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RINNAI AIMS FOR NET ZERO BEFORE 2050 Rinnai has released its global “Innovation Manifesto,” which plots a path towards NetZero emissions by 2050, without negating quality in product design, innovation and customer value for money. Rinnai’s “Innovation Manifesto” is formatted into four segments: Background to Carbon Neutrality; Initiatives and Directives to Realize LowCarbon and Decarbonized S o c i e ty ; R e d u c i n g CO2 Emissions f rom Business Activities; and finally: Investing in Carbon Neutrality.

Says Rinnai UK Managing D i re c to r To ny G i tt i n g s , “It is a statement of f irm commitment by Rinnai concerning environmental issues and the need to accept collective responsibility. We must do this - there is no Planet B. Rinnai is taking action to ensure that it is carbon neutral as soon as is realistically possible across its global estate. We are a business based on engineering excellence and are employing technological creativity to achieve the targets. It will mean, in the UK that we begin to offer a wider range of products to enable our customers to achieve their own carbon reductions and eventual neutrality.” Within the manifesto Rinnai present a truthful appraisal of carbon emissions f rom production, products in use

and procurement phases. Rinnai has identif ied these three areas as requiring targeted action to achieve reductions in emissions. Accumulated data reveals 95% of these emissions are produced during the working life cycle of a Rinnai product; the remaining 5% occur throughout procuring materials, manufacturing, transport and disposal. The Rinnai Manifesto details plans to halve emission created by Rinnai products and manufacturing processes by 2030. Techn ological i n n ova t i o n s t h a t a l l ow hydrogen gas mixes to be applied to Rinnai products will assist in our mid-term ecological ambitions.

By 2050 further developments in this f ield and full-scale international hydrogen energy transition will enable Rinnai products to be manufactured and accept 100% clean energy. Rinnai products will be entirely clean from the obtaining of materials through to disposal of merchandise. Rinnai is actively assisting international hydrogen development. Combustion tests on 20% - 30% hydrogen gas blends are being carried out on existing products in the UK, US and Italy. A line of hydrogen ready products already exists in the UK, (N1300i, N1300e, N1600i, and N1600e), whilst Rinnai Japan are spearheading technological innovations that facilitate 100% hydrogen usage in collaboration with other countries.

Rinnai’s NetZero declaration will require huge amounts of f inancial funding. To enable clean working practises and consistent product functionality Rinnai has structured over £332 million of capital investments to be made over five years.

Rinnai will adapt its range of products to include original hybrid water heating systems throughout t h e 2 0 2 0 s a n d e l e c t ri f i e d heat pumps. Once hydrogen combustion is globally operational Rinnai products will be well placed to accept 100% green energy. Rinnai is keen to expand its personal sense of environmental responsibility to office and factory working practises. A corporate plan has been structured to ensure that Rinnai offices and factories across the world will be carbon neutral by 2050. All Rinnai factories and off ices will deploy green electricity and carefully directed energy creation to halve Rinnai industry emissions by 2030. The introduction of fossil-fuel f ree technology and widespread promotion of energy conservation will assist Rinnai achieving total decarbonisation by 2050.

It is a statement of firm commitment by Rinnai concerning environmental issues and the need to accept collective responsibility.

A p p ro a ch i n g £2 0 0 m w i l l be invested into product development in Rinnai’s centre of design innovation; specific areas of investment include hydrogen combustion equipment, heat pumps and other next generation technologies. £100 million will be invested into manufacturing. This flow of capital will enable a switch to sources of greener energy and fossil-fuel free facilities creating greener working standards. £32 million will be provided into promoting sales of low carbon alternatives such as the ECO ONE hybrid water heating system and the global promotion of energy efficient water heaters. Rinnai are aware that levels of investments may rise and are prepared to provide more finances in making Rinnai fully decarbonized. Rinnai understands its obligation to actively assist in global decarbonisation and therefore a proactive company plan of design modif ication on all new product ranges, a change in off ice and manufacturing practises, a switch to greener energy – requiring billions of yen of investment for this ambition to be realized. Rinnai hopes by publishing its carbon neutral declaration end users can identify the urgency of action taken and sense of social responsibility the company places upon itself. Rinnai is determined to consistently provide appliances that encourage an environmentally cleaner society.

For more information on the RINNAI product range visit

Rinnai is a world leading manufacturer of water heaters who design and produce over 2 million units a year. Our systems operate in each of the 5 continents and have gained an established reputation for high performance, robust cost efficiency and extended working lives. Rinnai hot water products offer a limitless supply of instantaneous temperature controlled hot water that simultaneously performs as a disinfectant on all known bacteria. Rinnai units are UKCA certified, A-rated water efficiency, accessed through multiple fuel options and are available for purchase 24/7, 365 days a year. Any unit can be delivered to any UK site within 24 hours. Rinnai are climate conscious and committed to decarbonisation. To demonstrate Rinnai’s attitude towards global environmental issues the “Rinnai N series” is hydrogen ready NOW and can use BioLPG capable of delivering NetZero carbon emissions. Rinnai offer comprehensive training courses and technical support in all aspects of the water heating industry. More information can be found on Rinnai’s website and its “Help Me Choose” webpage. 1,000,000,000 Japanese Yen equals 6,538,177.23 Pound sterling

Nationwide Distribution over 10,000 worktops in stock

NEW Price List & Product Guide 2021 Available Now National Sales Line: 01257 478540 Email:

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wo phrases you will often hear are – Embodied Carbon and Operational Carbon. Embodied Carbon is the amount of carbon emitted during the creation of the building and its materials. Operational Carbon is the amount of carbon emitted during the life of the building and maintaining those materials. The current method for measuring the CO2 impact of each material is through a Life Cycle Assessment using Environmental Product Declarations or EPDs for short. Unfortunately, EPDs assume the study period for a building’s life is only 60 years. This is just 1% of the age of the oldest fired bricks in the world made 6000 years ago and are still here today. This is incredibly important because durable products with extensive longevity such as clay brick, will prolong the expected life of a building resulting in a lower carbon footprint for every year of use. Not to mention, brick can then go on to be re-used and recycled to live a 2nd and sometimes even a 3rd life, benefitting multiple generations. We often hear the Brick Industry say clay products last 200+ years, this is 3x longer than EPD’s measure the carbon impact, therefore designers do not receive Life Cycle Assessments reflective of the true life span of their building. Brick is non-toxic and requires little to no maintenance, its non-combustible and improves the thermal and acoustic building values, equating to zero operational carbon. O t h e r b u i l d i n g m a te r i a l s need much greater levels of maintenance, often reliant upon chemical processes which lead to a considerably higher operational carbon footprint. Many of these non-clay materials will often require complete replacement several times over a building’s 200 year lifespan, multiplying both the Embodied and Operational carbon footprints several times over.

WHAT IS REAL SUSTAINABILITY? It is understanding the full and lasting impact of our design choices and reducing the carbon footprint over the building’s entire lifetime. From cradle to grave.

At Michelmersh, we know exactly what goes into creating our products and meticulously calculate the embodied carbon f igures providing completely transparent data from extraction, to drying, firing and delivery. We are focussed on decarbonization of the brick making process, working on a variety of methods to make signif icant carbon reductions from cradle to gate.

In reality when measuring your building’s design over its true/real life span, clay brick is one of the least carbon intensive building materials you can use. To be truly sustainable, we believe in designing buildings that are both adaptable and multi-generational, so that the environment and our children’s children will benefit from the choices we make today:

Think Longer. Design for 200 years, not 20.

Michelmersh convened a roundtable discussion with RIBA Journal ‘Think longer to build sustainably‘ including influential architects, material suppliers, structural engineers, manufacturers, policy makers, construction teams and educational professors. Please read the full article here:





HOW IS SANTA AFFECTED BY NEW-BUILD HOUSES? New-build homes are being cited as an essential part of the UK’s plan to build back better. In fact, 49,470 new homes were completed in the first quarter of 2021. That’s the highest figure in over 20 years and a four per cent increase compared to the last three months of 2020.


ut as families begin new lives in their new homes, we should consider how this rapid rise in households affects Santa Claus’ Christmas schedule. New data from St. Modwen Homes reveals the true impact of the UK’s housing boom for Santa, Rudolph, and the rest of the reindeer gang when visiting homes across the country, including new builds in Wantage and houses in Stafford. The national housebuilder has tracked the number of new households year on year since 2000, calculating how much extra time is needed for Saint Nick to deliver presents in the UK while on his international mission. As Santa unloads his sack of presents, the research also points to the huge number of calories that he consumes through numerous mince pies and glasses of milk at every home across the country.

Even a minute makes a difference According to projections, there will be around 289,000 new homes in the UK this year by the end of 2021. This figure is thanks to the construction of thousands of new build homes and a f raction of conversion projects across the country. This means that Santa is under even more pressure to deliver presents to every home in the UK, even with an already tight schedule. According to St. Modwen Homes, Santa will spend an extra 86.7 seconds delivering presents to UK homes in 2021 than he did in 2020. While a minute-and-a-half doesn’t sound like too much time to squeeze in, consider the fact that Santa can only spend 0.0003 seconds per household to deliver all the presents in the world. In fact, since 2000, Santa has had to find



an extra 18.4 minutes to deliver presents to the UK. As the UK aims to increase its homebuilding capacity, Santa will need to be nimbler on his feet in future.

Reining in the reindeer diet

Christmas isn’t a piece of cake… it’s a whole load of pies

It’s not just Santa that’s getting his fill from Christmas snacks. Along with mince pies and milk, children love to leave out a carrot for Rudolph – after all, he needs the energy to keep his red nose shining.

We all want to treat Santa to a mince pie and a hearty glass of milk while on his travels, and the man himself always acknowledges our generosity by leaving some great gifts under the tree.

In 2021, new homes will put out 32,111 carrots per reindeer. Each member of the riding crew of nine (no bonus points for remembering their names) will eat 963,333 calories worth of carrots each.

In 2021, Santa will eat an extra 65,314,000 calories worth of mince pies and drink 27,455,000 calories worth of milk, compared to the previous year. However, this shouldn’t worry a man whose diet already consists of gingerbread and candy canes.

If you’re spending your first Christmas in your new-build home, it’s important to keep with old traditions and make your own new traditions. Santa loves his mince pies and milk, and the reindeer love their carrots — and Santa will certainly take the time to show that he appreciates your generous gifts.


NEW LOW CARBON EXTRA CARE SCHEME IN GORTON COMPLETES Construction work has been completed on Gorton Mill House, a new £17million extra care scheme in Gorton, Manchester which, as well as providing 106 apartments, has also been designed around low carbon ambitions. With the use of ground source heat pumps, solar panels and vehicle charging points, Pozzoni Architecture has met the aim of client Southway Housing in that all new build properties will utilise renewable heating and hot water systems, a move away from being reliant upon gas. As well as helping to combat climate change, this approach will also benefit residents due to lower energy bills. The needs of customers have been at the forefront of the design process, even when it comes to the innovative methods used to reduce the carbon footprint. The heating systems used in the 106 extra care apartments at Gorton Mill House may be cutting edge but have been chosen to look as familiar and conventional as possible for the demographic of the residents, for example pairing modern radiators with a ground source heat pump to provide space and hot water heating.

Built by Rowlinson, Gorton Mill House is part of Southway Housing’s ‘With Care’ offer, meaning there is a dedicated care team based within the building, 24-hours a day. It offers excellent on-site facilities including a bistro, garden lounge, activity room, bathing suite and hair & nail salon, along with large, beautiful communal gardens. The development looks to help fulfil Manchester City Council’s housing strategy in respect of ‘Living Longer, Living Better’ in adaptable age friendly homes which encourage health and well-being through increased independence, reduced social isolation and community involvement. For that reason, it not only fulfils the vision for providing special needs housing but it will improve the health of older people within the community due to the high level of specialised care that will be offered.

Gorton Mill House has been landscaped to provide a public, semi-public and private realm. The public facilities are designed to be enjoyed by the local community, drawing them into the site and towards the hub area. Eleanor McCallum, associate, Pozzoni Architecture commented: “Gorton Mill House fulfils an important role in the local community, meeting the demand for extra care facilities and creating a wonderful, inviting and flexible environment for older people to live and socialise. “It’s also a development that has been designed to meet the needs of the modern world with sustainability at the fore, incorporating innovative low carbon technologies that will be better for the planet and better for residents’ energy bills.” Karen Mitchell, Chief Executive of Southway Housing Trust, said: “Gorton Mill House has


created more than 100 highquality new homes and a supportive environment tailored for older residents, while also providing new community facilities for our neighbours in the surrounding area to enjoy.

there’s demand for high quality, supported homes. Gorton Mill House helps address that need, whilst also delivering a host of sustainable features. It will be a great asset for the community.”

“This scheme was born from a great need and demand for extra care facilities in this area and we are grateful to Pozzoni and our other partners for helping to make our vision of transforming this brownfield site a reality.”

Gorton Mill House has been shortlisted for next month’s national Inside Housing Development Awards 2021 in the ‘Best Older People’s Housing Development (Urban)’ category.

David Chilton, managing director, Rowlinson commented: “Our ageing population means

For more information on Pozzoni Architecture’s work in the living sector, please visit: Living - Projects – Pozzoni Architecture

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Restoring a fire damaged home to its traditional, historic beauty “It’s an emotional rollercoaster losing your home in a fire,” says Alex Coppock, architect, Communion Architects. “The resurrection project was all about recreating a healthy home than honoured the cottage’s traditional beauty.”


he thatched cottage in Worcestershire suffered an extremely bad fire. This left the downstairs of the property severely damaged, the second floor almost lost and the roof completely demolished. “The historic fabric and traditional structure of the part-Medieval, part-Victorian cottage had been almost destroyed,” says Alex. “It needed a lot of care to restore it to its former glory. “As different areas of the property were in different conditions, designing the right solution was challenging. It was diff icult to know where to start. We worked with Timothy Smith Builders Ltd to bring the project to life.”

Case Study 11 seal the walls and to leave them unpainted – something you only usually do if you’re polishing or marbling plaster. “It’s a learning experience at the start, as you begin to understand how to use the lime plaster, but it’s incredibly easy to pick up. If it does start to dry, you can damp it down and it comes back to life again. It’s very workable.” An elegant finish

Matching tradition and heritage “The cottage was a listed building, so we collaborated with the conservation officer and followed Historic England guidance to ensure we preserved the historical elegance of the property and best practice,” says Alex. “Breathability was also incredibly important. Much of the water damage from the fire had dried out, but the original structure of the building only contained an ‘outer leaf’ wall. “An ‘outer leaf wall’ means that as soon as the outside wall gets wet, the inside wall becomes vulnerable to damp. “Protecting the building, called for a way to keep it dry, healthy and comfortable for a long time to come. We specif ied a woodf ibre board with a lime plaster internally and lime render externally. The cottage was originally built using lime-based products and had stood the property in good stead all these years until fire tore it apart. “Lime Green was recommended to us by a friend who’d used their mortars, plasters and renders on several occasions and found them to be ideal. “They gave us a ‘one-stop-shop’ for all the lime-based materials we needed: Internal Warmshell Insulation (IWI) system (woodfibre insulation boards topped with Solo lime plaster) and an external lime render.

“We had some great technical advice from the Lime Green team. They helped us understand our lime-based options, how different products and materials work together, and how to get the best results. Their products make lime very easy to use. “It is so good to return the cottage back to its former glory, with modern versions of the honest materials that would have been used in the Medieval and Victorian eras.” Restoring traditional beauty “I’d used traditional lime products before, but the process was always much slower – waiting for up to seven days between coats while the material fully dries out,” says Ian Miller, master plasterer. “Lime Green’s materials were much quicker to use – just put a coat on, notch with a trowel, embed mesh all over, apply another 3mm on top, flatten, leave for 1.5 hours and finish with a trowel. That’s it – you do the wall once, instead of up to three times, as with other lime plasters I’ve used.

“The homeowner is thrilled,” says Alex. “The project has delivered the best of both worlds: a restored home, using traditional materials, which means it will stay dry and warm.” “The home looks absolutely beautiful. Everyone involved couldn’t be happier with the results,” finishes Alex. “Lime Green’s experience and knowledge in regard to the project specif ications, and the team’s practical assistance on site, means we’ll definitely be recommending them for future projects. “It’s been a privilege working with a team of talented and experienced contractors, hand in hand with Lime Green, to give this historic cottage the opportunity to continue to be a beautiful dwelling for anyone who becomes part of its future story for hundreds of years to come.” To f in d out m ore about th e materials used, visit Lime Green Products Ltd or call 01952 728 611.

“The products – Solo (one coat lime plaster) and Ultra (insulating base coat) – are great and easy to work with. Once you’ve got the consistency right, they’re easy to apply and the finish is absolutely fantastic. “The homeowner is so delighted with the f inish, they and the architect have agreed just to

12 Case Study

Utility strikes and use of trenchless technology

– USING THE BORE HOLE CREATED BY REMOVING THE OLD PIPE TO INSTALL A REPLACEMENT PIPE Simon Drain – CEO, Kobus Utility strikes represent an everpresent threat to human life, yet, thousands occur each year in the UK, exposing workers to risks including electrocution and explosion. The issue is costly and disruptive as well as dangerous: with millions being subsequently spent rectifying the damage caused by ill-judged digging, not taking into account the environmental impact and at the very least, service delays to end customers.


here are over 12,000 works taking place every day across the UK, it is critical that we learn from near misses and lower consequence strikes to minimise the risk that workers are facing on a daily basis. The utility networks that run over our heads and below our feet extend to over 1.5 million km and are fundamental to daily life. The Utility Strikes Damages Report, published by Utility Strike Avoidance Group (ASAG) found that over 2500 utility strikes took place across the UK in 2019, and that there is a necessary need for more robust survey practices to be put into place, and improved execution of works. One organisation that exists to reduce this risk is Kobus which offers a trenchless technique for water and gas service pipe replacement.

Kobus technology uses the pathway of the existing service pipe thereby greatly minimises the risk of striking another utility, despite it being a trenchless method. If a pipe already exists, Kobus can use the bore hole created to install a new pipe as the old piping is removed, with a significantly less risk of damaging another utility. Many leading global water companies and contractors have fully invested in Kobus technology, including Wessex Wa te r a n d i n te rn a t i o n a l operators in the US, Poland, and the Netherlands, after recognising the f inancial and safety benefits. So, just how big an issue are pipe and cable strikes? T h e u n d e rg ro u n d u t i l i ty inf rastructure in the UK is vast and congested. Over four million excavations take place

each year in Britain, and a 2017 industry survey shows that 44% of these took place with out a detailed examination for existing underground assets. With a lax approach being taken, the chances of strikes rise astronomically. Taking a f ive-year period between 2013 and 2017 the rate of strikes rose by 668% from 162 to 1,244. Providing a headache for workers on the ground and local government officials responsible for the pipes and cables. Underground strikes between July and September last year jumped by a further 20% compared to 2019 with 2020 Q3 at 46% higher than the previous quarter. The reason behind the upwards trend is hard to uncover. A survey released by the Energy Networks Association shows 93% of workers believe they operate safely whilst simultaneously

Case Study 13

31% revealed they did not always check for underground cables before commencing the excavation. Data f rom the Utility Strike Avoidance Group shows most strikes are caused by excavating machines. Furthermore, han dh eld tools such as pneumatic drills, shovels and crowbars also expose workers to avoidable danger. There is an inherent risk involved with all pipes and cables. Whether they exist to distribute gas, electricity, water, cable TV,

or sewage waste. Add individual property service lines to the mix and you are suddenly standing atop a variety of hazards which, thanks to oft times inaccurate historical maps can leave you in the dark. Where does the solution lie? The ability to simultaneously pull decommissioned piping f rom the ground whilst installing new service pipes using the same bore path sounds like a dream. This is precisely what is on offer with Kobus’ Pipe Puller. With the added mobility and efficiency of the pipe puller tool, work is faster and better for the environment as old piping are removed from the ground avoiding a potential long-term degradation underground and added congestion. It is a trenchless, low-risk alternative that avoids much of the risks previously faced. Better for the industry, better for the community None of us truly enjoy having workers drilling outside the home. Loss of access, noisy machinery, potential damage to properties or gardens, there are many dangers involved and Ofwat and Ofgem are both increasingly challenging utility providers to improve their

customer satisfaction when it comes to construction. Community pressure for a more effective solution is just as strong as the need for the industry to innovate f rom within. Trenchless technologies are already a dominant feature of utility infrastructure maintenance. Needing just two small excavations disruption is minimised, roads can remain open and people are f ree to carry on with their lives. On the industry side, Kobus is playing its part in driving towards Ofwat target of reducing leakage by 16% in this AMP period. Particularly because the pipe puller machinery removes rather than repairs which the industry is now embracing as the way to go. Utility strikes are avoidable, pre-operation mapping of existing utilities is the first step to a safer future, and a move away from moling towards the simultaneous pulling and laying of new pipes is the next step towards a future without strikes altogether. For more information please visit:



Draper Toolkit Christmas Advent Calendar – £46.99


his year, if you know someone who is trying to cut out the chocolate, or is just looking for something a little different, did you know that you can now buy a toolkit advent calendar? Available from masters of home and garden, Robert Dyas, you can treat the DIY lover in your life to an innovative advent experience with the Draper toolkit Christmas advent calendar!

Who said advent calendars were just for kids? Not us! This year, why not treat the toolkit lover in your life to 24 days of DIY! This Draper toolkit advent calendar, available online from Robert Dyas, features a total of 53 handy tools and pieces, all contained in a sturdy case to keep everything organised when it comes to the big day! Including a measuring tape, an adjustable wrench, a selection of pliers, hexagon keys and a ¼” hex magnetic screwdriver with 31 different insert bits – this advent calendar truly has everything your DIY fanatic loved one could ever need for those unexpected jobs around the house!

The Perfect Christmas Gift! Buy a Membership & Save Money On...

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16 Doors & Windows The new KL1000 G3 NetCode allows remote generation of temporary access codes


odelocks announces availability of its new KitLock, the KL1000 G3 NetCode. The new locker lock combines the style and functionality of the popular KL1000 G3 KitLock with the convenience of Codelocks’ NetCode technology – enabling administrators to generate temporary date and time-sensitive access codes.

CODELOCKS RELEASES ITS THIRD GENERATION KITLOCK WITH NETCODE can then be sent by text or email – giving the recipient access to the locker on a specified date and for a set period of time.

The KL1000 G3 NetCode can be set up to provide either short or longterm access for users and includes all the features introduced with the KL1000 G3 – including a key override function, easy access to the battery compartment and the option to include Slam Latch for fast ‘push shut’ closure. However, this new addition to the KitLock by Codelocks range boasts Codelocks’ NetCode technology.

Colin Campbell, Managing Director at Codelocks said: “The KL1000 G3 NetCode has been designed through the evolution of our best-selling KitLock, the KL1000, and comes with all the popular features of the KL1000 Classic+. The KL1000 G3 was a hugely popular addition to our KitLock range – so it made sense to add NetCode capability to its existing functions.

The NetCode Function enables lock administrators to generate a singleuse code via the online Codelocks Connect Portal or by utilising the Codelocks Connect Application Programming Interface. The code

Private and Public Functions make it ideal for schools, offices, and leisure facilities where lockers may be allocated on either short or long-term basis, and the NetCode Function makes it perfect for visiting service engineers, delivery personnel and venues where staff might want to grant short-term access via a simple text or email.

“NetCode works by using time and date-based algorithms, synced between the lock and software upon initial programming. WiFi isn’t required – this helps customers to generate NetCodes and manage access control wherever they are, even in the most remote locations.”

KL1000 G3 NetCode has a modern chrome effect finish that reflects the locks surroundings –giving it a slimmer, subtle aesthetic. Customers can choose to add Clean by Codelocks, an optional antibacterial f inish which protects against viruses, bacteria, and environmental toxins. The clear coating has been shown to be highly effective at eliminating the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus and can reduce bacterial growth by 99.96%*. The KL1000 G3 NetCode is available now and, shares the same f ittings and f ixings as the KL1000 Classic+, so existing installations can be easily upgraded and retrofitted. For more information on KL1000 G3 NetCode, visit

*Clean by Codelocks is a brand name operated by Codelocks Ltd. to describe products that have been treated with the LumaCleanTM Multipurpose Photocatalytic Coating manufactured by USA Nanocoat “the Manufacturer”. All test results, certifications and claims are those applied for or of the Manufacturer. Clean by Codelocks should not be considered a replacement for an overall cleaning and disinfection strategy. No claim is made or implied that Clean by Codelocks provides infallible protection against agents that may be harmful in part or whole to humans or animals.

Exhibits thoughtful, well-executed design and luxury

1ST FOLDING SLIDING DOORS • 26 Wadsworth Road, Perivale, UB6 7JZ | 141 Hook Road, KT6 5AR • • T: 0208 997 2448 | F: 0208 997 0611

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Crittall’s Innervision range of steel-framed glazed internal fixed screens and doors for fire rated applications.


larmingly, annually in the UK there are around 200 f ire-related deaths and some 37,000 house fires. It’s a no brainer ensuring you do all you can to reduce the risk of fire-related incidents in your home. “More people are fitting fire-rated (FR) doors in their homes as they want to feel safer and be reassured should a fire occur. Along with installing smoke detector alarms, and checking your electrical wiring and appliances are safe, also ensure your home has fire-rated interior doors,” says Russell Ager, managing director at Crittall Windows.

Doors & Windows 19

HIGHLY RATED The enhancement of the leading range of internal screens and doors has been achieved while preserving the unique slender steel profile, which is the hallmark of Crittall products, and now sets InnervisionFR apart from other bulkier fire rated systems. The FR doors and fixed lights seamlessly blend with an almost identical appearance, with the added benefit of peace of mind in the home. Created to achieve transmission of light throughout a home’s internal living and homeworking spaces, InnervisionFR provides a combination of bespoke and modular options with high performance fire rated glazing and an extensive range of traditional or contemporary hardware. The system matches Crittall’s Corporate W20 external windows and doors, reflecting the timeless style of a period house or the contemporary feel of on-trend industrial styles. While enhanced acoustic properties effectively keep noise at bay – a welcome attribute for homeowners with an office, work-out room or entertainment zone/cinema. Available in any RAL or BS colour, InnervisionFR can be supplied as f ixed screens, single or double leaf hinged doors, and is hot dip galvanized making it virtually maintenance free. “They can save lives, prevent injury, protect against fire spreading by containing it, and the smoke and toxic gases emitted. An effective barrier against flames, FR doors provide invaluable – potentially life-saving minutes - in the event of a burning room and having to evacuate a property; they help reduce fire damage too.” Crittall’s InnerVision range of glazed internal fixed screens and doors can now be specified for fire rated applications. The steel-framed system is compliant with BS476 Part 22 providing 30 minutes (FD30) integrity fire resistance.

More Crittall Windows info; t: 01376 530800; e:

Crittall® and InnerVision® are registered trademarks.

20 Doors & Windows


Up, up and away! Strand Hardware is celebrating its 30th anniversary as one of the UK’s leading suppliers of door and window hardware including finger protectors, emergency exit and panic hardware, window control systems and glass fittings. The family-run business, based in Walsall, West Midlands, is marking the occasion by sending a gift to customers and suppliers as a thank-you for their continued support. The company was established by the late Jonathan Franks, who previously ran Hope Works, a well-known iron foundry manufacturing traditional black antique ironmongery. Jonathan’s daughter, Catherine joined him in the business in 2000, initially as Company Secretary and took on the Managing Director’s role upon her father’s retirement in 2006. Over the years, Strand Hardware has grown – extending its operations, workforce and premises –while managing to maintain the family ethos on which it was based. Many of its employees have worked for the company for more than 20 years – a loyalty matched by a commitment to staff development and welfare. Said Catherine: “We are not an enormous company; everyone knows everybody else and looks after each other and that has created a sense of team. “Even though our staff are not directly involved in scheduling, we invest in training so they have a full understanding of the market and extensive knowledge of our products to best advise customers. The key to our success is customer service – we take care of our customers and protect our reputation by going above and beyond supply.” Strand Hardware is now the sole UK distributor for leading European manufacturers in cludin g Athm er (f in ger protection) and Antipanic (panic

Catherine (centre) with employees of Strand Hardware

hardware). It also manufacturers its own range, Duoflex adjustable folding openers for timber, aluminium, steel and PVCu windows. Its expertise in ‘niche’ but highly technical products means that it has extensive reach. Walk through the doors of many of the UK’s popular fast-food outlets and it’s likely that you will pass by products it supplies to developers, fabricators and installers through its network of trusted distributors. Likewise, buildings within health and e d u ca t i o n w h i ch re q u i re entrances with durable fittings to meet safety and accessibility requirement – are also likely candidates. In contract, the company also supplies its D-fine range, which is made entirely from 316 stainless steel for specialist installations. Its anti-corrosive properties mean they have been installed in wind farms, oil rigs and costal operations around the globe. The extensive use of its products has led to it becoming members of a number of industry associations including the Guild of Architectural Ironmongers, the Door Hardware Federation

and Council for Aluminium in Building. Catherine plays an active role among them and will once again sit on the judging panel for the GAI/RIBA Spec Awards taking place next year. Earlier this year, a sister company, Strand Technologies was launched, offering technology-based solutions for safety, security and control of electro-mechanical devices, including (but not exclusively) windows and entrances. The COVID pandemic propelled demand including fail-safe diagnostics for automatic door systems and occupancy management systems. Just like its products, Strand Hardware has demonstrated a lasting durability. It has travelled a road with many milestones – chronicled in an illustrative timeline on its website to mark its anniversary and remains buoyant with a positive future ahead. For more information email:

Anti-Slip GlASS RAnGE


10mm / 12mm DREAM BS 7976-2 Av.DRY 64

BS 7976-2 Av.WET 55

10mm DREAM CLEAR BS 7976-2 Av.DRY 64

BS 7976-2 Av.WET 19

10mm ELEGANCE BS 7976-2 Av.DRY 61

BS 7976-2 Av.WET 43


10mm SECRET BS 7976-2 Av.DRY 62

BS 7976-2 Av.WET 51

10mm TRUST BS 7976-2 Av.DRY 62

BS 7976-2 Av.WET 47


BS 7976-2 Av.WET 59

• Tested to UK and European Standards • Toughened and Laminated

• Multi Laminated with Vanceva Coloured Interlays • Can be processed, Shaped, Drilled as required CAN BE APPLIED TO ANY GLASS THICKNESS


BS 7976-2 Av.WET 61


To find out more visit Firman Glass,19 Bates Road, Harold Wood, Romford, Essex RM3 OJH Tel: 01708 374534 Email:

22 Smart Homes

2022 SMART HOME DESIGN TRENDS FROM GIRA Gira, global leader and supplier of intelligent system solutions for the connected home and building, unveils the latest automated systems and technologies to enhance your home in 2022… “The last two years have seen us all spend more time at home and so it’s no surprise that we want to make our personal interior spaces as comfortable and versatile as possible. This is where the “connected home” has come to the fore, equipping the modern home with smart functions and devices that are specifically designed to improve daily life and contribute to a more efficient household” says Jacob de Muijnck, Managing Director at Gira UK Ltd. In fact, UK consumers are now very familiar with smart TVs, fitness trackers, voice-activated assistants and 24/7 access to all kinds of media, and this has become part of everyday life as the features and benefits appeal to multiple generations. The global health crisis and inevitable after effects have only highlighted that we need reliable systems in order to stay in touch with the outside world anytime, anywhere. With this in mind Gira present four key smart home trends that are set to redefine the idea of a ‘connected home’ next year and beyond: 1.

The home office that thinks for itself

Fewer people leave their house to go work in 2020 and the concept of working from home has become increasingly mainstream, but digital tools and services alone are not enough to maintain a high level of productivity. A home office requires a healthy, well considered environment that keeps you focused and motivated and so premium

manufacturers are creating innovative solutions for the connected home office. Innovations include clever chairs and desks reminding you to stand up, multifunctional charging stations for mobile devices and smart lighting and blind systems that adjust room brightness according to the time of day or work discipline under way.

2. Smart appliances for easy living From stoves that won’t let anything burn to bathrooms that know how you like to shower in the morning – intelligent technologies make life safer, easier and more energy-efficient. Automated vacuum cleaners, washing machines, and dryers are only the first steps towards a

Smart Homes 23 connected home in 2022, with indoor greenhouses becoming increasingly popular as we bring the outdoors in. More and more, smart devices are compatible with IFTTT (“If this then that”) technology, which makes it easy to configure individual systems where products from different manufacturers need to work in sync. For example, you can switch off multiple electric appliances with just one command before stepping outside – to save energy and prevent accidental short circuits. 3. Connected Smart Home concepts are in demand Single, standalone applications are giving way to sustainable all-inclusive solutions as architects and builders consider the digital infrastructure and connectivity of living spaces early on in the planning phase. Lights, blinds, heating, entertainment systems, security systems, home gyms and electronics, along with smart tools and appliances, can be controlled via one central unit in connected homes adding luxury and touch of design exclusivity. Connected living is easy to facilitate whether you want to build a new house, renovate your existing, or just rent an apartment. Wireless systems such as Gira eNet SMART HOME communicate via radio transmitter – which means they can be retrofitted in both old and new buildings. Thanks to a synchronised interplay of all components, your Smart Home will do

exactly what you need at any given time. Smart sensors, for example, react automatically to external factors such as ambient brightness, temperature, or humidity levels. Jacob adds “Many digital services and applications are already indispensable to modern lives like Alexa light control via voice command to blinds that go up automatically at sunrise. Smart technology will become even more universal in the years to come so be future-ready with a connected house (or apartment). Once you’ve installed your system, you can add all sorts of functions and devices whenever you want so your home can evolve with your lifestyle.”

Since March 2015, the Gira interactive online magazine G-Pulse has been providing regular, up-to-the-minute information on interesting developments in multiple areas: smart home technology, interior design, lifestyle, trends and architecture. The online magazine is your source for interior design and lifestyle inspiration and your platform for exchanging views on your favourite topics with other design enthusiasts. 15 authors keep you informed, up-to-date and are especially keen on visiting key industry events, so you will always be informed about the latest interior and smart home trends. Discover more at:



Pump Technology Ltd., founded in 1992, is recognized as one of the UK’s leading independent pumps and pumping system specialists focusing on drainage, wastewater and sewage applications.

A true “One Stop Pump Shop” for specifiers and engineers, the company boasts a long serving, experienced team who will be able to discuss just about any pump solution requirement with customers. Ultimate pumping performance and reliability is reliant on correct pump selection and Pump Technology pride themselves on their, right-first-time, ethos. The team say they believe that their main tool is the telephone and, when it comes to understanding an application and having confidence in any purchase, talking always wins! Avoiding the hassle of wrongly specif ied items, returns and confusion over missing accessories all contribute to being able to keep prices competitively low Pump Technology say that this is what makes them a true market leader. They are recommended by the leading

manufactures such as KSB, Lowara, Ebara, Dab, Flygt, Jung Pumpen, Saniflo etc. for the selection and supply of their equipment and hold possibly the largest and most varied stock of pumps in the UK. Orders placed before 3.30pm will be packed for next working day delivery with options for am and weekend shipping. Customers close enough to the warehouse in Aldermaston, Berkshire can always call in. Customers are learning that one call will identify a broken pump for replacement, ideally like for like, or if that model is superseded an equivalent for pumping performance and fit.


For new applications, typically pumping stations for basements, house extensions, garden rooms, warehouse, off ices, public houses, local flooding solutions, emergency onsite pumps, the team will be happy to discuss and recommend suitable and always cost-effective solutions. Ad d i t i o n a l l y, the Pump Technology engineers will be happy to provide training for all of their products in their online showroom. This includes being able to remotely show customers the products they want to order and explaining about future applications or product solutions, exactly how they work and are maintained. Current popular products include the MiniMatic below ground pumping station for house extensions and garden rooms. This consists of a 60L below ground tank with a single free-standing submersible sewage pump, high level alarm and cover with full installation and maintenance details. Also, particularly at this time of year, the Floodbox, which is a “Self-contained”, emergency flood package for areas such as patios, warehouse floors, door-ways etc. is proving popular with house and business owners More Information: Pump Technology Ltd 0118 9821 555

26 Kitchens & Bathrooms


GROHE Red defines a new cooking experience: kettle hot water available on demand, directly from the kitchen tap A high-end kitchen solution to optimise kitchen tasks: saving time, resources and simplifying cooking Offering technology that puts safety first: patented product design and globally recognised certified features ensure safe usage at all times

The wait for a meal or warming drink to be ready can sometimes feel like an eternity. What if we could prepare a cosy hot tea, or a delicious bowl of pasta at the push of a button at any time? The future is here! GROHE, a global brand for complete bathroom solutions and kitchen fittings has developed GROHE Red, a unique kitchen solution providing on-demand kettle hot water in the exact amount needed – safely and directly from the kitchen tap. With GROHE Red, the brand offers its professional partners a high-end kitchen tap

that provides tangible benefits for everyday life. Optimised kitchen tasks for more convenience “It usually takes around four to five minutes for a kettle to bring a litre of water to a boil, while boiling on a hob can take more than twice as long. At GROHE, it is our aim to create new opportunities to redefine kitchen taps and enhance them through functions that add real life value. That is why we developed the GROHE Red, a water system to skip the wait, making kettle

hot water safely and instantly available with just the push of a button,” says Jonas Brennwald, Leader LIXIL EMENA, Co-CEO Grohe AG. “With this appliance, we offer our professional partners a real kitchen hero, making their customers’ dayto-day lives easier and more resourceful, saving them time for the things and people they love,” Brennwald continues. The slim design of the GROHE Red boiler means it can be placed conveniently under the sink to save space. It is made of titanium to ensure maximum durability as well as resistance to corrosion and limescale. With GROHE Red, kettle hot water is available on demand while effectively saving resources, especially in comparison to heating water with an electric kettle or on a hob. By providing hot water in the exact amount needed, unnecessarily heated or surplus water is now a thing of the past. A particularly handy feature is the GROHE Red pot filler function, allowing a bigger pot to be filled with up to three litres of water at once. The GROHE Red boiler is available in two sizes: the medium size has a capacity of three litres, whilst the large provides 5.5 litres of kettle hot water. As there are no additional parts required, the installation of the GROHE Red is quick and hassle-free. Technology that puts safety first Conventional kettles can carry severe safety risks, especially for children as hot water splashes can escape from the spout causing scalds and burns. When customers choose GROHE Red, they can be sure of choosing safety first, GROHE Red’s childlock is certified by the globally recognised German TÜV, which confirms

Kitchens & Bathrooms 27 that the applicable safety requirements and quality standards have been met. In addition, GROHE Red’s patented aerator ensures a smooth stream of kettle hot water without splattering, minimising the risk of burns for those using the tap. The instantaneous cut-off function guarantees the hot water flow will immediately stop when the control button is released. GROHE Red is available in the colours StarLight Chrome, SuperSteel, Brushed Warm Sunset and

Brushed Hard Graphite, with consumers able to choose between the straight L-shaped spout as well as the gently curved C-shaped spout. To raise awareness and inspire consumers to make sustainable changes, while highlighting the GROHE Red as an ideal kitchen upgrade for improved convenience, GROHE UK is offering a cashback incentive on its Red kettle hot taps until 31st January 2022. Discover more about the promotion here.

Heating & ventilation

In October the Government announced that from April 2022 households will be offered subsidies of £5,000 to help them make the move to low carbon heat-pumps when their boiler needs replacing. As a result of this news there has been an increased interest in Electric Heating, with many looking at it as an alternative to their gas heating. And with the UK setting a target of 2050 to be carbon neutral or net-zero, the interest will only grow. COP26 has been on the mouths and minds of many in the last few weeks, with world leaders coming together to help inspire climate change. Net Zero is a term which has become more prominent and is something that the Electric Heating Company is helping to work towards. Governments are working towards a mid-century target of net-zero emissions, this means

phasing out more traditional heating methods which involve burning fossil fuels. EHC recognise the growing demand for heating and hot water solutions that are both sustainable and eco-friendly, and are proud to say that all of our products are designed with this in mind. Electric boilers can be powered from renewable energy resources e.g. solar power, resources such as solar power are completely free from CO2 emissions which are helping to move towards the target of net zero emissions! In the UK alone the government intend to generate emission-free electricity by 2050, only last year they pledged 40GW of windgenerated electricity in the UK by 2030. This is enough to power

every single household in the United Kingdom. Moving to a renewable energy tariff with Electric Heating means that you’re moving to carbonfree heating which in turn helps towards a sustainable and renewable future. The Electric Heating Company are one of the foremost suppliers of electric heating and hot water products in the UK since 2005. Our product knowledge and support is unrivalled in the heating and hot water industry.

NEW021 2 FOR

The Latest Eco-Friendly

Electric Combi Boiler The Mercury Combi is the ultimate solution for central heating and instantaneous hot water rs 5 Yea nty ra WaCr ’s Apply

Bare wire system no limescale on the immersion heaters


Instant Hot Water for Washing & Showering Eco friendly with Weather Compensation NTC Temperature control system Large digital screen Quiet operation


Compatible with all Volt Free Programmers & WiFi Thermostats

Contact us for a quote or more information

01698 820533

*Our 5 Year Warranty is offered on Boilers which are registered within 60 Days of purchase, For full Warranty T&C’s please visit our website.

30 Kitchens & Bathrooms

We would like to firstly wish all of our customers a very merry Christmas and all the very best for 2022! We would further like to thank them all for their continued business and support in 2021. As we look back on our second year of trading since the pandemic and the challenges that continue to face us, we would like to take this opportunity to reiterate our policy of stockholding and how it is driving our company forward. ‘Last summer we saw widespread disruption to supply and many assumed by now these issues would have ironed themselves out. In fact they have worsened. Most of our competitors are still looking at long lead times. We are able to maintain the chain of supply due to our longstanding policy of stockholding which has provided further financial stability to ourselves but as importantly to our customers”

“On a practical note our customers don’t want to go to the expense and disruption of fitting out their bathroom to 2 years down the line find that an inferior mild steel rail rusts, leaks and they then need a complete re-tile when the replacement isn’t dimensionally identical to the original”

As always the Sussex Range is manufactured from 100% stainless steel including our recently introduced Black Edition of powder coated rails.

Stainless steel is 100% recyclable, and manufactured from over 90% recyclable material. It does not rust, flake or corrode. It is the sustainable, durable choice.

“More and more people are coming round to the durability and sustainability of stainless steel, particularly after the year we have just had, we all need to be aware of our environmental and social impact”

We source our rails ethically and take our social responsibility seriously, from our sourcing, to our manufacture, to our charity initiatives. As a stable business with long term stockholding that

has maintained a steady supply throughout the pandemic we are able to do all of this whilst protecting our pricing structure. We offer 3 formats of rail throughout the entire range: Electric, dual fuel and central heating only and we offer both a polished and satin finish as well as the Black Edition Range. “The cornerstones of our business are quite simply quality, stock holding and ultimately customer service. The three work hand in hand” Should you require further details please visit our website or contact us on 01825 722988 and

Black Edition Stainless Steel Towel Rails by JIS Europe 100% stainless steel towel rails 01825 722988



Kitchens & Bathrooms 33

Abode, award-winning designer of market leading kitchen taps, sinks, bathroom taps & showering solutions is among the top-tier global design talent to be awarded an SBID International Design Award 2021, as it’s crowned the winner of the Kitchen Product awards category for its innovative water filter system, Abode Swich → finalist-pda/swich/ The 2021 SBID International Design Awards winners were revealed at the Nobu Hotel Portman Square in London on Friday 22 October, each presented with a prestigious crystal awards trophy, designed by Sans Souci Glass Deco. Shining a spotlight on the world’s brightest design talent, the creative A&D community came together in a global celebration of interior design excellence to celebrate the industry’s most revered interior designers and makers. Abode Swich is a revolutionary design solution that will transform a new or existing kitchen tap in to a filtered water tap that delivers a constant supply of crystal clear filtered water! The exclusive and patented Swich water filter system is a discreet yet ultra-luxe device, which is easy to use and install, either retro-fit in an existing kitchen or add to a new kitchen design. Swich works in conjunction with your normal kitchen mixer tap to improve the overall taste, appearance and quality of your drinking water without compromising on style. Available in four high fashion finishes – Brushed Brass, Matt Black, Brushed Nickel and Chrome – simply turn the Round or Square control handle to indicate the type of water supply you wish to channel through the tap. Providing

immediate access to both the domestic water supply and Abodesafe water, via the Swich filter cartridge, customers can enjoy clear refreshing results, every time! Paul Illingworth, Design Manager at Abode says, “For the first time, our customers are not restricted to the style of tap they can have in their kitchen and now, they can enjoy fresh filtered tap water while removing the need for a countertop water purifier or bottled water, which we all know is harmful to the environment.” “To be recognised by SBID and its panel of leading industry experts is a great achievement for Abode, acknowledging Swich for its outstanding examples of technical innovation, aesthetic creativity and fit-for-purpose functionality.” “Achieving an SBID Award is an unparalleled marque of design excellence.” “As another year draws to a close, the SBID Awards continues to empower the design industry to exhibit their creative work and celebrate their achievements on its inclusive stage, as a testament to the incredible outcomes that can be accomplished through the power of good design and quality craftsmanship” says the SBID International Design Awards.

The featured images also include a range of market leading kitchen sinks and taps by Abode, including: 1.



Swich Chrome with Virtue Semi-Professional Mixer Tap with flexible hose & Matrix R50 undermount Sink Swich Matt Black with Linear Nero Monobloc Mixer Tap & Londa Single Bowl Sink & Drainer, Black Metallic Swich Brushed Brass with Prime Single Lever Mixer Tap & Matrix R0 Large Single Bowl Sink

NOTE: Swich Brushed Nickel available, in either a Round or Square handle design For further information, please contact Abode: t: 01226 283 434 | e: | w: | For the latest news & company updates, please follow Abode on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn #WaterTheWayYouWantIt

34 Kitchens & Bathrooms


tlantis is the ultimate in b a t h r o o m wall panelling. The technique provides a remarkable watertight finish that creates a striking look within the home and performs seamlessly against the hardships of daily life. Shower panels are a waterproof shower wall surface and core, produced f rom high pressure laminates and a proven waterproof core. Th e uniform structure of the core, the smooth surface and the new gluing system is what makes Atlantis the ultimate panelling system for showers, bathrooms and wet room applications. High Pressure Laminate bonds to a core using a PUR adhesive, ensuring a completely waterproof surface meeting the EN438 requirements. A balancing laminate is then bonded to the reverse of the panel. All Atlantis panels will remain structurally stable, watertight and waterproof. Wet wall panels are guaranteed to be f ree from defects for 20 years if correctly fitted, thoroughly sealed & maintained. Atlantis wall panels may be f itted directly to a plastered wall, plasterboard, concrete, chipboard or a tiled wall by the use of appropriate adhesives and waterproof ing sealants. Alternatively, panels may be mounted on wall battens.

ATLANTIS WET WALL COLLECTION VIA DERALAM LAMINATES LTD Deralam Laminates Ltd started as a family business in the Northwest of England and now operate from multiple UK sites meaning that the customer can benefit from a flexible and unrivalled nationwide distribution service.

Kitchens & Bathrooms 35

The Waterproof Wet Wall Collection is made up of 14 different décor f inishes which are available in a wide variety of effects such as marble, stone and sparkle. If you’re looking for premium bathroom wall panels that are considerably above the standard shower boards on the market then Atlantis could be for you. All panels are manufactured and stocked in the United Kingdom.

36 Case Study

OUTSIDE SPACES | EXPAND YOUR HOME AND LIFESTYLE WITH A DAVAL GARDEN ROOM Daval Furniture, award-winning British designer and manufacturer of quality fitted furniture look ahead to SS22 with this bespoke garden room project complete with outdoor kitchen living space in partnership with local oak building specialists, Paragon Oak. Both award-winning companies are based in West Yorkshire, a mere 11 miles apart, so it was easy for the lead designers to collaborate to create a Daval kitchen living space within a Paragon Oak oak-framed building for a manor house in West Yorkshire. This instantly added an extra dimension to the living and entertaining spaces available for family members and guests in the client’s rural property. The Mayfair kitchen in Talpa, a contemporary matt finish in taupe, is the ideal choice to complement the natural oak hues of the timber. Simon Bodsworth, Managing Director at Daval says, “We all really enjoyed working with Paragon Oak to install a madeto-measure kitchen to enhance indoor outdoor living for the client. We are very proud to partner with other experts in our vibrant local design community so that we can pool our knowledge and develop new concepts together. With an upsurge in investing in the home and garden predicted for 2022, the luxury kitchen market is willing and able to support property owners and developers who are keen to optimise their surroundings as home comforts continue to be of prime importance.” Daval was commissioned to design and install the custom made cabinetry and also sourced and

supplied the fixtures and fittings including the dining table and chairs. James Bodsworth, Design Director at Daval says, “We are really pleased that our design team and Design Partners nationwide are being recognised as experts in creating lifestyle interiors in which custom-made kitchens play a key role. As sustainability is fast becoming a must-have element in all interior projects, we are proud that all our raw materials are sourced from reputable suppliers and that we have a closed-loop production system which minimises carbon emissions and waste products.”

mounted shelving. A breakfast bar with stylish rustic three-legged bar stools enhances the luxe minimalist feel of the space with marble-effect worktops, integrated fridge and a Neff induction hob. Including the featured Talpa option, Mayfair is available in five hand painted modern matt finishes: Frost White, Dove Grey, Cashmere and Charcoal. The Garden Room project by Daval features: • • •

Each Mayfair cabinet by Daval is sustainably sourced and takes a fresh approach to Scandi-style design, with a smooth matt finish slab doors which are easy to clean and maintain. Made-to-measure and made-to-order for every project to suit the property and the needs of the home owner, this classic u-shaped kitchen includes a floor-to-ceiling storage with an integrated fridge freezer and induction hob, deep drawers and generous cupboards for storage on the working side of the peninsula with room to seat four in comfort at the breakfast bar. The Scandi theme continues with designer Wishbone seating, matt black knurled Buster + Punch cabinet pulls, industrial-style pendant lights and bespoke wall-

Furniture - Mayfair in Talpa hand painted finish by Daval Hardware - Knurled matt black handles by Buster + Punch Worktops - by Daval via local fabrication partner

Built from sustainably sourced materials and precision engineered in Britain, the Mayfair Furniture Collection by Daval is made-to-order and made-to-measure. Prices start from £12,000+vat. Watch this space for more Daval Design Collaborations in 2021/22 and in the meantime, please contact: Daval Furniture - t 01484 848 500 | e | w | Instagram: @davalfurniture | Twitter: @Daval_Furniture | Daval House, Spa Fields Industrial Estate, New St, Slaithwaite, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire HD7 5BB,

Extemely weather & UV resistant Very water and dirt resistant Reduces wood swelling and shrinkage Resists the growth of algae, mildew & fungal attack Microporous, breathable finish No sanding necessary for future applications




December 20 21


www w w w.devel .d oper-updat evelope ww w.developer-update.c r-upd ate.c Design for 2 0 1 .c 0 2 ye e t ar 0 s, a 2 n d o r t p 2 e 0 b -u r o t e c p O elo .dev www



THINK LON GER k/think-long er

Durable prod ucts with ex te longevity su ch as clay br nsive ick, will prolong the expecte d life of a building resu lting in a low er carbon footprint fo r every year of use.



u Feat

t ing in


A E T ZI M S ORE E 2 0 5R O 0

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