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FIVE REASONS TO INSTALL TREX THIS DECKING SEASON The arrival of spring means it’s time to start making the most of the outdoors again, and one of the most popular ways to do this is through the installation of decking.


ecking has plent y of benefits, which is why it has continued to grow in popularity since the 1990s – and many decking installers are busier than ever, even seeing their books fill up outside of spring and summer. The type of decking used to transform an outdoor space is a personal decision based on specific circumstances, and while high quality timber decking offers a number of advantages, more and more homeowners are opting for composite decking such as Trex instead. But what makes it stand out from the crowd, and why should anyone looking to invest in their outdoor space this decking season consider Trex composite decking?

Designs to suit you One of the main reasons decking is such a popular choice for those looking to transform their outdoor space is that it can truly become an extension of indoors, and Trex composite decking can do exactly that thanks to the availability of products to suit all tastes and budgets. Trex offers a full outdoor

living system with a wide range of complimentary products to choose from when designing a decking space. Since launching in 2019, the Trex Enhance Basics and Trex Enhance Naturals ranges have provided homeowners with a lower budget composite decking option, without compromising on Trex quality. And what’s more, the addition of Trex Enhance means more colours are available to choose from to bring your vision to life. And it ’s not only the extensive colour choice available that allows homeowners’ decking dreams to become a reality: it’s also the flexibility of design thanks to the Trex CustomCur ve™ oven. This innovative technolog y allows installers to curve decking boards so that they can fit around an existing outdoor space – whatever its shape or size.

The Trex Lighting Collection – which can be retrofitted – is another great way to personalise a deck, as not only does it add to the aesthetic appeal, but it also provides an additional safety feature so the space can be enjoyed long after the sun sets for the day. Combining ambience with energy-efficient technology, the collection is available in a range of colours to suit any deck.

Trex lighting Another great way to combine safety with a sleek finish is through the addition of railings, and we offer something for everyone. Trex Signature railing provides a minimalist, contemporary look with near-zero maintenance required – seamlessly blending style and strength. Alternatively, there are two ArborRail systems to choose from: the Stainless Steel and Glass

Railing System is the ideal choice for making a statement with almost unlimited options available, while the Easy Aluminium Glass Railing System is attractively priced without compromising on quality.

Expert installation Trex composite decking is relatively easy to install for professional decking installers, landscapers and joiners thanks to its fixing systems, which are designed to provide flexibility while matching the high quality of the decking boards. Our recently launched ArborJoist recycled plastic sub-frame system is the ideal installation partner for a Trex deck, which is not only environmentally friendly and recyclable, but also weather-proof and durable – giving you peace of mind that you can enjoy your deck for many years to come. ArborPad also provides installers with pedestal supports for suspended decking to help to achieve a flat surface. There are almost 100 TrexPROs across the UK who are experts in designing and installing Trex decks. You can find your nearest TrexPRO installer here.

Minimal maintenance One of the main benefits of Trex composite decking is that it requires minimal maintenance – meaning you can spend less time cleaning and freshening up your deck, and more time enjoying it. Trex decking boards are designed with unique shell technology to offer enhanced protection – so even when exposed to the elements presented by the unpredict-

able British weather, they won’t rot, split or fade. A Trex deck will also never need to be oiled or stained, and comes with a 25-year limited residential warranty.

An eco-friendly decking solution Another key reason to choose Trex is its eco credentials: Trex composite decking boards are made from up to 95 per cent recycled materials, including plastic, and the company has never felled a tree for deck manufacture in its 20-year history. The minimal maintenance required for Trex decking resulting in no need to use harsh chemicals on the deck combined with offering exceptional durability – supported by the company’s industry-leading residential warranty – so it won’t need to be replaced, makes it even kinder to the planet.

Adding value to the home As much as installing a deck is a great choice for the present – particularly as government guidance is likely to recommend socialising outside where possible for the foreseeable future – it’s also a great way to invest in the home for the long term. Research carried out by the Homeowners’ Alliance has shown that decking has the potential to add thousands onto the value of a home, and is a relatively inexpensive way to do so. A Trex deck is no exception to this, and when combined with the low maintenance requirements meaning less money needs to be spent on products such as deck stain, it makes it a worthwhile investment – for now and the future.

For more information please visit www.arbordeck.co.uk


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I N V I TAT I O N D U R AV I T D E S I G N D AY S 2 0 2 2 O N L I N E 2 2 ND M A R C H 2 0 2 2 - 0 4 : 0 0 P. M . C E T


M O R E D U R A V I T.


Join us for the Duravit Design Days 2022. We will inspire you with three spectacular design series and two renowned international designers as well as a new range of faucets designed by Philippe Starck. Experience the latest Duravit insights, international design trends and sustainable innovations on the 22nd of March 4:00 p.m. CET.

R E G I S T E R N O W A N D V I S I T W W W . D U R A V I T. C O M / D D D 2 2


LUSSO BENTLEY FLOORING – A CHEAPER ALTERNATIVE TO KARNDEAN & AMTICO LVT flooring has become a popular choice for UK homeowners. With their realistic wood and stone designs, easy maintenance, and excellent durability, it’s easy to see why they have dramatically risen in popularity in recent years.


owever, there is one problem that you might face when trying to find an LVT floor to complement your living space, and that is the sheer amount of choice available. There are so many different brands and designs on offer that it can be tough figuring out which one is right for you. The obvious choices are brands like Amtico and Karndean. However, floors offered by these brands tend to be quite expensive. To help make LVT flooring affordable to a wider range of budgets, Leeds based retailer, Stories Flooring, has introduced the Lusso Bentley Portofino collection.

So, what is the new range and how does it compare to the likes of Amtico and Karndean? Read on to discover everything you need to know.

What is the Lusso Bentley Portofino Collection? The Lusso Bentley Portofino LVT collection has been designed exclusively by Stories Flooring. It consists of beautiful, hyper-realistic wood designs that are available at budget-friendly prices. The range can be installed in commercial and domestic settings, in both click and glue down installation methods for enhanced durability and stability. The range may be new, but it is already making waves in the flooring sector. It is easily comparable to the likes of Amtico and Karndean. Let’s take a look at how it measures up to these leading brands…

Lusso Bentley Vs Karndean LVT When you compare Lusso Bentley to Karndean LVT, the similarities between the two collections are impressive. They offer similar levels of durability, with both collections incorporating a 0.55mm wear layer into their design. This makes them suitable for high-traffic areas, and ensures they last for many years to come. However, the Lusso Bentley Portofino collection offers a slightly longer warranty, giving it an edge over its competitor. The Portofino LVT range offers a fantastic lifetime domestic, and a 15-year commercial guarantee. The quality and design of the floors in either range are comparable. The Lusso Bentley Portofino range has been developed using the latest ecofriendly processes and there are a lot of beautiful wood-effect designs to choose from. Karndean LVT and Lusso Bentley LVT floors come with a hyper-realistic surface. This helps to provide a realistic wood effect while benefitting from the practical benefits of LVT.




Another similarity is their water resistant design. This lets you install them in any room of the house without worrying about water damage like you would with a solid wood floor. The biggest dif ference between Lusso Bentley and Karndean LVT is the price. The cheapest Karndean LVT floors are offered at £46.99 per square metre. The Lusso Bentley Portofino range on the other hand starts from £33.98 per square metre. It is also frequently on offer at up to 50% off, enabling customers to snag these floors for just £16.99 per square metre. That is a drastic difference in cost!

Lusso Bentley Vs Amtico LVT The Amtico Spacia LVT range is also extremely similar to the Lusso Bentley Portofino range. Like Karndean and Lusso Bentley floors, the Amtico Spacia range features a 0.55mm wear layer. This makes them all comparable in terms of durability. However, again the Lusso Bentley range comes out on top, offering a lifetime guarantee and 15-year residential warranty.

The Amtico range offers a 25-year domestic warranty, and a 10-year commercial warranty in comparison. Lusso Bentley, Karndean, and Amtico all come in a gluedown installation method. This helps to provide the most stable and durable fit. Amtico floors are also water resistant, allowing them to be installed anywhere in the home. So, in terms of design, durability, quality, and installation, there is virtually no difference, other than Lusso Bentley’s longer guarantee. It is the price that once again sets these floors apart. Amtico Spacia floors typically retail for £39.99 per square metre, though some go up as much as £72.99 per square metre. This means that Lusso Bentley floors are a lot more affordable.

To sum up, Lusso Bentley LVT is an exceptional range of high-quality realistic wood effect flooring. It stands up well against leading brands such as Amtico and Karndean. The key features of these stunning floors include: •

A 0.55mm wear layer for incredible durability

Resistant to water

Available in striking real-wood effects

Gluedown installation versions

Click installation versions

Underfloor heating compatibility

Offered at just a fraction of the cost of leading brands, you can browse the full Lusso Bentley Portofino range at Stories Flooring today.




REPURPOSING TEXTILE FLOORING IN THE CIRCULAR ECONOMY Moves by the textile flooring sector to redefine itself along more environmentally conscious principles will be among key topics for discussion at Carpet Recycling UK’s (CRUK) much-anticipated Annual Conference, Dinner and Awards Event at the voco® St. John’s Solihull on June 29th and 30th 2022.




h ro u g h i t s 115 - s t ro n g member ship (a re cord high), 11 core funders and ex tensi ve UK-wide and international outreach, the notfor-profit association is helping the sector to create new circular initiatives, having recognised a clear change in attitudes among key decision -makers towards sustainable solutions in all markets. Delegates at the first in-person conference for three years will be updated on achievements, developments, policy and legislative changes, and technology advances within the sector in relation to sustainability, design for recycling and waste reduction for textile flooring. The event will also provide sponsorship oppor tunities for organisations to promote and demonstrate their green credentials, plus an exhibitor area for showcasing products or ranges. The annual awards ceremony will celebrate important contributions by CRUK’s growing membership – both individuals and organisations – who continue to advance sustainability in the textile flooring sector. The Awards will reward members’ proactivity in relation to environmental sustainability, i n n o v a t i o n a n d s u c ce s s i n recovering carpet for new uses. This year, a new ‘Circular Design’ award category has been added to recognise advances in design for the circular economy. Along with the categories Recycler of the Year; Reuse Member of the Year; Take Back Partner of the Year and Recycling Champion of the Year, it is open to applications from Carpet Recycling UK members. CRUK’s conference will offer its members and wider net work dissemination and net working oppor tunities for UK, EU and international decision makers from across the supply chain. Returning as keynote speaker and CRUK Awards presenter will be Bob Peoples, Executive Director of the US-based Carpet America Recovery

Effort (CARE) and Edmund Vankann, Managing Director of the European Carpet and Rug Association, who will deliver updates on policy d e v e l o p m e n t s , te c h n o l o g i c a l advances, challenges and progress at a US and European level. Results will be shared from a 2020 comprehensive landfill diversion survey being done in conjunction with analysts Oakdene Hollins demonstrating the various outlets compared against the volume of textile flooring placed on the market that year. Oakdene Hollins will also present the two new research projects commissioned by CRUK on Circular Design and existing and future Recycling Technologies for textile flooring waste. Returning member Aquafil will outline their international and UK plans to capture and recycle carpet polymers for new textile flooring, and Tarkett will talk about their established UK ReStart programme for the take back of commercial flooring in the circular economy. The benefits of CRUK membership in winning new work will be covered by David Heafey of Saint Flooring. Adnan Zeb-Khan, CRUK Scheme Manager comments: “Our packed t wo-day conference programme highlights the sector’s clear change in attitudes and commitment towards sustainable solutions and progress towards creating more circular opportunities within the sector. This

is reflected in a growth of enquiries from companies concerned about the impact of their business activities, waste being produced and the desire to reduce this for environmental and reduced disposal costs reasons. “It’s been a while, but we are looking forward to welcoming lots of familiar and new faces at our 2022 Conference where we can share numerous exciting, sustainable and important developments for our sector.” CRUK’s core funders are Balsan, Betap, Brintons, Cormar, ege Carpets, Headlam Group, Milliken, Shaw and Tarkett, along with new members in 2022 – Gradus and Furlong Flooring. The core funders are showing leadership within the sector on developing for the circular economy, helping their customers with increased sustainable ranges and through CRUK to reduce their waste. Latest CRUK f igures revealed that pre-Covid, the industry was diverting approximately 65% of textile flooring waste from landfill. Around 430,000 tonnes of carpet and textile flooring waste arises annually in the UK. For more information, including details about the 2022 Conference a n d A wa r d s e ve n t , e m a i l : info@carpetrecyclinguk.com or visit www.carpetrecyclinguk.com.


industry news

As more and more consumers appreciate the importance of investing in sustainable products, the eco design sector will only grow, and early adapters will be ahead of the curve when it comes to supporting and guiding their customers design ideas and product choices.


eing more sensitive to the environment with factors like conser ving energ y, saving water and even reducing waste at home, are now encouraging consumers to reduce, reuse and recycle, and this is opening the door to new, greener tap designs in the mainstream. Helping to save water and ultimately future-proof the home by limiting water consumption, Abode is pleased to introduce the launch of its new Flow Limited Tap Collection: a range of water-efficient taps, which use up to 97% less water per minute thanks to the specially designed flow-limited aerators that reduce the flow rate, but not the pressure! Paul Illingworth, Design Manager at Abode says, “As conservation measures continue to influence both residential and contract interiors, we feel it’s the right time to introduce a ready to order range of Flow Limited Taps for the development sector to better serve the UK homeowner. We are finding that designed-in sustainability is a big topic right now and given the energy price cap from 1 April, the trend to reduce energy is running in parallel with water-use efficiency. Eco laundry appliances, water-saving showers and toilets, and a range of specialist kitchen taps are now a major priority for the UK homeowner, offering their own green rewards like reduced carbon footprint, energy and waste. The development market is therefore in a prime position to offer tangible benefits to the buyer by choosing sustainable products at the design and build phase, which in the long run, will lower energy consumption and help reduce utility bills for each occupant.”


Abode Pico Swan in Brushed Brass finish [AT1226]

industry news All kitchen taps in the new Flow Limited Collection by Abode are available now on workable leadtimes, WRAS Approved and delivered pre-assembled with 5lpm aerators to limit water flow rate. Contemporary and distinct, models include Pico Swan AT1226, Pico Quad AT2134, Globe AT2146, Althia AT1258, Quantic AT2070 and New Media AT1180 mixer taps, plus Pronteau Prostyle and Pronteau Prostream 3 IN 1 Steaming hot water taps, which provide hot, cold and filtered 98° steaming hot water on demand. Aside from Chrome, other finishes and f low limitation levels are available on request but subject to extended lead times. Customers can special order one of the new Flow Limited tap designs in Chrome and it will be on site within 8 weeks of purchase with other finishes up to 12 weeks. L e a n n e A da m s o n , Ma r ke t in g Manager at Abode says, “In anticipation of the Government’s Future Home Standard, where homes and businesses will have to meet rigorous new energy efficiency standards to lower energy consumption by 2025, we are proud to offer six of our most popular mixer tap designs for the modern kitchen, alongside two of our Pronteau steaming hot taps. Doing our bit to help deliver greener homes and buildings nationwide, every component of our flow-limited taps has been extensively tested to meet exacting standards and withstand the added stress that flow restriction creates. Our new water-saving collection is outlined in the newly released Sink & Tap Specification Manual, specially curated for the luxury development market where the Flow-Limited Collection sits alongside Pronteau, and our premium range of designer sinks and taps also by Abode.” Up and down the country, premium manufacturers are refining their sp e cialisms to a t t rac t more discerning end users at all levels of the market and as customer expectations rise, so is the level of product innovation and services being offered in the mainstream: inspiring new form and function in the marketplace that is sensitive to the customer, home and planet.

Pronteau Prostyle 3 IN 1 Quad in Brushed Nickel [PT1112]

The development of the new Flow Limited Tap Collection by Abode, is testament to the company’s investment in new product design and development, delivering the very best in design-led, sustainable solutions across the UK property market to support the next generation of buyers who want a ‘house of the future’.

For further info, please contact Abode: t 01226 283 434 e info@abodedesigns.co.uk w www.abodedesigns.co.uk

Pronteau Prostream 3 IN 1 Swan in Urban Copper [PT1105]



TWO ACCOLADES FOR D-NEO BY DURAVIT FROM THE GERMAN DESIGN AWARD To celebrate we put four questions to designer Bertrand Lejoly In March 2021 Duravit first unveiled D-Neo – a complete bathroom range by Belgian designer Bertrand Lejoly – to the public. Its excellent quality and intelligent design combined with an attractive entry-level price, makes Duravit accessible to new target groups. D-Neo has been created to outlast short-lived trends and is the perfect companion for every day, every lifestyle, and every facet of life. The outstanding design has now been recognized twice by the coveted German Design Award. Bertrand Lejoly answers four questions about this overwhelming success. Having worked as senior designer for Matteo Thun and head of Vincent van Duysen’s design department for many years, he opened his own design studio in 2018. 1.

Mr. Lejoly, you are the holder of two certificates from the German Design Award 2022 for outstanding design - with an award as “winner” for the D-Neo faucets along with a “special mention” for the series as a whole. How does that feel?

The prizes are of course a huge honor for me. The German Design Award is one of our industry’s most important accolades. It’s not just recognition of the work we’ve already done, but even more so it’s an enormous motivation for me for the future. 2.


Design prizes are one thing, economic success and sales figures are

something else. D-Neo has become an international bestseller within the Duravit range. Did you expect that a year ago?


How can we envisage the design process in general terms? What are the key stages from the briefing through to finished series?

I have in fact received an overwhelming response to the collection from all sides. That makes me very proud. It’s really important to me to express a huge thank you and pass on my compliments to the Duravit team. Their great passion and drive have enabled the original idea to be realized as a successful series. This experience has really impressed me.

What’s important for me is that both sides understand each other from the outset. That the client clearly identifies and communicates what they need and that the designer understands this briefing accordingly so they can interpret it for optimum results. Such collaborations usually last several years with many stages and key decisions, so the chemistry simply must be right.


Duravit AG

What does this success mean for you personally and your young design studio, for instance in terms of your profile? We’re currently working on exciting new orders in the fields of furniture, outdoor, lighting, and tableware. The launch and success with the wideranging publicity around D-Neo have really helped draw attention to our design studio. That spurs us on and gives us an even greater impetus for the future.

Founded in 1817 in Hornberg in the Black Forest, Duravit AG is today a leading international manufacturer of designer

bathrooms bathrooms. The company is active in more than 130 countries worldwide and stands for innovation in the fields of signature design, comfortenhancing technology and premium quality. In cooperation with an international network of high-profile designers such as Philippe Starck, sieger design, Christian Werner, Cecilie Manz and young talents such as Bertrand Lejoly and Kurt Merki Jr., the company develops unique bathrooms that enhance quality of life for users on a sustained basis. Duravit’s product portfolio

comprises sanitary ceramics, bathroom furniture, bathtubs and shower trays, wellness systems, showertoilets, tap fittings and accessories as well as installation systems. Bertrand Lejoly Bertrand Lejoly (born 1980) grew up in the Eastern part of Belgium, at the junction of the German and French culture. After studying at the École supérieure des arts Saint-Luc in Liège, he gained his first work experience as an industrial designer in Germany. He then went to Milan for seven years to collaborate with Matteo Thun. In 2013 he became Head of Product Design with the Belgian architect Vincent Van Duysen. In 2018 Bertrand Lejoly started his own design studio in Antwerp. Since then he has been working with major brands on furniture, lighting, sanitary and tableware products. www.bertrandlejoly.com / Facebook @bertrand.lejoly / Instagram @ bertrandlejoly www.duravit.co.uk


UNIDRAIN ADDS CONTEMPORARY STYLE WITH THEIR BLACK FRAMED GLASSLINE SHOWER SCREEN Unidrain products were key in creating a totally new wellness space in an out-dated bathroom; the only one in the apartment; 12-square-metre and used every day by a family of four, which included two teenage boys – it was in dire need of an upgrade.


bathrooms The flooring, walls, toilet, and shower had to be stripped out and replaced, it needed a complete transformation encompassing a new colour palette through to designer drains. The family wanted something that felt luxurious and spa-like but with longevity too. Because it was an older, more traditional-style flat, they originally considered a more classic and nostalgic look, but ultimately, decided on a contemporary solution, prioritising exclusive materials and products that are as appropriate for a luxury hotel as they are for a home. The finished bathroom has high tech solutions such as a programable shower toilet and an anti-fog mirror, but, the undisputed star of the room is the elegant shower screen, GlassLine by Unidrain. Preserving the natural light from the window was a key part of the renovation so the GlassLine shower screen was ideal. It allowed the light to flow through the room helping to create an open, airy atmosphere. The GlassLine shower screen with a black frame is 10mm of clear tempered glass, available in three sizes: 800mm 1000mm and a height of 2104mm, the shower screen can be mounted to the left or right and fits tile thicknesses up to 15mm for wall tiles and 20mm for floor tiles. It is installed discreetly and securely without any visible display of fixings, screws, fittings, or joins. The screen is lowered into a shower base located under the bathroom flooring, before being attached to the wall, creating a secure, stable, and watertight showering space. The black frame sits against the wall covering any edges generating a smooth finish, and the unseen groovein-the-floor-flange meant that the installation of the colour co-ordinating black line drain was both fast and efficient. Colour was important for the overall look and style of the bathroom; the base tone was comprised of dark shades to induce a more luxurious feeling and add to the atmosphere, which combined well with the black frame of the GlassLine screen, However, as shown above a transparent version is available as black does not suit all bathrooms. Enclosed in black powder-coated metal, the interior panel of each quality glass screen is treated with Cleantech nano-treatment, increasing hygiene standards, and ensuring it is extremely easy to clean and maintain a clear finish. This colour co-ordination continued with accessories from Undrains Reframe collection including a shower shelf with magnetic wiper, towel hooks, toilet brush and toilet roll holder in black, creating perfect continuity.



Within the Sussex Range we have our charity rail the Rye, for every Rye sold we make a donation of 20% of our profits to a charity. At present we are supporting Luckys Legacy Rescue an on the ground charity spaying and rescuing dogs and cats in Romania and now Ukraine as well.


he Rye was inspired by the traditional library ladder, it has been designed to offer a gentle and elegant twist on the classic, leaning casually and lightly against the wall taking bathroom elegance and comfort to a new level. With larger than normal bar spacing comes the added advantage of further practicability should you favour more than one bath sheet or within a larger family bathroom. In fact this rail very much marries practicability with the more minimalistic styling favoured within design today, a thoroughly modern classic. The Rye range of towel rails is available in three different heating formats: these being electric only,


dual fuel and the ability to be utilized solely within the central heating system. The rails, as always, are suitable for open plumbing systems. Measuring 1800mm x 520mm – tapering to 300mm at the top, the JIS element is constructed from 100% stainless steel, with a built in thermostat to prevent the rail from becoming too hot and, of course, to reduce running costs. With a BTU rating of 1878, the rail consumes just 550 Watts; while each one is manufactured with standard 1/2” BSP tappings and is pressure tested to 12 Bar. Offering a choice of either satin or a highly polished steel surface, all

Rye towel rails are hand finished by the company’s craftsmen to ensure the highest quality is maintained; so it is no surprise that JIS is confident enough to offer its usual no-quibble 25 year guarantee. The Rye has also been added to the Black edition range and is now also available in a matt black powder coated finish as well. All of the towel rails within the Sussex Range are entirely fabricated from 304 grade stainless steel, of which over 90% is from recycled source and the rail itself is 100% recyclable at the end of its life. There are no environmentally harmful chemical plating processes in the manufacture of stainless steel, the very fact that is is not plated ensures the rails will not rust, flake or corrode and small marks can simply be polished out. This makes them a durable, as well as an attractive, environmentally-friendly choice. The Sussex Range’s latest towel rails have a recommended retail price of just £449.50 + VAT. Please visit www.sussexrange.co.uk for further information or contact our friendly staff on 01444 831200

Black Edition Stainless Steel Towel Rails by JIS Europe 100% stainless steel towel rails 01825 722988 www.sussexrange.co.uk info@jiseurope.co.uk

industry news

How is SterlingOSB Zero made? SterlingOSB Zero is one of the most popular panel products used by the UK construction industry; developers, builders, and self-builders alike. It’s the go-to panel for a multitude of roles today - from the basic functional to the trendy aesthetic feature wall but how is it made and what goes into it?


ith the growing need to fully understand the impact of building materials on the environment, specifiers, architects and builders can now follow the creation of SterlingOSB Zero panels from the delivery of timber at West Fraser’s state-of-the-art plant in Inverness right through the continuous line production process. West Fraser’s commitment to producing a sustainable product for the construction industry can be seen from sourcing locally grown timber, thereby cutting embodied carbon from transportation while supporting the local forestry industry, through to the self-sufficiency of the plant where otherwise wasted product is burned on site producing the energy to manufacture the boards. Logs delivered to Inverness are stripped of bark before being fed into a high-speed ring of blades which produces the flakes for the OSB.

logs entering the bark “stripper”


The flakes are dried, separated and resins added. Sterling OSB Zero is the first OSB product to be made in the UK with zero added formaldehyde, ensuring an even ‘greener’ board that meets all standards with ease.

The forming line prior to entering the press

The flakes are then layered in specific orientation to give the boards their strong structural properties. The formed flakes go through a high-pressure and high-temperature press to produce the board. Once cut, the boards are loaded on to the “star cooler” to release the heat from the panel

Star cooler

Panels are then cut to size and quality checks carried out before the packs are taken to the warehouse for shipping. The whole process can be followed on an informative video on West Fraser’s You Tube channel and on a downloadable information sheet from the Documents and downloads section of the West Fraser website. West Fraser’s OSB portfolio comprises of SterlingOSB Zero OSB3 and SterlingOSB Zero Tongue and Groove. They are variants of the precision-engineered OSB3 board; BBA-approved and designed for humid conditions, the board contains zero added formaldehyde (ZAF) and is unique in the market by being the only ZAF OSB manufactured in the UK. Produced in Scotland from forest thinnings taken from sustainably managed forests, the board is certified according to the guidelines of the FSC or PEFC. All West Fraser panel products produced in the UK are net carbon negative and manufactured in mills that have obtained the coveted environmental ISO 14001 accreditation. To find out more about West Fraser’s products for housebuilders, get in touch with Dan Clarke – email Daniel.Clarke@westfraser.com or download product brochures from the housebuilder page of the Wes t Fraser website uk.westfraser.com/housebuilders/ For further information, call 01786 812 921 or visit uk.westfraser.com

industry news SterlingOSB Zero Continuous line production 1. Wood Yard Storage

2. Debarker Timber logs collated.

Strips bark from green timber.

1300 tonnes /day green timber (already de-branched and cut to size).

Bark is used as fuel for dryer and press heat, or horticultural.

5. Cyclones

4. Rotary Drum Dryer

3. Ring Strander

Separates steam and strands.

Reduces the moisture content to <4%.

Shreds the wood chips into strands.

Gases are recirculated for energy recovery before controlled emission.

Burners are fueled with 100% Biomass and production process residue.

48 knives rotating at 400rpm are accurate to 0.8mm.

6. Screening

7. Blenders

8. Forming Line

Separates material by size.

Coat the strands with a mix of wax and resins.

Arranges 3 layers at 90° to each other.

Strands are separated for use in the core and surface layers.

The core and surface strands are prepared separately for the forming line.

The cross oriented strands give the board its name and strength.

11. Online Quality Control

10. Continuous Press System

9. Metal Detector

Checks, marks and trims the board.

Heats and compresses the strands together.

Removes any ferrous material.

All approved panels are dated and certification stamped.

Accurate, constant pressure and temperature produces high quality board efficiently.

The mat is rejected if non-ferrous material is detected.

14. Warehousing

12. Star Cooler

13. Finishing Lines

Allows the panels to cool.

Panels are cut to desired sizes.

Stacks and packs boards for dispatch.

Panels must be fully cooled before finishing.

Tongue and groove edges and special finishes applied.

Customers include distributors, merchants and manufacturers.





The UK’s number 1 trade kitchen supplier, Howdens, is expanding its rental and landlord collection with a new kitchen range. The Witney is an iconic shaker style that offers a contemporary twist on a traditional look and is available in three colour options; White, Dove Grey and Slate Grey. Perfect for the rental market, the doors are 16mm thick for extra sturdiness, with a smooth matt finish that adds an upmarket feel. To complement the new addition of Witney, as well as Howdens’ popular Greenwich range, the company

offers several suitable matching products in the worktops, handles, sinks and taps, appliances and flooring categories. All products across the kitchen ranges, including the kitchen cabinetry, are available immediately from local stock and can be purchased as either rigid units or in flat-pack, ensuring those on quick turnarounds can complete projects without any costly delays. Linzi Walker, Director of Kitchens, says: “The kitchen remains the most important room in the home for many, and this is no different for the rental market. “Our collection as a whole, including the new Witney range, has been designed to enhance a rental property while being conscious of the need to stick to tight budgets to ensure maximum rental yield for landlords. “While both the style and the quality of the product is high on many landlords’ lists, having to wait for products when needing to turn around a property

for the next tenant is a sticking point for many. Our commitment to ensuring stock remains immediately available at local depots removes this and has enhanced our offering and service to those operating within this marketplace.” The rental and landlord collection is available in a selection of colours, with the Greenwich range available in both Matt and Gloss finishes, providing a breadth of options and styles while remaining affordable for those on a limited budget, and those completing renovation projects such as utility rooms and garage spaces. The company designs kitchens to suit every home, but above all else, Howdens believes in expert craftsmanship. Selling only direct to the trade ensures that Howdens products are installed to the highest standard, with their kitchen cabinets receiving a 25-year guarantee as standard. To find out more about Howdens, visit: www.howdens.com



DELUXE KITCHEN WITH HIDDEN BOOTROOM BY BRANDT DESIGN Open-plan kitchen with hidden bootroom by Brandt Design in custom Velvet Blue & Polar White Urban Furniture


eading British interior design specialists, Brandt Design, ensure the ultimate in contemporary family living with this deluxe open-plan kitchen with hidden bootroom for a beautiful family home in Hertfordshire. Julia Steadman , Commercial Director at Brandt Design says, “Creating a signature style that plays to a very specific familydynamic, is increasingly important in kitchen design as we adjust to changing lifestyles and new spatial layouts on the ground floor. We are firm believers in ‘design longevity’ and take pride in planning and installing bespoke kitchens, which transcend the latest interior trends and enhance life at home. This fantastic project recently designed and installed by us, is the result of a complete redesign of the ground floor, where a brand-new kitchen and hidden bootroom now


becomes the foundation of the entire downstairs living space. The combination of our Urban Furniture in Velvet Blue and Polar White helps to define as well as unify each room for the ultimate in fresh, easy living.” Home to a busy household with school-age children and large family dog, the Brandt design team needed to make the kitchen living space dual purpose, creating a show-style kitchen in the main areas for the height of indoor-outdoor entertaining, alongside a more understated design in the bootroom where the focus is function over form. This said, both spaces offer an element of ‘hidden design’ as the run of furniture makes way for an expanse of storage that is only seen if needed. In the contemporar y kitchen, entertaining at home is made easy with a bank of built-in ovens,

integrated hob and a super-size fridge freezer complete with luxury wine cooler. An impressive central island unit just steps from the palatial garden outside is topped with premium Caesarstone worktops, which are made by Brandt Design at its Bespoke Stone Fabrication Centre. Adding a modern feel, the stone worktops provide a direct contrast between the more classic herringbone parquet flooring and monolithic kitchen island with white Kartell bar stools. Custom storage is built around the appliances to capitalise on every inch of available space, and the well-defined wet zone with matt black hardware, stone surfaces and ambient lighting help to localise the cook and prep areas. A unique pop-up power solution integrated into the island worktop adds value, creating another access point to

kitchens plug in small appliances when baking or preparing a large meal. Plus, it perfectly coordinates with essential components for a truly minimalist vibe. The luxury side-byside fridge freezer with integrated wine cooler heightens the level of sophistication and is cleverly designed on the periphery of the kitchen to ensure easy access from the dining area, and safe distance from the cook zone. Behind a wall of white to the left, lies a hidden Bootroom with wallto-wall storage, which is designed in a galley-style arrangement to provide a more practical option in such a high traffic, all-purpose area. The run of dark blue furniture creates extra capacity for food

storage, and space for noisy laundry appliances that are less practical in an open-plan kitchen layout. Brandt Design also factored in how the family would use the extra utility zone going from inside to out, and therefore decided to integrate some bench seating on the opposite side including overhead compartments a n d sp a ce to h a n g co a t s , leisurewear, sports kits, school bags and keep shoes and trainers tidied away.

Siemens fully integrated CN878G4B6B oven & combi microwave oven, Stainless Steel

Designed and installed by Brandt Design, the Urban Furniture Collection is priced from £15,000+vat with this deluxe kitchen project costing £55K, and £8K for the hidden Bootroom - both excluding vat.

Siemens HB878GBB6B Oven

BORA CKA2FI CLASSIC SET combined cooktop and extractor, Black finish

Liebherr SIGN3576 Freezer

Liebherr IKBP3560 Fridge

Liebherr EWDTF3553 Wine Cooler

Siemens built-in dishwasher SN678D01TG


This deluxe kitchen by Brandt Design features:

The hidden bootroom includes:

Hatch End: 431 The Broadway, Uxbridge Rd, Pinner, Herts HA5 4JR

Brandt Design www.brandtdesign.co.uk

Urban Furniture by Brandt Design in Velvet Blue & Polar White finish

Urban Furniture by Brandt Design in Velvet Blue

50mm Caesarstone square-edged worktops by Brandt Design, part of The Brandt Collection

50mm Caesarstone square-edged worktops by Brandt Design, part of The Brandt Collection

The 1810 Company Zenuno 700u Undermount Kitchen Sink, Gun Metal

1810 Moulins Classic Bridge tap Brushed Steel

0208 194 7888

1810 Luxoplusuno 25 700U Stainless steel sink

Stevenage: Oxleys Rd, Stevenage, Hertfordshire SG2 9YE

Quooker Flex all-in-one hot water tap with flexible hose, Black finish

Appliances by Miele GB – supplied by client

0203 758 4455 Hampstead: 489, Finchley Road, West Hampstead, London NW3 6HS

0143 872 9062


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HOWDENS COMPLETES REFURBISHMENT OF RICK STEIN’S COOKERY SCHOOL The UK’s number one trade kitchen supplier, Howdens, has completed the refurbishment of the kitchens at Rick Stein’s Cookery School in Padstow, Cornwall.


owdens has supplied Navy doors f rom its Chelford collection, with Natural Oak cabinets, along with White Arabesque Marble Quartz worktops, Lamona sinks and taps, and brass accessories giving the school a homely and welcoming feel for its guests to enjoy. One of the UK’s most beloved chefs, Rick is


author of 24 cookery books and star of several cooker y series and documentaries as well as owning and running restaurants across the country, retail shops, accommodation, and the cookery school in Padstow alongside his business partner and co-founder Jill Stein. Nick Evans, Head Chef Lecturer at Rick Stein’s Cookery School and Restaurants, says:

“ H owd e n s wa s a natural fit for the refit of the cookery school as their product offering is vast and we were able to get exactly what we wanted. “It was important that the cookery school retained its charm and that the products we chose provided a welcoming feel but also were built extremely well as they have to withstand a lot of use. Howdens were able to deliver on all these ‘must haves’, and we are very happy with the finished result.”

kitchens Emma Dolman, Interior & Event Designer at Howdens, says: “We worked closely with the team at Rick Stein’s Cookery School to ensure the design met their brief. As well as fixed cabinetry, there was a need for mobile workstations and sinks to allow flexibility in the layout as required. “Our designers were able to create units that matched the overall look and feel including the use of quartz worktops to guarantee longevity, as well as several practical features. “It was a pleasure to design and the Howdens team can’t wait to attend one of the cookery events in the near future!” Sophie Leathley, Marketing Communications Manager at Howdens, says: “Rick Stein is a stalwart of British cooking and Howdens were delighted to be asked to work on his cookery school. “The feedback from the team has been fantastic and we are hoping to continue working with them on other projects soon.” Howdens designs kitchens to suit every home, but above all else, Howdens believes in expert craftsmanship. Selling only direct to the trade ensures t h a t H owd e n s p ro d u c t s are installed to the highest standard, with their kitchen cabinets receiving a 25-year guarantee as standard. Howdens is the exclusive supplier of the UK’s best-selling integrated appliance brand, Lamona. Offering a wide range of cooking, cooling, laundry and dishwashing appliances. To find out more about Howdens, visit: www.howdens.com



AQUALISA APPOINTS MAT NORRIS AS CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER Norris to lead business expansion at innovative British shower manufacturer

Other developments will include the extension of the firm’s product portfolio to incorporate a premium, channel-exclusive brassware series under a new brand. This multi-brand strategy will complement the Aqualisa and Gainsborough brands, and further strengthen the company’s ability to offer its customers differentiated product ranges.


ritish bathroom specialist Aqualisa has announced the appointment of Mat Norris as Chief Executive Officer. As part of a planned succession, Mat will replace Colin Sykes, who has held the position since 2018. Colin will remain as a non-executive director and strategic advisor to the business until December, focusing on the company’s international expansion, at which point he will semi-retire and focus on other non-executive roles. With an extensive career in the manufacturing and engineering sectors, Mat brings a wealth of experience from leadership roles at high-profile organisations including Ford Motor Company, Philips and most recently, ventilation firm Titon Holdings plc, where he served as UK CEO. Mat will work closely with Aqualisa chairman Kevin Sargeant, and will lead a senior management team of eight specialist executives who have been recruited over the last three years as part of the company’s transformation. In this role, Mat has ambitious plans for the growth of the organisation, and will spearhead Aqualisa’s product expansion and innovation strategy. As pioneers of the smart digital shower, he will work with his team to continue Aqualisa’s focus on transforming the smart bathroom sector, creating the ultimate experience for homeowners and installers alike. As part of the company’s ‘Aqualisa H2.0’ strategy, this focus will accelerate a new purpose-driven ESG programme.


Kevin Sargeant, chairman of Aqualisa, commented, “Mat’s vast expertise from within the manufacturing and technical engineering industries, combined with his significant leadership track record and visionary approach, positions him perfectly to accelerate Aqualisa to the next level in its journey of growth.” Sargeant added, “I would like to thank Colin Sykes for his significant contribution to the business over the last five years, and for his ongoing commitment and support through this period of transition.” Mat Norris said, “Aqualisa has a strong heritage of innovating shower technologies, and the team clearly takes great pride in ensuring our customers enjoy the ultimate showering experience. I am thrilled to be joining our 260 dedicated team members at such a pivotal chapter in the organisation’s history, and I look forward to working with the outstanding management team that Colin has established at Aqualisa. My mission is to accelerate our innovation strategy, while ensuring operational excellence and the agility to meet our long-term growth, profitability and sustainability objectives. I am also eager to continue to build upon the valued relationships we have developed with our loyal customer, client and installer network in the UK, and internationally.” Mat holds a Master’s Degree in Engineering from the University of Exeter, and takes a keen interest in cars, technology and home renovations. He and his family currently reside in Cavendish, Suffolk.


PAYING IT FORWARD TO CELEBRATE 60 YEARS OF WORCESTER BOSCH Worcester Bosch offers a day of employee time to support on community projects across the country


he UK’s leading boiler brand, Worcester Bosch, have announced a new initiative to celebrate their 60th birthday, which gives its employees the opportunity to volunteer a working day for their charity or community project of choice. The company has over 1800 employees nationwide and are looking for Worcester and Clay Cross charity or community-led projects as well as groups that have national reach to put forward as inspiration. At Worcester Bosch, Corporate Social Responsibility is an intrinsic part of the business that extends beyond the products they manufacture to encompass environmental commitment, social community and the workplace. Giving back to the community, for the past sixty years, has not only helped the manufacturer support and build lasting connections with the local community but has helped inspire both employees and the next generation of apprentices and young professionals. Worcester Bosch puts charity and volunteering at the heart of their workforce and community. Every year, employees choose a charity to work alongside and

fundraise for. This year, the chosen charity is Mind who provide mental health services. Over the years hundreds of thousands of pounds have been raised for good causes along with days spent helping local charities including St Richard’s Hospice and Acorns Children’s Hospice. Victoria Billings, Director of Marketing at Worcester Bosch, comments, “Throughout our 60-year history, warming lives has been an intricate part of our business, not only in the products we manufacture but in the impact we have on those around us. We really want this to shine through during our anniversary by offering a collective 12,600 hours of support from all of our employees.” If you are looking for volunteers and are based in the Worcestershire or Clay Cross area, the company wants to hear from you! Please visit www.worcester-bosch.co.uk/60yearvolunteer and fill in the simple online form. Your project will be added to a register shared around the internal employees and our interested volunteers will be in touch.



Arched window: an exterior arched steel window and doors create that wow factor; image courtesy of Squib Photography/Three Spires Glass

The retro look of steel windows, doors and screens is very much ‘in’. Crittall says they don’t have to be just rectangular and white… Interior designers and home decor influencers say retro naturalistic greens, bright colours, sky-blues, purple-blue hues, vibrant yellows, sultry black will make up the colour palette for chic homeowners this year. The trend is for home-owners to be more adventurous in the shapes of windows and door styles too. As the ‘eyes’ of your home they deserve the attention - adding a deft touch of flair highlights your individuality and gives your home a unique characteristic style - that’s you. Shape-up Curves and rounded shapes are back – and authenticity and handcrafted products are the hip buzz words. So, if you’re considering a new look, a window, external door, internal screen do not have to be the ubiquitous rectangular shape in white or black.


On-trend are steel-framed windows and external doors with arches and sweeping curves. Get inspired – think outside the box You may want to make a style statement or maximise the view from your property with a sweeping panoramic style window or bring the outside in – the solutions are there. For example, floor to ceiling and ‘wide-view’ window options and Sixties-style picture windows are making a come-back. Echo the past with gothic and lancet shape windows or heritage style oriel bay and bow windows, ‘bulls-eye’ panes and rondels. Or capture the essence of the 1920s with Art Deco porthole style windows. Go for bigger round, oval or even diamond shape steel windows for impact.

Porthole: an interior steel window with vibrant colours makes a big impact; image courtesy of Metwin

Internally, consider a dramatic steel screen set with different sized colour glass panes – reds, greens, blues – clear, opaque, or textured panes – squares, rectangles to create a wonderful talking point. Or introduce a brightly coloured glass motif like a flower in to an interior or external porthole window for elegance.

On-trend are stunning steel-framed windows and external doors – arches, sweeping curves; image courtesy of Squib Photography/Three Spires Glass

Show your colours Russell Ager, managing director at Crittall Windows, pioneers of steel frame window manufacture for almost 170 years, says: “These days, you can colour-match almost everything in the home – décor, furnishings, appliances - even your window frames – inside and out. “With the modern take on the ‘retro look’ now very much the vogue, steel windows are enjoying a big resurgence in popularity in homes including luxury minimalist warehouse apartments. Adding that savvy splash of colour will ensure an even bigger wow factor.

“A wide choice of 46 standard – as well as custom-made - colours meets individual needs. There’s also a dual colour option.” For impact, try a bold or a darker colour on the outside and a neutral/white finish on the inside to match/blend-in with the interior décor. They are available in any RAL or BS colour. “Crittall’s legacy of shaping and influencing design and heritage of delivering excellence can be seen worldwide. We have our imitators, but the style and quality of authentic Crittall products are never matched. Tailor-made to meet almost any individual requirement – shape or colour - steel windows, doors and Innervision screens are designed and fabricated to last a lifetime.” The slim ‘timeless’ frames and sight-lines, the graceful elegance offered by steel windows, present a light delicate feel inside and out, giving consistency of design. A welcome sense of airiness and space is created.

While for that minimalist look, there are most attractive grey, white and black options. Every Crittall window, door and internal screen is made from high grade, recycled steel. Hot dip galvanized, means they are virtually maintenance free. Polyester powder coated, they also have a consistent, even, coating, not requiring redecoration for 25 - 30 years. An extensive range of classic and luxury hardware is available to complement your look. A unique blend of precision machining and hand-crafted finishing for every bespoke product ensures style, elegance and value, whether your project is new-build or renovation of an existing property.

More Crittall Windows info www.crittall-windows.co.uk; 01376 530800; hq@crittall-windows.co.uk


A recently completed programme of testing conducted by the Steel Window Association’s (SWA) technical committee has resulted in three different internal door configurations successfully attaining a half-hour fire rating with the achievement being hailed as the most important step forward for the industry since the millennium.


he SWA tests were carried out in accordance with BS 476 Part 22: 1987 at the world-renowned Exova Warrington fire research facility. The result being, the SWA can now offer both single and double doors, with and without side screens, tested and assessed from both sides. All were fabricated using the classic W20 steel sections. Da v id N or t ham f rom S WA member, NSB C as ement s , who conducted the tests for the association, commented, “Some of the steps taken, such as reducing the fixing centres and using steel studs rather than brass studs, are quite straightforward, but we also investigated a variety of technologies available across the fire industry particularly for strengthening the lock side of the frame to prevent bowing under heat.” David continues, “These recent fire tests on W20 fixed light, single and double doors, for internal applications, have been granted 30-minute fire protection for integrity, by test report and assessment. This means SWA member companies can now make the results available to building control as required. It is a landmark for SWA internal fire screens.” The President of the SWA and Contracts Director for Associated Steel Window Services, Kris Bennell, added, “ This testing undertaken by Warrington opens up our industry to a whole new range of possible applications. It addresses an area we have been lacking in for some time, as well as representing


the culmination of real effort from across the membership to come up with a solution that meets the latest requirements. It is one of the best bits of news to come out of the SWA in the past 20 years.” The single and double hinged W20 doors - with and without fixed sidelights - are available with a number of single glass types and ironmongery options, which have been either tested or assessed. Importantly, this allows SWA members to ensure that where 30-minute fire protection is required, they can supply a product that to all intense and purposes has the same aesthetics as a conventional steel screen. The fire door’s glazing, including Pilkington Pyrodur® safety glass, was all seated on intumescent mastic tape, and then the perimeter f illed with an intumescent silicone sealant. There is also an intumescent strip fitted around the entire doorframe to prevent flames escaping the side where a fire starts. The new FD30 rated doorsets are available only through members of the Steel Window Association. For further information on the Steel Window Association or if you’re interested in becoming a member, please visit steel-window-association.co.uk

windows & doors

TOP REASONS TO UPGRADE YOUR HOME TO DOUBLE GLAZING With energy prices set to rise by £693 for 22 million people in April this year, the gas and electricity price cap is the highest it has ever been1 – so now is the perfect time to be thinking about how you can reduce energy usage in your home.


ome improvements company, Stormclad advises that investing in double glazing is one of the most affordable, effective and hassle-free ways a homeowner can save money on heating bills. John Evans, managing director at Stormclad, said: “Over 80% of homes in England have double glazed windows, and for good reason. There is nothing worse than constantly battling with your thermostat because the temperature in your


home keeps fluctuating, and then forking out on pricey bills to cover the cost of energy you didn’t want to use in the first place. “Homeowners want peace of mind that their home is economical, is going to keep them warm in the winter months and cool in the summer months, and at all an affordable price – and double glazing can certainly help with this. That’s why we have put together four top reasons why homeowners should upgrade their property, if they haven’t already.”

1. Greener means cheaper According to The Energy Saving Trust, by installing A rated double glazing to windows in an entirely single-glazed semi-detached gas heated property, homeowners can save £95 a year and 330kg of carbon dioxide2. Double glazed windows include two dense layers of glass that surround a section filled with intelligent gas, which are encompassed by tightly fitted window frames that

incorporate spacer bars and thermal breaks. These elements all work cohesively to eliminate any heat from escaping, or cold air entering, and control the temperature of a home as the seasons change. It is therefore not surprising that double glazed windows reduce window heat loss by 74%3. The energy ratings for double glazed windows vary, ranging from “C” – the legal minimum standard now permitted for installers – to “A++” rated windows. The formula that calculates the letter rating takes into account the window’s overall thermal efficiency, air leakage and solar gain i.e. how much heat from the sun passes through the window4 - the higher the rating, the better the overall performance.

Homeowners should however bear in mind that certain window designs can make achieving energy efficiency in the home a little trickier – sash windows, for example, due to the frame panel across the middle of the glass, will have a higher probability of air leaking out as opposed to casement windows. The frame of a window is also something to think about. Some frame materials will be better insulators than others - such as wood - and if the window itself is particularly small, the frame could start to encroach on the energy efficiency of the glass i.e. the greater the glass surface area of a window – compared to that of the frame - the better (if it’s double glazed, of course).

2. Peace and quiet Whilst double glazed windows are much greener for the environment, and at the same time save homeowners money on energy bills, double glazed windows are very successful in soundproofing homes, too. Homeowners living by busy roads with passing traffic may therefore benefit from double glazed windows, to help limit unwanted outside noise. A home should be a private, relaxed and uninterrupted space – double glazed windows will help homeowners keep it that way. 3. Safe and secure Another advantage of investing in double glazed windows is the level of increased security in your home. Products that use a single system are easily forceable, leaving homes vulnerable to unwanted intruders. A shatterproof double glazed window, with brand new toughened glass will make it a lot harder for thieves to make an unwelcome visit. That being said, no amount of glass panels alone will keep intruders out, so it is worthwhile homeowners investing in quality window locking systems, hinges, internal beading and perhaps even some window restrictors for good measure. 4. Looking good Finally, double glazed windows undeniably give any property a bit of a face lift as often when homeowners upgrade to double glazing, that means new window frames and a new overall look. Usually windows that don’t already have double glazing are older and most likely quite worn; they may also have a buildup of mould around the outside of the frame due to condensation and moisture issues. Homes with up-to-date fixtures and fittings can increase its value by as much as 10%5, so double glazed windows are more than worth the investment.


THE FIRE GLASS PROMISE. WORKING WITH YOU FROM CONCEPTION TO COMPLETION AND BEYOND. Expectations of any supplier are much higher than they used to be, due to more choice within the market place. Cost and service play a big part in this and although you want the best price available, without good company service to back this up, is it really worth it? With over ten years in business, Fire Glass UK has built up an enviable reputation to become the nation’s leading supplier of fire-rated and specialist safety glass. Having an expert installation team on-hand to make sure any projects glazed to Firas standards. Supplying fire-rated, acoustic, laminated and toughened glass and offering a specialist cut-size service for glass partitions, partnering industry experts to deliver integral blinds in IGUs and supply manifestations for a complete finish.


Fire Glass UK strive towards excellence by building their working principles around SQS The Fire Glass Promise; Safety, Quality and Service and believe this is the formula to building trusted working relationships. Fire Glass UK care about getting it right – every time.

With lots of industry confusion and regulation changes, Fire Glass UK believe their technical support is an essential asset to their customers to ensure safety is met at all times. Working together to interpret project specifications and find the right product for the job, all at the best price. Fire Glass UK’s expert team knows all there is to know about fire-rated glass and if you need support, you can email:



Knowing the importance of meeting project deadlines and limiting unwanted downtime is critical to success. Fire Glass have stillages to



Investing in the right supplier with the same vision on safety, quality,

and service can ensure a project is completed to the best possible standards. If using a fire-resistant glass, it must only be used as part of a previously approved glazing system. There is no second chance with safety. Make sure you get it the right first time. TRUST THE EXPERTS.

0121 667 9089 info@fireglassuk.com www.fireglassuk.com


Exhibits thoughtful, well-executed design and luxury

1ST FOLDING SLIDING DOORS • 26 Wadsworth Road, Perivale, UB6 7JZ | 141 Hook Road, KT6 5AR • marcus@1stfoldingslidingdoors.co.uk • T: 0208 997 2448 | F: 0208 997 0611

THE NORDIC PATH TO NET ZERO The second report by Rinnai’s Chris Goggin on the other Scandanavian countries reviews the measures undertaken to decarbonize national fuel supplies as well as the potential effect on future UK energy options. Even in view of events in the Ukraine, Denmark and Sweden are looking to the future.


ecent developments inside Ukraine have further convoluted European geopolitics and increased the desire of multiple western economies to locate secure supplies of low carbon energy. Domestic hydrogen usage along with other methods of home heating will become more attractive to countries hoping to reduce Russia’s role in European oil and gas supply. Sweden is not reliant on Russian energy exports meaning decarbonising governmental ambitions can focus on creating a preferable position in a future green economy in which hydrogen will play a leading role. Denmark however does rely on Russian gas imports fed through Germany. The Danish government will now act as quickly as possible to become energy self-sufficient, therefore reducing domestic need for Russian energy and Moscow’s ability to gain financial profits through oil and gas sales. Denmark consistently ranks high amongst the happiest countries in the world. This is said to be influenced by a heavy emphasis on work and home life balance. A Danish working day typically finishes at 4 pm. Danes do not work more than 37 hours a week - the average US citizen works 44 hours a week. Denmark also offers free education with students receiving up to £900 a month in bursaries. The state contributes to childcare costs and the welfare system and national


minimum wages are generous. It is obvious the Danish feel a powerful sense of social responsibility. Danish social responsibility extends to national energy options and as a result Denmark is working hard to introduce green hydrogen across various sectors. Green hydrogen is preferred due to its carbon free proper ties and sustainabilit y. Because of these reasons several large Danish companies are working on green hydrogen projects. First of which being Orsted, a Danish multi-national energy company which specializes in producing offshore and onshore green energy. Orsted has announced its intention to invest DKK 350 billion ($57 billion) by 2027. Of that investment 80% will be focused on offshore wind that produces green hydrogen and 20% will concentrate on onshore wind green hydrogen generation. Orsted is aiming to command a renewable energy capacity of 50GW by 2050. Elsewhere, Swiss energy company H2 Energy Europe have purchased an 11-hectare site in Esbjerg, Denmark, which will be used to manufacture green hydrogen. Once operational this site will be capable of delivering 1 GW of wind to hydrogen power. Local offshore wind farms will provide the raw materials needed to produce green hydrogen that will go on to power heavy transport. It is hoped this project will be fully operational by 2024. Orsted and HOFOR (Greater Copenhagen Utility - a Danish energy company) have entered into an

agreement which will see both companies source power for part of the potential 1.3 GW “Green Fuels for Denmark” project. As Denmark shares a land border with Germany industry from both countries are keen to develop a working partnership that accelerates each country’s national hydrogen projects. Germany has already approved Euros 7 billion of funding towards advancing its domestic hydrogen market with Denmark also earmarking Euros 100 million themselves towards developing green fuels. As Germany is keen on national hydrogen introduction it would therefore appeal to Danish logic to combine financial resources and information with its neighbour. Doing so would elevate national interests and financial benefits within the regional and international hydrogen market. Alongside a lengthy list of other countries Denmark is considering adapting existing pipelines to carry hydrogen blends in the short (2025 – 2030) and medium term (2030 – 2040), with the overall ambition of converting to 100% pure hydrogen in the future (2040 onwards). Low cost and practical feasibility are the main motivations behind this thinking that links much of Europe. Denmark maintains land and financial links with Europe’s largest economy and preserves a strict sense of social responsibility. As Danish companies are already investing in green hydrogen production, future

utilization of hydrogen seems likely to play a vital role in Danish decarbonisation across multiple sectors. Sweden’s approach to lifestyle follows similar liberal Scandinavian values. Education is free including the highest level – Doctorates regardless of nationality. Both parents of a new-born are entitled to 16 months paid parental leave. Sweden encourages a flexible work and home balance by introducing a working hour’s act that states a working week must not exceed 40 hours. A Swedish working day is 6 hours - a UK working day is 8 hours minimum. Quality of life is evidently a shared characteristic of Scandinavian countries. Several large-scale hydrogen projects are currently on-going in Sweden. Swedish steel company Ovako is constructing a 17 MW fossil fuel free hydrogen facility that will power its daily operations. This project is situated in Hofors, southern Sweden and is a collaboration between Norwegian and Swedish companies. Once completed towards the end of 2022 this will be the largest hydrogen facility in Sweden, although there are others being planned on a larger scale. The cost of this project is calculated to be around 18 million euros. Transitioning Ovako’s fuel source to hydrogen will cut local emissions by 50%. Sweden ranks 9th in the world for exports of steel representing a 3.6 % of the market share worth an annual $34.4 billion. This sector relies heavily on fossil fuels and is therefore a global decarbonising priority. H2 Green Steel is planning to construct a steel production facility in Boden, northern Sweden. The entire compound will be powered exclusively by green hydrogen. Fossil fuels will be replaced by a 2.5 billion euros, 800 MW hydrogen plant. H2 Green Steel has also announced a partnership with Spanish renewable energy company Iberdrola. Both companies plan to construct a 1 GW

green hydrogen plant located in the Iberian Peninsula with production looking to commence in 2025 – 2026. The total cost of the project is reported to be Euros 2.5. The Swedish governmental itself recognizes that an international hydrogen economy is expected and proposes SEK 200 million of investment in 2022 and a further SEK 70 million a year through 2023 to 2027 to develop national hydrogen projects. Current and completed Swedish projects that involve hydrogen include Vatterhem, a housing company planning construction of 2 off-grid buildings that house 44 apartments in Jonkoping, southern Sweden. These flats will include solar power energy systems as well as hydrogen storage. Sweden is investing heavily into its future national hydrogen operations. The country conserves a reputation for creating social policy designed to benefit the many rather than few. Modern Sweden and other Nordic countries take care when deciding paths of future strategy. A national willingness to adopt hydrogen into daily life is clearly visible as are elevated levels of financial investments. Hydrogen will clearly play a vital role in Scandinavian decarbonisation. Scandinavia has embraced hydrogen as an alternative fuel source capable of decarbonising multiple sectors. Hydrogen is also prolifically suggested across Europe, UK, US and China. All previously mentioned countries do not possess the socially sensitive national systems of governance that Scandinavian countries do. The fact that all Scandinavian countries have publically acknowledged hydrogen and are working on current projects tells the UK end user that hydrogen is being viewed internationally as a viable path of decarbonisation. Putin’s war in Ukraine can potentially accelerate this process as various economies look to reduce Russia’s role throughout international fuel supply.

Where some countries maybe attracted towards hydrogen for financial reasons or convenience, Scandinavian countries are selecting hydrogen for its capability to sustainably decarbonize international fuel supplies and deliver undisrupted industrial efficiency. Rinnai is a world leading manufacturer of water heaters designing and producing over 2 million units a year. The systems operate in each of the 5 continents and have gained an established reputation for high performance, robust cost efficiency and extended working lives. Rinnai hot water products offer a limitless supply of instantaneous temperature controlled hot water that simultaneously performs as a disinfectant on all known bacteria. Rinnai units are UKCA certified, A-rated water efficiency, accessed through multiple fuel options and are available for purchase 24/7, 365 days a year. Any unit can be delivered to any UK site within 24 hours. Rinnai are climate conscious and committed to decarbonisation. To demonstrate Rinnai’s attitude towards global environmental issues the “Rinnai N series” is hydrogen ready NOW and can use BioLPG capable of delivering NetZero carbon emissions. Rinnai offer comprehensive training courses and technical support in all aspects of the water heating industry. More information can be found on Rinnai’s website and its “Help Me Choose” webpage. For more information on the RINNAI product range visit www.rinnaiuk.com




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