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Hotelier & Hospitality Design

Moda, where outdoor furniture really means business. Unlocking the potential of your outdoor space can be a seriously good business move.

Hotelier & Hospitality Design

Whether you need a place to close deals with clients, a second meeting room or a nineteenth hole par excellence, taking your work outside offers huge attractions. And as the UK’s leading luxury outdoor furniture brand, Moda is ideally placed to help turn your vision into reality. Having started out as a family-run company in 2014, Moda has quickly established a reputation for innovative furniture solutions with exceptional customer service. This has led to a growing demand for their services from an increasingly diverse client base, as a greater variety of commercial sectors have looked to transform their outdoor spaces.

outdoor furniture is designed exclusively in-house. This allows Moda to offer a perfect balance of both style and substance that can be enjoyed all year round. What’s more, Moda’s market leading three-year commercial guarantee offers commercial clients peace of mind and their aftercare policy and maintenance packages reinforces their commitment to client satisfaction.

With a dedicated Commercial team, Moda’s clients can choose from a vast collection of furniture sets to meet all business requirements. Expert account managers are on hand to offer a tailored approach, managing site visits and sampling to guide you through the process of your purchase. With Moda’s market-leading 3d rendering service, designs can be modelled into businesses’ properties and space, providing visual impressions and assisting with further planning and decision-making.

Uniquely modular, uniquely Moda Your outdoor space can change from one day to the next, which is where Moda’s flexible modular systems really come into their own. All of their furniture ranges have a number of modular configurations that can be customised - move them around your business areas, expand your collection, split them up or put them together to complement your changing commercial requirements. It creates a compelling fusion of aesthetics and adaptability. The choice is almost limitless,

with a host of options of sofa combinations, not to mention dining ranges which incorporate unique features such as drinks coolers and fire pit inserts.

Smart furniture to drive businesses forward With their all-weather materials and uncompromising build quality, Moda furniture collections are meticulously engineered to withstand the demands of the modern workplace - and the great British weather. Every item of luxury

Moda is well placed to meet the demands of the commercial market with stock available for timely delivery via their impressive fleet of 150 in-house vehicles. This enables Moda to exceed client expectations through fast delivery, meticulous installation and aftercare. Their team of fully-trained engineers are available to you at no extra cost, covering unpacking, furniture placement and the removal of all packaging for recycling.

Take the first step to maximising the use of your outdoor space. Talk to one of Moda’s Commercial Business Development Managers. Tel: 033 3363 7015 or email:

Hotelier & Hospitality Design

A tailored approach

Expert delivery and installation

Wash Series

Connect to your on-premise laundry dosing system like never before SEKO’s Wash Series multi-machine laundry dosing systems allow operators to manage their equipment wherever they are in the world courtesy of IoTenabled remote access.


Data on demand • Connect to multiple SEKO laundry systems remotely via the SekoWeb smartphone app • Move this bullet to the bottom of the list • Access live and historical chemical and equipment performance data 24/7 • Adjust programmes at work, at home or on the move for immediate efficiency improvements

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The perfect finish to any bathroom To make life easier, we give many of our taps and showers a flawless contemporary chrome finish. No need for chemicals. Just a quick wipe with a wet cloth and you’re done. Brilliant.

13/09/2019 15:45

ECA by Dekko launches the powerfully versatile Electrolite™ Power outlet first-of-its-kind for its vast configurability combined with 360-degree design


ower supply leader ECA by Dekko announces the launch of Electrolite™ – a first-of-its-kind portable power outlet for the contract furniture industry because it combines configurable power with 360-degree intentional design. “Users and specifiers can configure nearly every aspect of Electrolite to fit their specific needs. No matter what angle you view the product from, its consistent form can be felt,” Dekko General Manager Rick Fox said. With its high level of customization, Electrolite™ can be made for virtually any space. Incredible product configurability

Hotelier & Hospitality Design

Power products typically lack the options and flexibility to truly adapt to surroundings. Electrolite™ shakes up the status quo and opens a new world of possibilities.


“People today expect the ability to change up their workspaces. We saw a distinct need to create a configurable power solution for dynamic environments, and the result is Electrolite,” Fox said. Specifiers can choose one, two, three, four or five tamper-resistant receptacles as well as a reversible USB-A charging port and a 60-watt USB-C Power Delivery charging port. The reversible charging ports are a unique feature that enables a user to connect a Type-A cable without worrying about the plug or cable’s orientation. In addition to more than 17 possible configurations, Electrolite™ allows users to rotate the outlets within the product as well as the strain relief of the cord exiting the back of the product (either straight or a 90-degree rotation). The 90-degree rotation option is ideal for use on a work surface placed against a panel or wall, while the straight angle works best for work surfaces integrating the freestanding and undermount models. The rotating

outlets provide users the ability to accommodate any style of chargers and plugs, including Apple bricks. Electrolite™ offers a modern color palette that specifiers can chose from including black, white, bronze, latte and carbon. Custom colors are also available. Units can be further customized with a monochromatic scheme, a painted body or a painted faceplate color variation. As part of its configurability, the product also offers a variety of mounting options, including clamp mount, undermount and freestanding.

Advanced charging technology and safety Electrolite™ offers users the best in power by incorporating GaN technology, which allows the output performance to increase, even as the size of the power unit decreases. This type of technology also protects devices from shorting out, while maintaining battery longevity and keeping the battery temperature safely in check. Additionally, the option of a 60 watt USB-C Power Delivery port charges any device, including laptops.

“This is a big deal because not all USB-C’s can do this – lower wattages can’t charge laptops, but Electrolite can, in addition to charging cell phones and tablets,” Fox said. Electrolite™ is UL Listed for the U.S. and Canada and is FCC tested. For more information about Electrolite™, visit

For questions about ordering Electrolite™, call 203-924-6617.

USB Type-C® and USB-C® are registered trademarks of USB Implementers Forum.


“Many power products don’t consider what the back and mounting looks like. We did, ensuring a design that can be shown at all angles and for all situations and applications. Heightadjustable tables and freestanding desks are perfect examples of where you’ll see the back of a unit – and Electrolite doesn’t disappoint. It looks great from any angle,” Fox said. The device’s robust craftsmanship consists of a weighted metal structure in a die cast and extruded aluminum, giving it a premium feel.

Hotelier & Hospitality Design

In designing Electrolite™, ECA by Dekko focused not only on the frontfacing portion of the unit but also on the entire 360-degree package.



From her work with architects, interior designers, hotels, restaurants and decoration shops all over the world, Jo is perfectly placed to keep at the cutting edge of lighting design. Sustainable Lighting “Environmental impact has been a hot topic for sometime now and is showing no signs of slowing down,” comments Jo. She continues, “Since the pandemic, there is definitely a move to try to live more sustainably in general, which I believe can only be a good thing. In some respects, we had become a bit of a throw away society and the pandemic made us all stop and think about the products we use in our lives and how much wastage we create. For interior design this means incorporating energy-efficient products into projects whenever possible and being careful to select items made from sustainable materials. As a result, in the lighting industry we are likely to see more designs from reclaimed and recycled materials, as well as natural materials such as bamboo and rattan”.

New Season Lighting Trends from Gong The new Spring/Summer season is upon us and Jo Plismy, lighting designer and founder of Gong, shares her expert knowledge of the latest trends and fashions in lighting interior design. 6

“As business owners, we are all keen to ensure our production methods and packaging materials are regularly monitored to make sure as a company we make as little environmental impact as possible, another point which our customers appreciate. Where the bulbs are concerned, today’s LED energyefficient bulbs are up to 90% more efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs, lasting up to 25 years. We are now seeing these already efficient bulbs coupled with smart hubs to ensure lights are not left on and this is likely to become more and more commonplace, as we seek control of our energy usage,” explains Jo.

Lighting from Natural Materials

Go Big & Bold

Sitting comfortably alongside the desire for more sustainable products is the trend for using natural materials in interior design. As Jo comments, “Lighting designs made from natural materials such as glass, cork, silk, linen, rattan and even seashells are likely to be in demand more than ever for the coming season, as interior designers seek to incorporate organic, natural elements into their designs, which also tick the box of being eco-friendly. Themes of nature follow on organically from this as designers find new and different ways of inviting the outside in, something which takes on even more emphasis over the Summer months”.

“Unique, larger-than-life light fixtures are one trend predicted to be big for SS22 and we are definitely seeing a move towards more unique, sculptural designs. Lighting is a great way to make a statement in a room and contrary to popular belief, oversized lights or lamps look great in smaller rooms, as well as in larger spaces. I like to see lighting designs like pieces of artwork, and bold designs, tactile textures and sculptural shapes provide interest to a design scheme even when the light is turned off,” advises Jo.

Quality that Lasts “People are looking to invest in quality lighting that will last a lifetime” says Jo. She continues “While there will always be new trends and fashions, at the heart of these designs will be a timeless quality backed by high quality materials. Our own lights have always been about timeless design coupled with expert craftsmanship. Of course, difficulties in importing and price increases in shipping is also leading to higher price points, making every purchase more considered.”

Scandinavian Styling “Nordic inspired interiors are also predicted to be big for SS22 and for lighting this means simple, clean shapes and a muted colour palette with elements of brass and wood. This relaxed vibe has timeless elements to it, incorporating natural materials, and open bright spaces. Lighting designs which have an element of texture to them are a great way to add warmth to this minimalist modern style and choosing shades in soft hues will make the space feel inviting,” advises Jo. Jo Plismy, Founder Gong 020 3808 4303

Hotelier & Hospitality Design

The age-old concept of Biophilia, that is that humans have an inherent affinity for nature therefore their living environment should more closely connect to it for enhanced health, well-being, and productivity, continues to be of great interest for interior designers and lighting is an important element in such schemes. Jo explains, “For lighting designs we can expect to see organic materials and shapes of nature mimicked, as well as overall concepts which support circadian rhythms by copying the natural pattern of the sun to provide good levels of light throughout the day”.

Jo continues, “Equally if not more important is the warmth of the light and how the light is diffused through the room. This is a very important factor in our creations and only enhances larger-than-life fixtures. Some of our models have shades with a golden interior to provide a warm hue, some have a design that allows beautiful reflections on the walls, and some will use fabric which is particularly gorgeous to see through and will change colour when the light is lit.”


Tips to avoid burnout Feeling stressed every now and then is perfectly normal.


n fact, a moderate amount of stress can actually make you stronger and better at managing stress in general. The problem is when you’ve got too many things going on all the time, you’re more likely to feel burnt out. So, remember to take a break! It might seem obvious, but getting away from work is the best way to avoid burnout. Since we’re now surrounded by the internet and mobile phones with 24/7 access to work emails, it’s easy to fall into the trap of not switching off when you head home for the day. If this is the case, why not consider booking some time off?

Hotelier & Hospitality Design

Travelling and changing up your environment is a great way to reset the mind and, when you return to work, you’re likely to be filled with new energy. Make sure to leave your laptop at home to avoid the temptation of checking in with the office whilst you’re away. Do something that makes you feel good and helps you unwind, such as booking tickets to see your favourite band perform live or enjoying an outdoor festival to take in both the music and the atmosphere.


If taking time off just isn’t an option, a meaningful break in the middle of the day can do wonders. When eating your lunch whilst replying to an overflowing inbox becomes a regular event, your brain doesn’t get time to recuperate and relax during the day. So, why not try plugging in some headphones and taking a walk during your lunch break? Listening to slow, quiet music can physically de-stress the body, lowering blood pressure, slowing your pulse and reducing levels of stress hormones.

If your business is hospitality based, it’s important to have staff reflect the positive atmosphere you want your customers to experience. This January alone, 28% of the accommodation and food service activities industry have reported shortages in workers, as a result, existing staff members could be required to work longer and more unsuitable hours. To boost the morale and wellbeing of your employees, introducing additional micro breaks to your work schedule could allow staff time to recuperate and reenergise if they are taking on additional activities.

Our very own


Including benches and a wide range of picnic tables with stylish plastic planters coming soon! 100% Recycled Plastic Using 100% UK sourced recycled plastic materials

15 Year Guarantee

Environmental & Ethical

Hard wearing, easy to maintain and a strong powder coated underframe

Our new environmentally friendly furniture is manufactured in our own UK based factory

Recycled Brown & Black A-frame Picnic Table

Recycled Black A-frame Picnic Table

Recycled Brown & Black Square Picnic Table

Recycled RecycledBrown Black Square & Black Square Picnic Picnic Table Table





Lancaster Round Table only £268.20

Durham Picnic Table only £139.50

Aberdeen Picnic Table only £313.20

Oasis Rattan Sofa Set only £1,000.80

Regent Rattan Furniture from £137

Madrid Rattan Furniture from £40

Parasols - various colour options from £60

Bespoke Furniture & Planters

Ordering more than one? Up to 15% discount available! Visit:

A UK leading trade supplier of Outdoor, Indoor & Recycled Plastic Furniture All prices are subject to VAT. Prices correct at time of going to press.

Get in touch:

E: T: 01949 862 920

Full information online.

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Five tips for restaurants battling no-show culture

Despite the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions UK restaurants are facing a growing threat from ‘no-shows’ in an environment where consumer spending on hospitality remains at less than 70% of pre-pandemic levels, says Jaipal Yadav, managing director of hospitality software business, Favouritetable. He explains: “Despite the repeated pleas of owners, thousands of diners still cancel reservations at the last minute, or fail to turn up without bothering to let venues know.

Hotelier & Hospitality Design

“This practice happens at most restaurants and now accounts for between 5-20 percent of bookings, costing UK restaurants £16-18 billion annually by some estimations.


“By comparison our data shows restaurants experience a 3-5 percent cancellation or no-show rate when people book online because they include their telephone number and email address, meaning they are far more committed to turning up.” Yadav adds that attractive and intuitive websites, excellent customer-service and convenience are all crucial in the battle for fully-booked tables. He continues: “Restaurateurs can effectively

reduce or remove no shows from the balance sheet by sticking to the following top tips: Take deposits A sure-fire way to reduce no-shows is to request a non-refundable deposit when booking. This can be done online or by phone and diners genuinely intending to arrive won’t mind paying. Full payment on booking Going one step further some restaurants now require full advance payment. Clearly this can get complicated beyond ordering a set menu, but there are technologies available that enable this.

challenges facing restaurant owners. No-shows often don’t understand the impact of their behaviour on the sector. Without naming names restaurateurs can gently share their pain on websites, Facebook and Twitter. Innovative tech In our post-pandemic environment tech-savvy consumers now expect to be able to book online and even order food digitally from their table. Investing in modern reservation software that’s speedy, efficient and accurate beats pen and paper.

Foster remorse

Yadav concludes: “Let’s not lose sight of the fact that the majority of customers are great, it’s a minority who potentially ruin the prospects of restaurants.

Reaching out and inviting no shows to re-book is actually a great way to capture trade, eventually. Some no shows suffer ‘remorse’ and feel guilty so an invitation coupled with concern regarding their missed booking can foster and encourage their custom.

“There is a fine balance to be struck between heavy-handed policies that alienate customers and creating a convenient and welcoming setting. However, with no-shows clearly here to stay, then so must deposits and pre-payments.”

Honesty sells

Social media is a great way of giving customers a glimpse of the

Robert Welch Designs invests in cloud software implementation with BrightBridge to meet needs of evolving customer expectations Award-winning designers and producers of cutlery, tableware and kitchenware, Robert Welch Designs is making a significant investment in digital transformation, to reflect the evolution of customer requirements and demand for real-time data, in an omnichannel space. It has chosen specialist business software firm BrightBridge to design and implement this complex project. Cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution Oracle NetSuite will facilitate improved service for customers spanning the retail, hospitality and trade sectors.

The project will comprise implementation of Oracle NetSuite including financials, sales and purchase orders, invoicing, inventory control and real-time management information. WAERlinx, a Built-for-NetSuite solution, will be implemented to handle all elements of warehouse management. Seamless integration of B2B, B2C, Amazon, and major retail partners will be achieved using Jitterbit, an integration platform as a service. This will mean the firm can not only effectively integrate the fulfilment of all orders, whether direct or from third party shopping platforms such as Amazon, Shopify and Wayfair, but more importantly, provide the up-to-the-minute information required by Robert Welch customers. This is thanks to the real-time flow of data the platform facilitates, which will mean customers can access information such as order and delivery details, getting an exact status at every stage. This capability was a crucial element for the firm and a major factor in its implementation decision. Ed Smith, IT Director at Robert Welch Designs, based in Chipping Campden, said: “The world is moving at a rapid pace, and as a global supplier, we need a technology solution that will allow us to effectively move with it as our business continues to grow and diversify. The growth of omnichannel means we operate in a broader range of channels, so we need a real breadth of functionality. The cloud is the future and we want to be part of that as we know it will afford us the agility to service customers in all areas with speed, efficiency and professionalism – whether they’re a direct consumer, a trade client such as John Lewis & Partners or a hospitality client such as the Shangri-La Group. The solution BrightBridge is implementing will give us the full capability of process automation and instant updates that will furnish our customers with up-to-date information."

“We want to both properly serve our customer base and grow it, and we believe BrightBridge’s expertise in building robust business architecture, coupled with the plethora of features in the NetSuite and WAERlinx solution, will allow us to achieve that. When there is a big community, which Oracle NetSuite has, development and progress are fast-paced and driven by that community,” he added. Having a real-time 360-degree view of the business on a single platform, allowing fast identification and therefore resolution of any issues quickly, was also part of the appeal for Robert Welch Designs. The fact it is a cloud-based solution offering automatic updates, and therefore negating the need for manual upgrades, was an even bigger attraction for the business. While Robert Welch Designs may be moving with the times when it comes to technology, the company continues to design its products (from stainless-steel cutlery and tableware accessories, through to kitchen knives, cookware and homewares) at the Old Silk Mill, Chipping Campden, the same building in which the family business was founded in 1955. Ian Robertson, Sales and Marketing Director at BrightBridge, commented: “It was clear that a firm with such a rich history, stellar reputation and solid high-end customer base needed a solution that would help it continue to exceed customer service expectations via access to real-time data and more intuitive processes. We are confident that the Oracle NetSuite solution, coupled with our expertise, will see a successful implementation for Robert Welch Designs and allow the Company to meet its growth goals.” As BrightBridge is the only European partner of both Oracle NetSuite and leading integration platform Jitterbit, the firm is well-placed to take Robert Welch Designs on its digital transformation journey. For more information, please visit, or follow BrightBridge on Twitter - @brightbridge_uk – or LinkedIn.

Hotelier & Hospitality Design

The prestigious firm has a heritage of nearly 70 years and supplies exquisitely designed, high-quality cutlery and other tableware to internationally renowned hotels and restaurants. Robert Welch Designs chose Leicestershire-based BrightBridge due to their specialisms working with clients within retail, distribution and systems integration.


"We increased trade dramatically" - Indigo Awnings Customer, Scarborough

Increase the footfall and capacity in your establishment with a commercial grade shading solution, at a very competitive price.

Why Indigo? awnings, parasols, fixed-structures zero deposit leasing over 2-5 years huge range of colours and sizes personalised branding fully trained fitting teams optional heating and lighting 22 years industry experience

01352 740 164


SUMMER SEASON By Indigo Awnings Ltd 01352 740 164

The COVID pandemic was disruptive for all of us and heart breaking for thousands of people, but we have now seen the light at the end of the tunnel. With tight restrictions during the first and second lock down’s, we saw many leisure sector outlets offering take away services which clearly demonstrated just how innovative this industry is. When these finished, every establishment with even the smallest outdoor area made use of the space in order to accommodate customers outside in the fresh air which was deemed to be safer in order to help stop the disease spreading. This move highlighted the fact that previously unused areas could increase footfall and thus profits, and the vast majority of outlets seized this opportunity. However, with six months of lockdown, cash flow was the biggest issue and one that had been predicted by Indigo awnings Ltd who introduced a no deposit lease option. This meant that the very best quality products such as awnings, giant heated parasol and even retractable roof fixed structures could be installed with monthly payment starting one month after completion. Payments can be spread over 12 – 60 months and in fact, the daily takings and thus profits far exceeds the monthly payments and this helped many outlets to get back on their feet. Outdoor areas were turned into attractive spaces which provided weather protection, heaters, lighting and planters. This in turn has created a new trend in terms of business expansion which does attract new customers all year round and not just for the Summer months.

Indigo has installed products at pubs, restaurants, hotels and the casual dining sector throughout the country for over 20 years and it is this which made them the number one choice for post lock down outdoor cover. Trevor Ruddle, Indigo’s Managing Director is proud of the number of outlets they have helped. In fact, he reports that one restaurant on the East coast seafront increased trade by 40% during the holiday season due to the installation of two very large storm proof parasols which created an appealing outdoor space, that didn’t previously exist. The owner told indigo that these actually drew people to his establishment versus others that didn’t offer covered seating. Another example is a high profile hotel sited on London’s Hyde Park Corner. The chain wanted to create a highly visible outdoor covered space that not only looked stunning but was also practical for all year round use. Indigo was chosen to supply four giant heated parasols which were surrounded by high glass screen with planters. Fixed seating and tables were installed and Number One Park Lane was born from what was previously just bare pavement. Ruddle rightly says that he is particularly proud of this installation but moreover, that it demonstrated what can be achieved with a bit of lateral thinking. With an extensive range of high quality products, he states that Indigo has helped hundreds of outlets increase trade with purchasing made easier with the use of their no deposit lease option, it’s a win win he says and we all like that concept.

NORTHWOOD SCOOPS MANUFACTURER OF THE YEAR TITLE AT FPA AWARDS Telford-based Northwood Hygiene Products Ltd – a leading manufacturer and supplier of away-from-home (AfH) professional paper hygiene and wiping products – has won the coveted ‘Manufacturer of the Year’ title at the annual Foodservice Packaging Association (FPA) Awards.

Hotelier & Hospitality Design

Celebrating the best manufacturers and distributors of the UK’s hospitality industry, the FPA Awards honour the excellence, best practice, innovation, sustainability and creativity of the sector.


Picking up the award, Brian Tarry, sales and marketing director at Northwood, said: “The FPA Awards set the benchmark for excellence in the catering industry and for us to be named as Manufacturer of the Year is a huge accolade, particularly as we were voted for by peers in our industry. “We are incredibly proud of this prestigious award, which recognises the hard work and dedication of the whole team at Northwood to consistently achieve the best manufacturing standards throughout our operation. It is truly amazing to

receive this level of recognition from the industry after such a challenging two years across the sector.” The FPA Manufacturer of the Year title is awarded to the manufacturer who stands out from other manufacturers throughout the sector. It recognises the responsiveness to environmental and legislative developments of the winner, as well as the introduction of new solutions to meet customer needs. Established more than 45 years ago by owners the Fecher family, Northwood is one of the few vertically integrated companies in the industry. Its activities include recycling, production, conversion and logistics – a structure that allows it to ensure excellence throughout its entire operation.

Northwood employs 250 people and its brands – including Raphael, North Shore and Whisper – can be spotted across the UK, in all sectors, ranging from healthcare and education to hospitality, leisure, manufacturing and catering. The FPA is the voice of the foodservice packaging industry, working towards a secure future for the sector. It promotes the responsible manufacture, sourcing, distribution, usage and disposal of food and foodservice packaging. This years’ awards were hosted by stand-up comedian Lucy Porter at the Grand Hotel in Brighton.

DEKKO launches Layer™ designed by IDA Design The charging tower is packed with power – multiple outlets and USB ports for many users

“The inspiration behind Layer was to create a multi-user power solution that can go anywhere,” IDA Design Principal Mitch Bakker said. The product is so-named for its versatile layers of application in all kinds of environments. “What we’re seeing today is the next evolution of the office, which is a layered approach, so you don’t have as much assigned seating as in the past, but power access is still the hub off the office,” IDA Design Senior Industrial Designer Austin Arthur said. Bakker and his team of industrial product designers drew inspiration from modern product design highlighting clean, sculpted lines and monochromatic color schemes. “The product has a timeless elegance as a standalone piece but blends in the background when nestled among other furnishings. It looks equally beautiful next to a sofa, with a grouping of chairs, or among desking and benching,” Bakker said. The slim, freestanding Layer™ is made of powder-coated aluminum that can be specified in colors of carbon or white. A surface option with an optional BuzziFelt insert (in either stone grey or off-white) provides a soft landing spot for such devices as smartphones and iPads. (BuzziFelt is a material made of 100% upcycled plastic bottle waste that absorbs sound and provides a tactile aesthetic.)

Layer’s highly functional cylindershaped tower is available in three heights:

Lounge / nightstand (31 inches high)

Table / seated (38 inches high)

Standing (51 inches high)

Power delivery technology includes:

Six 15A, 120V tamper-resistant outlets (two of which rotate 90 degrees to accommodate large Apple plugs and bricks)

Two USB-A ports

Two 60W Power Delivery (PD) USB-C ports

Power-Delivery (PD) technology is a single charging standard that can be used to power a wide variety of different devices. PD increases power levels while ensuring devices only get the amount of charging needed and are not overcharged. The USB-C ports use GaN (Gallium Nitride) technology, which uses a direct band gap semiconductor that generates less heat to offer this exceptionally fast, high-efficiency charging without damaging the batteries of the devices being charged. The technology is a very important feature in today’s power products. It keeps devices efficiently powered and people effectively connected. The 10-foot cord that provides power to Layer™ is discreetly integrated under the weighted base. Users can unwrap the cord to the desired length or, when not in use, wrap it fully where it’s hidden entirely under the base. “Layer helps people stay in front of changing workstyles and ends the bottleneck around wall outlets,” Dekko General Manager Rick Fox said. “People no longer need to be tied down and huddled around fixed power sources. Layer gives people the freedom to find the location that’s right for them, meeting users right where they need power.”

Hotelier & Hospitality Design


ower supply leader DEKKO announces the launch of Layer™, a relocatable power solution with an optional surface for phones and other devices. Created for DEKKO by Zeeland, Michigan-based IDA Design, Layer™ flexes for up to 10 devices in any environment where power is needed – from the office, to educational and hospitality spaces, to home. It’s especially ideal for open, collaborative, training and touchdown spaces.


T H E N E W A L FA 4 3 E L E C T R O N I C O V E N R A N G E Combining exclusive Italian design and pure cooking excellence, Smeg convection ovens represent the perfect solution for modern catering services, coffee shops, bakeries and supermarkets that require a compact oven with peak performance.


WARRANTY Inclusive of parts and labour

w w w. s m e g f o o d s e r v i c e . c o . u k



3 stage multistep cooking

2 stage multistep cooking

Dual speed fan with humidification

Dual speed fan with humidification

4 trays 435x320 mm or 2/3 GN

4 trays 435x320 mm

USB port and app for recipe development and upload

Smeg UK Ltd - Foodservice Division The Magna Building, Wyndyke Furlong, Abingdon, Oxfordshire OX14 1DZ


Tel. 0344 5731 370


Evoca Group has the perfect coffee solutions morning, noon and night Morning noon and night, people want coffee and these days, that means quality coffee. Evoca’s peerless product portfolio has all the solutions – in one place… ‘A cup of coffee, please.’ It’s a simple request that’s heard countless times in every hospitality establishment in the country. What’s more, it’s a request guests expect to be fulfilled in a heartbeat. No wonder hoteliers give a lot of thought to their provision of coffee – which means we have one thing in common already… ‘We’ are Evoca Group and thanks to our brands, including Necta, Saeco, SGL and Gaggia Professional, we have the perfect solution for each of those distinctly different times of the day – and places – in which coffee becomes an essential part of the day.

Our alternative offer is equally compelling. The Royal OTC, from Saeco, employs bold design to house its professional, robust components. Royal OTC’s capacitive interface with photo-realistic images makes choosing beverages intuitive.

Later in the day, when corporate clients break out from their events, these two machines easily step into the breach. After dinner, coffee takes on a different persona. Enter La Reale, from the iconic, world-renowned Gaggia Milano brand. So much of the pleasure in drinking coffee relies on the theatre involved in creating the drink: the sights, the sounds and – of course – the aroma. La Reale delivers and what’s more, its looks epitomise Italian coffee heritage. Modern innovations mean it’s very easy to operate and gives baristas complete control over the espresso. The cool-totouch steam wands give a deliciously

silky quality to the milk foam without risk of injury – and as the steam wands are lever operated, La Reale is much more comfortable to use than machines with knobs that have to be turned… These are all important considerations when you’re running a busy, high-end outlet. La Reale is extremely economical to use. You’ll notice how quickly it gets up to temperature. In eco mode, it takes just seconds to warm up, whereas it’s not unusual for other machines to take 20 minutes, or even longer… And so, to bed. Last thing at night, first thing in the morning, many guests require a quality coffee quickly, and without fuss. Evoca Group brand SGL has the ideal, coffee pod solution. SGL’s Flexy is a gem. Despite a compact footprint – it’s just 12 cm wide - Flexy is compatible with the leading capsules on the market today. Morning noon and night, Evoca’s peerless product portfolio has all the solutions – in one place. Get to know more about Evoca Group’s HoReCa coffee machines, Click here

Hotelier & Hospitality Design

Let’s start with a busy breakfast service. Lots of footfall, everybody in a rush. It’s one of those situations that our automatic coffee machines were made for. Kalea Plus is the ultimate way of offering selfservice, quality coffee in a hurry. You can offer your guests a delicious menu of coffee drinks, all of them perfectly made at the touch of a ‘button’, from an authentic Italian espresso to frothy cappuccino and a flat white, to name but a few. And the Kalea Plus looks stunning: it really works as a front-of-house machine.


OUTDOOR STYLE INSIDE: A FRESH APPROACH TO HOME FURNITURE Home furniture. Garden furniture. Two completely different categories, different products, different materials, different styles. You even tend to shop in different places for them. Well that’s the conventional way of thinking anyway. But sometimes it’s worth taking a step back from received wisdom and looking at things with a fresh pair of eyes. After all, is the furniture you have inside and outside your home really so fundamentally different? Is a dining table not a dining table wherever it’s kept? Don’t all chairs perform the same basic function?

Hotelier & Hospitality Design

Ok, so we’re being slightly facetious. There are of course differences between interior and exterior furniture, namely in


terms of certain categories of furniture you find in one bot not the other. You don’t find many beds, wardrobes or dressers out in anyone’s garden, for example. And a garden bench would look more than a little out of place indoors. But at Jo Alexander, we believe this separation of spaces when it comes to furniture has gone too far. The fact that so many furniture makers and retailers pigeon hole themselves as working exclusively in one or the other market puts an arbitrary cap on innovative thinking and creative expression.

Where there are clear synergies and similarities between furniture found both inside the home and in the garden – as is the case with tables, chairs, even sofas – then why shouldn’t there be a cross-pollination of ideas across the divide? Why shouldn’t we think in terms of flexible, multi-purpose pieces that work just as well in a variety of different settings? From outside looking in Working with a group of like-minded artisan manufacturers, this was the inspiration for us to expand our offer

by adding luxury home furniture to our range. It felt a very natural progression, building on the well-established aesthetic we’ve made our trademark across our garden ranges – a combination of classical beauty, skilled craftsmanship and premium quality. To us, these are all aesthetic values that are just at home inside as they are out. The development of our indoor range has been spearheaded by looking with fresh eyes at our outdoor products and considering their potential as a piece of home furniture. If a dining table makes for a stand-out feature in the garden, then why wouldn’t it work in a dining room? Using this as a stylistic template, we’ve then been able to build on our collection of pieces for the interior. Or simply recommend furniture as flexible either/ or options. In doing so, we believe we’ve been able to define a fresh new

Elegant and sustainable Take our passion for teak furniture, for example. Teak is renowned as a material for garden furniture because it is so hard wearing and weather resistant. Its dense grain structure and naturally high oil content mean teak garden tables and chairs will sit in your garden in all weather for years on end as sturdy as the day you bought them, with minimal maintenance and no risk of rot or decay. But teak is not just highly durable and therefore practically useful. It is also one of the most beautiful and sought-after hardwood timbers. Its rich honey-coloured hues look fabulous in any environment. A teak dining set is easily the match of any of the more traditional hardwoods found inside British homes, like oak, mahogany or walnut. And another bonus is, because it is so hard-wearing, there are plentiful supplies of reclaimed teak available from countries like India and Thailand where it has traditionally been used as a construction material. So teak makes for a great option if you’re looking for responsibly sourced, sustainable furniture for your home.

A lighter touch Another aspect of our outdoors-toindoors aesthetic is that we feel it can give rooms a lighter look and feel. A lot of garden furniture tends to literally be more lightweight than indoor equivalents, to make it easier to move around for storage or flexibility. Wicker is a great example. As well as being easy to reposition, wicker furniture has an airy feel to it that is a great fit for long, lazy summer afternoons enjoying the sun in the garden. Yet why wouldn’t you want this kind of stylistic touch inside your home, too? For example, great big overstuffed armchairs have their place, but in certain situations, in certain rooms they can be too imposing, too, well… stuffy! Wicker armchairs packed with cushions can be just as comfortable, but with a much more demure and graceful feel to them. Overall, challenging the barriers between home and garden furniture has allowed us to develop a range that brings the best of the outdoors inside. And with summer approaching, that’s something we all want a little more of.

Hotelier & Hospitality Design

aesthetic for luxury home furniture that is nonetheless timeless and traditional.


Restaurant software letting you down? Tired of overpriced, do-little products and poor customer support? Then try Favouritetable - the best value, commission-free, full-function restaurant management system on the market. Contact us now to try Favouritetable completely FREE for 30 days and experience all of the following functionality and more!

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New build hotels partner with BC SoftWear to a create a unique offer

Leading hotel and spa textiles supplier, BC SoftWear, has been chosen to supply robes and towels to a series of unique new-build UK hotel developments, all built during the pandemic.

“These hotels have all opted for something above and beyond,” explains BC SoftWear CEO and founder, Barbara Cooke. “White towels and robes have been the standard in high end hotels for the 20 years BC SoftWear has been in business. Now properties are being much bolder. Even 10 years ago, anything other than white was unheard of. These new partner hotels have made a shift towards uniqueness, some with colour, some with the exceptional quality of the robe, some with intricately stitched motifs and bespoke embroidered labels. “Creating something entirely distinctive for a property is also fuelling retail, as the shift up in quality means guests are increasingly tempted to purchase their robe as a memento.” Chateau Denmark, an exclusive new London property inspired by Denmark Street’s ‘rare hustle’, has opted for the Bespoke Hamptons robe in purple with

an intricate motif that encompasses more than 50,000 stitches on the back of every robe.

Chewton Glen, Pennyhill Park, Champneys, Cliveden Hotel and Spa, and Fairmont St. Andrews Hotel & Spa.

While Mayfair Townhouse, part of the Iconic Luxury hotel collection has selected both BC SoftWear’s Sumptuous robes and towels, Haycock Manor and Gleneagles Townhouse in Edinburgh will open with Elegance robes. BC SoftWear has created a bespoke forest green colour and neck label for the Gleneagles Townhouse. The Fairmont Windsor Park has opted for the Bespoke Hampton robe in beige, all bespoke towels in the bedrooms from the new Opulence range, and coir-soled biodegradable slippers in the spa. The Retreat at Elcot Park has selected BC SoftWear’s towels and robes for both the hotel and spa, using an unusual slate grey robe in the bedrooms. Barbara continues: “We’re delighted to be working with the very best in the business to provide hotel guests with the luxury experience they deserve at each of these new facilities. We’re committed to playing our part in making sure every customers’ experience is the very best it can be.” BC SoftWear is already the towelling company of choice for many of the UK’s most prestigious hotels including

Hotelier & Hospitality Design


he new partnerships include London’s distinctive Chateau Denmark, the Mayfair Townhouse in London, Haycock Manor in East Anglia and Cashel Palace in Co. Tipperary, Ireland, Fairmont Windsor Park, The Retreat at Elcot Park and TwentyTwo London.


Protect your guests and staff with medical-grade air purifiers The atmosphere and the quality of the air inside hotels and restaurants has always been an essential determiner of their success: the ambience determines how comfortable the customers feel and how much they enjoy the food and experience. Before the pandemic, there was already concern about air pollution in indoor, but COVID-19 has created the imperative need for clean and safe indoor air. Everyone knows that in restaurants, hotel rooms and bars, COVID-19 is easily transmitted. That is why in many countries the government has imposed restrictions to ensure adequate ventilation and safety measures. Even after a couple of years of living with covid, the most important challenge managers still face is to provide a safe environment for guests and employees. The need to contain the virus from spreading in their establishments is imperative.

How to ensure a safe air space? Providing safe indoor air is a difficult mission, especially in crowded areas that are not equipped with proper ventilation systems. Even natural ventilation is not ideal, as it is very difficult to control and very uncomfortable as the temperature drops. Fortunately, there is a solution that is proven effective, affordable and easy to manage– HEPA filtration.’

Hotelier & Hospitality Design

Restaurants and hotels have realised that having a medical-grade air purifier in their business is a must. While most filters are not effective against COVID-19, HEPA filters are as they capture fine particles that are smaller than 0.1 microns (the COVID-19 virus is 0.1-0.2 microns). HEPA 13 filters remove ultra-fine particles from the air that are invisible to the naked eye. These medical-grade air purifiers are installed with HEPA 13 filters that can remove 99.97% of particles 0.1 microns in size, and HEPA 14 filters are even more effective removing 99.995% of such particles.


AIR8 understands the needs of the hospitality industry and successfully provide clean air to several businesses. They have seen first-hand the impact the products have on businesses and customer satisfaction.

How do the air purifiers work? Not all air purifiers are the same, and not all have the highest quality standards. It can be challenging to recognise medical-grade air purifiers from ordinary single filter air purifiers. AIR8 medical-grade air

purifiers have a multi-stage filtration system that combines the most advanced technologies currently available on the market. You can rely on them to create disinfection systems that work reliably and continuously for very long periods of time. ​​ AIR8 offers medical-grade air purifiers that are equipped with six stages of high-tech filtration. Each filter has a distinct objective, and each one operates with different technology. Among the medical-grade HEPA filters (H13 &H14), these filtration stages include: •

Activated Carbon Filters: Carbon air filters remove gasses and odours such as the smell of tobacco and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are released from common household products.

Cold Catalyst: Catalyst filters transform benzene, formaldehyde, and other harmful gasses into safer ones.

UV-GI light: The ultraviolet light (UV-GI) is an unrivalled technology that sterilises 99,99% of unhealthy microorganisms, viruses, and bacteria.

Ionisers: This filter uses ions to eliminate microbes, particulates, and odours. They sterilise the room by electrically charging air molecules.

These devices are also offered at an affordable price. Breathing clean air should not be a luxury, and that’s why they are the most affordable per CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) on the market. AIR8 will provide a safe atmosphere for your clients, employees, and business. The products are CE approved and TÜV tested, which means they’re reliable, safe, and consistent. You can rely on them to create disinfection systems that work reliably and continuously for very long periods of time. AIR8 is on the journey of providing safe air to indoor spaces. Their mission is to encourage companies and organisations to improve the quality of indoor air they breathe. If you have any queries don’t hesitate to contact us!

New Hotel Lodge Range Delivers Increased Return On Investment Hotel resorts can increase their revenue streams with a new range of Scandinavian-style luxury leisure accommodation designed and built by Samlingen, part of the Studio Anyo group of architects and interior designers. The range of one and two-bedroomed precision engineered timber lodges have been developed for the high-end leisure accommodation market, incorporating the latest design-led solutions to raise quality and performance standards in-line with demand for sustainable-based holiday and short stay recreation experiences. The range follows investors turning to the leisure market, fuelled by the growth in domestic holidays, an appetite for outdoor living, and the need for more environmentally sustainable solutions. Engineered for long-term performance and comfort with eye-catching contemporary style and constructed offsite, Samlingen offer a simultaneous outdoor/indoor experience for occupants while providing additional revenue for operators and their resort land - the company estimates revenue per unit can be double that of an equivalent static caravan, providing more income per unit over a shorter time with the lodge also retaining its initial investment value for longer periods.

Hotelier & Hospitality Design

Built to BS 3632, the UK standard for residential living, the timber frame products come in three distinct types and include advanced LED lighting and the latest energy efficiency features as standard. Other customisable options include green roofs and solar panels.


The ‘Torp’ incorporates leading edge design to deliver contemporary all year-round leisure accommodation for families. The interior features a large open kitchen diner, ample storage provision, a master suite with ensuite private balcony, child-friendly bedrooms and exterior seating. Furthermore, ‘Torp’ meets the definitions of a caravan, so can be sited on land attached to residential properties without requiring planning permission, allowing it to be used as accommodation in a range of settings, including providing extra rooms for hotels.

The smaller ‘Hydda’ glamping pod offers the best of both worlds with comfort and space incorporated within a neat, compact Scandinavian design. Multiple bespoke options are available as part of the design including integral sofa bed, kitchen bathroom and dining table to suit the individual lifestyle of end-users. The flexible and versatile ‘Stuga’ can be enjoyed as a second home or developed by operators to boost the demand for increased per-night rentals. Available in either single or twin bedroom options, this premium product offers a variety of floorplans which can be used to significantly improve the quality and scope of operators’ accommodation in a competitive market, generating increased bookings and greater return on investment. Supplied with stylish fitted kitchens, worktops, integral appliances along with bathroom and bedroom furniture and fittings, the Samlingen lodges are protected by one-year manufacturer’s warranty as standard with a 10-year option available. James Walsh, creative director and founder of Samlingen, which offers design bespoke options and undertakes planning applications, said: “This is an exciting and distinctly innovative family of design-led luxury leisure accommodation. It offers operators a fresh approach, a back to nature experience and new opportunities in the holiday and leisure sector. “Furthermore, operators can look forward to securing a higher return on their investment in Samlingen over a longer period as they open up additional revenue streams with a luxury hotel standard modular construction experience and quality now available in the UK in scale for the first time.” Samlingen is part of Studio Anyo, which merged with Create Architecture in 2021 to form a multi discipline practice encompassing interior design, modular construction and bespoke building products. More at



owerShades, an industryleading provider of manual and automated window shades for residential, commercial and hospitality applications, announces that they have been selected to outfit Caesars Republic Scottsdale, a new lifestyle-experience hotel in Scottsdale, AZ, with over 700 industry-first PoE (Power over Ethernet) automated roller window shades. The first non-gaming hotel from Caesars Entertainment in the United States, Caesars Republic Scottsdale will feature PowerShades’ automated shades in 265 guest rooms. The shades will also be installed in common areas throughout the hotel including a restaurant, bar and terrace, a modern fitness center, and a 7,000-sq-ft, free-span ballroom with state-of-the-art sound, internet and AV systems. All of the windows in the guest rooms will feature both light filtering and room darkening fabric automated shades that can be controlled separately.

The shades in each guest room will be controllable by guests via inroom wall switches. The shades will also be integrated with the Hotel’s Building Management System (BMS) to conserve energy based on room occupancy and time of year. The

BMS will activate the room upon check-in and prepare the thermostat and PowerShades automated blinds at predetermined set points depending on seasonal conditions and solar location. Additionally, guest rooms will be equipped with occupancy sensors that detect whether guests are in the room; when rooms are unoccupied, the blinds will be set to coordinate with the direction of the sun and open or close to optimize energy management. Said Robert Allen, COO of the hotel’s developer, HCW Hotels, LLC, “This innovative hotel will offer a dynamic destination experience replete with rich textures, strong architecture and the most modern amenities. We decided to feature PowerShades automated shades throughout the hotel because they utilize the most advanced PoE technology, are a cost-effective

energy management solution, and are available with an incredible selection of materials, colors and textures to suit our design goals.” Ryan Chacon, president of PowerShades, said, “We are excited that our light-blocking and light-filtering PoE automated shades are playing such a prominent role throughout the new Caesars Republic Scottsdale. The convenient lighting and temperature control as well as reduced energy consumption of our TRUEPoE shades are a perfect match for a hotel that’s committed to luxury, style and advanced technology.” Caesars Republic Scottsdale is located at the southeast corner of Goldwater Blvd. and Highland Ave. at Scottsdale Fashion Square. HLN Shades LLC is handling integration for the project. The Hotel is scheduled to open in winter of 2023.

Hotelier & Hospitality Design

The industry’s first and only true PoE automated shades, PowerShades’ “TRUEPoE” shades offer all the benefits of the company’s groundbreaking RF automated product, along with additional advantages not found in any other type of motorized shade. With PoE automated shades, a single CAT5 cable provides both power and communications, so there is no proprietary hard wiring necessary. Plus the PoE motor is low voltage (under 50V AC), so it doesn’t require a licensed electrician. And with power coming from a single, central source, more information can be transferred on the network cable while improving reliability over traditional RF solutions.


caféculture caféculture Suppliers to the outdoor hospitality trade Suppliers to the outdoor hospitality trade

Parsol instaledan repaired Rotprofnomainteanceplanters

Quality outdoor furniture & lighting

Restaurant screens

Quality outdoor furniture & lighting

Restaurant screens

Parasols installed and repaired

Rot proof no maintenance planters Rot proof no maintenance planters 0800 917 5526 0800 917 5526

Parasols installed and repaired


t may be hard to believe that the ‘sustainability’ concept as it’s known today is less than 30 years old: it appeared for the first time in 1987. Climate change (or global warming) conversely was first recognised as an issue more than 100 years ago. We can berate ourselves for the irresponsible damage we caused in the first 70 years, or we can focus on what we can do now.

The construction industry was identified as one of the worst culprits many years ago, and the spotlight has been upon it ever since; house builders seem to be getting squeezed the most. Despite more than 2.2 million new residential buildings being built in England since 2010, we’re not yet achieving the 300,000 per year target, and some argue that we would actually need to build 340,000 each year to catch up with the current level of demand. Our overpopulation needs addressing fast with more new homes. The problem is that we’re constantly being bombarded with new building regulations, new rules and new guidance that we very quickly need to adopt in order to keep moving forward towards the (moving) targets. The latest update to building regs, specifically focused on the residential sector is Approved Document O: Overheating. The goals of this new regulation are to stop us from cooking in our homes, to stop us simply cranking up the air-con as the planet heats up, and to stop us burning up energy with fans and air conditioning which draw us further away from net zero. So, what does AD O say? Fundamentally, it restricts the areas of glass you’re allowed to have unless important criteria are met. Do we really have to live in the dark to be cool and kinder to the planet? Will we be facing the

Cop a load of the new Building Regulations to stop buildings overheating Andrew Cooper – Managing Director - Smartlouvre prospect of living in the dark like they did when the window tax was introduced in 1696? No, it’s not all doom and gloom (literally). Shutters, external blinds, overhangs, awnings and of course, solar control glass are the suggested solutions, but they are in the most, designed to block natural, unfiltered daylight and in some cases, our vision out. Under Document O shading also has to be ‘Fixed’ and ‘Passive’, so no moving or so-called dynamic systems are allowed. This is a nobrainer in terms of sustainability since dynamic systems need energy to or human intervention to operate and are therefore under a limited life cycle before maintenance or replacement is required. Furthermore, when they’re down they block your vision out and if it’s even vaguely windy they have to retract. So, these fixed, passive shading options won’t damage the environment once in place, but we should still, as responsible constructors, consider the ‘cost’ of manufacturing them? What is

the number one solution when it comes to keeping buildings cool, whilst limiting the impact on the environment? What we are comparing in terms of Approved Document O compliant shading products simply comes down to the materials they’re constructed from: metal, plastic, acrylic, vinyl or glass. Metal is the stand-out winner, and of the metals, copper is the most sustainable and environmentally friendly. It’s also handily thermally conductive, so if we’re using it to protect us from the sun’s heat, it’s doing half the job for us. Now Google ‘copper solar shading’. Or go straight to Smartlouvre 18 The Tanneries Brockhampton Lane Havant Hampshire PO9 1JB +44 (0)239 245 6333

Hotelier & Hospitality Design

The impact human activity has on the environment is now a big part of our children’s’ education, our dayto-day lives and is a global concern. In an overpopulated world where resources are exploited, the planet has no time to regenerate so we are finally changing our ways.


Uk’s Most Inclusive Venues, Organisations And Individuals Celebrated At Prestigious Awards Ceremony A global initiative that champions stylish inclusivity in hotels, organisations and hospitality venues has announced the winners of its leading accessibility awards at an exclusive ceremony in Manchester. The Blue Badge Access Awards, which promotes exceptional venues comprising thoughtful, design-led accessibility, rewarded those that have gone above and beyond in their mission to achieve inclusivity for all, at the award-winning Hotel Brooklyn Manchester in April.

Blue Badge Style, said: “The Blue Badge Access Awards give recognition to businesses and establishments that have addressed accessibility imaginatively and thoughtfully, which is what every hotel and hospitality venue should be striving to achieve.

Winners of the 11 acclaimed awards, which received sponsors from established businesses such as HEWI, IoH, WelcoMe, Bespoke Hotels and ANON Drinks, included Purcell Architects, Norfolk County Hall, who received the Leonard Cheshire Award for Most Inclusive Venue/Organisation, The Bear Grylls Adventure, who scooped the Institute of Hospitality Above & Beyond Award and The Telegraph Hotel, Coventry, who achieved the ‘Liberty’ Award for the Best Boutique Hotel.

“We couldn’t believe the high standard of applications we received this year and are delighted to see that the hospitality sector is beginning to welcome stylish accessibility with open arms.”

Hotelier & Hospitality Design

Furthermore, winners of the Celia Thomas Prize, Conceptual Design for Disabled Guests, Caroe Architecture and Inclusive Guest Innovation, Centaur Robotics, took home a share of a generous prize fund of £20,000.


The glitzy event was compèred by Mik Scarlet, a broadcaster, actor and musician who is widely considered one of the most influential disabled people in the UK, and garnered support from high-profile names including the Baroness of Winchester Celia Thomas, Lord Borwick and TV personality Sophie Morgan. Live inclusive entertainment was enjoyed by all, with guests also being encouraged to delve into the plethora of free drinks and delicious canapes that were served up throughout the evening. Discussing the event, Fiona Jarvis, chair of judges and founder of

Robin Sheppard, co-founder of the Blue Badge Access Awards and president of Bespoke Hotels, added: “Fiona and I have made it our mission to advocate for inclusivity in the hospitality sector. It is crucial to make the hotel experience more joyful and inclusive for both disabled and non-disabled guests, designing and creating a place of beauty and practicality for everyone to enjoy.” He concluded: “Although we recognise the hospitality sector still has a long way to go, we were delighted to gather together for an evening and pay homage to like-minded individuals who have produced or constructed an offering that strives to promote equality for all.” Winners were picked by an esteemed panel of judges including Robin Sheppard (Chairman, Bespoke Hotels Group), Fiona Jarvis (CEO Blue Badge Style Ltd), Tina Norden (Director Conran and Partners), Jane Duncan (President Past RIBA), Michael Vermeersch (Accessibility Product Marketing Manager at Microsoft), Steve Ingham (CEO Page Group), Kellie Rixon MBE FIH (Chair Institute of Hospitality), Poppy Szaybo (Senior

Inclusion and Diversity Adviser, Historic England) and Paul Vaughan (Bespoke Hotels). ​​ The full list of winners included: Purcell Architects, Norfolk County Hall for the Leonard Cheshire Award, Most Inclusive Venue/ Organisation, The Bear Grylls Adventure for the Inst. of Hospitality Above & Beyond Award, Amy Francis-Smith, Chartered RIBA Architect for the Bespoke Hotels Award, Access Champion of The Year, Great Scotland Yard for the HEWI Award, Best Luxury Hotel, Shangri-La The Shard for the HEWI Award, Best Accessible Toilet, The Telegraph Hotel, Coventry for the ‘Liberty’ Award, Best Boutique Hotel, Warwick Castle for the Historic England Best Venue in an Historic Building, 8 at The Londoner for the Blue Badge Style Award, Best Bar, Fischer’s for the Conran Award, Best Restaurant, Caroe Architecture for the Celia Thomas Prize, Conceptual Design for Disabled Guests and Centaur Robotics for Inclusive Guest Innovation. The Blue Badge Access Awards is a global initiative that brings together two major design competitions - the Bespoke Access Awards and the Blue Badge Style Awards - with the support of charity, Leonard Cheshire. They are united by their mission to celebrate thoughtful and stylish inclusive design across the world. BBAA are sponsors of this year’s accessibility awards for both the Cateys in July and the AA Awards in September. For more information about the Blue Badge Access Awards, please visit:

Deliciously Sustainable! Cirio Champions CLIMATE Neutral! Cirio: We Care! Do you? Cirio – producer of the UK’s favourite Italian brand of tinned tomatoes – is the first company in the canned tomato industry to reach and declare total CO2 neutralisation on its top selling chopped tomato range.


he authentically Italian tomatoes have taken sustainability to a whole new level meaning they are as good for the planet as the plate. The company can now claim ZERO impact on Climate Change thanks to the neutralisation of any CO2 emission residuals. Cirio is launching a UK wide sustainability campaign via public relations, social media and a raft of videos and education initiatives. Cirio tomatoes come from an ethical sustainable Italian cooperative of 14,000 associated farming companies. Cirio cares about its lands, products and all the people involved in creating the seeds they plant to the tables of everyone who enjoys their delicious tomatoes around the world. Becoming climate neutral is part of a major ground-breaking sustainability project with a commitment pledge: ‘Our hearts and souls are totally committed to sustainable production of the highest quality Italian tomatoes’ The company has revealed its 10 Steps to Sustainable Tomatoes:

Positive Production

All Embracing Ethics



Renewable Energies

We use wind, solar and thermal energies to fuel our plants. The wind energy we farm fuels most of our production. 5.

Transparency and Traceability

From our GMO-free seeds to our consumers’ tables; a fully controlled and traceable production guarantees THE best and safest products and an eco-sustainable pathway along our entire supply chain

CO2 Neutralisation

Working with Universities we carry out analysis of the entire life cycle for our products and calculate their exact Carbon Footprint. Then we minimize it working with our partners in the supply chain. We also fund projects like FSC -Forests for all forever- to create a climate neutral and circular economy. 9.

No Food Waste

Dynamic Distribution

We donate goods to support local communities and charities and minimise food waste


10. Fair Trade

Less packaging

We have cut the packaging weight of our products and the amount of plastic we use whilst also increasing the use of recycled plastic. We also switched to FSC carton packaging with reduced C02 emissions. 7.

Less lorries

Our 10 factories are located less than 50km from the field. We favour rail transport whenever possible to reduce pollution levels.

We regularly audit our farms ensuring respect for ethical code and a fair reward for our farmers’ harvests, and all their workers. We also follow stringent ethical codes and social practices to protect all other stakeholders: employees, suppliers, customers, 3rd parties, and our end consumers.

10 Steps to Sustainable Tomatoes 1.

Precision Agriculture

We use digital technologies in the fields to minimise our use of natural resources to create the safest and most productive harvests. Water and Waste Recycle

Working with the weather satellites we selectively irrigate precisely where needed, drop by drop. We recover and reuse 70% of the water we use in the factories and generate 30% of our electricity from waste by a Biomass system. 3.

Virtuous Farming

We use 70% fewer additives than the EU legal limit allows, thanks to advanced farming techniques that combine modern methods with ancient techniques, like the rotation of the soil to boost fertility and the use of antagonist insects launched by drones to fight disease.

Hotelier & Hospitality Design



Artificial Plants & Trees for Businesses At Just Artificial, we work with interior designers, decorators, set dressers, architects and more to set your premises apart from the rest. Our artificial plants, flowers, and trees are highly realistic to look and touch, as well as being durable and attractive.

Whether you need simple plants and trees that don’t need tending to or you’re going for a full artificial landscape with turf, hedges and more, we have existing products and the capacity to create custom designs for any need and budget. We’ll offer a no obligation quote to help you plan your projects and we can tailor our service to ‘fir’ your needs.

Full Support Whatever your choices, we have the design experience and know-how needed to make you stand out. We can work with your design to make your premises look incredible, whatever the space and whatever the industry. We can even help you develop the design, drawing on years of experience. Call us today on 01524 858888 or email – Browse our Web Store online for our full stock range and more info on our bespoke solutions on offer.

Who Have We Supplied? Major companies in many industries including ITV, BBC, Channels 4 and 5, Mulberry, Innocent Drinks, Monsoon, Bella Italia, Tescos, Big Brother, The Only Way is Essex, Coronation Street, Dancing on Ice, Park Resorts, Volkswagen, and more. We’ve also sold to house builders, zoos, hotels, restaurants, shopping centres, theme parks, colleges and schools, cruise ships, theatres… the list goes on! We have tens of thousands of satisfied customers in the UK, in Europe, and across the World.

Hotelier & Hospitality Design

Our master craftsmen construct each bespoke order with painstaking care and attention, to create an exceptionally ‘real’ artificial showpiece, and we offer bespoke solutions to suit the needs of your space, business and tastes.

We can provide offers for procurement managers and corporate buyers on bulk orders and for trade, to help you finalise your design. Our quotes are no obligation - so call us today. We look forward to working with you!

Stress Awareness this April It’s time to talk well-being. No matter what your business you want it to run smoothly, be this assigning workloads, managing partnerships or setting out your budget. But running a successful business is about more than just your day to day operations. It’s about providing an excellent service for your customers or clients. It’s also about encouraging teamwork and supporting collaboration; but most of all, it’s about keeping your workforce focused whilst safeguarding their well-being. Many of us choose to listen to music in our day to day lives as it has the potential to make us feel more positive and upbeat. Listening to music at work could have a similar effect. Playing music in the workplace could help to create a more upbeat and energetic environment and could help to keep staff positive, engaged and support with mental health and well-being. Visit our health and well-being page and discover the ways music could aid in managing your stress levels and create an environment you can thrive in! Visit for more information today.

0808 134 8364 8am – 6pm, Monday – Friday

Making your outdoor dining space work all year round

This additional revenue is something many are keen to maximise long after the pandemic has ended, but how can restaurants, boardwalks, cafes and bars ensure their outdoor space works just as well in the middle of winter as it does for those July and August drinks?

Why are composites the answer? Decking is a great way to provide structure to your outdoor space, and because of its long lifespan, durability and safety properties, composite decking in particular is ideal for demanding applications such as hotel decking, as well as other public areas such as parks, outside refreshment bars, verandas and clubhouse decking. It’s also much better than traditional timber decking for looking its best in all seasons. For example, composite decking is UV stable, so the colour won’t fade at

the end of the season if we’re gifted with a hot summer. The effects of sunlight are much more forgiving on composite decking than a wood deck, which will always fade to a silvery dull grey because one of its main components, cellulose, automatically oxidises in sunlight, leading to surface bleaching. Because it has a low water absorption rate, composite decking is also much less slippery than traditional decking in wet weather. Add to this the higher strength, and improved durability of composite decking, and it’s much more suitable for withstanding harsh winters.

How do I know what I choose is safe for my customers? Choosing products with a verified antislip test is essential in a commercial environment where members of the public need to move around with ease and safety.

The pendulum slip test is recognised by the Health and Safety Executive as a reliable and robust test providing accurate analysis on the slip potential of all types of flooring and is the subject of a British Standard, BS 7976- 2:2002+A1:2013. Ensuring that the products you use for your flooring projects have passed the pendulum test is a great way to prove to authorities, insurance companies and lawyers that you have provided a safe floor environment, and can be used for your protection should you be taken to court; or indeed to prevent claims from the outset. Te s t i n g in accordance with the standard generates a pendulum test value (known as a PTV), also sometimes known as a slip resistance value (SRV). This PTV falls into one of three categories: For pedestrians walking in a straight line on a level surface, a PTV of 24 or lower equates to a high slip potential. 25 to 35 is a moderate slip potential, while 36 or more means low potential. All of Dura Composites’ decking and tile products for example achieve low slip potential, giving that peace of mind that’s needed for the hospitality industry. Investing in decking for your outdoor dining space is an ideal way to breathe life into your venue, as well as create a new revenue stream, but be careful to think about the type of decking you choose, so your customers can enjoy it all year round. Lee Cavalier is Decking Product Manager at Dura Composites, an award-winning manufacturer and supplier of composite decking tiles and boards.

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It’s well documented that the pandemic hit the hospitality industry hard, but it also encouraged businesses to be more creative with their space - particularly when reclaiming outdoor space to facilitate social distancing . Where alfresco dining might previously have been saved for the height of summer, covid restrictions forced venues to consider opening their outdoor spaces all year round and to repurpose otherwise unused spaces such as car parks into outdoor dining areas.


All you need is love, cocktails and a great dishwasher The explosion of the cocktail scene over recent years has created challenges for bar staff and mixologists as they struggle to keep glasses clean and deal with the increasing variety of glassware. Miele Professional, suppliers of top-quality dishwashing solutions to bars and kitchens around the UK and Ireland, carried out research to find out what the biggest hurdles are when it comes to keeping glassware clean and coping with increasingly varied assortment of drinkware.

Hotelier & Hospitality Design

Surprisingly one of the biggest challenges is created by one of the smallest glasses – the shot glass. With such a small opening, it can be hard to get good circulation of water and cleaning solution inside the glass through the dishwashing cycle.


According to head mixologist at Frankie’s Wine Bar and Lodge in Cheshire, Luke Schofield, loading a dishwasher has become a fine art, “It’s important to ensure that champagne glasses are surrounded by sturdy glasses or high banked trays to stop them falling over. One of the hardest glasses to clean, because of bow in its shape, is the humble wine glass. The entry point for the cleaning solution to get inside of the glass is smaller and this can result in poorly cleaned glasses. I often need to wipe them down individually after the dishwashing cycle, as well as polishing them.” But the boom in cocktails such as the Espresso Martini has led to another challenge for bar staff. “At peak times dishwashers are often handling three or four times their normal volumes and cocktail

ingredients and embellishments, such as coffee beans and lemon pips, can clog the filters,” explains Luke. “This can result in lower standards of cleaning and some glasses needing to go through the cycle more than once, something that busy bar staff can ill afford.” The guidance from Miele Professional is to make sure that a professional grade freshwater dishwasher is installed to give the most effective clean for glassware, no matter its size or shape. Clare Humphrey, category manager at Miele Professional comments, “Glasses should be cleaned at between 50° and 60° to ensure they are in the best possible condition to accept a new drink. Reduced cycle times also help to keep a ready supply of fresh glasses behind the bar, but this should not be done at the expense of a professional clean. Choice of detergent is also important – opt for the detergent that has been designed to be used with your brand of dishwasher as they have been created to work in tandem to deliver the very best clean.”


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Rustic Vintage Style Furniture


Truro Range

Shipston Armchair Non Wood Slats Trade Price £55.50

2.1m Parasol Range Of Colours Trade Price £60.00

Eden Furniture has a massive selection of Indoor, Outdoor & Poolside Furniture. Our Harrogate and Truro Ranges have become increasingly popular with their rustic and rural charms. The Harrogate Range is available in dining and bar height with complimentary stools and benches. The Truro Range is also in dining and bar height with dining stools and benches. Both ranges are made to order so almost any size is achievable.

Salford Chair In Antique Grey or White Trade Price £70.50

Terrace Chair Non Wood Slats Trade Price £75.00


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Leading global architect on ‘the beauty of awkwardness and daring to be different’ and what’s next for the wellness travel industry as the world opens up…

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Where do you seek inspiration from?


Chin Lim architect at HKS Photo by Sisi Burn

Inspiration is a strange and wonderful thing. It very rarely comes from a pure focus on the brief nor the end product for me. Inspiration is the journey itself, a journey of discovery through trial and error. I remember in school; I had a strange habit of stepping away from my painting / artwork very frequently and gazing at it from a far. It helped me physically step out of my thoughts and relook at what I was creating. Hilariously this habit carried though to when I was working as a young architect even as the industry moved away from physical drawing boards and into computers. Halfway through working on something on and wonder that architecture really On a personal note, I’d occasionally consider myself a bit of a gawky my computer, I would stand up take creates. person, and the a few steps back beauty of this is that from the screen We need to step out in courage and embrace I tend to quickly pick and with a tilt of up on the quirks and imagination and playfulness. Word of warning though, my head, reassess awkward spaces in what was being it all needs to be balanced carefully. Playfulness architecture. Spaces created in the such as hotel arrival without foundation or reason will instantly become virtual world. My sequences that colleagues found indulgent and unrelatable. make guests walk great mirth in this across a flooded strange quirk. Some of my favourite inspiration square to get to a beautiful view or a I love that inspiration tends to points are unusual atmospheres, sitting meditation deck under a huge blindside me, it may come from a the beauty of awkwardness and a hanging rock seemingly about to conversation with someone, while sense of daring to be different. The collapse upon you, are all examples painting, reading – or even taking a atmosphere of a place is magical, it of awkward moments that make step away to design something else – moves everyone in a different way, fantastic spaces and memories – and as well as exploring what is inspiring it makes us feel different. The most as well as awe-inspiring and creating the fashion runways that season, or powerful thing about it is that it is lasting memories of our place, tap very subtle and elemental. I enjoy into our primordial need to explore revisiting seasons past. exploring ways of making guests feel and discover – it’s our design DNA. As Architects and Designers, it is different without obviously knowing How has inspiration changed easy for us to fall into the trap of why. the ‘norm’. As our work is grounded over the course pandemic? in function, buildability, construction This brings me to, ‘the beauty of methods and the pragmatic side of awkwardness’, which at first glance The knowledge we all share of the architecture, it’s easy to forget the joy probably needs a bit of explanation. world, and particularly within our

Four Seasons Bodrum, HKS

The fact that information is so readily available, it forces innovation within

our industry which is so refreshing and is something we should absolutely embrace.

What’s next for the wellness industry & how does your approach to design and where you seek inspiration from move with these changes in the wellness travel sector? Wellness and hotels have a very different relationship in today’s world. Long gone are the days where spa and wellness facilities were a token gesture of a few pokey rooms that the hotel had forgotten to renovate for the last 20 years. Not only does wellness play a big part in the key selling points of the hotel of today, but it is also actually a prerequisite of almost every guest be it for business or leisure. We are seeing all the hotel brands

offering increasingly sophisticated wellness facilities and some, such as the 1 Hotels brand, even stretch the definition of wellness further by integrating it into the architecture and the very fabric of their buildings. Coming out of the pandemic, the world has had a renewed sense of putting oneself first in terms of wellness and experiences. We are seeing a surge in guest indulging on their getaways. A pre-pandemic 3* or 4* holiday maker is now willing to splurge on a 5* and ultra-luxury stay. Life is unpredictable and short – the pandemic has taught us that. At the forefront of all these guests’ wish lists is to have a memorable experience and engage in wellness – and in some cases, transformative wellness. Medical wellness offerings in hospitality are set to increase as the general population ages and seek out light medical interventions during their wellness stays – an MOT and service for the body while on retreat if you like. As designers we need to find innovative ways to create an environment for these often-unsettling experiences to take place, an environment that will sooth, engage and reconnect the soul to nature and oneself. With the lens of the world increasingly focused on this aspect of the travel industry, we at HKS are responding with an inclusive, forward-thinking approach to create bespoke designs for our clients, their guests and communities. We are balancing beauty and performance in each environment we create - it’s a vastly exciting growth ‘space’ to work in!

Hotelier & Hospitality Design

industry has changed greatly over the years. In the past, we would only be able to physically experience the best hotels of the world if we moved in the right circles to hear about them and had to means to go. Today, the internet has opened up our world and provides a lens into places and spaces we might only be able to dream of visiting – voyeuristically voyaging the newest, most innovative and creative designs in the world. This hyper-availability means of course that there is rarely an occasion where your client isn’t aware of what their competition is across the globe; clients are now more knowledgeable and sophisticated than ever, so in order to offer anything of true value, we must be creative and provide design solutions that amplify their vision and then some!


10 ways music can improve your wellbeing Music is one of the best stress busters out there and from reducing stress levels to influencing our mood, we’ve compiled a list of 10 ways music could benefit wellbeing in the workplace. No matter what your business you want it to run smoothly, be this assigning workloads, managing partnerships or setting out your budget. But running a successful business is about more than just your day to day operations. It’s about providing an excellent service for your customers or clients. It’s also about encouraging teamwork and supporting collaboration; but most of all, it’s about keeping your workforce focused whilst safeguarding their well-being. Many of us choose to listen to music in our day to day lives as it has the potential to make us feel more positive and upbeat. Listening to music at work could have a similar effect. Playing music in the workplace could help to create a more upbeat and energetic environment and could help to keep staff positive, engaged and support with mental health and well-being.

Make music the soundtrack to your business with TheMusicLicence.

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