can always say when you purchase a home.

A key feature of this unique development is that the purchasers will have the

“Having such a setting to call home and so close to Nottingham city centre, Beeston, Boots, QMC

Hospital and the University, it’s incredibly quiet and one of the most desirable locations in Nottinghamshire. Beeston in particular is really evolving - with plentiful shops, retail outlets, restaurants and the brand-new cinema, it has everything on the doorstep without even having to go into town, though town is incredibly accessible by road, tram and train. Major road routes including the A52 and M1 are also in close range. “We have had a lot of interest in The Grove already with one home already under offer. North Sands encourage anyone interested in purchasing to contact our agents, FHP Living for more information.” Jules Hunt, sales director at FHP Living said: “We are so pleased to be acting for North Sands development again on yet another fantastic site on Cow Lane. Following the success of 41-47 Cow Lane, we expect ‘The Grove’ to be incredibly popular with prospective buyers. “We do encourage buyers to contact us at their earliest convenience so they can take full advantage of the opportunity to work with the North Sands team - to design their bespoke home from start to finish.” Nottingham-based North Sands Developments launched in 2009 and from the outset, its aim has been to create highly desirable homes and has garnered a reputation for quality, service and architectural brilliance. Those who are interested in ‘The Grove’ development are encouraged to register their interest with FHP Living by calling 0115 798 0002, or visiting their website.

Technology & Software 27

CONTROL OF YOUR HEATING Intuitive simple heating control is not always easy to achieve! Energy efficiency in the modern home is paramount to achieving cost savings. And with the cost of energy set to continue rising for the foreseeable future the need to design, install and maintain a high efficient system has to be one of the major objectives of any home be it new or existing. The major item of energy consumption in the home is going to be the heating system. The trend is for new build homes to have air or ground source heat pumps and solar panels, but a majority of properties will still have gas as the main source of heat. What ever the heat source the way in which the heating operates will determine the overall efficiency of the system. For example a house with a thermostat permanently set to 20 degrees is going to use far more energy than one with proper system design that has timer set backs and presence detection (there are many ways to improve the efficiency of a heating system too numerous and detailed to mention in this article).

Conventional heating controls are from wall thermostats and here the KNX system offers many different aesthetic designs from a variety of manufacturers. You will of course have overall heating control from your KNX app that can be used both at home and when you are away from the property. Our KNX systems come with remote monitoring facilities and we are able to offer long term monitoring in order to optimise the heating system over a period of time.

Many modern homes will incorporate underfloor heating systems. Underfloor systems have individual control of each zone (room or heating area) and offer a more even less fluctuating temperature. Weather wet or electric underfloor, radiators, or a mix of these then the KNX system has the capability of offering a seamless efficient control.

28 Technology & Software

THE SMART CLOUD VIDEO MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Cloudview’s video surveillance system captures crisp HD visual data, optimised to work efficiently over any network, from fibre, to remote mobile deployments in environments with limited network coverage. Actionable events are easily identified - enabling you to respond proactively and increase productivity.


ur cloud based video management system is highly conf igurable – you choose which smart triggered, specif ied events you want recording and alerting to. Smart detection and real time analytics, alerts and schedules help maintain an active CCTV network - minimising system downtime. Time-consuming engineer callouts and on-site checks are eliminated. Integration of AI and scalable storage options support a single camera through to large scale multi-site deployment for any size business. Cloudview’s VIDEO SURVEILLANCE as a Service (VSaaS) ensures your visual data is managed and stored safely and securely in the cloud - all you need is a web browser and our encrypted edge device (CVR). The Cloudview web interface puts you in command of your data - and cloud based video analytics in real time. View single or multiple sites, live or historical footage and ‘intelligently’ identify specific events - chosen by you. As a brand agnostic VSaaS provider, Cloudview is compatible with most market leading analogue and IP cameras and, in many circumstances, can utilise existing on-site inf rastructure. This eliminates the need for expensive and disruptive replacements and extends the value of your current network by upgrading and future-proof ing often fragmented deployments into a single, centrally managed, visual data platform. No special hardware or software is required. Authorised users can immediately access your visual data f rom any internet enabled device, viewed via a single control console which works through your web browser, from any location, 24/7. CCTV Cloud storage affords maximum storage capacity and access.

30 Heating & Ventilation

Retrofitting Homes is Our Biggest Zero-Carbon Challenge George Clarke looks at the challenge of making existing homes zero-carbon

There are 25 million dwellings in Britain today and in our temperate climate, all these homes need heating and hot water and they also need power to keep the lights on. To do that requires energy and, most of the time that energy comes from fossil fuels. Things are beginning to change, but UK housing has a massive dependancy on fossil fuels.


et we live in a countr y where over 2.5 million currently live in fuel poverty. So what does the future hold for those in fuel poverty and the rest of Britain when household energy bills are predicted to increase by up to 50% from April? Britain has an ageing housing stock. In fact, it has the oldest housing stock in Europe. Our his tor y is absolutely f as cinating and our past is reflected in our architecture; our houses and buildings tell the story of our nation and millions of tourists come to the UK to admire them. But, the sheer number and age of our existing housing stock poses this gigantic challenge to the UK Government: If it wants to meet its target of being net-zero carbon by 2050, how can we retrofit millions of existing homes to massively reduce their CO2 emissions?

Around 80% of all the homes that exist today will still be in use in 2050. The 244,000 new homes built each year only represent 1% of our housing stock, whereas existing homes account for 99%. Existing housing account s for 15% of the UK’s total carbon dioxide emissions, mainly generated from domestic boilers burning gas for hot water and heating. 15% percent is around 68 million tonnes of CO2, which is 50% more than the entire agricultural sector and approximately 7.5 times more than all industrial processes and manufacturing. At this pace, it will take us over 500 years to really become net-zero carbon! George Clarke Architect, writer, TV presenter and Ecodan Ambassador So, our housing stock is a gas guzzling, carbon emitting, over-heating beast of a problem.

The heat we generate escapes from the building fabric of our homes far too easily. That is a huge waste of energy and money. Only 50% of the homes in England have cavity or solid wall insulation. That’s right, 50% of our entire housing stock has absolutely no wall insulation at all! Only 39% of our homes have 20 0mm of lof t insulation in their roofs! (20 0mm is regarded as a good amount to minimise too much heat loss through your roof).

Surprisingly, 85% of our homes have double glazing, which is a much higher figure than you might have imagined. However, we have no idea how old and how efficient these doublegl azin g in s t all at i o n s really are. Many of our existing homes are therefore too expensive to heat and are uncomfortable to live in. T hank f ull y, some developers and social housing providers aren’t waiting until the ban on gas boilers for new build in 2025 and are installing

Heating & Ventilation 31 new heat pumps into new houses now, because they know it is the right thing to do. Some housing associations are also being incredibly brave and are planning major retrof it pro gr amme s for their existing house s to ck , n ot b e c au s e the government have told them to do it, but because they have a long-term interest in that stock and they see the long-term benefits to their tenants and to the planet, by doing the right thing. Housing Associations and Social Housing Providers want their tenants to be comfortable in their existing homes and they want to reduced their energy bills. They also know that refurbishing their stock makes it last longer, look and feel better and reduces high maintenance costs that can spiral upwards from neglect.

lots of reports, white papers and millions of recommendations from very, clever people, as I sit here writing this article in January 2022 in the middle of a ‘Climate Emergency’, there is NO VIABLE, SUSTAINABLE, ACHIEVABLE ECONOMIC HOME RETROFIT PLAN FOR THE UK’S EXISTING HOUSING STOCK. I’m serious. T h e re are h o w eve r, practical solutions that can be implemented now. - We need a massive loft, solid wall and cavity wall insulation programme to insulate every single one of our existing homes in the UK to the highest standard possible. No compromise… INSULATE, INSULATE, INSULATE. - We need to fit draught e xc l u d e r s to e v e r y single door, keyhole and letterbox in the land and minimise heat loss.

That’s how powerful a safe, secure, stable, warm, energy-efficient zero-fuel poverty home can be.

- We need every new home in the UK to have TRIPLE glazing. Double glazing is so 80’s! When a building regulations application is made to significantly renovate or refurbish an existing dwelling then triple glazing should be compulsory as the replacement.

It’s life-changing, life-improving, planet-saving stuff.

Let’s set a date for every single window in Britain to be triple-glazed by.

And when it comes to existing homeowners, many would love to upgrade their homes to b e sup er gre en and e co lo gic al , but unfortunately so many just can’t afford to do it. The will is there to retrofit, but often the money isn’t.

- Legislation should make it illegal for old gas or oilfired boiler to be replaced with a new ones. We need to phase out ALL gas and oil-fired boilers and fast. All boilers should be replacement with clean, green heats pumps and powered by affordable green electricity.

T he sho cking thing for me, is that even though there has been

- We need to revolutionise the building regulations to turn our fossil-fuel

R etrof i t tin g a tire d and cold home can have enormous health, wellbeing and psychological benefits for tenants and homeowners.

d e p e n d a nt , ex i s t in g housing stock into the greenest homes they can possible be. It would be the most radical improvements to the building regulations since they were formed. - Oh, and we should scrap VAT on the refurbishment of existing buildings! We currently pay ZERO VAT to build a new build home, but we pay a huge and unfair 20% VAT to refurbish an existing home. To prove I practice what I preach I’ve made ALL of these improvements to my own 53-year old home and the difference is unbelievable. That’s why I recommend them because I know they work. My old, cold house is now off-thescale comfortable and ecological with amazing thermal and acoustic insulation. It was also a very satisfying day when my gas-guzzling boiler got ripped out! It’s just a shame the UK Government taxed me 20% when I made these much needed ecological improvements So, how much do we think it’s going to cost to fully retrofit all the

existing house in Britain? Well, there is an average figure, although I’ve no idea how this was worked out and I always worry about ‘average’ figures because they can be misleading. However, The Climate Change Committee (who advise the Government) have estimated that it will cost an average of around £26,000 to ecologically retrofit each home in Britain. Of course, for many, this is not a small amount of money. But, we know we need to do this, so somehow we need to make it happen. For me, it’s quite simple. Those that can afford to upgrade their homes should be made to do it. Those who cannot afford to upgrade their homes should be supported in every way possible to help them do it. If the Earth really is our collective home, then we need to do things very differently and very quickly to save it. We cannot af ford not to RETROFIT BRITAIN. George Clarke is an Architec t , writer, T V presenter and Ecodan Ambassador

To find out more about retrofit with Ecodan visit Read the full article at

32 Heating & Ventilation


the Building Regulations 2010 (Part F1 Dwellings 2022), Titon has revised its popular ‘Part F 2010 Domestic Buildings Compliance’ CPD presentation to help gain a deeper understanding of the new requirements. With the updated edition of Part F released in December 2021 for implementation in June 2022, there have been many important changes which are clearly demonstrated within the updated CPD. Titon’s aim is to provide an explanation of the requirements of the Part F 2022 update regarding ventilation, and the three systems examples that are used, and to emphasise the need to ensure that the installed performance meets the designer’s expectations in order to achieve full compliance. Ventilation is a legal requirement clearly set out at the beginning of Part F which the Titon CPD guidance is aimed at achieving, if followed in full.

By the end of the CPD, you will have clearer knowledge of Part F, PCDB and a look at good practice for installation and a check list of ventilation systems.

To book the new CPD, please get in touch: For more information on this CPD and to view our other CPD presentations, please visit the CPD UK website:

Heating & Ventilation 33


0114 327 0100


01738 827 244

Heat Pumps for renovations, self & custom build homes - Future proof your new home today!

If you're thinking of building a new home or undertaking significant renovations of an older property it's the perfect time to install a heat pump system as you are already installing new underfloor heating or upgrading your radiators as part of your project. Installing a ground, air or water source heat pump will not only provide 100% of your heating and hot water needs but will lower your carbon footprint, providing an energy efficient heating system that doesn't rely on fossil fuels.

We have been future proofing homes in Scotland, the North and the Midlands for over 20 years. We work with you, your architect or main contractor to specify the right heat pump system for your home. Financial support towards the installation costs is available to most customers. Get in touch to find out how a heat pump could work for you!

Send your plans to


Lusso Bentley Flooring – A Cheaper Al ternative to Karndean & Amtico


VT flooring has become a popular choice for UK homeowners. With their realistic wood and stone designs, easy maintenance, and excellent durability, it’s easy to see why they have dramatically risen in popularity in recent years. However, there is one problem that you might face when trying to f ind an LVT floor to complement your living space, and that is the sheer amount of choice available. There are

so many different brands and designs on offer that it can be tough figuring out which one is right for you. The obvious choices are brands like Amtico and Karndean. However, floors offered by these brands tend to be quite expensive. To help make LVT flooring affordable to a wider range of budgets, Leeds based retailer, Stories Flooring, has introduced the Lusso Bentley Portofino collection.

So, what is the new range and how does it compare to the likes of Amtico and Karndean? Read on to discover everything you need to know.

What is the Lusso Bentley Portofino Collection? The Lusso Bentley Portofino LVT collection has been designed exclusively by Stories Flooring. It consists of beautiful, hyperrealistic wood designs that are available at budget-f riendly prices. The range can be installed in commercial and domestic settings, in both click and glue down installation methods for enhanced durability and stability. The range may be new, but it is already making waves in the flooring sector. It is easily comparable to the likes of Amtico and Karndean. Let’s take a look at how it measures up to these leading brands…

Lusso Bentley Vs Karndean LVT When you compare Lusso Bentley to Karndean LVT, the similarities between the two collections are impressive. They offer similar levels of durability, with both collections incorporating a 0.55mm wear layer into their design. This makes them suitable for hightraff ic areas, and ensures they last for many years to come. However, the Lusso Bentley Portof ino collection offers a slightly longer warranty, giving it an edge over its competitor. The Portofino LVT range offers a fantastic lifetime domestic, and a 15-year commercial guarantee. The quality and design of the floors in either range are

35 comparable. The Lusso Bentley Portof ino range has been developed using the latest ecof riendly processes and there are a lot of beautiful woodeffect designs to choose from. Karndean LVT and Lusso Bentley LVT floors come with a hyperrealistic surface. This helps to provide a realistic wood effect while benef itting f rom the practical benefits of LVT. Another similarity is their water resistant design. This lets you install them in any room of the house without worrying about water damage like you would with a solid wood floor. The biggest difference between Lusso Bentley and Karndean LVT is the price. The cheapest Karndean LVT floors are offered at £46.99 per square metre. The Lusso Bentley Portofino range on the other hand starts from £33.98 per square metre. It is also frequently on offer at up to 50% off, enabling customers to snag these floors for just £16.99 per square metre. That is a drastic difference in cost!

Lusso Bentley Vs Amtico LVT The Amtico Spacia LVT range is also extremely similar to the Lusso Bentley Portofino range. Like Karndean and Lusso Bentley floors, the Amtico Spacia range features a 0.55mm wear layer. This makes them all comparable in terms of durability. However, again the Lusso Bentley range comes out on top, offering a lifetime guarantee and 15-year residential warranty. Th e

Amtico range offers a 25-year domestic warranty, and a 10-year commercial warranty in comparison. Lusso Bentley, Karndean, and Amtico all come in a gluedown installation method. This helps to provide the most stable and durable fit. Amtico floors are also water resistant, allowing them to be installed anywhere in the home. So, in terms of design, d u ra b i l i ty, q u a l i ty, a n d installation, there is virtually no difference, other than Lusso Bentley’s longer guarantee. It is the price that once again sets these floors apart. Amtico Spacia floors typically retail for £42.99 per square metre, though some go up as much as £72.99 per square metre. This means that Lusso Bentley floors are a lot more affordable.

Conclusion To sum up, Lusso Bentley LVT is an exceptional range of highquality realistic wood effect flooring. It stands up well against leading brands such as Amtico and Karndean. The key features of these stunning floors include: •

A 0.55mm wear layer for incredible durability

Resistant to water

Available in striking real-wood effects

Gluedown installation versions

Click installation versions

Underfloor heating compatibility

Offered at just a fraction of the cost of leading brands, you can browse the full Lusso Bentley Portofino range at Stories Flooring today.



Open up the great outdoors and prepare for a season of alf resco entertaining with Cullifords. From outdoor worktops and eye-catching feature walls to durable floor surfaces, the man-made and natural stone surface specialists have a wide range of materials that are suitable for outdoor areas. Outdoor kitchens have boomed in popularity over the past few years. For a statement outdoor island, opt for Baltic Brown Granite as a waterfall worktop. Featuring light brown dappled detailing on a black background, the Finnish granite will pair beautifully with natural materials and textures such as rattan and teak for an outdoor space that exudes luxury. For a brighter aesthetic, the Aran White granite is also a suitable choice for an outdoor island or table surface. Characterised by a subtle translucency, the Brazilian granite is guaranteed to act as a stunning focal point when entertaining. Featuring pigments of white and orange swirls against a jet black background, the exquisite Cosmic Black Granite is the perfect splashback choice for an outdoor BBQ area. A cloudy blue quartzite with variations of tone throughout, Roma Blue is quarried from Brazil and is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression. Ideal as a statement wall feature, it will work exceptionally as an outdoor focal point, in particular when used as a f ireplace surround. Piracema granite offers an equally stunning spectacle, with swirling greys, blues and occasional hints of pink, it will

hold up to the outdoor elements and pop against any greenery and foliage. Sourcing some of the world’s most exotic and finest materials, Cullifords’ range of exceptional f ine quality natural and manmade stone is guaranteed to help you make a truly stunning s t a te m e n t . Fro m ki tch e n splashbacks and worktops to flooring and bathroom walls, the arresting detail, rare colouring and striking patterns of Cullifords’ stones will transform any interior into an extraordinarily distinctive scheme.

Extemely weather & UV resistant Very water and dirt resistant Reduces wood swelling and shrinkage Resists the growth of algae, mildew & fungal attack Microporous, breathable finish No sanding necessary for future applications


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