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retr fitting f r net zer There’s an Ecodan for every home Find out more at

Retrofitting Homes is Our Biggest Zero-Carbon Challenge George Clarke looks at the challenge of making existing homes zero-carbon

There are 25 million dwellings in Britain today and in our temperate climate, all these homes need heating and hot water and they also need power to keep the lights on. To do that requires energy and, most of the time that energy comes from fossil fuels. Things are beginning to change, but UK housing has a massive dependancy on fossil fuels.


et we live in a countr y where over 2.5 million currently live in fuel poverty. So what does the future hold for those in fuel poverty and the rest of Britain when household energy bills are predicted to increase by up to 50% from April? Britain has an ageing housing stock. In fact, it has the oldest housing stock in Europe. Our his tor y is absolutely f as cinating and our past is reflected in our architecture; our houses and buildings tell the story of our nation and millions of tourists come to the UK to admire them. But, the sheer number and age of our existing housing stock poses this gigantic challenge to the UK Government: If it wants to meet its target of being net-zero carbon by 2050, how can we retrofit millions of existing homes to massively reduce their CO2 emissions?

Around 80% of all the homes that exist today will still be in use in 2050. The 244,000 new homes built each year only represent 1% of our housing stock, whereas existing homes account for 99%. Existing housing account s for 15% of the UK’s total carbon dioxide emissions, mainly generated from domestic boilers burning gas for hot water and heating. 15% percent is around 68 million tonnes of CO2, which is 50% more than the entire agricultural sector and approximately 7.5 times more than all industrial processes and manufacturing. At this pace, it will take us over 500 years to really become net-zero carbon! George Clarke Architect, writer, TV presenter and Ecodan Ambassador So, our housing stock is a gas guzzling, carbon emitting, over-heating beast of a problem.

The heat we generate escapes from the building fabric of our homes far too easily. That is a huge waste of energy and money. Only 50% of the homes in England have cavity or solid wall insulation. That’s right, 50% of our entire housing stock has absolutely no wall insulation at all! Only 39% of our homes have 20 0mm of lof t insulation in their roofs! (20 0mm is regarded as a good amount to minimise too much heat loss through your roof).

Surprisingly, 85% of our homes have double glazing, which is a much higher figure than you might have imagined. However, we have no idea how old and how efficient these doublegl azin g in s t all at i o n s really are. Many of our existing homes are therefore too expensive to heat and are uncomfortable to live in. T hank f ull y, some developers and social housing providers aren’t waiting until the ban on gas boilers for new build in 2025 and are installing

new heat pumps into new houses now, because they know it is the right thing to do. Some housing associations are also being incredibly brave and are planning major retrof it pro gr amme s for their existing house s to ck , n ot b e c au s e the government have told them to do it, but because they have a long-term interest in that stock and they see the long-term benefits to their tenants and to the planet, by doing the right thing. Housing Associations and Social Housing Providers want their tenants to be comfortable in their existing homes and they want to reduced their energy bills. They also know that refurbishing their stock makes it last longer, look and feel better and reduces high maintenance costs that can spiral upwards from neglect.

lots of reports, white papers and millions of recommendations from very, clever people, as I sit here writing this article in January 2022 in the middle of a ‘Climate Emergency’, there is NO VIABLE, SUSTAINABLE, ACHIEVABLE ECONOMIC HOME RETROFIT PLAN FOR THE UK’S EXISTING HOUSING STOCK. I’m serious. T h e re are h o w eve r, practical solutions that can be implemented now. - We need a massive loft, solid wall and cavity wall insulation programme to insulate every single one of our existing homes in the UK to the highest standard possible. No compromise… INSULATE, INSULATE, INSULATE. - We need to fit draught e xc l u d e r s to e v e r y single door, keyhole and letterbox in the land and minimise heat loss.

That’s how powerful a safe, secure, stable, warm, energy-efficient zero-fuel poverty home can be.

- We need every new home in the UK to have TRIPLE glazing. Double glazing is so 80’s! When a building regulations application is made to significantly renovate or refurbish an existing dwelling then triple glazing should be compulsory as the replacement.

It’s life-changing, life-improving, planet-saving stuff.

Let’s set a date for every single window in Britain to be triple-glazed by.

And when it comes to existing homeowners, many would love to upgrade their homes to b e sup er gre en and e co lo gic al , but unfortunately so many just can’t afford to do it. The will is there to retrofit, but often the money isn’t.

- Legislation should make it illegal for old gas or oilfired boiler to be replaced with a new ones. We need to phase out ALL gas and oil-fired boilers and fast. All boilers should be replacement with clean, green heats pumps and powered by affordable green electricity.

T he sho cking thing for me, is that even though there has been

- We need to revolutionise the building regulations to turn our fossil-fuel

R etrof i t tin g a tire d and cold home can have enormous health, wellbeing and psychological benefits for tenants and homeowners.

d e p e n d a nt , ex i s t in g housing stock into the greenest homes they can possible be. It would be the most radical improvements to the building regulations since they were formed. - Oh, and we should scrap VAT on the refurbishment of existing buildings! We currently pay ZERO VAT to build a new build home, but we pay a huge and unfair 20% VAT to refurbish an existing home. To prove I practice what I preach I’ve made ALL of these improvements to my own 53-year old home and the difference is unbelievable. That’s why I recommend them because I know they work. My old, cold house is now off-thescale comfortable and ecological with amazing thermal and acoustic insulation. It was also a very satisfying day when my gas-guzzling boiler got ripped out! It’s just a shame the UK Government taxed me 20% when I made these much needed ecological improvements So, how much do we think it’s going to cost to fully retrofit all the

existing house in Britain? Well, there is an average figure, although I’ve no idea how this was worked out and I always worry about ‘average’ figures because they can be misleading. However, The Climate Change Committee (who advise the Government) have estimated that it will cost an average of around £26,000 to ecologically retrofit each home in Britain. Of course, for many, this is not a small amount of money. But, we know we need to do this, so somehow we need to make it happen. For me, it’s quite simple. Those that can afford to upgrade their homes should be made to do it. Those who cannot afford to upgrade their homes should be supported in every way possible to help them do it. If the Earth really is our collective home, then we need to do things very differently and very quickly to save it. We cannot af ford not to RETROFIT BRITAIN. George Clarke is an Architec t , writer, T V presenter and Ecodan Ambassador

To find out more about retrofit with Ecodan visit Read the full article at

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EJOT INNOVATES TO SUPPORT UK’S HIGHER SOFFIT INSULATION STANDARDS EJOT UK’s new DDS-Z fastener range holds the key to installing much greater depths of soffit liners with the smallest embedment depth, to help architects and clients to dramatically improve the thermal, acoustic and fire insulation standards in their buildings.


his range of high quality self-tapping fasteners is designed specifically for the attachment of ceiling insulation and acoustic boards to concrete soffits, where the goal is to bring uninsulated floor structures up to the thermal requirements of the latest Building Regulations and beyond. It is an increasingly popular trend amongst the designers, owners or managers of buildings that feature car parking below ground or at ground level with residential or commercial space above – hence the need for noise reduction measures, in particular. Soffit liners have long been seen as an effective solution but the increasingly high standards now being sought here in the UK has given rise to the use of much greater depths of mineral fibre insulation. As this requires significantly longer fasteners to drive through the multiple layers of insulation and anchor effectively into the concrete substrate with a minimal embedment depth, EJOT UK has responded with the DDS-Z range.

EJOT DDS-Z fasteners are steel screws featuring a duplex coating and self-tapping thread for reliable fastening. Suitable to accommodate the deepest layers of insulation, the fasteners are available in lengths of 275, 300, 325 and 350 mm, but need only a 25mm embedment into the concrete. They complement the established DDS range which offers a soffit liner solution where a fixing of up to 250mm is required. Designed for easy installation, DDS-Z fasteners are suitable for use in cracked and non-cracked concrete with a C1-C3 corrosion resistance classification and a white screw head as standard. EJOT can, however, provide these fasteners with any RAL colour head on request to meet specific aesthetic goals. Richard Bowhay, Sales Manager for Construction Fasteners at EJOT UK said: “Insulating the soffit below a concrete floor has long been recognised as an effective way to transform the quality and safety of a building, particularly for living, working and educational spaces above car parking. “But as architects and insulation manufacturers push the boundaries to seek ever higher performance standards, it is vitally important that the right fastening solutions are available to ensure client goals can be realistically met without making the installation process difficult or costly. That’s why the EJOT technical team developed the DDS-Z, a product that combines

strength, reliability and ease of use, with the quality guarantee that all EJOT fastening systems offer.” As one of the leading manufacturers of fasteners for the construction sector, EJOT UK is ideally placed to advise on the correct fastening solution for any soffit insulation project, as well as all aspects of the building envelope and concrete anchoring. To contact technical support, email EJOT UK via or call 01977 687040. Full details about the DDS-Z and DDS fastener ranges are available at


New New Year, Year, New New Look, Look, Bigger Bigger Show Show Showcasing the Landscaping industry more than ever before, The Showcasing the Landscaping industry more than ever before, The LANDSCAPE Show 2022 looks to bring more exhibitors, more visitors and LANDSCAPE Show 2022 looks to bring more exhibitors, more visitors and more features than ever before to Hall 3 at the National Exhibition Centre more features than ever before to Hall 3 at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham on the 28th and 29th September. in Birmingham on the 28th and 29th September. This year LANDSCAPE introduces brand new features, including a Student This year LANDSCAPE introduces brand new features, including a Student Showcase by London College of Garden Design, and an additional Showcase by London College of Garden Design, and an additional program of ‘How to’ Seminars alongside their already outstanding program of ‘How to’ Seminars alongside their already outstanding program of 40 CPD accredited sessions for anyone in the industry to program of 40 CPD accredited sessions for anyone in the industry to learn, grow, be inspired and expand their skills. Back again is the highly learn, grow, be inspired and expand their skills. Back again is the highly popular Pecha Kucha 20x20, Meet the Designer, Best In Show popular Pecha Kucha 20x20, Meet the Designer, Best In Show Competition and Women in the Industry event, this year to run in Competition and Women in the Industry event, this year to run in conjunction with #Yes She Can. This year the highly anticipated design conjunction with #Yes She Can. This year the highly anticipated design competition, will be supported by the Warwickshire Wildlife Trust and competition, will be supported by the Warwickshire Wildlife Trust and Birmingham and Black Country Wildlife Trust. Birmingham and Black Country Wildlife Trust. The LANDSCAPE Show 2022 is the chance of the year to network with top The LANDSCAPE Show 2022 is the chance of the year to network with top industry professionals and keep up to date with the latest news and industry professionals and keep up to date with the latest news and innovations at the largest event the industry has ever seen! innovations at the largest event the industry has ever seen! Visit the LANDSCAPE website at to register for Visit the LANDSCAPE website at to register for FREE entry to the most valuable event for the world of landscaping. Make FREE entry to the most valuable event for the world of landscaping. Make sure to follow LANDSCAPE on social media to see the latest exhibition sure to follow LANDSCAPE on social media to see the latest exhibition updates and be the first to hear about even more reasons why updates and be the first to hear about even more reasons why LANDSCAPE 2022 is the show you do not want to miss. LANDSCAPE 2022 is the show you do not want to miss. See you in September! See you in September!


GET UP TO DATE WITH GEZE’S LATEST PRODUCT GUIDE GEZE UK, has updated its Product Guide and Price List to help architects, architectural ironmongers and specifiers choose the most effective product for their needs. The detailed, illustrated technical guide provides specifiers with essential information about GEZE’s extensive range of door closers, window control systems, sliding door fittings, glass door fittings, and smoke and heat extraction systems. Created to be completely user-friendly, the guide is divided into five easy to use sections so that the comprehensive range of products can be found quickly and efficiently, whilst also providing users with a

handy reference guide to the applications of all GEZE products. It includes technical drawings, application descriptions and finishes as well as glass preparation information and technical information on a wide variety of solutions for toughened glass. The Product Guide is available electronically or as hard copy. To order a copy call 01543 443015 or email

Andy Howland, Sales and Marketing Director of GEZE UK, said: “The industry is constantly changing, new guidelines and legislation are introduced regularly and GEZE continually innovates to ensure that our products remain at the forefront of technological innovations. With this in mind, we publish our comprehensive Product Guide each year so that specifiers have all the information they could need in an easy to use format.”

It takes a long time to create perfection.

Once in a while a product comes along and changes everything, from the way it’s crafted to the way it works. Products are often copied and many are great ideas that never really see true success in their application. Many years are spent searching for a product that will ultimately surpass expectations, stand the test of time and become recognised as the leader in its field. We created one of those successful products nearly two decades ago and still today it has never been equalled. Why? Because we have never compromised on quality.

UNIFOLD® Unrivalled excellence in gutter lining technology.


Data Centres Specify KPS High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Piping & Fibrelite Composite Access Covers To Safeguard 24/7 365 Operation In an increasingly connected digital world, data centres are critical. With 3.6 million m2 in use by data centres in Europe alone and over 70 projects (851,000 m2) in progress in 12 European countries (ResearchAndMarkets1), their grow th continues to accelerate to meet the needs of cloud technology, AI, 5G, Internet of Things (IoT) data storage and the shift to hybrid working. This trend is mirrored globally, with investment in data centres projected to rise from $244.74 billion in 2019 to $432.14 billion in 2025 (ResearchAndMarkets2).

Safeguarding Service. Eliminating Downtime. To ensure 24/7 365 operation and minimise the risk of downtime, data centres are constructed with the highest performance, highest quality building materials available, with every part of a facility meticulously planned. Inf rastructure is an integral part, normally comprising of an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), power distribution, cooling systems, fire systems and security systems, many of which have redundancies (2N+1 for Tier 4 facilities, guaranteeing 99.995%

Fibrelite’s FRP composite channel access covers installed at US data centre

uptime) including back-up power generators to prevent interruption of service. Two contemporary products being adopted by leading data centres across the globe are Fibrelite’s lightweight FRP composite trench access covers (to protect and provide easy access to underground inf rastructure) and KPS’ HDPE piping (to fuel backup generators).

High-Performance Backup Generator Fuelling Systems. A reliable fuel supply is key to backup generators’ smooth operation, connecting generators to fuel storage tanks and tanks to f ill points. Nicolas Lefebvre, Generator Activity Manager at Flipo-Richir (France) commented “We regularly install generators to back up data centres in the event of a power cut. We have been using KPS double wall piping exclusively for more than 10 years to connect generators to underground storage tanks. KPS piping is easy to install, mainly thanks to the assembly by thermo-welding, and the range of products is very complete, which


KPS’ HDPE piping installed at major Parisian data centre

makes it possible to create any type of network, even complex.” Corrosion-resistant, safe and easy to install (due to compact electrofusion f ittings) the KPS HDPE piping system helps fuel flow safely, even providing protection against ground movements (using the elasticity and flexibility of HDPE). Safety can be enhanced further by installing KPS’ conductive piping option, ensuring continuous conductivity between the tank and the end of the line (which can be earthed). This helps to prevent the accumulation of electric charges that could otherwise be created by the friction of the fuel velocity and the plastic inner surface. KPS’ 4” (110mm) piping also delivers a 933 litre/minute flow rate, making it ideal for fill lines (KPS piping is available in 1” to 4” diameters in single or double wall). KPS will also soon be releasing a 6” double wall product range.

Simple, Safe Underground Infrastructure Access. Another contemporary product line seeing widespread global adoption by architects, design engineers and specif iers to enable easy access to underground inf rastructure is Fibrelite’s modular FRP co m p o s i te t re n ch /ch a n n e l access covers. These are now often specif ied at the outset of new build data centre projects. Bespoke, modular and lightweight, Fibrelite covers are designed to be removed quickly and easily by two people using Fibrelite’s ergonomically designed lifting handles, even where heavier load ratings are required (e.g. channels running between buildings with vehicle traffic). Due to their unique custom engineering capabilities, Fibrelite can manufacture access covers at all load ratings up to F900 / 90

KPS piping installed at Chinese data centre for leading tech brand

tonne (A15, B125, D400, E600 and F900). Traditionally, for the past 100 years, access covers have been made f rom concrete or metal which are 3-4 times the weight of Fibrelite covers, often requiring specialised lifting equipment to remove and replace. Fibrelite covers are also impervious to corrosion and have a unique anti-slip walking surface. In many instances where Fibrelite access covers are adopted, companies choose to specify a bespoke option, custom-manufactured to specif ic requirements including size, colour, load rating, f ittings (e.g. securing systems) and moulded identification of below ground services. Fibrelite has also undertaken projects where they have designed and manufactured retrof it replacements for previously installed heavy concrete or metal access covers. “We are proud to be involved in data centre projects across the globe, with our Fibrelite trench access covers facilitating easy safe access to below ground inf rastructure, and our KPS piping providing a reliable fuel supply to backup generators. In many cases, we actually custom design and engineer bespoke products to fit each facility’s requirements.” Jo Stott, Marketing Director, OPW Global (a Dover company and parent company of Fibrelite and KPS)

Explore KPS’ technical case studies here

Lightweight Fibrelite FRP channel access covers designed for safe manual removal and replacement

Explore Fibrelite’s technical case studies here

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owdertech Wood Finish has been used in the renovation of four residential blocks on Albert Road, North London, where wooden screen shutters across the frontage of each apartment needed replacing. The sliding shutters create an attractive appearance as well as performing shade from direct sunlight, but over recent years the wood had warped and deteriorated. Warping meant that the screens no longer travelled smoothly across the windows, and deterioration had caused the louvres to loosen with the danger that they might fall on people walking below. Refurbishment also provided the opportunity to refit with materials conforming to current fire safety regulations..

A solution with many benefits Considering the refurbishment, the developers were keen to retain the screens and felt that the appearance of wood was appealing. The screens could easily be replaced using aluminium for the frame aerofoil blades and the look of wood easily delivered by using a shade from Powdertech’s Wood Finish (PWF™) range. PWF30, a dark shade, closest to the original wood, was selected. In total Powdertech pre-treated and coated 9500 linear metres of extruded aluminium, each individual foil being 1.22m in length. Using aluminium brings the obvious benefits of strength combined with lightweight. The screens will not warp and need only minimal maintenance. Powdertech Wood Finish conforms to the required reaction to fire specification for residential buildings of this type, A2-s1, d0, and the metal itself is non-combustible thus solving a number of issues in one. Wood Finish on aluminium is a winning combination.

Why Wood Finish, PWF™? • The f inish combine s the strength and longevity of metal with the warm, natural appeal of wood.

• Conforms to Fire Reaction classification A2-s1, d0

• Excellent corrosion protection and weather resistance

• Can be applied to most metallic substrates including aluminium, galvanized steel, cast metals and stainless steel

• High level of colour and gloss retention and excellent abrasion resistance

• The PWF range conforms to BS EN 12206-1 and Qualicoat specifications .

• Low maintenance - unlike wood

For more information visit


HOWDENS COMPLETES REFURBISHMENT OF RICK STEIN’S COOKERY SCHOOL The UK’s number one trade kitchen supplier, Howdens, has completed the refurbishment of the kitchens at Rick Stein’s Cookery School in Padstow, Cornwall.


owdens has supplied Navy doors f rom its Chelford collection, with Natural Oak cabinets, along with White Arabesque Marble Quartz worktops, Lamona sinks and taps, and brass accessories giving the school a homely and welcoming feel for its guests to enjoy. One of the UK’s most beloved chefs, Rick is

author of 24 cookery books and star of several cooker y series and documentaries as well as owning and running restaurants across the country, retail shops, accommodation, and the cookery school in Padstow alongside his business partner and co-founder Jill Stein. Nick Evans, Head Chef Lecturer at Rick Stein’s Cookery School and Restaurants, says:

“ H owd e n s wa s a natural fit for the refit of the cookery school as their product offering is vast and we were able to get exactly what we wanted. “It was important that the cookery school retained its charm and that the products we chose provided a welcoming feel but also were built extremely well as they have to withstand a lot of use. Howdens were able to deliver on all these ‘must haves’, and we are very happy with the finished result.”

13 Emma Dolman, Interior & Event Designer at Howdens, says: “We worked closely with the team at Rick Stein’s Cookery School to ensure the design met their brief. As well as fixed cabinetry, there was a need for mobile workstations and sinks to allow flexibility in the layout as required. “Our designers were able to create units that matched the overall look and feel including the use of quartz worktops to guarantee longevity, as well as several practical features. “It was a pleasure to design and the Howdens team can’t wait to attend one of the cookery events in the near future!” Sophie Leathley, Marketing Communications Manager at Howdens, says: “Rick Stein is a stalwart of British cooking and Howdens were delighted to be asked to work on his cookery school. “The feedback from the team has been fantastic and we are hoping to continue working with them on other projects soon.” Howdens designs kitchens to suit every home, but above all else, Howdens believes in expert craftsmanship. Selling only direct to the trade ensures t h a t H owd e n s p ro d u c t s are installed to the highest standard, with their kitchen cabinets receiving a 25-year guarantee as standard. Howdens is the exclusive supplier of the UK’s best-selling integrated appliance brand, Lamona. Offering a wide range of cooking, cooling, laundry and dishwashing appliances. To find out more about Howdens, visit:



s always the Fletching is manufactured from 100% stainless steel with all the benefits this carries. Stainless steel will not rust, flake or corrode. Rails can be utilised in all systems including open. Small scratches and dents can be polished out. Furthermore there are no harmful chemical plating processes involved in its manufacture. Our towel rails are a durable and environmentally sound product. The rails themselves are manufactured from over 90% recycled product and are 100% recyclable in themselves. The Fletching with its ball joints is perfect in the more traditional bathroom but we are also seeing these rails increasingly in more in dividual design lea d bathrooms.

The Fletching is available in the following sizes and either a polished or satin finish and in electric, dual fuel or central heating formats, the prices listed are for the central heating format polished. • 1185mm x 520mm (BTU 1963) £724.95 ex VAT • 910mm x 520mm (BTU 1431) £599.95 ex VAT • 635mm x 520mm (BTU1020) £524.95 ex VAT There is a further design the floor to wall model which stands at 1200mm high by 520mm wide has a BTU of 1858 and retails at £799.95 exclusive of VAT.

We are still fully stocked. Customer Service, quality product and ethically sound sourcing are the cornerstones of our business.

All towel rails within the Sussex Range by JIS Europe are manufactured from 100% stainless steel meaning all rails carry a 25-year guarantee.

01825 722988

Please do visit our website for further details

Stainless Steel Towel Rails by JIS Europe 100% stainless steel towel rails 01825 722988



he high end apartments a t t r a c t e d potential buyers already living locally, but housebuilders Kebbell says there is still a significant stream of buyers moving out of London to the area as it looks like hybrid working is here to stay for the foreseeable future. Andrea Fawell, Sales and Marketing Director at Kebbell says: “Our buyers don’t want to compromise on space, storage or quality fittings. Many are wealthy downsizers who want a lovely garden to relax and unwind in but don’t want to have to do huge maintenance. Equally we have had buyers who wanted space to work f rom home in a luxurious and comfortable setting. Ultimately the new priorities we saw in 2020 such as close proximity to open areas, outside space and home off ices, as well as easy access to leisure facilities, retail and eateries, and to be part of a community are still very much setting the tone for the area.

LUXURY BERKSHIRE APARTMENTS SNAPPED UP AS PANDEMIC CHANGES PRIORITIES The last luxury apartment at Wintersbrooke in Sunninghill has been snapped up and there are only three left at its sister property Osborne House down the road in Sunningdale, as this area of Berkshire continues to burgeon in popularity.

“We hope and expect the last three apartments at Osborne House to be reserved in the next few weeks judging f rom the existing interest and the natural boost spring and summer bring each year.” With prices starting from £ 1,395,000 for luxur y apartments of 1545 sq ft to 2165 sq ft, Osborne House showcases a secure gated community with a video entry system, mature communal gardens, private terraces or balconies, a lift, underfloor heating with fully tiled or carpeted floors and plentiful storage including bespoke fitted wardrobes by Draks.

The local area, Sunningdale, provides the best of discreet, charming village life, whilst being situated close to the vibrant area of Ascot which prides itself on a wealth of restaurants, fashion boutiques, and leisure and cultural activities. Viewings are available by appointment only and Kebbell has put safety measure in place to make show homes Covid-19 secure.

Bathrooms 17



Black Bathrooms have been on trend for a while now and they look set to play their part in 2022 and beyond.


lack can be used in a variety of ways in your bathroom but ‘Black Accents’ are here to stay! Consider black shower screen frames, black taps, black shower heads, shower valves and accessories, black wastes and traps, black radiators and radiator valves and not forgetting black bathroom accessories. Black accents bring the popular urban influence to our homes and are especially suited to modern, contemporary living. The popular New York Industrial styling has been used by interior designers over the last few years with inspiration taken from Crittal design. Graeme Borchard, MD of UK Bathrooms the UK’s leading online retailer for premium bathrooms comments “Industrial style doesn’t have to mean hard, cold surfaces or a lack of warmth and finesse, it can mean chic and bright. It’s about your choice of materials, textures and the way these are used.”

A black shower screen, with black taps, black shower, black towel radiator and valves will add beautiful black accents to your bathroom space then add wooden features or wooden flooring to ensure the overall look is not only aesthetically pleasing but gives of a warmth to the beholder. To ensure you achieve that New York Urban style add the Abacus Concept Noir 50cm Basin and Black Washstand, with the additional option of an oak shelf. This super black metal washstand makes an exquisite statement and the additional shelf is ideal for your f reshly laundered towels or practical storage. The stand comes complete with a Villeroy & Boch Memento basin and is available in 2 sizes. “Abacus Bathrooms is a brand that really considers every aspect of a new bathroom. You can complete the look with their black flushplate and black bathroom accessories.” continues Graeme. Incorporating black accents into your new space will bring it bang up to date for a f resh, industrial yet contemporary feel.

18 Pumps & Heating


Pump Technology Ltd., founded in 1992, is recognized as one of the UK’s leading independent pumps and pumping system specialists focusing on drainage, wastewater and sewage applications.

A true “One Stop Pump Shop” for specifiers and engineers, the company boasts a long serving, experienced team who will be able to discuss just about any pump solution requirement with customers. Ultimate pumping performance and reliability is reliant on correct pump selection and Pump Technology pride themselves on their, right-first-time, ethos. The team say they believe that their main tool is the telephone and, when it comes to understanding an application and having confidence in any purchase, talking always wins! Avoiding the hassle of wrongly specif ied items, returns and confusion over missing accessories all contribute to being able to keep prices competitively low Pump Technology say that this is what makes them a true market leader. They are recommended by the leading

manufactures such as KSB, Lowara, Ebara, Dab, Flygt, Jung Pumpen, Saniflo etc. for the selection and supply of their equipment and hold possibly the largest and most varied stock of pumps in the UK. Orders placed before 3.30pm will be packed for next working day delivery with options for am and weekend shipping. Customers close enough to the warehouse in Aldermaston, Berkshire can always call in. Customers are learning that one call will identify a broken pump for replacement, ideally like for like, or if that model is superseded an equivalent for pumping performance and fit.

Pumps & Heating 19

For new applications, typically pumping stations for basements, house extensions, garden rooms, warehouse, off ices, public houses, local flooding solutions, emergency onsite pumps, the team will be happy to discuss and recommend suitable and always cost-effective solutions. Ad d i t i o n a l l y, the Pump Technology engineers will be happy to provide training for all of their products in their online showroom. This includes being able to remotely show customers the products they want to order and explaining about future applications or product solutions, exactly how they work and are maintained. Current popular products include the MiniMatic below ground pumping station for house extensions and garden rooms. This consists of a 60L below ground tank with a single free-standing submersible sewage pump, high level alarm and cover with full installation and maintenance details. Also, particularly at this time of year, the Floodbox, which is a “Self-contained”, emergency flood package for areas such as patios, warehouse floors, door-ways etc. is proving popular with house and business owners More Information: Pump Technology Ltd 0118 9821 555




urbulent times produce added information which turns out to be not wholly true but more of a disguised agenda. We are all aware of the use and misuse of ‘Fake’ news and all of its companions. But we need to unite in our efforts to achieve decarbonisation as soon as it is pragmatic and realistic. UK consumers – plus contractors, consultants and all big commercial sites - should be aware that a strong international preference towards hydrogen is evident by the sheer level of international investment and that it is under reported by mainstream media outlets. Multiple major economies, distribution hubs and global companies are working towards future green hydrogen usage with grey and blue hydrogen being used as decarbonizing stepping stones. However, according to various UK mainline media outlets, heat pumps are the only viable tool of decarbonisation. Although heat pumps will undeniably play a vital role in cutting harmful emissions, alternative avenues towards climate conscious energy usage are being overlooked by UK mainstream media outlets. Instead of truly reporting on all feasible alternatives, mainstream media prefers to push decarbonizing technology that appears to be more f inancially compatible with their respective socio-economic audiences. Extraordinarily little is mentioned of hydrogen and when cited

the subject is often treated with disparagement. A lack of manufacturing capacity, safety issues and consumer cost are the three main motivations behind this limited reportage. If this is the case what is being done to amend these concerns within the emerging hydrogen industry? At present there are three prominent variations of hydrogen that are being manufactured: grey, blue and green. This colour scheme correlates to production methods which themselves infer to the amount of carbon releases for each are responsible. 96% of currently globally produced hydrogen is generated through fossil fuels. The easiest form of hydrogen to manufacture is grey hydrogen which is produced via a process called SMR – steam methane reforming. Heat and pressure are applied in natural gas which then converts its methane properties into hydrogen and carbon dioxide. Blue hydrogen occurs when carbon collected during steam reforming is stored underground. This process is called carbon capture and storage (CCUS). In a generous light this variation of hydrogen can be labelled “carbon neutral” however a more accurate description would be “low carbon” as up to 10% - 20% of carbon, can be potentially released into the atmosphere. Recent technological advancements in this area are responsible for CCUS potentially entering a new era. New hydrogen manufacturing plants will employ alternative

technology Autothermal Reforming (ATR) which allows for capture of up to 96% - 97% of all emissions. Carbon capture and storage is an area the UK government is keen to accelerate. Blue hydrogen projects that require funding can access government provided finances through the £240 million NetZero Hydrogen Fund (NZHF). Additionally, a Carbon Capture Storage Infrastructure Fund (CIF) was first announced during the Budget, March 2020. Allocation of £1 billion of state funding for the CIF was conf irmed at the November 2020 spending review. Major international companies such as Shell are currently involved in multiple CCUS endeavours more notably in Canada, Norway and Australia. Shell is a partner in the Australian Gorgon Liquef ied Natural Gas Project. Once completed this will be the biggest CCUS operation in the world and will be capable of capturing up to four million tonnes of CO2 a year. Shell’s Quest project in Canada is a fully operational CCUS facility. The governments of Alberta and Canada have invested $745 million and $120 million respectively. Shell hopes that the positive results yielded from this project will further encourage other CCUS technology to be implemented internationally. Green hydrogen is 100% carbon neutral and therefore the preferred fuel of the future. Green hydrogen is produced when renewable resources like wind, hydro or solar power are

Pumps & Heating 21

Rinnai’s Chris Goggin looks at some of the reasons why the UK media is favouring some energy vectors over others in the current era of transition to Decarbonisation and NetZero used to power an electrolyzer that sits in a huge drum of water. This process is called electrolysis, which extrapolates hydrogen from oxygen atoms in water. The only excess substance remaining is water zapped of its hydrogen content. Because no fossil fuels are used in the creation of green hydrogen, carbon neutrality is completely feasible. Individual sectors such as transport and home heating are aware of green hydrogen’s climate credentials and are keen to begin utilizing the alternative fuel source. What is holding back green hydrogen usage then? Producing green hydrogen is dependent on earth’s natural resources. Some seasons yield more positive results than others. Then there is cost. At present green hydrogen is not cost competitive with grey hydrogen which is easier to manufacture. Six percent of global natural gas consumption can be traced to grey hydrogen production. Next generation electrolyzers are being designed with greater capacity for eff iciency and the cost of renewables are declining. In coming years, with further advancements in these areas green hydrogen will become commercially abundant and viable. In making this possible an EU funding spree hopes to create a European value chain in green hydrogen electrolyzers. Multiple funding projects will be cleared as part of the one billion Euros European Green Deal. It is

believed that 25 – 30 million Euros will substantiate each individual project. Every venture must demonstrate a sizable energy and decarbonizing contribution to either the industrial, transport or domestic heating sector. Advancing electrolyzer and ATR - CCUS technology will see the cost of blue and green hydrogen decrease, whilst manufacturing capacity and demand will increase. Grey hydrogen production and therefore any need for fossil fuel consumption will gradually shrivel away. Aspects of health and safety are another issue which restricts hydrogen’s appeal in UK media outlets. Hydrogen has been undergoing testing and re-testing for many years for commercial o p p o r t u n i t i e s to b e co m e apparent. FutureGrid is a project set up to create a demonstrative gas transmission network which allows for a wide range of safety tests to be carried out and analysed. Once constructed, FutureGrid’s transmission network will be capable of facilitating a range of tests on 20% hydrogen gas blends to 100% pure hydrogen. Analysis will focus on gas behaviour and interaction within the constructed infrastructure. All testing will be adjudicated by the Health and Safety Executive who will decide on the feasibility of domestic and commercial hydrogen consumption. Construction will potentially begin on the £10 million project

in 2021 with tests being carried out later in 2022. A vast amount of funding and proactive thought is being placed into the advancement of hydrogen. Work is underway on producing next generation electrolyzers and CCUS technology that will help push hydrogen to the foref ront of international energy options. Updated technology will assist in increasing manufacturing capacity whilst driving bulk prices of blue and green hydrogen down. Major UK media outlets however fail to deliver this information and instead focus on either alarmist editorials designed to shock, or present only one technological decarbonizing option. The entire world has set its sights on future hydrogen usage. Why we hear next to nothing is due to media bias that stems f rom potential advertising revenue aimed at a target demographic. UK end users need to know that hydrogen is a global target not a conceptual ambition. In the coming years multiple d e c a r b o n i z i n g te c h n o l o g y options will be available. The only reason this isn’t widely reported is down to current personalized media agendas held by mainstream media outlets. For more information on the RINNAI product range visit


PERMAROOF LAUNCHES NEW COMPREHENSIVE LIQUID COATING SYSTEM LEADING supplier of innovative building products PermaRoof, part of PermaGroup, has introduced its brand-new PermaRoof 500 liquid coating system, as part of its ongoing goal to provide permanent solutions to age old problems. said: “We’re thrilled to finally be able to launch our new PermaRoof 500 system. Every roof ing project is different, which means a more adaptable solution is required and that’s where PermaRoof 500 comes in. It’s highly resistant to punctures, making it perfect for all types of flat roofing, and can be applied to those harder-to-reach areas of a roof with relative ease.


anufactured in the UK, the PermaRoof 500 system waterproofs a wide range of surfaces – including roofs, gutters, under green roofs, balconies, and more – with the addition of an anti-slip option that removes the risk of slipping in wet weather. The system is made up of a polyurethane liquid membrane, producing a highly elastomeric waterproof ing solution, with an ETA certification for a 25-year life expectancy, providing peace of mind when it comes to product longevity. Sunny Lotay, national commercial manager at PermaRoof Commercial,

“The best part is that you don’t lose any of the key benef its you’d f ind in other roofing systems. You’re still getting high resistance to extreme temperatures, good vapour transmission, and rapid resistance to rain within 30 minutes of application, all from a single step.” While the product is easy to install, PermaRoof Commercial provides a list of Permaroof Registered installers (PRI’s) through its website for those seeking additional support, which pairs customers up with local contractors, ensuring a successful installation by a certified professional. Adrian Buttress, managing director of PermaGroup, said: “We pride ourselves in

f inding solutions and providing the best quality products we can, and the PermaRoof 500 is no exception. We are excited to be able to offer this new product as a part of our ever-expanding range. Our industry is always adapting and advancing, and products like this allow us to keep up with this change by offering new and exciting ways to provide our customer base with what they need.” To find out more about PermaRoof, please visit:



Toupret, the professional’s choice for quality fillers, has today announced an exclusive partnership with Fix Media - the parent company of the popular Fix Radio that attracts 85,000 weekly tradespeople.


he brand, which is already well established in the painting and decorating sector, is on a mission to put the best products into the hands of all trades people, wherever they use them. The partnership with Fix will help Toupret to fill a gap in the building and construction market with its top quality, fast working range of products for jointing and skimming plasterboard, encouraging them to try its Joint, Skim and Fill range for themselves. Fix Radio is the perfect partner to help Toupret reach tradespeople in the building & construction sector with over 85,000 listeners per week across DAB, online, and a dedicated app. Seeing is believing, and so the unique partnership will also reach builders at merchants and on building sites as part of a nationwide roadshow. The Toupret tour will run across the UK from April to July 2022, spending mornings devoted to builders’ merchants and afternoons at local jobsites. The tour is supported by a huge £10,000 competition prize fund, with opportunities to win a grand prize £4,000 premium garden entertaining package

and lots of Toupret merchandise giveaways on the day. The event day format will also include handing out scrumptious snacks on site, along with the expert team providing information on the Joint, Skim & Fill products, proving that it’s the top-tier product to the get job done, and product handouts available to encourage builders to make the switch to Toupret, for better, faster results every time. Mark Squire, managing director at Toupret UK, said of the partnership, “What Carlsberg is to beer, Toupret is to fillers. We know how good they are and the purpose of the Fix Radio sponsorship and roadshow is to get Toupret’s class-leading product range into the hands of builders up and down the country so that they know it too. We know our fillers are the best on the market and we want to make their on-site jobs as easy as possible. In total, Toupret and Fix Radio are aiming to have over 4,000 face-to-face conversations – all part of our mission to change hearts and minds in the building and construction sector”. The par tnership includes sponsorship of Fix Radio’s Breakfast Show presented by

Tony Dibbin (from 7am to 10am) five days a week as part of an eight-month schedule, including multiple daily spot advertising slots for Toupret Joint, Skim & Fill seven days a week. Clive Holland, host of the Clive Holland Show on Fix Radio, said, “Fix Radio has partnered with Toupret’s Joint, Skim and Fill range to create a series of roadshows near you. Our joint roadshow team will be visiting builder’s merchants between April and July. As well as the chance to win £10,000 worth of prizes, tradespeople will get the opportunity to learn how the latest Toupret products can make life easier on-site.” Toupret’s trusted Joint, Skim & Fill products will also be promoted on Fix Radio’s website, and on their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter profiles – which have an impressive total following of 615,000. The Toupret Joint, Skim and Fill collection is specially formulated to joint, skim and fill with one coat, no shrinkage, no need to spot prime and easy sanding, allowing builders to get a great result f irst time, every time, so they can move on to the next job quicker. Toupret knows that tradespeople work to tight timelines, that’s why the Quick Dry products dry in three hours, giving precision, and polish when painting needs to be done quickly. Toupret’s Ready To Use products can be applied straight from the tub. The range is also supported with Patch & Repair products that come with excellent adhesion for snagging jobs. For more information, visit




place of sanctuary and tranquillity — the bathroom should exude a feeling of comfort and relaxation. Lighting plays a vital role in achieving the right ambience in a room, and nowhere is this more important than in the bathroom. Used every day, bathrooms need to work from an aesthetic and practical point of view; they are multi-functional spaces that require multiple lighting types. Experts in LED lighting, Detail Lighting’s expertise and vast product range is guaranteed to help deliver extraordinary bathroom schemes — from achieving the right ambience in a master ensuite to finding practical solutions for cloakrooms.

To achieve a spa-like environment, consider integrating hidden lowlevel lighting in the floor behind a freestanding bath, across the shower tray and opt for LED strip lighting in all the different nooks and niches. For the ultimate relaxing ambience, opting for uplights that bounce light off the ceiling will create a calming and glare-free atmosphere, ideal for a luxurious master ensuite. From the best practical lighting solutions for everyday use, to ambient solutions for the ultimate relaxing space, Detail Lighting will help you create a bathroom lighting scheme that suits your style and your needs. Established in 2000, Detail Lighting offers beautiful, functional lighting design that separates projects f rom the ordinary. Supplying the commercial, hospitality and residential sector, Detail Lighting combines unparalleled expertise with a comprehensive portfolio of stylish, technical and well-designed products to deliver the very best in LED lighting solutions. 01908 613256


“From a practical point of view, it’s wise to opt for low-level lighting in the bathroom, ideally on a movement sensor, as this means you won’t be blinded by bright overhead lights at night time. If you’re able to, incorporate Bluetooth control lighting into your bathroom, this allows you to easily control the light level or set the ‘scene’ depending on whether it’s the kids’ bath time or you’re in pampering mode.”

- Piero De Marchis, Director, Detail Lighting

26 Home Improvments

The Footman Undergoes Stylish Transformation with a Little Help from Stories Flooring Leeds based flooring retailer, Stories Flooring, has recently helped to transform one of the oldest pubs in London.


who worked within Mayfair households. Today, it retains its rustic, luxurious charm while providing a modern, exquisite menu.

The pub was originally known as The Running Horse, built in 1749. It catered to the footmen

Each zone within the establishment was given its own unique style during its renovations. Eating and drinking areas were elegantly upgraded, while the upper floors provide a true VIP experience. The team wanted to ensure the best quality materials were used to breathe new life into the space.

he Footman, based in Mayfair, underwent a major renovation before it welcomed guests back into its establishment. The team wanted to modernise the pub during lockdown, while maintaining its original charm. To achieve this, they worked alongside renowned suppliers and designers, including Stories Flooring.

To achieve a luxurious and elegant look throughout, t h e S to r i e s F l o o r i n g Herringbone Engineered Oak floor was chosen. Offered exclusively by Stories Flooring, this engineered wood parquet floor blends modern appeal with traditional elegance. Made with three layers of cross-grain wood, the Herringbone engineered oak floor is suitable for high-traff ic areas. It can

Home Improvments 27

also be installed in areas prone to spillage thanks to its natural wa te r- re s i s t a n t q u a l i t i e s . Sold with an impressive manufacturer’s warranty, this practical and durable floor is ideal for commercial settings. Parquet style floors are some of the most luxurious on the market. Once only available to the rich and famous, today they are much more widely available. Adding traditional character into the space, the Stories H e r r i n g b o n e e n g i n e e re d oak floor was a great choice for maintaining the elegant ambience within The Footman. Stories Flooring offers one of the largest collections of engineered wood flooring at discounted prices in the UK. Based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, the brand provides a range of exclusive and top-branded floors at up to 65% off RRP. A Kahrs Platinum reseller, it is also known for its huge choice of free samples and expert advice. The passionate and dedicated team work alongside start-ups and established businesses, helping them to develop the perfect working space.

Stories Flooring, Unit 2 Wortley Business Park, Amberley Road, Leeds, LS12 4BD.


28 Home Improvements


With energy prices set to rise by £693 for 22 million people in April this year, the gas and electricity price cap is the highest it has ever been1 – so now is the perfect time to be thinking about how you can reduce energy usage in your home. Home improvements company, Stormclad advises that investing in double glazing is one of the most affordable, effective and hassle-free ways a homeowner can save money on heating bills. John Evans, managing director at Stormclad, said: “Over 80% of homes in England have double glazed windows, and for good reason. There is nothing worse than constantly battling with your thermostat because the

temperature in your home keeps fluctuating, and then forking out on pricey bills to cover the cost of energy you didn’t want to use in the first place. “Homeowners want peace of mind that their home is economical, is going to keep them warm in the winter months and cool in the summer months, and at all an affordable price – and double glazing can certainly help with this. That’s

why we have put together four top reasons why homeowners should upgrade their property, if they haven’t already.” 1.

Greener means cheaper

According to The Energy Saving Trust, by installing A rated double glazing to windows in an entirely single-glazed semidetached gas heated property, homeowners can save £95 a year and 330kg of carbon dioxide2.

Home Improvements 29 Double glazed windows include two dense layers of glass that surround a section filled with intelligent gas, which are encompassed by tightly fitted window frames that incorporate spacer bars and thermal breaks. These elements all work cohesively to eliminate any heat from escaping, or cold air entering, and control the temperature of a home as the seasons change. It is therefore not surprising that double glazed windows reduce window heat loss by 74%3. The energy ratings for double glazed windows vary, ranging from “C” – the legal minimum standard now permitted for installers – to “A++” rated windows. The formula that calculates the letter rating takes into account the window’s overall thermal efficiency, air leakage and solar gain i.e. how

much heat from the sun passes through the window4 - the higher the rating, the better the overall performance. Homeowners should however bear in mind that certain window designs can make achieving energy efficiency in the home a little trickier – sash windows, for example, due to the frame panel across the middle of the glass, will have a higher probability of air leaking out as opposed to casement windows. The frame of a window is also something to think about. Some frame materials will be better insulators than others - such as wood - and if the window itself is particularly small, the frame could start to encroach on the energy efficiency of the glass i.e. the greater the glass surface area of a window – compared to that of the frame - the better (if it’s double glazed, of course).

2. Peace and quiet Whilst double glazed windows are much greener for the environment, and at the same time save homeowners money on energy bills, double glazed windows are very successful in soundproofing homes, too. Homeowners living by busy roads with passing traffic may therefore benefit from double glazed windows, to help limit unwanted outside noise. A home should be a private, relaxed and uninterrupted space – double glazed windows will help homeowners keep it that way. 3. Safe and secure Another advantage of investing in double glazed windows is the level of increased security in your home. Products that use a single system are easily forceable, leaving homes vulnerable to unwanted intruders. A shatterproof double glazed window, with brand new toughened glass will make it a lot harder for thieves to make an unwelcome visit. That being said, no amount of glass panels alone will keep intruders out, so it is worthwhile homeowners investing in quality window locking systems, hinges, internal beading and perhaps even some window restrictors for good measure. 4. Looking good Finally, double glazed windows undeniably give any property a bit of a face lift as often when homeowners upgrade to double glazing, that means new window frames and a new overall look. Usually windows that don’t already have double glazing are older and most likely quite worn; they may also have a buildup of mould around the outside of the frame due to condensation and moisture issues. Homes with up-to-date fixtures and fittings can increase its value by as much as 10%5, so double glazed windows are more than worth the investment.


REFLEX-ROL MAXI SYSTEMS ‘Blinds’ are out and ‘Solar Shading’ is in! With the advance of Solar Shading fabrics, we can now achieve g-values ( Total energy penetration degrees) of less than 20%, and that is almost, within a few % , on a par with external shading but without the maintenance issues. Solar shading has become highly technical and there really is no ‘off the shelf’ solution or a ‘one fits all’ scenario. opening headbox for rear ventilation on the window side. The headbox serves as a stop to limit the upper position of the blinds as well as protection when the blinds are not in use.


he Reflex-Rol MAXI solar shading system is ideally suited for buildings with overheating and glare issues such as: office environments, large glazed areas, hospitals, schools, private and public buildings. The clients we serve are architectural, interior design, construction planning, building management, health & safety professionals and residential. The principle which underpins our service policy is best professional practice. Best practice in solar control technology means supplying product and technical support of the highest standard and levels of professional competence.

Reflex-Rol MAXI systems, in combination with Mermet fabrics, provide a technically advance, elegant solution to solar heat and glare control. Ideal for virtually any application, indoor or outdoor, small or large blinds, due to the functionality of the systems and the extensive range of fabric textures and colours available. Horizontal, vertical, inclined, shaped, Reflex-Rol has a solution for any window. Available in a wide range of headbox sizes with a variety of side guides and bottom bars also available. Hardware available as standard in white or aluminium, or why note have it powder coated to a RAL colour of your choice? All blinds include an invisible

Mermet coated f ibreglass fabrics are suitable for solar shading, sound control and the provision of tensile structures such as canopies, stretched ceilings and wall panels. Ideal for both internal and external use, Mermet fabrics are ideal for digital printing; meaning pictures, corporate logos and such can be printed onto the fabric before it made into the final product this could be a blind, stretched ceiling or anything else your imagination suggests. Mermet fabrics also meet BS476, Part 6, Class O fire rating making them particularly suitable for use in schools, hospitals or other public areas and buildings. Reflex-Rol has been providing shading solutions to the UK market for nearly 40 years, since 1983. Give us a call today to see how we can help you!

Exhibits thoughtful, well-executed design and luxury

1ST FOLDING SLIDING DOORS • 26 Wadsworth Road, Perivale, UB6 7JZ | 141 Hook Road, KT6 5AR • • T: 0208 997 2448 | F: 0208 997 0611

Anti-Slip GlASS RAnGE


10mm / 12mm DREAM BS 7976-2 Av.DRY 64

BS 7976-2 Av.WET 55

10mm DREAM CLEAR BS 7976-2 Av.DRY 64

BS 7976-2 Av.WET 19

10mm ELEGANCE BS 7976-2 Av.DRY 61

BS 7976-2 Av.WET 43


10mm SECRET BS 7976-2 Av.DRY 62

BS 7976-2 Av.WET 51

10mm TRUST BS 7976-2 Av.DRY 62

BS 7976-2 Av.WET 47


BS 7976-2 Av.WET 59

• Tested to UK and European Standards • Toughened and Laminated

• Multi Laminated with Vanceva Coloured Interlays • Can be processed, Shaped, Drilled as required CAN BE APPLIED TO ANY GLASS THICKNESS


BS 7976-2 Av.WET 61


To find out more visit Firman Glass,19 Bates Road, Harold Wood, Romford, Essex RM3 OJH Tel: 01708 374534 Email:


Concrete seals the deal for architects and designers Concrete is all the rage in interiors at the moment and architects and designers are embracing a material that has been around since ancient times but is now back in fashion.


raig Bell of Osmo, provides some advice on how to maintain this most durable of building products. Trends in interior design constantly change and it can be hard to keep up with what is the latest style, product or material that is currently on-trend. Interior designers and architects like to try new things, and one shift that is particularly noticeable, is the transition of concrete f rom a ‘hard’ building material used in all types of construction, to its current position as a contemporary and stylish finish for interior design elements such as flooring, furniture and surfaces. Concrete in various forms has been around for centuries. However, it is only in the last few years that it has made this transition to an interiors product. It has an industrial heritage which makes it extremely durable, a quality that translates well to an interior environment. The benef its of concrete furniture go far beyond its strength and durability. The potential designs of concrete furniture can range f rom the very simple to ornate with each piece custom created to complement the surrounding decor.

Typical concrete pieces might be dining, coffee and side tables, kitchen worktops and even lighting fixtures. Its simple style and colour also make it a great contrast feature for monochrome interior features and is an ideal material to create an ‘industrial’ design aesthetic. It pairs extremely well with other materials and the unusual texture can really make an impact in any interior scheme. Like many materials, concrete needs care and attention to maintain the qualities that make it an appealing product in the first place. Each concrete piece is usually uniquely designed to suit the application and to keep it in tip-top condition, it is important to look after it properly. A good way to treat interior concrete products is to use a good clear, satin impregnation oil. This type of oil uniquely combines the advantages of natural oils and waxes in one product. Importantly it will not form a film on the surface – particularly important with concrete instead it penetrates the surface. Through this impregnation, the microporous surface (as concrete has) becomes water and dirt repellent as well as stain resistant. This action makes the oil especially suited to concrete

wall panelling and flooring in kitchens and bathrooms as well as for tabletops, windows sills and kitchen worktops. When undertaking maintenance with oil it is important to apply it very thinly and spread it well across the area. Any excess product (i.e. pooling or streaks) should be removed with a pad or a lint-f ree cloth. For larger areas, remove excess oil with a rubberscraper and polish with a buffing machine (whitepad). The oil must be absorbed into the surface. There must not be any oil left on the surface. The oil needs 8-10 hours to dry and the area should be well ventilated for best results. When ready, apply the second coat also very thinly and again, remove any excess. When renovating already oiled surface, normally one coat on a cleaned surface is perfectly sufficient. Concrete is also a sustainable material. This is a major plus for many architects and interior designers working in today’s e nv i ro n m e n t a l l y co n s c i o u s marketplace, where sustainable sourcing is key. Should it be necessary, concrete pieces can be recycled at the end of their life. That said, with proper care and attention concrete products can last for centuries. Although it’s unlikely anyone has such grand ambitions for today’s interior pieces, it is reassuring for architects and designers to know there are products available that can maintain, preserve and enhance the concrete features they create today.

Extemely weather & UV resistant Very water and dirt resistant Reduces wood swelling and shrinkage Resists the growth of algae, mildew & fungal attack Microporous, breathable finish No sanding necessary for future applications

36 re-enter range. Sub-group connections are established automatically when intercom groups split into smaller teams.

Sonis® Comms breaks down barriers to effective team communication Sonis® Comms brings new ways of teamworking. The embedded DMC® technology enables teams of up to 15 people to communicate and move around freely in remote locations without internet or mobile network coverage. Developed for high-performance protection, Sonis® Comms offers SNR levels of 34dB (Headband) and 30dB (Mounted). Sonis® Comms is built on proven design concepts with highperformance materials f irst specif ied for the Sonis® range. A product of years of extensive research and revolutionary development in acoustics and passive attenuation performance, Sonis® Comms combines JSP premium hearing protection with DMC® technology powered

by Cardo to introduce new communication capabilities to the PPE market. The full duplex system allows users to speak without waiting for other transmissions to end and prevents communications being cut off. Dynamic and selfhealing network maintains group connection as users leave and

Active hearing protection offers the ideal solution for applications with noise hazards that require effective communication and situational awareness. Leveldependent attenuation protects against harmful noise while amplifying safe sounds, such as speech and warning signals, ensuring users are not isolated from their environment. Designed as a modular system, Sonis® Comms encapsulated cups provide high passive attenuation with clip-in DMC® Control Pack powered by Cardo to connect electronic functions. Easy maintenance and a wide range of userreplaceable spares extend product life for improved sustainability. Sonis® Comms headsets are user-f riendly and intuitive to operate via ergonomic buttons on the earcups, hands-f ree technology, desktop configuration tool, and JSP Comms mobile app. Built-in ‘Hey Sonis’ voice activation tool and voice recognition microphone allow users to speak and adjust settings using voice controls. Sonis® Comms with Bluetooth® wireless technology connects to a smartphone for integrated entertainment audio and mobile calling. As above-the-neck PPE specialists, JSP designed Sonis® Comms to be compatible with other items of protective equipment. Sonis® Comms Mounted ear defenders are designed, tested and approved for use with JSP EVO® helmets, offering certified compatible combined protection.




auer is working with BAM Construction, on behalf of the developer, Ask:PATRIZIA, and work is already under way on the arena complex, which is set to transform Gateshead Quayside. The plans also include a conference centre and 330-bed hotel, alongside the 12,500seat arena, which will replace the Utilita Arena in Newcastle. Specifically, Bauer Technologies will consolidate up to five proven worked coal seams by Cement/ PFA grout. Bauer’s scope of works will be undertaken utilising four specialist drilling rigs and will include drilling and low-pressure grout injection of approx.

3200 vertical and inclined holes, to depths of up to 40 metres, with a total drilled length of over 100,000m. Speaking about the project, Michael Jones, Managing Director of Bauer Technologies said: “We’re delighted to be working with BAM Construction

on this project, which is a vital site for Gateshead and the wider region. Our project team is already on site, and we are on track to complete our scope of works by September 2022”. For more information about BAUER Technologies Ltd, visit




November 20 21

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Dura b long le produ e c will p vity such ts with e x r a build olong th s clay b tensive ric e exp ing r esult footp ecte k, d li ing rint fo r eve in a low fe of a er ry ye ar of carbon use.


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