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Open the door to convenient, cost-effective, wireless access control with:
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All-in-one access control, that’s better for your business.

Convenience and security combine with Mul-T-Lock’s SMARTair® System. Mul-T-Lock is a leading provider of high-security locking systems and its SMARTair® all-in-one access control solution, is a popular choice with hoteliers. It offers improved security, streamlined operation, and an enhanced guest experience.

What is SMARTair®?

SMARTair® is a modular and fully scalable access control system that offers an intelligent, yet simple, step-up from keys. For hotels and home rental properties in particular, SMARTair® will replace inconvenient keys with a wireless locking system operated by smart cards and even smartphones when used in conjunction with Mul-T-Lock’s Openow™ app.

Meeting hotelier’s requirements and keeping guests happy

For a hotelier, security is a top priority. They need to ensure that guests feel safe and secure during their stay, and know that all necessary measures are being taken to protect them and their property.

Hoteliers are also facing a number of challenges in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the ongoing cost of living crisis, and running costs effected by the high cost of fuel. One way to address these challenges is by implementing Mul-T-Lock’s SMARTair® system, which can help save on operational costs and meet the increased demand for hygienic measures.

The SMARTair® system is a highsecurity locking system that allows

you to control access to specific areas of your hotel or resort. With SMARTair®, you can easily grant or revoke access to individual rooms, floors, or entire buildings, giving you complete control over who can enter and exit your property. This can help you reduce the need for physical keys, which can be costly to replace and can also be a potential source of contamination.

In addition to its cost-saving benefits, the SMARTair® system also offers a variety of touchless authentication methods, such as access cards and smartphone apps. This can help you meet the increased demand for hygienic measures and reduce the risk of transmission of germs.

Mul-T-Lock exclusive feature
SMARTair offers touchless access either by an access card or via the Openow App on a smartphone.

Another advantage of the SMARTair® system is its ability to generate realtime reports on access activity. This can help you track who has entered and exited your property at any

given time, and can also help you identify any potential security risks or breaches.

Master key capabilities

Mul-T-Lock’s Master Key system allows hoteliers to create a hierarchical system of keys that can be used to access different areas of their property. This system can be especially useful for hotels that have multiple levels of access, such as employee-only areas or executive floors, as it allows hoteliers to create a

The technology The Interface

customised system of keys that can be used to control access to these areas.

One of the key benefits of the Master Key system is its flexibility. Hoteliers can easily create and manage a customised system of keys that meets their specific needs, and can easily add or remove keys as needed. This can help hoteliers improve security, streamline operations, and enhance the guest experience, as they can easily control access to specific areas of their property.

SMARTair® locking devices include wall readers, escutcheons, knob cylinders and mechanical mortise locks for cabinets. It can operate either as ‘standalone’ with programming being done using a ‘programming shadow card’, or by using SMARTair® software, which brings the added functionality of audit trails and ease of updating user credentials.

All-round convenience

With no hard-wiring, the system can be installed at low cost with minimal disruption to a business. Designated system managers can also monitor and control access rights – allowing guests access when needed and revoking access once they check-out. The SMARTair® product portfolio also includes energy saving devices for mounting on guest room walls and in-room safes.

By utilising the Openow™ app, business owners, facilities managers and security administrators can

instantly send, revoke or update virtual keys from the designated SMARTair® software or web browser allowing guests to access properties and rooms via their smartphone.

In conclusion, the SMARTair system is an essential tool for hoteliers who are looking to save on operational costs and meet the increased demand for hygienic measures. Its ability to control access, offer touchless authentication methods, and generate real-time reports makes it a valuable asset for any hotel or home rental properties.

We’re here to help...

To find out more about SMARTair® and how it can benefit your hotelier business please call 01902 364200, email or visit

Openow administration software & web client Send, update or revoke virtual key The Mul-T-Lock name, the muscleman logo, in the field of locking products, the MTL name, and any other name, mark, or logo used by Mul-T-Lock and marked by ™or ® sign, are registered/pending or otherwise owned trademarks of Mul-T-Lock Ltd. and/or its affiliates 2023.
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2022 records £3bn in UK hotel transactions

The first half of 2022 accounted for 68 per cent (£2.1 billion) of the total annual UK hotel investment.

As a result of the war in Ukraine combined with global economic uncertainty and domestic political turmoil, the latter half of 2022 saw reduced levels of investment.

Surges in energy costs, increased payroll and operational costs, a hike in interest rates which led to a rise in the cost of debt, all contributed to a lull in activity with many deals falling away.

More than 19,000 rooms also permanently closed over the last two years, and coupled with slower growth in hotel development pipelines, Knight Frank believes this has created a favourable backdrop for future investment.

However, subdued levels of stock is anticipated as a result of the

Home Office providing contracts to some hotel owners which will limit supply coming to market. In turn, competition for assets will increase and Knight Frank also expects to see a revival in the number of portfolios being marketed.

Henry Jackson, partner and head of hotel agency at Knight Frank, said: “Whilst no hotel business is immune to the effects of an economic downturn, and whilst profit margins are likely to be squeezed in the short-term, operationally the sector has continued its recovery and an upturn in investment levels for 2023 is anticipated.

“We have seen an uptick in investor activity at the end of 2022 and purchasers who are proactively seeking out opportunities now are well placed to move quickly when new stock becomes available. Investors are showing renewed signs of confidence in the London hotel

market, with overseas purchasers benefitting from currency plays.

“Once the economic picture is clearer and the availability of debt recalibrates, we expect transactional activity during 2023 to rebound at a more buoyant pace, exceeding 2022 levels. With hotel property offering value and resilience relative to other real estate asset classes, a wide range of investor types will seek to deploy capital into the sector.”

4 Hotelier & Hospitality Design Industry News
Research from property advisor Knight Frank shows that UK hotel transactions for 2022 sit at around 30 per cent below the five-year average.

Eastwind Hotels opens Catskills boutique property

Eastwind Oliverea Valley is the group’s first ground-up project and third in the portfolio, joining Eastwind Windham and Eastwind Lake Placid.

The hotel comes with 30 bedrooms all individually designed by Eastwind co-founder and creative director Julija Stoliarova. The freestanding wood A-frame cabins are available in four types, all fitted with queen beds. The hotel rooms come with king beds and varying amenities such as private patios, furnished lofts, vintage desks, rain showers, Pendleton robes and more.

Stoliarova said: “The sentiment of Hygge, the Scandinavian word meaning a sense of contentment

and coziness, drove the design of Eastwind Oliverea Valley. Think spacious common areas with large windows for natural light, high ceilings, clean minimalistic lines, and earth tones to complement the surrounding landscape. It’s the vintage furnishings and objets d’art within each of our spaces that are vital to our storytelling and make subtle statements. In curating, I was inspired by the discerning eyes behind a number of female-founded boutiques.”

Dandelion, the property’s full-service restaurant, has been created by Eastwind Hotels’ co-founder Daniel Cipriani. He previously founded and became chef of several Brooklyn restaurants including Urban Rustic,

Sea Wolf, Playland Motel, Lodge, and Gemelli. Dandelion will feature a “forage-to-table” menu and select seasonal cocktails.

Additional hotel amenities include a pool, complimentary bikes, yoga, and a schedule of seasonal workshops.

Eastwind Hotels’ co-foundner, Bjorn Boyer, said: “When conceptualising our latest Eastwind instalment, we knew we wanted to offer a true resort experience with an enhanced amenity program that would keep guests engaged during the entirety of their visit. At the Oliverea Valley property, we’ve created more opportunities for guests to gather, lounge, and unwind together.”

Industry News 5 Hotelier & Hospitality Design
Eastwind Oliverea Valley is the latest property from Eastwind Hotels, located along Esopus Creek in Ulster County, the Catskills.

Highgate launches operating platform HG Portugal

Hotel management, investment, technology




Highgate has launched HG Portugal, expanding the group’s operational presence in the region.

G Portugal launches with a portfolio of 18 hotels spanning the Algarve, Lisbon, Porto, and several other markets throughout Portugal. It comes as Highgate, alongside Davidson Kempner Capital Manager and Kronos, acquire the Portuguese investment manager ECS Capital.

The portfolio includes hotels operating within the Hilton and IHG brand families, as well as several independent hotels such as Cascade Resort, Salgados Palace, and Sao Rafael Atlantico. Additional assets include lifestyle boutique hotels, urban full-service hotels, waterfront luxury resorts, and large convention facilities.

Highgate has appointed Alexandre Solleiro as CEO of HG Portugal. Solleiro brings over 30 years of hospitality leadership experience in Portugal and is joined by a team across all disciplines.

Nicholas Mellis, VP of acquisitions and development at Highgate, said: “This acquisition represents an excellent opportunity to add well-located assets to Highgate’s platform and achieve immediate scale

in a region that’s experiencing exceptionally strong secular growth. We look forward to bringing to bear the capabilities and insights from Highgate’s approximately 500-hotel management platform to launch this dedicated Portugal operating platform, and to continuing to scale across Europe.”

Arash Azarbarzin, CEO of Highgate, added: “The launch of HG Portugal complements Highgate’s recent re-entry into the UK management space, furthering the application of our proven business towards strategic global opportunities. Honed over the last 30 years, we will apply our innovative approach to operations, distribution, food and beverage, branding, and positioning during a remarkable moment for Portugal, as more travellers are discovering its magnificence as a prime destination.”

The launch of HG Portugal follow the addition of two property additions in the UK – the Dorsett City London Hotel and Grosvenor House Suites in London’s Mayfair. Effective March 1, 2023, Highgate will begin operating the Dorsett City London Hotel under a relaunched concept as part of a larger repositioning.

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New Lighting Designs for On-Trend Hospitality Interior Design

Research has shown just how important interior design is to consumer spending habits and wellbeing when it comes to hotels and restaurants. Industville’s lighting is designed not just to furnish the room but to define it. With a new trend of modern, sleek, industrial style interiors, their new lighting designs are perfect for creating this elegant, sophisticated look in any establishment.

Having worked on countless interior projects for hotels, restaurants and bars, Industville knows only too well how much interior design can shape the customer experience. They also appreciate that commercial interior design is constantly changing and evolving as Marketa Rypacek, MD at Industville comments, “Gone are the days of the obvious factory-like raw copper pipework and exposed bricks as we welcome a new era of ‘Modern Sleek Industrial Style’.

She continues, “Industrial design has evolved beautifully over the last few years and blended nicely into many other interior design styles, enhancing each one with its rough but sophisticated edginess. We pride ourselves in listening to our customers and reacting to market trends and we saw our lights being used in a number of very broad interior styles, from scandi and botanical to maximalist and boho.

From being in the industry for many years we had seen before how adaptable the industrial style is, and with this in mind the new designs were created to contribute to an even greater range of styles and applications. The new lighting collections are sleek, elegant and contemporary, whilst still giving a nod to the very best of our industrial design heritage.”

NEW Opal Lighting Collection

Industville’s new Opal Lighting Collection radiates style in a minimalist, understated fashion. The new Opal Glass lights exude a timeless elegance, making them ideal for all kinds of eateries from stylish vibrant coffee shops to contemporary restaurants. The subdued lighting effect they create also makes them a great choice for anywhere that needs a relaxing atmosphere such as secluded, romantic restaurant tables or hotel bedrooms. The ethereal white shades pair beautifully with many of Industville’s light holder styles, and designers can choose from the Dome, Schoolhouse or Globe shaped shades, all of which look stunning in the new opal glass.

continue reading on

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How taking a sustainable approach can help venues to compete

The hotel and hospitality industry has been heavily impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. Statistics highlighting the full extent of the damage to this important sector are eyewatering [1]. It could take until 2023 for the industry to return to its pre-Covid levels facing multiple challenges along the way [2]. While there is no one single or indeed quick fix, innovators in all guises are keen to support the sector as it gets back on its feet by helping businesses to embrace new technologies and create new looks.

A report produced by CGA - an on-premise measurement, insight and research consultancy - in association with UKHospitality (UKH) showed that restaurant goers and hotel guests are more environmentally conscious than ever before [3]. 85.6% of travellers say they would pay more for eco-friendly accommodation. Hotels and restaurants are already making considerable strides when it comes to cutting their carbon footprint through day-to-day changes to their operations and approach but are yet to fully embrace these structurally and aesthetically through building design and interior fabrics.

My team and I have made it our mission to help hospitality businesses to cut their carbon footprint without compromising on design and aesthetics. Our product, the K-Briq, is made from over 90% recycled demolition waste, produces a tenth of the CO2 emissions of a traditional fired brick in its manufacture and uses less than a tenth of the energy in the process. The K-Briq and K-Slip can be used to produce stunning brick walls and other features, in a range of colours, boosting the sustainability credentials of a venue and supporting net zero goals.

We recently completed an interior refurbishment project with Tuk Tuk Indian Street Food, working with bold interior design firm S+ CO. Adding a unique and sustainable flair to the interior of the company’s new Edinburgh-based restaurant, the K-Briq has been used to create a statement bar front, which is a focal point for diners. A combination of frogged and solid bricks in a colourful mix of pink and green make up the unique design.

CEO of Tuk Tuk Indian Street Food, Rizvi Khaleque said: “The world needs to move rapidly towards a more sustainable future and the hospitality sector can take a leading role in this. At Tuk Tuk, we have thought deeply about how to make our restaurants more environmentally conscious as well as visually appealing for our guests by including design features that can contribute to the UK’s net zero strategy.

“The K-Briq’s frog brick with its unique pigmentation is completely different from anything else on the market and the final design feature’s look and feel ‘laid back’ which complements our design and atmosphere. I love the colours.”

There is no easy path that the hospitality industry can take to get back on its feet but by speaking with innovators and interior technologists, companies in this sector can start differentiating themselves by making bold choices in design, taking the opportunity to innovate and meet sustainability challenges head on.

Hospitality Design

Scott’s, Richmond

Project credits:

Lighting Design: 18FIFTY

Project Location: Richmond, London

Client: Caprice Holdings

Design: Cantor Masters & Caprice Holdings ID

Contractor: WFC

Photographer: Gavriil Papadiotis

LEDFlex lighting solutions bring elegance to destination dining

Located on a westward meander of the River Thames, Scott’s new Richmond location brings decadence and old-world elegance to destination dining. Guests are greeted with glamour at the stately terrace for al-fresco dining on the banks of the Thames, the opulent champagne and crustacean bar and a dazzling dining hall set across two floors. Scott’s prides itself on providing service that is as exceptional as the food, sharing the heritage and experience of its famous original location in Mayfair.

Creative lighting studio 18FIFTY specified bespoke lighting solutions from leading lighting manufacturer LEDFlex Group, to create an elegant ambience which elevates the classic character of the interior and respects the Scott’s legacy. LEDFlex Lumen Line 176 in 2100K to 2300K was placed in coffers throughout the ground and first floor, welcoming guests by washing them with a warm and inviting golden glow. To flexibly illuminate the ground floor cornice detail, 18 FIFTY selected Nano Flex HE, the narrowest flex in the range by 4mm in 2400K. The luminaire flawlessly accentuates the impressive architectural design of the ceiling, adding to the grandeur of the restaurant.

The decadent golden bar is dazzling through homogeneous illumination with the use of Ultimo Neon Silicone in 2200K, casting glittering reflections on glasses and bottles, creating a bejewelling gem in the corner of the room. The shelves are backlit using Nano Flex 180 in 2400K, a sleek and minimal solution perfect for showcasing each display in an intricate manner, exquisitely highlighting each glass and product. The basement ladies’ restrooms are softly illuminated with Ultimo Neon Silicone in 2200K, and the basement gentleman’s restrooms are subtly lit with Ultimo 16 Neon Silicone in 2700K, to create a relaxing and private environment. The ladies restroom vanity mirror is illuminated with Nano Flex 180 in 2400K, creating a stylish and balanced light source for ladies when applying makeup.

The lighting design has been carefully considered from the top to the bottom of the space to evoke a sense of elegance and comfort throughout. The lighting cleverly elevates the dining experience and accentuates the architectural design and interior of this fine restaurant, upholding the renowned Scott’s legacy and adding a stunning addition to the brand.

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F U R NITU R E Call: 01527 519580 E: Warehouse & Showroom Unit 16 Padgets Lane, South Moons Moat, Redditch, Worcs B98 0RA | Wobbly tables can be a thing of the past thanks to the patented StableTable technology. StableTable is a unique patented fully automated solution which is hidden with the pillar of the table base allowing the legs to adjust to uneven surfaces. Available for both indoor and outdoor use in a range of heights, shapes and sizes. Can be supplied as base only or complete with a stylish OnTop 12mm Compact Laminate top. Eye catching outdoor furniture Umbrellas for all! Our best selling Milan Parasol Range is available in both 2.5m Square and 2.5m Round in a choice of five colour canopies that can be screen printed on request. There is also an entry level 2.1m Octagonal model which is available in four colours. 15kg and 30kg bases available. In addition to our stock parasols, we offer a full range of bespoke parasols from 3m Square to 7m Round.

YOOBIC, the innovator of the all-in-one Frontline Employee Experience Platform, today announced the launch of YOOBIC Communities, a powerful expansion of the YOOBIC app designed to enable companies with frontline workers to drive engagement and give employees a shared space to build collaboration, camaraderie, and a sense of common purpose. The feature launch cements YOOBIC’s place as the premiere Frontline Employee Experience Platform (FEXP) for today’s most demanding distributed enterprises.

YOOBIC’s game-changing mobile app is already trusted by 350 global brands including top restaurants such as BurgerFi, BChef and Urban Plates. The Communities feature empowers frontline teams to easily create common-interest networks and design and launch their own micro-communities within the organization. The result: organic team building based on meaningful friendships and rich new opportunities for mutual support, collaboration, and innovation.

YOOBIC Communities Give

a Secret

With employers still feeling the impact of the Great Resignation and broader labor shortages, YOOBIC Communities offers an important tool to create engagement and boost employee retention. According to Gallop’s State of The Global Workplace 2022 report, only 21% of workers are engaged at work. Research shows that employees want to feel like they belong and they are part of something bigger than themselves. That is exactly what YOOBIC’s Communities feature delivers—giving frontline teams a real stake in their organizations and the ability to shape and take ownership of their company’s culture.

YOOBIC Communities is an engagementdriving tool for a generation of digitalnative workers raised on social media. The results have been striking. In the Beta test group, weekly logins increased by 33% per user. Employees were also markedly more engaged with the platform, Communities drove 43% more engagement than the top-down digital Newsfeed, which already was achieving great results. These numbers show targeted engagement and employee experience are drivers in adoption and usage of digital tools for frontline workers.

“At YOOBIC, we know that meaningful employee engagement is the key to boosting employee morale and performance—as well as the agility, resilience, and profitability of the organization as a whole. The Communities feature was designed to organically elevate that engagement and bring frontline teams together in a powerful and effective way,” stated Fabrice Haiat, YOOBIC CEO and co-founder. “Our app is the critical space where workplace orchestration meets employee experience, and as the categorydefining FEXP innovator, we’re determined to keep pushing the boundaries of what’s possible for the success of our customers.”

11 Hotelier & Hospitality Design
Frontline employee experience software pioneer unveils brand new features to boost morale, build a culture of community, and keep employees engaged
Weapon to Combat

'One of the unique things about MCFT is that all their technicians are all of a high standard – we know whoever we talk to, they will be on-theball'

'I work in a great team with vast industry knowledge and experience – we are proud of what we do and get a great kick of working for customers who understand value.' Sarah Tidey, MCFT Catering Team Leader
'I attend jobs with a smile on my face – I am here to help you get your kitchen back up and operating ' Shaq Haynes, MCFT Refrigeration Tech
Lynne Gaffey, Victor
14 Hotelier & Hospitality Design Breaking the stranglehold of single use plastic bottles
water purification
beverage dispending solutions
home, work, and play Biggest water station in the world? Bluewater’s 16 metre long wall of water with 12 dispensers and two digital signage screens proved a big hit at 150th Open golf event
with outstanding

At Bluewater, we care deeply about what goes into our oceans because we care about what goes into our bodies when drinking or washing with water. Our aim is to do business with a purpose. To that end, we’ve put banishing single-use plastics at the very heart of our business mission to give people access to pure water at home, at work, and when on the go.

Bluewater purification products remove over 99% of all known contaminants, from lead to chemicals such as PFAS, and microplastics.

Bluewater is also a world player in the events and Horeca arenas, providing golfing fans, sailing events,

and restaurants and hotels with unique hydration solutions that help them deliver sustainable, pure water efficiently via bespoke bottles or dispensers. Highlights of 2022 were hydrating 300,000 fans at the 150th anniversary of The Open in St Andrews, Scotland, and meeting the hydration needs of delegates, including the world’s leading diplomats and top businesses, at COP 27 In Sharm el Sheik, Egypt.

If you want to dive deeper into Bluewater’s unique clean water delivery solutions and the positive impact of purified water on your business, you’ll find answers on the Bluewater website,

15 Hotelier & Hospitality Design
Bluewater is a global Swedish water purification and beverage company on a mission to end the need for single-use plastic bottles, most of which end up in the world’s oceans.
Restaurant staff filling water serving jugs for Cop 27 Innovation Zone diners in Sharm el Sheik

get ready to be amazed


Don’t buy a coffee machine for your business until you view this. > The ultimate coffee experience for your customers.
patented world’s smallest milk foamer makes perfect lattes, flat whites and cappuccinos.
with Dual Milk TopBrewer’s

Award-winning tapas group serves up a tasty opportunity for London restaurateurs

An award-winning restaurant brand in South London could serve up a mini empire to an experienced entrepreneur or foodie with a dream of success, when its current owner steps down due to family commitments.

The Tapas Room, which offers a tapas menu and specialist wine recommendations, was established in 2017 in Tooting Broadway Market by founder Paul Belcher.

Since then, it has grown to three restaurants operating as separate limited companies, with opportunities to grow further if the new owner wishes.

The popular chain, which is on the market with Hilton Smythe Business Advisors, has an ethos of individuality for each of its restaurants, allowing them to grow as separate entities while under a recognisable name, supported by an experienced marketing manager and excellent management and chef teams.

In addition to regularly being voted Diners’ Choice on OpenTable, in 2021, the group took home the Decanter Best Spanish Retailer Award (UK) and this year launched its own app to encourage repeat custom and loyalty.

All sites have made a strong recovery from the pandemic, with significant profits and considerable turnover in each restaurant.

Owner Paul Belcher said: “The Tapas Room will be an excellent investment for someone looking to realise their dream of owning their own restaurant group, or for an established hospitality owner.

“Our model of allowing each restaurant to grow its own personality while

remaining part of the group is one of the many reasons why we’ve been so successful. I’ve personally supported each of the manager and head chef teams and seen them bring a unique spark to each site.

“Building up The Tapas Room from its roots in Tooting has been a labour of love, and I’m committed to working closely with whoever takes the reins to make sure that they can continue building the brand with my support before I hand it all over. I can’t just walk away when the deal’s done!

“Hilton Smythe has been incredibly supportive in managing the sale and I look forward to meeting the next person in The Tapas Room’s story.”

Gareth Smyth, CEO of Hilton Smythe Group, said: “South London is prime location for hospitality and an award-

winning, well-established brand like The Tapas Room would be a feather in anyone’s cap.

“There has, of course, been turbulence in the hospitality sector, thanks to the pandemic, but The Tapas Room has not only survived but has thrived in a post-COVID world, with each site bouncing back and showing a significant increase in both turnover and profit.

“Interested parties have the added bonus of an extended period of support from the group’s founder, Paul, who has committed a period of at least six months to do a full handover, where he’ll share his expertise and knowledge. It’s a superb opportunity for the right person.”

Further details about the sale of The Tapas Room can be found here.

17 Hotelier & Hospitality Design VELVET CRIB 5 CONTRACT UPHOLSTERY FABRICS CHENILLE CRIB 5 CONTRACT UPHOLSTERY FABRIC Trade price £23.75pm AMORE OCEAN Trade price £15.60pm AMORE MOSS Trade price £24.75pm GLYNDEBOURNE WILD DUCK Trade price £20.62pm GEOMETRI BERRY Trade price £35pm GEOMETRI STONE Trade price £35pm Loome Fabrics offer a wide range of plain and patterned hospitality fabrics. We are specialists in period designs, with collections representing every historical era from Medieval through to Mid-Century. In particular we have a huge collection of Art Nouveau, Art Deco and Arts and Crafts designs We offer a wide choice of fabric qualities ranging from ultra-heavy tapestry weaves and heavy chenilles, through to lighter weight cottons. For contemporary venues we have a good choice of modern CRIB 5 (contract upholstery) and BS 5867 (contract curtain) velvets and weaves. With our own Art Department we can create, or recreate, your own style or colour collection. We also offer a curtain and blind making service. Samples are free – please just call or email and we can post them direct to you or your client. 01477 270260 TEXTURED WEAVE CRIB 5 CONTRACT UPHOLSTERY FABRIC Trade price £23.75pm BS 5867 PLAIN CONTRACT CURTAIN FABRIC Trade price £16.25pm We welcome enquiries from designers, architects, curtain makers, upholsterers and others associated with the fabric trade. BS 5867 PATTERNED CONTRACT CURTAIN FABRIC Trade Price £43pm

WINDFALL – Born to be bespoke

Windfall started to design and manufacture bespoke chandeliers and after 13 years, we still dedicate most of our time making special designs for our discerning clients, and finding a solution for each individual project.

Bespoke starts with our so called bespoke collection, where all items are tailor-made in shape, size, composition and colour, and ends with creating something completely new.

Windfall is all about bespoke, we need this challenge, this empty sheet of paper and the exchange of scribbles and thoughts with clients, designers and architects.

Brainstorming with our team and finding new techniques with artisans and technicians, to visualise and build the impossible.

A special baby are our bespoke staircase chandeliers, always one of a kind and a landmark for every private residence, hotel or cruise ship.

We have made chandeliers up to 18 meters, that need special requirements regarding statics, structure and lighting.

Not to forget the challenge of finding a good possibility for service and cleaning.

Visit out website at: Visit us on Facebook and Instagram “windfall_gmbh”

20 Hotelier & Hospitality Design

Sybron launches first

new biotechnology cleaning range – SyBio

Partnering with BioVate Hygienics, Sybron has developed a range that replaces harmful, nonrenewable chemicals with adaptive biotechnology that cleans, disinfects and protects.

The SyBio products combine probiotic, enzyme and plant-based ingredients to maximise performance with minimal environmental impact. The range consists of concentrated cleaners, sanitisers and detergents delivered through wall-mounted dispensers for optimal dosage control.

“BioVate Hygienics has pioneered biotechnology-based cleaning products and shares our passion and forward thinking for sustainable cleaning and the development of green cleaning methods,” explains sales and marketing director, Sybron, George Mason. “Our objectives are to deliver environmentally friendly products that provide safer applications and improved performance along with reduced costs.

“Our partnership with BioVate Hygienics provides the expertise and innovation to develop an extensive and diverse range. Developing our

own range has given us more control to deliver specialist products for every cleaning requirement, as well as the opportunity to offer a superior cleaning performance that is cost effective and with minimal impact on the environment. All products are highly concentrated formulas, which based on cost-in-use figures provides a 15-20% saving against other ranges.”

SyBio uses plant-based & biobased surfactants, utilising the latest biotechnology and has 30 times more actives than any other biotechnology-based cleaning range. What is more, using SyBio provides long-term protection. After use, SyBio leaves a layer of good bacteria that protects surfaces against dirt and pathogens for up to 30 days.

“The more you use SyBio, the cleaner and safer your environments become,” explains George. “Using naturally-derived ingredients reduces

toxicity compared to traditional chemical-based cleaning products. Using science-based biotechnology increases performance and sustainability across your cleaning protocol. SyBio’s concentrated formula also brings cost efficiencies along with a huge reduction in plastic.”

Sybron’s biotechnology products are non-hazardous in their ready-to-use format and are UK- manufactured in line with Sybron’s core values of moving traditional cleaning forwards to be more effective, safer and sustainable.

“Our dedicated teams work with customers to offer the best cleaning products specific to their business, including complete installation of dispensers and ongoing support,” concludes George Mason.

For more information go to

Sybron, a leading UK supplier of cleaning, hygiene and catering products to some of the largest names in hospitality, has launched its first own brand with SyBio, a range of biotechnologybased cleaning products.
22 Hotelier & Hospitality Design
own brand with
& ENERGY-EFFICIENT MINIBAR Dometic RH 418 NTE and NTEG Dometic Noiseless Thermoelectric Cooling Technology (NTE) sets new benchmarks in comfort, cooling performance and energy efficiency. The RH 418 NTE solid door, flagged with an F Rating, and the RH 418 NTEG featured with both Triple Glazed and Tempered Glass Door achieving an G rating, will help enhancing Guests Comfort in total silence. • Minimized energy cost using NTE technology • F rated (solid door) • Noiseless cooling • Solid or tempered glass doors • 20 l class



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Wobbly tables can be a thing of the past thanks to the patented StableTable technology.

StableTable is a unique patented fully automated solution which is hidden with the pillar of the table base allowing the legs to adjust to uneven surfaces.

Available for both indoor and outdoor use in a range of heights, shapes and sizes. Can be supplied as base only or complete with a stylish OnTop 12mm Compact Laminate top.

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